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Title: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: Atrahasis on December 01, 2016, 09:23:12 PM

Ascension Shrine:  Fusing with our Future Self

Both my brother and I have each had separate experiences of entering a shrine, like a Gothic cathedral, being placed on a platform at the front, and being surrounded by all of or female ancestors.  Then bursting into flames and being shot out into space!  Both of us also made a conscious choice to return to EARTH - Urantia - because the POWER OF OUR SOULS will help make it possible for you to ascend.

We also have had counter parted in our minds all of our pre-incarnations and Avatars BEFORE  the end of EACH NEW AGE.    We also had the totality of our pre-incarnations and Avatars throughout the ages counter parted  in our modern day minds!

We have now 'incarnated' after traveling through all the mansion worlds and through all of the etheric worlds and AGES.... We are SONS OF ADAM.  We even remember our time on EDENTIA.

So, here we are.... we are PART OF THE BESTOWAL SON OF GOD... our beloved - HE HAS MADE THE WAY FOR YOU, ME AND ALL OF US!


QUEEN: WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS: https://youtu.be/Jmd4OLzhQw0

2. Death and Translation

55:2.1 (623.1) Natural, physical death is not a mortal inevitability. The majority of advanced evolutionary beings, citizens on worlds existing in the final era of light and life, do not die; they are translated directly from the life in the flesh to the morontia existence.

55:2.2 (623.2) This experience of translation from the material life to the morontia state — fusion of the immortal soul with the indwelling Adjuster — increases in frequency commensurate with the evolutionary progress of the planet. At first only a few mortals in each age attain translation levels of spiritual progress, but with the onset of the successive ages of the Teacher Sons, more and more Adjuster fusions occur before the termination of the lengthening lives of these progressing mortals; and by the time of the terminal mission of the Teacher Sons, approximately one quarter of these superb mortals are exempt from natural death.

55:2.3 (623.3) Farther along in the era of light and life the midway creatures or their associates sense the approaching status of probable soul-Adjuster union and signify this to the destiny guardians, who in turn communicate these matters to the finaliter group under whose jurisdiction this mortal may be functioning; then there is issued the summons of the Planetary Sovereign for such a mortal to resign all planetary duties, bid farewell to the world of his origin, and repair to the inner temple of the Planetary Sovereign, there to await morontia transit, the translation flash, from the material domain of evolution to the morontia level of prespirit progression.

55:2.4 (623.4) When the family, friends, and working group of such a fusion candidate have forgathered in the morontia temple, they are distributed around the central stage whereon the fusion candidates are resting, meantime freely conversing with their assembled friends. A circle of intervening celestial personalities is arranged to protect the material mortals from the action of the energies manifest at the instant of the “life flash” which delivers the ascension candidate from the bonds of material flesh, thereby doing for such an evolutionary mortal everything that natural death does for those who are thereby delivered from the flesh.

55:2.5 (623.5) Many fusion candidates may be assembled in the spacious temple at the same time. And what a beautiful occasion when mortals thus forgather to witness the ascension of their loved ones in spiritual flames, and what a contrast to those earlier ages when mortals must commit their dead to the embrace of the terrestrial elements! The scenes of weeping and wailing characteristic of earlier epochs of human evolution are now replaced by ecstatic joy and the sublimest enthusiasm as these God-knowing mortals bid their loved ones a transient farewell as they are removed from their material associations by the spiritual fires of consuming grandeur and ascending glory. On worlds settled in light and life, “funerals” are occasions of supreme joy, profound satisfaction, and inexpressible hope.

55:2.6 (623.6) The souls of these progressing mortals are increasingly filled with faith, hope, and assurance. The spirit permeating those gathered around the translation shrine resembles that of the joyful friends and relatives who might assemble at a graduating exercise for one of their group, or who might come together to witness the conferring of some great honor upon one of their number. And it would be decidedly helpful if less advanced mortals could only learn to view natural death with something of this same cheerfulness and lightheartedness.

55:2.7 (624.1) Mortal observers can see nothing of their translated associates subsequent to the fusion flash. Such translated souls proceed by Adjuster transit direct to the resurrection hall of the appropriate morontia-training world. These transactions concerned with the translation of living human beings to the morontia world are supervised by an archangel who was assigned to such a world on the day when it was first settled in light and life.

55:2.8 (624.2) By the time a world attains the fourth stage of light and life, more than half the mortals leave the planet by translation from among the living. Such diminishment of death continues on and on, but I know of no system whose inhabited worlds, even though long settled in life, are entirely free from natural death as the technique of escape from the bonds of flesh. And until such a high state of planetary evolution is uniformly attained, the morontia-training worlds of the local universe must continue in service as educational and cultural spheres for the evolving morontia progressors. The elimination of death is theoretically possible, but it has not yet occurred according to my observation. Perhaps such a status may be attained during the faraway stretches of the succeeding epochs of the seventh stage of settled planetary life.

55:2.9 (624.3) The translated souls of the flowering ages of the settled spheres do not pass through the mansion worlds. Neither do they sojourn, as students, on the morontia worlds of the system or constellation. They do not pass through any of the earlier phases of morontia life. They are the only ascending mortals who so nearly escape the morontia transition from material existence to semispirit status. The initial experience of such Son-seized mortals in the ascension career is in the services of the progression worlds of the universe headquarters. And from these study worlds of Salvington they go back as teachers to the very worlds they passed by, subsequently going on inward to Paradise by the established route of mortal ascension.

55:2.10 (624.4) Could you but visit a planet in an advanced stage of development, you would quickly grasp the reasons for providing for the differential reception of ascending mortals on the mansion and higher morontia worlds. You would readily understand that beings passing on from such highly evolved spheres are prepared to resume their Paradise ascent far in advance of the average mortal arriving from a disordered and backward world like Urantia.

55:2.11 (624.5) No matter from what level of planetary attainment human beings may ascend to the morontia worlds, the seven mansion spheres afford them ample opportunity to gain in experience as teacher-students all of everything which they failed to pass through because of the advanced status of their native planets.

55:2.12 (624.6) The universe is unfailing in the application of these equalizing techniques designed to insure that no ascender shall be deprived of aught which is essential to his ascension experience.

Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: vargasnunezj (TA Veyoptia) on December 02, 2016, 09:53:14 AM
Dear Brother Ron Besser:

I would appreciate your validation or reaction to Atrahasis' post.
Posts of this nature need  clarification to avoid misunderstandings or misleadings.

Blessings to all our brothers and sisters on this glorious forum.

José L. Vargas Núñez
Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: Don Crownover on December 02, 2016, 10:14:30 AM
Hello Atrahasis, 

So pleased to know of you. So, was the shrines you and your brother fused in here on Earth in Mesopotamia or on another world after the sons of Adam were taken from Earth? And what years were your pre-incarnations? Are you both going to be teaching in the Adam and Eve schools?
Your experiences and wisdom must make it difficult at times to relate to ignorant Urantian's, posibly extremely boring at times :-)
You are standing in time where most everyone has dreamed of... Having age long Wisdom & Youth!

Your little dumb Brother, DonKC
Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: Ron Besser on December 02, 2016, 03:13:42 PM
Jose you write:
"Dear Brother Ron Besser:

"I would appreciate your validation or reaction to Atrahasis' post.
Posts of this nature need  clarification to avoid misunderstandings or misleadings."

Ron here Jose -  Be caring you do not interpret another's experience and religion as totally false or true, just understand they did experience a very God worthy moment and in terms of their religious concerns and not necessarily as you view God yourself.

I enjoy their views and I hope they feel free to discuss on our web site how they achieve what they mention, and that I personally feel they did achieve an important moment in the knowing of God through mechanisms we in America have little appreciation for.  The ancient religion of Mesopotamia, (Persia), were powerfully configured, and in the case of Persia in particular, the cult arose of Zoroaster.  Atrahasis showed us what appears to be a carving of the material world being connected to the astral world through the ideation of being one with the great clincher of light that Zoroaster was.  Zoroasterism has a few hundred thousand aspirants yet in India and a smattering around in other places in the Middle East, but it has largely died out because Islam took much of it into their own beliefs and ideations.

Now let me quickly say that our twin brothers I doubt very much practice Zoroasterism as its tenets actually led to the idea of Mithra, the son-god of the Mithraic church (this cult used what we would call a church today), which dominated Rome at the time that Jesus visited there.  Mithraism used the idea that Zoroasterism promulgated that a god of superior strength and beauty came to earth to save it from the dark, and that the dark ran away, but it could not be defeated because the dark depended on man to perpetuate its evil.  Does this sound familiar?   Paul of Tarsus of Christianity used this idea to seal away Mithraism and sway congregations of that faith into the new Christian Church based on the death and transfiguration of Jesus back into the heavens from which he came.

Atrahasis, seems to believe a variation of this impossible yet plausible creation of faith that God does visit momentarily in the flesh on earth, and that God does like to be seen as one with the heavenly hosts, but that God always returns to his Throne in Heaven to live the life God wishes for Himself.  I do not discount Atrahasis experiences of that of his twin brother, and I further submit we can learn from these two chaps, much about religion on earth and how to interpret what they say back into the revelation that is represented by the Urantia Book, and which I assume they both read from.  Sit back and relax as we learn of their views and always to remember that the Urantia Book is much less difficult to study than an ancient religion based on a Mithraic inclusion of incarnations of parts of the Father into the human flesh we all possess at this time.

As for Atrahasis himself, I enjoy his views and his statements of purpose and I support him fully to say what he wishes to say without being too prosaic about his beliefs and experiences, as Atrahasis is reaching back over eight thousand years to say what he says based on his understandings of over eight thousand years ago.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with talking about such old roots of belief and estrangement from a god-king they all believed in in Mesopotamia in those days, and frankly if anyone finds solace in those ideals, they are far better than the Godless practices of so-called Hollywood hippies who are dead men walking.  Let us see how they work the revelation of the Urantia Book into these ancient roots which I honestly only know intellectually.  Otherwise, Jose, they are find and have not taught anything against what the revelation speaks to, and that is however you find God, keep it!


Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: vargasnunezj (TA Veyoptia) on December 02, 2016, 03:27:50 PM
Thank you Brother Ron for your response. I welcome our brother Atrahasis  to this forum and will be looking forward to his posts.

Blessings to you brother Atrahasis.

José L. Vargas Núñez
Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: wendy.winter on December 02, 2016, 05:39:30 PM
Thank you Atrahasis for sharing this wonderful and mutual experience that you encountered with your twin.  The mutual experience makes me wonder about soul bi-furcation, but we leave it there for now.   The twins remind me of a young man I met in Bali.  Puhtu had never heard of the man named Jesus or any other belief other than the Buddhist and Muslim faiths.  BUT when Puhtu and I toured the local Buddhist temple together we shared a common sense of love for the same Source and Center of All and found a way to express this to each other.  How marvelous to know, as Puhtu and I experienced, that God is the bridge between the finite and the infinite and as we reach up He awaits with an outstretched arm to pull us unto Him.  God is truly limitless in how He appealed to the soul of these twins too.  Wendy
Title: Re: The Ascension Shrine: Ancient People Who stay on Urantia Age Upon Age
Post by: jlivengood on December 02, 2016, 06:51:18 PM
Lovely experience, Wendy. Reminds me of a conversation I had once with two young lady buddies back when I was a tutor at a college in New Mexico. One was a Hispanic Catholic and one a Vietnamese Buddhist, and there's me, a churchless Christian with Taoist leanings. We were speaking of spiritual matters and all agreed that past a certain level, it's all the same. 
It's like when you fly over a continent, you can't see the demarcations of states or provinces. I guess we are all fly-over country to God. But in a good way.
Cheers, Jim