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Title: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: Ron Besser on March 27, 2017, 10:40:16 AM
Dear folks, Here is an entry I made to my Journal, which tracks every day with pertinent weather data around 2709 Sunset Lane and general happenings for that day too in politics and in the discussion forum if it is pertinent for future historians.  This morning it is dank and wet around us and haze with showers as well.  That is a Fahrenheit temperature of about 45 degrees at the time as well.  My weather station was destroyed by a blast of gamma rays about two years ago and is useless.  There are similar weather stations in back yards around me too, and they are bound together in a network I use to fill the Journal out with accurate readings.  

Suddenly in the past year, there are so many anomalies of data reporting in about a dozen of these stations in the network.  For those curious, here is the Internet link I use to update readings for the Journal, and the network is located within a few miles of my home so I feel pretty confidant we are getting the same thing here in my backyard.


The entry for my Journal at 9AM this morning started out with this:

Journal Entry 27 March 2017 about 9am, York, PA USA:

"Here is a perfect example of what is going on with our weather stations around me.  My station lost all coherency and has been taken down.  But those stations similar to mine around the area are behaving as incoherent as mine did in the past.  Dover, Westwood Estates,  in particular, is a subdivision near Dover and about four miles west from 2709 Sunset Lane.  This morning it reports that yesterday’s high was 131.5 degrees.  I must have been asleep and did not notice the high for the day on Sunday.  It also reports that today is much cooler than yesterday with a forecast high of 70 degrees.  The other observations are reasonable I think but what is going on?"

  Michael of Nebadon - “Ron you notice nothing unusual today.  Everybody who has a weather instrument is getting lots of bad readings because Monmatia, you sun, is ready to explode if it does not get some relief from an internal pressure that is far too high for a sun the size of your sun.  It will be pulled back for good some day,  for lack of a better word, and then reset at a much lower internal pressure and earth will begin to cool again.  I am asking all who know anything about pressure in a sun to speak to Ron’s question, how does the current internal sun pressure compare to normal?

  Power Director Number Five - “We are the Power Director group currently assigned to this part of the local universe for considering to remove Monmatia permanently and reinstitute an artificial star in its place.  Monmatia has been running a fever for the past sixteen months, and is without a real way to bring it back under control since it has had a core reduction of several hundred billion metric tons of fuel removed by the Power Directors and officials high above us.  If this new condition were allowed to ripen, the sun would disrupt and all of Urantia would be consumed in the flames of a broken monarch of light.  However, the Father has decreed that it must remain as it is until some idea of the destiny of Urantia is finalized on Paradise and in Michael’s mind, as to how Monmatia is to be treated as it concerns the third planet from the sun these days.  Ron, you must understand that numbers are meaningless when it comes to light pressure which you know nothing about, and it is about light pressure we speak to here.  If normal light pressure was a 1 (one), then Monmatia is operating at a 16 (sixteen), and a total disruption would occur at 25 (twenty-five).  These are artificial numbers.  I am Power Director Five and you know me as Susatia.  Good day.”

  Michael of Nebadon - “Ron, you carry so much and so little they say.  The truth is Susatia is lying not, and we are convening a special session of the Council of Equilibrium to determine at what point we intervene to deal with the unusual decision of the Father to let Monmatia stand as it currently stands and investigate no further until he decides if Urantia is to die under a sun with too little fuel and too much light pressure.  You see it as a conundrum and do not understand how light pressure can oversee the fate of a little sun as your Monmatia has been undetermined today.  I leave it to Mother Spirit to finish this entry in your Journal this morning.

  Mother Spirit - “No one can tell me the truth of Monmatia without me wondering how Monmatia survived in the first place as it was born next to the last few suns that came out of the Andronover nebula.  Quote me further below Ron:

(UB Quote:  (15:3.6) “The nucleus of the physical system to which your sun and its associated planets belong is the center of the onetime Andronover nebula. This former spiral nebula was slightly distorted by the gravity disruptions associated with the events which were attendant upon the birth of your solar system, and which were occasioned by the near approach of a large neighboring nebula. This near collision changed Andronover into a somewhat globular aggregation but did not wholly destroy the two-way procession of the suns and their associated physical groups. Your solar system now occupies a fairly central position in one of the arms of this distorted spiral, situated about halfway from the center out towards the edge of the star stream.”

AND Quote:
(57:4.-8) "6,000,000,000 years ago marks the end of the terminal breakup and the birth of your sun, the fifty-sixth from the last of the Andronover second solar family. This final eruption of the nebular nucleus gave birth to 136,702 suns, most of them solitary orbs. The total number of suns and sun systems having origin in the Andronover nebula was 1,013,628. The number of the solar system sun is 1,013,572.”

Mother Spirit continued: “Now that you have quoted the interest parts of the origins of your own sun, let me point out that the sun today is no longer the sun that exploded when the intruding Angona system came through almost one trillion Urantia years ago.  Urantia did not exist then, but its gravitational space area did, and even today the space area Urantia has around Monmatia is slightly tainted with star dust from Angona, a nebula that has long since disappeared off our star charts.  Our work is to provide Urantia a new sun as soon as possible, but Michael must go to the Council of Equilibrium, and make the case for a new sun, as to do this seriously disrupts the space area around a replaced sun and for obvious reasons.  I also point out to Ron alone, the Ultimacy and its acts of compassion, can do this without disruption to the solar system you live in so long as God the Ultimate was on the stage of universe energy– but he is not so!  We wait for some report from God the Supreme as to what is involved with changing your sun from itself today to an artificial globular light no longer greatly round but more a smear at sunset on Urantia.  I give you a good day.  Mother Spirit.”

Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: JuliodaLuz on March 27, 2017, 12:54:39 PM
In relation to the changes in light and heat irradiated by the sun ... Here in Brasilia (Brazil) I feel that it is much warmer than the "normal temperature at this time of year", although autumn has already begun in the southern hemisphere.


Em relação as alterações na luz e calor irradiados pelo sol... Aqui em Brasília (Brasil) eu sinto que está bem mais quente que a "temperatura normal nesta época do ano", apesar de já ter começado o outono, no hemisfério sul.
Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: VBolhuis on March 27, 2017, 02:57:21 PM
Thank-you Ron for posting your findings and these intriguing messages from Michael, Power Director No. 5 and Mother Spirit.

I live in southwestern Alberta, Canada, and we had a very mild 2015-2016 winter throughout, a normal 2016 summer as I remember, and a mixed bag of alternating mild and cold 2 to 3-week periods during the 2016-2017 winter (although the coldest temperature never dropped below -30 degrees C (-22 degrees F).

But, I have noticed during my walks outside over the past year or two that the sun is unusually warm on my face even in the winter months. I think this does not always equate to warm days as may be expected because the air currents from the Pacific Ocean and the Arctic have a great influence on our day-to-day temperatures.

Many in Canada and especially with the government here in Alberta attribute the warming climate to high levels of CO2. We are now paying a Carbon tax along with our energy consumption costs. I do not disagree, as I believe whatever will help deter and reduce any kind of pollution in our atmosphere and oceans is good.

Have a good day,
Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: Ron Besser on March 27, 2017, 04:22:46 PM
Hi Brian, I have a personal view to express to you in this regard as well.
The real reason we have so much earth warming is primarily an atmospheric one.  It is not the carbon fuel CO2 gas after burning that is fixing the atmosphere to retain heat.  The Magisterial Mission Science Officer told us what is holding the heat so much in our atmosphere, and I will let him speak for himself shortly.  But I also will add that our science is so poorly understanding our heat up, that they mistake carbon tetrachloride as a secondary cause sticking to our oxygen molecule in the atmosphere.  Now here is Rayson with  the real scoop:

Rayson, the Science Officer - "I am delighted to make my debut on Urantia as the incarnated Science Officer of the Magisterial Missions science instructor and guide for Urantia talks about science.

"First, Carbon Tetrachloride is a nasty chemistry of oil, carbon, and air in various mixtures in its atom.  It explains nothing to tell you that, and explains only that you and the rest of the world have a huge battle to get rid of it.  It gets formed by a hot sun on top of a cold atmosphere and then it boils away to carbon tetrachloride at the last stage of its existence.  It then turns into scalding formaldehyde as a type of acid that etch away glass it is so harsh chemically.  In so many words, your planet is being etched out of existence if we do not do some serious cleaning.  The original problem is that Urantia's atmosphere is full of bugs from outer space that no atmosphere should be or have.  it contains neutrons of nuclear explosions, and it contains nuclides that burns matter to a crisp when contacted.  On top of this, matter outside of t he universe of Orvonton, enters by a port not used for eons into the area of space where Urantia resides, and it carries so much heat, it cannot be easily dissipated by the Power Directs either.  All of this adds heat to the Urantia atmosphere to t he point we must cleanse the atmosphere and forever ban coal deposits and oil wells to be burned as a product from each is extremely harmful to Urantia in all cases.  Cleansing the Urantia atmosphere may take a century, but it will be done to save the life on Urantia, and to produce an atmosphere that gleams with clean for storms will settle the dust from earth, and Michael will see to its oxygenated purity Himself.  Thank you. I am Rayson and I will have more of these talks soon!  Good day."

Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: mauricio on March 27, 2017, 06:26:52 PM
I am ignorant about of the subject, but the emanations are hotter in Brazil and elsewhere. My question is whether man can help deal with this issue in the future, scientifically? Today it would be impossible for man to work on any attempt to create some artificial sun, but with Rayson in the lead of science and MSM materialized, could that give any perspective on the Father's extraordinary decision in the future? On the light pressure, if light pressure can have any efficient point on the human creation of an artificial sun in the future?
Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: 7inOcean on March 27, 2017, 07:35:38 PM
Yes well, in one day yesterday we had a morning with temperature reaching a sweltering 30 degrees Celsius and then a southerly change brought some rain and it dropped the temperature to a chilly 18 degrees Celsius, I agree the sun does have a bite in it and now North Queensland is copping a whopping Category 4-5 Cyclone that is now described as a "monster" storm by emergency authorities.  This summer has seen some weird fluctuations in temperatures from hot to cold and vice-versa.  Noted and appreciate the news about our Sun's behaviour, thank you Father!

Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: ASSALE on March 27, 2017, 07:40:23 PM
Thank you Ron, PD5 Susatia, Michael, Nebadonia and Rayson. One single thing is all crystal clear in my mind. Where Father goes I'll go, this infinite First Source and Center really attracts my soul, Divine Dad, do what You want with Urantia, provided You take me onboard! Seven planets exploded under the presure of the rebellion, so this is not new to me. We're lucky because a Creator Son once bestowed here! So Father wants to keep Urantia for His divine prestige, feel happy Urantia, you're lucky.
Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: VBolhuis on March 29, 2017, 12:12:21 PM
Thank-you Ron for your message to me and presenting Rayson's detailed explanation of the many reasons behind our earth's warming; many of which stem from beyond our atmosphere from space.

Rayson, I welcome you and your amazing and obviously insightful scientific information from the perspective of a celestial being in regards to Urantia. I look forward to many more of your revelations as I have great interest in science. I can see that even though many of our Urantian scientists mean well, much is misunderstood and there is much more to learn and to be revealed.

Have a good day.
Title: Re: Our Sun with Too Much Light Pressure - Forecast by Michael and Power Director 5
Post by: Greg Steinhoff on April 18, 2017, 07:26:39 PM
I have noticed a weather change in the last year or so here in Portion Oregon.
Last summer was so hot and this winter so cold compared to years before.
Our normal temperate climate here in the NW has been really abnormal.
Our weather patterns over the last year or so have been setting long time records.