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Title: Greetings Friends
Post by: Greg Steinhoff on April 06, 2017, 12:02:41 AM
Hello my name is Greg Steinhoff I’m 37 years old and I currently live in Portland Oregon. I have no immediate family here in Portland never been married and have no children. I do have nieces, nephews and most of my family back in Minnesota, some in South Carolina and California. I was born in Camby MN with 2 siblings and grew up on a farm in Pipestone with my parents and two younger brothers on a small farm owned by my father. My family is catholic but my parents didn’t attend church very often. My grandparents would take us kids to church on some Sundays but I didn’t really understand it all until much later. My grandmother always told me that I have a guardian angel that watches over me because when I was born she prayed I would be protected by this angel all my life.

My grandmother always use to say on days she struggled that she was tired of the mess this life carried and that soon we’ll be with the good Lord soon. Of course by good lord she meant Jesus Christ. That’s one thing she would say that I will never forget. In middle school I started reading books on Buddhism on search I think for something more filling in my life. I was unsatisfied be part of a non-practicing catholic family so I went on searching around the age of maybe 12 or 13 for something more. My grand mother being the only true believer in my family besides myself anyway. I read a book about the life of Siddhartha Gautama and was interested in the teachings. I soon found more books and manuals to guided meditation. I studied up to high school then i graduated in the class of 1998.

I always knew there was something more to this life than meets the eye. I had a yearning for the spiritual realm you could say or a search for enlightenment. I also searched it out in almost every “ism” I could find from different religions and disciplines. None of them really worked for me or had enough answers to satisfy my need for something greater. I eventually ended up back at the church a few years later after traveling a little. Then I was baptized by a non denominational church in Seattle called Marshill church where I lived for a few years before moving to Portland Oregon. It was in Portland I was introduced to the UB by a stranger I met on the bus but I can’t remember their name nor did they really believe in the book but our conversation was in the depths of angels and dreams and he said the UB would suite me perfect. Then I went to the bookstore and bought my own copy to read.  

Occupations well, I worked in kitchens and factories mostly did a little construction since I moved off the farm after high school. I went to college in Portland at Portland Community College where I got my associates degree in Business then transferred to Portland State University where I studied business but then dropped out due to finances and Universities being way too expensive. So now I’m back in the kitchen working under a chef at a fine dining restaurant called Papa Haydns. I enjoy cooking, it gives me satisfaction in my heart to cook a good meal for someone. I always say the most important ingredient in any meal prepared is LOVE.

I'm so very grateful to be here as I discovered this Forum from watching a video interview with Author Byron Belitsos talking about the Urantia Book on Youtube. He mentions TM Archives as a good tool to grow in the Urantia Book teachings. There I found the Serara Forum after reading through some transmissions. I felt moved to join the Serara Forum.  I am a student of the Urantia Book and have been familiar with it since 2007. I wanted to get serious about my study so I started listening to the audio papers of the Urantia Book on Youtube while following along in the text as well. I felt moved to make the teachings of the Urantia Book a reality in my life by practice and application. I want to get to know the Universal Father and let Him into my life and work through me. I found this book and was fascinated by its beauty and elegance of introducing the truth of creation and the heavenly family.

Previously I have struggled in my path being raised in a Catholic family being Christian I stumbling back and forth in my walk with Christ.  When I came upon the Urantia Book at first I was afraid of it. The Urantia Book just seemed too radical, but I kept reading the book in small strides. I soon thereafter came to adore the vast depths of its teachings and new concepts from the heavenly host. I have much to learn and prayers to advance on this wonderful path of my ascension career in the universe of universes.  
The Magisterial Mission caught my attention on the TMA homepage. The  Jesus and Monjoronson calling has struck a chord in my heart to be ready intellectually and spiritually for such an event. I feel the Holy Spirit is moving me to change and evolve spiritually for the remainder of my days here on Urantia. To submit to the calling of my Adjuster and The Spirit of Truth. To grow closer to Jesus and the Mother Spirit. To be in loving relationship with the Universal Father. Yet I am a fairly new student still my heart is that of a man after God’s own heart. I desire to be like Him even though I'm still an erring child not perfect but perfecting.

May Our Universal Father bless us all.

Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Clency on April 06, 2017, 01:51:21 AM
Welcome to our classroom Greg, we are all students here, newbies as well as oldies, we are still learning. You will find many helping hands on your way to spiritual growth, so take it easy and feel yourself as at home.

Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: 7inOcean on April 06, 2017, 03:16:10 AM
Welcome Greg, it's nice to know your background and thank you for taking the courage to step forward to introduce your self here. May you find yourself at home with all of us as you will find that many of us have travelled like you have to find ourselves here on this amazing discussion place of God in our midst.  May you be at peace and I hope you will find so much here to be of benefit in your growth and in sharing in our journey with our wonderful Father and all our Universal family. 

Much love,
Title: URe: Greetings Friends
Post by: Kurt on April 06, 2017, 06:13:08 AM
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: niant2 on April 06, 2017, 08:13:18 AM
  :)   Greg, I welcome you here, in this wonderful forum. I hope that you will find answers to your many questions. We are a very large family, you will find in this forum, many intelligent brothers and sisters, affectionate, curious to learn more and above all, very devoted to the cause of "Magisterial Mission", to learn to do the will of the Father and to be like  "Him" eventually.   ;)
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Allie on April 06, 2017, 08:48:06 AM
Hi Greg,
You have arrived just in time.   The starting bell is about to ring!

There are many Teachers in our school.   We also learn from each other.   Each of us has a gift which we gladly share.   There are no tests but there is plenty of homework!

You are most welcome to join us as we prepare our minds and Hearts in service to the Father.

Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: ssigarto on April 06, 2017, 08:49:46 AM
Hi Greg, welcome to this little but expanding family of members.  You will meet brothers and sisters from all over the world and all walks of life, but with a common goal.

Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Ron Besser on April 06, 2017, 10:19:07 AM
Hello reg and admin welcomes you!

We have been through so much in hopes and charity to serve the Father without a whole lot to show on our dance card.  if that anaology makes no sense to you, back during the 1930's and 40's they had clubs where soldiers could go for an evening of dance and they purchased a card with which they hoped to fill out with a name or number and dance with them- volunteer girls to help the boys (smile).  Anyhow the discussion forum is kind of a club and we would love to dance with the spirit of Father.  He shows up quite a lot here, but we wait and wait and wait for others to appear too and they just seem slow to notice.

I love people like yourself.  Your new life is really that and don't you dare get depressed (like me at times), and retain that wonderful energy I so enjoy from those like you who have disovered so much and look forward to the glory of your future as a Finaliter!

Please let us see you as often as you can afford to on these pages.  You have a lot to learn about the evidentiary notices we get so often here.  And even the story of the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return is so full of changes and directions to not go to I do worry a newcomer like you may never fully understand why these Missions keep getting delayed.  At some point Greg they have to go and hopefully we are there to welcome them!  By the way, is it Prtland Oregon or Maine?  My best to you and yours!   -Ron-
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Lemuel on April 06, 2017, 11:28:59 AM
Hello Greg.  You are most welcome here indeed to our little but growing
family.  We have all been led here by one way or another.
Isn,t it wonderful ?

Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: VBolhuis on April 06, 2017, 02:40:55 PM
Good day Greg,

Welcome to the Serara forum. I hope that you will find the forum and the Urantia Book as intriguing and revealing of our real situation on this planet, as I have.

Even though much of it seemed beyond my understanding at first too, I slowly have realized its truth. The timing and the events predicted in the forum posts transmitted from those on High makes sense to me.

When I discovered the Urantia Book a couple of decades ago, I too was struggling at first with the revelations in Parts I and II, so I began considering the science revealed in Part III, The History of Urantia. I was always interested in science so this part was what struck a chord with me first.

But, as I read the Part IV, the detailed and expanded version of our familiar biblical story of Jesus, I began to know that the Urantia Book was truly the real thing. Now Parts I and II make sense to me too. How could our relationships with everybody and everything be anything else as I began to understand that our Heavenly Father needs us as much as we need Him.

God bless us all.

Kind regards,
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Don Crownover on April 06, 2017, 11:03:31 PM
Hello Greg,

Nice to read your story and especially to hear how that you have followed your feelings for truth and chose the direction by your indwelt spirit. He led you through all those doors of enlightenment to now be here on this discussion and servant training Forum.

Now, if you carefully read and study these Transmissions posted from Celestial beings of purpose, by our trusted receivers under Ron Besser's care, then you will actually read answers to your prayers and guidance to your most deepest concerns.

So do not retard your spiritual growth but let your past mistakes and failures go, to be free with God's love and all the mind training to come.

Love to you and blessings to your family, DonKC
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: JuliodaLuz on April 07, 2017, 08:21:33 AM
Dear Greg Steinhoff. Welcome to the Serara Forum. By the surname "Steinhoff" I believe you have German offspring. "Stein" means "Stone" in German, I know this because my last name is "Steinmetz". Yes, we evolutionary human beings are always learning and perfecting. The reading of the Urantia Book makes us reflect and presents many answers to our inner questions about the life of the soul, the spirit, questions that go far beyond the material questions of daily life. You knew the "Urantia Book" in the year 2007, I met the "Urantia Book" a little later, in the year 2010. Actually, as we began to read, we perceived the immense family of spiritual beings connected to God. May God always bring much light and peace to you in the journey of life.  Julio.


Caro Greg Steinhoff. Seja muito bem-vindo no Fórum Serara. Pelo sobrenome "Steinhoff" eu acredito que você tenha descendência alemã. "Stein" significa "Pedra" em alemão, eu sei disso pois o meu sobrenome é "Steinmetz". Sim, nós, seres humanos evolucionários estamos sempre aprendendo e aperfeiçoando. A leitura do Livro de Urantia nos faz refletir e apresenta muitas respostas para nossos questionamentos interiores a respeito da vida da alma, do espírito, questões que vão muito além das questões materiais do cotidiano. Você conheceu o "Livro de Urantia" no ano de 2007, eu conheci o "Livro de Urantia" um pouco tempo depois, no ano de 2010. Realmente, quando começamos a ler, percebemos a imensa família de seres espirituais ligados a Deus. Que Deus traga sempre muita luz e paz para você na caminhada da vida. Julio.
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: Dorian on April 07, 2017, 11:28:31 AM
Hello Greg and welcome to our unique family of spiritual students.  I, like your self, had a strict Roman Catholic upbringing and had a lot of baggage to get rid of in my younger years.  Now here I am growing day by day with the help of our celestial brothers and human family of Agondonters.  You will learn a lot on this forum. 
Again, a warm welcome,
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: TrinitiLuv on April 07, 2017, 01:35:54 PM
Congratulations, Greg!  You've been inducted into membership in the world's foremost learning institute.  Here, you will often find the words of The Father and other celestial beings filling yours ears with spiritual wisdom to be found nowhere else.
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: bradcooke on April 07, 2017, 03:15:15 PM
Welcome Greg!
You have stumbled upon the best place to learn of our Father and his love for us. Get ready for a world of learning new information, of even having many beliefs challenged, of being stretched by our Father and his many representatives. Above all, enjoy the ride!
Title: Re: Greetings Friends
Post by: charlie montoya on April 08, 2017, 10:29:19 PM
Welcome Greg to this most enlightening forum, so glad you were led here, as were the rest of us.  I discovered TUB, in 1978, and have been hooked on it ever since.  I started with part 3, skipping thru what I thought were, what I considered interesting to my curious mind.  Then i read the,  Jesus papers, and I knew this book was the real deal. Then I tackled parts I and II, by that time the reading came much easier.  I  also welcome all the newbies who have joined, that I missed welcoming, pardon my tardiness in welcoming you,  May you all be blessed, by the Father, with his Love, Light, Energy, Protection, Healing power, and all of his Divine attributes.  Domtia Chatlie Peace, Love and blessing to all.