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Title: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: Ron Besser on April 25, 2017, 10:57:22 PM
Dear List,
A new audio tape has arrived for today, Tuesday, the 25th of April 2017.  It contains the following substrata information that should greatly interest you:

Audio Tape- 25 April 2017 - Michael, Andromadeus, Califax, Lanaforge, Father, Nebadonia - Lanaforge100


Michael of Nebadon - "I use this brief moment to remind all of you that what follows in this tape will gladden many of your hearts on the discussion forum and leave many ignorant who are non Urantia Book readers as guests on this site.  Let me reiterate that the Caligastia 100 (the devil and his innocent staff), were the human helpers to the invisible Planetary Prince, Caligastia.  He used them well until he rebelled with Lucifer and changed the history of the Local Universe in doing so.  Urantia will receive a new 100 as noted before in the list below Ron delivered to prepare you for what you hear on the tape next.  I also note that Ron fights the idea he is forcing issues we do not want to address at all, but we do and he makes these tapes available for your information.  We could do them ourselves with a beautiful voice but he is so flawed we let him do them for now.  I wish you all well in hearing these marvelous version of human history about to unfold.  Thank you. Michael"  

Ron: I have lightly categorized what is on the tape as follows:

1) The color-rod Ultimatons affect human heart rate and even the libido.

2) Some reporting about the violet-rod Ultimatons in Jesus and what these kinds of rods help deflect the fear of death in Ron.

3) Andromadeus reminds all that the Trump Presidency will come to despise spirit because of the financial calamity coming later in 2017.

4) Michael announces the coming work of the Lanaforge 100 and the recruitment from your place and others to fill the 100 needed as the Lanaforge 100 as used by the first Planetary Prince to arrange for his outreadh and administration among the then Urantia population.  Recruitment will likely being for the 100 humans necessary to fill these positions with the incarnated Lanaforge, using Califax as his counsel, and will use all from the discussion forum if they desire such high service and are not already part of the Magisterial Mission as of yet.

5) The Universal Father and Nebadonia speak too and is concerned that this plan could be so unusually controversial on Urantia that he cannot secure the idea that a rebellion takes place especially in Asia.

The tape is 36 minutes long and I had to wrestle the cough but did well once Michael suppressed it for me.  I also mention the number 500 when the dictation should have been 50, but that is near the end of the tape and you will know it when you come across it.  In any case it is a minor gaff but you are now aware of it.

Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: LarryG on April 25, 2017, 11:57:36 PM
Wow oh wow!   what a tape!!!....  talk about getting down to the " nitty gritty."  Having just listened to this for the first time, I am blown away by all that has been shared with us tonight.  I can hardly wait  to listen again tomorrow and take it all in again.    There is so much in it .. I think I am more excited than ever before and that speaks volumes.    Thank you all and GLORY HALLELUJAH!.....until next time, good nite and God be praised and worshiped.....LarryG     
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: esther on April 26, 2017, 03:05:26 AM
Ron, thank you so much for the tapes you have produced.Are very  clear, to the point and full of exciting  info.  I feel the time is approaching when our services will be  needed.   I pray to our Father that I could be of service in any way He chooses  to guide me and all on this forum who want to be part of this unique opportunity to help in these celestial Missions.    Blessings and Congrats for a great job.
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: niant2 on April 26, 2017, 07:09:52 AM

Ron, it's an excellent recording today and it is a marvelous way to hear with clarity, through your voice, what our beloved Celestial Beings have to say to us.

Michael, Andromadus, Califax, Lanaforge, Father and Nebadonia, thank you very much for instructing us and informing us about subjects so fascinating and so impressive and without forgetting, "Lanaforge100",..., there..., it's just stung my curiosity to the maximum!!!! (Sorry, I'm not sure if the structure of my last sentence is correct!)

As my dear sister, Esther has written so well: "I pray to our Father that I could be of service in any way He chooses  to guide me and all on this forum who want to be part of this unique opportunity to help in these celestial Missions.",..., so I pray to our Father that I could be of service in any way He chooses  to guide me and all my brothers and sisters in this forum.   ;)
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: JuliodaLuz on April 26, 2017, 01:16:59 PM
To all
                If a member can transcribe the audio of the message to a written message, it will facilitate translation and reading for Serara Forum members who do not have English as their native language.
               Anyway, a big hug to everyone. With love
A todos
                Se algum membro puder transcrever o áudio da mensagem para mensagem escrita, irá facilitar a tradução e a leitura  para os membros do Fórum Serara que  não possuem o idioma inglês, como idioma nativo.
                De qualquer forma, um grande abraço a todos. Com muito amor
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: JuliodaLuz on April 26, 2017, 01:30:41 PM
To all

In one of the recent messages, from what I understand, it is to pray for our souls, and so I do. I pray, for me, that God help my soul for the service of God the Father.

And this prayer I do for all of the Serara Forum, of all of us who are waiting for service to God, Universal Father of All.

I have used "Google Translate" for quick translation so you may have mistranslated some message.

As I understand it, in the latest news, just as it did when the Planetary Principle came before, with a group of 100 (who came from Jerusem) and 100 (humans) about 500,000 years ago (who settled, so I I understood in the Urantia Book, in the region that today would be "Mesopotamia", and today is "Iraq"), now a new team will also be made for the Planetary Prince Califax.

Califax who represents God the Father, and who will be incarnated as a "Lanonandeque Son" who is a class of celestial beings who are destined the positions of Planetary Princes.

From what I understand, we Serara Forum, if we have interest and submit to the will of God, Father, we can help or be in this team of 100 (human).

Yes, I wish to do service to God, the Universal Father of All, whatever the service, and I reaffirm my intention to submit the will of God the Father through his heavenly representatives. Be that as it may, I accept God's Father's destiny for me and the planet.

In any case, I pray for the success of our planet's spiritual management of the new planetary prince, Califax, who will take office, as I understand it, on June 6, 2017

With much love to all.



A todos

Em uma das mensagens recentes, pelo que eu entendi, é para orarmos pelas nossas almas, e assim eu faço. Eu oro, para mim, para que Deus ajude minha alma para o serviço á Deus-Pai. 

E esta oração eu faço para todos do Fórum Serara, de todos nós que estamos aguardando para o serviço a Deus, Pai Universal de Todos.

Tenho usado o "Google Tradutor" para a tradução rápida, assim, é possível que tenha traduzido alguma mensagem de forma equivocada.

Pelo que eu entendi, nas últimas notícias, assim como aconteceu quando veio o Princípe Planetário, anteriomente, com um grupo de 100 (que vieram de Jerusem) e 100 (humanos) há cerca de 500.000 anos atrás (que se estabeleceram, pelo que eu entendi no Livro de Urantia, na região que hoje seria a "Mesopotâmia", e que hoje é o "Iraque"), agora, será também feita uma nova equipe para o Príncipe Planetário Califax.

Califax que representa Deus, Pai, e que será encarnado como um "Filho Lanonandeque" que é uma classe de seres celestes que são destinados os cargos de Príncipes Planetários. 

Pelo que eu entendi, nós do Fórum Serara, se tivermos interesse e se submetermos à vontade de Deus, Pai, poderemos ajudar ou estar nesta equipe de 100 (cem) humanos.

Sim, eu desejo fazer o serviço à Deus, Pai Universal de Todos, seja qual for o serviço, e reafirmo minha intenção de submeter a vontade de Deus, Pai, através de seus representantes celestes. Seja como for, eu aceito o destino traçado por Deus-Pai para mim e para o planeta.

Seja como for, eu rezo para o sucesso da administração espiritual de nosso planeta do novo príncipe planetário, Califax, que tomará posse, pelo que eu entendi, no dia 06 de junho de 2017

Com muito amor a todos.

Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: newstarsaphire on April 26, 2017, 09:34:54 PM

This is RB with an audio tape made on the 25th of April at 9pm in York, PA local time

This evening we are going to hear from Andromadeus, the Chief, Most High, and he will be speaking to the heart rate of human bodies that have the red or yellow ultimaton within their tissues.  Welcome Andromadeus

This is Andromadeus, I thank you Ron for that distinguished introduction.  I seldom have a tape ever made and when I do have a tape made I get into trouble because I get to trailing all around into cul-de-sacs of other information that I’d rather not speak to but it is always interesting to humans.  Tonight I want to talk about ultimatons in your body and your mind.  Those that are red and yellow have a profound effect on your heart rate, those with a red ultimaton, for instance Larry Gosset has a heart rate that is considerably lower than those who have only blue rod ultimatons.  The yellow rod ultimaton doesn’t affect heart rate that much but, let’s face it, the red and yellow often appear in tandem, they are often together in the body tissues.  Now the Father is particularly interested in Ron because he has placed the violet ultimatons inside the brain cells in considerable number Ron has no idea what this is about and frankly he’s not that interested because he suspects, and he’s not wrong, that ultimatons that are of the violet rod variety do not kick in into the life-span until they are with the morontial form and not the human body.  Curiously, Jesus also had a lot of violet ultimatons in his brain tissues and when he died he asked permission from Father to cry.  Now this may seem unusual to you but Jesus had such a discipline in his life and times that the Sanhedrin was a minor conflict to him, not the major one the apostles found so disarming and murderous.  

“Our work this evening is to briefly describe to you what Jesus did with the violet rod ultimatons in his mind.  Ron here is thinking hard to keep the transmission flowing, we have permission from Michael and from  the Most Highs and from the Father himself to speak to this issue, and it is probably one of the strangest tapes you may ever hear for the simple reason that I have permission from Jesus himself to speak to the unusual variety of ultimatons that Ron has in his mind, yes I mean they are in his brain tissues, when I say mind, I know you differentiate between the mind and the brain, but I was not.  The mind, in particular, is unusually done in Ron because he fails to understand that the word murder ever applies to him, why?  He insists upon the fact that death could come to him anytime, he knows that, but what he doesn’t know is that the ultimatons in his brain say to his consciousness “you are not to fear death you are to go on as you are and that you are to be as you are when you turn up on the mansion worlds wherever you are”.  We agree with this theory, with this analysis, but the Father has said one other thing we don’t understand.  When a violet rod ultimaton shows up in the brain it generally refers to a bestowal son, or a bestowal related son who is important to a mission on Urantia, or any other evolutionary planet.    

"There are 3.6 million evolutionary planets in Nebadon many of whom are in Light and Life today, many of those who are in Light and Life have citizens whom you would call homo-super-spiritus in that they have gone beyond the flesh as humans and are now posited on a world near their home planet where they live a life of service, work and trials.   In those minds of homo-super-spiritus are lots of ultimatons not ever described to a planet like Urantia.  Yes there are dozens of other kinds of ultimatons that can build tissues in all sorts of designs in the worlds not only of Nebadon but in the Grand Universe.  Total worlds that are inhabited right now are close to 4 billion, that is an extraordinary number, of these 4 billion worlds that are already inhabited, some in Light and Life and others approaching it, there are at least 100 million citizens who obtain the violet rod ultimaton in their brain tissue and in their lives as they are.   What does this mean?  What we do know is that the Father uses violet rod ultimatons to foresee the use of God on a planet that has nothing whatever to do with evolutionary races but with the trial of a new status for a planet that has died.  Urantia has died,  it no longer will raise evolutionary humans beyond the last days of the Magisterial Mission,  listen to that.  When the Magisterial Mission is done on Urantia that concludes the raising of humans from babyhood to adulthood and to the ascension career.  I now turn to one other factor, Ron has just been advised that he may not go on with this tape and explain the violet ultimatons for the Father sees that it is probably depressing to you to know why they may be there.  Ron actually cares very little because the end of the Magisterial Mission means the end of his life on Urantia, if he even goes that far.

“I do know that the Father uses violet rod ultimatons to determine who on Urantia is with or against the Magisterial Missions or some other bestowal.  He learns from Ron’s violet ultimatons who is and who is not with him, meaning with us for the Magisterial Mission and the Second Return of Jesus.  He now experiences a need to cough and has to suppress it quite hard and we ask it be removed if possible, the answer is yes they will but it takes a moment.

“Now let us proceed, the House that Jack Built is a euphemism for Urantias civilizations that have defaulted and have broken down, they are useless.  Ron looked at it today, at Wall Street which soared over 200 points on the Dow, once again on the say so of a President who cannot enforce his dreams.  He thought ‘why are we going through this.  It means absolutely nothing except to the corporations whose stocks have exceeded the highest points ever and are producing incomes of extraordinary amounts of money.’  We see it to and we are with Ron in looking at situations that are no longer germane to the rule of God on Urantia.  Now none of us including Ron think it is wrong to have a stock market, not at all, but the pleasure that they derive from having high stock prices, is decidedly against the will of the Father in that it benefits no one but a few.  The problem with cycles in the financial district is that they tend to grow up, bust, depression and rebirth at another point.  Ron expects this to happen this year but the fact of the matter is it will happen before this year is out, not because we have designed a breakdown, but because the Father sees to it that no support is given to a financial situation all around Urantia that is very little used even by the common man all around Urantia.  Therefore please just note it in your minds.  The markets themselves will stumble when we announce our presence and they will stumble because we are totally unpredictable, markets hate unpredictability and our incursion will insult Trump, will upset the EU and even care to remain part of the Russian Federation when we decide what to do with the Russian Federation under Putin.  We are the Most Highs, let me repeat that we are the Most Highs, in that respect let it be known that the Russian Federation probably has only a year left to its own name and organization as Vladamir Putin will tell us in his own prayers, ‘I can’t stand competition from God’, ‘I can’t stand competition from God, I therefore will reveal to everyone that I stand to resign my government position should God ask me to and I will do so immediately’.  Ron also looks at the Queen of England, do most of you know she is the head of the Church?    Ron has thought about this quite often and he is quite positive that Elizabeth II will resign her commission as head of the Episcopal Church once she understands that God is on the planet.  Who comes into their places, who sits where Putin sat, who sits where the Queen of England now sits?   the true answer is, it is I Andromadeus.  These are but a few changes that you will witness when the time comes and it’s not that far off.  

“Now we started this about ultimatons and the different colored rods, heart rates and frankly it effects also the libido, the sex cycle in all of you, I will not talk about that because it is so personal, but let it be understood that red ultimatons are gregarious, they want to know everybody.  Yellow rod ultimatons are sector? warnings to all who approach a person with yellow rod ultimatons that they are reserved by the Paradise Trinity for a destiny that is not yet revealed.  The mind of Jesus, as we mentioned before, is full of violet rod ultimatons and he had many yellow and many red he also had a skirt of blue rod ultimatons which is normal for humanity on Urantia.  These rainbow of ultimatons are not the only type of ultimatons that build sub-particles and Ron knows that and most of you do, but the truth of the matter is most of the people on this Forum are not entirely sure what an ultimaton is much less what color rods they have.  For the most part, all of you on the Forum are blue rod ultimaton beings, but a few of you because of your persnickety ways with God and your love of the Father are filled with red rod, yellow rod and in the case of Ron violet rod ultimatons.  He now proceeds to speak for Michael of Nebadon.”

Ron – thank you Andromedeus.  “You’re welcome Ron.”

This is Michael Nebadon, we got Ron to laugh on the tape, finally.  That’s because he knows when he makes a faux-pas he is keenly aware he has made the mistake, but we don’t allow him to, hence the laugh.  I am Michael of Nebadon and I love making these tapes because Ron does so well with them but he has one inflection that is very difficult to control, his cough, we control it now so he doesn’t cough but he has many episodes where he has to and that breaks the tape up and he will not release them with the cough.  

“Overmind has presented you with a dictation from the Father concerning the appearance of Califax on June 6, 2017 as Urantia’s Planetary Prince, Ron has confirmed that with the tape yesterday.  Now what Ron is niggling with, because Overmind didn’t follow through on it by asking is, why the harsh report of a transmission to Overmind first and a slow bearing tape with the same thing in it second with Ron.  Ron did not know when he started the second tape that Califax would announce what he did and he assured Overmind that he needed to think about it but never wrote the email he was going to.   The result is no confusion, but a series of concerns that all of you are expressing quietly, and that is what in the world are we doing with tape and transmissions about a being you do not  know other than by reputation.  The answer seems to be that I, Michael have something up my sleeves but I don’t, the actual answer lies with Ron, and he concedes he does not know what is bothering him.  Earlier Califax said to him in a typed report, ‘you knew me a long time ago under another name completely and you have forgotten me’, Ron says to him ‘Califax I do not know you other than by Califax but I am uneasy by the means that this gets reported to me, and while I do not suspect chicanery I do suspect that the truth is not fully alive that I can view it well.’  So let’s talk about that people.   Califax is from the Stellum on Uversa, there are only 7 Stellums in all the Universe.  Uversa has one of them and in that one Califax is a member of the 7 member board that runs it, they are the Father, they are the form the Father would take if He took form and they are radically different from any universe life anywhere.  Therefore, what is Califax supposing becoming a Planetary Prince even though he can transfigure himself in a Lanonandek Son he proposes that he become a Planetary Prince without form and spirit only.  Ron says to Califax in that conversation ‘I understand that Caligastia was invisible too but given the condition of Urantia and 7 billion people who don’t trust a thing much beyond the front lawn of their homes, it would be exceptionally helpful to have a Father figure as a Planetary Prince rule over them in disputes that have nothing to do with spirit’.  Ron is taking the old idea of the governor general and moving it to the principle of the Planetary Prince for Urantia.  In this particular case he is not wrong.  We asked Califax if he can manage incarnation and he said he could not.  So therefore, we will have two Planetary Princes, we will ask Lanaforge to be visible, Lanaforge is the former System Sovereign of Satania, now Planetary Prince of Panoptia, but he has conceded that Ron makes a lot of sense for bringing the power of the Prince to the people.   As a result the Planetary Prince will be visible as Lanaforge but the Counsel for the Planetary Prince is the Father, Califax and as such on June 6 of this year there will be a dual installation of Lanaforge as the visible Prince and Califax as the Spirit Counsel.  

“Further, now we get into the nitty-gritty of something so important that we must speak carefully.  The new dispensation, the 6th  of the series on Urantia is totally in charge now.  What we have is a 5th dispensational revelation lying for the work in a 6th epochal dispensation on Urantia.  Now let me set the record straight, when we say ‘epochal’ it is for everybody around the world Urantia,  there can be many revelations that are not epochal, Ron receives them all the time, but they are not epochal until they are released all around the world, then they become ‘epochal’.  Further, we need to state that since Lanaforge is going to be incarnated, visible, we now need a group of support beings to be modified like Caligastia 100, there were 5 humans that were born on Urantia for every Planetary Prince helper, so the Caligastia 100 had 500 50 support humans drawn from the human population.  Many of these humans supported the head counsels that were the 100, but when the rebellion broke out many just scattered they just ran away, some stayed and others committed suicide.    However, the truth of the matter is the Caligastia 100 was made up of only 10 humans from Jerusem that were modified and brought to Urantia.  The rest of the 100 were composed of human sub-strata that came from various mansion world considerations and that their helpers were drawn from Urantia population itself.  

“Now, we talk about this fairly easily because it is so far in the past, but what are we going to do to find helpers of the Lanaforge 100, that’s right the Lanaforge 100.  We don’t know, we have no direct support from anyone anywhere on Urantia.  In the old days you could make do, in these days 2017, we can’t do that.  The House that Jack Built has poisoned almost every soul on this planet except for a few of you, somehow God saved.  I thank you for listening to this point, we have a tape that is now running 31 minutes and we think to do much more is too much to ask for your listening pleasure, therefore I, Michael end this conversation and we will do another tape this evening to talk about the Lanaforge 100.  This is Michael and I wish you good day.”

This is Ron, I hear no one else ready to speak, I ask Mother Spirit if she would like to say anything before we close.

“Thank you Ron, that was unexpected, I am Mother Spirit and I only say this to all of you I am Nebadonia, you know me from Jerry Lane and from many others,  I speak with calm assurance.   I’m nervous about the Lanaforge 100, we could wind up with rebellion once more if we are not excessively cautious about who we choose.  Now many of you will be chosen if you wish to become modified and work with the Lanaforge 100, Ron works with the Magisterial Mission and with Jesus depending on what he wishes.  I hear the Universal Father asking to say something.”

I am God the Father Ron, thank you for this extension.  I am not particularly concerned about the Lanaforge 100 but I am concerned that Califax was not listening carefully enough to understand that there was a dual expression of the Planetary Prince on Urantia just for the sense of one being incarnated to be paternal and settle disputes not very spiritual or spiritual at all.  I ask Califax to state what he may wish.”  (Thank you Father).

This is Califax, I am enjoying this immensely Ron, Thank you.  No I did not know that.  These things are moving so rapidly that even high born members of Paradise have to catch up on the news as it happens.   This just happened about a few hours ago.  The Planetary Prince position on any planet is exceedingly difficult to fill and many Lanonandek Sons ask not to serve in that position any more.  They prefer many other positions which are widely available.  The truth of the matter is that when a planet like Urantia defaults, and quite frankly has totally failed, then we must be careful and in these circumstances we caution all of you that when the time comes to fulfill the Lanaforge 100 that you consider carefully your view of God and of the Planetary Prince and his work.  There will be, I am told, 10 sub-divisions of 5 human individuals each to begin with.  Who will be the leader in those 10 divisions?   Ron suspects seraphim or Melchizedeks.   We are assigning the Melchizedeks that position and there will be 10 more incarnations of Melchizedeks to lead those sub-divisions.  That’s enough for now, we thank you good day.”

This is Ron, thank you all for the pleasure of transmiting you, good day.

Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: Dorian on April 26, 2017, 10:14:53 PM
Lady, I applaud your wonderful secretarial skills.  God bless you for the effort you put forth in your translations from the spoken word to the written.
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: VBolhuis on April 27, 2017, 01:20:19 PM
Thank-you Heavenly Father, Califax, Michael, Nebadonia, Lanaforge and Andromadeus for your messages. And thank-you Ron for your transmitted recording. I will contemplate the message information and consider how it will help me be of service to the MSM.

It is good to hear that the Heavenly Father's representative, Califax, will be residing on Urantia during the MSM. With God personally dedicated to Urantia in this way, I believe the MSM will be directed as best as it can be. Also, we are fortunate to have Lanaforge as an incarnate being for all to see and relate to, now that Jesus cannot be seen for safety reasons. I think this will be important for those who need to see first before believing.

While on the subject of seeing first before believing, and after hearing of the recent revelation of different coloured ultimatons and how it is related to personality, it has brought to mind my interest in the Urantian concepts of personality types. I have learned and observed that there many personality types on Urantia and how it impacts individuals in relating to one another.

Coincidently, just after the time of discovering TUB, I learned of the Meyer-Briggs concept that individuals learn and communicate differently depending on their personality type. Why do some accept truths and its possibilities by recognizing the wisdom in it, while others need to experience it first hand before accepting it?

I bring this up because I think this could help many Urantians accept the MSM by focusing on their different learning styles and the ways they communicate, and how they are naturally equipped to understand spiritual concepts. I may be way off here, but this idea has been nudging at me for a few days now since the ultimaton revelations. Maybe we could consider a different approach to bring about those God-fearing Urantians on the fence of MSM acceptance, to see things as we do.

Have a good day,
Title: Re: Audio-Tape-25Apr17_Califax,Michael,Andromadeus, More-Lanaforge100
Post by: JuliodaLuz on April 27, 2017, 01:27:22 PM
Dear Newstarsaphire. Many thanks again for the transcripts you have made of the audios in the English language so that the message written in the English language is more easily read and thus can be easily translated into all of the Serara Forum, which have a native language other than the language English. I really thank you for this service you have done in this Forum. A brotherly embrace of his brother in spirit.

Thank you, Andromadeus, Califax, Michael of Nebadon, Lanaforge, Divine Minister Nebadonia, God-Father for the message transmitted to Ron Besser on April 25, 2017.

With much love to all. Julio.


Estimada Newstarsaphire. Muito obrigado, novamente, pelas transcrições que tem feito dos áudios no idioma inglês para que a mensagem escrita no idioma inglês seja mais facilmente lida e, assim, possam ser facilmente traduzidas para todos do Fórum Serara, que possuem outro idioma nativo que não o idioma inglês. Eu agradeço, realmente, a este serviço que tem feito neste Fórum. Um abraço fraternal de seu irmão em espírito.

Obrigado, Andromadeus, Califax, Michael de Nebadon, Lanaforge, Ministra Divina Nebadônia, Deus-Pai pela mensagem transmitida para Ron Besser em 25 de abril de 2017.

Com muito amor a todos. Julio