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Title: Advice for very hot weather
Post by: evan on June 21, 2017, 12:03:03 AM
Dear Friends,
I received this short message in relation to a news article about things that can happen with global warming (https://ph.news.yahoo.com/even-2c-warming-means-more-killer-heatwaves-study-180328949.html).  As Manila is mentioned along with other tropical countries (and we have been experiencing an extended hot summer) I believe our Celestial friend is just keeping us updated with what is going on.
Domtia, Evan

It is timely that we send a message to you for the good of many there in your country.  The heat wave is real and will affect thousands of people within the country and especially outlying provinces.  It will not happen this year or the next - it will be incremental and more severe as the years go by and if there will be no change in the way nations manage global warming and its ancillary conditions.  Take care to keep cool – that is important to remember – do not try to remain in hot locations – stay away from extreme weather temperatures – one minute it is hot and the next it is cold and such.  Take a walk if it's cool only; exercise when the weather is right; no over-sweating exercises to keep you slim – that is not recommended.  Keeping cool is the right thing to do and you can do that by wearing light clothing and maintaining circulating air around you.  The best places to go are places where there are airconditioners and plenty of shade.  When heat rises and intense humidity is high this is when it is no longer safe.  People will have the tendency to be irritable and temperaments will be affected.  There will be times when the body will not be able to cope.  Situations where people are closely-packed together will not be good and healthy - stay away from those areas.  We are just here – never a split second away – call on us always if need be.  Have a good and pleasant day.
Title: Re: Advice for very hot weather
Post by: ASSALE on June 21, 2017, 01:08:38 AM
Thank you Evan for posting. Here in West Africa, it is raining cat and dog and already tens of people have already been killed by the rain.
Title: Re: Advice for very hot weather
Post by: Rene A Duran on June 21, 2017, 01:28:10 AM
Thank you Evan, this heat wave has already showed its devastating nature, here in Phoenix AZ where I live, today temperature was 119 degrees F, a little unconfortable maybe for people that are not used to live under this conditions.
I hope it cool down to 115F in a week or so.
Title: Re: Advice for very hot weather
Post by: Clency on June 21, 2017, 04:19:09 AM
Europe is suffocating under heat temperature actually. See what is happening in Portugal : more than sixty persons trapped in forest fire these last days due to over-heating climate. This is a fore-taste of what will follow suit.

Dear Father of all, if your children on Urantia must pass through hard trial, so be it and let Your Will be done. Amen