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Title: New Member - Introduction
Post by: willieb on August 04, 2017, 09:27:33 AM
Greetings to all members of the Forum,
It is a privilege to become a member of this forum. After studying the contents of this forum for a few months the urge to become a member was to big to resist anymore. I fully embrace the MMission. I would like to become part of it. 
My name is Willie from South Africa, living near our administrative capital Pretoria. I am a dentist for the past 40 years but for the past 4 years I am working for a company providing health care.
My forefathers were a combination of Europeans stock either looking for a better life or (from my fathers side) escaping religious persecution  in France. They became known as Huegenots. I think I have  inherited some of their pioneer traits.
 We have four children and five grand children. My dear wife, which I respect so much, is an "angel"in form of a mortal. I always say it is written on her forehead. She comes home with such amazing stories of even complete strangers using her shoulder to cry on and of course getting the sympathy that strengthen their souls to pick up their burden again.Together we went though much of the vicissitudes of life in the material.
My mother tongue is  my dearly beloved Afrikaans. It developed out of Dutch a odd 200 + years ago. It is amazing what heights this small language reached in such a small period of time. Its people can present literature and art comparing with the best. Our claim to fame was the pioneer Chris Barnard and the first human heart transplant on Urantia   It is with a bit of sadness that there will be no place for Afrikaans in the future of Urantia.
My life story is one born from and out of the piety of my parents and our forefathers. The forefathers trekked (trek a Afrikaans word, like veld and kraal) from Europe to the Cape of Good Hope and then, when the British empire became a obstacle, trekked  from the Cape during the 1830's into the binneland/away from the coast, to 'freedom' from colonial rule. They eventually founded  two Boer republics which became known as the "model republics" and was eventually lost to colonialism instigated by  the discovery of diamonds. 
The big trek into the unknown took place with virtually the Bible in the left hand and muzzle gun in the right hand and the belief of God's protection.  But the Bible was still  Dutch, read every evening and few understood the text. The Bible was only translated in Afrikaans in 1933.  At that time the Urantia Book was on the brink of birth. Their exist notable similarities with the history of the USA. But one big difference remains. The considerable wealth in large part left the country. The mining of the richest gold deposits in the world, hundreds of tons of gold mined, left us with a massive problem today. Rising polluted mine water is mixing with underground fresh water. Difference of opinion exists. Was it worthwhile?
 Thus end my short introduction of part of our history. 
My formative years as young man brought the big questions to the front. Unlike most people with some inquisitive minds, I never turned atheistic in light of difficult questions with difficult answers. I kept looking for answers and got them some way or other.
One night, arriving late, I plunged before the TV, which by the way, was regarded unhealthy for a God fearing nation. That idea ended only 1974. That was also a sign  of the end of conservative era.  An episode  of the late Carl Sagan series Cosmos was aired then. Sagan argued the fact that light/photons exist timelessly. That gave much impetus to an effort to search for the truth compatible with my religious thoughts. If photons could exist timelessly, so I thought, other "stuff" could exist as such as well. Years later this line of searching brought me via google to the Urantia book, more or less 2008. A new vista opened which kept me breathless, with little sleep for nights on end, until the decision that I really got hold of The Truth. 
That laid the groundwork which eventually brought me to the Serara Forum beginning of April 2017. The contents of the Forum kept me quite busy and many a day I was the only guest visiting portions of the site. I thus discovered  the concept of Ultra Spirituality in one of the posts.
After reading that post, I could not resist writing an article on this subject for a Afrikaans audience of a spirituality forum as little as 2 weeks ago. The editor noted that he will publish it this month. And then I made the decision to apply for membership. How lucky I am.
Thus ends a long introduction as was requested.
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: niant2 on August 04, 2017, 09:41:02 AM
I welcome you into this great site my new friend Willie.
I welcome you to this great family of love,..., the family of our Father Creator Christ/Michael and our Mother Nebadonia.
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: ssigarto on August 04, 2017, 10:17:54 AM
Hi Willieb, welcome to this loving family; we are ever so glad you were brought here by your TA just as all of us were.  It is wonderful to have this forum that allows all of us, from all walks of life and from all continents, to have one place we call home where we share a common faith and belief and share ourselves with all.
As I had the opportunity to visit your country a few times and spend some time in SA, I can honestly say that I saw some of the most beautiful sites in the world and met some of the nicest people.
With much love for you and all,
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Lemuel on August 04, 2017, 10:21:39 AM
Hello Willie and welcome to the forum.
We have all been led here by one way or another, sometimes over a period of many years.
On arrival here, it has been, for many, a coming home, and I hope you will feel "at home" here, as
we are all family.
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Clency on August 04, 2017, 10:56:13 AM
Hello willieb, a heartfelt welcome to you. As everyone here, you have been led by Spirit to this forum, you are indeed a lucky man, no doubt about it. You are now a part of a Team, on the ground, that tasks, with Celestial Helps, for the rehabilitation of Urantia, so feel free to participate.

The history of your country, as you describe it so well, albeit the period of racial turmoil, is very painful. When it comes to South Africa, what pops up to my mind is the exemplary life of Nelson Mandela, one of my favourite political leaders of modern time, along with Gandhi and Martin Luther King.

Fortunately, the Magisterial Mission will soon make amend to all the sufferings and people will learn to live with each other in peace.

In the Father’s Love.

Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: jlivengood on August 04, 2017, 11:40:14 AM
Hi, Willie. Welcome. We are honored to have you among us. Thanks for your fascinating introduction. I've always been intrigued by your continent. As an only child on a ranch in Colorado, I was a big reader. Much of the subject matter pertained to Africa, particularly the fauna and geography. Recently I've watched videos regarding the unique plant life of South Africa. Love that stuff.

Regarding Afrikaans and other languages: Even though an expanded form of English is becoming the lingua franca and ultimately the official language of Urantia, I think there will always be healthy interest in the other languages. Linguists today study languages for whom there may be no living speakers. Pawnee, for example. Not too many Ancient Aramaic speakers cluttering up the place anymore, either. But somebody is studying it somewhere.

Additionally, fiddling about with different languages is healthy exercise for the brain and mind. It enriches the ideolect (one's own personal language.) Gives you different ways of looking at things.

Afrikaans is a language with a rich and creative history. All the active languages of Earth will blend into the richness of the evolving English, as they are now. Besides the big rivers of Latin and Anglo-Saxon, the Queen's English is continually being seasoned by lexical items from Asian languages, Spanish, and others.

You are a fellow of great depth of experience and knowledge. That's always a welcome thing. Glad you are here. Jim
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Dorian on August 04, 2017, 11:47:02 AM
May I also offer my welcome to you Willieb to this fantastic forum filled with those humans that have followed the promptings of their Thought Adjusters that led them here to be a family in the Truest Sense.  I also found this forum almost by the same process as you describe.  Always searching until I was led to this so informative and guiding site.

Please feel free to get involved as you are led to do.  Everything is important and will be digested with great delight.  As my English teacher told me in High School, "There is no such thing as a stupid question."   She also was fond of saying, "Ask a question and feel like a fool for a minute or two, don't ask a question and be a fool forever."

Love to you and your  Angel of a wife,
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: VBolhuis on August 04, 2017, 12:23:25 PM
A warm welcome to the Serara Forum Willie. I hope you have found the posted messages from our friends and partners on High as fascinating and full of truth as I have. Through all my life discoveries, never has so much of what is real been revealed to me until I started reading the forum posts.

I can relate to your experience in your formative years when seeking and trying to find answers to the big questions. I never abandoned my Christian Lutheran roots even though they gave rise to more questions than answers for me. And some answers did come eventually and still do with the guidance of my Thought Adjuster.
Learning of scientific insights, world history and considering the spiritual philosophy of the far eastern Tao and native American Great Spirit beliefs all earlier helped me give some balance to my Christian belief system. But still sensing a void, I stayed on the path of continuously seeking until I too discovered the Urantia Book.

Good day,
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: wendy.winter on August 04, 2017, 05:31:51 PM
'n Hartlike welkom Willie. Van al die plekke in die heelel, kruis ons paaie hier. Wees gereed om jou veldskoene aan te trek want jy gaan gebruik word om paaie van diens te stap.  Wendy (that's about all I can contribute in Afrikaans 😇)
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Ron Hammar on August 04, 2017, 09:30:08 PM
Hi Willie,
It is good to see you on board in this time of change on Urantia. Your Great Grand kids will be asking you "What did you do in the Changing Times Grand-Pa" as they look at you big eyed waiting for a story! Yes this is the best and worst of times to be a live.

Welcome Brother
Ron H.
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: ASSALE on August 05, 2017, 07:36:11 AM
Welcome Willieb,

I hope you'll stay forever, some come and leave. I'm happy to have you with us on seraraforum, I'm an Ivorian living in Côte d'Ivoire (Ivory Coast) in West Africa, but I know Pretoria as I've been there 12 times from 2009 to 2012, as the sole translator of the African Forum for Utility Regulation (AFUR), based in downtown Pretoria.

The particular astral abilities I have also make it possible for me to travel there on spiritual missions, therefore the Spirit once sent me to Jo'burgh to purify water in SEWETO, and I also astral-traveled to Durban to meet with some white people's souls who gathered at the beach, a wood fire was made for my reception and they sang and danced and rejoiced, as the Spirit sent them an Indigo soul to uplift them.

Again, thanks for being here, welcome into the warmful Class of the Spirit, to learn and get informed.

Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: evan on August 05, 2017, 01:04:06 PM
Nice to meet you Willieb.  You are a long way off from Manila where I live.  I hope to get to know you better as we are here to share experiences of the reality of the Father in our lives.  I just read from the TM archives that we are like balloons and through many little puffs of breath (and the variety of it I guess) we expand and grow. So welcome to the family! Evan 
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: JuliodaLuz on August 05, 2017, 05:27:11 PM
Dear Willie from South Africa. Welcome to the Serara forum. This internet community that deals with God and the Urantia Book, and much more than that, because there is a continuity and improvement with the New Urantia Book that possibly will soon be available, has members from all over the world in all Continents, and with several native languages.
         Yes, regardless of where we are born, or we live, or the native language we speak, we are all human beings.
         Yes, human beings may have the possibility of having an eternal soul, believing and submitting to the will of God, the Universal Father of All.
         Yes, perfection must be constant, for we are imperfect human beings in search of perfection, little by little, and so we must always have the spirit of learning
         Here, in this Serara Forum I got answers that added and deepened the Urantia Book that I came to know in 2010.
         The Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus and the other missions of God seek, in my view, the principal, spiritual recovery of our entire planet, and this logically includes his country, South Africa, my country, Brazil , The United States, the probable location of the Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus and the other missions of God.
         Just like you, who after a few months decided to make the introduction to the other members of the Serara Forum, I, too, did the same, I stayed a few months reading the news until I started to participate in the Serara Forum.
         Dear Willie, we who believe in God, both in this Serara forum, and everywhere in the universe, we are all united as spiritual brothers in the light of God. A big fraternal hug, From his spiritual brother Julio
Caro Willie da Africa do Sul. Seja muito bem vindo ao fórum Serara. Esta comunidade da internet que trata sobre Deus e o Livro de Urantia, e muito mais do que isso, pois existe uma continuidade e aperfeiçoamento com o Novo Livro de Urantia que possivelmente em pouco tempo será disponibilizado, possui membros do mundo inteiro, em todos os continentes, e com diversos idiomas nativos.
          Sim, independente do local aonde nascemos, ou moramos, ou do idioma nativo que falamos, somos todos seres humanos.
          Sim, os seres humanos podem ter a possibilidade de ter uma alma eterna, acreditando e submetendo à vontade de Deus, Pai Universal de Todos.
          Sim, o aperfeiçoamento deve ser constante, pois somos seres humanos imperfeitos em busca da perfeição, aos poucos, e assim devemos sempre ter o espírito de aprendizado
          Aqui, neste Fórum Serara consegui respostas que acrescentaram e aprofundaram o Livro de Urantia que eu tive conhecimento, no ano de 2010.
          A Missão Magisterial, o retorno de Jesus e as demais missões de Deus buscam, ao meu ver, o principal, a recuperação espiritual de todo nosso planeta, e isto inclui, logicamente, seu país, a Africa do Sul, meu país, o Brasil, os Estados Unidos, provável local aonde ficará sediada a Missão Magisterial, o retorno de Jesus e as demais missões de Deus.
           Assim como você, que depois de alguns meses resolveu fazer a introdução aos demais membros do Fórum Serara, eu também, fiz o mesmo, fiquei alguns meses lendo as notícias até começar a participar no Fórum Serara.
            Caro Willie, nós que acreditamos em Deus, tanto neste fórum Serara, como em qualquer lugar no universo, nós todos estamos unidos como irmãos espirituais na luz de Deus. Um grande abraço fraternal, De seu irmão espiritual Julio.
Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Allie on August 05, 2017, 07:18:26 PM
Greetings, Willib!

All who arrive here have been divinely guided.

It is a pleasure to welcome you to our family.  

Title: Re: New Member - Introduction
Post by: Don Crownover on August 05, 2017, 07:53:07 PM
Hello Willieb,

Giving credit where credit is due.

Yes, I also enjoyed Carl Sagan's Cosmos but could never sit for more than 10 minutes with his very slow speech and story development. I could repeat some I heard from him but wanted more, so much more, cut and dry so to speak. It would probably have taken him years to tell the Urantia Book. Bless Carl for his helping us to get started "looking up".

Now with the Urantia Book we have words of Angels, complicated but concise and them knowingly giving credit to the First Source and Center as a personality of purpose, not chance or mystery to our once incomprehensible reasons to why and what we behold in the heavens.

So glad to hear that you are actively sharing these truths.