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Title: Maneck, Serara. Melchizedek Jurisdictions; Spiritual Protectorate Zones 10_11_17
Post by: Dominick O on November 10, 2017, 12:48:52 PM
Teacher: Maneck
Subject: Melchizedek Jurisdictions and Spiritual Protectorate Zones
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Nov 10, 2017.  4:00 pm UTC (16:00) (9:00am Pacific)

Maneck --

It is analogous to other testing apparatus like the “lie detector” machine, in the respect it helps to have a few warm up questions, so to speak.  It’s good to have some thoughts and words down or carried out in the spirit of the connection. Again, we have used the physical exercise comparison as well and this should become more and more or less and less of a reminder and second nature with practice, the fruits of practice.

One of the fruits is remaining centered in the connection even though there may be a noise or interruption.  It still takes commitment and discipline of will on your end to step up to the podium on your end with us.  In this manner it also helps, when you start transmissions with and for others, that you share or allow them into this connection, that they are cared about and for; and they love that it is about them.  It is similar to prayer, but instead there is an immediate team presence and a whole team of celestials at the moment at hand, whether it is an operation, an emergency, a diplomacy or what have you.  You are good and warmed up, this is Maneck, and as Ron pointed out, of the MNO family, now humanized, meaning we are on toward the Paradise career and are Thought Adjuster endowed.  Just as Pentatook, which reconciles adequately in your mind the previous statements about being human(ized).

Now we can be about today’s message.  Turn on your recorder.  Wow resistance!  Ok.
Audio link (https://www.dropbox.com/s/6yjmtnppw4kdo2u/Maneck%20mid-session%2C%20Nov%2010th%2C%202017.WAV?dl=0)

No, no questions for now, as we are not in a flow, but a session of important point of re-connecting, re-centering and you know from experience now the havoc it can cause, but we thank you for the improvement in the asking or forewarning there may be questions from your end.  Even from that you provided some feedback on our end.  Get re-focused.

Melchizedek Jurisdictions

Melchizedek jurisdictions are not geographical by design with specific boundaries, rather, they will be organically defined by who and what can reach them according to availability.  The administrative, jurisdictional center of the Melchizedek will be known and broadcast and then the surrounding areas will know where to go.  Likewise, when you or anyone else in the world travels, immigrates, emigrates, whatever, the jurisdictional authority of the Melchizedek in the radius of tangible administration will flow or change. There will be a constancy, a stability in understanding there is no “better” government to go to, no fleeing from one problem and hoping for a better life because of the rulership in point A is better or worse than point B, C, D and so on.  You can imagine if and when the Melchizedek in your area announces a change in physical location along with a warning?  Better listen up and shepherd the flock to safety!  There will be as much warning as possible but we are no miracle workers when it comes to physical, planetary activities that cannot be held back, such as the planetary core.

We like the term spiritual protectorate zones.  It introduces the idea in a non-invasive way to naturally be physical without starting out that way.  In this manner people will come to these zones of Melchizedek jurisdiction by their own accord; and cooperation with existing civil authorities will have a lessened reaction to immediately respond as if threatened to the point of attacking like an anti-body.  That is all for today, thank you. This is Maneck signing off and good day.

This is Serara, and even I do not know if I should step in at this time to speak but Ron let it out of the bag that we are recording these sessions on our end and you left the door open. There will be a good and interesting course in world-universe politics and history to be sure and this will be part of the new course you will enjoy as you study and learn and teach Paradise relations and diplomacy and the history of the Rebellion.  This is the grand theme in many respects of Urantia’s destiny as the Father’s planet.  But it will also relate to the immediate crash-course content needed to catch matters of State to understand the context of what is going on in the first place.  Thank you.  This is Serara. Good day.