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This has been and is a fascinating subject.   When I read the references to "spiritual vectors" I immediately remembered the equally fascinating discussion we had:

Learning Esoteric Mathematics
« on: January 15, 2017, 03:02:06 PM »

I did some further research since this is so interesting and that in truth,"all things are possible with the Father," and when I put "vectors in the search engine of  the TM Archives there was  quite a bit of information presented, and interestingly enough, it was presented to Daniel Raphael and the Teachers were none other than Monjoronson, and Machiventa Melchizedek.

In the discussion about Learning Esotheric Mathematics one of the papers referred to was: “New Era Transition #10 – Events and Vectors of probability; Urgency of the Default; Revelation Continues – Jan. 9, 2017"   I tried to locate  this but so far I have been unable to find it.

Hopefully both Daniel Raphael and Jerry Lane will be able to find the means  to join with Ron and settle their differences since I have enjoyed the work of both of these  Transmitters and feel they would be a definite  help to the Missions.

The information disclosed about Harry Loose and George Barnard is very enticing as we learn more about this subject.

When I read Ron's reply to Overmind stating : "
Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about, I began wondering, as we all might, just what and how this might apply to my own "spiritual vectors"  as far as my personal hopes and dreams of "possible" and probable futures.... What immediately came up is my deep interest in  attaining some experience, however far into the future, with "Spiritual Diplomacy",.. not Political  but Spiritual.   Our planet is just so lacking in anything thing resembling truth, beauty, and goodness that on a Global Level, Spiritual Diplomacy is really something to reach for in our eventual work with the Father, Michael, and our entire Universal Administration as we aspire to Light and Life.

Anyway... just a few thoughts about this wonderful, enticing, and fascinating thread

I would like to write more on this but I have to get to a Cardiology appointment..... not looking forward to it either...........LarryG    May we all feel empowered, encouraged, and inspired to  be at one with all that is happening on Nystoria....I pray it be so.......

My dear Sue, your messages are so clear and I, if you have no objection, want to re-post the last few paragraphs of these messages.  As I was reading this through, it felt like this was being transmitted to me as well and I am sure there are others here who have felt as connected to these messages  as I do and as you felt when receiving them.    Sometimes ( and this is one of those times)  even though messages seem to be so directly personal and we are reluctant to post them because of their personal nature,  it remains true that we all here are so closely linked that what is meant and shared with one  has bearing and importance to each of us.

This reception, Sue, is so well done that I don't  think it could have been stated any better which is why I am taking the liberty to re-post and highlite these final paragraphs  from Pre'Mtor and Jesus.   Thank you so much  to all involved with this exceptional message through Sue:

This re-posted from Sue Wiley - 21 May 2108 - 3:12 AM:


“Thank you Sue, there is more coming, it is soon to take place. Preparations are done, emissaries are placed, new offices will sprout, yours will be pivotal as Mantutia will guide those regions under his Supervisory care. Take those lessons he will offer as they will instruct you as to how you are best to go about your profession as you do in both transmitting, teaching and in espousing the new revelatory papers soon to be made ready for new readership. Your task is to allow the new brotherhood to flourish and to encourage better readership in those you care for. I know you can do this and more. As Jesus did with his disciples, so you will be tasked in so doing, but you will not be alone. There will accompany you those skilled artisans in teaching methodology from the Adam and Eve Schools who will be so assisting you in this endeavor in education and training.

“Much is coming to relearn history, to adapt to the universe administration of management and service, conduct and protocol. Those protocols will be issued to all personnel who is on staff as to the proper ways and means of etiquette, prayer and reverence with the High Sons who incarnate and appear before you. Your place, among the four other fused ones on Nystoria is rare and unique and one that is to be marked with much more labor as you doubly apply your spiritual muscles to the task in serving the Mission’s aim to bring Nystoria in the early stages of Light and Life. It has a redemptive purpose along with a sense of realization of your true destiny purposes with the Supreme.

“Gather yourself as things take place soon enough and you will have seen more changes adrift than you have in years past. As always, as it goes in this World of the Cross, it takes more than “cracking a few eggs” to make an omelette and Jesus stands in the middle of the crossroads between the great religions of the world and this will be the end of the varying degrees of belief systems to a whole new faith to embrace as one religion of truth, beauty and goodness for all.”

[My mind went to Jesus in all of this: Jesus would you like to say something here?]

“Sue, yes this is Jesus. I speak here as you have a train of mind that beckons greatness yet to unravel. You are like a Christmas present that needs to be unwrapped and it is held well in tact with an Adjuster that is bursting at the nice pretty bow on the ornate ribbon that is bestowed on the gold-laced wrapping paper that is enfolded upon you. Get ready for the unwrapping of you. That is what is occurring in your morontializing process, your soul self will indeed emerge and be a full-blown balloon of a giant crest of a wave so glorious, it will caroon and emerge ever upon the whitewash created by the Spirit of love.

“I am Jesus, Sue, recognize I have work to accomplish and I need my disciples with me to make it happen. You are my disciple, the ones who hear my voice and take it well and can count better than I can. You are one smart cookie and I intend to use you when the time comes, but stay as you are for a while longer as things settle and then we are good to go.

“Now this for all of you: Stay tuned as we are going to be have to contend with a mighty wave of discontent as I stand in the middle of a room and speak my mind to all that represents the nations they hail from. This is no easy task for any one human; it takes the Almighty Supreme to take on the giants of time to flatten out the lumps that stand in the way of good progress of the soul. I intend to introduce the truth for all to hear and hear it well. It will be like a shearer does to the wheat in full spring. A necessary harvest to collect and use and not let it lie in waste any more than it stands for.

“I am Jesus and I am coming in earnest and it will be done in a manner appropriate to the reasons of my being present among you. That is all I wish to say for now and may you be calm and focused on that day of days when God speaks as I speak.”

Thanks again, Sue....LarryG

Indeed, Lemuel... it is so good to have you back and doing your wonderful recorded voice receptions.
As it has been mentioned a few times recently that you will have the opportunity  to go "on air" when the Missions are up and running and has it's own access  to an official broadcasting channel.  There are just so many wonderful avenues planned to get the "good news" out to our humanity.  It will truly take All who have the desire to serve to accomplish the Father's Divine Will. Plans, Goals and Purposes through Michael, Mother Spirit, Jesus, Machieventa, Mantutia, Malvantra, Serara, Monjoronson, all of the Melchizedeks and Midwayers and the "Hosts of Heaven" and our Ron and that includes all all over Nystoria that will come to the feast. When our world finally realizes what is happening, who would not want to participate in the greatest and most important events in the history of this world?

I know that our site has lost many, but I truly see the time coming...and quite soon.... that we will have so much traffic on our forum that logging on  will be difficult...Probably so much so that other arrangements will have to be made ot accomodate the traffic.  

Is wonderful to have you back and to have Ron finally getting some semblance of good health, restored sight and he may even be able to walk well again!


Michael and Ron...message received......and I now am standing with my nose  pressed to the corner wearing a big ole tall bright red  cone shaped "dunce hat ".......and I say that in the best of humor and affection....Naughty, and a double wink!      

Like all of you, I have read this now several times as it is loaded with information for all of us.   I so look forward to many of our members being able to work either in York or where they stand  to participate in the many tasks that will be available for all.  This is truly what we have been preparing for, each in our own ways, each according to our developing abilities... all of which can be useful, individually and collectively to  these Missions in the weeks, months and years ahead.
Like most of you, I have now read this exciting Announcement several times for in contains so much for each and every one of us.
I am so pleased to read that Ron has now completed his morontialization and is finally getting better towards good health and sight.   I continue to pray with each of you that Lemuel, too, receives all that he needs to return to us and is able to resume his work.
I had posted a couple of posts which I removed since they garnered no responses or apparent interest as they  concerned the Chicago based Urantia Foundation, since I felt that my posts may have not been inappropriate.  On a light note, I got a good giggle out of not only the story of the Cat but this at thrown in the middle:   ......  so long as Mantutia can get in his material jammies to deliver the check.   The thought of Mantutia in some wild pair of " jammies" made me laugh at a time that a good laugh has been few and far between in recent weeks with all that I have been going through with wild some scary health issues and pain that has caused me some real concern since now is not really the time that I am ready to die with the Missions about to get started.   I always hate to talk about my own pain and health discomfort  here  since Ron has dealt with so much for so long....

I especially like: The Nystoria Epochal Foundation of Revelation  for the New Foundation... It has a wonderful sound to it , is ennobling and just beckons spirit and love and truth, beauty and goodness....everything that is so lacking on Nystoria and in our new system of Nystorium..... by writing it and saying it over and over  it is becoming more comfortable although I still catch my self saying Urantia!

I am sure and confident  that there will be work and places for all in our love, worship and service to our Father.

As I have been bombarded with slot of wierd negative energies lately and with all that has confronted me in the past 6 or 7 months, I tell you all that I thought that I was pretty much being "put out to pasture" as far as working for the Missions.   But I can truly say that my great desire has always been, even before I was led to this site and to Ron and all of you and to all that I have learned here, to witness and see and participate if at all possible, any version of a Divine Intervention on this world.

I will leave it at that and just extend my thanks, love and desire to serve  the Father , Michael,  Mother Spirit, Andromadeus, Mantutia, Malvantra, Machieventa, Serara, Monjoronson, and our beloved Jesus, and all who are assembled to initiate the Michael Mission to redeem and remake Nystoria and to work in consort with Ron and all of you. The Father's Will, Plans and Purpose be done.       LarryG

General Discussion / Welcome David
« on: May 13, 2018, 03:24:45 PM »
David...I was looking at members on line and noticed your name which I have not seen before....I read that you joined the forum May 9th....welcome to our band of brothers and sisters in Spirit.....Tell us alittle about yourself if and when you feel comfortable doing that....Welcome....LarryG

Also, I just wanted to thank the Power Directors...I shudder to think where we would be without their unprescedented and unfathomable  work.    LarryrG

General Discussion / Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« on: May 10, 2018, 08:45:46 AM »
This morning while attempting a reception from Mother Spirit, right in the middle of it , the connection seemed to just dissipate and I lost it.   I have really been trying to get "get back in the saddle" of receiving so even though I started out strong and excited, I was really disappointed that I lost the connection.... but....I will try again  in a couple of hours and perhaps I will be able to better sustain it.     Our forum really could use some inspiration and encouragement to liven  and enlighten us out of the apparent and disappointing  "whatever this is" is.    Hope to post later......In love, anticipation and service....LarryG

Threads for New Transmissions / A Short Talk From Michael
« on: May 09, 2018, 09:56:37 AM »

Michael of Nebadon - Creator Son  -   A  Short Talk From Michael- Larry Gossett – 9 May 2018 – Florida
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  A Short Talk From Michael
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida –  9 May 2018 -  09:58 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Larry and all others who are in attendance here this morning, who long, seek and yearn for knowledge, experience and clarity,   indeed some of you have recently experience a certain difficulty in understanding, but it is through this difficulty that clarity will eventually come and better realizations are the  fruits and results of thinking deeper than some of you are used to.   But dear ones, know that it is through such trials that can bring your experiences to a level of knowing that you all seek.   Nothing of great and lasting value comes from a life of ease and it is through strife, struggle and the vicissitudes that living a life on such an experimental world as Urantia, and one that has been so troubled, that you will gain a strength, a courage, and quality of character that is so often required as you face such a life as lived on Urantia in these extremely troubling times on Urantia.
“You have several times been taught that hailng from Urantia is and will be, in the end, a crowning achievement to your overall experience and this is quite so , my children.   So come to treasure your experience here, for  it will play out to be an advantage to you in many ways… most of which you cannot be consciously aware of now, for your view of it is limited and can only be realized as you move forward into your future careers.  You all stand tall and exceptional and that light that shines forth from you is seen and recognized throughout Nebadon and it is to this  great life with it’s many challenges that you all work through.
“This times, these trials,  tribulations and this  intense testing that confronts each of you are really milestones in your careers and at some point, this  you will recognize and come to appreciate for they are indeed blessings in disguise for each of you.  Some of you are experience some very challenging situations right now but they will abate shortly yet know that you will be the wiser for having successfully gone through them.
 “You have been given some quite interesting stories, some crucial and at the same time, indispensable  yet partial information concerning the Morontial appearances of Jesus, the ongoing similar morontilaization of Ron, which you need to pay particular attention to, since some of you  may also be going through variations of this for yourselves at some future time.   As some of you noticed, Ron, as he so often can do, gave you a colorful and vivid analogy of the “parfait glass” with the varying levels of  morontial  energies and how they are absorbed and used, as a wonderful teaching tool to bring this better to your understanding  and visualization.  I use the word “partial” for  I tell you truly that some levels of information and knowledge are indeed secret and are held always as secret for Reasons of State and yet there will always be  those areas of mystery that are held and kept so and as you progress even unto the levels of the Outer Space Zones,  even unto those levels of Finality that  will  be yours through discovery and an unfolding of these mysteries will always be there  waiting for your personal discovery..   Experience, exploration and discovery  are part and parcel of the lure of eternal learning and progression.
“Accept that these mysteries are ever there to inspire, encourage, stimulate  ,motivate, and even embolden  you throughout your long journey and career and are a rich enticement for you to discover and explore.  Just as you glimpse this and that along the way, it will inevitably and purposefully lead to the next thing to observe, experience and  grasp.  Revelation, can only be given as it can be accepted.    Look at your Urantia Book as an example of a Revelation for a specific time, situation and realize that full acceptance must be kept in keeping with when it is presented in relationship to how well it can be received for it is all relative to man’s time, knowledge, experience and at the most appropriate time in history.   As the New URANTIA Book II will soon be released to this world that is in such dire need for a truer truth that can now be delivered and at a time when mankind can move to a higher estate in his view and realization of the Father Reality, Presence and Purpose and all of Us who come to represent Him, once again,  in this new time and a new age, one that is destined to bring Urantia into that glorious  Age of Light and Life.
“We realize that  these Missions are a challenge to your patience, faith and beliefs, and We know that  We created you, know you, love you, forever guide and instruct you in the ways of the Father and the ways of Spirit.   These may seem to be but your first steps in your experience with Spirit and they are, my children, your most important steps that you will ever take.  There will be continued trials and tests and trepidations and certainly challenges but I assure you that all of you will be the better and the wiser for each step you take, for as you go through them , they will without doubt give you clarity, strength of character and make you even more important  to your brothers and sisters on this world who will come to know you and look to you for guidance.   Your Thought Adjsuters rehearse for you, on superconscious levels, and hold in trust for you, as situations will call for, all that you will require to do this work with Spirit and the coming Michal Missions followed by the Second Return of Jesus and the coming  of the Magisterial Sons and all of the Melchizedeks and other orders you know not of, to establish Urantia as the  Planet, dedicated to th Father.  So I bid you my children to hold fast, stay the course, keep your focus, dedication, your hearts minds, thoughts  and souls centered and focused on all that has been revealed to you.  Revelations and this information are an ongoing process and each and every one of you are loved, needed and called to service to this great endeavor and the door stands open wide and beckoning   This is Michael, your Creator Son, and I share these blessings with all of you.
  Do get back into regular work as these last weeks of trials are now better known to you for what they have been.
 Good day….

My dear brother, Lemuel, I am so happy to hear from you and that are indeed recovering, even if slowly.   Know too that we have missed you as well,.   Keep on brother!....Larry

I hardly know what to feel, say, think, and do at this announcement of the "temporary" mortal passing or rather the transformation of our beloved friend, mentor, and colleague, Ron Besser...a transformation from a mortal Ron, to a Monrontial Ron.   Ron has and will continue to be, in whatever form he has, foirever teaching, guiding and helping each of us as we  have become members of the site he began to serve the Father, Michael, Mother Spirit, Serara and all who have anything to do with  the coming Missions whenever and however they are manifested  to redeam Urantia.   Ron has always been exemplary in his love and service,  like no other human on Urantia.
I have several times considered that what is now happening by allowing him to transit from  the physical to the Monontial was not only possible but perhaps be the best probable solution to help him the most and might also be the best answer for his needed length of service to these coming Missions, for truely  he is such an intragal love and support for  all of Spirit and to us as well.

I am still reeling a bit but am experiencing both sadness but the greatest of joy and  love for him and knowing that he will no longer be in constant pain and suffering but now rearing to go with a new Monrontial form and an enlightened zest and excitement he has been unable to  maintain for quite some years.... so look out world, a new Besser is in town!...there will be no stopping him now!   As always my thoughts, love, eternal respect and prayers are with Ron.


THIS IS EXTRAORDINARY NEWS!   Not only extraordinary but nearing "miraculous" and  as Ron mentioned that he can see the work of the Father and the Deity Absolute "all over this"!
I look forward someday to be able to  read this letter that will have caused such a spiritual coup on Urantia.  Many many times have  I thought about just how this information will have been made and now we are learning just these beginnings as the Michael Missions begin.  To think that a letter to a tax agent, then  that letter unexpectedly sent to the President would have had such an impact is more than amazing.
   We are often told about the "work behind the scenes" and surely this may be an example of that.

There is so much in this announcement that indeed is jaw dropping and as the next days and weeks pass will be some of the most important in the History of Urantia.

It will be interesting to see how and if there is any noticeable change or softness in the public rhetoric coming out from the Presidency and the  White House and from other Countries as well especially considering the 18 Ambassadors that now have this information as well.

And what an honor for Urantia to have an Incarnated Planetary Prince, Machieventa Melchizedek in just a few short days, as well as Bzhutu, ABC-23. The Chief of Midwayers on Urantia, to materialize and become a counsel to Ron Besser .
We are so graced and blessed to have  this information shared and entrusted to us.

I can hardly wait to get home from work today to reread this wondrous message again and again..... Until then,  Love and Service to the Father and all serving the Michael Mission.   LarryG

General Discussion / As A Man Thinketh....
« on: April 28, 2018, 10:45:00 AM »
 This thought of "As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he..." which comes from a book written by James Allen in 1903, surfaced in my thoughts this morning and led to a rich flood of thoughts about thinking and especially in relationship to spirit values and  behaviors.

   Thoughts and question like what we think about? , and why we think what we think?, what  are the many sources that are the foundations of what we think about?

How does our thinking lead to the actions and behaviors of a spirit led being?

Does our individual behavior and actions truly reflect and represent  our best ideals and ideas of what we consider truth, beauty, and goodness?

What is our understanding of the actual "doing of the Will of the Father?

There is a certain ability that we can develop that allows us to, in a way, stand outside or perhaps better stated, inside  ourselves and view and self-analyze our own thinking, behaviors, experience in the present, past and even futures.

As we become more attuned to the leadings of our Thought Adjusters, whether fused or no,. the quality, nature and even subjects  of our thinking changes and improves since our Thought Adjusters, in Their unmatched ways and means introduces Their adjustments to our thinking. It is only when we  can give and share with Them our silence, meditations, our active listening to their leadings that we will begin to advance in our spiritual growth and stature and finally begin to gain spirit value and  wisdom.

"As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he,"  eventually has the power to change and spiritualize our behavior through thought and action as we become a self conscious, willful spirit led citizen of the Cosmos, DOING the Will of the Father.

In September, 2013 when I became a member here, aafter having been a visiting guest for a couple of months first,  I remember my first two question asked as a new member were:

1.) Who is Sananda? ( becasue, other than the Urantia Book, so much of important things I was reading in my early "spirit quest" dating back from the early 1970's mentioned Sananda)
2.)  How does an individual KNOW what the Will  of God is for that individual?
Before I close this off, I do want to relate that for the past 4 days and  especially nights, I have been unable to sleep more than 3 or 4 hours without waking up and with a 45 minute coughing jag trying to empty  lungs and nasal congestion from all manner of phlegm  thick and vile ( sorry for that visual) of varing degrees of that putrid yellow, green and brown.  I am exhausted from constant coughing and lack of quality sleep and  plan to spend the rest of the day, hopefully, sleeping, drinking liquids, and a shot of Nyquil .   If I had some old fashion vicks vapor rub I would do like my Mom aways did  in her loving way when I was sick and lather me down .

Anyway  just my thoughts this morning and I will shut this down since  I am beginning to feel the effects of then Nyquil.   Even as bad as I feel, please know that my thoughts are of all of you and the coming Michael Mission.   off to sleepland..I hope.   LarryG

My dear Anthony, friend and collegue in Spirit.  I just returned from Cancun last night and as I woke up this morning I reread of your situation and the many loving and wise counsel given to you and extend to you as well my excitement that  'finally in the next few days that you and Pre'MSha will  be more intuned as has been your prayer and dream for quite some time now.  It will certainly alter and enrich your life in ways that you can not even imagine right now.  As I was reading this morning I naturally am saddened that your job is temporarily lost but it  opens many doors for you that will become clearer as you make the adjustments to a  change of path.

I also  know that you and I share a common characteristic which I have long recognized in that we are bot "worry warts" and excel  in that predicament as it is a part of our  very make up and something that requires constant vigilance, awareness and care.

Alos as I was reading the many comment s to you  not only are these lessons of great value for you but for each of us as well in the days, weeks and even years ahead.   Many times we have all been cautioned to be prudent and wise in who we talk with, what we write, say and do and and all that is discussed with others on spiritual matters and as situation change very shortly we shall have to be even  more aware and cautions for our world is so  spiritually bankrupt and so violent and people will be ready to strike out  from fear, loathing and panic when  all that confronts mankind soon will have to be faced.

It is only natural to want to share our love, beliefs, and joy with  the whole world, and this is true of everyone who shares any kind of belief in what ever God they worship.   But our Urantia Book is so  extraordinary, and revelatory that most on Urantia have little or no frame of reference to accept the truths that we do so we must learn and discern when to  remain silent and await our instructions from our Universal Administration in how they want us to proceed in our work with Them in the establishment of  the Father's Kingdom.

Because of the nature of the revelations and information that we here take on faith, few on this world have that faith and commitment, exposure, or experience with what we represent to the world now and in the immediate future.
I do not have even one person who is a part of my everyday world who has read the Urantia Book or even heard of it, and it is very difficult to find any common ground, at times, to talk and communicate with ANYONE other that you here about anything even vaguly spiritual.   We  all are in similar circumstances I would imagine, and consequently we must well learn and stay ever on guard especially as situations develop shortly.
I will keep you in my prayers and I am so happy to learn that you connection with your Thought Adjuster is being accomplished for and with you.  As I mentioned, I know that it is an answer  to your prayers and and dreams.   In Love and Service to the father and all that is coming......LarryG

I tis good to be back with all of you.    I will write again later today as I get caught up on being away from 5 days.  

FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« on: April 16, 2018, 08:05:19 AM »
I have always been so interested in the water producing machines that will be brought to Urantia for the water problems in many parts of the globe are so serious..   Rayson  and now in coordination with  Sordon and the many other inventions that will aid Urantia in the manufactor, production,  and distribution that will eventually make Urantia better "sustainable"  for the future. As the ultimate plan is to remove Urantia from a ascension scheme experimental planet to one of being a supreme educational sphere, consequently, the Missions to transform Urantia will be a new beginning for our planet.   These are such exciting times that are at our doorstep.  I and we all here are truly blessed to be able to participate with our Universal Administration in this remaking and in the redemption of Urantia.

I also have a keen interest in all the work that will be accomplished by  Andromadeus and the Most Highs in their work,  with  the United States Governments , Great Britain, France and all of the other World Governments as all will have major major adjustments to make to accommodate Incarnated Spirit Beings from on High manifested on Urantia since no Urantia Government now has any provisions at all in their visions of working with a Divine Intervention as this will be.  It will take great insight as these advancements confront our world.  

Gloria and Worship to  the Father of us all.... Let His will be done and let us prepare our hearts minds and wills to this great service.   LarryG  

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