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Thank you Ron and Rayson for that. I had to go and do a search on Oxygen and found that Oh three is termed Ozone. It is all very interesting to search this and understand the chemical composition of Oxygen and it is an oxidative agent. Oh three would make this more so and if in the body, would this be acting like chlorine does to cleanse out or flush out some of the neutrons and so on in the legs. I am not sure why Oxygen is being said to be reduced to a 1. Does that make it more unstable? Oh 2 is when it is a neutron with two atoms to balance it.

Quotes from Wikipedia on allotropes:

"Oxygen's most common allotrope is diatomic oxygen, or O2, a reactive paramagnetic molecule that is ubiquitous to aerobic organisms and has a blue color in its liquid state. Another allotrope is O3, or ozone, which is three oxygen atoms bonded together in a bent formation...."

Very interesting when it is applied to the body.

I am also intrigued by the pure water in the article of the Super Kamiokande experiment. They said they accidentally dropped a hammer in the water and it corroded as to how oxidating the water was when in its purest form. This would also indicate how much a neutron can react to the water or come in contact with it. If so, would not that also oxidise as Rayson indicates to slow its spin down?

Woah - anything to do with money and for that matter which we rely on to pay for our very basic livelihood and its threats to it is very, very spooky! Thank you Ron and all who have given some insights into the machinations going on and to enable us to be aware of the bigger picture globally. Now, what can we do to save our own skins in the fracas? If the bank collapses, then does our small little saved money is lost? And then are we left penniless, because of a very hungry caterpillar that can't help itself? What can we do in our own small way Ron? Do I withdraw the cash and stash it somewhere? Is the Australian Dollar currency going to hold any value in all this collapse? Just being honestly concerned here as the rest of us, I am sure are too.


Hi All,

I found this of interest that it shows the general public the lengths and depths that scientists go through to search for these tiny particles and the description of the tank, the detectors and the pure water in it is quite amazing. The link is below: when you have the page just scroll down as the story gets better as it goes down the page. I thought Ron and many of you you will find this very interesting, let me know what you think. Ron, will they accidentally come across discovering the Ultimatons in this process?



Ron, I am at work right now and rarely post on my phone but I have to correct something said in your post. That is to be clear that I am a NONsmoker! I threw that away and nipped it in the bud in my late teenage years. I got so sick from it that I gave up that long time ago. So I am clean and free from that filthy habit, thank you very much. Thank you for clarifying the S word above and thanks Clency for the dictionary meaning. Very much appreciated. Sue. :)

"Synchrony, Ron, is a double indemnity of heart between Deity and yourself and you have it for MONJORONSON and he for you but Father intervenes so SERARA can take that honor for a long time.  In any case these Magisterial Missions are fully declared valid and are in process already, it is just that none of you can see or hear it yet."

"MONJORONSON speaking; "You Ron have the gift of God that is so essential to our work I do wonder why synchrony is not granted.  Father says you are not the one MONJORONSON to wear Ron out, but SERARA, will do that as Ron is capable of a lot of parlor tricks too when he is fully released before the public to teach and he will not do it in the Senate but once and that is enough to get Diane Finestine ready to be the might shield she can be for America."

Ron, the word "synchrony" seems to stand out to me and I do not know why, could you and Monjoronson elaborate on this word and its meaning in the context that is used above? Is this another form or term to specify of fusion or spirit indwelling? That is how I seem to look at it, yet it would be helpful to clarify this term. Thank you. And also, who may I ask is Diane Finestine?


General Discussion / Moribund List or what?
« on: June 15, 2019, 08:28:47 AM »
Moribund List or what?

The numbers logged on, which is listed at the bottom of the Home page reads at on this Site: Guests 167, Users 10, June 15, 2019 6:42:26AM. I am wondering if every one has either lost interest or are so spooked to speak here, or worse, too complacent to bother! As Ron has said in previous posts, we are encouraged to be involved in discussion, kick some dirt (so to speak) and say what is on your mind. It is very important to be present and engaged, ask questions and/or share your thoughts as to what is to be a coming concern for you. The Missions are present. Obviously, not as visible, as we would like it, but to be fair, this too will pass, and before you and I would know it, pfff, it is right in our face!

Did it occur to you that what is not seen, is to appear to us at any moment as our Father can do that? As revealed in the Urantia Book, Machiventa Melchizedek, the Sage of Salem, appeared and worked in teaching others to be missionaries and also taught much to Abraham and later on, after some time past, he disappeared just as quickly as he appeared on the planet. An Emergency Son has, in fact visited our earth thousands of years ago as the Sage of Salem and so, therefore, it is not too hard for me to think, fast forward into our present time and age, to see this can occur for reasons we know to do with further revelatory work for our coming crisis we are soon to face. Without crying for help, the deities know that in advance and will step in before it comes too dicey to handle. The reality of the Missions shall certainly become our new life. It is a sort of a thing I see it has eventuated before it actually is in the present tense. The mind is capable to grasp events before the fact. I am trying to say the Deity Absolute knows full well the future and it is circumscribed in our mind to contemplate as it happens. There is something there and I know it, and so do you. God is everywhere present.

I am confident that the Universal Father is way smarter and wiser to see to it that even the most lost planet can be found again as Jesus/Joshua Ben Joseph, has taught of the parable of the Good Shepard who seeks and finds the lost sheep of his pasture. Before long, I know I will see this again in Jesus' Mission once again and I am happy to join the many with him to do the labour of love. Are we not doing this now? Are we not weathering all as a Shepard does to find the sheep that wander and are not knowing where they are? Does it not behoove you and me to do our part to show we care about the coming life eternal, for that is our destiny? Our life on the earth is so short in comparison to the great life in the lands of God our Father. What Machiventa did, what Van did, what Joshua Ben Joseph did, what the Apostles did, what the missionaries did, what the Sage did, what the prophets did, what Aronolac did, what Larry did, what Lemuel did, what the Contact Commissioners did, what the Teaching Mission did, what the Progress Group did, what Daniel Raphael did, what the many Forum Members did, was to effect the progress of awakening to the supreme reality of the presence of the infinite I Am who is within each of us and of our potential to be one with, in infinity as well as, in infinitude of perfect will and purpose.

Can there be more to be said from you after so much has been exhausted over the years on this august discussion site, and surly there must be more to be known than all that has been covered? I look forward to the new books coming, the Origins of AIDS and Autism, and the Sixth Epochal Revelation; these papers will grant us such a new perspective and understanding. It is certainly a new age when all is said and done soon. Is it not so, even now as we who know, are so trained in every aspect of epochal revelation?

I'd rather babble on than stumble, so I gather my wits, my courage and use the old British adage, "Stay Calm, and Carry On"..........


Thank you Ron for the additional response you have posted above, I am taking this all in after my hectic day's work at the hospital. It is just so good in so many ways!

Newstarsaphire - this is tremendous of you to transcribe this for our Members and Guests, to read this as some are not up to the English language. I applaud this effort to enable the flow of communication to all on the List. I happened to think of doing this but with my poor hearing I seem to miss some of the words Ron spoke and even I am appreciative of this from you dear Sister. Thank you so so much! I say this from all of us on the List! I am just as concerned for the lack of responses here!! Hello, is any one there?! Do you have anything to say!

I love the tape Ron and thank you for such a run on so much given by our wonderful administrators from on High.

Many regards to you Newstarsaphire, Ron and all that have spoken through our amazing Ronald Besser. 


Amethyst, thank you for raising this mansion world issue in the constellation in Avalon. As I hear it, and may I add, I do not wish to make assumptions, as I quizzed this too in my mind, yet I get the drift from my Adjuster, to query it as to whether the newly formed Orion is adjacent or alongside or within the confounds of Avalon as it may be adjacent in all four boundaries of the five Local Universes of Excelon. So, in that perspective, I take a lot of what is conveyed overall in the tape given to the List so far given. Let's see it as an overarching portrayal of some dire warnings for us to realise that is approaching. The first one is about our "moribund" attitudes in our efforts for enthusiastic discussion on the Forum. The second one is mostly to do with the financial problems emerging and we will see some recession looming soon, yet the idea of returning to the gold standard is a sure sign of securing stability in the face of world wide pessimism. The third one discussed, is the looming population decimation and finally the Avalon mansion world training grounds for those earmarked from Urantia to be forwarded for preparatory training for OSZ experience and work. That is a high order and has a lot to do with understanding God the Ultimate. I see this in some far future time yet to be commissioned, and it seems the Missions on Urantia and out there in Excelon have a twofold purpose. I am thinking on so many levels here as to the snippets of intel given through Michael, Serara and Lanaforge. A lot is unfolding very soon. If a third of the population is decimated, it remains to be seen how many of us can survive what is coming. At least it is nice to know there is a future path mapped out for us to pursue. Either way, the challenges are there and ever in our ability to assimilate as we grow accustomed to so many decisions on the go. I do this daily in my workplace. It is an ever constant changing dynamic and I am constantly aware of the demands that is placed to meet in a timely manner.

In speaking of the mansion world transition on Satania, I am sure we will all get to go there and see our loved ones before we do move on to our designated training spheres. Some time ago, I had a moment, wherein, I am cognisant of the fact that my own earthly Father has moved on in the mansion worlds and is one proud father that he heard of my own progress so far while I am still on Urantia in the flesh. I sense he is happy, proud, elated and very much encouraging me to press onwards to the goal of service in the Lord. I know he is ok and is being taken good care of in all that the mansion worlds offer. I am just as reassured that Michael and Mother Spirit have taken the necessary care of all those who have died in the flesh on Urantia and are sifting through all of these deceased ones with due regard. Now, with the coming population decimation, the numbers will swell significantly up there and the work will increase in dealing with those who are moved on. Meanwhile, whoever manages to survive and remain upon planet earth, the work here is quite a path ahead in so many ways in what is left after the earth attacks that, they result in some transformed environments to deal with in a different manner than what was.  Given all of this in mind, the tape recording is truly a wake up call for us all to sit up and take notice of some sound advice. I took it as a sobering OMG announcement that surly the trumpets should have been blowing loud and clear in our mind as we listen to Ron transmitting our most important administrators that have cared to let us in on some shocking truths to bear. Thank you Ron for this well spoken piece that really made me gasp because this is all coming into focus for me to see a multifaceted planning that is carefully laid before us to absorb.

Thank you Michael of Nebadon, Serara and Lanaforge for caring to tell us what we need to know well in advance, so we can be well advised, prepared and warned for the problems that lie ahead soon. I wish all the best for the "Regency" to take effect and for the gold standard to stand the grounds for which it is to accomplish. May our thoughts and prayers be with you all and with the Contact Commissioners in their work.

Ron, I am seeing that the mention of Avalon in the mansion world training is a sort of a statement to say the four other Local Universes are tied in to work collaboratively in helping Michael of Nebadon in the the many challenges he faces with the ongoing Urantia ascenders who are requiring so many more teachers to train and to facilitate up there and down here upon Urantia. With the massive population dispersion, it requires forward planning, training grounds and trainers to aid ascenders in their appropriate level of progression. Could this be the reason for such touch, into and with, Avalon and also with the other adjacent LU's in the Federation of Excelon? It is almost as if to say the excitement is tantamount in the making of our ascension careers, and it is quite palpable in the background of what is building. Call it the term "Under Construction" for YOU the ASCENDERS FROM URANTIA! In other words, the bus does not stop here, there is a transit station to get to after we are done with this one here. Am I correct to think this way dear Ron?

In any case, I leave it there as my thoughts run in so fluid. So good to hear your lovely voice Ron and thank you Steven for such a good introduction. Best of luck for you guys for what is given for you to be about. I remain, as always as Father Michael kindly notices, putting in my efforts here on the forum. It is the one place that matters when the Gods have given so much for us to be ready and willing with them and with our Father who loves us so much. Thank you Father Michael and Mother Spirit for caring in this way with us your "little mites" on Urantia.

As an afterthought, it occurred to me, what is going to wipe out so much of the population, is it the earth attacks? Is the plate tectonic-ism still to occur as was preached in previous transmissions in the past?  And is it also to do with those dreaded diseases and viruses, such as AIDS that can be so deadly, if it goes unhindered? It makes me wonder if the Origins book will get out in time before it is too late, would this also be of grave concern too? If I have not thought of it, could there be more said further on this population decimation as was further hinted in the recording? This all comes back to what Monjoronson has given in his Sustainability and Planetary Management Paper with Daniel Raphael, is this also so real now for us to be prepared for in any event soon or are there some modified changes to this we are not privy to at this time? Thank you.


Thank you Ron and Rayson for this information. It is reassuring to know the vaccines are effective and I note too in the article that is the case, but what is hindering these treatments are the ongoing violence in the country of Congo. See quote from article for the reasons for why Ebola keeps coming back and it is interesting what is also stated by Rayson with drugs and the animals they handle.


"Why Ebola keeps coming back
Efforts to contain the spread have been hindered by militia group violence and by suspicion towards foreign medical assistance.
Nearly 200 health facilities have been attacked in the DRC this year, forcing health workers to suspend or delay vaccinations and treatments. In February, medical charity Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) put its activities on hold in Butembo and Katwa - two eastern cities in the outbreak's epicentre." End Quote.

It appears the efforts to contain the spread is facing difficulties by "militia groups violence" etc and so it is good that Salvington is keeping a close watch on what is going on in the region of Congo.

Much appreciation Rayson for your timely response and thank you Ron.

I hope the new book is handled well and carefully as it is becoming an invaluable source of education and healing for those who suffer the diseases mentioned in the book. I agree with Clency's friend's advice (under Number 2)about trialling the vaccines and having them recognised in scientific trials and making them verifiable for medical approval. That is a normal procedure for new methods of treatments and so on, but it remains to be seen how these vaccines are received and given due respect by the wider community. All it may take is a successful treatment and then it is all down hill from there. I am so thrilled about it and I sure hope all this comes together nicely in a timely manner. So many lives are in need of these healing methods sooner rather than later!

Much love,

I just read the following article and wish to raise awareness of Ebola now appearing to raise concern for a frightening return, see link below:

I hope and pray that all those concerned for the health of these people get appropriate attention and that the international community are watching this closely and take necessary precautions.


Threads for New Transmissions / Serara - Keep Your Eye On The Goal
« on: June 10, 2019, 10:01:02 PM »
Teacher: Serara
Subject: Keep Your Eye on the Goal
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/06/2019 11.00 am (AEST)


“This is Serara. I am here on this planet called URANTIA. I impressed it to be all in capitals for the reason it is the name of your Planetary Supreme. I work with her and with God the Supreme, as well as, with the Creator Sons of the Federated Local Universes. This is a holistic approach in doing the work of a Magisterial Mission upon URANTIA. Keep on course with me, my dears, as I work this through to a grand operation to get so much done in areas that will work to the benefit of proper conduct and civil action. I, as a Magisterial Son, am tasked to bring Justice, Mercy and a new dispensation to the planet. As such, I work behind the scenes on the planet to get this truly in line with what is being planned by Michael and myself. We have much to accomplish and so it is that we work unhindered in this area in which we do business . I cannot speak on much more than that for reasons of State, but be assured, I am gaining the momentum as is hoped for and more. Ron is surely healing fast and we, on this side of the veil, are hopeful for his full recovery in a couple of days more. His work is too important to be left unattended. So is mine. And I add so is yours Sue, do not sit by as you can do this work of hearing and typing as it does here. Keep up with the prompts from your Adjuster as He is very much keen to get with the work that is mounting up as high as Mt Everest. Too much too little and where are you, you ask?

“Well now you ask, it is apparent we are with you all along. It is just that you all have sat back and are dazed in what to expect. Do not lose the goal. Keep your eye on the goal. Just as a player kicks the ball and passes it well, always a good player keeps the goal in mind. Your goal is in front of you and you need to keep your eyes on it. That is all I ask of you now. The goal is the way of the Lord in His kingdom. I work it too, along with all who are His Sons and Daughters. So, now we have that made clear in your mind. Stay the course on this playing field you inhabit. Know your place as a child of God.

“Anymore, you ask of me; and yes there is, but not at this point of time, as I get things underway soon enough. I ask that you all pray that this works well in the coming times in the next few months of your URANTIA time as things unfold as it should to be evenly done by all accounts in our plans to get the Magisterial Mission running well before you in physical form.

“That is all I have for you now as I wish you all the very best in your efforts to keep on course with your willingness to serve in this capacity you do so well. Thank you for listening and good day to you all.”


Hi Newstarsaphire,

Thank you for your response, I appreciate that very much and thanks too to Ron and RAYSON for their help with GPA, I understand I may need to watch my adult son and let him know about GPA and persuade him to get a blood test done just for his peace of mind. I passed this Wikipedia reference of GPA to my husband and his response was very positive and appreciative, I think he was just as surprised as I was with the changes since the 90’s. Thank you so much for that Ron, you are so good to point that out. Now as for the Origins book discussion, Newstarsaphire, I am just as curious as you are as to the motivations behind the reasoning for releasing such revealing information at this time, as I gave it some thought and the more I look at it, the human machine we wear has a history which explains why there is so much historical info put in this book to explain where, why and how such things have occurred, so we are more educated and understanding of the length and degree of the problems with the human machine which faces so many attacks. I would also like to add that I see the “Time Lord’s” motivation is more to do with the qualitative outcome for our human survival and, therefore our ascensionary potential. I sat down earlier today and wrote a couple pages on that alone and end up seeing it as all about the qualitative nature of the revelation and understanding the nature of the human machine we all wear today. I put it this way to simplify the argument and, that is, there is so much we do not know about this amazing human machine. That came out when GPA happened to my husband and all of that was such a learning experience for the doctors who were treating him at the time. They were just as puzzled by how it occurred in him. And, no, I do not recall the doctor saying anything about blood test although I am sure they may have done that but not told us much on it.

Anyhow, there is something I noticed in Chapter 3 in the subject called: The Parable of Losing Self Will Choices by having Autism, this goes to the crux of the issue of the human will. Losing that is so unheard of and how does that occur in Autism? I can see why the “qualitative” nature of the revelation has to come through for this reason alone. The prerogative of the nature of Free Will. And so it goes that these big three A,A,A’s (i.e. Autism, AIDS, Alzheimers) are a sort of an attack on the human machine and the ability to be properly human with self will. I understand that this is a necessary intervention in medical science as there is so much that needs to be understood on the microbiology level of the human machine. This revelation will shape the way science will look at things and how to address such challenges that, as you said earlier, just keeps growing. This book is certainly presenting a very revealing picture of our human makeup and how to look at it with more respect. It is so acute to me that term RESPECT. Because, what is being done on the body is very much influencing it to do something. The “Time Lords” allowance for revelation is do with that qualitative nature both in the human machine and in the way medical science is conducted. Thank you for such a healthy discussion. And I hope others of you can pipe in and share what you are thinking on the many subjects that are listed. Is it not so intriguing?


Wow! Now that's one heck of a good transmission! I enjoyed that very much, thank you Joseph and Amethyst and her amazing angels and Adjuster. Now all I need to do is follow my bliss! Love it!


Thank you Ron and Sir Rayson for such information. You are right, I did not know about the new information and the name change (which I was not aware of). I should have googled this and read it on Wikipedia. My! How so much has changed since the 90’s! Now this, should I be concerned or paranoid that I may be a carrier of GPA? My husband had it and is in remission, and now it did not occur to me that I too should also be tested and if that is the case, should my two grown adult children also get tested?

Speaking of testing, how should I go about that with the doctor in what to call this test. Is it a blood test for GPA? I notice some of the first symptoms, of the runny nose, sneezing, occasional stinging eyes and so on(which I do get mostly at work and I put it down to the hospital air conditioner) and now I am getting concerned that maybe I have it too and did not know it.  O.k. I get it that I may need to get checked out just to be sure. I appreciate the Wikipedia reference and that is so very helpful, thank you so much and I will make sure I pass this reference to my husband so he is updated on this too. I am familiar with some of the medications mentioned that he has been taking such as corticosteroids and methotrexate. I notice too that the cause is still unknown but that the Wikipedia reference has mentioned that it has cropped up in those who have Northern European origins and I just did an ancestry DNA test early this year and that did show up too. Mostly that I come from Anglo-Irish-Northern European descendants. My husband may have similar origins too. While I am grateful for this new info on GPA and not titled WG(for understandable reasons) should I, Sir Rayson, go and get myself tested? I honestly thought I was o.k. But now I am paranoid, lol!


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