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Ron and all,
Thank you for sharing this. I checked the MUFON site and its interesting that these sightings are prevalent in various places. It suggests to me their prevalence speaks to activity that is ongoing and for them to bare their vessels and not cloak them in invisibility tells of a tale to make it obvious that their presence is around and that more of these sightings will get the public used to this occurrence especially when that time comes when rescue vessels will most probably swoop into an event of a natural catastrophe where human life is in perilous danger. For all intents and purposes, these super crafts would not be here if they were not given the permission from the Local Universe Sovereign to invade this air space. I am sure Michael has his reasons for allowing their presence in numbers all over the place. I think the more we see them, the more the fear fades and we as humans will get used to them. Would not this be the case of such occurrences?


Thank you to all those who have taken the time to read these messages. I know its a rather lengthy one. It took up a number of pages in my notebook. Dorian, thank you for your kind words, I think you have much to contribute, so do keep up and please dear brother believe in yourself more. Amethyst, you are kind to let this help you and I hope it has been helpful in many ways for most who read how it works for me to take it as it comes. Larry, please feel free, I have no objections to your re-posting what seems to jump out to you so much, I am just pleased you are taking these messages well and have thought it through. It occurs to me that so many of the personal messages have in them so much clarity that deserves to be shared more often and that is why I share these ones and surprise visits do come as Jesus came and that is very much how these things develop and is obviously shared. I am learning a lot in the way how this flows and let it be as it comes. So often, I cut too much out and I need not do that as I soon realize it has a certain flow to it and connection to what is given. Thank you.

Much love, 

Teachers: Sue Whiley, Pre’Mtor and God the Supreme
Subject: A Glimpse and Thoughts of a Future Time Impressed
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/5/2018 6.53pm(AEST)

A brief glimpse flashed before me this evening while I was washing the dishes in the sink and it occurred to me to stop washing and write the following down quickly as it flowed.

At some future time, say some 300-400 years from now 2018 date, I saw that there it was a class of students who asked a particular question that was on everyone’s lips to learn and know about. It was as follows:

“Can you tell us what it was like in the times before the Michael Mission came to be?”

[I would also like to ask all of you here to answer this too and add it to the list I share here as it gives a sort of kaleidoscope of the experiences we all have in these times, please feel free to share yours as well here for future archiving for our children’s, children to learn and be better informed of how it was like for us to live in these days.]

Imagine a period or time there was peace, no wars, no poverty, no lack of good things and a great learning of the arts, history, religion and philosophy like no other times before, that is the sense I got in this room of budding potentials. Well, believe it or not, I was the teacher to these students and I chose to answer the question in the following list that is only the tip of the iceberg of what it was like, the list was only just a few examples of what we, the homo-sapiens, had to live with some centuries ago and to these students, it seems a distant time and place, so unrecognisable in the day they are in. So here goes the list:

Imagine a time where there was, in many points and layers in society, various sorts of disparity, of discord and contention. It was a time when it was politically diverse, economically favouring the wealthy and the poor just simply got poorer. Poverty was existent everywhere and the quality of life varied from place to place, it was more severe when the scale of quality of life failed in providing those essentials others take for granted. It was a time of struggle, internal strife to survive, fiercely competitive and a period so disjointed with inequalities in various forms, women were still treated unfairly both in income and opportunity, it was a time when the male dominated the social ladder and it was prevalent in most countries; marriage and divorces were increasing and the family unit increasingly became dysfunctional, suicides were commonplace due to the problems of social integration, drugs, depression, unemployment, poverty and various forms of abuses that marred so many and led some to suicidal tendencies.The list can go on and the hardships many faced even more severe when one has a disability or is physically handicapped to function and our population were aging more and more as prescription medications kept improving the body to live longer. And yes, death was around in those days.

There is however one abiding string of hope. That one is when one is touched by the abiding Adjuster and is somehow impressed, inspired, nudged or prompted to seek the magnetism that “still small voice” represented. The Agondonter in those days is truly one who believes without seeing and this occurs in a time of great turmoil in the one who is of potential to acquiesce the Spirit renown that we know of today.

We do so with ease this day, but it was not so in those days as it was like a mouse trying to find the cheese only to be trapped by some unforeseen circumstances in doing so.

[The future time impressed was a foreshadow of what it is to come and we, in our day of 2018 and time,  have no idea of what it is and how valuable a lesson it is that we have before us right now before the age of reason begins as Father Michael unfolds his Missions as he plans it.

This is a foresight, a foreknowing of times different to our own era. In some small way, I have seen an era(grandparents) gone and a new era(our children) begin in my lifetime and it is not too difficult for us to see this again in some far future time as it happens here. So now, why this far-reaching anomaly for us to perceive? I think it is for this reason: Today, you live it, tomorrow you will teach it, as you have lived it and endured the trials of the ‘old house that Jack built’(old civilisation). It would, in all fairness, take for students in the universe schools aeons of time otherwise to learn all that we have experienced in such intensity of struggles to learn and know of. That I see is God the Supreme in this even now with us. We are truly teachers-in-training to perhaps be helping our children’s children and so on to know the pains of rebellion-life and to inspire never to want it to be entertained again. All this due to the impatience of those high sons who were tasked to oversee the evolving planet(s) in their care. Is it not far better to let the weeds grow among the bed of flowers, than to have the flowers stand tall in a pretty row all alone? It all seems so bare without realising that thorns, thistles and weeds do exist and occur anyways. Well, we all do get pimples, don’t we? That is part of life, we all have to deal with. In the far future time, it is a school of great learning, one of supreme example and true stock-taking before one takes on the universe call of ascensionary service. That is not too hard for us (in this present time) to see as inevitable. Our Father is truly wise.

It is interesting to note too, even in the future time, our people will look to the past history, ours too, to learn and be so enamoured by our experiences.]


Hello my dear friends,
I know it has been a while since my last post but strange things seems to be happening to me. I just want to share the following sessions. Although, mostly much is good to share, there are those private, personal ones that I felt is necessary to share as it flows from one to the other in a continuous thread and it makes more sense to have it all given as such. I also wish to take this opportunity to thank Lemuel for his private message he sent to me some days ago. Although,  I did begin to write one out to send back to him that early morning I received it, but lo and behold, time gets the better of me and I had to cut and run to work that morning. As it so happens, I get so tired and lethargic after my work days to do anything until now. I do not know how long this thing will go on but a few nights ago after my work, I sat down on the lounge and dosed off to some sort of sleep after a session of prayer. It took awhile for me to get back my senses as I seem to have totally lost myself or sort of lost my bearing and where I was at and so on. It was a strange one not experienced before. The following session with my Adjuster goes some way to explain some aspects of what is occurring, although I know deeply, there is more going on than is spoken to as it is far too difficult to put in words what the term “morontializing” is. Ron’s type is unique to his transitioning process, mine and the others (if I am correct in saying this) are also unique and vary in degrees of lapses, phases and so on of all types of pains, losses and strange sense of disorientation, especially when still in the human form.

I think the closest idea one can get to what kinds of challenges we face is expressed in the words to the effect as Jesus said to his disciples at one point when he says these words,”...the flesh is weak but the spirit is willing..” .  At {Pre’Mtor is speaking in conjunction here} no more telling point is the difference felt between the “flesh” and “the Spirit” is what is being introduced somewhat partially, then slowly increased in the minds and into the bodies of the fused candidates that this is tendered for as they are to be used in the Missions. Their stature is unique, their experiences and journey with God is of great value to the cause of upliftment in the human evolution and in improvement, and I feel the Adjuster pressing me on in these words here to speak thus as it flows and so I let the following sessions speak for themselves. Thank you Lemuel for your beautiful message and I welcome you back and wish you a heartfelt embrace as you continue on with your “beloved”. May God bless you in your recovery and your steady progress in your work in receiving those beautiful messages and so on it goes. Keep up the good work everyone. Sue.

Teachers: Pre’Mtor and Jesus
Subjects: Levels of Concern, Conduct of Service, Thoughts of the Heart and More and Jesus Speaks.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 21/05/2018 8.27am(AEST)

Levels of Concern

“Just a short note for you my love for the ages to come and what does it matter to you that you fall asleep in the middle of a television show? And when you wake, you did not know, nor do you care what you missed, but only of you to notice the pull of the heart strings in you to succumb not to weariness, but to the zeal and rigours of life.

“Be you perfect as I am and what is that to you in your work? Such that you may find that the care and love is above and beyond to allow the joy to spring from the fruits of love. Faithfulness, persistence, forbearance, enduring the trial, and joyful cheerfulness with a dose of humour are all those characteristics that arises from the heart that loves to no end.

“Yours at the moment, my children, are moments to endure the rigours of life that bespeaks as to how to treat others as you would have it done to you. There is those layers of concern you have in areas of duty of care and responsibility not only in your daily conduct with others; be it at work, home or in civil life. Your conduct ever requires of you to be sharpened with care, awareness, tactfulness, understanding and with all gentleness as to affection.

“There is no amount of love you can withhold to others as to yourself as I would unto you, my love. Be yourself and be loved as you are loved.

“In your daily trials must you learn to hold your swing and stature, self-control in matters that pertain to fruitful labour in service with others. The concern of the heart for the other is always tugging you and always must you conduct yourself wisely and punctually with the one that is to be impressed with, as you hold the keys of experience beyond your years with me.

“Now there is to be a full-blown Mission soon to be, if not, already resident among you to be going with in earnest. Nystoria, a planet that is soon to be renown in the universes as one the Father has reclaimed from the jaws of a ruckus rebellion unlike any that has been. Much shall be learned in her schools soon to be and the Nystoria Schools will issue such lessons many will find valuable in the years to come in the eternal adventure that I expose for all to encounter. None too wise and none too lacking, are all those lessons to acquire the measure of love that is proportional to the service given.

“I am Father, I am the Thought Adjuster, I am the voice to be heard in the wilderness and you hear me as I speak it well in each of you; the voice that beckons, the voice of reason, the voice that hails from the depths of the soul that is in you.  I am in you, I am you and you are me. You are mine and I am yours. Take heart, my love, and be the love that I am to you. Arise, my children and be ye perfect as I am.

“I am the Adjuster in this one that I am fused with and enjoy immensely, as one shall we walk, in unison and in one mind and heart to be about the service and concern of love for the other. I adjure you all to be in concern with the tug of your heart to comprise you onwards to the universe adventure to seek the Source and Centre of all that is and it begins right here within that deepest part of you.

“I am Pre’Mtor, that is my mission name with this one and we will be recognised as such in the coming Magisterial Mission. The Michael Mission is one of a revelatory nature as well as educative in that it is to be conducted to pave the way in line with the much needed conduct of justice and mercy the Magisterial Sons will bring to foster the structural changes necessary to allow those ministerial adjustments to improve the human life upon a changing earth.

“Your conduct Sue will comprise the necessity to open up the way to allow the new revelation to be made known and available,  to institute the halls of learning in the minds of men in your part of the world in which you reside in. While the earth changes, the thoughts of men will also change as to the seasons and times, as to the purpose and reasons for life in the new age that is now emerging.

“Certainly, you are on the cusp of a new age that is to come very soon; perhaps, in a decade, you will see so much opened up in the way of new education, new discoveries and technologies that enhances a more sustainable way of living upon the new earth. The old earth and the old way is quickly forgotten as you all happily embrace a better and more sensible way to go about living, doing and being in the new earth and in the new age of brotherly love and service. The concern for the other will become more evident and impressive.

“This session will have to close at some point, although I am still very much conversant deep in you, my love, and we will take up another session as this one has been. I am Pre’Mtor and I bid you all a good day and may my peace be with you all.”

[ A Pause;  and thoughts kept flowing and conversing ensued and the following emerges…]


The Thoughts of the Heart [private and personal session here]

“Just put it out there Sue! What it is is the thoughts of the heart to put it in motion, to bring it on like the wheels on a train in motion, but it takes the engine to drive it forward and that takes a team as you and I and all those who speak in and through you to drive it to the known destiny you all are to be going with. Keep this channel open Sue, keep with me, keep up the conversing we have right now - I am the KEY to unlock all those doors in the corridor and allow the “many things” to filter in your view to see and be inspired that I have coming. You know what I speak about, (recall that day of “aeons” with me), that is about to turn here for you to get working with and you are being prepared, morontialized to go with this as you see and understand it what I say it here with you in private. You are right, it is difficult to put this morontializing part in human words or verse, not even conceptualizing it do any justice. This is more than the human equivalent of modification can be explained.

“Your transformational process is progressing and in process, you will feel the phases of “forgetfulness”, moments of “loss” and areas of “space” that will make you see those areas of difference between your two selves: the human self and the soul self. This is what you are experiencing, a huge gap so-to-speak in between these and is why you feel those phases more poignant and, at times, strangely feeling a bit surreal in your human vessel of late.

“What is happening is you are feeling aloof and detached, yet still in a body that strangely functions like a robot/machine while you feel like aloof sort of like a string is to a yo-yo is attached to. You don’t feel like you belong to anyone or thing, but to a reality that is larger than “thing” or “body” is. This is infinity, the reality of all existence. Think of that “string” above, there is no beginning or end. It is there, always has been and always is. You are in it now. You sense a peace, a residing, calming, reassuring peace. You sit in it well and that kind of surprises you as to the ease of which you are in it. Let this sit with you, let the new “you” begin in you as the reality of infinity becomes the life you embrace.

“Aresha. May you rest in peace…..

“The onward struggles is not a struggle for you, it is the inner knowing of peace, that passes all understanding in all the universes. You know it now, yes even now. And become more wiser for it in your career as you traverse it. I am happy to be here in you, for it brings me peace in knowing to bring it all together in me as a hen gathers her chicks in her fold. Be in my peace. [Yes, see it] So also do you do likewise in your unfolding work. Daily do you labour in love and concern, and daily do we strive in peace and joy unto others as we do to ourselves. For we love, so do they know love, and likewise, love manifold. It is infinite love.”

[oh Father, if only I have more freer days like these days I have off from my week of hectic hospital work can I be availed to write more of these beautiful sessions. For now, I apply myself to the task as I am fresh after a good night sleep to be so doing today. Each day as precious as it is with you in that we go forward in prayer, praise and concern for the work of loving all, no matter how great or small they may be. I know my service in the hospital will sometime soon expire when my newly appointed Australian work begins in promotional output when you have such orders in place to materially work with in areas where it is deemed safe to be in and to be about. I pray that all goes well in the Foundational work as well as the organisation establishment to get going with (thanks to Ron Besser’s amazing foresight and courage). I stand ready, patient, in knowing how important it is to be attuned with you Father for without you I am nothing….As a fused mortal, as you have me, I am your servant, your abiding friend and able vessel to be fully working and doing what you have for me to be with you. Take me as I am Father, and make it the great mole in the mound of dirt here where I am, there may you also be in heart, in love and in joy.]


“Thank you Sue, there is more coming, it is soon to take place. Preparations are done, emissaries are placed, new offices will sprout, yours will be pivotal as Mantutia will guide those regions under his Supervisory care. Take those lessons he will offer as they will instruct you as to how you are best to go about your profession as you do in both transmitting, teaching and in espousing the new revelatory papers soon to be made ready for new readership. Your task is to allow the new brotherhood to flourish and to encourage better readership in those you care for. I know you can do this and more. As Jesus did with his disciples, so you will be tasked in so doing, but you will not be alone. There will accompany you those skilled artisans in teaching methodology from the Adam and Eve Schools who will be so assisting you in this endeavour in education and training.

“Much is coming to relearn history, to adapt to the universe administration of management and service, conduct and protocol. Those protocols will be issued to all personnel who is on staff as to the proper ways and means of etiquette, prayer and reverence with the High Sons who incarnate and appear before you. Your place, among the four other fused ones on Nystoria is rare and unique and one that is to be marked with much more labour as you doubly apply your spiritual muscles to the task in serving the Mission’s aim to bring Nystoria in the early stages of Light and Life. It has a redemptive purpose along with a sense of realisation of your true destiny purposes with the Supreme.

“Gather yourself as things take place soon enough and you will have seen more changes adrift than you have in years past. As always, as it goes in this World of the Cross, it takes more than “cracking a few eggs” to make an omelette and Jesus stands in the middle of the crossroads between the great religions of the world and this will be the end of the varying degrees of belief systems to a whole new faith to embrace as one religion of truth, beauty and goodness for all.”

[My mind went to Jesus in all of this: Jesus would you like to say something here?]

“Sue, yes this is Jesus. I speak here as you have a train of mind that beckons greatness yet to unravel. You are like a Christmas present that needs to be unwrapped and it is held well in tact with an Adjuster that is bursting at the nice pretty bow on the ornate ribbon that is bestowed on the gold-laced wrapping paper that is enfolded upon you. Get ready for the unwrapping of you. That is what is occurring in your morontializing process, your soul self will indeed emerge and be a full-blown balloon of a giant crest of a wave so glorious, it will caroon and emerge ever upon the whitewash created by the Spirit of love.

“I am Jesus, Sue, recognise I have work to accomplish and I need my disciples with me to make it happen. You are my disciple, the ones who hear my voice and take it well and can count better than I can. You are one smart cookie and I intend to use you when the time comes, but stay as you are for a while longer as things settle and then we are good to go.

“Now this for all of you: Stay tuned as we are going to be have to contend with a mighty wave of discontent as I stand in the middle of a room and speak my mind to all that represents the nations they hail from. This is no easy task for any one human; it takes the Almighty Supreme to take on the giants of time to flatten out the lumps that stand in the way of good progress of the soul. I intend to introduce the truth for all to hear and hear it well. It will be like a shearer does to the wheat in full spring. A necessary harvest to collect and use and not let it lie in waste any more than it stands for.

“I am Jesus and I am coming in earnest and it will be done in a manner appropriate to the reasons of my being present among you. That is all I wish to say for now and may you be calm and focussed on that day of days when God speaks as I speak.”

[Thank you Jesus, and yes, will do, in the grace of God!]

[Anything else Father?]

“That will be all for now, now go type this all up and please get it out there for consumption to wash out the eery place of quiet repose.”


Wow, this is fantastic news and it takes a while for me to get myself down from the ceiling and drawn in to what is now going to be happening soon. I am delighted to be involved in the work in Australia and will wait for the guidance forthcoming as to what is best in the work here to get going with making the new book “Nystoria: The Book of Revelation” made known and ready for people to take to study it. Ron and Father Michael, may I assure you that I am happy to put my “fanny” anywhere in Australia you see best to see to it I can be useful in the coming revelatory work and education. I was not aware also of the heat problem that has taken a hit on my heart during the very hot Summer we just had and I tried my best to keep cool but I think it was more of the turmoil of being heartbroken over my family members that I had to nurse my battered self through the process and it, along with the hard work at the hospital, the Summer heat and the uncertainty of the Mission progress that most likely exaggerated the exhaustion that may have resulted in me. Now, proverbially speaking, I am just a sitting duck waiting to flapp out the wings to fly out of the pond and bursting at the seams to get busy with something worthwhile that I know is so needed for our people to wake up to the reality of God in our midst. It pains me to see so many pass away in the hospital not knowing this reality and it is time that most get this knowledge set in their minds for their own sense of purpose and dignity and so on.

I am also thrilled to hear that Ron is slowly getting better and that work is now going ahead to with the Missions and that Malvantra and Mantutia will be incarnating to attend to vital work that is necessary to be with, with Ron in Washington DC. May our prayers be with you in this area and that you may have good success. I also am happy to see that Ron will get new pets to adore and those cats are good to have around. I googled Maine Coon Cat and they are gorgeous, even though I mostly had dogs and they are pretty much like dogs in their manner. Nice!

I also agree with Ron in going through the Mansion Worlds as well, as I feel I do not wish to miss out on some areas that is helpful to know and value as our fellow mortal ascenders have to go through to learn in and so on. It is in all fairness I take these steps to learn and grow as others do and appreciate those levels as it is valuable as we go on in our Ascension Careers before becoming Finaliters eventually.

Thank you Ron for this wonderful update and please do not get dismayed by the lack of participation,  as I, and I am sure others too, are gradually absorbing all that is soon to hit the fan before us as you say as so true, dear brother.  Many thanks and praise to the Father for bringing this together and hopefully becomes a wonder in our history for years to come. The mention of Nirvana is funny, and I see that it makes sense to keep our feet in boots squarely on the ground and settle in for a long hard road ahead. Good. See. You can count me in boots too!


Thank you Ron, Mother Spirit and Mantutia for clearing up some areas I am sorry I got muddled with. I apologise for making Ron throw his arms up in the air in dismay, I will try to let these important changes set in my mind for now on. Mother Spirit and Mantutia has explained it better and I see the significance pointed out to us. Thank you once again.



Name: Planet Name Change: System Name Change: Sun/Solar System
New:   Nystoria: Nystoriam: Monmatia
Old:     Urantia: Satania: Monmatia


  • Does this name change and planetary system change share the same Monmatia sun?
  • I have sought to contemplate more on the implications of the above planetary name change and system status change to title, does this refer to a material separation of the planets and her system to a different location in space, or is this merely a status, as per se, in spiritual purpose, in this case, for Nystoria to become a university sphere as Michael has in mind for a long while for those to learn of and about the Lucifer Rebellion?
  • Is there a new Planetary Supreme, due to the new name from Urantia to Nystoria?
  • Like our brother Larry Gossett, I am content to get this new “Nystoria” name settled in my mind and memory and to get on with recognising our planet as newly called and so designated by our Creator Son, Michael. If this is a departure from old names that has a lot to do with the fallout from the Rebellion and is now been given a newly fresh paint to start over as a planet to learn and grow in for better  understanding, then, I see it as a fresh start too in many ways, am I right to see it this way?
  • Satania and Satan is not a good mix for most Biblical readers when they recognise Satan as the devil and so it’s a good thing to change the planetary system name to a new one, even so, I also see there may also be a designation given to this planetary system in the universe register to specify its future purpose and destiny. That is a picture in my mind right now and one that has a lot to do with God the Supreme and her many Planetary Supremes in the role of experiential supremacy. Can this be the new underlying revelation here for us to see in this new title designation? That we are now entering into a new era of Supreme involvement in our spiritual growth?
  • If so, then, we are truly on the cusp of new things, new revelations and boundless areas of thought to be impressed upon by the universe school of learning, such can this be and can Nystoria be evolving more rapidly to absorb its new found place in the Local Universe of Nebadon and/or is this shared also with the neighbouring Local Universe of Avalon as well? [Sorry, I couldn't help but just let my mind run with blowing out to Avalon for some reason, go figure…]
  • Many questions can arise when a title or name change is so designated and it pushes the boundaries of thought as to its purpose and function in the overall plan of universe expansion, does the Lucifer Rebellion have an unlikely surprising development that produces faithful agondonters and ascenders of astounding courage and determination to see to it that such a rebellion does not crop up as it happened in Nebadon, seeing to this is evident in the large group of Urantian Finaliters who now are positioned to assist in the Michael Mission here on Nystoria and hopefully their contribution will see to this achievement as well as to our eventual embrace of the Ascension Career? And do we call these Finaliters Urantian Finaliters or Nystorian Finaliters? Or is this a dispensational thing to leave it alone as is?
  • Ron and Mantutia:  will “The Urantia Book” title be reconfigured to a new one like say ‘The Nystoria Book’ or is this to be shelved as the old name for history purposes for prosperity in the halls of archives in York? [Please bear in mind many of us still have copies of the old book and will “The New Revelation” be as a sort of like the new ‘kid on the block’ version to kick ass and make a better impression than the old ‘Mary Poppins’ version did long ago, sorry for the picture here, but it’s better than a long essay, so does “Nystoria:The New Revelation” (NTNR) place the old 1955 version as superseding it and offer more relevant, updated information than its former counterpart? I do feel the old version is a beautiful and profound book and deserves its place in our history as a veritable piece of sublime work on the part of all those who partook in writing so brilliantly and beyond our language as supreme.

I hope the “New Revelations” become even that and more to determine our minds in the way it is meant to do for its readers. TUB is life changing for me,  and I hope and pray that NTNR will do the same for our new readers.

I wish to commend Mantutia for his amazing work in these papers that is about to be before us to read and wish to thank him, Ron Besser, Father Michael and Nebadonia as well as God the Supreme for these developments and amazing work.


Speaker: God the Supreme
Subjects: The Morontial Energies, The Adjuster Transit and Preparing the Fused Mortals for Work in the Coming Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/05/2018 6.32am(AEST)

“You make your admission.”

[I was in a funk over what happens in my personal life; over what is occurring with Ron; over so many things; despondency and loss is not my game I wish to meddle in at all, but it happens every so often it grates me. I know my Adjuster is trying to head-butt me out of the funk I am in and your visit gets so fast, I almost fall off the chair...]

“That is because I use energies that ranges in frequencies. The recent one was too high, so I come in a lower one to slow down the pace for you to feel more comfortable in with my presence. Yesterday, you are like an ice cube placed on a heat pad and you melded rapidly as the energy quickly drained you and snuffed out what it is I had to say.

“Energy, such as this are morontial. If it is too low and slow you could lose the connection, if too high, as yesterday, you find it difficult to keep apace. So I notch it in a more medium tone, so as to enable more leeway between us and let it drift here and there. You get dribs and drabs, let it come as it may and take it bits at a time. This may sound disjointed and so it is, mainly so that I don’t get snuffed out too easily and to avoid draining your energy to concentrate. Your Adjuster enables you to connect, but it is your effort of concentration and ability to hold out as much as you can to just grab that inquisitive part in you to take an interest in our discourse here. See.”

[Yes, see.]

“So let me take this slowly with you this time and bear with me as you find this too snail pace for your liking.”

[Alright, let see how this goes.]

“What Ron is alluding to you is the morontial energies that has a part to play with those of you who are fused. You do have the ability to connect with and it is for you to allow your inner sensing muscles to perceive, recognise and connect with what is being presented to you in a sixth sense of your Adjutant Mind Spirit skills you have in working order. Yesterday, you read Amethyst post re about Rosy’s “Ghost” occurrence and immediately you tapped into the memory store your Adjuster nudged you to retrieve about the energy grid that exist and how Caligastia tampered with that and trapped many in this grid.”   [Thanks Ron for explaining the ‘green room’ analogy with what happens to people like Rosy see Amazing Spiritual Stories/Re: A True Story: Mr.Besser and the Ghost ]

“Getting back to the point, you see how mind can connect with the energy of memory, reality recognition and you smile in knowing a familiarity in what can be for those who pass from death to this new sense of living as the soul that is you…”

[Leeway - breathe - connect..]

“Right now you notice some jarring occurring in the head of yours. One almost made you jump last night and the others are more infrequent and yet you note it that something is occurring in the brain, the vibration is abuzz and those jarrings although infrequent are your Adjuster intrusion into your mind space as well as me in the process of getting your attention as I make way into making sure you recognise change is afoot in you. You are sensitive to it and I am pleased you pay attention as you do it well with attuning to the body you have. Although, you have a younger body than Ron’s, Larry’s and Lemuel’s, you are closely attentive to the body’s rhythm and that is a good sign you recognise the changes more acutely….”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“When in the energy grid, you have a heightened sense of awareness of yourself, the soul. This is for those of you who are more understanding in with the Adjuster you are aware of and your purpose with and will to be with and know where to look when that time comes. Knowing full well who you are is half the battle than for those who know very little and seem to grope for answers…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“You are impressed with Ron’s analogy of the Parfait Glass**(see note below) of morontial energy and, in his case, he has a different one and drinks it in to change the organic matter to transform his internal mechanism to function, hopefully, better and normal soon. It takes time to get it to work and meld well with the existing tissues that will catch on and likewise gel well with the new cellular formations that so happens to take a liking to. It compounds and forms and expands, making the material structure stronger and more elastic than it has been. The morontial energy he drinks will solidify and grow in while the material matter has to agree with this new mass of energetic formations that support and add more strength to the bone and marrow that is nearly almost gone brittle with age. Ron has to get used to a creaky body while it is transforming into a gel-like structure to make it more elastic…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“Being and Doing the will of the Father; this goes in tandem with what your heart’s desire is with the Father’s, in doing this work with your Adjuster, the mission and to the betterment of Urantia as your soul purpose to see an end to this rebellion and a goodness of heart to flourish endlessly from one to the other in your sphere of influence you have.

“Doing, thinking, believing are all part and parcel of what you do in your daily life, having goals and working on achieving them is what you all do and find satisfaction in accomplishing such feats of difficulties. As you further your goals and achieve outcomes, you become more adept at those skills you use to gain the traction of successful outcomes for the purpose for which you set out to do them. It becomes an exercise in faith, trusting your instincts to go with your gut to reach conclusions in a manner that is both workable, sensible for you and for others as you would have it done for yourself.

“That is the whole mechanism of centred care and conduct in operation to do better in relations and in consort with the mind spirits that works so well in the way you connect your will to be doing.  This connection with me, although slow at first, gains traction and you build to a stronger blend in allowing this to take on the rhythm you let it flow. Not fly, but flow, in a steady pace for now. Fly, was too fast for you and you know it that now. It drains you too quickly and I tone it down a notch for you to catch on better and then build on it as it, the energies, we use in your mind construct, can tune to my frequency I use with you.

“At the moment, there is much a pace and you take that momentum as you get the gist of what is happening and you will recognise those changes that so happens to some of you and to many who are sensitive to the energies that is so placed around you. Like you just did then by placing a blanket around you to keep warm on a cold morning, so too, do the Father place a blanket of energy of pure love you will immediately connect with because you recognise goodness and mercy and faithfulness when you see it.

“So I tune out just a bit and let you get refreshed and after breakfast, I would like to speak further, if you could manage to sit again with me. Adieu.”


“Take note of what is happening to you the fused ones. You are dead people walking really. Take note of the fatigue you feel. That is because you are dealing with the influx of the human self giving way to the spiritual soul of you that wishes to flood through the dam gates that hold it back. No longer can the human self can tame this tide any more than when a leak grows into a full-blown gush that fills the entire part of your personality. Your soul self is divinely shining through the cracks of the material veneer that hold you in place.

“You see it and bit at times that it is to become well, you drink well, in pretty much is what occurs with Ron who has to every moment like coffee that keeps you abreast.

“What I have to tell you next will astound you and it is this. The following analysis for you all to think it well and see it.

“There is a tuning method I use now and it is through the Adjuster transit that it is communicated. I as God the Supreme, use this transit to commune with Sue in frequencies sometimes fast and at the moment slower for her to catch on with the Adjuster’s constant prompts, urges and nudges and jarring of brain tissues that continue to get her attention that something is afoot in her makeup.

“That is the morontializing of her as she is also undergoing some internal changes to be readily suitable for the work in the Michael Missions that is forthcoming in days soon enough.  This comes as a surprise for her to know as she did not think that what is happening to Ron could also be conjointly be occurring to the other four who are fused. This is because the five fused candidates, without going into details, are truly done in  their earthly life to this day. Sue agrees that her life is folded with her Adjuster and desires to be about her soul journey yet wishes very much to be better at this work of spiritual input to be of any use in the Missions that is planned for Urantia.

“That is now getting a transformational process as those of the five fused mortals who apply themselves in tandem with the Adjuster to rely upon the energy they require to keep afoot as they are now on a second lease of life in the flesh as fully morontialized with the Adjuster and soon in areas of tissue renewal in the material vessel they reside in. Lemuel is healing slowly, but is surely to be a promise to behold. Larry is in a bell-weather and needs to hear the bell well for it to be a mainstay in his work. Amethyst is agong and requires a moment to reflect and reprise herself better. Ron is fully powering in his new tissues and needs to take care not to over do himself.

“Sue is recognising now how I use the Adjuster transit to get the oil juices going to accompany me in her in the work I have for her to receive more in this that I have as there is too much held back and it is time to get out more good stories to tell than just sticks and stones as that is no longer any use to most of you.

“The Urantia Book 2 will have more for you to read and to train your minds better as the first one did to you and I wish that to be the case working well for most readers and new readers.

“There is more coming, standby, I close this off as it is time for Sue to rest as the energy wanes and that is going to strengthen as time goes Sue when you are fully attuning in what this represents for you to be doing and may you have a good day.”


[T/R Note: **Parfait Glass see General Discussion/Re: From physical to morontial.
Hi Folks,
You know when you get these sessions and, in this case, I was hesitant, doubting whether the one I post here above is too personal and sensitive in areas to put out to the public and I got this response and comply:

“We need those of you who can wear a badge that says what it thinks and that is to say to have the courage to place it and let God deal with the rest. Type up this session Sue and let it sift. It is a session to say that you are warming up, not hot, but warming, to my parrot-type approach to get you going. Thank you.” (Thank you and will do Capt’n Supremo!) ]

General Discussion / Re: From physical to morontial
« on: May 07, 2018, 07:38:02 AM »
Yes, Dorian, but kindly note that the Paper refuses to discuss it.  That was my point and it is certainly very important as it if known would explain the type of morontia appearance Jesus had use of when he greeted the Apostles after death.  I am not discussing the forum after the fifth bestowal but the reason for whatever form that took was a departure from the pattern and why?   Can you maybe explain why Evantod remains the last spiritual Bestowal of Michael?  Endantum is favored by no rebellion in Nebadon and is probably typical of a System Control administration in Nebadon.  It may also be true that we need some corollary facts to explain if we understood what this bestowal did how it transferred to Urantia and the Life of Jesus.  This sixth bestowal breaks the progression and the pattern set up in the first fie bestowals and is a secret.  It is also the use of morontial materials we are not sure what they are construed as and may be religiously important to know since the morontial principles of the last appearance of Jesus use the same mechanism.  Can we advance this proposition any further especially to you transmitters out there?

Speaker: God the Supreme
Subject: The Sixth Bestowal topic
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/05/2018 2.09pm (AEST)

God the Supreme:

“I get this and it is an inference in that the Sixth Bestowal is kept from being one that can confuse most of us who like an orderly progression as it is shown in the first five. The Sixth one is out of order, mainly with things to do that is too progressed to touch on in the present cognition we have at present (on Urantia). God has his own mysteries, they are to be respected as it is; to understand such, one has to delve into more complex mechanisms and processes that is deemed too advanced to grasp as of yet by earthy standards of material progression.

“As it is, as you see it that what can be experienced in either ends of Bestowal trips as Michael has delved from the highest to the lowest of his created order of beings, they do have a point to make in that a Deity order has to make contact with, in order to be relatable to those beings in question.

“The Sixth Bestowal is a side-step in gaining all those others in relation to being experiencing all levels of created areas of responsibility. Nonetheless, more to do with who than with what and to do with being the subject, the matter and the order in which it is. Sometimes, one has to take time out to be in a sort of sabbatical to fathom and appreciate all the strands of possibilities. That is one that is not too hard to figure and one that takes a precedence in any Bestowal career. Recall that Jesus took a day off on a Wednesday with the disciples to have rest.

“Rest is a necessary prelude to the working week in advance. So the Sixth Bestowal is also one of many that encapsulates and expands ever growing exigencies of experiences.

“This is God the Supreme and it is through some speedily form of work here that I get this scribe to promptly act and write what comes in a speed of light.

“That is all, thank you.”


[T/R note: I admit I will need to study the UB Papers to assess what Ron is referring to and thanks to Dorian’s and Ron’s research in the subject of the Sixth Bestowal of our Michael Son that is not being fully disclosed in TUB. Ron’s prompt for other Transmitters to get in the vibe to receive and I, upon reading, was duly prompted to receive from the Supreme and I take this as it stands above as posted and get the gist that some mysteries are best kept away for a while until we (humans) are better at thinking and comprehending the complexities of these Supreme Bestowal events (It is an experiential process for the Creator Son to acquire and appreciate). I get the sense of eventuation (in a reverse sense) as well in all of this with the Ultimate along with the Supreme. Is Michael achieving some sense of Deity purpose in his career as a Creative Paradise Son?

I sense too in that Jesus who has reached Deity level, I figure Michael is too.  It all seems so relatable and we, as the lowest of created beings, will eventually follow and climb after them in our Ascension Careers and then on to the Deity adventure too with Michael. I feel there is more to say, but suffice it to say, that it is so good to see Ron back in the chair and sharing so much that makes us all chime in, in better ways that gets us moving out of ourselves and think well in all areas that matters in our careers with the Father. Thank you Ron, Father Michael and to God the Supreme.  Sue/7inOcean]

I am one of few words right now, I echo the sentiments you all share here. I am both shattered into grief, yet delightfully elated for Ron who graduates to a new morontial form. May our dearly beloved brother Ron rest in peace and rise to shine in a great new life form to inhabit. Of course, this begs me to ask those nagging questions as to how this Forum functions from his passing and what is in store for us as Michael and the Melchizedek brothers and the Midwayers take on some work Ron has left to fill. I pray and hope for the Father for His gracious way forward and grant each of us the serenity in knowing that All is Well and shall be well as we place our trust in the divine way of God.

God speed Ron and God bless you in your new wake. We all hold you dear and wish you well.

I remain ever earful to receive from Father Michael and Mother Spirit of any news or messages He may wish to share with us,  when I can find some sense of normality after such a sad loss to us all who still remain in the flesh.

Your Sister in Christ,

Hi Ron,
Thank you for sharing this update and astonishing piece of news. A few mornings ago, I think it was perhaps Friday morning before I had woken to get ready for work, I heard a very clear few words. The voice woke me up and said very clearly, "it's sold!" and Michael came in to reassure me what that is all about. I was told to lay low and quiet and let things pass as it should. My prayers are with you all as you go about this in ways that works best. Well I can rightly say that the news today is good and has us all speechless with our jaws dropped too. Ron you are a good soldier and one that keeps on going! Onya mate!  May all this continue to be and made manifest in its appropriate time. Hallelujah!


Hi All,
I have a little time to study. I am prompted by my Adjuster of a “botanical garden” and this led me to look up about Adam and Eve in TUB. While reading Papers 73-76 and onwards, it has occurred to me how Solonia’s factual account of what happened in those days, some 35000 years ago BC that the Material Son and Daughter were faced with some difficult challenges. It was that same problem they made that Caligastia had trouble with and that was impatience.  The slow evolution of man, the savagery and retardness of the humans were their lot to deal with. But in all, had they had patience as was displayed by the faithful work of Van and Amadon, the outworking of progress can be made. Van had a large number of volunteers to work on the massive project of building the first garden of Eden, it is quite an amazing achievement. (Thanks to Solonia’s admiration in her narration).

With the arrival of Adam and Eve who appeared to be some eight feet tall must have been quite imposing, if the humans, like myself were under 6 feet tall in those days (if that was still the case),  then certainly their presence must have had such an impression upon these dwellers in the garden. There is much to glean from these accounts. The most impressive are the arrangements of conduct, activity and participation that was their life in the garden compound.  It was a peaceful, harmonious and playful time compared to what transpired beyond the garden walls. I am particularly touched by Adam and Eve’s struggles as to progress and the difficulties they faced and how Eve was tempted to fast track something that was to be a mistake she was to regret. I cannot imagine their pain and their sorrow that followed. It struck me to see such parallels of experience we now have as they did so long ago.  Fast forward to some 37000 years later and we are not much better than when it was for the humans they encountered. What this tells me is the importance of patience, perseverance and faithfulness in all that has to be given in due course even now and onwards to what our Father plans that is appropriate for the reclamation of Urantia. In one way, I wonder if it is best to let nature run its natural course, or would a remodelling of a program similar to the Adam and Eve Schooling would be the crucial foundational work to be introduced once more.  I see the latter, if done in a different manner in various locations, would be very instrumental in gaining that interest and vital training necessary for human progress.

I see that socialisation is already achieved in this current age, world government is also achievable, and the next one is one religion, although some things need to be faded out and errors made evident, the ‘one religion’ and the Brotherhood of man is and can be achievable.  Given it requires much patience and forbearance in that it takes some time for others to change in their understanding and comprehension of truths that is to be revealed. That is why the revelations contained in the TUB and SER and other works yet to be published will be so pivotal in man’s growth and understanding at this most advanced stage of human progress to this day.  Today, most people are literate, communicative, sociable and largely able to think, feel and relate well in most ethical subjects that affects them in their daily life. Decisions are to be made, but it is when we humans are better informed of our human history and the experiences that is to be made aware of, then our decisions are better shaped and formed in light of such education and knowledge of our past records. Like it is said on ANZAC**Day(which is tomorrow 25th April), may we all have the humility and sorrow to come to terms of our past belligerence and misunderstandings and say also, “Lest We Forget”, of all that has been, that many perished that we might live to learn anew.

If it is to be in the Father’s plans, I welcome the new Adam and Eve Schools or if not,  the Melchizedek Schools, as they will be so good for all of us to participate in rehabilitating and reconditioning us in better form to enhance our human evolution and most desirably, our ascensionary paths to follow. We as Urantians have so much to gain from these schools of learning and I am very comfortable in being in this delightful “botanical garden” of beauty to behold the wonder and charm of our most esteemed Material Son and Daughter who have joined our mortal ranks with Adjuster indwelling to follow the Father Ascension careers along with all of us as well.  As it has been given to them to be on the Council of 24, I gather their counsel will be most welcome given their valuable experience they have, to keep the faith consistent and true even in these days of hazards we confront.

I recommend that you my dear readers to take the time to read these Papers (73-76) to refresh your understanding of what can be a reality for us to see unfold as it has been for Adam and Eve. Only, I hope we do not do this in isolation and alone, as it occurred to them some thousands of years before. Our ancestors had a real hard time and it is their faithfulness that shone through, let that be our guiding example to take too with greater amounts of patience.

My Adjuster keeps reassuring me to keep the faith, stay firm, focussed and calm as things unfold. I thought very much to share this with all of you as we are all waiting patiently, studying to be prepared and praying for Father’s will to be good for us and that the Michael Mission will proceed in the best way appropriately and that we understand the extraordinary patience of our Creator Son and Daughter in all that has been in the Lucifer Rebellion. May the love of our Father win us to His Temple of praise forever!

I am always and forevermore in your grace Father,

[**Note: Define: Anzac - a soldier in the Australian and New Zealand Army Corps (1914–18).]

General Discussion / Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
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Air To Share: Moments in Time to Cherish

I just watched something on the news tonight, and to my delight they put on a bit about Sir David Attenborough who took a walk with Her Majesty, Queen Elisabeth the Second,  in her garden and they had a stroll, a talk and some humour to boot and with charm to their demeanour how they inspire so much from their years of service respectively. Age does not weary them nor does the years condemn them, they just beam with so much life to yet go on in enthusiasm of more can be done to better nature, the environment and our ways and so on. If there are those people I admire and give some moments of endearment, it is people like these that stood to bear their skills as best they can. What a marvel to behold. I hope to meet them one day and be so inspired by their experiences. I did have a dream some time ago that I saw the Queen (believe it or not!) in her private chambers somewhere and she is as normal as you and I could be, just with a little more air of grace and charm she holds as her own in giving. She is a natural and one that I as a citizen of her Commonwealth will cherish for years to come. God bless her and may she move on to her new life our Father has for her in the life eternal. Sir Attenborough is amazing and I love his work in granting us some incredible moments that he and his team of amazing photographers has shown us some footage (e.g. Earth Part 1 & 2) that changes the way we look at creatures in their natural habitats. His narrations is truly good to hear and take a lesson or two from him too.

I thought to share this as so much is going on and it pays attention to it as it is shaping people's awareness and perception as well. Technology is a powerful medium and is so widely used in our lives, hence this Forum Site is also used to better our spiritual development and understanding from the study of The Urantia Book. To me, it is a go to book to know where it all began for us here and as to our destiny thereafter. It is so, so good. 

And now for our climate, here in the land of Oz, it has been an unusually warm Autumn, now it has turned suddenly cold in where I live in the far south of the continent.  Now is there any of you who have some "air" to share as a caption of our times we live in as we do now? Care to share it please, because soon we may enter a whole different chapter of time to evolve in.


See following link re the Queen with Sir David Attenborough:

FUSION TALK / Re: New insights after learning of my fusion
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Gorgeous Amethyst, I love this Fusion Talk and you chose to put it in the right category!

"Trust in me" is the key and I agree my dear Sister! Thank you for sharing such intimate moments such as these. Love this, love Thee! Keep up the good work in with your Adjuster.

Your Sister in the same way as you,

FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
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Hello Billabong,
Thank you for your honest reflection and I think the Administrator of this site can answer that for you as so many new ones who frequent this site have been found out to be of suspicion or worse to be those who wish to attack this site and they are duly removed to keep the peace here on this site. Some time ago we have had that happen and have caused some considerable distress and concern by sincere members. This is to be watched and more so recently as I have seen some removed very quickly as they are or can be a cause for concern as well. Thank you for noticing. I am noticing that too and am grateful for the work that our Administrator is doing to keep this site going nicely.


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