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I am also understanding of the marriage problem with those who are Commissioners. This is quite understandable how the partners can get in the way of a good thing. Rather than looking at a ban, could it be better to find something for the partners to be busy with while the officers are as well? That way the partners can see just how vital their skills are and their gifts/talents can contribute to the work of God as much as the officers are likewise are so doing? I agree with Ron's view the crude way of a ban goes back to the old Catholic celibacy rule and that has its problems too. Just thinking out loud for now, I know this is a touchy subject, but I am trying to be hopeful and bring a more positive way around this policy. Could it be that we can find a better way than using a crew cut?  Remember how the Sadlers worked in the first Contact Commission and how they were very useful in this initial work in developing the final Urantia Papers we all have so enjoyed.


Hi Big Mac! You are right, I did get going to start up but hit a snag when I saw the cost to host the website and so on. I am low in funds and have to save up for a month to be able to get anywhere to take this on. Getting the website should not be too hard, but funding it, is where I need to do when I am more sufficient in funds to do so. I had to help my kids and that has dwindled my savings. So, I hope to get with it somehow. This is certainly a valuable medium to be getting more out there to publish the coming news that has value to many who may appreciate such awareness. That I see,  and I am so for it, and I hope to be able to afford the ongoing maintenance as long as it is required, so help us all Father to pull up our socks and play our part in this vital area of work. Thank you for informing us of so much with Ron and I love the 'Federation' of the Local Universes and how it is helping one another in so much paperwork. I did not know you guys have paper up there!? I thwat I sthaw a floating pen!!!

In the latter part of my first decade of human life, I spent many early mornings watching beautiful sunrises, porpoises rising and ducking in the glistening morning sea with my earthly father in a small tinnie boat fishing in the bay. Of course, using hand lines to fish over the boat meant pulling them in over the floor of the boat and getting the fish in, only to land sometime to mangle the lines. Who is it that was tasked to untangle the lines while the other holds the line to fish? Well, you guessed it! The task was challenging to do with very slimy fishing lines. The knots so tight, it took a while to wedge or pry them apart with my little fingers. Finally, I was able to wind the line up and get to fish again! And do it all over again. Thank you Amethyst, Mother Spirit and Michael for all the work you do, we have only to remember those knotty moments to glimpse just a small way to see all the work it takes as you so well explained. Nice to know we are not alone in all of this too. No matter how long it takes, the fun is only getting started!

Thank You! Too! My heart melts with this and I knew it to be, well done Dominick. I agree and am well knowing to stay the course in with Mother Spirit and Father Michael and my Father Fragment. What a wise one, a good one and a way to be so doing with good intentions. Many thanks and praise!


[T/R note: Hi folks, the word "Multitasking" came to me as a prompt and I sat down in prayer and asked Father if there is anything He wishes to speak to here. The following transmission speaks for itself.]

Teachers:Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit
Subject: Multitasking
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 19/03/2019 11.00am(AEDT)

“Multitasking is ever in your abilities to use and is ever present. Why I state this is to allow you to know you can do more than one thing. The ability to listen, to translate my voice in written form and to word it in your vocabulary is something ongoing and persistent. Now there is ever the need to press you to stay the course in with intuition, understanding and keep this flowing in your psychic abilities. This will keep you in awareness mode of operation as we will require those of you to be in touch with the reflectivity circuit that is running in all areas of the Magisterial Mission. This is now in earnest to reach as many of you who can transmit and receive our lessons, messages and prompts. The ‘round robin’ that has been practiced by the four Commissioners in the meeting is a measure of reflectivity and is so that the service can reach as many that can do this work of receptivity in our communication circuits. As it works to bring the flow of communication and pressing matters to the fore in what may concern you in the coming transition that is very much imminent in all possibility when the incarnated personnel arrive to commence their operation in various areas of concern. I am happy to report this to you so in order to get those of you to resume your abilities in receiving our communications if you will. As you asked, who it is that is speaking right now and that is none other than your Local Universe Father that runs this circuits to allow the messages to come to you.

“I am Michael of Nebadon here to present to you the ability you have in you to multitask in this with me as you do now. So many of you can do this, but do not get off your duff to apply yourself to the typewriter and get going with what is easily flowing in the speed it takes to drink a cup of coffee.Sue has her eyes shut and is touch typing as fast as she can do it to let me speak as it ought to do so. So often the time I speak , the mind of the human shuts me out and does not let this missive have its proper inflow as it does here. Sue does not let this get in her way, rather she lets all the errors go and just keeps it open long enough for me to get going with what has to be relayed. Now this, keep with me all of you, I need your prayers and willingness to place yourself in service for the coming work we have to go with. The tasks are many and the skills you all have can be used well in many instances where it can be helped. So often, doubt creeps in and that is not helpful to anyone, when we need the courage of a bull to sternly take on what has to be taken on as things become really necessary to fight the good fight of faith and truth. As Jesus did so many times in his years on earth to stand tall and tell it as best as he could. You will also likely be my disciples in this as well. There you have the moment of truth and the moment of joy in the work that paves the way for many to come to know the Father as you do so well now. This is to be appreciated in the years ahead, although it will be a long road to get there and it takes the first step to place it now so others can learn how it is done.  Getting the to the top of the stairwell takes all those prior steps to that point and there is none other way to get there than to start at the first level and work its way slowly to that point of realization as is desired. So let us put our hand to the wheel and with many hands, makes lighter work for all that is willing to apply themselves to the work of goodness. So there it is in spades, and there is a lot of soil to turn over yet and it needs you to pick up the spade to work it well. Start now and then it grows as you work it better in each instance that this one does now.

“So, no matter the time or the condition, there is always something to receive from me, you need only ask and listen to the voice that I speak in you. Keep going Sue, as this is ramping up. [O.k.]  Good, now I have your attention, we have a lot to relay here as this is flowing nicely now. Sue’s ability to multitask is extraordinary and I am going to make more use of this method now. Make sure you prepare yourselves for a long sitting and are ready for the arduous task of keeping up with the speed with which I speak. This takes a well practiced transmitter to do this and more practice is good to improve on such receptivity as this is needed in the present global climate of change. Change is going to be coming in various areas of your social, political and financial concern as governments are coming under the pressure of their inability to cope with certain crises that emerge. This is why we may have to take on certain …..[the connection dropped out…]”

Mother Spirit speaks:

"Yes, Michael has to attend to something and the connection you have is disrupted. I take over for now to speak only to keep up these connections as we are now getting some work to commence soon and request that as many transmitters can step in while Ron is under the heavy influence of God the Supreme and is having to deal with so many obstacles to trial with. If we can get as many of you to step in to receive these messages, all the more merrier as we need more than what we have going at this stage, we have only several good transmitters who can do this work well but we are needing much more than that number as the need for it grows in the coming months of Mission operations. I will attend to this with Michael and ensure you who can transmit, be kept on your toes to keep up the workload that is increasing as things become real and tangible in your awareness.  

"I wish to add one more thing before I sign out, there is way more for you to know and much is coming to be presented in due course, so do keep with us and allow us to speak as it is in your best interest to have the knowledge to go forward in the days coming. Thank you for this connection Sue, it is a nice change to have it flowing in your relaxed state and this is good to see happening as it works well. Good day. K”


Thank you Father Michael of Nebadon for this very interesting and insightful, lengthy post into so many areas for all of us to consider and assimilate. I am learning fast to get back up and into it as you say. It is REAL work and I know that, what is going on in my mortal life is nothing compared to what is of paramount benefit for all involved. I am hit with pains in my left arm due to aggravation from work tasks that has really got me realising where I am to focus my energy and work. Like Ron, he remains here, by Father's permission to accomplish some work and I feel very much in the same vein and so I shall do my utmost with the Father's help. There was a moment, I fell out in suspicion and now with painful injuries growing, I feel my life is not much use unless I place myself with Father and get on with the task of transmitting in full steam ahead, so help me God! That sense of mortality crept up on me and time in this body is running out fast. I wonder how Ron manages to do the same with all the difficulties he is having, thank you so much Ron for staying with your proverbial guns! With me, I wince with the smallest amount of pain and it berates me, now I am seeing how fragile it is in an ageing vessel and I don't feel as youthful as I once did. Time seems to snuff me out so quickly. So I somehow get back on the proverbial horse and kick arse as best as I can and hope I don't fall off again. It's a tough ride!

Wow, thank you Michael for the high value that Nebadon has in being such an experiential powerhouse! Wowsa, that really is a revelation. That little snippet is such an insight into all things to do with the five or so Local Universes of valuable experiential properties. I enjoyed reading that and I understand how difficult some are finding Ultimacy so hard to grasp. I think that what has happened in our past, what is happening now and what can be our future potential is all tied into our capacity of experience in intense forms that is occurring on Urantia. What Ron suffers with disabilities such as dyslexia and mine with deafness are the areas that make us work harder to overcome certain deficiencies and channel our energies with Father to see better with life than what is so depressingly present in mortal existence. There is so much to learn, so much to overcome and so much to rise in oneness with the great Source and Centre of All. Our lives being so intertwined in the purposes of the Divine Will of God. How great is the Lord God our Father!

And I laughed too with that bit about the discriminatory Elk that faints with the sight of makes our "horse" so unique. What a wonder in the animal world. Sir David Attenborough will love that bit too!


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission /BETRAYAL
« on: March 18, 2019, 07:17:56 AM »
18/03/2019 9.43pm (AEDT)

I was about to go to bed for a night sleep, but remembered to close down the computer and turn it off and before I do, I read this transcription Clency so kindly put up of Lemuel’s audio on a very touchy subject. Well, I am glad you, dear Lemuel, haven’t had such a horrible thing happen to you, but sadly all the words you just said hit me hard. Yes, it made me flashback to a time and place I would rather forget. Out of all the people you would trust and admire, it is my own parents, who did the unthinkable with me over pregnancy before marriage and a very debatable issue on the type of wedding that became so difficult, we ended up eloping instead, mainly because I was at my wits end as to how to appease these people. I was so upset over how it all went and was in such disbelief that my own folks would do and say things that I found so hard to take.

Lemuel, betrayal is one that can hurt, devastate and cause such a wedge that it took a long time for me, as much as I love my parents, to forgive. I could not forget it, but as time does the amazing job of healing, that also can bring about not only forgiveness, but understanding when certain things come to light for the others to realize and see that certain things happened and worked out in the end. It took a lot of work, commitment and love with my husband to find that peace between them and me and finally I came around eventually. Now my earthly dad has long passed away and my mother is still living but getting very frail with growing problems of dementia. Anyhow, thank you for bringing this up, it made me remember and it also brought the moments with it. It is something that is there and yet I learn too from it for my own young ones too. It is better to be kind and to let time pass for such things to be better in mind and heart.

Thank you Lemuel for sharing such a prompt that make me and all of us remember a time and a place that such a feeling may have generated in our life. And good night or day, everyone.


Hi White Stone,
I note too the gross amount of mispelling and typographical errors being made in these posts but I got so used to Ron's habit due to his poor eyesight I must say I kind of got the gist of what it is he is trying to get out for us to read and get in our mind. Although I agree with what you have pointed out as errors and they do need correction badly, but do bear in mind, the work of the writer is double and I am sure that more care should have been placed, but it is obvious, there must be way more work going on and I am grateful for the amount of words that is being given to help us to see into these meetings in general. It is quite a gathering and what is discussed is probably only a fraction of what is on the table. It is quite a lot to absorb in one sitting, I am sure,  for all those four men in one day and hence, it takes a while for it to be understood in their own minds too. For all of us here, it is also quite intelligent and revealing. Thank you White Stone for caring about the spelling and typo errors and so on as that also does not escape me as I also see it too :o. I wish I can be there to help Ron type all his messages up properly but he is such a trooper!  ::)


I am absorbing these news from the happenings in these meetings. I have no comments as I see that it does no justice until it reaches its final day of proceedings. I am simply in a state of quiet calm and joy as things seem to get practiced, new revelations become known and that we are slowly being opened to the activity of the Local Universes that are operating and helping one another, which I am finding as simply marvelous. I chuckled and thought, how about calling the new XYZ as MARVELOUS?! (Well, ha I couldn’t help it, after seeing the new movie out on Captain Marvel).

Anyhow, back to the serious nature of what the new combined XYZ administration unit would present, as this is so unique without borders and to cement the idea of the existing transference of personnel and assistance between these neighboring Local Universes, this is amazing, and to have these LUs join in collaboration with the approval of Paradise is a wonder in that it presents a unified presence of intention in gaining greater force for good in dealing with the problems of rebellion and how it affects so many in the chain of command, so to speak.

In another thought, there is also that the XYZ forms an interesting coherence in this corner of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, I wonder how this may be working to prepare for the possible expansionary work into the First Outer Space Zone which, from previous revelations here on the forum, is very close to Nebadon. Could there be a preparational drive for future space work in the mind of the God the Supreme with God the Ultimate? (I may be jumping ahead a bit but it does not escape my thinking of how things are gearing up for future work and expansion and what is happening here on Urantia with unique fusion candidates who are still present on the planet of their nativity to cooperate in the Magisterial Mission must surely be seen as a game changer in the eyes of administrators everywhere...sorry, I can really let my mind get away from me, but the excitement is tantamount is it not?!) I am sure everyone up there must be thinking to the effect, “ word, how the Father of All, never ceases to surprise us!..”

I see (from the accounts written in TUB) the Lucifer Rebellion has caused such a ripple effect to the point of concern and that much education is necessary to better understand why it happened in the first place. To this effect, many personnel, high and low, can and will need, if they may, to learn as much as they can that arises from such a tragedy. Urantia, is certainly becoming a real eyesore with such a reputation that it surely must be a planet to watch how it can be claimed back. Thoughts do abound in my mind and I let it drift enough to understand there is so much we are yet to know and realize from the LUs viewpoint on all areas of what ensued when Lucifer unleashed his Manifesto and then did what he did.

I am a small pawn in the game of chess here and the Lords of the Court have certainly got their hands full. What can the little pawns do? And can the “round Robin” be extended beyond the four wonderful Commissioners if that is still being called as such? I remain calm and resilient in faith and hope in what Father wishes to unfold in Michael of Nebadon’s wise plans for folding back the rebellion and to, eventually, with the help of Serara and Monjoronson and Team, bring back Urantia into the fold of universal administration and eternal life. No matter how long this may take, may it all go well Father Michael.

Thank you Ron, Steven, Larry and Dominick for staying the course through what must be a challenge and an education through these longs days of meetings.

Many regards and prayers be with you all,


In my mind, the figures grants a picture. It really portrays what is stated as "unique", I also am thinking it speaks of soul survival, which faith has a lot to do with it, as well as the wisdom acquired. Those with some understanding, exposure of The Urantia Book may have a greater propensity to grasp the "eternal life" that is being offered. Most mortals here who have no idea of this are most likely to face some sort of shock which may even stunt their growth, and at worse, choose to go no further. I am hoping that the education and training for the departed(the deceased ones) are given due regard. I recall the massive work unfolding in the grid and am very sympathetic to how overwhelming this work may be for all who come to assist the lost souls up there.

General Discussion / Re: Temporary goodbye !!!
« on: March 14, 2019, 01:20:24 AM »
Me too(I join Wendy and RonB in this), good on ya mate!!! :) And all the best for you in your new work...
My prayers and love be with you bro!

General Discussion / Re: Visions, word symbols and a test
« on: March 12, 2019, 06:36:36 AM »
Hello All,

I feel like I need to share this even if it is in my original long length in my notebook. I get tempted to sidetrack it and condense it to a smaller essay, but as always, it doesn’t do justice to what I am trying to let out to explain in my own way. Sometimes I have to take the long course rather than cut and paste and so on. Here it goes:

On Sunday 10th March early in the morning, like what happened in my first post above in this thread, I got another yet similar “addenda fulcrum(“AF”)” vision occurring, this time I saw and sense and know what it was that was presented to me in an instance. It was a scene in which there were people sitting around a large oblong table, there were both men and women sitting neatly wearing business attire and were engaged in discussions so much so I saw the body language with arm waving motions when sometimes persons do when talking with intense passion on a certain subject or concern. Immediately, it was obvious to me it was a “board meeting” of some import. In the scene, with the angle of projection, I saw only about up to six people around that particular side of the table. The vision was instant and did not go any further than to reveal just a snapshot of a moment that appears important enough for me to see it.

I also sense it was a “board meeting” because of the seriousness of it. I felt somewhat morontial in this scene, being present and passive to the motions being pressed. Whether it was because I saw this vision in a sort of third person tense and, like you would see a drone hover in the air or like a fly on the wall, that is what I was in this scene. I did not see who the persons were around the table as their faces were not clearly presented and were sort of obscured in a haze or blur, yet I see their personalities quite apparent where they were seated.

The vision came as quickly as it went and when I came to in my own senses, I am struck to what to make of it. In the past few days, it made me rather silent, subdued, aloof and thoughtful because there is something deeply becoming from the Father Himself for me to absorb. Yes, this is a deep part or area in our makeup (as Ron points out in his very interesting post above) that the Father is very much active in and is bringing it into the mainstream of my awareness. I am becoming of what is deeply in my psychic ability to decipher, to discern, to know what is being revealed.

In my thinking, there are certain aspects that are, in some ways, in our earthly thinking, rather alien, yet somehow familiar, with certain images and scenes, like the “board meeting” vision, presents a future tense of reality and I am beholding a gift from the Father who is tapping (if that is correct to say) into our makeup to break open something hidden that is very much a built-in mechanism of our future potential. The more I dwell on the thoughts that merged from my exposure to these visions, the more I become aware of the sense of the “totality of reality”, that is, the work of the God the Supreme, God the Ultimate and the Deity Absolute. The totality of the experiential, the eventuate, the transcendental and the completion of all realities (although this is going into an entirely big subject altogether and I leave it here and try not to get this all muddled up here, even though my mind seems to jump to the enormity of what may be brought here - I think it will take us eternity to get to the bottom of it all anyhow!!!).

Anyhow, getting back to the subject at hand, the mind is capable of expanding horizons of possibilities, yet while as a finite creature, I am still a little mite in a big cosmic wheel of creation, and the Father, is just as real in the present, to open the floodgates (as it were), just enough little by little for me to see certain things that begs me to know there is a resident area within that is yet unknown and is to be respected in our human makeup. Somehow, I feel it is a morontial inroad as I am being more inclined into seeing beyond the scope I exist in.

For me, I know I am given to see certain things, and I know Father knows this and is working to further this ability that I have. Over the years, I sense I know I have the gift of the so-called “Seer” (not sure what it is called on earth in some fancy jargon, but it is someone with deep seeing insights coupled with determining understanding), and as I see it, perhaps my Thought Adjuster is taking advantage of this that has been developed over the years of the work of the Creative Spirit, her ministering spirits and of the ability I have with my adjutant mind spirits so well built in me to discern, to perceive, to know and to understand. There is a sort of an instinctual, or what others would describe, as an “innate inner knowing” of all things that resonate in our experiential growth.

It occurs to me while I write this, how akin this missive is to the works of those in areas of scientific studies in parapsychology, quantum physics and the theory of the “implicate order” that David Bohm Ph.D. has postulated in his long years of understanding the cause and effect of particle energy and intelligent behavior. While I am studying certain works of others, there is certainly a lot of areas scientist have yet to identify or to be known. The work of Karl Pribram Ph.D. has postulated the theory of a “holographic universe” and that has sort of offered, in some ways, some sort of explanation as to why the mind is capable of memory even in the loss of brain tissues. [see Michael Talbot’s book on “The Holographic Universe”, 2011 edition].

In any case, these visions I receive are granting me the sense of greater insight into our own ability to see, to know and to sense certain import that is other than our own sense of reality. I sense there is a sort of an “eventuate” undertone in these areas of the brain/mind. Are we capable of seeing more, and hence, grasp more than our conscious selves do in our waking hours?

Took a break for an appointment and back again to resume: Some thoughts reissued: Queries in the Mind: I list them here as follows to encourage some thinking and discussion:

  • Is this spiritual or physical or both? Can this be confused or construed as between the two dimensional views? [Wait - Father interjects and speaks here: “Psychic abilities is an unseen realm of innate sensual abilities of mind and experience in one’s experiential life. It is grown and built in the human psyche.”(hmmm….Interesting, thank you Father)
  • Do we become the observed and the observer?
  • Does this relate to innate perception and recognition of new revelation?
  • Morontial insight - can this be the window into the mind capable of extra-dimensional inroads? Is the Father TA presenting the “AF” or is the “AF” resident, just waiting to be unfolded in the time for the personality to be ready and cognizant of the insights it reveals? And as morontial in influence, does this point to a level of spiritual growth in the personality to be able to receive the visions of input or rather, to be slowly opening up to the greater reality of spiritual reality that is built in to grasp and realize?
  • Does this open a whole new area of parapsychology unknown or identified that Freud and others did not identify as possible?
  • Karl Pribram discovers the so-called “hologram effect” in the working of the memory recovery - does the visions present a sort of a “holographic universe” effect? If so, is the Father, unraveling this effect while the human slowly emerges from its earthly cocoon?
  • Are these “AF” abilities presenting to us our “superhuman” abilities that is only just emerging as the tip of the proverbial iceberg of the cosmic mind(if that is even right to postulate)? In other words, as we all know from the infinity of the I AM, are we more than what we are with our infinite Father Thought Adjusters?
  • In my view, as I think on it further, after our earthly sojourn, we as humans are eventually rid of our earthly shells or vessels and are really just left with our personality, our memories and our experiences AND our experiential psychic abilities. I am sure there is more to be told on our story of being a small tiny creature that is given an extraordinary skill to see glimpses of import and of future events - a sort of a work of both the Deity Absolute and the Deity of Universe Destiny and Justice. These two Deity of Absolutes point to me the totality of reality on all level of supreme, ultimate and absolute. Does this point to the Circle of Infinity as the Father ties in all the threads of the fabric into one whole complete tapestry of masterpiece work?
  • I apologize if my thoughts seem to run into different streams or areas of possibilities when just a tiny fragment of the Father Himself unravel a tiny mite to see beyond one’s own self into the universe of all things that may or may not be important to us. In all, the Father works to bring things in my awareness to recognize certain areas of my, and your, potential. So, is this a test of our potentials and actuals?

Rather than to confuse myself any further, I leave it that it is safe to say that it is a rather extraordinary experience to have to be given and one that is to be respected for what it purports it to be, that is, an unlocking of mind capabilities beyond the normal realm of even super-consciousness.  When I get the visions, my breathing is somewhat still there but seems to be suspended and I am sort of in a suspension, my heart feels like it has stopped, my breathing seems absent and I feel as though transcended in a brief moment in this sort of suspension period. The vision or window is in my view, with the black blobs clearing away and I am allowed to see the picture while I concentrate intently to keep the focus on the screen while, somehow, the blobs peel away to allow the picture to emerge more and more for me to grasp what it is trying to convey. It is up to me to decipher it, to discern it, to sense what it conveys and means to me. That all happens in a split-second of recognition until the blobs grow back over and blackens the area as if it were just a black wall as it were before the window of vision appeared.

This is all to share the happening as it occurs and for it to be made plain just what happens when it comes about for me. This is not the first time it has happened, it has occurred before and it only is increasing in frequency and I am gaining the recognition of what this is and to allow it to occur as I am ready to perceive it better than when it started out some time ago. Recall the time I had the vision of the patterns on the seafloor and that was very real to me at the time. Now, these visions are opening more and more in a slow progression as I get used to the process that it occurs to me.

I am speaking this as plainly as I could, to bring this to your interest if it has anything to assist those of you who are also getting some resonance as to this experience as some of you may also be receiving. Amethyst, you are sharing your experience as some of you are too and that is curious to me, while I think that because of our fusion with our TAs along with Ron and others, would I be forgiven to think that our Father Adjuster is very much active in our mind circuits of late? Would there be an increase in our morontial circles of growth as it pertains to our growing ability to recognize these morontial activities in the mind. It begs me to wonder how much more there is to learn.

As it so happens, the “board meeting” vision is very real and impressionable to me and I sense all of it in an instant that it was revealed to me. It left me rather pleasantly calm and silent as the “meeting” was a powerful testament to the Father’s way in those present and their willingness to participate in the first place. It is with awe and wonder and amazement that I receive such a scene. And I am deeply humbled to be receiving such confirmation of reality that is real and becoming, just as it was presented to me.

I also sense there is, in the “meeting” vision, a lot of work to be meted out in due course and much planning, decisions and work to be extolled before things can be adequately brought to fruition. All of this, I may think to myself, is my imaginings, but it is something else to perceive well in advance the “meeting’s” purpose and intention. The passion shown in the arm-waving persons discussing is not absent in my observation, if anything, it is the single most prominent feature that made me smile because I know that type of body language by my years of being half-deaf and observing such motions. I am quite able to observe these types of motions in a meeting and this one is a tell-tale sign of passionate discussion going on.

Well, I feel like I just about wrote a book here already and I better bring this essay to a close. I thank you, the reader, to bear with me through this lengthy session and I just feel it necessary to bring this experience to the table, to better our understandings how such psychic abilities can bring such revelations about and how the Father does, indeed, work amazingly in us. Sharing this, I hope, may help some of you in your journey with the Father within. How certain insights can and will inspire us and grow us into wise beings in His light.

It is a funny thought that just came to me just then…..remember the old Superman movie with Clark Kent with the big glasses, the goofy look with the clumsy and not well thought out verbals, and then he suddenly disappears and zips into a red and blue-caped suit to appear as Superman, he then appears as intelligent, sensible and super caring, as well as, intent on listening, speaking only when absolutely necessary and then removes himself as speedily as he arrived. Well, that seems to be how I am. All the while I am the mortal clumsy proverbial “Clark Kent” when really deep down I am more than the vessel I wear. Well folks, there is way much more in us than the earthly sojourn that presents to us and it is, after all, our “beginnings” of an eternal journey with the Infinite Father of All.

Having said that, it saddens me when others misunderstand that I am still sojourning in a sort of paradox. In one instance, I feel as though my mortal self is struggling to place one foot on the sand while the other foot is firmly planted in the sea. Deep in me, I am done with the earthly sojourn, and I so long to move on to the next level of the ascension career, yet I know I still live here on earth and am here still in the body of flesh and blood and have to wear the cloth to persist another day of useless toil. At times, it bothers me to keep on going on, I tire of it and sleep can’t seem to come quick enough. These insightful visions do help me see, an invigorating part, the Father plays in keeping me involved in His work of active participation. This, in itself, is purely divine and holy. Great is the Father!


It is interesting this subject of warming and cooling is presented here just now as just the other day on Sunday to be precise, my daughter and I drove some distance to go to a dinner/birthday party for a significant other and my daughter being that young generation born in the mid 1990s was very concerned about the issue of "climate change" and sustainability. After conveying her views, she asked me what my thoughts were on this. And I must say I am heartened to hear her genuine concerns.

The problem in my view is that we are not educated enough on what scientists have discovered in their field studies. Back in the 1980s in my uni studies a lot has come out that concerned me even then. And yes I studied Geology and lots of earth science subjects in the course of my years at university.  The thing is when scientist find something we need to listen to it and let the facts and findings speak for themselves.
We can make so many different interpretations but the fact of the matter is the guy in the video (thanks Ron for finding that and sharing it) is telling the truth of the bigger picture of earth geologic history and its climate. From memory, in my uni studies I came across scientists who did deep core drills in Antarctica and when they look at the  lengthy core drill samples it gives a snapshot of the earth's geologic history. It showed the earth did go through periods of warming and cooling. In other words, like the video says, we are entering another cooling. What is happening now we are in a warming and it is going to flip at some point into a little ice age that has occurred in the recent past of some 10,000 or so years. Yes it is a cycle and yes the earth has gone through some serious climate fluctuations in its long geologic history, what needs to be understood is that, with the present warming, we as humanity need to reduce our human activity that in some ways increases the warming effect in the atmosphere. Whether it is human induced or not, our geologic core drill samples have revealed that our planet has a very volatile cyclic weather pattern over time, and our human activity seems to be speeding up the apparent warming or so that is what some scientist are postulating to be the case. The video is suggesting the sun to be the culprit. And perhaps both are. Whatever, it is good to be aware and as the video at the end says, "to prepare for it" the long cold, dry and arid conditions that may go on for some generations to come. It is no wonder why our younger generations are feeling very concerned.

I have to go to work now, I wish I can say more but thought to get started somewhere on this vitally important topic of our age. What worries me is the looming threat of nuclear war! Again, another human activity that has to be addressed at once.


General Discussion / Visions, word symbols and a test
« on: March 07, 2019, 02:12:36 PM »
Just to share a few things. While I am resting from my night's sleep, while I woke up and dozed off, there it was another one of those windows with images, word symbols emerged among the constant array of black blobs, in view for me to concentrate to see. I asked my Father what is it I am to gain from this vision. "Never mind what it conveyed, it was not meant to be registered as making sense as they are universal symbols anyhow you do not know of yet, it is a test run to see if you have those abilities to discern, perceive, recognise, decipher and more and that worked brilliantly in an instance that this was presented. Relax for that was a test only. And you can go about your daily routines" . Well, at least I know what that was about and to trust my hunches more as they come to me. It is a very interesting morning. Have a nice day my dear friends and keep well, eat well and let us continue in trusting our Father who does marvellous things. I continue to work out the website thing and get something organised. Much love to you all.


Thank you very much dear Wendy, I will certainly let you know if need be, right now, let me do some homework and let's see where this gets me. Much love Sue.

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