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The Message of Easter

I believe in the message of Easter
that speaks from beyond the grave.

I believe in the God Man who preached it
from inception to mortal grave.

I believe the divine intention
the soul of mankind to save.

I believe there was no action lacking
in the poignant message He gave.

I believe in His words never spoken
to deaf ears of mortal man
that conveyed with greater impact
the fullness of divine plan.

I believe His example to teach us
and our failure to comprehend.

I believe we must keep listening
for He promised to come again.

I believe we should ever be mindful
of His guidance from above.

I believe He is still portraying
His message of forgiveness and Love.

I believe that for mankind’s freedom
there was nothing He wouldn’t do.

I believe the injustice He suffered
was a reflection of me and you.

I believe it was not His trial,
but the trial of all mankind.

I believe it revealed how malicious is sin
and the effects it leaves behind.

I believe that the generous droplets
that flowed from His head to His toes,
were but proof of mortal enshrouding
of the crimson heart within,
that beat with a Universe message
that we belonged to Him.

No trial was too great, no rejection too strong
to tear us from His grasp,
and His Love will still flow from our head to our toes
I we will only …ask…

Phyllis Simpson
10am Good Friday, 19 April 2019

« on: April 17, 2019, 12:56:59 PM »
This morning after reading the posts of Dominick and Ron regarding Mission changes and the resignations of Serara and Monjoronson I received the following instructions and post them for your edification:

“Worship “The Word of God” not the words of God.  Words are the ever-changing pathways of reality attainment.

“Conquer your ‘fear intentions’ through your mindfulness practice into your personality revelation and submit them both to the will and ways of the First Source and Center, the Flame of Life from which all illumination emanates into progressive attainment of experiential understanding.

“Do not dogmatize the instructions you receive along the way, as that serves only to anchor you to the past and trip you in the “now” (the present).

“Do not deluge your thinking with vain speculations of outcome, but instead harness your faith to the unerring realities of existential deity, for WE are the beginning and the end of purpose and plan.

“Lay your intentions at our feet and refocus your gaze onto that which is immutable and immovable.

“Be not distracted by the business of evolutionary power-play that has no direction and purpose beyond the temporal realm.

“Winds of change test the resolve and increase the tension and the flexibility for guidance and goodness.

“Take your panic and barter it for the resolve of faith, an eternal investment that will never fail to pay dividends.

“Pull up the boundary stakes of your current understanding and enlarge your tent.

“Post your ‘declaration of intent’ clearly on the door of your heart and allow the circuitry of mind to elevate you inward and upward to the extravagant provisions WE have for you.”


Thank you Deity Absolute, Master Spirit Aya, Father Michael and Universal Censor for this information.  And thank you dear sister for being available to all who have addressed us in this transmission.

I have often pondered many of the items addressed and how they might be inter-related and looked forward to what might be available to be shared with us at some point, and I am so delighted and grateful for what our dear sister Amethyst has just received for our enlightenment.

Best regards,

My mother was a beautiful knitter, I'm terrible at knitting despite many failed attempts.  I crochet and sew very well, thankfully, but that is not my point.

I grew up transforming skeins of my mothers wool into "balls" of wool for her to more easily manage, and spent many more hours untangling big messes of tangled wool.   I learned alot about how impossible it seems to take a big mess of tangled wool and work on it for hours pulling here, tugging there, twisting and untwisting until that final knot miraculously popped out.  What a lesson in patience, perseverance, hope and the satisfaction of victory.  

Those experiences have served me well and I am thankful for them as they are all about trial and error, redirection and just not giving up.  

Sure, it was hard and very frustrating but the experiences held great value and we certainly have plenty of opportunities to apply those values to life on this planet, and it looks like they will continue to be beneficial far beyond as well.

Domtia everyone

Dear Occerpa,

So sadly true as you refer to the "mythology" of the Adam and Eve events on our planet and how that myth, along with others, has propagated such guilt and shame we all suffer from enough; as well as other vestigages of the rebellion that Adam and Eve and their progeny had to endure as well.

Between us I hope we have clarified this for the sake of our readers.  


Do you not know your Urantia Book and the facts about Adam and Eve?  I personally don't see your connection to Adam and Eve whatsoever in relation to "soul" development (or lack thereof)  as they are of the order of The Material Sons as such a  Material Son and Daughter are commissioned to our planet of evolutionary nativity.

37:9.9.The Material Sons of God. When a creative liaison between the Creator Son and the universe representative of the Infinite Spirit, the Universe Mother Spirit, has completed its cycle, when no more offspring of the combined nature are forthcoming, then does the Creator Son personalize in dual form his last concept of being, thus finally confirming his own and original dual origin. In and of himself he then creates the beautiful and superb Sons and Daughters of the material order of universe sonship. This is the origin of the original Adam and Eve of each local system of Nebadon. They are a reproducing order of sonship, being created male and female. Their progeny function as the relatively permanent citizens of a system capital, though some are commissioned as Planetary Adams.

37:9.10.On a planetary mission the Material Son and Daughter are commissioned to found the Adamic race of that world, a race designed eventually to amalgamate with the mortal inhabitants of that sphere. Planetary Adams are both descending and ascending Sons, but we ordinarily class them as ascending.

Chapters 73 to 75 of the Urantia Book will further clarify for you that Adam and Eve are not origin mortals of a planet but pre-existent and sent here on a specific mission as many other orders of celestial beings are.  Further, they did not 'sin' by eating some non-existent forbidden fruit but actually 'defaulted' by breaking conditions of their mission as Planetary Adam and Eve (see chapter 75 for full details).  Their involvement with a planet is for biological upliftment of the origin species of a planet and they are pre-existent before their mission to an evolutionary world as well as afterwards.

Also if you go back to my excerpt from the Urantia Book on soul requirement and Rons original post, it is clear that a soul must be developed by mortals in order to have an existence beyond their planet of evolutionary nativity.

I hope this helps.

I offer an excerpt from the Urantia Book, from where I happen to be currently reading, which explains the issue of choice and soul progress as Ron has expounded upon very clearly.  [emphasis mine]

"5:1.5.However Urantia mortals may differ in their intellectual, social, economic, and even moral opportunities and endowments, forget not that their spiritual endowment is uniform and unique. They all enjoy the same divine presence of the gift from the Father, and they are all equally privileged to seek intimate personal communion with this indwelling spirit of divine origin, while they may all equally choose to accept the uniform spiritual leading of these Mystery Monitors.

5:1.6.If mortal man is wholeheartedly spiritually motivated, unreservedly consecrated to the doing of the Father's will, then, since he is so certainly and so effectively spiritually endowed by the indwelling and divine Adjuster, there cannot fail to materialize in that individual's experience the sublime consciousness of knowing God and the supernal assurance of surviving for the purpose of finding God by the progressive experience of becoming more and more like him.

5:1.7.Man is spiritually indwelt by a surviving Thought Adjuster. If such a human mind is sincerely and spiritually motivated, if such a human soul desires to know God and become like him, honestly wants to do the Father's will, there exists no negative influence of mortal deprivation nor positive power of possible interference which can prevent such a divinely motivated soul from securely ascending to the portals of Paradise.

5:1.8.The Father desires all his creatures to be in personal communion with him. He has on Paradise a place to receive all those whose survival status and spiritual nature make possible such attainment. Therefore settle in your philosophy now and forever: To each of you and to all of us, God is approachable, the Father is attainable, the way is open; the forces of divine love and the ways and means of divine administration are all interlocked in an effort to facilitate the advancement of every worthy intelligence of every universe to the Paradise presence of the Universal Father
5:1.9.The fact that vast time is involved in the attainment of God makes the presence and personality of the Infinite none the less real. Your ascension is a part of the circuit of the seven superuniverses, and though you swing around it countless times, you may expect, in spirit and in status, to be ever swinging inward. You can depend upon being translated from sphere to sphere, from the outer circuits ever nearer the inner center, and some day, doubt not, you shall stand in the divine and central presence and see him, figuratively speaking, face to face. It is a question of the attainment of actual and literal spiritual levels; and these spiritual levels are attainable by any being who has been indwelt by a Mystery Monitor, and who has subsequently eternally fused with that Thought Adjuster.

5:1.10.The Father is not in spiritual hiding, but so many of his creatures have hidden themselves away in the mists of their own willful decisions and for the time being have separated themselves from the communion of his spirit and the spirit of his Son by the choosing of their own perverse ways and by the indulgence of the self-assertiveness of their intolerant minds and unspiritual natures.

5:1.11.Mortal man may draw near God and may repeatedly forsake the divine will so long as the power of choice remains. Man's final doom is not sealed until he has lost the power to choose the Father's will. There is never a closure of the Father's heart to the need and the petition of his children. Only do his offspring close their hearts forever to the Father's drawing power when they finally and forever lose the desire to do his divine will—to know him and to be like him. Likewise is man's eternal destiny assured when Adjuster fusion proclaims to the universe that such an ascender has made the final and irrevocable choice to live the Father's will.

5:1.12.The great God makes direct contact with mortal man and gives a part of his infinite and eternal and incomprehensible self to live and dwell within him. God has embarked upon the eternal adventure with man. If you yield to the leadings of the spiritual forces in you and around you, you cannot fail to attain the high destiny established by a loving God as the universe goal of his ascendant creatures from the evolutionary worlds of space."

ergo: if there are no choices made by a mortal mind that lead to soul creation (which is the proviso for the ascension career) all contingencies that the Universal Fathers has put in place to work with the soul through an ascension career are unavailable;  not as a matter of spiritual rejection but for the simple fact that without the soul there is nothing to work with.

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: fractal videos
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:55:27 PM »
Dear Sister Amethyst,

I echo the words of our dear brother Steven in gratitude for what you have shared.  

Domtia Amethyst

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Granfanda. "I have seen it all"
« on: February 20, 2019, 01:04:54 PM »
Amethyst, Ron and especially Grandfanda,

I was thinking earlier today, trying to perceive the immensity of the panorama of mortal experiences Grandfanda must be aware of and what astounding qualities of wisdom and understanding he must possess.  To just say thank you Grandfanda for giving us your words of encouragement feels highly inadequate for they have great value to me, as a mere mortal, coming from one who has not only fought and won the fight of faith but also continues to share that experiential wisdom of evolutionary growth throughout all of creation via the members of the Finaliter Corps.
Thank you Amethyst and Ron for sharing our mortal forefathers sentiments with us.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: What lies ahead?
« on: February 18, 2019, 02:42:28 PM »
Mr. Gitz, (Steven)  you end your post with the question “is war inevitable?”  and I dare to respond with some thoughts of my own.

War (conflict) is not just fought outwardly (e.g. nations or belief systems against each other) and I believe the hardest battle each mortal on this planet really faces is the struggle of “faith” and then the exercise of free-will choice in accordance with that faith.  People cannot take a stand until they know within themselves what it is they  ‘stand for’ and wish to dedicate themselves to.  That to me is the real battle that must be won.  “Self is man’s invincible foe, and self is manifested as man’s four greatest passions:  anger, pride, deceit, and greed.  Man’s greatest victory is the conquest of himself.”  [partial quote from Paper 131:6.2]  So I would say, yes war is inevitable, however, I believe the conquest of our personal war with “self” could be the war that ends all wars, could it not?

We must remember that it is ‘people’ that comprise the medical institutions and write the periodicals and read the reports and hear the lectures and will then choose whether or not to put those teachings into practice; for even the seeds of revelatory truth still require the fertile soil of faith to take root and bear any fruit.

As Jesus knew all too well the fickleness of the “show me” crowd, even his closest followers had to see it proven time and again that even the manifestation of ‘miracles’ does not a foundation make!  It was the children of faith, who first formed the choice within their own free will to believe themselves to be sons of The Father;  those who, having laid the personal foundation only experiential faith can create, were open and able to continue on the path of faith and trust in living and doing Father’s will in their lives.  They chose to go beyond the message into the manifestation.

Father Michael mentioned forcing “issues that cannot be forced”.  The masses may be “influenced” for a time by breakthrough revelations in science and medicine and even miracles which can, hopefully, act as catalysts to draw the individuals of those masses to a personal faith search of the their source, the Universal Father of the truth, beauty and goodness to which they bore witness.  If, however, they do not choose the path to enlightenment, then they are no more than a baby bird in the nest with their mouth open continuously demanding to be fed and don’t be surprised that those same baby birds will often kill one other.

As Father Michael stated in Ron’s post, that in our struggle to comprehend sometimes it “is a case of faith needing a cane” to help us through it.  We are assured also in paper 117:4.14 that “When man consecrates his will to the doing of the Father’s will, when man gives God all that he has, then does God make that man more than he is.”  There is therefore hope for the mortal when the mortal puts his/her hope/trust and faith in The Father, and much as I dislike using a cane, I’ll take that cane if that’s what I need to walk in Fathers will.  Domtia

Threads for New Transmissions / Hepsibah - Your frustration is your freedom
« on: February 15, 2019, 03:20:10 PM »
Hepsibah - Your frustration is your freedom - 15-Feb-19 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Hepsibah
Subject:  Your frustration is your freedom
15-Feb-19 1:39 PM  EST   18:39 GMT /Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

““There is this day, on the worlds of time, a spiritual awakening of progressive attainability working through the emissaries of truth, beauty and goodness.  The plight of mankind on Urantia, and throughout the galaxies of other troubled spheres, has a host of checks and balances in place to serve the purposes of progressive revelation to the hearts and minds of men.  True, ‘will’ is at play on both sides of the equation; and intents and purposes remain true from the heart of the Father and His pure-line representatives.

“The to-and-fro of ‘will’ exertion shall always exist as does the uniqueness of personality gifting and though, at times, these factors make it challenging to carry forward certain pre-requisites of universe laws of conduct, the ever-changing and always challenging interplay between the progressive evolutionary worlds and the systems and procedures of overcontrol administration will always result in experiential  attainment of truth within its current and even future reality.

“The inner and outer structure of universe proficiencies are tools put in place for the guidance of the administrators of time and space energies to allow for constant interpretation and integration of the new and the unexpected—for this in itself is evolution.  No imperfect being is prevented from the experiential path of Father attainment except by his/her own free-will choosing by their actions and personal belief systems and this is all part of the tensions existent between teacher and student; administrator and those who perform their administrative tasks.

“Attitude and perception are personal traits inherent in will-creatures at both ends of the reality spectrum and all things in between.  The interplay, the push and pull, the thought and the perception, the action and the reaction are all subject to a degree of unpredictability and a huge factor in the progression of all things evolutionary.  Parameters are set, guidelines are provided, governors are activitated and yet, there remains the unpredictability of ‘will’ to be reckoned with.  

“The frustration caused by irregular events pushes the boundaries of evolution and brings about creative resolutions beyond the predictability of its participants.  

“How are the many responsible to the few?  How are the few in control of the masses?  Where is enforcement of behavior and belief to be found?  

“Free-will is the irrevocable, unalterable factor at play within every scenario of the unfolding evolution of the universes and their inhabitants; the Father of All has declared it to be so and it is.

“I am here to tell you that your frustration is indeed your freedom, the tension-opportunity provided for you to move beyond your present self and into the realm of possibilities.  Your fears and your egos must give way to your free-will choice to pursue the paths of truth, beauty and goodness to their very Source.

“Place this in your memory banks as a guide to your future.“


[At the end of this transmission I still did not have a name and I kept asking and received “Hepsibah” but no identity. I was aware of Hepsibah of the Bible but was uncertain whether it was she.  Thank you Ron for the confirmation.]

What a training ground we have here!  When I found this site years ago I perceived this was a place of enlightenment and training.  Education is not always easy but it is always worthwhile as it changes us for the better if we let it.  As with many of my brethren on this site, a good part of these last few days and particularly last night have been spent in deep reflection asking and searching for understanding and answers to the hard questions only we each can answer.

Family issues in particular will always drive us to our knees to seek understanding and clarification and guidance as to what is really going on and how to personally choose to handle it.  I think it is always the opinion of family members that really counts and hurts so deeply, just because they are family.  As much as it hurts to realize there are still members of our celestial family who only expect the worst from all mortal Urantians, I must also choose to consider that I have no idea what it must be, and have been, like for our celestial family members to witness atrocity after atrocity played out before their eyes and probably personal experiences.  Just the current attitude of most mortals on this planet and the realization of the frustration and ways of thinking and being of the common man, enacted day after day, is deeply disturbing even to us as fellow mortals (and there but for the grace of God go I...); I can’t imagine how disgusting we must appear to those of enlightened mind and universe experience.

“I said to her in return it is none of my business about what you must answer to Michael too.”

As Ron eluded to in his quoted comment to Lucitia above, it is not my place to judge her or her comrades, I am not asked to judge, nor am I equipped to do so.  I don’t believe we can begin to imagine the deep trauma they have been through as a result of the rebellion and can only pray that remediation will afford them all the healing and rejuvenation they require, we don’t need to lose any more precious family members to the insidious plans of the selfish few.  

If anyone should understand the need for forgiveness it should be we Urantians.  If anyone appreciates the hope of the privilege of sharing the love and the light and the life of Our Heavenly Father it should be us, should it not?  

I ask our Father in Heaven by and through the work of his Father Fragments within us that we can become the standard bearers He can enable us to be, with all that He has so graciously provided for us, to make it so.


I live in Ottawa which is pretty much due North of York, PA.  The Weather network confirmed here in Ottawa (Canada's capital city) we became the coldest "capital city" on the planet January 19th.  Here's an excerpt from their site below

"Saturday, January 19, 2019, 2:46 PM - If you were out early Saturday morning and felt like you were in the coldest place on earth, you were right — at least when it comes to capital cities around the globe.

The temperature in Ottawa fell below every other national capital in the world on Saturday morning — and that doesn't include the wind chill.

Ulan Bator, the capital of Mongolia, is on average the coldest capital city in the world, according to World Atlas.

But the temperature in Ottawa — ranked the seventh coldest capital based on annual average temperature — dipped to –24 C, compared to –23 C in Ulan Bator.

With the windchill it felt like minus 36."


General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 17, 2019, 04:21:44 PM »
Thank you for the meeting summary notes Ron.

I would like to comment on Margul's mention of the children of Urantia, and specifically the possibility of adoption,  as this morning just before rising I had a very vivid dream that was full of young children that seemed to be in my care and I wondered where they all came from.  I remember during this very vivid dream thinking how each child must be not only recognized and treated as a unique individual but that extrordinary care and patience would be crucial to aid them in overcoming their trauma.  There were children of all ages and I even recall sharing this with one of the older children who wanted to help the younger ones.  At first I thought the dream may have been because of the concern I have felt for a young child in my building as well as their plight in general with all they have to deal with being born into the situation on this planet.

It is heartwarming to be aware of the special consideration of the needs of these innocent ones.  Watching a child learn and grow and blossom in their individual character and experiential maturity is always a personal growth challenge and a wonderful gift.

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 29, 2018, 02:09:34 PM »
Hi All,

Some great suggestions posted here.  All I've been able to come up with is

Universe Connection

Anyways, I've been getting daily Security software warnings since Christmas day that someone is trying to decrypt my Wi-Fi network so I'm keeping shut down hoping they'll give up.  I don't know if it is someone new to my building or if someone has a visitor with nothing better to do with their time.  But I'm staying off-line unless I need to connect.

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