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This does give me hope!!  I echo what Clency has posted and I know there are many here who long to know that we can indeed be of some value for the missions.  Thank you  Lemuel.

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / fractal videos
« on: February 20, 2019, 04:27:35 AM »
Fractals are probably my favorite art form.  For those of you not familiar with them they are beautiful designs based on mathematics.  They somewhat mimic physics in that part of them are small while the designs grow when seen from different perspectives.  Much like an atom can resemble a solar system; similar in design, but different in scale.
Any way, I found a couple of short videos of them that just take my breath away.  Check them out if you like.  I have wondered if this might be similar to some of the beauty we will find on the mansion worlds.  They are short videos, but you can find them in much longer versions

Threads for New Transmissions / Granfanda. "I have seen it all"
« on: February 19, 2019, 06:52:59 PM »
Teacher:  Granfanda- Acting Head of the Corps of the Finality
Title:        I have seen it all
T/R:          Ametyst
Date:       February 19,2018
Location: Upstate NY


"Dear cherished forum members and guests,

“I am Grandfanda and from your Urantia text you know that I was the first mortal to become a Finialter in times long, long ago as you reconognize time.  I was born in Superuniverse number one. And since this is the oldest superuniverse it stands to reason that one from this universe would be the initial Finialiter.

“I see the forlorn faces, the puzzled looks, and the discouraged demeanor that weigh upon you these days, and this discouragement is very understandable.  

“I rejoice in the fact that I was able to get the attention of Amethyst when she was in a quiet meditative state.  I want to give you some words of encouragement to help see you through these murky times.  I can say from personal experience as well as from observation of ascenders and Finialters alike that there will be many times you will be dealing with a great deal of uncertainty, and some of these periods can last for many of many of your centuries.  Becoming a Finaliter will require great stamina and perseverance.  There were many times that I wondered if I had the mettle to stay the course.  

“You all do well to show your patience and that is a good sign.  There is much trouble ahead for Urantia and you have girded your steel to be prepared.  While the situation on Urantia may be one of the worst I have seen, I have indeed seen many that are very bad.  Even though it has taken very large periods of time to get some planets  back on their evolutionary paths, eventually all did have  a successful conclusion.  

“So the way you conduct yourself during this period of uncertainty can add a ‘feather in your cap’, to use one of your expressions, in preparing you for great service throughout your ascendant journeys in time and space and beyond.  Most of you here on this forum, even though the activity has slowed some, are holding up admirably.  

“You are astounding some of us.  Being created on a planet in such dire straits as Urantia, would be a most formidable challenge for even the best mortals of any sphere.  And yet not only do you endure, we are astonished by the fact that you are beginning  a population that is actually becoming fused with your Adjusters while still remaining in your physical forms!  This is unprecedented, and as one who has seen so much in my long experience, I am truly delighted and watch with great anticipation as to how all of this will play out.  

“I am not privy to how things will unfold, but you need to know your experiences are so unique that I cannot help but think that  eventually when you look back on these time, you will be glad you stayed the course.  Carry on without discouragement and your patience will prepare you for many blessings as you proceed onward.”  


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "The warning voice"
« on: February 10, 2019, 03:51:01 PM »
Thank you Universal Father and Rene for this.  I have been a little slow to recognize the warnings, but the more I read what other of you are experiencing, as well as my own, I am becoming more alert to these wars.  Something is going on; perhaps it is the last showdown.  At any rate the LIGHT clears out all darkness.  Thank you.

Thank you so much Lemuel for this.  It took great courage on your part and you are truly a most beautiful soul.  

I mentioned in a post about a month ago about an attack I received in the night from an entity that was up to no good.  I was asleep at the time and unable to consciously address it.  My beloved Thought Adjuster immediately stepped in and took the bull by the horns and kicked this entity out for good and it has not returned.  When Your Adjuster is there within you and working on your behalf, you ARE SAFE!!  All of you should know that by just asking your Adjusters and angels to protect you, they are there for you!!

I have a family member who is struggling with intense drug addiction, and I recently asked Mother Nebadonia to provide him with an experienced angel to protect him from any entities that are causing him to be weak.  I was immediately given a vision of a tall angel, which told me that the angel that was being assigned to him was of a high order and that was confirmation to me.  Of course she cannot interfere with his free will, but she can shield him from much evil that makes it difficult for him.

Again Lemuel, I have great respect for you and appreciate you complete and open honesty.  This is a certain sign that you are truly responding to the directions of your Beloved.

All my best to you!!

Since I do not read this group's info, I appreciate being made aware of this.  The transmissions seem to be drying up and when I do get them, there are errors.  Its just harder for me to get the prompts I used to get on a regular basis.  

But I am an agondonter of the opinion that a strictly 'hands off' approach by planetary management  is not going to be sufficient.  Humanity just will not awaken from its snooze induced by gadgets and devices and the rebellion mindset without some sort of wake up call that goes beyond the scope of what transmitters are able to do.  If most humans are handed truth on a silver platter, they will discard it for something more superficial. This of course is just my humble opinion.

I do not fear criticism when I transmit, but I am reluctant to make mistakes which could mislead others.  I take comfort in knowing that they will "provide some level of coherence from Christ Michael's receivers to keep revelation from being quelled."

So I thank Uteah for this information and Ron for bringing it to our attention.  I am sure that I am not the only T/R feeling a bit rudderless right now.

I really enjoyed listening to this recording!  It amazes me how similar our paths have been.  I too, studied the work of Elizabeth Claire Prophet for about 4 years, and have also studied ACIM, although The UB is of course my 'home base' as far as finding truth is concerned.  One thing I took away from studying Ms Prophet is how much power there is in the spoken word when used properly.  I have seen its power firsthand and know it is be a powerful tool when one knows how to apply it.  
It is almost as if we have all had the same training that brought us to where we are now.  How wonderful is that?  At any rate thank you for sharing this with us Ron.  

Here is something I received from Sordon this afternoon.  I must confess, I do not fully understand it all, but hopefully it may shed some light on all of us.  I posted it here because it applies to this discussion thread.

Topic:       Some Changes in the Function of the Forum
Teacher:   Sordon-Messenger of the Infinite Spirit
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:          January 29, 2019


“This is Sordon, and I have news that may be of some help to you.  Please quote me. This forum is now what we call the HUB.  As a wheel has spokes that radiate from a central hub, so too will many of you have assignments that, while originating as a result of your membership here, will branch out beyond the forum into individual assignments where you will receive individual instructions that will be unique to you.  You will the post the information concerning your activities back to the forum as needed or requested by us.

“The reason for this change is that there are not enough numbers of you that are skilled in the same way to allow us to get enough energy sustained to accomplish any task with the momentum and strength we need.  Therefore one by one, you will get transmissions that will lead you into a specific direction that will make the best use of what each of you can do to help us best.  We will be assigning teams of helpers for you to aid you in finding your particular “spoke” of the wheel and branch out into the actions you need to take to bring your efforts to fruition.  It is important that you keep your connection to this forum with updates as you will find with the passage of time, there will be a congruence as the spokes anchor themselves to the “rim” of our wheel.  

“I do not intend to speak in terms which make this difficult for you to understand, but use the analogy of the wheel to show you that even as a group, you will have your individual lines of activity and service.  Amethyst is trying to making heads or tails out of what I am saying, but as time moves forward, more of this will become clearer to all of you.

“We have some requests to make of you.  First, we ask all interested guests to become members and make yourselves known to the others on this forum, so that the other members and we, your celestial helpers can recognize you as part of our team.  You will be guided by your Thought Adjuster as to whether or not you need to do this.  Second, as the law of the universe is ‘ask and you shall receive’, please go into console with your Adjuster and ask for your specific ‘spoke’ to be made known to you and then sharpen your awareness to receive and understand the cues being given to you.  Third, do not try to figure out how your efforts will ultimately fit into the larger picture.  That is what we are doing.

“The more spokes the wheel gets, the stronger the wheel will become.  It is not ‘the more the merrier’, it is the more, the more power is generated.  Leave it to us to roll the wheel where it needs to go.  That is not for you to concern yourselves with.  The more you report back to this hub, the more you will understand how this wheel will roll into the right areas of your cultures and distribute the strength to crush the remains of the rebellion mindset from many different angles.  

“You are still very much needed on our team, only now it is in a different way.  Continue with your transmissions!!!  Post updates on your projects and progress.  An example of how this hub is forming is the books Ron has, and continues to write.  Many of you have good writing skills.  Use them and get your work published.  Some of you will be placed in certain circumstances at just the right time to contribute in ways of which you are not aware.  

“You are developing not only transmission skills, but profound ways of delivering information through the minds of others to their Adjusters.  Some will besiege you with criticism, but that is part of the process that needs to take place.  These tasks are not for the faint of heart as the planet has become insane with false and perverted ideas perpetuated by the Lucifer rebellion mindset.  

“This work will begin to bear its greatest fruit after the earth changes have occurred as most of those remaining will become so confused as to what has taken place and will come to understand that business as usual is over.

“It is our hope that this is not only food for thought, but food for action.  The action to be provided will come from your Father Fragment and provide the fuel for the steps each of you needs to take.  And please post to the forum the directions in which you feel led, and the steps you are considering, so that you all may rejoice in the LOVE of the Father as He leads you on your individual journeys of service.  May all of your actions be guided by LOVE, SERVICE, and HEALING of our beloved Urantia.  Peace and success to all of you”

Sue-- I believe SOP stands for 'Standard Operating Procedure'.  
I feel bad about this, but especially for Ron, Larry, and Steven.  The cost in money and time required to get to York to be a part of this Contact Commission is significant.  It took great sacrifice on their part to make sure they were present and accounted for to be part of this.  And now they find out it was all for naught?  They are indeed troopers and should be recognized as such.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Action Needed
« on: January 28, 2019, 05:12:19 PM »
Thank you Gabriel and Steven.
Millions will come to learn how Urantia has come to sufferings as a result of the Lucifer Rebellion.  That realization is the key to wellness.
The above quote is one of the most key elements for understanding how we got to be where we are now!!!   If only humanity could come to understand how all of the landmines set by Lucifer have so deeply injured and scarred us.  But how do we tell them in a way that will impress upon their minds the far-reaching and deep ramifications of the intense dysfunction and soul crushing actions perpetuated by Lucifer?  

General Discussion / Re: Urantia Book
« on: January 22, 2019, 10:51:23 PM »
Thank you prozonov and Margul--
even though I have read the UB many times, I find I also find new understanding when I read it more.  This is very good advice, and I intend to do just that.  This is such an uncertain time for us and I look forward to being able to receive some transmissions again.
Thank you,

I want to share with all of you an experience I had about 10 days ago.  I was sleeping and I dreamed there was a human looking entity trying to wrap itself around my left shoulder and neck.  It was about 4 ft. tall, very thin, and reminded me of a science geek with very thick glasses.  In my dream, I looked at it and told it to go away.  It did not.  Then my Adjuster took over and with a very authoritative tone said that it was not supposed to be there and it was to leave IMMEDIATELY, which it did.  
The next morning I woke up early because my tongue was sore on my left side.  When I looked at it, there was a gouge or red abrasion right down the left side where this creature had been in my dream.  His face had been right up to my left cheek.
I never worry about nightmares because I know I have all the protection I need and besides most nightmares are just bad dreams anyway and have nothing to do with our waking reality.  But when I saw this wound, I knew that this particular dream had more to it.  Our heavenly helpers do indeed protect us, but I think Mother was trying to tell us that if we can collect some extra white Light as extra energy, it will make their jobs a little easier.

3rd of three transmissions from Mother Nebadonia
With Michael

Topic: The Habit of Drawing Additional Protection to Yourselves
Learning to Read Between the Lines
Teachers:Mother Nebadonia and Michael
T/R: Amethyst
Date: January 17,2019
Location:  Upstate NY


“Your Father and I watch you wait and wonder what is to be in the coming weeks and months.  We feel your uncertainty, your apprehension, your sense of a lack of direction and guidance during these difficult days of waiting.  We understand your confusion and puzzlement.  Would it surprise you to learn that many of us here also feel very similar feelings.  We do.  

“During these times it is most helpful and advantageous to you to add an extra layer of protection around you. Upon wakening and before going to sleep each day, ask my angelic daughters to provide you with a solid cone of white Light to completely enfold you to help protect you from the slings and arrows being thrown about by forces that are targeting the Light carriers such as yourselves.  Visualize this white wall as almost solid.  

“These arrows can come from any direction at any time , and are looking for a weak spot into which they can infiltrate.  Amethyst experienced this first-hand a few days ago when she was blindsigthed by an invisible brick wall.  

“This is a time to keep your ears to the ground, a silencing of too much speech, and especially increasing your inner perception that can indeed warn you of impending obstacles.  You are truly watched and protected by your angel, but this added layer is another tool for them to use with their job.  

“There is much going on now that is being missed by most of you.  Look to your life circumstances and try to decipher what you are being shown.  Look to the events you see all around you and try to discern subtle ways in which you see correction being made.  These subtle signs will become more and more obvious with the movement of time, and it is important you hone your perception skills.

“Your Mother is asking you to stretch yourselves to perceive both the hidden difficulties and quiet changes taking place as the missions launch more fully.  There is a great deal of activity both good and bad swirling within some of you as well as around you, and it is important to stay grounded, and that you keep your faith and turn to us.  

“Meditating upon, and asking for the cone of protection your Mother referred to, should become a daily habit for you. This is co-creation with God, and the farther you ascend, the more you will become  aware of  your co-creation responsibilities.  

“This cone will give many of the mischief makers pause before they attempt to trip the worthy sons and daughters of God.  They will give a second thought to causing harm, knowing their Father Fragments are on duty ready with the LIGHT and LIFE of God.  These problem makers will then try to approach a target that has less self awareness and do not have a deep connection with their Creator.  But it is the Light bearers that they covet the most. So be prepared to let your Adjusters and angels do their jobs, as they do so well.

“We both close now with this transmission, and hope you study it well. 
God day from both of us.”


One of the reasons that I did not post a reply to the late December announcements on the missions is because I sensed the ending before the beginning.  If you are familiar with the movie “Ground Hog’s Day”, you know what I mean.  You go to bed each evening only to awaken the next day to live the same day as yesterday all over again.  The pattern of stops and starts is so established into our experience that I have come to expect it as the norm.

Having said that, I am quite unsettled by the fact that there appears to be so much chaos in the universe itself over Urantia.  On Urantia, humans are used to this chaos, but we try to have faith that at least heaven knows what it is doing.  The Eternal Son is the WORD of God, while the Infinite Spirit is the ACTION of God.  The Supreme Being, as I have always understood it, is the evolving collector and assimilator of the EXPERIENENCES of the universe.  I have never read anything in the Urantia Book that made me think that the Supreme became involved in directing the experiences.  So I am puzzled by the Supreme becoming involved with the actions of the Infinite Spirit. This is new to me.  The angels are the creation of personalities of the Infinite Spirit (or action aspect) of God.  Being a mere mortal, I know that I really understand little about how these thing work.  Whether or not we will have any assignments in any of the missions is secondary to me.  My issue is with the (apparent ) instability and confusion taking place with those universe personalities that are in charge of helping Urantia get back on the right path.  

I know we have  all been disappointed in these developments, but we must not lose our faith.  Let us all pray that January 15 will bring some permanent solutions to these problems so we can all find some peace.  

These are just the musings of a simple human who seeks truth and desperately wants to see Urantia be healed.  It is said that time heals all wounds, and perhaps that is true.  But even healed wounds can leave permanent scars.  I wonder if the scars on Urantia are permanent.

General Discussion / Re: Pray for me,..., my dear friends !!!
« on: January 03, 2019, 11:16:03 PM »
 My prayer for you has already been said.  Keep the faith our dear and beloved brother!

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