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General Discussion / Re: Informational work
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:42:33 PM »
Hi Prozonov,

Thank-you for this message...I can tell from it that even non-english speaking persons will be able to participate, but in an effort to streamline and make things transparent, there has to be, in this case, english as a language of communication on the international scene. BUT, locally persons should be able to communicate the messages to the local populace in their language...

Hello Nalikaa,
Welcome to the Forum! Your transmission is beautiful!

Hi All,
Setting up a website is not as complicated as it was, like 10-15 years back.
Any ISP will offer:
-Domain registration, and auto renewal
-Website and email hosting
-Webtools to create a good looking , and functional website.
I imagine any Canadian company (Bell, Telus, etc) or US company (Verizon, Bell South, Comcast, etc) offers these services.
You need to name an admin for maintenance and billing issues.

Hi All,
OK, I await here with baited breathe...I get the feeling that we are on the cusp of big stuff here! We know that as humans, we can do nothing save we get a good push and shove from up above! I wait patiently, but also, I can roll up my sleeves when my number is called!
My gratitude for this info!

HI RonB,
If at all possible, I really would like a copy of the SER! My thanks to MONJORONSON and to you for all that is done!

Hi All,

The many points made on this topic are valid and pertinent. I think that it all boils down to one word; preparation.
Think, when Lord Michael came as Jesus, and forerunner was sent to prepare or open the way.
We do need to prepare the way, without knowing what preparations that Monjoronson will undertake. 
Those preparatory undertakings should personally speaking, include our hearts, and homes. Then our communities, and our spheres of influence. We can hope that using our technology, then, that the effects will become exponential, and spread across our globe like a seismic wave.
I leave this here for our consideration.

Hi All, RonB,
Okay, here are my responses:
1)  Did the universe have any input into World War I or World War II?  Any evidence?  Or, just what you think is okay too.
Yes, in the form of Caligastia trying to push his agenda and his hate for Michael and all that Michael stood for.
2)  What does God do when no easy answer comes as to what to do on a planet like Urantia, where many levels of authority have a different view of what is to be done?  What agency has the final say?  Tricky second question that one.
Mmm...He falls back on previous experiential events? But there was none to compare to this, and our duty was to call to action...
3) Are we waiting again? Listen to your mind real well on that one.
We (believers) are waiting, but we are small on this much preparation is prepare the way...
4) Where am I in this chaos of thinking for myself?  does thinking like this help me at all?
I need to pull back to basics, but the exercise of the spectrum of thought on this helps me to see more clearly.
Does the fact that so few of us are active in preparing the way for the Missions reflect on our handicap in doing our share to get this world to Light and Life? 

Hi JuliodaLuz
Excellent article!!! I agree with your items!

Commitment to the quality of its services and products, and the company must provide the consumer with a product or service with quality and fair price for both the company and the consumer.
I would add the following point:
1a) That all items produced meet set standards for being ecologically friendly. That products be recyclable or biodegradeable to a high percentage.
One item that jumps out at me is that of automobiles. Our mindset should evolve so that, let's say you drive a 1980 Belchfire 500, you could send it back to you dealer/service centre/factory to have it upgraded/retrofitted with newer features....
Excellent points JuiodaLuz!!!

Hi All,

I sit here with many thoughts going through my mind: 
I want all to realize that I continue in patience and faith waiting for any Mission to materialize, and I do bow to the wisdom of our Divine brethren and to Deity. 
BUT, I do wonder reflecting on the difficulties being see in getting the Missions going, on the disagreements being voiced from on High as to the involvement and the colour of the Missions. It seems that the Powers to Be cannot agree, or do not want to be involved? It brings to mind the non-involvement in two of this planets worse moments in time: WWI and II, and the Holocaust. I ask, where were they? I hope they were not playing the perpetual and allegorical ostrich with the collective heads in the sand? I do not want to open a can of worms, but do wonder if we find ourselves in a precarious situation that we cannot on our own solve without our Divine brethren taking the reins, and are they on board to help us in this case, or will the heads go back in the sand? I realize there seems to be a policy of hands off when it comes to our free will and the exercise thereof, but, is history due to repeat itself again?
These are questions and concerns I have. We, this planet, need to see change, NOW...not in 5...10...20 may be too late to save much of survival value on this planet.
I sit here, with open ears, mind, and soul...

General Discussion / Re: President of Russia Vladimir Putin
« on: January 01, 2019, 10:27:13 PM »
Hi All,

First, Happy New Year to all of the Forum members. That this year be filled with love and joy. And above all that this year bring to fruition in the face of the world, the Missions!


A beuatiful poem that guides us to how we should live our lives here! Thank-you!

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Family Love
« on: December 26, 2018, 10:24:42 PM »
Your words are spot on! Thank-you for voicing what I was unable to put into words! Merry Christmas!

Hi All,
In a weird way, I do appreciate his sentiment, and sense of humour!

Hi All,

Chilliwack, I am sympathetic to you. We all get impatient! Look at Eve, her impatience twisted things up. Her intentions were good, no doubt, but it threw a wrench in the works! Either in our own situation, or it's effect on others, we need to cap our impatience. If not, then our ego steps in, and then things can really get the better of us.
Enjoy the ride!

Hi All,

I find myself in awe of what has and is transpiring. The giant step that has been accomplished by RonB, SteveL, and LarryG is nothing short of amazing. They have been able to bring about the formal and first concrete steps in the eventual, and majestic appearance of our Creator Son!!!
Urantia is about to finally take her place towards Light and Life. My humble thanks to our Father, Michael of Nebadon, Divine Mother, and the many other divine personalities that have deemed us worthy of their efforts that result in these many great and manifest blessings!

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