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General Discussion / Re: God's questions
« on: November 27, 2019, 10:28:32 PM »
Hi Prozonov,
Thanks for your words! I wholeheartedly agree! Who are we to judge the gods? To know their timelines? They who live outside of time...we are the creatures governed by time, not they. When I say 'gods' small 'g', I also mean all  of our divine beings. Maybe that is one of our biggest errors: to judge or critique as per OUR standards, as opposed to THEIR standards...just saying...

Hi All,

Interesting that the FER has been referred to as 'the best kept secret' of our century! Seems that it was inherent in the Foundation to limit it's intro to society. The tools to it's dissemination were limited and few compared to what's available today.
Back in the '30's, 40's and 50's you had radio, TV, printed matter. Today you can add the internet, and a much more pronounced media when it comes to print, TV, radio. Now if you consider that with all the available methods to spread the revelation, why did it not strike a cord and catch fire and spread like there is no comparison?
I think, my opinion, mind you, that you need two items to consider. You need to have a message in a format that will capture the attention of the public at large, or you need to have an audience that is put in a situation where it will not be able to overlook the revelation.
I sometimes think that an overt presentation at the UN would capture the attention of the world...maybe!
Sad, but the vast majority of our people on this forum got their intro to the FER by very small means, intro by someone, stumble onto it. I believe that handing out books, free, or not, does not guarantee that the wisdom, the knowledge contained therein, will be used, read, absorbed, acted upon. Also, it does not take much to be labeled as, or in fact, become, cult-like, true?
Anyway, I am flexing my small grey matter on this, but fail to come up with something that is innovative, and effective.

Hi All,
All I can say is WOW!My brain is swimming and wants to either go TILT or Zonk! Now DingXin brought about an interesting idea: that a 2nd 'SUPREME' could have been existant...well, if all personality and knowledge can be salvaged, maybe this is made possible. Make it analogous to our own ascension careers, if we refuse it, is our own experience lost...or that of a TA whose fusion never happens, and whose candidate refuses the ascension plan?
Definitely, the end of the Supreme dramatically changes so many items, but I believe that the Father has planned a creation that is pliable, elastic, and can react positively to any situation. The only factor that ultimately affects us is TIME...
Anyway, time to go back and re-read!
Many thanks RonB!

Hi All,
Global tragedies of this type, no matter what the origin, call for switch action. Human in dire situations such as in the aftermath of hurricanes, volcanic eruptions, viral disease, etc, call for the ability to respond to be more up to par with the needs. Here is an idea: set up global response centers geographically situated in respective land masses in order to respond to humanitarian needs in a more proper and timely fashion.
In one of our sad stories of mismanagement, an airport that was set up years ago, was mothballed to the point where one of the terminals was torn down last year, and the airport hotel has been mothballed for year (There was no purpose seen ( as per our EXPERTS) to convert it to other uses. Such centres should, and could exist, be staffed, equipped, and ready to go to action when called upon.

What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / Re: Stay Close to Us
« on: September 22, 2019, 06:28:38 PM »
Hi All,
We ponder how a creature of light can exist without being aware or grow in TRUTH, BEAUTY, or GOODNESS.
Let us not forget that the Father knows all, and he let's his creations live out their full measure of freedom of choice.
Does this apply to all? I would think so...

General Discussion / Re: False Loss of Authority
« on: September 05, 2019, 11:33:22 PM »
HI All,

RonB, you stated the best guidelines: truth, beauty, and goodness. Is this not what makes all that we do, all that our divine colleagues do, all that the Father does, worthwhile? If it were not, we could not abide the human corollary: faith, hope, and charity!
Let us hope that things get ironed out, and that you start to get kind treatment for a change. A great man once said that we need more gentleness in this world. It is also needed beyond our realm as well.

Hi All,

This lays out the root plan for the roll out of the Mission, does it not? With that and the 'Sustainability' document, you have a good start to " How to Roll out A Mission on Urantia" movie!!! I look forwards to it!

General Discussion / Re: Preping for DORIANghts
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:32:58 PM »
Hi LarryG,

Will keep you in my thoughts and prayers that you get through this safely!

Hi All,
Ron is correct in what he says. When things start to look muddles, time to back off, take a breather, and then come back when answers/goals are clearer.
This is something we all need to learn to do in this life: to let go!
Thanks for reminding us RonB!

General Discussion / Re: What's new ?
« on: August 29, 2019, 10:16:44 PM »
Hi All,

I might as well stick my 5 cents worth on this discussion...and after saying what I want to say, it may well be worth less than that!
We all recognize the need for a human/Divine person mission to correct and help us put this disk on the right course. If not for constant and consistent efforts by Ron, and such, there would be little hope for us, this my opinion! After centuries of waiting for our divine colleagues to right things, we see that we need to push from our end, and also to prepare this place to receive Michael of Nebadon, Serara, etc.
We were handed a rotten apple when Lucifer and company flushed us down the tubes with long term effects being this planet is far from where it should be. We didn't ask for the trouble it caused, but we are the inheritors of all the trouble that was the result.
I ask you, are we able to right things by ourselves? I think not. I also believe that we are 'owed help .
We continue to pray, to read and to act as much as we can.
Thanks to Ron and company for acting on their beliefs!!!

What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / Re: The Sound of Silence
« on: August 24, 2019, 10:10:29 AM »
Hi All,
The sound of silence, could be a calm before a storm. In this case storm may refer to a flurry of activity!

Thanks Dominick,
The message is reassuring! It tells us that despite what is ongoing on high, we are still being told that we are loved, that there is a future for us, and that there will be a balancing of what is going on with our little blue disk!

Hi Wenebojo,

What a beautiful message! It is for you, but, I believe, also for many of us, myself included. Thanks for sharing!

Hi Dominick,

The advice given above is spot -on! I speak from personal experience. I had started doing T/R, at the same time, daily, in the same place. This afforded me the ideal situation. worked. I had to stop transmitting due to losing this a local school which I had access to. I lost that access, and home is not an option. So I need to make arrangements to find a place. Doing T/R, I found very rewarding...a feeling I was contributing, doing what I should be doing. I need to get back in the 'saddle' again...

Hi  Dominick,

Thanks for the transmission...Lanaforge was very much on point!!! Alot of work needs to be done all over this little blue planet of ours, and specifically among the people!
Also, sorry, I misspelled your name in one reply.

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