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Ron, your additional research that showed the YouTube presentation was not available to me but I did find additional info that might indicate how the Germans had found the process as a byproduct to their initial product of "uranium enrichment" through a similar process using heavy water, in their nuclear weapons research, as might be processed in "Helikon vortex separation process" like system.
In addition the process of heat which seems to be produced may come from the following process that may also relate to the "Windhexe" process - this can be better described as a "Vortex tube", which can produce great temperature variations from very hot to extremely cold. The simplified process can be seen here:

"Separation of a compressed gas into a hot stream and a cold stream."

Even though the construction of the "Windhexe" could use the same principle and over exaggerated with the large cone chamber the heat would brake down the particles and the cold exhaust would solidify the end product.  In the narrative of the "Windhexe" it indicates that even rocks and cement were processed and with additional modification and reprocessing the end product through an additional process, could reduce the Micron size even more.

There is an old website from the company formed from "Windhexe" which can be found: "" - listed as "Vortex Dehydration Technology".

Vortex Dehydration Technology, LLC ®2002.  All Rights Reserved
1115 Pleasant Ridge Road Greensboro, NC 27409

Ron, based on the information which you presented I found a similar apparatus which is being used that seems to perform similarly to what you have described here.  The apparatus is called a "Windhexe" that brakes down material to Micron size. In the following article "", it has been noted that it is being used in Australia as follows: "The Windhexe is also being used to dry lignite coal in Australia, a process by which impurities are removed from the coal pre-burn producing a cleaner burning fuel."
Is this machine anything like what you have described in the process listed here?
Thank you in advance for your response and input.

Ron, fascinating information but I'm curious about your mention of "Doctor Ing Rohrbach", where based on your narrative, was that not "Dr.-Ing Adolf Rohrbach"?  Where "Dr.-Ing" is a German title and abbreviation for a "Doctor of Engineering".  And, if Adolf Rohrback (1889-1939), I am very familiar with his work and curious to research further.  

MidiChlorian, you have some inaccuracies in your post above which I will not bother with.  Primary Midwayers were born as spirit and not as morontial as the Secondary Midwayers were.  The Primary Midwayers work today on Urantia as they did thousands of years ago when they arrived via the Adam and Eve pairs of pure blood children.  Those children as human parents of that day work the same as they did on Urantia and that was to observe the Sabbath and to prepare man to worship well in the Father's Temple.  That Temple is being prepared right now for inclusion with the new Urantia Book Foundation to begin its operation soon, and the new Temple will appear near the new Foundation in about two years.  Primary Midwayers Angela and Susatia are working with Ron to obtain the idea of service in the Brotherhood, and the Brotherhood is a division within the new Urantia Book Foundation to allow the new Foundation to participate in the Temple too as ones to maintain it and propose the use of Brotherhood members as Acolytes before the Temple's Altar.  Thank you.  Ron
Thanks for the reply Ron, where what you have presented above cannot be validated via the Original Urantia Book.  If you wish I can quote chapter and verse but, if you are referencing the information above from the New Urantia Book or your own understanding for what is written in the original UB, then I would appreciate it if you would indicate so or present some UB quotations to validate what you have said.
Nevertheless, I may be misunderstanding your narration above at to the origins of the Primary Midwayer's in that from my knowledge they were produced by the Princes Staff upon arriving shortly after 500,000 years ago, but if I have missed something, please let me know? Also, you may have misread one of my questions in that from my understanding of the UB and the production of the 50,000 Primary Midwayer's it was indicated that they existed prior to the arrival of the Princes Staff, but did not give a reason as to why they disappeared in order that they needed to be re-produced again.  It was my assumption that they may have been killed off at the time when the higher order of beings went into Urantia to clean up the mess after the appearance of the first humans which would have prompted the arrival of the Prince but was delayed for about 500,000 years.  I'm wondering if you can get some accurate information from your Celestial contacts outside of this Universe? 
Being a potential product of Secondary Midwayer's, I have some info on this but not sure as to its accuracy.   

Your answer is more fully explained in my post above yours where I explain the morontial frequency and how it is not visble to the human eye,  That is a fuller answer than I give here.

Midwayers today are of even a higher frequency then when the first Urantia Book was published in 1955.  They have humanized, received Thought Adjusters, and are being trained on Mansion World One to handle being Adjustered, as I can attest that is not easy to handle when you receive the Adjuster fully in audio compliment with the mind as the Midwayers now receive their Adjusters too lately.  There are about 10,000 new Midwayers in the past few years brought to Urantia to help out in the divine missions.  If you as a human are to work with these Midwayers, then you must have reinforced spirit eyesight to even glimpse them.  They are not just morontial energies anymore but are being q uickly converted to human standing once this is all fully approved by the Universal Father.  Such approval is not expected until the day of the second Pentecost.  Thank you,  Ron
Ron, I have read your post on the subject or questions that I asked, but as I have mentioned before, with the addition of all the other unrelated stuff, it makes it hard to understand what or where you are going with some of your narrations on specific subjects.  Being that you are the primary on the New Urantia Book, and that there is not public copy available for review, my questions are to you so that I may understand better what the New Book will include.
Now as you explain some above, I can understand that you may be referring to Secondary Midwayer's in that they can take on TA's and actually become mortal and be seen, but for the most part I am referring to Primary Midwayer's which are mentioned to be different and also, I would like to know what your opinion is on how it was that the original 50,000 Primary Midwayer's were reproduced from their original permanent status, which would indicate that at some point prior to the arrival of the Princes Staff, were somehow removed or disappeared in order that they needed to be recreated.
Also, you did not explain your use of the "Akashic Records" and why you used that reference, where I am well versed in Theosophy which originated prior to the UB.

"MidiChlorian you are going to drive Ron nuts as the answer to part of your question is written clearly in front of all above your post where you ask the same question he explained fully above.  I am of the opinion you are too busy to read all you ask about first but he decided to answer you fully and clearly again too in order to keep you happy here, which he knows you are not especially prone to fell good about much here.  In any case I support your work as you have it now MidiChlorian, and you must someday get a patent for that work because they will steal it from you for sure if you let them and do not protect yourself from their entreaties to work with them on this project.  Ron knows nothing so do not ask him but come to me in prayer and you will find your work easier to execute then you feel so now.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."
"Michael" I'm not sure why you presented the narration above, where my primary questions where to Ron and as I mentioned before, I do read what Ron presents but get lost in some of the additional material he adds which seems to have nothing to do with the direction of the response he presents.
Just as  point or order "Michael", I would never come to you in prayer because I pray directly to my Father in Heaven, who actually answers those prayers through my better understanding.  I find it difficult to pray to someone who has posted such negative attitudes towards people in general.  Sorry, but from my reading here in the web-site, your narrations are much to human like and filled with errors. IMO.

I've got a question for Ron, in regard to the morontial state of matter? Can you see this morontial matter, and if so then you should also be able to see Midwayer's in their morontial being? Being that Midwayer's can make themselves visible to mortals of extraordinary abilities, then would you Ron, be able to also see them, being that you have acquired such an extraordinary deified status?
In reading you response to the previous questions regarding "physical or morontial", I don't really think that you have answered the question? And, what does that have to do with "the Akashic Records" since this is a Sanskrit term, "akasha" which was introduced to our language through theosophy?

General Discussion / Re: the Coming of the Spiritual Explosion
« on: March 25, 2018, 10:17:53 PM »
That seems a little difficult when planets only get one bestowal each. There really is no way Jesus or Michael benefit from such an arrangement, and neither would we. Michael's bestowal mission was primarily done so that he could be granted full authority over Nebadon to help end the Lucifer Rebellion. He already had a human experience and does not require another one, at least to gain some official title or sign of spiritual merit. Meanwhile, we would not be afforded the flexibility of an immediate incarnation, and Jesus would not benefit from the safety of such a mission, where he could essentially come and go as he pleased. Meanwhile, most talk of the magisterial mission outside of this website does not involve a Jesus incarnation at all, so a bestowal mission is even less likely. That being said, it's not impossible for him to be roaming around as a human. I just have considerable doubts that he could have a new human mother.
Of coarse "overmind" you are entitled to your opinion and a second appearance of Jesus would have nothing to do with a "bestowal" in that he can do what and how He wishes, but when I first came to this web-site, I stated that Jesus was already here and that I knew this because I had personal interaction with Him.  However, I was immediately put off and I left it at that.  For your, information the only real protection that was installed was that Gabriel was present at this time or in the beginning, and as fare as His mother is concerned, that would be, as Ron puts it, a matter of State.  It took some time to setup but with an army of Angels and even those who have been considered as leading much of the underworld order where used to get Him to His present location and position. Also, upon His physical death He will be taking all the faithfully departed and others who would normally be left behind with Him.
But, as with your opinion, what I tell you here is also my opinion, based on the review of others but there can be proof forthcoming even though there are some who will not accept any type of validation.            

Ron posted in Mike's request for an explanation -- "Mike,  I meant to say nitrogen dioxide which does not exist that your science is skeptical that it exists at all."  
Is this also an oversight because "nitrogen dioxide" does exist and long exposure to it, is poisonous.  

[. . .] I'm optimistic about my over eating problem, 211 lbs, only 5 foot 11, being helped also by this information, because I see that it's something that can be overcome. [. . .]
Daniel, you indicate that you are overweight which may be true but if this was determined by a physician using the "body mass index (BMI) or Quetelet index", it may not be true, where there is only one true way of determining a persons body mass, and this is not known by many in the medical industry, and may have caused much anxiety and psychological problems for many people. If one were to use the standard BMI, Tom Cruise would be considered as obese, because he is very short and has more muscle mass then fat, where muscle weighs more then fat.

The only true way to get an accurate body mass is to submerge a person into a water filled vat, which is placed on a scale, where the water being displaced from the submerged person will indicate their volume and once removed the measurement of the displaced water, where all three situations have been weighed, before, while, and after the submergence. This will provide the true index for that person.  A gallon of water weighs a specific amount, and therefore the displaced water volume calculated to gallons, and then calculated to the actual weight of the submerged person in the vat, once the water has been displaced, will give one an accurate weight per volume of that person, and it can be calculated how much of that weight is from fat or muscle.

Leonardo da Vinci - Vitruvian Man

Leonardo da Vinci's "Vitruvian Man" is one of the best physiological scale maps for the average man, where the measurement from the tip of the fingers of the outstretched arms should measure exactly the same as a persons height. Also the exact mid-point of the human is located as a specific bone at the tail end of the spinal column, and if these measurements are not accurate to these ratios, there are other factors at play, which may also have medical issues, specifically from childhood on.

One medical issue which could indicate a change in the physical ratio from above, which would also not be noticeable or indicated as a variation on the standard BMI, is "Isolated hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (IHH), also called idiopathic or congenital hypogonadotropic hypogonadism (CHH)," where these are an offshoot of "Kallmann syndrome", where a persons torso, is either shorter or longer, based on the length of that persons legs and even the measurement between the tips of the fingers of the outstretched arms.  All of these differences in ratio will effect the volume of a person and also change their weight to height ratio,as well.

Therefore, as I mentioned above, if you indicate an overeating problem, this might not be the case if you are looking at the standard BMI, and you have more muscle mass then fat mass?  But then you would also know if this was the case or not.    


I find much of the information presented on "Alzheimer's" here to be inaccurate as where they when presented on the medical board previously removed, and still without substance.
However, that which is presented by Mother Spirit/Ron B., is also subject to correction:
“[. . .] We tell you this concerning Alzheimer’s Disease:

“When you eat parsley or other foods with green specks in it, you are eating what should be good for you, but Ron has discovered that using parsley as dried in the store works beautifully and that is harmless to all of you.  Fresh parsley should be dried a day or two before you chop it up for food use.

“Secondly, eating kelp is not good for you.  It races the stomach to finish digesting far too soon and you will develop ulcers eventually by using it over a long period of time.

“Eating string beans out of the field is gracefully done but you need to peel them a little to get rid of the ascorbic acid on them as that causes lesions in the stomach as Ron just found out.  Curl them back and break the long ones in the middle and peel off the outer most skin if you can stand the time to do this’ otherwise, you run the risk of introducing Strep C and Strep D.  Ron you eliminate all that with your diet though."

First of all "parsley" is a natural diuretic and can be used instead of drugs that perform the same task.  In other words "parsley" removes excess water from the body, when ingested in large quantities or in concentrated form.

Second, "Kelp" is a natural form of "iodine" and is required by the body for various medicinal purposes, specifically for the Thyroid gland, however, kelp could not be ingested enough to really make a difference, so concentrated forms of Iodine are used.  Nevertheless, iodine has been used as a leavening agent, and the FDA indicated that its use was less effective than other chemical products in food today which was a big mistake.  The human body expels excessive amounts of iodine through the urine, where it is difficult to overdose on the needed iodine in the body.  Also, students used to use "kelp" prior to taking tests, in school, in order to establish an improved intellect, for taking tests, although this was never really proved.

Thirdly, in olden days, the "string" on string beans was removed, because it was less digestible, but by cutting the beans into smaller peaces, this problem was overcome.  The other issue regarding "ascorbic acid" and/or L-ascorbic acid, is non-other then "Vitamin C", which is a necessary supplement in every diet. However, has nothing to do with the "string" in string beans, however beans should be cooked slightly prior to eating, where there can be more damage done by consuming soybeans specifically in raw form which is poisonous unless processed properly, and still can be a problem, when processed improperly.  Animals will not eat raw soybeans, but may be subject to this product, in animal feeds, not properly processed, where when we eat these animals that has ingested this, we are subject to the same poisons, as are hormones given to animals in their feed, to prevent infection.  However, the improper slaughter of animals that we eat, will secret hormones into the blood stream, which prompts anxiety and fear in humans.  

Not to mention that the food supplements mentioned above, have nothing to do with "Alzheimer's", and the rest of that information is inaccurate, specifically the chemical compounds presented which are wrong. A question for Ron, would be, how do the celestial's explain the "plaque" found in the brain, after autopsy and determined as being Alzheimer's?  The primary cause of Alzheimer's is "ethanol and methane", which changes the long cell chains (polymer chains) to shortened ones, through improper folding, allowing them to get past the blood-brain-barrier, which effects the ion channels by changing the cholesterol in the cell walls, which eventually blocks these ion channels from functioning and interconnecting the neurons in the brain.        

You are what you eat.              

P.S.: By the way it is "Dura mater (Latin: tough mother)" not "dura matter".

This may be a little off the wall but I wonder if Ron and the participating Deities could consider an option to help Ron with his pains, if at all possible.  And the option is this:  Is it physically possible to transfer some of the pain empathetically?  It may be my sci-fi movie memories or it may be the fact that twins can "feel" or "share" each other's physical experiences ( if that's even true), but could this be real?  Or can we give a physical part of ourselves to aid in the recovery of someone else?  In either case or some other case that we mortals cannot know about at this time, are we able to share the pain or transfer some part of our physical being to the subject (in this case, Ron) for remedial purposes.  We can give a kidney to a needy person, can't we?  Can we give something Ron needs?

I'll wait for an answer and it will probably define my puerile thinking.  Or not!!!  Just hoping there's a way.

Interesting philosophy or theory "gitz", however, assuming that this might already be the case in fact or speculation, it would mean that both or all parties would need to make at least the same effort in order to rectify minimal aspects of the various issues.  I for one, know of a few people who have or have been suffering from similar painful experiences, in and around the same time that Ron has mentioned these various issues.  So, it might not be out of the question that what you present is and can be a viable theory.  Then there is the other side of this coin in that with Ron's abilities, can one rule out that he is the one sympathetically feeling an other's pain, where if the celestial's cannot put their finger on his specific issues, is there actually a problem which needs to be resolved?  In essence a psychosomatic response, however this may be unlikely if specific physical issues have not been ruled out or confirmed by a material physician.            

5. The Remarkable Ikhnaton

(1047.1) 95:5.1 The teachings of Amenemope were slowly losing their hold on the Egyptian mind when, through the influence of an Egyptian Salemite physician, a woman of the royal family espoused the Melchizedek teachings. This woman prevailed upon her son, Ikhnaton, Pharaoh of Egypt, to accept these doctrines of One God.

(1047.2) 95:5.2 Since the disappearance of Melchizedek in the flesh, no human being up to that time had possessed such an amazingly clear concept of the revealed religion of Salem as Ikhnaton. In some respects this young Egyptian king is one of the most remarkable persons in human history. During this time of increasing spiritual depression in Mesopotamia, he kept alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God, in Egypt, thus maintaining the philosophic monotheistic channel which was vital to the religious background of the then future bestowal of Michael. And it was in recognition of this exploit, among other reasons, that the child Jesus was taken to Egypt, where some of the spiritual successors of Ikhnaton saw him and to some extent understood certain phases of his divine mission to Urantia.

(1047.3) 95:5.3 Moses, the greatest character between Melchizedek and Jesus, was the joint gift to the world of the Hebrew race and the Egyptian royal family; and had Ikhnaton possessed the versatility and ability of Moses, had he manifested a political genius to match his surprising religious leadership, then would Egypt have become the great monotheistic nation of that age; and if this had happened, it is barely possible that Jesus might have lived the greater portion of his mortal life in Egypt.

(1047.4) 95:5.4 Never in all history did any king so methodically proceed to swing a whole nation from polytheism to monotheism as did this extraordinary Ikhnaton. With the most amazing determination this young ruler broke with the past, changed his name, abandoned his capital, built an entirely new city, and created a new art and literature for a whole people. But he went too fast; he built too much, more than could stand when he had gone. Again, he failed to provide for the material stability and prosperity of his people, all of which reacted unfavorably against his religious teachings when the subsequent floods of adversity and oppression swept over the Egyptians.

(1047.5) 95:5.5 Had this man of amazingly clear vision and extraordinary singleness of purpose had the political sagacity of Moses, he would have changed the whole history of the evolution of religion and the revelation of truth in the Occidental world. During his lifetime he was able to curb the activities of the priests, whom he generally discredited, but they maintained their cults in secret and sprang into action as soon as the young king passed from power; and they were not slow to connect all of Egypt’s subsequent troubles with the establishment of monotheism during his reign.

(1047.6) 95:5.6 Very wisely Ikhnaton sought to establish monotheism under the guise of the sun-god. This decision to approach the worship of the Universal Father by absorbing all gods into the worship of the sun was due to the counsel of the Salemite physician. Ikhnaton took the generalized doctrines of the then existent Aton faith regarding the fatherhood and motherhood of Deity and created a religion which recognized an intimate worshipful relation between man and God.

(1048.1) 95:5.7 Ikhnaton was wise enough to maintain the outward worship of Aton, the sun-god, while he led his associates in the disguised worship of the One God, creator of Aton and supreme Father of all. This young teacher-king was a prolific writer, being author of the exposition entitled “The One God,” a book of thirty-one chapters, which the priests, when returned to power, utterly destroyed. Ikhnaton also wrote one hundred and thirty-seven hymns, twelve of which are now preserved in the Old Testament Book of Psalms, credited to Hebrew authorship.

(1048.2) 95:5.8 The supreme word of Ikhnaton’s religion in daily life was “righteousness,” and he rapidly expanded the concept of right doing to embrace international as well as national ethics. This was a generation of amazing personal piety and was characterized by a genuine aspiration among the more intelligent men and women to find God and to know him. In those days social position or wealth gave no Egyptian any advantage in the eyes of the law. The family life of Egypt did much to preserve and augment moral culture and was the inspiration of the later superb family life of the Jews in Palestine.

(1048.3) 95:5.9 The fatal weakness of Ikhnaton’s gospel was its greatest truth, the teaching that Aton was not only the creator of Egypt but also of the “whole world, man and beasts, and all the foreign lands, even Syria and Kush, besides this land of Egypt. He sets all in their place and provides all with their needs.” These concepts of Deity were high and exalted, but they were not nationalistic. Such sentiments of  internationality in religion failed to augment the morale of the Egyptian army on the battlefield, while they provided effective weapons for the priests to use against the young king and his new religion. He had a Deity concept far above that of the later Hebrews, but it was too advanced to serve the purposes of a nation builder.

(1048.4) 95:5.10 Though the monotheistic ideal suffered with the passing of Ikhnaton, the idea of one God persisted in the minds of many groups. The son-in-law of Ikhnaton went along with the priests, back to the worship of the old gods, changing his name to Tutankhamen. The capital returned to Thebes, and the priests waxed fat upon the land, eventually gaining possession of one seventh of all Egypt; and presently one of this same order of priests made bold to seize the crown.

(1048.5) 95:5.11 But the priests could not fully overcome the monotheistic wave. Increasingly they were compelled to combine and hyphenate their gods; more and more the family of gods contracted. Ikhnaton had associated the flaming disc of the heavens with the creator God, and this idea continued to flame up in the hearts of men, even of the priests, long after the young reformer had passed on. Never did the concept of monotheism die out of the hearts of men in Egypt and in the world. It persisted even to the arrival of the Creator Son of that same divine Father, the one God whom Ikhnaton had so zealously proclaimed for the worship of all Egypt.

(1048.6) 95:5.12 The weakness of Ikhnaton’s doctrine lay in the fact that he proposed such an advanced religion that only the educated Egyptians could fully comprehend his teachings. The rank and file of the agricultural laborers never really grasped his gospel and were, therefore, ready to return with the priests to the old-time worship of Isis and her consort Osiris, who was supposed to have been miraculously resurrected from a cruel death at the hands of Set, the god of darkness and evil.

(1049.1) 95:5.13 The teaching of immortality for all men was too advanced for the Egyptians. Only kings and the rich were promised a resurrection; therefore did they so carefully embalm and preserve their bodies in tombs against the day of judgment. But the democracy of salvation and resurrection as taught by Ikhnaton eventually prevailed, even to the extent that the Egyptians later believed in the survival of dumb animals.

(1049.2) 95:5.14 Although the effort of this Egyptian ruler to impose the worship of one God upon his people appeared to fail, it should be recorded that the repercussions of his work persisted for centuries both in Palestine and Greece, and that Egypt thus became the agent for transmitting the combined evolutionary culture of the Nile and the revelatory religion of the Euphrates to all of the subsequent peoples of the Occident.

(1049.3) 95:5.15 The glory of this great era of moral development and spiritual growth in the Nile valley was rapidly passing at about the time the national life of the Hebrews was beginning, and consequent upon their sojourn in Egypt these Bedouins carried away much of these teachings and perpetuated many of Ikhnaton’s doctrines in their racial religion.

For those who do not know the contributions of "Akhenaten", he turned around the thinking of Egypt's long standing of worship of many god's to one god, and is mentioned in the Urantia Book, spelled as "Ikhnaton".  He was later removed from a hierarchy in order to retain the old Egyptian religious history but many of his teachings still prevail.  
(1047.2) 95:5.2 Since the disappearance of Melchizedek in the flesh, no human being up to that time had possessed such an amazingly clear concept of the revealed religion of Salem as Ikhnaton. In some respects this young Egyptian king is one of the most remarkable persons in human history. During this time of increasing spiritual depression in Mesopotamia, he kept alive the doctrine of El Elyon, the One God, in Egypt, thus maintaining the philosophic monotheistic channel which was vital to the religious background of the then future bestowal of Michael. And it was in recognition of this exploit, among other reasons, that the child Jesus was taken to Egypt, where some of the spiritual successors of Ikhnaton saw him and to some extent understood certain phases of his divine mission to Urantia.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Kurt
« on: February 25, 2017, 01:09:54 PM »
As a learning tool, I have used in the past, an online program which through the IBM Watson computer, has developed various writing analysis tools in identifying general personality traits from the written word.  As an example, I have taken Ron L. Besser's last post and ran it through the "Tone Analyzer" (you must click on the circle "Your own text" before inserting text for analysis), and I found that there was very little "Emotion" projected within the writing style presented.  This would not be unusual because it has been noted in the Urantia Book that the higher celestial beings have an issue, where they function with little emotion because not having a physical body with an electro-chemical organism in which to evaluate these emotions, it would require a joining of minds in order to accomplish this task, however, it does require adjustments in order to truly evaluate the senses being projected and also requires an individual with much experience, from living, which would include a union with others that reflect the ability to love one and another.  In some cases, the commitment of marriage, not necessarily the act but more so the mutual contract of this type of obligation or commitment between individuals which presents the evolution for emotions to flourish.  

As mentioned above, in analogizing various written text, from this forum, it is interesting what the general results are, from various persons who make presentations.

In the same way, there is another tool presented from this same system which analyses the written word in order to obtain a general personality profile, however, it requires a larger amount of written text in order to get a more accurate general analyses, which I have had to combine several posts in one for a better understanding behind the person or in these cases the transmitter and receivers combined personality profile.  This can also be done for self evaluation as well.

The "Personality Insights" program would require some modifications to the page in order to input your own text, whereby, by clicking on the "Body of Text" field and then on the "Your own text" field, will open the box to paste the written words which then can be analyzed, by clicking on the "Analyze" field below and to the right of the input box.

I submit this information here, which is not the appropriate thread, or subject, but I was interested in seeing what Ron's "tone" inflected as he I assumed one style and the results should no or little emotion, which I found interesting, along which other member presentations.

Thank you in advance for reading.                      

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Identity and Service
« on: October 11, 2016, 11:34:22 AM »
I dont read these ever, im starting to believe this is real again.  Thanks

I wasn't sure if the info was good when I first got it, but multiple emails between Ron eventually confirmed that most of it was. The transmission fizzled out at the end with stuff that didn't benefit anyone. I only posted this because Ron mentioned Welmek's identity earlier today, so I thought I should post the message that that info originated from. Before this, I only recognized Welmek's early role in the Teaching Mission, but did not find mention of his actual identity when browsing through early transcripts (there are a lot, so I couldn't look at them all). It is not impossible for Reserve Corp Creator Sons to exist. The UB states that there are more than 700,000 Michaels, but the exact role of this group is unknown. That is primarily why I am not just dismissing the information.

(235.3) 21:1.4 I do not know the exact number of Creator Sons in existence, but I have good reasons for believing that there are more than seven hundred thousand. Now, we know that there are exactly seven hundred thousand Unions of Days and no more are being created. We also observe that the ordained plans of the present universe age seem to indicate that one Union of Days is to be stationed in each local universe as the counseling ambassador of the Trinity. We note further that the constantly increasing number of Creator Sons already exceeds the stationary number of the Unions of Days. But concerning the destiny of the Michaels beyond seven hundred thousand, we have never been informed.
It would seem that the implication that "Welmek" is a creator son, is based on the UB presentation above where "overmind" seems to imply that the "number of the Unions of Days" would or should be equal to the number of the "Creator Sons already" in existence.  It would be incorrect because "Unions of Days" are only assigned to local universes that are "organized and inhabited" where it would seem that the difference in number between "Creator Sons" and "Unions of Days" is due to the fact that there are many local universes which have not yet been brought to the status of being "organized and inhabited" and not to mention that not all the "Unions of Days" have been assigned to a local universe.
Therefore it is unlikely that "Welmek" is a Creator Son, because this term is reserved for those Sons who have been a part of a local universe creation.

The following is from the section listed as "The Unions of Days".

(212.3) 18:6.1 The Trinity personalities of the order of “Days” do not function in an administrative capacity below the level of the superuniverse governments. In the evolving local universes they act only as counselors and advisers. The Unions of Days are a group of liaison personalities accredited by the Paradise Trinity to the dual rulers of the local universes. Each organized and inhabited local universe has assigned to it one of these Paradise counselors, who acts as the representative of the Trinity, and in some respects, of the Universal Father, to the local creation.

(212.4) 18:6.2 There are seven hundred thousand of these beings in existence, though they have not all been commissioned. The reserve corps of the Unions of Days functions on Paradise as the Supreme Council of Universe Adjustments.

It is possible that the earlier mention of "Reserve Corp" in relation to "Michael's" could be a reference to the following in the UB?
8. The Son Finders

(293.5) 26:8.1 The fourth Havona circuit is sometimes called the “circuit of the Sons.” From the worlds of this circuit the ascending pilgrims go to Paradise to achieve an understanding contact with the Eternal Son, while on the worlds of this circuit the descending pilgrims achieve a new comprehension of the nature and mission of the Creator Sons of time and space. There are seven worlds in this circuit on which the reserve corps of the Paradise Michaels maintain special service schools of mutual ministry to both the ascending and descending pilgrims; and it is on these worlds of the Michael Sons that the pilgrims of time and the pilgrims of eternity arrive at their first truly mutual understanding of one another. In many respects the experiences of this circuit are the most intriguing of the entire Havona sojourn.

(294.1) 26:8.2 The Son finders are the superaphic ministers to the ascending mortals of the fourth circuit. In addition to the general work of preparing their candidates for a realization of the Trinity relationships of the Eternal Son, these Son finders must so fully instruct their subjects that they will be wholly successful: first, in the adequate spiritual comprehension of the Son; second, in the satisfactory personality recognition of the Son; and third, in the proper differentiation of the Son from the personality of the Infinite Spirit.

(294.2) 26:8.3 After the attainment of the Infinite Spirit, no more examinations are conducted. The tests of the inner circles are the performances of the pilgrim candidates when in the embrace of the enshroudment of the Deities. Advancement is determined purely by the spirituality of the individual, and no one but the Gods presumes to pass upon this possession. In the event of failure no reasons are ever assigned, neither are the candidates themselves nor their various tutors and guides ever chided or criticized. On Paradise, disappointment is never regarded as defeat; postponement is never looked upon as disgrace; the apparent failures of time are never confused with the significant delays of eternity.

Even though it has been mentioned that there are "Michael Sons" they are more likely to be Son Fused beings rather than Creator Son candidates, due to the process in which Creator Sons are created.

6. The Local Universe Creative Spirits

(203.4) 17:6.1 Much that pertains to the nature and function of the local universe Creative Spirits properly belongs to the narrative of their association with the Creator Sons in the organization and management of the local creations; but there are many features of the prelocal universe experiences of these marvelous beings which may be narrated as a part of this discussion of the seven Supreme Spirit groups.

(203.5) 17:6.2 We are conversant with six phases of the career of a local universe Mother Spirit, and we speculate much concerning the probability of a seventh stage of activity. These different stages of existence are:

(203.6) 17:6.3 1. Initial Paradise Differentiation. When a Creator Son is personalized by the joint action of the Universal Father and the Eternal Son, simultaneously there occurs in the person of the Infinite Spirit what is known as the “supreme reaction of complement.” We do not comprehend the nature of this reaction, but we understand that it designates an inherent modification of those personalizable possibilities which are embraced within the creative potential of the Conjoint Creator. The birth of a co-ordinate Creator Son signalizes the birth within the person of the Infinite Spirit of the potential of the future local universe consort of this Paradise Son. We are not cognizant of this new prepersonal identification of entity, but we know that this fact finds place on the Paradise records of the career of such a Creator Son.

(203.7) 17:6.4 2. Preliminary Creatorship Training. During the long period of the preliminary training of a Michael Son in the organization and administration of universes, his future consort undergoes further development of entity and becomes group conscious of destiny. We do not know, but we suspect that such a group-conscious entity becomes space cognizant and begins that preliminary training requisite to the acquirement of spirit skill in her future work of collaboration with the complemental Michael in universe creation and administration.

(204.1) 17:6.5 3. The Stage of Physical Creation. At the time the creatorship charge is administered to a Michael Son by the Eternal Son, the Master Spirit who directs the superuniverse to which this new Creator Son is destined gives expression to the “prayer of identification” in the presence of the Infinite Spirit; and for the first time, the entity of the subsequent Creative Spirit appears as differentiated from the person of the Infinite Spirit. And proceeding directly to the person of the petitioning Master Spirit, this entity is immediately lost to our recognition, becoming apparently a part of the person of this Master Spirit. The newly identified Creative Spirit remains with the Master Spirit until the moment of the departure of the Creator Son for the adventure of space; whereupon the Master Spirit commits the new Spirit consort to the keeping of the Creator Son, at the same time administering to the Spirit consort the charge of eternal fidelity and unending loyalty. And then occurs one of the most profoundly touching episodes which ever take place on Paradise. The Universal Father speaks in acknowledgment of the eternal union of the Creator Son and the Creative Spirit and in confirmation of the bestowal of certain joint powers of administration by the Master Spirit of superuniverse jurisdiction.

(204.2) 17:6.6 The Father-united Creator Son and Creative Spirit then go forth on their adventure of universe creation. And they work together in this form of association throughout the long and arduous period of the material organization of their universe.

(204.3) 17:6.7 4. The Life-Creation Era. Upon the declaration of intention to create life by the Creator Son, there ensue on Paradise the “personalization ceremonies,” participated in by the Seven Master Spirits and personally experienced by the supervising Master Spirit. This is a Paradise Deity contribution to the individuality of the Spirit consort of the Creator Son and becomes manifest to the universe in the phenomenon of “the primary eruption” in the person of the Infinite Spirit. Simultaneously with this phenomenon on Paradise, the heretofore impersonal Spirit consort of the Creator Son becomes, to all practical intents and purposes, a bona fide person. Henceforth and forevermore, this same local universe Mother Spirit will be regarded as a person and will maintain personal relations with all the personality hosts of the ensuing life creation.

(204.4) 17:6.8 5. The Postbestowal Ages. Another and great change occurs in the never-ending career of a Creative Spirit when the Creator Son returns to universe headquarters after the completion of his seventh bestowal and subsequent to his acquirement of full universe sovereignty. On that occasion, before the assembled administrators of the universe, the triumphant Creator Son elevates the Universe Mother Spirit to cosovereignty and acknowledges the Spirit consort as his equal.

(204.5) 17:6.9 6. The Ages of Light and Life. Upon the establishment of the era of light and life the local universe cosovereign enters upon the sixth phase of a Creative Spirit’s career. But we may not portray the nature of this great experience. Such things pertain to a future stage of evolution in Nebadon.

(204.6) 17:6.10 7. The Unrevealed Career. We know of these six phases of the career of a local universe Mother Spirit. It is inevitable that we should ask: Is there a seventh career? We are mindful that, when finaliters attain what appears to be their final destiny of mortal ascension, they are of record as entering upon the career of sixth-stage spirits. We conjecture that there awaits the finaliters still another and unrevealed career in universe assignment. It is only to be expected that we would likewise regard the Universe Mother Spirits as having ahead of them some undisclosed career which will constitute their seventh phase of personal experience in universe service and loyal co-operation with the order of the Creator Michaels.

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