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The greeting protocol in Thailand (wai) is a lovely cultural etiquette and I imagine this to be common on the mansion worlds too. 
'The typical Thai greeting is called the Wai, and involves pressing your palms together and bowing your head slightly. Typically, the person of lower status offers the Wai".


All 13 rescued from depths of Thai cave! What a blessing to witness the greater good for all at work.

@ Deeply loved and valued Zao, You truly have the support of Ophelius and the Circle of Seven. Your sentiment echo theirs:
“Tell them to unload the burdens of guilt, regret, and the trespasses of others, for the past can not be undone.  Tell them to look boldly into the future and imagine the possibilities, the glory, and the love that awaits them.  Yes, they will listen to you, for they crave to hear these words, even if they outwardly evade such discussions.  They will want to know and to hear the good news.  Don’t wait until they are on their deathbed to tell them these things, tell them today, so they may think and distill these things into a comforting assurance of things to come. 
“The telling of the Good News and the glories of the afterlife will help these souls progress despite the apparent crystallization of their beliefs.  Truth has a way of cutting through the density of the most veiled fears and taking root in the human heart where it will blossom and grow into new paradigms of faith, hope, courage, and love. 
“Go boldly to the harvest my beloved, 
“The Circle of Seven.”

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Criticism
« on: July 06, 2018, 02:39:49 AM »
@Clency, I do like your post! Mortal animals take offense so easily. It is a true art to prepare the soil for the delivery of constructive criticism indeed. 

Relationships are rarely understood and respected for what they are, albeit marriage, parenting, friendship etc. This subject requires much deeper discussion for love is as multidimensional as the fabric of reality.

@Amethyst, here you go - this is all we have

And do not forget: "Felicity, the Order of the Secumbalin, is a direct creation of God the Supreme in Havona and they are genderized like man is, and she came to Urantia nearly 345,000 years ago to help man grow spiritually"

@overmind, Oh my goodness .... apples and gymnastics - good one! I get your point. Cosmic synthesis can never be achieved when examining only one layer of reality as Ron explains using sweet liqueur, ginger ale and whipped cream;
"Take a high ball glass. At the bottom put in a sweet liqueur which flows almost like molasses.  On top of that place the ginger ale on top of the liqueur, and on top of that put some whipped creme.  
Look at the glass as build above and view the layers of elements we built the drink with.  Now convert in your mind that the layers you see are vibrational tones.  The sweet at the bottom is heavy and sweet.  These are materialized reality such as tables and rocks and your body;  Look at the ginger ale over the sweet materialization materials, and those are morontial frequencies that are invisible to us.  Notice the ginger ale is redder and sweeter and the bottom than the ginger ale is near the whipped cream.  Invisible morontial vibrational frequencies this ginger ale represents can be colored by the sweet material energies at the bottom, but as they become higher and more like spirit energies (the whipped cream) they lose their mix of colors and become almost as spirit.  Morontial energies gradually become spirit on the graudation morontia world number seven called Jerusem.  Finally, spirit energy at the top has hundreds of variations of frequencies and even disappears to spirit eyes when it is so pure even high spirit cannot see all those whipped cream designs at the very top.  The Father is more than spirit and his energy is not viewable except by the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, and I would guess the Master Spirits can visualize those high super spirit energies of the existential Deities."

@Amethyst, I thank you for seeking further clarity of this matter. I awoke from a dream yesterday morning somewhat befuddled by the fact that I encouraged those whom our beloved SUPREME BEING refers to as 'many who continued in only the fourth' to look further and perhaps consider further writings such as the Book of Jasher and the Apocrypha that I too enjoyed reading so many years ago. I realised these souls were no where near ready to even consider fifth or sixth epochal revelation. Spiritual growth is unique to each soul and I am hereby reminded to respect that uniqueness and to make every effort to approach every hungry souls' spiritual growth at their level and not mine. Wendy

"There are many in the Urantia community who will squawk and say that this new revelation is a fraud and meant to confuse those who accept the Urantia Book as the ultimate revelation at this time.  This is why the sixth epochal revelation must be completely disconnected front fifth, and not a continuation of it.  (Of course just as the Bible contains some truth, so does the Urantia have much spiritual food for thought.). There will be many that will continue to follow only the fifth, and that is fine, just as there are many who have continued in only the fourth.  Each soul will gravitate to the revelation that is best suited to their spiritual needs and spiritual courage.  As a new epochal revelation comes forward, those who remain in the earlier ones generally create their particular set of beliefs into a dogma that  will remain unquestionable to them.  It is only those who have the curiosity, and courage to constantly scan the spiritual horizons and pioneer forward with faith and fortitude that will keep the wheels of revelation turning."

Rather brave of them to do a drive-by this neighbourhood, so well known for its reputation of being rather hostile towards friendly visitors.

Greetings and salutations David Mwesigwa from Kampala Uganda, Africa is the place of my nativity too and I have a particular fondness for its people, creatures and magnificent landscape. What a splendid gift you and I have been granted to cross paths on this forum. Blessings to you and yours and we all very much look forward to your participation in the bevy of interests this forum offers.  Wendy

I absolutely LOVE this thread. Thank you kindly Ron for sharing your 'ghost' story. I am relieved for Rosy that eventually decided (with some stern encouragement) to move along with her ascension and wish her the very best of journeys. I include a teaching from the tmarchives, lead by Bob Cherubim, that adds some flavor to this thread too. Happy reading.

There is so much to say but words fail me concerning the brevity of human life. It is indeed a humble lesson that none can evade.

General Discussion / Re: Obadiah - Let us Pray
« on: April 19, 2018, 02:00:03 AM »
@RogerK, I am not one to give accolades easily but cannot help to express that I have always had an endearing heart for you. Your honesty is truly inspirational and I look forward to spending time with you in the Mansion worlds as we traverse onwards and upwards. Wendy

FUSION TALK / Re: Fusion and Current Policy To Continue With Or Not
« on: April 16, 2018, 06:19:47 PM »
@Dorian dear soul, My 5 cents worth of advice; Urantia is a troubled place and you will have to listen to your Adjuster's council as many gunslingers frequent this forum only to bring discord. I hope to be wrong, but it appears MinatoYoshida10 fits this bill too. I leave it there for now. Wendy

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