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GOD The SUPREME / Re: The Supreme Being: Standard vs. Divergent Evolution
« on: September 19, 2018, 02:36:48 AM »
@Amethyst, This certainly provides food for thought and I cannot help but submit to this overwhelming sense of obligation we now have to the Supreme Being. I am so guilty of taking for granted the unique cosmic value our lives on Urantia may present to the Supreme Being. Predictability has not been the norm for many of us as our lives have taken many twists and turns to get us to where we are. Wendy

@SueW, You're getting yourself all frazzled old girl :)  Deep breath! Avail yourself for a transmission and I am sure some clarity will be given to those questions deemed relevant to us knowing.

@SueW, ANKARA has the power to mesmerize! 
"these books have wrought the necessary awareness and profound insights that does its work in prompting the mind to think deeper into more meaningful pursuits, the furtherance of revelatory input is for the purpose of evolving your growth into the morontial mota and onwards to the advanced levels of absonity. If you are all so willing, you will all eventually attain finality and onto the levels of absolute mind capacities that will compel you into the realms of the Absolute. That is a long way off for most of you and that it is for you to begin in the lowest of evolutionary mind to grapple the infinite concepts to the scope of supreme understanding. This is the path of evolution you are on and are enjoying the incredible journey inwards and upwards with the divine Father fragment that conjoins you in unity and purpose within you as pure spirit and pure energy that drives you in with Him and in Him."

The 15th of September, 2018  - Broadcast for Transmitters
"Child, you may begin this transmission as you are sufficiently energized to receive dictation, even at this late hour where you are. I sense your sheer joy in doing this work, knowing full well that all other Transmitters are standing ready to do the same. It is a joy and proud moment for ME to observe your brilliant lights shining all over Urantia at this hour as many have come together to participate in this collective effort. You are familiarizing yourself with those that have come to volunteer, not only for the MICHAEL MISSIONS, but to work side by side with you. Despite your idiosyncrasies (well known to them) there are many that volunteer to work with you. MICHAEL and I grant our approval for the many teams that are now being put together for very specific projects and duties that will put the Missions into motion. I encourage you to accept the mentorship now offered you. Continue on with this transmission as others come forward to speak."

"Yes, you hear THE MENTORI correctly. We come to unify these relationships in bringing together teams that are tried, tested and well acquainted with each others capabilities. WE impressed upon you the word 'Pragmatic' today for good reason. You are grouped together with Finaliters, renowned for their pragmatism. As a mortal, you are the last piece of that particular puzzle; a 'pragmatic fused daughter' is exactly the piece WE required to complete a team groomed for a specific project. You will receive further instruction in due course. Continue with your transmission".

"You took that dictation exactly as I asked you to and with good reason too. Our working relationship is no longer limited to weekly transmissions. I require your full attention as we work closely to establish a workable relationship. You understand full well the personal commitment required from both the mentor and mentored. We have many wonderful challenges ahead of us!

"Our full commitment and cooperation is known to all. My ward desires to now give thanks". END

With adoration, love and gratitude, I thank the FATHER OF US ALL for the gift of life. In HIM we all live, move and have our being.

To ALL those that have come to administer the Will of FATHER on Urantia - you have my respect, love and loyal service. GOD speed to us all for the grand undertaking of bringing Urantia to Light and Life.

@Amethyst, It seems most fitting to post my practice transmission, taken prior to the "Broadcast for Transmitters" session yesterday. The cohesion between your transmission and my earlier transmission, with respect to those to be fused, the fused ones, Finaliters and Trinity Teachers Sons blends so well. Wendy

10 September Lanaforge Planetary Regent:
"I greet you for you are ready in standing to take down my dictation.  We will take a practice run for you are not as comfortable with typing as you thought you were. Your thoughts of being able to type faster than you think is a little slower than expected. I am not necessarily interested in speed but accuracy. The volume is not of import either.

You will ready yourself for transmission as required. Tone down your expectation, because your premeditation of what will be said is indeed disturbing receptivity. If you allow me to speak, then we can easily transmit. I say WE for I am not alone in wanting to transmit by using you as my instrument, Wendy. Your own Adjuster finds you in good stead and gives the green light. Hear me now! The time for the Missions to be visible is at hand. The people of Urantia are not equipped to receive the manifestation of Spirit on Urantia! It is imperative that you receive me as clearly as you do now. The time is coming, and is here upon you now, that you will speak for ME. I am still Lanaforge and have come to bring Urantia into the fold of cosmic balance by the decree of Father. You do not need to idle for your thoughts wonder. I have come not only to gather the flock but to bring the structure of divine purpose to life. Your own purpose is unfolding in the course of these transmissions. The more frequently you become familiar with My presence, the more you will get to understand the workings I bring to you. Enough idle time has been permitted to entertain the workings required for your daily sustenance, Wendy. You take too much time up for the things that are provided you so well. I implore you to take the next day in preparation of your transmission receipt so that we can fine tune our liaison. You do like that word (liaison). So do I.

Adjuster speaks: "I am your guide and compass and by my permission do those come forward to speak. I permit the communication for I do not permit to bring confusion to a mind still very new in understanding Spirit. Permission is granted for my ward to be used as a Transmitter by decree that there is a shortage of such students on Urantia. My ward is now ready to hear those commissioned for this work.

Michael of Nebadon: "Wendy, you find us well and your Adjuster is in good wishes as we commence this work. I say to you too that this form of transmission is much easier for you to receive than vocal transmission. Give us the microphone next time and you will hear clearer. You will learn to know, we truly know what is best for you, be that as it may, you are now well prepared to receive messages of greater import.

Lanaforge: "We observe your ability to receive from different Persons. Your vernacular places you at a loss for words at time, but be that as it may, we will find a means to express our desire.

ANKARA: "I greet you too, Wendy. I am ANKARA of High Order that comes to work with the fused of Urantia. You receive me as well as Sue Whiley does, but you require particular practice to hear clearly so that we may develop great concepts. I will speak with you in greater detail. BE YE READY!."

Stella: "I am a Finaliter of the order of Guardians of Destiny. You are being groomed not only for immediate work on Urantia but in the course of Destiny Preservation. It is an ideal that is close to our own hearts. Troubled we are not, for we are old and wise enough to know that all comes to those that desire life eternal. The truth of the matter is the fundamental desire to want to live life eternal, not only service and growth, but also in greater understanding of the very structure of life eternal. The idleness that falls upon so many on Urantia is not even a factor to us Finaliters. You wonder well in asking "What are you doing at this very moment?" In truth, we are exactly where we are required to be of service in a way that each moment unfolds for us as a magnificent work of art. Layer upon layer of reality is constructed and we get to enjoy and participate in, not only developing the layers, but standing back to enjoy the splendour of the masterpiece at work, You are part of that masterpiece. I am here in service to you, but in REALITY, you are in service to me too. We work for a common cause rarely accepted or desired on Urantia. The Trailblazers of now are the very few that are designed to be the birds in the work of art. I share the image with you now. The number is known in the flock of Way-showers. I am Stella and I bid you a spirit filled NOW." END

10th September, 2018 Broadcast for Transmitters
"With some adjustment you receive me well. I am most pleased you have committed to the hour of broadcast as we gather Transmitters around to receive that which is of great importance to Urantia.  The Mission bells ring and the workers are gathered to receive their instructions well.  My orders are very clear at this hour to announce that Urantia has successfully delivered at least 10 (ten) capable Transmitters. Your commitment and loyalty to the call is enough to make any teacher most proud. The silence around you at this hour is most conducive to transmission work and we welcome you as a valued member of the human staff of the Missions ahead. There is work enough to fill all the waking and sleeping hours of the day. END.

Ron, I would love to participate in giving my contribution of the puzzle. It will be challenging for Sue and I as it will be around midnight where we are.

@DominickO, It is a work in progress. The very nature of the playing field on Urantia presents either obstacles or opportunities to facilitate growth. The complexities of life on Urantia is so wonderfully interwoven with the purpose of life; to experience the working of spirit in your life. Risk assessment is an acquired skill; engage with your Adjuster in asking the necessary questions, thereby steering you along the path of perfection attainment.

General Discussion / Re: One More Leture on What Not to Do, Ron 090518
« on: September 05, 2018, 09:19:42 PM »
Treasured Lemuel, Your light-hearted wishes are well received. We cannot help but all feel a sense of melancholy when looking at the situation through mortal eyes too. I know this has been discussed many times over and requires astute spirit vision and our best efforts to live as fused ones on this backward and confused, but very special place. Our desire to do all we can, as workers of God, to bring this garden of Urantia to Light and Life simply outweighs the capabilities of our mortal frames. I am exactly half the age of our eldest member, Royce/Trinitiluv, even as a spring chicken I know, God willing, that all my remaining years on Urantia will not be enough to see the full scope of change and divine governance we continue to pray for. Life extension may be granted to the cream of the spirit crop for a particular purpose but even that will seem like a fleeting moment to the select few. Wendy 

@Sue, Ron's link automatically directs me to my existing amazon account. I am afraid I can't be of more help.

It works perfectly well. Happy reading all :)

This post requires much further study to the seeking soul. At first I experienced that same overwhelming feeling of adoration, respect and love that many of you did in reading 'Ode to the Prodigal Son'. I have since had Deity Absolute tug on my spirit ear with the call to "KNOW ME and then ask yourself again, WHO IS GOD, WHAT IS GOD and WHO ARE YOU NOW?". I am having to go back to the drawing board. Admittedly, I knew less than I thought I did with respect to Deity Absolute and the part I perform in Deity Absolute 'We are all part of the Deity Absolute, the absolute reality of all personal beings created by GOD, and in most intimate touch with Him without any break whatsoever'.  
I can best describe this as having studied Deity Absolute in the Urantia Book so many times but now I have met Deity Absolute face to face with a simple 'Hello, nice to meet you. I've been here all along. Recognise ME and you will learn to know ME'. It so so personal that I find it hard to describe, akin to my own fusion. Wendy

@RonB, My Adjuster instructs me that I am now steadily being trained and tasked to rely heavily on His expertise for our work in the Missions ahead, which is of a confidential nature with respect to Finance and Administration for now, with more grooming in the pipeline. I have not passed my tests to their satisfaction and my lack of paying acute attention just may get me disqualified if I don't work harder at it. My spirit ears are now on higher alert. Wendy

Wendy Winter DOF 16.7.18 10 AM Australian Local Time Zone.

« on: August 14, 2018, 12:52:48 AM »
@Brad, Sarcasm is welcome too. I'm not always a serious Suzie! Drama seekers are a long ways away from truth seekers and I rarely have conversations of this serious nature with those that prefer the dramatic approach to Spirit. As a rule, they don't like to be corrected and challenged in anyway and prefer getting a 'kick out of drama, mysticism, and truth veiled in allegory'. 

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