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General Discussion / Re: Web Site Updates Daily Earth Changes fyi
« on: January 21, 2019, 05:43:24 PM »
Yes, Sue, we have been going through a debris field from the tail of a comet that passes us by on occasion, maybe a few times in a generation,  I can't recall the name of the comet at this moment, but I remember reading that it leaves a large and long debris field heavily infested, if you will, with lots of asteroids big and small.  So, when our planet intersects a debris field, it's good to keep a heads up.  Not that we can do too much with it if it comes to our scientists' attention too late, but I always hope that the Power Directors might "punt the ball" down the field away from our goal line.  There are theories on how to change the courses of the comets and/or asteroids if there is advance knowledge of them, but I understand we only know about 10% of all the asteroids that do become near earth objects (NEO).  All for now,  Steven.

General Discussion / Re: Web Site Updates Daily Earth Changes fyi
« on: January 21, 2019, 03:13:51 PM »
Ron, Thanks for the video presented by Ben Davidson in February 2018.  I'm a fan of him and his work.  I have subscribed to his channel since 2015.  He gives a daily update of our planet, sun, and galactic influences every morning at about 5am from Albuquerque, New Mexico.  I am listing below his sites for anyone's interest in subscribing.  It is free and informative.  The daily program lasts only about 5 to 8 minutes  In addition he presents lengthy videos every now and then like the one you posted.
Space Weather



Tomorrow morning I'm going to the bureau to apply for a marriage license for the three of us, you, me, and Jane.  That will draw little attention for sure!!

Continuing this silliness, I hereby publicly announce and present to you the right to use, misuse, or however Jane opts to define the connection between you and her.  Yes, I'm grumpy at times.  But I'm not jealous, because I'm younger (70) than you and prettier than you--so there!!

Steven, the husband of Jane...and don't forget it.

Dear Antonio,

Thank you for the lovely post.  You are right about my extraordinary experience.  My heart and soul did feel "joy and comfort at the same time."  This revelation must certainly give you and Julio too a sense of comfort to know that your babies are doing just wonderfully with their growth up there.  One thing Ron did not mention in his two fabulous Reports that I think you will like to hear as I did is that Jane said that she wanted me to know that she is very very happy now.  And I am certain your little girl is happy as well.

Antonio, when the revelation was given to us yesterday, I did not know then that Ron was to present Parts I and II on the topic of autism.  Because of that, I dictated furiously with a most fluid pen at mach speed.  My fingers were going so fast that I perceived Larry amazed to see the smoke rising from my pen in hand.  I consciously checked out my fingers and pen through my reading glasses blurred with tearing eyes watching them independently moving along on the paper..  The adrenaline was pushing my hand so that I couldn't stop if I wanted to.  I don't ever remember my fingers moving that fast even playing one of Chopin's Etudes.  But I got it all down on paper.  Perhaps when I re-read my dictations today I'll find something of personal value to you not mentioned in Ron's very complete and superb revelatory Reports I and II.  If so, I'll pass it on to you, Julio, and all.

I've always contended that death is a celebration of life.  Now, I know it to be sure even for the unborn.  Wow, what a time to be alive on Urantia for the knowledge given heretofore unknown except through revelation.  A big, gigantic thanks to Spirit and Ron for all that they give to us to have.  Ron is not canonized yet (ooh, I'm sure he'll cringe at this), but today I give him the deserved title, Saint Ron of York.


General Discussion / Re: Explosion of the Light of God
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:48:59 PM »
Oops, my previous post was supposed to under the topic, "Explosion of the light of God."
Hit the wrong reply box.

General Discussion / Re: Michael and a Written Test For You
« on: January 11, 2019, 09:30:30 PM »
Well, well, Ron.  What an experience for you and for us, as much as you can share at this time. Such exciting times. I'm having such a good time reading this news, reading between the lines savoring every word and message. Your last three days has set the table for our meetings and work in York next week. All of us must have high expectations for what is to come shortly. 

And am I reading correctly regarding the great news of your improved health and even more improvement shortly?  If it's true, no one deserves it more. 
Thank you for performing the interviews with apparent distinction and dignity. It seems Spirit is so pleased. We are too. Boy oh boy, I can't wait to get to York.  Congratulations from all of us.      Steven

[Steven]. Dear Michel, I am working hard to be the best that I can be so that I can earn the right to be Commissiomer for and of Nebadon].

Michael of Nebadon:
" Steven, you do well to study the notes of the last set of meetings in December. You surprise Us with your new found dedication. You are sometimes slow to learn, but represent Nebadon with dignity. You don't represent Spirit, instead the policies of Spirit. And by that you serve Us well. You are learning to understand you are raised onto a plane of existence to understand your obligation and dignity as a Commissioner, now elevated to a position of officer--a highest authority on Urantia."

[Steve]. I remember what Margul taught us at our last set of meetings, when He said, "Search out the passion that speaks to an obligation and dignity you have no had to explain before."

Michael:  Yes, have the courage to speak your mind as Our representative. When the Sanhedris of the world today pose their cowardly questions, stand and answer for Us with the courage of conviction as a leader on Urantia, a leader representing the policies of Spitit that We desire to be supplanted on Urantia.  K

[Steven]. Thank you, Michael, for our conversation. 

General Discussion / Re: Pray for me,..., my dear friends !!!
« on: January 03, 2019, 09:04:04 PM »
Antonio, I hear your plea and feel your pain. It wasn't long ago that I lived through a very high anxiety period. In fact, for the past two years my economic woes grew to a very stressful condition. Then, last spring I experienced such high anxiety that I experienced sleep depravity and nervous tension that dulled my senses and ability to clear my thinking on how to see my way through this and I began to wonder whether my problem was even solvable. That's when I asked Father for wisdom to see my way through this seemingly untenable situation. Yes, I simply asked for wisdom. Every day I asked for wisdom. I know that if we ask we will recieve. So, I just kept asking. And suddenly the way was given. I had to work my ways to solve the problems for sure, but every time I ran into a stopping point, I was shown the way to overcome it. So many were their stopping points and each time my creative thinking brought me closer to a closing on the issues that brought me to a successful completion. And this final step happened.  So Antonio, pray, or if you will, ask for wisdom that is appropriate with God's will.    Steven

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 27, 2018, 11:15:04 PM »
How about " tele illuminate " or "tele illumination" ?

Illuminate, v.t.
1.  To give light, to light up.
2.  (a) to make clear; to explain; elucidate;
     (b) to inform; instruct; enlighten.

How about  "tel-enlighten" or "tele-light"

General Discussion / Re: Medical Healing
« on: December 12, 2018, 12:58:49 AM »
Thank you so much Ron for consulting with The Doctor. And thank you Doctor as always. We are so priveledged to know the love and concern You have for us. I will advise Maggie to consider an herbal remedy as mentioned not in place of but as a supplement to a medicinal one for the sake of her other organs like the liver. 

In the morning I will reread the advise given to have a better understanding of Your advise and recommendations before I speak to her.
You have presented many papers on medical. cures that I have archived. One day I hope to have an opportunity to present them to the medical societies. Thanks again. 


General Discussion / Medical Healing
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:48:13 PM »
Dear Forum,

I have a question for our very good Friend, Dr. Mendoza and His Associates about a person who recently told me that her left brain is dead.  Or that is what she gleaned from the doctors she has seen. Her name is Maggie and is the mother-in-law of my son, Eric, and the maternal grandmother of my 3 year old granddaughter, Anna Victoria Gitz..  Maggie grew up in Chile and is an American entrepreneur in the housing market in Lafayette, Louisiana.  She is a lovely lady, full of energy and loves to work and be with family. This past Sunday Eric and his wife, Melissa, Maggie, and myself took little Anna to Tchaikovsky's Ballet, The Nutcracker Suite.  I enjoyed Anna's expressions watching the ballet more than anything. Well, during the intermission Maggie told me about her left brain being dead.  I told her to recite the history of her ailment and this, in short, is what she said:

"Last February I had a bad case of the flu.  Since then I had headaches and felt bad often.  I lost my sense of smell completely.  About 2 months ago I got really sick again with fever and flu like symptoms and with severe pain in the lungs.  The doctor said it was pleurisy.  He ordered complete blood work and it was done.  The results showed everything was normal.  And then I contracted bronchitis and the doctor prescribed Amoxicillin plus steroids for 10 days.  It didn't help but instead became worse.  Then I took a Zpack and it changed my life, but I was still feeling really bad, but without the fever or headaches.  I then went to an infectious disease specialist in Houston, Texas and he ordered more blood work and a CT scan, sputum analysis, etc.  The scan showed the frontal brain lobe blocked from infection of the sinus that expanded deeper.  He prescribed 15 days of Levaquin.  And I'm now feeling pretty much back to normal."  She said that sh is supposed to repeat the scan in January.

As I'm writing this, I received a text from Maggie which said that she was rapidly beginning to recover her sense of smell.

Dr. Mendoza, on several occasions You and Michael have helped reveal cures where medical doctors could not.  If you are in the position to address this, I know Maggie, my son's wife's mother would be grateful.  I told her about You and she is a Chilean believer...a wonderful lady with a big heart.  Thanks.

Julio,  I think you are right to consider alternent replacement communication devices at our disposal. In addition to Morse code, I have been investigating Ham radio operations. I went to the monthly local meeting in my city. I met many liscensed Ham radio operators. I am waiting on information as to whom are operating in the state of Pennsylvania, in particular York. Other forum might do similarly and maybe we can affect an alternate web of communications between us. The costs are not too bad. 2 to 300 dollars can get national coverage, if not even internationally. We may discuss this at our meetings in York this weekend. More on this later. 



I attempted to answer your question regarding Christ's appearance in the conference room for our meetings, but three times I failed getting this to you.  I'm not sure what happened but I understand I was not the only one perhaps being messed with that evening.  Anyway, in answer to your question, as I remember, Ron was transmitting Mantutia and He was telling the three of us that Ron is a "prized elephant.:  We chuckled at that and then Ron continued transmitting Mantutia saying, " Ron is almost designed to do this work from birth.  When you are a Revelator, and you will be, you find out what is to know."  And then Ron was prompted with a picture (that he described to Larry and I afterwards) of a Gothic "Ch" and without pause Ron announced that Christ was in the room.  He was given the exact place that Christ stood, and we all looked at that place indicated.  After about 5 seconds Ron reported to the Speaker that he is was looking where instructed and that his eyes were not seeing anything.  We agreed with Ron, no words were spoken, and the visitation ended.  Ron explained to us that it takes considerable time and preparation to set up the circuitry to achieve a visible presence.  But we enjoyed having His presence with us in the room that day and we were far from being disappointed.

Thanks for the question, Pliktarious.  I hope this answers your question.


With permission I use this Category outlining the first 3-Day Meetings from Nov. 15th through the 18th to also include the recent 3-Day Meetings from Nov. 28th through the 30th.  Today Dec. 2 is my first full day back from the 3-Day Meetings in York, PA.  We can all be thankful for Ron's stupendous ability to place order in the meetings between humans and the Divine.  Each step introduced by Ron advanced the successful completion of the goals intended for these three days.  The combined efforts by we humans and the Celestial Beings from Paradise and throughout the Grand Universe successfully commenced the newest agenda which is the Periodic Revelatory Committee and the Contact Commission.  I see already members like Julio, Lemuel and others are committed and are preparing even now to plan to come to York, if possible.  We need able bodies and minds to help with much work ahead.  Thank you all for the considerations and prayers from all parts of Urantia.  Because of Ron's transmitting abilities and high standings with Spirit, he was able to administer to Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz the Oath of Service to the Trinity and the Oath of Service to Michael of Nebadon.  The sincere and heartfelt pledges of service to the Trinity and to Michael and His Coordinate Personalities involved, gives confidence to the Sons of God that together great achievements on Urantia are indeed possible.


Steven, you and Larry are congratulated by efforts put forth these past few days.  Each day you both were encouraged to transmit during the meetings and for good reason.  You, in particular, Steven, have been lax in your efforts to transmit in the past.  And I could say why, and I will.  Your fear of failure, of letting your ego take charge, prevented the confidence that is required to just let it flow.  Transmitting doesn't require perfection, and for sure you are far from that [Thank you, Michael].  You and Larry were encouraged to transmit during the meetings for the purpose you both need to realize and understand how necessary it is for all of the members, especially you fused ones, to share the load of the work with Ron.  In addition, transmitting now can be vitally important to your well being during the upcoming dark period, as it it called.

Don't wait...neither hesitate.  Practice transmitting as often as you have the time.  You saw what you achieved in York.  It was good.  One or two transmissions were even excellent.  I particularly noticed your almost exploding heart when Christ addressed the three of you.  While not visible for reasons of difficulty at that particular time, you seemingly imagined Him at 6'6" in height.  Not right, but that is fine.  So, Steven, have no doubt about your ability to transmit.  We would not have called you to service in York, if you had not the sincere intentions and abilities.  And that goes for all members and guests alike on the forum. 

These meetings in York not only achieved much that is needed, but have proven that Our high expectations to work with humans on Urantia are warranted.  And the success We and Urantia will have is unprecedented through the universes.  Even Father is in wonder of this singleness of accomplishment on any sphere, much less Urantia.

So, We appreciate and love working with you and all from the list.  Steven, you and Larry are truly sons of God. Continue to serve well the doing of the Father's business.  K.


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello forum!!
« on: November 27, 2018, 10:34:43 AM »
Hello Andres,

Isn't it wonderful to meet Urantia Book readers?  Years ago I was led to this forum and and found just that, in fact, a family of readers.  I remember years ago before I became a member, I would tell everybody I could about how the Lucifer Rebellion had ended, was adjudicated, and so we were now able to receive circuits of communications and broadcasting and teachings from spirit like so many other inhabited planets enjoyed, and this 5th Epochal Revelation--a Book of pure truth about theology, cosmology, the true history of our planet, and the teachings of Jesus that was never known to us before this revelation. I even would purchase a dozen Urantia Books every Christmas (my gift to me) and pass them out to people I thought would want to know the truth about so many subjects I thought they were really interested in.  Some were religious, some truth seekers, English speaking and Spanish speaking pastors, the list goes on.  Well, Andres, I never found one to read TUB.  It's truly amazing in a way that I didn't.  I would have thought one of them, but no, not one.

I knew of Mo Seigle, head of the Urantia Foundation in Chicago as early as 1979.  He founded Celestial Seasonings, a tea manufacturing company in Colorado.  A college friend of mine (at the time) finished his doctorate degree in Economics and got a job working for Celestial Seasonings.  John was never a UB reader, although I heard his little brother was.  That might explain the connection.  I could never understand why Mo failed in the advancement of TUB to the populations.  At one time I earnestly wanted to go to Chicago and work for the Foundation and bring some of my promotional ideas to Mo.  I was just married had our first child, Peter, and the rest is history.  When John finished his sojourned with the tea company, he moved back to New Orleans and I hired John to work for me at one of my petroleum based companies, I learned a little more about his experience at Celestial Seasonings and his boss Mo Seigle, although we really didn't talk much at all about that, because wasn't a UB reader and I didn't broach the subject.  I finally met Mo at a Urantia Foundation Trustee meeting in Dallas, Texas.  It was not the experience I was figuring on and it left me cold.  It was not long after that encounter that my Thought Adjuster led me to Ron, et al.  And Voila!

I'm glad for you like I was for me to have found readers.  Andre, you will come to love this family very much.


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