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Thank you Ron for posting what RAYSON OF THE CENTRAL UNIVERSE, Magisterial Son, and Science Officer for Urantia in Nebadon has taught you about the Big Bang NOT. As Lemuel said, today is truly a good Friday. Today we learn about the origins of the Universes, even as just a beginning of understanding. 

I look forward to taking that cosmic bus someday with Rayson to the Central Universe. It is a dream come true to one day work alongside Rayson here on this tiny dot called Urantia. 
Thank you, Ron, for bringing this to us today.   Steven

Dear List:

I was reviewing my notes from our Contact Commissioner's Meetings in York on Dec. 17, 2018.  Ron transmitted a very special Guest at our meeting.  As I review my notes from these past meetings, I hope to bring more to you all.  Thanks for reading.

SOLITARY MESSENGER speaks through Ron:

" I am a SOLITARY MESSENGER.  I stand before the three Commissioners in Nebadon.  And you are the last to be appointed in Nebadon.  Ron is one of the few who know how special I am.  I was the 4th Creature ever created from Paradise.  I am 70 trillion Urantia years old.  None of you are particularly well.  I am expected to be in Paradise a few minutes.  Michael of Nebadon assures me the Ron is on the way to better health.

"I am a SOLITARY MESSENGER and I travel as Father.  In truth I am the Universal Father and I've done this 3 times in my career.  Nebadon is in transition along with four other local universes together called Gallium.  I am becoming an anachronism, a thing belonging or appropriate to a period other than that in which it exists, especially a thing that is conspicuously old fashioned.  An act of attributing a custom, event, or object to a period to which it does not belong.  The reason is that the SOLITARY MESSENGER is the great explorer in the universe.  When the universe becomes infinite, we become infinite ourselves.  We travel alone and we are mysterious.  Ron will become close to one.  He will be able to explore the Deity Absolute.

"I am the SOLITARY MESSENGER, but I was the Father, and I travel as the SOLITARY MESSENGER.  Father cannot move from Paradise.

"On Paradise I am a diffuse form, the light of the Father, which could kill a human.  I am how the Father visits the grand universe in an emergency.  And Ron is an extreme emergency.  Ron is not well at all, but Ron has two overwhelming responsibilities.  1) the Michael bestowal planet, and 2) Michael in partnership with God the Father, God the Son, and somewhat God the Spirit.  Mother Spirit interferes with Ron a lot.  She has learned her place is in Havona and not in the time/space universes."

[Steven here:  Mother Spirit then spoke through Ron, but was interrupted by at least one Spirit Personality and either did not return to speak or I did not dictate it.  I will check my notes in hopes of continuing Mother Spirit's conversation with Ron.  That's all for now.]


Here are three pictures of the facility building to be used for Rayson Corporation and the York Pre Particle Technology Corporation to build our inventions like the water machine, which you remember can take H2O molecules out of even an arid climate and produce water for regions of the world that so desperate need clean drinking water.  I recently learned that 10,000 African children die every day from diseases due to lack of clean water.

The fourth and final picture is one I took driving down W. Market street.  Continental Square is just a few blocks further down the street.  The trees are just starting to bud its leaves.

Finally, I decided to post a written message about the recent revelatory events that has occurred while Ron and I were together both by phone and in person from a week ago to the present.



These are the pictures of the Southeast corner.  See picture of the corner window overlooking Continental Square.  Also wee one entire floor of a large conference room with the original brick walls without sheet rock covering the original beauty of the architecture.

These first three sets of pictures represent three of the four corners of Continental Square.  We will perhaps negotiate for the fourth and final corner in the near future.  The Realtor represent the owner of this final corner is currently working with us.

This is what we call the old grey bank building.  The ceiling are sky high like the banks were in the past.  This building is designated the future Air and Space Museum for the visitors/pilgrimage to see what the Salvington headquarters sphere with its 100+ encircling satellites look like, and more.


Dear List:  Attached are the photos of the subject buildings that we intend to purchase soon.  I can only post 4 pictures at a time, so additional posts containing more attachments will follow. 

I will give an accounting of the most recent updates regarding my visit to York, including our meeting with the Realtors and important transmissions (revelations) taken by Ron on the fourth and final post.  The posts should come one after the other, so heads up.

This first set of four photos are pictures of of the L-shaped building with courtyard.  All pictures here and forthcoming are at what is called Continental Square, which is the center of activity in downtown York.

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Spirit's Caring Speaks Volumes
« on: March 25, 2019, 07:15:33 PM »
Truly volumes of medical science revelation, as well as other humanitarian science unknown to man has been received by Ron, transmitted by the likes of Rayson, Magisiterial Son and Science Officer for Urantia , and Dr. Mendoza, and Dr. Edgar Cayce on Mansions World 4, and Others.   So much medical revelations has been given it's enough to write a book -- make that two books (Ron).  Why?  Because They are caring personalities, and it's time.  It is needed now on Urantia.  I think there is a point of diminishing returns on Urantia and Spirit knows when needs to step in..  Take, for example, Autism.  I recall not too many years ago the incident of an autistic children birthed was 1 in 38.  As bad as that was, today it is 1 in 14 or something like that.  We are told by Spirit by 2020 the number may well be 1 in 6.  Another example is this:  There are 38 million humans on Urantia infected with the H.I.V. virus and last year 1.1 million people died from that disease.  Now we are being told by Spirit that a new round of AIDS cases is about to begin around the world starting in Africa. Sometimes Spirit needs to step in because They care too much to lose so many, especially the young.

Yes, Spirit's caring does speak volumes.  But I would like speak to a single word of medical advise that I was given at our third day of the Commissioner's meetings in March, just two weeks ago.  It was on March 13, I believe, when Ron was transmitting from Michael of Nebadon some of the medical needs that Michael needed to address with and about Ron.  One of the minor issues that was brought up included the fact that Ron had a leaky artery.  I remember thinking with all the medical problems Ron has, now this? And then Ron turned his head to me and said that Michael is telling him that I too have a leaky artery.  Ron described to me that it was in my neck and at the position about 2 inches below my right earlobe.  I put my finger on that spot and Michael said that I had my finger right on it.  He recommended I get a heat compress and apply it to that spot for a duration of 15 minutes for 5 days.  Well, after the meeting for the day concluded, Dominick and I drove to a drugstore and I bought a heat compress and followed the instructions for the 5 days, which ended on the last day of the meetings.  When I got home I wondered, "How will I know if the "skin" had grown around the leak and sealed it?  I got my answer a few days ago when I noticed that the underside of my right arm was red and somewhat bruised from almost the wrist to the elbow.  I new that that was where the blood had settled because years ago I had a stent put in a blocked up artery and the cardiologist went in to repair it from the groin area. That night in the hospital I had some leaky complications and the same thing happened, when the leaky blood settled in the lower area of my right thigh, and all the way down to my right ankle and foot.  That took a month or more to finally dissolve.  This recent episode was a lessened leak and every day my right arm is fading with the discoloration and almost completely gone. 

I tell you this story because I wanted to share my thanks to Michael of Nebadon with all of you.  All of us can be thankful that He IS the way, the truth and the life.  Pause...


"Steven, it shows you the power of transmission. and receiving. You were with Ron and the medical message to you was made easy by the abilities that Ron has.  But know that you all have these abilities to receive Our transmissions, especially now and in the times soon to come.  It is imperative that you, in particular, Steven, practice often each day.  The Commissioners as well as all the members on the discussion forum must know that We are with you almost anytime you call.  The problem for you, Steven, is that you look to Ron and others to transmit the latest news, advise, and revelation.  Soon the times to rely on others will cease.  To save your life you would obey the signs, wouldn't you?  Mother Spirit and I wish you and everyone the very best."

Thank you, Michael for both the health you have given me and the strong advise to obey the signs.  Thanks for caring so much. 


DOMINICK HERE posting on Steve's sign-in:

Just an addendum to Steve's notes, and thank you Steve, is that the website(s) mentioned were care of MONJORONSON.  Keywords were provided as Steve mentions.  Furthermore, room, freedom, leeway, etc was given to piece the content together; followed by some review process among Commissioners, and the Forum.
Providing notes and replies at this time are constrained by the fact that the only computer we have good access to is our single hotel computer which has some sticky keys and is infected with pop-ups, locaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaated in the breakfast aaaaaaaaaare.
I left the typos so you can all see the A button Steve had to deal with :) !

3rd Day Meeting of the Contact Commission Summary

Morning Session:

Dr. Mendoza attended us at the morning session.  He introduced news of a new virus developing in the United States that we should know about.  The virus has has no name yet, but it acts like the flu, yet is more like pneumonia and affects the breathing.  He said doctors are trying to call it flu or pneumonia, but is more a case of streptococcus grey.  This virus is not known by the medical community today, but will be learned when Ron Besser's book, "Origin of AIDS and Autism" is soon released.  Dr. Mendoza's advise at this time is this:  If you have symptoms like flu or pneumonia, get to a doctor and get a shot of G3 penicillin.  Remember - G3 penicillin.

Dr. Mendoza also revealed to the Commissioners a cure for one of the variations of Lupus.  I refer to Ron to further write out the procedure in developing a tincture used for the cure.  And thank you Dr. Mendoza for this most recent revelation.  

The Commissioners were informed that they were under the direct authority of God the Absolute.  We were reminded that all spiritual beings whose title begins with God is always personal, and if the title begins with Deity, it is non-personal.

During the afternoon session Ron initiated a technique for transmission that he has been wanting to try for some time.  He calls it Rapid Fire Practice Transmissions.  The goal for the 3 Commissioners is to develop the ability to take a series of short transmissions in a rapid and continuous manner.  It goes like this:  Larry takes a short transmission, then Steven takes one, then passes too Dominick for his turn, then back to Steven for one and then another, and then passes to Larry for on or two, back to Dominick, and so on.  This type of practice enables one to take a transmission anywhere, anytime under almost any condition.

Later, Ron encouraged we Commissioners to set up websites.  The purpose is to arouse the people around the world to come to know the invasion of spirit to the world.  Also, it was decided that each of the Commissioners will be with a Master Spirit while guiding us to take on the writing of a Chapter of epochal revelation.  Manatutia told us that we three cab do it bust must go through the mill taking years of transmission developing our skills before we can equal Ron's abilities.  Larry asked, "Who decides what is revealed to mankind?"  We were told that Father himself decides who, what, and when something is to be revealed on Urantia or on any other planet for that matter.

We discussed that humans on Urantia are verm very unique.  Humans' ascension carriers on the mansion worlds are different then all other superuniveerses.  1.34 million persons per day on Urantia begin their ascension careers...that's approximately 500 million persons per year, and of that 375 million persons do not survive.

Toward the end of our day Ron asked me to include in the summary of the days meeting what Ron told about the death of Caligstia and Lucifer after the end of the rebellion and in the courtroom for adjudication.  I am going to pass this onto Ron to recite to you for the reason on his elegant way of telling a story.  You must hear it from Ron.

Thank you for reading this summary.


The morning session. March 11,2019 was for the most part a time to welcome and get to know Dominick. Some of Dominivk' assets that the three Commissions gleaned during his "interview", and indeed it was, is Dominick's natural speaking and his proclaimed and recognizable loyalty. Ron transmitted Michael of Nebadon saying that Dominick is a " miracle addition" to the role of Conact Commission. We Commissioners along with the Melchizadek Corps, the Salvington Admistration, and the Paradise Trinity all agreed with the Deity when He said, "Ron could not have picked better" for the position of Contact Commissioner. As Ron said, "You can't hide the harmones of truthfulness and integrity."  
Later Ron asked we four to stand and the administered the Oath of Service to Dominick as Contact Commission. And before we broke for lunch, the 4 Commissioners stood for the Benediction from the Universal Father presented by Ron.  The second half of the day was dealing with corporate business 

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Our prayers are needed
« on: March 10, 2019, 07:26:24 PM »
Ron, I'm in York and read your post to Lemuel. Don't worry I didn't come empty handed. I brought delicious dark roast south Louisiana coffee. I'll make a pot at 2709 just before the meeting begins in the morning. And the walks around your property are a favorite of mine. We'll take many throughout the week. 

See you tomorrow after I pick up Dominick at the Harrisburg airport.   S. 

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Our prayers are needed
« on: March 09, 2019, 02:48:47 PM »
Hi Lemuel:

Lemuel, thank you for your prayers.  Besides the three of us, we have coming to the meetings starting on the 11th our friend, Dominick.  We are glad that he could arrange his life's schedule and sustain the expense to join us this week. 

A reminder to the travelers, Larry and Dominick:  Don't forget to spring forward one hour for the Daylight Savings Time change, which means we lose an hour of sleep.  My flight is Sunday morning at 6AM, and having to get to the airport 2 hours in advance of the flight, I must bed early tonight, which is not easy for me.  I'm working at the store now, so got to go.  Thanks again Lemuel, Clency, and all others for your prayers for this coming week's meetings.


Ron, thank you for that video on the coming ice age.  It brings me back to 1966 when I was a freshman at the School of Geology.  I remember Dr. Durham's Geology 101 course and teaching us that we are coming into a Little Ice Age.  And being from the deep south I was just thrilled.  It's been long coming but it's on its way, even slower than our Magisterial Mission finally getting up and going (lol). 

There is a silver lining in each Little Ice Age that comes and goes as documented and presented in the video, and that is that the trees grow much slower in a cold climate.  In fact, the reason that the Antonia Stratovarius violin is so beautiful in sound (and for a few million dollars you can have one too!!) is that during the late 17th and early 18th centuries the famous violin maker had available to him trees that grew slowly which resulted in very tightly spaced tree rings.  Since sound travels across the grains of the spruce used for violins, as well as guitars and piano soundboards, and the spruce soundboard is the "speaker" of the instrument, the closer the grains the sweeter the "meat'--the sounds. 

So come on Little Ice Age and our Magisterial Mission -- the former may bring about war, but the latter WILL usher in peace and love and light.

I'm looking forward to the trip to York starting March 11 through the 17th.  I've been so busy I was even told to take a break and sleep late one day.  That's no excuse for not posting on the forum, but I plan to keep everyone informed of each day of meetings with an overview of what transpired, and with permission even perhaps some specifics to disclose as well.  See you next week.


Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: fractal videos
« on: February 20, 2019, 09:36:14 AM »
Amethyst,  what you have brought tu us the past two days is fulfilling to my soul. That may sound a little dramatic and hyperbolic for me, but I...well...just thank you. First the contact with Grandfanda, the first Finaliter born in Superuniverse One, is so unexpected. He brought such encouragement good will to us in his message. Lemuel put it best--Wow!

And this morning the fractals. I've never known this art form. What one can find at the edge of a simple fold in space is beautiful and revealing. Just last night at our weekly tele conference a best friend of mine on Mansion 4 came through, used to talk to me how my original music compositions should be heard with art accompianment. His name is Tom Lane, who was neither an artist or a musician, rather his doctorate was in micro biotic immunology and that is why he came to our discussion table. Tom died of AIDS a is working still in his field up there, I'm sure. So, Amethyst, thanks for bringing to my understanding what Tom was probably saying to me years ago. 


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: What lies ahead?
« on: February 18, 2019, 12:39:24 PM »
Thanks given to Kibet Brian for starting this post,  "What lies ahead?".  And thank you Ron for putting aside the so important book in order to dedicate some time to answer the question, to bring in comments by Michael of Nebadon, Nebadonia, the Deity Absolute and especially God the Ultimate who speaks so infrequently to us   I see Larry picked up on the thread as well this morning before going to work.  Ron speaks to what lies ahead in the very, very long term, and today I wish to speak of what I think lies ahead in the exciting short term.  But first, a brief re-cap of what Ron gave us on the long term, and if you have the inclination to reread his marvelous post, it's worth the time.

Ron reports that is takes about 72 trillion of Urantia years before God the Supreme "actualizes in the time-space universes."  And when that time is realized, then eventually comes the next universe age, the Age of Ultimacy.  Ron writes "God the Ultimate starts his Deity Development for eternal ages to come, and Ultimacy will do all four of the now empty outer space levels to populate with new beings and places."  Read again, if you will, what  GOD THE ULTIMATE speaks, and thank you it, Ron.

Now. I want to turn your attention to what the last speaker, the Deity Absolute, spoke to regarding what lies ahead in the near future.  He said, "...Ron's book contains the seeds of a great revelation Ron never intended it to be, but given how he writes and works with God on so many levels to get results, it contains certain privileges of information on AIDS as an epidemic and AUTISM as a false disease that needs better care than the medical profession knows how to provide at this point."  And then, the Deity Absolute lastly says  " be sure people get the idea that the formulas produced for the vaccine do not come from him (Ron) but from the divine and that they care the world is cleared of the AIDS virus completely.." 

This is BIG!  This could be "the shot heard around the world" for every people and nation state to come to know that now is the time that a divine spirit and human mortal alliance does in fact exists.  The people, the medical institutions, the medical periodicals will all read and report that Ron admits that he did not write this book, rather he scribed the book as in the Jewish tradition.  Thank you for that, Ron.  This single unselfish admission will usher in the authority and impact for Ron's former book on the topic of four micron coal to produce clean and virtually free energy for the world.  Can you imagine that?  Ron will be the most wanted (hopefully not brutally, ha) man in the world for interviews on these books and then his third, fourth and fifth as I hope and anticipate continues.  He is going to be one busy guy.  Good thing Ron is getting a new smile--the cameras won't break!

So, what lies ahead will be most interesting indeed.  One faction of people will come to know the light of the world and enjoy the certainty of an eternal life in communion with the divine, whereas another faction will cause mayhem.  Consequently, what lies ahead may not be all roses.  The question must be war inevitable?  Well, just some thought to contemplate.


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