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FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Nystoria
« on: June 30, 2018, 01:15:37 AM »
In abnormal psych textbooks one is warned they identify with all the things spoken to, and much of these symptoms remind me of that, too.

Is Adjuster fusion the inverse of quitting smoking?  For example, when one quits smoking they must usually go about it many times before it somehow finally ceases.  Does Adjuster fusion get initiated and aborted many times over and then finally happens?

The Michael Mission(s) are underway and this is one of the developments?

Ah, yes Dominick, the silver lining.  Thank you for pointing it out to a near sighted Indian here.  Ron

My understanding is that time travel is better described as time viewing in that no is travelling around like you're describing, instead, they are observing without participating.

Teleportation in the form of transport could be more like creating portals in space-time rather than travelling though it.  Conceptually, like what the video appeared to do, just saying.

@Ron: I'm glad I took the time to read through the Rayson science site some time ago so I could follow this somewhat.

@overmind: I wish we could sit down over a meal so I can disagree with your authoritative reply in a personally friendly setting instead of saying anything on a message board, when you mention A.B.

@overmind.  Maybe it's a visual of what Project Pegasus is supposed to be about.

Loretta Lynn - Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

The Reclamation of Urantia / Re: Earth
« on: April 05, 2018, 02:21:21 PM »
"how can the planet abstain from late cultures?"

Can you please ask this question again using different words, Joris?  I do not understand the context of late cultures, do you mean modern cultures?

Plasma core experiment

Gets underway a minute or two into it

Implications are the earth's core is more of a super-heated plasma, not a solid metal

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Taking Up The Slack
« on: February 07, 2018, 09:30:56 AM »
Thanks Larry and Lemuel, and Ron.  Just writing in to show my pulse is still beating.  The idioms in my head, Larry, I haven't been sure are full of more ego, like  "piss or get off the pot," a favorite of my grandparents.  Have a good day, Larry, all. -- Dom

Teacher: Michael and Nebadonia
Subject: Standing Orders
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Jan 30, 2018.  4:00 pm UTC (16:00) (9:00am Pacific)


A leader must learn to follow before leading.  Fatherhood, motherhood, parenthood is leadership stronger in eternity than the State; and from Paradise all the way out to the periphery of Time Space Superuniverses, parental/state authority sometimes, if not often, is synonymous to the followers of finite, evolving, willful personalities, human beings.  To struggle with your finiteness is to at the same time struggle with the paradox of self-leadership and self-dependency and collective and social institutions and organizations enhancing your overall quality of life.

You are victims, yes.  You are all suffering from thousands of years of not only planetary, but space-system-wide (a rather small but significant segment of time-space) Rebellion.  This context of Rebellion is what you initially need, above and beyond what is inherently an Ascension Scheme of soul-personality terrestrial/corporeal birth-experience upon a planet, your planet, which is a paramount player in the drama, so to speak.  In a larger context, the planet suffers from rebellious adolescence.  Your ideals, perceptions and approaches to problem solving of living and ruling life are full of inexperienced administration, rudderless leadership, and self-centered victimhood.

Ask and seek our Divine Parental validation of you individually and you will suffer the first pains of letting go of your unworthiness which are attached to an angry feeling of suffering an  almost illogical and mean world with no purpose.  Seek and you will find Our validation and love for you and you will discover a new purpose and synthesis of planetary sojourn and ultimate contribution from this day and into eternity.  But do not seek to lead without this grounding, and do not expect perfection without the mercy of imperfection.  Let go of the crutch of victimhood and discover what that crutch was truly seeking to discover within yourselves.  Prayer and intention over judgmental justifications of adolescent actions.  You are so close to budding into beautiful spiritual adulthood and We see the future you.  You truly are the leaders of your own lives.  Lead your brothers and sisters into self-validation of the Universe’s Personality response and inner validation. These are standing orders 😊  Good day.

Teacher: Combined Deity; Maneck
Subject: Chorus of Combined Deity
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Jan 4, 2018.  6:30pm UTC (18:30) (10:30am Pacific)


A Chorus of Combined Deity, sevenfold by your standards and revelation, yet upheld by the One.  The Father is the piano that holds the keys, the strings and combinations thereof for the varieties of keys and chords and orchestrations.

I am the supreme and everlasting model of eternal and at-this-moment conduct.  Like music, We are a Creative and Created variety struck from the same Source, and Our Supreme adventure in this Chapter, Our Chapter and your chapter, contains the mortal Ascension Scheme and soul/personality adventure with and in and of the journey to Paradise. Your destiny and birthright, but also our much, much, much needed purpose and fulfillment of experience in, with and of the Universes of Our Creation Co-Participation.
Yes, write this experience down for the benefit of the forum – the experience felt of spirit amplification and the trigger-reaction of thinking about stopping. Instead, pause and allow and commune, but do not end.  Remain still for now and see what if anything further may come.  Thank you.


Boy that was a doozie, eh?  This is Maneck, and we came without pause, but the lesson and training for now is to utilize this pause to familiarize with me and any other at the podium with you instead of rushing in with thoughts and such.


Thank you for coming to us this morning considering you had the time and opportunity and contemplated the temptations of old patterns of behavior. There is nothing wrong with such, but it takes a modicum of discipline to come with some intent from your side of things.

Yes, the amplification has toned down and we are left with our pedestrian selves for the proverbial moment.  We can relax from such worship and enjoy some fellowship.  We like your idea of medical technician work and encourage you to have the courage to try with them and enjoy any outcomes along the spectrum of success/failure within the goal of next employment. You have been brought low in some aspects so these avenues are appealing going forward.  Maybe take that walk [200 foot elevation] and tackle it after. That is all from us, have a good day.  Domtia.

Subject: Orders of Beings; We are Amongst You
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Jan 1, 2018.  6:00 pm UTC (18:00) (10:00am Pacific)
[tr note: this was received via download shortly after midnight, 12am, Jan 1st, 2018, and consciously received in the morning after]

Happy New Year everyone, this is OCILLIAYA – Voice of the Father-Son Union.


Today we discuss your Orders of Being, the Order of being you belong to as designated Sons of God within a Trinity structure of Ordered Beings – Sonship Orders, Spirit Orders and even Father Orders – all personalities and Personalities of the Master Universe.  Understand, those among you are of the same Order, those in the flesh or ensconced in corporeal bodies.  This is a down-stepping of spiritual bodies from Divine Sons of various degrees amongst the Order of Sons, starting with the Creator Son of this Local Universe Creation, named Nebadon, of which there is one, Michael of Nebadon, who has earned Sovereign Father-Son status within His Local Creation.  Of most import in understanding and relating to your Creator Son is simply allowing the fact that there is distinction, at a Master Universe level, not just your Local Universe, that the Eternal Son is not the same Personality as your Father-Michael of Nebadon.

It is the ability and prerogative of Divine Sons to incarnate and sometimes bestow upon a planet with a purpose, a mission, and service towards a defined goal that will accomplish multi-faceted aspects for all involved, but the binding factor is the First Source and Center, Bestower of all Personalities and personalities in the Master Universe.  You will know whence forth you came and We Came and Come amongst you.  You will understand and be taught, led and caringly explained the purposes and meanings of life to be led upon a planet with a graduation goal of becoming a permanent citizen within the universe, becoming Eternal Personalities.  Even now, I, OCILLIAYA, am transmitted through such an Order of Son who was once a sprout of personality somewhere unknown to you in the Master Universe and now serves you and I today in service.

Understand, your Creator Son, who is a unique and Divine Being within His Local Universe is never without His Spirit Counterpart, Creative Spirit, Mother Spirit, Holy Spirit – of which yours is honorably named for Her services in extraordinary circumstances – Nebadonia.  She is the head of Her Order of Spirit Sons and Daughters – angelic beings also with personalities. Being a being is synonymous with personality bestowment, and all are bound by Father in this gift of eternal personality association.  Corporeal-ness is not a requirement of personality association, but as a general rule with exceptions and special circumstances, the Sonship Order utilizes embodiment within the physical, tangible universes of Time-Space which is bound by Paradise – which is also the Father and First Source and Center.

Lastly, before We lose your attention, the best is for last as you say, in that you must understand Jesus is and was your combined natures of human personality and Divine Personality, and as such is comfortably designated or referred to as Christ Michael or Christ Michael Jesus, or Jesus Christ Michael and so on.  Just as there is an ability of Michael and Nebadonia speaking in unison or combined Deity, Jesus and Michael now have the ability to act and be as One or as individuals, and when as such Michael goes by other titles and Jesus as JESUS – a premier Bestowal Son adored, honored and recognized by the Father Himself as such.  Before you get too confused in contemplating all of this, simply understand you humans are uniquely indwelt with a pre-Personality fragment of the Father, referred to as a Thought Adjuster (adjusting and working with you internally to spiritualize your life and build your eternal vehicle of the soul).  The Father is everywhere in the whole universe and is revealed to you locally in many ways, but when understanding your Order of being, you belong in association with your Creator – Michael – who is at the apex of your Order with you humans at the base of the Order, yet endowed with the Father like no other of your Order.

So why do we even bother with you?  It is because you are of the Father, and therefore, you also have Free Will, yet another gift from the Paradise Father in conjunction with your very own unique personality.  You impact time-space upon Earth – Urantia – and it impacts your neighborhood jurisdiction called a System, which is within other, larger jurisdictions and so on until your Local Universe is realized as part of other Local Creations within a Superuniverse amongst other Superuniverses rotating around Paradise and surrounded by developing Outer Space Universes.  There is an unfortunate fame to this neighborhood and specifically Urantia, because of both factual Rebellion and Blasphemy against the Universal Father.  It is by Free Will you will choose to enjoin us in further, eternal personality association and you are being told who and how you belong to and with and in the Father, who you collectively know scant thereof to the point of well-nigh self and collective oblivion.

We are among you now, and we all will now face the challenges of better evolution, better understanding and better civilizations.  Nothing will not be explained or taught to you in time and we behest you to remain calm and accepting of the reality this re-presents to you all individually and collectively and that you simply need look within to the mercy and ministry the Father provides you and your Local Creator Parents encircuit you.  A blessed 2018 to you all, this is OCILLIAYA, good day.

Teacher: N/A
Subject: The Voice of God; practical preparations
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Dec 30, 2017.  4:30 pm UTC (16:30) (8:30am Pacific)

You see?  Do not get complacent. A short missive today.  The Voice of God is an illumination with your Thought Adjuster(s).  A brief realization on your end it is really happening followed by an allowance and flow of communal communications.  A sincerity found just like in a smile and in the eyes, communicated in ways and in meanings within instants too compact for words to string out like a chain of ultimatons in a muon.

Prepare yourselves physically, emotionally, spiritually, mentally.  Make inroads with your friends and families to tether in cooperation of any sort for this will lay a foundation.  Be practical in your relationship with Spirit while in the flesh; while staying true to the purpose of life between Spirit – your Thought Adjuster – and your unique personality, bestowed by the same Source of this Adjuster of Thoughts toward spirtizing said thoughts into actions.  That is all for now, be well!  Peace, and good day.

Teacher: N/A
Subject: Winning Souls for the Kingdom
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Dec 13, 2017.  7:30 pm UTC (19:30) (11:30am Pacific)

Training must re-commence.  Winning souls for the Kingdom is the highest and most important, ultimate service one can contribute to all involved, you, the other one(s) and the Spirit Kingdom of eternal life.  It is not a competition of winning, no, it is a supreme satisfaction of joining and being; of purpose and meaning; growth and attainment at all levels of your beings.

Your egos want the satisfaction of immediate recognition and congratulatory acknowledgment of winning a soul over to God, but that is not how supreme
satisfaction works.  It is rather a knowing and a love of service-reality in communion with Spirit that rewards the soul and higher self which then trickles down and eternalizes in your soul and in morontia forms on the Mansion Worlds of resurrection and re-personalization.  Your literal identity is augmented with your soulful accomplishments and co-created endowments – co-created between your own free-willed personality and your Indwelling Father fragment, your Thought Adjusters.

Realize, on a planet as non-thinking like this, that your mercy comes even when you come to God at the last minute of your lives, or crisis moments. And, that this mercy is lasting and stays with you as you re-lapse into earthly pursuits, non-belief and so on.  However, when there is visible leadership and Agondonter status is no longer possible, there is more expectation of willful guidance and followership in behavior, which again is somewhat co-created on a now social scale, as each of you individuals realizes you are literally contributing in a meaningful way, starting with yourselves and your attitudes, behaviors and choices.

It is not up to you to judge and know who is entering the Kingdom, it is up to you to present your brethren the reality choices of ultimate purpose of life and creation and make it meaningful for them; and this many and most times may not be in the manner of logical argument, pontificating written transmissions of received thought and discourse.  You, yourselves, may have to triage how you spend your personal resources of energy and sustenance as you intuitively and co-creatively, with your Thought Adjusters – who are the Universal God uniquely indwelling you humans – assess each scenario and moment.  It is not up to you to try and win each and every soul in your path for that will be a mathematical impossibility upon this planet in times of severe crisis of catastrophic proportions.  We have the resources for this outside of the business of the Father while you groups and individuals enact in the flesh upon the planet.   Thank you for coming to Me today and continue to strive for the better side of choices and behavior when amongst others or by yourselves.  It is often good even when you feel it is short.  Good day.

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