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I don't have a Kindle but I purchased a copy and can read an e-book version using their Kindle Cloud Reader

MICHAEL.  Faith Produces Action.  15th Sept 2018, Dominick O, Seattle, WA USA

Teacher: MICHAEL
Subject: Faith Produces Action
Category: General
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Sept 10, 2018. 6:00am Pacific


This is MICHAEL, and we can get down to it.  Circuit connections can be very fast and doesn’t take a lot of ritual to initiate, my son.  Feel the connection grow with the flow and communion.  You are in My Peace.
We have things to do . . .

. . . Censors and interference continue but the Father’s Coordinates do as well.  Do not expect linear progress and do not expect fiat miracles for that would deny us all the adventure of Supremacy.  Others after this transmission will produce more details, but I desire more practice with Team Michael.  I desire all My children on Urantia, through Nebadon, to hear and see with Spiritual eyes and ears.  Why those two senses?  Because they most deal with belief.  Belief begets faith and faith produces action.

That is all for now, have a good day.

[Thank you]

ya, Evan, that's a good description

Teacher: ANKARA
Subject: Reception, Reflectivity
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Sept 10, 2018.  4:30pm (16:30) UTC (9:30am Pacific)


Do not block this let it flow.  Reflectivity is not just a one-size-fits-all modality but a recipe book when it comes to communicating in conjunction with you and your Thought Adjusters.

A distinction and discernment that something has begun, when a name such as Mine comes through in response to your reaching upward/inward, as opposed to mindal flashes of fleeting thoughts.

Yes, notice the tickle on the back right of the head, this is your Thought Adjuster signaling as well.
Your willingness to “let it rip” over the animalistic desire to run away with an ego driven response that this is not possible.

Today’s reception is clear enough and an exercise in helping those just starting out, what the process is like sometimes.  The consequences are God’s, as they say.

Good Day.

[Thank you]

Our promise to you is to reach down to your effort of reaching up, Spiritually.  Reception in a myriad of ways with a Family of Deity and Spirit Personalities; with your mortal brothers and sisters.
. . .

Stay on the line however tenuous so we can assess, like we spoke about through Lemuel.
. . .

Think about what the word “mission” means.  It is obviously something greater than one’s self as you have many examples of doing something or sacrificing – not in a ritualistic sense – for the GOOD of the MISSION; a goal, an accomplishment or result.  You are hardwired for attainment and love receiving missions.

This mission, should you accept it,” are words and phrases you are familiar with hearing.  A Mission is something your planet understands where actions beget results toward a goal, and all sorts of opinions and attitudes participate until action of motion makes it very real in individual and collective perception-experience.

We are amping it up, so to speak.  Change is afoot – on the planet.  You are familiar with the analogy of a potential landslide or forecasting future damages, yet no addressment, or minimal attention is willed to be made, with a rather lazy attitude of hoping – denying really – that such an event will happen at a moment where you have to deal with it.  You will all deal with it.

We have made preparations on your behalf, as family in spirit, but governance in rulership application.

Another relatable analogy is the example of doing additional, aggravating damage after a damaging event.  For example, a broken limb requires that limb to be stabilized.  You don’t attempt to use it because doing so creates aggravated, unnecessary, greater harm; then looking back one considers in the present if they had only been wiser in the past.

There are no specifics for now but to say you will need the will to survive. This is not a threat but a forecast upon observing the Nature of your planet in a Space environment, and we see this and these developments better than you.

But to help you there is a Mission to be done.  Steps and actions to be accomplished, not just opinion and thought.   -----------   [Cut/Stop]

Good Day

I'll be receiving transmission between 7am and 9am within some driving and medical appointment obligations for my dad's eyes

Indeed, those who ask, "what can I do?" should probably have some idea about the nature of the playing field before they step into it, so to speak. 

Got it Ron, thanks for the update/analysis. -- Dom

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Remarks, Reminders and Reviews
« on: August 24, 2018, 09:35:54 PM »
Points 1 and 2, done/doing, Ron

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Phyllis
« on: August 01, 2018, 01:39:18 PM »
Question: what is transmission typing in the sense it's different than the typing I've done in the past?

Hi Dominick, Ron here:  The statement was - Dominick O.,  if you read this, we are prepared to wire you up immediately and teach you how to spell transmission typing which Ron does so well I wish he believed he was more useful than he knows.

What I think it was said for is that doing transmissions requires catching a second breath for the finger and arms.  The ability to type rapidly is not the question but the ability to become accurate for the entire transmission.  I have to raise the palms of my hands after a couple of hours and not rest them on the bottom of the keyboard due to fatigue coming to the fingers in rapid typing.  So what I have to do is raise the palms off the keyboard and touch type pointing the fingers down.  It improves accuracy after getting a little strained and after about ten or fifteen minutes I can rest my palms more naturally for me at the bottom of the keyboard.  It really was a humorous comment between the speaker and me to refer what you have to do if you get a long and finger tiring transmission.  Ron

That's my understanding, too, Ron, about not validating anything machine related, but illustrating, as you say, the spiritual.


Can you come up with a more specific question?  And do you understand the reasoning behind using Voice of God spirit Tring to bridge fellow humans who need this technological bridge-crutch to approach anything in Spirit through these somewhat faulty methods?

It's posturing of BRICs monetary coalition versus US-Britain-Israel coalition

My understanding is that time travel is better described as time viewing in that no is travelling around like you're describing, instead, they are observing without participating.

Teleportation in the form of transport could be more like creating portals in space-time rather than travelling though it.  Conceptually, like what the video appeared to do, just saying.

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