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I found this a quite enlightening follow up to the video above. I remember Ron saying before to have cash on hand and this struck a bell.

Thank you for your replies as this is a very fluid situation throughout the world. The Dow futures are up this evening and I am watching whole nations go into quarantine. I see nothing but chaos for the coming year. I do want to throw out something that  I was pondering today but here goes.....Suppose, to avoid virus spread, nations including the USA start imposing martial law (military enforced restrictions) to restrict major gatherings from, let's say, voting in our upcoming elections. This weighed on my mind today and could see this happening with the current administration. Just a thought for your consideration.   Thanks for listening and your insights.

Thank you Ron, Monjoranson and Serara
I been aware this is inevitable quite some time and the level of 9000 to 10000 is what some of my friends are predicting. I have been seeing 14000 for some reason but I could be only catching a glimpse. I will be looking at the Bretton Woods agreement mentioned. This will be a wild ride for those affected financially. I am thankful I divested a few years ago because of my concerns and you had implied this before.

I recently watched a video that was quite shocking and would be profound if the commentator correct.  Check it out if you are so inclined.

Many types freeze dried foods can last for 20 years.  Also many people forget is toilet paper and plastic disposable grocery bags for waste.

« on: January 01, 2020, 11:15:16 pm »
I have been keeping a close eye on the situation there and it is quite disturbing to the least.   Keep faith sister, it looks like it is be a long haul.

Just some clarification....the distance from the center of the earth to the surface is approximately 8000 miles.

We all feel lost sometimes my friend. I have always found comfort in knowing The Father Always provides what we need at any given point in life. It may not seem it some of the time but it is truth.

To your question Occerpa, I have to say that besides any political outside interference there is a power struggle in the country between internal political factions where one power will not make way for change if needed and wanted by the people. Since I live in the USA and I watch the current situation between our current king and Congress as 2020 election approaches there will be more and more division and hate in this country culminating in the fall of the American empire if not civil war. I see upcoming parallels manifesting in this country although not to the extent of what has and is happening in Venezuela, Yet.

I see what is happening in Venezuela right now as a precursor to what will happen in the USA in 2020. Only God can save us.

Thank you Ron for your words. I am reminded of a saying I once heard and it went something like this...that if we do not understand history and learn from it, we are due to repeat it. My goal and I believe Our goal is to not fail as the Foundation did.
Thank You

Although the article speaks for itself Dominick I will say There are many things that the government has had their hands in for the last 50+ years having to do with mind control and ways to manipulate a population. I personally believe the UB is a divine revelation from God to mankind I do see the government having its hands in many forms of religion and influence for their own purposes. Most of the time not for the good of mortals. 

I came across this and found it to be quite an interesting read. I hope you enjoy.

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