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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Criticism
« on: July 06, 2018, 01:57:50 PM »
To be critical is a positive thing and if used in a constructive way can help a person along his path. I have been criticised before and maybe was a little irritated but when thinking further about it came to the conclusion that he was right and I was wrong. People should not mix criticism and mobbing or bullying in the same category as they have different intensions where criticism in a constructive way is to help the person and mobbing or bullying is to destroy their ego, Domtia . 

Hi Lemuel, I hope you are regaining your strength and making a full recovery.I was using the exact same metaphor a couple of days ago when contemplating about my outlook on the Serara forum,and yes I do feel more of a spectator than one of the players on the team.It`s not that I like being on the sideline but I don`t have much choice since I cannot T/R.I`m sure there are others on the forum who agree with me on this.Well in anyway I`m not giving up and as they say "practice makes perfect". all the best and Domtia.

Today after listening to Lemuels post I tryed to connect to Prolotheos and Ophelius but did not succeed. I´ll try tomorrow and maybe I will have better luck,Domtia.

Hi Ron , I'm not trying for you to stay away from anything ,it was just an honest opinion , and if I say something it does not mean that I'm right, I'm open to all ideas on this post and the more who join in the better.Domtia.  :)

This is beginning to sound like the Galactic federation in Starwars, well if you think about it`s quiet close.This is such a big subject you could write a book about it,but before we start a federation we should concentrate in removing ALL nuclear weapons on our planet, and not just North Korea`s and Iran`s,while the rest of the powers arm themselves to the teeth and call themselves exceptional.If the Melchizedeks would change out the corrupt bankers, politicians,secret service agencies and military we would have half the battle won,then we could concentrate on other matters such as a one world federation and an age of spiritual education where all religions could unite under our heavenly Father. I know its easier said than done if we try`d to accomplish this on our own but we have the Magesterial Mission behind us and its certainly not impossible for them.All the best and Domtia.

Hi Sue, this was a soft spoken and transparent transmission by Serara , there's a lot happening behind the scenes with both spiritual and material work involved. Are they trying to stabilise our planet to avoid the worse scenario and I'm sure the Melchizedeks are working hard with the political side of the equation , these are very exciting times we live in and I hope things turn out well. Namaste. 

General Discussion / Re: Haqppy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 08:32:03 AM »
Happy birthday Ron,and I hope you don`t have to many aches and pains today.

"We are quite sure there is nothing much more to say until we break the news we all have been waiting for, and that is to transfer Jesus into the fray, and then to let Urantia know, he comes not with good tidings but the ill will of a Father so upset with present circumstances, that He will never allow most Urantians near the Paradise abode.  I kid you not Ron, you tread on such dangerous waters you must be still and stop that bickering with your Adjuster on this.  Ron says as the canary in the coal mine which signals ill or well to the miners--  let you the readers-miners understand he is not swaying as hard as he is supposed to as Father keeps telling him, 'let this pass!'  Be assured this may pass without further notice, but Jesus is angry not as I am not angry nor is Michael angry-- but we are all upset this has winnowed down to no Mission at all for Urantia today and maybe never at this point.  I tell them as I see them.  Good day."

I'm not sure what to make of this, are we to be left to our own destiny, or will diplomacy be put to one side and the heavy artillery be Brought to the front. There are so many questions without answers, and I'm not getting much wiser reading this post. 

General Discussion / Re: What Next? Pay Attention.
« on: June 02, 2018, 04:50:33 PM »
Hi Ron, this post sounds like a riddle that could turn out to be good or bad for humanity, we really don't know and we are helpless to do anything about it. Whatever the future beholds ,it is in God's hands. 

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Stillness
« on: May 29, 2018, 07:19:31 AM »
Hi Lemuel, thanks for those incouraging words about going into stillness, to be honest with you , my problem is that I don't do it often enough but I'm going to try harder and make it apart of my everyday choirs. I do converse with my Taught adjuster but that's in the early hours of the morning when I am half awake and he often gives me advice about my own behaviour and how I should live from day to day, all the best, Namaste. 

Since the conversation is about ufos, teleportation, and other strange things ,I would like to share an experience which I remember to this day. I was reading a book called "how to contact aliens on our moon ". So he described how to go about it like this , I was to sit on a chair and meditate and at the same time concentrate on words  (I want to make  contact ) and to envision these words in 3D, so I did that to the best of my ability. The target was a ufo in orbit around the moon,I did not believe for one minute that this was going to work but decided to carry on with it just for the fun of it. After about twenty minutes ,I was flung out of my body to find myself in dark space very close to the moon and near a ufo.I got such a shock from what happened and was not sure what type of aliens I was encountering so in an instant I was back in my body again, that was the last of my remote viewing or "astral travelling ".This sounds like sci-fi but I think humans have lots of abilities, which they are not conscious off .Ingo Svann was a very talented remote viewer and you can read some of his books in pdf form, Namaste. 

Thanks for the post Lemuel, and I welcome Margul and the Melchizedeks to this beautiful planet which has been renamed Nystoria. I hope that the first thing you do is to contain the military powers who spend trillions of dollars on weapons to defeat one another , when that money could be put into humanitarian projects like feeding the poor and building their infrastructures.I have complete confidence in how ye solve problems and hope the Magisterial Mission is successful, Namaste. 

Hi Lemuel, glad to hear that you are recovering from your serious illness. You must have gone through a lot as you were describing. I've heard from several people who have recovered from serious accidents or illness that they see the world with new eyes like as if they were blind in the past and appreciate more the small things about them.I try and remember that I someday will probably face that scenario, as they say, live one day at a time and make the best of it Namaste. 

There is one thing she hasn't lost and that is her voice, she might get a job as an entertainer on the mansion world's.  8)

Hi,just to finish off what I started, it wasn't my intention to stand on anyone's toes , but sometimes a good way to get information is to prod the hive .It's true to say that we who live on Nystoria are ignorant to a lot of facts and we only speak from our perspective. I would love to know the anatomy of the non breathers who are also our brothers and sisters and how they cope with harsh climates. 

My thanks to Ron, Mantutia, Rayson, Michael and everyone else, love you all, Namaste. 

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