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Dear List, this post is with regard to the first category on the list here.  I feel it is time to remove the Intelligene Category as it has done its job and it could grate on some nerves out there that is not necessary at this time.  I think those who read it and are interested are satisfied that is all we can do right now but to warn to keep your powder dry and not to get disappointed on the intractable behavior our leaders get into or take us into as unwilling participants of  disaster. 

I also will bring the category back when something new is to be added as I truly trust that both Serara and Monjoronson will explain things about national relationships that matters to say when it is time to say them over the next few years.  For now it comes down to keep it from becoming stale and maybe offensive to some who do read it with a fine toothed comb to boot.

Thank you for reading it and I ask your patience until we have a better understanding how to handles these kinds of posts that are meant to fully inform you but are not meant for the general public to see either.  It is a bit of a quandary to handle but for now we say adios to that particular way of looking at things. 

My best to all,


Niant2 this video was knocking around for days for me and I finally looked at it and the ship type seems to be a new version of an old theme of windows along the side to have some sight seeing probably.  It is a lovely ship and I am jealous they have such a wonderful technology you are working a new place to see and think about.   The funny thing is Michael of Nebdon banned sightt seers months ago so that makes me wonder if this might ba tech crew from one of our allies nearby and taking a relaxing jaunt to see the scenery before the go back to work wherever that might be.   Ron

This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/

to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

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Lovely transmission Lemuel.  Clear lessons like this make it easy to learn where the listener may stand, and to work on the enthusiasm quotient in the daily life.  Most of us seldom are very clear about what we are best talented to do as that seems to come after you knock around in so-so life circumstances for awhile.  In any case Lemuel, thank you Lemuel for a all that you have accomplished with your audio tape work as most of us find it a comfort to start the day with the wise advice the tapes through you offer all of us.


PS- Clency thank you very much for your service too!

I am so delighted Lemuel you are back and in there trying to get us all back to our favorite audio messenger, Lemuel!

These little messages are little sparkles the public will love too when you are put on the air with your tapes for you daily talk to the world.  I am quite sure we will have a radio station quite soon to do these things with your voice and your transmissions to the group and to the what was once called Urantia and is now called Nystoria.  

You must keep your voice up and your head up Lemuel to  hear you best.  I detect a slight hesitation as you must think again and good for that head of yours to do it as it is fine and I will look forward to hearing strength really return as you must do this every day now for us and for you.  Please see to Lemuel our soldier from Wales.

To all you must understand that Lemuel has so dearly wished to come to York and take up residence and he will.  Michael says when he has gained at least half of his preferred body weight, the invitation will then be discussed with him and given with no doubt.  His preferred weight I think you spoke to me Lemuel was about 140 pounds?  Maybe 155 and I do not know what that is in stones but you who live in the British Isles can translate that for us.  Eat and drink your protein Lemuel and get well daily and we wait for you to be as bright and shiny as a new penny for sure in  the Magisterial Mission capital soon.

Best wishes for your work and recovery Lemuel!

"I am the Creator Son you so adore.  Your Adjuster helped you today,  Tomorrow I will transmit to you.  The day afterward is from Mother Spirit.  The third day next the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, will transmit to you so you will have someone to transmit for a long time to come.  Wait for us when you are ready Lemuel.  If we are busy we take a moment to finish it but wait for us to chime in and we are yours to audio transmit as you please.  Good day. Michael."


General Discussion / General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:44:45 PM »
General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
York, Pa noon local time/Michael of Nebadon/May 17, 2018

This is Michael.

I am sure most of you wonder where the beef is to use an old 70's commercial for Burger King.  I am here and so is everybody else but we are getting down to fine details and Ron has been helping where he can during his last days of transition he hopes.  I am sure he will be fine shortly if I can commute some of these problems for him.

I must lament the fact we have little to say today as this is an in-between day for most of us on high, and that our staff for the Missions is ready and prepared to enter the material plane of existence to work on the problems Nysteria presents for you and for us too.  I am truly tired of the fight to win over people who have no substance or any reason to listen other than to make ends meet.  Otherwise I wonder how we can go with this except Ron has provided some insight into how to approach these problems himself and we follow some of them to see if they work.  I am also unhappy over a transition that is so harmful he gets despondent over it, but money is a balm for even that he says.  In any case I will shortly outline to some of you what is up in that department soon enough.  I am authorizing to spending about sixty million dollars on behalf of the Magisterial Mission shortly.

Now you all must know we have at least seven corporations to fund and I have already told Ron how to distribute those funds.  He laughs at his guile over this but we must fund those corporations we will operate out of for the sake of old Urantia and its new name Nystoria.  Clency had it right as Ron bobbled the original name so it was not printed right the first time but it is all corrected now as he spoke to it in another post to Clency and others.

I am providing $60,000,000 to Ron via a cashiers check from Mantutia once Mantutia is ok'd to do that in the flesh.  He is also to receive his salary from 2010, eight years ago, and it is substantial, and we have set aside sums for those who Ron knows need the checks.  Lemuel receives a salary from 2017 to now and Gossett receives a salary from 2016 to now too.  In other words we have some money for you two.  Sue and Amethyst have no back salary for reasons of State due to only recent fusion status achieved only months ago.  By the way the sixth individual who was fused has quit life and is near death estrangement mentally and must be looked after completely in the home hospice.  Not all fusions regrettably on Nystoria work and this was a prime example.

I conclude this notice with a trial we must face once again with your sister planet Panoptia which will be renamed  too when the dust settles in this part of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Panoptia has been upset primarily in its Midwayer population over the fact they are not now getting a Magisterial Mission as promised years ago and that is because Serara believes the Midwayers there are too slow to understand that they do not set the tone of the Mission much as Ron has done for us on Nystoria.  Ron recognizes his lack of enthusiasm to control anything but waits to see the corporations to us for nothing but a dollar for all seven, and then to go his merry ways as inside the epochal revelatory Foundation.  He is truly waiting for release from other concerns too and that must be finalized with him and Mantutia shortly.  He is also waiting for his back salary payment to do the house up nicely and well and we are delighted with is plans to make changes already given to us as the way forward for that home.  Good and this.  His work is not recognized on Uversa yet and they must approve it or no money and that is just a technicality and we wait too.

UVERSA SPEAKS:  "WE have approved the work Ron has done and will provide him with a certificate on his spirit record when he leaves Nystoria in the coming months or centuries, whatever must be done.  He is truly ready to serve and is a must for others to copy as a way to come before high authorities and make sure we agree with plans before they are carried out.  He worked under Michael of Nebadon and the Midwayers early in his career as corporation designer but lately has been under the Deity Absolute to be sure he does not render work that is at cross purposes to the Michael Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

(Uversa)"We also allow nothing more to be done corporately until the coming snafu with the IRS is settled due to a special agent getting too excited over a letter Ron sent them asking for charitable status over a corporation that Agent agrees deserves it but was over rulled by the head of the department as too lenient and was thrown back to the Spcial Agent to defer decisions until he was forced to make one by events.  Latterally, the President made one comment: 'give what he wants and drop it now, as I have a summit to attend to.'  

"ON Uversa, Ron is a shadowy figure without much happy styles and we must relate that his work does not suffer but seems improved by the motion to move him into the morontial area of being.  It was a painful excursion but one we think has great promise for the future and we are more sanguine than Michael is over the transition work Ron has done so far.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon - "I am now quoted for the record:  Ron has completed his transition but the blood stream objects to the motion of unusual cells medical science would call white blood cells.  They defend the immune system but they are the problem to create nerve pain and other concerns Ron is mostly aware of in spades.  You all who have a normal circulatory system have no problem moving legs to walk or run but Ron has no such nerve control at this time and can barely walk across the drive to get mail.  He is truly sorry over this transition lasting so long that he rather just revert and be done with it but we will not allow that to happen at all as he is finished becoming fully morontialized as his mind is quick and sharp in spite of sleepiness so much of the time.  That will end but he needs a course in rectitude to stop hammering Michael with pissing and moaning over the issue of walking and seeing alone.  You keep seeing something Ron you do not understand and you place it as a wish rather than a fact, but you are catching a near future when this all abruptly ends and you walk out free to deposit your monetization of the corporations quite soon.  Good day. Michael."


Clency and all - I do appreciate why things get confused.  As a receiver when a new word comes down the road to me to speak and then spell it, it can be a little hairy to get it right the first time or the next three times too.  Eventually someone in spirit will draw my attention to it and give me a spelling that derives the phonetics first and then I follow that with the standard way English uses to spell such a word.  When Nystoria came to me first I wrote Nistoreia but Michael said no that is not right Ron as he can see my screen and hear my thought processes to write.  We tried again and he asked me to write the phonetics of the new word as I heard it.  So phonetically I wrote "Nis tore ee ah"  Between us we got the right front part by telling me there was no i in the first part but a y.   Ok, so now I knew that at least it was Nys (pronounced nis) and the second part was a store and the IA part was not sha as in Urantsha but ee (long e) and then iaa (long a).  That is how we worked out correct spelling over the course of the transmission.  Now speaking another language as you do Clency, it must be very difficult to get English sounds right when the French is so much softer and rules are different how to pronounce.  I commiserates with all of you who have to struggle with these spellings and words that come and go too.  Just thought you might be interested how it was worked out. 


To Larry, the dear little chipmunk storing corn bread from the Deities in his nest too, you must realize that you are naughty to delete transmissions just because they do not get answered.  Frankly, we have people here who are cranky eaters, and frankly they like to get excited on nothing much we can any longer deliver like in the old days.  You must know by now we lost about 80 percent of our normal listeners and more talkative ones, mostly because that type also needs the adrenaline of immediate prospects of true battle where they become victims as chosen ones on high.  Do not take down transmissions you have no response to! 

And by the way this for all of you:  Michael related to me early this morning he had to leave for Uversa again.  Nothing unusual about that mostly ever; however, be aware I have also received a pedicure not but am told to stuff it again while they figure out why I am such a disaster in the transitioning of from one form to another.  It seems they now know that our transmissions are being generated by the Mother Spirit on high, and that is to reveal something nothing any of us ever knew before.  I think you ought to know this entire matter of transmitting is provided by a root cause not on Salvington but on Uversa. as they now fully agree with Michael that the old Urantia habitants no longer have brain stems capable of using the universe services of Reflectivity (for themselves as in their reception of it), or can they dance well either as the locomotion of body parts is truly out of its natural ways of the past of only fifty years ago,  That is why Michael speaks of transmission originating mostly from Uversa these days in order to tell us they have had to rewrite the idea of a teaching mission, and mostly because there are fewer and fewer humans who can actually receive a transmission to speak before a class to learn new information regarding space and time and all that goes with it.

At best, that means little to Larry Gossett or Ron B. or most of us who can transmit yet, but it pleads a very strange instrumentation for Michael who depended on this ability to stay on earth long enough to get another Teaching Mission started sometime in the near future.  I have been one to encourage such thinking by the universe, but his Uversa trip now is to understand why Uversa wants to take over all transmissions to Nystoria, once aka Urantia, sonce reception has now hit an all time low.

"As usual Ron gets up my nose on things I rather not speak to, but he knows Larry produced excellent transmissions, and in a pique of depression, removed them to make the list even poorer.  Larry you trouble Ron all the time with your hesitancy and hiding glory so you do not have take the consequences of feedback you usually misread greatly.  The inveterate Larry is too poor in grammar to realize those transmissions are not his usual way of speaking and they need to be better recognized as worthy by himself first regardless of feedback takes Larry fails to understand at all.  Meanwhile, learn that my Uversa trip is also out of bounds for information Ron loves to feed upon, as we must realize that the Missions on Urantia are far too long over due and that I must take stringent efforts to get it on track before we collapse again into a deep pit of no action.

"I am Michael and learn that the trial to be you is very hard these days.  Guests on this forum learn what not to do on high with the Deities only because so many who did once populate these places, are now out of bounds because they have not realized the site does attract the best anywhere because there is so much substance in what is said in all matters on these pages.  Now this:

"I am providing one last breath of life to the idea of transmissions again and Ron is surely going to dislike this:  In the old teaching mission which showed up on Urantia in 1991-92. we had a group of people who were willing and able to learn the process quickly and did very well indeed.  Internecine warfare broke out between groups once in awhile and broke the program down into little spots of this and that and such never works in spirit any longer than it has to.  In 2014 I called the last group to stop work and let the program die with some dignity on Nystoria.  Today Nystoria has no teaching mission groups but a lot of little Urantia Book Groups which Ron thoroughly has decided are disasters and make poor matters even worse.  In years since Ron attempted to resurrect it and found that the place had no concept of why they wanted a teaching mission at all and let it die without much bother.  However:

"Today, I am asking the Ancients of Days to say hello to Urantia/Nystoria, one last time to intervene in the care of transmission work done so far on Urantia including the site which houses the bulk of our output during the original Mission of such on Urantia dating from actually 1988-89 in New Zealand.  Our work now is to produce a better quality Teaching Mission, and to provide students a genuine opportunity how to transmit genuine messages without getting deep into why they were transmitted or pooh pooing content.  Larry Gossett is typical of that type and must be remanded into the custody of a better transmission too as he is quite right, and as Ron recognizes, he never addresses the higher learning of spirit, but only the encouragement of spirit to do better.

"Therefore I am going to ask Larry Gossett and all who still can transmit to stop.  In a few days if I get permission to do it, I will reinstitute a Teaching Mission Program on Urantia/Nystoria once again and then see to it there are in-person incarnations to teach the method that works best for now, and get a mission going.  This site is poorly designed to take those transmissions and will not participate other than to note them and so on.  Good.  And this:

"We need to authorize Ron Besser to find some one else to take on the responsibilities of this site but there is no one who is capable of his humor and inability to control all gaffs that happen that only he seems able to do.  The Nazis in Brazil still wonder who they were in contact with because Ron let them know he knew them for what they stood for most politely and then cut them off permananetly and so on.  I did not institute that contact Ron but you believe that there was such a spate of negative personnel trying to register you felt under war-time seige to clear them out before the site was broken entirely.  Many members on this site saw his rash actions and thought they were next and got out of there,  but no, it was a defense action that worked time and again. 

"Finally, the trial to be a morontial newcomer for Ron is pleasantly changing quickly once we are beyond a few more days while he still suffers the slings and arrows of blood soaked bandages we keep taking off his body as his muscles cannot tolerate blood that has the wrong sized cell in them anymore and he must get used to the idea he has no formal way of explaining his new ability to sleep very little and work all day and go home and still be wide awake after such a busy day.  He is now sleepy all the time but t hat will change in a matter of a few weeks or days depending on what Uversa does to switch him over to a new energy draw to keep him our of weeping sloughs and dips in consciousness.   People who once were in the old Teaching Mission are not encouraged to try again this time as we are starting over with a new revelation and cutting ties to the Fifth Epochal Revelation due to the hemorrhaging of the Urantia Foundation and its money woes again.

"I close this with a salute to all of you who keep trying to transmit and get no where.  The trial is in you and your inability to find the chord that speaks back to you and that is not hard but you keep brushing it aside.  Meanwhile, I have given Ron his marching orders with money to fund the Mission, and that is for the Magisterial Mission and the Michael Mission, which I will explain better when I get back from Uversa sometime tomorrow your time in the New York time zone.  I end now with a solemn prayer that Ron is released soon from these horrible lapses into extreme pain and suffering to the point he is not entirely awake as the Adjuster puts sleep powders into his day to avoid being conscious of the pain and burning  muscles cannot stand with cells they do not recognize.  Good day.  I am Michael."


Amethyst, worry not yet about research.  I did a Flurry on some of the early history and if you can find it read it as it directs you to the earliest origins in modern times in England.  We will have plenty of time to go over what should be an outline from me to you to start you researching what I do not know and there is plenty I do not know.  So hold off for the moment and I will see what I can do for you to begin.

There are two Supernaphim near me as I attempt to finish this pain and awful hideous consciousness which is very dull and hazy and forces me to look hard to try to find what I am seeing.  Eyes are about 40 percen vision today and I am missing all depth perception, yet that is an improvement over Saturday and Sunday.  They tell me they are pulling the pain out and I now have bouts of very painful limbs that burn and ache, and then periods where I feel almost nothing but pin pricks and scouring in my calf muscles.  The instep of my feet are full of shots and they hurt all the time and my toes feel like they are pressed up against a wall and they can be very painful that way.  And all and all I am sore everywhere including my foot pads.  Very unpleasant.  However, they tell me the Suprenaphim are scheduled to release me from treatment either tomorrow or early Wednesday, and I sure could use a day without this stuff.  But there is a promise it will stop or be greatly reduced and that I hope it occurs as fast as possible.  Thank you for asking.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Amethyst, Ron is telling the truth but is hoping the Supernaphim stay as they cheer him up when he is down in the dumps with all the pain he goes through,  He is ready for a new day and we hope to supply one either tomorrow or Wednesday and in any case, you and the other fused individuals have some of this coming in order to metastasize the changes toward a morontial form in each of you too.  You will not have it as complete as Ron does but he needs the extra material in order to live longer on Urantia then some of you fused ones will do.  In the meantime keep your feet on the floor Amethyst, as they tend to curl with them up all the time.  Best wishes for a nice day to all.  Michael."

Clency, two things.  I got too busy today to take the second message and it was about Malvantra deciding to move into our York offices with the personnel that come to York at first.  That is to provide all of us a precedent as to how to handle "open for business" Magisterial and Michael Missions.

Second.  Malvantra is a leading tax expert and a good lawyer on high.  I speak for myself in particular because of all the legal requirements I keep running into that I have no experience with how to handle.  Seven corporations now are legally tied together in the IRS and I do not know quite what to make of it but somebody who has gazillions of years of tax experience with thousands of Magisterial Missions and other Missions sure sounds good to have around me and these Magisterial Missions to start.  Malvantra Melchizedek would like to speak here:

"You Clency are a marvel.  Ron said to himself this message sat all by itself for 12 hours and not one comment.  You are the first to recognize it and see its importance and I can hear Ron sigh a little as the list is deteriorating to the point Ron and I and Mantutia will run it without the rest of you just to keep it open for when you know what hits the fan soon enough.  I am a lawyer by trade and a Melchizedek second; I love working with people like Ron who get into dutch because of the complexity of regulations and for awhile he had good legal advice but they fell apart over issues that have nothing to do with Ron or me or the other Melchizedeks.  Meanwhile Ron is pressured to produce an itinerary for Washington DC which will blow this thing wide open and we need both Mantutia and myself (Malvantra) to stand by his side as he greets people in the press room.  I am entirely sure Ron will glow that day and you all ought to watch because it will be on all channels as we see Trump being sure he has the genuine item and he is not going to let it go.  I also see Ron daydream a little as he writes this trying to figure out what to say that is direct but far from upsetting.  I am the legal eagle at the York office and my office will be busy for some time working out of it because we must get laws changed and properties squared away, and bomb proof shelters established at all costs because we3 are a sitting target for nuts on this world.  Thank you. "

"Clency:  You are fully accredited to listen and learn but you are far from fusion as you barely made your first circle last year and you stalled there because you hate calibrating meaning when you cannot find any!  Did you hear that Clency?  You are in your first circle and you have maybe a year  to go and we will look at you real hard to be a fusion candidate and all that will bring to you with the Magisterial Mission and maybe the Michael Mission too.  In any case the list has lost a full 75 to 80 percent of wannabees and Ron is sure it is no loss at this point as he needs a better type of mind than these impatient truants who find nothing worthy unless led to Nirvana first.

"I just told Ron he would not win any popularity contest with his views at times, but he is dead on accurate by saying he could get more out of the man on the street by paying him well than he gets out of some of you so-called Urantia Book readers.  What you do not realize is we are about turn upside down all the old Urantia Foundation has taught for nearly 70 years  I also see Ron quiver at the thought of fighting certain individuals with dead silence because our Ron is so good at figuring out how to handle personal and corporate attacks and what they cannot stand is lack of information or some good goading.  Ron does neither and I consider him an expert in psychology when these things happen,  He also tells me he has a very good psychologist in his head which refers to his Thought Adjuster which that Adjuster is brilliant at.   In any case let it be known I am incarnating after much gnashing of teeth and wondering how my schedule could handle it, but the Father made it really easy for me to come to York and work in those offices in the L shaped building and Ron laughs because that is next door to his office of thirty years ago as an Engineering Consultant based in New York he convinced they should locate there and he would run it for them.  It is quite a story and Michael is quite familiar with what happened and someday may tell all how that came to be.  In any case Ron is truly ready to go and so am I and the money sits in the bank for Ron to distribute and so on.  Thank you Clency for opening the door to these remarks with your post.  I am Malvantra and I wish you a good night."

"I never see Ron get upset except for the lack of participation on the list.  He cannot help that though and knows it is conditional on circumstances he cannot control.  The spate of unhappy people usually occurs when Ron must remove recalcitrant people and it ahppend in spades this past year and Ron now thinks it was a jimmied attempt to infiltrate the site with religious views that predate Jesus and would ruin the site to entertain them.  Add that to a Nazi attempt to pass code and infiltrate the site out of Brazil and you have a strange brew of events he had  to contend with this year.  Add that to the fact that the site was attacked by those who love to take sites down and it was difficult although he set a record for knocking them back when he sent a coded message back to the hackers they were being watched and they fled like the thieves they are.  All of this is to review the fact running a site like this one takes courage and a ready hand to insist on quality and to be sure no one loses out because of ignorance without being explained to first.  I am Mother Spirit and I wish you all a good day."



May 14, 2017 - 13:15 Local time
Michael of Nebadon and Company
York, PA USA
= = = = = =

This is Michael.  I am appealing to all to keep quiet about the Nystoria change of name and let Urantia prevail until we unveil the new revelation as stated in the title of this particular thread.  You who understand why it was changed will also see a better reason developing later today or perhaps this week, but it will happen at least this week, and that is the incarnation of Malvantra Melchizedek with Mantutia Melchizedek, and their work in York comes to fruition with Ron Besser who has had nothing but a very rough month of Sunday's trying to get agreement for them to pair up and become the dual Supervision of Ron and the human staff in York.  They are incarnated and will work in the L shaped building Ron offered as the logical place to open an office in York since it sits on Continental Square, as they call it, and dominates the place as no other building does there.

For that reason we are buying that building when the cash can flow and Ron will make the check out for the few million they want for it.  Considering that Ron will be handed a check for $40 million dollars, he can easily buy it, fill the coffers of the Magisterial Foundation for Serara to draw upon as he may wish.  Ron has nothing to do with cost cutting but cost running everything to bring that building up to snuff.

Furthermore, Ron has indicated he sorely wishes to be rid of all of these corporations and he will sign them all over to us for one dollar total, except for Starbridge Foundation and Starbridge Group and for his own reasons, end one of them when he sees their need no longer necessary under his care.  The truth is that the Group designation was meant to take care of all of this business but the Foundation, the Starbridge Foundation which is new to you, is the one to keep going in all likelihood because of its status that may no longer be useful as we move along here.

I am authorizing Ron's back salary to be paid in full since 2005 - 2006 and then rescinding all salaries for everyone until the Ancients of Days decree what is proper for Ron to receive to live on and so on with the rest of you.  Larry Gossett has a large house with Mark and will render it for Mark to keep although both have paid for it each in their own way, and Gossett will be given a check for six hundred thousand to clear his way to come to York however he wishes to do that.  Gossett will receive a sum, upon arrival in York, of another five hundred thousand and will then report for work in the L shaped building to prepare his own office that will handle all of our property work and the upkeep on all homes and apartments we may buy or rent to house incoming people to York to work.

Steve Gitz is completely free to come to York at his leisure and may elect to work for Ron or open a piano emporium in York for it has no such business anymore, and then to dedicate one of the concert grands to the Magisterial Mission as such.  We will pay for it when it is delivered Steve.  Ron is to receive it until we may need it for our own provisions.  In other words, Steve, you sit pondering what is to be done by you when you get there and you have been told what is for your hands to do but constantly forget.  Meanwhile, learn that your work is menial as all workers to begin do menial work.  You are to help Ron run the distribution channel for the new revelation and to put signs up along the way that a Symposium is coming to town with a full world court to listen to what it has to say to the world in about  a year from now.  I hear Ron calculate that and he suspects it is best left off until May of next year (2019) or October of 2018  as much depends on good weather and keeping its event out of snow and ice that York gets in the cold weather months.

Sue Whiley remains in Australia until there is a good reason to move her out of there to York; however, Sue Whiley will be asked to open an office in Australia under our guidance and sit her fanny there instead of working at the hospital and she will explain and distribute the new revelation and reasons why Australia will be honored with a full blown Mission of its own to be revealed in another month or so to you Sue.  You are no longer well done working at the hospital and the heat of the past summer has damaged your heart somewhat and all that has to be fixed better so you are prepared to take on these responsibilities.

Lemuel, you will remain in Spain until you can take it no longer and you let Ron know when you are well enough to travel and do the actual work of transmitting on a dialy basis for radio distribtuion of your audio tapes as you did them recently.

Amethyst, you are not well enough at times to take anything on immediately, but when you are-- and we will see to it--  the trial will be for you to write prose concerning the Urantia Book and its loss and why it has been replaced with a new revelation.  Ron has plenty of good news for your there as he knows the subject so well he can dictate much of what you want to write if that is why you need to start.  It will include the early history of the book not included in any print so far and the old Urantia Foundation still thinks it had a miraculous birth which it did not.  In other words my dear, you write a book for us as a historian about the coming of epochal revelation to Urantia as it was then called.


“I gave Ron a dream this morning that was, as he fully agrees with me, disgusting.  His once pet cat defecated on the floor in a huge pile before him.  Ron naturally asked what in the world was THAT to tell me?  The answer really is that Ron no longer has a pet to love or a person or another in a form and that is for a good reason.  I have a good reason for showing Ron that as his Whiskers, a beautiful Maine Coon cat, decided he did not like what Ron did, marched over to his bedroom and fully emptied his bowels on his Persian rug, Never mind what happened next.  But Ron is sorely tempted never to have a pet come between him and hygiene again and for good reasons.  His house is to be a reception house for those interested in the Magisterial Mission and Mantutia will do the talking I am sure and that is that.  However, Ron needs to fix the place up and will receive a tidy sum to start work on it immediately so long as Mantutia can get in his material jammies to deliver the check.  The dream was to clarify that he should not have a pet or a room full of valuables to be ruined by such, but that the entire matter is settled.  Ron is fully morontialized today and is full of aches and pains still but the worst of the pain left him this morning for good– we think . . .   In any case, the trial door is closing on him and for the benefit of the other four fused individuals, the papers have also been signed by Michael and seconded by the Father of All, to allow Ron and the other four fused ones to skip sleep often as they are fully appearing before the Court of the Ancients of Days to receive their degrees of completion of human betrothal have been successfully completed and that mansion world work is totally unnecessary.   However, one such Degree of Completion is amended at Ron’s request that he be allowed mansion world experience in order to feel he has fully shared in the ascension career every step.  To all other four of you, you may also amend your Decree of Completion at any time if you feel as Ron does and wish to complete your ascension career with the mansion worlds part of it.

“I second the charge that Ron receive a pet Maine Coon cat again as a pair of them as they love having each other around as they are among the most sociable of cats on the planet.  They are expensive to raise and to train as great mousers and Ron has plenty of chipmunks around now that Whiskers went to heaven.  In any case the cat of dreams is to have Ron gain a useful relationship to help manage the house and the placement of so many dreams smashed by owners over the nearly two hundred years that house has existed.

“You who will arrive in York will eat there often as he will have a cook and a maid to help serve the cuisine and Ron has gotten to love scallops so much he cannot live without them so be prepared for sumptuous seafood too.

“Finally, Take a moment to pray for your own souls too.  This endeavor has no sure ending and a very difficult beginning as you all know.  We move heaven and earth now and your Ron is fully capable of delivering what we want if he does not get so moved off base with fame and luck as they call Irishmen who do the right thing at the right time at the end of a spirit rainbow.   Good day.  Mother Spirit.”

May 14, 2018 from York PA at noon plus 10 Minutes
Ron:  I have received a lot kidding from the likes of the Salvington Government as to why I keep referring to our Foundation name as the Urantia Book Foundation.  I threw hot water out but they insist and I must tell you I have some legal work to do and change the name of our Foundation to the NYSTORIA FOUNDATION.   Now Michael wants the word of revelation included in that somehow, so I have to hold back any work to do until they decide what sings to the ar when you say the name of our new Foundation with a planetary name change.

Nonetheless. the term Urantia is used below in what Michael has to say as we are getting ready to use that Foundation shortly in its old form until the new form is approved by the IRS.  Meanwhile, read the news below for your own edification:


"We must make amends with the Urantia Foundation as it now exists.  The Declaration of Trust is theirs no longer.  It likely has disappeared or about to disappear from their lock box as it was signed in 1950 and amended in 2007 (as announced in February, 2007), and as such, it is still the legally binding operating procedure of the Urantia Foundation.  We also amend our need for the Urantia Book Foundation, and to state that the Urantia Book Foundation is to have its own Declaration of Trust, and will confer it on Mantutia Melchizedek not, but on Ronald Besser, in order to have it confirmed that he represents the full and necessary authority to represent the Salvington Government and its assigns as the sole beneficiary of the sixth epcohal revelation on the planet, Nystoria.  Nystoria is the full and final designation of the planet formerly named Urantia, and as such it becomes a loss to the world as to why the natural government on Urantia made no move to provide a safe haven for the Urantia Foundation when it first applied for copyright and non-profit status.

Our wish is to obey all laws of the United States, which is the country our new Urantia Book Foundation is founded in, as in York, Pennsylvania, and with all statues applied for and delivered.  In any case, we must amend the name of the Urantia Book Foundation to include the new Nystoria name as current andthat the word Urantia is no longer used on revelation or on other documents we propose to make available shortly. 

Finally, this:  we wish to amend a category called the Urantia Foundation to be allowed to establish its claim of sovereignty no longer over the fifth epochal revelation, as it is out of date and well used for seventy-five years and more.  We now discuss the epochal revelation for the benefit of new people who have no idea of the history that it embraces nor do most on this list appreciate what they hold in their hands.  Ron Besser does know that history and more history than the historians have tried to accrue, since contemporary historians have no idea about the waves of spiritual preparation to produce the Urantia Book in the United States instead of England, where it was first introduced and then abandoned for reasons of State.

I submit this document now to the list for their consideration that the new revelation is the final epochal revelation to be delivered to the world now called Nystoria.  We write that easily now as before we had to go by a faulty memory in this transmitter who cannot spell without spell check in constant operation all the time and that is rescinded now for a better way of doing thins.  I start this transmission with voice:

"I stated that I was Michael which Ron spoke out loud and nothing happened.  It will not happen until later this week when Ron has a new software program from us  that speaks my voice when he dictates me alone and Mother Spirit.  That way we get things done quickly and without spell check or other horsing around to get the words to properly appear for you to read.  In any case this will be experimental with Ron and we will let you know how it works after some experimentation.  Good and we close with a benediction to all of you and to Ron Besser in particular:

"Finally, be at peace for you Ron in particular as the papers are signed to promote you to receive the Declaration of Trust, a solemn duty to you, and that Trust is for all who know you as you will share the responsibilities with others to delegate actions only you can call upon others to do.  Be assured you are done normally and fully but you must command at times and you will with all due haste in Washington DC as you must someday appear there as the guest of a President and we shall see what happens to the sixth epochal revelation then.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

"I close this document to remind all of you that Ron works very hard to keep things tidy, but the above is far from tidy and will invigorate more arguments I am sure later on this year when we change the name of The Urantia Book Foundation to maybe The Nystoria Epochal Foundation of Revelation and considerably more if necessary as Ron hit us with this this morning and we fully agree the change has to take effect immediately and we will let the list understand what it is to become then.  I also recommend that all of you become familiar why this transition has taken place and why it is name is changed.  The word URANTIA in the universe language means "speak in peace," or other words to that consideration.  Urantia has been a misnomer ever since its creation over six billion years ago, but it now carries a new designation as an outreach sphere of the Salvington complex of universities and as such must carry a name appropriate to designate it as such.  It is still the original Urantia in stature but its name is changed for its use now.  I wish you all a good day."

"As usual I carry one lst addendum to this document and that is to refer to the Urantia Book now as titled: "Nystoria: The Book of Revelation," still holds and is correct.   Sue Whiley you work so hard to misconfigure things so much Ron throws his hands up.  Nystorium is truthfully the new Planetary System name, and it is separated by at least five leap years of distance from Satania which is now on its own path in Nebadon proper and it will be consigned a new planet to it that will be called Urantia if that is truly what they want.

"Nystoria is a brand new name for a brand new System of Education too, as this Planetary System (Nystorium) now is the future place to hold one or two other educational planets about the Lucifer Rebellion and they will be divided by classification as to who may attend them.  Ron can attend all three and that is his wish I am sure.  I am Mantutia and I wish you all a good day."

Pliktarious, a small lesson about science for you and all who may think the same as you posted above me here.   Remember Nystorian science is pretty bad when compared to the science of t he Power Directors.  They are not only divine, but they hail directly from the Infinite Spirit, and therefore partake of the anti-gravity of the Infinite Spirit and in and through his Universe Daughters such as our Nebadonia.  I also point out for your consideration that the super nova seen here on earth during the time of Galileo, was a dwarf blue-white star that got mishandled by other than the Power Directors and it blew itself to bits.  Galifree was not its name but our science has named it and you need to look it up as the white light at night in Italy at that time was bright enough to read by.

Second,  Jupiter as it exists today is LARGER than resulted that supernova cited above.  The only thing that holds Jupiter back from becoming a star is the fact it has too much cooled in its central core to do any real damage and Michael seems to think it will be come not a gaseous star but a burned out clinker like you get out of the old coal furnaces that are in the ashes you empty outside.  I also cite the revelation in the old Urantia Book which talks about Jupiter as though it were a star at times and in that text it says it will never make it just because of the fact that its mass tends to dissipate over time due to thermonuclear explosions not seen at the surface.  That huge red=eye storm is really the result of nuclear detonations in its core.  Rayson here:

"We examine Jupiter once in a while because it is a red giant of a planet with lots of striations of color that make no sense to the world telescopes always trained on it.  The collision of asteroid into it years ago and caught by the visiting satellite Phoebus, nearly collided with the nuclear detonations and that would have blown the planet sky high.  I am quite sure Jupiter will subside as an interest of planets in your solar system when I tell them the Europa is an inhabited planets by non breathers and we are sure Ron will learn all about them in the next few years as he is deeply interested in their welfare and knows they must fight daily to keep alive in those frigid temperatures approach minus 135 degrees Fahrenheit.  For that reason Europa must be put to sleep for about one hundred million years to leech out the carbon monoxide the surface is composed of and let it dry out a little since it is seeping liquid nitrogen into the surrounding areas and that causes Jupiter to burp liquid cross-over syndromes you might call liquid water but not quite.  Its chemistry is more like a diaspora heavy water-- which means the valves in Jupiter have degraded considerably over years of use doing that.

"Ron is now experiencing a morontial headache of considerable proportions as he went outside and walked too long and exhaustion covers him like a wet blanket.  I will finish this and go on elsewhere with what is to be said, 

"The trial Europa must conqueror is to bleed off the carbon monoxide and we see Father look in and treat Ron to energy palaver and that improves the reception for me greatly.  Now this:

"You who just come in and visit have no idea what is going on behind the scenes on this site but Ron is fairly accurate to say that Europa is probably going to be a non breather system of its own and will benefit the non breathers well when they learn to use the close proximity of Europa, the moon of Jupiter every body insists has water beneath its surface.   It does, but it is poisonous water as it is only heavy water, called Deuterium. 
Solubility in water‎: ‎Miscible
Melting point‎: ‎3.82 °C; 38.88 °F; 276.97 K
Boiling point‎: ‎101.4 °C (214.5 °F; 374.5 K)
Refractive index (nD)‎: ‎1.328

Ron copied over the miscible fact but the amounts shown for temperatures are found only on earth with Deuterium, as Europa melts not deuterium but carbon monoxide and it blows off steam in geysers as photographed by your space craft.  Europa can melt salt (Sodium Chloride and Potassium Chloride)m but it will not clear Deuterium or salt baths as found in the Grand Canyon.   I also see Ron desperately calibrate his mind to receive me as he fights a deep spark of ennui that is hard to overcome as introduced by Uversa to quiet him down a tad.  In any case I am finished with this part of my discussion and I will return later hopefully to discuss this further with Ron as my transmitter who is the best I ever found.


Pliktarius, I asked the same question and got a blank - dead silence in return.  My belief is it will be part of a non-breather system they can use to their advantage when their science is sufficient to travel between them.  I get the idea that the original planet will be restored but that is a very inky subject even if they were entirely open to discussing all the details which Michael is not willing to do.  I think we are very, very, lucky to understand this is happening and that we have finally solved what the Urantia Book calls an inhabited planet close to us.

I also mention that our solar system is also called Monmatia after the name of our sun.   Monmatia is a cracker barrel division between all good planets and seriously bad planets in its organization.  I am told that Jupiter has to be tamed now and then because of its size and heat generation and the Europa now suffers getting too much of its heat and the orbit of Europa is being slowly degraded because Jupiter is pressing hard to become a small star.

Does anyone recall about six or seven years ago when the majority of the channels out there start predicting Jupiter was going to explode into a start and crush all the planets, including earth?   At that time the Power Directors assured me no such thing would erupt, but those Directors have had their hands full ever since because Jupiter has the mass and the heat building in it to cause real trouble to its moons as well as neighboring planets clear out to the earth orbit we live in.  I do not doubt that they will suppress its desire to convert to stardom but they might have to move the old Urantia system Monmatia too to get out of the way that the Father considers inevitable.  Go figure!  What in the world is our settled future? 


"Ron has set the stage for a discussion I dearly would love to follow up on, but I am so busy right now I dare not take the time.  The old Urantia name does no longer apply and I would prefer to call everything Nystoria for now, and will.  However Ron knows pretty well most people never read well enough to let it sink in that the change is final and that Urantia must now be called Nystoria. 

"I will say this"  Nystoria is safe believe me, but Jupiter is a real bad boy now, and it must either be moved out of your solar system or crushed by its own gravitational desire to be a little star, and that we think would be a white dwarf.  But you all have no worry about such a thing for to convert to a star status Uversa would have to declare Monmatia either a dual universe with two starts in it, or destroy Jupiter for good and that would collapse Monmatia as Ron sees it.  No so because we would convert Jupiter to a dense dark island as dense as a black hole and that is not easy to work around either.  I leave it there for now.  Thank you budding scientists!  Michael."


Amethyst this is for you my friend:  It is not you with these difficulties because I have them and Larry Gossett has them and did you and Niant2 and probably some more we do not know about in the Guest category.

But this:  I am more or less convinced that there are two pincers moving toward Urantia tonight. Do you know what I mean by the term pincer? 

Pincer is mostly a military term when you as commander have a tough city or country to take and subdue under you own command.  As commander you take your army and divide it into two smaller armies.  One army mover at the backside of the city the second army moves  to the front side of the city, and when they close those claws, the pincer movement is done.  Commanders do this to cause a two front war with the enemy or difficult city to take.  The commander is the crab and the two legs of the army are his claws coming in from different directions to really scare and confuse them.

My suggestion is that Michael is our commander and that he has ordered a pincer movement around Urantia.  Get that?  He will take Urantia one way with incarnated Melchizedeks who explain everything and will out front announcing what is going on to everyone's delight, but he has ordered a second army to take the power houses down on Urantia by invasion and arresting the inhabitants if they have done serious wrong.  The first pincer is all light and covers the dark pincer to keep panic from erupting or something going wrong with one of the pincers, he is calling on the Magisterial Son, Serara, to watch the game from on high and alert the big power guys in spirit to send reinforcements if one pincer gets hung up. 


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