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10 Page Revelatory Talk from Grandfonda & Consummator Monjoronson- More
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Father from Paradise
•          Monsonloran Mighty Messenger
•          Monjoronson, Magisterial Son and the first to appear incarnated on Urantia very soon
•          Grandfonda, First Human to Ever Fuse with an Adjuster Superuniverse 1
•          Consummator of Universe Destiny, Highest level of Father and unattainable by humans
•          Margul, Trinity Teacher Son and of Record to initiate Light and Life on Urantia
•          Mother Spirit, Creative Consort of the Creator Son and for God the Supreme who cannot speak right now.

York, Pa 2330 Local Time
November 14, 2018

This is Michael, please quote me:

“I am Michael of Nebadon. I deal with all sorts of problems so esoteric I cannot always find a language to express them in. Last night Ron went to be exhausted and this morning awoke in the same condition. It was a busy full day this day for him anyhow and he managed to complete all asked of him too. Now we see his exhaustion return for a different reason, he is ready to shed the Homo Sapiens skin and bones and, above all, the Homo Sapiens mind. That is his to recall in the future, For now it is sheer exhaustion to walk and read and think. He must be returned to dust first and then to the morontial ideals of the Homo Spiritus species that will some day take the world over as the primary species living on Urantia.

“I am Jesus, and I am Michael, and I am the Arch Angel Michael when I want to be, and that is not funny Besser as I do not swoon in my place with changes of character, although you take me literally for being of one Order or the other, and that is not bad to report either, as it is the only way how to explain Jesus being the son of man as well as the Son of God. I report this to all of you. Today the furnace, a brand new unit full of the latest gadgets to correct it for many things it does not do right in the first place with a computer screen on its belly about three inches by two inches high, and the old man who corrected it is a computer wizard as it turns out.

“At first Ron irritated him when Ron explained that the thermostats would say one thing but the furnace could never match what the thermostats asked for in spit of the furnace running two hours at a time and sometimes more. The old man looked at Ron who is very pale and slim and thought he looked awful until Ron explained to him he had eight front teeth missing and the surgery made him unwell and he could not get the extra heat to rest with. That clued the old man into thinking he is near death poor fellow, let us see how this computer in the furnace works. He took apart one of four circulators, and found it too dry to operate. He greased the fitting. He next turned the touch screen on and revise the pressure upward nearly double of what it was originally set for. Then he moved the water temperature the furnace heats the baseboard heating system much higher. Voila, the furnace now heats all rooms perfectly. What was the different between the old man and the three other visitors to the cellar to fix a bulky furnace? The answer was compassion,

“I saw him turn from a gruff old codger to an understanding individual and he heard Ron explain how the house was so old it has a whole eastern part of the house out of alignment, and that if you measure a bedroom upstairs, the wall at the top was shorter than if you measured it along the bottom rail. He laughed and so did Ron as he recalled an earthquake under their feet on Easter of 1975 when it actually shook Yorkers in their chairs. That is so rare it was not at first believed. But that old house was so old it settled one more inch into the ground that day and made the east wall bulge out just a tad. Ron told him someday the place has to be torn out from inside completely and rebuilt. The old man told him the outside should also come down too, and they laughed. Now this is a curious story as Ron knew the old man was grouchy and did not care for him immediately. That started when he greeted the old man coming in and told him he was Ron. The old man told Ron his name and Ron lost it immediately. So he went to the furnace with the old man and just stood and watched to see if he could learn anything from the old man, and sure enough the repairman told him a lot he did not know about the furnace. Ron was delighted and it showed in his story telling about the house.

“I make a great deal about things like that, as they tell me how reliable Ron is in learning the ways of man, and he let the old man do all he wanted silently but kept watch as he tinkered with all the computer settings on the furnace. I laughed when I saw the man get under the furnace (as the furnace is bolted to the wall and there is plenty of space under it to look at it) and make adjustments to a plate that carried hot water back to the furnace. It immediately created a sensation in all the water pipes in the cellar and the old man told him that was a giant air bubble that got caught above the pan setting. Now the furnace is running sweet and happily and Ron has the heat he needs to keep everybody coming this weekend to get the Magisterial Foundation going to being the Michael Mission tomorrow. Upon the final vote to open the doors of the Magisterial Foundation, Ron will enjoin the Planetary Prince and welcome all to the Magisterial Foundation as a going concern.

“I have asked Monsonloran to enjoin Ron in a benediction from the Father and ask Ron to transmit it for all of us. The surgeon removed more stitches from the bone graft in his mouth and took surgical caps off the tope of the ridge too and that has Ron a tad sore as they were support for tissues that now lies flat in the mouth. Ron has not problem transmitting but it can get sore without teeth to keep the tongue extending too far, but Ron insists he can do the Benediction and probably the rest too. We hope so as this is too important to let go because of a sore mouth.

“I will attend tomorrow with Ron, a day before the other two humans arrive. He will hear better and see better after today being unable to see to zip his heavy coat to take the junk out for collection tonight. He finally got it after about thirty tries and I am not exaggerating! The zipper tip is so tiny it hardly fits when it gets in the double lock zipper anyhow. But worse his nose started running from Mother Spirit moving adrenalin to his fingers to feel the lock and zipper better and he finally managed almost by accident. He snee4zed hared again and the adrenalin was removed. There you get the idea of what happens when spirit cooperates with a human to help them get done what they need to get done.

“As a Mighty Messenger, I am sure of myself but Ron is sure of himself too and he never looks back when he has to keep trying hard to get anything done. Twice the evil angel short circuited his vanity lamps one upstairs and one down stairs as a plant light. Twice he found the cause and repaired it. Now we seem to question that but it is true they were short circuited on purpose and blew out the bulbs, In any case the trials are many and he takes them on in order to remain sane and force back depression that grows exponentially at times but he knows its dangers and gets out of it as quickly as possible.

“I am Monsonloran, and I work hard to see to his ways as being useful for us too. Tomorrow Gossett and Gitz arrive in York in the midst of a threatening snow storm in York. That is unusually early for York and Ron said so and accused the Winter Wind of being Lucifer for sure!

“I also see Ron laugh as usual even though he is almost hung over by today and all that had to do with anything but the spiritual Missions. We all have such days and that is the way time is– endless confusion over simple things to get done. I am Monsonloran and you Ron are not blinking from fear but worry you offend by things as we go alone but never mind I never get upset with any of this unless someone deliberately misleads me or others into thinking something is true and you never do that. Let me finish this with this statement:

“You are, tomorrow, going to feel a heck of a lot better than you have for months, and that is because I am a Father figure to most on high and I love the work I do as a Mighty Messenger, even for my own kin up there. I see Ron as one of us almost now as he is kind and thoughtful and never takes advantage mostly and that one time was the Adjuster claiming it for you and you won easily. The lady gave you the money you were standing on and explained to herself it fell out of your pocket and you did not see it until she asked you about it.

“I am now about to assign you to another group of humans on Urantia, Ron. I assign you to the liberty loving plutocrats you find no where else but in Russia, as you are to have some wealth and means to afford all you wish to do for others as you are a compassionate man and hate to see miserly and disease eat up a life with nothing left but death to face. You will be granted much to do t he work of the anonymous donor for them to enjoy your beneficial kindness. I also assign you to the spiritual elite of whom there are several million on Urantia who need your help to fuse and you will be busy with them explaining what that is and how it might be accomplished. Your Adjuster work is superb and you treat them as royalty. They are not but they are infallible. I am also working hard to understand how you get silly over nothing until we understand the word romp.

“I am Monsonloran, and we leave this alone only to tell you that Jesus has transpired to remember you have some wine in your cellar fridge and to bring a bottle up you can stand. I am a Mighty Messenger and we are even tempered and kind. However, Ron I make one exception for you, and I will not have my hands tied and be blindfolded to come to 2709 Sunset Lane and sit until I am spoken to.

“As Monsonloran, I ask that all be prepared tomorrow by noon if you will and to have the table ready for the meeting. Your removed the Captain’s Chair from the head of the table to let Jesus stand there at the head if he chooses and that is very kind and public to do. You will have the moment when dematerializes the wine and gives you Glucerna instead, and we will proceed with set up then.

“Finally, the trial to hear Jesus as he stands there means you all need to stand as he delivers his Eulogy that day in blessing the Magisterial Foundation beginnings and he will lead the delegation as head of the Magisterial Foundation for years to come and will use you Mr. Director, to get his message across to the Board which will be expanded to five human members when the time comes.

“I provide one further small insight to you Ron as the First Director of the Magisterial Foundation, and that is to never give up the idea it is very important that you never falter in your duties to that Foundation, You are given life everlasting soon and that is hard to imagine for you as you have to take your years one day at a time and we all do in time service. I can use the Absonite regime if I want to but never in time. I also am considered Deity by t he Father and you are careful to denote that in your mind? [Ron: Yes, but it is a grey area to define, but yes, to me the Trinity embrace signals Deity level work.] Good. I see we have a real student of heart and soul here without doing anyone harm and that is our choice for Ron too, as this is Father speaking directly to him. You Ron cheer me up mightily as I see you work something I never saw work before, and that is to include humanity into Gods work when everyone else thinks that God’s work to a human is to them and never the other way around. I am Father and thank you for taking this message. Father.

“Monsonloran here– I never had that happen before when Father just overrides the circuit as he did above and Ron let it override and typed it as it came in. I also leave you for now as Michael wishes to address the Members of this Site now:

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I call upon all of you to remember that Thursday, the 15th of November, is the last day we hold Urantia sacrosanct and will after that date start clearing the over developed population that shares no particular wish to be spirit or anything else, but to hold status and lord it over others. I am mindful of many of you who first came to this list and wondered who the heck Ron Besser was, well now you know as we learned as well. He is now to be delivered, with Steven Gitz, and Larry Gossett, to life eternal without travailing the Mansion World tests, as the tests of the Mansion Worlds are a lot lighter than what all have endured on Urantia in their short lives already. John Zebedee said hello to Ron just now and Ron makes it plain that in addition to the Urantia book revelation, he was most inspired by the service of John Zebedee, the person who saw to Jesus getting enough intelligence to keep one step ahead of the authorities in Jerusalem and elsewhere. I happen to agree with Ron he is an unsung hero that must be remembered well someday on Urantia too.

“I address all Members, fused or unfused, and Guests for whom you should become embedded with the lust for love and not power someday. We are all remembering how we used to look at Ron as a silly idiot who could not remember what day it was often enough to stop worrying over a thousand and one different things to do or say or pay. He is still that way, but plenty of currency will come his way to run these Corporations well and that is sufficient for me to say that the Magisterial Foundation will be endowed by the Salvington Government for sixty thousand dollars to being with and that is to go into the account in Citizens Bank, Ron. You will also endow Starbridge Group with another one hundred thousand dollars and stop accepting donations at once. Then Starbridge Foundation has its bank account ready as well, and we will endow it with one million dollars in bonds and securities not, but in the form of a Cashiers Check on the Bank of New York. Further, we declare all salaried beginning January 2, 2019 who have fused and are in good standing with our government. Your checks will be made out by Ron who will sign them to your payee name when the time comes. I make no motion now for other information concerning payments but on Friday, the 16th of November, 2018, we will make restitution to Ron for his expenditures and so on. Thank you.

“I am now continuing my address to Members of this forum alone now.

“Clency you make wide eyed pronouncements then go to sleep. You, if you wish can be a fused individual, but your resist giving up anything you have and it hurts your spiritual prospects. Ron freely gave what we wanted at all times as did all the others who are fused. It takes courage and heart and soul and understanding, which you do not do well, because you are frightened to be a Member who is fused and then to be included in a Mission you rather observe from the outside. You will, of course, see it from the outside until you decide how your future is planned already as a fused being and an eventual Finaliter to be brought back to Urantia to serve on this sphere as a Son of God.

“Those who have already fused have lost nothing Clency and you are a prime candidate to be fused shortly if you give of your soul permission to fully accept God as your birthright and your heart as ours to keep safely for you. “

“I am Monjoronson, and I see Ron’s confusions at time and that will clear up shortly I feel sure. In any case, let it be known that I Monjoronson, am not the lead and premier Magisterial Son soon to appear on Urantia as the Deity Keeper of the work of the incarnated Jesus quite soon. Ron expects nothing at 2709 Sunset Lane this Friday, but he will be surprised by what does happen as Jesus has ordained that this date is one of the most important dates in Urantia history. I also ask for you to stop that, and yes it will be recorded, we think, in the first year book we introduce in about six or seven years as an addendum to the second Urantia Book.

“You Ron have a vivid imagination we all use to shoot pictures to you. We are finding you so hilarious at times we keep them flowing slowly and without comment and will provide, someday, a book with your pictures in it, as they are precious and hilarious. I am still not sure how you get under our skin with them but you do. In any case, be assured we have a gallery of your work for view someday. I will be there at 2709 Sunset Lane because Jesus will be there at 2709 Sunset Lane, And yes, that building will be pulled down so it does not become a grotto. We accept it will stand for many years as a home away from home for many celestials as it is well appointed and as such wins remarkable discoveries of good taste forgotten for too long. As Monjoronson, you too Steven Gitz and probably Larry Gossett, will be attended by Supernaphim at the conclusion of your work at 2709 Sunset Lane shortly. I am making sure you are well guarded as Michael correctly points out all you fused ones raise the temper of evil on Urantia and must be aware that there are long knives out for all of you. So beware as these days proceed. I am Monjoronson and wish you all well now this.

“As the first Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, I am usually the first to arrive at a celebration, and there is another one coming when Michael assumes the throne of the Most Highs, vacating Andromadeus, and Andromadeus shall become briefly our Planetary Prince to round out his experience for the work of a Vorondadek Son requires they all have some experience as a Planetary Administrator, to receive the honors of graduation to the higher spheres as Deity of the Most Highs, and that is a new revelation, and a new Deity group for you to be aware of. I further assert that Machiventa of Melchizedek will become Deity of the Most Supreme and Higher, and is fully titled The Most High Supreme and Deity of Realms of the Absonite Reality and is encamped on a new set of Supreme Deity headquarter worlds beyond the realm of Paradise presence.

[Ron here: Please note we now have two new Deity Groups added to our memory of revelation through the means of transmission. The Most Highs become Deity. The Melchizedeks can reach Deity states as Machiventa will in the name group above. Do not let this pass without good notice for your own sense of complete revelation on these matters.]

“I continue as Monjoronson: We gave two different and important notes for all of you as well as fused members of the Urantia Corp of Fused Humans, a brand new Directory of order on Urantia. It was never necessary before to have one of these Directories and the new Planetary Prince, Andromadeus will assign Ron Besser as its head as he is the first and only one to directly address the Father before fusion to please help him achieve synchrony with his Thought Adjuster. That happened at China Pond Ron, and you remember those years as the harshest you ever spent until now with your health problems.

“I also work hard to maintain balance with the worlds I get assigned to. In order to maintain balance with Urantia, I require the Mighty Messenger who attends Ron briefly, to behave for me to assign Jesus to the meeting on November 16th in Ron’s home in York, and to prepare Ron to easily find Jesus when others cannot see him or hear him. This is my gift to Ron for being right up there with Grandfonda, who is the first human in time to have achieved synchrony in the time universes. He is also the first to recognize Ron as an extremely capable human and ordered his Destiny Number destroyed before anyone else ever knew they had one on Urantia. Grandfonda now speaks to all of you on this site:

GRANDFONDA, FIRST HUMAN EVER TO FUSE WITH AN ADJUSTER in Superuniverse Number One in the times of Halfaifa.

“I am Grandfonda and I work hard to remove myself from all worries in time. I am ancient by your standards but still remember my days as a human and my time under the rule fo Halfaifa and I still remember the grandeur of his presentation to the God of All, what I had achieved. It was an enlightened period of history and I fell beneath the yoke of pride and nearly killed myself to remove myself from a cult that had formed around me. Ron Besser steadily refuses any such thing to form around him and belittles people for thinking that way, He therefore can be difficult to work with and curries no favors except a job well done. I praise him lightly but well for other work he has pridefully insisted be done with him and fail not to mention that his care has won him notoriety as well and well being from beings that desperately need him for themselves in all manner of life situations. I am Grandfonda and wish all to remember, that Adjuster fusion is only the beginning, and that Adjuster fusion is not the end of fusion with human minds of the past. Ron proudly bears the work of God the Supreme in mind fusion on two of seven levels already, and bears the mark of the Father above his head perpetually, and the angels do double takes when he walks into stores to simple shopping. He is truly a funny man with lots to share and I agree he is removed from the normal list of numbers I care for, and for that reason I now reveal this to those Members who care about revelation:

“I also grant to Larry Gossett the temporary use of his lineage to be known as Gossett and Company and he will know what I am talking about in due time. I thank you Ron for this moment in the sun/Son and wish all a pleasant good day.”

MONJORONSON - “My pleasure too Ron, as I arranged this just for you. He is a Grand Man and he needs to be heard once people recognize his importance to human kind. You are one of the few I enjoy who does double takes on this material, as you take it personally and fully and well to learn what spirit is and does. As a result I asked the Father to embolden your ability to speak better, and He will grant that when fully healed and working better than you can now. I also asked the Father to entrust you with children to adopt and that is our pleasure too says the Eternal Son. Good day. Monjoronson.”

MICHAEL Of Nebadon as is and will report to all of you how this affair goes this weekend at 2709 Sunset Lane as that placement will become quite famous in a few years as all of this will eventually come out from the work of the Deity assigned to Urantia and other officials so high we have no title for them. Ron recognizes there are many Deity groups humans are not aware of, but he must learn he is to learn only that which he needs, I also smile as he does over a shared confidentiality between us.

“Further, we must conclude this transmission as we are way over our limit and maybe should be broken down into two or three but use your judgement Ron. I see you think as One as it is too easy to avoid reading additional posts together. In any case we say good day for now. Michael.”

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son -
“Thank you Ron for asking me. I have only to add that your life will be transformed this weekend with all best wishes from the Paradise Trinity. We must be demure and hold our tongue for now, but the Paradise Trinity has something for all fused ones shortly and please await its announcement before posting to it for now. I am proud of you Ron and the other fused individuals and thank Ron in particular to bring this to be a happy circumstances instead of the run of the mill intervention of Spirit on a desperately poor Urantia. Good day, Margul.”

“I Am glad this was not a planetary emergency Ron, okay? We are proud to announce that the harassment you have suffered over these past months is finally ended and the culprits arrested. You complained utterly about them over a year ago and we thought it was you doing too much and being cut back. I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny in full courage before all of you. Seldom do I speak at all, and when I do I carry a large discharge of work for all concerned. You Ron are fully empowered to do much more than you do only because you are able too but have no opportunity to do so. Now you do have the power and are unblocked from doing it. I love your ideas about the dissemination of the new Urantia Book,, and so on, and be assured we have no objection to a rowdy way of doing it immediately upon receipt. Your idea of a publicist is exceptional and you have done some work on this already amazing to us for its recommendations you wrote down and may pursue. Good and this: I am Father and I am CONSUMMATOR and you do not forget that, but most do and figure you for being sadistic at best, but you have made it clear we are one on different levels. The Father is head of Infinity. The Consummator of Universe Destiny is head of all that is planned for the Deity absolute and beyond. I conclude this discussion with this acronym to you: someday you will lord it over many others, but knowing you, you let things ride to see what they really mean and sometimes they really mean bad things, but mostly it is confusion that prevents most humans to understand they are loved and cared for and you shall learn to be a good father to and with full authority to wup ‘em when they transgress wisdom or love too harshly. Good day. Consummator of Universe Destiny,”

“We conclude a long day for Ron and he is happy to get this off the computer and to all of you who will read it thoroughly for sure. He is quite upset with levels of comprehension, but feels duty bound to provide what we give to all of you easily and well.

“I, in particular, note that our girl friend in Australia is sad she is missing such a grand day in York, but Ron did write how they all were to be here but the need for Visas and travel expense by het to the distant United States far exceeded his ability to pay for all of that. He will have plenty of currency to carry out most things shortly and that is well done to see to your own name for now Ron. Ron has an SUV, new, he cannot see out of well and they did it purposeful to force use of all the gadgets inside of it. But they did not take into account a nearly blind person and how they hem everyone in that vehicle, and so we grant him the license to buy one he can see out of and let the matter rest there.

“We need to explain one or two things to make this revelation in this post workable for all of you, mostly because you do not know the original revelation at all, and so some of it is incomprehensible to some readers. Ron has taken the attitude that this list is not for beginners but for those who know the Fifth Epochal Revelation by heart. Only one other does among this readership and that is Lemuel who is so much like Ron he wonders who he is sometimes. Besides Lemuel the rest of you fail to know the revelation to quote it like Ron can and like Lemuel can even better. Ron read the book at least ten times through and outlines the first two parts to teach it which he did well enough. But no one else takes the time or effort these two have and that is the shame of the entire human race on Urantia. The Sixth Epochal Revelation will fare better as we are going to enforce it coming out to Bible readers and other readers who do take care to read fully and well and not those who were attracted without learning the book to begin with.

“Therefore to you Ron, do as you intend to do with dissemination and let them roll their eyes but we will sell a lot of books t o be sure that way, Be prepared to reprint several times and this time we pay the freight to do that with Maple Press in York as they do text books all the time. Get in touch with them to see how much it will cost when the time comes. Each batch is 10,000 books and we may order three or four batches up front as we have it designed now with a leatherette binding, ridged on the back, and emblazoned with the Seal of the Trinity in gold leaf and a picture of Dr. Sadler on the inside cover completely unashamed of his 1908 pose before the cameras then given to superb photography. I wish all a good day.


General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 14, 2018, 09:04:16 PM »
     Thank you Clency.  You are quite right and worrying that Lucifer and Caligastia are still about is why I said the subject is a can of worms to open for misreading what has actually happened. 

The entire matter of the Lucifer Rebellion has repercussions to our destinies too as we are from Urantia and that bodes a concern from all we meet who wonder what we are after this mass attack on our sovereignty by a wayward Prince and System Sovereign who were designed to protect new life species which we are.

Do not forget that the birth of homo sapiens occurred when Adamson's wife, Ratta, gave birth the first time.  That was the first homo sapiens and I doubt people really understand that.  Now we are faced with a new additional species on earth called Homo Spiritus for now.  Those of us who are fused int he flesh, and that is only six right now, qualify as Homo Spiritus but we are wearing Homo Sapiens skin and bones and brain.  I do wonder what will happen in the next one or two hundred years how the transfer of Homo Sapien designs of mind and body equivalate to Homo Spiritus without being ready candidates for the fusion first experienced by me while in the flesh on Urantia?  It is a real wide open question for now.

In any case, please remember that the rebels, over thirty-two million entities took their own lives when Caligastia collapsed to the floor at the Court and seemingly disappeared before all watchers.  The truth is he died surprised as the report to me now and he preapred to hide but never made it to his hiding place, but evil has a sneaky way of pervading that good and I certainly can not explain some of my recent experiences as anything but unpleasant in that area of life.  Thank you again Clency for setting the record straight with our friend Anjara.

Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I see Ron poke us just a tad on this reply, but he is not wrong:  we cannot assume Caligastia is alive for the record of the Ancients of Days is fully stated and by what means he died of.  I do not, cannot divulge spirit methods, but their deaths were mutually self wrought and it so surprised Caligastia, he fainted before he died.  Last year we visited the grave site of the burial grounds of high Sons who depart for reasons of State, and there was the Caligastia marker and with it a simple explanation:  In Peace He Shall Rest upon The Death of His Life By His Own Hand.   Michael."

General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 14, 2018, 11:04:35 AM »
Well Clency, you and me both.  This is a real can of worms and let me show you something I did not share with you in posts because it is far too sensitive to just throw out there.

AS you know, I am approached by all kinds of celestial life over so many different issues and difficulties, I cannot count them all or do I know why or what most of the time.

Last night I was approached by a liaison angel.  I hardly know what all that stands for, but she was adamant about me going to bed and forgetting the day as it happened.  I said I felt the same but needed something to eat as I had eaten hardly at all yesterday.  Michael came in at that point and asked her to leave,  Graciously, she did so.  Michael than proceeded to tell me that I am sort of what you might call "bait" to catch some fish he wants to take to prison.  He then told me that all the incidences I was experiencing these last few weeks was an alarm call to the Deity Absolute to quash a mini rebellion in the angelic corp over the appearance of the Michal Mission on Urantia.

So it was apparent to me that Urantia had some characters left over who attempt to influence you  and me and many others here to our dedication to following through to put our backs into the effort to make the Michael Mission a success.  Now this morning, I kid you not, I had another shock, and I dare not go into the details, but it left me wondering just how dedicated some people are who have signed on to work for these divine Missions at all?  Here is Michael to explain the predicament you allude to as well:

Michael of Nebadon = "Ron is picking through what you are picking through Clency.  He allows more in his mind than you do, but both of you know that Caligastia is gone as is Lucifer, yet their influences such as voice and deeds by others still keeps surfacing.  I have ruled Urantia free of the rebellion figures, but Ron has proven to be the perfect fish bait to catch me some Lucifer and Caligastia fish so to speak.  We caught four so far thanks to Ron and thanks to Steve Gitz who now believes he is in the middle of a miracle and he is.

"Ron reads well and works well but he is not aware of all that happens around him because he is quite blind to invisible spirit and will likely always be so.  He cares less what we do and thinks we do as we must and accepts that well.  However lately he complained to me about being harassed badly and he can show me all sorts of events that prove that he is.  Two angels in particular made it their business  to be around him and they made it their business to short circuit wiring and lights and make life doubly difficult for Ron to clean up.  Now we learn Beelzebub has been remanded into custody in another Local Universe unnamed at this point, for Sedition.  It is never ending and Ron exclaimed loudly , "My God!" as he trusted Beelzebub when he spoke with him a couple of years ago too.  I see this as proof that the trial of Lucifer and Caligastia, did not wipe them out, and like Ron, I smell something rotten in Denmark (Urantia) too.  It proves to me that if we have good people we have to protect them again as angelic duties are so close to human compassion and heart they must be protected as well.  Protecting the angles on Urantia is like serving a ping pong ball into the Saragossa Sea. which is adjacent to the Caribbean Sea to its northeast.  In any case, we found four angels who still adhere to the Lucifer doctrine to stand straight and never attack what he did.  They made life difficult for Ron, and now I believe they made some of your lives difficult as well for your adherence to my views on Urantia. 

"As a consequence, we must ally ourselves to the idea of OBEISANCE  which means to observe God and Saints with respect, veneration, adoration, honor, submission, and due deference.  God works it the opposite way and says I love my creation, but they must observe Me as I AM.  And then lets the rest go for whatever living does to a person.  I have many reasons to close the idea of a Magisterial Foundation on Ron and that is because he is human too and full of mischief on all levels of creation to understand it.  However, he is so invaluable we asked the Father special permission to set the Magisterial Foundation to be set up and run as our physical representation of a divine headquarters until we can place our own buildings to replace its public appearance in York in some future time.  He said, "Okay," and we set sail for this weekend to bring it into fact.  We have hit a snag or two but we think we have it cleared soon in that regard. I restate the idea obeisance once more in order to inform you Clency you have been attacked at least twice and you let things fall into place anyhow and that promotes you highly to us as a future Mighty Messenger yourself.

"Lucifer and Caligastia are quite dead, and because Ron faces unparalleled difficulties for being a pioneer in all of this, he gets hit lots of times without knowing what or why it happens.  He is cleared and ready to sail as most of you are, and these influences have to be taken care of when they happen and now all of you are watched to make sure if there are any Caligastia or Lucifer fish to catch, we will catch them.  I am Michael.  Good day."

Ron:  Clency, that is all news to me in the past twenty four hours.  But you are also digging deeper than what we have also described as an influence.  I am sure that God the Supreme knows precisely how the voicing of Lucifer or Caligastia could have reached my ears, and I am not worried, but I do appreciate protection that I cannot see or hear without special permission of the Ancients of Days, as it is they who allow me to catch those voicings to teach me that even with fusion and with good will, evil finds its way to the very situation that is meant to destroy it permanently.  Not all is known to personalities in this universe of ours and this is a very good example of one those mysteries not open to our eyes for now.   I hope this has helped you in figuring what is going on sometimes.


MOTHER SPIRIT - "I add this as a footnote to Ron's final remarks.  He thanks my angel nightly for their work and they are grateful he recognizes they are there for him.  But he thanks the evil child of my mind without realizing only she attended him at times and that it was she who upset his routines well enough he knew he was being harassed.   But besides that, she loved him anyway and did her best to stay out of his Urantia Book affairs entirely.  However, Michael happened to mention to Ron that things were awry with him over other issues, but it turns out that was not true much to Michael's surprise.  We finally concluded together, that Ron had a mischief maker around him and set the trap well enough and caught her and four of her cohorts at the same time.  We have cleared Urantia before but there is nothing like fresh bait to catch the evil fish that still abound on Urantia at this time.  All of you should complain to Me or Michael when you feel something is truly amiss, as that is what Ron did, and we caught them.  Thank you. Mother Spirit"


The Trials of Statehood: an Intelligence Report from the Most Highs
Michael of Nebadon
Andromadeus, Chief Most High

1  North Korea and South Korea
2  Dark Islands of Space Dangerous for Urantia Again

York, PA 2245 Local Time
November 13, 2018

“I close this brief narrative in order to remind all that the extra Guests you have been watching suddenly appear are not from the United States, but from various regions of the Russian Federation and China and North Korea, as they have suddenly discovered that Ron plastered the site with a Mandarin translation of good will.  We must care not to incense the American CIA or NSA or other Intelligence arms and to be sure that Trump should recognize that Ron is a very valuable asset as he transmit the Most Highs which is God the Father that rules earthly nations and has a great of information to transmit.  We give an example here.

[Ron Besser here.  I have the transmission turned down from Michael and am told to await the Broadcast of the Most Highs, and its Chief, Andromadeus, to speak as an example of the type of intelligence they share with transmitters like myself.  One moment. . . . ]


“Today it was seen that North Korea is planning a coup to observe the United States humiliated at the upcoming Asian Conference.  We know all know the name and suffice to mention it generally here.  Last spring President Trump met with Kin Jong un, at a summit to turn down the threat of a nuclear war.  This spring Kin Jong un promises a surprise to South Korea by blockading the demilitarized zone between their two countries.  If successful, Kin Jong un will force South Korea to end its division and absolve the North Korean leader from being prosecuted by the South Koreans for war crimes during the latter part of the present decade.  South Korea wishes to publish its unconditional surrender to the North by insisting that South Korea take on the territory as part of the great country of Korea.  Korea, as unified could become a mighty nation, but divided it slumps into financial chaos and war once again with the United States refusing to participate this time.  That is because Russia has concluded a bilateral agreement with North Korea to support its claim that the United States started the Korean War and that South Korean forces thrust North Korea aside and refused to accept lasting peace between the South and the North.

“As a result of all of this, We, the sacred Most Highs, now conclude that North Korea will launch an offensive against the South as soon as the South resigns from the bilateral talks between China, North Korea, South Korea, and Japan. We also conclude that Ron Besser, this transmitter signed with the Most Highs years ago to transmit any work they wished to be known as we request it and we request the following now:

“No bilateral talks should conclude that North Korea will disfavor nuclear weapons.  Further we conclude that North Korea will strike a blow into the heart of South Korea, given its use of military forces already sheathed in the hills north of the South Korean capital City of Seoul.  No amount of curtailing contacts or losing the idea of bilateral talks will allow South Korea to remain an independent State, and insofar as we can determine, South Korea is sick and tired of listening to the United States warn of the chicanery of North Korea and therefore, the United States will do little to stop the war of aggression designed by Nother Korea to unify Korea under its rule.

“We also conclude this is too hot to handle Ron and work hard to understand you reasoning for allowing me to continue. Leave what you have taken as our dictation and add this proviso:

“We conclude that North Korea will exist for some little time more, but is has erred into thinking it can sustain the expenditures to maintain a nuclear arsenal safely and may at some future near point blow itself up due to sloppy maintenance of detonators in secret sites known to us around North Korea itself.   We are now leaving this intelligence report to speak to one other fantastic problem before all the world of Urantia:

“Urantia as a planet exists between two very powerful opposing forces that create hectic weather and miscellaneous disasters around the globe, particularly earthquakes of increasing severity in the Malaysian region and west toward India and Australia.  These forces are cause by two large black islands of space of such heavy condensed matter that one teaspoonful would with the equivalent of about one US Metric Ton.  Further, the opposing black island of space is even more condensed is refuses to extract any materials from its core for over two billion earth years.

“The Power Directors, and those are living being created by the Infinite Spirit and the Master Spirits in spiritual polarity to each other, are calculators and workers to maintain stability in space and around inhabited planets like this one is.  It is calculated now, that if Urantia fails to maintain its own gravity center, that the black island to the east and the more powerful of the two, would grab Urantia from Monmatia, your sun, and force Urantia to orbit it for millennia or until that black island disintegrated for lack of proper self maintenance.  If this should ever happen Urantia will be vacated and it would end its life as a gray black hulk around a dense gravity system and its atmosphere would disintegrate, not evaporate, as evaporation cannot take place in the presence of gravity ten times its own core force.

“Therefore, we the Most Highs of Norlatiadek, must ask all to include in their prayers the work of the Force Organizers– those who create the ability of Galaxies to form and who work with the Power Directors– and ask that all resources required be available to them to tame these black islands of space and that spirit might pervade the First Outer Space Region for good and be a balance wheel to these very powerful gravitational forces working to destroy Urantia itself.  Ths is our full report and we thank you Ron for standing tall and taking it all down.  Now leave them stand and post them as you will.  Thank you, [And I thank you Andromadeus for all that news.]”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks to all:
“I am fortunate that my capital planet Salvington, itself, is far removed from these rusting hulks of gravity space dirt and grime.  I make use of these dark islands near the capital sphere to hold our universe collection of 490 (four hundred ninety) university planets together around Salvington.  I also use one nearer to Urantia in its own space area but not the two the Most High speaks to.  In that dark islands of space, there are two configurations that keep the planet Saturn and the planet Jupiter from crossing orbits with each other.  This is done by placing itself on the dark side of Jupiter and therefore makes Jupiter even a greater gravity attraction than Saturn ever could be.  This stabilizes forces between the giant gas planets of Saturn and Jupiter, but indications are that Jupiter almost breaks out of the gravitational pull from the nearby black island on its dark side, and if it does, that may well destroy the entire solar system you now know as your own. Never mind that your solar system contains ten planets and not eight as you count them now.

“I wish you all a good day and expect much of this gloomy news to temporarily dissipate while we launch divine missions to Urantia quite soon.  I am Michael of Nebadon and wish you all a pleasant day.  Michael.”


General Discussion / To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
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•        To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
•        Honors to Jesus and to Apostles of the Day
•        The Urantia Bank of Salvington, The New York Bank
•        Is Caligastia’s Evil Appearing to Ron?
Meetings being held at 2709 Sunset Lane this weekend
Michael of Nebadon, Jesus, Monsonloran, Father, Nebadonia
York, PA 1650 local time
November 13. 2018


This is Michael of Nebadon.

“We have completed five Board of Director Meetings for this Friday, and Saturday and possibly Sunday. November 16, 17, and 18, 2018 at Ron’s home at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, Pennsylvania, USA.

“The first Board meeting on Friday, the 16th is for the opening of the Magisterial Foundation, Once the Board is seated, the entire matter of the Michael Mission to Urantia, is now established as final and starts immediately upon the Adjournment of that meeting.

“Monsonloran, a Mighty Messenger, and not a Magisterial Son as reported in the Minutes of the Meeting, is available as a Magisterial Son to Ron and the other two Board Members, Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett. All three are fused spiritually and all three have the full credentials of the Universe Father to be so appointed. We will change some of these Board memberships around in the future with Amethyst, Lemuel, and Wendy present on them once we are established and running them in a few weeks or months. I am presenting to all of you these final preparation so should this discussion forum go down, you all know what is brewing and how we are prepared to act shortly as the Michael Mission to Urantia gets underway November 16th as earlier proposed for the 28th and now moved up somewhat to accommodate the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Historic Moment:
The Magisterial Foundation
“This Board Meeting goes first on the 16th at noon in York. We will have the Mighty Messenger sign in as a Magisterial Son, and to have him pronounce the Meeting prepared and ready to be taken in hand by Jesus of Nazareth. Ron is of course estranged to his senses right now as he did not expect this kind of attention for these meetings. However, Jesus insists on Chairing them and with the help of Ron, will place each Agenda for approval, of which there are six large items to consider, and will promote all to his Sovereignty over Urantia as his Apostles for the day. That will clarify them for future Estates on high and He is ready to take Ron on for a healing of his awful mind and body.

“Jesus reports that Ron is seriously ill and must be taken into custody this night for prepare work on his eyes and legs as they are too far gone for a normal healing process, and will be ready the 16th for the final adjudication of this work started by Ron is about 2007. All of the Corporations by which the Michael Mission shall operate are completed and five of them are now prepared with their new Boards of Directors and with the Mighty Messenger, named Monsonloran in charge, the entire matter now rests with the Father on High to contemplate and make assignments accordingly.

To Ron Besser, He will afford a full review of your heart and soul and body, and that remains only an open secret to us and not to you Ron.

To Steven Gitz, Your wife Vivian is loving and well done on high now and will be presented with a pictogram of you taking the Oath of Service with Ron and Larry Gossett at this meeting for the Magisterial Foundation grand opening. Steven Gitz, you shall be baptized in the Spirit, and so shall Larry Gossett, as they are now Apostles of God on earth. They shall refrain from drinking anything for twenty four hours after the Baptism has been done. They shall refrain from eating for forty eight hours after taking the Oath of Service to God and the Paradise Magisterial Sons and their retinues. Ron nearly made a grave error to let Larry Gossett go home early, and we set the record straight with Larry Gossett, to prevent him going home too early.

To Larry Gossett, you need to learn patience and obedience as your brothers have shown it willingly and fully for our needs at all times. Only you prevail to do otherwise at times and it has to stop if you are to retain your high position with us for the future. Leave all concerns alone as you are Baptized in the Spirit by Jesus and seconded by the Mighty Messenger that day. Your life will change dramatically and you are not to speak of this until bidden to do so to anyone at home.

To Monsonloran: Your choice to attend this event is ours to thank you deeply for, as we need the appearance of the Archangel of Michael with you to fully appreciate that which you cannot see. Ron kept making an error in spelling your name and found it confusing to spell as it was directed to be spelled. It turns out the Deity Absolute informed Ron of your true identity but kept it secret from him so you could complete the Agendas with him over the past three days. Your are an Adamite and you are not only that Adamite that married Ratta, but that Adamite that sold ill to all when she left you only to learn she was pregnant with the first born children of the new race, Homo Sapiens.

I further commend Ron Besser for his steadfast approach to all he does. He spent a total of 16 hours preparing the Agendas and various other documents he has yet to do, and we are welcoming him to our Staff in a birthday promise to give him a brand new SUV since he cannot see out of the present one very well. It is black on black on black and he had to mark the window operations with felt buttons to find them at all sense they sit on the left door panel under a ledge in that wagon. In any case he wants a white van and something to sit there with him someday.


“I am speaking from Uversa Ron, and we must say no picture emanates yet from your home, but it will the day you take your Oath of service after you do your meeting with Mansonloran and Myself.

“We conjecture you have set Urantia on fire with what you have done as that is so outstanding and unusual we ourselves never quite know how to deal with it. We are sure you have some sort of liaison with Deity, but it is not just the Deity Absolute, but somehow the Consummator of Universe Destiny is in contact and lauds you well for a job well done through thick and thin and even outright evil toward you. Your Might Messenger who attends you as Monsonloran, is quite sure you deal with their Group on high as well, and describes you as slim and wasted as a soul due to your prolonged illness with legs, and eyes and even more and in spite of those illnesses, you have completed a full measure of work for us unprecedented except for my beloved instrument man John Zebedee, a hero to you very much as the Apostles are. In fact you name him in your mind as the inspiration to do what you did for us and for that he must be thanked personally when you reach his level.

“I am Jesus and your joy overwhelms Me and others with Me and we wish you well until the 16th hopefully without the furnace repairmen there yet. [Thank you Jesus with my full heart, Ron]

“I now write this for all of you on this discussion forum.

“The entire matter of preparing so many corporations has cost us about one thousand dollars a corporation to do. Way below what it normally costs, and that is because when he ran afoul of an evil attorney, Ron took it upon himself to incorporated them himself and did so for about three of them and turned over to a Schuster who billed and was slow to finish, but finish he did and the retainer has been lost to history now. In any case the entire matter of incorporating all of these entities was monumental in task and more than once he was instructed not to do it further until we understood just what we were getting.

“Today we have seven Corporations in use now and five of them were started by Ron for us. The remaining two Corporations to total seven are ours and we Incorporated themselves on Urantia in New York State as the URANTIA bain OF SALVINGTON, and the BANK OF YORK NOTICE HEREBY GIVEN AS PURCHASED BY US for use in the Magisterial Mission and the Bank of New York for our Poughkeepsie operation.

“We shall draw checks on the Bank of New York for salaries for those we hire for the Michael Mission, and the Magisterial Mission when Lauren Becall reappears with Serara for Ron. Both are his favorites and we enjoy it when those two speak to each other even for business reasons.

“Now finally, I asked the Father what we might produce this day that would please these three men, and he suggested peace and quite and the joy of feeling well again for Ron. That is granted huckster and Rayson recommends selling you to the Smithsonian for reasons of State alone. Ron will be applauded by all when he is well again and has his eight front teeth replaced taken out for bone grafts to the lower jaw. We salute you Ron and your wobbly walk for now! Michael.”


“I am quite sure there are others watching this Ron, but you need some rest for awhile today, and I suggest you eat well as you can and then report back in later that evening, as we have one more thing to provide you as a document. It is the last place you think you would find it, but it is the final Chapter of your book being written so haltingly. I ask the Father for special permission to dictate to you and Rayson said he would but withy my blessings. Be assured it will end as well as the book stared. Congratulations.

“I dare not incarnate even as a Magisterial Son, and you will have to do the Board Meetings yourself as you are experienced enough to do so I believe? [Yes, I can handle that okay thank you.] Fine and we will have Jesus stop by for the honors at the conclusion of your Magisterial Foundation Board Meeting first on the agenda. [Yes and understood, Ron]”


“I speak hesitantly next only because it is a very serious matter of State Ron must contend with, and we have no full idea why it is allowed to happen. He receives spurious signals that countermand My orders and the speech of others to him. We suspect it comes deep within the cosmos but have no real idea what or why, It has been suggested that it was part of the Infinite Spirit somewhere, but that its proven to be incorrect. Our only suggestion is that it is Caligastia claiming one last victim to his ways and he is already dead. What, we ask, is this all about? As of yet we do not know, Close quote me Ron.”


“Ron you thought it was me raising hell with you on several occasions, but it was not, and we know not who or what that was. We suspect it is Caligastia, and you just report that it often comes in as a faint voice but clearly spoken. That is indeed Caligastia, and now you have experienced what we all have experienced at times as the faulty words of a dead monarch who no longer commands anything. You also report harassment in the home and items taken disappearingly and suddenly returned again much not to your fright but over interruption to your routines. We suspect there are a couple of angels who do this on behalf of Caligastia or even Lucifer. Your experience is unique and we wonder if somehow these evil individuals know your intention and ways with the present Lord God, Michael of Nebadon? We speak carefully to you Ron. Until this work is done on November 16th at noon, there is some danger afoot and you are watched and guarded closely now as we dare not lose you before the actual work begins. I am Nebadonia, and I am the Chief Counsel against Lucifer and Caligastia in Nebadon, I am honored by the Ancients of Days with the name Nebadonia for my work in prosecution of these two names you all know so well. I watch carefully for their views to surface now and we might have a new battle royal over this yet. Be assured you are guarded and well, Nebadonia.”

“I state this categorically, the Urantia Book was produced while Caligastia lived on Urantia, and we had to mount guards constantly to avoid a run in with angelic forces ready to stop the work of Dr. Sadler and his wife Lean, who well remembers several incidences that scared her nearly out of her wits. Once when their little boy was about seven, Caligastia approached and reprimanded her for taking time to have children when the world needs his revelation more than the Urantia Papers. She blanched and left the devil go. There are other incidences but the Deity Absolute just stepped in and stopped Ron from hearing the rest of that transmission. Good day.”


The FATHER Speaks -
“Ron has been warned to stay away from this and in all honesty Mother Spirit broached the subject much to my disfavor as it frightens everyone who hears of such remarks. I am not after notoriety, but Caligastia evaded full and sudden death from my Sources and Determinations by okaying dead on the Court floor of the Ancients of Days. His hatred for people like Ron is well understood and it is manifesting itself somehow around Ron as harassment in general and even to Michael today as Ron attempted to do corrections and more errors appeared than he alone made. I detest ths entity that was Caligastia and wonder how he managed to evade full discredit in Nebadon which still supports major issues surrounding what Ron should or should not do under the circumstances. Evil is perpetual on Urantia, and I dare not allow it to continue one moment longer that it has already. It kills and maims too many and it is over in seconds when we arrive in force with the opening of the Magisterial Mission in York this coming Friday. I must report that I have tempered the care of Ron just enough so he does not get into arguments with anyone including family which he asked to be relieved of until this Missions are underway. Then he feels he can deal with all they are with regard to spirit. In any case, his brother Lance is not well suddenly and we suspect it has to do with the loss of Ron at their table now and then and it makes no sense without understanding that Caligastia knew these two brothers for some time and considered eliminating them early on. But that was superintended to end immediately when Caligastia was removed from Urantia suddenly and without fanfare sometime in 1957-1958. We are sure they would have died in a Caligastia purge but that is only conjecture. For that reason, Ron has survived long enough to bring a crescendo to the end of the Lucifer Rebellion by incorporating it instead of letting it become a mere figment of imagination of most people on this planet. I consider Ron a true friend of the Court and recommend all consider yourselves one too so long as you seek my will in all matters, especially as it concerns the Lucifer Rebellion and these divine Missions. Ron right now had a swoon with deliberate disobedience to me and apologize profusely. It is the work of the devil somewhere deep in a universe I know but not every nook and cranny. He is being watched closely and the presence of a Mighty Messenger near him will provide the safety required. Good day. Father.”


Ron Besser -
I certainly had no idea such evil could manifest itself once more thirty two years after his full and final death was announced on Salvington then. I do not fear it so much as loathe being touched by its voicing and its willful rebellion before me to allow me to finish work I started in the home but removing items I need to finish it and so on. I have never agreed to anything told to me by a distant voice that speaks clearly but contradicts all of their conversations I have had not only with the universe but the family as well. I could not expect this from a dead man, but I can from personnel who still abrades the will of God and do the work of Lucifer to frighten me or cause confusion in my doings. In any case, t he matter is settled as I have never had anything to do with this usual calling I get now and then and have ignored it except to yell at all to be gone. I detest the very mouth that speaks these things. I thank the Mighty Messenger Monsonloran, for looking out for me in this matter very much!

I want all of you to know how much I appreciate you presences as well, and that goes for the members and our guests, on this site. We are collectively soon going to know what it is like to meet our Jesus and to work with him as the Spokesman for the Michael Mission, now ready to move on with our filling in the Board of Directions for the Magisterial Foundation. I also wish to thank Monsonloran for really being able to fool me as I usually catch on, but this time the secret was well kept from me entirely. I also thank my wonderful and your wonderful Creator Son and this Creative Spirit for so much help these past few years and years before that in most trying circumstances you can imagine. I look forward to being a part of a divine unit– old dogs have to learn tricks and I am that old now. I also point out that Steven Gita is now 78 and that Larry Gossett just turned 70. Correct me if I am wrong please.

As far as the rest of the younger fused individuals that work with this site and are regular contributors to the welfare of the Starbridge Group that funds this for everyone to use, we will use you once the dust settles this weekend. I have no Thanksgiving plans as I am missing a lot of front teeth and could not eat anyhow. I also expect the furnace people to figure out how a brand new furnace cannot heat worth a darn when it starts to get cold outside. In any case I remind all of you that the Magisterial Foundation is the premier institutions for Michael and the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, and not Monsonloran, who is really a Mighty Messenger now assigned to Urantia for other kinds of work he really know how to take care of. I thank all of you and them and wish you all a good day. Ron”


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Site Performamce Problems FYI
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Thank you Sue.

I had a report from our Provider this morning and it is not a happy one.   The site runs with what they call "old protocols" for provisions to run as you the site today.  Servers today are updated to run with the new rules of operation, and the code in the software is to run with what was current protocols in the early 2000's/  

They recommended we change the site by using updated software but the corporation that designed the site software has nothing but a Beta replacement, and that means two things to us if we attempt to use the Beta replacement:

1 = Beta software is in a testing mode and may have corruptible code and hard to use until the bugs are fixed;
2 = All of our past activity cannot be saved and we have to start over our history.  That means our data base with all the posts in it would be deleted because it operates with the old protocols aside of itself but is dependent on them to be able to post into and to have conversations.

What I did this morning was ask our Provider not to force this software out of its own context and to let it run by keeping an eye on it when it tends to shut itself down over protocol frustration.

I also stated that this is one of the most critical times for the site as the incursion of spirit Missions is taking place and this is about the only site that has connections to the spirit leadership to report what they are doing to move Missions to the surface of this planet, and that it is critically needed at this moment.  I asked that we nurse it along to December 31, 2018. and then make a decision what to do with being so out dated with this version of a discussion forum.  That is all I can do for now, and you all  are advised of what is a shaky condition we are in with what is essentially a mismatch in our design with how servers maintain a site presence.  That is called a protocol in their book and we are operating with less than perfect protocols.

Thank you all and for you patience while we suffer the slings and arrows of age.
Ron Besser/admin

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Site Performamce Problems FYI
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Our Providers maintain this site on a server in New England, USA.  Specifically, in the Boston, Massachusetts area.  I just received word from the man that owns the server farm, that our discussion forum is creating problems with maintenance.  He invokes technical terms to tell me what is wrong, but essentially is not overload or a bandwidth problem, but our software is mostly incompatible with the types of Server we are on and broadcast to the world through.

I have been advised that the whole site may have to be taken down to remove it from a server that does not like how it operates and it itself will sometimes just fail to promote our site on line when it gets technically fed up with software errors and the database misbehaving.  I quickly add that is not being caused by a lot new traffic, but is being caused by poorly written software code that fails to straighten its own errors out and we fail on line.

We will continue to experience outages now.  When Boston decides to move it or if it moves it to a new server, we will have from 24 hours to 72 hours of down time.  When we move a program from one server to another, it must be resettled on the Internet and what they call PROPAGATION happens.  That is when all the servers all around the world no longer have us on the old server and must reinstall themselves from a new server address.  Hence the site can be down for as long as 72 hours or down as short as 12 hours depedning on how fast other providers can get reconnected to the new server.

Our down problems now are the old server balking at our database and software errors in an out of date code and it is my intention to reload the present software onto our own Servers in the coming year, but that takes a lot more work than I have even started and it is way in the future right now.

I will attempt to warn the site and Members and Guests that we are having a Server change and we will not be visible when that happens for whatever time it takes it to propagate anew.  If it disappears without that announcement it is not gone but being replaced onto a new server and I did not get warned in time.

I apologize to all and thank you everyone for your patience while this old presence on the web is reset as it was today or new server as it may be this month yet.  I do not know what they have in mind.  In any case thank you Guests and Members for understanding and putting up with the problem for now.   Thank you.

Ron Besser/Admin

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
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Sergio I think it falls to me to answer your forthright questions above.

You are risking pandemonium in your own system of belief to start on such a high rung as to be assigned a teacher since 1 -  there is not Teaching Mission now;  2 - Even if there were you are too inexperienced to take one right now.

Here is Michael of Nebadon, the Creator Son who was Jesus on our planet -  "You Sergio force issues all the time in order to get some satisfaction with what you are learning easily and candidly you would be able to speak with a teacher easily if you knew how to handle such a contact.  Ron realizes the problem immediately as you are not fully understanding just what you are into.  He sees it as precipitous that you ask for these things without knowing how it will force you to change views you prefer to hold on to.  When we see it that clearly,  we warn people to stay away as Ron has warned you to stay away for your own good.  I will say this:   If you learn as quickly as you are doing now you could have one.  BUT: there is no Teaching Mission yet with teachers to assign!  I also see Ron squint at the keyboard this morning as he did not have a good night with a lot of dreaming and coolish temps when the new furnace just stopped heating the downstairs.  We think that is over now but we are not sure.   In any case, let this lie for now as we are looking at another Teaching Mission, but not right now.  Michael of Nebadon."


Personal Review Summary of Yet To Be Posted Information

I have been receiving a rather large amount of information I have not posted and I really have no reason to if I do it this way.  Of the twenty type written pages received yesterday (the 8th), let me put down the salient points and let that suffice for now:

A new Chief of Archangels has established Himself on Urantia, and this Chief responds to two other Archangels, one on Salvington and one on Uversa. and they all respond to the commands of the first Mother Spirit to ever exist, and She is located in Havona and is a transcendental being with the first Creator Son as her partner there who is also a transcendental being.  It should be stated even though such would be obvious.

As stated to me, they are what you might call into policing new policy to be settled on our planet, Urantia, in the coming weeks.  Among the items mentioned to me, they will enforce the use of a ban on hand guns and automatic arms of all kinds.  How they intend to enforce this ban is to institute a Powder Director's command to prevent the firing of any explosive mechanism on the planet.  You are right if you think that hunters cannot shoot.  Murders and robbers can bring one along, but they won;t use guns to enforce their crimes.  The ban goes into effect the moment Michael of Nebadon tells Aloysius, the Archangel Urantia Commander, to institute the ban.  Aloysius reports to the Salvington Archangel as determined by the Archangel Michael as to whom the report will be received by on Salvington, and the high commander on Uversa Archangel is designated Chief of all Archangels in the galaxy of Orvonton, named Domdroman. 

I have little new to report here, except that to instigate the operation of the Magisterial Foundation, I am asked to conduct its business from my home until the dark period is past us and civil law reestablished.  That has implications in it you ought to think about and learn to take them wisely.  I am not going to say much about them, but I have been advised to complete a new fence on the property  to protect life and limb, and that has noting to do with the Foundation, but the circumstances they are forecasting to happen when people run out of groceries and the means to earn money for their care and feeding.  The medical world will be in line for trauma after trauma as people feel trapped in endless light or dark, and as I warned one of the doctors working on me, you may not be a specialist is psychodrama but you are going to have to learn how to cope with it.

The Magisterial Foundation is now officially the source of the Sixth Epochal Revelation and from it all policy concerning its use and dissemination will be proposed.  I have asked Steve Gitz to work here in York with me and it, and have also proposed to Michael of Nebadon, that Wendy Winter is to arrive months after we start working it, and that Larry Gossett have his own choice as to what he wants to do there as well.

I am beholden to Michael on this item and allow him to fill in the information here for you:

"I am Michael and I love this kind of summary.  Ron has indeed received well over twenty pages of written text and has three big files to edit if I want him to put all of this down verbatim.  I do not and like this version very much so long as we do not stray off the main proposals offered by Salvington.

"First be assured there is a starting point for the Michael Mission on Urantia.  It is indeed November 28, 2018.

"The second starting date is April 5, 2019, and that is when the rifle ban will be fully in effect, if not before that.

"The third starting date is May 07, 2019, and that is to portray the arrive of the Magisterial Son Monsonloran.  That is a new name and remember it.  Monsonloran was once a Melchizedek now promoted to Deity status, and he has volunteered to take the Office for now that Serara will take on Urantia in about four years from now, circa 2022-2023.  This affords all a chance to get used to the idea of a Magisterial Mission through the Corp of Melchizedeks from Nebadon, followed by the Paradise Sons themselves who are Serara and Monjoronson. 

And finally this: You are all sequestered after today (the 9th of November, 2018) due to the fact that we must insist that all purposes for your activities must be conducted to further our interests on Salvington.  That means Ron does all he has to under our direction now and so do all of you who are fused.  I will insist that Steve Gitz start practicing doing transmissions again and that Wendy Winter has all of her sense of belonging to herself returned for she insists on being a loaner at work and will not speak to anyone unless spoken to.  Now that is our observation Wendy, and if different than that let us know.  Good day."


Tabamantia is the Chief Investigator from Paradise, now a former Finaliter and promoted to One Without Name and Number for new work for the proposed outer space levels.  Tabamantia has withdrawn the Urantia status as being a civilized planet and relegates it back to its founding more than six billion years ago when it had no living thing upon it.  The snarls of Bengal tigers are almost done and as are the elephants of India becoming obsolete to the point they are dying faster than they can be replaced.  At this rate Urantia will have lost most of its species by 2510 and we ill not allow that to happen.  No civilization exists on Urantia right now worthy of the name civilization.  The western democracies have truncated their worth to the point they are operating by fiat and not by the people in most cases.  The United States has such a poor decision making apparatus it will fall under the domination of a new country if it does not shore up its defenses and leave Trump alone in the moment.

TABAMANTIA - “Foursquare and seventy-two years ago, I declared Urantia to be a civilized planet.  That is until the United States inescapably had to use an atomic bomb on a warring country.  I let that go but Truman insisted that Nagasaki had to be targeted once more and blew it off the map.  Only then did the Japanese surrender.  That ended the planet being called saturated with live but now saturated with the grind to beome the most powerful nation on earth which t he United States has become.  The people of the United States had two choices yet they chose only one and that was to survive the cold war without having lost a cent to their name and to provide a host of developments others have now emulated and wish to destroy the United States with those intentions foremost in their minds.  China is steal privacy rights from its own people daily.  The United States if reviewing all rights of the people in order to classify them as prisoners of war against a fanatical President who must be stopped.  In this case he will be found want for reasons of insanity by our own Supreme Court on Urantia.  From there it is up to the material judicial system on Urantia to decide the fate of this miscreant President too long held back and too fast to hide his punches against he world he considers set up against anyone who has the guts to make it good on their own.  WE lash out at this President and warn all others that support means jeopardizing what we must do to bring Urantia back to sanity.

“Finally, I Tabamantia, must warn all that to decide to work against the Michael Mission, is tantamount to treason in the spirit book of law, and that we must cohere in all things we call necessary to make sure we get the results we wish to get and that includes Ron or anyone else who might flare at some insult and let them have it between the eyes as Ron can do so well.  He must learn probity and exercises it quite often but he will not tolerate sedition."


“First, no one will eat in public when there is so much thunder about.  Eat quietly in your home and cook silently so as not to extol good smelling cooking or frying or roasting activities into the neighborhood.  It is better to boil than you yourselves be burned for eating well while they do not;

“Second, do not pretend the Archangels know everything because they do not.  Our intelligence services are without reservation but at the same time dealing with over nine billion people actually living on Urantia, is too much have full control over them or ourselves for the emergencies bound to erupt;

“Third, the development of a hostile crowd on the southwest border of the United States will not quit and troops are required to keep order and they must do so or be filed under the sedition act that prevents people from grabbing lands of one country from the people of another country.  Ron has consistently warned their presence is actual colonization and must be stopped and provide for in other ways;

“Purposefully left blank"

“Fifth, the entire matter of sending people love notes and hi fives on this discussion forum will be dispensed with and posts of merit allowed only.  Antonio needs support but he must not use the forum for that and so to many others of you who merely send a line you must stop it for our bandwidth to be fully secure.

“Sixth - the model for good behavior has been Ron, as he stands ready to be of help at any moment as best he can.  He and Steve Gitz and a few others of you must find your way to York as you cannot be transported at this point, and leave room in your schedules to become involved with the work of the Magisterial Foundation and we mean that as 2709 Sunset Lane will be the focal headquarters for all of the Mission in the first six months of its appearance on Urantia.

I am Aloysius: Chief of Archangels on Urantia, and we are ready to declare war on all those who will stand in the way of promoting Urantia back to health and sanity after sixty five years of being a planet of disobedience and losses in humankind that is unlike any other planet in Nebadon.  Urantia raises a prodigious amount of people for soul growth but is nearly ten times the loser as the next worst planet in Nebadon, the planet called Panoptia.  You are nearly twins and both reside in Nebadon, but both are so lost to normal procedures they cannot be called civilized yet today.  Tabamantia has rescinded that declaration first given on Armistice Days in 1919 in the United States, yet Urantia and the United States fall far behind of what they should be doing that we must share the following message from Tabamantia received last night before Ron fell asleep and did not take the message.


"I like this kind of summary even though Ron has slipped in some wordiness from speakers from the transcripts he produced earlier.  It is succinct and worthy of a read.  However, learn that one day's transcript can be outdated by the next day's transcript as Ron found out putting this one together and looking back a day to the earlier transcripts.  I have removed all uses of the fence around Ron's yard as he has difficulty with the property line to the east and finds the expense overwhelming to do that work.  The present fence cost $40,000, due to the need to clear and grub and since then the fence has suffered someone shooting of the top of a finial and so on it goes.  There is endless collateral damage to anything you put up these days and it must cease.  No one expects the world to be charming, but it must be civil and Ron is no exception to other property owners being damaged by the fools who call themselves citizens.  

"I close this with one preemption to the above discussions.  I am not allowing the gun lobby any room to continue firing their weapons in the House of Representatives.  Ron is being offered to the Speaker to provide direct transmissions to the Congressional questions in the House of Representatives and we include the Senate leadership in that if they choose to participate.  Schummer is Minority Leader and I propose he will gladly hear the Most Highs on the Senate's behalf.  I also feel that Ron needs a shot at the Presidency to speak to Trump as a kindly neighbor to see what he does when he is  told not to do something at all.  He will rail against Ron I feel sure but let him rail as he must learn that the world watches with bated breath what we will do shortly. 

"I am preparing a textual speech to the House of Commons too on this network.  They do read it and they do find it difficult to assume Ron is neutral as he gives the Queen full powers as a mighty monarch and worthy of failing not to salute her.  But at the same time the British press is of no mind to any such thing and bangs away at the monarchy as though it has not business being a monarchy. 

"Finally, I must conclude that our Transmitter here is worthy of his pay and make it available soon enough for him to enjoy a little life before the dark period arrives.  I will make salary available to Gitz once he decides what he will do and finally will see to the Gossett problems myself as he is worthy but a terrible procrastinator and that concludes my remarks for now.  Good day,  Michael of Nebadon."


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello my dear brothers
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I am happy to answer your question about the fatal event(s) that brought an end to a magnificent trial to teach us how to transmit and be available to highly trained celestial teachers.  I am a product of that era and miss it terribly.  Knowing full well that all things do come to an end, I accept that we are now in a vastly different era than we were nearly thirty years ago today, and that we progress on the shoulders of those who came before us to open a new watch for celestial and divine intervention very soon on Urantia.  That said let me cite a broad swipe of paint just to indicate all that happened in this period that eventually brought down this experiment I found so enthralling.
An early incident in 1994 forever tainted the new teaching mission with most of those who were students of the Urantia Book.  It was the decision of the Indianapolis Group headed by a new teacher named Will, to call upon the divine and spiritual  teaching corp to materialize before their eyes.  The incident is called Naperville.
Naperville is a small town in Illinois, and adjoining State to Indiana where Indianapolis is located.  They hired a ballroom at the local motel and set up three days of entertainment, which when concluded, they decided, the materialization would take place.  It drew about 200 (two hundred) people and most stayed for the entire show.

The stage was set with folk bans and Emcees and other entertainment, and all the while they confidently waited and expected the Bright and Morning Star, Gabriel, to proposed the moment Machiventa Melchizedek would show up in a suit and tie or dungarees and talk to them about the coming appearance of Jesus and what the new teaching mission would do for mankind in the future.   I now transmit the Voice of God for you Sergio from Machiventa Melchizedek, who was expected to materialize on stage too for his notes on Naperville.

"Ron rightly points out that this one incident so terrorized most Urantia Book readers and the Urantia Foundation in Chicago, they steadfastly refused to have anything to do with the Teaching Mission, which is now capitalized, as it was and still is a magnificent attempt to reach man where he lives.  Today it is moribund and lastly becomes a symbol never to do again as it was attempted in the 1990's.   That is a place Ron participated in by gathering all those transcripts you read now Sergio, and the archive is priceless as we do not have anywhere near what Ron gathered as the Teaching Mission Archive for posterity.  It must be preserved at all costs and we have done so and will regail it again on a better operating web site when we have the means to do it.

"We have decided that the Michael Mission must go first and then to bring in a new Teaching Mission based on what and how it was done in the 1990's and so on.  We will use Ron to restructure the site to make it easier to locate incidents that shook the Teaching Mission then, and the one at Naperville is what cost it so dearly we were crippled from the beginning as to how it affected others and how upset Ron was that they did it at all.  Good day.  Machiventa Melchizedek"

Ron here again:  Not only did the presence of Naperville harm us so badly, it also split the Teaching Mission almost into two.  I remember how great some people thought it was in spite of no materializations, and how embarrassed some were having attended a total failure.  With the appearance of Naperville, the entire mechanism upon which the truth of the Teaching Mission stood collapsed.  I had a friend who attended and she wanted to believe so badly that this would result in seeing Gabriel or Machiventa or others, she went and nearly fell asleep as the stage craft was handled miserably and the bands were very poor at best and nothing was said to feed anyone spiritually.  It died of its own weight frankly.   I warned Sue that the Urantia Book itself taught that this sort of things NEVER happens, but the hot heads in Indianapolis, and those who supported them, insisted on carrying it out.  They finally disbanded after two and one half days and the word Naperville haunts the ideas of God and man alike over the insistence on the impossible aided and abetter by what many of us used to call "hippy" performances in and around the auditorium this appeared in.

I will also add this:  After Naperville, the structure of the Teaching Mission changed.  Groups became proprietary and sanction reading of their transcriptions harshly.  We had sever groups refuse to send out transmissions because they were not be read well by other groups.  And so on it went.  I became embroiled in what is probably one of the worst incidences because I insisted to the rank and file of all these groups, one cannot let all of this priceless material go without making it universally available to the future in some form,  Since the Internet was just coming into its own at that time, I originated Tmarchives and posted all transcripts I could find or be sent to me on doing each one by hand to title them and put them at least into alphabetical order. 

This project clashed with a prominent individual in the Teaching Mission, and she took it upon herself to be so critical of the work, the work itself became an issue with many bitter fights over who owned them and what could a person do with them in the public arena such a publishing them.  I told all of them it was not my intention profit from any of t his and that I did not exercise copyright on them individually but only upon the site design if somewhat started copying it or making fun of it publicly.  It finally came down to the fact I had to go it alone to preserve the work and I am still very proud I did it and  that it remains most valuable as you are the latest to make use of t he archive to obtain deeper understanding of what was done.

The point of this narrative is to tell you that the groups began to drift apart as there was no centralized effort to keep things unanimous about plans for meetings and conferences which I enjoyed when I got to one or two of them. But the bitterness over the archive issues, and the distrust evinced by supporters of one member in particular, led me to distance myself from such nastiness and eventually enough other people did to signal the end of the matter for good or at least until Michael decides what else might be done in that department in the future. 

"I have been waiting for someone to ask that question, Sergio.  Ron gave you just a highlight or two and I will give you another one.  A woman by the name of Gerdean (Karen Bowen) hated Ron for attempting to do what she thought she had to do.  He made a quick study of the problem and let her know she was free to join him in putting the site of jointly.  She refused out of pride and then let him have it everytime there was a public meeting and that finally drove Ron to issue an ultimatum to her and her followers that is she continued it would the entire Teaching Mission through divisive tactics and sheer lying shed did to rash the public into believing things about Ron's intentions for doing the Archive.

"Now I proposed that she make amends and Ron agreed and he issued many statements he was ready to bury the hatchet, but you refused cooperation out of the sheer pride that she felt it was her project alone and that she would fashion the means.  But Ron complimented her by putting her teacher up in rosy colors and then found she had no intention allowing the archive benefit all by sheer competition over who was doing what in the background to see to an Archive like this.  I see people use it all the time and it is worth the time and trouble to use it willy nilly as there is always something about the archive that is truly amazing.  It keeps speaking over the age it is and people just enjoy it.  I wish you all a good day. Michael."

Ron here  - the archive has a history section.  here is a link on Naperville to read

And this one:


I copy over an unusual transmit from George Barnard himself.  George has the gift of observation acutely and meets Ezekiel in his spirit garb festooned with brilliant greens and not a little red.  He mentions it in passing but he also does not mention how upset he was receiving this message in the middle of a melee over someone attempting to commit suicide somewhere around this meeting place.

Also please note the paragraph starts:  At first I thought they were a language indicator, but they are not:  I am convinced George has a word processor that uses a type of computer code we do not use much here in the states and that when George uses a new paragraph start the computer software encodes it with those strange, almost Greek tragedy speech patterns they use in the plays of Aeschylus, sometimes just spelled Esculus.  With that settled, I find the message and its interpretation very odd and wonder just what our friend in Australia is finding to do with the first person to fuse on Urantia ever.  I just say to you  the reader, this is mysterious because it took place at all.  I wonder what the motivation of Sananda was to bring this through?

Shellharbour, Australia, Approximately 10, 10, 2018.
 Teachers: Ezekiel, the Scribe of Damascus and Christ Michael.
 Subject: “The Sins of the Fathers.”

 Message received by George Barnard.

 George: “Both Michael and the Damascus Scribe were standing to the right and they were only interested in hearing what was said. To the fore stood Ezekiel in his distinctive mantel with such a colorful bright green and thin red band all around the front. He seemed no taller than five foot and six inches, but he was a big man, yes, that I knew.

 “In the foreground was a picture of two strong nurses trying to deprive their patient of a plastic spoon he had almost managed to completely swallow. I screamed at Ezekiel, but no sound came from me. Then there was the sound of broken glass falling to the floor and a mention of much blood. Once again I screamed that silent scream at the prophet that I did not want to witness this patient killing himself.

 Ezekiel: “They all are the sins of the fathers, my dear brother, shown you today for you to remember what you are now going to be shown. Except for a man in the processs of killing himself, you would forget all that is to happen to your world --- self murder, no less.

 “A nuclear device is planned to be exploded above Damascus and this conflagration will instantly take the lives of more than a million and a half souls. Millions more will slowly die, some beyond the Euphrates and find their last painful rest stradeled atop a shiny pipeline running from the north-east to south-west and into the land of a new oil merchant on the mediterranean coast.

 “God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
 God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
 God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus,
for if you do, a collective insanity will come over you and your 300 million plus numbers will be vastly depleted.

 “I Am Ezekiel making this claim in the year 2018 as I did in my earthly life long ago. I now re-make my claim from God and no other in the presence of Christ Michael and the Scribe of Damascus.”

 Receiver’s notes: Long ago it was suggested to have some needed goods on hand during the tough times to come — food for weeks or even months and silver coins as a means of trade. Ezekiel was the only part of this vision to come through in brilliant color.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.


Steve, thanks for responding to the copy right thing.  I could not remember other than France being a difficult and one of a kind situation on legalities on the Kindle releases.  But other than that I am at sea concerning the others in various countries around the world.  That is why we need some idea of a settled one world government at least on legalities that all countries can agree on is satisfactory to their way doing business, 

And thanks too for the gift purchases.  We have at least kept the book being listed,  There are over one million titles on Kindle and we can get lost in all of that plus, and correct me if I am wrong Steve, they give a certain amount of time for the listing and then de=list a book when it fails to sell copies anymore.  Whatever the case I thank everyone of you for getting us activated again and buyable.

Steve and all interested, the book that is on its way after this one is how nature materializes an elemental creation.  But there is one other astounding chapter coming on how to four micron coal without grinding it at all!  FYI: when we get into technologies as we do here with a no-grind four micron carbon powders from coal, I must rely on the celestial gang that pampers people like myself who understand these things well enough to write about them, and I have to verify I have that cooperation all the time or sit and wait until something is released that allows me to open the book writing again as I am doing now. 

Helium is an element of great simplicity,  It has (mostly) one electron around a sort-of-nucleus which I say because the nucleus is not always found on every helium atom.  That creates an explosive situation so great it takes a real expert to determine how to handle Helium so it does not go off the deep end and put everything around it for fifty miles on fire. I have, what you might say "contracted," with Rayson to help me through that difficulty, and yes, we should wind up with a Chapter on a Helium Bomb as well as how to grind FOUR MICRON COAL POWDERS, without touching a single lever to spin them dry and small at the base of a communition chamber.  This you may freely discuss with the Dean as to what is coming so long as I have permission to bring into material print.  Thank you all for your help in this project to keep us seen until we have more to say on this great way to make a fuel for cars and so on.

"Ron woke up this morning with a horrible head and wailing nerves in his moutth but forced himself out of bed and to the computer.  He looked at the standing of the book on Kindle and it barely makes progress because the public sorts through everything so fast and quick it gets misses because it still sits down near the bottom of the op 100 books on Kindle.  Kindle is a mox nix type of listing and it has fairly small readership compared to the rest of the world, so it must be used carefully and Ron did not use it carefully but fully and with the intent of being read by more than ten people.  So far with your help we have doubled the readership and that makes the book remarkably able to stay on Kindle indefinitely, as they see it forces people to read again and again what they are missing in their lives and that is an honest assessment of what technology can do for you and us and the rest of Urantia.

"I am making the text available up here, and that is unusual, and that is because Ron has seen to it that it does like back and just sit there helplessly, as he has asked all of you to buy a copy for $9.99 and let it sit int he closet if you do not want to read it.  It is a good and even fun read as it is written with some humor and a lot of tech savvy from the universe and myself.  I helped to formulate the appearance of the book with the tank on the cover and he sees it as a brilliant ploy to attract by picture what most books refuse to do, and that is to pander to the egotistical view that good pictures mean great content.  He did both here and the book is quite saleable as literature too.  I must say I get giddy when I think how this would have helped our Urantia Book sales all those years ago, but unless Ron does an Origin of the URANTIA Book as he wants to, that will be a little while in coming.

"Finally, the book on Kindle is a rotten example of what Ron can do really.  This second book is extremely difficult to put together because he handles two subjects at the same time and I wonder just how to do that until we use four micron coal as the venue to make it clear that nature materializes by bits and grains of sand until there are great monuments standing before us.  In this case the first book is a poor example of what he can do, but he did the book in two weeks!  And in that two weeks there were rumblings he would not be allowed to finish it either.  Let us just say this book he is working on is a monument trust of the universe with man to handle these things right and well, and Ron finds that difficult to work with, but it is new to him and new to us too.  Let this second book appear soon, Ron, and we will all be happy.  Good day.  This is Michael of Nebadon."

"Ron as usual did a double take when I took over from Michael above as suddenly the voice was different to hear and say and he heard me clearly come in as a doxy of true love for the project.  I am saving the best for last here.  Insofar as I know the book on Kindle is flying out the door better than any book they have and are wondering what happened that all of a sudden it is on its way as a best seller and they are curious to know how Ron lives if he can just write and play games with them as they see the sales are coming from all over the world and that is unusual for them to have.  In addition, your contributions to the work we are doing do not go unnoticed up here as we see you spend real money to take a look at the book which Ron considers quite modest and not yet a tour de force.  In any case the book is now second in all of their history to keep selling after a three month period, which is the time it takes to get delisted as a title on Kindle.  Finally, the book is without proscription: that means it carries nothing in it that is proprietary and that upsets the coal bosses because they want to control the process.  Let it be known that Rayson fully intends to implement this fuel system on Urantia until the planet is better suited for more sophisticated fueling systems.  I am Mother Spirit and thank all of you who supported the effort to keep it going for now!  Mother Spirit."

"Oh, I forgot:  We need volunteers to read books on how to play hooky in the world cup of science coming to Urantia in about six months.  Rayson proposes that those with good ideas be given a chance to work with spirit to produce them on Urantia.  Ron immediately sees it is a brilliant ploy and I agree.  If you have a good science project but lack the means to do it, contact Ron and that in turn contacts Rayson for what follows.  Okay?  Mother Spirit."

"You all need to understand that Ron is fine in mind and spirit but in one painful situation in the physical as the mouth bleeds yet internally and the headaches are not migraine as he calls them but there is in every brain in humans a platter that almost spins at the base of your brain.  That platter can be dislodged by falling or taking too much pain medication such as anesthesia which is what has happened to Ron.  The doctor has no idea it is medically dangerous to give him or anyone what he delivered to Ron that day.  In any case it still does not settle down and we are out of ideas how to stop it but the Adjuster probably knows and we ask him to figure it out to help this man become normally done after all of this to get him ready for the big day. 

"The big day is here Ron!  Your ticket was punched last night when you had a sudden reversion to leg cramps and pain and headache and everything else.  You are sick of alka seltzer and so on and that is Adjuster insisting you stop taking it and let the pain finish its work and be done forever.  Curiously your doctor has forgotten already anything to do with that lab test of yours and forgives no one for taking so long but he wonders how you manage to escape all the attention you do not want in the medical field.  The lab test showed you had no liver and that your pancreas was active making trouble with your thyroid but the thyroid gland is normal.  Go figure.  In any case we are nearly done with the medical profession which has been so awful to experience for you and out the door to get our work started with the new Urantia Book, and a few other goodies to boot,  Michael of Nebadon."

Larry, the copy right laws for various countries are so varied there is no set standard for them or how they are enforced.  I know that when Steve Gitz was helping me put the book on line we ran into the subject, but I have no real idea what it was about.  Maybe you can write Gitz and ask him if he recollects what the problem may be and it may be in France in particular which is so finicky about these rules that blocks some Kindle work on the copy right principle.  I wish I could be more help but I cannot fathom why the EU is still contemplating making copyright mandatory for all books written anywhere in the world but that is not legislated just yet.

That is right Julio.  Any thing that has grown and has a carbon content can be reduced to four microns and used as fuel, although things like sugar cane and hay are so poor in nutrients using the carbon atom it takes a lot of it to be useful.  But in very poor places where time is available and plenty of cane or grass, the farm could make its own recipe of a carbon based fuel if they are patient and can invest in the grinder to do it.  Coals is almost 100 percent carbon so it is results in  a lot of carbon powder by volume.

I also note something else that might be started by environmentalists.  If you use an Ilok grinder you can take down piles of mining slag and ore deposits and mine them element out of them,   The Germans learned to make four micron coal powders, that in grinders like Ilok proposed, they can sluice off gold, silve, platinum, copper, and other rare minerals out of the side of the grinder by removing ash by specific gravity.  Each element has its own molecular or atomic weight and if you know when to take that ash out with that particular gravity you can pay for your operation just by selling off the rare minerals that come out of coal all the time.

This business of buying a Kindle rendition of the book is so tedious what you can do is have Larry Gossett buy you an edition as a gift and he will send it to you.  The book that is up now had a lot of typos removed and a paragraph or two removed to make it better,   The other thing you might do or try is to gift it yourself.  It might work but I never thought to try it and maybe somebody knows enough about it to tell us how that way.  

Thanks all for your support and posting as this technology is a winner and I am anxious to get the second book out as soon as I can get us all cooperating on the project in the background.  Let us see what happens in a couple of weeks and if I can get out from under these physical situations that ruin my days so easily.  My best to all.


Clency, I do not claim you can follow every bit of how four micron coal powders can be produced as I explain it in the book, but most of it you can because I do not use formulas or diagrams although at the back of the book I provide a full blows engineering study that lays all the requirements out and the machinery necessary to do it and the costs (1972 dollars).  The man who did the engineering study was a close friend of Dr. Ilok, the man who invented the machine that can grind coal this way, as they both were in the French underground circa 1944-1945.   The patents and papers that made the invention workable were transferred from France, and part from Belgium by 1947 after a long drawn out fight with a former Luftwaffe who made the mistake of breaking the plans into two parts and forgot to give Ilok the other part.  That was rectified later but the Lieutenant Biehl, that was the Messerschmidt pilots name I located, died later in a heated battle to retain the plans without success.  He knew he had done wrong but he was so hungry he needed the underground purchase funds just to stay alive.   I tell this story in detail in the book and much of the book is about the Nazi's and how they did business and how they figured out how to make foum micron coal to fuel their Panzer divisions especially in France and Belgium.  It is a good read and it can be read in part as a story of men fighting Nazi's and Communists.  That is just FYI.

I cannot tell you how to download the book if you have no communication near you that can help you do so.  It is not a big book, 88 page or so.  It can be read in about 2 hours if you are quick.  If you do download it at some point tell me what you think of it and any questions you might have to make cheap fuel again using carbon to do it.   Thanks.  

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Good for you Larry Gossett, many would like to read it but many cannot afford the extra $9.99 it takes to do it,  If you like Ron can help reimburse you if you supply others with the book through your gifting of it by paying for each one as that will help out very much to keep the book alive as it was about to be terminated without sales for three weeks which is what they usually time it for,  In any case please see to those who would enjoy having the book through your donation.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon."


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