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I am not sure you are catching my point Clency.  The point I wanted to make is that the Spanish flu ended when it ran out of victims.  Many people are behaving they want to be free in spite of social controls and I am saying to you Clency, what is wrong with letting the Corona 19 virus run without social restriction on the people until it exhausts itself and disappears forever as a disease?  The Spanish flu did just that and does not exist as that virus any longer.

We are behaving in many places we want Corona to kill off enough to kill itself,   Do you think we should try that?


13 JULY 2020

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we are facing a shortage of good will everywhere today and we need to state the following for all of you who seem, as Ron puts it, we invited into you to a room to sit in and then never appear at the head of that room to say why we called you into this room,

Mother spirit is losing a battle to be the Creative Spirit of Nebadon.  Ron and Phyllis in particular are losing their battle to stay on Urantia under grueling circumstances alone.  We start something to help and never finish it.  Ron is right.  Step up to the plate with a bat in our hand and stop dropping the bat and walking off the home plate.  That is a baseball analogy Ron seldom uses as he is no fan of major league baseball anymore.

It is also the way to tell all of you that the entire matter is like you all standing on the bank of a badly flooding river and as Ron pu8ts it there are trees and houses floating in the middle of the flood to their annihilation and we dare not reach out to save any of it.  I fully agree with that picture too.

So what do we do?   Nothing as Ron puts it, nothing.  For that reason he has held back stating a couple of things he feels are true but has no intention of rocking the boat again as he did the lat time when the rebellion raised its horrible and ugly head all around you on Urantia again.  This time you all got caught up in it too and those who do not know what is going on, are now forced to wonder ever more as we have snuffed the idea of making news with it for now.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to explain something he could not get to yesterday on the Sunday Lightline with Ron and a part of Phyllis.

“I am sure Ron feels it deeply and most of you do not know what he is talking about either.  He choose not to get into a Q and A session yesterday because Phyllis was in bad shape and so was he and he did not want to perpetuate a group meeting in which the leaders were too ill to say much otherwise.  I saw Ron collapse afterwards for six hours of heat and cold and hearth without a fire in his heart for what he is discovering: no high spirit is asking Urantia to do anything anymore, and it forces the Magisterial Foundation to fall back and default to the normal and freaking Urantia Foundation idea that epochal revelation never changes.  Far from it but they win all the time because they have captured the front row seat as far as the readership is concerned and very few who receive the Bulletins or Advisory know what he is talking about.  It is an insidious situation and it must be broken wide apart and that is not what high spirit looks at right now at all.

“What high spirit is looking at right now is how to deal with the Magisterial Foundation, which has made headway in claiming its place before the readership, and now must face no support again, and this time fail not to make it clear it no longer supports the loss of the Mother spirit of Nebadon so long as She is Mother Spirit, but that is no longer possible for Her to be Mother Spirit any longer either.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and wwe stand firm with you Ron and the Magisterial Foundation, as does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and GABRIEL and the rest of the group that runs Salvington so efficiently.  For that reason TARKAS AND JACK AND WELMEK have now departed for the rest of their work on Salvington and not on Urantia, and Ron has heard the last of Burt, the Life Carrier, only because Ron fully trusted Him and He could not deliver once scintilla of help just because the Deity Absolute now decrees Ron useless and ready for bed on high.  We fully disagree but the Deity Absolute makes it clear that Ron is ahead of his time by a good century and so what Ron says?  The answer is not easy to fathom but ahead of time means it cannot be assimilated very well even though present and that makes the entire matter so acidic and burning Ron is seriously asking why persist if there is nothing but confrontation now?  We do not disagree with the question and we do agree with the answer Michael keeps insisting to Ron: STAY THE COURSE AND WIN!

“For that reason I stand behind Ron and all he attempts to do in spite of battle after battle everyday to stay out of the mischief of Mother Spirit and the dangerous seraphim around him as they are hell bent on leather to destroy his work and kill his energy as they did with Phyllis yesterday but she persisted and won that work back to her too.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I am sure we win, but right now the trial is grave and Ron sees no point in fighting a losing battle over every issue he cares about.  This post states succinctly WHY WE FIGHT as Ron recalls the WWII American propaganda film that basic training soldiers all had to hear as most of them were truly morons about why they were drafted and why they had to serve at all.  Funny thing,  Ron sees the same thing wish the readership of the Urantia Book and that useless Foundation if I must say it.  Ron does not want to replace it; he wants to remove it and let the revelation do its real work for a change and we could not sound better than to say that is exactly what needs to be done and to let the LIGHTLINE work not stop as it adds to the mystery and care the FATHER LOVES to engender to the entire population on Urantia.  We leave all alone for now as here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to say the last words for now:”

“I am sure we have no great speech at the moment, but Ron your ORIGINS is going to start working its way into Europe first and that is not what you want but they have a good point as Europe is much more savvy when it comes to American jurisprudence over matters of high stakes and sees the book soon as a saving grace in the middle of a pandemic of other problems galore.

“For that reason I let Archway do its mischief to you over and over only to discover you cannot be brokered to stand their way since you cannot and they now recognize it and are working it well from their point of view.  You will receive several complimentary copies and that is it and they make no bones about it that you are not going to send them more material until they see how this goes and this is ours to report steadily: you are not going to tolerate an corporation that tends to see its profits first and not bother with humanitarian needs, but they are also gathering you are quite a thing to add to American taste for greatness for you want this material nationalized and distributed freely to those with these horrible conditions to deal with.  That said, Archway has little to report until they see reaction among the establishment in Europe and the funny thing is you are already known in some areas as a savior for ideals they eschew entirely and insist the United States pay attention to it.  For reasons of State Ron you are broken down into the mud of mire and disease and that is not our doing but the doing of high estate over issues you care little about but they do and your are not friend of theirs ever.  Be assured it does not stop ascension but adds to the angst you feel over everything you attempted to do for us and that is not forgotten or forgiven well by high spirit at times, but they also recognize you are not after status but accomplishment and that goes a long way into toleration of estates they never understand if they had to.

“We close this with one statement to the public in general:

“We no longer operate with REFLECTIVITY ever again as it is insidious in that it never facilitates the full truth if the supreme never wanted something truly known., Ron used it for half a month and fully disliked it as we did.  He said it is like power steering that allows you to drive very easily off the road and into the ditch.  We agree with that entirely and stopped it last May and he was much better until the open rebellion occurred and now we are all stuck with no Reflectivity and almos no Mother spirit/

“For that reason we need to state over again why we fight, We fight to regain the normal spirit status on Urantia.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is well done on that idea too, and we are all sure that those who do the Receivership in the Urantia government will be sure to deliver Urantia as we insist it be delivered and that is to acknowledge the work of Jesus and to acknowledge the work of the Foundation not for it has achieved the anti-christian view that no cabal can be trusted to handle revelation either unless it is directly administered by a visible representative of Gon on the planet and that is what the Magisterial Foundation constantly proposes and, by God! We are going to do that ! MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”


So it seems Clency.  What that brings to mind is that in spite of all logic, man cannot be disciplined to do what saves his life if he did them.  You know the story about lemmings do you not?  They are polar mice which can over populated their grounds and then congregate to large groups and suddenly run amok including jumping off cliffs and die in huge masses that way.

They suffer a rodent pandemic peculiar to their species.  Man suffers things peculiar to his species and one of them is to fail to desire a tranquil life at all costs.  I want a tranquil life and most of us do when we reach our seventies, but politics make sure we have no such thing unless we withdraw from normal life patterns otherwise.

What I bring to you this morning Clency, is this question:

What is wrong to declare the entire effort of social distancing over?  The stupid idiots who call it a right to misbehave because they can and claim the right to be utterly alone and stupid in their case, should be allowed to congregate as the human lemmings of our era.

What I suggest we do at this point is stop placing restrictions on mortal man and let him be mortal.  What that does to the Corona virus is it forces it to play out completely and die too.  No more victims are left when it ravages all it can and then has no more because it has lost the ability to infect those who already had it and it cannot migrate further.  There is a certain logic to that too.  You can figure that one out and by the way, according to Rayson, Cprona 19 is rapidly converting itself into Corona 12, and that is mostly a virus that infects amphibians.

Should we just ignore social discipline and let this mean virus play out to kill itself with too many infections to sustain itself as a pandemic?  What is your opinion?


Link Test

This Lightline got sidetracked into real on line attacks while the Lightline was being broadcast. 

Life Carrier Burt as he wishes to be called, is joining the work of this Lightline in the future.  Burt was one of the original Life Carriers bringing the life plasm implants on young Urantia.

The other Lightline is in Idaho, not Utah as stated on the tape. 

Thanks to all of you for listening.  

Today, 10 July 2020 there is a new article published on the Rayson web site you might enjoy reading called the ARC of INFINITY. 


Sue as I have explained numerous times, the coughs erupt through the tickling of your Vega nerve that sits astride the chest region right above the Heart Chakra.  Mother Spirit transmits via the hear chakra most of the time and when she wants attention entering that region, the Spirit  will cause you to cough.  I dislike it completely and she does it when she gets banned just to show us she can have her way.  I consider it wrong and evil and it will not stop so long as she feels banned.  It happens mostly in transmissions but it can happen otherwise too since the Vega nerve is designed to prevent a person from choking on food.

Weydevu, I find there IS A PROBLEM with our service at times when it comes to hearing the tapes.  I keep hitting the problem that the direct link to hear them does not open the tape at all and I have to circumvent the problem by downloading the tape to my computer and then put them up on Box Next which is a sure fire way to have them heard.  I have no real idea why the phone service site has this problem, but it does and I know no way to fix it and Amethyst inadvertently has the same problem too and without solution either.  It is not you or your computer that I know of, but some truant code that interferes with our operating systems to the point we get no play back.

To all, the subject of the Melchizedek technology is not a dreamed up version of Star Trek or any such science fiction program.  Read your Urantia Book, the statement is in there from Mantutia himself that planets can be excavated in a hurry if the people need to get off quickly.  There is such a device, seldom used, and the only one we know it can be used on soon is Urantia if things keep going so badly.

51:2:3 (582.3) While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.

Post to me privately e until we have it all worked out.  Rayson  may direct you himself.   ron

Now Sue we are going to push things a little.

You have achieved an amount of synchrony that can pay off for we Urantians if you are willing to dedicate yourself to that idea.  Let us see what payoff you can achieve if you wold please follow these instructions.

1  Prepare for you practice session again allowing for a good hour to be used.  Okay?  No rush job, okay?

2  In a respectful way, ask aloud in your own voice and not your prayer voice.  No prayer voice we do not want this to be indicted.  Ask Rayson if he is hearing and around you enough if you can ask his permission to enter your session.  If he answers you with what do you want Sue or yes I am here and says what he wants to you enough to proceed to step 3.

3  Permission granted to speak to Rayson is achieved, ask him to dictate an article for the Rayson web sit to you.  Rayson knows the length of them and the style for them to be done.  You do not ever worry that, and open to his dictation of a science article to the Rayson web site.

[Side instruction:  while you are reading this, what would be your favorite science subject to write about with Rayson?  What is that subject?  Think about it and establish what you might decide on in your psyche.  Get enthusiastic about and then, when the time comes to ask him to write an article, let him tell you what he will put into words for you via your favorite subject.  Now it is entirely possible that your favorite subject is so full of universe secrets he might persuade you to take it his way.  Remember, once you get an agreement for article writing, you agree to take it his way and not dictate anything about your way.  He is a superb writer and teacher and you take it down as a brilliant can-do scribe.  This just establishes the rules you write under.]

4  Sit at the computer at your word processors.  Write the article with a header on it like you do to post to the discussion forum.  He has not dictated anything yet to do that except maybe to tell you the title of the article.

5  Beneath your header center your title preferably in a larger font that the body of the text and bold it and italicize it.    Thereafter Rayson will tell you headers and or titles and what to write.  We usually aim for three pages of single spaced paragraphs, double spaced between paragraphs,  That is all it takes to submit the article/  Thank Rayson profusely and make sure he is welcome back the next time to do this again, okay?

6  You submit the article to me as I am chief pain in the neck article writer for Rayson web sites.  I will take your submission and add a graphic usually at the top like a newspaper or magazine article would, and I will ask Rayson if there is an editorial change he would like to make.  When he blesses your work as is I will not change it usually unless something unusual happens and this is like Michael of Nebadon flying in with another worm for his birdie readers to get into it but that is very rare and I will edit only if requested to do so.  Once that process I do is over for you, I submit it to Charles to put up on the Rayson web site for all of our six subscribers to read it,   OKAY?

Note:  when I write articles I do not take credit for writing them.  I am expecting that Rayson will write the article in first person voice.  But he is welcome to do otherwise, except so far to this point, I take his dictation in first person voice.  That means the header gets clipped off but we need that for our own archiving otherwise but is not published although I will insert somewhere that it is Sue Whilely, Australia who scribed the article.  I will do that for any donation of acceptable articles to the site from anybody who can do it.  Now here is Rayson to have his say to us too:

RAYSON - "Ron has layed out the precision I love to work with Sue.  Follow those protocols and we are very happy together.  You need a little stamina and must use the internet sometimes to confirm spelling and proper dates if I use them so do not get caught like Ron does sometimes to let a date stand and it is wrong, check it on the internet for accuracy and/or spelling.

"Further, Ron is now trusting you do to what I am leery of doing but let us see just how good you might be Sue.  Ron is superb and lets us know we are king Tut about what we want including wrecking a transmit as we just did on a subject that turned out to be too hot with secrets we had to just cut it all down and dekete five pages of dictation.  That is good for you all to know and for those who think they can already do this, not on your life do I try this without the training Ron and Sue now both have.  I save my course for later too with all who might be trusted to write articles for a prestigious web site will become.  Thank you all.  RAYSON."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I see how this plays out for Ron.  You make a break through and then you are put to work.  Let us see how this works Sue and ask not if Rayson gets up his nose over something you know nothing about as it happened with Ron twice now and Ron just waits it out patiently as you must.  Remember you have areal expert with Michael of Nebadon and secondly with Ron Besser, and so on and give your best, an I am sure this can be a great break through for Ron and the web site too if it works.   Worry it not if you have to go back to square one sometimes to get it to work well.

"I leave it all at that for now. MICHAEL OF NEBADON and GABRIEL watches this closely too as we have too few transmitters like this to not keep them well trained and ready to serve in whatever capacity we need them in at any given time.  Gabriel speaking now:

GABRIEL:  "We are now at a crossroads with Ron on almost everything.  He has grown out of just being a guru teacher and does not like the role that much, but he is excellent at dissemination, and that is what all of you must be taught to do.  He has instructed Elise Van Ruth on a different approach to Lightline, and now instructs you Sue on how to address the great teachers in time and space to come to your side to write real Articles and not smaller available dictations like you are used to doing.  You must allow Rayson to take his article speech and not type out your comments as Rayson is the writer not you,  Ron can do that because Rayson knows his style and he seldom does unless a technical question erupts and it reminds Rayson to add some additional explanation is required to make the Article better sense.  That said keep in mind that Ron will go over the article with Rayson with a fine tooth comb and edit as necessary and he will add formatting or graphics if it helps.  That said my dear, you are on your way as an editor for some of the most important material to come down the science path for generations so keep well practiced and dedicate real time to this project,  We all cheer for your success!  GABRIEL."


YOU sUE ARE now operating at the heart of being the scribe and transmitter you should be.  I take the message as second in importance, but first of importance is your decision to practice to open the door to these hallowed halls of r resurrecting Justice.

In truth you have no real idea of what you have parted.  I have some idea and leave it for now.  However, this is what a transmitter of transcendental value is and the timid voices of other transmitters have no idea of the dedication it takes to keep yourself working as such.  You tend to give up Sue, but if you do you at least know what it is to have the hear of the leviathan not, but the ear of the purity of Trinity concerns no one faiils who can reach these levels.  It takes constant work and endless conversion of time to patient dictation.  Everybody in the old teaching mission gave up far too soon and became petty squabblers of distrust and disillusionment.  But if they had only looked at what they had opened the door to, they could have had the prize of delight as well.

Sue, keep it going if you have the grit to do it.  You are so slow to realize anything but you did make it proudly when you can do this kind of service to man  through your own innate talents to make verbal contact of the mind to high spirit.  You can lose it Sue.  It is up to you to persevere.  Do so.  Our legacy is not so much what we say but that we got our words in edgewise between rebellion factions and the loss of a Bestowal planet yet if we do not marshall that which can make it work again. 

Farewell perhaps but it is a breakthrough insofar as I am concerned but you realize little of the prize I feel sure.  Be well and pervade these places with the Word of God as much as you can.  Thank you for the transmission.


Dr. Mendoza speaks:
"Clency this idea of plague of the type you refer to in China, IT IS TRUE.  However, authorities in China are not as concerned as you are.  They report that the rat infested Grange is well kept but filthy.  The rats in that Grange are so over powered by rat diseases they nearly fall on the ground in a death stupor themselves and yes, plague is among the many diseases found at that is Grange, but it will not trigger a pandemic or anything like the 1612 plague outbreak to which you refer that was also in China and go not further than the nation due to the rationing of food and cereal grains then in force as that plague arose then.

"in 1612 and again in 1310 and again in 1024 -  all Chinese dates of plague and not recorded well in the Western world history books, China had to fight endemic plague issues and never knew what it was to have what happened in Europe where there was no protection against the type of flea that got exported to Amsterdam that killed nearly fifty million people you report.  In this particular case, the rats involved are Mongolian style rodents and are hampered by their own genetic background that some day will determine the entire population to die out as this rat species.  Yes, there is black death or plague as you report but it is well contained under rather specious conditions withing the ruling Politburo-style authority.

"I am Dr. Mendoza, and I report to you Clency you are among the worst carriers of tattle tale mongering to start these kinds of reports, for you must report them fairly but announcing that in the same article is the statement that the world health authorities do not consider it a dangerous situation for the world or does Corona 19 virus pandemics tally into part of t his incident.  When reporting scary stuff just make sure you give it the proportion it operates as in world wide decisions and operations of medical difficulties such as this one surely is.  China is a place of great traditions and harsh realities and difficult politics for the world to worry with, but it is not going to be the locus for a black-death plague outbreak in this day and age."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Clency you are an inveterate gambler and you and you have your reasons for doing so.  I am a Creator Son, and I have to gamble too, but we should never report things like this without being sure you also report how things are really under control.  I am using Ron wisely today as he is with this heat in America in dangerous territory to even be out of bed in these conditions.  However, he runs air conditioning all over and keeps out of mischief by staying in.  You Clency have the same problem if you are not careful as you are no spring chicken yourself and must abide  by the same idea that it is dangerous to press yourself into speaking and living in a world of pandemics and to protect yourself better too.  We are spirit and we are safe from pandemics, but when we lose Ron or you or anyone else who can do this important work, we lose a lot right now.  Ron is hating his fate hut is bravely hoping he can transition out of here soon, yet there is much to do for him and you.  I will not give up easily but will not let foolhardy behavior by any of you to unpunished, and that goes for wild eye cries of plague before you realize it is minor and under full control and poses no world wide threat ever, at least a it is being handled right now.  Michael of Nebadon. "

06 July 2020    Advisory 24    

From: The Magisterial Foundation
TO:  URANTIA BOOK  Readers and Organizations
Subject: Corona-19 Virus Status on URANTIA
ADVISORY:  The Magisterial Foundation has been advised Urantia citizens of the general conditions on Urantia are now being saturated due to a world-wide pandemic of disease that will not abate, generally speaking, until about Christmas time.   Further advice is that the pandemic known as the Corona-19 virus is equivalent to the power of the vaulted SARS virus of several years ago and was quickly defeated by mass inoculation against it.

The Corona virus is without precedence only in that it is raging as a mutation of the Corona-17 virus and the SARS virus in that the animals that were involved in the Chinese origin were inoculated for SARS but not for Corona of any derivations. 

Corona 19 is now out of the mode of using humans only as transfer agents and is now infecting certain amphibians to begin with and will infect salamanders, toads, frogs, and some water snakes.  These creatures are easily killed with this infection but the virus is intelligent enough to know that a virus killer known as Corona - 12 is coming on line quickly.  Corona - 12 is an immune antigen in those with immune systems reacting to Corona -19 as the primary antigen against further infection.   The antigen Corona -12 does not survive transfer in serums with other antigens to others from the original patient infection with Corona - 19.   We are classifying this Advisory as beneficial and resolve the concept that the Corona 19 virus will be ancient history in about two years.  It will become extinct.

- - . - - About the Magisterial Foundation
The Magisterial Foundation EIN 47-2474987 a 501 (c) (3); 509 (a) 11/25/2014

The Magisterial Foundation opened 23 December 2012 and incorporated with charitable status 25Nov14

The Magisterial Foundation is confederated with the Magisterial Mission by Ensign of Paradise Magisterial Son 4713256172439 and Magisterial Son 43215351413146 and Magisterial Son 31213574329669

The Magisterial Foundation now operates under the tutelage of the  Receivership of our celestial Federation Government composed of a total of nine Local Universes: Alvoring; Avalon; Sensalon; Henselon; Tintantium; Densalon; Wolvering; Giliam, and Nebadon.  The Urantia Planetary Government is composed of Six (6) Archangel Receivers with Six (6) Melchizedek Receivers.  Machiventa Melchizedek is the Chief of the Receivership and is further enabled by the support of Seven Federated Governments and Two Local Universes as Allies of the Salvington Confederation of States.

The Magisterial Foundation is directed by the Paradise Magisterial Sons and as such encroaches not on the Federation Advisory Council, but is subject to decisions of the Federation if required for or against certain planetary choices to become affiliated with the Federation or not.  The Magisterial Foundation has offered council to the Advisory Council of its neutrality, for now, in the matter.


This is an unedited tape hence very long over 2 hours because of the weighty material that is on it.

Tape 1 for 05 July 2020 Lightline USA

05 July 2020 Lightline USA

Thank you.   RON

Let Monjoronson state what you must learn to believe for both of you, and this is meant to help, not yell at you.

First Abundant Hope site is being run by the heirs to a woman who dedicated her life to establishing that site and then failed to understand that what she proposed for world harmony was a bunch of garbage as far as the Salvington government was concerned.  I knew her and spoke with her and she died some years ago in desperate financial conditions and with wild eyed people trying to control the output of spiritual wisdom on her site.  I just dropped back and let her run until she could not anymore.

The site contradicts itself over and over with what the heirs to the site inherited and now run.  It has no real serious input from one time transmitters who did have contact but wangled things so badly spirit finally threw its hands up in the air and let it drift and bang into the dock it was once moored upon.  I consider it babble and give it no real credit as a contributor to anything we need to know about.  That includes the idea of the OITC and the ideal gold back global currency,  In theory, yes, in practice it is anarchy.

"Years ago I told Ron we would fund the United States treasury with so much gold they could not help but use gold to back the dollar.

"We no longer can do that for reasons so abstruse it cannot be explained here.

:Second, the entire matter is no longer of debate up here.  We see no real use for gold or silver  but for platinum, as that is the real gold standard today.  Platinum is so rare it consists in theory almost only.  That is how rare it is in the universe as well, and I, MONJORONSON,  prefer to back a huge economy currency with that metal instead of the more common gold standard.

"That said, nothing will happen now until the United States stops playing Simon Le Gree and earns a little respect for upsetting the Chinese juggernaut and places itself inside a world reform with the United States to resolve issues of trade and then get on with it.  China is going to fall out of use in all probability in a year or two over issues you know not that are pending they know nothing about themselves.  Ron understands most significant issues there but makes no effort to attend my seminar on Chinese robot workers they want to fend off rising labor costs.  That alone makes the entire idea of working with China rediculous so long as the United States fails to recognize that it must also mechanize the factory work floor and stop pandering to blue collar workers who do not contribute but feed only on the sow of the economy.

You Andre are regarded by Ron as a fabulous worker but are hinged over issues you cannot relate to anymore because Ron made it perfectly clear if you are going to make a contribution you have to do it nationally and not irreverently inside your well decorated home and office.  That notice to you was not well received by the Polish government and your feel tarnished, but the truth of the matter is that now the Polish government is so wrangled over the virus epidemic it makes no real sense to address these issues of science and other concerns as well.

:That brings us to your view Andre that the OITC  ideals are viable.  They are in a peculiar way but not in any substantive way.

"i am MONJORONSON, and all of you must understand that a gold standard is essentially off the table too as of now.  That is because the United States has taken on the idea it can print enough money forever without getting into trouble because it can.  What that signals is bankruptcy of all important endeavors of a financial system that can work so long as there is an accumulation of wealth in the United States and now China.

"China needs a swat in the pants to learn its place.  The United States did that in some ways and will pay a price of no cooperation shortly when China realizes the United States has no real cash in its accounts anymore and must rely on the dole in order to keep the entire financial system afloat.  Brenton woods is the controlling issue Andre, and never OITC.

"Understand the Magisterial Mission no longer is viable for Urantia.  We have looked at it and looked at it and find that the United States government is a monolith which needs dismantled, but when we do, the world collapses into a medieval sense of worth and out goes ideals like a United Nations and a world health organization itself.  We dare not interfere with these mechanisms now so much as to decided that gold is no longer the medicine entirely, but a trial to learn how to use again not.  The United States is lost insofar as its republic ideals for which it stood for so long and it is not just Trump who is guilty of it.  Ron sees the entire man made economy so rusted and fruitless it must be kicked out of  the way and the world becomes dependent on disaster to reduce population and to be free of the racial debacle raising its head again.  Gold has little to do with the humanitarian need for racial blending and governmental care for the sick and injured coming in droves to be taken care of and you cannot."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "People!  Your fret and have no solution.  Andre you are a voice crying in the wildnerness of a Polish anarchy developing where they are overwhelmed with the mischief of old communistic beliefs piled over with a military that is blending social awareness with disaster over the virus pandemic and so on.  This entire matter is going to collapse fully and the financial system that goes with it too.  We are not going to help the world remove what sanity it has left in the churches of all places, and we refuse to deal with a so called gold standard anymore.  Two years ago it was possible.  Today Trum sees to it there is nothing left except an empty treasury and we leave him to it and  whatever the Federal Reserve can muster before the world as the dying ember of translucent science.   Salvington forbids the Magisterial Foundation to write one more thing about it s need for coherent policies as well and it will revert to a web site analyzer only due to the fact it cannot keep up with vastly changed IT needs.

"For that reason we close this argument as an entirely out of sync argument for what must be done and soon.  The USA is bankrupt and so is the EU and so is southeast Asia.  China is not bankrupt but so poorly placed it cannot redistribute wealth at all and will drown in its gold before it realizes it is worthless to reconstruct itself or the West with it.

"Ron has been advised to place his arms by his side and wait out what we really have to say to all of you shortly to come.  Meanwhile Clency you need not worry about our position in any of these scenarios as the Magisterial Missions on Urantia are moving toward the conclusion that catastrophe has to take place first before a Mission is seriously taken anywhere including the heart of God on Urantia, our beloved Jesus who swears the entire matter of infancy on Urantia must stop too.  We shall see in future discussions what this all means.  I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON and we face it too on Salvington with no final answers available at this moment of writing.  K"

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