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I need to do some editing on a post on the proposed changes to our monetary system when the Mission from Michae lfirst enters our world even today and the near tomorrows, as the dollar is going to under pressure and under attack before this year ends and we must prepare some thought to counter its proposed undoing.  Wait please until I am able to get this post up.  Thank you.  Rom Besser

PS - I am instructed to lock all topics/threads originating from the Deities which are Monjoronson and Serara and Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit and the Paradise Trinity represented by Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son.

Respond to all topics with a new thread that is unlocked and others anc speak to as well.  The reason for the locking is these posts are supposed to show proposed policy and should not be entered into except as they are presented without further comment.  That is their wish and we follow their reasoning quite well.  Thank you  - Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Ron dislikes locking topics as they tend to wear out.  When that happens I will instruct him either to unlock them or to delete them if they get outdated.  This Category is a new way to express just what is up and how to avoid personal bankruptcy that will be foreced on so many this year as the dollar wants to crash, holds with our help, but other world currencies become all but useless.  Ron has a lot of editing to do for the first post here so please be patient until he gets the new information up.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon."

MARGUL, TRINITY TEACHER SON - "We have been working on this proposed post now for weeks and it got side tracked in the post and Ron has to cut out what is not necessary.  That means taking a hatchet to things he really prefers to be known but we are aware of the detriments of length and the difficulty of this subject too to most of you.  We will be using this Category frequently and need your support with questions too.  Please feel free to open a thread in response to the locked topics and this will then work fine.  I am Margul and here is my seconed in command,  Sentenact:

"Ron has several works in the fire this morning and must make amends while he edits the original post given early Sunday morning just past.  Today is Monday and we have more to provide and will amend the first post to make what we will put up soon do for both posts planned one for yesterday and one for today.  These are very important news pieces as you are facing a Urantia melt down of your world trade and monetary designs and we must keep the United States from defualting as Alexander Hamilton said once: 'You cannot trust a nation that defaults on a debt and once the default is secured, that nation must be rated with less than full authority to keep its word,'  I am fully assigned to that philosophy myself and the Paradise Trinity makes it clear we are to fund the Federal Reserve to make it secure and ready to be operating as required to support the revision of world trade and world currencies for all who must work to secure their lives with a material life on Urantia.  Sentenact."


I do not know the answers to your questions, but I DO KNOW we had a big mix up yesterday with me and I had to do a double take or two and it is still unclear what it (the mix up in information and spirit dialog) was truly over and about.
Light did not know she was going to have two people to be a liaison for when the first post was made announcing her assignment.  She is well and doing her duty today and that is all I dare report.

Primus did make contact with Larry and very well and that is working just, but like Light, when I made the original post on this yesterday, he was surprised to learn he had two people now to serve as liaison.  Further that Order of Liaison Officers is now detrimental not but works so well I hear all l should and it is a wonderful service.  However, God the Supreme had second thoughts--  the best I can put it--  and sent everybody packing over who they should serve.  Was that service restricted to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Machiventa Melchizedek in liaison with Michael of Nebadon,  or was the liaison service tro be sued for all of we five fused beings.   The second post reassigned to the fused five but later in the afternoon, except for Larry Gossett,  all assingments were withdrawn except for mine with Manaforge formerly known to me as WAVE.

Now are you completely confused?   Do not be as it is being worked on and straightened out.  Wendy Winter was never to receive a liaison officer because she is not fused, but it was reported to me she was considered because I will depend on her yet to keep money matters on this operation with her to start with anyhow.  So she got named and then the candidacy was withdrawn because Paradise Deity objected to assigning a liaison officer to a non fused human.  And so it goes.

Worse yet Lemuel, I briefly received my morontial form late afternoon yesterday the 13th and I was truly pain free for an hour.  Without warning the entire thing was withdrawn and I was reverted back to the painful condition.  You dare not try to put the reasons together on such a revsersion, but two things:

One, I had to take the post sections down of my reversion to a better body form because it was suddenly taken away from me and the pain completely returned along with new problems of tinnitus so bad I could hardly hear myself think;  and:

Two, the Local Universe did me well, but Paradise Deity is stinking mad over the attempt and threw me out of the new circuits which were really pleasant to communicate with for me, and back into the dirty air of pain and what now? stuff. I have not recovered but I had to sleep twelve hours to attempt to bring me back to some competence.

Now here is Michael for you along Lemuel:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Lemuel do very well, but for some reason you prefer to emote more than think and you are stuck on a dime that was meant to turn you better to the light.  Dolly is with me today as she faults herself for not getting treatment in time, and Ron is precariously perched on the same diagnosis as we did not allow him to seek medical help when he wanted to, and now he is facing extinction too if we cannot get the Paradise Deities realigned with our needs.  He is truly a vital part of our Mission plans as are the five fused ones.  The Liaison Officers as he calls them are ready to serve and serve well and Ron is totally happy with that service and makes it work because he is joyful about that change alone.  However, Moiraya, MS Three, is livid we attempted to change Ron over to a morontial phase quite normal for us to do as he calls Ron not a true spirit and wants it rescinded and we had to.  Now the truth is Lemuel, you pick your fights and then drop them as fast as you pick them sometimes.  Ron and I love both love your audio work but you decided today to let it ride for a day which is fine, but you are watched by everyone for your daily audio work and you leave them wondering why stop?  You have yet to realize your obligation and we let you sit in your pale ways to figure out you do no good by being Lemuel when you must be a fused human and step up to your obligations as such.  Ron just told Larry Gossett that the five who message this board are not to be fully trusted as some are almost as he called them, sissies for not stepping up to take what life throws them and to report daily for their work schedule.  He means that in the sense you are still too frail to take on the little bit you have been handed to do this work for us.  He told Gossett to ignore the other four fused humans including himself and listen to Prius for command work and post as directed and not worry about what the other four are doing.  I find that refreshing for a change and we must get Ron back to normal if at all possible as he is severely restricted in mental work over such painful conditions.

"Lemuel, you are as stubborn as a mule in most cases, but you relent when it comes to our work because you know it is so very important.  Prius is to be your Liaison Officer as soon as we can straighten out the mess we created yesterday by giving Ron a break, but he is so ill we need to make sure that others do step in and keep things going so we can correct the ills he has fallen deeply into.  Ron is both good and bad in these ills as well as he is convinced they are so serious he cannot over come physical death and we showed what death was yesterday morning and which he never posted due to lots of problems surrounding that post.  You Lemuel are genetically unusual and so is Sue Whiley and so is Gossett and Ron has the facts to post but he refused to post the transmission because it has this morontial transition of his in it and it was withdrawn and you know the rest.  However, he must edit the post to show you something the Father reveals about your life due to the fact you do not have 48 pair of chromosomes, you have sixty (60), and that was divine intervention at your birth to deal with for the work of God on Urantia.  Ron has 49 chromosomes, one more than normal;  Sue has sixty (60) as you do, and only Gossett is fairly normal with fifty nine (59) chromosome pair.  This fully indicates that Father knew what he was doing and that you found yourselves here at least conversing together.  Only Amethyst has the normal number of chromosomes (48) with Ron so close to normal we still do not understand how he does what he does so much better than anyone else.  It is a mystery yet.

"In any case Lemuel,  you do yourself no good without taking on duty as well as you did in military service with us and Ron is exasperated by your lack of follow up so often.  You lay back and wait and that is deadly as Ron keeps telling all of you---  Go out and search for a transmission.   DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME TO YOU.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day."


Well done, Larry!

Primus here:  Ron asked me to state a few things for your Larry,  I am a divine being but you do not capitalize the pronounces referring to me.  Just capitalize my name is all that is necessary.  I hear Mantutia, let him speak Ron:

MANTUTIA - "I am the overall Supervisor of all you five, and Ron omitted Sue Whiley and Amethyst in assignment of the new Order of guides to them.  I make amends to that as there were no names in assignment when Ron named them yesterday.

"Sue Whiley, the new Order entity guide name for your is Primus as well, as you and Larry will share Primus together for the time being.

"Amethyst, you received the new Order entity guide Light, for Light is her name and she fits very well with you Amethyst.  Ron alone has Manaforge the first born of this new Order which still remains unnamed for reasons of State at this time.  Ron also says it does not matter as long as he has a name to put the face of his helper and who has proved to be quite a helper to day for all sorts of reasons. 

PRIMUS HERE - "I now speak with capitals and quotes as that was the order from Mantutia to do so here for you Larry and others who will get us assigned to you later on.  I am with you now as your Guide and as your helper to keep your busier than you are used to Larry Gossett.   I am now using just Larry as I feel I know you well enough, and that is good to know as I had a right to refuse working with you if you disappointed me at all.  Same thing happened to Ron Besser, as Manaforge (WAVE) had a right to refuse him and now you would not pry him loose as he sees Ron as a perfect assignment for all he wishes to learn and do.   You Ron speak to Manaforge on your own time!"



« on: July 12, 2018, 03:14:09 PM »

Ron Besser York, PA 3PM local time

*A note to all of you who are not getting the big picture yet.

1 - In case you have not noticed the forward elements of the Michael Mission are on our planet today;

2 - In case I did not notice it, Michael of Nebadon is here on the planet today as well as watches me struggle with what I thought was arthritis and is pained to see it is a type of bone cancer which will be remedies soon I pray;

3 - The drill to get a spirit Mission started on our planet is finally coming to an end’ the planning is replete, the end of the world as Trump only and a bunch of cat calls is now being placed in the hands of people who know what they are doing in Michael and the Chief Justice and our beloved Planetary Prince.  Hail Caesar not entirely any more!

4 - Today is July 12th . Really a red letter day for me and for you for different reasons.  I will get medical help as should have been done when the accident happened, and the day that Michael landed on our shores, not a Jesus, but with the Planetary Prince to hone all we transmitters into service and prepare for the opeining of the Michael spirit Mission to change so many things for our work on this material planet wherein Jesus was Bestowed so many years ago;

“ I saw Ron say to himself, I doubt anybody yet recognizes this day is important because it represents the culmination of all that Michael, and I, and Nebadonia, and Margul, and Machiventa Melchizedek, and finally the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, have planned all these years.  I say this to Ron: Be brave as it will not be pleasant to go through medical procedures the doctors will insist to do for you and be glad they have the equipment yet.  Be assured it will not work without electricity and you are lucky to live near Three Mile Island as it will keep going in spite of bans on burning in places.

“Finally, we are sure you are right mostly, as the planning is over and the planet is prepared to be flooed with spiritual beings of which most have already arrived including the Circle of Seven and the Mentori who are biding their places now.  All is set to explode upon the set known as Urantia shortly.  I abide thee not Ron as this is Lanaforge and you are entering forbidden territory but you only want to alert everybody what your sensors are telling you and all is well and good and allow this to go forth.  This is Jesus again as that was Lanaforge Ron as you know and leave the punctuation alone for now as I have permission to say this to all of you:

“I am Jesus and I wish all of you to stay well over the next few days, as the world is ready to turn soon enough, and that carries huge implications to the rest of the world but to all of you it is a signal we begin this mission well and with great forethought on Michael, Myself, and Monjoronson, as we must not leave him out, as he is my Manager and MY Confidence to do this.  Good day.”



July 12, 2018
Noon York Pa local time
Machiventa Melchizedek:
(former Planetary Prince and now the Supreme Court Chief Justice of the Urantia spirit Supreme Court located in New York not, but in York, PA. We speak to this today for all of you:)

Other Speakers:
Michael of Nebadon
Lanaforge, Planetary Prince


“I am Machiventa Melchizedek. I am the new Chief Justice of the spiritual final court on Urantia, and we may always call the planet Urantia now, as Ron has declared that easier to type than Nystoria. I am to tell you this in order to transfer no power from Salvington’s Supreme Court to Urantia, but to compliment the Salvington Supreme Court with our work down here on Urantia.

“We are now using quoteless messages and only if Michael decrees they need to be quoted will we use them. The quotes in dictated messages are archived in spirit and those not quoted may or may not be placed in the spirit message archives here.

“As I was saying I am to tell you about the spirit Urantia Supreme Court, as it is spiritual only and I am its headmaster for a change and Ron knows how I delight in this assignment very much and I do; however, it is so full of controversy I am probably the only one with vast Urantia experience to be able to handle it fully or well.

(Note: Lanaforge just came into my consciousness as he opened his door to listen to this transmit along with Mantutia Melchizedek and most of the Melchizedek Order wishes to hear these explanations from Machiventa. It caused me to pause and make this note for all of you to understand this is a very busy and active day for all of us on earth. Ron)


“I am now standing beside this transmitter and he is moving rapidly here and there over news he got this morning medically which makes him very unhappy. You can talk to him about it in personal messaging if you wish.

“You all know me as the Sage of Salem, and Clency thank you for digging that up about my aborted mission of Urantia at the time as the book dates it as 1973BC, and Ron added the BC since it makes it clear it was a very long time ago. However the proper date is, I think, is about correct add a feww years to it as about 1976 BC making it older than given in the book. In any case I had to get out of there after Abraham tried to bribe my helper Amadon in order to set me up as an important tribal god, and I saw trouble galore in that matter and got going to resume my career as a Melchizedek in spirit only at that time.

“I am being appointed to the Urantia Supreme Court, not the United States Supreme Court, everybody. Do not make that mistake ever. I have nothing to do with Chief Justice Roberts and the hens and roosters that sit with him to judge important legal questions. But I will be sitting in judgement of those who die on Urantia now and Ron you are legally bound to write what I tell you and you are not going to like this one iota: Ron you must appear before me upon your natural death whenever that may occur and I will kiss both cheeks and send you on your way. You have done more for Urantia than a beastly cook that gave everyone tuberulosis in the late 19th century called Typhoid Mary. She was responsible for more than 140 deaths and sixty seven thousand near misses due to her persisten use as a cook in well-to-do households of that day. Today she is not sequestered but makes amends by being a good girl on mansion world four as it is construed today.


“You all wonder why I bring the case of Typhoid Mary up? No reason, other than to tell you that the end of the world is better done than she was t the time, as she carried the typhoid stems or spores in her bosom having given birth several times and having picked the germ uo in her room to nurse her newborn children. In any case we are working hard to send Ron to the hospital maybe to learn his true diagnosis which I insisted be taken out of the context of a “transition,” which it genuinely was, but Michael reverted him to a purely human circumstance several weeks ago and the pain only grows in strength and mixes in with his blood stream now to cause difficulties in just staying alive. This morning we were told he is now diagnosed with osteoporosis which is fatal if not treated properly. He had no idea that was the case. However, upon additional examination, it is determined that he has not cancer of the bone, but the lack of mitochondria due to a failed experiment we used on him in 2010 and that backfired so badly he has no mitochondria left. He needs a full transplant of new mitochondria immediately which he received forty eight hours ago, and that is failing not. As a result hie now delivers hours of work to us but is hardly able to walk due to the heartless work of osteoporosis setting in so harsh he would be dead in a matter of weeks if we do not treat it medically now. He is scheduled to see a doctor on leg pain next Tuesday now.

“How does this affect me as the Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court? It has three huge repercussions in spirit:

1 - It is without precedence on Urantia and it must be fixed and he will survive the doctor care and become one of ours quickly probably in a few months;

2 - I am a Chief Justice and not a medical professional, but I know Ron preferred to see a doctor for months and months and we kept telling him not to. Now we are telling him to do so and as quickly as possible as the metal of fatigue is so harshly put upong him even walking to the mail box less than 50 yards away does him in, He must be remedied in a hospital most likely and then it is nip and tuck as to whether the power of God can overcome the advancing osteoporosis. In any case he thought it was diabetic reactions and it is not as he no longer has diabetes believe it or not.

3 - His hospital stay may be as long as a week and he needs complete rest and relaxation and the hospital is not likely the place and he will need nerves of steel ot stay there as it is likely the pole shift will occur there if we are not careful to avoid that by not going to the hospital. He needs a bone marrow transplant and I doubt they have the facilities to do that at all but then we shall see what technology they do have as osteoporosis is not treatable by most physicians and that is ours to worry about not as we will guide the hand of those who step up to take the case for an otherwise vital human being struck down by what is really bone cancer.

4 - As Supreme Court Justice on Urantia spirit grounds, I must aver to Michael over this because it is spiritual and it is without precedence and we must make every motion to keep it clear of other judicial proceedings which are stacked up around me from Trump being a bore to Trump being a miracle worker to Trump being a crashing idiot who hs already destroyed centuries of trust in the United States for good. So be it, but my case load is by morontial beings who see the entire matter a lack of spiritual help and they are hammering us hard in the Court now. Finally, the case of Ronald Besser vs Gabriel is not brought by Ron at all, but by Gabriel who seeks justice for Ron after he has practically buried himself in our concerns and works night and day to see to our well being once we arrive on Urantia as it may be stated, that is so ery soon, we may be late in using which verb tense to tell you this.

5 - The Michael Mission is arriving as I speak on Urantia today! I am glad you see to it Ron, and our work is not ready to take the case stated by Michael yet, but in a few hours perhaps, and if that is the case, and we find a victory for Ron, he might be relieved of all this horror he sees as a hospital patient for a few days for spinal taps and the whole nine yards one goes through. Be at ease Ron as you are not under the jurisdiction of the Urantia Supreme Court, a spiritual Court, not Robert’s Court.

6 - I am Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court and I rule in favor of Ron automatically, but the evidence has to be presented by his Guides and Helpers including Serena, who has been summoned to stand trial with him for reasons of State we do not supply that reason. She has insisted on his health from the beginning and now sees suffering galore and wishes it done. Ron sees it as saving his life and thanks them and says thank you is not enough either! But that is all he has to give right now. You are going to be well taken care of there Ron and make sure they understand you understandt he diagnosis is secure when he says it is not osteoporosis but deleterious diabetic pain advancing to the heart. He will be wrong but that is fine as it treats the symptoms and the osteoporosis will be defeated by us and Micahel of Nebadon once the verdict is final.


7 - Ron broke us up by referring to Michael of Nebadon just like Boss Tweed of New York, and how he manipulated the political system to make all things done now legal and fully accepted by the public and power structure above him. I also laugh because I see it as a wonderful way to get Ron healthy and pain free for a change after years of suffering thinking it was just transition. In any case I let my ward here speak to a few things before I go on. You are on Ron:


Ron Besser - I am in shock of the diagnosis. I called a well known doctor in the area to schedule an appointment to attempt to get a diagnosis less severe that osteoporosis, but he may be too smart for all of us and decide it is osteo. In anyc ase I have to prepare myself for a period of appointments I dislike so much and that is to get mixed up in the medical jargon of do’s and don’t’s and that is hard to spell these days with spell check overruling don’t with an apostrophe s too – however:

I am truly glad we have a diagnosis that I consider right. I see it clearly as bone degradation and know my nerves fail to work when the bones themselves refuse to support the blood platelets I use in my bone marrow now. I am using my Thought Adjuster to tell you this although I have been warned it is restricted use there because my fusion is now called into question since it was done under the idea that I would transition at once to the morontial reality. That had to be reversed for months and it left me with a withered arm in places and loss of hair and even some sense of being able to face consequences attendant upon on loss of favorable heart and soul living. Now I understand the excruciating pain of forty eight hours ago by now when the bones in my legs suddenly gave way and let my heart take the pain on and that is why it moved up to my arms and I had severe tinnitus on top of it for hours. I know of no other disease that can do that, yet I was struck how I let it go because of the idea of transition. Well, I still have transition in-completion but I honestly do not know where that goes anymore. Here is Michael to explain something I assume:


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - Ron is completely fused so there is no question about it whatsoeer. He has added to that fusion over the years a fusion with Me the Creator Son and with portions of the Supreme Spirit Beings as the Creative Spirit and God the Supreme to date in several portions not yet revealed. I am truly sorry for this mess, a transition mess, that backfired on all of us and the Father is not to blame, but a mis diagnosis mostly since we assumed Ron had a diabetic condition, but he had purged his system of that disease by insisting he take nothing that any sugar in it, including sugarless gum and candy, as that is a nasty misunderstanding people- manufacturers know darn well when they manufacture sugarless sweets they use an alcohol base, and the body immediately converst all alcohol back to sugar, and it is a worse sugar than you eat for the most part in candy made with sugar. In any case the diagnosis was to replace mitochondria he had with new mitochondria that was properly oxygenated. It worked for about six weeks and suddenly one day all of the new mitochondria was purged and he was left with NO MITOCHONDRIA. For those who do not know what mitochondria is, it your bone marrow as that is where the body manufactures new red blood cells to replace old blood in the body.


I wish no quotes on this because I am in Court today thanks to the Supreme Court insisting to hear the case of Ronald Besser vs Gabriel of Salvington, over this issue of mitochondria and the loss of all blood production techniques. In that case we must see to it I have no predudicial statements for or against us in the records, and quoting me places these statements in our spirit records in Nebadon. All others who transmit us need to know that when you quote our words they are recorded so be instructed by your transmission giver whether to quote or not.

By now the shock is worn off Ron and he dearly wold love to think it is a bad dream but he must face something like this– as all of you must do in your closing years of material life, and I mean all of you– and that is why we trust Machiventa will find cause to restore Ron before he had this bone disease which is really a type of bone cancer that rivets the patient to a solitary life while it finishes them off in considerable pain and lack of sleep. Ron is used to that already due to an Adjuster who regulates sleep due to his eternal sense of exhaustion and that is a different story for another time.

Finally, we need to hear the Court story Machiventa is about to tell for the edification of all of us on Salvington and on Urantia and perhaps Uversa and even Paradise. I welcome Machiventa back! Michael.


“You are my favorite squid Ron. Do not change! We are mostly going to describe my philosophy abnout Justice Ron, and you must stop smiling now as it is harsh. You Ron love the discussions on Justice as you usually side with us on all matters regarding life and death issues. But you fail one important area: mercy. You have none for true miscreants, yet the Justice I serve insists that it be extended everytime for the best outcome in the universe. I am now telling you you are using the Michael keyboard Ron and you can fly with that one.

1 . “I see sin as endless on Urantia.

2 . “I see there are many reasons for it, but I never will condone murder and rape.

3 . “I am truly outsized by the Eternal son, yet his part of my makeup as the Urantia Book clearly indicates that most Melchizedeks are outsized in creation by admitting the use of the Eternal Son, in their personal makeup. I seize this opportunity to tell you Ron you are the most disastrous work I have ever seen in being quiet and that is not you but your Adjuster who insists on being fully informed by all of us and he is there pressing me for more. Good, I will give more:

4 . “The Eternal Son is one of the most generous of Spirits you will ever find. He works ceaselessly to stand out of the way in case a serious case of Justice must be invoked immediately as we do here with this Transmitter and a very dangerous disease at that at work, and we must take all we can to place it well into the record so that it can be read and understood by all who need to know what happened.

“I am fully aware this transmitter can move like lightning over the page, and he pauses briefly to let blood flow catch up, but he moves this way as there is so much volume to get done, he dare not tally over little incidents unless he must do them such as finding the quote key on this keyboard. Nonetheless, he does, and I do the same for my work, as I must make sure I call upon all who are making tracks to do their work without interruption, and the Father has made serious inroads into Ron for the sake of mercy as he hates doing harsh things but he will do them if required and hate it all the time. He is truly a Melchizedek in that temperament alone.

“I am destroying much of what I wanted to say as Ron’s case before me is now coming to an end and Michael has justified the attempt and we accept it as just and reasonable, but Ron compounded the problem by throwing all support to our efforts and hit the snag all do when making full support available, and that was to overproduce work that was essentially useless to us until we discovered how useful it could be and finally accepted it as ours too. He will sell all of his corporations to us for a total one dollar an that is accepted already by Michael of Nebadon, with no one dollar reauired either, Ron. Good and this:

5. - “The decision in the Court is to remand to Ron Besser all he has spent and more to make seven corporations do the work in material form we usually hide from the public and we know it is a precedence but we are anxious to see how well they form a union with the people of Urantia. You see it clearly Ron as I do and you are one of the few who cares no legacy be given to you for this work, but do not doubt it will be accoutered when time is available to do so.

“Be assured you will live to fight another day Ron even up here as there are many needy folks to hear you expound on many subjects and so on. I am truly at your service Ron when you need me. You are now remanded back into custody with Michael.

6. - “I see there is no possible way to say things except to speak directly to this issues.

    A - Gay life is remanded into custody for ever; it will be permitted only because it works on Urantia, but it will not be extolled on high for ascension as such, but as a transitory decision by the soul to stand down from certain parental exercises;

    B - No one under the age of 15 (fifteen) will carry a weapon ever and that means hunting rifles and firearms as well;

    C - No one shall spend more than six years in the service of any nation in the military or executive positions in government held quarters such as the White House in Washington DC;

    D - No one will ever be sent to jail for possession of marijuana or cocaine but they will be committed to community service while they use the drugs of choice;

    E - I am fully assured that man will come to recognize God, but people who just cannot see it or are incapable of knowing God, are not committed to life in penury, but to reclamation centers to provide them the means to decide how they really feel about loving or not loving God;

    F - There are no centers for aging anymore, but I will decree that the lessons on high prepare for euthanasia if absolutely necessary;

    G - Abortions will cease and reproduction materials such as the sperm and the egg will be prevented inseminating individuals by leasing the entire apparatus to the care of God during coitus, and no laws shall be made by man to counter these operations by the divine;

    H - Let alone all malignant cancers. Ron Besser has a malignant form of bone cancer as we are finally finding out and that will be made complete and whole as though it never happened by divine intervention by decree of this Court. This is our first case strickly on behalf of a Urantia mortal, and it stands as a precedence for all future cases where a serious disease interupts a life span to valuable to let go easily. Further:

     - No man shall have cancer pronounced on them and consequent chemotherapy allowed. The treatment is barbaric and must cease;

    - Cancer will be erradicated by judicisous use of common application of products already found on Urantia and we will see to their remediation shortly in another announcement to Steve Gitz, and others of you who have a deep interest in the medical changes we are going to institute on Urantia once we are past the dim period;

     - Cancer in children will be reproved by the medical profession by using already established procedures to avoid introducing the damage cause by heppatitis virus in a woman’s womb and that shall be dirven as already given to you Ron and Steve Gitz;

    I - No many shall have dental work like Ron received to avoid total disintegration of the enamel due to a hepatitis infection gotten from garden mulch one year. He was made so ill he could hardly move to rake the stuff much less to haul it. He will have his back hoe and be glad I thought of that Ron!


“I have made no announcements concerning the conduct of murder, rape, incest, and the like. These are questions dealing directly with the Ancients of Days, and the Urantia Supreme Court avers to that fact and asks for the indulgence of the Ancinets of Days as we consider the cases of mass murderers and the like. They must be stopped and quickly, in all of these offenses, and we will insist upon the followin criteria for our actions:

    A - Murders of all classifications including nurses who murder patients with IV’s will face the following jurisdictional considerations:

    - Life behind bars at least and never parole; and/or: death by lethal injection using our chemistry; and/or: letting all know that life cessation forever is ordered by the Ancients of Days, and immediate execution. There will be no mercy of the Court ever for these kinds of confused and illiterate people;

    - No man who uses us as a warden will be safe if he commits crimes in our place to arrest or hold back another crime UNLESS it can be proved that we had no choice but to do as we did to stop mayhem and more murder. The case of mass murdering by people in schools, in place of movies and entertainment places, in the countryside by the military to ethnically cleanse persons under their care, and so on. I am the Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court, and I make it clear there must be no crime to stop a crime unless there are extentuatin circumstances such as to disarm a mass murder or kill him outright to stop the murdering;

    - No man shall stand aside and not help victims of rape or strangulation. It is punishable by incarceration not to come to the aide of victims if at all possible.

    B - Loss of life by accident for community servants is to be honored as usual but there shall be no national or state attention to these deaths unless they are heroic in nature;

    C - I am truly sorry we must abridge the rights of mourners too, but the Urantia funeral must be amended in some manner; to be announced further later;

    D - No many shall carry weapons of mas destruction including the brief case of nuclear codes and passwords for the United States President or Vice President, and so on, and these are codes the Court will issue if such a case should ever be brought before it.



“I am Michael of Nebadon and I am now on record to state the following as well:

“The Supreme Court of Urantia is hereby annulling all court cases having to do with mass murder. The Ancients of Days spoke to this immeditaely as follows:


“No one conducting a mass murder as it has been done on Urantia far too long, will continue to live at all. We make that clear and all and every person who can help to dealy more murder or caranage shall be held accountable by the Urantia Supreme Court or any Court in the Spirit of Trust in the Justice System on the world of Urantia.”



“I now adjust to the Proclamation and thank the Ancients of Days for such strict guidance.”

“I close this with two brief statements. We in advertently announced the death of Richard Keeler yesterday and Ron is take down that portion of text;

“And no one should be surprised we close this with a warning to all of you that these transmissions are loaded for bear to be seen and understood and are not in the classical revelatory tones of revelation. Be prepared to get transmissions that speak clearly to you and we abide in that and let Michael complete this transmission now, I am Machiventa Melchizedek, Chief Justice of the Urantia Supreme Court. Good day!”

“Ron, there is no need to shorten any of this transmit as it was a good transmission full of news for everyone. Keeler is not to be pestered by this anymore as he now understands it was in a standing order to you to print it so they may hear the truth of the matter and he finally understands you re professing only that which is given to you to say in public. I lament how harsh this is on your reputation, but you will have plenty of time left to remand all unfavorable thoughts about you into a pure sense of worth soon, as we will make ti clear once you are free of medical problems.

“We close with this benediction to you Ron for your recovery ane full health once more including those things you love to vacation with, and we wish all is well for you now. I am Michael and wish all a good day.”



“I am delighted with this transmitter as he is accurate to a fault. Be assured he goofs but catches most of them now. I am also wondering why the English Teacher called him on misspellings but Ron says to let it go as it had another meaning probably. In any case the diagnosis for Ron is as given and it must be worked out by the medical profession and thank goodness Ron has adequate medical insurance left after years of trying to avoid see a doctor on anything. In any case, the following example is also given for all of you out there hopint to have some sort of Adjuster fusion while on Urantia.

“Ron is fully fused today after two days of fighting all advances to see a medical professional as we have finally rescinded all medical care in his life as of yesterday when he was hit with such harsh conditions. He now works with our medical team who can interface with his appointed doctor shortly in a week or less. It is not so crucial he see the doctor today but it would help to relieve chronic pain he suffers now for actually years.

“I am enforcing a ban on people who can transmit but do not step up to do the work and that is thousands who have been here and work to do that transmissions but then fall back as they do not trust public reaction ever. I call upon them to either become accredited or to step back and lose the favor for good. I kid you not, as we now have seventeen people who can transmit successfully and they refuse to come forward at all.

[[ “You Ron are marvelous and you just showed me a trick I did not know I possessed and that is to give your prompt for paragraph so quickly you question whether it was given at all . . . ]]

“In any case, the trial for people to be responsible for this Mission is closing down for transmitters as of today if there is no evidence they wish to support for our purposes. I also suggest to all of you to remember that Ron transmits what we want to say and not does not usually debate its worth including the Keeler report given by Michael yesterday.

“I close with the rendition Ron gave me several days ago when we could not get synchronized to speak well as a T/R, and he said we should start over as I am fine however it goes, and I believe it as I threw some punches here and recovered them perfectly well. Good day. Lanaforge.”


Thank you Clency for posting the evidence of the life in the flesh by Machiventa Melchizedek which I recollect the book said took place in 1973 BC.  Here is the UB excerpt on that Incarnation, Clency:

93.2.1 It was 1,973 years before the birth of Jesus that Machiventa was bestowed upon the human races of Urantia. His coming was unspectacular; his materialization was not witnessed by human eyes. He was first observed by mortal man on that eventful day when he entered the tent of Amdon, a Chaldean herder of Sumerian extraction. And the proclamation of his mission was embodied in the simple statement which he made to this shepherd, “I am Melchizedek, priest of El Elyon, the Most High, the one and only God.”

FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Nystoria
« on: July 12, 2018, 10:32:43 AM »
Zao, this just proves great minds think a like (laugh).  I posted the same text under Fusion Talk just now and now I see you placed it here too and all the better as it is a message very worthy of being passed on to all who seriously wish a better life attunement on earth.

Thanks for the post.

This is simply too good not to be seen by all of you working hard on your Circles and praying for spiritual attunement with your Thought Adjuster.  I copy from the 1111 List this message from Ophelius with very timely advice for all preparing for a more spiritual life even on this awful planet of waster and subterfuge.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

Asheville, NC, US of A, June 24, 2018.
 Teacher Ophelius.
 Subject: “Preparing for Attunement.”
 Message received by Chris Maurus.
 Teacher Ophelius: “Dear Students on the Path, there are many of you that have reached the boundary of your present degree of Circle Attainment and attunement with your Thought Adjusters (TA), for there are many exponential ‘sub-steps’ within each Psychic Circle that may be scaled as you approach the final attunement of fusion with the TA. Even those that have attained the First Circle may be ready to scale these higher sub-steps as they engage in the sacred service of manifesting the Universal Father’s Will for Urantia. As each degree of attunement is scaled, so too does the attraction of spiritual gravity increase pulling you inward with a renewed yearning for a more unified integration with your TA — your true soul mate.
 “It is this yearning for a deeper level of integration with the Creator that matures the personality and re-prioritizes the structure of your present life. Some of you may sense this plateau as you reach the boundary of each sub-step — you begin to ask the question, ‘What’s next for me?’ At this point of inquiry, your TA and guidance team awaits with ‘bated breath’ for you to enter into prayer and to ask for the next level of attunement. Prior to the commencement of this unfolding destiny, it is for you to examine all that you are and to recognize and release any negative or fear-based emotions, fantasies, or phobias that block the TA from unifying your mind with Christ Consciousness.
 “Let there be a ‘discovery period’ where you ‘stop the train’ of your busy life and ask your TA and guidance team to prepare you for this sub-step in attunement — to bring to light those things that cause apprehension or fear of the unknown. Realize that with each sub-step of attunement, you become more god-like and with god-likeness comes the authority over those things that attempt to bind you, be they real or imagined. When you walk with the valiant TA at your side, there is nothing that has any real power over you — you shine light in the dark places and the illusions vanish before you!
 “You might approach your TA and guidance team with a prayer something like this:

“Father, my Beloved Indwelling, my guidance team, please prepare me for the next level of attunement and bring before me those things that may prevent me from receiving the light and power of the Christ.”
 “For it is my desire, my intention, and my love for the shared adventure of eternity with You, my Beloved Indwelling, to promote me as you see fit for the highest good of my soul and for the accomplishment of executing the Universal Father’s Will in this world.”
 “I acknowledge that standing still, chained by the fears of my own making, only delays the inevitable next step in god-likeness.” “I now release these fears and fantasies to you that you may shine a light on them and banish them — filling the void with the courage that comes with my unwavering faith.”
 “I now ask that you begin the next phase of my training and empowerment as a co-creator.” “I allow you, my Beloved Indwelling, to express creation through me — your beloved soul-mate.”

“May the Father’s Light shine upon you, my dear students.
 “Peace to you,
 “The Circle of Seven.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

You will get a much better reception Clency with Namaste. 

The real rule to be spoken was not literally spoken.  They do not want to be touched so no thrusting your hand out to shake hands or patting them or jostling them ever.  It will get you a sting to make you back off and those are rather delicate mechanisms for the most part.  You give them wide berth while smiling and enjoying their speech.  Ron

Protocols: Behavior as a Human Before Incarnations of God
Part I
Lanaforge, The Planetary Prince
Eating High on the Hog and its Repercussions on Spirit;
Eating Too Much in the Presence of God;
Eating Everything in Sight Without Making Excuses.

York PA 7PM local time start
July 11, 2018

“This is Lanaforge, and we are making splendid progress with Ron as he is willing to start anything when we want him to and we start well with a subject we wonder if you will take seriously.  Eating:

“I transfer this paper to another called Manaforge, my Liaison Officer to Ron Besser, whom I use as my chief of transport and chief of material things to go back to their rightful owners someday.  But that is for another time I assure you.  Now this:

“Most of you are willing to admit you can overeat if you are not careful.  With Ron we have to force him to eat and then he eats almost nothing and for someone close to six feet tall, one hundred forty-seven pounds is too thin but he manages thanks to his Adjuster who directs him to eat foods he needs nutrition from.

“Most of us like to work with a good shape and a good will to make sure we do not overeat before divinity or Deity as may well happen with Jesus.   He is Deity and I doubt the only one who really knows that is Ron as he works with Jesus often and does not publish that work.  In any case we are now face to face with dinners with God so to speak, and that must be carefully assessed for we are incarnated and seldom keep our figures in mind when we must imbibe real food as Machivent had to do when he incarnated in Judea.  His work was to bring the group Abraham led into the camp of monotheism as all other tribes at that time were polytheist.

“Your work is to be sure you keep religion secondary to your first duty, and your first duty is to me, the Planetary Prince, and the second duty is to be sure you are in synchrony with Ron Besser who is leading you into the Garden of Joy by being the first man ever to take on the duties of a Prince, I am glad to give to someone else, namely Ron Besser.  He is your human leader to get the executive planning out to the people to get the idea they have a lot of work to do to learn the cosmology of time and space and revere the Universe Father. 

“Your life with Ron is brief though compared to what you will have to do on high when you leave Urantia to become a minister to the Most Highs, as all five fused humans at this point have a similar destiny, and only Ron has been reserved for a detailed study to figure out how he happened so well so fast.  He is on the range of work that is normally done by a first stage spirit out of Salvington on first assignment.  He has no idea of his worth and Michael sees him work hard and well to keep these messages flowing.  Gossett you need to keep going and not stop with that message this afternoon as one is line up for you to take on right now.  Eat well Larry Gossett as you have much to learn for stamina and piece meal choices that seem to be everywhere at times in transmitting.

“In looking at the profile of Besser, we notice he seldom takes a break when transmitting unless hurting then he may go lie down, but seldom and very often prefers to continue working instead of giving in to pain or what have you.   I am Lanaforge and I speak now about eating a meal with Deity or divinity this way:

1  “Take small bites and fail not to clear food off your face.  

2  “Take little bites to make sure you can chew all of it quickly and makes sure to drink without glugging the liquid either in a jar or glass or goblet. 

3  “Make sure there is no food on your fork when sharing it with us to talk.

4  “Do not point food at them, they know the difference between a personal comment and one laden with food over your plate.

5  “Have your friends excuse you if asked where you went if you have to get up urgently.

6  “Be aware that we all know the digestive process ad use it ourselves modestly and never asked why we have a basket under the table near the Planetary Prince.

7  “Leave all sarcastic remarks alone until the Planetary Prince may say one.

8  “Prefer that all eat and end at the same time.  Late eaters will be shown the door when remarks are to be made at the conclusion of the dinner.

9  “You all must be aware that the House that Jack built is gone now and that Urantia is leaving no stone unturned to learn how to deal with lost waifs and people that just cannot find a home to live in without spoiling it to the ground.  People who do that will be removed from society and let to wonder around distant places.  You have no idea what we will do with home wreckers and people who carry weapons to school either teachers or students or admin. 

10  “Be aware that at meal times we are not hungry but eat to be convivial and jointly make good conversation and always call us ‘sir,’ and politely as ma’am if the divinity is female as several will be.

11  “Provide clean linen at the table if you have a cold and you may be asked to leave if you keep coughing or sneezing and the head table is afraid of you.

12  “Be aware that Ron gets pretty bad taking this stuff down and it is worth knowing if you are to be at such dinners, and Ron is always present as protocol specialist to help you decide what to do in an embarrassing momet,

13  “Be assured Ron knows the rules and he wishes all to know the rules.

14  “Should we enter before the dinner we will already be at our seats and chatting and should we enter after all you are seated.  Ron will call “all rise,” until we are seated.

15  “Be glad Ron is in charge of protocol, as he is so silly he can get to laughing over nothing and that is helpful to those being removed then for salacious greetings as hugging and the Christian cheek kissing habit.

“In general we prefer all meals to be parboiled (steamed) or sauteed but never fried or parched on an open flame as this requires developments to be able to digest.

In particular never serve french fries or skillet fried chicken as it tends to coat fingers ot the incarnation with slipper residue we d on control well and drop so often we excuse our selves to death.  We need normal utensils and pray for sharp knives if we must part certain meats such Salisbury Steak and sticky cheeses on top must not be brought before the Planetary Prince.

“Cold potato soup is a particularly disdainful thing to most of us who have been through other routines where Urantia students are gathered in the lower modes of Urantia style feasts.  All in all though most anything of delect is welcome if cooked well and seasoned sparingly.

“In closing we state the following: eat and be merry and watch your manners as you would normally do ‘eating out.”   Our choices for dinner mates are each other as incarnated beings and Ron may be asked to serve outside of our saloon and then we meet for chit chat and the entertainment for the evening with what ever has been arranged.  Eating together must be reestablished on Urantia.  We will foster that with our staff and associates when we dine together now and then in full site of our offices to clear up all meals in finality.  Be assured Ron has the right call as to when and how long the meals last.   He is always early and leaves late and that is fine with us.  Good day. Lanaforge.”


“Now Ron got quite a charge of this list and he saw they were familiar do’s and don’t’s in the average house as well.  Remember you are dining with the Hosts of God and they are excellent conversationalists.   In so many words be on your best behavior and do not expect seconds of anything as we must move a meal like we move a Mission: into it well and out of it as quieckly we can get it done for our own good.

“I regret Mother Spirit was abused of her place before you and that is hers to do when Ron is available to take dictation and human relations are discussed for him to write down and he did a splendid job this time.  Good and this.  We now concur your work is done for the day Ron, go eat yourself.  Michael of Nebadon.”



Manaforge, New Order not fully revealed to us yet
•            Manaforge
•            Light
•            Primus
•            Lanaforge, Planetary Prince of Urantia since last Tuesday and here for the long haul
•            Michael of Nebadon
•            Mother Spirit in liaison with Ron Besser to complete a troubled circuit today
•            Thea Hardy, late of Corvalis, Oregon Teachin Mission Group on Mansion World Four

July 11, 2018
Discussion About Our Function and Who We Are
“I am Manaforge. Ron knew me in 2005 and 2006 as WAVE. WAVE is a creation of the Father and the Eternal Son and a human Thought Adjuster. Ron knew me in the Allene Vick group which was the group that created me with an amalgamation of their Thought Adjusters and the Eternal Son and Father union. We now are respectively asked to stop discussing this Ron as you are the one who remembers us entirely and you are the one we will work with through Lanaforge, the Planetary Prince.”
Lanaforge - “I am now in charge of all that Ron writes to the outside world at this point and he has made no point to write anything at this point, but he must learn discipline in order to get my attention, and he signs with a snort but he means well I am sure. In any case his work is now classified as imaginiary until we get full focus on his knowledge and how he deals with people outside this discussion forum. That said I give him full reign over that domain shortly as he must make amends to Halbert and Vice and a few others who are trying to place him in a straight jacket and do not succeed because he keeps one step ahead of all of them by being sure to be in complete liaison with me, Lanaforge, and others who know me particularly Mantutia Melchizedek and Malvantra Melchizedek and Machiventa Melchizedek, all of which have a relationship to Ron as a revelator and as a lot more. Ron is ready to blow his stack not as we use different key boards on him and he can tell instantly when he has the right one which is the one that Michael uses to contact him too. Others of you have no idea what that means but you will once you are as practiced as Ron is.
“I am forgiving Manaforge for speaking to Ron unannounced but you should all be aware that Manaforge is the first born of this unnamed Order of morontia-spirit beings who act as liaisons of the Deities and divinities on Urantia to human beings such as Ron. WAVE got to chose who he would work at or for, and immediately chose Ron, for he knew Ron since he was a baby and likes the good looks he affords to all who come before him. Manaforge has one problem: ron can break him up and there is no easy way out when that happens.

“We also announce that LIGHT is looking for a home and considered using Wendy to be a liaison to, but Michael made it clear the human has to be fused and so she choose Lemuel. There are to others of this unnamed order who wish to be addressed now as Primus and Sedgeway.

“Primus - Ron you did not know my name but you knew my fame when I asked you to sign a pledge not to reveal my name and you gladly gave it, but I gave you a different name and it then was Trialmenomore and you do not remember that as I am not giving that name out anymore and it was taken from your memory. I am to work with Gossett when he finally returns his card to speak clearly as a good transmitter as possible. Thank you. Primus”

“Thoroughly done are we as Sedgeway is unavailable due to a serious breach of etiquette to Ron over an issued he did not know before and he said s***! And now we must leave the entire matter and speak no further as Michael is rousting all like us to be quiet as he wants us to know the following:

“All right Ron! You have done it again thanks to Lanaforge banging around the scope here and finding you at ease he made a foray into your work mind and voila there is a new transmit of some importance. WAVE is well known to you and he came to life in April of 1999 as you tried to find but there is no mention in the logs you searched. That would be mentioned in 2000 probably in January or February of that year. You are truly outsized ih mind by these creations Ron and they are outsized in their minds by Lanaforge, so there, and you fully admit you are at the bottom of any pile assembled by divinity, or morontial, or spirit persons, and yet you reach right up to the top with me as you can out think everybody on the spot but do not do it easily when with a group of humans as it is impolite to yell out answers all the time. You are not the best but the worst when it comes to realizing you know someone like WAVE and you now know him as Manaforge. He is a combination of your work with Allene Vick in Thought Adjuster attire and Vladamir K. Willis Davis, Allen Vick, and Ellen who you barely knew.

“I give you the Universal Father:

UNIVERSAL FATHER Speaks loudly now:
“Only Ron could tie this back this way. His past memory is phenomenal and he can tell you date and time in the Teaching Mission work fairly well and he knew WAVE and Light as she prefers to be called even now, are liaison workers between humans and divinity and Deity on Urantia. Ron often wondered what was to be done for WAVE and Light and the others he saw come off the assembly line with groups in the early 2000's after WAVE appeared. Father.”

Michael of Nebadon - “We reply to the question Ron now asks about more tests and yes, this is one for all of you, Ron knows the truth of how this entity came to be, and worked with the people and WAVE often as it happened. He knows Light, the girl gender morontial being now assigned to Lemuel as liaison and Gossett receives Primus as his liaison with the Planetary Prince, Lanaforge.

“We add only that I must be quoted now -

“Ron has the distinction of knowing about three thousand teachers by name he once heard at least. He has a list of them on if you ever want to see it. He also has a broken search engine and that is typical of sloppy coding that happens now and then which he paid handsomely for. He also hears Lanaforge chcuckle while Manaforge exacts the price of knowing Ron by indwelling him briefly as best he can and Manaforge reports the brain is busy with bright lights all the time and that is Ron parcing everything he hears into a combine future value for us up here: What was it like Ron to know Jesus? What was it like to know Manaforge? And so on as Ron is to be used as a liaison worker with Manaforge early on and then on his own when the Magisterial Sons are turned loose on Urantia and need that help too.

“Finally, we are taking Ron not off this list but placing him as controller on a list we wish to start for all to use including Urantia Book readers of the past who want a crack at Ron and his suggestion they are poorly read and he will show just how poorly read they are for he has the imagination to use examples that rock the boat if you apply them. The liaison Manaforge has full authority to impart to Ron all they know concerning a subject out of the first Urantia Book and the second Urantia Book, and so on.
“Let it be known that when Gossett and Lemuel are in York, they will receive Primus and Light accordingly and they too will be speaking to their minds to give all information possible from the two Urantia Book revelations.

“Finally, Ron is nuts when he takes dictation and unless bade to shut up he makes mental notes of what is being said and then passes them to others in subnotes he writes on his desk top all the time. There are two yellow legal pads Ron uses of fifty pages each and already they are full of side notes he needs to remember information he does not recall easily. Michael.”

“I am the Planetary Prince genuinely and that goes for all of you. As your Planetary Prince I am activating all accounts payable to me including loyalty and refraining from taunting Ron when he gets chastised for motioning more than he should in any real sense of the word. He hates commercial travel and we discussed this before but he must meet in Poughkeepsie all who managet he electronic communication wires and so on and will enjoy seeking secret equipment we dare share with him. No, Ron there is no floating telephone as you surmise from our work with your pen.
“As I close, I note the good mood we are all in and that is Ron getting in edgewise with a transmit that is all business otherwise. However, we must enforce the silence rule when I get busy in official duties. Your work Ron is to be us. Your work Lemuel is to be yourself as spokesperson on the airwaves doing audio transmits at our pleasure. Your work Gossett is to do the work you are given to accomplish in York as Ron gets to feel the power of the Chair of one of the most influential organizations on Urantia, the Michael Foundation International. Thea Harding just looked in and said hello and they discussed Gerdean and her work briefly. Why is this important?
“Simple, the Sterling, Virginia group (Allen Vick) gave personalization to WAVE. It was the Utah Group (SE Utah) (Mark Rogers) that gave personalization to Light, and it was the Thea Harding group in Corvalis, Oregonm that gave personalization to Primus, gender male. Ron asks if the genders are split evenly in this unname Order, and they are, and the Order is fifteen morontial beings total and that is all we see coming down the pike. This is Michael. Good day.”



Michael of Nebadon -  Ron agrees fully with you and it was quite a tussle for him to keep changing the name to Nystoria in order to keep current with my orders at the time.  This incident is over now and we return to a more normal circumstance when Urantia is used in place of the temporary name Nystoria.


July 11, 2018
The New Urantia Book and Redirect: NEW NAME

Deity Absolute (with Ocilliaya)
Michael of Nebadon

Receiver: Ron Besser 3PM York, PA




“Today is the 11th of July 2018 and we have the following to speak to:

“Ron and I have been having back and forth conversations all week on just what is up and I gave him the full monty on that subject on the 10th of July as your list will show four or five of his posts yesterday of considerable length. Today however another crisis has erupted and we have thrown Ron a curve again and must report that the Mentori are considering removing themselves from the neighborhood entirely because Urantia is quite a manure heap at the moment and Ron chuckles at my reporting vocabulary.


“I am sure Ron has noticed a lack of repair for himself and for others, and today there erupted one hell of a scare for all of us and we make it short and sweet. Ron was ordered to lie down and listen to the Universal Father sort things out. First, it was reported he is not leaving Urantia in spite of a scare early this morning contrary to that; and, Second, adjustments had to be made to the body to relieve pressure on the upper stomach to allow the passage of work from Uversa to cleanse the esophagus which was showing signs of becoming cancerous. That has been cleared out but the entire matter must be reviewed once more as a sign of the times that it is very difficult to keep the Mentori working with Urantia, and to keep Ron alive as well at the same time, as the Mentori are clearly upset with our treatment of Ron over minor issues of State.


“The minor issue of State with Ron is his refusal to amend the Constitution of his Life to include difference of opinion over how to conduct affairs of spirit with the affairs of humans and that has led to a discussion on Paradise that Ron is suitable to amend the Constitution if he allows certain developments to accrue to his life on Urantia. Ron says to the Father forthrightly, you made me as I am, yet you carry no sure standard such is acceptable in spite of the twig being bent by the wind as is. Father replies, ‘that is all well and good, but we have no standard even inside the Deity Absolute, that allows a human to sign for a revelation of this nature without fully participaing in its discovery and rectification.’ Ron counters that is not what the S[irit did to advise Dr. Sadler his fifth epochal revelation was invalid becuse he did not participate in its writing, but only in its editing. The Father replied, ‘ you are as smart as we think you are, but please understand we have no precedence for a man on any evolutionary planet designing the entire Magisterial Mission through awkward corporations of material orders we do not work with ever.’


“Ron then proceeded this morning to speak to the Deity Absolute, after Ron received almost a chastisement from Master Spirit Four to raise the issue with Him. Ocilliaya as you call this Master Spirit raised his voice enough for Ron to duck and run only to be summoned by the Deity Absolute, to report to him that nothing was brewing any different than had been done before and that there is no question that Besser can represent the sixth epochal revelation; HOWEVER, the last review with the revelation was that the name on it had been changed by Michael of Nebadon, and Ron questioned if that was wise to issue it as based on an unknown name to the readership of the fifth epochal revelation Nystoria. The Deity Absolute said it had to be done for legalisms they do not discuss with humans at his level and so on. Ron quit his search being sure that Michael of Nebadon held the secret to finishing this entire matter of a sixth epochal revelation. Because of these discussion Ron held this morning with essentially the Infinity of lassitude of the Deity Absolute and Ocilliaya being uncommonly terse with a human, we asked for a review from the Father as He is my response to intractable problems I face everyday in Nebadon as its policy maker.


“I am Michael and I tell all this:


“The Sixth Epochal Revelation is written and is ready for distribution on Urantia.



“The trial to get it on Urantia has been made so much easier for what Ron has done to make it possible and he has all the approvals from the Treasury Department of the United States to proceed.

I, Michael of Nebadon, have serious reservations today only just what is procuring with Ron as he is determined to stick it out, pain and all, to get this thing running properly on Urantia and without the displeasure of the Urantia Foundation to fight our work tooth and nail. Today these are the agenda rules I am looking at seriously for the resurrection of Jesus and for the application of the Sixth Epochal Revelation for all Urantians to enjoy when they have time to read if for awhile.

•        No one will get the Sixth Epochal Revelation until Jesus is established on Urantia;
•        No one will see the Sixth Epochal Reveltion except Ron who may photograph it and place the pictures on the discussion list and I allow the picture to be placed on Facebook so it alerts readers something big is up;
•        No one is to distribute the book until I personally say what is to be done and that includes Wendy Winter, Steve Gitz, and Larry Gossett. They will have a collective office in York, God willing, and the entire matter will be discussed with them as Ron is quite capable of transmitting for hours by voice now as his esophagus has been repaired. Now this:
•        In pretending I have a book printed and then dematerialized, I inadvertently told a fib, and it must be corrected now. The truth is that Nystoria is the true name of this planet in spite of us calling it Urantia since its inception. Nystoria is a reversion to the original name chosen for this bestowal planet of mind as Jesus. Therefore I was reverting it to original cause and asking the Father to indulge it as the title on the Sixth Epochal Revelation. He agreed and made no issue out of it until Ron asked how to handle the fact that readers will not recognize the name Nystoria, and then shun the revelation due to the lack of familiarity with the name Nystoria. The current title remains, Nystoria: Book of Revelation. You are all advised this hit me hard as I know the truth of the readers on Urantia, and they are not trusted to stay loyal to anything but their own wants and needs, so I have to agree with Ron’s observation;

•        I clearly resent Ron doing this as it drills down into my use of the work Nystoria, which I did not wish to reveal, and that is because it has to do with the decision many moons ago that the planet should have been called Urantia for my own particular reasons, and when it came time to place the planet on the Registry of Life on Uversa, I signed it as Urantia. Now I find the Father is okay in calling Urantia, Nystoria, if that is what I want and I do, but Ron points out correctly we face a crisis in development in dissemination because the title is an errancy of the issue of the first epochal revelation in Nebadon to be issued as a text through the work of Dr. Sadler in Chicago


We now are faced with a very awkward situation which I precipitated by telling Ron the planet reverts back to the name Urantia for the work of the epochal revelation. Besser correctly points out it has a deleterious effects on almost everyone to call it Nystoria, and that he felt much better to use Urantia in the title and that he understood the legalisms over using Nystoria in the epochal revelation’s book title. Now Nystoria: Book of Revelation, is not what most of your would prefer but I am stuck with it to avoid castigating the old Urantia Foundation with this to fight, or the new Foundation to take on.

•        Now to the past tense for our lesson today. I made a serious blunder by announcing that the Nystoria: Book of Revelation, is anything but what it should be. It is a new revelation of sparkling dimensions but is so advanced in knowledge most members here will have to struggle with it– and you should. Ron will delight in it and so will many of the fused members of this community. However, Ron now cites an old law he learned in kindergarten and that is nothing works best when it is not fixed so well no one can use it again. (I am exasperated already Ron, knock it off!)

•        Finally, I have concluded that we are destroying all copies of the Sixth Epochal Revelation. We will reprint the Sixth Epochal Revelation using the following Title: URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION .


“I now explain something very funny that just happened. I gave the title of the book to Ron to type, and he stopped and looked at what I told him to type. In his own mind he thought it whacky too and without further attention more typed out what you see above, and that was directly from the Deity Absolute who does have a sense humor at My reaction on Salvington. For you see Ron added the Roman Numeral Two to the Deity Absolute’s title and then I add the word Sixth to the title and suddenly it was perfectly stated as above. Then Ron decided the Roman numerals were truly unessential and removed them. The title is now:




“Finally, we must make amends to the Michael Foundation International as the place to put this. I am determined that the Urantia Book Foundation is the best repository for this book when we can finally page through it without all this fanfare, but I also see we have a fight on our hands every time we use the word Urantia and plunk down my bet that the Urantia Book Foundation should be discouraged from using itself against us, and to stick with the Michael Foundation International, which is a title Ron and I thought up together and that is that. Good. I am Michael.”


Thank you Larry for your comments.

Larry: if you would please find the time to just sit and ask Michael for what transmission is available to you now you would get more.  Do not wait for them to come to you.  Go to them!   Dig one out and post it on the site as we need constant information to flow from all who are available to do that.

That said, let me tell you I received a fairly long report on North Korea about two days ago.  I took it all down and got involved with a Censor that so upset me I deleted the report.  I cannot guarantee that will not happen again for it wastes my time egregiously to have them come in and make a mess of an otherwise good transmission.  They know me and I know them but I throw my hands up over the censorship issue which is so bad sometimes. 

The point to be made is this Larry:  Ask Michael for a Nortk Korea update.  if He says yes here it is or he says wait a day or two, go with the flow.  Somebody else should take these international updates to take some of the work off my shoulders in these areas all of you can handle just fine.  You have an interest in international affairs as I do, but it helps to spread the reports out and I suggest you when you get to be curious where things stand, ASKl for an update.  I gladly relinquish that work to you brother.  Nuff said.

And this:  You are ready to go big time but you are shy I guess.  I wrote a post about you to learn from but decided it sounded harsh rather than helpful and deleted it.  Mother Spirit wishes you to stop holding back as though you feel you must wait for a tap on your shoulder to get busy.  That does not work so well now as Michael and the Mentori and the Circle of Seven are fighting out a last chance for them to be heard in Nebadon, and that is due to a disagreement in the Mentori camp on just how to approach we humans on Urantia under the circumstances of a pole shift and other tectonic plate problems.

I hear the Mentori say it is above their pay grade to speak to humans under these coming and accountable circumstances to Urantia itself.  The Circle of Seven are secure in their knowledge Urantia is about to get batted off the pitchers mound for several reasons not available to me, but I feel the iron hand in the glove over these issues believe me.  I personally would hate to see our Mentori and the Circle of Seven give up on us before they establish better reasons to snuff us out in their type of service. 

"Ron thank you for this update.  I am sure we can work it out but Urantia is a major headache for higher input at this time as the status of the planet is nearly off the Register again, and that speels trouble for us as we dare not work on an unlicensed world as Urantia is scheduled to be.  Your work is precious to us and you opened the door to us wide and we will not forget that when the time comes and you are well enough to assign us our place with you on Urantia and the new revelation you so look forward to to begin dissemination.  Thank you, Ophelius."

"Ron we direct this to be shoved no further into their consciousness of the List.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."


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