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General Discussion / Helpful Images
« on: March 14, 2018, 03:06:53 PM »
In recent days  we have discussed the importance of the brain stem in the human brain and the Hippocampus gland in it's importance  and use in transmitting.  We all learn in so many different ways and I in particular like visual images to help me understand and to be able to visualize a bit better just what is going on in the process of T/R work.  
This morning while  I was working I started thinking about these two important factors and again when I got home and started my reception work in preparation for doing an extended reception as suggested by both Michael of Nebadon and Ron, which I  will do on Friday morning.  I am adding these links in case any of you also might find it helpful in your use of mental visualizations in uderstanding how and what is used  in our Spirit work.    I hope you may find this helpful    Larry

Threads for New Transmissions / Hold Your Dreams/Values In Testing
« on: March 08, 2018, 11:38:57 AM »
Andromadeus – Mother Spirit – Hold Your Dreams – Values in Testing – Larry Gossett  - 8 March 2018 – Florida

Speakers: Andromadeus
                Mother Spirit
Subjects: Hold your Dreams
               Value in Testing
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida -8 March 2018 – 13:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“Larry G, this is  Andromadeus and I come just briefly  since you have called and so often hold Me in your thoughts  and have asked for my involvement with you this morning, so let’s get to it.   I know that deep down in  your dreams of service lay the desire and interest in the Ministry of the Interior that will be forthcoming on Urantia through Jesus, Serara and Mantutia and with the many Melchizedeks that will be assigned this great and important work  with the Governments  and other Dignitaries  who represent Religions, Education, Science, and Commerce throughout Urantia in the coming weeks and months. I see and sense that you always perk up and listen well whenever My messages are delivered, and I appreciate and make note your steady interest.

“This work will be quickly established.   And although you may not at this moment have the needed experience in the beginning, I tell you and all reading this that your desires and wishes to eventually work in  your various areas of interest are yours to develop into as time and experience is afforded you who have specific areas of interest already in your minds and hearts.    

“Ron will certainly be assigned and more than likely Lemuel to travel around Urantia in liaison with those assigned to this work.   Much has to be accomplished at these levels  and at this juncture only Ron already has the expertise and natural ability that can be so helpful and necessary as Minister of the Interior.  But fear not and keep what you want to do always in your mind and we will provide for you the necessary experience that it will take for you to qualify to achieve your goals.  That will happen as you are ready and as you experience that will give you the nod to move ahead.  

“I tell all of you that your hearts desires are open and available as long as you do the prerequisite work and do it with dedication, persistence and consistency.  For that lack of consistency has often been the stumbling block that many of you face that sets and holds you back.  Even though we have reminded  all of you time and again, still you sometimes  falter and set yourselves back. Many times we have used the saying of  you can lead the horse to water but can’t make him drink.   You are in charge of taking the necessary steps to progress along you path and that can only be accomplished by each of you.   This is Andromadeus and I thank you for the invitation to address this issue as  you continue to hold those thoughts dreams, and supernal desire of eventual work with the Ministry of  the Interior.   I bid you good day.  “

This is Mother Spirit and we have been waiting for you to again take up your work.  I know that you have been through the wringer in the past few days and hopefully have learned some invaluable lessons that you need to learn.   Through the trials and testing that is given FOR you, and not necessarily TO you, even though it may seem that way, you must realize, all of you, that this testing, if you will stop and take an honest look and review of them, is not only our gauge but  more importantly your gauge, and points the way to something in particular that would be to your lasting benefit to learn and recognize.   You can utilize the end results of  these tests and trials, if you but will,  to give you clarity and a boost to your understanding   They are not done for any reason other than yet another way of guidance, lesson learning and evaluation.  So, my  children, take these results and let them provide you with the treasure that they really are.  This is Mother Spirit and I leave it at that  or now, other than to say keep up you work, really concentrate of being consistent for it is that that will achieve for you the goals that you seek, and by all means let go of the world.  For it truly serves you not.   The House that  Jack Built is gone and has nothing of value for you.  Good day.  “


General Discussion / Response of Misunderstanding
« on: February 24, 2018, 09:05:41 PM »
I write this while still a bit perplexed as to the meaning of a comment made in Ron's newest and latestest messages concerning General Information Affecting Corporations for the Urantia Missions. At the beginning of the message, Ocilliaya states that:


"I am Ocilliaya and I report that this man is bushed but needs to take one more transmission today before we turn the clocks ahead in a few days in the United States. WE no longer are guides to Urantia, but we have asked special permission to speak through Ron and Lemuel and Larry Gossett too, and that is to confirm they are Father-fused individuals, and that Ron remains Son fused and Spirit fused too. I say this because Lemuel doubts the whole thing and Larry finds it useless information, but then they must take on more work than they are used to."

I am truly dumbfounded by such a comment since there is next to nothing that is shared  with us from Spirit or from Ron that I would consider to be  "useless information!"

  Admittedly there is quite a bit of information that is sometimes "over my head"
due to a lack of real time experience to well relate to, but, even so, I do not find it useless or  uninteresting. Quite to the contrary!   Even when it is way beyond any personal experience that I have so far obtained, or any information that is shared with us that is projected to far into our future careers and experience, I find it a challenge worthy of study and am ever looking for that "something" that will fall into place or turn the light of understanding on.

Perhaps it is another one of those infamous tests or assessments  that we occasionally get visited with.
I wanted, here on a separate thread, to address this comment from Ocilliaya.  I did not want to put this response and reaction in the important posting that this original newest revelation is in since I would not want to detract from it's importance and want to leave it in it's pure form.

 Thanks for reading and please know that there is NOTHING that is revealed to us that I deem as "useless information"    LarryG

Threads for New Transmissions / Reiterated Warnings
« on: February 19, 2018, 10:23:18 AM »

Michael, Creator Son - Reiterated Warnings- Larry Gossett – Florida – 19 February 2018
Speaker: Michael, Creator Son
Subject: Reiterated Warnings
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 19 February 2018 – 12:30 GMT
T/R : Larry Gossett (Dynoptia P)
“This is Michael,  As your Creator Son, I am in attendance with you this morning  for this rather  important message for all of you as you read the forum, as I want to reiterate some of the warnings  that have been given several times.  You continue, and rightfully so, to think along in the same vein as your thoughts have bee resurfacing for several of you in the past several days concerning the extreme caution, care, discernment and careful discrimination that will be required of all of you in the days directly proceeding from the moment of the Announcement  of Jesus as it is broadcast to Urantia.
 “Your writing, speaking and doing, in particular with  those you  closely interact with in the  times ahead  after the Announcements must be done with the greatest of  these attributes requiring your attention and wisdom.  As you can see and observe from reading thoughts and messages and opinions from several of the members in the past few days, that many of you are thinking along similar lines. These similar thoughts and messages, dear children,  are no accident  nor is it of idle coincidence.   We are working diligently with each of you in many ways through your Thought Adjusters and various  guides and instructors that work with you who are transmitting to you to get these cautionary messages so that you can truly “get them” for what is about to happen  may well be beyond what you have considered to be as “probable”.
 “Urantia and the House that Jack built is becoming more violent and insane with each passing day.   The fact that all of this is occurring is  just further evidence of just how this world is so out of step, and in the worst possible ways  that are so totally out of  alignment with the Heart  of God.    That Spirit has to  INTERVENE in the affairs of man on Urantia is more evident with each passing moment.    
“Several of you have mentioned and have received from us to be prepared and realize that  your world wide communication networks are going to fail for a time and to experience this failure perhaps multiple times.  Your, as you call it,  social media, is so out  of control, and  the heartless version of tweeting and all of the other methods that hate, corruption, misinformation, and so many other inconceivable machinations of wrong doing and wrong thinking are spread and get put out over almost every conceivable method  that humanity now uses and it has been allowed to grow into  that miserable and dangerous estate that further takes mankind down to the depths of near depravity and borders on it’s own  evil intent and insanity.
“I know that none of you have any inkling of what a “normal “ world would look like since you have absolutely no frame of reference for what real Spirituality, what real  truth, beauty and goodness  looks likes from where you are  right now in this present moment  on Urantia, and   from multiple defaults and the consequent quarantine.   We talk of a” usual” Magiesterial Milssion and yet Urantia is so darkened, so steeped in a lack  even basic respect and kindness for each other and without much in the way that resembles this  Heart of  God that we so often speak of .  This is not, my children , to say that there are not truly wonderful and good people on Urantia.  For there are but even they are not brought to the attention in , by and through your many ways of disseminating information around your world because of a dysfunctional, controlled, and sordid worldwide media. 
 “Many have hearts of gold and  do good work.  Many  have this proclivity towards  what you call  “random acts of kindness” and there are many here on this forum and around the globe who engage in  this way of life.  When Jesus  mandates for  each of you to  go about  your world and simply “do good” to love one another,  yet for most  on Urantia this is a foreign and unthought of way to live.  Your world is  mostly  so selfish, unthinking,  and so self centered and without this indispensable Heart of God, to be able on it’s own to receive the reality of love of the Father and all of Spirit. We would like to be able to share with you  somehow the truth to  know of these other planets and worlds who have not aligned themselves with sin, rebellion and evil, for when they receive a Magisterial Mission, when they receive the upgrades shared  by Material Sons and Daughters,  such as  Adam and Eve, the  results are much different than what  this Mission to Urantia will have to  initiate to redeem and remake a world that Urantia has become. 
 “I reiterate these many warnings with you today because of it’s importance for all of you to  bring to your hearts, minds, and into you constant considerations and awareness that even though it is going to get much worse before it gets better, that We are with you and We know that you are with Us.    Keep the warnings that we have shared with you  ever in your  coming experiences.   Discern well and look closely and above all stay safe and be wise  in what you write, say and do.  Your Thought Adjuster, through the messages that They and many  are prepared to give  you,  are only as good as your abilities to  be quiet and carfully listen and be willing to follow and respond to that voice that is with in you.
 “There WILL come that time and soon that you will be at that place on this world that you have no working television,  no working radio,  no  iphone,  no communication outlet  other than the ability to determine what is occurring through what you receive from Us through your inner hearing,   It is to your personal benefit and to those in your immediate surroundings that will be needed and used after  Jesus makes His Announcement.    The turmoil that will be created is undeterminable but will be immense.   The Spirit of Truth, the coming of the recently revealed “Spiritual Explosion” that  has been brought up may help in a significant way  for  some but the point I want to bring home for all of you is to  keep practicing, keep honing in that ability to hear and follow the guidance and instruction that will be given through your Thought Adjusters and through the accuracy that you have developed in these final  remaining days ahead . It has been stated several times now that as these events occur you must take the position in safety and wisdom and allow Spirit and the Incarnated Beings assigned here to do Their work before it may be appropriate for you to be about the Fathers Work and Business.   Your inner voice will tell you when that time has come.
“I know that you have been thinking about just how will the Adjudication of the Realm which is one of the prime functions of  a Magisterial Mission’s Directives  can and will be accomplished and will there be a massive removal of evil doers and those that will basically be seen as  enemies of not only Jesus and Serara and the Magisterial Missions but  ALL who come to Intervene in the Affairs of mankind on Urantia.?   No other Magisterial Mission has been required to deal with so much that will have to have been confronted by Them since Urantia is so out of line and in fact so diametrically opposed and in contradistinction  with the Father’s Will and  Divine Plan and Purposes for an experimental planet like Urantia, who is so adversely affected and infected by the  Lucifer Rebellion and consequent Caligastia Betrayal.   Rest assured and in confidence and lasting trust that all that is required will be done to the letters of Universal Law.
“I will leave it here so to keep this message focused, concise,  and on the important points being made yet once again for all of you today.   Hold these points fast and keep these warnings firm in your thinking and at your instant disposal. This is Michael.    Good Day.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Thoughts and Considerations of Import
« on: February 16, 2018, 02:41:30 PM »

Consummator of Universal Destiny/ Through Michael of Nebadon/ Mother Spirit - Thoughts and Considerations of Import – Larry Gossett Florida – 16 February 2018
Speakers: The Consummator of Universe Destiny/Through Michael
                   Michael Of Nebadon
                   Mother Spirit
Subject: Thoughts and Considerations of Import
Category: New Written Receptions
Winter Park, Florida – 16 February 2018 – 16:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
Let us begin
“Larry I am the Consummator of Universal Destiny that all are learning quite quickly about in the past few days through the work of Ron, and Lemuel and now you, as you have made the time available for Me,  as requested, and others who are near you who  have come to deliver so many new revelations and information to  those on this forum  who are assembled and take this information into their minds and hearts as these Missions are so soon to begin.   In actuality they have already begun but I know that you are all waiting for the “visible” Missions, and I tell you that We too are making this the reality.   Not only does this information go to serve the active membership but those many more that are as guests readers.
“The information and revelations that We come to share is  alarming, and even shocking for most of you but this information is  Our best and the most detailed that is available for all of you at this time and be assured that as this information needs to be  alternated due to  any possible changes to be made you all will be rightfully notified   timely at those times.
“What we bring is the best and most accurate assessment of what is now available and as you can tell and learn from this information, this is at first glance, quite devastating for what Urantia is and  has become and  those changes that are enumerated for all of you are without question of the direst of consequences.  More than ever before, more detail is now shared and  all of you need to sit up,  read,  take notice, and put your attention to task.
“It is ever our work with each of you to instill in you the  utter importance of this information that comes through you three and  there is more to come and others  can  be brought into the fold of transmitters and receivers in good standing in the days ahead as Jesus  comes to make His Announcement and you already have in your minds that this will cause this planet to reel from His Presence  and from the  seriousness of His broadcasted message  that is  brought forth to this world.    Just  when these many ”earth changes” begins  is still being determined but know that Urantia will create for Herself all that is necessary to bring Her to that place that will change the old land masses and  rising seas  and the new land that will emerge in the areas that have just been shared with a you.  
 “It was long ago proclaimed  that “no rock will be left unturned “and as you can determine  from these new updated informational predictions that are now released in the past few days, these  will take place and indeed all of Urantia will undergo these many changes and the “New Creation”, the New Urantia, will emerge.
 “ Billions may be removed  by  these calamitous circumstances as a result of  these shifts, and other natural forces and disasters at work and if and when it is necessary,  many  may be evacuated with the help from  off planet species, and this  still is a strong possibility and quite frankly a real probability.  The Off planet species that  may be used have great abilities as far as evacuations are concerned.  Many are able to come quickly to the assistance of Urantia and only wait their orders to do so .
“What is foreseen and now released to all of you is of the utmost importance for Urantia and all who reside on Her now  and what remains of Her time to be a planet dedicated to the Father’s ascension  If there is to be a massive death total then certainly that will have huge and massive effect of the Mansion World that will  take in so many possible billions of people  in what could be an instant of time.
 “As you all prepare in your minds for these vast and unprecedented changes,  know and accept that Spirit will be there and   the thousands of Being that will be incarnated to undertake such a drastic and  enveloping series of changes.  None can even imagine the untold devastations that are possible in the short time of Planetary History. The Missions will be underway and those Incarnated Beings on the planet will go  to every possible length to help in this transition of Urantia.
“We have well and clearly foreseen and accommodated for all of the this and that is the reason that We bring  this to your attention at this time as the event clock reaches that midnight  hour when the bell rings.  There will be little time remaining  for preparation and certainly not a time for indecision or wavering as this could begin at any time.
“We have instructed many of you in the past 2 to 3 years and our warnings and and cautions have all but been ignored and  all of you here and others around Urantia would now do well to take this information seriously and heed all future warning and deliberations should be taken  to heart.
“As you here who do this work   continue to  learn and perfect this process of T/R work , I tell you that it may well save your very lives and the lives of others as this information is shared with you though this process and through these transmitters .  There will be and quite frankly already exists the several Broadcast Station and that will be set up around Urantia  that will be used when necessary.  The Melchizedeks and those who will be working with all Governments that have accepted the Official Invitations and Mandates  and Instructions from what will be presented  though Jesus and Serara and the Melchizedeks are in effect already on Urantia and since the Father has given his approval, then so it will be,  so be ready to take charge,  you are needed and will be expected and required to follow all information that is given you.
“These are serious serious times that  will confront all of you.    We speak plainly and accurately with all who pursue this site.    Quite a few those that have come and gone will no doubt return with new awareness and renewed keenness of interest and purpose especially as this Spirit Explosion mentioned in Ron’s  work yesterday and after Jesus  Makes His Appearance and  long awaited and expected Announcement.  More will be explained to you quite shortly about the coming of this  Spiritual Explosion and  more on how it will effect the minds and spirit awakenings of Urantia, for those that  have even the slightest alignment and concept with  the Father, regardless of their religions calling and denomination.  All approaches to the Father and to the ideal and idea of a Creator, a First Cause, a first Source and Center ,the  Upholder or any other of the many approaches and appellations denoting “God” will receive this  Spiritual Explosion.     We have mentioned to  you that there will be those representing various religions that will come to address their particular followings to the Father to the idea and reality of  what God is.
“ It is to this that  the very  banner  which is of latest added Category as What is God?   Your world with its many religions will have to be coordinated and unified and this is a tall order considering how fractured the religious paradigm is on Urnatia.   All of you  who have become members here and those that stand  in  the wings as guests will have to make your choice  to join and become active for this is no time to stand and be uncounted and  as now is the time to make your decision who you serve.   While there is always  your choice, always your freewill, it now is the time to  stand up and let your thoughts, words and actions speak for themselves.  This is that sublime and supreme moment when the call is answered.
“We  have brought this information to all of you  so that you can be ready in the days ahead to take your places with  the Father, with Jesus and with Serara and the Melchizedeks, and those that will work from many places around Urantia, as these works and these Missions finally come to Urantia. 

 “Many have work hard and long, especially Ron though out his 22 years of dedicated service and he sets  a high bar for all who want to follow and take  part as participants in these Missions that now unfold on Urantia.   Through the thick and thin of it, the  years of painful transitions he has, like many of you in the future, has stood these trails and tests and proved himself time and time again.
“See to it with all you have  gathered within you in the times ahead.  Your world is to receive not only a Spiritual Explosion but Jesus makes his promised return, not as a mere Son of the Father, a one time son a son of man  but  now as an exalted Finaliter and now promoted as a Diety Son.  With all that comes to Urantia, you shall all bare witness and participate in this most involved,  intricately complicated and qualified Mission ever to occur on any world.   I know that this has been stated many times to all of you and I also  know that from a human and worldly material level that  that statement is such that it really means little to some and even most since you have no real  frame of reference or comparison,  no place outside of your limited human view from which to perceive the  importance of what that actually means.
 “But, dear ones,  you will soon come to know from actual experience,  a  much clearer picture of it and accept when  I tell you that what a you are about to witness and be a part of  that is well beyond your imaginings.   There will indeed be many astounding surprises  in store for you and coming along the way and soon, that are so absolutely beyond anything  that you have in your capacities as mortal humans  but we promise you that your lives will NEVER be the same .  It is being said and it is literally true that you are in the last days of whatever you could possibly call “normal” and it will take centuries for a new normal to unfold.  But unfold it will, and  this world will be the better, stronger, more beautiful and  will truly achieve enlightenment  with the intensions of just what  a world, a Father’s World, as this now  will become,  not only looks like but will be.
“You here have been led, responded to, a sacred call for service and We thank you for the insight and will to serve that guides your every footstep and would that you could know and realize the importance of the steps that you have taken  in a journey that eventually takes you into the embrace of the Father.   I am the Consummator of Universal Destiny.   I am with you in the now and present moment and will be with you as mM way is the Father’s way and I will be available to you as the needs and opportunities arise while and as We get this Mission running on Urantia.
“Take this as it comes, make good use of these rare opportunities and  as it is shared with you for these are but the initial days, these are but the first steps towards a Mission  that remakes this world and every thing and every one on it. 
“We have informed you that  this planet is destined to be a planet  that  has been graduated and upgraded  from a world where an ascension scheme was implanted and designed from it’s  beginning and that the times run short for that scheme and  now this world become a  world of study and world of education for those throughout the Universes who will come there to learn of the History of the  Rebellion: its causes, its devastating effects, it’s trials and tribulations, and even horrors and yet the glories that have been accomplished in its removal and  the  good that  has resulted from its resolution.  This is quite the destiny for Urantia is  it not?
 “These are for you to learn and for all to come to know.   This will eventually become an inspiring  honor and a badge of  distinction for all of you in the future.     You here may have lost much because of it but I tell you truly that what you have eternally gained can not be underestimated and at one time it may have been considered a shameful stigma, but with the coming success of these Missions, and the parts you will all have and of which you are a part significant  and unparalleled , that one time stigma turns into  perhaps your most important asset.  None will  ever look upon this one time World of the Cross, in any negative or derogatory   way but you will be eternally be recognized as  this world great citizens of Jesus, this world of Michael and Nebadonaia,  and will forever wear a great  and cherished emblem of great signifying undaunted courage and love and ultimate service to the Father.
In the days of old it was commonly quipped, “What good thing comes out of Nazareth?” and in the same vein, “What good thing comes out of Urantia”      Those questions now are answered and demonstrated.
These are rewards and treasured jewels in the Badge of Service to be worn that all of you  who now come to be a part of these MIssions will now be proudly  worn and retained
even unto your Service to the Outer Space Zones where you will at  some time be assigned.
“ I, as The  Consummator of Universal Destiny give you these things to think  upon, to hold in your hearts and minds and cherish as this work begins.  There is  and has been much of great import that has been disclosed to you in the past few days and this level of information, these opportunities are presented for your good and lasting work.   There is much more to come for we are just getting stated.  Embrace all that We share as you best prepare yourselves for what comes.  The good that is to be created far outweighs  the temporary overshadowing of  what is on the horizon..  Together we shall be VICTORIOUS in the oneness of the Father.
“We tell off dire times ahead , that Urantia will be remade, reborn of Spirit and so it is be even though Urantia will seem like a hell on earth for a time, We together will all get through whatever comes and why is that? Because We are One with the Father who proclaims that Urantia is His and you are His and He is yours.   None can fail , when you claim His Will and Service as your own.    This is why We came to you in guidance, which is why we offer Our words and thoughts to you., and why we come in Action and Purpose. Thi sis what your Thought Adjuster are dedicated to do and be.   They are the Father within you.   And in the days  and work ahead they have much to teach you.  You have the opportunity to fuse with them.
“Do you not yet  even partially realize the glory and importance of this fusion that comes to you?  Nothing could be more important for each of you .   This fusion insures your Eternal Life of  worship, love, service, trust, and an unlimited and unfettered opportunity, and the grandest adventure you can not even yet imagine.   Seize it,  claim it  and let it express itself though you.  It is your Sacred Birthright   There is no challenge too great that can not be accomplished and achieved .   Know it, accept it, live it, do it. be it!  This is ‘The Consummator of Universe Destiney… read those words and know and feel what they mean…. Consummator of  Universe Destiny.  The very words should embolden and enlightened you to do the Will of the Father as only you can.   I bid ouy good day.     
I step in to say  just for a bief time for a few words as you continue on in this exercise that we requested of you and any others who want to take up this challenge of this work.   I want right now to talk of your internet,  those devices that are so common place on Urantia and to have you consider just what you may do when you have no or limited access to this popular and overused and somewhat abused method of communication on Urantia.  As most of you feel, this social media as you call it is in tatters!  There will come a time and I can not tell you just how long it will last, or when, but there will be a time when you  will not be able to  communicate as  you do now through this means.    
 “This is one of the reasons why we have prodded, hounded, encouraged and invited you to make  contact with your Thought Adjuster, so that when these events occur and they most certainly will, that you will have the ability and capabilities  to still receive warnings, information, ways to safety and any other number of types of information just to keep safe and in touch. 
 “The earth changes that will soon begin to occur on Urantia will, at times make it impossible for your usual communication.   We have in the pat spoken of the possibilities to set up some sort of spiritual conference call type system that can be used through Ron of even through one of you..   That was tried, failed, and put on the back burner for awhile but it may well need to be revisited since communication as you know it will have interruptions for long periods of time.  Please know, dear children,  that what we advise and instruct you on has it’s importance and even though some of you skim though it and take no heed nor put much credence into some of it,  realize, that we do not do this without good reason, especially as these final days come to a close.
It is too easy for some to dismiss much of what has been disclosed but I tell you to  to  pay close attention to what is coming out  now and in the days ahead. It will be to your good benefit to take heed like never before.
“Practice, with new fervor the connections that you have with your Thought Adjusters.  It behooves all of you to better hear and be able to transcribe  what is shared with you. Even if you have to hand write it for lack of your computers, tablets and phones.  
“We will have emergency channels in place, broadcast on  the many avenues  and different methods of streaming information for you but if they are down and not functional then you will have to rely on your abilities to hear that inward voice that  is a gift  to you to see you through the devastating changes that are forecasted quite soon.  We lead you, teach you, guide you and we do this for your betterment and for your ultimate safety in the days ahead.
“Let me now move quickly to another subject and that is really important and vital to your safety in a way and that is to know and trust what you are given in your relationship with humanity  at large.   You need to learn when to speak and when to hold your thoughts.   Many will be looking for answers,  many will be at differing levels of fear for quite some time and there little that is  more dangerous than a what fear can do to usurp  normal behavior.    A frighten, hurt and fear ridden mankind is capable of incredible violence and situations can quickly go from bad to worse in an instant.  I crowd can turn into a riot in a matter of seconds under the right conditions and Urantia may well be in those conducive conditions in the days ahead.  Be ever wise and cautious and keep a watchful eye out at all times.  There will be times coming when staying in your houses will be of necessity and the wisest posture to take. Know when to be silent and prudent in your dealings with all in these initial stages.
I am not trying to overly frighten you but asking you to be vigilant.  And I will leave it at that for now.   I give you now to Mother Spirit.
Yes, my beloved children, This is mother Spirit and I come to add just a few words to help carry on with what is being shared with you in these days now in in the short term future.   These momentous time are filled with such highs and lows and I know that your emotions are on roller coaster from all that is being shared with you.    Take the necessary time that you need to be able to have some “watchword” phrase that uou can use for yourselves,  within you, that can have a instantaneous calming effect for a time when the challenges ahead will be a task and trial for everyone.  And know thatMichael spreads His Spirit of Truth and I Invoke My love and send forth My Angels and Ministering Spirits who  will be hard at work to uplift all on Urantia.  We have briefly talked about the Spiritual Explosion which will be very powerful and should reap some very positive results just when the time it is most needed.
“We all:  Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson,  Mantutia  and multitudes of Incarnated Melchizedeks  and other Spirit Beings  and other orders of Incarnated Being not yet mentioned , the Off Planet  Species are all in readiness when needed so you will have the Power of Spirit to show you the way forward.   Your trust, your confidence in us and in yourselves have never been so challenged but everything will be available and in motion. 
“This has been a marvelous opportunity for those who are now willing to come together and extend their abilities and capabilities at sustain a connection to allow this type of reception.  We encourage any of you to participate in being able and working towards the effort that will result to lengthen your receptions for this time soon comes and it will be needed and when it may be all you have to sustain your communications  with not only Us in Spirit but those of your brothers and sisters who will  look to that light that they see  or sense that is around you.   That light that will attract those seeking shelter from their fearful minds and hearts.    So if you feel moved to do more work to strengthen your abilities we will be there with you to uplift your work with us and for humanity.   I will not try, my children to downplay or mask the truth from you I will not sugarcoat  the perils nor of the importance of what lies ahead.   Just  be in  faith, in  faith, trust, confidence and love in your hearts and  together we will see these times through in good measure.   This is Nebadonia, Mother Spirit,  Divine Minister, Co Creator with Michael and We bring new life and renewal to Urantia.    My Love abides with in you always. Call on me in the times ahead.    Good day. “

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Mother Spirit, Divine Minister – Assurance And Comfort in Time of Adversity – Larry Gossett – Florida – 14 February 2018
Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject: Assurance and Comfort in Times of Adversity
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 14 February 2018 12:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“This is Mother Spirit and I am come as  Divine Minister with you this morning  for this transmission and reception.   You all have, in the past few days, been given and  blessed with much to think on, much to enlighten you and new revelations seem at times to come in heightened abundance that are challenges for your thinking and are coming in at such a rapid pace that  it is difficult for some at times to keep up with.   But know that these revelations come at our behest and Ron has done an exemplary job as Urantia’s consummate transmitter.  He sets the standard and goals for all on Urantia and even in all of Nebadon.  He demonstrates what is possible for all of you to achieve if you will keep at it during these times of great change to Urantia on every possible front.
“ To say that there is much work to be done in a short and intense time is an understatement and I know that will be for all of you.   For the present moment you , here are this small band of our workers for the Missions that have been lead and assembled here that will come together for this great work.   As soon as the  Announcements are made and the  gaffe and initial shock and fear have subsided from it,   many more will be added as the workers on  behalf of Urantia and in consort with those that come to administer these Missions and they will do this in the Name and in Service to the Father’s Kingdom.
 “Only time and commitment determine if this forum is able to continue in it’s present form. Although perhaps it’s evolution may yet be transformed to better serve the ideals and ideas of it’s original intent, and let Me mention to all of you that much of that depends and rests upon each of you as members and contributors to these very ideals.  The  traffic here will likely grow to such proportions that it will be a strain to the site to keep abreast of all of the added traffic, interest, and future membership that will hopefully  develop for  this site and for what it upholds and represents to this world, now and especially in the near future.   It may be that other arrangements will have to be put in place to handle this upcoming transformation of what this site is dedicated to do and accomplish.  This  is  it’s natural and intended evolution for all that is to come.
 “ I know dear ones that many of you   have deep concerns and even disappointments to see the lack of involvement here at this time but know and feel comforted that those that continue to stand with Us are well noted. Many have come and gone but many, many will be added.   Continue to do as you will and as you are drawn here for the pace will dramatically and intensely increase in the days and months ahead, as situations create better and more lasting avenues for your heighten experiences.  You should be able to discern this by the rate of revelations that are being given to you  in these past few days.  And more is on the way.  As you say here on Urantia, We have “pulled out all the stops now.”
“As you all can surely witness, if you are paying attention at all,  that the House that Jack Built is rapidly and daily crumbling at an alarming rate and so it must be.   So it is as  you think, that  humanity sometimes must suffer the consequences of its own ways and at  it’s own peril, as it falls apart in order for  it to be rebuilt from the ground up, so it seems to be happening right before your eyes, does it not?  Worry not over this for if that is the way it is to be , then so be it.   Humanity  must learn it’s lessons and responsibilities well and so it shall experience these hard lessons.
“I speak plainly yet in unconditional love with all of you this morning as these events are soon to come to pass.  This message this morning should be reassuring, comforting and encouraging words and lessons for all of you right now.  Take them to heart, head, and hand.   And rest assured, my dear children,  that with  these extreme events, trials and tribulations, troublesome as they may be, they are truly your  most advantageous opportunities  for your unprecedented growth, your experiences, as you all have dedicated your lives to the  Doing of the Will of the Father,
“Your faith may be challenged yet your deep and lasting faith will see you through these perilous times as you align your spirits and your lives with Us through the coming days of trial and adversity.  Stay the course, retain your focus. honor your commitments with Spirit and all will be well for you.   This is Mother Spirit, Divine Minister. My love upholds you through this coming time.   Good Day”

General Discussion / Pivotal Moments/ Choose Wisely
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Many times we  have had discussions and lessons about Pivotal Moments in our lives and the foresight to recognize and make the most of them   It appears to me that we are, in deed, smack dab in the middle of one of those most important Pivotal Moments that will have a lasting effect on our journeys and careers.   I borrow a quote from  "Indiana Jones Last Crusade"..."Choose Wisely."
In  love and service to all that will be achieved through our continued love and commitment , with, to and for the Father and all who worship, love and  put their "absolute" trust in Him and those who come to serve together in oneness.

General Discussion / Understanding and Prayer Request
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Understanding and Prayer Request

On February 5, Ron  posted the thread, “The Jesus Bestowal 2018” In that enlightening post was  the discussion about Jesus traveling about the country with a small entourage.  In His statement  about who might  accompany He  mentioned that, “  Larry you lost out because you cannot stop smoking and the other two detest smoking….”
I can not describe to you how that felt and  believe me when I tell you that it sent me in to a deep state of despondency and  made such an impact  that causes still yet great sadness and even embarrassment  since I have for several years been trying, always in failure, to quit.   In yesterday’s version of a “fireside chat” from me, I briefly touched on on this experience. I do want to say that I really enjoyed talking with all of you yesterday on the voice recording.   It felt so personal albeit  it may have been a misuse of  what that category was set up to do and be.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with the term “fireside chat’ is refers to a time in the 1930’s when President Franklin D. Roosevelt would, by radio,  sit  and informally talk with the American people.    While I was not born yet, I do remember a time, before television, when families gathered around the radio listening to various types of shows, news, and  the listening of the music of the times.  Prior to that time, music in the homes, people singing, playing the piano and  playing other musical instrument was quite commonplace and quite honestly, in those times, the family unit was so much stronger and vibrant.   Much of that all disappeared with the advent of television.   Sorry I degress.

Back to the topic at hand.

I have had a very rough time in being able to stop smoking since I have smoked cigarettes since I was 13.  My Mom,  Dad, Uncles and most of my Aunts and all of my friends growing up were all smokers.   As I was growing up it was the “cool” thing to do.   I remember  being able to smoke in hospitals, in movie theaters, anywhere really.   I even remember our family  Doctor smoking during our appointments in his office.   And I am in many ways a bit of a ole Dinosaur, with a bit of a stubborn streak to boot!  I have had several failed attempts at completely stopping but having read the “  Larry you lost out because you cannot stop smoking..” comment, I have started the process to stop again.   Naturally after I read that comment I wrote a PM to Ron and did receive a reassuring and supportive message back from not only him but from Michael as well.   This prompts me now to ask for your understanding and prayers as I once again wrestle with this battle.   Certainly the incentive is right in my face if my smoking in any way jeopardizes my involvement with these Missions.  So I do ask for your prayers and support.

As this has of course been at the forefront of my thoughts and emotions in the past couple of days, I started thinking about not only the dangerous health risks that my stubbornness has ignored, I also began to think about the  enormous waste of thousands and thousands of dollars that I have spent in the 60 years that I have been a heavy smoker.   I don’t even want to calculate it!   The thought occurred to me last night when I was thinking of the donations that I could have made towards the support of Starbridge and the Corporations that Ron sets up and support only through received donation or out of his own pocket.  Two and a half years ago on one of those rare, very rare, times when he posted and disclosed the high cost of  setting up, running , maintaining, and support  the many Corporations and of course the cost of maintain this website that we all share and benefit from, I went through my finances and came up with a way to  cut out a few dinners out  and trips to the movies so I could come up with a bi-monthly donation of 55.00   which allowed me to donate 100.00 a month.  In that two years, I have received and experienced so much joy from doing it and feeling more a part of  our forum and the Missions themselves as well.

When I was  growing up, going to Church with my family I , with affection, remember that brown wooden “collection plate” being passed around and my Dad always tossing  in his white envelope… sometimes he would hand it to me and let me “proudly” add it, and I remember even now how grown up it made me feel.   That whole idea of “tithing” sort of left me as I grew away from organized religions.  When Ron briefly brought up that rare sharing with us about the costs of running  this forum and site and the complexities of maintaining Starbridge, that I love so dearly  and  that is such an integral part of my life now and  long into the foreseeable future, I now wish I had some of that money back that I spent on cigarettes.   Perhaps as I find some success this time, I can even add to that money that I have available to donate more to Starbridge that is so needed and quietly appreciated.  I could hopefully even double that 100.00 a month that I gladly and proudly donate!  Certainly a much better use of my limited money and it would  give me such joy and pleasure.

Sorry for running off at the mouth and I will just close this as it is and simply and sincerely request your understanding and prayers.    I love you all so much.     LarryG

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Taking Up The Slack
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Dear List, This is a message from me personally... not necessarily a  "reception" .   Although I would certainly  say that I received inspiration from Paynor, my ever patient and resilient Thought Adjuster, Michael, and Mother Spirit.   We are in such constant watch care, guidance, and encouragement  to listen to that voice and leading within!

I hope that I have not overstepped the proper use of  this recording since it is just from my heart to yours.

I thought yesterday morning of writing  something of my concerns on this issue but as explained in this recording my day got well out of sorts.   Please know that I am not preaching to any of you nor is this an admonishment of any kind but it is an invitation to re-engage  to keep our forum viable, inviolate, and central to these coming Missions and the very changing of Urantia from that darkened place it has become to what the High Estate of Light and Life.

Lemuel has become so natural at his recordings which I congratulate him on,  and I have not done a recording in awhile so I apologize for  my stumblings.    Please know that I do this in my great love for all of you and to the principles and Spirit of  "our" forum.  LarryG

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Mother  Spirit, Divine Minister –  Words From Mother Spirit – Larry Gossett – Florida – 5 February 2018

Speaker: Mother Spirit, Divine Minister
Subject: Words from Mother Spirit
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida - 5 February 2018 – 13:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“This is Mother Spirit, and also as the Divine Spirit and Minister and I come in response to your invitation to clearly hear and transcribe our message for this day, February 5th 2018.   Naturally, my children, after having attentively read the messages yesterday from Michael, as your Super Creator Son,  from Mantutia, and from Susatia, I know that all of you are filled with important questions concerning this type of information is once again shared with you and I can assure you all that there is more in the works that will continue to eventually clarify that which you will need to  take into your minds and hearts as these events will surely come to pass.

“ I am sure that you all have 1001 questions and concerns as do We and We are constantly evaluating and re-evaluating all possibilities and likelihood to determine at the best probable solutions.  We encourage you to continue to pray for success.   One important question that keeps coming up is “what to do with this type of information?” There will most certainly be many changes and upgrades to all of this as it is presented on Urantia.  We will do all we can to keep all of you abreast and informed as the information becomes more available and as details and specifics are able to be released.   For now, hold this information for we will tell you what to do with it as the time is right.

“Your world has not seen the severity of the changes that are presented here for much of this level of calamity did not happen with humans embodied and present on the planet.   Therefore, We all know that it is almost unfathomable for your minds to even have an accurate mental representation of these various categories of  such devastating earth changes. They will be as never have been seen by human eyes.
“I know that you wonder just how your World Governments around every sector of Urantia will be able to cope with these multiple levels of disasters and I tell you that THEY WILL NOT!

”As many of you do well to keep watch and observe the workings of all Governments around Urantia, you  have clearly seen all  the in-depth ineptness and utter failings  of  all  Urantia’s Governments as far as good Governance is concerned.. With a possible and even likely war on the horizons  that will have such  devastating effects on  Urantia,  if that is to be, and it is more than possible that this may occur,  little can actually be done in  your personal  realities to prepare you for what all will come.   You wonder, and rightfully so, how a Magisterial Mission running concurrently with these coming earth changes can work as yet another war is on the horizon.  It indeed deeply complicates any Mission Objectives on a normal world and all know that Urantia is in no way normal.

“ This is to be one of the greatest and most difficult and all consuming challenges ever to be presented to any world   All remains to be seen and done  as the Missions will have to take on and assume the control and administration  through the Missions Leaders, Workers, and many Orders of Beings come to carry out the Father Will.

“ The next 100 years of Urantia time will be it’s most important and dangerous and will be  spent in just  managing such severe and devastating events.    To say that it will be a dark and difficult time on Urantia is to put in mildly indeed… hell on earth as is said.  It is almost undeterminable  to accurately predict the outcomes of such change as the entire planet will be affected and all will be put on notice.  But in your hearts know and I say that again. KNOW that Love and the Father’s Way will end the dark days that lie directly ahead.  Love, truth beauty goodness and good will will most assuredly achieve those goals.

“Your questions and concerns can only be addressed as events unfold but know that the Missions will begin and continue until Urantia  is  finally but surely settled, redeemed, remade and projected towards it destiny  to achieve Light and Life.

The mighty Power Directors have been able to hold back and abate much of the destruction from a fragile and fractured Urantia but now the time has come to allow Urantia to do what She must to restore and create the balance through these very changes that are being discussed with you.  Just as all on Urantia must now come to establish the Father’s Divine Plans for each of it’s humanity.  This is Mother Spirit,  Divine Minister.  I bid you good day. We will continue, in the days ahead, to bring and share these momentous messages pronouncing all having to do with these Magisterial Missions."  


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Michael of Nebadon – The Gifts of Challenge – Larry Gossett – 31 January 2018 – Florida
Speaker :Michael of Nebadon
Subject: The Gifts of Challenge
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 31 January 2018 – 12:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“You have, my son in the past few days been dealing with a  fogginess and slowness in your mind and physical being due the cold and flu that is  trampling Urantia this year, and have found a definite lack of concentration and lagging of focus hampering your abilities and energy.   That, gladly is subsiding and once again the lure and promptings to  come and involve yourself here has returned in part.
“I know that you now are at front and center to receive, letting go and placing yourself in the here and now.  And speaking of letting go, I noticed when you read Dorian’s posted phrase of “Let go and Let God,” that you smiled and nodded in affectionate agreement.  It is sometimes the simplest ideas and words that many times  have the greatest impact  and carry great wisdom for all, is it not.? This little saying that Dorian offered is one such phrase that carries  a directed innocent wisdom and articulate clarity.   Indeed you all would be often times in a better place if you would and could just “let go and let God.”
“Now let us move on, and in saying move on I mean that quite pointedly for the energies of the past 24 hours have been those that we have several times talked about as pivotal moments in your lives and in your understanding and in your journeys.  Many times do you experience these pivotal moments, these moments of sublime decision, these moments where as an experience passes, you are in a new place, you have  topped the mountain and look down and to  the vista that is spread out  before you to  enjoy and discover.   These are sometimes difficult trails that lead to the top, but always here you all are this morning,  having arrived at a new and better place for what you have experienced.   
“There will many such days of challenge, of discovery, many such times of similar challenges that all of you will face the coming months and years.   Know it well!  And use these times of decisions, these times where you are challenged to make the choice that is laid out before you.   It has many times been said that these are opportunities that are truly gifts to and for you.  These choices, these rare pivotal moments in your lives will eventually create in you a higher ability towards achieving that invaluable gift  called discernment,  that teaches and leads you to Spirit  Wisdom.   As you all know, the Adjutant Mind Spirits of Mother Spirit are always at work and the highest of these are that of Spirit of Wisdom and ultimately the Spirit of Worship.   These are always at work to lead you and give you the unparalleled opportunities to make your choices, and decisions based on what is at your disposal in learning and discerning those qualities and those experiences that give you your self-determination and the birthright of God given freewill towards your soul’s growth and ultimate development.  These are, my dear children,  rare and precious gifts that are your truest treasures.
“The Father in his Wisdom and with the Creator Sons and Creative Spirits of each Superuniverse in Time and Space, sets into motion for each of you, those experiences that will teach and lead you to  and give you the opportunities to choose and decide for yourselves where you stand, at any given moment in your journeys, and this is truly accomplished with each and every decisions and at each and every moment. 
“Many times have we taught you that each and every decision through the continual moments that make up a life as a mortal, the life you choose  lead, as you become, grow in spirit,  grow in wisdom  through that status originating as being a Faith Son and Faith Daughter, will always have within it, that value that you gain through making the choices and determinations  that work to move you forward.   These are  the very mechanisms of growth and self-determination that are constantly presented to each of you through your living faith and your living experience.
 “Know that these living experiences  are truly exacting and truly the only way a mortal of  an experimental and experiential world like Urantia.   There is important and lasting growth that is achieved and accomplished only through your experience.  It is through these struggles and sometimes most troubling and trying experiences that your greatest lessons are learned.  They may seem at in the moment troublesome and difficult but they truly , my children, they alone  can give you the greatest and riches rewards.  Accept them for what they are, take from them the  fruits of spirit and move on. These are the gifts of challenge of which we bespeak this day.
“It is not always possible  to acknowledge and recognize a pivotal moment as it is happening, it fact it is more common than not to  recognize it, but in some cases as this has been,  you all can gain a sense  that this ls one of those times of acknowledgement of great import to your growth  to your journey.  Be not troubled by the challenges that confront  you, let them be your teachers, your lessons, and see them as the gifts that they can be if you but allow them.    These can be truly liberating and clarifying.  Even  with  your struggles, with some that may even be temporary set backs,  without these rocks occasionally strewn along your  pathways, you would not know the glory of success and growth.   Learn to look and accept these challenges as invaluable gifts for  in many ways that is  exactly what they are.  As you grow and mature in Spirit you will come to appreciate that these are invaluable gifts.    Think on these things and you will surly see that what I  share with you this day are true and right and you will always come to be in a  new and better place for having been though them  as you weather yet another storm..    Always will the sun feel warmer and seem brighter and more appreciated as the storm passes. It has passed and a new day gives you it’s ‘gift of clarity.  This is Michael.  A better day greets each and every one of you. The thought that to “err is human to forgive Divine.” can always guide you give you a sense of My Peace that is within you.  

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Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, Divine Minister -  A Conversation With Mother Spirit – Larry Gossett - 25 January 2018  - Florida

Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject : A Conversation With Mother Spirit
Category: New Written Transmission
Winter Park, Florida – 25 January 2018 12:00 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“My Son, this is Mother Spirit and I am here with you to take on  this message with you and for lou.  Let us talk of those things and subjects that  We bring that are at the forefront of your minds and hearts.  All of you in your preparations for the coming Missions do well to stay focused on the tasks at hand or at least those that will soon confront you personally  and all on this world.  As you have invited me into to this session, it is my delight to be with you. All of you should realize that this is a great joy for any of us when you put forth the time, effort and come to hear Our voices, messages and leadings.

“As you see and read of the earth changes that  are continually happening around  Urantia,  and there is an increase in these occurances and that will  be on the rise in the months and years to come, as the times soon come when these activities will  increase for Urantia Herself must, as you have many times been informed, balance Herself and rid herself of so much abuse, flagrant disregard that humanity has heaped upon Her, and the many missteps as man  has polluted  Her and this must be corrected.   These, as you know, are going to be quite devastating to much of the surfaces of  earth.   Many lives may be lost, populations decimated and landscapes and oceans completely changed, purified and altered so that this balance can be not only restored but made anew..  Your lands and seas and air are so highly contaminated to that toxic point where life  may become not only quite hazardous but a serious threat for all of life.  As stewards of Urantia, mankind has failed in so many ways that you are not even aware of.   It was to be a sacred calling, and honored privilege, this stewardship of your world.

“We will do all with our accepted powers to help mankind as much as possible but know well that these  changes must be done and accomplished in the remaking and extensive purification of  a planet where so many poisons and toxificatation  is and  this planet must go through these many changes in order for her to  make herself right, well and healthy. We must eradicate, neutralize, and transform the near lethal and noxious levels of so much of what man has done to this planet.   Some out of ignorance and yet, my children, much from a flagrant disregard for the sanctity of life and wellbeing and  from the simple lust of power, money, greed, and avarice and that appalling desire to control others at any cost.

"Let us now move on to other topics that are of interest to all of you and that is the subject of your Governments and the rule of Love, of Law, and Of Justice in concert with Mercy,  Governance that must be set right on Urantia.   As you watch, read and think of all that  continues to  show and demonstrate itself in this lack and almost total absence of good Governance  to the whole of Uranta, little can be found to  be encouraging from your Governments.   Serara, Monjoronson, Jesus and the Melchizedeks and Mantutia in particular, since He will be working so close with all of you and certainly all of you here that will have a part to play in this remaking, will have their hands full and their  cups  running over with the challenges that face Urantia.  But know that the  goals, the needed solutions to earth’s  many and extreme problems will be  put for, and will in due time through the efforts of all concerned with the affairs of Urantia, be addressed, resolved and accomplished as quickly as possible.  

“There is so much work to be done that it is indeed staggering to even contemplate  at times. But know in your hearts and minds that  the Father Will,  will be done .   You all are aware of just some  of the many machinations that have kept Urantia in the throes of the results of rebellion for much was done to Urantia and Her peoples that only a Divine Intervention can correct  these many defaults that have occurred on Urantia.

"What we bring as solutions for all that ills  Urantia, will of neccessity be  at times quite drastic measures for there  is just so much that is out of sorts  on Urantia as a planet and for all of the many varied peoples with their almost limitless divisions and diversities  that make Urantia’s Humanity.

 “As you have yourself have often thought and said, it will be a time seemingly of heaven and hell all occurring simultaneously of Urantia.    But, I know, dear children, that deep inside within you, you know through your faith that in your work , in your associations and in your desires to serve the Father and this Universal Administration, you can rest assured that these experiences will include so many areas of concern and study, and  this is why these varied Missions will be going on concurrently yet with seemingly perfect coordination    The  delicate and involved coordination that is required by Spirit,  by the many Orders that will be required to  put this planet not only  back  in order, but to finally and forever establish  the World of the Father, to establish within the heart and mind of mankind  a new vision and a new dawn and a new world, are indeed and surly as monumental as  monumental could be.  

“I know dear children of Urantia that you often wonder and challenge yourselves to develop that” right stuff” as it is said, to ge and keep yourselves to that place in your  journeys and careers that you are of good service and standing with  these Missions.  You all have your own unique and special gifts that are given and shared with you and these gifts of Spirit and of experience there just waiting for the opportunities to surface and be called upon,   those treasured and precious gifts that you have been carefully and painstakingly nurturing and gathering into your field of experience.   I tell you all that they are there and as you continue on in your work, your Thought Adjusters make their voices and their leadership heard and received with your clearly and concisely and as you constantly and better listen, as you turn you attention and focus to their guidance, you will, just at the right time be able to discern with sure exactness just what they have for you.   You all know of My Adjutant Mind Spirits that are constantly with you as well, just as you have been informed that the Spirit of Truth, also is poured out upon all of Urantia especially as these Missions get closer to that visible Announcement that you all have waited in appreciated patience for.    We are well coordinated with efforts and  Agencies of Spirit that will be used and released for all on Urantia in the coming times, for these corrections that must be introduced on Urantia  have a definite purpose and task to complete.  

“These are of course  subjects near and dear to your hearts and have been presented to you many times in different ways.  The messages that come forth for each of you are given and shared in a variety of ways and means and been received and spoken to by each of you.    The gifts of Spirit come to each of you to help and guide and prepare you for the work directly ahead.

"Never loose sight of the values of these gifts of Spirit.  Use them, welcome them, and  allow them to help you in your growth and in that perfecting of each of you along your path and journey and associations with Us and your brothers and sisters  on this world.   None of this is new, for most of you, but even so, these topics are instrumental for each of you to hold in your hearts, in your minds and you all do well to take and make them your own.

"Our love for you is without condition, without end and  let this be an inspiration for you and as you are inspired, so extend this inspiration out and for  others. Inspiration, Truth,  Beauty and Goodness and  by all means, Love are infectious are they not, if you just let it flow from your hearts.     I am Mother Spirit, I am Nebadonia, I am the Divine Minister of Urantia   You are the children of Michael  and  Myself.   Never underestimate the great power and knowledge of that .

 " Be in the love and peace of  Us as your Spirit Creator Parents. Never doubt that we know of your struggles, We know of the immense difficulties of being a human, a mortal of Urantia, and even more importantly know that we love and guide you beyond the bounds and conditions of love. We are Love just as you are. Be well, be in joy and good cheer be in good health and wellbeing.  The day soon comes.    Until then, stay the course and invite us into your lives.   Good day, my beloved children of Urantia."


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Serara – Continue to Be Engaged – Larry Gossett -  23 January 2018 -  Florida

Speaker:  Serara, Magisterial Son
Subject: Continue to Be Engaged
Winter Park, Florida -  23 January 2018 - 11:30 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett

“For the past couple of days your thoughts and observations have been centered on  the continued engagement by all here on  this forum dedicated to  the Magisterial Mission which I most assuredly head.   There is, dear ones,  a natural ebb and flow, a waxing a waning, if you will, of not only information, but also of your growth with Spirit, with the growth of your very souls.  When you see and observe that you are in  a heightened state of growth and  openness to this growth you should take the opportunities that are presented to take full advantage of these times of increased flow of  information, energies, and  use this time to continue your engagement with Spirit.  While we are always and anon there for you and with you, still yet there are those times when there is an increase that can promote spiritual alignment and a more focused means to  move forward and inward  as you can take these times to take more meaningful steps towards a better and clearer understanding.

“On the other hand, when you also observe that this flow is at its ebb, then also utilize this awareness to simply use this time for study, for reading and for  prayer and contemplation of what you have learned and better realized  at  more productive and active times.

The idea that life  and progress  runs is cycles is not new to any on you here, and is one that has been  acutely observed throughout  History and  so it is with  your personal lives.   However, you still have the opportunities to use these cycles, this ebb and flow, this waxing and waning to your advantage and progress as you notice how and when they work for you and in conjunction with  the earth cycles and  the similar growth cycles of your own individual growth  in gaining experience that eventually and inevitably can lead to that goal of  supreme spiritual wisdom.

“As many of you have observed the ebb and flow of this site in particular,  since it is  a mainstay, the very cornerstone and anchor  of your continued education and your growth in your abilities, especially in this beloved process and goal of T/Ring that so many of you want so to improve. You can and should ever put your energies towards your heightened engagement with us here on this site.   I know that for some of you,  you get quite concerned  and even show signs of  a certain depression when you feel and observe and feel  that this site gets so quiet, lulls  and  becomes non responsive to the point that you wonder if it will survive much longer.   But that, dear ones, rest upon all of you who are  the active membership and your responsibilities on this continued  interest and engagement that we are discussing this very day.

“It does , at times, require a most a concentrated effort at  sometimes for each of you since being a mortal of this realm on Urantia is so often fraught with so many distractions to live a life on such a troubled sphere as Urantia has become.  I encouraged you all to keep your faith high, focused centered and unified on the tasks at hand until such time as the visible Missions are announced and proceed as they most assuredly will. We in Spirit, who bring this magnificent Mission to Urantia  know of your struggles to maintain a state of decorum in face of such a  world as Uranita is.   Your Governments are rudderless and without much in the way of true leadership and that is certainly a tiresome and challenging state for  your entire citizenship.   However, We bring the changes for the World Governance that will eventually lead  and create on this planet  a new and better world for all, one dedicated and exemplary of  the Fathers and Spirit’s Vision and Purpose .

“We have made the plans for  this world to come to that place of sustainability for Urantia and  this will be carried out as timely as it can possibly be managed for  there is so little direction and purpose  in your world for such  high ideals and concepts that we bring.   Your Sciences will be upgraded with the plans of Rayson and His team, just as the world is in such need of  new and better  ways of sustainability and advancement at every level of life and living on Urantia.  So rest assured and know that some of you may work with the many different factions and proposed Organizations and Orders that are brought forthwith to establish these many new and progressive advances in not only Science and Technology but in every other field of study that a normal Society and Civilization in the Universes Time and Space that  have not been touched by such a costly  multiple defaults, quarantine, and rebellion.  With what We bring to Urantia, We will use to make. Establish,  and progress towards the inevitable early stages of light and life.   Margul stands at the ready with Us with His help to guide this world towards those initial phases that must first be brought and established first through the Magisterial Missions and with Jesus.   This is a huge and magnificent Enterprise that  you  will not only witness but even more important and exciting, be participant in and with.

“This is Serara,  I encourage you to make the best possible  use of this ebb and flow of energy, learning,  and continued education  and even more important the unparalleled opportunities as you maintain, sustain  and increasingly engage with all that is now and in the very near future  as foundations of truth beauty and goodness flow in new ways as we come to establish the Father Kingdom on Urantia.   Engage , engage and engage. This is simply and importantly maintaining your focus and attention with this site and with the leadings of your Thought Adjuster and the messages and prompts with those of Us who guide you each and every day.   Be in the moment, be in the present as this present leads to your eternal future not only of and for you  but for your Beloved Urantia, your home planet.   I bid you peace, love and goodwill .   Good day.  This is Serara. “


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Mantutia- The Inevitable  On The Job Training – Larry Gossett – 17 January 2018  - Florida

Subject: Inevitable On The Job Training
Speaker: Mantutia
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida - 17 January 2018 -  13:16 GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Good morning all, this is Mantutia and I come  to you and I know that this takes you a bit by surprise although it shouldn’t since you know that  most of you, who will  work directly with the Missions will be working directly and in tandem under my leadership and direction and I will take you, just as  I have taken Ron, under my wing and we all will be joined at the hip so to speak.
“In the weeks ahead, after the Missions have been settled in to their new home with restored offices that  will be prepared  for this work, those that will be brought to York  and even those who will work from where they are, will be receiving some very intensive, concentrated and inspired training and education. This intensified training commences quite soon.   I know many of you question just what this work will specifically involve and even wonder what you have to offer, as a mortal, such a Mission as this is.  But,  dear ones, rest assured  that not only will you receive that  inevitable “on the job training,” you will have this intensified training and I tell you this, you all should be able to inwardly sense that, you  have at you immediate disposal much more than you might realize.  I am sure that you will be quite surprised  and involved with one such as  Ron will instill, quite quickly, within you a predilection and heightened desire for learning for he possesses a very special way of teaching that you have not yet been exposed to from just through this limited internet connection as members of  this discussion forum. Through him  you will find will  propel and increase your knowledge, experience, spirit education  and learning.  Ron possess this very special gift of being able to  teach others in the ways of transmitting and receiving and you will all learn quickly how to improve your abilities.
“Let Me talk and review briefly about Spiritual “drawing power”   Your Bible, such as it is, and  your original Urantia Book wrote about this  “Spiritual Drawing Power” of Jesus.  For those who have the love of the Father in their hearts and the intention and motivation  of doing Father’s  Will and accepts the  mandate and invitation  to be perfect as the Father is Perfect, this drawing power is almost irresistible.   Many instances and stories of those that were simply  yet totally drawn to Jesus because of His innate Goodness and Presence are many and well founded.   The same is true of Machiventa Melchizedek in His role as  the Sage of Salem as He too walked and lived upon the lands of Urantia.
 “ Remember, dear ones, that We as Spirit Beings have  thousands upon thousands of years of experience and expertise  and when once Spirit Beings Incarnate on a material world in the Universes of Time and Space We possess those similar levels of  Spiritual Drawing Power.   As We come to Urantia to initialize these Missions, those that are associated in any way with these Missions, once they and you rid themselves of that element of being “star stuck,” as you call it,  you will be able to advance quite quickly and assimilate the opportunities and educations that we bring.
  “As you come in the actual Presence of Incarnated Spirit Beings  that come to serve these Mission and you have direct contact and interaction with these multiple associations, you will  near instantly absorb teaching, knowledge and a new elevated level of experience that is beyond your  current experience.  Trust in Us and accept that what I tell you here and now is quite and literally true.
“I know that many of you often may feel a bit unqualified for this work and that is only natural, but that feeling will quickly diminish and will evaporate right before your eyes as you get down to the business of  doing the Father’s Will and as you carry out the multiple tasks and assignments and unprecedented opportunities and challenges that you be given and shown to you as staff and associates of this Magisterial Mission to Urantia.   This type of OJT as you call it,   will bring you a new level of confidence that you may be lacking right now as you look at your humanness .   Working with Spirit at these new levels can, in and of themselves, project and quite literally launch you into new heights of knowledge and understanding quite rapidly.  
“ As you specifically think of the newly proposed Ministry of the Interior and the possible opportunities to  eventually meet and work  with Incarnated Spirit Beings,  Ron, Foreign and Domestic Dignitaries, and  important  World Leaders both from the Governments of the World and Religious Leaders Representing  Urantia’s many Approaches to God, always  as Representatives of the many and varied aspects and goals of the Missions , know that  it will take little time for you  to  gather the  needed experience, but more importantly know and accept that you will receive precisely what you need  to carry out, achieve,  and succeed and accomplish   just what is expected of you.  Know that you will be representing Spirt Values, Spirit goals rather than those gathered from your own  personal experience.
“You can quickly learn by the actual doing of the Will of the Father and working with those who soon come to finally get these Missions on the ground.   Spirit certainly and without doubt has it’s way to smooth out mold and sculpt each of you to give you the necessary, required and recommended knowledge that you will need.
“ Yes,dear ones, you are all as diamonds in the rough and We as  Spirit, with your dedicated will and choice will  shave off these rough angles and you all will shine brightly in your service to the Father and to the Missions.  I am your diamond cutter and on this you may depend as you work with Me, as Mantutia  and with many others who bring Urantia to her senses and out of the darkness, out of the this insanity  that has caused her blindness, and out of the throes of rebellion.   This  light that we bring will illuminate every corner and crevice of Urantia.   Know and accept this as you will all be assigned, trained and as you will experience all that is in store for you personally and eventually  for all on Urantia.
 “Be open and willing to receive my training, work diligently as your “on the job training” soon begins to take shape and give you the experience that all will require.. many times indeed,  , so listen for my words and answer this call to service.   This is the calling that you have answered that has brought you here in this time and  in this place.   It is a time like no other in Urantia History.  Take my message to heart and soul and all will be well.   This is Mantutia and I bid you a better day.”

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A Reaffirming Message  From Andromadeus – Larry Gossett – 16 January 2018 Florida

Subject: A Reaffirming Message From Andromadeus -  
Speaker: Andromadeus
Category: New Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida – 16 January 2018 – 12:00GMT
T/R: Larry Gossett


“This is Andromadeus and I come as you have invited me to say and  bring this message and to talk a bit about the state of Urantia that can be discussed, yet in  a limited  way due to Reasons of State, as you can imagine.

“As an aside, all of Us in Spirit who have watch care with all of you, do encourage you to come in reception and try out the  new circuitry that is now available and working.   You will find it encouraging as you get more  familiar with  it’s advantages in reception and  better hearing.

“I see your thoughts so often come directed towards Me and the work that I do now as well in the immediate future with Serara, His Team,  Monjoronson, Rayson and others to  bring the vast and I use that word vast intentionally for indeed the changes that must be applied not only to the United States Government  but all Governments around Urantia as they will all have to comply with the Mandates of the Father, the Mandates of Serara and of the Missions,  to establish, finally, “Good Governance” on this world.    A Governance that will promote and maintain stability, resourcefulness,  sustainability, education, and a growing awareness of Spirit values and virtues, peace, and yes, goodwill among all people.

Let Me also state how encouraging it is for all of you who have such a shared interest in the High Work that We do for Urantia .

“The unprecedented debacle of the Trump Administration and  the entire US Congress, as anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear can certainly attest to, the many ways that the United States stature and standing  in the world has plummeted it to an alarming disarray as it never has before.    The  tried, tested and true Allies of the United States  have lost trust, belief and confidence in the United Sates and can no longer trust the once dependable United States and this erosion is consequently creating quite serious levels of instability and consternation all across the globe, is it not?  

“The ultimate placement of what is referred to as the Regency of Three,   whoever is elected or assigned as President, or whatever he may be entitled, will work with  Serara, and a Magisterial Son or Melcizedek, taking those seats and places of power and administration of behalf of the this worlds Spiritual Administration.  It can not be otherwise regardless of the initial resistance that may be put forward.

“I am Andromadeus, Chief of the Most Highs, and I represent all work to be done at these levels of Governance.  Know it well , know it and realize that no human mortal will be able to usurp Me or any Spirit Being associated this work.

“You have always held me well and have and continue to work towards gaining insight and a better understanding of all that is at stake  here regarding the world’s governments and the interplay that must occur to bring  the best possible outcomes and solutions that will ultimately uplift and remake the Governaments and people of Urantia as well as the physica and material world called Uranita … not the  self-selected few as it works out now.  This will not be allowed to continue  for it is the ‘duty and responsibility of all Governments to represent the people that they  are destined to Govern.   With the guidance and direction of Spirit from  Paradise, Uversa  from all Salvington through the many  Offices and Orders who serve the Father, and that includes many of you, this invaluable and unmistakable leadership will emerge and take it’s place during this the 6th Epochal Dispensation which now exists on Urantia.

“All of you do well to keep a watchful eye and a focused attention to these global issues that confront your world , especially since they are constantly in a state of flux.  Even though there is, other than sincere prayer,  and that, dear ones, is always a valuable experience to obtain throughout your  long careers and journeys toward perfection.  It will be a learning curve that will increase and advance at an exceedingly elevated rate for this world is so close to  utter and total collapse and so it must be in order for the real reconstruction and remaking of Urantia to take place.

“It is beyond obvious that  Urantia  can not or will not do these things for itself and on its own.   Every available opportunity will be given to the Governments of this world … some will take immediate advantage and utilize these opportunities to better the lives of their citizens.  Those that refuse will be dealt with appropriately and  will come into alignment  and cooperation to  the ideals and concepts that Serara and eventually Jesus will present on Urantia.  These are critical and important times that confront all on Urantia.   Be watchful and acutely aware at all times and know when to keep silent and when to speak and by all means call on and allow your Thought Adjusters and other  Beings that surround and uphold you to take the lead when necessary.

“The realization and cooperation with your individual Thought Adjusters will work with you in these coming times of serious strife, these times of stress and these times that will require you to call upon those reserves and utilize spiritual repositioy that exists within you all.  You all have gained various degrees “spirit wisdom “ and the times are ahead for you to use this spirit wisdom  that is yours by right and by your accumulated experience.  

“These are the most important events to come to Urantia in 2 millennium.  You have been informed many times that Urantia is now the world of The Father and Michael, your Highest Creator Son, with His Consort, Nebadonia,  Divine Minister, Representative and Embodiment of the Infinite Spirt will see to it , in every way and by any and all means and will being and deliver this world to the Father.  Never has there been a Magisterial Mission as this one will be and never has a planet been in such direst need of all the changes that will come to establish the Father’s Kingdom and His Divine Will.   Take heed, receive into your hearts and minds all that is laid out before you.

“Do not let yourselves be taken in by the rhetoric and many false claims that are thrown at you by  your medias, by  your  Governments, and even your Religious Leaders and in the United States by an entire Congress that can not move an inch to make decisions that support and represent the people.   And, dear ones, the same can be said throughout every Government of Urantia.  The political will, the Spirit will of this world is, as they say, rotten to it’s core and bereft of truth, goodness, and beauty that are the very foundations upon which the Father Divine Purposes area built that represent the plans of the Universes of Time and Space.    This world is truly like no other.

 “ I will not dwell on that for now for you all have been made abundantly aware of  these  godless attitudes and actions on Urantia.  Be in prayer, be in awareness and welcome all those that are staged ad poised to execute those plans and policies representing the Father, the Trinity,  all of Orvonton and  of Nebadon itself and  prepare to take your places in the service and led here, it is for this that you have received  aextensive training and education that opens  the unlimited doors of opportunity.   This is Adromadeus and I thank you for keeping and holding Me in your mind, heart, thoughts and being.   Good day and good will to all of you.”


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