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Threads for New Transmissions / Accelerated Change
« on: April 29, 2018, 03:47:07 AM »
Teacher:   Mother Nebadonia
Topic:      Accelerated Change
Date:       April 29,2018
T/R:         Amethyst

   "Good evening my dear children.  Things seem quiet to you now, almost too quiet.  But know there is change occurring everywhere and this is adding  a new pattern of how information is being received and disseminated.  You on this forum have noticed a definite decline in the reception of information, but be assured that this is temporary.  Things are being re-arranged and restructured to include a wider number of those who receive and a greater diversity of information being made available to this planet.

"You are all aware of the changes in the organization and structuring in many different arenas of life here.  I would say to those that have not yet ben able to transmit that you are approaching the time when you will begin to find this an easier endeavor.  Make sure you respond to your inner intuition and exercise your spiritual courage.  All who have gone before you have had to do these things and as we continue to work with them, we are putting focus on you as well to broaden our base of transmitters.  You are all needed to do your part, so in counsel with your Father Fragments move into that place that allows for the reception of our words.  Ask your Indwelling Spirit to alert you to any messages you get, and to receive with you as a partner, to direct your minds as the information comes through.  He will indeed be there for you and help you plant the seeds of truth and weed out the false as you take your new steps.

"There is much happening behind the social scenes and change is continuing to accelerate.  We have said it before, but it bears repeating.  Expect the unexpected.  This lull shall soon pass and many in the larger culture will not be prepared to accept the changes that are already showing cracks in your societies.  Others will wonder why these changes took so long and will be off the ground running with the changes comfortably.

"Always remember each of you are greatly loved by your Father and me, and you are being led and strengthened daily.  We are closer to you than you can know, and ask you to spend a little time with your Divine Parents daily."

Threads for New Transmissions / A Brief message from Sordon
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:04:32 PM »
Teacher: SORDON
Topic:     My Energy Signature
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       April 17, 2018

"Amethyst, after reading the post I gave to Newstarsaphire, has chosen to invite a transmission from me and I am happy to accommodate, but for reasons of Amethyst's energy, will keep it short.  I carry an intense energy signature and Amethyst must increase her spiritual muscles more to be able to sustain more of it.

"I am making the rounds, so to speak, to the transmitters, and  especially to the fused ones on this forum.  It is my intention that each of you learn to hear and recognize my signature frequency so I will have a wider access to the population of this planet who are willing to learn greater and higher truths.  I started with Ron, and will be knocking on the door of all transmitters with the goal of reaching you prior to the end of this month.

"I remain from an undisclosed order of the Infinite Spirit, but my purpose will be to get the ball rolling on the first of the earth changes and want to do all I can to see to see to it that as many as possible will not be caught off guard.  

"Already Amethyst is feeling the intensity of my energy.  She was feeling fine when she started this transmission and after just five minutes of receiving she is experiencing fatigue.  My energy signature is strong and can be held by this transmitter for only a brief time.  

"But I have completed my purpose with her for now, as I am now able to reach her and transmit through her.  Over time, she will be acclimated more to my energy and be able to hold it longer.  I thank her for her effort, and wish you all a good day."

Amethyst:  Thank you Sordon for this.  I only hope I got it right.

FUSION TALK / New insights after learning of my fusion
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:11:43 AM »
Amethyst:  The name I was given for my Adjuster before fusion was Ambynetty.  I do not know if that is still relevant, or if my Adjuster will go by a different name now.  I just don't know, so at this time so I simply refer to Him as my Adjuster.

Teacher:  My Thought Adjuster
Topic:      Accelerated insights since Fusion
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        April 17, 2018

Amethyst:  Father Within, are there any insights you want me to understand and share with the forum?

"Yes Amethyst, but you have recognized some of these things already.  You have become aware of subtle but very real changes in your demeanor and thoughts. But there is more you should understand.

"Since becoming aware of my fusion with you, there has been intense testing administered to you.  With my help, and the help of you guardian of destiny, you recognized these events and  we guided you through them with  an 'inner pulling' and you were able to re-center yourself.  You were made keenly aware of what being 'out of alignment' feels like, and will be more alert to it if/when it happens again.

"You have become aware that now you have more responsibility, especially to God the Supreme.  You are more cognizant of your behavior and words.  You will of course still make many mistakes, but you are learning that with this blessing of fusion, you are more accountable.

"You have discovered that when you read or listen to the Urantia Book, you are able to understand it better.  Things that you have read dozens of times before, are becoming clearer and easier to understand.  This is happening slowly but surely.

"You tend to think of us now as WE instead of I as one, and your Adjuster as other.

"You are more even in your emotions.  This is something that started before your fusion, but because you were able to gain a small amount of self mastery, it helped greatly make your fusion possible.  Things that just a year or so ago, that caused you great pain or anxiety, are no longer worthy of concern to you.  But testing will continue in this area.

"Amethyst, trust Me.  You still worry a little if you will be up to the tasks required of you.  Your Mother will direct her angelic daughters to go before you to make the crooked places straight.  All you have to do is just move forward.  The path will be cleared and obvious to you. My love for you is immeasurable."

GOD The SUPREME / Words of Comfort from Gaia
« on: April 08, 2018, 02:53:49 AM »
Amethyst:  I was thinking about and feeling close to our Planetary Supreme tonight, so I went into stillness and asked if She had any words for us.

Topic:       Words of Comfort
T/R.          Amethyst
Date:         April 08, 2018

Amethyst:   Planetary Supreme Gaia of Urantia, do you have any words for this forum tonight?
Gaia:  "Yes, Amethyst, I do."

Gaia:   "While all Planetary Supremes experience the full spectrum of the experiences of their planetary creatures and mortals, we that are the Planetary Supremes of the 37 apostate planets have what you might call a sorority of sisterhood because we have all had the extra experiences of pain and suffering felt by our wards.  While all Planetary Supremes experience this, in our cases it has been extreme and therefore given us an added layer of experience that adds a dimension and depth to our total understanding of the mortal and even animal experiences.  Just as pain stretches the human soul in its growth, so too does this extra layer deepen our understanding of what you have experienced.  The planets and systems caught in rebellion can contribute mightily to our parent Supreme Being, with a wider range and increased field of experience not had by those planets that progress without default or rebellion.  This is both a burden and a blessing to us.  On the one hand, rebellion causes so much pain for generations and millennia, and feels so heavy to carry, knowing how much the children of such planets suffer.  But at the same time, coming out of this experience after the healing truly begins gives all those who went through it an added magnitude of compassion, empathy, appreciation, and ability to love.  Nothing matures the soul like the understanding of what others have experienced.  And I submit to you that this extra understanding that the ascenders from Urantia and the other apostate planets have, will in the long term, serve as a tool to bolster your opportunities for very rewarding service in the ages to come.

"You on this forum are particularly blessed.  You have not only the  knowledge of the repercussions of the rebellion, but many of you also have been given the vision to understand what this means for the evolution of the planet and the overarching wisdom and patience to see that it is a very difficult knot to untie.  Yet you stand steadfast in your faith.  You are agondonters and then some.  And as your Planetary Supreme I am so gratified for the experience you have provided to me.

"I do not want to end this before I give mention to the animals of the realm as well.  So many of them have been brutally treated due to the barbarous acts of the ignorant ones among you, while many of the creatures have shown devotion that exceeds what many humans are capable of.  Rest assured that even though in this universe age they do not maintain identity after death, their gifts to humanity will be richly rewarded, and those Planetary Supremes like myself who have observed the kindness of some animals will be witness to their (in some cases) extraordinary service to humanity.

"I take my leave now my beloved ones"
Planetary Supreme Gaia

« on: March 30, 2018, 09:37:27 PM »
Hi all,
I tried to get this on a few days ago, but it did not go through.  I'm going to try it one more time and see if they will let it in now.  If not, I'll just let it go.

Topic:             More explanation of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE
Teacher:          GOD THE SUPREME
T/R.                Amethyst
Posting Date:  March 30, 2018

    "I am God the Supreme, and have been tugging at the sleeves of Amethyst these past few days as we need her to help in a small way unravel the very deep and complicated papers presented by Ron.  We want to unravel one concept at a time as to make it more understandable to the general reader.  I begin with the concept of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE as described by Ron in a recent post.

"As God the Supreme writes through Ron, I am how the Father can "...better the universe for [sic] what it learns by living through the Supreme."  I want to tell this forum what this means as it might have applied to the Lucifer rebellion.  As most of you are well aware it was the Planetary Princes of the apostate planets that went astray with Lucifer.  It was a Lanonandek rebellion.  The traditional model for their corporeal staffs in the local universe has been to use UNFUSED ascenders as volunteers.  They were separated from their Adjusters who waited for their return on the system capital until after their missions were completed.  Fused ascenders have not been traditionally able to maintain a physical body, thus it was necessary to leave the Adjusters behind.

"It is very sad to state that of the 100 members of Caligastia's corporeal staff, only 40 remained loyal.  Had these staff members been fused mortals, we would hope that all 100 would have not only remained loyal, but been helpful in their persuasion of others considering disloyalty.  We are now implementing EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE, here and in adjacent local universes.  Since the sovereignty of Michael is now established in Nebadon, another outbreak would be squashed quickly.  But in the newly formed younger local universes, rebellion is always a remote possibility.  

"We are therefore taking steps to prepare for the employment of fused mortals as corporeal staff members by implementing the concept of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE.  This is a fancy way of saying that in an evolving creation, we learn how we can improve outcomes by trying different techniques.  That is where working with fused mortals comes in and this experiment has its seeds on Urantia.

"In a very young local universe, where even the local systems do not yet have ascenders at the system level ready to work on the Prince's staff, it is sometimes necessary to import or borrow, if you will, ascenders from neighboring universes that have been temporarily transformed to fit the life form of that particular local universe, to serve on the corporeal staff and get things up and running and to assist the infant systems by providing candidates who can fill in until the new local universe and systems are able to provide for their own needs out of their own ranks.  Staff volunteers who can maintain their form after fusion can be tethers that add stability to the fledgling planets.

"We know not yet what the Father plans for the emerging outer space levels.  But if the pattern and template is in any way similar to the realization and organization of the grand universe now evolving, then mortals who are able to fuse in these OSL areas would have the potential to be great stabilizers.  The farther creation moves from center, the greater the chance for rebellion and default.  Those fused with the Creator at the center of all can help greatly keep balance.  There is great potential indeed for the fused mortals in all parts of creation, and this can be done by the process of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE."

Discuss This Web Site / lost my transmission
« on: March 25, 2018, 04:29:21 AM »
I tried to post a transmission by The Supreme Being.  It took me over an hour but only the first sentence was there when I checked the preview, and the body of the work then disappeared.  I'll try again tomorrow, but I stayed up late to do it (4:30) am
Anyone else having problems.  I do not like to copy and paste because it changes the font size.  Oh well

General Discussion / the Coming of the Spiritual Explosion
« on: March 24, 2018, 08:43:52 PM »
Hello all,
I was just preparing to post a transmission on GOD THE SUPREME, but just as I was beginning, I "received" information about the coming SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION.  I use quotation marks around received because it was not a transmission per se.  It sorta went around my mind instead of through it, so you may take it with a grain of salt if it does not ring true to you.  It occurs to me that this current muddle we are in with our transmissions and the difficulties Ron is having is directly related to the preparation for this coming explosion.  This is a new experience for the Supreme Being and all hands have been called to be on deck to help with the preparation.  This is an entirely different event for our creation and it will change forever how we (on Urantia) will relate to our local universe.  This quiet time here is needed to get things in  order.  It is, in fact not to be viewed  with dismay, but rather with anticipation for what is coming.  WE WILL BE DIFFERENT AS A RESULT OF THIS SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION.
Just sharing some thoughts.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Purpose of Emotional Pain
« on: March 18, 2018, 01:03:35 AM »
Topic:  The Purpose of Emotional Pain
Teacher:  Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        March 18, 2018   12:10 AM

   "It is natural that humans try to avoid pain.  It is not comfortable. But it is not meant to be comfortable.  It is put there so that you will go within.  And that is where you will find your own personal Adjuster.  Sometimes pain will lead you away from situations that are not healthy, and sometimes pain can be a prelude to a greater understanding of important things that you need to know.  It can serve as a guidepost if you can learn to understand why you have it.  Don't confuse emotional pain with grief.  Grief is indeed painful, but that is not the kind of pain to which I am referring.  Pain can serve as a warning of danger and it can also show you a blessing, depending on the situation.  That is why it is so important when you are feeling emotional pain that you go within and let your Adjuster show you why it is occurring.
   "Far too often we see those who try to avoid pain turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to deaden it, and this is the worst thing you can do because, not only will you not learn from your pain, you will be temporarily severing the connection you have with your Father Fragment.  We Adjusters need to be able to reach you, but that can only happen when you cooperate with Us so that We can help you on your spiritual journey.  I make room for Sananda."

   "When I was with Jesus, he felt deeply and that included emotional pain.  Go to your Urantia Book and read the section on his night alone in Gethsemane.  You will find his pain at one of it most intense levels.  That night our beloved  Jesus suffered a great deal.  Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead.  He was troubled because his disciples slept instead of being and watching with him.  He turned to me and sought comfort as he knew his fate was to be atrocious.  Your Adjuster is the place you need to turn always,  and they are close in those times of discomfort and pain.  They love you deeply and will help you with all of your spiritual needs."

Amethyst:  Now back to my Adjuster.
   "Pain is a necessary component of spiritual growth.  It stretches you, and helps provide more inner space that allows for more reception.  It shapes the soul so that blessings can truly be appreciated for their precious nature when they come.  So try not to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable emotion.  It serves a purpose.  By going within, you will find your Adjuster and He will help you get through it.  This is a place where Amethyst is now and together we are working on it.  By sharing the experience she is having with me at this time, it may be useful to you who are going through emotions that you cannot understand."  

Amethyst: You may learn more about the pain Jesus experienced in The Urantia Book, 182:3
The last sentence of paragraph five, "It was just one of those awful human moments when everything seems to bear down with crushing cruelty and terrible agony."

Blessings to you all.
I thank my beloved Adjuster for providing this transmission to share.


Threads for New Transmissions / some info on future service
« on: March 05, 2018, 04:17:37 PM »
[Ron = I bumped the font size up to 14 so we with weak eyes may see again ;)  ]

Transmitter:  Amethyst

Teachers:      SIRAYA

                   MICHAEL AND NEBADONIA

                   MIGHTY MESSENGERS

Topics:            Future Service

Date:               March 05, 2018          

“Good morning Amethyst.”


“This is Siraya. Amethyst, I want to personally receive you to the ranks of those that are fused and offer a heartfelt congratulations.

I am giving you some information to help you ‘get back in the saddle’ as they say so that you can resume your transmissions, at least partially, now.

Just for the record, let me say that you have on many occasions noted your desire to be part of the missions, and In fact that is the main reason you are part of this forum.  But not to worry about that as the service for all will fall into place as things pick up again.  You may publish this statement if you wish.

“Even though you have been very tired as of late, even taking extra vitamin b12 and iron, thinking that anemia was the reason for your extreme fatigue, we have been happy with your body’s response.  You, having had fibromyalgia for so many years, have a body that is in constant pain and in a state of fatigue and we are glad to see your physical form take the hit as well as we had hoped.

Others are to fuse soon.  For now we withhold names as each announcement is to be made individually, so the the newly fused one can celebrate with the equal joy that you experienced.  We have yet to clearly explain to those on this forum the reason that we are fusing some of you as you remain in the flesh, but you Amethyst have had some thoughts as to why this is being done and you are close to the mark. Suffice it to say, that with the passage of time as it becomes known to all of you why this is occurring, you will be greatly pleased as it portends very rewarding and special service that will be available to you.  I will only hint that it has to do, in part, with the moving of Urantia to a new local system and is being studied for this particular service.   I will leave it at that for now.”


“Your fusion was not expected by us to happen the way it did.  We again congratulate you. We need to tell all on this forum that even though transmissions have slowed down in coming, their is great work being done in the background, that may not be directly part of the Magisterial Mission, but will still have a very positive impact on your future service and status as your experiences will be very unique in all of the Grand Universe and therefore will provide you with service options never have being made available before to anyone.  This should cheer you greatly.  We will be watching for the broadcasts closely to keep track of the status of each of you as there are changes taking place, not necessarily as part of the missions, but none the less, changes that will effect most of you.  We leave you in our love for now.”


“ We are a pair of Mighty Messengers and Amethyst has not been able to get our names at this time.  We have worked together as a pair for several millennia, and our partnership has been a deep and rich blessing for both of us.  Our only purpose for stepping forward today is to remind all of you that most of the time, your service will be done in groups or in pairs and you will be matched carefully by your Adjusters and others to optimize your greatest quality of service and your personal satisfaction.  So while you, for the most part, do not yet realize the deep richness waiting for you in your camaraderie with other ascenders and heavenly hosts, be assured as each of you to receive  assignments, you will be more than delighted with the outcome of your pairing and grouping. This is something Amethyst has thought about a great deal and we want to let you all know of our experience of deep connection during our work together as Mighty Messengers.

Mighty Messengers do not often speak in transmissions, but the entire seventh super universe (and more) is watching Uranta, and we are no exception. We wish you a wonderful day.”


General Discussion / questions about fusion for Ron, Larry, and Lemuel
« on: February 26, 2018, 11:17:53 AM »
Hi Guys.
I have been experiencing some things and I wanted your input if possible to help me understand what's going on with me, so if any of you could answer any or all of my questions, I would be grateful.  Each of you may have experienced it differently.
1.  Did you know it when you fused?
2. Are you always aware of your Adjuster when He speaks, or is it just sometimes?
3.  Did any of you experience intense loneliness or a deep sense of incompleteness before you fused?
4.  Did you notice an significant increase in the need for more sleep?
5.  Just before fusion did you notice a period of time when you did not receive any transmissions?
6.  Can you share with us any unusual sensations or changes in thinking as a result?
I ask these questions because I sense something is going on in me that is not my usual experience, and I'm wondering if any of this is preparation for fusion.  It also occurred to me that perhaps one of the reasons that the missions had been suspended for the time being is that the celestials involved are waiting for a greater number of humans to become fused before they proceed further.  Any insight that you can provide is greatly appreciated.  Thanks

Threads for New Transmissions / MICHAEL encourages persistence
« on: October 08, 2017, 05:16:34 PM »
Teacher:  MICHAEL
Topic: Persistence and Quality
T/R: Amethyst
Date: October 08, 2017


"Amethyst, thank you for obeying your prompt to go to the computer for a transmission.

"I would like to address  the forum today about persistence.  Your Mother and I have been taking notice that as new transmitters come on line, and old ones continue, that you are doing a stellar job at not giving up.  Although we feel that some of you are able to do them more often than you do, we also take note of the fact that at least we have seen few of you give up.

"Why do I come to you today with this somewhat mundane message?  I do so because it is important to us that you know that we are aware of your efforts.  You see, many times after a new transmission is posted, there are no responses or remarks on them from other forum members, and you may wonder if you should have posted it at all.

"This is the situation regarding that.  Most posts really do not need a response from the forum in writing, unless they provide the reader with specif and deep feelings.  Most members already understand the truth they contain and no further comment is necessary.  We, on the other hand, do read each one very carefully and take note that each one gets recorded on high and added to your "portfolio".  We carefully study them for accuracy, spitiual content, and the education they provide to the guests and to the planet as a whole.  One or two good transmissions a week is better than one everyday IF the content is valuable to the Correcting Time and the Magisterial Mission.  Simply put, we are looking for quality above quantity.

"This in no way implies that you can slack off and do just a couple a week if you are truly able to do more.  It is important that you understand that.  Many times we need to nudge you.  Amethyst had not received one today and was not planning to go to the computer to write this.  Your Mother and I decided to prompt her without her knowing at all why or what would be written.  Then the words started coming forth rapidly.  She is good at recognizing our nudges.  Recognizing our nudges, without knowing in advance why we are prompting you is essential to this work, and is paramount to becomong a prolific transmitter.

"For many of you, this is old news and mostly just a review, but for some of you it is intended to sharpen your receptivity that goes beyond just our words to our actions as well.  We at the Local Universe level are also in the process of getting the details in place and this transmission is one way of dottong our i's and crossing our t's, fine tuning things just before the go signal is sent.  With that I leave you now to not only listen to us but to feel us as well.  We send our Love to all of our children."
Amethyst:  Thank you dearest Michael for your teaching us and caring.  We love you so very much!

Topic:  To those having difficulty trying to transmit
T/R:  Amethyst
Date:  September 22, 2019

"Hello my dear ones.  Your Father and I are delighted with all of the progress you are making in doing your transmissions.  However, we see and take note of those of you who are truly trying and are struggling to get the hang of it.  We know that it can be difficult for you, especially on a planet with a history such as Urantia. I would like to offer some ideas for you to consider that you may find helpful.

"One thing that I have observed is that some of you are trying too hard to make it happen, and it seems to you that the harder you try, the more elusive it seems.  It is often the case in life that the more one chases something, the more it sneaks away.  People who really want money tend to not have much;  people who seek love obsessively tend to find themselves in bad relationships or no relationship at all.  You must learn to relax your mind and allow it to come to you. When you try too hard, your mind is not in a relaxed and receptive state.

"Another thing you should recognize is that this is a process and usually takes many years to unfold.  Be patient with yourself.  A relaxed and patient mind will receive more easily.

"Often people receive from our celesrial helpers, but do not recognize that it is occuring.  Pay attention to your thoughts, especially those that seem to have wisdom or inspiration.  Its common for people to dismiss them and think they are nothing, when if fact it is often your Adjuster coming through to you.  Write them down.  They may be only a sentence or two, but none the less it is important that they be acknowledged and recorded.  After getting in the habit of writing them down, you should notice that they become more frequent, and if they ring true,  you are beginning to transmit.

"Another aspect of the process is spiritual courage. Most transmittors will tell you how difficult it was to post their first transmission.  It is not an easy thing to do.  For those of you who know of the book titled "A Course in Miracles", you may recall it teaches that "giving is receiving".  When you begin to share with others, you will find that you will receive more.  That is how our universe works.

"And last, do not be afraid you will fail or make mistakes.  You will, no doubt make mistakes many times; its just part of the process.  A little toddler falls many times before he runs around with confdence.
"Good night dear ones.
I believe your Father wishes to offer a short statement."


"A warm hello to all reading this. This is Michael.  I concur with your Mother's helpful tips.  I would like to give you one more tip for you to consider. Simply put, just ask us to help you.  Some of you have been doing this, but vocalizing your request to the universe will provide you with a great deal of assistance. Both your Mother and I have every confidence your perseverance will pay off.  I too wish you a good evening."

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Encouragement from Ocilliaya
« on: September 20, 2017, 11:04:20 PM »
Hello forum members and guests,  Here is my first attempt to transmit OCILLIAYA.  I plan on adding the written transcript soon.  Amethyst

I apologize for the background sounds,  I will be more careful in the future.

Here is the written transcript.

T/R: Amethyst
Date: September 20, 2017
Topic: Encouragement from Ocilliaya

"Good evening Amethyst.  This is Ocilliaya.  You have requested to receive a transmission from me, and I have heard you and am now answering your request.  You have hesitated in the past because you feel a little unworthy of asking to receive from a high Universe Master Spirit, but you should not.  None of you should feel that way.  Each of you who has a sincere heart and a dedication to doing the Father's Will should never hesitate to hear from any one of us.

"Amethyst, we see your struggles.  We understand your home situation.  We understand your health limitations, but you can still do better.  You need to concentrate more on your focus and priorities.  We understand this is a challenge for you, but we know that you are up to the task, and we need each and every one of you, each and every one of you, to put as much effort as you possibly can into this endeavor.  It is that important.  

"We are working with you to help you with your health and some of the problems you have are indeed related to life extension issues.  You have wondered about this, but I am telling you now that that is part of the problem.  So take heart my dear one, and know that it is all going to work out well in the end.  We would like to see you do a minimum of two transmissions a week.  We know you can do this.

"Notice that I use the pronoun 'we' instead if 'I'.  You have learned from recent posts and revelations that the technique we use to contact you is to downstep our words to the lower Local Universe personalities so that they can be safely received by a human, so 'we' are a team working together.  Myself, Ocilliaya, at the top sending messages down through the channels, to the Local Unverse, and down to the system, the Local System, and to you Amethyst.  So you see its not really that difficult for us to be in contact with you.

"This will be short, but let me assure you, your efforts tonight are really appreciated, and really needed.  And we know you can do better.  You can transmit more often, and you must put a little more effort into it.  We are helping you with you issues of health, and we thank you so much for receiving this transmission tonight.  Good day."

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Reflectivity Experience?
« on: August 04, 2017, 09:18:43 PM »
Reflectivity Marquee Experience?
I had a most unusual experience this afternoon and could not wait to get to my computer to share with all of you.

It was late this afternoon. I was checking my email on the computer and suddenly the electricity went out.  Well without electricity we get no internet access.  I couldn't read without a good light.  I couldn't work on a quilt or sew without lighting and electricity so I decided to take a nap.  My firbromyalgia pain was starting to bother me and a nap is often helpful.  So I got on my bed and my sweet little pug decided he wanted a nap too, and he snuggled at my feet, and we fell asleep.

Now a little backstory--For months my Thought Adjuster has been leading me to write a book.  Great, that's a wonderful project.  So for several weeks I would take notes, but things just did not seem to 'gel' and I couldn't get the flow or even the topic just right.  So I prayed and asked Mother Nebadonia to help my mind receive what I needed. I kept asking for the outline so I would know how it was to be structured, but kept getting nothing.  I asked my Father Within to plant the seeds to get this thing off the ground.  But I kept getting nothing EXCEPT to get going on the book!

Well, I finally woke up from a refreshing nap, but still no electricity.  My husband came in and told me that over 11,000 households were without electricity and that it would probably be a long night.  He then went out to see if he could get the generator up and running.

So my mind was quiet and receptive with no particular thoughts. Then out of the blue the title of my book came to me in a flash.  I did not have the presence of mind to look at the ceiling for a marquee and Ron had mentioned that you have to be quick about it because it doesn't last long.  But I knew the title was fading fast and I had to be quick about finding my notebook and a pencil,  Whew, I got it written down before I lost it.  Then the title of chapter one flowed through my mind--then chapter two--then three.  It was coming so fast and leaving just as quickly that I really had to keep my wits about me.  Long story short in about 10 minutes I had the title, subtitle, 12 chapter titles and half the preface down.  With the last period at the end of the sentence, the electricity came on.  

Like in Ron's case I was directed to lay down and get some sleep.  I did not see the words appear on the wall or the ceiling, just running through my mind with my eyes closed.  So it seems it was a subliminal marquee.  It just never occurred to me to look at the wall.

But this was different from the usual transmissions I get.  I can usually take my time, but not this afternoon.  It took the electricity to go out to take my mind away from all of the usual static, and the moment I was done, the electricity instantly came back on.

I think this was reflectivity because of the different way it came.  It was SO effortless.  It never ceases to amaze me how unseen hands are manipulating the environment to put us in that place we need to be to get what we need.  Thank you celestial beings for taking out the electricity for a few hours.  Now the real work of putting this book together can begin.  I don't know how all of this will end, but I do know unseen hands are guiding me.

Threads for New Transmissions / Asking for your Place in the Missions
« on: July 27, 2017, 10:24:08 PM »
Teacher:  Tambinia of the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision
Topic:  Asking for Your Place in the Missions
T/R:  Amethyst
Date:  07-27-2017

"I am a seraphim from the Master Seraphim of Planetary Supervision serving in the group known as the Angels of Progress.  You have asked specifically to receive from one from this group and I am here tonight to fulfill your request.  This is a new name for you, My name is Tambinia,(sp?) and you can expect to hear from me frequently as together we have much ground to cover.  But my purpose tonight is to introduce  myself to you and the forum.  In the course of my duties, I also work closely with many of those in the group known as the Angels of Enlightenment.

"We are requesting from our superiors that you be assigned to our stewardship in the early stages of the missions. Of course we must get the needed permission from those directing the Magisterial Mission as they work from a much higher level that the planetary level.  This is in part because you have demonstrated your willingness to work with us by asking us, and in part because we can use your communication skills.  We are hopeful that our request will be granted as we are compatible with your energy and can use you in many different scenarios.  

"To the forum members and guests-do you see what just happened here?  In a very casual way Amethyst has just been given some clues to her future work, and it was a very natural and organic process.  We see many of you fret about your future service and I tell you that it is not difficult at all.  There is a great deal of power and truth in the words of Jesus when he said "Ask and you shall receive".  Yesterday Amethyst asked for help from the Angels Of Progress on a project that her Adjuster has been leading her to begin, but she understands that it will require some celestial help.  So as she responds to her Father Within, I, or perhaps another one of us, are ready to go.  This serves as verification for her, but it is also intended to serve as a signal to each of you.  

"Where has your Adjuster been leading you?  What skills do you think you can contribute?  What classification of celestial is best suited to your envisioned work.  Simply write down your thoughts clearly and don't be shy about ASKING to be considered for a specific task.  Amethyst asked aloud, but if you are more comfortable asking silently that is fine as well.  I guarantee you will be heard, and probably receive a transmission soon afterwards with information that will help guide you in the right direction.  

"Be strong and unwavering in vocalizing your desires and sharing them with your celestial helpers.  If you could only see the throngs of heavenly helpers just waiting for your call for their assistance in your service, you would be amazed!  So many of them are breathlessly waiting for your call to them.  

"The stage is being set and the players are being given clues to the parts that are right for them.  Will you be one on this stage because you had the courage to ask to be part of the cast?  
"I leave you now for each of you to answer that question.  Good night one and all."

Amethyst:  UB 167:5.2  "The law of the universe is:  Ask and you shall receive; seek and you shall find."

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