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Threads for New Transmissions / 360 Degrees of God
« on: October 19, 2018, 12:56:12 AM »
Topic:              360 degrees of God
Speakers:        Master Spirit Number Two, Kuwaya
T/R:                Amethyst
Date:               October 19, 2018

“Urantia is a unique planet in its fracture of various religious beliefs that separate people with claims by the different groups that their religion is the only true religion, while all others are in error in that the others do not understand God as much as they do.  Sometimes their assumed superiority is quiet, and sometimes overt.  

“On a normal planet, after the arrival of the Material Son and Daughter, there is a tangible couple that has a direct connection to the higher spheres that keeps this division in check.  The Adams and Eves on these planets have the capacity to connect with upper regions to help guide and develop the spiritual growth of their planet.  They lead the population in the direction of the Father’s Will and eventually the planet is readied for the Magisterial Mission when adjudication is applied to make adjustments if needed, that improve the trajectory of the planet’s evolution forward.  

“Urantia has been deeply deprived by the absence of a functioning Material Son and Daughter.  Without guidance from this very important element of spiritual direction, humanity has had nothing beyond  human substitutes, and  while many are sincere, they are a paltry substitute for an active Material son and Daughter on a planet.  

“Human minds and egos get in the way and call out to all that disagree with them that they are in error, and history has witnessed a very, very bloody slaughter waiting for those that disagree.  Such is the unfortunate state of Urantia.  Not only was it denied true corporeal spiritual leadership, the planet is deeply anemic of healthy spiritual vitality.  Too many are not even able to respond to the Spirit of Truth poured out upon all flesh with the resurrection of Jesus.  

“I ask you to consider a mental exercise.  Imagine if you will that God is in the center of a huge circle.  The circle is divided into 360 degrees.  At the edge of the circle where the degrees are delineated stands humans from many different religious persuasions.  At degree number 12 for example, those look inward to God and see a part of God that is true.  At degree 72 is another group of humans who also look inward to God and see another part of God that is equally true.  The same would apply at degree 200, and all the rest of the degrees.  Each group assumes that because they can see some truth, that has to mean all the others are wrong.  It does not occur to them that no human is able to see or understand all of God from their mortal perch.  Taken together the entire circle of all 360 degrees does show a limited part of God that humans would be able to begin to understand.  

“The coming missions will begin the long and arduous journey to correct the trajectory of this planet.  First the planet needs cleansing, and then healing can begin.  We understand you all wait and wonder.  What will happen?When?  Will we be involved?  Oh you dear beloved children of God, know how much you mean to us!!  We actually have a few who can read these words and know exactly what is being told to you.  Some of you have fused, and more of you will.  What a gift you give us.  Some of you may still remain on Urantia to assist us with the initial operations of the missions, while others of you will be on various areas of the morontia levels.  But we anticipate that wherever you happen to be, you will be working with us on the reclamation of your beautiful planet.  The bonds that will forge with us and each other will forever remain a blessing that you will carry with you into eternity.  

“This is  also intended to be a simple ‘thank you’ to each of you who have made the commitment to help us in the ways we chose for you.  It may delay your forward movement in your universe career, but in the long run it will prove to be a great asset and blessing to you.”

Amethyst:  Thank you for this encouragement Kuwaya.  Is there anything else you want to say?

Kuwaya:  “Not at this time my dear.  Your Father Michael is standing by to say a few words.”

“I simply want to reaffirm what has been told to you and let you know that even though there are many intricate details that humans will not be able to help us with, there remain many ways that your help can affect the success of these endeavors.  It has been difficult for most of you because there has been so much information given here on your forum that is difficult for you to accept and digest, and you have seen many come, and so many go because what we bring to you is more than they can absorb and grasp.  We understand this and do not judge their decisions as each must follow the leadings of their Adjusters.  It is just that there are so few who can maintain faith while they do not understand exactly what is occurring.  But then is that not the definition of faith?  If you understood it all, faith would not be needed because your human minds would be able to understand.  

“We wanted to get these messages out to you before there is a risk that communications on Urantia could be temporarily severed as the earth undergoes her transformation and healing.  Your Mother and I want to reaffirm out deepest love for you and let you know we recognize that you carry qualities that are so very rare on Urantia.  If there comes a time when you are not able to hear from us, please just remember this and continue to keep the faith that you have so bravely and wonderfully given to the Eternal Father and Us.  And with that said, I conclude this transmission and wish you a wonderful day and evening.”


Threads for New Transmissions / As a Thief in the Night
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:41:11 AM »
Topic:         As a Thief in the Night
Teacher:    Sophia, completed seraphim and the executive                          
                  of the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:          October17, 2018

“Amethyst Dear, the transmission that you  received earlier in the week is from the ones as you wrote on the transmission, and you can post it now.”

Amethyst:  This is in reference to the other transmission I just posted.  I was not sure of its origin.

“I am often with you and you sense my presence behind your right shoulder and as being about 20 feet tall.  The reason for this is to relay to you my completion status.  I have been provided to you for extra protection, and to pass transmissions through you to forward to the forum.  You will, of course continue receiving from others, but I am to be your primary contact.  You have shown that you are able to pick up much from the personalities of the Infinite Spirit, but not so much with the of the Eternal Father and Son just yet, but they will come through stronger with the passage of time.

“Tonight I want to continue on with Larry’s message from Margul about being alert.  Your Bible says that when Jesus will return, it will be as a thief in the night.  It is worded this way because all will be silent, many will be asleep (figuratively), and it will not be expected.  So this alertness is paramount at this time. A reason their have been fewer transmission during this last week is to allow you and others to remove yourselves from the hustle and bustle of everyday life and its responsibilities.  Don’t become so absorbed in any activity so much that you are not paying attention to the energy of this planet at this time.  Be still. Be prepared. Be focused and guard your responses as much as possible when the dam breaks loose.  Give assistance to those that you can, while keeping a low profile.  

“Many extra transport seraphim are being assembled on Urantia at this time in preparation for the need to take many souls to the mansion worlds, and many of those who do transmit through you are, for the time being, attending to other duties as they assist these angels and other celestial beings who will be need to be made ready.   Also, there is a small chance that planetary evacuations might be needed as was mention in Larry’s post. Those who are responsible for this, will need further preparation as well.  Another reason is there are physical changes taking place of some of the forum members that are briefly making transmissions more difficult to receive, but I will say no more about that at this time.  So you see there is a reason for the temporary decline in transmissions.

“This planet is teeming with almost all classifications of celestials involved in the evolutionary beings in preparation for what is to come.  There has never before been so many on Urantia since her beginning, and will probably never need such a high number again in the future.  But even we do not know exactly what is to come, although we have been given some information regarding the earth changes.  We don’t know when and how all of this will play out.  But this is one of the biggest hub-pubs I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot.  To say that the behemoth assemblage is huge is a gross understatement.

“Planning is close to being on schedule and that is why you as well as other transmitters are being prompted to be alert.  We want to make sure you get the message loud and clear.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Only That Which is Real Survives
« on: October 17, 2018, 02:31:12 AM »
Topic:        Only that Which is Real Survives
Teachers:  God the Supreme
                   Sordon—Messenger for the Infinite Spirit
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:           October 15, 2018

“Only that which is real will survive in eternity.  Why is that?  God is the source of all that is real and only that which identifies with, or is one with God can be sustained to express the qualities that stream from the Eternal Father.  

“God exemplifies truth, beauty and goodness, all qualities of realities.  God is authentic, real, and true.  Those who do not intend or desire to know these qualities will have nothing to manifest, unless at some point, either here or on the mansion worlds, they make the choice to be one with their Thought Adjuster, the very essence of God who is gifted to the ones that choose to be one with the Father.  

“I am the arm of the Father that can experience your struggles to find truth, and triumphs of blossoming in discovering beauty and goodness.  As the Supreme Being, I collect, process, and synthesize the thoughts and feelings of those seeking God.  I grow in part as you attain self mastery and become more fully attuned with your Adjuster.  I grow as a result of your expression of reality, as it is articulated by your Indwelling Spirit, The Father Fragment within you.  The more real and authentic you become, the more I am able manifest the highest reality, which is God.”

“One of the greatest problems with Urantia is the total lack of interest in God, or any of His spiritual qualities.  There is so little spiritual curiosity to even direct the mind to seek Him.  It never ceases to amaze those of us on high how any civilization could not even wonder or care enough to realize that if the nature of God is not sought, eventually there can be no survival.  Self preservation is a quality that is instilled in all living creatures at birth, yet so little thought is given to awareness of survival through the very Creator that provided life to them in the first place.  This is why so many fear death.  Without the identification and oneness with the qualities of God, there could be nothing left of survival value, so it is no wonder that death of the physical body is feared by so many.

“The pursuit of the non-real is the pursuit of death.  The physical body, we all know, is given to you for such a short time.  The pursuit of wealth, power, or fame are certainly things that the Father has no interest in when you stand for judgment.  Acts of unkindness, brutality, nasty gossip, self-righteous judgment, bullying, or any form of intentional harm to others have no reality to God because He does not recognize these acts as a part of himself and therefor for Him, they do not exist, even though they are quite real to the perpetrators and their victims. Those who live by these qualities are destined to eventually become nonexistent as there is nothing to identify itself with the Father.  The Father is the source of all reality, and if there is none for Him to relate to in His child, then  there is no survival value.

“In your mortal state, and early morontia levels, the Thought Adjuster is the KEY to your spiritual destination.  And your fusion with this Father Fragment, seals your survival forever, and will always show you the right way to go.  The Adjuster embodies the qualities of the Father for He is a part of the Father.  It is for this reason that attainment with, and eventual fusion, should be the highest priority of all children of God.  The Adjuster is the gate to the reception of all that the Father is.  The farther you advance in your universe career, the more of the qualities of the Father you will assimilate to become a part of yourself, and thus the more God recognizes you as a part of Himself.  You are becoming an eternal being.

“There is no part of God in sin and evil.  Those who cling to these conditions unfortunately have nothing in them that God can recognize and therefor they do not exist in His perception.  It is not personal in that God decides that anyone is not worthy.  It is simply a situation in which there is nothing there that He can recognize.

“Your Adjuster will recognize your intention.  If it is your intention to convey the qualities of God,  you will begin to do so.  Over time these expressions will become stronger and increase.  You are not expected to do this overnight.  It may require that you traverse many mansion worlds, or even beyond them, before you get close to fusion.  The important thing is your intention and your desire to grow, move, and expand with your Indwelling Spirit towards the Creator in which your image was made.  Slowly, resolutely, and surely you will become the reality that God bestows on his creation.”

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / three strikes
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:21:15 PM »
The most unusual things have been happening  last night and this afternoon as I have been preparing a transmission for all of you.  Three times I have been typing away and my words just disappear from the screen.  I was typing on my notepad, I was not even on the forum yet!  I have never had this happen, or anything close to this before and I was gobsmacked--as some of you say.  I will try again later and save each sentence as I type it.  I hope this will help. I simply do not know what to think of it.  This, as well as Ron's transmission that shows up only on his screen seem truly bizarre.  Hope to have more later.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Heaviness of Now
« on: October 02, 2018, 01:39:03 AM »
 Topic:       The Heaviness of Now
Speaker:   Sophia, a Completion Angel
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:        October, 02, 2018
Location:  New York, USA

“This seems like an odd subject title, and it is.  But each of you here are all experiencing your own tribulations and we tell you that the rainbow will appear sooner than you think.  Slowly the health issues many of you are having in heavy doses right now will begin to dissipate as the Light of Spirit begins a new day soon.  

“I am Sophia and I attend Amethyst this night as she prepares for her own trials.  Ron, you will begin to see improvement in your health and feelings, but don't neglect your rest.  Those of you carrying a heavy heart should understand that much of this, and the silence that is here at this time is something like your ‘final exam’, much like what you might experience as a course you have been studying is coming to an end.  You are very soon to begin again with new courses and continue with your lessons and with your service.  

“Many on this planet are losing their stability, their touch with reality, and their sense of humanity as you can plainly see just by observing what is happening all around you.  But this too shall pass.  

“We have sent seraphim to assist you and give our aid as the planet undergoes her travails.  This is a time for inner fortitude and it is in all of you.  You just have to bring it forth.  The dam is ready to break, but each of you are poised to remain steadfast, strong, and especially exhibit the faith that has sustained you all these many years of preparation.  

“Your Mother and we angels love you all dearly and are truly by your side, even though you see do not see us.  WE ARE RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE AND STAND WITH YOU.  

“Some, with other belief systems of those here, refer to times like these as the ‘dark night of the soul’ and it is something that all have to experience from time to time.  Rest well tonight as the Light is approaching and is on the horizon ready to break forth with its healing and righteousness as soon as the earth is finished with her own travails and healing.  This will be too much for the darkness to bear, and it must surrender to the Light or be removed.”


Amethyst—Hoping to be back more regularly soon. :-)  

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / be back soon
« on: September 26, 2018, 06:45:48 PM »
Hello all--Just letting you know that I have not been on the last few days as there are health problems with my husband.  He was scheduled for surgery today and  we waited at the hospital for two and one half hours only to be told his surgery was to be rescheduled due the fact that the doctor was sick.  So now hubby continues with great pain waiting for the next try.  He needs my help and will need post op care from me.  I will be back on the forum as soon as we get through this and I pray that all of this will work out as there is so much change in the air.  The good news is that once he gets the surgery, he is expected to make a full recovery.
I try to keep up reading all the posts you all put up.  Everything happens for a reason and I pray I will be able to do whatever is needed from me, both at home and with the missions.  
I Love you all and hope in a week or two I will be up and running with transmissions again.

General Discussion / A Few Words From Michael
« on: September 23, 2018, 10:48:09 PM »
Amethyst:  Michael stands behind me with his hands on the back of my shoulders and it is to represent Jesus standing  behind all of us here.

”My dear Amethyst,  This is a very short message tonight, but there are more substantial transmissions waiting for you in the coming days as you progress through the tasks you have been given to do this week at home, which are there to test your mettle.

Tonight, however, this one is to signify Our great delight with all of you here.  More will continue to be fused.  More of you are learning to transmit.  Your Mother and I want only to tell you at this time how much We smile down on you, and how our hearts are brimming to capacity with all the progress you are making as a group.  

“Things are beginning to gel and come together.  Each of you may have noticed a slight change in your routines and this is to throw some unexpected and perhaps unwanted events in your path to assure us of your readiness to be agile and make changes as they might be needed in time.  We are slowly stretching you to increase your flexibility and deftness as we all move forward together.

“Let the PEACE that your Mother and I provide you saturate your beings, and our LOVE always be felt in your hearts.  Good night.”

GOD The SUPREME / The Supreme Being: Standard vs. Divergent Evolution
« on: September 18, 2018, 11:16:27 PM »
Topic:       The  Supreme Being:
                'Standard Evolution’ vs. ‘Divergent Evolution’
Teacher:   Mighty Messenger in Service on Urantia
T/R:           Amethyst
Date:         September 18, 2018
Location: New York, USA

Mighty Messenger:

“You who study the Urantia Book with dedication all know well the Supreme Being is an evolving, and experiential Deity, so I will not discuss that at this time.  There are many factors and directions of motion that move the Supreme Being both inward and upward as well as outward into the outer space levels.  But I at this time want to discuss with you one aspect of the Supreme that has not as yet been recognized by, not only humans, but also not fully understood by many celestial beings.

“We see the Supreme Being stretched in all directions as He grows each day closer to His potential and there is a pattern developing that should be noted.  For time immemorial, our Supreme has been increasing by incorporating the evolutionary trends of behavior and function of what we can refer to as ‘standard evolution’.  That is to say that most planets, systems, constellations, and local universes have a pretty set way of evolving, and while each is unique, they all fill a set pattern of what can be anticipated for them.  All of this is absorbed by the Supreme Being as He continues His journey toward complete manifestation.  

“But there is now a pattern that is emerging that on a minuscule scale is showing early signs of rare sectors in the seven superuniverses that do not fit the mold as you might say.  We have now been given the nomenclature of ‘divergent evolution’.  By this we mean that there are places in creation that are evolving totally outside of the so-called standard way.  They create situations that have not yet been experienced by the Supreme.  Each time the Supreme is presented one of these, He pauses as if trying to see where this particular puzzle piece fits, and then continues His movement.

“Urantia happens to be one of those planets, and by extension that includes the local universe of Nebadon.  This divergent evolution is seen to be unpredictable and presents new options for the pilgrims of time and space to consider.  I could detail a great deal of information about the unique circumstances of your planet, some of it noted in your Urantia Book, and some of it just coming to light now with the fusion of some mortals and the expected increase in their numbers to follow.  Just as a familiar old-growth forest is suddenly taken down by a seemingly  brutal forest fire, it soon gives way to numerous varieties of wildflowers, grasses, and wildlife.  The old predictable reality of the forest has given way to a totally new beginning and an opportunity to grow in a very different direction.  

“All harshness that happens to individuals, planets and beyond, as Urantia has experienced, is compensated by new circumstances that will forever change the status quo for them.  The hardships they have endured are directly proportional to the priceless opportunities and blessing they might receive, and also are provided to the Supreme for His edification as well.  Your are truly living in times and in a place that gives pause to all of creation as they look on in wonderment in what potentially lies before you.  But the ball is now in your hands to see to it that the Supreme does indeed receive the experiences that are so rich and distinctive to you.  

“This ‘divergent evolution’ has existed in the past and in other superuniverses, but Urantia is one of a kind and only she has the unique qualities at this time that can nourish the spiral tendrils that sprout from the direction of Urantia, adding deeper truth, beauty, and goodness to this emerging Deity.  Be ever aware that the unique qualities that are the result of this divergent sojourn of the Supreme, can be realized only with your participation.  Should Urantia fail to realize and actualize her potential, then so too, will all of this be excluded from the final realization of the Supreme.”

Amethyst’s Adjuster:

“I now ask my ward to close this transmission as she is experiencing sharp pains in her head and around her eyes.  She is growing new circuits in her brain that need exercise, but enough for today as she needs a rest.”


Threads for New Transmissions / We are Here for All of You
« on: September 11, 2018, 06:07:45 PM »
Speaker:  Stella, One of the 6,000 Finialters on Urantia
Topic:      We are Here For All of You
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:       Sept.11,2018
Location: New York, USA

"This is Stella, one of the 6,000 Finialters sent to Urantia to help you at this time, and our presence here is unprecedented.  I have three thing I want to say, so this transmission will be quite short.

"First I want to acknowledge that I will be working a lot with Amethyst and with Wendy, as both these ladies have a vibratory signature that works well with mine.  We three make an excellent team and this does please me so.  Others of you may also call upon me and I will be with you for a transmission.

"Second, I know that you already know this, but let me say it again.  There are 6,000 of us here on Urantia who came for the specific reason to be here with you and work with and for you.  PLEASE CALL ON US MORE!  We came all the way from the Central Isle of Paradise for the explicit purpose of working with YOU.  Our skills and experience at this time are being underutilized, and we ask that each transmitter ask for the help from one of this group.  We have a purpose here and we need to fulfill it.

"Third, the more that we are able to connect with you, the more you will be successful in all of your transmissions.  When that happens your outreach will extend much further than it does now.  You will be surprised how much our help can help you."

Amethyst:  Thank you so much Stella.

Stella:  "You are most welcome my dear.  It pleases me so much to see your fingers tap so rapidly on your keyboard as you are taking this all in quickly.  How far you have come in the last year, and we hope so much for this progress for all of you.  You are truly loved so much more than you can know."


Amethyst--Once again I thank Stella for her help and kind words.

Speaker:   Consummator of Universe Destiny
Topic:       Faith, Trust, and Acceptance in the Time and Space Universe
T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         September 07, 2018
Location:   New York, USA


"I watch the events unfold on tiny little Urantia and I am aware of the angst the inhabitants on many different levels suffer and cannot help but have tender feelings for all the planet endures due to the acts of so many who have come before you and now are long gone from the scene.  The people of Urantia are confused, and this confusion is exploited by the last remnants of the Lucifer entourage who cling to the final vestiges of power they have and will be swept away by the coming changes soon.

"It is an oft repeated adage expressed by Jesus as He walked the earth; "Let not your heart be troubled."  As it was in the days of Jesus, so too, today your hearts should not be troubled.  So much is occurring on Urantia that  humans have no awareness of, and that includes all of you.  Be at peace.  Each day brings with it, its own set of problems, blessings, and trials that need to be experienced and most of these events will not be seen for their true purpose as there is much significance behind them that totally escapes you.

"The most fundamental attributes you need to carry with you are FAITH and ACCEPTANCE.  Be not attached to outcomes, for We on high have a much larger view and vastly greater understanding that is not possible for you at your stage in your ascension careers.  One day, when you can understand better the higher levels of reality, awareness will replace faith, and eons of trust will lead to mastery and attainment. What you experience as a lifetime, We experience as but a very brief moment.  But even that does not express it suitably, as We are beyond time entirely.  

"I am the Consummator of Destiny and Justice and I tell you that your destiny both as a planet and individually is in tact.  Justice will be served in strong doses and the last vestiges of sin that intentionally defies the Will of God are to be wiped away and unshackle Urantia as she has never been before.  For hundreds of thousand years she has been unable to breathe, blossom, or grow as she was intended to do by the design of your Creator Son Michael.  Let her destiny, judgment, and re-birth take place without concern as these things are truly beyond your ability to process with adequate understanding in the time and space universes.

"You have been holding up with grace and dignity.  You exhibit faith and hold onto the trust you have in your Creator and that is as it should be during these times.  Continue to sail through the trials set before you and live your lives one day at a time with the knowledge that those things that perplex you so now are but a tiny speck to those of Us at the highest levels of Deity.  Yes there are indeed very tough times ahead, but Urantia bears the scars of untold numbers of battles and yet she continues to support your lives.

"If you find yourselves knocked down with without hope, let it not be so, for all your roads will lead to the Father at the center of His universe if you continue on with your faith and trust.  It is best that you help one another when you can and know that this temporary blip of uncertainty is soon to give way and you will see a brighter Urantia soon.

"I leave you now to consider these words.


Teacher:   Sophia--Completed Seraphim currently working with the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia
Topics:     Learning to Transmit; Be Patient With Yourself
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        September 03, 2018
Location: New York, USA


"It is past time you all became more aware of the need to be patient with yourselves, trust yourselves, and to love yourselves.  This is not ego, it is just the opposite.  It is the recognition that you are indeed children of God and need to see yourselves as such.  Many of you experience great frustration because you have had such poor results when trying to receive transmissions, so I want to tell you, you need to trust more.  Trust God, yes, of course, but also trust yourselves.

"Did your Heavenly Father create the plans that set in motion your creation?  Did He create you in His own image?  Does He demand perfection of you someday?  If these things are true, then why can't you trust yourselves to become as He designed you, and desires for you?  You are all taught early that patience is a virtue, and you try to be patient with others.  But it is just as important for you to apply this to yourselves as well.

"Not every person will master the same skills at the same time.  Think about this for instance.  There are many, many different varieties of apples.  Some need more water and rain to ripen.  Some need more sunshine.  Many have different time periods it takes to ripen, and each variety has its own unique flavor.  But the apple hanging on the branch does not get frustrated because the farmer does not pick it off the branch today.  It trusts the rain, the sun, and the farmer's judgment so that its fruition will be timed perfectly.  The apple doesn't hang on the vine every day trying hard to ripen; it allows the process to take it course.

"Delay in receiving transmissions is not a fault if you are putting forth the effort; not being patient with yourself, and trusting God's design for you is.  TRYING too hard will only make it more difficult, but ALLOWING it to come will bear fruit (pun unintended).  Frustration will become a block that prevents success.  If going into stillness helps you, then by all means do so.  Some t/rs do so, but not all.  Some are able to recognize an incoming transmission as it enters their mind.  If they are able, they put down what they are doing, receive the transmission, and then continue on with their day.  Most set aside a time each day, ask, and then find their mind kick into gear as it flows in.  You do not need to make it more complicated than it needs to be.  Ideally it is an organic and intrinsic process.  After a while it becomes as natural as breathing.

"I work on a daily basis with the Angels of Enlightenment on Urantia, and we work tirelessly to help all to grow in this quality.  Enlightenment is understanding, insight, awareness, and awakening.  These are not values one acquires in an instant.  It is a process.  When you receive an insight that you think has value, write it down.  Don't expect more than a sentence or two at first.  The process itself will take on a life of its own, and over time one sentence will become a paragraph.  One paragraph becomes a page, and a page becomes two or more.  Relax, breathe, pay attention to the thoughts that go through your mind, and allow them a voice.  If you can learn to work with the process instead of feeling frustration, the day is not too far off when they will flow through you as well.

"The apple surrenders to the environment and seasons, and can thrive just by accepting and allowing nature to proceed on its own course.  It is time for you to do the same."


Threads for New Transmissions / Taking It One Day at a Time
« on: August 30, 2018, 12:27:45 AM »
Topic:          Taking It One Day at a Time Will get You Through
Speakers:     Sordon, Representative of the Infinite Spirit
                    Mother Nebadonia
T/R:             Amethyst
Date:            August 29, 2018
Location:      New York, USA

"Amethyst, my name has come to your thoughts several times in the last week.  When this happens it is always good to check in and ask if I am waiting to send you a transmission.  This is a general signal you should have been able to pick up on.  To all here on the forum, if you find a particular celestial being enters your thoughts on a regular basis,  that is usually an indication that there is a transmission waiting to come through.  Please don't dismiss it.

"Now lets move on to another topic.  The Infinite Spirit is the God of Action, just as the Eternal Son is the Word of God.  What the Father needs, the Son gives voice to, and when the Son speaks, it is the Infinite Spirit that moves into action and sees the Father's desires are revealed.

"This is pretty much how each of you will become aware of your particular calling for the missions.  The Thought Adjuster in concert with the Eternal Father will design the assignment, and the Son will provide the plan to the Infinite Spirit for the execution of the plan.  I am Sordon and I now help implement the desires of the Father through the Infinite Spirit.  The Father knows the ending from the beginning.  The Son decrees and delegates the implementation of such, and the Daughters of the Spirit go forth to prepare the conditions and circumstances that bring the Father's design into fruition.

"As an ambassador to the Infinite Spirit, it is my responsibility to put the wheels in motion that will manifest the outcome.  I work even down to the planetary level.

"For those of you who have chosen to participate, some are anxious about the responsibilities you will be assigned in these missions.  You concern yourselves as to whether or not you have the moxie or grit to make the necessary changes and be a solid team member.  You silently feel some trepidation you will get cold feet and let us down.

"I am here to tell those of you who may be feeling this way, and I now direct my words to guests and members alike, that the work done on your behalf by the Infinite Spirit is for the purpose of preparing the way for you.  It might not be an easy change for you, but rest assured that circumstances around you are being put into play that will uncluttered your path forward so you can more easily move forward.

"After the Earth changes begin, people's minds will be very active for the most part, (except for those who shut down completely).  New attitudes and awareness will lead most to recognize that business as usual is over.  Things that they do not now understand will become much clearer to many.  All the concern you had will be partially solved because the awareness of the population will change and their new reality will need new solutions, some of which they would not be able to accept now.  So you see, much worry is premature and will turn out to be unnecessary as events unfolding behind the scenes, as well as events for all to see, both on a micro and macro level, will continue to prepare the way.  Many of your 'what if' scenarios you anguish over will not come to pass.

"You should instead use this time to prepare, even though you may not fully understand exactly what you may be asked to do.  You might feel led to learn a new language, not knowing why, but recognize this desire your Indwelling Father has instilled in you.  You might feel led to make sure you have a passport as some of you may be required to travel.  You might feel led to make sure you have up to date computers or phones, because many of you might be called upon in the initial phase to disseminate information to various individuals and groups, including the media.  Some of you might feel led to do nothing at all in the present moment, knowing that you will be working more in the background or as support to another who will let you know when things are ready to go.  

"The take-away here is to take things in stride one day at a time.  Don't waste precious energy and deplete your vitality with worry about things that might never come to pass.  We've got your backs.

"There will be a whole new world out there just crying for what you will be able to provide them.  But this moment requires calmness, grace, and silence.  You are just one of the crowd walking the street today.  Tomorrow will take care of itself, and you are all capable of moving forward in total peace, if you are not doing so now.

"Your Divine Mother wishes to say a few words."


"My dear children, I am happy to address you today and call upon you all to have SRENGTH.  It is in you and you have it.  We see you gain strength each and every day and it pleases your Father and Me to watch you as you prevail. You stumble from time to time, yet without fail we watch as you pick yourselves up, brush yourselves off, and carry on.  Over time this strength becomes more and more an integral part of you, and you are becoming the tenacious ones We are so proud of.  

"For many of you, your maturation is right on schedule, and in fact in some cases ahead of schedule.  You have displayed the courage we know it takes to be here and be a part of this task to help heal this planet, and are now displaying the strength to see it to the finish line.  Eat well, get enough rest, and continue to take your lives one day at a time as you have been doing so well.  We are here for you, and We know that you know that.  Hav a blessed day.


Threads for New Transmissions / The New Reality of Fused Disciples
« on: August 25, 2018, 08:57:47 PM »
Amethyst:  This transmission came through in two parts, some on the evening of the 24th, and the remainder on the morning of the 25th, when I first awoke

Topic:            The New Reality of Fused Disciples
Speakers:       Deity Absolute
                      Spirit of Truth
T/R:               Amethyst
Date:             August 25, 2018


"I am the Deity Absolute and this transmitter is certain she is receiving this wrong, believing that the Deity Absolute would never be available to interact with a mortal of the realm.  I am such a distant concept from her level she assumes this communication that is indeed taking place is not possible.  But I have been working in her mind for the last twenty four hours and she now sees it is time to capture the concepts I  provide.  She is also now aware that I have indeed been speaking through others here and understands her responsibility better.

"This transmission is to give you access to information you all need to have on the ever-expanding universe.  I now have been given a new tool for my toolbox that will add depth and dimension to my work throughout and beyond creation as it now exists.  This gift is the fused mortal on Urantia.

"In all your anguish over the dire straits the planet is in, let yourselves not question your worth on high.  Urantia teeters on the edge of oblivion due to total ignorance of the human population that is not entirely their fault.  They were robbed of a Planetary Prince that was to be the springboard for their further development.  They have been cheated out of proper DNA that would have greatly helped their minds to develop adequate spiritualization.  Jesus asks of the Father as he was dying, "Father forgive them, for they know not what they do."  So too, today they still know not what the do.

"What is it that causes one person to eagerly read the truth when given to them as in The Urantia Book, while others concern themselves only with material life and hang on to the words of the intellectual mindless ones, in all categories of knowledge, flapping their jaws, as if their words were gospel?  Many who do seek the truth find themselves wandering in circles in dark tunnels and finding nothing to feed their souls."


"The development of the fused ones, set the creative juices of the Deity Absolute into an added direction of motion.  Those who truly desire fusion, and it can be done with a deep desire and intention to do so, will become 100 strong, then 1,000, and 10,000, and will continue growing.  This cache of fused beings in mortal form is a new luxury for Him.  No mota to speak of to guide them, but fused none the less, this is a resource never before available.  

"The lives of the fused, and about to be fused, of this generation may indeed melt into the evolving universe just as their ancestors before them, as they ascend.  But the template has been set.  Just as Andon and Fonta began the template for the human being to exist here, so too, do these fused ones provide the certain knowledge to all of creation, it CAN be done.  A new aid has been forever given to the Deity Absolute as He pushes His design forward into the outer space levels and beyond."

Amethyst:  The Deity Absolute again.


"I am the Deity Absolute and say to all whose eyes see these words, this precedence provides a venue by which creation can form a whole new branch from which to sprout new leaves that expand the possibilities of even greater expansion.  Take heart children of Nebadon who carry the sprouting seed of the Eternal Father now anchored within you.  This is indeed something to celebrate.

"Be careful.  This is not to inflate the ego.  But it is to inform you that many new avenues of service never dreamed of will astound you as you continue the slow ascension to the perfection the Eternal Father demands of you, and beyond.  The 6th evolutionary revelation will touch on this phenomenon, but suffice it to say now, much honor and responsibility will be placed on your shoulders.  You are forevermore disciples designated one day to a unique section of the Finaliters."


"I am the Spirit of Truth and I bid you to post this information as it has far reaching consequences and is to be sent forth.  I have been poured out upon all flesh since the 7th bestowal of your Creator Son, including many of which you do not know.  Listen for Me as I am available to all.  I can contribute much to you, especially those who yet wait for their fusion.  My Truth will ever guide you closer to the day of your own fusion, thus preparing the way for many more fused disciples throughout creation.  The fusion status of some, has provided Me with even new and more ways to connect with all of you.  Seek Me, and you will find Me.

"On behalf of the Deity Absolute, Michael and Myself, I bid you all a good day.  Use this day to prosper in Spirit."


Topic:        Understanding the Complexities of the Evolutionary Universe
Speakers:    Universal Censor; an Unnamed Trinity Origin Being
                  God the Supreme
T/R:            Amethyst
Date:          August 17, 2018
Location:   New York USA

"I am a Universal Censor of Trinity Origin and I participate in the judgments of Deity and can tell you all judgment throughout creation is a multi-faceted process and involves several layers of beings.  The farther down the chain of creation, the greater the number of Divine Beings there are that participate in the adjudication and restoration needed.  This is the biggest reason why there have been so many stops and starts on Urantia at this time, and has caused many of you a great deal of confusion.  This confusion can be greatly mitigated if you are able to understand the nature of evolution itself and the complexities of all that is needed for an individual planet, system, or local universe to evolve.

"There has been, and continues to be a great deal of uncertainty on your planet about how our universe operates and moves forward in its quest for Eras of Light and Life.  Even long time readers of the current Urantia Book seem to mistakenly have the idea that if or when there is divine intervention, things will run smoothly and all will heal as if by magic.  So many on this forum have disappointed us because they are of the mindset that all that is needed is for a mission to begin, finally things will get fixed, and all will be as smooth as butter.  This manifests itself often with the assumed problems caused by missing of events that were told to you that were to happen on specific dates or within certain time periods.  This forum has been abandoned by otherwise stalwart souls that fail to comprehend just how evolution works.

"Did it escape your attention that even as high as the Grand Universe level, there are court systems and problems to be solved that many of you would think should have long ago been solved before reaching these very high levels?  Truth be told, the more moving parts that have to move in harmony, the more complications occur.  It might be helpful if you realize that there is a Universal Censor assigned to each of the one billion worlds in the Central Universe.  There is literally no place in the evolving universe where our influence is not felt in one way or another.  Why, you may ask, does the Central Universe need any of our kind there at all if it is a realm of perfection?  This is something that still baffles many scholars throughout creation, and yet it is so.

"Urantia has markedly endured so much chaos that, even at the highest levels there is difficulty getting agreement on just what needs to be done about her.  We on high are beginning to get the wrinkles ironed out but there has had to be so much planning and replanning, getting approval and then having it revoked, that many humans have come to erroneously believe that nothing is being done and therefore you have all been duped.

"We have shared with this forum several times the tentative and potential events that have had to be scrapped because somewhere up the chain of command hiccups have been found, and those responsible to provide solutions, have been sent time and time again back to the drawing board.

"This has created quite a dilemma for us.  On the one hand, we can share with you as we go along, only to have you lose faith because things did not unfold as you were told.  You lose trust and abandon hope that change is coming, and move on to other pursuits and interests.  On the other hand, by not keeping you informed, we run the risk of having no one prepared and thus we have no human help waiting to do the work.  So we are darned if we do, and darned if we don't (share).

"But we are seeing an unmistakable trend developing that gives us heart.  Those who have stayed are beginning to have a deeper understanding of just how complicated evolution can be, especially on Urantia that has stumbled so much.  They are beginning to see this series of stops and starts as a process and not an event.  Those who are able to take the longer view are becoming stronger in their patience.  They understand life itself is an eternal process, and they possess the ability to take each day one at a time without strong expectation as to what each day will bring.  They know that their faith alone is sufficient for each day, and this makes them easier for us to work with and prepare them, with the help of their Beloved Adjusters.  They are at peace.

"When adjudication plans are formulated, they need the approval of many, and we the Universal Censors, are the final arbitrators.  Plans that need tweaking or changing, are then required to be reviewed and reworked.  So you see, all of this stopping and starting that you interpret as inconsistencies, are in fact the way evolution is supposed to work.  Those living in an evolutionary universe will always see this kind of situation and it should be no cause for concern.  It only requires an expanded viewpoint to see that all is working exactly as it should.

"I bid you a good day and sincerely hope that this can help you better understand how an evolutionary universe functions."

"Most universe citizens, ascending and descending sons alike, are unable to see the total picture.  There is always more to learn and discover.  You should not allow yourselves to get discouraged over all the things you do not understand and things you cannot see, especially as mortals on Urantia.  As one of your Melchizedeks so eloquently put in in your Urantia Book, the best way for a tadpole to become a frog is to live each day faithfully as a tadpole.*  If you try to have every mystery answered before your faith can fully accept, you will drive yourself crazy and your growth will suffer delay.  I am the personification of this concept.  I will not incorporate all universe experiences and knowledge for many ages, and even then I will find another layer to experience and incorporate into my Being. Thus is the nature of evolution."

*Amethyst". This is a reference to 100:1.5

In the last week, Lemuel has posted a transmission on empowerment and another on responsibility. I appreciated his posts and  wanted to understand better how Jesus was able to use these two qualities to serve God, so I asked Sananda to expand on this.

Topic:        Sananda and Mother Nebadonia on the lessons of Jesus regarding Empowerment and Responsibility
Speakers:  Sananda, Personalized Adjuster of Jesus
              Mother Nebadonia
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        August 12, 2018
Location: New York, USA

"Amethyst has asked me to say a few words on how I helped Jesus as he matured and became more aware of who He was.  So, I appreciate Amethyst's desire to understand and I gladly take time out from my responsibilities elsewhere to help because this is something all of you will at some point need to understand and apply, and indeed some of you are beginning to understand this.

"Understanding what Jesus experienced can help all of you better grasp the symbiotic relationship between power and responsibility.  Very early on in His human development He recognized his duty to God the Supreme.  He found these two qualities were reciprocal.  The more His empowerment grew, the more He became aware of His responsibility, and conversely the more responsibility He carried, the more empowerment He had.  As soon as He was old enough to connect with Me, we had long talks about this and many other things.  I tell you also that understanding these qualities and applying them as God intended, will help you in your circle attainment.

"This is one of the jobs the Finaliters newly assigned to Urantia will be working on with all of you.  This is a balance that is particularly difficult for many humans, and since all the Finaliters here all come from Urantia, they have seen it all.  Some celestials watching this misuse of power have had to avert their eyes from the suffering caused by greed and selfishness resulting from the unchecked and heartless power, and the limp weakness from those who had no idea they could be empowered and were overwhelmed by the powerful.  Your world is at a point now where many are beginning to see this imbalance and steps are being taken by many to correct this.  I hope this short message was of some help to you.

"Your Mother wishes to add to this"


"I knew when Michael was away on His bestowal missions, and I watched with great interest as Michael served as Jesus on your planet.  I can tell you that this was a very important element of his maturation into his 7th bestowal.  He was literally human, and He was literally the Creator Son of Nebadon.  

"I have several roles as Mother Spirit in Nebadonia, but one that I cherish beyond description is to be the companion to our beloved Michael.  As He grew in the flesh, He became more aware of, and recalled our deep and abiding Love for each other.  As He traversed through his ongoing experiences and lessons of what it meant to be a human, I remember well His coming to understand his emerging power and expanding responsibilities in the flesh.  Fortunately, this was just a minor lesson for Him as He had long ago in other bestowals, and in His work here in Nebadon, learned to balance and manage these qualities.

"But for you my dear children, just beginning your long journey, it is sometimes problematic for you.  Empowerment  not balanced with an understanding of the responsibility that goes with it, leads to a gross misuse of power.  Responsibility without empowerment leads to inaction and the absence of creative results.  But you are not alone with any of your lessons.  Just ask your Father Within, Myself as your Mother, or Michael.

"Sananda wishes to close with a few more words.  I leave you in my Peace,"

"Amethyst has asked if I have any final thoughts to leave with you.

"Yes.  I wish you to consider the times in which you live.  You are living in times that require BALANCE from all of you for optimum growth.  I remind you that each psychic circle you gain, you have done so because all aspects in your being are in balance, and meet the requirement of that particular circle you are on. Neither mind and intellect, body, emotions, or spiritual maturity are out of balance.  Emotions must not suppress mind, and mind must not suppress emotions.  All qualities of your life need to be in harmony.  The balance of empowerment and responsibility is all part of this bigger picture.  Balance in all things help the maturation of your budding soul.  All of this Jesus learned well before His public ministry.  I leave you now to return to other things and do so hope you find this helpful.  Good day."


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