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Personalities of the Conjoint Actor Unite for Action
Mass of Energy Approaching Monmatia and Urantia affecting the sun and tectonic plates
A Team of Mother Nebadonia's Daughters Mobilize to Coordinate with the Motion of Sordon

T/R:          Amethyst
Date:         July 11, 2018

"The Eternal Father is pure Spirit.  The Eternal Son is the Word of God.  The Infinite Spirit, the Conjoint Actor is the agent of ACTION for the Trinity.  I, Master Spirit Three represent and speak for the Infinite Spirit and all should take note of the fact that ACTION is the byword for Urantia at this time.  For too long there has been planning, deliberation, changes made, and changes rescinded.  I MOIRAYA say the action of the Universal Spirit is at hand and all Urantians will soon come to see this action at work.  Many personalities of the Infinite Spirit have been mobilized from myself down to Nebadonia and to her Daughters for this action.  All of the Master Spirits function through and with the Infinite Spirit.  I, in particular am tasked with the execution of His Action Plans to see to it they are executed according to the desires of the Holy Trinity.  All of the Master Spirits have been watching the drama play out knowing full well the complexities involved.  Unfortunately there is no perfect solution for the reclamation of Urantia and it is time to 'pull off the bandage', as some of you say and get strong movement and action to resolve this.  
"Sordon now wishes to speak."

"I am Sordon, representative of the Infinite Spirit.  The Infinite Spirit is action; it is movement.  From the human perspective this movement is slow.  From the perspective of Spirit, it is steady and unhurried.  

"There is at the present time, a deep wave of concentrated, thick energy moving from the Conjoint Actor to Monmantia, your sun, and then to Urantia. It will arrive after the flames have begun to subside, and the tectonic plates have begun to settle into their new positions.  The tectonic plate are due for a serious 'chiropractic adjustment'.  This motion is detected as a strong, steady movement from the Heart of the Infinite Spirit to you at this time.  It brings a deep heavy coating of healing balm, although this transmitter is seeing it more as a mass of pebbles and mud.  This is due to the distortions of space and location from which she views the mass.  She sees it as moving from the upper left to the lower right of her inner vision.  That is because at this time Urantia is not located beneath the center of the Spirit.  

"As it travels into Nebadon, the mass will be a translucent pink/blue light with the texture of freshly made taffy.  This balm is intended to help fill in the cracks and voids left from the scars, providing a coating of the tectonic plates to soften further pressure and help the Power Directors better control future movement, thus providing stability.  It is imperative that certain parts of Urantia remain intact in order to preserve the integrity of the underlying structure of your planet.  It is a reinforcement of certain planetary areas that are integral to her strength and fortitude as a viable planet.

"I am Sordon, and I am familiar with how to use and place this mass, along with the Power Directors, to ensure the job will be done with skill and great care.  It will be as surgical as possible, but collateral damage will be unpleasant.  Know that our intervention will be essential in the healing.  To the humans remaining, it will appear simply as mother nature doing what she does and will not recognize the Spiritual power behind it."

"This is your Mother Nebadonia.  A team of my daughters are being mobilized to coordinate with the energy motion and wave of Sordon.  I too, am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit and as such will be working with Sordon and others involved.  We will be in the business of protecting certain planetary aspects and beings  (human, animal, and undisclosed others) of this planet.  But this does not mean that any of you needn't be concerned for your safety, for much of the work of this team will be involved with other things.  But you of course do have your guardian angels.  After the changes, the planet will be unrecognizable from the one that preceded the transformations.  My daughters will come from a very experienced group.  They are experts in large planet-wide events and have all been chosen carefully.

"My beloved children, it is impossible for me to communicate to you fully how much each of you are cherished.  Urantia has had a very special place in my heart and in the heart of your Father Michael."


Here is a new post from Mother Nebadonia and Michael of Nebadon

Written audio transmission

Speakers:  Mother Nebadonia; Michael of Nebadon
Topic:        Creating More Space Inside Your Heart
Date:          June 28, 2018
T/R:           Amethyst


"Good evening.  This is your Mother, Nebadonia.  

"When you think of space, you usually think in terms of the space outside of you, the space in your yard, the space between you and the stars in the night sky.  You may think of it in terms of space in your home as having so much square feet of living space.  You think of space being all around you, and so it is.

"Have you ever considered the space within you?  No, I'm not referring to space in the sense of the space between your lungs and brain, or your knee and hip.  I am referring to morontial space.  Once a person becomes aware of the morontia reality and understands that morontia growth requires space to allow celestial beings a place within you to communicate, you begin to understand what I mean.  You might think of this as a morontial filing cabinet for the soul.  Just as the human brain needs to retain facts and ideas, so too does the soul need a place, a reservoir if you will, to place the spiritual concepts that you will be receiving for millennia.

"Each time one of your celestial brothers or sisters needs to contact you, there needs to be a place within you for them to transfer information from them to your soul, and then your soul needs a place to keep this transmission so it can remain a part of your inner reference library for future use.  This space will continue to grow as long as you are receiving and your soul is filing it for future reference.  When you become more spiritually mature, you will begin to sense this enlarging space within you and be able to recognize it in other beings you encounter.

"So each time your Father or I, or for that matter any celestial being gives truth, beauty, goodness, or any other Divine quality that is being shared with you, be aware that there will be more space needed to accommodate it.

"This space is not visible to the human eye, so you will not see it.  When your soul matures, at some point you will be able to feel it in your mortal body, but it will be a long time before it is visible to you.

"I talk to you today of this space because, when you are receiving you should learn to consciously open your heart for the purpose of creating more space for us.  The more space you are able to allow us, the more information we can provide.  Once you have expanded this space, you will find it easier to receive longer and more detailed transmissions as Ron is able to do.  This quality is available to all of you, and it helps us greatly as you are able to widen and lengthen this space.

"I leave you now with my love as your Father Michael wants to add just a few words."


"Your Mother has just provided you with valuable information that should be of help to you as you hone your talents and prepare for further work here, or to continue your service on the morontia level.

"Your Indwelling Adjuster will serve as, for lack of a better word, a 'file clerk' so that when you need to refresh your memory it will be at His immediate disposal and sent to your brain to be reviewed again.

"It is important that you continue to grow in your circle attainment.  There are morontia circles above the seven human circles referenced in your Urantia Book.  And each circle successfully ascended, adds more balance, symmetry, and strength to the growing morontia being.  So you see my dear children, learning to provide us more space not only helps with our communication with you, it also helps in your overall morontia maturity.  You see there are now many humans that are beginning to get to the first circle and will soon be ready to expand beyond those initial seven.

"It is unfortunate that there are so many yet not even past the fifth or sixth, while at the same time, many have reached the first.  This kind of situation can cause quite an imbalance in a population where there are so many spiritually mature souls living alongside much spiritual and morontial immaturity.  The two groups are so far apart that it contributes to much of the disharmony that is beginning to stretch the very fabric of civilization apart.  But I now leave that discussion for another day.  Be at peace and as I used to say to my disciples when in the flesh as Jesus, "Be of good cheer."  Good bye for now my beloved children"


Threads for New Transmissions / Receiving With Both Mind And Heart
« on: June 26, 2018, 12:36:49 AM »
Speaker: Malvantra Melchizedek
Topic:    Receiving With Both the Mind and Heart
T/R.       Amethyst
Date:      Received June 24, 2018


"You know things are getting close when we get down to the details of assigning people to various celestials for specific purposes.  I expect that I will soon have many more under my supervision before too long.  The number of you getting to the point of fusion is growing.  

"I am thrilled to have this assignment.  I am in the process of getting to know more closely my four wards, determining their strengths and weaknesses and helping them shore up their weak spots.  I implore each of the four of you, and indeed all transmitters and those who want to transmit, to put some serious thought into seeking my presence and getting to know me.  Some of you have done this already.  I have my own signature energy, as all Melchizedeks and other celestials do.  Each of you have your own unique personality or signature energy and we are no different in that respect.

"There are more of you here as well that should begin to feel us, as well as receive us through your mind.  Learn to listen with your heart as well as with your mind.  Being able to receive at both these levels will help greatly in your abilities.  

"Fusion with your Adjusters presents you with a great lift in that direction.  It does not happen all at once, but as each day passes, you will feel, with the aid of your Adjuster, the Love that pours out over you from your celestial family.  They truly see you as their brothers and sisters, and are eager for the time when you will be able to respond in kind.

"Nystoria is on the verge of erasing the barriers that keeps you in the mindset of seeing us as separate from you, to seeing you and us, as simply us.  Those of you who are dedicated to doing the Father's Will, that share our intentions and desires to be of service to the universe and God the Supreme, will know and feel yourselves as one with us, even though it may be some time before you will be actually able to see us directly, as God's children and servants exist on many different levels.

"Melchizedeks love to teach; that is what we do.  We are also known for our abilities to help in emergencies.  Nystoria is now in place to receive the richness of our talents.  So as the Supervisor of the four fused ones, and the future Supervisor of those to be fused soon, and indeed to all of the forum, I invite you to touch my heart with your intentions serve, as ask you to allow me to touch yours.  When our hearts are united in purpose, our connection in mind becomes more coherent and harmonious."


Amethyst:  I had difficulty identifying the speakers of this transmission.  I have never received one from "we."  It has always been "I."  It may be Prolotheos and Ophelius, but I am not sure.  Some of this was uncomfortable for me to write, but I took it as received, so use discernment and make of it what you will.  The tone is not what I am used to receiving, yet it sheds some light on our experiences.

Speakers:  Unnamed Mentori Members
T/R:          Amethyst
Topic:        The Slings and Arrows, Unprecedented Testing, and Continued Disappointment
Date:          June 21, 2018


"We are members of a group called Mentori.  You will not always receive a name, but you will be informed when it is from us.  We are two and speak as one here for this message.

"We come to you at this time not to scold or warn, even though there are many who could use more prodding and contribute more because you are capable, but do it not.  This message is just a simple acknowledgment that we have been watching the events all over Nystoria for the last few months and have seen firsthand the increase in the intense problems bearing down on so many of you.  The burdens have become heavier in part because some celestials too hold some responsibility on our end for not recognizing the battles that sin still give out as their last breaths in an attempt to prevent the healing so many of you need.  Sinful ones, both above and below have been finding the weak cracks and have exploited them for their advantage.  This forum has been particularly under their assault because evil hates the Light, and the ridding of your Light would be a major victory for them.  Many people who have conquered their demons and won, now find themselves having to fight them yet again.

"There are many moving cogs in the wheels as we try to stabilize things enough so all involved celestial beings can focus their complete attention as needed, for and on behalf of Nystoria.  Nystoria is a handful, and that is putting it mildly.  You have heard the expression, "as above, so below."  Well the above part of this has had its growing pains because it too is evolving, and it is showing up below.

"You who are very familiar with THE URANTIA BOOK know full well of the untold number of different beings, on different levels, with different functions.  These need to be in perfect coordination for a major project to be undertaken.  Each piece and personality must have their instructions in hand and be ready to collaborate perfectly.

"We tell you this not to take your faith or hope away, but to show that evolution is by definition a process of constant change.  It is an unfolding adaptation, revision, and reworking that continues for very long periods of time.  We live in an evolving universe and all that it implies.  You are now spiritually mature enough to recognize yourselves as cosmic citizens with the rest of us as we all evolve.

"Almost all of you here have great potential and some of you do work hard and are succeeding.  The ones that do the heavy lifting are indeed exceptional.

"The message we want to leave you with is that we know you have been dealt a bad hand.  But we in no way consider this a horrible thing.  In the short term, yes it is very difficult.  We know!  But in the long term, the rewards for your efforts and successes will be beyond your wildest dreams.  Things are moving along.  Things are going to improve.  The missions will and are at this time going forward.

"To those who follow this forum, you are in a very unique position to contribute and we need your efforts!  Stop viewing yourselves as helpless mere humans and learn to co-create with your cosmic brothers and sisters.  The farther along you progress in your universe career, the more you will recognize that the entire universe runs and grows on service, and service requires constant cooperation and coordination, and this is challenging with difficult and complex problems.  Take heart.  Larry G, the goosebumps have quieted for a time, but have not and will not go away.

We wish you a fond farewell for now."


Topic:        Small Deeds Help Prepare For What Nystoria Will Become
Speakers:  Dora; Mother Nebadonia
Date:         Received June 13, 2018
T/R:          Amethyst

"Greetings to all on this forum, with guests and members, and thank you for your attention.

"I transmit with Amethyst again as we have the same passions.  We both come from Nysteria, and care deeply about its history, present, and future.  She is a very distant descendant of mine and I have been assigned to work with her while I am serving here as a Finialiter.

"Many of you are familiar with the term "correcting time."  It simply means this is a time when things are in preparation for the missions to come.  Much needs to be corrected before the general population can receive what the universe has to gift to them.  It is good that you study what you are able from this forum because it is the most significant pipeline from us to your minds at this time.

"Correction, however, takes place in many places and in many forms.  This is something Amethyst is learning and needs to be understood by all of you who want to help us.  Yes, correction is needed on a large scale, in many different areas of social, economic, religious, and governance on this planet.  But there are literally millions of small jobs needed to be done as well, and this is where many of you can help.

"Pay attention to those small but unexpected events, meetings, and encounters that may cross your path each day.  You may not recognize the significance at first, but many of these situations are for the healing, education, and edification of individuals in many walks and stages of life.  It could be that elderly person you see in a nursing home.  It could be the clerk at your grocery store.  It could be a re-connection with someone you have not seen in years.

"The conversations may take an unexpected turn.  New insights may be shared.  These encounters may turn out to last longer than you had anticipated or might resume again at a later time.  This is all part of the plan.  Teach yourselves to be on the lookout for experiences that come out of the blue and are truly not anticipated.

"Now, put your connection with your Indwelling Spirit into gear.  Let Him express through you.  The world needs to experience this correcting time as a planet, and also  one person at a time.  The group will accept more when the individuals have been duly prepared.

"This kind of work requires that you are in tune with your Indwelling Spirit and can recognize it as such.  Many of you do experience this, but fail to recognize it. When you speak, in your mind's eye, direct your comments to the Indwelling Spirit of the other person(s).  If they have a connection with their Spirit, the message will be received, understood, and remembered.  This simple exchange then puts one more individual into a receptive mindset to receive the coming changes.  First, one by one, then group by group, the population will, with time be eager to see what is happening, albeit unconsciously.

"It takes a long time to become a Finialter, and I have found that it is often the small deeds, the little events that are needed to grow and move forward.  It is the small things done on a regular basis that lead to large victories.  And every one of you are very capable of performing those small deeds that can lead to healing and growth of the larger community.  Do you understand what I am saying?  EACH of you can help; there is not one sincere and loving person who cannot be an instrument of change and be of help in this 'correcting time'.  As you work your way upward and inward you will discover that it is the small things repeated over and over that make a big difference.  Never feel that there is nothing you can do.  WE NEED EACH AND EVERY ONE OF YOU.  Often you will not even realize what you did, but rest assured your angels will put you in circumstances where you are needed, and your Indwelling Spirit will guide your words and deeds.

"So you see my brothers and sisters, you need to take what you can out into the world and casually share it. BUT, I am not by any stretch suggesting, you blurt out all you know.  You have been told many times this is dangerous, and indeed it is.  I am talking about a small snippet here, and another one there, especially when very unexpected circumstances and people cross your path.  Learn from you Indwelling Adjuster to recognize these situations.  The 'correcting time' needs to take place in areas big and small, not just at the global level.

"I leave you now with this to ponder."


"I concur with much of what Dora has shared with you.  As a long-serving Finialiter she has just about seen it all, and she is well versed in the needs of Nystoria and knows well her travails.  That is why she is here.  Correction needs to be done on a micro as well as a macro level.  Let me only caution you again regarding the need for you to be discerning.  Your discernment in each situation is absolutely necessary.  Be at peace as I take my leave of you."

Amethyst:  Thank you Dora and Mother Nebadonia!

Topic:  More about Nystoria's name change, function, and the sixth epochal revelation
T/R:    Amethyst
Date:   May 23, 2018

Amethyst:  I humbly ask for more information on Nystoria, the reason for the change in name, and the sixth epochal revelation, that I and  my brothers and sisters can get  clearer understanding of our situation and status.  Is there any for us?  I ask my Adjuster to bring to me the personalities to best help us. Thank you.

"Yes Amethyst there is. I am the The Supreme Being and I am the one who incorporates all of your experiences into Myself as you experience your lives.  

"This is a fair question especially as it is a very rare thing for any created planet to experience.  There are basically two reasons why this was done.  
1.  There has been a change in the function of Nystoria.  It is to become an extension school for in-depth education and schooling regarding the rebellion and default.  This was touched on in a previous message.
2.  As you are aware, we are now to receive the sixth epochal revelation on this planet.  You will note from reading your Urantia text, that each revelation had a clear line of demarkation separating them from one another."

Amethyst:  I list them here for review.
 1.  The Dalamantan teachings by the Prince and his staff were introduced and taught for about 300,000 years.
 2.  Edemic teachings started about 14,000 years ago.  
 3.  Melchizedek of Salem teachings came about 4,000 years ago, 1973 years before the birth of Jesus.
 4.  The teachings of Jesus of Nazareth were introduced about 2,000 years ago.
 5.  The Urantia Papers were given to Urantia about 85 years ago and first published about 63 years ago.
  6.  The current epochal revelation, Nystoria: The Book of Revelation.

The SUPREME BEING continues:
"Note that each new revelation arrives in a much shorter time period than the preceding one.  This is because dispensations and epochal revelations are not necessarily related to time, but to the change that has taken place in humanity and how much benefit trevelations can potentially provide if they are accepted by the populations. The people who lived on Urantia in 1933 experienced a far different reality than those in 2018.  This was before WWII and televisions were a very rare thing for a family to own at that time.  In many poorer rural areas, many did not yet own automobiles or have electricity, or indoor plumbing.  (Amethyst:  I remember in third grade in about 1952, I attended a one room schoolhouse and had to use an outhouse.)  And of course, those alive in 1933 had a very different world than those at the time of Jesus.

"Now, and this is key, Nystoria has had too many bumps in the road already, and it was felt that it is very important the  the fifth and sixth epochal revelations be clearly separated.  We need to do all that is possible to prevent another default and this new start in name as well as function of Nystoria is designed to do that.  It is also designed a much needed place for advanced studies on the cause, prevention, and healing of any future defaults and rebellions.  After all, where has there been as much pain caused by these travesties than on the planet formerly know as Urantia.  This new organization will help Me, the Supreme Being to more fully encapsulate all that has taken place, both on the micro and personal level of all my children affected, and on a macro level as it pertains to the larger creation.

"There are many in the Urantia community who will squawk and say that this new revelation is a fraud and meant to confuse those who accept the Urantia Book as the ultimate revelation at this time.  This is why the sixth epochal revelation must be completely disconnected from the fifth, and not a continuation of it.  (Of course just as the Bible contains some truth, so does the Urantia Book have much spiritual food for thought.). There will be many that will continue to follow only the fifth, and that is fine, just as there are many who have continued in only the fourth.  Each soul will gravitate to the revelation that is best suited to their spiritual needs and spiritual courage.  As a new epochal revelation comes forward, those who remain in the earlier ones generally create their particular set of beliefs into a dogma that  will remain unquestionable to them.  It is only those who have the curiosity, and courage to constantly scan the spiritual horizons and pioneer forward with faith and fortitude that will keep the wheels of revelation turning."

"I wish to add a few words regarding new revelation here, be they received personally through a transmission, or part of a epochal revelation as the Nystoria book soon to be released.  True truth seekers such as many on this forum, have an edge because they are always willing to at least consider and evaluate new information and put it before their Adjusters for either confirmation or for dismissal.  It can be a real struggle; discernment is not as easy as it sounds."

Amethyst: Pause in reception--Transmission resumes in about three minutes.

OCILLIAYA continues:
"There are many who simply assume that their dogma will forever be all they need and they cling to it as a security blanket.  Even on the Mansion Worlds it is often difficult to put more Light into their awareness.  They do not understand that this is a reluctance to grow and is holding them back, even when they are encouraged by their Adjusters and angels.  Some languish on the Mansion Worlds for hundreds of years and don't understand why they are not moving forward like so many of their family and friends.  They see themselves as being the only 'true' ones who are loyal to what they perceive as the complete truth.

"This is a time to remind all of the importance of spiritual courage, as you are now about to be given another epochal revelation to consider.  Nystoria is changing and you are changing with her.  You will be adding more to the Supreme Being as you do so.  You are the pilgrims holding the torches so others can see, as the planet changes her continued movement inward and upward and eventually into Light and Life.  Go with her with resolve if that is how you are led, our precious ascenders."

"Your Mother and I are very much at peace with these changes.  It is our hope that each of you will follow your Indwelling Spirit as not all will be led to the same ventures and assignments.  Nebadon is vast and many, many different concerns, subject matters, and priorities will need attention.  We encourage each of you to spend a few minutes with us daily and feel our presence and commune with us.  We love you all so dearly."

General Discussion / change in energy?
« on: May 21, 2018, 11:50:45 PM »
hi all,
OK, am I losing my marbles or do any of you sense a change of energy in the air since the name Urantia has been changed to Nystoria? Even when I speak the word 'Urantia' and then the word 'Nystoria', I feel a softer, gentler energy with Nystoria.  I wonder if there is more to the name change than we currently realize.  I am going back and re-read the post that informed us of the name change and see if I can find more specific info on the exact reason for the change.  I wish I could put into words better what I feel.  I feel its a softer energy where some of the rougher edges are being filed off.
Did any of you see on the news how a computer says the same word, but it is heard as a different word by about half of those who heard it.  One word heard was 'laurel', and the other was 'yanny', yet the SAME word was being said.   How could that be?  When I listened I heard yanny, but after hearing it a few times, I heard laurel. I did a search on line and found  that at some frequency or waveband, it sounded more like laurel, while others heard it on another frequency. It just depended on which frequency was heard by the listener, even though the frequency at which it was broadcast was the same.  I found that fascinating.   Are some humans experiencing reality itself differently from others?

Amethyst: I just read in the post that Nystoria was to be an "..extension school of Salvington and Uversa concerning schooling of the Urantia rebellion...".  Could it be there are also some more subtle changes occurring?  Just a thought.

Threads for New Transmissions / Accelerated Change
« on: April 29, 2018, 03:47:07 AM »
Teacher:   Mother Nebadonia
Topic:      Accelerated Change
Date:       April 29,2018
T/R:         Amethyst

   "Good evening my dear children.  Things seem quiet to you now, almost too quiet.  But know there is change occurring everywhere and this is adding  a new pattern of how information is being received and disseminated.  You on this forum have noticed a definite decline in the reception of information, but be assured that this is temporary.  Things are being re-arranged and restructured to include a wider number of those who receive and a greater diversity of information being made available to this planet.

"You are all aware of the changes in the organization and structuring in many different arenas of life here.  I would say to those that have not yet ben able to transmit that you are approaching the time when you will begin to find this an easier endeavor.  Make sure you respond to your inner intuition and exercise your spiritual courage.  All who have gone before you have had to do these things and as we continue to work with them, we are putting focus on you as well to broaden our base of transmitters.  You are all needed to do your part, so in counsel with your Father Fragments move into that place that allows for the reception of our words.  Ask your Indwelling Spirit to alert you to any messages you get, and to receive with you as a partner, to direct your minds as the information comes through.  He will indeed be there for you and help you plant the seeds of truth and weed out the false as you take your new steps.

"There is much happening behind the social scenes and change is continuing to accelerate.  We have said it before, but it bears repeating.  Expect the unexpected.  This lull shall soon pass and many in the larger culture will not be prepared to accept the changes that are already showing cracks in your societies.  Others will wonder why these changes took so long and will be off the ground running with the changes comfortably.

"Always remember each of you are greatly loved by your Father and me, and you are being led and strengthened daily.  We are closer to you than you can know, and ask you to spend a little time with your Divine Parents daily."

Threads for New Transmissions / A Brief message from Sordon
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:04:32 PM »
Teacher: SORDON
Topic:     My Energy Signature
T/R:        Amethyst
Date:       April 17, 2018

"Amethyst, after reading the post I gave to Newstarsaphire, has chosen to invite a transmission from me and I am happy to accommodate, but for reasons of Amethyst's energy, will keep it short.  I carry an intense energy signature and Amethyst must increase her spiritual muscles more to be able to sustain more of it.

"I am making the rounds, so to speak, to the transmitters, and  especially to the fused ones on this forum.  It is my intention that each of you learn to hear and recognize my signature frequency so I will have a wider access to the population of this planet who are willing to learn greater and higher truths.  I started with Ron, and will be knocking on the door of all transmitters with the goal of reaching you prior to the end of this month.

"I remain from an undisclosed order of the Infinite Spirit, but my purpose will be to get the ball rolling on the first of the earth changes and want to do all I can to see to see to it that as many as possible will not be caught off guard.  

"Already Amethyst is feeling the intensity of my energy.  She was feeling fine when she started this transmission and after just five minutes of receiving she is experiencing fatigue.  My energy signature is strong and can be held by this transmitter for only a brief time.  

"But I have completed my purpose with her for now, as I am now able to reach her and transmit through her.  Over time, she will be acclimated more to my energy and be able to hold it longer.  I thank her for her effort, and wish you all a good day."

Amethyst:  Thank you Sordon for this.  I only hope I got it right.

FUSION TALK / New insights after learning of my fusion
« on: April 17, 2018, 04:11:43 AM »
Amethyst:  The name I was given for my Adjuster before fusion was Ambynetty.  I do not know if that is still relevant, or if my Adjuster will go by a different name now.  I just don't know, so at this time so I simply refer to Him as my Adjuster.

Teacher:  My Thought Adjuster
Topic:      Accelerated insights since Fusion
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        April 17, 2018

Amethyst:  Father Within, are there any insights you want me to understand and share with the forum?

"Yes Amethyst, but you have recognized some of these things already.  You have become aware of subtle but very real changes in your demeanor and thoughts. But there is more you should understand.

"Since becoming aware of my fusion with you, there has been intense testing administered to you.  With my help, and the help of you guardian of destiny, you recognized these events and  we guided you through them with  an 'inner pulling' and you were able to re-center yourself.  You were made keenly aware of what being 'out of alignment' feels like, and will be more alert to it if/when it happens again.

"You have become aware that now you have more responsibility, especially to God the Supreme.  You are more cognizant of your behavior and words.  You will of course still make many mistakes, but you are learning that with this blessing of fusion, you are more accountable.

"You have discovered that when you read or listen to the Urantia Book, you are able to understand it better.  Things that you have read dozens of times before, are becoming clearer and easier to understand.  This is happening slowly but surely.

"You tend to think of us now as WE instead of I as one, and your Adjuster as other.

"You are more even in your emotions.  This is something that started before your fusion, but because you were able to gain a small amount of self mastery, it helped greatly make your fusion possible.  Things that just a year or so ago, that caused you great pain or anxiety, are no longer worthy of concern to you.  But testing will continue in this area.

"Amethyst, trust Me.  You still worry a little if you will be up to the tasks required of you.  Your Mother will direct her angelic daughters to go before you to make the crooked places straight.  All you have to do is just move forward.  The path will be cleared and obvious to you. My love for you is immeasurable."

GOD The SUPREME / Words of Comfort from Gaia
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Amethyst:  I was thinking about and feeling close to our Planetary Supreme tonight, so I went into stillness and asked if She had any words for us.

Topic:       Words of Comfort
T/R.          Amethyst
Date:         April 08, 2018

Amethyst:   Planetary Supreme Gaia of Urantia, do you have any words for this forum tonight?
Gaia:  "Yes, Amethyst, I do."

Gaia:   "While all Planetary Supremes experience the full spectrum of the experiences of their planetary creatures and mortals, we that are the Planetary Supremes of the 37 apostate planets have what you might call a sorority of sisterhood because we have all had the extra experiences of pain and suffering felt by our wards.  While all Planetary Supremes experience this, in our cases it has been extreme and therefore given us an added layer of experience that adds a dimension and depth to our total understanding of the mortal and even animal experiences.  Just as pain stretches the human soul in its growth, so too does this extra layer deepen our understanding of what you have experienced.  The planets and systems caught in rebellion can contribute mightily to our parent Supreme Being, with a wider range and increased field of experience not had by those planets that progress without default or rebellion.  This is both a burden and a blessing to us.  On the one hand, rebellion causes so much pain for generations and millennia, and feels so heavy to carry, knowing how much the children of such planets suffer.  But at the same time, coming out of this experience after the healing truly begins gives all those who went through it an added magnitude of compassion, empathy, appreciation, and ability to love.  Nothing matures the soul like the understanding of what others have experienced.  And I submit to you that this extra understanding that the ascenders from Urantia and the other apostate planets have, will in the long term, serve as a tool to bolster your opportunities for very rewarding service in the ages to come.

"You on this forum are particularly blessed.  You have not only the  knowledge of the repercussions of the rebellion, but many of you also have been given the vision to understand what this means for the evolution of the planet and the overarching wisdom and patience to see that it is a very difficult knot to untie.  Yet you stand steadfast in your faith.  You are agondonters and then some.  And as your Planetary Supreme I am so gratified for the experience you have provided to me.

"I do not want to end this before I give mention to the animals of the realm as well.  So many of them have been brutally treated due to the barbarous acts of the ignorant ones among you, while many of the creatures have shown devotion that exceeds what many humans are capable of.  Rest assured that even though in this universe age they do not maintain identity after death, their gifts to humanity will be richly rewarded, and those Planetary Supremes like myself who have observed the kindness of some animals will be witness to their (in some cases) extraordinary service to humanity.

"I take my leave now my beloved ones"
Planetary Supreme Gaia

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Hi all,
I tried to get this on a few days ago, but it did not go through.  I'm going to try it one more time and see if they will let it in now.  If not, I'll just let it go.

Topic:             More explanation of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE
Teacher:          GOD THE SUPREME
T/R.                Amethyst
Posting Date:  March 30, 2018

    "I am God the Supreme, and have been tugging at the sleeves of Amethyst these past few days as we need her to help in a small way unravel the very deep and complicated papers presented by Ron.  We want to unravel one concept at a time as to make it more understandable to the general reader.  I begin with the concept of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE as described by Ron in a recent post.

"As God the Supreme writes through Ron, I am how the Father can "...better the universe for [sic] what it learns by living through the Supreme."  I want to tell this forum what this means as it might have applied to the Lucifer rebellion.  As most of you are well aware it was the Planetary Princes of the apostate planets that went astray with Lucifer.  It was a Lanonandek rebellion.  The traditional model for their corporeal staffs in the local universe has been to use UNFUSED ascenders as volunteers.  They were separated from their Adjusters who waited for their return on the system capital until after their missions were completed.  Fused ascenders have not been traditionally able to maintain a physical body, thus it was necessary to leave the Adjusters behind.

"It is very sad to state that of the 100 members of Caligastia's corporeal staff, only 40 remained loyal.  Had these staff members been fused mortals, we would hope that all 100 would have not only remained loyal, but been helpful in their persuasion of others considering disloyalty.  We are now implementing EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE, here and in adjacent local universes.  Since the sovereignty of Michael is now established in Nebadon, another outbreak would be squashed quickly.  But in the newly formed younger local universes, rebellion is always a remote possibility.  

"We are therefore taking steps to prepare for the employment of fused mortals as corporeal staff members by implementing the concept of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE.  This is a fancy way of saying that in an evolving creation, we learn how we can improve outcomes by trying different techniques.  That is where working with fused mortals comes in and this experiment has its seeds on Urantia.

"In a very young local universe, where even the local systems do not yet have ascenders at the system level ready to work on the Prince's staff, it is sometimes necessary to import or borrow, if you will, ascenders from neighboring universes that have been temporarily transformed to fit the life form of that particular local universe, to serve on the corporeal staff and get things up and running and to assist the infant systems by providing candidates who can fill in until the new local universe and systems are able to provide for their own needs out of their own ranks.  Staff volunteers who can maintain their form after fusion can be tethers that add stability to the fledgling planets.

"We know not yet what the Father plans for the emerging outer space levels.  But if the pattern and template is in any way similar to the realization and organization of the grand universe now evolving, then mortals who are able to fuse in these OSL areas would have the potential to be great stabilizers.  The farther creation moves from center, the greater the chance for rebellion and default.  Those fused with the Creator at the center of all can help greatly keep balance.  There is great potential indeed for the fused mortals in all parts of creation, and this can be done by the process of EXPERIENTIAL TRANSFERENCE."

Discuss This Web Site / lost my transmission
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I tried to post a transmission by The Supreme Being.  It took me over an hour but only the first sentence was there when I checked the preview, and the body of the work then disappeared.  I'll try again tomorrow, but I stayed up late to do it (4:30) am
Anyone else having problems.  I do not like to copy and paste because it changes the font size.  Oh well

General Discussion / the Coming of the Spiritual Explosion
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Hello all,
I was just preparing to post a transmission on GOD THE SUPREME, but just as I was beginning, I "received" information about the coming SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION.  I use quotation marks around received because it was not a transmission per se.  It sorta went around my mind instead of through it, so you may take it with a grain of salt if it does not ring true to you.  It occurs to me that this current muddle we are in with our transmissions and the difficulties Ron is having is directly related to the preparation for this coming explosion.  This is a new experience for the Supreme Being and all hands have been called to be on deck to help with the preparation.  This is an entirely different event for our creation and it will change forever how we (on Urantia) will relate to our local universe.  This quiet time here is needed to get things in  order.  It is, in fact not to be viewed  with dismay, but rather with anticipation for what is coming.  WE WILL BE DIFFERENT AS A RESULT OF THIS SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION.
Just sharing some thoughts.

Threads for New Transmissions / The Purpose of Emotional Pain
« on: March 18, 2018, 01:03:35 AM »
Topic:  The Purpose of Emotional Pain
Teacher:  Amethyst's Thought Adjuster
T/R:         Amethyst
Date:        March 18, 2018   12:10 AM

   "It is natural that humans try to avoid pain.  It is not comfortable. But it is not meant to be comfortable.  It is put there so that you will go within.  And that is where you will find your own personal Adjuster.  Sometimes pain will lead you away from situations that are not healthy, and sometimes pain can be a prelude to a greater understanding of important things that you need to know.  It can serve as a guidepost if you can learn to understand why you have it.  Don't confuse emotional pain with grief.  Grief is indeed painful, but that is not the kind of pain to which I am referring.  Pain can serve as a warning of danger and it can also show you a blessing, depending on the situation.  That is why it is so important when you are feeling emotional pain that you go within and let your Adjuster show you why it is occurring.
   "Far too often we see those who try to avoid pain turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to deaden it, and this is the worst thing you can do because, not only will you not learn from your pain, you will be temporarily severing the connection you have with your Father Fragment.  We Adjusters need to be able to reach you, but that can only happen when you cooperate with Us so that We can help you on your spiritual journey.  I make room for Sananda."

   "When I was with Jesus, he felt deeply and that included emotional pain.  Go to your Urantia Book and read the section on his night alone in Gethsemane.  You will find his pain at one of it most intense levels.  That night our beloved  Jesus suffered a great deal.  Beads of sweat rolled off his forehead.  He was troubled because his disciples slept instead of being and watching with him.  He turned to me and sought comfort as he knew his fate was to be atrocious.  Your Adjuster is the place you need to turn always,  and they are close in those times of discomfort and pain.  They love you deeply and will help you with all of your spiritual needs."

Amethyst:  Now back to my Adjuster.
   "Pain is a necessary component of spiritual growth.  It stretches you, and helps provide more inner space that allows for more reception.  It shapes the soul so that blessings can truly be appreciated for their precious nature when they come.  So try not to avoid unpleasant and uncomfortable emotion.  It serves a purpose.  By going within, you will find your Adjuster and He will help you get through it.  This is a place where Amethyst is now and together we are working on it.  By sharing the experience she is having with me at this time, it may be useful to you who are going through emotions that you cannot understand."  

Amethyst: You may learn more about the pain Jesus experienced in The Urantia Book, 182:3
The last sentence of paragraph five, "It was just one of those awful human moments when everything seems to bear down with crushing cruelty and terrible agony."

Blessings to you all.
I thank my beloved Adjuster for providing this transmission to share.


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