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Winds Of Change Will Blow Some Day - Poem by Dr. A.Celestine Raj Manohar M.D.,
Nothing will stay forev'r the same:
Sky, earth, land, sea, vale, mountain, air;
The honest souls, why should all blame?
Let things happen, why should we care?

The sky will change and come will rain;
The soil with seed will sprout again;
A plant will grow quite speedily;
A mighty tree will stand truly!

With roots so deep, good fruits to reap;
And branches stout and strong will peep; .
And it will live a hundred years,
And lauded be, much more than peers.

And give all shade, yet not be paid;
While birds build nest and gladly rest.
The world will say on its D-Day:
Oh, what a tree and go away!

Yeah, things are done by word of God
In heaven, earth by same one Lord;
The world today though unfair be,
Cannot stay so for long surely.

For, winds of change will blow some day,
And truth will have its final say;
And acknowledge will people all:
’Tis best to heed to Maker’s call.

Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Sanctity Of The Voice of God
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
8th of October 2017, 8.00am

I greet you, Wendy. This is Ocilliaya. I thank you for bringing your voice, mind and all that you are in making yourself available for Spirit to speak. I have brought it to your attention that the Sanctity Of Speaking The Voice of God comes with tremendous responsibility. So many times physical appearance have been addressed, eating habits have been addressed, and now further vetting is required. The Voice of God that will speak through those that are tried, tested, sifted, vetted and found to be worthy instruments, will bring comfort and also assurity in the days ahead.  
In a time of crisis, there is a Representative that addresses those affected by the crisis. That Representative confidently addresses the immediate need and also speaks from a place of surety. Transmitters of pure Spirit transmission, have been brought through the stages of training. There are many areas where transmitters have been given the freedom to partake in the training by expressing some of their own ideals. In doing so, Spirit works with your Adjusters to unify and bring forth the voices that are indeed tried and tested; dependable workers. We do not need to name those for it will become very evident in the days and months ahead.  
Yes, the numbers are few and it is an unfortunate reality, but we ask all trainee transmitters to not lose hope. You are reminded that Spirit gifts are poured out upon those that are pure in heart, sincere in desire; growth can therefore be exponential. It is but a matter of faith in overcoming the fear that stands in the way of these gifts to be poured out.  
We have come to the end of this transmission. I implore all those on the forum to continue in steadfast prayer; pray for your fellow forum friends and pray for the good success of these missions. I bid you a good day.  END

Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Letting Go
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
19th of September 2017, 11am

This is Ocilliaya and I find you in the midst of being a caretaker; a caretaker for the personal belongings of those that are quite busy at upholding the House that Jack built.  So much so, that these Magisterial Missions will seem to catch them completely off guard.  

It is for the days ahead that you, Wendy, are to prepare yourself to completely let go of anything that might still tie you, in a way that is holding you from being fully committed, to not only doing the Father's bidding, but to fully commit your working hours to the Magisterial Mission.  I commend you for the changes that you have made in ending any working relationship, and the tremendous faith and courage that this takes to the same letting go of family members. Slowly but surely, you are standing back and simply observing their decisions - and that includes your parents too.  Your sense of responsibility towards them has run its course.  You are required to put the family of God in its place, of which, you are all on the ascension career.  Yes, even your loved ones and parents. 

You are not required to divorce yourself as such, but it is incumbent on you to start taking a step back, and in doing so, you are taking a step forward into greater commitment of the Missions.  You are as such entrusting them to the great work of perfection.  There is a moment when a child graduates and all the supportive effort, as a parent, is rewarded in the sense of pride.  It is no different to the child's first steps and soon there is a freedom to run.  More and more they are taught to be capable of making wise decisions.  I remind you of this, because it is necessary for you to understand that your full commitment will require you to allow them to completely continue as they are capable, and as We are capable, of taking care of their ascension career too.  This is Ocilliaya and we will speak again. END

Speaker: Ocilliaya
Subject: Your Guarantor
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
18th of September 2017, 2pm

I am Ocilliaya. You pronounce My name correctly. Not only do I have your undivided attention, but I also find you in a more peaceful state of mind than you were a couple of hours ago reading through Ron's transmissions. It is no surprise that it has taking you some time to process the revelation. This indeed is an ongoing process for much was said.  

You are now fully satisfied as to why it is important to avail yourself for this transmission work with me. As to who I, Ocilliaya, Master Spirit 4 The Voice of triumph of love and of affection that is now upon Urantia and the importance of what this means as I am your Guarantor for the ascension career, for your personal career. There is no need to try and disseminate all of the revelation at once. Creative purpose is ongoing; revelation is ongoing; truth is ever-expansive.

There is much, much more and there is enough time. Although I see you chuckle on the idea of 'Infinity and Totality of Reality', wondering if you will ever be able to have even the slightest grasp of it all. That is good!

For now, Wendy, this is enough. There is no need to bid you a good day, from hereon now there will be an unbroken conversation and an unbroken work between us. I thank you. END

Speaker: Califax
Subject: Areas of improvement
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
15th of September 2017, 7.30am

This is Califax and this is the second attempt at audio recording by this transmitter today. I state this because it is part of the development from semi-transmission to full Spirit transmission. This transmitter has given me her full cooperation and for that I too am very grateful. Step-by-step the animal fear is overcome and the divine embrace is seen for what it is. Ron Besser has coined the phrase - the blush of mercy; when the human mind is embraced through the love of God by the mind of Christ. This transmitter understands and frequently experiences the blush of mercy. At such times it would appear as if the mind, soul, heart and body find itself in a catatonic state - for the moment it does. It is then up to the transmitter in such a moment to reach out in prayer to step into the next phase of spiritual progression, which overcomes this semi-transmission to embrace a more practical way of working with Spirit. It has taken some time for Wendy to overcome not only her emotions, but to put her own opinions and mind aside.  

There are other areas within this transmitter that require ongoing effort. Some time ago Sentenact suggested as a means of improving her vocabulary that we introduce the word of the day. For some time this gained momentum but soon enthusiasm over this fizzled out. What I have suggested to this transmitter is to keep a paper and pen handy to write down throughout the day when words are given to her, that we impress upon her, to further improve her vocabulary. As her mentor and teacher in the area of audio transmissions I have also suggested that Wendy read out loud pages from the Urantia book, we encourage you to continue with this.  

In any area of learning there are moments of discomfort. In areas of growth you will come to understand that trusting us is imperative. We really do know what is better for you! Your cooperation is paramount. I urge all those that are working at this practice of improving, not only written transmissions but audio transmissions too, to come to us in prayer so that we can actively work with you on improving these skills.

It is a joy for this student as much as it is a joy for us as teachers to work with you on improving those skills which are lacking. This is Califax and it is with great pride, appreciation and hope that we wait for our students. I thank you and I bid you all a most fruitful day of learning and improving; such is the gift to you all.  END

Speaker: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Calm Amongst The Storm
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
9th of September 2017, 7am

This is Machiventa Melchizedek.  We are using the Reflectivity circuitry.  It would seem somewhat contradictory, at times of great turmoil on Urantia, that calmness reigns. It is the very characteristic of faith that allows the Calm Amongst The Storm.  To every ear that now hears, we impinge upon you to remain calm and continue in prayer.  This transmitter indeed prayed: "The Will of the Father be impressed upon the minds and hearts of those that are in the midst of storms, wars and calamity". Critical thinking can be done in such an hour of need.  It requires one of maturity to think clearly when all seems to be chaotic.  It is at this time that those that have been called, trained, tried and tested, will step up in a calm fashion bring peace, which surpasses all understanding.  This is Machiventa Melchizedek.  The peace of Michael of Nebadon and the loving embrace of Mother Spirit Nebadonia be upon you all. 

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Just A Story To Tell - by Dorian Doyon
« on: August 31, 2017, 02:37:32 AM »
I sat in stillness session, as I usually sit, around 8 o'clock at night.  I am still without qualified and bona fide results regarding my being able to receive a transmission.  As long as I am sitting here, I'll tell you a story about something that happened to me in the last couple of days.
Today, I went back up to Yukon Oklahoma to finish a transaction I started out yesterday on an auto purchase.  The man I bought the car from, or buying the car from, is suffering from the onslaughts of cancer.  He has been battling it for five years and has, just about, run out of options.  We hit it off just about right away.  I could tell by looking into his eyes that he is a man of God and truly believes in God.  He told me he has done all he can do and is now put his life in the hands of God.  I told him about my wife's recent passing, due to cancer, and we commiserated together.  He told me he was aware there is a better place that he was going to go to, that he was looking forward to it. He had resigned himself to that state.  He cannot drive, since the chemo has robbed him of  most of his vision.  He just sees narrow light, like if he stares at a flashlight, he can see that.  He is in constant pain and is now being subjected to experimental medicines. He has used up all of his options and told me he is basically being a guinea pig for these doctors.  That was yesterday.
Today, when I went back to finish our purchase, he got the car running good and it was acceptable to me.  He wasn't there, since he had gone to town to get the car title notarized. While I waited for him to return, I met with his wife.  She and I talked about the cancer, that took my Shirley, that is now taking her husband. She also is a member of God's family and proudly told me so.  Something urged me to broach to the story of the Urantia Book, and how it illustrated the true spiritual story of man's journey to God.
I was pleasantly surprised when I showed her, I had written on the money envelope the words: Urantia Book, that she showed true interest. I told her that we met for a reason.  I believe I was supposed to at least mention and Serara Forum to her.  I invited her to check it out and dropped the subject.  Before I left the man and his wife, total strangers to me, reached out and hugged me very tightly. As I was leaving, I told him to contact me via my email address I gave him.  I'll just sit back and see if God reaches him through my words.  I feel he will check the site out and will contact me. I will not push myself upon him or his wife.  
I guess I am telling you this, folks, because I drove over 110 miles up there and back, twice, yesterday and today - 440 miles. For what? To look at a car? I don't think so!  I think I was led up there to at least talk to this man who was obviously praying to God.  He is scared.  You could tell by talking to him.  He is wasting away right before his wife's eyes and is sad he cannot do anything anymore. He has a trailer/camper that he is working on. He wanted to drive around, see some sights, do some things, but now he can't drive.  
I'm thinking maybe I was sent up there to talk to him to let him know: he is not the only one that has and will suffer.  I let him know that there are those of us that do believe in God and belief that we are one big happy family, growing and learning together.  Things happen for a reason!

Speaker: Serara
Subject: Supreme Spirit Values
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
22nd of August 2017, 7am

This is Serara.  I thank you for immediately taking this recording upon feeling what was somewhat an intense embrace.  You, like so very many on the forum and throughout all of Urantia are experiencing the effects of a greater awareness. A greater awareness of the Spirit of Truth, a greater awareness of the obligation and the added value that the New Spirit of Truth brings to you.  In practical living this Spirit of Truth is best worked with when you seek to unify and integrate with the Supreme Mind.  It is available for you to take a slight pause and allow your thoughts to be renewed and allow your conversations with others to be of Supreme Spirit Value.  It is a new gift that each one of you in your ascension career work with.  The benefits of working actively with these divine gifts become self evident; for truth -which liberates, beauty - which becomes most attractive, and goodness - which brings stability, is actualized.  
This is Serara, and you are acutely aware of my presence with you now.  You are acutely aware that I bring greater understanding of the benefit of this wondrous gift to you.  There is a sharing in the word; inter-association.  Sharing is a divine attribute in the family of God.  It is this divine attribute that will become as a fire and will engross all to bring new Light and Life upon Urnatia.  This day, August 22nd, bears most humble meaning to you, Wendy.  We acknowledge your worship; your gratitude for this life now on Urantia, as you share in a mutual feeling of admiration, love, hope and the surety of the work that the Magisterial Missions through all the phases will bring to Urantaia.  To one and all we bid you a most wonderful day. END

Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Resume the work
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
16th of August 2017, 7am

This is Father Sentenact and I have been working with this transmitter throughout the morning to deliver a transmission of better quality.  It is our observation that there has been a slump to both audio and written transmissions.  The purpose of this transmission is a gentle reminder to those that are in training to not neglect your practice sessions.  You are assured that the support is immense.  We ask that the momentum not be lost and that members in the training process of voice and written transmissions resume the work.  I look forward to seeing more of these practice sessions delivered on the forum on a daily basis.  There are areas that require attention in the clarity of hearing, in further developing Reflectivity that many members are getting along with very well.  We look forward to seeing how these areas can be developed and even perfected.  That is all I have for this day.  This is Sentenact and I look forward to more transmissions and working on a more committed basis with so many of you.  I bid you all a most wonderful day. END

Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Going The Extra Mile
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
1st of August 2017, 2pm

This is Sentenact. We have been in discussion throughout this day and if you had a recorder at hand, many more recordings would have been done. I commend you, Wendy, for making the effort to do a third recording.  No, it is not excessive!  This is exactly what we deeply desire from all transmitters; to be ready and willing. A proclivity to going the extra mile is most desired in all transmitters. This is a characteristic which, with your willingness, is quite easy to develop. Sincerity, faith and real commitment makes this characteristic come to fruition in no time. I do not have very much more to say other than it is much appreciated when 'going the extra mile' becomes your natural state of being. We have this in common as celestial workers, you will come to rely on our natural state of being too.  This is Sentenact and I continue bidding you a very good day. END

Speaker: Daniel of old
Subject: Writing On The Wall
Category: Threads for new transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
1st of August 2017, 10am
This is Daniel of old and you can start writing.  You have responded well to our impression of the 'Writing On The Wall".  The same method can and will be made available to those servants that are known for their sincerity of service; the Spirit of the Gods are upon you. You will be known for the same insight, intelligence and outstanding wisdom that I was known for. This is all for the moment. END

Speaker: Sentenact
Subject: Be Anchored
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
1st of August 2017, 6am

A very good morning to you Wendy. This is Sentenact. We herald in a new day with great anticipation of Phase 1 of the Missions.  Many will be completely overwhelmed with these events, but to a few tried and tested servants of the Father First, all will be well.  All will be well for the events will not be perceived as chaos.  To the contrary, the events unfolding will simply be part of a divine process.  As workers of these missions, it is your great privilege to be well informed, to be prepared and also to find a grounding of stability.  We have spoken before about those that are an anchor when the seas are very rough.  Those on this forum and other teaching groups are now being prepared to remain calm.  In many of your dream states some of the cataclysms are made known to you.  In cooperation of your Thought Adjusters, the scene is played out so that you can better prepare yourself as to the emotional state you will be in when these events unfold.  The reality of the earth changes and the announcements, that are so soon to take place, will unfold in ways that we are best prepared to deal with.  We too ask that you prepare yourself to remain calm, to keep a clear mind and remember that you are not alone.  The support given is perhaps far beyond your comprehension.
It is with great pride that we look upon those workers that have consistently made good choices, in cooperating with your Adjusters, that resulted in the gathering of this group.  It is with confidence that we know continued good choices, in cooperation with your Adjusters, will bring to Light and Life a backwards and confused Urantia.  We stand arm in arm, ready for the work.  This is Sentenact and I bid each of you a most happy day. END

Speaker: Machiventa 
Subject: Additional Tools
Category: Audio Transmissions
TR: Wendy Winter, QLD, Australia
27th of July 2017, 7.00am

This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I bid you a very good morning.  We are delivering this transmission through the Reflectivity circuitry.  To elaborate a little bit more more on Reflectivity, it is helpful to know that transmitters can rely on additional tools made available to you.  For instance: phrases - a certain phrase will come to mind and you can feel quite confident that this is what we will build upon.  Certain imagery will come to mind, for instance: the workshop and the elevator.  We will use these to enhance the delivery of the transmissions to assist you. Liken it to a grade school teacher reading a story to a classroom, then at the end of the page revealing the picture to the class room.  This augments the children's image of the story and furthermore entices the listener for that which is untold.
Currently all transmitters are under great review.  As mentioned before, there is a great need for transmitters and there is a great great need for those that are dedicated to doing this work.  We ask that you not neglect your personal studies, as individuals are guided towards particular areas of studies, as a group required to do your overall homework; reading the UB papers as prescribed as well as the Planetary Management and Sustainability report.  My supervisors, or rather your supervisors, report with much fairness.  Areas that need to be concentrated on, we will impress upon you.  Areas completed neglected will be made known to you too.  
Your growth is of cherished value and your free will is valued too.  Your cooperation is needed!  This opportunity presented to members, is unprecedented.  If you could see the opportunity presented to you through our eyes, you would grab it, embrace it in all its fullness and ask for more.  I thank you for coming to this place and being willing.  We ask you, please, to push through, dedicate time to study, enter into stillness and you are sure to meet us there.  
This is Machiventa Melchizedek and I bid you all a most wonderful day. END

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