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FUSION TALK / The Greatest Gift
« on: Today at 01:07:14 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject:  The Greatest Gift
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Time:  11:05 CDT, 12:05EDT

Fusion with one's Thought Adjuster can invoke thoughts of thankfulness to the Father for the fact of being so gifted.  What a gift indeed.  But for the sake of discernment try this:  Reverse one's thinking from such a gift received to a gift given to our Father Fragment within.  This unselfish gifting from one to the Father is perhaps the greatest gift ever given during either the mortal life on Urantia or later on the mansion worlds. Realize that by fusing with your Thought Adjusters, They receive personality forms.  You learn from the Urantia Book that spirit beings have recognizable and distinguishing forms, Thought Adjusters do not have form.  When fusion occurs with Their mortal associates, They receive a gift from you--a personality presence, a pattern.

What wonderful loyalty displayed committing to be forever one with his indwelling Adjuster.  One takes His guidance and takes and takes...there comes a time with everyone to give back...that gift of fusion.

As Lemuel writes today, it's like hitting the jackpot of all jackpots...the greatest mutual gift of all times.            Steve

General Discussion / Pray Always
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:57:22 AM »

Subject:  Pray Always
Speaker:  Thought Adjuster
Date:  September 18, 2018
Time: and Place:  Lafayette, Louisiana - 9:15 AM CDT, 10:15 EDT
Category: New Transmission 

The sun rises this morning in all it's glory.  We expect 106 degrees F  heat index today.  I call on my TA in a practice session this morning to give me a word or phrase to keep in mind throughout the day as a test of my strength of focus.  Have You a message or suggestion my Father fragment within?

"Try this out....Pray Always.  Paul challenged His followers to so the same.  Of course, it is not required to kneel or be still or anything like that.  Rather, keep Me in your every thought.  With practice this exercise can be taken literally.  When driving a car, or giving direction to someone you work with in business, eating lunch, and so on, today you will feel that it is impossible.  But with practice you can, and it is so rewarding.  Remember your first reactions to a car taking you out of your lane?  Tomorrow you will remember it in a different way., and the next day you will thank Me for advising you, when your cursing turns into a smile for receiving the gift of challenge.  When you fail, and you will at least for a while, think of Me, think of Paul.  You should be so lucky to have the challenges that Paul had to overcome during his lifetime on Urantia.  I have had to endure you all these years, and what could be more difficult than that?" (Thanks a lot).

Anything else my dear One? "What... you ask for more?  Handle this request that you pray always and let us see how it goes for today, and we will talk again tomorrow."

Thank you, and I will do my best today.         Steve

General Discussion / TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:15:37 PM »
A week or so ago Ron introduced the work "Federation" into our discussion forum.  Some discussion ensued and decidedly dropped for now but I have not been able to let it go.  You see I have an affinity for the word when thinking of all our galactic friends in the universe and our Celestial Friends throughout all the universes:  A roof underneath we ALL can live and serve.  In fact, it's not so much the word Federation, rather the word Teamwork that I think of within a Federation.  Often I have encouraged persons to be loyal not only to their brothers here on Nystoria but to their Brothers everywhere else.  And together we can build a universe to be settled in light and life someday.  What a goal! 

So I search the TUB for the subject teamwork and lo and behold, coincidentally or not, I find it on page 312, Paper 28: Section 5.3 titled THE SECONDARY SECONAPHIM, the Union of Souls where it says, "These are the angels who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvonton.  One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork.  The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings." 

So, soon I hope that we can revisit the concept of a Federation--a team enjoying the "fruit of an intelligent appreciation of universe brotherhood..." UB 39:4.4 ("What is loyalty?").

On another note:  Ron, I believe it was Michael that told me that you had an opportunity to recall certain missing parts of Ilok's specific work regarding carbonless energy.  Because of security reasons I have not shaken the tree for falling gems of your additional knowledge and discoveries either via emails or discussion forum.  My systems are not near secure enough to warrant my own curiosities and satisfactions.  I thought it wise to wait until I'm in York.  But if you think differently let me know.  Thank you and Michael for wondering why I am silent on this subject.  Also thank you Michael for the warning about the importance of keeping the book under lock and key.  I did so today even more.  Ron, I am so anxious to learn more about Ilok's work. Do you think we could talk about it by private email or perhaps letters?  

I pray, Father, that Ron's health is finally improved and ALL the pain gone.  If this new start achieves this outcome, then I'm glad we start over.


Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Overture/Anthem
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:08:58 PM »
Hi Everyone:

Here is the piece we talked about.  I have been working on an additional majestic sounding "entrance" piece in the the key of C that I may add to this piece, but here's what it is so far.  If any of you beautiful people (Francis Scott Key-type) would like to try to put lyrics to the Anthem, please go for it.  Thanks for listening.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Dear Ron and List:

Here is the Variation on Bach's Two-Part Inventions No. 13 composed by me.  I must say that this piece is a combination of Bachs, both J S and his son, Frederick Immanuel.  One day I found a piece that J S's son wrote that at least seemed to me to be a variation of papa's No.13.  While playing it I liked the way Frederick used the full register of the upper and lower keys, where J S concentrated in the middle register of the piano/harpsichord for his piece.  So I guess you could say this piece is a variation of a variation of No.13.

Thanks for listening.  I'm short for time today so I am not able to attach Bach's original work but if you listen to the original Bach Two-Part Inventions No.13 you may better understand and appreciate the method to my madness with this attached composition.      Steve.

[attachment deleted by admin]

Hello Everyone:
For your entertainment here is a piano piece written for our Forum family titled "Fanfare for the Magisterial Mission" for Brass Ensemble composed by me.  Unfortunately I did not have a full brass ensemble to play and record it quite yet. So, you will have to settle for my piano rendition played by me.  The Fanfare has 4 Parts:
Part 1.  The Trumpets Herald
Part 2.  Phase 1 Commencement
Part 3.  Baroque and Blue   (A seeming departure from Parts 1 and 2  but this Part invites diversity of interests/personalities to our table.
Part 4.  Recapitulation, Cadenza.

Hope you enjoy.  When we are ready for a real Fanfare we'll call on Aaron Copeland ( "Fanfare for the Common Man" ).

[attachment deleted by admin]

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Hi, Steve Gitz here
« on: July 11, 2016, 03:52:47 PM »
I thought it was about time to enter some facts about me.  I'm a 67 year old white male.  Grew up in New Orleans and have been living in Lafayette, LA for 36 years.  Pianist/composer, geologist, 2006 Louisiana State Senior Athlete of the Year(having won multiple gold medals around the USA as a senior Olympian).  Met the Urantia Book in 1970 while attending LSU.  Bought dozens and dozens of UBs throughout the years and gave them to family, friends and strangers but no readers yet.  Married in 1976 to my wife, Jane, who fought a battle with cancer a couple of times, finally being taken by that disease in 2004 (she was 52).  We have three sons and three grandchildren, so far.  Jane and I opened a music store in 1991.  Our oldest son, Peter, runs it now with me somewhat on the sidelines.  

Years ago I postulated what I call Steven's Law: "God never made one of anything".  Example:  Someone may argue that Jesus is the only begotten Son of God.  I would say, "Aha!  Remember Steven's Law:  "God never made one of anything" and then try to teach that there exists many universes, so many begotten Sons.  Try it sometimes--it helps with the concept.

Thanks for accepting me as a junior member in our Family.

Ron:  Thank you for your interest and quick response.  And what a shocker--Rayson speaks to us on this subject.  I am as humble as a pie can be.  Ron, this is more than I could possibly imagine to expect--lagniappe on steroids.
First, I need to explain something about the three phases of making a successful oil/gas/geothermal well; the Drilling, Completion, and Producing.  The two most dangerous phases are drilling and completing.  During drilling the expected and unexpected formations to be encountered (especially at deep depths where pressures are exceedingly great) can be a challenge keeping the hydrostatic balance so that the pressured formation doesn't blow up the hole and bite you.  During the Completion of the well there still is potential danger with an open hole while cementing all the casing in place, then perforating for production thru the casing and into the target formation--just keep a balance with heavy fluids weighting it down so the flow is static, or simply no flow.  Finally, after testing its potential flow, choke it back to a reasonable rate of production that does not harm the formation by pulling to hard (greed often ruins a good well).  This third and final phase is just producing the well at a Flowing Tubing Pressure and choke size desirable to produce the well efficiently.  This final phase is predominately safe.  Everything is already cemented in place.  This production phase is where we could place the piezoelectric quartz crystal technology for tremendous energy production.  We could even look into placing the crystals/ceramics in the transcontinental transmission pipelines.  It only requires about 1400 psi to move product (gas) thru the pipeline to anywhere USA, so the pressures are not as great as in a 10,000 psi gas well, and piezoelectric energy production is in direct proportions to the given pressures and quantity of crystal/ceramic wafers used.
Ron, you asked for a Glossary of terms so that you and Rayson could benefit in discussion.  That I have a geology background and not a material or electrical education I'm sure is known by Rayson, meaning that I don't know all the terms for this type of energy production, but as they say in the movies, "I know people."  As per Rayson's request I have begun to contact persons at Penn State (right in your backyard) who have done extensive work with Piezoelectric effects.  Also, the Materials Research Institute in Pennsylvania is doing great work in this field and I'm making progress with them.  Now, a Glossary of Terms:
Quartz Crystals, also Crystals of Tourmaline and Rochelle Salt (Potassium Sodium Tartrate, Ceramics High Temperature and High Permitting PZT ceramics,  Piezoelectric Transducer, Piezoelectric Energy Harvesting,  Piezoelectric Ceramic Materials--cheaper than piezoelectric quartz crystal material but easy to aging.  Storing Piezoelectric Energy,  Common piezoelectric ceramics are BT, PZT, modified lead zirconate titanate, lead metaniobate, PLBN,PT, etc.
I will add more key works as I educate myself in this field--and boy do I need help!
Thank you Machiventa for the message to Jim, thanks to you, Ron, and a special thanks to Rayson for his address to me.  I know he knows that I'm trustworthy and Loyal (especially to our Supreme Being) but I know we need to get some people who really know this subject.  I'm more of an idea guy with things like this.  Thanks Rayson for putting up with my shortcomings.
With all my Love and Loyalty,
Steve Gitz

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