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[Steven]. Dear Michel, I am working hard to be the best that I can be so that I can earn the right to be Commissiomer for and of Nebadon].

Michael of Nebadon:
" Steven, you do well to study the notes of the last set of meetings in December. You surprise Us with your new found dedication. You are sometimes slow to learn, but represent Nebadon with dignity. You don't represent Spirit, instead the policies of Spirit. And by that you serve Us well. You are learning to understand you are raised onto a plane of existence to understand your obligation and dignity as a Commissioner, now elevated to a position of officer--a highest authority on Urantia."

[Steve]. I remember what Margul taught us at our last set of meetings, when He said, "Search out the passion that speaks to an obligation and dignity you have no had to explain before."

Michael:  Yes, have the courage to speak your mind as Our representative. When the Sanhedris of the world today pose their cowardly questions, stand and answer for Us with the courage of conviction as a leader on Urantia, a leader representing the policies of Spitit that We desire to be supplanted on Urantia.  K

[Steven]. Thank you, Michael, for our conversation. 

General Discussion / Medical Healing
« on: December 11, 2018, 05:48:13 PM »
Dear Forum,

I have a question for our very good Friend, Dr. Mendoza and His Associates about a person who recently told me that her left brain is dead.  Or that is what she gleaned from the doctors she has seen. Her name is Maggie and is the mother-in-law of my son, Eric, and the maternal grandmother of my 3 year old granddaughter, Anna Victoria Gitz..  Maggie grew up in Chile and is an American entrepreneur in the housing market in Lafayette, Louisiana.  She is a lovely lady, full of energy and loves to work and be with family. This past Sunday Eric and his wife, Melissa, Maggie, and myself took little Anna to Tchaikovsky's Ballet, The Nutcracker Suite.  I enjoyed Anna's expressions watching the ballet more than anything. Well, during the intermission Maggie told me about her left brain being dead.  I told her to recite the history of her ailment and this, in short, is what she said:

"Last February I had a bad case of the flu.  Since then I had headaches and felt bad often.  I lost my sense of smell completely.  About 2 months ago I got really sick again with fever and flu like symptoms and with severe pain in the lungs.  The doctor said it was pleurisy.  He ordered complete blood work and it was done.  The results showed everything was normal.  And then I contracted bronchitis and the doctor prescribed Amoxicillin plus steroids for 10 days.  It didn't help but instead became worse.  Then I took a Zpack and it changed my life, but I was still feeling really bad, but without the fever or headaches.  I then went to an infectious disease specialist in Houston, Texas and he ordered more blood work and a CT scan, sputum analysis, etc.  The scan showed the frontal brain lobe blocked from infection of the sinus that expanded deeper.  He prescribed 15 days of Levaquin.  And I'm now feeling pretty much back to normal."  She said that sh is supposed to repeat the scan in January.

As I'm writing this, I received a text from Maggie which said that she was rapidly beginning to recover her sense of smell.

Dr. Mendoza, on several occasions You and Michael have helped reveal cures where medical doctors could not.  If you are in the position to address this, I know Maggie, my son's wife's mother would be grateful.  I told her about You and she is a Chilean believer...a wonderful lady with a big heart.  Thanks.

With permission I use this Category outlining the first 3-Day Meetings from Nov. 15th through the 18th to also include the recent 3-Day Meetings from Nov. 28th through the 30th.  Today Dec. 2 is my first full day back from the 3-Day Meetings in York, PA.  We can all be thankful for Ron's stupendous ability to place order in the meetings between humans and the Divine.  Each step introduced by Ron advanced the successful completion of the goals intended for these three days.  The combined efforts by we humans and the Celestial Beings from Paradise and throughout the Grand Universe successfully commenced the newest agenda which is the Periodic Revelatory Committee and the Contact Commission.  I see already members like Julio, Lemuel and others are committed and are preparing even now to plan to come to York, if possible.  We need able bodies and minds to help with much work ahead.  Thank you all for the considerations and prayers from all parts of Urantia.  Because of Ron's transmitting abilities and high standings with Spirit, he was able to administer to Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz the Oath of Service to the Trinity and the Oath of Service to Michael of Nebadon.  The sincere and heartfelt pledges of service to the Trinity and to Michael and His Coordinate Personalities involved, gives confidence to the Sons of God that together great achievements on Urantia are indeed possible.


Steven, you and Larry are congratulated by efforts put forth these past few days.  Each day you both were encouraged to transmit during the meetings and for good reason.  You, in particular, Steven, have been lax in your efforts to transmit in the past.  And I could say why, and I will.  Your fear of failure, of letting your ego take charge, prevented the confidence that is required to just let it flow.  Transmitting doesn't require perfection, and for sure you are far from that [Thank you, Michael].  You and Larry were encouraged to transmit during the meetings for the purpose you both need to realize and understand how necessary it is for all of the members, especially you fused ones, to share the load of the work with Ron.  In addition, transmitting now can be vitally important to your well being during the upcoming dark period, as it it called.

Don't wait...neither hesitate.  Practice transmitting as often as you have the time.  You saw what you achieved in York.  It was good.  One or two transmissions were even excellent.  I particularly noticed your almost exploding heart when Christ addressed the three of you.  While not visible for reasons of difficulty at that particular time, you seemingly imagined Him at 6'6" in height.  Not right, but that is fine.  So, Steven, have no doubt about your ability to transmit.  We would not have called you to service in York, if you had not the sincere intentions and abilities.  And that goes for all members and guests alike on the forum. 

These meetings in York not only achieved much that is needed, but have proven that Our high expectations to work with humans on Urantia are warranted.  And the success We and Urantia will have is unprecedented through the universes.  Even Father is in wonder of this singleness of accomplishment on any sphere, much less Urantia.

So, We appreciate and love working with you and all from the list.  Steven, you and Larry are truly sons of God. Continue to serve well the doing of the Father's business.  K.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A dream of love and concern
« on: November 08, 2018, 06:53:16 PM »
I woke up from a dream this morning that might explain something about my upcoming travel to York to work as Ron's assistant to help in any way I can with various assignments.  Perhaps it shows my fear, or at least concern, for my family before, during, and even after the dark period, when even more danger may loom in the Gulf coast region where I live.  I worry that I may leave before definite plans are made for my family to bug out at the drop of a hat. As you may recall in the Urantia Book, even Jesus made sure that His family affairs were secure before He began His public ministry.

In the dream there was a large room with small round tables and chairs all about the room.  As I walked into the room I located one table with chars and claimed it a I sat down.  Small talk ensued between me and the other people at their tables nearby.  I had the feeling that I was waiting for others that I knew, in particular, members of my family to join me.  People began to come to my table and join in conversation so often, that we had to slide tables close together to accommodate the additional walk-ups.  More and more people seemed to want to come to my table, some sat at the table, some just observed from nearby.  My spoken words and actions acknowledging all or most of them seemed to attract even more.  Now, children were coming to the large tables slid together, not to converse per se, but just to be near all the action going on, it seemed.  Suddenly, I found myself holding one of the young children.  A four or five year old boy had fallen asleep while I held him vertically in my left arm, using my right arm to continue "speaking with my right hand."  I realized that the boy had fallen asleep in my arm by the weight of his head resting on my left shoulder.  Immediately I thought it was one of my grandchildren, because of the familiarity I have holding the lovely dead weight of a sleeping child in that position, and the inner knowledge I have of the boy's own feeling of security when in my grasp, tucked away with head on shoulder.  And then I looked at him and noticed his beautiful complexion and his short crew-cut hair, and realized that the boy was not my grandchild.  So, I looked around only to discover that there were many other young children apparently eager to be held for comfort and rest as well.  None of the children turned out to be in my family, but that didn't matter.  They could have well been family members because I felt so much love for them all.  I loved the sincere trust and faith they apparently demonstrated coming to me for comfort.

When I woke up, I thought:  Is this the Fatherly love, when at the Last Supper, Jesus asked, no, commanded His apostles to have with on another, in addition to the brotherly love that He had previously taught them to share?  Yes, I believe it is, I concluded.  Should we all be fortunate to experience the pleasure of Fatherly love.  This must be, I thought, the reason Father created us; for Him to experience the glorious, ecstatic relationship of fatherly love--our coming to His table with utter, sublime trust, faith, and love.  How great Thou art to live and love an experiential reality with so many, many children who come to His table!

So I say to you all,  I am not courageous at all about my leaving family without security.  I greatly fear losing any of my children and grandchildren.  For that matter any of the beautiful innocent little ones.  How can I leave to go about doing the Father's business without being certain the family is well take care of.  I must, of course.  I will.  So I pray, Father, please get me to York knowing that my family's safety is secured.  Give me the knowledge to know how to make that happen. 

Thank you, Father.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A fine time for bananas and ice cream
« on: October 28, 2018, 01:50:19 AM »
Nice to see you back in the saddle, Ron.  There is but one good thing about a recovery period after oral surgery and it's not tomato and pea soup. But it IS all the ice cream shakes you can mush down. If I may suggest, add some sliced bananas to your stirred milk and ice cream, and don't forget to squeeze some Hershey chocolate syrup and a tablespoon of cherry syrup.  But be careful not to substitute cayanne pepper for the cherry syrup, if you happen to be loopy from the hydrocodone. Don't get me wrong, we love hot spicy food down in Cajun country, but not in the ice cream please!  

Seriously, measure your steps carefully, Mr. Loopy. This is when you can trip up. Just a bit of caution from Mama Gitz. Now go eat your ice cream and rest.
Gleefully, Steve. 

FUSION TALK / The Greatest Gift
« on: September 25, 2018, 01:07:14 PM »
Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject:  The Greatest Gift
Lafayette, Louisiana, USA
Time:  11:05 CDT, 12:05EDT

Fusion with one's Thought Adjuster can invoke thoughts of thankfulness to the Father for the fact of being so gifted.  What a gift indeed.  But for the sake of discernment try this:  Reverse one's thinking from such a gift received to a gift given to our Father Fragment within.  This unselfish gifting from one to the Father is perhaps the greatest gift ever given during either the mortal life on Urantia or later on the mansion worlds. Realize that by fusing with your Thought Adjusters, They receive personality forms.  You learn from the Urantia Book that spirit beings have recognizable and distinguishing forms, Thought Adjusters do not have form.  When fusion occurs with Their mortal associates, They receive a gift from you--a personality presence, a pattern.

What wonderful loyalty displayed committing to be forever one with his indwelling Adjuster.  One takes His guidance and takes and takes...there comes a time with everyone to give back...that gift of fusion.

As Lemuel writes today, it's like hitting the jackpot of all jackpots...the greatest mutual gift of all times.            Steve

General Discussion / Pray Always
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:57:22 AM »

Subject:  Pray Always
Speaker:  Thought Adjuster
Date:  September 18, 2018
Time: and Place:  Lafayette, Louisiana - 9:15 AM CDT, 10:15 EDT
Category: New Transmission 

The sun rises this morning in all it's glory.  We expect 106 degrees F  heat index today.  I call on my TA in a practice session this morning to give me a word or phrase to keep in mind throughout the day as a test of my strength of focus.  Have You a message or suggestion my Father fragment within?

"Try this out....Pray Always.  Paul challenged His followers to so the same.  Of course, it is not required to kneel or be still or anything like that.  Rather, keep Me in your every thought.  With practice this exercise can be taken literally.  When driving a car, or giving direction to someone you work with in business, eating lunch, and so on, today you will feel that it is impossible.  But with practice you can, and it is so rewarding.  Remember your first reactions to a car taking you out of your lane?  Tomorrow you will remember it in a different way., and the next day you will thank Me for advising you, when your cursing turns into a smile for receiving the gift of challenge.  When you fail, and you will at least for a while, think of Me, think of Paul.  You should be so lucky to have the challenges that Paul had to overcome during his lifetime on Urantia.  I have had to endure you all these years, and what could be more difficult than that?" (Thanks a lot).

Anything else my dear One? "What... you ask for more?  Handle this request that you pray always and let us see how it goes for today, and we will talk again tomorrow."

Thank you, and I will do my best today.         Steve

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