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Warmest and heartiest greetings to all my forum family.  It's with profound humility and much inner joy that I say my family, because for the very first time in my life span I truly and honestly feel that I have a place where I belong, a place of unbound warmth and welcoming offers of friendship and comeraderie.  This means more to me than I can find words to express.  Since I was a late teenager I have felt that God has a mission for me and I believe that  functioning within this forum is IT.....The long interval between my first post and this was not due to a lack of enthuasim, but rather my being in a lesss than spectacular physical condition for the past several days.
I have been a loner forever, it seems, never having had a feeling of truly fitting in, no matter where I might be and what might be taking place.  In retrospect, I feel that my destiny was perhaps preordained by God.....I acquired the Urantia Book several years ago out of curiosity; the title piqued my interest and the review hinted that there is truth between the covers relating to who we (humans) are, why we are here and where we may go when we have departed earth life.  After the UB came into my hands, I anxiously commenced a quick read of the first several pages, and I was truly awed and hugely intimidated by the UB, deciding that the book was written on plane quite above my abililty to comprehend, so - it was placed on my library shelf and remained collecting dust particles for three or four years.....Eventually, I summoned the courage to tackle the UB with resolve and determination.  This time, it was akin to the beginning of a love affair, and now I read  the UB every morning for at least one hour.  I read with increasing interest, understanding that the devine hand of Father God had been pointing me to this way for a very long time.  For this I am eternally grateful to our Father.  With each of my many supplications, I earnestly and humbly ask of the Father "please look upon me and my life span with forgiveness in your heart for my notably hedonistic style of life in my younger days - take me for what I am, your faithful and loving servant who has a fervent desire to become a busily active transmitter/receiver of celestial messages for the benefit of humanity"......While I'm sure the need for proficient T/Rs is a continuing and expanding one, I do believe that with anticipated onslaught of chaotic  and disasterous times, there will be great urgency for more able T/Rs, "please Father, make me one of those."   Father, I am ready, even though a raw and inexperienced novice, to receive that of which I am capable and which You, Father and any celestial being wish to impart to me......I have assembled this passel-o-words to make known to my family a bit more about who I am, with a mumbled small prayer that all will accept me for what I am - a devoted, loving servant of the Father in Paradise......A final aside:  Admittedly, I feel somewhat like a kindergarden student who's been placed into an environment occupied by those of rarified strata of academia, even though I am essentially a self-educated person.....Mountains of blessing upon you all.....TrinitiLuv  

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« on: April 12, 2016, 09:51:49 PM »
I'm new to the forum - only a few days have passed since registering.
My brief word-montage so that forum readers might know who is writing when they view words from TrinitiLuv...Born in the USA in a small agricul-
tural town in the northwest corner of Tennessee at about midnight on the 26th
of November 1930...retired US Air Force and retired real estate broker.  At the
age of 85, my physicians tell me that I'm in far better physical condition than most of my peers, in spite of many entries in my infirmity catalog.  I have been a voracious reader since a youngster.  And, can remember visiting the hometown library many times and checking out books enough to fill the girth  
of one of my father's old leather belts...Have read the King James Bible ten times...The Urantia Book I have read twice and am now on about page 1,000 for the third read.  It seems of greater interest with each read...Have read many esoteric and theosophical writings, including authors Alice Bailey and Helena Blavatsky...Am now about one quarter  through Helena's THE SECRET DOCTRINE...Currently reading the OAHSPE Bible, said by RA to have originated from discarnate fourth dimension or morontial beings.  Have read all five volumes of The Law of One (Law of RA) twice...and much more but do not wish to be burdensome.....A BIG GRINNIEST SMILE, TONS OF BLESSINGS AND  HELLO TO ALL..Royce G Borden, 1016 S Wayne St, Apt 402, Arlington, VA, res. is ca 15-20 mins. from the White House.)                                                                                           

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