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I am a newish member having joined in April 2016 and I wanted to give a few details about myself. I was born in Sydney Australia, in 1963 to two teachers. My mother taught primary school and my father lectured in economics, going on to design tax systems and then to VC a University in the City I now live in, on the Northern Tablelands of NSW. I moved back here from Sydney to teach law to university students, although I am now retired and caring for my parents so they can stay in their home. I will never stop studying. But I also have a love of teaching that I inherited from my parents. If all works out, I get to spend eternity doing what I love! How great is that?
Since quite young I have always questioned “Why?” which can be an annoying trait in a child and even more so in an adult. So I have sought my own answers spending long wasteful hours day-dreaming and reading. This is how I discovered the Urantia Book and then the Serara MM Forum. I was blessed to grow in a family with a close connection to the land that stretches back into our ancestry here as free settlers. When I was young I spent as much time as possible on horseback alone and deep in thought. Well, at the time it seemed important. Now I see that our purpose is part of a series of choices that spell out our known potential. I believe we are here on this forum to see how we fare in actualising that potential.

In the Urantia Book, of the Apostles it is said “They never failed to alternate between exaltation and humiliation in their life experiences.” I relate well to this constant struggle to keep the calm within. I can say that with all my past chalked up, I have learnt the lesson of humility rather well. I married at 21 and had two wonderful children. My son lives with me and my daughter studies at Melbourne University. I divorced at 29 and have not sought a lasting relationship since. I have been so privileged to spend time in the company of some amazing people. Over the years since, I have witnessed enough to conclude that we are being observed by those far superior to us, guiding each decision. When I was 8, I was saved from drowning in a way that at the time was really puzzling, but now makes more sense.
I work towards reception of the spiritual help at hand and to be useful to the Teaching Mission. But also towards the calmness that eludes me. It is wonderful to have stumbled into a fraternity and a sense of belonging. It seems that all the disappointments and false starts were given to me so that I could spot the real deal, and this is it, among all here.   I am a child sitting at the adults table grasping at familiar words, and struggling with new concepts. I don't understand all that is said yet. I remember when Meloloc signed off with “unmitigated serenity”. But at this table – I am too excited to eat. So I sign off “Intermittent calm” because too much is going on to be calm all the time. Angela.

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« on: April 16, 2016, 03:30:16 AM »
Hello from NSW, Australia.
I started reading the UB a year ago and haven't finished yet. The chapter on Thought Adjusters drew me in and straight away I knew this was a precious gift. I lose myself for hours grasping at meaning, cross-referencing terms and personalities. I am a bit analytical in my approach. My thought adjuster helps. :)
My goal is to finish before the new papers are published. The UB was written so long ago. So I am glad there are great resources like this forum to fill in the years and prepare us for what's to come. Looking forward to exploring the different topics here.

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