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New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Introduction
« on: November 24, 2017, 11:00:27 PM »
Introduction even though I have been a long time visitor I am only now posting my personal information. I hope this is acceptable.
I was born ALVIE CHESTER HUGHES after my father during the Great depression, 1935, Portland Oregon, youngest of Five.  
My Mother, Jossie Mason was, Canadian, B.C.  From what could be called an upper middle class family of four girls and one boy. Her siblings married well but she did not. My Father was from an uneducated alcoholic back ground one without a moral compass. He developed no character or work skills nor was he able to give up his addictions. When I was an infant My Mother developed TB -Tuberculosis, she passed in 1948 without my ever knowing Her. My Father abandoned His parental duties when I was four years old, leaving his children, his wife who was hospitalized without insurance subject to what help would be available through the State.
I was raised in a State Foster Home, on a poultry farm until I was 10 years old.  Where I witnessed the Farmer exposing himself to one of the teen age girl wards. I left and rolled around like a loose cannon ball in and out of school and jobs until nineteen years when I became an employee on a Columbia River Tug boat. In time a tugboat operator. Until I was married and had a child.
1958 my wife and I, in marriage, stood in God's presence, we pledge to each other. From that time forward all pledges with God. It will always be so. THIS I PLEDGE.
God in my life was through the kindness of a foster home parent who was not religious but sent me to church where I found Jesus. My Thought Adjuster took care of me the rest of the time even though I did not know this then. Now by looking back I clearly see what I could not see then which for me proved in time there was a God. By making a conscious decision to ask if there is a god and if so  I would like to know who and what that God was. My TA lead me to the UB. 1990s.
Through this life experience I have gained a constant thought ( It is my will that God's will be done. IT has lead me and I fallow.
I have committed to the Magisterial Mission, the correcting, and cleaning of our planet from here or anywhere else . I will serve as best I can no matter where.
I can't say how many time I have read the UB. It seems not important for I don't remember all that I have read.  I don't think this brain will be sufficient so I'll just live with it and keep on reading.

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