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Michael, Creator Son Bestowed as Jesus. FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus.  20th Feb 2019, Dominick O, Seattle, WA USA

Teacher: Michael, Creator Son who Bestowed as Jesus
Subject: FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Feb 20, 2019.  16:30pm UTC  (8:30am Pacific)

The apparatus is failing before it can start in terms of denying My connection with My Children. Fusion upon the planet is a sign the Father works in Coordination with Myself and Mother Spirit to commune-icate with you and anyone reaching inward and upward to Spirit on terms unique and at their own level.  We will reach you, My children, at your level, where you are in life and circumstance and disposition.  Not necessarily on your terms but in relationship with you, We respect you always.

The apparatus is a code for machinations of the House that Jack Built, who considers relationship with Mine and Father’s creation and creatures an abhorrent idea, and stamped it out with greater and greater creativity abhorrent to the rest of the Universe.

FUSION is a shot across the bow of the Apparatus and a call sign; and I will leave it at that for you to figure out what that means.  I thank you all for listening and remind you that this one was reminded to find Peace with his Adjuster through My Consort prior to this message.  I bid you all a good day. Peace. K

Teacher: N/A
Subject: Dealing with Transmission Practice
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Feb 19, 2019.  5:30am UTC (17:30) (9:30am Pacific)

These are exciting times [when your transmitting desires produce seemingly no effort on your part or perceived response from Our part] for this is a sign, if you will, that the other contingent of spiritual life will be brought forth in angelic synchronicity and opportunity.

You have answered your own question in terms of attitude to transmission gaps and the speed by which you sometimes give up without trying, yet sometimes, this quick-to-ditch practice is the speed by which you sense there is no formal transmission for you at the given time.  Perhaps life circumstances will not permit it and a poor transmission would have resulted any way.  The point is to practice connecting with us intentionally at any given time; and connecting early in your day, then often throughout will produce results; has produced results.

In summary:
Do not look upon a no-result transmission, or the aborted attempt at “practicing,” bring about guilt. Instead, become excited at the angelic-Adjuster-produced opportunities coming your way.  K

[Thank you]

Teacher: Mother Spirit, Nebadonia
Subject: Do not try too hard
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Feb 12, 2019 UTC (18:30) (10:30am Pacific)

QRM -  [much electronics about, router, fridge, freezer and computer]

Yes, do not try too hard and prayer and praying and worship is a best practice in such environment of mind

With any peace [as fridge turns off] a pressure release of spirit ensues, thank you for coming to Us this morning.  Relax in this Peace, do not try too hard as you expect results and miss the point with Us in the first place with this approach.  Hand off the keyboard for now, ok?


There, you experienced the circuit connection flushing out the interference like a liquid of concentric circles emanating from the heart-center but flowing in connection through the top of your head.  This is more of a technical document for the edification of others, ok?  Slow down My children, when you are feeling blocked.  Slow down and intentionally reach for Me and you will be re-encircuited with Me.  Even if and when there is interference all around and within because of polluted frequencies.  Do not be frustrated by any lack of results, this feeling of no results, is the intention of the interference in the first place.  So know that we are connected the moment(s) you seek to connect with Me, and success is omni-present, albeit, time-lagged, in so much as you experience the results throughout your day with the fruit of greater patience, forbearance and so on.  [Victory is sweet]  Those were your words not mine.  Stop trying to slay the dragon and instead practice the joy of connection.  That is all for any transmission for this morning.  Domtia and Good day.  K.

Mother Spirit, Receiving Our Love and the Consequential Results.  7th Feb 2019, Dominick O, Seattle, WA USA

Teacher: Mother Spirit, NEBADONIA
Subject: Receiving Our Love and the Consequential Results
Category: New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
February 7, 2019.  8:00pm UTC  (12:00pm Pacific)


We appreciate a clean circuit, a rested individual.

Always, am I [Mother Spirit] responsive to your requests [spiritual association and support].

It may and can be through My children, my angels and spirit ministers; with practice you begin to distinguish the who and what but in the beginning it is not important to decipher this and it is more important to accept and receive our down-reach with your up-reach. This is a re-acquaintance, if you will, yes? [gentle ribbing]

With your Spirit Mother and Father you are always safe, always loved and always surrounded and bathed in our Light.  We relish and so much enjoy the co-discovery of who you are, truly and spiritually; a Creators’ love.

Folks, this is REALITY!  It is almost embarrassing to you mortals to be so conditioned to shun this love, Our love.  Please realize and recognize this is a cultural, conditioned aversion of Our love to you, with you and in you; and the Supreme Love demands you ACT to bring about and manifest this Love into REALITY; and that the experience of it is also real and can and will NEVER be taken away from you and is ETERNALLY YOURS.  Be brave!

Perhaps it manifests in restraint, perhaps in giving something of yourself, or an act for another, A smile, a look into another’s eyes recognizing-acknowledging the other whole personality before you – which subconsciously tells the other they are part of the spiritual kingdom and sons and daughters in it.

This is all from me today. Yes you may hold on the line to practice longer stamina.  Good day. K


This is Michael and you expect something of me as a tandem with My Consort, Nebadonia.  But this is all you get as you understand the busy-ness at hand 😉  Good Day!  K

Edit these notes and stay in reception in case we want more, thank you. K  

Teacher: ANKARA
Subject: Reception, Reflectivity
Category: Threads for New Transmissions
T/R: Dominick O
Location: Seattle, WA, USA
Sept 10, 2018.  4:30pm (16:30) UTC (9:30am Pacific)


Do not block this let it flow.  Reflectivity is not just a one-size-fits-all modality but a recipe book when it comes to communicating in conjunction with you and your Thought Adjusters.

A distinction and discernment that something has begun, when a name such as Mine comes through in response to your reaching upward/inward, as opposed to mindal flashes of fleeting thoughts.

Yes, notice the tickle on the back right of the head, this is your Thought Adjuster signaling as well.
Your willingness to “let it rip” over the animalistic desire to run away with an ego driven response that this is not possible.

Today’s reception is clear enough and an exercise in helping those just starting out, what the process is like sometimes.  The consequences are God’s, as they say.

Good Day.

[Thank you]

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