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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Where is the trust?
« on: February 13, 2018, 12:00:31 PM »
A lot of things are happening around the world, and although I don't completely understand the Magisterial Mission, my eyes have been opened to see the upcoming changes our beloved Urantia will face and go through. Everyday is a revelation of Truth in my life and my TA is taking every opportunity to show me the way of righteousness. I want you all to understand that our beloved Father is working endlessly on bringing out the truth and exposing the wicked intentions, the corruption, the sickness, the unfairness, everything dark is being exposed in his beautiful light and is harder and harder for wicked people to hide behind money or power. That said, open your eyes and see how he manifest his intentions to eliminate all traces of confusion, how he is using artists, government officials and many influential people to bring the truth out in a manner that can't be ignored, and in the process people are losing the fear that consume them and they are being freed and enlightened.
It  will take time, but understand that although is inevitable that our beautiful planet will go through changes to heal and correct herself for future generations, it's also the Father's intention that as many people as possible understand who they are, so they can guide and help others in the midst of pain and chaos. We have to stop being so hard on ourselves, and learned how to put  the trust entirely on God.  We are weak in the mind and in the process of adjusting we will have many physical and mental battles, but that does not  mean that it has to be a hard process to endure, because when we put our trust entirely on him, the fear subside and gives place for peace.
If you are here on this forum to check on dates, and  events, you are putting yourself out there for disappointment, what is, is, and what will be, will be. You all know it in your hearts. Here is the truth, He will make everything clear to us on it's given time and he will confirm it in our hearts individually. We are not meant to have dates and give predictions as our time is not  the same as His and He don't work through chaos but in a very organized manner. That said, be patient and trust Him and trust His promise that soon Urantia will be cleansed from the confusion and pain left by Lucifer's rebellion.  Also, let the TA guide you and teach you, learned to identify Its voice, seek him when you are troubled, the more you let him guide you, teach you, correct you the easier it will be to accept and live the life we are meant to live.  Finally, please remember we are not meant to convince, to reach out or to struggle to convinced others of the truth, we are meant to shine our  lights and be different, He will send us the people who are ready and we will know. Trust him, do not fear, let the fruits of the Spirit grow in you and be perfected, and trust that he will show you the right path, the one that will make you grow and ascend.

Threads for New Transmissions / God answers!!!
« on: September 05, 2017, 10:09:27 PM »
I would like to share my experience. Last night I felt a deep sense of fear, after I ask the Father and Michael for peace I went to sleep. This morning I felt a deep sadness and experienced the sense of being alone.  I have not felt fear or deep sadness in a long time and I had many conversations with the Father and my Thought Adjuster today reflecting on why I felt that way.
Fear is a weakness of the limited mind...ok but why do we fear if we trust the Father and His perfect and divine plan? We fear because we lack vision, because we don't understand what we don't see. That is not of evil nature, but fear can stop you from growing and can place you in an inert state.
Follow is the conversation I had today, please bear with me as I am new and the format might not be what you are use to.

Dear Father, thank you for welcoming me and loving me in such an amazing way.  Thank you Jesus for showing me the Truth and for showing me through my experiences the living Truth and the Father's will.  I'm open to your ministry Holy Spirit as we are one and a whole.
What do you want from me? Why bring me to this moment and show me this? 
I want you to understand that I love you.  You are here because you asked for the truth.
I know you love me!!!
Yes, but do you trust me like a Father?
I don't know a father's love, I have always been on my own.
No child, you never been on your own, not even on your lowest moments, it was there that I manifested and in those moments you open to me and we have talked so many times. (on feeling alone today) Daughter I have not forgotten you, how can I forget you if I have never leave your side.
Then why now, why me?
Because you seek me, because I know your heart, because I heard you every time, for you ask for the right gifts.
Why was I afraid?
Because you let other distractions influence your mind. (be careful what you see ,and what you hear, and what you let into your mind, ask for discernment and it shall be granted, the truth is louder and clearer)
Do you know the story about the seed that was planted between shrubs with all the odds against its favor?
A seed was planted in a field, among wild grass and shrubs. The seed sprouts because there is a glimmer of light and it calls to it. Then the shrubs, the weeds and the tall grass keep growing and block the sun .  Because the little seed, now a plant knows the light and because the light calls to her, she stretches and reaches up to the light and surpasses all the shrubs, all the weeds and all the grass on her own. You are that beautiful flower, ever reaching to the light, to the Truth.  You seek me and I am here.  I am more present than ever.

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Thank you!
« on: August 30, 2017, 05:14:33 PM »
Love and greetings to all my Urantia brothers and sisters!!! I am happy to be in the liberty of freely expressing my new found knowledge, and thankful to be part of this forum and of this beautiful expression of spiritual brotherhood. I am a 39 years old female, mother of two teen girls, I was born in Puerto Rico and been living in Florida for about 13 years now.
I have loved our Universal Father since it was presented to me at the age of 7 in a Pentecostal church in Puerto Rico.  However, I was also though to fear him and grew up thinking I was not worthy of his love and forgiveness. When I was 16 I remember asking the youth pastor "How can I be a good christian if I think that everything I do is sinful?", and I remember him saying "Jesus gave us a new commandment - "Love God above everything, and your neighbors as you love yourself" and he explain that it really was not that complicated". Although that ease my fears a little, I grew up questioning religion and rejecting dogma. I always new our Father is real, I have felt his love and protection and I have had many conversations with my Thought Adjuster since a young age, but I did not do my Father's will but mine and because of that I have fallen many times. I was a rebellious daughter, lost and confused.
About 5 years ago I made a decision to work on my self from the inside out, to love myself and to learn how to control my emotions.  I started thinking logically towards the everyday problems, decisions and disappointments (it is still a work in progress). I started to give without expecting something in return, I embraced fairness and justice as a definite rule in my life, I started seeing people with the heart instead of judging them for what they do or how they seem to be. There are several rules I made and applied, "no matter what they do to you, don't do the same, don't be what you despise", "don't do to others what you don't like to be done to you or the ones you love", "truth makes you free, speak the truth and do not fear", "behind everyone there is a story who made them who they are, don't be quick to judge, everyone has their own struggles"...and a few more that I have instilled in my daughters and everyone who is willing to listen.
It is now clear to me that my Thought Adjuster has been guiding me to this moment, to the first week of August when I heard for the first time about Urantia.  Never in my life I have felt so worthy of the Father and his endless love, how can I ever think he did not wanted me? How can I ever believe I was not worthy? My Father in Heavens have show me love, patience, have been with me every step of the way, but there was one thing holding me back...I did not know and didn't accept in my heart that he was not only with me, but in me, which lead me to give recognition to my Thought Adjuster. Thanks to this new found truth I am free to now love God with all my being and worship him for his greatness, his righteousness and his endless love and compassion toward his children. I do not longer fear him, or his "wrath", I do not longer feel unworthy of his love and forgiveness as I know now that my Father in Heaven loves me and knows my heart.
I know I have a long way to go, as I read through the pages of the life of Jesus, everything finally makes sense to me and my heart rejoices on this message of Fatherly love.

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