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From the Daniel Raphael group in Colorado.

 Machiventa Melchizedek introduction to this group:

"I am sure you all know who and what this group purports to be and we agree they are an extraordinary group and we laud Ron for standing in for their lack of good behavior.  However, Ron sees this transmission evidently very important for me to shine in delivering an ultimatum not to this discussion forum group, but to the Raphael group, that if they want to live life in a better world, learn to collaborate.  So far they insist they are better than any of you and will not budge from that position.  Unfortunately, Daniel Raphael is getting a call from higher up, that unless he learns the ropes, epochal revelatory production from his group will not happen, and all of it has to be thrown to our bettle here, Ron Besser.  Ron laughs at this but he is producing one hell of a book on the AIDS virus that will knock the socks off the medical authorities, and I report that Newstarsaphire is the text editor and is almost done reformatting the entire two hundred page book type written.  We are insisting it be published by Simon and Schuster and they do not know that yet. 

"As a result of a turn of events this morning, Ron is now aware that what I say below is entirely in keeping with what he learned this morning.  The NEBADON FEDERATION is now permitted to go forward and that the Contact Commission on Urantia composed or Ron and three others you know well, is viable again after serious doubts for the past 24 hours in Ron's mind. 

"He sees Machiventa Melchizedek ready to pitch in again as I had to withdraw from direct support of the Contact Commission on Sunday and Ron felt it keenly and sadly without telling anyone what was happening and what he heard really but tremendous intuitive sensing as Ron was not told a thing.

"In retrospect it is Ron who drives this whole thing on Urantia and he sadly laments the uncooperative status of all groups around the country for keeping themselves isolated from the truth of the matter.  There is a genuine Contact Commission and it sits in York and it will drive the new Sixth Epochal Revelation quickly into book stores and other places as well.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek, and here is Lord SERARA which we institute once again Ron.  Machiventa Melchizedek."

MONJORONSON - "I am Monjoronson and just plain Monjoronson.  Ron says to Machiventa Melchizedek, now we have more vegetation to chop down to get to the Magisterial Son names?  He said yes, but I said "NO" and nicely done.  We are not using the title Lord for any of it and so shut that off in your own address practices.

"Ron is one of the few who forgives and forgets in the name of harmony and good news.  This morning Ron sat down to write a viper report to the Commissioners which Dominick has read already and is whizzing through the Medical Addendum Ron is writing right now for the Origins of AIDS and Autism book which now includes a temporary cure for Alzheimer's  Disease.  If you catch Altzheimers early enough, it is a total cure.  Be assured he is having trouble in that the cures are out in the open and he has no wish to have the pharmaceutical corporations profit from it in a greedy grab to patent these freely give cures and vaccines. I see we are also nervous about stating much more here at this time but Ron is reasonable and lets me state the book can, if they listen, revolutionize the treatments for AIDS, Autism, Altzheimers, and strangely enough if he can get the vaccine listed again, for the blood cancer called Lupus.  It is an extraordinary gift from the Deity Absolute to Urantia and Ron is fully accrediting that in the book shortly.

"I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE - "Ron gives me full credit after Michael of Nebadon and the Universal Father both agreed it was time to release this information.  The book is now in its twelfth rewrite, and I suspect it has to go through two more rewrites because we want changes in it again too.  In any case we did agree to provide actual AIDS vaccines and explanations of what really causes these diseases.

"In all cases Ron was wowed with what he was told to write down as true formulas for the vaccines and otherwise the tinctures required for treating Altzheimers.  He is ready to sit on a pile of thought that makes him ill though, and that is he must not be removed from Urantia until the Sixth Epochal Revelation is handed over to the next generation and he will be fully accredited for causing it to be published now, as he and the Commissioners he formed around himself, and then officially recognized by the Paradise Trinity, and they in turned forced all Commissioners to take their Oath of Service to them while all Commissioners still remained individually in the flesh on Urantia.  Simon and Schuster are the primary publishers of text books in the United States and they are going to be asked by the Paradise Trinity to take the publication of this book on for the world theater of people who believe Simon and Schuster are the right publishers for any important book in the free world.  They are known for integrity and needful concerns for the authors of important books.  ron has included in the Medical Addendum a full explanation as to why the pharmaceutical corporations and clinics will not patent any of these vaccines and he is adamant in that and will force court case after court case to stop it.  However, he will also ask the Congress of the United States to make it illegal to patent or otherwise profit from vaccines fully and freely given to the public and begin curing the most horrible diseases ever known in Nebadon.  I am the Deity absolute and wish all a good day."

GABRIEL OF THE LOCAL UNIVERSE OF HENSELON -  "I am Gabriel of Henselon, and you hear correctly.  I am truly impressed with this man who can dig ditches and stare at the stars and know how they are put together and with appreciation the Deity of God.  I am Gabriel of Henselon, and there is only one Gabriel in each Local Universe, and I am He.  Besides that we have the Gabriels of Avalon. Sensalon, and Wolvering with Gabriel of Nebadon, watching how this post is put together as a momentous occasion got announced by a dust mote called Ron Besser to the rest of us.  We did not know this was pending as an Agenda item before the Contact Commission in York, Pa USA as we know it now.  all of Gabriels salute the Father and the Deity Absolute willing to convene quickly enough to bring this Federation of Local Universes to the attention of all of you.  Ron laughs with us over this ability to speak so well at times, and we greet him someday as one of our Federation Ambassadors to other Local Universes.  We wish you a good day to all! Gabriel of Henselon."

Ron Besser -  I assign my Adjuster to reply to the gracious beings who have addressed me this morning. [Adjuster speaks for me:]  "Ron knows me well enough to assign me to replying to universe Administrators of high rank, and he knows the difference between eloquence and sheer capacity to blast out thank you's without being sure has proper protocol in his face and words.  As such we say this to the attending Gabriels as he laboriously writes this reply.

"I Ron Besser reply to all who have addressed me this morning, I am almost too ill to take any command at times but I am promised full redemption of these things and will not speak further to them at this time.  I am in need of breakfast and heart from other if should be ever be granted to me to receive such.  I am also so proud of the ones who site around my table at 2709 Sunset Lane here and who have contributed so much of their time and gracious good humor with me and for me.  I also thank Gabriel of Henselon for what you have provided this morning to me and will endeavor to be as good for you as I am good for Gabriel of Nebadon and his Creator Son orderly not.  I am grateful to the Existential Deities for their kindness to me and our Contact Commission, and to all who work so well to bring us together and to surprise ever and anon about who shows up at the table to cheer me so much.   I close not with a smphonic challenge but with an Anthem I love to half play and I understand now it is fully dedicated to our Father on High and to each of your Local Universes for what I believe is true and right for our little planet Urantia.

"We are now in our seventh decade of mortal existence and we are running out of fuel to continue very well at this time, but I dedicate all time I have to this Federation. to Nebadon my true home, and to my poor little Urantia for its sad tale of woe in all of this.  My Adjuster and I greet you perfectly from him, and tearfully from me and I am grateful for your good intentions for me and my future. Thank God I got here before you made some mistakes!  Ron Besser of Urantia in the Constellation of Norlatiadek in the Planetary System of once being Satania, but no more that name either."

MACHIVENTA SPEAKS ONE MORE TIME: " I have watched this youngster speak for years without a single person helping him come to the front of the room and offer condolences to Michael for losing his Sons Caligastia and Lucifer.  I am truly afraid he is not understood by most of you, but we have a high Son here, who looks at you and wonders what is in your head  and we see and extraordinary Adjuster blistering us for not paying attention to a strange phenomenon we have never seen on any planet we have ever visited.  Ron represents a new breed of mortal characters who must learn their P's and Q's and he does so without complaint.  He is compliant and wordy at times but he must be because so many do not think without being spoon fed completely.  He is truly without stardom ever an that is his choice as he does not like a lot of attention ever.  But destiny has thrust him onto the stage as our first ambassador from the Federation using Henselon as his starting point as he will arrive in Henselon without fanfare.  And that is the beginning of an extraordinary career for him as Monjoronson foretold a decade ago when he got a whiff of who he was. Fortunately he grew up in Nebadon the closest the Grand Universe has to a free for all in policy making and changes for the better among planets that are dull and ready for exposition as Mighty Messengers and so on.  We conclude this to state I believe Ron will set a precedence in Nebadon to represent a new Order, and we are studying the case greatly and  he leaves no mortal heir except Dominick whom he sees as one with him believe it or not.

"I now present myself for the introduction of what news I shared with the Colorado group directed by Daniel Raphael as good as Ron gets too, but is lofted no more due to his lack of cooperation.  Machiventa Melchizedek." 


2019-2-25, NET #58, Machiventa
New Era Transition #58 – Progress; Monetary Systems; Inequality; Melchizedeks – Feb. 25, 2019
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
A new beginning in the Teaching Mission
Celestials are heartened by the progress being made
A change in concern of individuals toward their world
Imbalance is a motivator for positive social change
Young children can make ethical and moral decisions
Adults must make decisions about their lives
Not making decisions is an act of personal disempowerment
The New Era Transition will continue
A question on democratic republics
Monjoronson’s 3 part mission
The current mission of the NOCO group
Debt based monetary systems
The culture of having “more is better”
We can easily be headed for an era of material prosperity
We are all equal in the eyes of Deity
Inequality must evaporate
Changes in the world since the Urantia Book and the Bible
Personal questions about Machiventa
A question on incarnation
Mortal fusion with Thought Adjuster
Does Machiventa have a partner?
Collective thinking among Melchizedeks
What celestials anticipate for us
TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members present:  Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler and Michael McCray.
Invocation:  Roxie
February 25, 2019
A new beginning in the Teaching Mission
MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek, your Planetary Manager.  Today is a significant day for us here in the celestial morontial realms, and also in the spiritual realm.  This day marks a new beginning in what you call the Teaching Mission and we call the Correcting Time because there is more movement about in the hearts and minds of people in all Western democratic nations, particularly those centered in the spiritual essence, knowing the God presence exists within them and that they are in touch with that in one way or another.  Many are not, as you know, but none the less are spiritually led in their lives to their advantage.
We are able to mark the developments of organizations, particularly the individuals who participate in organizations as we are seeing changes slowly in the internal movement of those organizations.  You, in the western realm of your civilization notice a slow, very arduous and difficult movement within organizations as they begin to accept the equality of other people, particularly of women.  The inclusion of the feminine gender into organizational decision-making structures and processes is vital to the progress of those organizations and to the integration of societies within themselves.  As organizations are ever present throughout all societies and nations, the individuals who make decisions who are also in touch with their Thought Adjuster consciously or unconsciously, is an important advent for the social change and the energetic changes of your world. 
Celestials are heartened by the progress being made
These are on levels that are very subtle to your own personal awareness.  Many of you have no awareness of this and few of you notice slowly the changes in the news media that you receive.  We are heartened by the progress that is being made.  In the meantime there are many who are kicking and screaming, resisting all of these positive changes of equality.  They would rather seek personal dominance and self-interest to influence decisions in the way they would like to see the world develop.  This in reality is a small minority—or is a minority in most nations—the most obvious majority to us, the one that is well over 60% of any population are the inactive individuals who do not take a stand on the issues at hand, do not make decisions, do not have opinions one way or another and do not act in regard for what you would call righteous decisions for right outcomes; they simply are inactive.  It is because of this inactivity of the dominant population that persistently negative and detrimental actions are able to dominate the course of organizations, and cultures.
A change in concern of individuals toward their world
This too will change.  What is changing that we see is the concern of individuals, of people, individually and collectively, that something is not right in their world; something is not working—not necessarily for their advantage, but for the smooth operation of their societies, communities, their schools and medical care, and so on.  There is obviously something out of step in the United States, as it is politically in a tremendous era of turmoil.  This is something we have not generated.  It is something that we do abhor and do not encourage individuals to sustain or maintain.  Rather, it is a natural development of the powerful on one side and the very un-empowered individuals on the other side; one side is highly moneyed and the other is living on their hopes and dreams. 
Imbalance is a motivator for positive social change
It is this situation of imbalance that is causing many in the middle to be of concern and this is an important motivator for positive social change.  That is where we in the Correcting Time come in to participate with you and to encourage all others to participate even as they sit in their armchairs reading their daily words or their daily spiritual guides, and so on, and their meditation practices to project that energy throughout the world.
Young children can make ethical and moral decisions
From our perspective, your world is not idle.  There is what you call “nothing happening” in your terms, but on our side we see that there is tremendous activity going on in the minds and hearts of people.  Unbeknownst to many middle class people in the United States is that they are not speaking from the parental or grandparent position to their children or grandchildren to help them understand what is occurring in their nation and in their society.  Children are in many ways unaware of the influences around them, but are nonetheless being formed by those influences, and in that situation children are not making choices for themselves.  Children who are 2 or 3 or 4 years past their age of moral decisions are at an age where they can now begin to make ethical and moral decisions for their own lives. 
Parents have not in the main given their children this option of thinking, that if they see a situation that is disagreeable, they have a choice to move away from it, to exit that social environment to one that is either by themselves, or healthy with other people who want peace in their lives too.  It is this influence that is so important in children whether they live in the ghettos or whether they live in multi-story, multi-million dollar homes.  Children have an opportunity to make decisions about the course of their life.  The great disempowerment of children is that few have ever thought of the option of making decisions which are different.  They have simply learned to accept the situation as it is and have not made a moral conscious decision about that.  You as parents have a moral obligation to teach your children this wonderful skill that they can make decisions of their own, to accept what is around them or not.  This is the great dividing influence that children in ghettos and lower class families, even those who lack education have that has enabled them to escape those situations and to rise above their peers in those socio-economic levels. 
Adults must make decisions about their lives
It is important that you too, as adults, know that you have a decision to make about your life.  You can either accept those situations around you, that environment, or you can change your thinking about it.  It is not necessary for you to move away, just as children in the ghettos do not move away; they simply change their thinking and pursue different avenues of interest and self-achievement to help them rise above the level that they came from.  This is a major decision-making process that immigrants have gone through in their movements around the world.  They are seeking a society that allows them and empowers them to make decisions for themselves to grow into their potential in positive and constructive ways. 
Not making decisions is an act of personal disempowerment
In balance of what I have just said, you realize then that 60-65% of your population who has not made a decision is disempowered and they have done so on their own to themselves.  You may say, “Oh, that is unfair, Machiventa; they have never really had the option or given the option to think otherwise.”  And therefore for you, that percentage among us that can make the decision, it is your moral responsibility to teach them how to do that.  Even if that is in a 15 second conversation on the elevator, that is all that many people need to change their minds and change the directions of their lives.  And from the improvement of their quality of life, they can grow, and they can grow into their spirituality because that is where their potential lies.  A great deal of their potential is spiritual, it is social, it is emotional and it is individual.  Once an individual has empowered themselves to make the decision that they want to grow into their potential, they will.
If you have questions regarding this topic, you are most welcome to ask them.
The New Era Transition will continue
Roxie:  At the beginning you mentioned that we have entered into a new phase.  Does that mean that this is the end of the New Era Transition, or will that continue for us?
MACHIVENTA:  My mentioning that does not involve this New Era Transition.  It simply is a change that we have noted in organizations where people who participate in committees and boards of directors, and so on, have begun to see their situation much more differently and that they are much more responsible for the course of the organizations than they had been before.  It is important that these individuals realize that they are the decision-makers along with families and individuals to change the course of their society.
Roxie:  Thank you for clarifying that.
A question on democratic republics
Craig:  Last session I was a little surprised to hear Russia and China being discussed in the same breath.  I know that Russia has gone from being a Communist dictatorship; I thought it is now a democratic republic. Of course we know that all governments are collapsing, but is Russia considered to be a democratic republic in the same sort of way that other democratic republics are?
MACHIVENTA:  The short answer is “no.”  The title of a democratic republic for that country is a façade for the dictatorship of one individual.
Craig:  Okay, thank you.
MACHIVENTA:  For those who are astute and observant of changes within the cultures of China will note as others have only recently, that the thrust of the highest echelons of leadership in China have changed from promoting the economic improvement of their populations to now controlling those populations on an individual basis.  This, if you realize it, is the beginning of their end because as I stated last time, that even those who were under dictatorships, as long as their quality of life is improving and they can grow and they can express some potential within themselves they will tolerate that situation.  But when their lives begin to be controlled individually through identification of their DNA besides their fingerprints, and so on, then you have seen the demise of that leadership.  It may take a decade or more for this to erupt and to evolve into an eruption but it surely will.  As you know, the heart and spirit of humanity is to be free and to be self-determining of their own course in life and their own potential.
Jeff:  I actually have three questions, one of which is only vaguely related to your introductory comments, and that question is this:  In the post cataclysms, what will be the role of poorly educated males?
MACHIVENTA:  This is a topic which is not relevant to our venue today; it is speculative and it will not provide you with any information to guide you in your decisions personally or collectively.
Monjoronson’s 3 part mission
Jeff:  Thank you.  Last December Monjoronson spoke to Valdir Soares and mentioned, “The three part aspects of my mission: the Brotherhood of Man and Women, the establishment of a global government, and the global diffusion of one language.”  It is fair to assume the NOCO group rests in global government, but are there any comments you care to make about where we sit in the overall architecture of that aspect of his mission?
MACHIVENTA:  I take exception that the NOCO group is working on a world government; therefore it does dismiss the other half of your question.  You are most welcome to rephrase your question with that knowledge.
The current mission of the NOCO group
Jeff:  Okay, if we are using words like “Introduction to Planetary Management,” and we are working towards that with the values based decision model and co-creation ideas, if this global government is part of the overall mission of the Correcting Time, are we doing the right thing by our emphasis on the efforts we have right now?
MACHIVENTA:  You definitely are doing the right things by what you are doing right now, using the innate 7 values and the morality and ethics that emanate from those values and using those with other people to develop competent, capable and humane social policies are essential to the work of the Correcting Time.  You mentioned government; government is not a concern of ours in the Correcting Time effort.  The work that we are doing right now in the Correcting Time involves culture change.  We seek to create a culture change within all societies of all people of Urantia.  Within a culture change there are a change of values.  You will find the core of any culture is represented in its values.  When you change the values, you change the culture.  Once you change the values and the culture, then you can think about developing those global holistic enterprises for governance or for economics or for healthcare, education and any of the other major social institutions of any people.  Do not think of our work as being to develop a government; that is a consequence or a development out of our work which will be eventual just as a single language will become eventual.  It is not an issue of immediate concern. 
What we are concerned with particularly in the NOCO group and the work that we are doing in the Correcting Time is to teach people how to make decisions that are socially sustainable, decisions that are ethical and moral, decisions that take into consideration life, equality and growth and the quality of life, the empathy, compassion and love of all humanity in a balanced way so that decisions are not out of self-interest, but other- interest.*  You see, you do not have a word that fits in the middle between self-interest and other interest.  You must begin making decisions that are integrated, decisions that consider both sides of self and mutual and not exclusive so that decisions made by individuals for their own personal life and for raising their children, or those decisions they make while sitting on a board of directors in a mega-corporation, or if they sit on a board of directors with only 3 people in a small company, though there must be an integration or a holism of those decisions that come about from the values that they have for their life and the life of all others.
*[Craig: Machiventa's new term "together Interest" was missed in the
 answer to Jeff's third question.
 " that decisions are not out of self-interest, but together interest."
 So we have "Self Interest", "Other Interest" and the new concept of
 "Together Interest".]

Debt based monetary systems
Jeff:  My last question today is a rather specific one:  Is a debt based monetary system socially sustainable?
MACHIVENTA:  Our advisement is that the debt system of an economy is only one form of economy.  It is sustainable only as long as the culture of indebtedness remains and that the values of power, authority and control are in place.  There will always be those without those embellishments of life.  The answer to your question on another scale is dependent upon what magnitude of thought you are engaging:  What time frame of evolutionary social development you are thinking about in a society.  Ultimately a debt based economy is not socially sustainable; therefore there will be changes along the way that will have an immense effect upon the life and culture of the societies where indebtedness has been a way of life.  On the third level of considering answers to your question, it also engages the difficulty of overpopulation, that there are those who “have” and those who “have not,” that arises from a fact of uneven distribution of the resources of this planet to all people, and available to them equally.  When you have an overpopulated world, you will have indebtedness, you will have positions of authority, control and power which dominate, and you will have those who are weaker, who have disempowered themselves by not having a process that is individual and community based that assists them to participate in the processes of governance.
Your question is very broad in the extreme, and very narrow in one regard in that you are living now in a culture of economic, a financial culture of indebtedness of which all of you are a member and you have accepted and assumed that this is the only way of doing business.
Jeff:  I’m sorry to be so broad and non-specific.  I think part of the purpose of my question is that if we are going to have cataclysms that are going to get worse, it seems to me that currently I am living not too far from the San Andreas fault in Southern California and I’ve been to visit the other day and if there are tectonic plate movements in the future, it seems to me that a tremendous amount of collateral, of debt obligations are going to be destroyed.  The purpose of my question is to find out if it would be desirable to try to pursue other forms of exchange for goods and services, other than just Medieval barter, to step in and suggest to the local communities that they try community banking, or they issue script, or they do something at a local level to facilitate recovery from catastrophes?
MACHIVENTA:  No, it would not be advisable to begin initiating those changes now.  Those changes will come about as circumstances change throughout your world due to the cataclysms and the depopulation of the world.  Just as an individual who may owe a great deal of money and has no assets or reserves upon their debt, then the companies that are owed will simply write that off of their ledgers.  This is one solution, but when you take into account billions of people and trillions of dollars of exchange that occur in a short period of time in your world, those economic financial transactions processes will change.  They must be reinvented.  This topic could develop into quite an extensive discussion, however all processes are inter-related and as your world is now in the process of experiencing cataclysms physically, meteorologically and tectonically—which also includes volcanism—you are only in the beginning stages of this.  There is much concern by those who are in the top 0.1 of 1% of the wealthiest people in the world as they are concerned about this as well.
The culture of having “more is better”
The difficulty in your society is that you have a culture of “more,” that more is better and that you want to get more.  But when you have more, whether it is a million dollars or a billion dollars, or 200 billion dollars, how much more do you need and what then is the significance of the culture of accumulating more money?  Some have taken on the task of using philanthropy to disseminate and distribute this money.  However this is not an equitable process across the world.  What you are thinking of must change in terms of thinking globally, that you must begin to think in terms of options for global solutions that will cut across all political boundaries.  As the times change and circumstances of your world change, there will occur a leveling of all people, culturally, economically, materially, and so on.  There will be eventually more abundance of goods than there are people to use and absorb them; therefore you must come into the creative process of devising a means that is non-financial or simply “something on the books” for you to use. 
What is not measured in your economy now, if you will allow me to continue on, is that you do not have the capacity to measure self-interest.  When you have a world that is equitable in nature, self-interest and ego and fear become very, very paramount and observable in the behavior of individuals by what they are accumulating far beyond what they need.  The process that has happened in your nations, the accumulation of billions of dollars, kroners and lira, and so on, of people beyond what is reasonable to have for their own needs is something that is a cultural development.  There never were options given to people in the beginning of your monetary system for distributing goods and moneys as other options. 
The interest of the future is to sustain sustainable societies, sustainable families, sustainable organizations, and to do that there must be a new economic system that is involved.  The “get more” culture must be dissolved, it must be disempowered, it must be diluted so that it becomes obvious that the more one has, the more service that one provides to their fellow human beings.  This is only fair, is it not?  And fairness is one of the critical elements of personal ethics that is involved in the 7 values.  You see, we have come full circle again to values, the values of a culture, the values of a society, and as you see in many regards in your societies today with its financial and economic systems that are inequitable, and inequitable healthcare and politics, and so on, is that you really truly live in a very primitive society, a society of gross inequality.
Jeff:  Thank you very much for your answer, I appreciate that.
We can easily be headed for an era of material prosperity
Craig:  In recently observing online, that we have all kinds of new tools for perhaps local, or even individual development and creation and production of new products, and so I can see that we can easily be headed for an era of great material prosperity and the facility to have whatever you want, even to custom make whatever you want, and so I can see how materialism will inevitably wane where there is no scarcity of sort of material goods.  I guess that’s not much of a question, but do you have any comments on that?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, I do and thank you for your comment/statement.  Yes, the value system will eventually have a tremendous influence upon the thinking of individuals and the decisions they make in life.  This is what the Correcting Time is all about, changing the culture to correct the old culture to create a new culture, a new culture of decision-making.  When individuals see themselves as wanting to be more powerful, they are really speaking about their own powerlessness.  They see themselves as not having power and that it is comparative that by having more power, more money and influence that they have more self-worth—at least to themselves.  Whereas other people do not regard their self-worth as increasing to, and in accord with how much money they have. 
We are all equal in the eyes of Deity
When you see this value system beginning to be embedded, then you will see individuals beginning to have consideration of others equally as they consider themselves.  When you begin to see what your financial, economic materialism has done to your societies, it is embellished in creating powerful inequalities among people who are basically the same type of individual, just bigger or smaller, weigh more or weigh less, but still have a mind, two arms, two legs, and so on, that truly all people are equal, and in the view of Christ Michael as your Creator and the First Source and Center, you are all equal and seen no differently from one to another.  There is no appreciation by those of Divine nature for your differences of materiality and sense of self-worth; you are seen as equals and valued equally. 
Inequality must evaporate
Therefore, you can understand Jesus’ comments about the rich and the poor, that there is great difficulty in life for those who are wealthy because their wealth is part of their thinking, and their thinking is governed by their wealth and their needs to have dominance in comparison to others.  This sense of inequality must evaporate, must eventually meet its own demise.  Your nations and your world will never enter into an era of Days of Light and Life where inequality is the dominant value of all people.  There are always enclaves of individuals who sense and feel that life is sacred, that life is special, that it is paramount to all individuals as their equality is equal to other people, as is their growth, quality of life, and so on.  When you see this in operation, then you are seeing the 3 secondary values in operation as well.  There is empathy for those with less.  There is concern and compassion to reach out and assist them—not to give them gifts of money and material prosperity, but to teach them how to improve their skills so they become equally empowered as those who have billions of dollars.  This is the essence of the Correcting Time, this must begin in the families, and this is where the values must be taught and supported and in creative participation with the educational systems of your societies.
Craig:  Thank you.
Changes in the world since the Urantia Book and the Bible
Rick:  Halbert Katzen recently highly recommended a book on prophesy.  It is based on the book in the Bible and the Urantia Book.  It is titled: “Apocalypse Now:  Are We the End Time Generation?”  Machiventa, do you agree with this book’s interpretation of Biblical and Urantia Book prophesies?
MACHIVENTA:  Oh, you want me to take a stand?  (Rick:  Please!)  I will give you a statement, but I will not draw a line in the sand.  Your world has changed immensely from the times when John wrote “Revelations.”  Your world has changed immensely since the Urantia Book was copyrighted.  Your world has changed so much since the inauguration, and the actual, physical, spiritual bonding between your world and our world in the form of the Correcting Time.  Our presence became known to you approximately 35 years ago and has increased since then.  To answer your question, it would be most difficult to agree with that book.
Rick:  Thank you, Machiventa.
Personal questions about Machiventa
Liz:  We have been discussing very weighty issues for years now, and I am wondering if there is time left at the end of our session if you would entertain a personal question, or two?
MACHIVENTA:  I would love to.
Liz:  Great!  So can you tell me, do you work in an office or a command center?  (Laughter from the group.)  Do you go home at night?
MACHIVENTA:  One question at a time, please.  Yes, I do have an office.  It is a morontial office.  I cannot even describe it as a parallel universe.  I cannot even describe it as parallel dimensions that exist on your world.  It is here, it is among you, it is where I go to meet with others, and yes, we do have conference “rooms”—these do not have a physical nature to them and they do have the wonderful nature that we can expand them upon the need to, so that we can hold 4 or 5 people, or maybe 4000-5000 people (celestials), or more if needed.
Your second question is most intriguing, at least from your perspective and my own, is that I do take time off.  Home is on Edentia for me as one of my residences, and the other is on Salvington, so that I have the capacity to be in either one of those, or here.  It is important that you do know that I do take time apart, that I as a Melchizedek am a created being through the influence of Christ Michael and Father Melchizedek, and that I am in need of regeneration, time away, time for reflection and time to go into my own form of meditation with the Holy Father of All, to grow in my insight as I evolve as well.  It is not that I am going to make some graduation ceremony as you do when you fuse, but I nonetheless evolve as you evolve.  The evolution of Melchizedeks is a very carefully orchestrated process.  It is well known among all orders of Melchizedeks.  Therefore, my time apart is very sacred to me, and that I use it when I am able to.  I do try to take 1/3 of my time apart away from work, and as most of my work is also social in nature.  I enjoy the social company of other Melchizedeks and all spiritual and other beings who work with us.  Home for me is that place of respite, that time apart, that time for being still and being in oneness with the Father.
A question on incarnation
Liz:  Thank you; that was very interesting!  And so my next question—and I won’t take up too much time with these personal questions, although I think it is good for all of us to get to know you personally a little bit better—when you incarnated on Urantia, have you done that many times?  And were you nervous?  (Laughter.)
MACHIVENTA:  I am enjoying the play you are having in your mind about asking these questions.  (Machiventa is laughing.)  Yes, to answer your questions, and please keep them simple or separated for the mind mechanism of This One that I work through. I have incarnated more than once, and each time I have done so, it is one with anticipation.  There is no nervousness about that.  It is with the same assuredness that you will have, with the same lack of nervousness, it will be with the same confidence and the same knowingness that you will have with anticipation when you fuse.  You will anticipate it, you will look forward to it with wonderment and excitement and joy. 
Mortal fusion with Thought Adjuster
And once you are fused, then you will have a time—an immense time if you need—to integrate yourself and your Thought Adjuster on all levels of your new being.  So too, when a Melchizedek incarnates for the first time, it is very similar to you arriving in a foreign city where you step off the airplane and step right into a crowd of people, and you must take time apart for yourself, take a breath, see your surroundings, think about where you are, what you are going to do, why you came there and how you are going to approach the next two minutes.  So too, when you incarnate, but for us who incarnate there is already a devised plan in mind, there are already the alternative options to circumstances which may arise that almost always do occur.  The main option is to engage the mission of why you are incarnate, and this is the dominating force for moving forward and meeting the people with whom you will be teaching.
Does Machiventa have a partner?
Liz:  Thank you; that was very interesting and so the last question I have for today is: Mortals, such as we, come male and female, and angels have partners. Christ Michael and Nebadonia are partners.  Do you have a partner?
MACHIVENTA:  No, Melchizedeks operate when there is more than one they operate in associations, in a single-minded collaboration, so to speak.  This is what gives the Melchizedeks such great flexibility and adaptability to almost all circumstances on all planets, that there is a partnership between the self and the All, without losing the unique individuality of the individual Melchizedek from being swallowed up by the whole of all others.  This would be untenable in all regards and not very useful for the spiritual evolution of the individual.  Having a partner does provide options to thinking.  We, however, operate in those associations—sometimes close associations. 
Collective thinking among Melchizedeks
You have oftentimes heard me speak in terms of “we.”  When I use the third person “we” pronoun, it is a means of describing that we are a thinking collectively that are now providing an answer to you. This gives us the most reason and thoughtful, logical and creative solutions and answers to your questions and to the situations at hand.  As you can see this is a necessary and requisite skill and faculties of the Melchizedek mind to be able to engage the management of the world.  I am not the first Melchizedek to be a Planetary Manager.  There have been others on other creator universes as this one.  We have that collective knowledge through undescribed channels to us—undescribed to you—channels of communication to us that provide us with these insights that are then applicable to the worlds in which we manage.  I am fortunate to have had the “partnership” of many millions of individuals throughout the tenure of my existence, and I am looking forward to the development of the billions of minds that will develop on Urantia who become more evolved in their spirituality and their oneness with their Thought Adjuster within.
Liz:  Thank you very much, Machiventa.  That’s all of the questions that I have today, but I hope you will welcome further personal questions at the end of our sessions in the future.
MACHIVENTA:  Thank you.  I digress from discussing my dietary needs, though.  (Laughter from the group.)
Liz:  Okay, noted.
Craig:  Thank you very much!
Roxie:  Machiventa that was very interesting; thank you.
MACHIVENTA:  Are we ready to close?  Then let us begin the closing.
What celestials anticipate for us
What we anticipate truly lies in the hearts and minds of each of you, that joy of understanding, that peace that is beyond comprehension to you, know that wonderment of engagement with your Thought Adjuster, the sense of oneness with all people through that inner connection within you.  You truly are one when you begin to think of yourself in co-creative union with your Thought Adjuster.  This is the very essence, the beginning of joy in knowing other people, of engaging them and getting to know them better, to form that bond which creates a team of humanity.  You are one with us when you reside in that special sacred space.  It does not need to occur during prayer or meditation or contemplation, but can occur simply at a stoplight or when you look down at your grocery list in the grocery store wondering what to do next.  It occurs when you open your mind to the presence of goodness and joy and satisfaction of life and living, the capacity to make decisions that are yours that determine the course of your future and for you that have families and children to guide the course and direction and development of your children.  You truly are the beginning of the new generations, just as Abraham and Sarah were the generators of new generations, and were told that there would be so, so too you are the progenitors of generations to come who will know life far more peacefully, far more satisfactorily and far more full of joy than you have now.  In this regard, we anoint you, we bless you and we see the light within you glow towards us.  We love you!  Good day.


The Magisterial Sons announced today a change in Local Universe Organization.

Nebadon has received approval from Paradise to end their amalgamation with other and surrounding Local Universes where they tentatively shared their partnerships together to swap personnel to help run their respective universes with each other's help.

Paradise announced through Master Spirit Five, that hence forth the amalgamated universes so far would drop their territorial borders with each other a fully join as one administrative unit.  The amalgamation was called Gilum.  The new borderless space object now must rename itself in accordance with the Supreme practice of naming new units whatever God the Supreme assigns to it.  For now we elect to just call it XYZ until a name is given to it.

The graphic below should explain this action and what it is clearly for you.  Thank you.
Michael of Nebadon

Day 6 information is continued to day 7.

Agenda is large and must be carried over.

Today accomplished three Board of Director Meetings placing Dominick Orhbeck on two corporate Boards of Director as part of the ongoing assignments to provide these subsidiary organizations competent reviews of policy coming out of the Magisterial Foundation.

We received a list of protocols when humans deal with incarnated Deity or divinity.  I will post the protocols with permission of Monjoronson when I have time to review all that has been provided today.  right now my list has 17 items.

Round Robin practice instituted today.  A Round Robin is when a radio transmitter starts to transmit practice sessions to many other transmitters with the understanding the test is a round robin exercise.  The practice transmitter connects to as many as 100 or 10 or at least 5 transmitters located in distant places and the object to make it a closed circuit where the testing transmitter receives back from many transmitting stations the identical test message routed through those antennas to determine the testers signal strength and its ability to receive good messages from the outlying transmitters.  We in the United States simply refer to this as round robin testing.   Today we introduced the same thing to the Contact Commission by asking the universe to take new transmitters sitting at our meeting table to start messaging them and to take turns around the table with no prompting by the Chair until he calls the round robin off.  We successfully test four rounds non stop and I personally was very well pleased how it went.  Al least we proved all at the meeting could transmit on the spur of the moment and well.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I told Ron to makes the test and it went off very well.  Each member at the table freely transmitter unknown assigned teachers when the transmissions went off for them to receive without them knowing who or how long or what subject.

"I also saw Ron wince when Mother Spirit hit him unexpectedly too and he did just fine.  And we report further more that Dominick Ohrbeck successfully practiced with a full Paradise Father connection very well and it was of considerable length as a benediction to the group.

"We concluded the day with nothing more than to continue the draft Agenda for this day into the final and 7th day of the Contact Commission meeting.

The Local Universe of Avalon stopped in and spoke to each member in a round robin test of their own in Avalon while these were going on in York in the Local Universe of Nebadon.


4th Day/Day 4 of Meeting Contact commission Summary link here:

Day five of these drawn out meetings is made sense of if you are sure you understand what happened on Day four and I put the link there for you to take a peek again if you like to.

These Contact Commission meetings are at times difficult and hard to swallow even by the Commissioners.  Day Five seems easy but it is full of news we have a hard time explaining unless you are there too.  We hold not meetings in secret, but often what we speak to is secret because exact dates get named for certain things to happen.  Day 5 is full of dates to happen first, and full of thoughts we do not express directly to the forum because , in some cases, the conceptual decisions have never been fully discusses on the this debate forum.

In most cases it is up to me to determine how long the meetings last and where we go in reporting what is to be done when the Magisterial Mission is opened for the public welfare.  Day 4 was hard to put together with a summary and I see it has inspired no comments.  That is find but odd.  Day 5 is just as esoteric as that day was except we cut the meeting for day five (5) short during the day, and reconvene this evening at 7PM EDST.   That is to afford the participants a bit of a rest before we tackle what we must this evening for a change.

I am being asked by the powers-to-be to keep this summary short because there are about 2 or 3 hours yet to go with this day's meeting before it is over but I now have the time to look over what has happened so for and write it out briefly for your mutual interest with your won need to learn that we are not going to produce a day six or seven is summary forum until permission is granted to speak to six and seven at all.  I leave those comments alone for now and report to you that Day Five, today, is soon done later tonight when we determine the next set of meetings in York, proper to take place.  further we need to take lectures and toss them out for the remained of today and concentrate on the well being of Urantia as our next concern for these Missions, and that includes not just a Magisterial Mission, but a renewed Michael Mission. 

The Proposed Renewed MICHAEL OF NEBADON MISSION fyi:
The Contact Commission will renew its dedication to serve Michael at the same time the Magisterial Sons, (See Paper 20 and other places in the present Urantia Book to define why and how they are used on a planet), and that is for all of you to learn about later, as we need to clear the deck for Reasons of State, to learn our new places in the Magisterial Deities minds, as we work hard but without largess on the planet just yet.

What I am talking about is still new to me, but our session this evening and for Days Six and Seven (6 and 7, is to replace ourselves with something even more exciting if that is possible.  Says 7 and 7 are filled with new instructions to us about changing the idea of the Contact Commission to an obverse factor of what we are doing now and to make ourselves available to other places not only in Nebadon.  Today I spoke as a transmitter of the First President of the Untied States, Georg Washington, and Alexander Hamilton, the First Treasurer of the United States, and this evening likely there are others of the Presidential Commission rounding out tonight's meetings.  If you think there is some importance to suddenly hearing from the Founding Fathers of the Untied States, you are not wrong.

Before I close for the day, I want you all to know we summarized the views of our meetings to this point and I am doing Day Five while I have the time to speak to Day Five.  Our work commences in a few hours from now and I am ready to learn just what Michael has in mind for a renewed Michael Mission on Urantia and what that means again for the our Commission, which is your Commission too.  I will inform as much as I can sooner than later.

Thank You
Ron Besser for Michael and the Magisterial Sons.

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK,   Planetary Prince once more!

"Once more, I am an acting Planetary Prince much to my surprise and Ron laughs smugly as he writes this dictation from me which I was not supposed to do, but when writes well he never misses the opportunity to mention all of the spirit family that belongs to all of you to recall as your universe family at all times.

"I am telling you no fib.  I am the new Planetary Prince, and Ron and the Contact Commission are not longer under my direct care and the Commission is assigned to the Mother Spirit on High, (Havona) and Ron is directly under Michael of Nebadon again.  Most of you who read this were under the Planetary Prince Lanaforge for sometime.  We as a Melchizedek Corp are now directly under the guidance of the Might Trinity of Paradise and must report directly to them and not to the Michael Corp oi ascenders known as Finaliters of yore.

"The entire Finaliter Corp has been removed from Urantia in a surprise move by the Deity Absolute.  That Corp number 5,000 (five thousand) individual Finaliters.  Ron capitalizes them yet and I am happy as he does because we think the book went too far without capitalization, and frankly, Finaliters are so close to being Deity anyhow, they need capitalization of their Order an Names as we Melchizedeks do. 

"In making my final statement, Ron is completely surprised by this as you should be, but Ron does not realize that Nebadon is now a fully amalgamated SuperLocalUniverse (SLU), and I am remanded back into the custody of Nebadon no more but report directly to the head of Cilium (still pronounced "Gill' Yum").  Ron was told to spell it with two "L's" but we want one "L" now.

"For now the Contact Commission will have to grapple with the fact they have been demoted to a sandbox of action called the SER and then to be moved in a more exalted position with the Magisterial Sons, AFTER they deal writing a new book of Periodic Revelation, and that is to start immediately Ron for your first chapter to be dictated by the new Melchizedek Order of Perceptual Beings called Mantutia Melchizedek and Mother Spirit on high, the Original Melchizedek Father, of the masculine function, now of the feminine function on behalf of Urantia.


"Our work with the Contact Commission is slightly curtailed for the moment, and Ron you have your work cut out for you as you are going to produce another book for Phyllis Simpson (Newstarsaphire) to be the text editor or transformational formatter for immediate publication on the book store you used in the past, Kindle and as a paper back under the auspices of the URANTIA PUBLISHING INTERNATIONAL (EIN 47-3524071), ad Ron you are to write the chapters as it has to be done quickly and fully and without attenuation. I am formerly the Urantia and Nebadon Father Melchizedek asked to take on the lead as a Creative Spirit designed to be the Creative Spirit of Gilium, as the Father wishes to head Gilum until it is a settled Constellation not. but a SLU in the truest sense.  Father institutes a new formation of Local Universes with this signal to God the Supreme, that all things which consists of Gilium and or Andover, as Avalon and Wolvering and Hensolon are forming their own SLU.  Nebadon is now amalgamated with Sensalon and Sensalon alone, east of the old borders of Nebadon. 

"I am the true and Original Mother Spirit of Havona, and the Father Melchizedek on Urantia was not the Original Creator Son, but Creator Son Number Two, such was the importance of Urantia to the dreams of the Father to make it a super sensory arm of Paradise which the Contact Commission now signifies as a creation of Father beings and Father ascenders only.  Ron represents a departure of this plan mostly because he read a revelation far too advanced for most beings on Urantia still today and is now ascending under the guise of the  Paradise Trinity.  His expansion of knowledge and know how has expanded so far as to include the Magisterial Son SERARA saying he is the equivalent of a Melchizedek in personification already. 

"We have gone through all of this to announce that the Contact Commission is far from being rescinded. but it will be tied back to do an epochal revelation before the SER itslef and that epochal revelation carries not number as it is prior to the SER being distributed later this year and earlier than proposed by a recent announcement on this site earlier.  Those of you who have requested the SER will first receive the UER One Hundred Fifteen revelation which stands for the Urantia Epochal Revelation 115.  I have here the Creator Son of Hensalon who declines to be calle d Michael but father Himself."

"We now breach etiquette and allow you to know that the Creator Son of Hensalon is right now the Universal Father.  We are not broadening the SLU Nebadon-Sensalon into the SLU of Nebadon, Sensalon, Hensalon, and Wolvering combined into a new name of amalgamation not a SuperLocalUniverse type, but a new CONSTELLATION, and that Constellation is to be called [censored].  We will announce that name and number brand new from the Paradise List of Names for us to use.  This is more like a marriage than a local universe amalgamation and much more is forthcoming in the new book the Contact Commission will write for Nebadon users on Urantia only.  Gilum is no longer the name and the Contact Commission is no longer the Contact Commission.

More revelation is to follow.

Ron - "This transmission was made from Paradise and I am still trying to untangle the connections in my head to expand it enough to hear all the right players to speak.  The Contact Commission is now under the Paradise Trinity, and I suppose that is Margul over us directly in some way.  We have our work cut out for us the 16th and 17th of March if we can get it all done at that too.  For now good day.
Ron for the assembled Deities of Hensalon, Avalon, Sensalon, and Nebadon including the Paradise Father and Welmek and Paul of Tarsus and we will provide one little song for you Ron, eat quickly and be done by seven ten as they are delayed until then as they are getting it good in their rooms of rest and you listen.  K


4th Day of the Contact Commission. Thursday 14 March 2019, York, PA.
This day is hard to summarize mainly because it was a practice session more than anything to learn how to Chair meetings like this as leaders of other meetings held in the interest of the Contact Commission, or Commissioners, themselves.

We are learning from the spirits of God that since the Contact Commission is not only going to produce periodic and epochal revelation for future publishing, we also represent the functional interests to selected municipal governments as to precisely what plans the Magisterial Mission will foster that will have some effect on the government involved.

These concerns result in two major ways for the Magisterial Mission to reach out to various levels of community government from the State level down to the small village or Borough level, not only in Pennsylvania but with surrounding States and perhaps nationally depending on the need.  The requirement to be able to conduct our own meetings as invitation to communities must also be consider as outreach to the public for educational purposes.  This requires that all members of the Contact Commission be capable of production of business like meetings with or without the Robert's Rules of Order  is essential.

Today's meeting at 2709 Sunset Lane in York, used the exchange of moving the chairmanship to various members of the Commission and to actually run the Commission meeting up to one hour with divine instructions to do that.  I must say every member who was trialed with that assignment surprised me as to how well they did with really good natural talent to do it and transmitted some instructions to the group I learned from as well.

In addition to these sessions for future uses of Contact Commission members how to learn to chair a meeting, we used the time as well to learn who was going to fill what position to get the Magisterial Mission move in actual walk in offices in York.  further, it was revealed today to the Commission which members will take charge of what function for human participation in the Magisterial Mission.  Briefly, it was provisionally shown that:

Steven Gitz will be chief of the York Pre-Particle Technologies Corporation, and act as co-chair inside the Rayson Corporation for human assignments to the factory that will fabricate new machine with new technologies for world use of clean water and sewage plant building and output; t o provide machinery for the technologies of air transportation and fuels for the use of non carbon fuels to power their engines.  Seven Gits is a high powered graduate of the Louisiana college system as a nontechnical engineer as well as an entrepreneur in various self-employed businesses, providing him an excellent resume to take this on for the Magisterial Son, Rayson.

Larry Gossett is provisionally assigned to work in the office of Social Responsibility and Issues and is well known to the Magisterial Sons to provide solutions disagreements both in the work place in the political issues of the day.  His work is headquartered in York but he will be used to represent the Magisterial Mission in other countries as well on the same problems we face here in the States.

Ron Besser is potentially going to be used for national government offices on the Federal level and will head some diplomatic representations to heads of governments on issues of Magisterial Programs on debt reduction and reissuing their Reserve Banks to reopen without debt as a gift of the Magisterial Missions toward a world currency.  I am also to be involved with the other Commissioners in providing at least one more book the will presage the Sixth Epoch Revelation to the world,

In addition to all of the work done today, Michael of Nebadon has promised that our physical office building will be operational at least by May 5, 2019.  That is less than two months from now ladies and gentlemen.

Resources. (i.e. money and other value object finds such as gold reserves) will be available through Magisterial Foundation, which I may draw upon for these functional actions is now available for check cashing shortly.  This release of money to come  will probably allow the transfer the personnel around distant places to York for assignments to the functional offices noted above for each of the Commission members who head them.

I was appointed to be the Chief of Staff to the Magisterial Sons of Serara and Monjoronson, and elected to remain Chairman of the Contact Commission and to serve at the final pleasure of Michael of Nebadon.  In practical terms that means I am human resources chief and deal with every individual to be hired as staff members in the York offices of the Magisterial Mission.

Readers must realize I cannot hold that title forever since the employment figure for York alone is estimated to be four to five hundred people (humans) on the payroll to manufacture machines and engines in the Pre-Particle plant, and world wide in about ten years (a decade) to be about 14,000 employees in Europe, the United States and Canada.  Eventually employees will number, easily, over 100,000--  if we can find that many as the world will slip into rebellion in places and in other case have a catastrophic weather change and it remains a prediction that the tectonic plates will buckle in places and the jet stream will deviate in places creating deserts where once crops easily grew.

Thank you.

2nd Day Meeting of the Contact Commission Summary

Deity Absolute speaks =  The Contact Commission was enlarged recently to four and it will further be enlarged to seven when it is finally done putting itself together.   Today was mostly small talk and I attended observing through the mind of Ron Besser.  He was aware of me and so was Michael who also indwelt him did.  Our work today was to ascertain whether Ron could complete the mission assigned to him through the Contact Commission, and he did very well.  In spite, he did so well, we outlined that the Contact Commission was to establish its presence east and west of the placement it now resides in York.  That will require placing others in spare offices here and there to take the workload with the York Contact Commission when the time comes too.

Further, the present Contact Commission will have further work for itself over the next few months as the offices for the work are to be established in the "L" shaped building in center square York.  It is worthy to know that Ron had offices in the build in the mid 80's as Velzy Associates of New York.  He never dreamed he would return there as a leader in the Magisterial Foundation Mission work of today.   Ron has a picture of the L shaped building below for your edification.  


To those who take earth warming as serious as I do, I am showing you a counter proposal that is so excellent I want to share it with all of you.


The man has it accurate and right.  I have my own theories and they coincide pretty much with his work on this video.  I see it like he does:  we are in a sun cycle that is driving planetary warming.  That sun of ours is not healthy either as it keeps turning down its work to convert hydrogen to special gasses to feed our earth by shutting out certain solar rays that would otherwise create and turn out planet into a desert.  The trial we have to face is to figure out when suddenly the temperature on earth reverses for good and we start another ice age.  My own sense of things is that the next ice age starts in in about another twenty to thirty five years and then we will see climates on our poles turn really nasty and we enter a period of drought and extreme cold that will our York area into an arid and semi-desert climate.   The man who presented this video is only slightly off base by saying that our sun is driving our warming problem on earth today.  It is actually too warm by our own standards of producing bio=driven fuels based on carbon.  Carbon is not our culprit.  The real culprit I am sure is carbon tetra chloride.  

Carbon tetra chloride is the stuff we use for dry cleaning mostly.  But is also a natural by product of burning carbon fuels like coal and petroleum like gasoline.  Gasoline produces an emission twice the going rate that coal does and my intervention in all of this is to state that the Ilok coal powders I am so proud of can be a disaster for us if we produce them too fast and everybody goes to them before we learn how to remove carbon tetra chloride from our high atmosphere where they stick as a molecule above 50,0000 feet.  We have to somehow kick them out of existence before we get normal heat and cold cycles to resume, but even if we do not recognize these carbon tetra chloride molecules lurking to keep us too warm by absorption, we will gradually cool off enough to call earth warming over in about sixty years is my guess.  Thanks for asking and I have a lot more on this kind of data but am convinced science is so backwards they will never come to grips with it for decades.  

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From Madagascar Nalikaa Transmits Monjoronson -Personal Duties

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« Sent to: Ron Besser on: March 07, 2019, 05:29:43 PM »
Location Place: Betafo/MADAGASCAR;
Local Time: Thursday 7th, March, 2019 ; 7:52 p.m.;
Speaker/Teacher : LORD MONJORONSON;
Session of: Tuesday 28th, March,  2019; 6:48:00 a.m.;
Hello Dear Ron BESSER and  Hello Everyone on this forum. Here is a post of mine I've quite hardly performed after some few days discontinued because of different personal as well as familial matters.Nevertheless, I  want absolutely to share it with you as I want to perform more successfully at the Father's business at least by T/Ring
. I tried finishing it although the many interruptions during many days I had to endure in that order. In advance, I would really like to thank you for any remark of yours concerning it.
   Me  NALIKAA: Someone wants to talk to me there. Are you LORD MONJORONSON Or, are you another Son of GOD Whoever may you being here I am ready to write down any communication of yours for me to receive.
   Good morning Nalikaa ! I am a real Magisterial SON OF GOD known by the name MONJORONSON. And I must thank you accepting to transmitt Me. As well as  my partner LORD SERARA told you the last time that We both are being partners in that great, great Mission in Urantia your such beautiful  blue planet. I am coming to you this morning to teach you  an important subject about the SURVIVALNESS in your life as being lived here in Urantia unfortunately a troubled planet due to the sin of your Leaders who spoiled voluntarily their Mission, the Father's Mission. The situation here is the most bad as all guidance have been cut down for all the human beings concerning the meaning as well as the main goal of anyone for their life conformly to the heavenly God's plan. There gave been a betrayal.of your Planetary Prince and his Chief LUCIFER and all their Consorts all outlaws Celestial Beings. Everything had been led badly and almost worsted unprecedently abnormally. Thus, your world became a sinful one. Terrible wars have happen and the worst big ones were the W W I and the W W ii. Many souls were definitely dead and stollen by the deeds of your bad leaders who led them to deny God Himself  The Universal Father.
   " The chaos has been allowed to last as long as it was required in order to the truth to show itself naturally at the end of such non justifiable worldwide homicide.
   " Your own  God The Creator Son Michael of Nebadon with His Consort as your own Universal Mother Spirit NEBADONIA so being named were both struggling courageously and unceasely but always respecting the proper rules of their realm, and more, those of the Father's ones,that, by their deep love for all  their Creatures and Creations.
   " To perform the redemption of all their 37 worlds in rebellion ( among 619 ones ) They asked Us to help them to heal your planet in particular out from the evil. Father has allowed the rescuing Mission and We have been sent here to so doing.
   " As being a forum member in  this site you surely read my last declaration here to inform you  of My Proper Plan and you are aware that I shall be being the first Son of God to incarnate physically among humans andas a human of male gender. All My Works would be some very real challenges. But, never mind, because the imparted time given to Us to the renewal of Urantia is quite large as it must last for at least one millenium of your Urantia's time. 
   " We will work methodically and will require many humans being expert mainly in the  Transmittering abilities in order to assist Us. We know well in Spirit the harshness of the urantian life conditions. You  know well how fragile the human flesh  body is but you have to stay the living time allowed to you to live on. Of course, you have to struggle to stay alive. Nowadays it isn't anyhow nor anyway easy, but always harder from a day to the next one. Thus, to survive in the most motivating daily preoccupations of all of you it is merely normal to struggle.  When you struggle for your survivalness and then for your own personal  security you are in your rights completely , it is, even, an obligation as some needs and  real duties. But, be aware that there are always some limits and the human laws are definiting them  from your social, economical and even from your political status. Each individual citizen has to do with them even he migth be non educated concerning those subjecnt's details. Anyway, you know that you  have notk to overstep the limits and it's there that you have to get the necessary enlightened guidance, your guaranteed guidance from Father by the assistance of His inner Indwelling Fragment Who can counsel and whisper to you the exact decision to choose in order to make the correct thoughts and deeds as well. Then, at that step, you hopefully could distinguish if your self defense is justifiable and rigth and that your are defending your profits, even your own life as your own  family's life too.
   " You must understand that, sometimes, even acting in your complete rigths you may be considered as being a guilty individual by the human laws. There is in such case some great lack, some lack of God as being not at all known nor understood even merely ignored voluntarily. And all that may lead to some non justifiable battle which could degenerate to war, or your modern wars are becoming some ferocious battles as being real homicides, still remnants of the  LUCIFER's rebellion.
   " Our presence is justified by the necessity to avoid a new  dangerous even a complete worldwide self-destructive  world war-III as it inevitably would be atomic wars without no mercy. Being The AVONAL SON OF RECORD I behold all the authorities to straightforward the human practice of justice and in all sectors life. Of course, this with My Magisterial Son Partner LORD SERARA and many other Consorts of Ours.
   " LORD SERARA is rigth saying : We  know best  you Nalikaa. We want you to perform actively well your T/Ring works daily as possible. We need you among  your human brothers and sisters on the forum for you need many exercises to be better
   " Make yourself courageous. Let Father being free  to work by yourself as He wants to be you, as Nalikaa.
   " That is all for this time My dear son. Thank you very much for your patience and participation to this communication. Try to make yourself more concentrated while next time. Be in your Father's Peace ! I wish you a very nice day !  "
   Me :Nalikaa : Thank you very much my Beloved  Father. Thank you very much too for such amazing but of high value communication  as cooperation between the Divine and a simple mortal as me my LORD MONJORONSON. Let my deligthfulness become a real strength for my survivalness from here and now to all along my journeys to The Heavenly Father of all. Amen. a o i.
Report To Admin
I love HIM, HE is inside me,HE loves me, I  belong  to  HIM,WE  BOTH  are  inside a circle , and as WE  BOTH are inside  the  CIRCLE,a roof is  necessary,so then a point is  being put on the stark  and  then WE  BOTH together are becoming a CANDLE  ENLIGTHENING  the WORLD !!! aoi.

Dear List,
In the interest of communicating our work to the rank and file of the supporters of the Magisterial Mission mission coming to Urantia now, I am posting a tape made of the end of our meeting.  It is the third tape produced at that meeting and I asked what I could share of Tape 1 in particular, and they said it was too sensitive and to share this one.  Tape 3 below is helpful in that it outlines more of what is to be done at once and a few comments I found useful from the Magisterial Sons and their itinerary of the coming months of 2019.  Below you will find the link to listen.  Thank you.
Ron Besser
Michael of Nebadon
Deity Absolute
Panoptian Ambassador, Lielkrentz (a human still in the flesh on Panoptia)

Lielkrentz speaks: “I am the friendly ambassador spoken to all of you before as the Panoptian leader on Urantia to cement our bonds as two people who are so similar we even look alike.  You all know Ron as a svelt dark haired mammal and I am the same only we are all only blonds for the most part, and our scalps are curved way beack as yours are not.   Our foreheads are long a flatish and we speak with a slight smacking of ther lips as you would call it as our jaws are slightly projected ourward.  Normal height is about seven feet and we have no feet as we can move with a circular motion you would call gliding.  I am here to make announcements too and that is something the new web sites must take on too to speak to all of the news. hayou.

[Ron here: I thank Ambassador and likely Inspector Lielkrentz for being so gracious to take this opportnity to let all of us know we have moved so far forward in progress to have an Ambassador to a civilization off planet.  I truly look forward to what you may have to say in the coming months and years on Urantia and our joing concerns for our planets to be healed from the Lucifer Rebellion.  You suffered as gravely as we have.  Thank you.]

Link to Contact Commission Meeting 05 March 2019 for the Discussion Forum


News Release March 3, 2019
Michael of Nebadon
1 - Commission Conference Call to Teach SER week of March 11 -17th
2 - New Category opened On This Web Site until new web site is available

“This is MONJORONSON.  Be aware we have spied an interesting topic doing under the Urantia Foundation worksheets for a future Trustee meeting.  They are preparing to out the write the of the Millennium III fake revelation by supporting the idea of the SER, the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  Ron just put up our orders on how to distribute in the new Category the New URANTIA Book at the top of the forum. All who asked to be on the distribution list starting about 2 and ½ years ago will get one mailed to them and a signed copy by the Magisterial Sons from both of us.  It will make your book frightfully collectable when the years role by and it is not real news anymore.  Ron has plans for it too so hold onto them when they hit the news stands.

“Finally, we have a new trust department in the Magisterial Foundation, and Ron is its head as he is the one who know you well enough to learn that we will teach the SER at our Mission HQ’s and that is headquarters, and we are ready to work at once with the new revg discussed at the March 11th Commission Meeting at that time.  Ron will hold the session open on a phone line when we advise the board of a conference call coming during that meeting period.  Expect the notice to make the Conference all during the Commissioner’s meeting sometime between March 11 and March 17, 2019.  Date and Time to be announced shortly.

“I am MONJORONSON and I tell you this.  Ron is raring to go and a few of you are too but what happened?  This is one pathetic sign of enthusiasm now.  Do you want a Magisterial Mission or don’t you?  K.  Monjoronson.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “We are firing all this news to Ron because no one is listening again.  I have never seen such backwards looking people as you suddenly have become.  Dominick O is learning fast and will be on board soon.  Lemuel you slack and know not why.  Sue you just sit with your hands folded wondering where it all went?  We are ready and no one is at the station to greet us?  Let us slip a favor to you thought”

“Ron has been pressing his new book and hits all sorts of delays but that is coming to an end once we get some feed back quickly feel sure.  Be advised that Larry Gossett is preparing a mailing with an excerpt of the book bound in it and a return envelope to tell us reaction.  I expect harsh reaction and good reaction but let us see what happens.  Ron is holding open a Medical Addendum and will use, we hope, reaction to the book.  Besides that we know the Deity Absolute is counting on Ron to hold back until the end of the March week of the 23rd as that is our upset date to appear in view with incarnations in York and the rest of the world including before the Armed Service Committee as experts on US nuclear war prevention and we intend to set the house on fir with the announcement we are using the spiritual archives to talk to them.  Be advised Ron already does this with the new AIDS book and Autism subject he covers very well.

‘Finally, we need to establish a new Order of information here.  Ron is to establish a Magisterial Mission News Blog as a Category until we can get someone to estbalish an independent web site for us to do that as well.  I am preparing to run news blogs through daily now and to use all transmitter which can get awake to contribute to it.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon, K”


March 03, 2019
York, PA
The New URANTIA Book plans for distribution
“I am MONJORONSON, and I am not addressing all on this website.  Two people responded so far to our call for web site help and neither of them are interested in hosting a web site for us.  Ron could od it quickly and efficiently but not as well as some of you can who are experienced with doing web site development.  Ron does not have the time to host it.  We do not have the time to host it.  We can supply text to it and data to it but we will not run it.  That is all for now.

“Further, we are using Ron’s ring tone on his telephone to tell who is good and who is not with telephone calls into the hourse.  We have cut way down the incoming calls which includes incessant spam commerical calls all the time.  His email is inundated with spam and endless requests for money and so on.d  We continue to monitor the phone too and it is sorry to report a new phone without muc zip to filter out calls he used to have as they quit the job after onlysix months doing it on Comcast.  It is too hard to catch them all and the United States will have to make a law against telemarketing and fund raising period and we will be helping there.  Commercial interests are buzzing all of America and it must stop.  The Commerce of the nation is not in phone calls either and we will set the law down real hard.  

“As of today, only Ron has registered a lot of good news with us to keep things going as a Magisterial Mission on Urantia.  Most of you have logged on for years and now are so complacent you are not moving to help at all.  Be aware we have lists and are checking them for potential salaried employees when the time comes and Ron is quite sure most of you have dropped off the stem to feed elsewhere and that is up to you, but he is not contacting anyone who does that to leave the entire matter alone insofar as employment with us is concerned.

“The new URANTIA book is ready and is being prepared to be given to Ron shortly and he is aware of the responsibility to the point he worries about what we want to do with it as he has no instructions and I give them to him now:

1) Send everyone on your internet list who asked for a book a new book when you are allowed to distribute them;

2) Have all copies autographed by Serara and Monjoronson before you send them out as we are physical and we intend to reward those who asked for the books with a special edition of them.  They arfe already printed and so you just slip them into envelopes to mail first class priority;

3) Give Steven Gitz and Larry Gossett the first two after you get the first one, please as we will make them special copies above those sent out later.

4) Send the books out when Michael of Nebadon tells you to.  No sooner. K

I also let you know Ron, your eyes are so bad we have to replace the left and the right turned around for better sight, Be assured you will have 20 20 eyesight and you are most grateful I see.  Maybe better if the Deity Absolute gives you morontial vision too as that is up in the air.  Good.  Be assured the Deity Absolute considers it and feels it justified and you will have what we have in the department.

I am MONJORONSON and I require my name to always be capitalized when I speak now as SERARA does too.  That is to be sure people see our name in crowded text paragraphs and pages.  Good day. MONJORONSON. k”

March 03, 2019
York PA
Magisterial Sons; Mother Spirit; Michael of Nebadon; The Deity Absolute


***Magisterial Missions are ready and running!

***They are establishing a front porch ministry in York, Pa., USA near me.

***They are not visible to me or the Contact Commission yet, but they need your help for the Magisterial Mission to take hold as quickly as possible.

!!! Therefore, as a memdber of the Contact Commision, I am bringing to this list a REQUEST:

1 ) We need a website.

2) Who or how many of you can go together as a TEAM to put one up for us?

3) They ask me to post and update on it for world distribution the NEWS they will report daily to put on it.

4) To do that I need to be the admin on the site but you own it and maintain it. You have to allow me control to post in your site the daily reports to be started as soon as it goes up. Who will step forward to do this for the Magisterial Sons???


The MAGISTERIAL SON SERARA SPEAKS NOW - “Now Ron you are doing what we need again. This web site is dying for lack of participation and help from anyone due to the long and narrow speeches of the past which went up one hill and down another until no one really believes this is going to happen. But it is happening and we need moral and serial support for our work in York and in other places around the world. York, Pennsylvania is a dry and dull place right now, and contains nothing but the antics of the Mayor. We are moving in shortly into real offices and Ron is desperately hoping he is well enough to take it on and he will be.

“We need workspace and that is retained now. We need a web site to go worldwide as soon as possible and we have asked Ron not to take on one more responsibility and to have one of you or as a group, put one one to give Ron the wording rights to it without adding any more content than what Ron is asked to put up on it. He needs full admin authority while you or the group who does this takes care of the technical details. It can be a blog but preferably not. It should have a home page with a nice space graphic and Ron can advise what works best there, and it must have a menu selection that says” MONJORONSON, THE MAGISTERIAL SON speaks and a menu item which says SERARA, THE MAGISTERIAL SON OF RECORD TO URANTIA, speaks. These are two announcement columns and they should all show if possible as they do on this web site when you open the category. You need to think this out carefullyand consult with Ron on ideas as he has done dozens of them and knows the practice.

“Finally, we are meeting in York, March 11 through the 17th and we guarantee a spectacular announcement at that time.

1) We are going to call home all start up personnel to work in York, to come to York and the money will be available to do that;

2) We intend on naming Ron the Director of Starbridge Foundation and remove the corporation known as Starbridge Group or demote it to a C Corporation. We further ask that Starbridge Coventry be disbanded entirely. We also ask Ron to end donations to Starbridge Group today if possible. He will take down the donation category on the web site here.

3) We will start bracing the home at 2709 Sunset Lane as it is weakened by our use ofthe premises for communication no longer required through this location as all communication is now through Poughkeepsie, New York. All other communications for the world are through the Salvington outlet high above in a ship positioned thereover Urantia. That ship is the size of a football field and is built and maintained by the organization on Salvington which commands all galactic ships in the Nebadon space areas. Nebadon is about sixteen light years wide and about forty light years deep. Be assured the ship is available to York at all times now.

4) We have no reliable indicator, but feel we are using Ron as well as any human can be used and he is find except for the horrible and painful transition he fields daily and wonders if he will ever feel good again? The answer is excellent but truthfully not maybe but for sure and that full transition is to show by 11 March if not a day or so before. That is this week too. In any case this trial is viewed as the worst thing we have ever done in hopes of making a human wearable for the future usages he is to field and he will but after the third try to do this. K”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “Ron asked for advice this morning about just how to get a new web site you all can attend to in putting up. It must be good enough to handle news announcements by Michael of Nebadon and Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, and by the Deity Absolute, which Ron has exclusive control over. No one else may post to the site as we are going to use it as our announcement site shortly and IT NEEDS TO GO UP AT ONCE! We repeat that because the world will see the Magisterial Mission visibly in about six weeks not at York, but in Washington DC, as they must make rules available to us to operated in a protectorate with or without the approval of Pennsylvania. We start with the Fedral Government and work out way to Harrisburg, as all attempts to see the Governor there have met with failure over protocol and he is not easy to deal with when he feels pushed to do aything. He is not our best choice to lead this charge now. K”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “We are ready to leave all of this behind in a few minutes as Ron must sleep about another hour for an adjustment and you are not to worry Ron, as we have it down pat, and it is done but waiting for installation. You are not easily turned into sunshine Ron, but that is our intention. Your life extension is installed now and so is your heart of heart for all who need you upstairs on Salvington to do your work for those who need a quick diagnosis. Be assured Mark really likes your voice and now knows he is most welcome as he may wish to contribute and he feels the same about you: it is very nice of you to make this work so easy with him and he hears you speak of softwared as thought you know a lot about it. We cleanse your folders for you too on high as you are now out of probation, and out you go now after posting this. K”

Ron - Those who put this asked-for web site up are asked to use my personal email and you are welcome to post to this category too. As long as we get some activity for it to be done the better off all will be as we intend to use the Commissioner Category at top here to post the URL reference to the web site to be put up as complimentary to the use of this site. Any questions post me or post on this thread too. Thank you all:

DEITY ABSOLUTE - “Iam the Deity Absolute and I require a lot of planning to hear from at all. That web site is to show my name and space too for posting information to it. You need not leave room for responses except as normal reaction may bet transmitted to this site somehow too. If you can make that website show a responses category and then have it posted to this web site in a chosen Category, let Ron know how to set it up from this end of admin. We are sure that this message must be read several times but KEEP IN MIND WE NEED TO HAVE A WEB SITE AT ONCE! The Deity Absolute. K”


February 28, 2019
York, PA USA
The Deity Absolute
Danger Lurks Ahead/More

This is the Deity Absolute.  I speak now of grave danger ahead for all of you and I mean that.  The rules of the road are going to change and we must beware of what the world will become like so enough.  Until we can bring full order to the planet we must take care to advise hose of you who are especially vulnerable that you are facing a firing squad unless you remain silent before those of your neighbors and so on. 

We must advise that Ron here is under evacuation orders if it becomes impossible to maintain order around the house and inside the house as break-ins will be attempted and he must be secure in his locks and keys.  He is already aware of it and keeps the place secure at all times.  His work is too valuable to let lose just anywhere and York is as good as any right now.

Second, the trial to allow all access to this site is coming to an end.  It is too vulnerable to let stand without a guard code in place to prevent hackers from moving in for a lark to knock it down.  So are it is considered too little of a site to get in the way of any national agenda and too big for the average person to just sit and watch posts come across it.  We are recommending that Ron ask Phil for a security code to log on to the site and have that code fully controlled by only a few of you who are assigned to use it to open the site when you go on it.  By the way that is how Ron operates his work already and makes no bones about it.  He is now using the safe in his work shop and will move the safe inside if he can figure out how to do that.

Third, the Contact Commission is having a seven day meeting at York, PA. Starting Monday for what is in eleven days.  That should warn all of you that the business at hand is the actual Magisterial Mission, and Ron knows the ropes well enough to welcome SERARA and MONJORONSON to the table without fanfare.  He is ready to move as are the Magisterial Sons.  What that portends is as follows:

1 - No one will be able to access this web site for about two weeks until we bring some order to the posts concerning the Magisterial Mission talked about in the past.  We see there is very little as Ron cleaned that all out months ago.  He also saw to it that old dated posts with no responses for six months were also deleted to prevent misreading facts no longer in evidence.  Be assured Ron you carry enough evidence of right doing we trust you more and more to get things done properly.  Your trust in others Ron is almost always deceiving and you are glad to let them go as soon as possible thereafter as they offer no help or cheer to anyone as such.

2 - The game to stay home and do nothing is over if you are a Magisterial Mission staffer.  We have long given up calling people to York, but the Contact Commissioners will receive a list of people to call and they will be paid to come to York and meet for a few days as well.  We must clear Ron of these problems for himself and get him working full time on behalf of Monjoronson who will arrive first in York and establish offices according to his wish for the Magisterial Mission workshops he wishes to use for training of early staff.  Be assured that Ron is a teacher and not a receiver as he has downloaded almost he needs to do this work already.

3 - We will institute a seminar meeting on April 14th in York for purposes of bringing into view the incarnated Melchizedeks for this work. 

4 - Further on April 23, we will begin transport of personnel to York who will live in hotels until we are ready to provide housing for all.  The rule will be you have one year free living rent and after that either start paying your rent where you are or buy or rent elsewhere at your own discretion.

5 - Ron has finished almost a book that will change the world of AIDS victims as it shows a cure and a way to prevent them in the first place.  It was held back by me today until I feel sure Urantia is ready to take such good news so fast.  We are not allowing much out right now but it contains two vaccines recipes and all.  Ron is working on their security right now and is at an impasse on issues that must be settled and we will use the time afforded to us to figure out how to public the vaccines in public, and maybe modify them a little for home use too Ron, and see if we can fix it so no one patents them and makes them expensive to use.  That is the fight we are having in Ron right now/.  He wants all the public to have them regardless of ability to pay.

6 - Our work is so soon to begin for Ron he must be given a transfusion of blood tonight and that is always painful and this time the right Rh factor will be played into his body.   Anyone who works for the Magisterial Mission will have a blood transfusion to stop your bone marrow time clock running as it is in the marrow it self where the gene resides to tell the brain your life should start to wind down and death is to approach.  In most people that gene allows about 80 years of age but in Ron it was age 74 and he has been granted an extra two years to now at least.  To work for the Magisterial Sons, the gene must be detached and we do that by removing your present blood and supply new blood with an altered Rh factor.

7 - Our work must commence on May 12, 2019.
We intend to arrive in York before that time and Ron will have the house all ready bu that time with a new room at the back for a conference room and so forth and will begin to start another book on The House That Jack Built, a book of considerable revelation concerning the Lucifer Rebellion not in the new Urantia Book we call the Sixth Epochal Revelation.  Be assured this must all be done by then and you have picked the spot out for the conference room already> [Yes, more or less but I need counsel on what areas I do pick as to the best for all concerned and that is not yet afforded to me.]

8 - I am the Deity Absolute speaking for the Magisterial Sons and Michael of Nebadon and the Local Universe Staff for Michael concerning the start of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia:

It begins on March 13th and the Commissioners will be assigned their value and their task and Ron Besser will be the Chief Commissioner and spokesman for the group when it ever becomes necessary to speak to their work before the public.

No one is necessarily in this first offering from York.  Invitations were sent out to two members here but has fully declined to respond and they are no longer part of the Magisterial Mission work for good.  The other did respond with a full report and will be successful in a body change to allow them to work here in York if required.

Life on this planet is hazardous and we are sure Ron will be threatened all the time but he assumes sovereignty all day long and does not crouch out of fear of such people.  That woods Ron will be taken down when we purchase that property and you are fair game to fill it with visitors and people of wealth who like and independence residence to wait in to see the Contact Commission on various means to travel elsewhere for their own safety.  We also require that you Ron may at times wear body armor.  You are not invulnerable but just about.  Be aware some already see you as the devil incarnate and are ready to move against you at the drop of a hat. 
All persons assigned to York will carry a security clearance as designed by the Local Universe of Avalon, as Avalon will be dispensing guards all around 2709 Sunset Lane and will make available fencing of their own variety.  Be assured you can see it but it means nothing to thieves and assassins but it will mark them for good and that is about it for now.  I am the Deity Absolute and wish you all a good day.”

“I am trying to avoid the joker today and did well until this afternoon and hit it big time and Ron is so funny it is not funny, and it seems we have a great view of things from the Deity Absolute, and Ron knows darn well we work through the Local Universe and that he transmits those authorized to speak for us in this venue. 

We have no real aspect to report except Ron is making it clear that certain topics are not welcome on the site and made good on his promise to eliminate the political one over Venezuela, and goo for him as it is now gone.  This site needs revision in the face of what is to happen in the next few weeks, and we provide a sorrowful goodbye to Amethyst who has decided this is no longer he cup of tea and leaves us wondering why her travails are ours now?  She indicates Ron triggered a household mess and now is responsible for her failure to understand what is asked of her.  She is of course welcome to stay.

Others are returning that left in a huff shortly Ron because they now understand you had nothing to do with the reasons they left and the one called Overmind seems to be gone for good on his own recognizance.  Be assured many saw this site as something wonderful until they had to discipline themselves and then left because they saw no point to that sacrifice.  K”

“We now engender Ron to notice his feet as the swelling is nearly down and the shin bones still ache but the feet stop aching and burning without feeling on the skin.  We gave him two transfusions tonight and a third one is necessary as the thorium infrastructure worked but ran out before the job was done and now we have blood poison to work on and that is ours to figure out too.  Local Universes work differently and that thorium was guaranteed to break bone out of leukemia which is not uncommon in most local universes, but in Nebadon it is rare. 

“I wish it to be known that Ron owns a safe that towers over our heads and is wide enough to bring any their grief if they go to use it.  We will take charge of it and that is fine and Ron said we can have it if you can use it.   K

“I am also aware that he is running a slight fever in his heart valve in hopes the vaccines he has downloaded from us actually work in clinical trials and those trials will be run by the Magisterial Foundation.  Ron has freely give the vaccines to the Magisterial Foundation for their use world wide and we are grateful even though they were first given to Ron to publish and that is a huge responsibility as he knows that starts one hell of a fight with the AMA and its legatees.  Further, Ron assigned the book and its contents to the Starbridge Foundation to order its covers and papers inside his computer to be stored incognito until the book is published and then to destroy about fifty files he used to write the book with his own graphics for the most part. 

“I conclude this statement with the following information:

“We have determined that Ron is of a new species on the planet of Urantia and is one of a kind.  He cannot regenerate through progeny due to age, but he can raise children supplementing them with his DNA by substituting his heart cream applications with his head patents and as soon as there are these children they will receive his DNA and that is that.

“Before we leave I must give credit to the Contact Commissioners who have worked hard all day trying to keep up with the changes Ron keeps sending out recently for the book binding and harmless distribution of Part VIII to others for reaction.  I would normally place Part VIII up on line but it is really top secret because it is a full exposition just how the AIDS virus lives and how it actually cam to be a virus in the first place.  The Contact Commission has been busy with people around the Untied States trying to find people who could be trusted with it and to provide feed back on it.  Today Steven find one and she has already read it and she is so dumbfounded she insists that it be published yesterday.  She is none other than the head of a book publishing firm that now knows what is what in the field of AIDS far beyond anyone else and she is ready to spill the beans to the best authorities and they will demand the book be published on their own terms too and that spells trouble for Ron as he insists that the vaccines be available inexpensive to all who need them and will refuse millions of dollars in royalties if they do not make it available to all and cheaply.

“I have seen the book building for weeks and weeks as Ron fitfully tried to make it better than we initially suggested to him.  He found a way and it is dynamite and this time we give him kudos for understanding Mantutia well enough to let him drop the whole idea and let Ron run the show.  It contains two Addendum: One is a medical addendum and outlines what people can use the vaccines for at home if they can make them there, and TWO, the last part of the book as addendum two there are two pages of formula how to make a vaccine if one is already infected, and the second vaccine to determine if one is rid of the dreaded Colloidal AIDS which is ready to start a new epidemic unless science gets ahead of the curve and starts using the second vaccine, as that is the one that kills Colloidal AIDS viruses.

“We feel clinical trials must being and it is the Magisterial Foundation that will conduct them in Africa and Europe and in the United States.  We intend to do it quickly and without fanfare.  Ron will sign the papers over to the Magisterial Foundation on March 11 or sometime during the meetings of that date.

“I am Michael of Nebadon and I do hereby call this session ended for the sake of my staff who must prepare packing to go to York in the morning as we have established our own area in York to run this mission on behalf of the Magisterial Sons as they must establish poorly run currents in York to work better for ‘Ron and his telephone service with a new phone today that does not behave well yet. But it will.  I am Michael of Nebadon and wish all a good day.”

MARGUL The Trinity Teacher Son of Record for Urantia Light and Life Era to Come in about six hundred to one thousand years.  “It all depends on who is willing to share their work with us.”

“I am MARGUL and I welcome you all to my announcements now”

1 - There is no free ride and no one is worth more than a plugged nickel and that is funny because Ron thought he was worth a plugged disme (pronounced ‘DEAM” tjat was the word on our very first dime minted in the USA about 1792 or so) In any case may I have my announcement back Ron?

“I am MARGUL and I announce that Ron is no longer cared for by the Paradise Trinity because he has no room left in his cranium to take us one more time as we like to indwell him.  He now has a caliber brain equal to a morontial sphere holder and that means he could be a morontial supervisor if he knew anything. He does not.  But he will and that is ours to tell in the future.  I am quite sure he needs rest and relaxation after this preparation and we will use a better later. (Mammal approves) and that is not supposed to be part of our mandates. 

“We are announcing that Ron is now chief of operations for Trinity Teacher Sons who need an update over how to use the telephone without causing it to burp and carry on as his phone did yesterday when he installed it or tried to and it refuse to take the date and time because Comcast overruled its establishment at home.  In any case the trial for Ron is to relax a little, get his teeth back, and run away from the medical profession forever as he decided lately they were not going to use him to trial over and that is that.  He also will be a diagnostician for clinics without much help around the world as he must be available for work in Africa and Indonesia too as they are ready for an outbreak of world war if he does not make them well over the use of atomic weapons by India, as India is still fight wars of independence and must be stopped.  In all cases Ron knows enough protocols to stay the course with those called the Most Highs who can bring peace by wrenches but prefer to use a human to intercede with India as a guest of the Prime Minister shortly as we can determine a huge contingency will follow Ron just for the medical advice he brings with him.  You will work with doctors around the world to see who is what and what they are doing and that is for you to digest and us to use more and more of as you are genuinely fun to be with and that is final: you Ron are ready for the big time but is the big time ready for you?”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “We are ready for a lot.  Besides the Magisterial Mission, Ron must complete four more months of doing the will of Father and will begin his transition to doing the will of the Eternal Son, and that is in training for work with Melchizedek work on Urantia.  You Ron know the Father inside and out and now the work of the Eternal Son is to commence for you and Adjuster. The Consummator of Universe Destiny speaks:

“I am troubled not by this development and wonder if you can describe your view of it? [I have no real concept of the difference or the eloquence of spirit it takes to know or how to do that   Ron] I will make it easy to tell you that it is no difference from Father and Son virtues but your new virtues are with the Eternal Son and Supreme combination.  I am delighted for you to take this view so well too as you correctly identify the Son-Supreme Deity union as a new creative purpose. [Ron here - this is brand new.  There are in the Urantia Book the seven flames of God as God the Sevenfold, and the seven creative purposes as the seven Deity Unions which I took to be universal and not necessarily as part of the Supreme only.  This is brand new and quite a revelation just in the statements you make above.]

“AS THE ETERNAL SON, I am beholding a man with wisdom dripping from his very teeth in anticipation of knowing what we have in mind as he considers it so extraordinary he has no knowledge to recall. [Ron, that is correct and I am dumbfounded].  We leave this instruction for much later than, but to start it we must have your ascent to deal with the Eternal Son as a Friend of the Court too. [Yes, but I always considered you Eternal Son already associated by implication that the Local Universe cannot operated its Missions without you in some association or form.[ 

“I appreciate the small dissertation Ron, and wish you a good day.”

MOTHER SPIRIT = GET this off before the cock crows Ron.  Mother Spirit. K”


Feb 22, 2019

Bertrand was one of the very first teachers to take on what they were still trying to name as it started in February of 1992 and lasted until 2012 in November that year.

As I recall it when first read Bertrand 27 years ago this year, I thought him so thoroughly knowledgeable he needed to get a really good group around him.  He found one in the California group named below.  It was lead by a dear departed lady by the name of Susan Kimsy who I still remember so well today.  She alone got this group going and it went and went and went until her death in 2009-10 of that damn cancer stuff we have so much of here on Urantia.  She is up there now on Mansion World Four and knows everybody and that includes me and us on this forum as she once in a while looks in on us to see how we are doing.  I told her if we ere a flag we still flap in the wind but we are shredded and tattered now.  Susan Kimsy yelled back at me, “So What!”  She remembers this transcript much longer and it is but I just took the dream stuff and the ref is above is you want to ready the long job.

Bertrand -
The Corona Del Mar California Group
June 23, 1992 - Various dream life

[About Dream Life]6/23/92


I have two questions that puzzle me. One, during our rest period which we call sleep, we dream. Where does the content of these dreams come from, because most the time they have nothing to do with what we call reality. How are these created and why do we focus our attention in this area?


Dream life, for the most part takes place in the sub-conscious. It is the formulation of experiences overlaid by other experiences and overlaid by still further experiences. Most of our dream life is associated with occurrences that have occurred, sometimes occurrences that may occur. But on those rare occasions the super-conscious is able to overlay upon the sub-conscious and at that point your Thought Adjuster is able to make a picturization of a higher concept. It's most difficult to determine which is which. But it certainly is the time in which the Adjuster is most active with your mind.

 [To Deflect Worry]6/23/92
When I find myself tense and upset, call it worry, about different things that go on in life, nothing particular, just generally speaking. You can intellectualize that worrying about it isn't going to make it any better, but yet I'll tend to continue to worry about it to the point that my body will tense up; l get sore muscles, headaches and stuff like that. Is there a practical exercise to work towards to do away with that useless worrying?

If you could substitute a meditation process of thinking about God the Father, of Jesus' life, of true values. When you begin the process of worrying, try to somehow shift the mind to use it as a trigger to move into an area of the contemplation of Jesus' life, that may be of assistance. I can also refer you to morontia mota that says "Anxieties must be abandoned; the disappointments hardest to bear are those which never come." And I think that if you will analyze those worries, when the final event occurs, it is rarely to the level in which you worried about it. It's a very difficult process for human beings to abandon worry,to abandon anxiety. Its basis is in animal fear, and those things are very difficult to overcome. It takes continual work and continual reminding of oneself that those disappoints are never what you anticipate them to be. Does that help?

[Pictures & Adjuster Efficiency During Sleep Time]6/23/92

I have two questions. The first one is: if sleep is the time the Adjuster can really work with us, is there anything we can do to open our minds to that patterning from him more consciously?

The Adjuster is most able to work during your sleeptime because you are able to put yourself aside. Your conscious mind, the electro-chemical process, is at its least, it's at its minimum. And therefore, the Thought Adjuster is able to make picturizations that otherwise he would be unable to do. In your daily life, in your awake life, the same process occurs, or can occur, if you are able to still your mind. You have another question?

Well, I have two more questions. So, what we should look for really in communication with our Thought Adjuster are pictures? Picturizations? Rather than words?

Picturizations, yes. They are more closely a description of how the Adjuster communicates with you. Occasionally, in rare occasions, the Adjuster may be able to get a direct link and communicate with you with words, but that is very rare. In most cases the contact is through picturizations, through feelings, through awareness of concepts. It's a difficult process to explain. Does that help or may I clarify more?

Well, the picturizations, are they very symbolic pictures or are they pretty literal pictures of what it is he's trying to teach us?
BERTRAND     It can be both.

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