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Actual vs Potential and Time Lords vs The Supreme: Did You Notice?

This is not a long post.  Our Urantia Book says we must wait around a trillion Urantia years for God the Supreme to factualize.  Then they think he would live on Uversa and hold court there for we Supreme creations.

God the Supreme is gone though and suddenly there is a universe age vacancy.  But we also note that God the Supreme as final and having a court we can visit was all Potential.  And for nearly a trillion years to wait for him to be Actual and living on Uversa.

Now this is really mind boggling and so important, nobody understands what it means at all except likely the FATHER, ETERNAL SON, and SPIRIT.  

What is ACTUAL right now is God the Supreme as our Time Lords.  Persons like Machiventa Melchizedek and other Melchizedeks we knew and know from the past are Time Lords.  They are contactable now and they are the SUPREME.  Or so we believe as a collective unit all together are the Supreme.  FATHER says they are but one important difference:  they do not actualize in the TRINITY.   They ACTUALIZe in the Local Universes, each one of them!

We now know such for sure.  But how does that change the idea of Supremacy as already contactable now?  Lord knows, but that is the excitement to learn and know in the new epochal revelation coming so soon.  How do we react as spirit beings when the Supreme is actually with us in the local universe as one dear old Melchizedek, Machiventa?  or Manituba  or Mansonloran as chief Aide, and Monsonloran as sidekick to the Magisterial Son, SERARA. who says, "I kicked Ron out this morning, and now I take him back for good!"   Now SERARA is not a Time Lord like the Melchizedeks are, but HE is among the leadership for the Time Lords to emulate.

Actual and Potential.  The Supreme now is ACTUAL and the potential for the final idea of Supremacy resides now in the UNIVERSAL FATHER.

AFTER SHOCKS / The Trials of Living Without the Supreme and more
« on: October 13, 2019, 01:12:37 PM »
Quote me Ron:

The Trials of Living Without the Supreme
God the Supreme Losses and more
York, Pa 1PM local time
Sunday, October 13, 2019

“When it suddenly strikes you that you spilled coco on your bid and have chocolate smears on your white beliefs, it is time to tell you, that the coco is God the Supreme, and he stains now what used to satisfy you with a sweet drink of pleasure of getting something done and going home to a happy family.

“Ron says, I never had that.  What is like oh great monolith of pink preciousness?

“The truth is I need to start over as Ron is pointless when it comes to a sad case of the heebie jeebies he has twenty four hours a day.  Lemuel and Wenebojo and Wendy and Sue and the Commissioners and the rest of you including Clency and Brad Cooke and White Stone, every one of you are soured on the details of life on Urantia, now made worse by a defaulting Deity so cruel it kills to get its way.

“Ten Urantia years ago I would not know what I was having to address today.  It is this:

“Last year at this time we were preparing the Contact Commission in York to start working the lawns of Urantia Book readers as they were in place at that time.  But the fact is that is a minor situation to know at this point, as the readership of the fifth epochal revelation is not quite the problem we saw before.  The problem they represent is intransigence with bad information to boot.  One known to Ron as PT has had quite a shock to deal with and stays the course anyhow because she must but is fully aware Ron has a card up his sleeve to shock them all as you are shocked:  God the Supreme not only defaulted, he killed in place of ministry to get his way.  Ron says I will never fathom it unless I understand how the Trinity put that Deity together, as he says he is missing a great big chunk of understanding that would make it possible for God the Supreme to break every rule in the book, including the Ten Commandments item, ‘Thou shall not kill!”

“That is sobering even on my own reflection.  Yet Moses never meant to subscribe so harshly to it when it came to national wars of independence.  Mosses is now so high up we cannot reach him without an appointment, but not so long ago in a message to me, Moses said the following and I quote:

MOSES = “We stand on the brink of disaster on my home planet, yet the Supreme is stalwart enough to prevent the worst.”

MICHAEL: “I now please you with my own version of the Supreme, so Ron understands the design plans for God the Supreme better than he does and all of you do yet either.

“God the Supreme is of Trinity origins, but plays no part in the Trinity, and that is where the problem really started.  Ron presumed as we all did that God the Supreme being part of the Trinity of Trinities, had the supervision of the Trinity all the time, as it was inherent by association.  Yet God the Supreme never took anything well that the Trinity did against Lucifer and Caligastia and even his Planetary Supreme named Gaia but formally her name was Urantia, as she never saw to a thing against Caligastia in order for the Supreme to gain ascendency on Urantia through the action of these apostate Sons of God at the time.  These Sons of God are now defrocked and lash no one any longer as what the Supreme held in their depersonalization was the last of bent straws of loss to me, the Creator Son of a Local Universe, ravaged by their bad behavior and horror to life in all of my universe to speak of.

“Lastly, Ron, learn that you have been subjected to God the Supreme in the most wicked of ways and are barely alive this morning thanks to his decision to kill you off quickly. Lemuel got hit.  Sue got hit.  Wendy got hit, and yet none of you know what you got hit with.

“We must be truthful and say it nearly killed you Mother of Speech, and that is what you are Ron, but the others had the same thing happen cruelly too, and I never caught what the Supreme was doing on Urantia, to place all of you in disfavor of the work of spirit on Urantia.  All of you were fused with Adjusters at one time and only you Ron and Amethyst have that left in place as Lemuel and Wendy and Sue had to be under remission to free them of suicidal thoughts at time.  That is the sad case of Wendy in particular as she was hit so hard with circumstances, she yet refuses to deal with the entire fall out.  Sue the same for you.  Lemuel the same for you and so on down the line to Steven Gitz.  Ohrbeck you are lucky it never touched yu as you are so slow to recognize your luck you fail to perform at all.

“Finally, God the Supreme must be remitted into oblivion for Ron.  He cannot trust ever again the benign idea that a God of Experience is out to murder him and those he fully trusts are innocent and loving and giving and fully trusting in the benign character of a Deity they admired and gave to all the time.  God the Supreme must be removed in entirety and Gabriel and I have assigned a court case to it you will hear about in the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) when the time comes.

“Fully understood, God the Supreme defaulted over the mistaken idea that he could work everything his way and never mind the pre designs of God the Father ever.  That was the mistake of LUcifer and Caligastia lost his life immediately over such a belief.  God forgives man easily, but God will never forgive the Supreme for what he pulled against my people and killing them every time they appeared to do my will for the Local Universe of Nebadon and the Federation.

“The Federation still exists but for how much longer?  We all question it too, but Father says to keep it going while he refurbishes its need to exist and that is finish the horrors of the Lucifer Rebellion in each of our Local Universes, as we all still reel against what was done to all of us with Lucifer at the helm. 

“Finally, God the Supreme never ate his lunch without taking mine or yours on Urantia.  It turns out it was God the Supreme who encouraged Lucifer to take his spleen out on Paradise and then on the Creator Son and Daughter on Urantia and other planets too.  Today Panoptia is the same ruin Urantia is.  Ron named it perfectly calling the present set of circumstances as to be living in a planetary ruin and it is.  God the Supreme was the instigator of so much of this, I am shocked at my inability to notice it ever.  FAther must have but decided to let the way run until proven.  It is now proved beyond any doubt.  Ron spent a lot of words telling you that now your Thought Adjuster must lead you where the Supreme once did, and how hard that will be for most of you to reconcile your attitude change to even family or friends who are real problems to your point of view that life must be God centered to win anything worthwhile at all.”

MOTHER SPIRIT = “Michael had to drop this briefly with an emergency at his heels again.  It is never ending Ron and you will find that too when you are at the helm of the SER as it comes in great quantity but few takers without your free for all plans to make it a household word so long as you have the money to do it.  Place it well and you get our undying generosity, place it like a bozo you sometimes are, and you gain our undying gratitude for trying.  Ron laughs at this but it is true as we have someone in charge that knows the lay of the land on Urantia and they will know of it for sure.  Get his quickly too, all of you, Ron is up this morning reading this print a tad better than before and loves even the slight change it represents.  I see Adjuster work hard to keep Ron and your Adjusters the same, to place this whole idea to fail not, but it must fail to some extent when unwanted war st arts again thanks to a President who forces the issue before its time to conqueror the Herod Prince of Darkness, Iran, into oblivion.  In any case it lives well today on borrowed time itself.  God the Supreme even disliked Iran and that is not an understatement as the Ayatollah, requires years of pertinence in the morontial worlds to overcome what he has caused already to happen in the Middle East.  In any case the entire matter is settled when the SER is ready for photography very soon in York.

“God the Supreme left me a huge debt to repay on all planets now, and I have received instructions to relearn ministry from the Infinite Spirit.  That Infinite Spirit displayed quite a light show to Ron three nights ago now and Ron will never forget hi rendition of the superuniverse floating around Paradise quickly and greatly well done.  He saw more than seven!  But he keeps quite about it!  In any case let this post come to your attention:

“We no longer countenance God the Supreme ever again.  Father sees to it that it is quietly removed from Urantia from the Residual Supreme, and that is never spoken to except in the past for you Ron as there is never again a Serena or a Jill or Sebatha to appear on his behalf again and cause so much harm to you and those like you.  Be assured we remind all there is no longer a need for a Serena and sisters, but for a renewed Sabatha who becomes the guardian of Urantia for all time through people like MYSELF and you as a human temporarily Ron.  Keep up this work and you win big, succumb to fear you die, and yet it is hard not to blame your for sedition against the Supreme as you fought him bravely and well and he had to relent against your persistent call for reform. We end this with a favor to the FATHER on Paradise: ‘Father we beseech you for reconciliation with Ron and his Adjuster, as his Adjuster befalls the serious resolve of Ron never to love again for those who have so seriously trespassed against the Father and the fifth epochal revelation, yet they are the work for his future if he can ever get free of health issues so bad he wonders, like Lemuel, why bother to fight the inevitable: death by old age and everything else brought against him. 

“Let this finally be the word to cause great cheer Ron: you are now working to see to it that the SER is ready as best you can and you have proposed to us the dangerous course you intent to follow with advice from those of us up here who know the course it represents and how it will be cheered and fought for its own causes too.  Be assured it will work well so long as you approach it sincerely and securely with out design as well to make ti available in great quantities through a press near you Ron you might run just to keep it going out into mischief over issues they disagree with over publishing trash as some might call it.  Be assured you are not in the best of circumstances in York ever but the presses are there we need and you take them on none the less.  Be assured that boardroom is not necessary after we buy them out in all likelihood.  Yet the residual owner is not you but Michael of Nebadon and he will see to clearing the rank and file as to what to do for good.  

“Ron you feverently ask to establish a bank independently of your own doing and we fully agree it is absolutely essential and one is being sought right now.  Keep it happily done it may be a bank near you too.  God the Supreme hated finances but you and SERARA know them well and we must make amends with the Magisterial Sons too at some point.   Goo day.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “We finally are at an end with this post.  Learn to discriminate better Ron, and Machiventa will too, that our posts will be truncated shortly to avoid these long ones if at all possible, but you Ron fill the void of many hearts by keeping things newsy and well done.  Yesterday you completed version you number 444 of a news letter and decided not to bother to show another way to handle such a publication if you use it at all.  You will but we have our own design and that is better than what you configure at all.  Let it also be known that this transmitter fear being cut off due to changes of style in our universe, and he will never be cut off, but he might now have a place here anymore with Michael of Nebadon, simply because I never have enough time to do much but react.  Now I must react and close this since universe seventeen high above us is suffering a crack cocaine stretch over losing God the Supreme just as it was settling a group of Planetary Systems into Light and Life, and it now costs them dearly to know what to do.  Michael is called, and as Ron says, his bandages have not all been taken off yet over his treatment by God the Supreme either.  Good day to you all.”


I am writing this very early Sunday morning because my sleep schedule is all out of kilter, and I am bored to death with the idea of going to be at 2am after sleeping four hours when normal people were up.  Such is the life of a man hit hard with energy transformations that are hell to live with but never discussed with him. 

But this Blog is to talk about what I think is mooing around in our Urantia pasture which sounds benign but I am positive it betokens of something ALL of YOU are going to have to deal with, if you have not, already, dealt with some of it.

I am especially struck with two characters who are members on this web site.  I know what you are being introduced to because I have gone through it just a little before it got to you too.  One is Sue Whiley and the other Wenebojo, but I am sure Lemuel has a good snoot full of the situation too and just cannot get moving because of it.  Let me explain a little.

There are several types of spiritual energy transformations.  That is what I am talking about t some of you because some of you just cannot concentrate well enough to remember the subject of some important clues to your own situation.  Before I start I also note that Roger Krupa, is showing signs of psychic transformations I wonder where it takes him?  He has an energy system that bolts into things and then leaves them alone for weeks and weeks.  I admire the latest take he has motioned on, but the direction is not clear to me at all and I am sure you Roger you sometimes wonder what is going on with yourself too.  It will take years to get it going right at this rate.

But Roger K. and the Wenebojo share an unusual kine of symmetry in spirit.  Your Thought Adjusters are from the same tribe.  Yes Thought Adjusters have families.  They group themselves into functional work for material planets in their training.  For instance my Thought Adjusters is from family number six (6) and that deals with epochal information;  Wenebojo and Roger Krupa, your Thought Adjusters are family friends of all things, and have worked together before as other indwellee's.

Before you get excited, most material planets, and Urantia is an exception, do not betroth their first life on a planet Thought Adjusters for their ascension careers.  There was no room in our present Urantia Book to talk about that but it is nonetheless true.  That is why your Adjuster Roger could know Wenebojo's Adjuster as those they indwelt millennia ago went on successfully thanks to their work, but you two will fuse with the present ones if all goes well.

In any case Roger and Wenebojo, your Adjusters are from what they call family four (4) and that family likes to indwell priests and religious institutions by the current traditions.  You are natural folks to teach spirit knowledge when you are comfortable with what you have to teach.

Sue, your Adjuster, they tell me, is from family five (5), and how you got mixed up in this stuff must be quite an adventure for your Adjuster to relate to.  You in seven hundred Adjuster lives at least, were always dealing with nascent science.  Science is your true calling but something in your personality clock, said 'why do we not try religion for a change?'  And here you are forcing a diet of epochal information into your head and your Adjuster trying to tell you to apply to Cambridge as a free student and study biology.  That is your natural calling DNA and all.  However, we are now dealing with a new structure on Urantia you all ought to listen to.

First this:  I started talking about energy transformations starting with me.  I am the guinea pig and I am giving them fits with depression and one God awful attitude about God indwelling my head until all I hear are bells and ringing in there and it pisses me off enough I get a little raw in my retorts to it.  In any case, my transformation is a long one and a harsh one and I am not sure how I volunteered for it.

Essentially my transformation, and this one is for Amethyst too whether she comes back or not, is to provide a foundation of human flesh to the portent of huge conscious changes on Urantia.  I am truly aware that my Adjuster had to do a double take with what happened to God the Supreme.  Now without God the Supreme, all of you have to make some transition whether you are ready or not.

My Adjuster likes peace and tranquility.  Needless to say, that is not what I am getting and neither are your Lemuel, as our Adjusters are of family six and have known each other on many excapades on material worlds in great number.  However you Lemuel had the rotten luck to get ill over matters not your doing and so did I.  Now we have to get repaired.  You do not do well and neither do I.  BUT: they a pursuing our energy transformations anyhow and that is to provide Adjuster guidance in place of Supreme guidance, and that is a whole different ball game.  Let me tell you what changes you will notice for sure all of you regardless of what family your Adjuster belongs to. (Do not ask me as it is Adjuster information most will not discuss either.)

Thought Adjuster guidance is provisional and analytical.  I am super analytical anyhow and so are you Lemuel and Amethyst.  Now you are really going to get it.  The Supreme enforces family and marriage and close relationships.  Adjuster counsel asks are you sure this guy or woman is actual value to you?  If you are just going on emotions, stop and look at what you value and see if that satisfies you for ever in a marriage or relationship.  Adjusters love to move people away from other people because they see not point in wasting time and patience when nothing more is learned than to find the relationship does not feed you at all very well and you are better off without.  God the Supreme said the relationship however poor is worth getting into to learn people and caring and nurturing and yata yata yata =  that is a Jerry Seinfeld program expression when the characters did not want to explain more with words.  yata yata yata is what they said instead.

I also caution all of you that I am really finding this tedious since I already have explained some of this material back in 2010 and 2011 and that material is long gone too.  But I will say this again:  All on this list who have stayed on long enough to get the you know whats about delays and changes, are true students of  the day of loss and we have had so many in this adventure I am wondering if we will ever have any successes?

The truth is that the loss of God the Supreme on Urantia may be our biggest benefit in a universe age.  Gone is the idea of KARMA!  Gone is the idea of snuggling relationships that last far beyond their reason and/or purpose. Gone is the idea of organization reviews to make the place run better, and that is what happens with me so often:  how do I make things work better?  That pressure is reduced for me I notice and I am more comfortable with  the idea to be done with those things that vex me no end.  Most who quite this site said that long ago.  Well, that is their choice, but please understand because we stood the test of loss and failure most of the time, we have been taught the age old idea of patience and that is going to pay off I believe.  Here is Michael to explain what thought I should say but he wants to:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is up because he cannot sleep; too much sleep is worse than not enough, and he feels too much sleep right now.  In any case he trying to explain to all of you that the change in guidance from the Supreme to the Thought Adjuster, is going to feel rough to most of you.  Gone is the sweetness of change and then seeing how harsh change feels without preparation.  The Supreme always prepares for change with you, but the Adjuster says it comes we take it and off we go with it and no looking back.  For that reason I caution all of you that Ron has been cruelly changed and is missing his front teeth too over an accident of time that should never happen to any human and that is to be attacked by God the Supreme over an issue he was never aware was a problem to the Supreme.

"In any case the toll is harsh and so is his life but it will be cleaned up shortly.  His book ORIGINS is waiting in the dust and needs published badly but most of the world is still operating under their Residual Supreme guidance modes and they take scant look at what he offers.  So he is depressed most of the time.  We think the tide will turn shortly though as we have a really serious group looking at his offer for publishing they cannot refuse if the book sells at all and that is a little percentage of royalties if they give him help getting published.  In any case he makes it clear there is no sharing of the manuscript until there is a serious offer.  Good for him: However, learn that they are really sheep in the clothing of a business that could skin them and Ron alive and he will not tolerate it and will insist they follow some security procedures and apply for patents for Ron in his place of doing in exchange for them to license some of it.  Truthfully is a Pandora's box but we get to the later for Ron.

"But you all must know that we are to arrive on Urantia in about a fortnight and Ron has been having me indwell him all day and I fully enjoyed it as we both watched the PBS Great Performances about Handle and the baroque which Ron truly loves as a music expression.  Handle did too to the point he trained in Italy during the height of the buzz bomb years of Mozart, Scarlatti, and other princes of music now so lost to men and women on Urantia, they should die and go back to that ere to learn what true elegance was all about.  In any case, it was a sheet joy to find so easily moved by their elegance the intensity of musicians learning the styles of early years of music.

"We also note that Steve Gitz prefers Jazz but Ron prefers the baroque and both eras clearly are at odes not with each other, but for each other in their own unique ways.  Ron needs a good piano but they cost as much as a house now and he must wait forever possibly not.  He has a full moon in his second house on his horoscope chart and the second house is money, and the full moon sets up vectors in a life to fulfill what it influences.  He just hope it is not rejection instead of acceptance of ORIGINS.  We shall see but it does not look bad at the moment.  He will advise them if they meet with him prepared to take down contract requirements once they get the book into their heads. We think they will visit him to read the manuscript.  Be assured if they do they will want to take it with them and scope it out with professionals their way and they will set the world on fire with it as it truly tells people what AIDS is and how to stop it.

"Finally,  Urantia works hard to avoid drudgery but that is what you are all headed for particularly if Trump unleashes a conventional or nuclear war against Iran and Korea as he is thinking to do both.  If he does China will go to war with the US and say so and then you Americans are under nuclear threats too and that should be quite a tussle at the United Nations over who is going to get parity and shot down not over a nuclear confrontation as the Untied Nations is fully discharged against Donald Trump and for good reason.  That should clue you that what we set up on Urantia is going to be a tough sell to anyone else but yourselves, as all of you have been through the test of time with Ron, and he is ready to lead if we allow it and we will not do so without his health fully restored.  That is the transition we must work through this week yet and maybe part of the next one, but it will end.  For now the world turns in a sorry state and we must all be prepared for war if required and an end to Urantia if it goes nuclear.

"I will say this:  Urantia has so many special products for Nebadon I will never let it die to the last man, but radio activity is horrible to cleanse and cleanse we will attempt to do but it requires spirit muscle you never heard of before.  This web site will go down in a nuclear attack as the internet will be taken down by us to deconfuse people and the social apparatus it has become too which Ron fully dislikes as a way for evil to penetrate the most innocent.  In any case it is not for Ron or you but for we Spirit who must take the ball into the Urantia courts and let them know under no circumstances will laws interfere with our need for a York Protectorate and a legislative assemble attuned to us in Pennsylvania and Washington DC.  In any case this entire matter is in Ron's head and I know how well he sees it.  May you all learn to know what he knows and be ready to pitch in if we ask you to.  Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son from Paradise, and of record to provide LIGHT AND LIFE TO URANTIA SHORTLY  after a thousand year reign of the Magisterial Sons are finished with what must be done. 

"We are delighted to be back on Urantia tonight Ron!  Be assured the visit to you the night before of the Infinite Spirit, in which you had a show of light in your room and no one believes you but it happened and we saw it too.  In any case the Infinite Spirit saw to your release and now must allow the energy transition and transformation to proceed.   We are sure you know the letters but your fingers no longer articulate like they used to either and the sadness is they may never get back to that proficiency without that hard work to restore them.  That is because the Supreme tried to destroy you through your nervous system and you knew it immediately!  He nearly got sentenced to death but the Trinity is ready to take on your game and not his now and that requires much painful incisions into your head and back and neck and most are completed but you are quite ill because of it.  Your eyes may never be the same but they will see clearly shortly too as that is horrible to be so blind without one iota of compensation to help you around the house.  You mulch in spite of the crippling and blindness and nearly kill yourself to do it but the weather is ending those chances to do it well and you are very unhappy to let some things go without it but it must be done this year period. 

"Let this run through your head Ron.  ORIGINS is ready for the world.  It is a must read by anyone who knows anything about AIDS and Altzheimers disease and so on, but you must understand you are too free with the vaccines and serums, and you are now in possession of the formula of pills to take 4-mg each if taken twice a day, they remove the virus of AIDS completely from the body in six weeks.  How that is done is a huge secret but you know them and we are delighted you do not sell that cure yet. This is  your gift and to hjumanity from Rayson and the Deity Absolute and the Universe Father with Michael of Nebadon.  They all contributed to that work and good they did as it must be accurate for the sake of health.

"Last year you were sure it was going to be published almost immediately.  But Go the Supreme caused that disaster and now those who could have wait to see what you do.  They see no motion and are wondering what you have up your sleeve.  Plenty!  You are one of the few humans I ever saw who decided that publishers are the worst of the breed and do not deserve to share in it, so you have seen to other venues and that will pay off big time we are sure.  Wait it out and be sure you are not forgotten by the latest trial you provided a few days ago.  Thank you for the chat and good day for now."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Rpm asked me if he could call me the "Old Lamp Lighter," and that is not bad to hear.  I am a Time Lord now and that kinda fits that too  But this Ron:  You hate trying to wake up every morning because it is so painful, but that ends abruptly tomorrow morning.  You will get to sleep shortly, but not until you realize your pain is excruciating and it does not abate when you try to get up and walk a little.  It ends abruptly as the Father says to the Infinite Spirit he needs a break from being burned so badly, and  the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor fully agrees.  ORIGINS is a luckless piece of writing made great by the addition of that MEDICAL ADDENDUM where you come right out with the serum and vaccine formulas and said to Rayson, it is our only chance of making it past censors and patent attorneys for pharma corporations. Not so, but you have a plan for those who help you and it is an immediate decision to publish the formula for those pills if they agree to patent them with you and for you.  we will watch that progress for sure.  Be assured you will have pussycats to work with and will be a leading expert on AIDS God willing.  Be assured they watch you on high for your dedication to medial knowledge and with Rayson and others present who know this stuff inside out, you will go far in that profession.  No one hears you better than PT and she is ready to get your name down to a good talk as she now sees your kindness and wishes she had waited a little longer  to publish but the die is cast and out it goes for a few hundred copies that is all.  She loves the book and now she sees she has the heads up to give her a competitive advantage but she must be careful with study aids as artists are woefully short on the real facts to do drawings as they did for the fifth epochal revelation.

"I am fully aware of your memory loss Ron and it will be made up better in the future,  But that memory loss was designed to keep your from becoming a budding guru which you so dislike we no longer feel worried about it.  You are that Arizona creature will come to logger heads not as he is fully ready to hear you as he knows what you wrote to PT and she shares it fully with anyone who asks including DS.  He is fully aware of his loss truly and he is fully aware you never took him to task for lying and cheating to make himself feel better.  You are not alone over that debacle be assured.  Be also assured there are others to help out.  Good news with AIDS and ORIGINS is that they are going to send a delegation not to you but to meet you on fair grouns near by and you take the manuscript so they get a good read.  Never release to them yet.  They will signal when you two are one on what has to be done.  Be glad it is soon as they must strike while they can and that is soon.  To this list must be made the recommendation that the book ORIGINS is fully supported by God the Father as accurate and true and I can vouch for the same too.  It cures AIDS if you let it.  K"  

MOTHER SPIRIT = "You Ron naturally fear going to bed late and getting up early as it exhausts you every day lately, but that is the only way we can get you to relax and sleep when you are overwhelmed with pain and blindness.  It causes grief among us all yet you are free of it suddenly and that is your hope but such despair knocks it back to a mere hope.  Be assured the Infinite Spirit gave you quite a light show and your room lit up briefly when he entered and you saw it as a flash.  Be assured he really lit it up and the walls of that room still glow a little by absorbing that light to a certain extent.  Be aware we keep watch with a Supernaphim or two plus Bzhutu is there to guard the gates that the Supreme used to hit you badly.  Your transition will fully protect you from anymore of that mischief and the death of those little ones who work for Michael is deeply moving to you and you are very angry those innocent ones died just because they were.  That is our view too and the Supreme cares less and that is not God but Caligastia and the children in that French cave you and Jack_French remember so well with the work of Wivine.  She will do well but not so well as you as you lead the progression out of misery by those trapped in a world of so much hate, thievery, violence,  and  the murder of millions of innocent children you would love to death.  You will be a proud father someday and that is coming soon believe it or not.  We close with this:

"YoU fully admit there was no good reason to sit down and do this  this morning.  But you are driven to keep well and stay out deep depression over your misery daily,  Be assured there are immense changes coming for you and Gitz especially for Dominick is having trouble just keeping awake he is in such deep misery over so many things now.  He is truly in need of a Commission hug but you dare not spend money at all right now and face trouble too if you do not stay tight for awhile at least for a fortnight.  Be assured it is not for years.  Be assured Gitz hears good news too and Dominick must stay with you but he waivers so badly we wonder what his fate might be without you to help him hold on to a real nasty surprise for mother if she presses it too much.  We shall see how this unfolds for him alone.  Good day Ron and eat a little before you turn in soon.  MOTHER SPIRIT."

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FYI  these two brand new members are forever removed.  If you would notice both placed very similar email text to the forum and are folks who have no real regard for what this site proposes or pursues.  You all saw the posts for fake passports and a whole list of legal types of documentation that are probably, for a fee, all counterfeit and against the law, especially on the web site.
I just banned all new registration for the time being, as dozens you never see  run me ragged getting rid of obviously false membership requests.  If someone wants to legitimately join as a member write me from your own email address to me with the request.  My email address is common enough to find and I will be glad to look into the matter with you and for you.  Thank you.  Ron Besser


2019-9-23, NET #73, Machiventa
New Era Transition #73 – Crises; Epigenesis; Shining Points of Current Era – Sept. 23, 2019
Machiventa Melchizedek, Planetary Manager
Micro-plastic particles
Indebetedness during the crisis
“The Son is always shinning where we are”
The Chief Life Carrier of Urantia
More advanced Homo sapiens
Overcoming fears concerning those lost during the crises
The destruction of Saudi’s oil production
“Following the money trail”
Are there unusual activities in the celestial realms because of this event?
What are the shining points of our current era?
Do you foresee a group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms?
What are the critical human institutions required for survival?
Financial survival in the near future
Will there be Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding in the Bahamas?
Mass relocations
Are there any collective spiritual lessons from the Dorian disaster?
Was the Dorian’s speed controlled in any manner?
Preparations for the Mid-West of the US
TR:  Daniel Raphael, PhD
Team members:  Roxanne Andrews, Rick Brunson, Craig Carmichael, Liz Cratty, Jeff Cutler, Doug Dodge, Stéphane Labonteé and Sherille Raphael.
Invocation:  Liz
September 23, 2019
MACHIVENTA:  Good morning, this is Machiventa Melchizedek.  I am glad to be with you today and will move past my regular opening statement and go directly into questions at this time.
Micro-plastic particles
Jeff:  I am very sorry that I missed the last call; I look forward to it very much.  I have two follow-up questions from things that you were talking about in the last session.  First, you talked about health issues and mental health, and you mentioned folic acid and acetylcholine.  I have a tangent question to that:  In the news there has been much talk or much angst about the increasing amount of micro-plastic particles that is on our food supply, water supply and increasingly it has been found in our tissues.  First of all, is this really highly toxic to us, and if so, is there something we can do to mitigate or ameliorate the affects of this plastic?
MACHIVENTA:  This is an issue which is out of your control at the present time.  You can filter your water, but your food and the air that you breathe there is not much you can do about, particularly what you eat.  It is important that you do not take this too seriously at this time simply because there is nothing you can do about it.  Worrying about it, being anxious about it is something that would not assist you in moving ahead confidently into the future.  What does concern us are the nano-particles that may be in the air and may be in your food, as they are easily transmitted by water into the soil and into organisms, and so on.  Some nano-particles are inert and others are active.  It is important that this be a consideration for your industries for the future and that how these nano-particles are dealt with and how they are disposed of is regulated and monitored consistently over time similarly as the various gasses in your atmosphere are monitored. 
[Daniel:  I am having trouble with my coaxial cable, causing intermittent problems.]
Indebetedness during the crisis
Jeff:  Thank you for that; that’s very comforting.  Also, last session you mentioned that many people in the crisis are going to try to be faithful to their indebetedness, but there may not be banks, and it occurs to me that there are going to be millions of people who are going to be without work and without the ability to make payments on their debts or pay their taxes, or pay anything.  Is it the vision of the actuaries that we will just be under a state of complete emergency almost world-wide for every government and that governments will just take steps to step in and assume the welfare of people, or am I off base on this?
MACHIVENTA:  You are not off base on this, but the scenario that you depict is not fully accurate.  When we made the statement that people who honor their debts will need to cease doing that, this is not an authorization to excuse anyone now from…..[Lost Daniel—long pause.]
[Daniel:  I’ll see you back here again in 4 hours.
Note:  We began the morning session and then had to abort that session due to technical difficulties on Daniel’s phone connection.  We resumed the session 4 hours later.]
[Four hours later]
Invocation:  Roxie
MACHIVENTA:  Well, this is Machiventa Melchizedek; good afternoon!  As I mentioned in this morning’s brief session, that I wish to keep this short, as there is an abundance of events happening for myself and many others and we are in direct work with the Most Highs at this time on Urantia.  I will truncate this session by eliminating the opening statement and let us proceed into the question and answer part of our work.
“The Son is always shinning where we are”
Rick:  I have 4 questions, Machiventa.  My first question is last time you said the “Sun is always shining where we are.”  Wow, that’s a great place to be!  Is it possible that you tell us a little bit about that, the place where the sun is always shining, because we know that would not be an apt description of where we live?
MACHIVENTA:  (Chuckling.)  It is an apt description of our Creator, Christ Michael, as his presence is near you at all times.
Rick:  So that’s going to be the answer?
[This is Daniel:  The “sun” was spelled “Son”.
Rick:  Oh!  Okay, I screwed that up.
Roxie:  Actually, that was also my mistake in the earlier transcript.]
The Chief Life Carrier of Urantia
Rick:  The next question is, is it possible that we can speak with the Chief Life Carrier of Urantia today?
MACHIVENTA:  I gave the team distinct instruction about that in our last session or the session before that.  That should still be clear in your mind that you would make that connection yourselves and if they desire, they will answer.  This is uncertain in This One’s mind, so please refer to those instructions.
Rick:  I might be remiss here, but I recall from last session two weeks ago that we were told it was possible the Chief Life Carrier of Urantia could participate in one of our meetings, and it was also possible that he would not, so as I recall, that is how it was left.  I don’t know if you would like to add anything to that, and if not, we can move on.
MACHIVENTA:  The Chief Life Carrier is not here at this time, so let us move on.
More advanced Homo sapiens
Rick:  My last question is:  Within the human genome, is there a possibility of other more advanced species development for Homo sapiens?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, this is very possible; there are many undiscovered aspects within the genome of humans, of Homo sapiens.  What [mortal] genetic specialists have not discovered are the undisclosed developments within that genome, whether for birds, lizards, whales or any primate, or for humans.  There are many possibilities within each species’ genome that gives them the capability of adapting to new environmental situations.  Sometimes those adaptations are almost instantaneous/spontaneous, others are developmental.
Rick:  I did not have a 5th question, but your answer leads me to a question, which is:  Might you, or might the information be shared with us how we as individuals can access the more advanced developments for Homo sapiens for ourselves?
MACHIVENTA:  Most certainly.  It is part of the process of epigenesis that what you pursue in your life becomes imprinted on your life.  When you have a set routine for something in your life and you do this repeatedly, over and over for years, it imprints on your gene structure epigenetically and this oftentimes is carried forward into the next generations.  What your geneticists are also learning is that this same process imprints progeny who are now living, and upon 2nd and 3rd generation progeny as well.  So if you have a child who has some penchant for what you are doing, you can be assured that even through you might not see them, they are also emulating your behaviors.  Of course this applies both positively and negatively; if you happen to be an assailant, a rapist or bank robber, these things would still be imprinted on the progeny.  Therefore, for the benefit of the human species race, it is beneficial for future generations and for the expressing of higher levels of Homo sapiens that this imprinting be intentional, it be conscious and it be positive and constructive.
Rick:  Thank you, Machiventa.
Overcoming fears concerning those lost during the crises
Liz:  Machiventa, I’ve been working on overcoming my fears about the coming crisis.  Your last discussion about this being an ascension was very helpful.  However I am still wrestling with more mourning.  I mourn for the loss of my wonderful retirement, but I have had a fantastic life, I know where I am going, and I can endure hardships of whatever type that comes my way.  More than that, I mourn for my children, grandchildren, and all of children and grandchildren who will not survive the crisis and grow up to be Agondonters in their own right.  Can you speak to this, please, and help me with this anticipated grief the way you’ve helped me with my fears?
MACHIVENTA:  Liz, you should take a lesson from St. Francis of Assisi, to accept those things you cannot change, change those things that you can, and to be patient with those things that need to be changed which are within your power, but have not changed, or words to that effect.  You are concerned about things that are outside your venue of control.  This in the eyes of the most intelligent person is irrational; it is an emotional response to the relationships that you have and this may seem harsh, but it is sentimentalism to the extreme.  You are living with the hard facts of a very difficult world already.  There are many things that are occurring that are disturbing; you do not need to watch the news on TV, or listen to them on the radio or your cell phone to be aware of the trauma that is occurring in the world in almost every nation.  You cannot change those things.  You would be best advised to be in peace, in centeredness, in the space of no thought where you can be addressed by your Thought Adjuster who can work with you to address these fears.
You recall that Rayson spoke very much about fear and one of his lessons was that when you step outside and you see that all is well, even though you know across your city that much mayhem and murder and torture and abuse is occurring, that you do not sense it, and so your fears in that moment are not connected to reality.  However, if you walked outside your door and you see a wall of water 10-20 feet high coming down the street, yes, you should be in fear and fear is appropriate at that time.
Your fear speaks to much insecurity within yourself; the lack of self-confidence of who you are and what you are about.  Your insecurities are tied to old ancient belief systems where fear that is inherent and innate to many belief systems that are now archaic.  True belief of the presence of God within you is the assurance that you are worthy of God’s presence there, and that your relationship to the Divine, to the Deity of All is assured.  This assurance must be enough to carry you forward everyday in peace and harmony and great love, and that you are settled within yourself.  Yes, you will lose children; yes, you will lose grandchildren; you will have great-grandchildren who will never be born, and this will be so for well over 2 billion people in the future.  You will not be alone in this tragedy and this travesty of time and circumstances upon the world.  This is a difficult situation.  With such fears, dear one, how can you drive to the grocery store and not be incapacitated by your fears there?  Therefore, we know that you have no fears for your own self, but when you have passengers in your car, children, grandchildren, and so on, the same applies in that situation.  Be at peace, dear one.  There are safe roads in the world and the universe and you are on a safe road and path, you are secure now and always will be, even though you may not survive tomorrow.
The destruction of Saudi’s oil production
Stéphane:  I worry that the destruction of the oil processing facilities affecting half of Saudi’s oil production has greater implications than meets the eye.  Do you share this concern?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we do have a similar concern.  This very well could be the triggering point that will begin the cascade of cataclysms.  This could be the beginning of what you might call the “Era of Huge Transition” through these cataclysms.  These New Era Transition sessions are to help you address those situations.  What is not known are the decisions humans will make in response to those attacks on the oil refineries.  There are plans for response to that destruction, but there has been no decision at this time by mortals to react to those situations.  However you can be assured that those who are involved in that destruction in the Middle East will have a response of equal or more violence.
“Following the money trail”
Stéphane:  Follow-up:  Our leaders have used similar events in the past to promote business self-interest.  If we use your advice of “following the money trail” does this lead to the obvious outcome which implies a global conflict?
MACHIVENTA:  There is a step before that.  The step is that the Old Testament morality of “An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth and assault upon my neighbor’s neighbor and my cousin’s neighbor is an assault upon me” still lives vibrantly alive and destructively in the Middle East and elsewhere.  You can anticipate that there will be a response to these assaults on those refineries and they will be very significant.  However, they may not be obvious to the nation that is attacked at the time.
Are there unusual activities in the celestial realms because of this event?
Stéphane:  Follow-up:  Are there unusual activities happening in the celestial realms because of this event?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there are events occurring in rapid motion at this time, but they are not necessarily unusual as the Most Highs are involved, and as you know that there are more occupied, civilized plans in Nebadon than just for Urantia.  There is much response to the changes in all these nations, but you can rest assured there is much activity in the celestial realms of Edentia in this area than before.  This is in preparation for the developments that bring about the positive event that will occur so that your world has an opportunity to heal itself after the destruction passes.
What are the shining points of our current era?
Stéphane:  What is your best hope for humanity at this point?  What are the shining points of our current era?
MACHIVENTA:  Thank you very much for your question.  The shining points are individuals who have these wonderful thoughts about the reconstruction of civilization even as it exists now.  Those ideas of the reconstruction transformation of your world are not necessarily those of believers; they are also those who are not believers, but who are definitely humanitarian in nature and have empathy for others similarly as Liz has for her family’s children.  You will know that these people exist when the time comes for them to step forward.  However, the reluctance of millions of individuals to step forward at this time is a cause for concern.  There seems to be a strategic myopia that is involved in the human struggle, in the human consciousness that is almost intolerable to us, that as Edmund Burke is quoted, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do or say nothing.”  [Also quoted by John F. Kennedy in 1961.] 
The difficulty of complacency is now in global proportions.  Many nations are now experiencing some of the best eras of prosperity and peace, even though that peace may seem transitory.  This gives the masses of people a false security in what exists and they do not make plans for the future.  What we find is this dismal myopia fails to recognize future generations of your own children.  It is our hope and our wish and our effort to influence those individuals to come forward to be recognized by many other people as having ideas that are worthy of being used and applied now to acquaint people throughout the world with the possibility of transforming the archaic belief systems of business and morality and ethics into one that supports the sustainability of civilization. 
It is not too grandiose to think about the intentions of an international civilization, nor is it too grandiose to think of a national, state, regional and even large city's intentions for its existence.  We have proposed this to our audience already through This One in his communications to others and they [were] stunned by the perspective of a global intention for its existence and its intention for peace, its intention for parenting and childrearing practices.  Those individuals, those bright sparkling lights that can embrace this perspective, are often those who are armchair philosophers wishing for something to come along that they could sponsor and support and hope.  We know who these individuals are; the Angelic Corps and Midwayers have been searching them out for centuries following their lineage now down to the generations that are young enough to become active in this effort. 
What we see are the possibilities as being endless for bringing peace to your world, not overnight, not in 5 years, not in 50 years, but certainly within 500 years, and that each generation must be thoughtful enough to consciously and intentionally make decisions that bring about those ends, even those small decisions, those small decisions such as parenting which teaches children to think of others besides themselves, to think of the role that their children and grandchildren and great-grandchildren will have in their world, and then to consciously, verbally talk to their children about these possibilities to open the eyes of children to embrace the world of the possibilities that they can have a positive influence upon billions of people.  It is not impossible; it is already being done by individuals throughout the world through social media and through TED Talks and POD casts and so on.  Now it is time to make this a regimen of parenting and childrearing, that this must be embedded in the enculturation and socialization of children that they have an existence which is always wanting and needing and yearning to have an improving quality of life, but then to also project that onto their children and great-grandchildren and the future generation of all people.
Do you foresee a group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms?
Stéphane:  Do you foresee a small group of “global founding fathers” surviving the cataclysms and setting the stage for a society fully aligned with the 7 core values?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, we do, but we would qualify your question as including women and children.
What are the critical human institutions required for survival?
Stéphane:  What critical human institutions are required to survive the cataclysms and rebound with the best outcome for a positive rebuild aligned with the 7 core values?
MACHIVENTA:  Certainly.  It is the family and education as social institutions.  Secondarily it is justice—justice that is able to embrace the best tenets of democracy based on the 7 values, ethics and morality of humanity.
Roxie:  His other 2 questions you have already answered in some of your other answers.
Financial survival in the near future
This one is from me [Roxie]:  All my life I have striven to be financially solvent and have planned for my future years to be financially independent so that I don’t have to have my children support me.  With your dire prediction of the banks, and I suppose all financial institutions like brokerage firms folding, I am at a loss as to what do I do to continue to support myself through my elder years?  Do you have any suggestions?
MACHIVENTA:  Yes, there is one major suggestion and that is to protect your existing investments and assets from devaluation, that your investments would be the most secure avenues that are possible.  You would want to be involved in a financial institution of trans-national, trans-global nature, those that have investments in terms of trillions of dollars, those who could take a very large loss and still protect the investments of those who do business with them.
The second is to have no debts, now or in the future, to be as solvent as you possibly can be.  By studying the individuals who survived the Great Depression, who came out of it on the other side of it with still having significant wealth that they could invest and grow many times over into the future is a good place to start.  How did they do that?  They had sound investments, they had no debts and they were cautious about their use of the money that they did have.  Remember the Aesop Fable of “The Ant and the Grasshoppers,” so you see that you have put money away while you were working and you have done so, and this should carry you forward through your elder years.  Remember that though there will be an eventual global depression, the invested people have learned a lot from the Great Depression of 1929, in that era, and in the tremendous global recession that occurred in 2008 and those years.  They will be working hard to protect themselves, and in doing so will be protecting your money.  It is best to understand and work with institutions that have a high moral level of performance in their history so that they will continue that into the future.
Roxie:  Oh, thank you very much; that’s of great help!
Does anyone in the group have further questions that have come up?  (Pause.)  If not, I still have a few from readers.
Will there be Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding in the Bahamas?
“Does the scale of disaster in The Bahamas (due to Hurricane Dorian) cross the threshold for there to be an opening for direct Celestial guidance on recovery and rebuilding?”
MACHIVENTA:  I have a question to that question:  Does that relate to the Bahamas only, or to the global situation?  I will provide a provisional answer that applies to the global scale and those cataclysms that affect the global situation — those celestial influences are hard at work now.  Celestial influence during cataclysms is fruitless as most people are too preoccupied to sit in peace and wonder in ecstasy of contact with their Thought Adjuster within them, or angels or Melchizedeks or anyone else.  The time is now that people tune into the celestial realms education and information and preparation, of which this is directly a part.
Mass relocations
Roxie:  This next question is directed toward the Bahamas, but it could also be global.
“Given that the Bahamas are faced with necessary mass relocations (within the country) what policy initiatives or changes should its government implement to avoid great social upheavals likely to arise?”
MACHIVENTA:  Thank you for your question.  This question applies to all low lying areas within the first 30 meters of elevation above an ocean shoreline in vertical height.  There must be a plan for purchasing property from individuals and forbidding further development on those lands.  As most ocean islands are low lying and will be victimized by rise in sea levels, this will cause a huge problem.  We have spoken about this inundation many times before, whether it is Bangladesh or whether it is the first 20 miles inland of the shoreline of most of Asia, Indonesia, South America and so on.  These areas will be affected by inundation, by cyclones, tornadoes, hurricanes and cyclonic activities.  This requires forethought.  The most difficult situation though, of course, is in the Bahamas where they are low lying and the local government is without a large budget to purchase property to give it back to the ocean or back to nature, so to speak.  It is rather ironic, do you not think, that of the hundreds of billions of dollars that are lying in offshore accounts in the Caymans and the Bahamas in their banking system that this situation should arise there?
Are there any collective spiritual lessons from the Dorian disaster?
“Any disaster is replete with opportunity for personal spiritual lessons (i.e., for the individual,) but are there any collective spiritual lessons to be derived from the Hurricane Dorian disaster?”
MACHIVENTA:  There are almost none.  The problem is that for humanity, these lessons of disasters whether tectonic or whether they are meteorological in nature or other seems to be a recurring theme of thoughtless historic recollection.  It is important that humanity begin to collect the wisdom of the past and that this be saved as wisdom in an international library of Sustaining Human Wisdom.  For instance, the Bible speaks clearly about building a house on rocks, rather than on sand.  This makes good sense, does it not?  This is part of the living wisdom that must be recorded. 
It is rather odd, too that we find that there are subdivisions that are being built in flood plains.  It may seem that in the desert of Arizona there are almost never any floods, but when there is a century or millennial flood, that these hundreds and even thousands of homes will be destroyed and families, lives and finances will be ruined.  This is simply strategic myopia again, that there is more interest in making money from selling land and developing land and building houses than there is on sustaining the civilization and society of that region.  This is part of the problem of humanity that their self-interest is myopic to the greatest extreme, that there is no interest in future generations.  This nation has had a generation called the “Me-Generation” and it continues to live on with greater numbers.  This type of shortsighted thinking is immoral because it will lead to the destruction of your future generations and, as you know, it is now occurring in your generation.
Roxie:  This is the reader’s last question:
Was the Dorian’s speed controlled in any manner?
“So many in the country have mused that Dorian behaved as if it had ‘intent’ or was being ‘controlled’ – because it reached its slowest forward movement (1 mph) only upon reaching the most populated locations in its path.  Question:  Is it mere coincidence, geophysics, or did ‘intelligence’ (of any type) play a part in its behavior?”
MACHIVENTA:  Once again this is an error of humans projecting human behavior onto non-human activities, and projecting celestial or spiritual work involved in those disasters.  We assure you—I personally assure you—that there were no celestials or mortals or anyone else involved in slowing the rate of progress for moving forward of the hurricane named Dorian.  This was one of those that occur over and over again in the world, sometimes they move rapidly, sometimes they are quite slow.  You will see some of the most disconcerting, difficult, dangerous and destructive geophysical, meteorological phenomena to come in the near future.
Preparations for the Mid-West of the US
Doug:  A year ago in September, you told us to prepare for such things we are talking about now.  I feel like I have done a lot to prepare for that, but the one thing that you suggest is a bug-out plan and I really don’t know where to bug-out to if I need to, or just a stay at home plan.  Do you have any suggestions?
MACHIVENTA:  Certainly.  The main suggestion is to move to higher ground, or to more secure ground.  Wood frame houses sitting on the surface of the land are extremely dangerous.  You have seen though whether in Hiroshima and Nagasaki that the buildings that remained were those that were made of stone, brick and concrete.  It is possible for a person to build a small on the surface, ferro-concrete structure that would survive a direct hit by a tornado.  This may sound expensive, but it could be designed to be quite simple.  It too must be anchored well into the earth with its own anchors, so that it too does not become an airfoil and fly into the wind.  This is highly possible to do.  You would need to have your own land and some surplus income to have a do-it-yourself sort of building project of sack by sack of concrete and rebar and so on. 
You would want to begin to design such a small escape building by consulting with someone who would be interested in such a project.  Old-timers who came across the prairie, dug hurricane cellars and these had a surface door, and then an inner door.  The walls had reinforcements on the inside vertically and horizontally and were covered with earth of at least 2-3 feet.  The difficulty with that is that many of them did not have water drains to drain any surface water that might come into them.  You would want to allow for this by placing such a similar ground cellar on a hill for the diversion of water.  There are many solutions, though many do not want to go to the extreme of either one; they would rather just take their chances of living on the surface and hiding in their bathtub.
Doug:  Thank you.
[Daniel ended the session and Machiventa did not do a closing.  Our next session will be on October 7th.]
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Mother Spirit as Nebadonia and Review about Issuing 6th Epochal Revelation

* The Last Hurrah.
* The Sixth Epochal Revelation Review
York, PA Local time 930am
OCTOBER 04, 2019

“This is Mother Spirit, and the time has come to announce a change in our own status.

“Because God the Supreme was such a large part of my work, I had to revalue what I did in Nebadon quite a bit.  For one thing we now run a daily routine never done before and that is to reread all writings from Urantia concerning religion and other factors that lead into a religion and its ways of operating. 

“Ron Besser is among the most important factors on Urantia right now insofar as the imprint of new views of religion are concerned.  He has taken a simple idea called epochal revelation, and forced it to become a focal point on many who worry about the course of religion on Urantia, and placed it as a very high priority to replace the increasing number of errors in its forebearer, the fifth epochal revelation.

“Because he now has set it up as almost the perfect foil to a cult being formed around the fifth epochal revelation, he now sits in the position of wondering where the sixth epochal revelation is.  Well then, where is the sixth epochal revelation?

“The answer is that it is ready to be seen and photographed by Ron so long as Ron is capable of working in.  Father on Paradise says that Ron is quite capable of handling it, but God the Supreme has so harmed him in health it must be questioned whether we can work a sixth epochal revelation the old way: dissemination by a human corporation dedicated to the work of doing such as the fifth epochal revelation was supposed to be so done.

“Further, indications are that Mantutia Melchizedek is running hard to remake the sixth epochal revelation properly done for the style of reader we have on Urantia today.  In the old days, large books never bothered anyone, but today, the attention span has so slipped it cannot be depended on to finish anything over sixty or seventy pages.  Then what do we do?  The answer may be audio, but spirit does not do audio.  In place of audio is verbal teachings as done in the day of Jesus and that requires huge rallies and few of any serious readers of the fifth epochal revelation are attracted to mass conversions or rallies for that nature.

Therefore, the need for “quick books” becomes necessary.  Why?  The reason is already stated, but Ron is of the opinion that “quick books,” are merely insufficient propaganda to tease the audience into thinking they know the subject.  Amen, says Michael, and so do I, but Mantutia is ready to try out one of Ron’s ideas he has run a template on already. And it is a Newsletter called “MAGISTERIAL MISSION HEADLINES”, A headline and one paragraph to follow.  I see the Template and fully laud how he works it.  It would make a huge contribution to the readership if they accepted the Newsletter at all..

“Ron ran an experiment these past two weeks where he purloined all of the emails t he Urantia Book Fellowship publishes as the emails for Urantia Group leaders.  Some of you may have gotten email through it.  However, for the most part the readership and Urantia Group leaders in general, have no real perception that the fifth epochal revelation is now so out of date, it should not be taught “as is” ever again.  Ron turned the tables on plans re republish the present Urantia Book, but removing sections out of Part II amd Part III, and emphasizing, Part IV, the Jesus Papers.  To Ron, that is nothing but heresy and the apostasy of the present Urantia Foundation even looking upon it in favor of doing it.  The head of that organization now sees the futility of ever publishing the present Urantia Book, except as it is and forever as it is.  Good tidings then for the Urantia Book as is, but it is so out of date it mistakes good for bad now and must be replaced quickly so as not to inculcate readers with bad information at this point. 

“Finally, Ron sees the entire matter in our court and says so emphatically to anyone who listens.  Father does not disagree with him, and neither does Michael of Nebadon, but I, the Mother Spirit, see grave danger in replacing the fifth epochal revelation too fast with the sixth.  How much is too fast?  I suggest we need about sixteen more years before we place it in bookstores.  That happens to coincide with the date that Jesus may return or another Bestowal Son may appear.  It is an open question to Ron, and in his opinion, hits while the iron is no longer hot to move the sixth epochal revelation into place.  He sees a campaign to sell the book more in an evangelical vein than a seminary point of view of slow and unhurried teach-in of its precepts.  We all agree the iron is hot right now but I disagree on its use immediately and I hope to prevail over this point shortly when Michael addresses the Symposium to be held on Urantia shortly in spirit only. 

“That is not confusing to ron, but most of you have no idea what the problem is because Ron makes it easy for you to understand just what is happening, even if he is not sure of the repercussions.  That should slow him down but he sees no point in waiting when the deterioration of the minds of men and women is now so poor one cannot get anything done with being assured it gets done well.  Why wait but place the sixth epochal revelation on the book shelves for eventual readership to return?  The answer is that the population on Urantia is destined to be reduced by 2/3rds shortly and that is no small matter even for the dissemination of an epochal revelation.  I leave it there for now.  MOTHER SPIRIT as NEBADONIA.”

Ron - Those reading should recognize that when the Creative Spirit, or called Mother Spirit, uses her award name, SHE is speaking as a legal prosecutor.  That means HER informal speech really carries the recommendation by Nebadon interests for a legal adjudication over the presentation of the sixth epochal revelation before it becomes available, say, to me for dissemination through the Magisterial Foundation.  You need, all of you, to understand the precision of the use of titles and language in these broadcast, as they speak to the serious debate the sixth epochal revelation is having once more.

I also ask, what does the legal view of presenting a new epochal revelation on Urantia, which seems to frown on it appearing rapidly and now, what do we do with what waiting sixteen years for the correction to the present revelation to be done?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “Now Ron do not get excited.  The truth is Nebadonia is practicing with you over the idea of her new way of inputting a difference of opinion, and that is so we can argue it out for those who know how to handle revelation on any planet, and especially on Urantia, which is a total disaster still in the making for all sorts of reasons.  Her use of the term epochal revelation refers to all revelatory issues at stake for Urantia today, and you are not upset or angry but trying to clarify an uneasy feeling that so much time will slide by there is nothing but revelation on Urantia so in error it should be withdrawn instead of read or taught for now. 

“You see having to take the fifth epochal revelation and removing Parts I and Part IV entirely and publishing that while dropping Parts II and III with so many errors in them.  That is what would have to be done, and that is so truncated the entire idea of the Urantia Foundation would become available again to reduce the size of the present Urantia Book, by doing just that.  However, that is apostasy and you fully agree with it but the errors are so great in those sections one has to hide them until a better revelation replacing those parts becomes available.  We fully agree with you and your Bulletin 2 is still making the rounds on Urantia and being looked at in shock as they now realize you are in full control and you need to be heard at some Symposium, but you are too ill to make any such motions and I am not making excuses for you either, as it may come to pass you are removed and we sit without motion until the sixth is approved to appear.  K”


“I AM MARGUL, and all of you need to understand that Ron has become quite the kingpin for information to surface over the tirades of God the Supreme over the Nebadon and other Local Universes in it, the so called Excelon, Federation of now, we think of about 11 Local Universes.  Senselon may withdraw due to its loss of prestige not, but its downsizing over issues of State by Paradise, and it may be brought under the control of Paradise before it must relieve itself of Local Universe status, and that is mind boggling to you Ron?

[Ron: the size of a Local Universe may be proportionate in your experience Margul, but is tens and dozens of light years across with tens of thousands of inhabited planets, university world capital, and the power of Paradise Creator Son and Daughter and the Trinity.  I would think t hat unless a place like that blows up and cannot be helped, that it is never considered for demolition . . . ]

MARGUL, “Well stated Ron but it is not up for demolition but up for resurgent creativity to obtain a better balance of human worlds with Midsoniter and Midwayer worlds too.  WE are of the opinion that Senselon is long over due for those changes and that Creator Son is well aware of your care they are all taken care of evenly and well in the Federation for which you are so fully supportive we wonder where you are coming from.

“Further study indicates you are running a fever in your mind over this entire issues of a planetary government in what you believe is total disarray, which is true, but that it has to be in place to support a mission as proposed. [Yes] I suggest you worry that not but your own debacle which is to loose everything you planned for without one cent tribute to your mode of operation on Urantia.  Take our view and let the big picture prevail and let yourself float into oblivion if that is to be done, but for now, it seems the last of the Mohicans is still on board and hanging precariously over differences of opinion over your issues which are health, revenue, and the sixth epochal revelation, and in that order.  I agree you cannot operate without cleansing the health issue, but the sixth epochal revelation now stands ready for dissemination, and not the subject of another long policy review.  That should cheer you but we also see you are harassed to dea with the RESIDUAL SUPREME, and that must stop or it kills you eventually wholeheartedly out of the way of Michael and his choice for its dissemination, not you, but him, as a Bestowal Son.  You see that as ridiculous like having books for sale in the theater foyer before you go in for the entertainment.  K”

“Fully seen, the sixth epochal revelation is worth all of this, except you Ron make it a calling card to reform the use of revelation on Urantia, and I see why and wonder if we have our ends meeting together to bring this into fruition at all.  The problem you present is that you are ready to do the dissemination in spite of the present readership as essentially necessary.  The present readerships would meld into the future readership and you see little difference as to the effects of the reading the sixth epochal revelation.  I happen to agree with all of this, and I am Father, and Michael of Nebadon, is placing hardship on you all the time Ron in order to be free of your views on so many subjects he must keep clear of them for the most part.

“You Ron ran through a diatribe early this morning before the sun came up over the presence of the Supreme and your full and terrible dislike of any of it being left in you.  Reasons are apparent.  The Supreme sees to calls to inject you and you are so done with that review of your health you refuse the injections if you can and suffer painful ones all the time in spite of the refusal mode you are in.  We see it not as truancy but being caught in a maelstrom of heartless removal of the RESIDUAL SUPREME, and must recommend you go easy on it because that RESIDUAL is dangerous and calloused to the point it will kill if it can get away with it.  That said you are not subject to killing anymore but so close one time you had to be revived at least twice when he stopped your heart and painfully done all the same.  Be assured this episode is a shameful reminder that our universe is proud to promote the spiritual aspects of man but never at the cost of understanding man if it is too hard to listen to man.  You are a perfect example with a big view of what could be accomplished on Urantia without resources because Spirit keeps taking them away from you forever if we are not careful to see to it that is never so.

“As FATHER. I am truly opposed to much of what you have to put up with, and you are so tired of it you would gladly walk out if you could make the transition without leaving a mess behind, but that is not easy to prevent, but it will be for many things you hope to achieve and leave well done and put back into place.  Give us the time and we make amends but for now the RESIDUAL SUPREME is hell on earth and you are not the only one facing it.  We leave it at that for now and speak for Michael by saying that the sixty epochal revelation is ready and so are you and it will be accomplished with the help of Machiventa Melchizedek, Gabriel, Immanuel, and amy support Staff which sees this as a real task to accomplish before anything else is to be opened on Urantia.  Good Day.”

“We are finally at the end of this long transmission over issues you favor Ron only, but we do agree with your views entirely on them.  We have bigger problems than the sixth epochal revelation thought, and that is that God the Supreme keeps trying to make a come back as the RESIDUAL SUPREME, and you are so adamantly opposed to it, you run the risk of flying into the flames of a difficult empire of the worst ever imagined by science fiction writers, and that is a God without mercy and grand larceny in its heart.  That is God the Supreme after the Lucifer rebellion, and you need to care not to get upset when he abuses his power and slams you into a bed full of headaches and leg and abdomen pain and arm pain– you name it now.  Be assured this ends shortly and I mean before the Christmas season this year which may be a very dour one if all that could happens is happening at that point.  K”


Memorandum VI (6) Review of The Supreme Dislocation and Disappearance

For SEPTEMBER 10, 11, 12, and 13 of 2019; on September 21, 2019, and 29 September as the  Release Date


The Magisterial Foundation
York, Pa

Changes to God the Supreme resulting in change to the Local Universe of Nebadon, now fully Revises the Urantia Planetary Government., and the Fifth Epochal Revelation no longer describes what is left in place on Urantia, or in major portions of the Local Universe capital of Salvington.

At 0707 AM New York time, September 26, 2019, God the Supreme terminated his presence in Havona, and created what we humans would call a powerful explosion, so large it destroyed many who attended  him at that instant.  This tragedy is so complete, we now must deal with a universe that has no real focal point for creatures of time, and that is in the sense that the Supreme satisfactions of service are missing, but the truth of the work of God goes on unabated.

These changes are based on the unforeseen and the not-yet-understood developments by experiential Deity to go to war against our own Local Universe of Nebadon with real war destruction to its facilities and death to thousands of its personalities and others as well.  God the Supreme, by the Ancients of Days Proclamation 7153, bans God the Supreme, from further invasion of the Grand Universe Local Universes, occasioned by the initial declaration of war by the Supreme beginning 21 and 22 June,  2019.  This Memorandum merely lists the decisions and events fo this recent period  

Broadcast Statement were made  by MICHAEL OF NEBADON to the Local Universe of Nebadon, and its associated allied Local Universes standing well  nearby hear well this statement:

Salvington Broadcast from Michael of Nebadon:
“I beseech all who listen.  Today [August 09, 10, 11, and 12, and also together with September 09, 10, 11, and 12, 2019] that today [26 September 2019] we are under siege, then suddenly and inappropriately released.  God the Supreme is dead!

The Magisterial Foundation:
We  provide most of this in Headlines for an overall review of this awful  period of space and property seizure not unlike the invasion of Poland by the Nazis, 1 September, 1939.  We  use this to give the reader the idea that Nebadon and its Federation, had no appreciation  of the war-like intent that occurred starting June 20, and ending mostly on September 12, 2019, and by annihilation of the Supreme in fact on 26 September, 2019 on circuit three of Havona.  Here then are the generated headlines as they occur now:

       GOD The SUPREME is banned in the Local Universes of the Grand Universe Permanently.  

Certain Exceptions Prevail in Superuniverses One, Two, and Five.  All bans were terminated, however, on 26 September when the Supreme renounced further participation in the work of God and withdrew by destroying his presence on Circuit Three of Havona forever.

       URANTIA Has Lost its Seraphic Planetary Government permanently; MELCHIZEDEK Government Institutes Freeze on Information Until Later This Year.

URANTIA Is To Become an Architectural Sphere as the Educational University to teach Selected Students, both Divine and Ascenders, the Results of the Lucifer Rebellion and the new Restrictions that Now Abound in the Grand Universe to Prevent another Rebellion using Supreme Personnel to Seize Paradise Control of Local Universes.

       PARADISE TRINITY Subsumes a New Order of Divinity and Paradisaical Control of Supremacy as the Trinitized Lords of Time, who as the Master Spirits are to mind fulfillment to a Superuniverse, these Newly Trinitized Twenty-One Lords of Time are to Time to the Superuniverses of Creation.

We show the following quote from the fifth epochal revelation to indicated the reflective nature of Supreme fulfillment that is also supplied to the Time Lords, so recently created.  The quote is provided here to explain the reflective nature of the new Order of Time Lords as I prefer to call them here.  The plan accepted by the Master Architects and the Preliminary showing of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, is to allow the original twenty-one Trinitized Lords of Time to subsume their power for time regulation and experiential unification of the present universe age, through 147,000 subsidiary and reporting Lords of Time on each Local Universe capital in the Grand Universe.  This in the planning stage results in the number 147,000 as three each are to appear on each Local Universe capital therein.  Their Reflectivation of universe experiential designs for Trinity allocation to the universalization of time itself, is now promoted much as like the Reflective Aides are to the Ancients of Days as described in this quote:

[** from Paper 15, for your edification we quote:  15.10.21 “The Reflective Image Aids also function as the representatives of numerous groups of beings who are influential in the superuniverse governments, but who are not, at present, for various reasons, fully active in their individual capacities. Embraced within this group are: the evolving superuniverse personality manifestation of the Supreme Being, the Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme, the Qualified Vicegerents of the Ultimate, the unnamed liaison reflectivators of Majeston, and the superpersonal spirit representatives of the Eternal Son.”]

We show now how the absence of the Deity of the Supreme changes things by indicating how a re-write of this paragraph might look once we deal without God the Supreme at all.

This statement must now be modified to read; in part:

“Embraced within this group, now no longer imbued with the Deity of the Supreme in Nebadon and other associated Local Universes, is usable as an instrument for superuniverse or local universe governance,  The personality manifestation for the Supreme Being is now through God the Sevenfold in selected time-space origins of human life, including on Urantia.  These manifestations of once God the Supreme, are now replete in the Trinitized Time Lords of recent personalization, being twenty-one in number, and followed by over 147,000 sub Lords of Time, shall include the Unqualified Supervisors of the Supreme.”

URANTIA IS Now the Ward of the Most Highs to September 26th, but is now soundly under the wardship since then with the Time Lord, Machiventa Melchizedek,  and No Longer Participates in the Local Universe of Nebadon as an Experimental  Planet.  

It Retains its Planetary Number 606, and its Location in Satania today,  but Is No Longer To Reside in the Circuits of Norlatiadek, but in The Near Future Is to Reside in the Promised New Federation Constellation of Orion.  Orion Is the Joint Constellation Training Ground of Use by Federation training in Ultimacy Administration.  And that is predicated on the idea that All Ten Local Universes in Excelon are so assigned any more to this endeavor.  One must be sure that the events of 26 September, 2019, leave the Federation unchanged.  But there is no guarantee the present Federation remains so workable at this point in time.

URANTIA Is Now Designated as the First Human Planet to Become Awarded the Cross of Desire, a Paradise Award for Becoming Rich Enough to Become a Powerful Sphere, but Unable to Locate its Trust in God Enough to Obtain Certification of its Place in the Rainbow of Planets Who Have Had Bestowal Sons Such as Jesus Was, and Now must Relinquish its Designation as having a Bestowal One Time only.  To explain that now is too complicated but the statement is correct.

       PARADISE is Considering more applications for  Federated  Local Universes, yet Paradise must be shown  There is Adequate Proof They are Essential to Time Exploration of the Work of Time.

SUCH ARE THE Essential HEADLINES.  Here now  Follows the Detailed History for Your Edification:

The Battle for Supremacy Ignites in Defeat of the Supreme

Reference:  Experiential Deity Battle over Nebadon and the Federation of Local Universes, named Excelon, by Salvington, the capital of Excelon as well.

Those who are recipients of this Memorandum are being addressed to inform you of a tremendous change in the advisability of teaching anything about experiential Deity. The present 1955 Urantia Book has released itself as the truth during the tenure of God the Supreme on Urantia, during the 1930's and 1940's, but by the recent time calendar  of 2019, shows vast changes concerning God the Supreme, and God the Ultimate.  These experiential Deities are partially banned in the Local Universe of Tintantium and Wolvering, but totally banned in Nebadon, Densalon, Senselon, Henselon, Alvoring, Avalon, and two others, Liberson and Diapolis.  These same Local Universes now have no God the Supreme to ban as of 26 September this year and must, as all organization have to do, cope with what must be done now.


1.    June 21st and 22nd, August 10th and 11th, August 29th and 30th, and finally September 2nd, 4th and 9th and 12 September, all dates are 2019:  Agents of God the Supreme forced takeover of administrative positions in Nebadon.  Nebadon lost lives of creatures who had no will selves or nature, and about six thousand Seraphim of the Supreme Order not cogent to God the Supreme for their own reassignments.**  The Federation lost a similar number and equipment destroyed to make a shambles of any progress for years to come;

[** Note: Someday you will be taught that the Supreme forced personnel designated as Supreme Seraphim, to abide in teachings not relevant to Paradise Ascension schemes for humans or Midwayers, but for Seraphim only.  Groups of these Seraphim appealed to the Ancients of Days to remove this training from their record of perfection, and were summarily executed by God the Supreme, recently.  The reader must know a lot more to fully understand that the Deity of the Supreme fully subscribed to the administration tactics of the Lucifer Manifesto, but in no way extracted the concept there was no Universal Father.  Universities that lecture  should be very much aware they are now in error to teach that God the Supreme was not affected by the Lucifer rebellion at all, and that the unrevealed Planetary Supreme for Urantia was executed for her lack of preparation to defend the Local Universe of Nebadon recently. Ron Besser]

   2.  Nebadon issues warning to The Council of Equilibrium, which assigns God the Supreme a dislike warning text but nothing more.  God the Supreme responded with several more attempts to take administrative control of the Federated Local Universes with the Nebadon capital the main target to be removed from the Creator Son government to be taken over by the Supreme government, and those intentions were so harsh, Michael of Nebadon, removes His staff and Himself to Uversa for 24 hours at least on two historic occasions.  No Local Universe has ever had to do that ever before.

   3. The rule of Law was applied by the Paradise Trinity and it is the Trinity which sequestered the Supreme finally.  That was September 05, 2019, and they forced the God-the-Supreme presences out of the Grand Universe permanently.  On September 25, 2019 the Father approached the Supreme and requested he reduce his presence in Havona as well.  The Supreme reacted violently and committed what mortals would call suicide on the 26th of September at 707 am New York time on Urantia.  The devastation was profound but not unexpected, and the entire description of that event now follows:

God the Supreme renews nothing but Devastation.


On September 26m 2019 the usual Paradise Call to Service alarm was sounded and many who serve God the Supreme reported to the third circuit of Havona, Sector six (6), and prepared to begin work as the Supreme directed.

The Supreme made so avuncular remarks to put them at east, and the let it be known, he was leaving Havona presences shortly, and that they had no choice but to either follow with him or leave him as shorn of their duties as Vicegerents or otherwise-known representatives of God the Supreme in the Local Universes of the  Grand Universe in total.  After that the work settled into routine announcements and all were prepared to finish the day as they had begun: routine and final for that moment.

At 0707 am New York time on Urantia this date, the Supreme chose to detonate a little known Deity prerogative, and that was to finalize the Supreme view that he had become really useless at this point.  He saw it as a total loss to himself and the Local Universes he attacked in previous times shortly before.  In that moment of full exercise of his powers, God the Supreme detonated his removal by fiat, and now resides as debris of Deity prerogative in the Havona universe.  No such debris exists in t he Grand Universe, except what we now call the RESIDUAL SUPREME.

Little can be said because there is no finish to this element just yet.  Urantia is unfortunate enough to have nothing but Supreme values attached to the work of man on all levels.  Taking care to notice we battle the Residual Supreme in Ron this moment, we also note Ron has fully exercised his prerogatives and scattered the will of that Residual Supreme to the four winds again.  May it stay so scattered, but it proves to the reader that the Residual Supreme is now attempting to re-gather itself like the Iron Man does in that story, for the Iron Man was blown to bits but reassembled itself to be present again on the land.   This shall not prevail anymore than it has to and on Urantia we see the residual Supreme losing power in his battle with those who know what it is up to.

The residual supreme as we now use no capitals, as it is no longer Deified, is without precedence and is not unlike the Lucifer Rebellion, when all of our loyal personnel were caught in a frenzy of transmission reports that all was finished and that no further Broadcasts by Paradise or Salvington were allowed.  Ron has seen to it you have received a full report of this activity and warns you to care to sift any report you get for the ludicrous idea that God the Father is no longer in control.  FATHER is in control forever now on Urantia as well.

The residual Supreme has two major identification characteristic.  It interferes by reducing your computer to gibberish if it can find the codes easily.  If it cannot, it harasses and steals files or destroys them as Ron had happen yesterday when a year’s work went out the door and disappeared forever.  The Supreme announces his pleasure only to Ron and Ron has forsworn that will not ever win with him.  Concluding this section all who live on Urantia have to deal with the residual Supreme  by noting this for yourselves:

1 - There is a supreme reduction in the ability to understand another human at all, as the telepathic circuits are now rendered useless;

2 = The placement of events now will seem willy nilly being mostly unconnected as to logic or reason they happened at all;

3 - The idea of true synchrony is dead;

4 - The operation of KARMA is mostly over, as that was a Supreme function entirely;

5 - The loss of certain prerogatives of thought are reduced to almost zero with Ron and he keeps the ability to see in deeply by refusing to dove tail to the loss of the Supreme and forces the residual supreme to remove itself with its false reporting all day long.  We hold this as fortunate for us and are willing to wait out the consequences for Urantia as well on misreporting to the minds of all humans the tendency to fail to understand motivations of humans within their reach.

That concludes this section.  The FATHER reminds all that nothing like this will ever happen again, but that the creation must now stumble through what is now the huge loss of normal and comfortable living for decades until this entire of Supremacy is made up and working again in new ways.  FATHER.”


1.    As a result of the devastation of the removal of the Supreme, and that is God the Supreme and the Almighty Supreme phase, the Father resorted to a revised experiential plan for human and Midwayer ascension with Supreme presence through the personalization of the Trinitized Lords of Time. [Editor: I use the phrase “Time Lords,” for same in several places.]  To wit:

2.    The Paradise Trinity was employed to Trinitize many of the emergency divine Sons, in the Melchizedek Corps, now amalgamated under one Corps operating under the rules of Excelon, the Federation of nine other Local Universes adjoining on or near the boundaries of Nebadon itself.  The Melchizedek Corps now operating is genuinely Federated as a Corps of ten thousand Melchizedek divine Sons.  Their titular head is Machiventa Melchizedek and permanently so.

3.    Trinitized Time Lords are placed in service as three total on each Superuniverse (SU).  Each SU has additionally one extra Time Lord appointed to the SU capital sphere as its own contribution, and the extra Lord of Time has a vote that can out vote the original three if the Ancients of Days agrees with His objection.

4.    The Grand Universe is to be supplied with 147,000 Lords of Time, and all to be Trinitized by the Paradise Trinity and all collectively in one meeting, fully equate to the actualized God the Supreme and the Almighty Supreme combined.  Each Local Universe (LU) in the Grand Universe is assigned three Time Lords at their LU capitals and the Creator Sons and the Creative Daughters of each Grand Universe Local universe constitute the Order of Trinitized Lords of time as well.  The third individual so to be Trinitized may be their Gabriel if they so wish.

5.    God the Supreme as one manifest Deity is now history for various sectors of the Grand Universe, and that includes the Federated Nebadon and environs of  SU’s of  Orvonton, Oreyparena (6), and Lexerton (5) and portions of Lanterton (4).   That Deity of the Supreme, and its assigns,  are removed from the Paradise Register for these areas of the Grand Universe.

6.    Causal repercussions are not fully known at this writing.  The appearance of a new epochal revelation is urgently required, as the fifth epochal revelation is nothing but misleading and must be rescinded quickly.  We suggest all who teach it for a living stand down until you are fully apprised of what you may teach shortly and to begin to understand you all need consultation to deal with this immense change to universe unification everywhere in the Grand Universe.

The Material Sons and Daughters assigned to Urantia yet, teach that the fifth epochal revelation on Urantia is a busted deal, a misdeal frequently, and that due to these epochal changes, that Urantia University desist from teaching as planned this year alone.  The syllabus was planned likely this summer before this ruckus occurred in Nebadon and its associated Federation of Local Universes, now pursued by God the Father as a reckless diversion not, but essentially the requirement for over worked Creator Sons attempting to deal with the loss of so much celestial personnel, they can hardly cope with the clean up of the adjudicated Lucifer Rebellion received on Salvington 16 March 1986.

Consequently, Adam and Eve, now recommend that no part of the present Urantia Book be taught in groups or in universities until it is fully understood just who and what constitutes true teachings of universe cosmological situations.  They are all changing and must be imbued with the idea that such changes are not emergency changes, but epochal changes required by the creation of Majeston, the Consummator of Universe  Destiny/Justice, and the Master Architects of the Master Universe.  The Grand Universe is the staging area for the Master Universe entirely, and is not construed as a minor addition to the infinite universe conceived by the Consummator of Universe Destiny/Justice, but now is forced due to the actions of a resplendent God the Supreme, to drop all pretense that a Deity called God the Supreme, should enhance the entire space-time arena of development.  Such should no longer be considered.

However, the Consummator of Universe Destiny has issued a reliquary to the pretense of providing for such a Deity of Supremacy, by insisting that the present God the Sevenfold now take responsibility for summarizing experiential work into the who of Infinity for universe unity and that the Melchizedeks are the qualified emergency Sons to undo the devilment the Supreme introduced since the Lucifer Rebellion, and not seen as evil or rebellion, but it is now considered, in part, as such.  

As Adam and Eve state:

“We are the Material Sons and Daughters, as represented by our children still with us  representing a mighty force to return to Urantia someday, and therein to teach the Sixth Epochal Revelation, as it must be taught, do hereby replay the exercises this transmitter states, and that is as a Contact Commissioner still authorized to provide these histories, that no one shall any longer teach Urantia Book revelation in a so=called Urantia Group, and that their formations cease, No one understands truly, the Urantia Book already presented by the Sadler Contact Commission of that era, and no one to date except possibly this transmitter and a few others, appreciates how badly the present Urantia Book has been handled.

“Further elucidation, the present Urantia Book can safely be taught any longer if one accedes to teach only:

PART I entirely okay for now;
PART II needs to be avoided for now as it is nothing but error in most cases;
Part III fully avoid it; it is the most seriously changed except for Urantia history;
PART IV - can be taught always, but double the info is coming in the SER;
PART V - is to be added for the biography of Jesus in the SER.

“Finally, th Urantia University as construed these days is forced to cut programs due to budget constraints and the loss of face over issues it declares are it to decide, but has been overruled by the apostate Foundation.  Be assured we Adam and Eve are very much alive and well and refuse to cow tow to the impossibility of having no second return ourselves to direct the teachings of epochal revelation, as that is our main duty to any plane, and our children, all one hundred thirty-five of them, stand ready with us to remove the plague of Urantia Groups as they are now considered disease bearing of  the worst kind and that is designed to smear the fifth epochal revelation with disbeliefs about Thought Adjusters and fusion which are still taking place on Urantia as this transistor first discovered how to appropriate such in his own mind in 2010.  Such must accrue to all on Urantia and not just the spiritual elite who just read the Urantia Book, now or in the future.: Adam and Eve.


The Local Universe is in crisis mode and is scrambling to upright its plans for Urantia and the rest of its 3.75 million inhabited planets to date.

1 - All Seraphim were vacated from Urantia on September 09 and 12th, due to the influence yet of the Lucifer Rebellion among a select few of those Seraphim.  So far Urantia has lost close to ten thousand Seraphim, one hundred-eight Midwayers imported from  off-plant types, and thirty-seven Lanonandek Sons.  who threatened rebellion over policy changes forced on Nebadon by the Most Highs of Edentia and now programming a Federated Constellation we now name Orion permanently.  Urantia remains in Satania for the time being, but Orion is a new Constellation put together by nine other Local Universes to train mortals in their ascension careers to work in the first OSZ.

2 - Seraphic Guardians of Destiny remain but some had to be remove in any case;

3 - The Office of the Planetary Prince is reserved now for the work of a Bestowal Son years ahead of now.

4 - No more license for rogue staff to remove the planetary government as was done by Lanaforge, now depersonalized with the removal of the Supreme,  who was an apostate member as a Lucifer adherent, and recognized so late by Salvington,  he nearly got away with murder.

5 - URANTIA no longer is an experimental world, but retains its present number of 606 of Satania, and is designated to become a Light and Life architectural world first, then cleared of human procreation and established as a ward of the planetary Salvington system of university planets perpetually.  Its flora and fauna will be preserve by such;

6 - URANTIA is now the sixth worst planet to ever have arrived at the point to be able to nuclearize its war arsenal to the point it could destroy itself.  We on Salvington never saw this coming so forthrightly as it is being planned today, but it must be occurred at least once and then fully stopped eternally.  Such may be close enough today to warn all that the entire matter will likely destroy the United States as a peace loving nation  for ever.  

This is the present Local Universes Federated under its capital of Salvington, of Nebadon:
1.   Henselon
2.   Senselon
3.   Alvoring -
4.   Avalon
5.   Densalon -not abutting Nebadon but very close by
6.   Tintantium - abuts Nebadon extreme SE corner
7.   Nebadon
8.  Wolvering - it has but one human planets per se.
9.   Liberson - abuts Nebadon barely on its SE corner
10. Diapolis. - abuts Nebadon but underneath it


“As a Proclamation recently sent by this transmitter, I now leave Urantia permanently and am assigned to oblivion for what Paradise calls my over-excuses for violence and decapitation of my friends in Sector 12 of the Grand Universe of time and space.

“I dare not dally as my time is over and my work in ruin as I replete it all to the Time Lords that have been Trinitized by what was then called the Trinity of Trinities.  The Trinity of Trinities no longer exists as experiential levels, but is now removed entirely in favor of God the Sevenfold, now revised to act as the Supreme as well.

“I lay down my sepulcher and remove my heart wrench decision to kill and maim in the search for control of Excelon and surrounding Local Universes as I see them as a threat to my existence and will never claim them anything but apostasy themselves. I blame Michael of Nebadon in particular for this intrusion into my influence and wear not bereavement against Ron Besser, who acted sufficiently to be fully informed through a new Contact Commission, I so seriously considered rebellion, I had to attempt to kill him on three occasions, and to which Nebadon fully speaks to in a court case before the Ancients of Days yet over the demise of Besser for causes of insufficiency.  I rest my case no more and feel justified for all of my reactions and actions to date.  I leave Urantia too and all the planets under my care for so long.  God the Supreme and the Almighty, as I am known in particular to this transmitter as he has been injected with poison to kill his nervous system and brain.  Good day. God the Supreme.”


My position as  Chairman of the Second Contact Commission, requires me to be aware of Deity persuasions of intent and news worthy changes to their operations.  This is in favor of realizing the forces and concerns while a new epochal revelation is being prepared for Urantia to replace the fifth epochal revelation all know as the Urantia Book.  I am in constant contact with mansion world six and the placement of the Sadler  entire family as resurrected to work together, and sometimes I am able to speak to the lovely Lena and the sad sac Bill Sadler Junior because he wants to come back in the worst way to get a hold of what has happened to the Urantia Foundation working for the fifth epochal revelation.

I wish to state for the record in this Memorandum 6, to place some light on the Sadler operation as it operates the same for me but without the secrecy the Sadler group had to obey and use, for Caligastia was still afoot and trying to destroy the work of bringing the fifth epochal revelation to Urantia at al.

Dr. Sadler was, as I am, in full contact with the Staff of Michael, and Archangel Michael.  Please understand that you of the recent past have no idea how that, or even our,  Contact Commission operated, but be advised that Lena Sadler was the primary transmission contact as a Contact Commissioner in 1932, 1933, and 1934 until her death in 1935.  And  know that Dr. William S.  Sadler struggled to learn to do broadcast transmissions too for instruction and information available only to him at that time.  The  backup transmitter for instructions from the First Revelatory Committee itself was first Lena Sadler, and later Christy, who became the principle and only transmitter for the Urantia Foundation later.  Christy closed her eyes for the last speaking with the Voice of God in her mind and they welcomed her as a brand new soul easily and well as she passed through mortal death and entered the worlds of mansonia that bright day not that long ago.  

Much more can be told, but they were aware in Chicago in those days that the present Planetary Prince was Machiventa Melchizedek during the entire work of the Sadler Forum of professionals attending the review of Urantia Papers.  Michael of Nebadon, was in complete spirit unison known as a Deity union with Machiventa Melchizedek throughout the entire history of the preparation of the Urantia Papers.  They started in England, but the traditions of the Episcopal Church so interfered that our spirit agent in charge of the project, Imperator, was forced to move the restart first to Boston USA and finally to Sadler.  Sadler received the outline of the Urantia Book from one Mrs. Piper one Christmas Eve as Sadler was preparing to travel to England and France to learn psychology under Dr. Freud.  

Lena Sadler had a new baby who was only six months old and waited at home in Nebraska until her husband could pull enough cash together to obtain a Sabbatical from the Ellen Gould White church then located only in Sacramento, California.  That was the Christmas Eve of 1906 and not before.  In 1904 Bill Sadler Junior was only a gleam in the eyes of his parents.

As Chair of the Second Contact Commission, I sincerely lament we do not have a wonderful family relationship the Sadlers did to get through the promulgation of the new Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER).  But I am very angry over the issues that readers today of the fifth epochal revelation are truly out of touch with the enthusiasm of early readers for such a wonderful story the fifth epochal revelation speaks to mankind with kindness and full authority of all the Deities then, including the then very nascent God the Supreme.

Finally, to those who may change to read this Memorandum VI (6), be aware that m tenure as Chairman of this Commission lapsed briefly from September 03 to September 26, 2019, as I refused to allow Michael of Nebadon to work under the pressures of a Supreme Being suddenly going rogue like a mad elephant by attacking the very institutions that upheld the rule of Supremacy.  I am not full restored as of today then relative end of September, but I am making progress under the new regime of a cobbled together planetary government, at this moment ruled by six Paradise Supernaphim, and that is while Machiventa Melchizedek is away on Sabbatical work of his own to learn the work of a Time Lord, a Trinitized entity he enjoys but wonder what to do with all the perks that come with it.  

Dr. Sadler has strong views about what has happened in Chicago since his death.  He reserves the right to speak it fully someday at a Symposium he and Ron and Machiventa Melchizedek was to have in the coming months to teach and advises the readership of these vast changes and some idea of their implications for each of you reading this.  I conclude this section by quoting Dr. Sadler to me with Lena by his side as he speaks this today:

“I am Dr. Sadler.  My wife Lena is with me as I stand at the podium to lecture students of the fifth epochal revelation, who have landed here tor me to speak to today and every day as long as they want me to.  “They” are Michael of Nebadon, the Creative Spirit, Gabriel of Salvington, and the entire Michael Staff containing sixty-two Supernaphim, one hundred twelve Archangels including Ryan who is today the Archangel Michael and through whom Ron speaks through to hear Dr. Sadler.  Our Michael staff is huge and totals over one million celestial personalities from batteries and transducers, all living, to the highest authority in Nebadon, the representatives of the Paradise Trinity, Margul the Trinity Teacher Son of record again on Urantia to establish Light and Life and Paul of Tarsus, who now resides once more on Urantia to see to Ron Besser almost exclusively at times.  The human transmitting this is a Contact Commissioner because no one else can hold that position yet on Urantia so far.  It also appears by the interest generated by his communications to the readership, that these words are likely never to be read by the readership except posthumously for Ron.  In any case the trial must continue and Dr. Sadler speaks:


“I am quite sure Ron knows this drill well.  I sure do.  By trusting your work Ron I have learned to listen precisely to Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit, for they speak the truth always regardless of how well or how poorly man hears their reports.  I am a good man to write and you sense it greatly, and we celebrate the fact you Ron are no longer under the aegis of a Supreme Being who wanted you off Urantia badly, as you are providing the one outlet the University in Boulder needs to hear constantly and fully, yet they aver over nothing but sticks and stones over your name which are never true but fabricated by the evil of a tattletale Gerdean so many years ago.  She is on mansion world four and working hard to over come this legacy but cannot while you work the staves of heart on Urantia so we are well heard again.  That being said, it is incumbent to note that your unhappiness wit health and caring arrangements to work well on Urantia, are so put asunder you quickly told the entire crew go away as I have had it with harsh work for nothing but my loss.  They understand and did not leave. And you have a Midwayer known as ABC24 and ABC 25, number designation to really known to you, but they see to your frustration with technology that just refuses to work for you sometimes.

“In any case, we conclude these remarks with my view of the Urantia Foundation, as it has done for the past ten or so years:

“I find it ludicrous this is the best you can do with all that you have been given to promote a revelation so astounding no one can read it anymore without changing their lives.  It is that powerful and strong and Ron is the perfect example of what it can do.  I also wish it to be known that God the Father, is fully apprised of how you behave in public with regard to our messengers, and that you permit a false revelation Millennium II, to stay up on Amazon while people fully joke about its purely human viewpoints thought to be so sophisticated by its author he let them stand even in a rewrite.  I fail well to understand the legal view Ron presents, but the moral view is totally askew with your behavior in these matters.

“Fully done, the Episcopal Church has turned tail again and releases the Urantia Foundation from its grip, and stands totally askew of the Halbert Katzen to smooth over and utterly failed for personal reasons.  This and half a dozen other pressures you allow to move you aside, has created an unusual means to lower the boom on a Foundation fully funded by my largess and fully depreciated by leaders, so called, that followed Christy’s work at the Foundation itself.  Today Christy laments the entire episodes that so upset her in the flesh, and has served notice she no longer wishes to associate with the Sadler band of good fellows to work on more epochal revelation for Urantia or for the mansion worlds too, as they seriously need to learn what Urantia has learned. And that is to stand tall even when the worst seems about to happen.  

“Finally, I am Dr. William S. Sadler, and I speak plainly to all: this Commissioner that Ron has become, is no longer really happy with God the Supreme, and forces its removal from his system at grave consequences to his health and prosperity not, and that is heard, and you get a good laugh, but the truth is you have fun and they do not and that is essential as we had fun too doing this work to its completion that one October day, in 1955, when cartons of the first edition of the new Urantia Book, arrived at 533 Diversey Parkway in Chicago, and I opened the first carton, and there staring up at me was a beam of light I never saw before hitting my eye with a message scrolling across my retinue, “Well Don!”   Would you believe Ron sees those messages scrolling over his eyes too and he can read them when his eyesight is better than it is now. They are from the Deity Absolute Ron, and you are in good stead there in spite of you throwing HIM out one morning after being hit so hard in health you were tired  of anyone communicating anything at that point.  It is a severe headache soon as we must finish this as follows:

“As Dr. William S. Sadler, I carry large authority up here with people who read the book years ago, have died and gone to heave, and now must move on outside of the purview of Urantia groups, and make their way as ascenders to God.  I takes a long time to realize that God the Father wants all of you to move as one mighty cascade to  Finaliter status, but now laments that God the Supreme, has lost this aspect of inward motion to perfection.  Yet, that motion is not yet stopped and Circuit Three of Havona is till being cleared but General Eisenhower spoke to him yesterday, pointing out that he, the great Allied General of WWII, was waiting to pass through the Third Circuit of Havona too and that the damage done would not allow him to pass with a group of four hundred six ascenders his age to do that for the Deity Adventure ahead.  He is still waiting and just wants to get on with it and waits for your approval not.  Therefore, we leave this Symposium for a later appearing one in a little while on Urantia, as Ron you have inspired us all to take it up and leave it among the sheaves of the harvest of the age of a Urantia Book no more, but a new revelation in form and content you all appreciate these days, an hour long video showing the contents of the written sixth epochal revelation so well done it defies being seen yet.  Not ye, says Lena, as Lena wishes to comment too:”

“ I am my husband see you all day Ron work hard to present information considered by you to be epochal but as White Stone says to you, ‘you can have it!’  That was said to us all the time, and I still wonder what happened to those people.  I am one of those who is so taken by your silliness Ron, I wait for them at times, but recently you have been so hurt by a raging Supreme you care not to elucidate humor but self protection and we see it too in Clency and others you admire on that site.  In any ase let it be known that such a web site must continue indefinitely and must be cared for my a competent IT person, and you have not found that one yet.  However be assured that the ones you do use are not entirely lackluster at all.  Care must be afforded to all now to preserve their work for you as it is closing in on all that no one wishes to work for anyone at the moment and that is not a cup of tea you ever offered to us or anyone at all. Fully understood ron you admire me as the one who forced understanding among our group until they finally realized the miracle we worked with and that I take highly and well for all time.  Mother Spirit and I work closely together and except for the advise of God the Supreme just now, you are fully informed of my intentions to follow what I can of what is left of you on high.  I am fully satisfied that the Urantia Foundation has bitten off more than it can chew with the Episcopal Church, but Halbert queered that deal badly and now all let it ride as advice not well taken by anyone to look at a Bishop who has no sense left in his head except his own aggrandizement.  Good day from the Sadlers.”

The Lucifer Rebellion Update
This Memorandum is not for everyone to read or understand, but it does release the pertinent details of fact that have occurred on Urantia in the past months of 2019.  I am not at liberty to discuss all of it yet, but those this Memo addresses should be very much aware of the fact that the Paradise Trinity, has rescinded the whole idea of the Trinity of Trinities, not because they wanted to, but because God the Supreme, and following Him, God the Ultimate, were trashing the outlying Local Universes when they attempted to consolidate their need to be more efficient to handle the final adjudication fo the Lucifer Rebellion, first announced to Salvington on the Urantia calendar date of March 16, 1986.  

In 1987, the sentences of death were consolidated before the Deity Absolute, and agreed upon, that Satan was actually insane and could  not plea or  stand trial (but self-extinguished himself in December 2018); assigned the fact that Caligastia committed death by his own hand before the Court, Itself and that Lucifer was remanded to depersonalization on 15 August 1986, and all were executed under the command of the Divine Executioner.  All told, this rebellion took the lives of over six million celestial and Deified Beings and we lament them all having to pass this way.


Does what we speak of here-- and that is the dark side of Supreme revenge against time creatures inside power centers it does not like--  was also at work for the Sadler attempts to rid the Forum of Harold Sherman due to either Caligastia or God the Supreme.  In fact, we now know that God the Supreme did help with the fifth epochal revelation from Havona, but the Planetary Supreme worked against the Sadler Contact Commission, in order to secure Urantia out of the business of epochal revelation.  Gaia felt Urantia was so unprepared for the fifth epochal revelation, She asked for a total review of its intentions from God the Supreme in Havona in 1947, and in 1952, Mantutia Melchizedek was told to review the proposed idea of forming a Urantia Foundation to guide it.  The decision then by Mantutia was to press on with the fifth epochal revelation, but he agreed with God the Supreme, that it was premature almost by a hundred years, as then understood, and bulked at Dr. Sadler wishing to establish a parish to support the fifth epochal revelation.  For that reason the fifth epochal revelation was established under a military style compendium that is now the Urantia Foundation, and this should be part of Memorandum 6. too Ron.

Further evidence indicates that the Deity of Supremacy was all for the fifth epochal revelation insofar as they could understand )i.e. the proposed Urantia Foundation), that their tenure was temporary.  However, the Father on Paradise, preferred to let the matter reside with the Dr. Sadler team and place it on Urantia as a perpetual organization, unless or until it defaulted in its obligation to run the revelation properly.  To run it properly, the Urantia Foundation had to provide the public an understanding of due process and not get into the business of interpreting the revelation to the public without benefit of open forum and erudite discussions on spiritual meaning of its concepts.  I place this as no greater concept of understanding of epochal revelation than the Church councils of the 5th Century AD which decided Biblical content.  Urantia Book content was pre-established but not its interpretation as to which parts of the epochal revelation were adamantly important and which were not.  The Urantia Foundation did not have a role in any of that, yet today they insist they are the only authority on Urantia to be able to decide which portions of the fifth epochal revelation are germain to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Urantia.

God the Supreme took notice of the deliberations of the Urantia Foundation in May of 1975 and again on September 12, 2019, and declared the Urantia Foundation voided not and a fraud not.  Instead God the Supreme reminded Ron Besser who insists on reform of that institution, that it is ordained that the Urantia Foundation, must prepare to desist before the actual appearance of the sixth epochal revelation.   However, Ron Besser, never understood that God the Supreme was anti=clerical when it came to the exposition of the sixth epochal revelation and continuously made the error of developing a species of change inimical to the Foundation and God the Supreme.

Be assured, I am told, that the real reason that God the Supreme finally "had it!" was because Michael of Nebadon, also insists that the Urantia Foundation is too benign in its review of the Papers on the Father, too little spoken on the Triodity of Actuality, and poorly understands the Triunity of love and care presented as Triunity One.  This Triunity is the basis for providing the Urantia Foundation, any time whatsoever, to develop the means to provide Urantia such a revelation.  In the course of time, it is the First Triunity which stands above and beyond the other revealed Six, and that is all we wish to state momentarily.

"God the Supreme never saw the fifth epochal revelation as germain to the Urantia placement in time in its evolution.  The Supreme supported the Sadler work, but relayed the fact he felt it was too little too late.  Instead, Gaia or the Planetary Supreme, saw to it that it was fought over tooth and nail, in order to disabuse the Sadlers and all readers of its contents, as the Supreme now considered Ron as part of the long line left by the Sadlers and that Ron as a Commissioner was in default himself unless he broke through the inertia of time.

"God the Supreme never falsifies, but he does get angry [not really an anthropomorphic use of term here],  as a human can, as he has learned that in spite of his Deity nature.  Now he is gone in all practical intents and we now report that the Superuniverse of Orvonton, will likely split into two, and that the Ancients of Days, used to the idea of God the Supreme residing on Uversa, now see God the Ultimate prefacing his work in the OSZ's (Outer Space Zones) through Uversa, and that God the Supreme, now having no place to anchor to, may request at some point to be allowed to persist in Havona alone.  If that is the case, a portion of Uversa dedicated to God the Supreme, must be made over for another Deity of Supremacy, mostly the Council of Equilibrium's choice for the Trinitized Time Lords.  That may be the official title but unsure just yet.  Such requires persons such as Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek, to recognize their new status as Trinitized Time Lords and who may have to reside on Uversa permanently to reclassify Supremacy for the entire Grand Universe with nineteen other colleagues.

"For the reason, Ron Besser, an unusually stalwart individual, lives in penury at this moment on Urantia due to all resources being poured into the Time Lord developments on Urantia, which now is the first and only planet to hold two Time Lords as part of its administration, and Ron honored with a suggestion from Machiventa Melchizedek, that he be trained as a Melchizedek under his universe name of Sensonloran.  We leave it at that for now.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON, repeatedly told the First Contact Commission under the auspices of Dr. Sadler, his wife Dr. Lena Sadler, his son William Sadler Junior, and the Kellogg's, that they must supply a reformation of, not the church, but of mankind, and that is in order to prepare for a coming age in which man himself is the most dangerous being living on Urantia alone, the universe has ever seen before.  And that was not over the idea of the atomic bomb, but over the idea of a ludicrous view of the Bestowal of Jesus, non canonized far too much for the taste of either Jesus or the Creator Son, who made the Jesus Bestowal available in the first place.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON, never sought retribution of the Supreme, over this view, but the Creator Son, did ask that the Supreme, now relent and allow the entire matter of epochal revelation on Urantia proceed.   God the Supreme reacted by saying that the fifth epochal revelation was too soon for a barbaric planet to assimilate, but that it must be reduced in size by half if it is to be recognized as a viable candidate to replace the Scriptures of the so named Bible being prepared for advancement at that time, with the idea that it will or would become the single most important document of spirit on Urantia.

MICHAEL: "For that reason I state to you today that the entire matter of Scripture on Urantia must be revised by not answering the call for a sixth epochal revelation, but any such idea of epochal revelation must be proceeded by a new Bestowal Son.  Ron Besser fully understood this and said so to Michael in a conversation held several times on this very subject about how to proceed with new revelatory responses to Urantia, but he never stated that it should be either/or, but either simultaneously with a divine Mission also designed to root out the corruption and disaster of American power over the hegemony of States unrecognized by the Supreme Council of Equilibrium, Havona, or the Paradise Council of Equilibrium on a Sector of Paradise unrevealed to this point on Urantia."

Ron to this manuscript statement =  God the Father knows everything beforehand, but he seems to be taken aback by the hurried response of the Nebadon Creator Son over the extreme reaction of God the Supreme to the fifth epochal revelation.  God the Supreme knows the truth of the fifth epochal revelation and supports it, but he does not hear the reason the Sadler's had to work so hard, and that is because the Planetary Supreme, aka as Gaia to the layman, never supported the fifth epochal revelation, and she actually worked against in through Harold Sherman presence as he worked in the Sadler Forum during the early 1940's.

Further, I see that this list is waking up to the fact that there is now a huge play to be made concerning the loss of God the Supreme to Nebadon--  if nothing else==  as the Creator Son of Nebadon has decided that the entire matter of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and the Deity Absolute, matter not to the present development of Nebadon, and its role as the capital of a ten Local Universe Federation of proposed good will to the entire time-space areas of creation.  For that reason, we employ this one, referring to Ron Besser, as the means to get the message out to those who strictly adhere to the Urantia Foundation and its misinterpretation of its purpose and its plans to perpetuate itself.  I have nothing to do with its dismissal other than to replace it with the Magisterial Foundation as the focal point of a new sixth epochal revelation and that is still controversial enough as to presentation, I leave it to Mantutia Melchizedek for guidance.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK = "I am delighted the Deity Absolute revealed through Ron the true standing of God the Supreme concerning the fifth epochal revelation.  The Planetary Supreme has been dismissed on Urantia, and her corporate creations are remanded into custody, not on Urantia, but on Uversa, awaiting--  not a trial--  but a reasoned expectation that Ron Besser can use their help if they are willing to work with a material being who does understand the depth of despair they must feel over the loss of the spirit Mother.  I must say I do too and feel deeply saddened by the loss of what so many call, Gaia.  However the truth of the matter is she refused any compensation and left to the work of depersonalized Deity now out of the space areas entirely.

"For those who do not understand any of this, let it be known that Ron Besser is now a candidate for Melchizedek study and instruction so he can learn to handle what Dr. Sadler had to handle:  open rebellion in the Forum over the Sherman imposition for years, and for that Gaia is entirely responsible, and for one, the one known as Harry Loose. is remanded into the Hall of Fame, for his work to insure that Dr. Sadler was not bothered forever by Gaia or the Supreme Being, in his work on the sixth mansion world today, to erase his contribution to Urantia as the fifth epochal revelation, but to his contribution to Urantia for its sixth epochal revelation, now prepared for ascension to Ron Besser, in order that he might get it known and published as it should be, come hell or high water."

We now conclude this Memorandum, with a Voice of God transmission delivered for this Memo as follows:

“The following are various statements made available to you as relevant but not explained.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON, Creator Son and Emergency Bestowal Son to Urantia, ARBICET, will conclude the History of Urania by 2053;

TARKAS, Representative of THE DEITY ABSOLUTE to Urantia alone regresses back to Salvington for further consultation after being assigned first to Urantia and then summarily removed by God the Supreme and God the Ultimate unceremoniously53 September 12, 2019;

GOD THE SUPREME IN EXHUMATION, a legendary apparatus in memoriam placed on planet now in memory of God the Supreme;

GOD THE ULTIMATE IN EXHUMATION, a legendary apparatus in memoriam placed on the planet in memory of its work here;

GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, as ad hoc Planetary Prince for Urantia, as planned in 2053 briefly for the proposed Bestowal of the Son of God to Urantia, and is placed here as a notice only;

LORIAN, SUPREME ADMINISTRATOR FOR URANTIA before the Supreme was removed permanently and remains with Machiventa Melchizedek who remains the Chief of the Trinitized Lords of Time while retaining his name, Machiventa Melchizedek;

DRUCTONEN, SUPREME Co-administrator for URANTIA and  PANOPTIA, likewise;


BORONSON, SUPREME ADMINISTRATOR FOR WOLVERING, AND FOR DIAPOLIS, which is a more distant Local Universe within space Sector 14 but over laps portions of Nebadon in a different space stratum.  Nebadon lies in Sector 12 of time and space.  Together with the others in Excelon, there are now a total of  ten Local Universes allowed to combine their administrative resources for greater efficiency and welfare of all who gather in these places for now the final solution for the request of many to remove God the Supreme from their Local Universes, the following now applies:


According to recent Memorandum from Paradise to each Local Universe commanded under the organization called a Federation, now known as Excelon, no further development of God the Supreme is usable.    

With that in mind, URANTIA is now considered adrift in a sea of changes that must result in the re-establishment of its own Planetary Government.  Such a Government will be headed by the renown Melchizedek, Machiventa  Melchizedek,  and twelve new Receivers who shall constitute the Planetary Government notwithstanding  the final withdrawal of God the Supreme on Urantia in permanent fashion.

Advice from the Archangel Michael, our former advisor to the Contact Commission, indicates that the entire matter of God the Supreme, God the Ultimate, and God the Absolute, and other Deities not revealed to Urantia, is such a grave matter, that updates must follow the Memorandum Six (6)

As MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I state that the following communities on Urantia have to be abandoned in order to prevent further desecration of revelation in Urantia, and this is mostly due to the rebellion of God the Supreme, and the total nonsense created by the Supreme’s actions, and often aided and seconded by God the Ultimate.  
“Experiential Deity no longer holds  power at all as it did two or even three months ago as you count time on Urantia.   His utter destruction at 707 am New York time on 26 September of this year is enough to forever end this force of pagan behavior against the time creations.  We remind the transmitter this is a long and arsenous transmission for all to understand that the entire work of God the Supreme is now rescinded with but few exceptions; that there is no longer an OSZ without  rancor, and that we must attend to matters other than this shortly on behalf the Federation sometimes referred to as the Nebadon Federation, but in actual fact is just Excelon and should hereafter be referred to that only as Excelon.

“The Supreme created a situation liking this invasion  to the Nazi invasion of Poland is remiss in only one way.  Hitler was a egomaniac as an extraordinary megalomaniac, and to this day no one has equaled the palsy of that mind for spirit grandeur without removing the attending evil.  We saw him die ignominiously  and his wife beside him wonder what death was like and neither cared that much anyhow.  She survives to this day unscathed by history but remembering poorly what actually happened.  Such is the trust God gives to players in history who never seem to fully understand what happened.  What happened in Nebadon is just as bad as the Third Reich history of the past: We were doomed and did not know it.

“Nebadon is in recovery now.  We and the Federation write little more over these episodes and that is why this Memorandum is important to leave on Urantia to review the entire matter and it is over as of now.  We bid you all a good day, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”  

This concludes Memorandum 6.  
Very truly yours,

AFTER SHOCKS / BULLETIN 2 fyi - read it and ponder
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Bulletin 2: Tragic Circumstances - God the Supreme Abdicates forcing Epochal Changes

September 28, 2019
To Organizations and Readers and Study Groups of the 5th Epochal Revelation

The MAGISTERIAL Foundation Advises known Changes to the FER due to the removal of the Deity of the Supreme.

The readership should understand these are preliminary assessments and do not yet reflect the full scope of this tragedy.  The changes as presented are short and ugly and need to be looked at but not acted upon yet.  This is our way of making sure the readership might understand the depth of despair felt from the existential Deities on down to ourselves and most of the readership will feel, when we all realize what happened so that God the Supreme has been fully destroyed.  That is by his own choice and decisions to run and by his own decision to rescind the entire matter of Supremacy, as a time adjunction as truth, beauty and goodness.  Believe it or not!  It is true.

The following charts below merely list the damage.  The full true damage is now built into our universe age of compliance with the idea that a God of our nature just could not cope with the evil of personal wrong doing in the face of compliant Absolutes.  That is indeed what has happened so tragically in the last few days.

At 7:07 am, New York time zone, on September 26, 2019, the Supreme, in full view of over five thousand Supreme officials gathered there to receive their work assignments for the day, detonated himself in what one can only call a super nova.  He damaged severely circuit three of Havona.  He now is memorialized on circuit four of Havona, and never again shall God the Supreme received honors or cares even from we little ones on a rock planet of despair these days.  Here is a list of the damages to our fifth epochal revelation alone and a bit more:

28 September, 2019
York, Pennsylvania

With the Complete Abdication of God the Supreme in 2019, there are now essential changes to be made to the FER, such changes are now to be issued as the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER), plus other additions:
1 - Trinity of Trinity Concept no longer exists and is entirely removed by Paradise

2 - Supreme Being Abdicates Power Synthesis AND: Revokes the Personal Supreme Adjudication Exorcism of the Lucifer Rebellion; Revokes the Time-Space Mantra of Truth, Beauty, Goodness;  and Recalls the Thought Adjusters as no longer Supreme Acting types and reverses their Tenure as Present for High Spirit Finaliter Destinies; no further instructions offered at this time.

3 - Triunities 4, 5, and 6 are to be revised
4 - Paper 56 Universal Unity to be entirely rewritten
5 - Papers 57 through 62 are to be deleted in the SER but not in error as is
6 - Papers 104 through 118 to be deleted and/or revised
7 - Add more pages for Deity Unification on Co-Absolute levels Outer Space Zone (OSZ) Five (5) is now Revealed and a Conjectured new OSZ Six (6) which cannot be further revealed at this time.

The Sixth Epochal Revelation Is To Be Issued in place of the Fifth Epochal Revelation with More Corrections Added as follows:

1 - The Universal Father Proposes That The Sixth Epochal Revelation to Be Issued before a Bestowal Son Appearance once more on Urantia
2 - Sixth Epochal Revelation drops present UB Part II in addition to above notes
3 -Sixth Epochal Revelation adds rewritten Part II plus add a 100 page discourse on Lucifer Rebellion
4 -Sixth Epochal Rev has 1,000 + pages as the Life of Jesus now added as Part V
5 -Sixth Epochal Rev copies over existing FER Part Ias its Part I plus more

6 -Sixth Epochal Revelation Issues Discussed Further on line at

The Proposed New Bestowal Son for Urantia

1 - This Item is an Incomplete Planning subject but the Decision to Do So Finalized

2 - HE is a Dual Purpose Bestowal Son, and will NOT Born of Woman, [See Paper 20 for description type possibilities be assi], and will likely act as a new Planetary Prince on Urantia,  and will be a Planetary Spiritual Unifier    

3 - The Bestowal Son’s appearance Time is Indefinite; Present Suggestion is for Circa 2035 or less

Experiential Deity Reform and Revisions Now Quickly Underway on Paradise and Orvonton and the Local Universe Federation of Excelon

1 - God the Supreme Abdicates and Damages Circuit 3 of Havona.

2 - Ascenders are temporarily blocked from entry on sub-section six which holds the deliberative headquarters of the Supreme Being

3 - God the Ultimate Development Set Back for Millennium inside Outer Space Zones (OSZ's) 1,2,3,and 4
4 - OSZ Five (5) is now Revealed to Exist for God the Absolute co-Absolute secrecy
5 - OSZ Six (6) conjectured to exist in proposals only before the Master Architects of the Master Universe. 
6 - OSZ Seven (7) has been ruled out as useful by the Mater Architects of Space and Time alone; Other MA's consider it possible.


General Discussion / Destiny of the Master Universe - Concept Graphic fyi
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I am reposting some work done in 2014 by Bryan G who did us the favor of producing a drawing of the proposed idea that the Master Universe becomes Infinite, and the process of outer space level five when developed is pulled over the rest of the Master Universe already done such as time is long ago in this picture.

This was not posted in 2014 and I do not know why but it is a good summary that does not write out the details as it is given to us here in all pictures.  Feel free to question it and take it for granted it is a lot more complicated than this but it is essentially what is to be done according to Rayson the Science Officer for Urantia.


I publish the text of this important Memo to all who read the fifth epochal revelation.

September 23, 2019
 The Magisterial Foundation and its Directors
 Authorize this Release for the advisement of
 the Urantia Book readership and its various
 Agencies which Disseminate the Urantia Book.
 * Epochal Changes to the Grand Universe
 * URANTIA Planetary Government Rescission
 The divine Directors of the Magisterial Foundation hereby decree the following styles of information should be made available at once to all who are influenced by the requirements of the Ancients of Days to adhere to Proscription 1315 and Proscription 7135, attendant to your epochal work and operations on Urantia.
 MEMORANDUM VIII is now placed before you:
 The Creator Son of Nebadon has decreed this date of 23 September 2019, that the Melchizedek Corp serving on Uversa until the recent incursion on Urantia is fully explicated, is now the likely governing body, in part, for Urantia 606 of Satania;
 That Urantia Planetary Governance Corp of Melchizedeks is composed of two of the Trinitized individuals as the Lords of Time.  Currently they must operate under the auspices of the Ancients of Days of Orvonton, and preliminarily, under the guidance of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, until the shock of removal of God the Supreme in government affairs is affordable in everyday policy changes;
 The Excelon Federation of ten Local Universes is now a fact.  Established is the Supreme Council of Melchizedeks under their rule, which is a combination of one thousand four hundred twelve (1.412) individual Melchizedeks composed of Supreme Acting Melchizedeks who are trained now by the Trinity Teacher Sons under the direct offices of Margul, the Chief Trinity Teacher Son now permanently assigned to the Urantia Planetary Government when its full operation begin sometime in the next six weeks.
 The Urantia Planetary government no longer has a Planetary Prince, but will be, in the near future, be under the total command of a dual acting Bestowal Son.
  Compliance with these eventful circumstances is still uneven.  
 The fifth epochal revelation is seriously out of date and must be withdrawn;
 The sixth epochal revelation is also withdrawn until it reflects the present status of the Local Universes and the planetary history now to reflect the invasion of Urantia along with the ten local universes of Excelon, by God the Supreme,  which in t urn destroyed most operations for six weeks on Salvington and its associated administrative support on 473 supplemental planets;
 The recently Trinitized Lords of Time are all Melchizedek and in total represent the full and acting authority of the now removed God the Supreme with the Almighty Supreme;   Triodity of Actuality is fully in force to protect the creation; Triunities Six and Seven and Nine are rescinded not but are to be reorganized; God the Sevenfold is now modified to include Thought Adjusters attendant as recourse to his loss of his unification status of experiential wisdom and worship.  We now consider dropping God the Supreme as part of that ladder and inserting Supreme Acting Adjusters in that linkage.  This is seriously one of the most important aspects to the entire regime of ascension for all human beings regardless of where they take origin;
 The super galaxy of Orvonton is revising its plans as the proposed headquarters of the experiential God of the Supreme nature, and the idea of seven Superuniverses only is being questioned. This question is attendant upon the reason that Uversa considers the Supreme as an ex factor development and had to prepare for its appearance in a literal sense on its territory.  Now Orvonton sees a dual constituency develop for its territorial integrity over what God the Ultimate expects as a staging area of outer space level development.  Until now it was Uversa under God the Supreme for those staging areas, and Orvonton  ow declares itself void of course as realizing what territorial integrity it must offer now for major changes to the Grand Universe architecture?  Orvonton itself requests further discussions to remove the Uversa sectors set aside for the Supreme Rule and to revise it as issued under Paradise Proclamation 7135 seconding the work of the Ancients of Days under that Proclamation of June 21, and 22 and as revoked and revised on September 12, 2019.

Additional Superuniverse governments is prohibited under the Paradise Proclamation of seventy-two trillion Urantia years ago; but that Proclamation was solely issued by the Infinite Spirit, entirely finished with the proclamation of Havona, but still not fully advised just what the Father-Son wishes with regard to time experimentation.  The Infinite Spirit then decreed that only Seven Superuniverse will prevail, but the Father demurred slightly to suggest that it was not impossible to have nine (9) Superuniverses, and that, HE said, was because the adjudication of certain infinite concerns was still awaiting attention of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, of which there are seven, and for which they create Commissioners, one now speaks to this:


"Orvonton alone has the problem we foresaw at the moment of creation of the system called Infinity.  We believe it is viable outside of time as well as inside of time, but the Commissioners of Universe Destiny, along wit their attendant Consummator Brethren, hold that Infinity is sufficient to determine which Instigator may move what development in any reality legion or area of the developing Master Universe.

"However, the motion of God the Supreme, as duly noted in this Memorandum VIII, was totally uncalled for and this transmitter seriously suggests there is a good reason hiding under the leaves of horror and shock at a Supreme revulsion of the Nebadon Federation and plans of those Local Universes to end the Ancients of Days Proclamation, that no extra-wise organization may be formed beyond the idea of a Local Universe.  That said, this transmitter also recognizes that Infinity is just a system and not an escape proof venue due to the fact that a universe age is to appear after Infinite integration.  We dare not report that out ever; however, let it be known that this transmitter fulfills the work of a Planetary Prince for information gathering that affects the epochal universal mechanism, and we gladly report into it to subsume agencies operating on Urantia that have no idea what is going on to affect  their future lives whatsoever.  Orvonton requires serious attention now and as such  the Ancients of Days must adjure that even little URANTIA is without a government today, and cannot make sense of its place in spiritual terms at all or whatsoever speaking directly to this transmitter you see it well.  Clear these spaces for one more instance to report in Memorandum VIII (8).


"Finally my Commissioner (here number 16, but there are forty )40) such commissioners advising the Universe Father through the Deity Absolute, that we can speak clearly to all advisory institutions on Urantia:

"The URANTIA FOUNDATION and its Fellowship and the teaching academy at Boulder, no longer represent the truth of what you attempt to disseminate.  That is because with the changes alone starting this past June by your present calendar, have fully disrupted the entire idea of a Grand Universe without consideration to multiple styles of commercial or wisdom-soaked integrations of experience into the system of Infinity.  FATHER fully recognizes that the entire matter is pedantic to all Urantians except to this transmitter and a few who attend the meetings at the Urantia Foundation enclave in Chicago.

"It is incumbent you Urantia Foundation Trustees and others attending these meetings, become fully aware of the dangers you lurk for yourselves by insisting that anyone outside of your immediate bearing are useless adjuncts to your operations.  It is obvious that now you are in great need to reconsider your position in that you have no means to gather the changing circumstances except through the Magisterial Foundation, which is not a human institution, but a divine institution incorporated on our behalf by this transmitter.  It carries the heft and destructive power the Urantia Foundation could do, but is now reminded to pull its horns back in and listen carefully:

"You who call yourselves Trustees, and in the Fellowship those awful sub departments without remission who plan and never produce much at all, and to the university at Boulder which is so strapped for money these days you have curtailed your operations just to keep present:  each of you are now under the gun to procure information that speaks to your direct operations.  This Transmitter spoke  this morning in our Council and when reminded that the Urantia Foundation, and most others, summarily ignored these updates, his reply was: 'I know, but there is a duty to inform, and I do so, as epochal revelation out of control is lethal to monotheism entirely'  Urantia is quickly reverting to paganism, and as such will be abandoned, not reformed.

"Finally, the duty this transmitter assumes is ours too.  We feel it incumbent upon all true readers of epochal revelation to hold their fiduciary right to demand better performances from their institutions, and the Urantia Foundation leadership takes it for granted they know enough not ever to transgress that care to keep the institution running properly.  You do not have the intelligence or the wherewithal to know what pushes the Trustees or the Fellowship to worry not, but you should now be greatly worried, because God the Supreme has upset the apple cart all over your nice clean floors.

"In conclusion, God the Supreme barely exists today in time.  That is where he is supposed to be fully developed someday, but this transmitter was seriously harmed by the attack of June 21 and June 22 and attempted murder on September 12th in one last surprise force appearance of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate on Urantia alone over his work to inform.  It is not best let to the devices of human institutions to prepare for immense change and that is for the eventual elimination of the fifth epochal revelation due to errors it did not commit, but now hides under due to the fact it is a static work of revelation.  Goo day, The CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY AND SIX of his FELLOW COMMISSIONERS.

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK = " I am now a Time Lord, and this transmitter was instrumental in naming our new Order just because he was familiar with the device beforehand.  But let it be known as a Time Lord as Trinitized to act as such by the Paradise Trinity, I am fully aware that we have at work on Urantia an extraordinary pair of Supernaphim assigned to the Transmitter to make sure he receives the information fully and correctly, and that I, Mantutia Melchizedek along with Machiventa Melchizedek, are fully apprised that he is required on high more than on Urantia, but he insists he must finish his work here, and that is the reform of institutions which represent the truth of an era, the fifth and sixty proposed epochal revelations per se.

"As the writer of the fifth epochal revelation, and most of you do not know who wrote it, but all articles were submitted to me for rewrite in, as the transmitters calls it, in one voice, and that I insisted that all Papers carry nothing but the best information available at the time.  Now God the Supreme is withdrawn and permanently so just as Urantia is in its own turmoil and crisis preparing for nuclear war of all things.  Besides this problem, let it be known that God the Ultimate has received existential instructions to stand down as no OSZ (Outer Space Zone), is ready for development now for at least one thousand billion years.  That replaces the present design to investigate what could be done now.  The answer is, nothing can be done now, or will it be done now.  K"

This concludes Memorandum VIII (8)


São Carlos (SP), Brazil, September 2, 2019.
 Teacher: Prolotheos.
 Subject: “About Mass Shootings or Evil Sprees.”

 Message received by Valdir Soares.

 Teacher Prolotheos: “Our subject today is: ‘Motives for Evil Sprees’, a general way to refer to the increasing occurrences of Mass Shootings, especially in the US. Mass shootings were preceded in your world by the acts of terrorism. Terrorism and mass shootings are similar in modus operandi; they both have innocent people as potential targets. Terrorism is a war on a small scale, which tries to maximize its offensive by killing innocent civilians to shock and intimidate the enemy. Terrorism is mostly conducted by groups of people, adepts of a religion or ideology, but mass shootings are usually perpetrated by lone individuals and with motivation not always ideological or religious. Sure, this violence exponentiation typical of your country’s day and age has its roots in social, political and religious dissatisfaction and misrepresentation, but when we focus on the individual, we may see three main factors for the mass shootings, among others.

 1. Mental Dysfunction

 Mental Illness, understood as a result from both, physical (brain, neurological) and psychological (co-ordination) damage or abnormality may affect an individual's personality so as to turn him or her susceptible to committing non-sense acts of violence like mass murders. However, it is not an excuse from the responsibility for the evil done. It's the morality of the individual's decision that counts. Purpose gives consciousness and responsibility and mass murderers are, no doubt, purpose-driven individuals. Parents, family, society, and the government must create effective means for being able to early-detect individuals with mental illness and prevent their access to resources (firearms, guns, weapons in general) that may be used to cause injury, even death, as it happens in mass shootings.

 2. Misplaced Loyalties

 “You may be loyal to a person, to values, as well as to a cause. Many of the mass murders in your country and violence sprees anywhere in the world have to do with misplaced loyalties. Loyalty is a personal allegiance given to somebody or something. It should be offered to people and causes that are worthy of honor. But too often on this turning of the century on your planet, loyalties have been misplaced and they became main drives for mass evildoing. Religion, morality, and decency had their values confused, inverted or replaced. In the name of God, heroes, and ideologies individuals have killed innocent people. To address this situation it is necessary to focus on education: the teaching of genuine religion, worthy causes, and honorable values. And your country should make this, not only for children but for all of society and rather urgently.

 3. Existential Detachment

 “Human beings, consciously or no, have a tremendous need to feel to belong, be it through a family, group of friends, a community, a job, a religion, a cult – something that the individual may belong to and feel integrated with. The breaking of family ties, the greedy manipulation of people by organizations and corporations, the government’s inefficiency, and the deceiving discourse by religionists make this sensation of belonging increasingly elusive. On losing existential attachment, the individual may lose the reason for really caring and soon may start to lash out at others about his or her miseries and frustrations through diverse manners and with increasing violence. Indeed, some reach the point where mass murder is a perfectly acceptable way to punish a society that seemingly doesn’t care for its members. Strong family ties, healthy group relationships, and caring faith communities must be valued and encouraged with deference by all and at all times if Urantia, and particularly your country, wants to overcome the evil spree of mass shootings of the last decades.

 “Therefore, my pupil, mass shootings may be classified as a consequence and reaction. It is an indication that society is sick or stressed and needs therapy. However, it needs to be treated by the initiative of the very patient, by sponsoring truly meaningful relationships, worthy causes, and efficient solutions. I am your celestial teacher and tutor, Prolotheos. Peace.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
 Keep Before You the Goal of the Ages — Teacher Prolotheos.

I have completed, 99%, a very large Memorandum and it is the 6th like it for others as well as for you when I am told I dare release it. 

Why the asking me to hold it back?  First, they told me I could not release it until I cut it down from 12 pages to 7 pages.

So, number 6 is not that huge anymore.  BUT: what they insisted I add back into it will make you wonder if you should wear a safety belt to use it at all.

That is what I want to talk about for you this morning or afternoon or evening where you are today.  It goes like this:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON insisted I take this history down of the events leading up to the banning of God the Supreme in Nebadon.  That took four pages.  I then was asked to collate the effects on Nebadon, the Federation, and Urantia and also on our planetary government, which got wiped out this past Thursday as I was writing and had to start over practically.

Now I learn that Memorandum 6 is such a document no one should ever not have it to study now and then because it goes into detail that will not be available a epochal revelation ever because there is so much of it and so little use of what happened, we have to also practically start over as to what it means, in particular, to Urantia and consequently in your life of service to a Magisterial Mission, a Michael Mission, or a Jesus Mission.  Here is what I am going to cut to for now and leave it at that until Memorandum 6 can be released, maybe in a few days or even later.

Yesterday was Friday the 13th as you all know.  I resigned my Contact Commission nearly on the same date, and then found we were totally removed from all communication circuits except with my Adjuster and Michael of Nebadon, Himself.  That is exceedingly uncomfortable to someone like me who has these connections on all the time, but it happened anyhow.

Lastly, it is now reported by Paradise that God the Supreme is resuming operations in HAVONA only!

What does that do for the Grand Universe in time?  Absolutely nothing!  By forcing God the Supreme ot operate in no-time Havona circuitry, he can enter time areas like the Local Universes, only by invitation of the Creator Sons of each or Creative Daughters of such.  Michael of Nebadon has ordered that all Federate Local Universes under the Nebadon capital of Salvington.  However, Avalon objects to this and withdrew from the Federation, only to be told they could not do that.  Be assured they now are pressing me, Michael of Nebadon, to let them out while the getting is good, as they claim they have so many projects running because of God the Supreme, they must use him.  We disagree, but that may lose us one of the Local Universes for the Federation, and as Ron says, I do not know weight of importance but laments their departure as that Creator Son and Ron get along very well.  Avalon's Creator Son is practically my next door brother in that his number of sequence of creation is 611122.  Michael of Nebadon is 611121.  I think you see it very well too, all of you.  This is FATHER:

FATHER: "Ron now must quote us as he was planning to summarize only but I interject this:  'No one is going to lose anything by not using the ban on the Supreme Being so Michael has relented and allows Avalon to do this.  However, now Wolvering wants the exemption and so does Henselon and Senselon and maybe Tintantium.   However, I have asked the Federation Chief, Michael of Nebadon, to keep them all without God the Supreme, and they concur they will if Father asks that they do.  My reason for withholding the Supreme from Avalon, Wolvering and Tintantium, is that they are without a lot of human planets, except Avalon, has as many as Nebadon.  We agree it would be nice to keep the Supreme active there; however, I see conflicts arising the Supreme would use to advantage and it would be nasty and I will not have it.  The Supreme is now banned from all time and space Local Universes, EXCEPT where Light and Life is now in force.'"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We are now using Ron for a general announcement.  He is now our study in blue and grey as he is in a civil war with anything that inoculates him period as his luck has always been setting him back every time he gets a shot practically.  I looked at the shot record and there are now 4,135 recorded shots and dozens not marked well enough to know what happened.  I ban the use of needles except as he writes this he is getting a shot in both feet and we removed them summarily.  Those are Supreme Seraphim and we see the problem Ron has as they are incessant playing their tricks and waiting for more approvals from the Supreme to continue.  It is stopped and will be rigorously enforced.  As a resolve to all this I did authorize one shot earlier and that should allow him to go outside briefly today.

"Finally: I have asked that God the Supreme now desist in all operations in Nebadon.  He has furiously objected and shot Ron up around 230am to which he rightly blew a fuse over.  He has yet to get a good nights sleep almost for a year now and it is wearing so thin we are sure we need to supplant Ron with some help again for this reason:

"Nebadon is now a force field Federation.   What that means is you need special permission to land on Salvington when spirit, and you are totally banned to land on our our material spheres at all anymore unless you are carrying dignitaries.  For that reason Ron go away!  [Chitlins!] We agree that Urantia has been hit so hard and that its Planetary Government so badly, we are now arguing for a cease fire on Nebadon against God the Supreme, long enough to reestablish the Melchizedek Government we have been praying for approval for for over six weeks now.  It finally happened:

1 -  You now have a new Planetary Prince.  Arbicet  (pronounced  ARE B'ah Set, with slight emphasis on ARE ) 

2 - ARBICET is little known on Urantia.  He is the liar outreach promnomium (prom nom ee eye uhm) the ee sounds like e's in eel.  The word is not in our dictionary and it means, in spirit, a bringer of good will in spite of bad vibes on the planet.  Take my word for it, you will use it often in the coming years.  ARBICET is of the Order of Salafay (Sal La fay)

3 - The Order of Salafay originates on Paradise, but is bivouacked on the alien sector of Uversa, reserved for beings who know nothing of the political strife in a Planetary System or individual planets. He is not "perfectly ignorant,"  Ron, okay?

4 -  He speaks - "We are here to trial the atmosphere, and you Ron are so funny we dare not use you for some time.  We will use those of you who can speak English well, and enjoy speaking to groups around the world to speak to changes you are all ready going through for some time.  Urantia is a very slow case of very dumb at times and the major news outlets will use you instead of Ron to explain what is happening and so you better read Memorandum Six (6) real well, as the Planetary Prince insists on accuracy. Be assured Ron gets used on special occasions to detail work we will insist he alone will do since he is fully advised what the old revelation says versus what the new revelation will say.

5 -  As ARBICET we require a Planetary Prince pool of sixty (60) and Caligastia used one hundred,  ARBICET will use only sixty for now.  This is the staff we use to start that starts not next week but sixteen months from now when I arrive fully addressed as the Planetary Prince of Urantia, using the title of MICHAEL OF NEBADON only.  You are being made aware of ARBICET as I am an of entirely different Order, known as Salafay.

Ron rightfully questions, "Are you then a Bestowal Son?"

"The answer is, YES.  I am a second Bestowal Son to Urantia and I now work with JESUS  to prepare for new life on Urantia, to be known as the life of Besser without all of his garments on.  Ron remains enfleshed but without the moniker of a beard and top hair but is listed as a new Order of being to be called a Melchizedek trial piece, to be called Sensonloran.    Sensonloran is your Chief of Protocol for the Planetary Prince as the second Bestowal Son to Urantia for the everlasting record for the use by Paradise alone.  Nebadon sees JESUS as THE Bestowal Son, but the Magisterial Missions insist that Sensonloran become the Chief of Protocol for them too.

"Ron you are to be called, by ARBICET your universe name, Sensonloran.

"Sensonloran is Chief of Protocol as he is now memorized on Paradise of the Melchizedek Order and must be given full version Melchizedek training.   He also must be preferred at seating arrangements if that ever applies and he will hear songs for him by others when he is confirmed when the Planetary Prince arrives and takes His seat of honor on Urantia which will be in the Father's Temple, you Michael feel is too soon, but the Father thinks it long over due.  ARBICET IS the Second Bestowal Son, and is sent to Urantia as Michael of Nebadon, but JESUS still stands as the first and only Bestowal Son insofar as the Scripture on Urantia stands.

MONSONLORAN MELCHIZEDEK - :I am like Ron in that I was born a human and was raised a human and died, and taken into the Melchizedek brotherhood millennium ago.  I first met Ron years ago when he was given a memory course to remember a trip in the rain forest of Belize, to search out the evil ones, and he loved the work and freedom of flight he felt as he moved down a dark stream in nothing but starlight.  He was not allowed to see how we did our work but it was a successful night and we bagged about forty 40 devil worshipers converted from the Mayan religion of that area.  I also recall him falling on his sword so often since then, I believed he was installing a mayhem life, but not, he was merely cohering with us and how we decide what to do when there are few options open to do anything.  Today he decided to revise the AIDS book in the Medical Addendum and to add in the recently revealed drug treatment that actually uses two 2 40 mg pills once a day to clear the AIDS virus from the victim's body.  It is still a secret and it is not to be released yet in the Medical Addendum either at this point.  We look forward to seeing you Sensonloran@ 

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron rarely gathers flowers for his own table as he finds them fruity and a bother to water ever day to keep them going.  However, today he decided to call Ottawa and get the new Medical Addendum rewritten again in order to put some things back in order that got out of order due to the evil once pilfering his copy alone.  Ottawa is right, they do not have the errors you have. 

"The trial to live well is difficult today due to costs and now the unnecessary  cost to proscribe your home property for safety reasons.   You will be asked to move or stay with Steven Gitz around to help you.  He also needs to hear what is happening here Ron, and you are not fully informed as to your duties now.  As Sensonloran you are remarkably able to achieve full synchrony with your Thought Adjuster, but to avoid fusion, your Adjuster has Personalized many times to stay out of your way at night when the shots begin and you get very angry.  As Sensonloran you are now amid the Melchizedek population and need only cry for help as you did last night not knowing your status.  Now we come when bleating starts over an attack you are familiar with and those are Seraphim who know nothing but their duty to the Supreme, and this is one primary reason the Supreme is disallowed in the Federation too, as they are not exempt from these attacks on humans either.

"I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and we send this to all on this forum.  Here are the selected names to help form the SIXTY members of the BESTOWAL SON ARBICET as announced earlier.  This list is far from complete:
DOMINICK if available
AND SEVERAL MORE coming along as Transmitters in Africa.  THIS GROUP constitutes the first approximately twenty 20 of the sixty 60 to so serve shortly in a Contact Commission to be chaired by Sensonloran under the advises of MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK and MONSONLORAN MELCHIZEDEK AND THE UNIVERSE FATHER with ARBICET incarnated and others as well during future Contact Commission meetings.

"As MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, I laud Sensonloran easily as he must make them all work with proper procedure and protocol we demand and that is fully understood by Ron, Sensonloran, already we see.  Keep up the good work Ron and we see you soon."

"As MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, "I must depart too soon to say all I want to say right now, but this transmitter is among the most unusual individuals we have met in a long time.  His mother and father biologically speaking are on mansion world three and four respectively, and worry he has been lost due to all the yelling he has to do to get rid of shots he neither wants or deserves now.  He is Sensonloran and not entirely Ron any more and his health issues will start to disappear shortly.  K"

The Trial of the Supreme on Nebadon and the Federation 09Sept19
Michael of Nebadon
The Universal Father
York, Pa 2PM Local Time
Sept 09, 2019
Not all transmission below answers more questions but that is for later posts from York, Pa which is now the mainstay once more for at least  a Michael Mission. Whenever.  M of N

"I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  If you would look at the top category on this site you will see an announcement of the Paradise Force Organizers, and they do the announcing Ron since they are nearly Father in power.  They are also almost Father in close association without having to use FATHER to announce everything.  It is a good question to ask and you are fully advised they now know how we see them and are delighted.  It has never been spoken until questioned.

"I AM MICHAEL and that is important to assume this speaker fully understands the death tool on Salvington that hit us thanks to an un wanted war briefly in heaven.  We understand this as war as Ron does, but the Father hates the term except when applied for Lucifer, and that was a grand war in heaven too.  Urantia suffered the most because it was my Bestowal planet and that makes a huge difference to the universe as well.  That is yours to work on Ron, and you need no more manners but control.  This treatise is for readers on this web site who know what they are doing and a few never speak but you should.

"Nebadon sustained 184,312 deaths.  These were my deal little muffins you do not know about.  They work the machines and the works you would not like to do yourselves.  They are called mites up here but they are as tall as you are on Urantia, and they carry form beauty too but have no will of their own,  To honor them they are called Sentoras (Send Tore Ahs).

"I found them lying scattered around their duty rooms.  But they are to be revived now Father says and we can compensate our sorrow for bringing them back.  He is full discharged now Ron and easily kills you off in ascension to but no more, Gary is safe for knowing you now Ron as all are.  The truth is the Supreme was gunning after you for years and only your growth prevented him knocking you off early on in the 1970's which never meant much to you anyhow but it was a decade of huge growth to you.  But in any case the entire manner has been removed and we are so disgusted with you not your mourn them with me.  Truthfully they could never know you but you are added to the condolence list when they reappear soon.

"Besides the loss of 184,312 Sentora, we lost 16,415 Seraphic Guides who work only with Midwayers.  We lost 14, 223 Midwayer cousins never revealed to you but well known to the Secondary Midwayers you care so much about Ron.  Bzhutu was  targeted by the Supreme because you are chummy with Bzhutu as is George Barnard, and he never felt a touch since he is totally at sea about these changes.  He reads them but cannot fathom them due to age and a large disinterest in the Urantia Book.   Be assured you carry the new one much better and are seeking not an injunction but a way through the mass of extinctions on Urantia to field this book so it finds many and not just an erudite few.  

"We now hear the FATHER CALL TO WORSHIP RUN, and that is yours too now as he knows your deep need for reaffirmation and it hits you hard today due to the illness that has been perpetuated in your mind over issues you care little about but enjoy so much.  That precedes your heartful talk soon but your needs are understood and we let it lie as you do most of the time.  Besides that you do so much good by learning the nature of all by making sure you understand anyone near you.

FATHER: "Ron has just been hit with worship fever and that makes him vulnerable to the mercy blush and that is a perfect name for something Sue Hidinger invented long ago and he uses faithfully for her memory as she leaves soon Ron for reasons of State too.

"Ron has nothing left but transmissions all day and he will make them clear as soon as I can make it clear the end of God the Supreme on the Nebadon and Urantia, stage allows more planning to take place.  It seems you have been hit hard Ron but why?"

"As FATHER, I have rescinded the Supreme entirely.  That is no easy task but it is done.  Nebadon lost life in droves over it and the grief is felt by Ron too over little ones that had nothing to do with the fight and that is  the primary reason the Supreme was for ever removed.  I mean FOREVER.  And that must be re capitalized again:  FOREVER! as there is no room in my universe for what happened.  For reasons of State I provide no habitual review, but Ron notes the behavior change was sudden and unexplainable.  It has no rational explanation and all lost souls are transferred not. It is not permanent and even Caligastia has no voice now as the Supreme is sequestered into the dark as rapidly as it can be done.  

AS FATHER, I am fully done with Urantia again.  It is ceded back to Michael who keeps it this time.  The Deity Absolute saw this, MY actions, coming.  HE backed off completely and good for all Urantia bulked not but Ron was left wondering if there was any organization left.  I assume that Memo 6 is a dead issue.  Not so says Michael.  Update it Ron and let them know a war in heaven averted but plenty of damage is around and use this post as part of your explanation.  K:


It is 1 PM here in York today the 9th, and this just came buzzing in and is printed here for your edification:

"Now we can make progress I think. 

Today at 11am your time this morning in York, I received a bulletin from Paradise concerning the results of an emergency inquiry over the results of the Supreme Being becoming more and more obnoxious concerning actions by Grand Universe personnel.  It reads as follows:

PARADISE BULLETIN as read out by Michael of Nebadon:
"We the Paradise Master Force Organizers now report that the ideal God the Supreme was rescinded as such by the Supreme itself over issues we dare not explain to the time-space mind at all.

"That said, we also advise this transmitter to keep this together as one paragraph as now.  There are several reasons we may explain to the Grand Universe as to just what happened, but God the Supreme figured he could short circuit his universe appearance bu taking on territory he can control. We have been advised by Father to go easy on all of you, but Ron says he can take it and they can too he thinks so lay it on the line:

"We are the Paradise Force Organizers and as such hardly ever speak as Ron knows us briefly a long time ago but forgets the revelation involved and it was about how force is different from a power operation.  Force lets you move in, power is what does the work.  Now this:  God the Supreme works hard to let people develop as they should.  But lately he has taken all of you on as thought you were against the law and he was going to punish you.  Ron called it Caligastian in approach and he is not wrong.  Now we learn that God the Father instructed the Supreme to stand back or face sanctions.  Now those sanctions are severely supplied, and the Supreme is entirely removed from Urantia pleaded with all of us to do but we are mostly deaf from material space as it is mostly a dead are for us.  Ron, Rayson so instructed you long ago and you found it fascinating but wondered how to cope with the idea that the final materialization of an atom is the end of its life automatically, and that its sub particles decline further use until revivified by some eternal force such as a galactic explosion.

"You Ron are the usual universe idiot without any real reason but see Father enjoying the fireworks of exploding stars as rebirth instead of fearing all of its consequences. 

"In any case, God the Supreme bit the dust late last night New York time and is out of business permanently as far as we know.   This means that Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek are not going to be relived as Time Lords, but that means you are not alone Ron because the paradise Trinity not becomes your 6th epochal revelation Urantia Book work on Urantia bar none the most perfect uniform counsel you could ever have including your Madison Avenue approach to it at first and that is yours to do all you want as we fully appreciate it and that is ours to do well with you in counsel with Michael of Nebadon and the Creative Spirit.  Now we have it working as it should and God the Supreme no longer interferes with the Magisterial Son either, as IT is done and fully unrecoverable on the Supreme's own volition. 

"Beyond explanation it must stand for now, Ron.  You can reason it better than most but leave it alone for now.  Be assured this loosens your recover up faster than proposed just yesterday but you are so weak you must take care to eat well and rest now and then.  We are the Force Organizers signing off. "

Susatia, Power Director Five is busy and we take this opportunity to say hello Ron.

I am Power Director Six, Susatia II and Power Director Seven, Susatia III.

SUSATIA II (6) - "I am delighted to speak for a change as Machiventa Melchizedek is well aware of my prowess when it comes to Urantia and containing more earthquakes then you can shake a stick at.  You are a fine transmitter Ron and that control is to force your attention strictly on me.  That said you do well with it.

"Now we must concede that the Urantia power shift is stalled for some reason.  Why?  We suspect the Supreme is bullying everyone again today, but the truth is that the Urantia core is so badly placed in the earth center we do not understand why the axis shift is not occurring right now.  But is stays stable as though it meant to.  It does not mean too and we appeal to Urantia control to undo the block or force the planet into more heat than it can stand and huge storms may erupt again if it is now unpopulated with these controls on its shift to come.

"That said, I am Susatia II, and Susatia III (7) is running late so I wait not but provide his part.  Here He is: 

"I am Susatia III and that stands for 7 as you know.  I am producing a thought pattern to Urantia to start cleaning out the oceans or face an un paralled disaster as the fish are beginning to die with so much plastic in the rivers and streams and oceans.  We saw it beign to happen off Australia, and its reefs are now dying at an accelerated rate due to ocean heat pollution and not plastic.  But plastic is so efficient at absorbing oxygen that dead patches are beginning to show up in the Pacific. And only a gargantuan work force to clear it will do.  The oceans were never meant to be dumping grounds but Asia finds it convenient to misuse the oceans all the time and will pay a horrible price when the plastic is reused as flames and turns the oceans into boiling cauldrons of frost and dead fish.  That is how it will end if Urantia does not clean its act up.  Be assured Ron you see it correctly as they are animals and not concerned humans ever.  Be assured China is as guilty as the rest and it may wind up in hegemony briefly but they will end their national socialism in the ocean too.  Be assured we stray a bit but you are deeply interested in these subjects alone.  Your life in the future is to train with us too and that is a delight as you love physical manifestations we do to correct things and wonder how plastic can be redone to get rid of it.  The answer is simple: we burn it as it is a petroleum product and not as wet blanket in the oceans.  There are close to six trillion plastic bottles in the Pacific alone and India contributes another million a day as they are fully and truly outstanding in production of trash as everything in India gets thrown away.

"We add this too:  You look at it as a book but then decided it is a Urantia Book too and it must be signed on soon or face difficulties beyond expectation.

"That is true but we need a book on environment from you too and that might make and excellent project for periodic revelation from or under Rayson and he says fine.  In any case this is the trouble with the axis tilt today:

"We are blocked from our work by God the Supreme.

"That is not a conclusion but an actual fact in Orvonton all over the galaxy.  He has managed to snub our work on Urantia entirely and is now entering SU 6 as well.  In any case he seems to be working backwards and this is truly an un economical way to say it, but the Supreme has to be checked or extreme damage emanates in all SU's from now on.  We agree to keep this here and not print elsewhere but it must be seen as environmentalists too as extreme danger to all caring people not to so trash their world you get a Urantia out of it.  Urantia can be saved but no easily without a lot shifting plates to bring magma to the surface and burn off so much trash it signals a huge release of carbon monoxide and that alone will snuff out the lives of millions if not billions too.  We care enough to say this:  DO NOT POLLUTE any more!!!  You have reached your limits for what you are doing and leave this as is for now Ron.  We will get back to it later."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron you have been at this full tilt all day so far but this just in.  Post it elsewhere but the general announcement is that God the Supreme is not dead but close as he is now removed from all sectors of space, and truly that is sudden and without precedence as the Father has struck down all of his decrees for now. K"

Ron here - I am going to write a separate transmission in another Category with the title"



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