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13 JULY 2020

“I AM MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and we are facing a shortage of good will everywhere today and we need to state the following for all of you who seem, as Ron puts it, we invited into you to a room to sit in and then never appear at the head of that room to say why we called you into this room,

Mother spirit is losing a battle to be the Creative Spirit of Nebadon.  Ron and Phyllis in particular are losing their battle to stay on Urantia under grueling circumstances alone.  We start something to help and never finish it.  Ron is right.  Step up to the plate with a bat in our hand and stop dropping the bat and walking off the home plate.  That is a baseball analogy Ron seldom uses as he is no fan of major league baseball anymore.

It is also the way to tell all of you that the entire matter is like you all standing on the bank of a badly flooding river and as Ron pu8ts it there are trees and houses floating in the middle of the flood to their annihilation and we dare not reach out to save any of it.  I fully agree with that picture too.

So what do we do?   Nothing as Ron puts it, nothing.  For that reason he has held back stating a couple of things he feels are true but has no intention of rocking the boat again as he did the lat time when the rebellion raised its horrible and ugly head all around you on Urantia again.  This time you all got caught up in it too and those who do not know what is going on, are now forced to wonder ever more as we have snuffed the idea of making news with it for now.  Here is Machiventa Melchizedek to explain something he could not get to yesterday on the Sunday Lightline with Ron and a part of Phyllis.

“I am sure Ron feels it deeply and most of you do not know what he is talking about either.  He choose not to get into a Q and A session yesterday because Phyllis was in bad shape and so was he and he did not want to perpetuate a group meeting in which the leaders were too ill to say much otherwise.  I saw Ron collapse afterwards for six hours of heat and cold and hearth without a fire in his heart for what he is discovering: no high spirit is asking Urantia to do anything anymore, and it forces the Magisterial Foundation to fall back and default to the normal and freaking Urantia Foundation idea that epochal revelation never changes.  Far from it but they win all the time because they have captured the front row seat as far as the readership is concerned and very few who receive the Bulletins or Advisory know what he is talking about.  It is an insidious situation and it must be broken wide apart and that is not what high spirit looks at right now at all.

“What high spirit is looking at right now is how to deal with the Magisterial Foundation, which has made headway in claiming its place before the readership, and now must face no support again, and this time fail not to make it clear it no longer supports the loss of the Mother spirit of Nebadon so long as She is Mother Spirit, but that is no longer possible for Her to be Mother Spirit any longer either.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and wwe stand firm with you Ron and the Magisterial Foundation, as does MICHAEL OF NEBADON, and GABRIEL and the rest of the group that runs Salvington so efficiently.  For that reason TARKAS AND JACK AND WELMEK have now departed for the rest of their work on Salvington and not on Urantia, and Ron has heard the last of Burt, the Life Carrier, only because Ron fully trusted Him and He could not deliver once scintilla of help just because the Deity Absolute now decrees Ron useless and ready for bed on high.  We fully disagree but the Deity Absolute makes it clear that Ron is ahead of his time by a good century and so what Ron says?  The answer is not easy to fathom but ahead of time means it cannot be assimilated very well even though present and that makes the entire matter so acidic and burning Ron is seriously asking why persist if there is nothing but confrontation now?  We do not disagree with the question and we do agree with the answer Michael keeps insisting to Ron: STAY THE COURSE AND WIN!

“For that reason I stand behind Ron and all he attempts to do in spite of battle after battle everyday to stay out of the mischief of Mother Spirit and the dangerous seraphim around him as they are hell bent on leather to destroy his work and kill his energy as they did with Phyllis yesterday but she persisted and won that work back to her too.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and I am sure we win, but right now the trial is grave and Ron sees no point in fighting a losing battle over every issue he cares about.  This post states succinctly WHY WE FIGHT as Ron recalls the WWII American propaganda film that basic training soldiers all had to hear as most of them were truly morons about why they were drafted and why they had to serve at all.  Funny thing,  Ron sees the same thing wish the readership of the Urantia Book and that useless Foundation if I must say it.  Ron does not want to replace it; he wants to remove it and let the revelation do its real work for a change and we could not sound better than to say that is exactly what needs to be done and to let the LIGHTLINE work not stop as it adds to the mystery and care the FATHER LOVES to engender to the entire population on Urantia.  We leave all alone for now as here is MICHAEL OF NEBADON to say the last words for now:”

“I am sure we have no great speech at the moment, but Ron your ORIGINS is going to start working its way into Europe first and that is not what you want but they have a good point as Europe is much more savvy when it comes to American jurisprudence over matters of high stakes and sees the book soon as a saving grace in the middle of a pandemic of other problems galore.

“For that reason I let Archway do its mischief to you over and over only to discover you cannot be brokered to stand their way since you cannot and they now recognize it and are working it well from their point of view.  You will receive several complimentary copies and that is it and they make no bones about it that you are not going to send them more material until they see how this goes and this is ours to report steadily: you are not going to tolerate an corporation that tends to see its profits first and not bother with humanitarian needs, but they are also gathering you are quite a thing to add to American taste for greatness for you want this material nationalized and distributed freely to those with these horrible conditions to deal with.  That said, Archway has little to report until they see reaction among the establishment in Europe and the funny thing is you are already known in some areas as a savior for ideals they eschew entirely and insist the United States pay attention to it.  For reasons of State Ron you are broken down into the mud of mire and disease and that is not our doing but the doing of high estate over issues you care little about but they do and your are not friend of theirs ever.  Be assured it does not stop ascension but adds to the angst you feel over everything you attempted to do for us and that is not forgotten or forgiven well by high spirit at times, but they also recognize you are not after status but accomplishment and that goes a long way into toleration of estates they never understand if they had to.

“We close this with one statement to the public in general:

“We no longer operate with REFLECTIVITY ever again as it is insidious in that it never facilitates the full truth if the supreme never wanted something truly known., Ron used it for half a month and fully disliked it as we did.  He said it is like power steering that allows you to drive very easily off the road and into the ditch.  We agree with that entirely and stopped it last May and he was much better until the open rebellion occurred and now we are all stuck with no Reflectivity and almos no Mother spirit/

“For that reason we need to state over again why we fight, We fight to regain the normal spirit status on Urantia.  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is well done on that idea too, and we are all sure that those who do the Receivership in the Urantia government will be sure to deliver Urantia as we insist it be delivered and that is to acknowledge the work of Jesus and to acknowledge the work of the Foundation not for it has achieved the anti-christian view that no cabal can be trusted to handle revelation either unless it is directly administered by a visible representative of Gon on the planet and that is what the Magisterial Foundation constantly proposes and, by God! We are going to do that ! MICHAEL OF NEBADON.”


Link Test

This Lightline got sidetracked into real on line attacks while the Lightline was being broadcast. 

Life Carrier Burt as he wishes to be called, is joining the work of this Lightline in the future.  Burt was one of the original Life Carriers bringing the life plasm implants on young Urantia.

The other Lightline is in Idaho, not Utah as stated on the tape. 

Thanks to all of you for listening.  

06 July 2020    Advisory 24    

From: The Magisterial Foundation
TO:  URANTIA BOOK  Readers and Organizations
Subject: Corona-19 Virus Status on URANTIA
ADVISORY:  The Magisterial Foundation has been advised Urantia citizens of the general conditions on Urantia are now being saturated due to a world-wide pandemic of disease that will not abate, generally speaking, until about Christmas time.   Further advice is that the pandemic known as the Corona-19 virus is equivalent to the power of the vaulted SARS virus of several years ago and was quickly defeated by mass inoculation against it.

The Corona virus is without precedence only in that it is raging as a mutation of the Corona-17 virus and the SARS virus in that the animals that were involved in the Chinese origin were inoculated for SARS but not for Corona of any derivations. 

Corona 19 is now out of the mode of using humans only as transfer agents and is now infecting certain amphibians to begin with and will infect salamanders, toads, frogs, and some water snakes.  These creatures are easily killed with this infection but the virus is intelligent enough to know that a virus killer known as Corona - 12 is coming on line quickly.  Corona - 12 is an immune antigen in those with immune systems reacting to Corona -19 as the primary antigen against further infection.   The antigen Corona -12 does not survive transfer in serums with other antigens to others from the original patient infection with Corona - 19.   We are classifying this Advisory as beneficial and resolve the concept that the Corona 19 virus will be ancient history in about two years.  It will become extinct.

- - . - - About the Magisterial Foundation
The Magisterial Foundation EIN 47-2474987 a 501 (c) (3); 509 (a) 11/25/2014

The Magisterial Foundation opened 23 December 2012 and incorporated with charitable status 25Nov14

The Magisterial Foundation is confederated with the Magisterial Mission by Ensign of Paradise Magisterial Son 4713256172439 and Magisterial Son 43215351413146 and Magisterial Son 31213574329669

The Magisterial Foundation now operates under the tutelage of the  Receivership of our celestial Federation Government composed of a total of nine Local Universes: Alvoring; Avalon; Sensalon; Henselon; Tintantium; Densalon; Wolvering; Giliam, and Nebadon.  The Urantia Planetary Government is composed of Six (6) Archangel Receivers with Six (6) Melchizedek Receivers.  Machiventa Melchizedek is the Chief of the Receivership and is further enabled by the support of Seven Federated Governments and Two Local Universes as Allies of the Salvington Confederation of States.

The Magisterial Foundation is directed by the Paradise Magisterial Sons and as such encroaches not on the Federation Advisory Council, but is subject to decisions of the Federation if required for or against certain planetary choices to become affiliated with the Federation or not.  The Magisterial Foundation has offered council to the Advisory Council of its neutrality, for now, in the matter.


This is an unedited tape hence very long over 2 hours because of the weighty material that is on it.

Tape 1 for 05 July 2020 Lightline USA

05 July 2020 Lightline USA

Thank you.   RON


We have a discussion on this tape about the wish for Adam and Eve to give students new to the classes basic training and what that entails here.

The tape runs one hour and is typical of what we do.  Lemuel gives us a transmission in Spanish and all are reminded when his Lightline is open to attend to as well as the Rene Duran LL for El Salvador as a title but for all Hispanic speakers as well.  The link follows below.  Thank you.  Ron Besser


We are leaving the green spring of June for many of us, and about to enter the politically sensitive and destiny crowed last half of 2020 starting this July.  We also have some highly dangerous subjects just ready to take off like a lit Roman Rocket.  I do have a crystal ball that I keep my Pledge wax spray on it to keep it shiny and to look in to tell you what the mammal sees.

Corona Virus

Well, we have no rocket scientist here, but I can read the charts.  The predictive horoscope has a very nasty signal in it right at the beginning of July and it is a conjunction of the symbol for epochal public event changes with the grand executioner of responsibility being forced on us to death if that is how hard you might resist to its torture.  That is Pluto conjunct Saturn again,  it happened in January and it is happening in July for one last visit of the Corona virus.  This kind of power house punishment is for epochal events in the public, and watch it!  This just might trigger a country losing its currency too. 
Prediction: The Corona virus is ready to cut a new swatch of death and destruction in the Middle East and in the contrails of a United States suddenly beset with even bigger problems than the Corona virus.

Financial Jitters
We look at the signs and see that the money planet Jupiter and its free spending is out of luck this July.  Pluto the catastrophe of anything it touches this day and age, is hitting the Jupiter money planet too and hard.  Right now, today, Jupiter and Pluto are conjunct and that is a steady sign for financial ruin.  It is not the Corona virus in this case.  it is a liquidity problem this time again as it was in 2008 when the money planet was conjunct the exuberant child man planet Mars.  Mars in kids and women is often associated with breaking out in rashes and heart flames galore, but when it is conjunction Saturn or the Sun, again watch out.  You see the United States is born in Cancer, and the US loves to sport its prowess as its sun sit in the egotistical first house of its birth chart.  Jupiter stands in its house of money gifts and this time this year, that placement is sitting in a trine with Mars and Saturn.  Not much to you but to a shiny crystal ball, it spells great big over spending and showing off with it.  Worse though right behind all that show is the death planet Saturn creeping up on that trine to collapse the bubble it represents too long.

Prediction:  Financial depression may follow record how money market if the US does not stop sending free money to all in spite of the need.  The Markets are exuberant too much and far too volatile to settle down responsibly.  US in October faces that prospect easily.  Side effects:  The EU under strain might call loans in and force Italy and Greece to default.  Great Britain will get a trade deal and then wonder what to trade as financial crunch has people not buying.

Magisterial Mission Freeze
Symbols galore to the prophet Mammal on this one.  The United States will require help to govern and may turn inward to face the justice of too much money and too little humanitarianism.  There is fire showing in the last half of this year, and the Salvington spirit government just might pull its punch to see how far the Pacific Ocean comes inland.  FEMA is not big enough to handle the debt crisis with an inundation crisis and expect depression in people to sour the markets so bad about October of this year to the end of this year if it stops then.

Prediction:  Last year, 2019 was the last hope for a final solution with North Korea it seems.  This year Japan is waiting for them to make the mistake.  fully comprehended the ring of fire might see a hot war too and the US wold be drawn in but will be extremely cautious to invoke the war powers act due to severe financial constraints and invalid use of planes to ferry officials out of the country as the Grand Tetons might become islands and our legislative branch is crying out loud to do something about what to do with fifty House Reps with no home.

Now those are the signs.  Not all of everything breaks all at once at the same time usually.  These events are ready to happen but it might be two years to do  them or three years depending on the mood of our earth core and its inability to vent extreme heat as well.

There we are.  Take it or leave it.  Pray it ain't so, Joe, was what  a little kid said when the baseball hero was caught cheating on the game.  We are in the ninth inning on this one.

Your link to this session is below.  Thank you for your interest.  Ron Besser your Lightline host.


I just deleted the 16 June sticky note post copies then three in number.  They are already not fully accurate and this 27 June post updates better than they did at  least for today.

As I have fully deleted the 16 June update posts, I add this one to assure all there is major changes afoot not mentioned before, and while I am likely going to have to await LIGHTLINE this Sunday to address some of it, let me address here a little more to give you a taste of this,

This afternoon I spent hours speaking  to high level spirit.  The subject has to do not only about the planetary government,  But we also spoke at length to the idea of using the Archangel planetary government and the Melchizedek receivers to be incorporated into the Federalizing action of nine local universes.  [Ron: once we add Giliam to the eight I did list we have our total of nine now and I am told it is for sure nine now. thank you.].

That discussion provided fireworks.  I need not bother you all with the gist of how the fire got started but I am now remanded out of the Federation idea of a receivership government and replaced back into the work of the Magisterial Missions alone.  I am quite happy wherever they place me and since this was the original idea I am completely satisfied with yet another reassignment.  For all of you you are yet to be assigned at all at least until they know what they want, and here "they" refers to eight other Local Universe Creator Sons, with regard to their woks as a federation interest.

So this:  the Federation is working.  It is not deciding much about Nebadon work they want to do with the Nebadon Bestowal planet, Urantia.

Second, the loss of life on Urantia, and it is an announcement frequently made now, will be horrendous unless FATHER relents and prevents the sippage of continents into the oceans.  We had a further discussion on this trying to understand who handles  that emergency:  Magisterial Sons?  Michael of Nebadon?  The Receivership?  No decision.  The Trinity does not involve itself with this level of aide.

Third, there is a possibility under discussion yet, that Nebadonia will be banned from universe work entirely pending the decision of the CoE.  Further discussions go on with me over how I am to behave in front of God, and since I cannot see God, they have to  tell me when I am standing in front of him.  Do you see the problem too?  That makes for a spicy discussion as I get perturbed by requirements when I get no service in return, that's all.

I think this is enough for now and I do have some things pending to share with all of you but such things are not formed yet well enough to call them as being accomplished.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON- "Ron holds back enough I am not upset with  this update.  Be assured you are all looking at a heartless version to overcome in him and in me and in how the missions now are to be removed not but restated harshly over a planet that cannot hold its liquor.  That means it is a drunk and misbehaving and you see it daily around the world and the outcome will be placed back in their faces to redo until they get it right.

"For that reason Ron was removed from the planning commission for these missives to Urantia and for that reason I stay quiet as it is a mistake not to use Ron in these open forums we use in spirit to determine actions of thought and he never intends  to get into policy but into planning under that established policy.  I am confidant something will be arranged but we are talking and not deciding just yet.

"I also wish all of you to pay attention to what is coming this Sunday in LIGHTLINE USA as I feel it is going to show through us what is coming down the pike and what Ron must learn to use better and that is his natural talent to communicate so well, no one is unsure just what we need to do.  His Advisory 3 lately fully alerted the corporation that publishes the present Urantia Book, there is a change about what they may publish now.  For that reason no one is  talking about it yet. 

:Finally, Mother Spirit got herself banned from Urantia today and is practicing infractions even as Ron attempts to write this out.  Her seraphim oblige her orders but they fall on deaf ears with Ron and with me, MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  All of you must do some thinking.  This ends missions in which the supreme is advised through Mother Spirit what has taken place, and ends the Spirit as the progenitor of your ascension careers.

"The old adage, that when you die, you become much like the angels, is only slightly true now as the idea of seraphim you are used to dealing with is quickly ending.  Surprised?  You should hot be.  You have been told this before several times and just never seems to take root so you can remember it and adjust to these new ideas of governance.  I am MICHAEL  and I wish you all a good day.  K:


//Clency, post your tape links here for current tapes and your comments//

//See consolidated Thread for audio  tapes and  dates before now of Links and comments//


23 May 2020
The French Lightline conference call on Friday 22/05/2020 was the 20th edition which I did not take heed, but was pleasantly recalled to us (host and attendees) by the MC with words of congratulations. Here is the link to the audio recording :

29 May 2020
Here is the audio recording link of the Lightline France conference call of the 29/05/2020 :

We were honored by the presence of Machiventa Melchizedek as the MC and all along the session, the latest news and developments about the actual situations were shared to the attendees.

05 June 2020
France Lightline conference call has been held as usual last friday afternoon, at the regular time. Here is the audio recording that last a little less than 1h :

12 June 2020
The LIGHTLINE FRANCE held on this Friday 12/06/2020 was under the auspices  of RAYSON, the science officer, as the MC and He shared with us how much He holds on the project of creating a website dedicated to science.

Here is the audio link :

Our session actually ran 1 hr and 30 minutes but I cut out some chit chat and kept the edited tape to 51 minutes.  This tape takes a lot of good audience questions at the end, and at the beginning we talk a little bit about the new planetary government affiliated with the Federation  of 8 Local Universes.  These are big change moves and if you want to keep current realize we have a lot more tapes to do before we get most of them spoken.

So far Urantia is still battling rebels and harassment and we Transmitters take it on the chin.  I attempted to edit this tape twice and they blocked the tape editor from making changes so by now I am pretty frustrated with the whole deal.  I never used to be a executioner but I had a few hits I would have liked to have made tonight I assure you.

And Lemuel did a Spanish transmission in the start of the tape without any intro on the tape and he transmitted Michael in Espanol for about six minutes and we come back to English after that.

Anyhow the tape is informative and I hope helpful and I thank you for subscribing and or listening now.   Ron Besser your host/

LINK to the TUESDAY Tape 23 June

So You Know What We Are Doing So Far
York, Pa 11am  Local DST
June 23, 2020

WE are a joint announcement now:

The trial of using a Magisterial Mission to clear Urantia without breaking so many eggs to do it and harm Urantia permanently is over.  Together Monjoronson and MICHAEL OF NEBADON, have concluded that Ron, and the Magisterial Foundation, and all that goes on it it, are not rescinded but charged with hearty disapproval of the supreme and therefore must not be eliminated and we fully support their view it is a disaster to address anything about the supreme whatsoever in our power structures.

For that reason Monjoronson and I ahve agreed to start the Phase II of the Magisterial Mission, now underway, and to rescind Part III of that Magisterial Mission where SERARA is introduced as the second Magisterial Son to establish a world government and all that goes with it.  We believe a world government on Urantia is likely useless until all languages are reduced to a couple or one, and that a United Nations is just one more pill to untangle we do not want to start.  For that reason no world government now or perhaps ever and no one triangle of power spirit to guide you on Urantia.

Instead we wish to announce that JESUS will appear shortly.  No promises of a date and please stop making plans to great the man, as He will enter Urantia as full spirit and decide if Ron is capable of doing well what he promised to do: that is to approach the sixth epochal revelation as a real project which we keep taking away from him, and not the other way around.  For that reason, the Magisterial Foundation must resist entertaining the Urantia Foundation for some time until there is a need for them to fully understand the disasters we had to overcome, not fully done so yet, and to relive t heir purpose not but to dissolve into ignominy and we go our way separately. That is the appraisal all have including Ron and your groups on this discussion forum are beginning to see the light why and now are beginning to have some clout with that Foundation.

MONJORONSON and I carry huge weight on the Federation ideals and must amend the Urantia government to be sure that the RECEIVERS, which are six (6) Archangel and twelve (12) Melchizedeks, are now fully advised they have ME, Michael of Nebadon, to work with alone on some of these issues, as Machiventa Melchizedek is no longer fully working Urantia, but is on Edentia, trying to get something to work in the Constellation Norlatiadek again, since we blew that one apart thinking we would establish Orion as t he new training Constellation for outer space work to be assigned no longer to Urantia in general, but in particular to people like Ron and Sue for sure.  Amethyst is to undetermined right now to guess what she winds up with in her training next year if she does not get that heart looked at pronto!

WE are sure Ron needs a huge break from responsibility, and that Charles who does our web work for us has to learn the humility of paying his own way for the time being and asks for no more invoicing to be payed as Ron himself must pay for everything too and that is the sad case of no one sending some much needed money to keep the Magisterial Foundation afloat.  I warn all of you that can afford it to help out because we dare not spend currency on something not fully funded on Paradise for us yet, and for that reason no one seems to care who does what for whom.

Finally, we need to state that the Federated Government will have representatives from each Local Universe that makes up the Federation possible.  Here are Local Universe names in the Urantia Federated Government if you forgot them.


Names serving as Vicegerent representatives are not revealed just yet.

For Nebadon, our Vicegerent is Machiventa Melchizedek, and his our Planetary Manager as well.

“Now this: we must conclude this post with reassurance to all who read it that the Federation Government for Urantia is the first time a material planet has received other than the standard fare of a Planetary Prince, now Manager, is fully rescinded.  Instead this Urantia government is to be an  experimental one and Urantia now resumes as number 606 of Satania and stays in Satania without further ado.  The name Satania is due for a change but that is minor for what else must be done.

“We close with a salute to MICHAEL OF NEBADON. TO RAYSON AND TO MOTHER SPIRIT, from IMMANUEL, as I too have a vested interest in Ron and the discussion forum and the site as well.  Be assured Tmarchive,org is welcome yet but has a broken link on the discussion forum web site Charles you brushed over and did not fix again.  We salute you too Rayson and Ron for your work for that site and so on, and now affirm that MARGUL, the Trinity Teacher son, is back on the job and represents to the Federation the Trinity interest in what is done and how fair it must be for all concerned Michael.  Avalon is particular likes Ron to be happy and well and is looking at his need for companionship at some point.  We conclude that all of everything to do today Ron is secure and best wishes for your work to come.   Amen.”


This message has arrived for distribution today for your informational purposes.  The TR is known as Vicki and who places her dictation on a Magisterial site she notes for you at the end of this dialogue with Machiventa Melchizedek.  Thank you says Machiventa Melchizedek who speaks as follows:

"I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and these words were spoken to Vicki at the beginning of June, and now in the middle of June, the 17th, I say this:  Let this message slowly be read.  Ron himself finds it tedious and discounts the bright young things for a more philosophical group such as all of you.  I am afraid that is near death to youth and Ron wishes that to be in some cases as they fully fail to understand what they are part of and what they advocate has been tried before but they have no teaching from history as no one studies it well anymore.  Why?  History to youth is dead and desiccated and useless, but to Ron you are well informed of the experiments of the past and learn not to do certain things which are deadly to man.

"That said, to Vicki, the last thing she ever wants again is a husband or a mate, but a good friend, and Ron wants the same and is very happy to have a few of them too now, but you all must learn that spirit has no friends, but is totally inept when it comes to thought processing like history, as we absorb all history and have already learned from it and wait for man, if ever, to catch up. 

"For that reason Ron dislike the idea of women in combat, and men in feminine roles, but they will try that all again, and you Ron are disgusted with the lot for it is useless energy better suited to study the universe and learn the God centered life.  I am afraid that is not the cause for most under 25 but for sure for those over 60 who now understand that history is teaching the worst lesson you can ever learn:  staying home because it is so costly not, but staying home to dodge death with a serious virus afoot in the streets where you live.  That has not happened since the blubonic plagues in the 15th century and the 4th century Italy and the 12th century in Genoa, and on and on, only then millions died.  This one is tame to those events which dropped the population in Europe down to one half of what it was to being with.

"Nonetheless, blubonic plague is better off learned than the Corona virus because there is plenty of evidence the plague killed off the worst elements of society easily and let the more intelligent remain as they were the ones who listened.  Vicki is of the opinion nothing worse can happen now.  Boy is she going to be surprised when a lot worse happens as we see it.

"I am now leaving this scene for good and thank Ron for his perspicacious view that my words are always worth listening to--  I think so; however, do not be surprised when I show back up on Urantia as Planetary Manager someday as I asked to be relieved from such for now but want it back someday to say I knew Ron Besser when he was feeling much better soon.  K   MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK at your service."

These are Troubling and Transformative Times
Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Transmitter: Vicki Vanderheyden
Date: June 4, 2020
Vicki: I have been listening for this cue that you are ready to speak again.  What would you like to say?
Machiventa: Thank you for this opportunity.  Indeed, there has been much going on in your world to respond to.  And yet, we see so many in your populations rising to the moment and speaking out themselves in reaction to such troubling and transformative times. And we are encouraged!
Vicki:  It surprises me to see that you put the words ‘troubling’ and ‘transformative’ in the same sentence.  Could you explain this?
Machiventa:  This is one of many times in your past that we have seen humanity challenged by troubling realities to such a degree that they respond in ways that lead to a transformative movement where the opportunity for much progress suddenly surfaces.  To us, this is no longer business as usual, it is business at the brink of change. And though we share in the discontent and pain for those who are suffering, we stand in alliance with those who shout out “Enough!” We watch with interest as they take to the streets, to the media, to their phones, and proclaim a need to equalize the playing field at all levels. 
Vicki: Yes, I feel something different developing… It is as if we are seeing more clearly how racial discrimination and poverty continues to affect certain populations in all aspects of life. 
Machiventa: As you connect the dots, you see that though a virus does not discriminate, it does find a home where people are crippled by the inability to protect themselves from a society that has refused to acknowledge the rampant inequality that still exists in the areas of healthcare, education, housing, economic opportunity and now in law enforcement.  There are still many who are unable to insure a safe home environment for their families.
Vicki: Yes! And then there are those who dig in their heals, refuse to acknowledge the suffering and needs of others in deference to their own agendas.  How transparent they become! What do you say to this Machiventa?
Machiventa: I say that you are in the very early stages of an era that is fraught with difficulties.  Many of you  are outraged over the audacity of your leaders to maintain a status quo in the throes of one crisis after another, where to you it is obvious that old ways will not work…but there is a stagnant and reactionary attitude that is  deeply engrained in the minds of those who have yet to wake up to the need for a new direction. What is transparent to some is still very much hidden to others. 
There will always be those who will be unwilling to share in the wealth and prosperity that they have experienced and who will again deny the need since they themselves do not need.  We still see many who do not realize that hate begets hate, violence begets violence.  It may take a while before they realize that they will not contain discontent among the citizens in their societies by stepping on their human rights
There is a long journey ahead and it will be a bumpy ride at times.  We ask that you set your goals for the long term, that you guard against expecting so much too soon.  That you maintain a healthy outlook of incremental progress that at times, may even feel that you are stepping backwards instead.  Remember the march of progress involves disruption and confusion, that may even lead to a short decline... and then a sudden movement forward. But do not give up because in the wake of change, we still need that consistent flow of forward movement.                                                                                                                                   
It is refreshing to see larger segments of your populations particularly the youth come to life as a mobilizing unit.  It remains to be seen if they will continue to exercise their right to express themselves, to demand equal treatment for all.
Vicki:  Hmmm….  And the question remains whether they will come out to vote! I have also heard many others ask, “What do we do next?”  How do we maintain this current interest?  Can you shine a light on this?
Machiventa:   As you have observed, the global response to this pandemic lead to a destabilization of the economy creating job loss and social distancing that greatly effected the activities of many, especially the youth and young adults.   And when societies are forced to put their lives on hold to counter the effect of a deadly virus, you will witness how it will often be the youth with their unbounding energy that will seek outlets to express their frustration toward the current situation. 
This opportunity to highlight the social injustices in your society is timely and important.  It is one to observe carefully for there will be leaders and initiatives arising from this discontent.  Once again you will observe who in these demonstrations, who in your governments and who in your media demonstrates effective leadership and who does not. 
Though some used these demonstrations as an outlet for unlawful behavior and further divisiveness, others stood out from the crowd and effectively lead their fellow demonstrators towards non-violent expressions of unity by keeping the focus on the higher cause. 
This form of leadership concentrated on a peaceful and constructive direction is desperately needed to continue and to maintain the movement toward more social justice.  I would consider ways you can further engage these passionate individuals to channel this discontent into initiatives that produce more equitable results. 
Those who are most successful in surviving these uncertain times, are ones who take advantage of the change in their daily rituals by seeking productive alternatives. They are the ones who assist themselves and others in creating a healthy and enduring outlook towards necessary change.  Within your families, your businesses, your government and your schools lie the potential to build more equitable systems through more equitable practices while light is cast upon the need for it.
Do not waste this opportunity, but instead employ those individuals in creative and meaningful activities that will advance their cause.  There is a tremendous demand at this time to find voting alternatives that allow all citizens to exercise their right to vote under safe circumstances and there is a great need to assist those who are less able to help themselves. 
The world is crying for those who will lend a hand in service to others.  Though you may need the generosity of those with financial means to fund service-oriented initiatives, there is still much that can be done to help others that only requires the investment of time.  Your societies would benefit greatly if they direct their focus on your youth and seek ways to engage them productively.
Vicki:  Thank you for that Machiventa.   I hear many voicing concerns over the long periods of time that our children have been isolated from their schools and their peers.  Can you speak to this?
Machiventa: Whether one is quarantined at home or going to school, learning occurs. Social isolation is not a healthy long-term option for humans of any age and your young ones need peers who are close to their age as well.  As your communities slowly open, there will perhaps be more opportunities for carefully handled contact to take place in small group settings.  However, from our view in the midst of much disruption, we do see humanity benefiting again from even more disclosure.
We see individuals in families who have been locked into a treadmill of routine for long periods of time, who now view their roles in their family as something very different.  We see parents who due to the closing of schools, have been educating their children at home and have become even more engaged with their young ones. And they did so even though it has been quite taxing  for some who also had jobs to maintain  at home as well.
We see children who must function in school situations that do not nurture their style of learning actually thrive when given more freedom at home to direct themselves.  And we’ve seen some public and private sectors step-up to the plate to provide educational resources when it was discovered that there were many who do not have them at home.
Building awareness and providing better alternatives for all children and young adults is necessary with or without a pandemic and we hope that there will be those who will continue to stimulate more equitable change in education and business practices.
Unfortunately, this crisis also exposed those in incompatible and unsafe circumstances who find themselves opening their eyes to the dysfunction that surrounds them.  And it demonstrates more need for your society to come to their aid and to create more safety, support, counseling and assistance for those who are in unhealthy relationships and family situations.
We are aware of the inconvenience and misfortune that increased for many during this pandemic and we are here to lend a compassionate ear and to assist you.  However, do note that whatever circumstance you found yourself in during this pandemic, learning did occur and awareness increased.  Awareness is the prerequisite to change and justice cannot exist without disclosure. 
The children and young adults of your world have often been the innocent victims of social and racial injustice.  They are often overlooked in the throes of an economic crisis. And the services that support their needs are often woefully underfunded.  We pray with you that eyes have been opened to the needs of the oppressed and particularly to the needs of the youth in your societies. We hope that from this disruption in your lives, will build an awareness that the very future of this planet depends upon how you nurture, educate, engage and invest in your children. 
Vicki: Machiventa, we are most grateful for your candid remarks here.    Thank you.
Machiventa:  You are indeed welcome.
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The Netherlands has an article published, according to Saskia Praamsma, in the dutch magazine ParaVisie, concerning the history of the Urantia Book, and other comments.  This is a commercial venture and Elise I assume you may even subscribe.

I copied her comments in the Urantia Book Fellowship article announcing an on line Spiritual Retreat this July 11th.  There is no evidence anyone has retreated from the idea there is a masterful exchange of work to be done which they have no idea is working its way into the heart of their very existence as satisfied readers of t he 5th epochal revelation.  Saskia as well as the Fellowship have no real decency over the issues that we have at least faced in the past few months,  Sadly, I look at this Fellowship announcement as the final straw that breaks the back of our own self advised information just what is happening on Urantia and the Local Universe of Nebadon as it pertains to the changes we are advised us through Voice of God transmissions.

I reprint this sadly, and I do wonder just what will happen when some collapse occurs over issues we do not yet know about regarding the General Council of the Fellowship and their inability to truly understand that the epochal revelation is now so challenged for outright truth as to actual circumstances, they are now representing error so large they must be advised otherwise than through what we represent.  We represent the full understanding that the Local Universe of Nebadon is now a Federated Local Universe by necessity, and that vast changes had to be made to provide new style administration both to Nebadon and to our own planet Urantia. 

I am also troubled that Saskia is blythe and unperturbed over issues that should alert her that where there is smoke there is fire.  Mass belief does not make it so the dam will not burst on the home style minds of the unrewarded humanity the 5th epochal revelation was supposed to encourage to be watchful too.  

The otherwise full Fellowship announcements of its business can be seen beneath the Dutch article announcement next.

Dutch Article about the Urantia Book by Saskia Praamsma
Last year I mentioned that Niels Brummelman, the chief editor of a popular Dutch magazine -- ParaVisie-- had contacted me about doing an article about the Urantia Book. (This was after I had announced the latest edition of How I Found The Urantia Book in a Dutch Facebook group.) When we returned to Holland for the summer, he began attending our study group, has become a serious student, and has become a personal friend!
Now, in the June issue of the magazine, is the article, beautifully written by Niels! It is 8 pages long and describes the content and a brief history of the book, and has the testimonies and experiences of six Dutch readers, of which I am honored to be one! (Using my maiden name, Saskia Praamsma, which I use for all my UB endeavors.)
Just thought you might want to have an update! The entire article will be online when it is no longer for sale in the stores, so I will post a link to it later.
Saskia Praamsm

Here is the rest of the Fellowship post this morning FYI

Print the Details
An Online Spiritual Retreat
Cosponsored by Urantia Foundation, Urantia Association, the Urantia Book Fellowship, and UrantiaUniversity Institute
Saturday, July 11, from 11 am to 5:30 pm CDT
Join the Zoom Meeting:
Meeting ID: 479 700 8151
In each session we shall learn a contemplative practice that will
enhance our spiritual journey.

11 am CDT   A Brief Introduction to Worship: Gard Jameson and Bobbie Dreier  
This will be a brief review of worship with a simple introduction to a method by which to immerse yourself in the experiential delight and adventure of communion with the indwelling Presence of God. Peter asks the evangelists, "to neglect not their daily worship." May we have the commitment to commune with God daily!
12 pm CDT   Mindfulness and Living a God Conscious Life: Elisabeth Callahan
To participate in such a process of genuine personal transformation by the Spirit and the power of God's love is the greatest gift. We shall explore how to be ever mindful of God's eternal presence in our lives.
1 pm CDT   Prayer Without Ceasing: Michael and Joy Perrie
We are encouraged to share our inner life with God. This is the great privilege and invitation of existence. We shall share the power of prayer in this inner adventure and some of our experiences with prayer.  
2 pm CDT   Spiritual Reparenting: Marvin Gawryn
We grow up initially in human families with decidedly imperfect parents. And then if we develop spiritually as intended, we transition into the universe family with God (in multiple manifestations) as our true spiritual parent(s). We will explore two early phases of this spiritual reparenting experience: the initial healing of our family-of-origin deficits, merging into the transformative beginnings of the eternal journey of "growing up" in God's family. We will also experiment with a simple but profound adjunct to worship to help us along in these early stages of the spiritual reparenting journey.
3 pm CDT   How Loving Kindness Becomes Service: Guy Perron and Agnès Lazar
The loving kindness meditation for us is the bridge between worship and unselfish service. It is an important part of our preparation to serve in God, with God, and for God. It is a great way for us to maintain a living spiritual connection with true spiritual forces for the continuous bearing of spiritual fruit to be bestowed on our fellows throughout the day. 
4 pm CDT   Closing Worship: Pato Banton and Antoinette "Roots Dawtah" Hall
It is our intention to share our Urantia inspired music, our most recent outreach experiences, and a moment of thanksgiving and group worship. We will also share a musical narration from The Words of Christ as our practice gift. We will discuss how this simple tool serves us and many others on a daily basis to deepen our understanding of the Master's inspiring teachings and increase our mindfulness of spirit presence. Lastly, we would like to highlight and discuss the emergence of the current planetary transformation and the loving call for an enhanced motivation to service as the ambassadors of the fifth epochal revelation.
5 pm CDT   Closing Thoughts and Sharing: Gard Jameson
Please join us as we seek to love as God loves us!
June 2020
A General Council Opening for You!
Dear Urantia Fellowship Member,
Are you interested in serving as a movement leader on the Fellowship’s General Council?
There are a total of 36 seats on the General Council (GC) and 2 of those seats will open up this July 18th 2020. To be eligible, a person must be a member of the Fellowship, either as a Member-at-Large or a regional Urantia Society Member. In addition, the Fellowship's constitution requires that you must have read The Urantia Book in its entirety, at least one time, as the other prerequisite for service.
Being on the Fellowship's General Council is an amazing experience. Some General Councillors have served for 2, 3 and 4, 9-year terms. Lifelong friendships are established and the beauties of deliberation, group wisdom, and teamwork are illuminated in remarkable and inspiring ways.
Also, most of the work in the Fellowship is done by Councillors working on committees. If, after reading this and checking in with our Father, you feel you would like to join the long list of General Councillors who have served the Urantia movement faithfully for 65 years, go here to find out more:

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