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Daniel Alderfer,
In my many years dealing with discussion forums and web sites, I have never met a snake as poisonous as you are.  You are the serpent that leaves no stone  unturned to poison good will and for those fortunate associations as we have on this web site.  Judas you are.

I have read your mail with ease as you are so stupid to forget you have a CC you do not notice and I read them as you send them to many others including members on this list.  I see what you really feel and how you hate and disparage what I support and stand for, and that you cannot wait to be even more destructive.  I also know some of the people you write to and I see the results of your diabolical counsel in counseling emails, even when those you counsel find it too hard to keep displaying it, it is so false and unfair.

As consequence, I have decided to remove the bad apple from the barrel permanently.  You are no friend to anyone I know who counts, and you are no friend to Pronto and others you counsel with your wickedness and hyperbolic destructive nature.  Frankly, you disgust me, and I and this forum say goodbye hoping you drown in your sea of horrors and unhappiness.

As of now,  your account is frozen and your use of this site forbidden for any purpose I am capable of stopping.  Those who take counsel from you and act upon it will join you well away from this site without further notice.

Ron Besser/Admin

"Ron has finally seen the light and the result of your work for him, and frankly, for God who delivers this ultimatum to consider:

"You have been at this for weeks now and you do not know where to stop.  Members should read what you write and say not only about other members but about yourself as an arbiter of justice you have no idea what you are talking about,  You have been inflamed by Andy Vines who is partially mentally ill, and further by people you collude with who are unhappy members or former members of the web site here.  I dare you to speak that way to me when I must adjudge who stays on Urantia and who does not, and frankly you have miscalled everything from bigotry to sexual assaults you do not even remember.  You were warned several times and most kindly by Ron with my help, and you must abide in the spirit that abides in you, or even lose that as you continue down this past of disgusting behavior.  Andy Vines is now history and was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and treasury, and has only himself to blame for burning all the bridges he had in place when he left by car to visit friends in Maryland and Viriginia.  He is now gone from the east coast entirely and entreats you with phonbe calls daily to keep you going.  He has a lot to answer for and you are advised that you do too at this point.

"Ron is completely aware of the Pronto post quickly withdrawn as well, and Pronto is now in your net and seething over lost hopes as well as lost friends as many saw it and told him to take it back and hope it was not seen.  But it was and the Alderfer message was in it word for word nearly in tandem with the snake as Ron now calls Alderfer.  I call you Alderfer, the Judas along with Andy Vines who knows nothing but pretends to know what the Lord really thinks of the web site and the host.  You Pronto are allowed to continue but your behavior must be without the meanness you passed on briefly this morning.  I, Michael of Nebadon, call the shots with Admin, and that makes us doubly hard to break apart, as we both know that an unhappy merchant life Alderfer is, that they only end without much to live with or give to others ever again.

"We have asked to permanently remove you without any plan to resurrect your unkind ways again among those who do are this finally works out to the benefit of everyone who reads this and the transmission entries we are beginning to train the fused ones to deliver.  Ron has shown what can be done when full effort is applied, and you Alderfer have permanently disfigured yourself before we the Deities in Nebadon, both as useless and strain upon all of us for ever having tried to train a Judas.  You know what I think of that and why.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

"I am supporting everything said here with Michael of Nebadon and the one we call Ron for now.  He has been blasted and scorned by nearly everyone in the Urantia Foundation, except here he is honored.  We restrain ourselves from harm in your human form, but recall your head is blackened with alcohol and your words are slurred far too often to trust them.  Ron had no ill will for you until these posts kept arriving in his mail box, and they did so because the spirit police saw you copied him on those befarious things your falsely reported.  You are done with spirit today Alderfer, and you just live your life out until it is snuffed out by your own carelessness or accidental crash of a sound wave you may not understand well but leaves your consciousness go blank.  We do not do recrimination but we warn of them, as what you are doing to poison others of good will here must stop and it is in your hands to stop it, not ours.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."

"We in the Paradise Trinity rarely look at what people do on Urantia.  But you Alderfer are called Judas because you joined with the invitation to the Kingdom and once in it decided to ravage those who carry its message.  I am signifying to you Daneil Alderfer you make a fatal error and you will regret it for a long time if they do not intend to end your life on Urantia period.  No one does what you did and lives on Salvington or Edentia or the mansion worlds and not for long on the mansion worlds at all, for that is where your final judgement is applied and applied to you forever.  I am now destroying all my records concerned with you and your advice to others is so suspect we dare not look at it in detail or your judgement will or may be already done and out the door you go.  I close with this reminder:

"Do not ever recall Andy Vines for anything if you value a pleasant end to your life on Urantia in spiritual terms.  The judges decree humans live out their natural life span and then apply retribution if much evil has occurred and, with you, it has to the point we no longer value your association.  Good day.  Margul.

"I see Ron wince at these remarks, and they are truly sincere in thier meaning from us to you; however, as Ron points out in his mind, you need to face justice and then see if you can remind all you have counseled with such anger in their hearts now, to disabuse themselves of what you said and make it clear all you said is untrue, and we assure you, what you are saying is indeed untrue. 


General Discussion / Condition RED
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:52:51 PM »
You must all understand we have reached a breaking point between the universe and ourselves on this list.  Most do not ever think that there is such as thing as reciprocity, and few ever realize they are part of a body politic that has some idea of reciprocity in their requirements.  Tonight is a good example, and I am not blaming what tonight is on Members or their subordinates as Guests.  I have completed what is yet another insightful revelation as Part II about Infinity and many things we just never knew about that situation and condition the Father is fully capable of including us into when our capacities are sufficient to enter into that situation and condition for ourselves.

I am also in formed that I have to lay low and let the board resurrect itself without my punishing some of you with more information than you can hold.  I understand that as beginners do have the vocabulary or the interest in such matters.  However, recognize I am exhausted in many ways that I cannot easily recover by processing hours every day to produce works of new information while no one takes hold and makes it at least understandable there is a reason to do this.  Now I fully admit I learn more than you do about what is revealed in these long hours of composition, but I am tired of seeing empty boards when there is so much food on the table.  There are reasons for this complaint I briefly wish to give you.

1) Lemuel is or was in hospital to save and make work again a badly shattered tissue they found wrapped around his tibia and I rely upon my Adjuster to tell me that.  He also is going regain his bonvivant ways and be a great one to be around again, and I sincerely wish him well in all of this.  But now Lemuel has to step up to the plate and extend himself into the wilds of revelatory production he is not used to or ready to produce he thinks. 

Lemuel:  While I am recuperating from the strain of over production, the Father is asking you to produce a ten pager at least in written format, and use my production standards to the best of your ability please.  While you recuperate a bad leg, learn to transmit for a few hours at a time and stand riveted to the production idea that it has to go to the discussion forum the same day you started it all formatted and titled.  I am asking you for this through your Adjuster who is with me at this moment of writing, and tells all you are a second Ron Besser, and that you need to show your stuff.  I leave it to you and your Adjuster, audio transmission and all, for you decide how and when to do this for us.  Thanks you.

Larry:  I believe I ask the impossible for you to do the same thing I outline above to Lemuel.  Somehow though we have to show much more than we do now and I find the excuse of not having enough instructions from on high a bad call as you will have those instructions from on high when you sit down with the intention of working a few hours to produce a paper formatted as I have done with titles and spaces and all.  Only you will format a new revelation of material not seen before, and they are preparing, as I write here, your subject on their choosing.  All you need to do is edit it and arrange into titles as I have.  Thank you.

2)  I am losing my voice and my ability to do as I must do to keep my body warm and living as I keep getting new revelation to the point I can type eight hours a day and still do not have it ready for production display on this web stie.  I do not mind no body responds because it is too much to talk about, but I do mind that I am the only one doing this, and I am asking that as two fused heroes that stand with me, to find it possible to start a high production of revelation for all else who cannot do this now or possibly never.

Sue Whiley -  You need time to recover, but you are not exempt as I see you a third Ron Besser who can produce good revelatory text they are insisting I produce in length, and I think you need to teach yourself touch typing and begin what we have to show the world, and that is we are fully aware of the revelatory environment we are in, and then strike while the iron is hot.  Yes you need a day where you have a consistent quiet period and do not have to work because these revelatory texts we have to originate take from three to five hours of typing and editing to get done.  You also need to attempt they style of formatting I have shown all of you lately.  People learn quickly from that style and there needs to be some revelation some where that can be consumed without causing people to complain, complain, complain.

Amethyst - You alone know when you have reached your limit of finding no reason to write anything.  You can quit now and nobody would miss it since you contribute very little in written texts.  All I have said to the others above is true for you when you can take the heat and attempt to provide our list a revelatory text of many pages.  That number of pages attempts to bring subjects in depth in revelation, and you are too darn good t o let sit and wile away your time.  When you feel ready you have my sincere delight to help you along if you require my help at that time.

3) To all others I wish to point out that we have been turning the corner on what we once were to what we become soon enough thanks to the appearance of Jesus and his insistence we participate in His cause.  We will hear Him soon enough and we must be better prepared as writers and transmitters of those concepts for Him so when we are read with better understanding we then have contributed our fair share of what information God is willing to part with.  Do not think this message will appear and then fall behind the horizon of time without being repeated now and then,  I am hardly upset but I am so well taken care of in revelatory information, I need help to spread the news and not let it dam up behind me as it is starting to do.  YOU who CAN must PRODUCE!  You have the talent and the means to do it and the Mission needs this to come into practice now and not months from now when we will be in another situation that requires another change of venue I am willing to be the farm on.

I wish you all a good day and I am pinning this message up to the top of the board so it can be read on first notice,  I thank you and please feel free to discuss this message with posts to it as you may feel necessary to do.  Good day.
Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I goaded Ron into doing this post and all I had to do was point him to it and he layed the law the down as I would have.  It is nice to have a human who feels as I do for my own creation up here on Salvington.  At the temptation to exhort Lemuel and the others named further, I remind you that effort of this magnitude gets high rewards.  R0n has been supplemented in spirit for this work with a freezing of good news to bring him into the presence of God the Supreme who surreptitiously fused him a week ago and now is back to refuse him with Phase 6 of what is a seven phase fusion process starting with seven and working back to one.  One is so difficult the Supreme feels he does not get that until he is ready to be a Finaliter.  Read this right and do not rush reading.  Ron has been fused with Supreme mind using two fusions, and those are called Phase 6 and Phase 7.  Phases 1, 2, 3, 4,  and 5 are to come much later in the ascension career.  This is news that Lemuel and Larry should covet themselves as these are the Supreme phases that allow full memory of the past and full memory of personal needs and happiness.  For now we leave this news item alone.

"Secondly, we are about to start a transition on Urantia that requires the fused ones to become auto transmitters of revelation that does not appear in the Urantia Book because there is no room for it right now.  Ron started all of this with a two part series on Infinity, and Part II is stuck in limbo only because Ron is so exhausted he cannot write until he gets badly needed rest.  You all can see his out put over the past few days and we admit we never had a transmitter ever do this much in such a short amount of time and to present it that many of you notice the new style and how easy it is to learn from it. 

"We leave it at that as well for now.

"And finally we regret to say that people selected for fusion soon will no longer be mentioned on this forum due to the unfortunate reaction in one case which resulted in intense care to avoid further reports of such glad tidings.  We close with the solemn promise Ron must not be exposed  to the hate this has generated and we regret ever using the name well in the first place at this time.  I wish you all a good day.  Michael."


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:53:40 PM »
JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Jesus

•          The Jesus Entry to Urantia via the Announcement
•          The Jesus Attitude to Approach
•          Fused Human Assignments for Jesus
•          Establishment of Media Censor on Urantia for the Jesus Return
•          Add Another Mission: The Changing of the Guard
•          Introducing to the Press and People the Power Behind the Throne– the Existence of Michael
•          Serara to Leave Urantia

York, PA 1300 hours local time
March 12, 2018

I am Michael, and I await further developments for all of you on Urantia in order to make it clear we have a Mission to accomplish quickly and efficiently. I list them and comment upon them as follows:

1 - The SECOND ADVENT of Jesus Christ
This particular note is hardly or entirely appropriate to speak to, as we must learn that Jesus Himself is no real Christ, but the Churches on Urantia only call Him that every time they mention his person. Therefor we retain the title Christ only because traditions are so stubborn on Urantia, we cannot avoid their use even if we forbade their use.

Christ has to overwhelming attributes:

He is Subject Entirely to the Father Will in this Second Advent of Return
a - He is Divine and therefore subject to spiritual laws, and not the legalities of the legal system or mores on Urantia. He will do and decide policy to interface with the public, not by a human mind anymore, but using the Infinite mind of his Father God in Heaven. This can casue perplexity among the people; therefore, you who read this be prepared to explain nothing, as the choices of the mind of Jesus are between His Father and Himself;

Urantia Mores Have Changes So Much Since His Human Life in Galilee, He Teaches from New Script to the People of Urantia

•          1 - He is without pedigree on Urantia since so much time has elapsed between the time he left by your calendar on Friday, April 07, 30AD. He was 36 years of age when he died. Today, 12 March 2018, is over 2,036 years that has passed and the mores on Urantia are so poor, the strictures that Jesus lived in His life as a loving mortal are no longer well or ever observed anymore. Jesus Himself concurs that we have little to reference to reinforce in His new teachings to the laity that lives spiritually only by the grace of God anymore.

•           2 - The Magisterial Mission Is on Hold for Two Years More and will become authenticated by what Jesus has been able to repair in order for a genuine spiritual Mission to occur. The Magisterial Mission will accrue in two particular ways:

Light and Life Comes Early to Urantia perhaps -
•          a - There will be no Magisterial Son in charge; instead, Serara and Monjoronson will provide the lessons and the trials of what is to be the Urantia Magisterial Mission, and they will act in concert with Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, and that is because the Trinity has requested that Urantia settle into Light and Life as soon as possible, and to leave one thousand years of development as the old idea held for the Magisterial Mission work, slip to a mere five hundred (500) years. This has been signed off by the Father and the Supreme as doable if not on a very hectic motion to compress time to get it done on time.

Add a New Mission: The Changing of the Guard Mission for God The Supreme to Enter
•          b - Light and Life polarities are so different from normal evolutionary change, that all who are allied with the Missions on Urantia, and they include the Magisterial Mission; the Advent of Christ, and now we add one more: CHANGING OF THE GUARD MISSION. That is a Mission to invite God the Supreme to enter and dismiss all human activity in the Missions and pervade Urantia with their personnel to prepare for Margul to authorize the beginning of Light and Life sometime around your present calendar year 2533.

The Changing of the Guard Mission is fraught with characteristic changes of Supreme administrative rule. Supreme Administrations never allow humans to enter the picture, and never allow humans to decide anything in Phase I of Seven Phases on an old evolutionary planet. But in this case, those who have fused already on Urantia, will have an option to meet with the Supreme Administrators, and that is in order to tender their resignations and be left out to ascend to the mansion worlds in a display of Light and Life credentials you already have for the most part.

Besser and Lemuel and Gossett are the primary focus of the Supreme Administrators as Ron is the only one to fuse in the actual prevailing Fifth Epochal Dispensation. That gives his age rights to call the shots if it ever comes to him having to do so. Lemuel is considered second in command of those rights, and Larry just enjoys the ride if it comes to having to make fusion decisions on their service to Monjoronson and Serara, the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia.

The betrayl of Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer are solidly behind us now, and they no longer play a significant role in any of these Missions on Urantia.

Press Conference Assignments
3 - We have good news and bad news for the human service members. They are all on staff except we must modify that roles which Lemuel and Larry are to play. Lemuel insists on being prey to heartache to the point he bothers no one about these Missions except himself and Larry cares a lot about them but cannot seem to be able to speak to them at all either. Ron is all over the place with news and it is he who will be the spokesman for Jesus and his work on Urantia. That means he will be in the lime light constantly for the press over what Jesus intends to let out as his couriers decide from Paradise, and what he wishes to be known before the press and public. We expect a hearty attendance and it may outflank the daily briefings of the Presidency every day as well. It is a high office and Ron is truly equipped to handle it well.

We, meaning the Michael Staff supporting these Missions, will also appoint Ron as our news outlet which can be handled in the same Jesus network briefings, to establish rapport with the new media and bring the entire matter to a boil by announcing that Lemuel and Larry Gossett will be ron’s co-workers to prepare briefings with and for him to give. This requires perforce the writing of briefings by Ron by what Lemuel and Larry receive in transmissions for public statements. Ron also needs transmissions to him as to the priority of news announcements and conformation of what is brought to him is accurate.

4 - At last we come to this:

White Paper on How to Introduce the Creator Son as Part of The Christ Bestowal
Press Conference briefings aside, we are asking Ron with Jesus to prepare an Agenda for our reach to the public as Michael of Nebadon. The power behind the throne almost, is how Ron refers to me in this assignment. Ron looked at me almost in horror to say how could he possibly be of help to Jesus on such an important matter. Ron is to chat with Jesus informally and Jesus will write the report in true handwriting. It is high time that Urantia respect the way God rules abd they must become familiar with the Creator Son and Creative Spirit role we have to play to obtain a modicum of spiritual cosmology now.

Media Censor like a film censor of the 1930's To Be Established by Spirit

5 - The dial of press reports are issued by Ron, but newspapers frequently grasp little and we shall establish a Censor of Urantia and newspapers who flagrantly abuse information to see papers will be banned from press reviews under Ron and will be regarded as useless unless reorganized under our rules.



“I am Jesus. We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later, and I do not want a bunch of chickens flying around the room as this date approaches. Yes, Ron, that is the Ides of March, and Caesar still wears a band-aid for getting int politics. Nonetheless, I remind you that Ron played Prophet a month ago now, and told a group that thinks he is a nut case already, and they laughed at the message until they read my words. In the words of our modern day prophet, ‘Christ returns in the month of the Lamb, and woe to those who betray his trust.’ It is true and Ron truly can prophesize if he considers it urgent to know. Now I say this:

My Approach Will Be Gentle
“Before we consider the date important, consider how I feel being forced into a situation that is so dicey I cannot guarantee a decent outcome. Ron has truly rubricated us into thinking we need to be forcefully present because there is no respect for the divine or even for God these days. I take him fully correct on that alone, but I have decided on a gentle approach first, and damn the torpedoes second. You all know the routine and I will not spell it out further to you either, but this time is the last time it will ever be tried or announced or signed to by anyone, as it has happened once too often, and I intend never to set foot on Urantia gain unless it is brought to Paradise and put on my teacher’s desk to work on there.

“We see to it that Ron is relayed into health almost immediately and that is within the day or two of this announcement taking hold. Now we say this to Ron in particular: Stay home and enjoy the silence of the heat of a day that gets warm and spring like against all forecasts as I have asked the powers to be to give all of Urantia a fine day and to let the idea of spring even permeate Australia and the heat wave it refuses to give up to the Pacific-bound Penguins.

The Book of Fealty
“We are close to the Advent of Jesus however it plays out and I have my staff fully assembled and Ron and company will set foot behind me often to show his face to the world. He is also my press Secretary and I will make sure he does gimp upon the stage to present his findings. He is used to quiet and plain fare at home and he will not get that as he is going to be as well known as the President’s Press Secretary not. He is to be used sparingly so he can work on the Urantia Book Foundation as his first priority. His second priority is to find a good partner to help carry the weight of all of this on his shoulders. Nonetheless he carries one huge responsibility on top of all of this: He is to show Monjoronson fealty of Service before the Assembly of God and will bear witness to the divinity of the Magisterial Sons by signing the Book of Fealty which Monjoronson will place in the Father’s Temple.

Serara to Depart
“I must aver to Serara now: He must realize His trip to Urantia is not in vain, as he found a person on Urantia to be overwhelmingly difficutl to assign but wonderful to work with. Ron Besser is blessed with no special insights except he insists on making them and they prove correct/ No one has ever said to a Magisterial Son, ‘I am yours and do with me as you please, and then upset the apple cart to establish a path for these Missions to produce a visible presence corporately on Urantia. Ron has done so and is still paying the price to control and distribute our information for the public, The public just never cares for now but he is ready to shore everything up and present them even better in the next few weeks of work with Me, Jesus, and we will then make sure they are seen and heard around the world. Besetting all of this is the departure of Serara to Paradise to take his seat on the High Council of Magisterial Sons, Ron sincerely regrets this as he sees Monjoronson as was then called as his inspiration to work the prize of a Magisterial Mission during his life time. He is without rancor and Serara regrets this most that he could not yell at him and make him do it right! But we have a compensation for Ron and Serara, and that is when Ron attains Paradise as all of you will, he will be allowed to visit Monjoronson/Serara at that time and see how it all works. He is now losing control and we wish both Ron and Serara a safe and happy return to their mutual posts in a few days.

Conclusion to Ron’s Preparations
“Finally, the day I arrive on Urantia to being My Second Return as Ron likes to call it, I will visit 2709 Sunset Lane and provide a small gathering spirit. That is not compensation but a hello to Ron as he prepares himself to walk right and feel right and be right in all things as he sees them, as this must end ten years of this kind of misery and talk and failures of the spirit to support when he desperately need to keep the bus on course to get all of this done. It is finally all done today of all things and he heaves a sigh of relief to see it end and fall into place as his records of corporations and tests of skill he must constantly use to outwit the uncaring people who charge to serve and never really do. Good day.”

“I now conclude with a whopper of a tale to tell all of you.

“Several months ago we asked Ron to filter out some sorted material of his own and to drop it out of bounds. He has done so and graciously so. Now we inform him that the last of two events for him will preclude worry anymore for these things to return to him:

•          a - He will never fell un-sponsored on high as we have just realized that the Supernaphim that attends Ron now also attends Daniel Raphael for their collusion on important subjects for the entire world. This we say to no further,

•          b - The last of the Mohicans, and that is truly Ron Besser, will meet his match with Jesus, for he has patterned his ways after the personality of Besser in order to make sure there is nothing missing in reading people for their intentions. Ron is brilliant in this capacity and never misses a beat and worries that Lemuel and Larry do not have this developed yet. It will take years of practice to gain it but Ron always uses it to determine his standing before others. His only lapse is overruling it for the sake of Justice. We intended to say that this is not the last of his abilities to see into those before him, but the Supreme avers no such thing is allowed without his participation now and will ask the Father to provide Ron one additional fusion with the Supreme. That will be to understand he mind of the Supreme early on in order to prepare for His Administration in a short while of all his activities before the press. The Midwayers will attend Ron fully as they are interested to see how he actually fares in the public view without losing his temper with a press that needs to attend to their own ways and reform themsleves before the Voice of Jesus, for Ron will pronounce all he has to say in accordance with the wishes of that voice. Good day.”

GOD The SUPREME / The Factors of Mind As Seen Through God the Supreme
« on: March 12, 2018, 01:44:29 AM »

The Factors of Mind As Seen Through God the Supreme

God the Supreme
Michael of Nebadon
York, PA 00:30 hours
March 12, 2018


This Paper examines by Deity transmit to me the encapsulation of Mind by God the Supreme to read them and know them on Urantia.

I spent about three days on this Paper, and then had to edit it down because it became so long due to the fact I had simultaneous revelations on Mind and Infinity running through the text. Originally Infinity fit the Mind discussions but it lead to a Paper that was best separated for itself which I did. This Paper is what is left after separation and it speaks only to mind and the Supreme in all cases. Thank you for your patience while I worked to get this one up for reading. My best to all!

Ron Besser


Why Do We Have Mind?
Do any of you recall that the Supreme demands exhaustion of working ideas to the point those ideas are fully discovered? Unless such ideas are fully used until they are exhausted almost, they are not sent by the Supreme into eternity for use in total universe valuations.

Mind is a divine idea so creatures like us can manipulate the environment– touch itl smell it, drag ourselves from the highest mountains to the lowest sands of Death Valley, and to make contact with each other. Otherwise we all would be little ivory towers of pampered self thoughts, not with understanding of differences, but staring out of eyes at a river of life that would mean nothing whatsoever to us! We would die innocent, virgins, and baby-soft souls loving ourselves to death without any disagreement about that ridiculous self condition.



"The Supreme loves variety and mind is a variety after variety if you look at the entire universe to see how many types there are even in human evolution everywhere. The fact you have five types now operating on Urantia without knowing more, tells you just how thought gets to the point you can talk about it.

Is Experience Action Alone or Action with Meaning or no Meaning?
God the Supreme contributes to the finality of experiential meanings as precept modifications to Infinity itself. Restated: Infinity loves variation too but we presuppose Infinity has all the variations in it that ever could be, but the Supreme would disagree with this view. It turns out that new experiences that come to the Supreme without precedence do happen and they do restart new patterns of contributory time experience inside the Infinite programming we spoke to in the Exposition on Infinity Paper posted elsewhere today.


Finite Experiences when Universalized in Infinity Force Infinity to Display What It Would Normally Hide for Examination

What the Father has discovered in his promulgation of Infinity, is that creature experience modifies the tenure of the field of Infinity to force Infinity to relay tons of information to view that is otherwise hidden in the curtains of Infinity forever. This statement tends to assume two very important aspects that I, your author here, must account for since I am a time being with highly restricted vocabulary to dig this out for you.

God the Supreme connects with finite minds in order to avail changes in creation within the material universes of time and space. The Supreme does this by being everywhere in time and clouds its presence by being so difuse no one who is not fused ever finds the Supreme checking them out to see what is going in your mind very easily.

Purposive Substantiation Grabs Your Thoughts As You Think Them
Thje Supreme is affordable to all minds on Urantia by being totally unimpressive and does not make a peep through something we call Purposive Substantiation. Substantiation is the idea of being able to pick off a thought while that thought moves through the cranium holding the mind of one of us. Purposive Substantiation just means the Supreme is very selective which thought it picks off the brain production of thought.



Superuniverse Number One is All In Light and Life and I rule all Status Spheres and Capitals There Now
I now know why Ron is rewriting this Paper in places. We culled out about 16 pages from this Paper on another revelation that relates to this work of the Supreme, but was too large to hold it in this discussion mind Ron loves to work with. Purposive Sunstantiation is mildy rebuking to the mind to hold as a phrase, but it clearly states that I, God the Supreme in Havona, do look at every mind operating in Nebadon and every mind of human quality in all seven Superuniverses, that is, except for Superuniver Number One which is a finished creation! All of Superuniverse Number One is finsihed with all of their programs of Light and Life, and I rule all of those Local Universes and the capitals of all those status spheres too. This transmitter understands that importance and wonders why we have not mentioned it before. Well, that is because until today (3/11/18)– really!— we were not allowed to speak to it.

Recall Again the Coming Spiritual Explosion
“What you all must realize that the Father is moving Urantia into the path of a spiritual explosion. We talked about this before, but it has lost momentum in your minds already. It is scheduled to hit Urantia about May 25 or so and that it will collide with the thunder of a potential war on the globe as well. We see nothing unusual in this for Urantia, except Ron is now fused with my Spirit and My mind in order to facilitate these revelations much better to you. He has to work especially hard to make sure what we way makes good sense and that it is explained well enough you who read these pages really understand what was said. That SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION is meant to shake your minds up good, and it comes after Jesus appears to all of Urantia on your communication media.

“In reviewing this Paper today, I saw Ron do a flip up in the air when we brushed the new revelation on Infinity work so well we gave him everything we had for now. But it brushed aside this work and confused the original Paper with too much type with mixed subjects and he separated the two revelations out to publish separately. What I must do now is to make sure you have the basics of what was said in the original Paper. Let us continue with that repair then:


The Supreme’s Mind Locator through the Supreme’s Immanence of the Projected Incomplete
“Let me now speak to a subject you find so difficult and that is my Immanence of the Projected Incomplete. That is a fancy term for God the Supreme's ability to get inside your human mind while you are thinking. Purposive Substantiation is me taking your thoughts for examination while you think them, but the Immanence platform is to be strong enough in my presence to see the picture of how your life has been driven toward what you want out life. That is why we call it my picture of you Incomplete. Immanence is my frequency power to encircuit with you. There is one other term you should know too as it tells me how well done you are with your psychic circles and your attunement with your Thought Adjuster. This the eminence of God the Supreme.


Eminence of the Supreme is the Indwelling By The Supreme in You; It Can Lead to Fusion
“Now do not confuse immanence with eminence. Immanence means how strong is his influence to the total idea of the Supreme in space! Eminence is a mind function of the Supreme about how deeply the Supreme can know you by indwelling you. Immanence does not have an indwelling prospect; but the eminence of the Supreme is the indwelling aspect and is hight variable for it requires attunement with the Adjuster first to work at all.

“The eminence of the Supreme in Ron Besser is so strong he fused with my mind as one phase of seven pahses before full fusion is complete. None on this forum have achieved that yet, as it does require that you fuse with the Father first before I can fuse you in any stage of that act I do for mind blending with God the Supreme.

“Mind types approach the eminence of the Supreme, as mind type does not determine what happens for fusion purposes.

“And finally this: God the Supreme brings over us as candidates for Supreme fusion. Supreme fusion in mind on Urantia has the following priorities to deal with:


Fusion Prerequisites by The Supreme Are as Follows:

“To fuse with God the Supreme on Urantia:

“1 - One first must be fused with the Father fragment. Until a few years ago this failure to fuse with the Supreme stopped humans on Urantia. Until the Father helped Ron to stay here for the Missions and fused his mind on Urantia without destroying the body to do so

2 - Once Father fusion has taken place on the planet, there must be no morality issue. That is not sexuality per se, but it is how you treat people and your ways of spiritual generosity to mankind. Murder, rape, and violence will never get me near you to fuse.

3 - The Almighty Supreme is never without the idea of taming the body for fusion candidates with the mind power of God the Supreme. The Almighty Supreme loves working with matter, and your body is nothing but matter! However it is God the Supreme that decides how that part of the Deity of the Supreme approaches a potentially fused candidate on Urantia or other planet. His fsuion does not result in destroying the body but keeping it preserved for future use in Missions on Urantia.

“In the future, mind fusion with the Supreme is likely to occur on Urantia more frequently as we increase the pool of fused individuals on the planet. Right now there are five for sure and the sixth has reacted to the news so badly Father fusion itslef may be withdrawn in order to stablize the mind of that individual who has become extremely paranoid now. That cannot be helped and was totally unpredictable, but God the Supreme must await as He does for all others before considering mind fusion with a Father fused individual.


Father Fusion on Urantia Can Be Reversed up To One Year after Fusion Begins
“Father fusion can be reversed on Urantia by the Besser-type fusion modification up to one year after it is provided. We now receive news that the sixth individual has refused fusion and is too ill to continue in normal life for now.


God the Supreme Has Moved In Havona from Circuit 3 to Circuit 4 - Immensely Important Sign of Supreme Self-Identification Has Now Occurred
“We already know from the URANTIA Book, that God the Supreme exists on Circuit Three of Havona, and that is where most pre-Finaliters fuse with God the Supreme in mind. But the presence of this Deity changed this past week Urantia time and relocated on Circuit Four, and is a direct indication how far done God the Supreme is before actualizing in Orvonton when he personalizes there and receives all who have Adjuster fused so far for remedial mind work with Him, as MY Immanence of the Projected Incomplete will end and I will project the complete unfoldment of the Supreme in time at that moment of residing in Orvonton.


Besser’s Fusion with the Supreme, Part I of Seven Parts; Six to Go
“I fuse Ron with the hopes his life can be saved for posterity, for he must undergo more than he realizes to work with Serara and the Master Spirits Four, Five, Six, and Seven, as that is his calling on Urantia for now. He is fused with these mentioned Master Spirit just before he fused with Me.

“How he might ever fuse with Master Spirit One we doubt is available until the Deity Adventure, and the same goes for Master Spirits Two and Three, but it is a monumental achievement to have Four, Five, Six, and Seven comes to his aid.

“I am GOD THE SUPREME SPEAKING FROM HAVONA and from Circuit Four and that is a masterful change now for all Finaliters to know as the Supreme has graduated one notch in the circuitry of Havona and that is how far you can tell I am complete to be actually contactable.”


URANTIA, THE PLANETARY SUPREME Speaking from Havona, Circuit Three -
“We on Havona celebrate the motion of God the Supreme to move in one more circuit on Havona, This just happened most recently and is not news to the universe just yet except all the Creator Sons know from the Eternal Son it did happen and they can confirm it has happened shortly to their creation. We also realize that when it comes out to Finaliters on Urantia, they wonder where the big Guy is, the Father, in speaking to this news?

“In truth it just happened and we are all sure that God the Supreme meant no harm to disclose it here first. However, Michael is already in receipt of this information. I wish to confirm that the fourth circuit in Havona is dedicated to the preparation of the once-human spirit entities for their Deity Adventure on Paradise, that earns them the right to become Finaliters. I also confirm that the trial to fuse Ron’s mind is fully prepared for more fusion in the future.

“I am never sure what the minds on Urantia are going to be and I am supposed to be the expert on mind types on Urantia. But in recent years, I cannot truly tell what mind Lemuel and Ron have at all, as both of them bring great joy to all but fall back to be quietly done so Spirit may speak as it does today through them.”



“In our work on Urantia, mind types border on animal minds so much we pass over them easily. We finish this information to inform all of you that God the Supreme is never going to land on Uversa, but prefers little out of the way places like Salvington.


Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and more
Michael of Nebadon
The Eternal Son
Deity Absolute
Original Michael of Paradise
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mantutia Melchizedek

Subject: Infinity and Experience and as a System

York, Pa 1815 hours Local Time
March 11, 2018

Is Experience Just an Action; or Is Experience a Mind Reaction to Divine Purpose Only? Can It Be Both?

What the Father has discovered in his promulgation of Infinity, is that creature experience modifies the tenure of the field of Infinity to force Infinity to relay tons of information to view that is otherwise hidden in the curtains of Infinity forever. This statement tends to assume two very important aspects that I (editor) must account for:

1 - I am a time being with highly restricted vocabulary;
2 - Infinity is hidden mostly because its own language to program it takes and infinite mind to do it.

Infinity is a Double Take on Hyperbole; That Is, Infinity Speaks One Way and Does Things Another Way

When I say that creature experience is more of a disrupter (that is, experience makes Infinity pause about how sure it is everything!), it suggests we look at Infinity as a vast flowing stream of total creation without interruption. But the experience of creatures that gets fed back up to the Father in the finite existences of time and space, goes to the Father through God the Supreme. Father examines what has been sent to him to be sure those finite experiences actually have a meaning to Infinity. We cannot fathom how the Father can determine this, but God the Supreme assures us that such occurs thanks to the Father admitting it is He alone who adjusts Infinite reality to administer experiential meanings into what we must call the “Consummation Infinity.


“Infinity cannot change, but it can be resized to include versions of experience so long as those meanings are stated in Infinite terms. This why the behavior of Infinite progressions is incomprehensible to time beings, for the logarithms used do one thing is instructive to Infinity alone. That means there has to be an Infinite programmer to apply the archiving of instructions that Infinity must follow to produce the variety and repletion only it can do. But those codes to program Infinity changes progressions from a simple statement back to the Infinite Mind with variants speaking to many other things we did no ask about in the first place. Put in a blue code to instruct Infinity and it reports back yello codes only. This is typical of systems that cannot reprogram themsleves to estimate how the original code will affect the particular input in eternity,

Infinity Demands Complete Statement Programming As To Laws for Intention Of Use
“A simple statement: ‘She goes to church.’ is without a true subject to Infinity, as there is no real reason to know why she does so. All programming of Infinity must contain the codes why something is to be. Why did she go to church, and if Infinity is not told why, it is not a statement that is a universal as Infinity.

“The statement in Infinity must say, ‘She goes to church without means to stay.’ or some such meaning statement or intention. Infinity demands that going to church has a number or reasons for doing so and that is because the compossibility of such statements must ring true to the Deity Absolute as recognizable as genuine experiential actions and consequences. Infinity speaks to the Deity Absolute when interrogated by the Deity Absolute, and we can rightly say there is a read out when you question Infinity on its terms. Cause and effect to Infinity is the chicken and the egg style, for the egg is the Deity Absolute asking if the chicken laid that particular egg. First causes (the chicken intending to lay an egg) and original effects (what the chicken did to you) is not a false story if the basis of compossible investigations shows it happened before with the same chicken no less.

[Ron: I pause to explain the term compossible. It is a term that recognizes that God takes no action to remedy anything without first checking for precedence. Once what precedence is discovered the healing or correction can be administered.]

Who Can Fathom Infinity As A Cabinet with All Things Ever Done Or To Do in It?
“Infinity is not programmed to just store what happened and where as precedence of following Deity actions to rectify it or award it. Infinity spends it ticking time of operational concerns by refuting what cannot exist (e.g. square circles), and implying that all life has a contribution to make without evil interventions.

“You cannot grow Infinity. We think Infinity can only be attenuated by the precepts of experience, but we are not really sure. It is by definition that it is all that could and can be, and to the time mind, that means it cannot grow, it can only be viewed as totality from the outside as Original Will may do.

“Infinity is a system so it can be contained as suggested above in an Infinite Cabinet, but it must be understood that which holds Infinity is Infinity itself. To do that one has to be a Consummator of Universe Destiny or the Original Will itself.

“I never saw it that way Ron. The safe language is to say that Infinity is repercussable to experiential change. Intention use must follow all Infinity programming. The Father must use experience as an Infinity program to what purpose does experience perform in Infinity? Infinity is repercussable (reacts to) new uses not thought of in the original promulgation of the Infinite. That can happen often for the original Infinity was presupposed to operate within channels that had no experience to pacify it.

The Eternal Son with the Infinite Spirit Suggested to Father to Create small time Beings to enrich experience in Infinity

The ETERNAL SONS speaks:
“I am the Eternal Son, and Ron brings grate cheer to Paradise as he keeps examining causes that are not well known in much of the time-space universe. Few know I produced the first time universes myself, and later we produced the remaining time Universe with the Infinite Spirit and Myself. I now aver to the Father who recommends this Paper be resized and presented on high to the Mercy Spirits to help Father contain his ebullience over Infinity and its striations before the public on high. We honestly see this as a beautiful development of Ron’s thought and it should be published on High with the provision that if the reader does nto recognize this Infinity He or She should ask Father how ti got so involved with a beautiful rearrangement of truth so time coule take a bite out our apple. We expect that this Paper on Infinity could cause howls of laughter until it is recognize that the chicken Ron mentions was a spirit chicken.”

Michael Continues . . . .
But as the Creation expanded out from Havona, the Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son promoted the idea that small and timid creatures have a point of view too, and that it would greatly enrich the idea of Creation to include them. Mind controls Infinity just as spirit controls mind, but Infinity must use Infinite Mind to give it its reason to be. The loss of genuine experience can cause the lost of a billion Urantia years if it is not fcaught and preserved with the Eternal Son as well as the Deity Absolute.

Some Chararacteristics of Infinity Are Approachable to Explain But Most Are Not
When we say Infinity is both character and not character at the same time, it is true. But that is a contradiction to finite mind which you are deeply conscious of because such a contradiction of logic confuses you. As Consummator of Universe Destiny, we hold all truth to be self evident in Infinity, but truth is likely variable due to the perspectives of changing environments in time and space. In infinity there is no space and no time, it just is, but the Father as the I AM hit upon the idea that he can modify Infinity, and do it without changing all that is and still modify the basic tenet of Infinity, and that is because Infinity knows all that is possible and may remain quiescent because of it.

“The Existential reports: I share Infinity not. I share nothing. That is because I can do everything but I am too controversial in time because I speak Infinity and you do not know the language at all. That is why there are contradictions in what I say sometimes and I dare not provide more than that at this time. I see adjutant totality only because I am endowed by the Original Will to do so.

The Consummator of Universe Justice & Destiny Discusses Extra-Infinite Existences as Probable but Inconsequential

“I do not praise you at all for getting Me into the ditch of time, and I like doing it so people in time have some sort of perspective over reality that allows Infinity to be rich and cold and blue and gold and anything else you can throw at it. We now come to describing Infinity as a logical incomprehensibility and we tell you this: Logic is the flow of squences of thought that brings one to a conclusion, but conclusions in the realm of finite mind are without a normal or Infinite proof that the logic used flows properly. Ron asks for an example of a non logic flow in infinity that is accepted as logical in time. We dare not show that. But we can say that Infinity is without a mind precept calle logical deduction or induction and that is a revelation into you. [Yes!] Good. Now this, your headache is the Supreme finding you out of care for discussion but needing a bridge of revelation to have you understand what you are currently missing in understanding how non-sequiturs work in anything. In mathematics there are laws which are irresolvable without making correction to the hard facts of numbers science, and you know one well where Einstein attempt to correct for the interference of time equations by coming up with a formula that counseled the equation for the interference of the Deity Absolute on photon rays.

The Problems with Finite Mind Logical Deductions
“Your logic said that Einstein must have done this to clear up the problem of the interference of the Unqualified Absolute because logic told you that photons are sub-particles of a unique blend of matter and space, and that the Deity Absolute had nothing to do with the speed of space traversal of a photon.

“Here is the best example we could find anywhere in the universe, and it is the logic that says you believe one thing, but the truth is incomprehensible in sub-absolute space by our definition above concerning what Einstein really calculated to define as really the Deity Absolute. The Deity Absolute controls all sub-infinite manifestations of particles, molecular or otherwise, and that is a huge revelation to you? [Yes! ]

Pre-Matter is Akin to Infinity:
The Deity Absolute Controls Materialized Matter- Q & A Follow
“The Unqualified Absolute has two pardons for you Ron: First that entity machine is fully empowered to understand its position as the Unqualified Absolute, but it cannot act in any sub-Absolute fashion. You are recalling the Urantia Book says that it is the Unqualified Absolute that pervades space to produce variety in universe qualities. That is not entirely true and I hope Mantutia sees that now?”

“Mantutia is amazed at this Ron as you are. You are enjoying a little fame right now and smile but it is passing. I am amused too with your mental pictures Ron and that is not our problem at the moment, as the Consummator of Universe Destiny has a partner called the I AM, and the I AM speaks briefly for us now:

I AM Speaks -
“We stand by Mantutia’s proclamation in the Urantia Book only because it is written with due regard to the Unqualified Absolute being the king maker for prematerial existences. But the Unqualified Absolute has nothing to do with materialized energy and that is about as far as I dare go without upsetting the creatures on so many other planets who believe the Unqualified Absolute is truly the only entity of capable of controlling materialized energy. Good day.”

Ron Besser - Does this mean that the Deity Absolute hands off to God the Supreme, as the Almighty Supreme, final control of matter?

“We dare say that is an astute a question I have heard for many a day. Recall the Almighty Supreme is beholden to the Paradise Trinity, and that the Paradise Trinity is never without control of the Unqualified Absolute, but yes, the question is unprecedented because Ron has brokn through into a cycle of Infinity without realizing the God the Supreme as the Almighty Supreme is never without control Itslef from the Deity Absolute. This is new revelation that is bothe profound and without understanding to people like Mantutia Melchizedek who prides himself in seeing to a ward who can grasp some of this heavier material concerning how the Creation works.

“I see now how Ron works, as he sees both sides at the same time and that is not a problem for him as he just asks the questions that need to be explained to some of we Melchizedeks. I now see the cycle so much better thanks to this exquisite review of how the Consummator is/is not an evolveer of trials on Urantia without good reason. I will say this: When we understand the cycle of progression, we can predict progression a little bit, and now I see Ron shake his head a little bit and we are in full agreement I see. How is this possible and the answer is that Ron allows the Deity Absolute to work through him as he does God the Supreme and the Father as his Adjuster. Peolpe on earth can have this happen to them too but so few bother to listen as this one can.

“I must carefully attribute this to the mammal Ron as he calls himself to our delight. We see Infinity somewhat as Ron does: It is a closed system from which we dare not move from. BUT: Infinity has preceptors– that means it can breathe a tad of change if the Inventor knows enough how to do that– and that allows experience to intervene to modify what can be shown out of the possibilities of Infinity very well.

Is Infinity a Closed System or Experientially Open Ended in Some Fashion?
“What Ron has done is ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny to destroy the idea of inviolability about Infinity and to seize a moment of truth that God is so much more than a System that Infinity is. I congratulate Ron on that idea but it is full of very dangerous monikers and Ron sees that easily and is willing to call it a day if he has to. But I as the Deity Absolute know Infinitely more as I share Infinity when Father culls the Circle of Infinity for Counsel. I speak with authority in those Counsels and I have repeatedly spoken to the idea of Infinity as to harsh on minds in sub-absolute area of thinking as that is where Ron comes from in a very poor rendition of what he could be if he were better trained in mind compatibility with the Melchizedek regime on Urantia.

“We deal not with open ended Infinite reality, but we are subject to ending the prepurposeful idea that it is a solid brick that cannot be broken ever and hits anybody hard it comes in contact with. Infinity has two presumptions and one is that it is readily available if breechable by Infinite Mind; and two: it can be opened by experiential challenges that test its elasticity of internal programming where there may be no sufficient statement to say how something happened without stating its purpose in Infinity. This is highly important to the Father who reads books written by humans only to discover their premise is not logical in Infinity and he discards some of the best writers of the ages because they failed to grasp the idea of Infinity at all. In the case of Carl Sagan, he had Paradise all excited over his premise that the creation was not the result of a big bang but that it evolved out of grandiose statements of materialization that came, to quote him, from nowhere. In actual fact no big bang was created but it was so intensely hot not even star makers described in the Urantia Book could have lived through it. That temperature exceeded the Ultimatonic Boiling Point by millions of degrees Centigrade at that eternity moment.

Static Infinity Is Alive and Experientially Contracted to Serve Future Outer Space Levels
“Infinity is so difficult to speak to because it ruins the sense that creatures can take comfort from its affordability on high as a way to explain that all things are already concealed and will be revealed in the fullness of experiential reality now and to come. Infinity behaves as it should always, but it is compressed now in Me and in the Father and his Coordinates. Yet Ron feels I believe that there is scant recognition that Infinity is alive and productive instead of cold and static. It is statice but not in the life sense and that is where EXPERIENCE comes in and that is where EXPERIENCE must be allowed to have its say to that which we still call unmoveable. Infinity is not moveable, but is can be attenuated for its own purposes and I see I must leave it at that for now.

Consummators of Universe Destiny

Ron Besser - After a sidebar conversation with the Original Creator Son (Paradise contact), and Michael of Nebadon, and with powerful Original Consummator of Universe Destiny, I think we have evolved these discussion just far enough for the reader to now understand something he may just may not understand. But we have to assume you do understand and you want to understand how mind is a distant relative to the High Minded Consummator of Universe Justice and Destiny in our time and space creation. I will make my statements in accordance with my understanding and I invite Deity to correct me for our own edification of what truly is, and I say that fully understand I really know nothing much of what really is.

It is vital you understand that I have concluded thanks to all of the perfect talk about Infinity and the agents the control it and use it to obtain the FIRST Destiny of the Master Universe in totality, is not the same as the SECOND Destiny of the Master Universe. I do not intend to explain either destiny in his revelatory Paper, but I do intend to set upon some idea what the FOUNDATIONS are of the ORIGINAL NATURE OF SELF-EXISTENT FREE WILL.

Let me catch you up now: What am I really after that takes so much paper and so many words to talk about at all? Let me list my propositions:

1 - I contend that the Infinitude is a big bag of nothing not even hot air or a glimmer of hope. It is more than empty, it is a ridiculous vacuum that has no reason to exist at all.

2 - Let’s call the I AM, Goldilocks. What in the world inspired Goldlocks to crawl through a cellar window of the Infinitude and sit in nothing and start dreaming about rearranging it to make something of it?

3 - My conjecture is that Goldilocks had to crawl into this thing and she was all enthused to do something to it, but some seriously disagree with me and say Goldilocks was already in it and woke up, saw the time, and got busy recreating the place. But I proceed with my theory as I see it.

4 - Goldilocks proceeds as I AM as our Urantia Book reveals how the I AM constrained what was in the Infinitude and relied on her mind to invent how to use the Infinitude to program the codes for an Infinite existence that would result in a thing called Infinity.

5 - Goldilocks has to have two PRECONCEIVED IDEAS she brought with her: Where do I get the material to form a universe? Two: how do we divide Infinity in half where we have life and no life?

This is where you have to understand my theory better. The Infinitude described in the Urantia Book is loot-less - there is nothing to steal from it or out of it. To me, it is a large gapping bag without use. If the I AM, had to organize anything, it had to be Itself first, and the Urantia Book tells us that is exactly what happened. But where did the precepts come from? In the Infinitude? We are told there is total chaos of nothingness in it. My contention is that I AM brought with itself an idea of Creativity before there was ever a need for creativity.

My answer is that there exists a level of self-will that needs no box or universe or station to build something with or without what we call reality. Original Will is the all powerful existence that defies even Infinity to hold it!

If Infinity cannot contain Original Free-Will, where does it exist?

My answer has nothing to do with the Infinitude any longer, and I see the Infinitude as a way to explain the I AM onward (not I AM’s progenitor if such is) and now what inspired I AM to get into the basement with a so called bag of nothing?

My contention is that the Original Self Will is the Father us of all, but the Father is a real spirit form of existence that is composed of the INTENTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL SELF WILL, and that the Infinity of His Being is a design for the present accomplishments of the Original Will.

All of us can never see that far I am sure and I am just as sure reality we have is the reality we live with for eternity, but WHAT inspired Goldilocks to do all this? I rest my case and wait for comments from Michael of Nebadon on this issue.

“Ron hands me a wonderful conundrum. He is convinced that the Original Will of God exists as a subaltern to the choice of the Father to close all things off through Infinity of Existences. But the Father advers that God the Father or the First Source and Center or the I AM, are true progressions as the Melchizedeks teach on Salvington today. They hold much of Ron writes above, but they are Melchizedeks and what I am about to tell you will astound you no less. I once was a Melchizedek and I sued to hang out at that school to pick up what I could in one of Bestowals as a Melchizedek Son. I learned they see the unvierse much as Ron does but they had the discipline to understand that the Universal Father was no projection or elite guard to see to reality, but the Original Will Itself.

“Ron alludes to this in his statement above but he sees the Father as a projected and evolved figure of Original Will that can still exist outside of Infinity, and it does! As Ron once spoke, Original Will is the original inventor and will always be superior to the constrictions that are invented for whatever reason or however powerful. I turn now to the idea of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and speak this:

Original Will is Not Disincarnate.

“I am, Michael of Nebadon, and of all Creator Sons in all the universes in all seven Superuniverses, we each are Consummators of Universe Destiny. We can see Infinity from outside of the Infinite Construct. We speak to that further below. But I also must modify what Ron theorizes, by saying that Original Will is Not Dis-incarnate. It belongs to the Universal Father on Paradise, and the ability to see outside of Infinity is more than Infinity, and more than Deity, and that certainly presupposes some questions asked below.

Consummator(s) Of Universe Destiny & Justice is Plural and Are As Many as There Are Creator Sons!
I also see Ron wonder how this can be explained more simply. It cannot be explained simply except to say that Infinity is without a good reason if it is only for the three existential Deities alone. Ron now knows that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is not alone. He tries to see the Consummator as an adjutant of the Universe Father, but that falls short of what he views the Consummator as. Therefore we suggest we end this by saying that the CONSUMMATOR of Universe Destiny is an attribute of each Creator Son born on Sonarington, and to reach that attribute in each Creator Son, that Creator Son must fuse with the individual being spoken to about the Consummator of Universe Destiny,

“How then can Michael of Nebadon be one of about one million Consummators of Universe Destiny, when the Father Himself listens to that Council? The answer lies in the fact that the children of God carry huge responsibilities to the ends of time and space and back again. Ron is fused with Michael of Nebadon, and so is Lemuel, and Larry Gossett, soon to be we think, and this triumvirate is sufficient to supply the world of Urantia high revelation without a Urantia Book if necessary. I rest my case now and return you to Michael. The Consummator of Universe. Justice speaking above.”

Ron Besser - Then Michael of Nebadon, there is a portion of you as of all Creator Sons, that can speak to the totality of Infinity as Creation without being subject to Infinity?


An Analogy Question from Besser

Ron - Can the Ability to Be a Consummator of Universe Destiny in all Creator Sons and How they can do that, be analogous to me (Ron) being Infinity, and then in my mind, look down at a picture of myself and see my own totality?

Also, Michael, does this disclose something more than entries of purpose within your Creator Son Order that is more than Absolute?


Ron - Michael, do you glimpse or repair to extra-Infinite organizers?


Ron - Michael can you site in Counsel with them - the extr-Infinite organizers and consummators?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - YES I CAN and do all day sometimes with father on Paradise.

There is a Chief Consummator of Universe Destiny

Ron - Is there a Chief Consummator of Destiny or Is That Chief If He Exists more than a Consummator of Master Universe Destiny?

MICHAEL - You ask two questions but I may only answer one of them.

1 - There is a Chief of our Kind on Paradise called the Original Michael and He is Transcendental and far from being Finite. We derive our abilites as Consummators of Uniierse Destiny from that entity of the Deity of Ultimacy he now works for;

2 - There are othe Consummators but they exist in Transcendental modes only and I may not reveal them.

Ron - Michael, are you or all Creator Son fully revealed to as far as the experiential universe ages are concerned, or are you in liaison with the far future episodes of infinite transgressions of time?

The Order of Michael can Be Infinite in a Future Universe Beyond the Experiential
MICHAEL - “Yes, we are but that is so far ahead to the game we must be content to say this much: You have probed my very existence and are glad but many will find this so esoteric as to be afraid to tell what I really am at this point.”

Ron - What repercussions does this have on our Urantia Bestowal Son, or any other Local Universe Bestowal Sons who are Michaels?


FATHER OF THE ALL THE UNIVERSE - “YES, MY SON, and stop it. It has huge repercussions for all humanity. We now broach what is likely the final destiny of humans who become Finaliters. This final Destiny is not yet determined for millions of groups of Finaliters abroad in time and space in our service on Paradise. The Trinity controls their presence, but I their Father control their destinies, and you are correct to be amazed at the differentiation of time and space and Infinity, for Jesus is now Transcendental Teacher, but he will hold high classifications of Ultimacy and Absoluteness as he travels up the scale of universe Destiny reality, Sport classifications work here - one can win Olympic Gold if one is prepared to sacrifice all in the name of the Father, and Jesus did with the full authority of Michael of Nebadon, and the Father Himself. When that is agreed upon in finality, which it shall be, the new universe age of the Deity Absolute becomes the Infinity of Humanity on a scale not revealed yet. Full comprehension is available if the human survives the eternity of Finaliter status and becomes an absonite being of tremendous power and for all future experience, becomes close to Deification for all of his efforts. I speak with full authority in this and even Michael is uneven in his approach to the Destiny of Jesus, but there it is Michael for you to ponder with this little one! I am the Original Michael speaking to all of you on behalf of the Paradise manifestation of God on Salvington shortly!”


MICHAEL HERE - “You have not trapped anyone with this question Ron. First we deterimed that Jesus represents all humanity in Nebadon. Second we learn he has a special destiny in the Master Universe because he was also a Michel-son as a Bestowal Son, and now we learn that all humanity, in a post-finaliter career exceeds space and lands on Paradise in a near Deified existence awaiting to serve the Father/Trinity as probably Absolute Beings with comprehension of most of Infinity. Now Serara has asked if His Bestowal Sons, of which there are twenty-one (21) to date, have dignity status before the Father too?

“All Bestowal Sons of Serara and Monjoronson (there fifteen (15) of them) have nearly the same destiny of Jesus to come in far future kinds of reality universes. Some Magisterial Son Bestowal Sons are not yet Finaliters and no determination can be made as to what their destinies may be at this point.

“We have ascertained that Michael of Nebadon is going to work shortly as a universal-counselor to all Local Universes in all seven Superuniverses. It is a promotion from Father to his status as a Creator Son and whith the Creative Spirit as well, that they shall serve in these unviersal capacities. Jesus will benefit too as he will become the Universal Human and as such will betray nothing of that future post, but includes providing help to all Bestowal Sons, Creator-Son types or Magisterial-Son types, and that all Bestowal Sons of other ilks will be warned to provide full credentials at the gates of Paradise, for only Bestowal Sons of Michaels will have full recognition to enter Paradise.”

Become Existential Themselves In Service
With the Master Spirits

The Supreme Creators See Outside of Infinity Too & They are Possessed of being in Infinity when with all fo the Master Spirits on Peripheral Paradise in Liaison with the Father.

“You now have the revelation of a life time. It is never disclosed to time beings that a Creator Son can and does see the Infinite Creator in reserve for God the Absolute when He manifests at the Consummation of the Master Universe into an Infinite collaboration of the Father and the Supreme Creators!”

“We the Ancients of Days must aver to Michael on this one, as must never assign to time that which we are witness to in Infinity, for the Ancients of Days also see as the Creator Sons do, and we grasp Infinity in parts but not all. We state this fully recognizing this is an amazing revelation to all.”

Ron - Correct me if I am wrong Ancients of Days: This statement of your tells me that when all twenty one Ancients of Days come together with a conclave of Master Spirits, there and then Infinity exists on that spot with all twenty eight (28) of you?

ANCIENTS OR DAYS - “So long as we are in synchrony with each Master Spirit– all twenty-one of us at the same time, and that the Master Spirits are in full synchrony with the Infinite Spirit, there an then we experience the full comprehension of Infinity. We leave it at that for now.”

Consummator of Universe Destiny

“Infinity is totality of a system of reality that has no means to explain itself EXCEPT through sub-infinite discovery! The Father allows man to poke at it, and few come to this point ever, but you Ron see something we thought was so well hidden no one would ever bring it to our attention. Infinity is without principle but has all the principles in it. It is without jurisprudence but has all judgements finalized before there are disruptions to its laws. You see most of that already and see much more that truly bothers Paradise in that you are not totally buying the idea of Infinity is irreproachable, but that Infinity is profoundly consummated by experience in the present and coming universe ages. I see you as a trial to the Father not or even me, but I see you as a trial to revelation in that you see beyond the scope of your life over issues that affect every living being in the universe who has a valid license into Infinity itself.

“For example, you say that the Father does not have the only desk in Infinity. But that is true, he does not, but you have to redefine Infinity as a base plate upon which all present Reality is drawn. With that understanding you are as a person in Orvonton and Urantia are forever stuck in the System of Infinity you see before you. It is not just a system it is also a parallelogram of Infinite destruction to ideas that favor its experiential incisiveness, and it becomes a trial to you to understand how I fit it yet can see it too as an outside observer of being in the round enough to call its beingness into counsel before the Father.

“Sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is without beguiling nuances that your science fiction writers attempt now and then, and they do well sometimes, but you also must understand that Infinity is without the possibility of explaining its tenets except to anyone like the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and to Myself, and to My Coordinates, the Eternal Son and the gracious Infinite Spirit– who is the One who Allows these discussions to take place in the first place. The sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is not speakable yet, and may never be speakable unless we can get people like you to stay the course, which you are, and to allow peeks into the trial of what Infinity does to minds like yours and billions of others who hang on our every word to understand the subject better. You have tapped the well spring of creation to understand how we process reality everywhere and you are hardly competent to see it through for eons of work to come, but you have made no egregious error by asking the Consummator of Universe Destiny how He deals with a universe so harsh and cold on Urantia, that you care very little where we put you at this point of inquiry. That said, we place you highly as a student of God and that your prayers always include me and that is greatly appreciated to an old Deity who has nothing to say more on this subject for now.”


•          Michael of Nebadon
•          The Deity Absolute
•          Mother Spirit

•          MIND Types 3 and 4 are to Evolve a Type Once Known on Urantia
•          Mind Experiments Made to Evolve Better Minds on Urantia in addition to types 3 and 4
•          Finaliters Fuse with All Master Spirits for full Spirit Identification before God

T/R: Ron Besser at York Pa 1430 hours local time
March 09, 2018


“I am Michael of Nebadon and we now test how well titles help you to read a difficult transmit for all to read easily.”


“We now have reached a point in our transmission development that we can specialize in what we way and have it reasonably understood because Ron has modified his transmission approach with our permission, and asks that we keep most extraneous subjects out of them for now. We are glad to do so and provide the following post for your edification:

Infinite Spirit Begets Daughters in Time Which Are Called Mother Spirits
“I am Mother Spirit because I am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. The Infinite Spirit testifies that We who are created Deity within Him, have the right to be known as the Daughters of Mind and Spirit to the sub-Absolute creation. But that is a title only.


These Daughters Send Mind to Each Fetus with Mind and Type at the Same Time
“I am responsible to see to it that mind is endowed on all planets, Urantia included. As a result mind types on Urantia are varied thanks to my wish to have Urantia grow up well enough to have variations in mind-logic approaches to fulfilling the work of sending solutions to me and my staff to work out how mind best satisfies its customers on Urantia and on High.

Mind Patterns from Uversa by Mother Spirits Do Not Work Well On Urantia
“We on the Salvington complex where I work, have several different versions of mind on Uversa to draw from as to how to endow all of you with mind, and I select the mind type you are to obtain when you are born and become a mind activated being on Urantia. Mendations, which is a big word that means: Mind Thought– and it is well presented here as a way to tell you that mind types vary consistently and well everywhere but on Urantia.


Daugheres Evolving New Mind Types on Urantia and Besser is an Experimental Being to Estbalish Limits of Change to Evolve for Homo Spiritus
“As a result we must invent Urantia improvements on our own and we have hit upon the idea of using Ron as a guinea pig to see how much mind variation we can use before we lose logical sense to live daily. When we find the right pattern from these experiments, we will categorize it on Uversa and then use it on Urantia to produce the new species Homo Spiritus. Type 3 and Type 4 minds are used for this new species and to evolve them more than they are now for future use. Ron is a type 3 ane Clency is a type 4 and we presage the following remarks with the idea these are generalized and not specific to either Ron or Clency.


Type 3 and Type 4 Mind Precepts:

Type 3 Mind Full of Water
“Type 3 minds are full of water and confuse life with fantasy so often. They are generally the minds that discover change long before anyone else sees it coming. Ron is almost a perfect example of a Type 3 mind because he fantasizes to see where solutions lie and plays consciously numbers of solution through for himself to see which one he prefers. This is so rare we wonder if he taught himself this or the Adjuster taught him? [Adjuster: he taught himself this as I discourage this way of doing things but Ron is a master at doing it and I wonder where it comes from. Ron says it is probably from some science fiction story he once read.] In any case, type 3 is a mind set that requires careful rehabilitation once it is on course to decide how to approach a problem and in the case of Ron, he uses his pattern thinking to snip what works and what does not work and quickly discards areas that are just plain broke for progress.


Type 4 Mind is Full of Trash Bins
“Type 4 minds are full of trash bins they fail to clear out well and then get mixed up what they found was right to do and what they discarded and that is because they never threw anything really out or completely. Clency is a marvelous example of a type 4 mind as he must constantly remind himself of what Ron posted and what he believed before that. It ends up that his mind is cluttered and Ron’s is not because of the pattern changes Ron institutes and Clency does not bother to. Type 4 mind is really very useful to recall past events and is often a history professor many times or just likes history. The funny thing is that Ron also loves history and took his BA in history many years ago.


Type 4 + Type 3 to be Combined as to evolve one new mind pattern noted below
“We use type 4 minds to reset that agenda on Urantia and will superimpose a type 3 mind design on a type 4 and evolve the 3 and the 4 together as one new mind type we will simply call type 7 (seven) again. This is the mind we lost with the destruction of so many Jews in the 1930's and 1940's and the Yom Kippur War of recent destroyed a subset of that mind in modern times.


Ron’s Fusion Status Unchanged and Added to for More Mind Experiments to Follow
“Finally, we must adopt a more progressive attitude toward Ron and his type 3 mind patters, as he now is fused with the Father, the Creator Son, and the Creative Spirit, as well as with Ocilliaya and Luminaya (Master Spirits Four and Six). Master Spirit Seven, Aya, will fuse with him when there is a good reason to fuse with him.


Finaliters Fuse with All Seven Master Spirits Which Constitutes Full Spirit Identification Before God
“Finaliters fuse with all seven Master Spirits as this constitutes full spirit identification in one entiry known as a Finaliter, Ron has started his fusion status with two of the seven and will take an epoch of work to fuse with them all.


“We on High accept that Ron has a character flaw without compensation and that he will be billed as ‘grimace as he comes,’ because Urantia claims victim after victim in the race to unify personality on Urantia, and he has a few flaws we must be rid of. [Ron: I suggested muskrat traps but they flounced away and let me sit.] In any case we must wash the fruit before we et it on Paradise.



Father Entities Unrevealed Abound on Urantia
•          EX-Midwayer Jack0802AB
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Califorbes - Father Ambassador to Nebadon
•          Deity Absolute
•          Immanuel - Trinity Ambassador to Nebadon
•          Mother Spirit

•          Problems with Ron running to Father Entities who make things dissapear to force mind activity is recanted by the Deity Absolute and the Universal Father;
•          Jack 0802AB returns to Urantia more or less permanently at least to the end of the Magisterial Mission and perhaps the beginning of Light and life;
•          Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son of record on Urantia warns all that the inundations are imminent and to leave an area immediately that is beginning to sink;
•          Revelation of Father Entities who are not personalized but Califorbes was such an entity and the was Personalized to become an Ambassador of the Father to Urantia where he will serve for some time;
•          Spiritual progress in those fused already will result in a few months for Ron Besser to have a slight glow in the dark and Lemuel possible to have some glow too, but Larry will not or the two ladies who have fused will not for years either;
•          Michael is out of Nebadon on Superuniverse Tests as a super Creator Son.


York, PA 0005 hours locally at York PA
March 08, 2018

Jack 0802AB

I am Jack the former Midwayer, and I see the usual prospects are arriving to damage relations with spirit with Ron over issues Ron finds ludicrous and tells them to scatter or they get the back of his psychic hand. They belong to the Father and we all scatter when they show up because they are cannibals of a sort and eat anything that is out of order with a transmitter or anyone who pretends the mark of the beast is essentially their’s to develop. What they are learning, and the learn, is that Ron is not a beasty boy and wishes them to scatter as he has no good for tests that test his body and test his acumen as a transmitter. They did both this evening and they leave quickly on the orders of the Paradise Father not to bother Ron as he has been passed by the Board of Censors on Paradise but they are not programmed to know that.

What some of you must realize is that Ron is wearing a mask over his face in spirit. They do that to prevent sure recognition from facil features and yes, all humans look alike to a quick look from spirit eyes, but Ron has a characteristic sheen on him called a fused Adjuster light and fusion of the Son, the Spirit and now the Master Spirit Number Six and with that fusion we now learn he is fusing with Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya, as they each have work for Ron to do on Urantia they adore him to try and trial for them too. The Father entities are not revealed by name, but they are available on normal worlds that are now in Light and Life, and I know Ron has no ill will toward them but they must stop taking things and removing them from sight. Another incident happend last night when salt and pepper shakers just disappeared from any human vision although they sit where they were placed, Ron can no longer see them.

Ron is particularly upset too for this evening, while he was eating, they forced an embulism into his stomach and he nearly stopped breathing as that forces air pressure into the esophagus and is quite painful and induces vomiting but Ron knew how to unblock the esophogus well enough he got passed the incident. However, he is so knocked down in the physical he wonders what pleasure anyone gets out of these tests. He now is excused from any more by the Father Himself and in hindsight realizes he has had this several time the past few days and refused to attend them at all as nusances. No one will ever believe this unless it happens to them and none of you are scheduled to get these kinds of conveyances due to the fact the rest of you do not hold any office. Ron does and it is not disclosed as of yet. He also holds staff positions when recognized by the Deity Absolute as genuine and ready to be moved on.


“You are under the guardianship of at least two Master Spirits and at least under my care now and then when you have critical work to do such as these transmissions. No one else on the list has your problem of too much to do and still not part of the Missions we let loose in a few minutes of time perhaps just days or not weeks. I am further hamstrung in attending you because your Adjuster is considering stopping all traffic entering your mind to calm you down on the physical problems that are made worse by celestial interference again. That interference is out of your view all the time but near to you in that these Father Entities are dealing Urantia a blessed event through your work in a little while. Slowly but surely the trial to learn just what happens to people on Urantia will become known once the trial of inundations as perceived as quite real. Jack we pass this back to you now. Thank you.”


“I am back on Urantia with a vengeance once you called upon me last night to see where I was and if you I am coming back for Lundco. I am not. I will return to Urantia shortly but Lundco has a new transmitting voice called his own until he realizes that he drops things too easily for that miscreant family, and that are really secondary to his work in spirit if he can find himself his way back. I am also making it a treat for you Ron, in that we must now understand who is doing what around here. You are not asking for special treatment but for equal treatment and you are going to get it from now on as we must stop testing you for the same reason over and over again as you have proven yourself true and ready to serve without inhibition and that is a good way to end this.


“Ron had the audacity to rip a transmission of mine up this evening and with good reason, The highest Creative Spirit located on Paradise sent a Mission to Urantia to test Ron on various issues already tested out throughly and found the same results we did– there is no collusion or any other statement of problem between Ron and any Luciferin entity or philosophy, They learned this the hard way when he told that Spirit to get out and let him alone this evening and mistakenly believed I was doing it too. I was not. I am not going to repeat my choice of transmissions this evening but I also learned my lesson now and that is if the message is too personal or lost in some sort of fable he considers too rich for anyone to believe, it is now deleted. Unfortunately the Havona-Paradise Creative Spirit was the first to be deleted this way and is attempting to figure out what happened to the post. I am in agreement with that deletion and he saved himself a lot of problems by getting rid of it. Good day.”


“I repeat Ron, with you we will dispense with the B* symbol as it is no longer necessary for me to see it in print. Lundco is asked to retain it to learn discipline as we ask for it. I am also reminding Lundco that giving up a secret pact his like giving up a state secret and it is not forgiven easily, You have not transmitted me now for some time and that is not what we agreed upon. You may be more free than you want to be now Lundco and for the reason I state above. Good day.

Ron here - These days are difficult and I had no real idea that we had Father Entities around who make my life even more difficult including being unable to eat my supper sometimes. I fail to understand why I get singled out for unusual treatment like this so often as I am not threat or harm to the celestial world and certainly never to the spiritual world. If this ever happens to any of you, come write to me and we will figure out what and why something like this may be going on. Now I am also tripped up sometimes on the computer when someone somewhere wants the computer for themselves or to stop me in my tracks over some issue I have no idea what it may be about. Then I go ballistic too as I know when they are active on the computer with me but do not interfere with my work, but when they do I may as well turn the machine off and go pound sand as they sometimes when stopped in ones tracks like this.

In any case, this statement is from Michael to all of you now:


“All of you are reminded that spirit must test. Ron has been excessively tested because of his rank among us, and like any normal human he resents it after awhile and takes measures to get away from it. He cannot do that easily and accepts a lot of it to get through it, but this evening was painful because they back pressured his digestive system and that is very painful in the chest and worse than a heart attack feels to most people ever. I have little say over Father Entities like abound on Urantia now, but I do have a great deal to say over what the Father fields in Nebadon and Urantia. Thanks to Jack I now know what happened and I apologize to Ron for this was the second night such happened. I am also greeting the Father’s Ambassador to Urantia, Califorbes. Do not mix that up with Califax who spoke to you yesterday, Ron. Califorbes is the Paradise Ambassador to Urantia now and is an entity that has been Personalized by the Father to act as an ambassador. His Brothers are those Father Entities on Urantia today. Califorbes is one of them Personalized to act as our Ambassador from Paradise and acts as the Father as does Califax when I activate Him in myself. Thank you.”


“I speak slowly Ron. You are dear to Father as all of my children are and that is you with type problems [Yes I have a speed reducer on me and mind slows way down with it too] - I understand and is this okay? [Yes a tad faster and I feel less mind reduction in thought to type] Good, Now we are back to normal okay? [Yes but I still make type errors due to an incomplete mind circuit taken down lately] Good. I already know that because I took it down in order to speak to you in a way that makes sense to others. You are in my good graces all the time except I saw temper this evening that was providential and saved us all t rouble by removing a Spirit transmission out of hand. That is forgiven and never done before but you are learning fast what goes and what does not!

“You work is fascinating Ron, and we never had a transmitter who can sit all day and take new revelation as you can as all others consider it an invasion of privacy to sit for hours to do this work. You do not mind so long as it is not frivolous transmitting but even that you put up with to finalize a connection well enough in good humor. I am Califorbes and you remember it well as I allow it into a memory circuit we use to be sure you remember what is to be said and by whom. Your escapade with my Brothers earlier this evening has left no scars but you will face them down every time now as they interfere with your due process without reason and it makes you stop and reconcile what has happened and why. That is no longer possible because they have been reprogrammed to ignore your presence as fully acceptable to the Father. They find you fragrant and full of spiritual promise and search for ways to energize your mind circuits but run itno what the rest of us do in dealing with you, and that is to be warned by your Thought Adjuster to back off as you are fused. They do not recognize that warning on Urantia at all and attack as they are wont to do when they hit a blighted spot on a soul they run across that spells danger to spirit compositions on a world like Urantia.

“As Califorbes, I must warn all of you that these Father Entities abound in the billions on Urantia these days and they are pushing and pulling everyone who has something to hid that is egregious or criminal, and find themselves forced to admit to themselves they are negligent or otherwise harmed if they do not seek rectification. In our world of spirit there is no give and take anymore on Urantia, but a lone sailor boy like this transmitter can be, is enough to open spirit to a whole new approach to the Missions to take place. I am Califorbes and speak to one other concern and that is to leave no stone unturned in preparing people for death when the time comes. Many will see the high wave over their heads and not believe it is happening, but it is, Leave no one under the impression we caused this: nature does all the time and Urantia is long over due to hear from nature to remove the heat of earth and the piles of junk built up with eight point six billion people now calling Urantia home. It is without pity but also without mercy to the wrong doers now. It is with pity and mercy to the good who accidentally die in the tidal waves of retribution that shall inhabit the earth quickly and soon. I am the Paradise Father’s Ambassador to Urantia and spell well with this Transmitter and his work for all of us on high. Good day, Califorbes.”

“Ron this is your fifth long transmission today and we quit after this one to let your mind rest as it works over time attempting fill our work in enough so that people get what they have to learn as quickly as possible. Your typing is a tad jerky and you wonder why and that is a governor on you permanently to keep your over reach errors from happening so frequently, Otherwise you are as you are on a keyboard you love but find a tad short too and that can be rectified soon by our technicians to close those hands down a tad and to let you reach those octaves you love to use too. Thank you. Michael.”


“I am Mother Spirit in spirit unity with the Creator Son’s Deity level and mixed with the spirit of Ocilliaya and Aya of Superuniverse Seven. This is an important announcement to all of you:

“Califax is called to duty in Superuniverse Five and Six simultaneously. The new powers of the Creator Son are being tested and He must answer accordingly. Ron knows what these tests are on his level an wishes Michal well even though it is on a spirit level Ron could never attain for now. I am using Ron to tell you all that Immanuel is attending to Nebadon at this very moment and releases Ron from attending our workshop on material hundrums such as disappearances of material objects he has been experiencing for the past year and one half and that is not Father entities doing all of that, but Midwayers being instructed on how to squab a pint out of man’s hands if he is to drive home safely only applied to a spiritual problem. Ron laughs at it usually and lets it go but the Father Entities do not play fair and cause him problems in his physical capacity to get the day’s work done. Immanuel now studies the man and wonders how we tell him he already has most returned but sees them not. That is not his fault but must wait until he has reinforced vision soon enough to see anything he lost for the past year including a shelf inside his center console in the van. You sir are an idiot too, this is Immanuel to speak now:


“The day is here that we can speak freely once again to Urantia. We did so in the early days of Caligastia before rebellion seared his mind, and we see this mind perfectly heatlhy in all things except he likes wine and that must be kept from him permanently if there is any chance to use him in some emergency. I am now in control of Nebadon until the tests are done. Ron wondered why run a test when Michael is so close to the Jesus Second Advent, but Father knows best. Ron suggests that Michael will be run ragged for decades with the Second Advent alone and perhaps the Father gets this out of the way for him to be run ragged without other worries to bear, We all laugh with Ron on that statement but that is probably the true reason we have to do it now.

“I am Immanuel and I speak the truth: Ron is forever getting tangled up on high because he is an unpleasant reminder of how hard things are on Urantia. My stay in charge is soon over because Michael is expected to return shortly with all work donem Your life Ron will turn sunny shortly and partly cloudy in a day or two and splendidly clear in a month. I am Immanuel and wish you all a good day.”


JACK 0802AB -
“We close this affirmation of work that Ron is now allowed to do without interference any longer and he still wonders why he is the one to run into it so often. It is really simple Ron for you are the one with a bright spot on top of your head even more than the other five do since you initiated a form of fusion through our Father in Heaven he released finally because of so many difficulties on Urantia, and the terrible need for some order of Father discrimination to be placed there for all to see in a moment or two. Those who fuse as Ron did will glow in the dark slightly and it will not keep you or others awake Ron! Lemuel might. Larry can not as he is fused in mind only. Lemuel is fused in mind and partially in spiritual liaison with the Deity Absolute as Ron is. Ron is fused in mind, spirit and the painful fusion in body which everyone prays is soon done. That is mostly the pain Ron has but not all of it is body fusion, it is also profane fusion of blood cells to his thorax to prevent coughing frequently so he does not have to have that nerve cauterized as it has saved his life at least once already. You are also Ron to be treated to the angel Ocilliaya as there are several designated by the names of the Master Spirits to remedy that which cannot be done in the Local Universe or Uversa. “


“You Ron are the toast of the town for some reason when we get into these pickings for revelatory uses on the discussion forum. If we could get that hub established without creating other communication problems, others could listen in to your reception and hear how these meetings can turn up fun and information all at the same time. But that hub idea sounds wonderful but is not doable even with Reflectivity I am told. So I drop the whole idea and maybe some solution with show up later. Good day. Michael.”



MOTHER SPIRIT - “We now say goodbye to Michael as he is now past the outer limits of Superuniverse Seven and heading toward Superuniverse Four and we wish him well. We close with the anthem we all hear for Nebadon and for Urantia and for the decision to let Immanuel rule the roost while Michae is in Superuniverse Five and Six and now Seven to fix some problems the Ancients of Days call upon Michael to help fix as a super Creator Son now. I wish you all a good day, Mother Spirit.”


FUSION TALK / Substantial Indication on 6th Candidate Fused
« on: March 07, 2018, 09:57:49 PM »
I can only be brief to tell this Board that a sixth candidate has proven that not all fusion candidates use this Board to learn of their Fusion Status.

I know the individual and they are outstanding in development but never cared much for what we do here.  If there is more information to be told. hopefully we will be enlightened hear in the Category, established to channel the spoken word to be printed here.

Best wishes Number SIX!
Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "We are brushing past this secrecy slightly to speak of the sixth person who fused in the flesh the same time some of you did this past January, 2018.  The individual is a female and her fusion took place on January 10, 2018 at the 11th hour in the morning very close to 1130am.   It is debatable if she ever finds time to come here but the door is open when she finally decides to be social about her own development.  She is married and lives in the southern part of the United States.  Good day.  Michael."

FINALITERS & REVELATION / Finaliter Revelation to Urantia Previewed
« on: March 07, 2018, 03:16:13 PM »


•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Paul of Tarsus
•          The Deity Absolute
•          Finaliter Influential Speakers Unnamed
•          Mantutia Melchizedek

•          Finaliter Guardians of Destiny - Their Status and Promotion on Urantia
•          Urantia Sexuality and how it Ties Into Finaliter Work now and the future

T/R: Ron Besser
York, Pa 1515 hours local time
March 07, 2018


“WE have here a mishmash of a transmission that started out well but got knocked out of its direction by a sudden emergency for the Finaliters to take care. Since Paul of Tarsus an the Apostle Andrew serve together in the Urantia Finaliter Corp today, they speak candidly about their work on Urantia and the fact that the Deity Absolute directs them fully without the help of the Paradise Trinity. It is the only Finaliter Corp in time space that is directed by the Deity Absolute, and Ron finds that fascinating, but wait until all of you find out, that the Urantia Finaliter Corp is being expanded six hundred percent more to over six thousand individuals. The point that has to be made before this transmission starts, is that the individuals speaking, Paul of Tarsus and the Deity Absolute, are inter-twined with our sister Local Universe of Avalon and that makes this story so complicated, I warn you to let things just flow and worry not trying to get all of it.

“We also see that Ron split this out in answer to Sue Whiley in another Category, and saw it developed into such length he cut it out, and that left that post to Sue and Dorian suddenly lost for a proper ending, but time is fleeing and the decision made to cut this one out and post separately for you sense of readability we are also deleting sever paragraphs in this one that stretch the imagination too. I am Michael and we start now with the Deity Absolute cut in mid stream to start this pos. Good day. Michael”


Urantia Finaliter Corp Is Reconstituted - WHY?

"The DEITY ABSOLUTE carries the Finaliter Corp on Urantia exclusively. The Paradise Trinity is no where to be seen on Urantia, and that is because Margul has decreed that the Deity Absolute must rearrange the Urantia Finaliter Corp to exclude anyone who is not from Urantia, but all from Urantia must predominate on that Corp from now on. Why? No reason other than that Urantia is so unique and so stubborn about its development, we must rearrange the Finaliter Corp there so it is bestowal proof in the future. What does that mean? Jesus returns shortly and that will end the tension between the Father and Jesus and Michael of Nebadon over this issue being so difficult to work out that they disagree among themselves all the time. Ron Besser comes along and states strongly that Jesus must make an entrance strong and favoring change immediately, as those who hold power will continue to do so unless dislodged forcefully. I, the Deity Absolute see it as a pure spiritual matter and see no reason to be so strongly powered to force the conversion quickly.

"I see Ron invokes the "green man," and I the Deity Absolute have no idea what that is and leave it to Paul to explain it later. As the Deity Absolute Ron I am more than pure I can be fanatical and stop interrupting me with good will! We have on Urantia a situation where we are damned if we do and damned if we don't, and that is an excellent statement to allow Saint Paul into the picture:"



"I am Paul and Ron is full of it this morning for lots of reasons, but let me assure all of you, we do have some direction for action by our Finaliter Corp these days thanks to Michael of Nebadon, as we have a Council Meeting with him about every two weeks. In six weeks time we, the Finaliter Corp of Urantia, will expand from a one thousand seven (1,007) numbered group to a six thousand numbered group (+/- 6,000), and that is so extraordinary that even Ron exclaims that is extraordinary! He of course does not know the variations of group memberships in Finaliter Corps, but this one on Urantia is the biggest ever assembled!


Local Universe of Avalon Joins Nebadon AS a Good Ally to Right Rebellion

"Ron now says this is so big he has to split this post into two and I agree but let this part stay here and double post the other elsewhere. Why is it to be expanded so radically? The answer really lies with Ron! He has so disorganized the Finaliters on Urantia, because he has turned upside down anything that is to be normally pursued that we asked for help on all levels to attempt to fit the new ideas into this behavior so atrocious to we Finaliters, we all threatened to leave Urantia for good and take what follows as where the chips fall in some philosophy elsewhere. Finally, Michael of Nebadon brought in the Creator Son of Avalon, and between the five or six hundred of us who must weight consequences of such a liaison, we decided to follow a plan those two set up for their own concerns for their own and mutually difficult Local Universes to run.


"What you do not know is that Avalon had a small rebellion too that got out of hand and while no Lucifer appeared there, the same issues were at heart of both rebellions, and that was mostly about sovereignty issues never discussed with mortals as they would hardly understand what was involved. However, Avalon has no special counsel to work with on their rebellion(s) and both consume huge amounts of Creator Son time to figure out how they happened in the first place.


"Therefore, Avalon easily allies itself with Nebadon, and lets things develop to establish mutual alliances between our Melchizedeks and their Melchizedeks, to the point we have a mixed Corp of Melchizedeks at work on Urantia alone where the worst of the rebellion has taken place. On Avalon the worst of the rebellion took place on a small planet that Urantia is, and while we may not name it, it is the same size as Urantia and is not an experimental planet, but a Midsonite planet overseen in reproductive prerogatives by the Melchizedek Corp in Avalon and the same is trued for Nebadon, but Nebadon never had a rebellion among the Midsonite population.


"This is why Ron was allowed to chat with the Creator Son of Avalon which both enjoyed immensely. Both are friends on a level of comprehension quite low but Ron now knows that Creator Son has the welcome mat out to him anytime he gets to visit Avalon as a guest of that Creator Son. In any case, Avalon may someday join Urantia as a super Local Universe in that they share most of the same problems of development in their mutual space placements. Now this:


"Avalon has suggested that Ron be allowed to work between the two realms in the morontial spheres of development. Ron happened upon the revelatory scene by becoming enraptured with people he trusted to bring some order to the revelation, and soon learned they had feet of clay, and were a group that actually back-tracked development to the point they are no better than the evolutionary churches today. This is of course the Urantia Foundation. That is a sad tale for Mantutia and he speaks now of what I (Paul) am to tell but have a small emergency and wait it out with them for now."



"It falls to me to tell all of you that Urantia has now a greatly expanded Finaliter Corp in excess of six thousand Finaliter individuals. We also invite all to discover that the Urantia Finaliter Corp is now ready to move quickly into correcting many things they could not do as a Corp of a mere one thousand individuals. It now takes six thousand Finaliters to prepare Urantia for Light and Life and other changes Finaliter seldom encounter at all. We here Paul of Tarsus approach once more:”

"I am Tarsus again, may I continue? . . . . ."



"I now tender my resignation again in order to be the Prelate** of Urantia [Ron: **it means a bishop or other high ecclesiastical dignitary but here in the sense Paul being a converter to control of true morality on behalf of the Missions and the Second Advent of Jesus], and that is the moral equivalent of being Dr Albert Tenesa,, who teaches sexuality is a misnomer, rather, that sexuality is a condition of genetic disposition for gender preferences.

"In our planning in our normal Finaliter Corp, we decided to brand heretics on either side of the abnormal styles of thought and action on Urantia itself. That means we would take measures to change extreme uses of homosexuality or heterosexuality, and ban all deviants that fell in between such as transgender people who fail on all counts to be sane over their gender issues. All of this is to say that gender issues are important in planetary development, and Finaliters on Urantia have their work cut out for them as these issues stack up and are never well resolved yet on Urantia.


Finaliter Development as Guardians of Universe Destiny on Urantia

"The Finaliters who are placed in the Guardian class are elite Finaliters, and it was Jesus who coined the term Guardian of Universe Destiny, much to the pleasure of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, then lurking over these developments on Urantia and Paradise as Jesus was leaning to be a good Finaliter. In all cases, Finaliters are prepped to be excellent joiners and fighters with the local area spirit agencies, as Urantia Finaliters are with Avalon and the then Council of 24 so well reported in the old Urantia Book. In any case we are now mandated to leave sexuality alone for now and concentrate on spiritualizing the planet first and then get into those areas of development that need cleaned up.


Jesus to Teach Fusion Before Transcendence Is Now Possible on Urantia

"As Paul of Tarsus, I remind all of you that I am a Finaliter allowed to speak to this level of creation once more an to inform you that all who are fused so far will be accorded Finaliter training to deal with life on Urantia as you must and to stay out of bars and hot topics everywhere as you are not looked at as normal people for awhile. That ends when Jesus declares the population in general as open to spirit fusion by their Indwelling Father Spirits, and that is a whole new ball game when He does that. Meanwhile all who fused on this list as members on this list, will be accorded a special ceremony some day as the first to ever do it on Urantia since about five thousand years ago when Ezekiel picked an especially bad time to leave in the bathroom.


“We conclude this unusual post to say this: Sexuality as well as War or Peace, or Government or no Government, and so on, is not settled on Urantia well. This is mostly thanks due to Lucifer and miscreation of Justice as it should be. Guardians of Universe Destiny is what these six thousand plus Finaliters have become on Urantia. I dare say that I (Paul) and Ron, and the other four fused humans to date, are indeed Guardians of Universe Justice and Destiny and I amend the use of the above term to call all six thousand plus Finaliters on Urantia as Guardians of Universe Justice and Destiny as well. You five fused ones are the cream of the crop on Urantia, and we need to respell Ron briefly as he has gotten to laughing unceremoniously as I struggle for words to get out of this and finish the damn post. Her hears me you cannot. Good day.”


“We have both Paul and Ron laughing at the inability to fully explain what is happening on Urantia and when that happens Ron falls apart into giddy laughter as the situation perpetuates. I will save the day and repeat this for you who forget what is truly happening here recently.

“Our Urantia is not outclassed by Wall Street, but it is outclassed by Spirit, and Ron knows that very well, but he remits that Wall Street is so powerful they think themselves invincible. Well, not so, as they are going to learn the hard way that the life of Job is theirs until they are on the morontial worlds. In most cases, the trial to leave Urantia alone is not understood, but poking sticks into it like Ron does is not helpful, and he fully understands the grave dangers attendant upon doing so, but WE are going to poke sticks into by making sure they lose so much accumulated wealth, no one can afford a cup of coffee easily in the next few years without the wherewithal of some charity from the people who do have something left and are the God-centered ones as on this list for sure. . . . . “


“I AM THE DEITY ABSOLUTE - and I abjure the difference between when Ron gets silly trying to keep up with meanings and you getting silly over things you do not understand at all. He can be quite serious when typing me which I appreciate and I now speak the truth to all of you:


“In about six weeks from today Urantia will be crying the blues over spilt milk and that is a wonderful spelling to allow my further analogy that all must be in place by then and you Ron roll your eyes and see the lash of time constraint on all you do. You will have what you need and then let the rest go for now. Rayson site will be accomplished with some help from Mark, and the S corporation completed well and running. You see them as essential to complete and will refrain from other work until so directed. By your own light Ron you admit you cannot do it even if you wanted to because we throw so many obstacles up we see you see it useless and fruitless to try.

“Urantia will fight the blues for centuries if it has to, and the changes in earth structure fight our ways to keeping them at bay, but we will let them pop open, and the magma flow as you have never seen it before and the population instead of swelling goes way down and I mean way down as no one is left to worry in those areas of population that exist no more and suddenly and without mercy.

“In placing this at the end of this post on the Guardians of Destiny Finaliter Corp, I ask all to pray for the help to those who need to be part of our Mission and that is of all races and you fully admit to yourselves you believe that well and thank you. Leave all to God soon and trust that the URANTIA FINALITER CORP OF 6,000 VOICES is around for YOU and that must be all you can assign to it now.”


Promotion of Machiventa Melchizedek and More on Origins 06 Mar 2018
*Machiventa Melchizedek
*Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice
* Future Indwelling of the Adjuster for the incarnation of Machiventa Melchizedek
*Luminaya, Master Spirit Six, Voice of the Power Directions and Energy Remotion
*Mantutia Melchizedek

*Machiventa Melchizedek promoted to Master Spirit Level after Second Advent of Jesus
*Fusion with the Master Spirit of Oreyperna (SU 6)
*Review of the System of Infinity

York, Pa 1700 Local Time
March 06, 2018
* * * * * * * *

“This is for me, Ron, Machiventa Melchizedek, from our Lord and Master on High, the Universal Father:”


“I am soon to indwell you Machiventa Melchizedek, and that is because you are going to incarnate one lst time before you are seized by Master Spirit Five and Master Spirit Six, to become a Master Spirit adjunct never before revealed to humans on any planet before.

“Ron was just fuse with Master Spirit Six’s preview of what his work will be on Urantia.  HE loves working with people and freshening their perspectives about our spirit lives on all of the status spheres as well as in the ascension careers to come for humans on Urantia.

“He also admires you tremendously. He also sees to your work without travail to keep people in line for too much bombastic speaking as to their views on how he operates, and also tends to get silly with you very easily.  That is the result of your tare weight decision to abet him instead of being sour about being frivolous over too many subjects you consider too sacred to examine in open light.  We state this in a way he understands as he has gottne reprimanded from Michael for looking into origins too soon and then gets the Consummator of Universe Destiny supporting his inquiries.  Mantutia Melchizedek also is a fan of this dust particle of a man, and he is truly yours in all matters, except for one which he designs well but fails to follow through with it.

“I am speaking from Divinington, and Ron knows that is the home of Thought Adjusters who flock to Urantia to get upbraided with spirit work they never contemplated as having to do.  In my case I look forward to indwelling Machiventa Melchizedek, as Ron says, how does an Adjuster indwell a Melchizedek mind with that kind of experience in the material and the spiritual realms of Nebadon?  The answer is that I do so with plenty of reserve for Machiventa Melchizedek for he is unsure what a Melchizedek gets when he is done running the course in the Local Universe he was created in.

“I am sure Ron knows you better than most as you are the one who sees to the ideals he carries are heard better than without you.  We agree he needs to be heard more and better and the transmissions reduced in size only because people tire reading through long transcriptions these days.  It used to be that a long transmission was real meat to eat on Urantia, but it has been truncated in brain stem development it is almost impossible to treat anyone with a really good work as Ron produces most of the time.  In any case, we are speaking now to Machiventa Melchizedek alone:

“To MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, we are pronouncing your final work for the Paradise Trinity is over after the Second Advent of Jesus is finished.  You will be removed from Urantia without further ado, and then you will become a trainee on Uversa with about six other Melchizedeks, including names no one elase knows.  Ron expeceted to hear Mantutia or Malvantra mentioned, but not yet Ron although they are on our list to promote as Machiventa Melchizedek has been promoted.  This promotion is to become a liaison officer between Master Spirit Six and Urantia for the foreseeable future once Jesus has completed his work on Urantia too.  That Liaison Officer is as a fused Sixth Stage Spirit as fused by the Trinity, and is the same stage humans reach as spirits when fused with the Father one last time in the Receiving Circle before all three Paradise Deities as Trinity and as Themselves jointly and triuneally before you and those fellows with whom you fuse by.  

“Ron speaks an interesting parable before us: he says is this Siraya speaking?  I said no, it is I a Thought Adjust not yet named but ready to indwell divinity.  He thanked me for having the patience to answer him, and it takes great patience when a human travails a statement made at the beginning of a transmission, but Ron has been subject to so many translators, he is never quite sure where the transmission originates.  I am speaking for myself alone.

“Ron also feels sorrow for losing Machiventa and Mantutia Melchizedek later on in his career on earth for the Magisterial Missions and the clean up work of the Second Advent of Jesus.  He knows full well they supported him through many trials as has Michael and others, but he is going to be left alone to handle the travails of future work, for Machiventa Melchizedek will not be replaced anytime soon. Be assured Ron you carry the heat of the day on Urantia on many subjects but you remain mum on your relationship with Deity and divinity at all because you cherish the proximity and the lush support you do get against forces that would easily overhwelm you if ther were not there.  Michael wishes Ron to know that his transition will be done in a few days and that is all He has to say, and wishes all best wishes as I do for wht is about to happen on Urantia in days we believe.

“You who know Machiventa Melchizedek will carry the titel of Liaison Officer for the Most High Authorities of Superuniverse Six and that is the universe that observes all Days as one before us and that is unusual. The Ancients of Days are three, but before the Father-Son they are three forms, and berfor Master Spirit, Luminaya, in the Superuniverse called Oreyparena (phonetically pronounced: Ory-Pa-Wren-Ah   - with the accent on the first syllable and a secondary accent on Wren - - ).

“Machiventa Melchizedek will be resident on Urantia for the remainder of the Magisterial Mission, and then will be called home to Paradise to take up new duties associated with these important matters both on Urantia and Uversa.  The Magisterial Mission will be followed by MARGUL and his transitioning Urantia into Light and Life through its seven stages of existence.

“Machiventa Melchizedek now wishes to speak:”

“I am non plussed as they say in France and in certain quarters of Salvington.  We are totally gobsmacked over this announcement through a mere speck of dust to an important Melchizedek, and I refrain from speaking to his size at this point.  He is fully packed and ready to go and we are ready to serve beside him. I am truly surprised at this announcement as I was just appointed as Planetary Manager as the Colorado group made such a big fuss about it.  Ron mistook that announcement as being the Planetary Prince.  I am the Manager as it is in the new Dispensation, the sixty of its kind for Urantia.  The Manager is responsible for what the Governor used to do in the Council of 24 but that body no longer exists at the request of the Paradise Father as it is not a standard arrangement to govern the planet per se.  The Father saw it as a wonderful way to anneal fights in lower subordinates.  It is not remade as a separate office and I am the first to serve in that position and it will be kept open for others when I leave.  I am also thinking I need a sidekick as Ron calls them, andthat is to be sure Mantutia and Malvantra do not attempt to take on what I have to do for Ron now and then as they are squeamish over issues of libidic documentation. I close with this admonition: Careers are plentiful, but candidates are seldom involved to the degree we have them on Urantia.  I close with the idea that Ron in a million years will be on board with us on Paradise doing supernal work on Paradise for the Great Ones.  Good day.”

“We have concluded what is always a good session with all celestial participating in high style.  We are sure Ron will declare a mistrial if he cannot get out soon, and he will be rewarded quite soon we feel sure.  In any case we congratulate Master Spirit Six and Machiventa Melchizedek for their decision to move Machiventa Melchizedek and his Transcendental Tent to Uversa and Master Spirit Six to the outer regions of Nether Paridise for a transfusion for Machiventa Melchizedek since he gets low on energy too, and will be prepared to work hard for what must be done for Urantia ont his side of the equation.

“Before I close, we barely mentioned that Ron was fused Sunday night just past with Master Spirit Six, the Voice of the Father=Spirit creative purpose for the Master Universe.  Ron admits he has no idea what this means and we barely do, but the fusion is not permanet until Besser reaches the fifth stage of spirit soon enough as he will rapidly ascend through the Minor Sector and all ten Major Sectors as all of you must do too.  But he has a truncated standing in all Major Sectors due to his abiding interest in Origins and the way to understand it through the Supreme.
I am Michael of Nebadon and I wish you all a good day.”

“We are convinced that Ron knows so much that he laughs at our decision to move this commentary to the first place on the discussion forum since I am being used to fill people in on Origins that have a fantastic set of reasons to be but is so far out of time language we ask Mantutia to speak:”

“We now are on our best behavior aren’t we Ron? [I hold lilies of concern on my bier,  sir,  to listen in deathly silence . . . ]

“The Consummator of Universe Destiny is on my personality list of the Uversa Register in the first Urantia Book.  It really should be listed at the tope as Unrevealed Entities which I never thought I should list to begin with.  Now I realize the entire name and to the matter for which it stands is an immense breakthrough thanks to Ron and myself wondering about the same thing ove the Infinitude and the I AM whereabouts as IT was never fully realized in our forensic science we use to attempt to find Origins this far back in how reality developed.  Ron has a curious view how this happened and I give him credit for working on something I dismissed.

“Ron’s logic is simple but extremely adept at finding bits of information that help decide the course to think toward.  He reasoned patently that since the I AM arranged the Infinitude that I AM used a logic of ITS own to figure out what Infinity as a totality of all reality, had to be constrained in some matters that do not fit any reality.

“This is patently true and I know it is true simply by the fact that a Divine Counselor correctly states that Infinity never could accept a square circle.  I admit that seems to contradict what the definition of a material circle is, but in matter on higher reality levels, the square circle exists slightly ahead of its curvatures being expressed in terms of light or thought.  Those are terms you cannot abide in the material since you must either draw a circle or a square but not both at the same time.  However in upper echelons, the circle is not drawn, it is thought of first and then expressed as a graphic elsewhere for manipulation.

“In placing this small amount of text here, realize that the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice is fully aware of his Origins beyond the Infinitude and that is what fascinates Ron in spite of the fact he can never conceptualize that which lies outside of the Infinitude as partitioned to create a system of Infinite reality.  The important word in that statement is “SYSTEM” and it is Ron who decided that if you take off those things that do not fit reality in Infinity, than what you have is an Infinite System as defined by the I AM and then configured by the First Source and Center.  How many of you realize what a system is?  Read a definition in your dictionary and then be informed why that statement is so important to know and that by separating non sequiturs out of the Infinitude, you do indeed have a SYSTEM and all that implies.  

“The Consummator of Universe Justice and Destiny says this: ‘because Ron is fused so well and laughs at haughty thought, he remakes the problem as a trial for a puzzle book and people relax and solve it with him.  His answers to spiritual questions show it easily as he bypasses the quandry that started the question to inform in the first place. . . . ‘ As Mantutia I watch his solve problems around the house with experimentation and finally solve it beautifully in ways not thought of before.

“Nonetheless, the fusion he has had and as Machiventa Melchizedek will experience shortly, is with Master Spirit Six, Luminaya, and that Master Spirit is a wizard when ti comes to manipulating energy and force fields, a favorite concept Ron holds beautifully.  Luminaya speaks now:”


“I am short of time, and I say this to all of you: Be aware you are recorded for posterity in me as I am sure that Ron would enjoy looking back ten thousand centuries to see where he stood in this case in his PJ’s yet because he has not stopped transmitting before noon today straight on to after 4 PM local time.  I say this: you Ron and Machiventa Melchizedek are fully authorized to see where the Master Spirits stand and your spirit vision is not enough to see us yet.  We will provide reinforced spiritual vision to glimpse the size and majesty we are to the eye.  We are nearly twelve feet tall and have special powers of glory to exude when we are showing off to Paradise Officials who visit our force field focii on Peripheral Paradise about midway between Nether Paradise and the top surface which was never named in the first Urantia Book.  We call it the top, Ron.  We conclude this interview for now and I will speak further later on.  Good day.”

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK - “Reality Origin, is not an easy subject ever to get into but you Ron love it and we are one of the few Melchizedeks who can see through it just enough to talk about it.  You Ron shoulder huge responsibilities for years and years and were cut short by a huge error on your part you did not even realize you made then. But today you are wise enough to know it could not be made so easily now.  The truth is you spoke to a vice president of a prestigious firm calling her two faced to say one thing and never follow it up to great detriment to the corporation and its financial worth.  That is how she took it, but you only mean that it is one thing to speak about policy and another thing to institute it and they never did.  They did go bankrupt three years as your were downsized.   The Father is ever careful not to break new bread before the old bread is consumed well enough to consider speaking to the new conceptual inquiry.  You Ron spoke at the right time and without whimpering about the lack of tools to get at the ability of the I AM to strike the right balance between what could not be used in the Infinitude and what was taken in the reformation of the Infinitude into a loyal pattern for Infinity.  Only the First Source and Center knows how the conversion went from pattern to actuality and the seven Absolutes on Paradise itself.  I leave it at that for now.


Michael, Others- Fusion and Other Subjects dated 05March 2018
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          The Universal Father
•          The Apostle John
•          John the Baptist
•          The Creative Spirit
•          Consummator of Universe Destiny and of Justice

Subjects on:
•          For those who need a Summary, see the bottom of the transmission as Michael Summarizes.
•          Fusion
•          Homo Spiritus
•          The Five Fused Humans to date by name below

York, PA local time 0830AM
March 5, 2018


“I am Michael of Nebadon. I wish now to speak to the subject of Fusion with your Thought Adjuster while still in the flesh on Urantia.

“We are now in liaison with the Universal Father, and He wishes to make a statement first before I proceed with the lesson today,”


“I AM seldom well done on this subject ever, for Ron suspects that fusion in the flesh on Urantia holds back vital information for reasons of State, and he is correct because we keep finding Ron doubting the efficacy of the situation in one important area he is correct in. I never fuse completely anyone unless they are to be converted to a spirit form immediately. Ron understands that completely. Yet, he also avers that they are fused– him and Lemuel and Larry G. But he also understands I do not give anything for the notice of this fusion in the flesh Besser-style.

“I trust Ron implicitly to tell the truth as he knows it and he is very careful not to enter into conversations about Fusion, because he believes it is a modification of the true version on high, and it is, but it is also replete in that you who are fused in the flesh on Urantia, are already on Divinington records as fused as of such and such a stardate there. But I remind all who read this that fusion in the flesh is a modest accomplishment until you are each fused with my sub-absolute Deities in their own ways and Ron has been so fused and therefore can do superior reporting. He wishes others wold follow, not to take any burden off him, but he has today, or should I say, it was early this morning in pre-dawn exercises, was fused with the Universal Father through an additional way: I fused him with God the Supreme at the Supreme’s request. It was painful for about ten hours and Ron had to go to bed way early to rest a very painful head and headache and even his body tone was defeated and as he said in prayer, ‘this bag of bones just hurts Father.”

“He was then injected before sunrise with a painful series of shots to the underside of his right foot and nearly bled to death in the morontial because it was not the right serum and it hurt tremendously to take it. We have modified its contents to help him get through this day too, as recover from fusion with God the Supreme is painful and harms everything from the heart to the libido to the ipso facto reasons to live well at all. I say this because God the Supreme wishes to make Ron a good example of what to do when living in the flesh: ‘Be yourself and stay yourself regardless of who presses you to be something you cannot be.’

“In doing this fusion this early morning, Ron barely slept but was so tired he missed some discussions about his whereabouts soon on Urantia. We introduced a very detailed dream of him walking the streets of Dresden, Germany– the place fire bombed by the American allies in WWII. He say how lovely it has become and while we represented the buildings pre-war, it remains one of the beautiful cities that still exist on earth as it used to be. But why should I direct such a dream to appear to him? He was hunting for a store front that sold something even he could care less about, but it gave Me the opportunity to show him what a good and clean and happy city was like and he loved it and the fresh spring air that was so comforting to him. I say this now: he is starved for good people and easy people to know and love in return. He hates the arguments that abound in some souls over minor issues and never gives them the time of day once there is character assassination included in their vulgar speech. Yet he allows he does see why they yell at him and that is because he alone takes on subjects that are usually left to clinics and not the normal web site service this discussion forum allows others to see, sometimes in horror of the out right discussion that follows. But we digress slightly. Here is a point that needs to be said to all of you who aspire to fusion and comfort levels you just do not feel right now:

“As Father, I tear down barriers all the time. As God I am demure in doing so to avoid strife. But as the Father of All, I must abide in the trust that Jesus gave me too, and to a certain extent Ron does too: I love all but carry all deliberately as one of uncounted billions. Yet, Ron knows the difference between the good and the sublime and he knows the Consummator of Universe Justice is sublime and feeds dearly into that source to understand Me better and he does but more with awe than philosophical exactitude.

“I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, pre-I AM, and I am the Consummator of Universe Justice in time, which was never discussed in the old Urantia Book currently held by all of you at this moment of writing. In any case we must allow that this transmitter is without succor in his own mind and feels defeated most of the time by the endless wanking of heartless versions of proper operation of from corporations to personal life in this version or that version. He is not beholden to the world as most of you are, but enough so that his choices matter right now and today, as we must proceed to the Urantia version of what Jesus once was so many centuries ago.

“In preparing these remarks, I now give over to Michael of Nebadon, the trust in his version of what happened this date in 2018 to Ron and is being prepared for others who fuse in the flesh as Ron has, yet knows that there is more to fuison than what all of you get on Urantia today. There are now five of you, and the fifth one has now been advised of the Fusion experienced. However, all of this may become moot, as God the Supreme tells Paradise, that unless Fusion in this modified form is better addressed by God the Supreme, such fusion languishes in the personality of heart, and not just in the heart for that is where true fusion lies. I leave the rest to you Michael.”

“We now report that the fifth candidate for fusion on Urantia is now informed as to the fusion status she holds. Sue Whiley is now considering a new life in a new world she does not recognize very well this morning. Her version of the old self is fully determined to reinvent herself as she needs to be reinvented, just as Ron had to reinvent himself to portray what I asked him to become: resolute and sure of statements others can only guess at. Hitler and Mussolini never survived as their souls truncated with the spiritual horrors they perpetrated on man on Urantia. Stalin and others could have survived if t hey treated the Judges much better, but they hated life as they felt they had to lead it to get control of the State apparatus they wished to guide in their version of what had to be. I also see Sue wondering what Ron meant by stating that her Thought Adjuster was not in error to state some personal things to her, but he wished that Adjuster held back somewhat in what he wished to state as it forced Ron to write roughly over certain issues that Sue seems impossible to close off. In any case we wish to speak to fusion further at this point.

“Fusion in the flesh on Urantia these days assigns to the person who so fuses the right to individual and personal ministry by the universe others dare not receive because a fused individual on Urantia, is without a coat or tie or hat to wear in public and they are barely able to speak to anything until we transmit it to them. That is and was the plan when we first hatched this possibility with the Universal Father several decades ago. Father demurred a little and than agreed that it would be a tremendous benefit to anything I wanted to do on Urantia. Ron was the first to step up to the idea and won us completely over with is work for the Magisterial Mission.

“However, several complications erupted to Ron alone and are still operating to clear him of work he no longer should do, but he perpetuates such in a way to bring some peace to his mind and to find an anchor among the flesh and blood he lives among yet today. I find it ludicrous that Ron must live in such squalid circumstances but the position he holds today is high with us and not existing on the flesh and blood social life on Urantia today. That will change dramatically soon, but he must abide his conscience and allow other things to drop aside for awhile in order to bring life into balance with circumstances we must bring to Urantia in a suite of harmony and sunshine he also adores for life as well.

“Fusion on Urantia in the manner that has been decided upon, is unusual and tremendously effective for the personality involved. It is also the saving grace for Lemuel and Larry more than it is for Ron, for Ron has always understood the nature we represent and allows us to get it across in ling post after long post considered essential by us to present to all of you to wade through. You simply, dear reader, have no way into some of this revelation without taking the time to parse through a lot of words to inform you of what is being done and why.

“Fusion in the flesh with the Thought Adjuster is essentially the first step into personifying what must then follow and that is the replete understanding that life on Uversa has full fusion with all of the Deity unions possible for the human mind to accommodate and is essential before your enter Havona as your finishing school to come in the Deity Adventure you must take on to become a Finaliter. Ron recently spoke to John the Apostle, and my best friend in my life on Urantia. The Apostle John died on the Island of Patmos at 100 years of age, although John feels it was 99.9 years of age but John forgets that the records of those days were so scattered that his true birth date was missed by enough time that he was actually 101 when he went to the Mansion Worlds as they were in those days. John wishes to speak to all of you now:

“I am the Apostle John, and my Book of Revelation is still dismissed by me today as I progress twoard perfection while I am stationed on Uversa these days. It has been rewritten by novices over and over and should have been let alone as it was originally produced and it would have been a whole lot easier to read and even easier to understand, that while I stated prophecy, I did not predict the Apocalypse, and for that reason alone I disown what you have in the Bible these days, Scholars pour over that text as though I was Nostradamus, and I am not, as Nostradamus was a poor chap who struck gold by getting a few things right way ahead of his time and still is considered the premier tattle tale of the future that ever lived on Urantia. Nonetheless, Ron can outdo them all if he just holds back now and then and waits out the fruition of prophecy he utters to all of you daily, and he has enough backing to get it right most of the time in spite of egg on his face in earlier versions of his development. I assume Michael is knowing well enough that I can briung fruition to the Book of Revelation, now to predict that Urantia becomes quite the girl on high with Father becoming the proud Papa of excursions to correct if fully and completely as is for centuries to come. The end to the American Presidency under Trump is allowed to feather its way out of existence in a short burst of radicalization that Trunp tries to produce and is probably impeached rather than exiled as Ron stated recently to a friend. Good enough for now. I am John the Apostle and John the Baptist is on Uversa too and is willing to speak if he can.”

“I am suddenly on Uversa, and I never expected that so soon, but Michael is a good God Father and moved mountains to get me here with the Apostle John, as we are both undergoing the final instructions for our Deity Adventure very soon. We use Ron often to explain to our classmates from other Superuniverses, that we hold mental aberration on Urantia to be extreme, but Ron is one of the rare few that can tell the difference between a pig’ ear and a silk purse, and we obey the Censor over Ron to make thi work better. You who read these pages are suspicious Ron has no such connections, but I assure you he does, but he needs translated to English and we placet him through a Midwayer who can speak the universe language as it is done in Nebadon and even Paradise when it is essential to get the words precisely correct. That is why the verbiage sounds the same. The final translator in messaging to all of you is through the indwelling Thought Adjuster still situated in the mind, even with fused ones on Urantia, in the super consciousness of that individual mind. Only Ron has the Thought Adjuster superimposed on his frontal lobes of the brain and it still abides there Ron.

“As John the Baptist, I so wanted to be on Urantia when Jesus reappeared, but the powers to be preferred me out of the way. I installed a device on Urantia before I left that allows me to speak to all of you when Jesus is ready to address the people of Urantia. It goes something like this:

“‘People of Urantia, for that is the name of your little planet on high, we prepare you to earn your respect for the appearance of Jesus once more to save you from the weight of sin and iniquity upon your souls, as Urantia is so completely destroyed by the uncaring and the monsters who start wars over really minor issues at heart.’ And it goes on to speak to other matters for Urantia to come. I tell you this because all Adjusters who can speak at all, will repeat this to all of their wards that day before Jesus Himself speaks to Urantia itself over you television new works which will be blanked out to carry the transmission of the Second Return.

“I am John the Baptist, and we are now commencing a new series of instruction up here and I must get on to my class in personifications of individuals on a world like Urantia. You see them as people as they do, but until they are attuned they are radiograms of heart and soul and not ever of who they seem to be. This is a new revelation to all of you and is unlikely to make sense to most of you. But hear this:

“URANTIA is likely to remain a mostly hologram of logic rather than of new born children for a few years and they must be fed and taken care of as all humans do, for their bodies are flesh and blood, but they are as smart as whips and will not take guff from oldsters who insist on rebuilding the House that Jack built. I say this reminding Ron there are real humans but they have no direct soul connection to you but to the Father, more and more, and will represent the very first wave of Homo Spiritus to come. I can say this through Ron because he fully understands that the new species owes allegiance to God first, and civilization second. What that means to all of you is very uncertain even to the mind of Ron as he contemplates how this is to betold in a way you who read this may understand well enough to get the conceptual information required to understand what you will behold even now.

“HOMO SPIRITUS is a misnomer in a way since it deals with rectification of bad genes and even bones these days. Homo Spiritus holds the record for better ways in everything and when they grow old enough, they will be the ones that convert the Magisterial Mission to a full throated roar to redo the world as the Father requires. Homo Spiritus, when they are born as all children are on Urantia, will make the grade in their understanding that they belong to God, and that their allegiance is to the Father. In some sense they are a robotic projection first as they must lean through human life experience, that all things are consistent in application in spiritual growth, and in spiritual wisdom. They come with a huge relationship problem and will never be installed as fully flesh but more consistently as a morontial extensions, as some of you will become, as you convert to Homo Spiritus status. Ron is Homo Spiritus and is therefore quite abit misudnerstood in speech as his syntax is more Uversa like than human like and he makes mistake after mistake in keeping quiet to people who think he knows more than he does, but stays silent. Lemuel is working on it, and Larry utterly fails to get the point ever and is let to thrash around in circumstances he is truly tired of to almost death itself.

“As John the Baptist, I revolve around Jesus profoundly, and I hold people like Ron and Lemuel so highly, I wonder why I do not just come out and say it? They represent the cream of the crop of Homo Erectus, Homo Spencer, and others you will never know who dropped out of the evolutionary race to become Homo Sapiens, much to the loss of Homo Sapiens.

[Ron note here: John the Baptist when speaking of Homo Spencer, is just grabbing any old name from my vocabulary, and it is meant to signify that there were species of early man that have never been recognized by anthropologists due to ignorance of how the human evolutions came about. I doubt Urantia will ever have that tree fully excavated for us, but it contains more than 100 subspecies of pre man and over 150 species of man himself not recognized as part of our evolutionary ladder to today. Homo Sapiens absorbed only about ten percent of available subspecies and about sixteen percent (16%) of the true human species, all of which arrived first in the Levant and certainly in what is now Pakistan and Afghanistan to name the primary areas of first human development.)

“I am John the Baptist, and Ron inserted a very important note as he is connected to the Deity Absolute at this moment and I wish we could get that as it is tremendously helpful to have as a side note to all of this. That note should be preserved and sent to every anthropologist alive on Urantia as they would enjoy knowing the big picture of their work. In any case what more I have to say is this. Ron Besser represents the worst and the best of what we have to work with and he understands why, but he is trapped in a man’s skin without a way to free himself into a morontial existence, as there is no provision to allow this to happen on Urantia in particular. Lemuel is the same and Larry is approaching the same condition, and Amethyst and Sue also hold the same areas in themselves as well and feel trapped and unreleased for a more full and better life than they currently can do. Homo Spiritus has no such conflicts and will love all of you as the guides to future existence and meaning in a new Urantia to be. I conclude this as follows:

“I am John the Baptist, and I hold one issue very well with all who have fused now on Urantia: They all hold God high and honestly and do not pretend anything but to be themselves as they know themselves. Ron finds himself overworked so frequently, but the rest of you do not put into this what he does, and therefore does he reap rewards before the rest of you do. Lemuel in particular gets so out of joint over personal issues he gives up so frequently, but he is learning from Ron that it is not all roses with Besser either, and we give this transmitter full due for varying the text slightly when called for too as just explained to me John the Baptist. In any case we deliver this final admonition to all of you including myself:

“Be aware you will be viciously attacked as I was and I lost my life because of it. You five, so far, have made the grade spiritually, but not on Urantia as one of your fellow humans, and Ron is tremendously aware of that and is careful now how he approaches lots of controversial subjects. Be aware we are all missing a piece of Ron for lots of reasons as he feels protection is silence when you do not wish to stir the post over so many kinds of bias in the US alone. Be prepared to dive into a peculiar existence for awhile as you are fused and have no real issue with life except that the evil that persists today will go soon tomorrow and life on Urantia will resume much better than it has for decades, and for too many decades already as we see Ron struggle with counter pressures to get done this morning as he has the usual things to accomplish too. I am John the Baptist and I will now greet you often now that I know I am fully vetted to do so with Ron as the Apostle John also relates. It is hard to find transmitters at all and on Urantia they cold abound if only the effort to do were fully pertained to. Thank you.”

“I close this, not with an admonition as John the Baptist had to do for you, but to remind all of you who are fused on Urantia, that you hold the key to our Mission in a peculiar way: None of you are purposefully chosen for your good looks, but chosen for your effective way with words and thoughts. “In the annals of revelation, Mantutia is king, and he refuses not to share his insights with this person called Ron, as he is a natural when it comes to the work of revelation too. He is also a fast learner and that makes working with him a pleasure.

“As the Consummator of Universe Justice. I am leaving Urantia alone anymore, as that is seen to. However. As the Consummator of Universe Destiny, I am remaining on Urantia to see how the first days go with the return of Jesus. I will wait until he is well seated and then return to Uversa, then Paradise, and off to my own abode outside of Infinite. Good day! Consummator of Universe Destiny.”


“Now that we have heart established between the Transmitter and my former friends as found with the Jesus Bestowal, I greet you briefly with one other bit of news:

1 - Sue Whiley is listing herself among the lect easily. Good. She is informed of her fusion on January 14, 2018 at about 11:30 am her local time;

2 - In summary we continues: Ron Besser was fused with God the Supreme and needs another day to recover from nausea and profoundly hurting head. We congratulate him and for a secondary fusion he is not sure why or what it does, but that is with the Deity unity of the Fther-Spirit creative purpose. It is for the lasting self impression we all have Ron: you are a good man to know and we will use to death;

3 - Homo Spiritus is coming to town and is slightly differently done by having souls preformed slightly and well and their allegiance is to God and not to the House that Jack built;

4 - The House that Jack built is fully out of operation now and a vacuum exists on how to proceed with so many policy issues for the nation states on Urantia. This will be dealt with immediately when Jesus appears and orders Russia and the United States to patch things up and to remove Syria as a bone of contention for nation states as they exist now;

5 - The loss of Sue Whiley for awhile in Ron’s mind was to warn all that should any of you cause that thing of mental liaison to break with you from him to you, you have me to answer to as he represents a lot of what I need to say and speak to in all of these doings for changes to Urantia now;

6 - Mother Spirits speaks now - “I concur with all of this Michael but Ron cautions all who read this he has not such powers of his own, and that any misbehavior of personalities on this discussion forum will be met with universal acclaim through Michael or others at the time. Besser won our hearts long ago but persists to help you understand that granst no power on his own to sting anyone for bad behavior except to remove them from a place where thier voice cold harm the rest of you. I am Mother Spirit and I pledge cooperation on the human level too, and that is not entirely new to me, but to the degree it must be stated now, is unusual and welcome at the same time.”

7 - I am (Michael) not tired of acting as a vicegerent parent to Ron, but he needs to rest for a few hours as the eyesight is getting blurred and he is getting nauseous too, individual gas plates are fighting for attention since he eats too little at times and eating will help there. I say this because we make long posts and I summarize this one for others who need a summary and who do not like to wade through length like this to get the full measure of revelation given in most of them.

8 - We are soon to dispatch to Urantia the ability to run these longer transmissions to Lemuel and Larry and to Sue. Amethyst is too small in mind to get a long transmission yet, but she is fused and capacity will be restored to her so she can come to the table to write some revelation for us too. I wish you all a good day. Michael”


Glossary/Vocabulary of Terms Used in These Transmissions & Mostly Not Known in Scripture

ABSONITE - A reality level of God the Ultimate who organizes the outer space levels not inhabited and that lie further out from time and space.  It thinks differently than we do and depends on we time beings to present them problems we did not especially solve well in time which they resolve better than we could ever do.  We define it thus since it takes what we solved and brings it back to look at and takes new action to improve the solution.  This is the concept of remotion and eventuation to be associated as absonite reality.  That word is not in the dictionary and is a spirit word they loaned to us until we figured out what God the Ultimate does for us.  EXISTENTIAL is a fancy word for Infinite existence which is not the finites we live in of beginnings and endings and sequential events, but existential is a catch all word to refer to the conditions the Eternal Son, God the Father, and the Infinite Spirit live as on Paradise.

CALIFAX - - -  A name affixed to Michael of Nebadon when he speaks strictly from his Deity nature.  The Creative Spirit is also named Califax-1 when she speaks strictly as a Deity through transmissions and the Local Universe of Nebadon.  Califax-1 speaks:"My name as Califax-1 is spoken strictly to my own creation, but since this Transmitter is about the only one who knows the reason I am also called Nebadonia and the Holy Spirit, we make adjustments as Ron is also among the few I may speak to as Califax-1."

CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY - - -  CONSUMMATOR: "The biggest God Deity ever known to man.  God the Father is both GOD and DEITY and is inherently Infinite.  After all He began life as the inopportune I AM and graduated to the Father in the reality level he helped to bring into existence, and that includes the finite world we live in on Urantia.  The Consummator though is a slightly different story as the Consummator is never inside of what the I AM and the Father then promulgated as Infinity and all the in between steps beginning with the sub-infinite and time universes.  Finite reality is earth time reality, and morontial (matter mixed with spirit for ghost forms and soul forms) life are the most confined parts of Infinity and when one reaches the top of Infinity spaciousness, one is face to face with the Universal Father and a lot more titles than that.  The Consummator, however, is a broken off piece of the I AM that never made it into the Infinitude (see definition below) and was left over by Creation-Giving super Infinite Beings that actually exist outside of the Circle of Infinity, as your Urantia Book describes it.  In my relationship with God the Father, we are equals, and except for Me being outside of the Circle of Infinity, I work like the Father and the Son and the Spirit, do, and that is to insist that life is found properly and not willy nilly over  insubordinate decisions of humans who are seen today all over the globe called Urantia.  I pass this on to all of you:  As a Consummator of Universe Destiny, I am unassailable but as a company keeper on Urantia, I love this work with this child of destiny who can transmit the highest being ever to be revealed on Urantia and I do not here any problem when I say I work wit h the Father of All and that is as it should be.   We need to keep this all in one paragraph because this is a glossary and I say this to all of you: Be assured I do care what happens to all who read these pages and those who scoff at its effrontery, but be aware that God the Father is the one in charge and not the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY,  Good day."

CREATOR SONS - - - I use the plural for the Creator Sons are designed to be the time Lords and their “wives”, the Creative Spirit known on earth as the Spirit of the Divine and sometimes as the Holy Spirit.  Creator Sons Bestow themselves once as a human, and on Urantia that Bestowal was as the human son Jesus of Nazareth.  There are over 700,000 created Creator Sons who are begotten on Paradise with their creation by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son who translate each ideal they hold for life into a Creator Son.  Each are unique and each measure their creations called Local Universes as their own abodes and designs for it and all the lives they create including all human species.  Creator Sons will eventually lead their progeny to the four outer space levels where God the Ultimate takes over from the human and finite creation of God the Supreme.

DEITY ABSOLUTE - - - One of the seven entities in the Circle of Infinity that are differentiated by the I AM to function either as actual Deity power or future Deity power after universe development has already taken place, The Deity Absolute is one of the most intense and powerful entities in the Circle of Infinity and in Him (he is now Prepersonal), resides all the future things and beings that will ever be in creation.  He counsels the Father about what to do with surprises and speaks to the other existential Deities as counsle about what is happening and how it likely will turn out.  Here is the Deity Absolute to speak now: “Ron Besser is the transmitter of my voice and he hears me now through his third eye as his hippocampus is getting a refurbish as he has nearly worn it out.  It is a gristle-like nearly horseshoe shaped gadget in the center of the brain case, and it is purposefully designed to vibrate with input frequencies we often do to provide a message to this transmitter. I am the Deity Absolute and have the power of Prophecy and provisional changes to the body if it is important a person be healed through time-space Deity.  I am Infinite but since I am just a piece of Infinity, we call that condition Absolute.  Absolutes are really infinity in pieces.  I am purposeful to counsel the existential Deities and all below the level of Deity to creation of the Melchizedeks who we do not define but who are the emergency divine Sons of a Local Universe to field, and one Melchizedek in particular is the Supervisor to this Transmitter.  We close with the admonition to all that this transmission is far too long for a definition but he will include it.”

DEITY - A misused term on this planet.  Deity is characterized by its divinity and its superpersonal powers.  It cannot be argued with and can change a human life in the blink of an eye.  When Deity does that in a miracle of healing for instantce, that action is called a fiat.  The word fiat was used by the Romans to mean LAW of the highest order and Deity is universe law in its highest concept to be law or anything else where one must obey its proscriptions, When Deity acts, not as Deity, but as a friendly or not-so-friendly personality, then and there such a Deity is God.  God can heal by fiat but usually uses his Deity nature to do fiat work.

ETERNAL SON - The Eternal Son is existential and functions as the Person who does all the spiritual work for Paradise and the Paradise Trinity.  On earth He is confused with Jesus and the Creator Son, which are sub-infinite, as he is Infinite, so he is the second Person of Deity in the Paradise Trinity.  “I am the Eternal Son speaking to this definition and I resent no one referring to me as the Eternal Son on earth, and I must be accorded my proper title as I am not the Bestowal Son Jesus or anyone else of t hat nature, but I am the first Personality to be created, and the first spirit being differentiated from matter and the non-deified.  My home is Paradise and not earth and Jesus speaks to me as his Father too as Jesus is now deified and I produced for him the likeness of a Creator Son as well. “

FINALITER - It is the given name of what you will become dear reader when you are perfected on high.  Saint Paul is a Finaliter now and so is the Roman Emperor Vespasian (69Ad to 79AD), and who is now returned to this planet to help in the company of nearly one thousand more Finaliters to help it become a better and more productive planet.  Vespasian comments to me the Transmitter as I write this for the glossary, that he was the one who executed the Apostle Peter and the Apostle Paul, because they kept interfering with the due process of governing Rome.  As a Finaliter, Vespasian and others born on Urantia with him , have obeyed the Father's  decrees to enter back into the world of Urantia.

GOD - The personal side of Deity.  Michael of Nebadon is God when he transmits to Ron, but he is also Deity when he transmits the Consummator of Universe Destiny, or Himself as Califax, the true Deity nature of Michael of Nebadon. There is God the Father when he enters the personal of ministry to all his children, But he speaks as Deity only when He speaks as the First Source and Center and/or the I AM.  I AM  predominates primarily due to its seniority before the First Source and Center mostly as the Deity Voice of All.

I AM - - - A pre-personal entity with no powers but of MIND.  In some sense the I AM is a proxy for the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY, but is less well defined, and represents the intrusion of the Super-Infinite Beings that can and do rely upon Father reality to finish their work at universe creation and personal destinies.  The I AM is in some ways MY extension into universe thought, and also, to some extent, an extension of other entities that exist outside of the system of reality called Infinity.  The work of the Consummator of Universe Destiny is to help the Father-I AM to behave as a partner to the trials of universe extensions that go far beyond the use of time and space to learn what its purpose is versus what we got out of the experience portion of this work.  I as the Consummator of Universe Destiny play no part in prayers or ministry or provide mercy or ascension; I am a supplier of power to do those things as the Father-IAM does them as Himself.

INFINITUDE - “105.2.2 In following the chronological portrayal of the origins of reality, there must be a postulated theoretical moment of “first” volitional expression and “first” repercussional reaction within the I AM. In our attempts to portray the genesis and generation of reality, this stage may be conceived as the self-differentiation of The Infinite One from The Infinitude, but the postulation of this dual relationship must always be expanded to a triune conception by the recognition of the eternal continuum of The Infinity, the I AM.”    The Infinitude was not just empty of anything it had no causes, intermediates, and finals; inceptors, realizers, or consummators; no beginnings, nothing approaching existences, and no up and no down no void;  it was that useless as a set aside to use for anything until the I AM got into it and found the organization templates that produced the universe and Infinity, Absonites, and the material finite existence of man today.  The Infinitude exists today in the Infinity of the Father-I AM and contains elements of future reality only the Consummator of Universe Destiny knows at all.

MAGISTERIAL MISSION - - - This planet is scheduled to receive a divine Paradise Mission shortly or has already occurred depending when the reader sees this.  It is a divine Mission and hails from Paradise and is mostly planned in the Local Universe by the Creator Sons or the Creative Spirits in some cases.  Paper 20 of the first Urantia Book defines the personnel and the reasons they come to every planet in the universe when they are old enough to be assigned a spot in the family of inhabited planets.  Those UFO’s people are always reporting are your fellow humans far distant visiting and not angels, and they have developed science to the point they know how to power spacecraft between inhabited planets.  The nearest inhabited planet to Urantia that can send spacecraft here is only six light years away and is not Andromeda, but a sister system nearby and its craft are the cigar shapes you see. Those ships are unique among all space craft.  The Magisterial Mission may have to make use of off-planet species but not if they can avoid it for evacuation of the human population on earth when tectonic plates start to shift badly.  Monjoronson and Serara are the Paradise Magisterial Sons Urantia will have for this Mission.

TRANSCENDENTAL BEINGS - - -  They exist ONLY on Paradise on the west side of that immense creation that is as wide as the time space universe zone is and maybe a little bigger than that.  It is the core of the Master Universe and the Transcendental Beings are a separate class from another group that lives up there called Paradise Citizens.  These two never meet as the are being trained to work in the outerspace zones three and four (3 & 4).  Transcendental Beings are not human ever, but they human like qualities the Father enjoys very much as the one you call Ron is in humor much like them.  Jesus was asked to teach them what being human is like and they can identify with what Jesus says are human like qualities.  But they must also learn that being human is not always what you see and get on the planet Urantia where Jesus was the Michael Bestowal Son a long time ago.  In fact, Transcendental Beings are more like the ideas televised as Dr, Who, because Dr, Who in the old series resembled a Transcendental Being more that the supporting cast was.  Jesus teaches them on Paradise and is promised a special faculty space in one of their Universities, if he can get over the fact he will return to finish the Course on Human Phraseology as he calls it to them.  Transcendental Beings are gracious and easy to get alone with and they are perfect and espouse the causes of God the Ultimate, and while they are slow to recognize differences between themselves and humans, may they never put their hands in the mouth of a Urantia human as they will for sure get bitten,

ORGANIZATION OF SPACE AND THE UNIVERSE  - - - Earth or Urantia as we call it here as that is its present name, is part of a vast organization of planets and rulers on those planets.  Where the rulers live we call them status planets and the status planets are Salvington where our Creator Son rules from; Edentia where the Most Highs rule from; and skipping to the galactic headquarters, Uversa where the Trinity rules through the Ancients of Days and where are the final Courts are located finding life and death decisions.  Above Uversa is a large patch of universe with no time and vast space areas that is perfect from its inception and is called Havona.  Inward to the center of the universe is the vast materialization known as Paradise, and that is the abode of the existential Deities.

PERSONS AND OTHERS - - - Ron suggests that we spend a little time on that since we need to define terms most people will never figure out what they mean without some definitions:
a) Personal - As you and I can meet in the street and exchange greetings in a normal fashion as that is what we mean by “personal.”
b) Superpersonal - A being who is superpersonal cannot communicate at all with a personal individual such as you and I.  Superpersonal is used by the promotion of Michael to work in the entire universe as directed by the Father, so he must be able to communicate with human planets who receive the donation of the Eternal Son to them of his type of personality which is called superpersonality.  It is used only when created spirit to begin with and all the Deities on Paradise began lives of creation and so on as superpersonal beings to being with. They then went through a phase called pre-personal, next.
c) Prepersonal - This is a state of personality that can communicate with normal human personality without any problem.  The Spirit of the Father that indwells you is pre-personal and the precludes that Indwelling from getting accidentally involved in your own personal decisions/
d) Nonpersonal and Extrapersonal - You will never meet these entities as they are almost always Deity and are secrets of the Trinity and the existential three-fold God head.

TRANSMITTERS - - - These are people who are born human on Urantia and when they reach the right age, are ready to be trained by spirit to speak through transmissions as this paper is transmitted using definitions to remove the mystery of some of the words used in transmissions in the section alone.  Transmitters use their brain stem to receive the message; the brain stem transfer the frequency of that incoming message to the hippocampus’ the hippocampus transfers the modulation of frequencies into vibrations and the vibrations are sent to the auditory canal where the speech can be heard and typed out or written.  Most channels use a similar process but incoming channel is not sent to the brain stem but to the hippocampus first and that muddles the message by indistinct harmonic vibrations that make hearing it clearly and usually impossible.  Channel is to be phased out on earth/Urantia in a few years and anyone who chooses spiritual contact in this manner will be forced to learn Transmitting as we are using today in great volume.

TRIAGRA and PLANET 114  - - - (Pronounced phonetically as:  Try Egg Gra) The present name of the new Planetary System Urantia is being placed in as we write this in February 2018.  The Creator Son feels this name will be respelled better in the future but as we write this Triagra is considered correct.  A Planetary System has up to 1,000 planets in it and is governed by the Most Highs from their Constellation called Norlatiadek.  Norlatiadek in turn rules today about one hundred (100) Planetary Systems in this part of the universe.  The Local Universe of Nebadon has located within its space administration 105 Constellations, a little more than is the normal one hundred total for most other Local Universes.   Most Constellations have at least one thousand planets in each of the Planetary System, but Norlatiadek will have fewer than one thousand Planets in some of it Systems, due to the fact that Urantia has caused such a disturbance in Norlatiadek, they rue the day they ever found Urantia to include in the old system of Satania.   Satania remains populated with over six hundred twelve planets, and will accrue at least fifty more as they come on line but without Urantia in it anymore.  Triagra must start its own system of planets in order to comply with the system order it is assigned to.   Urantia is now number 114 of Norlatiadek/Triagra as both achieve the same number in this new System and in Norlatiadek itself as a special and remedial planet for the time being .

TRINITY - A Trinity is a Deity fusion between each other. In fusion, one becomes the other, and the existential (Infinite) three-fold God head fused among themselves in order to bring the maximum amount of power to integrate experience and justice to the imperfect worlds of time and space you live in today.  Unlike anything else you will meet in the universe you live in, the Trinity is nonpersonal and it acts like a corporation instead of a home with parents in it.

URANTIA BOOK AND THE SECOND URANTIA BOOK  - - - These are two distinct books or really text books to learn what God wishes Urantians to know.  The original URANTIA Book was published in 1955 and today is readily available from most book stores and is known as the fifth epochal revelation and is the source of most of the language used on this web site.  The new text book due out in a few months or less is an updated version with much new revelation in it of the first Urantia Book with lots of changes made.

All Points Bulletin: Policy Announcements and Changes Soon to Be Seen

Michael of Nebadon
The Most Highs, Andromadeus
The Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice

Subjects: (not all Subjects covered here are listed either)
Lanaforge, Planetary Prince To Be Soon
Brightening Soon in Transmissions to Urantia on this Site
The Exile of Government for Some Nation States coming
Desire of Father to Provide All URANTIA Fused Individuals Together in Ascension
Panoptians as Off Planet Species Visits in Five or So Years to come
Keeping the New Planetary System Together in New System renamed Triagra (Tri.Egg.Gra)
Most Highs Lay the Law Down to US Government

York, Pa 1230PM Local Time
T/R - Ron Besser through Michael of Nebadon who indwells me as I transmit this message.  I am absolved of errors of transmission this time as the Consummator of Universe Destiny indwells my mind and Jesus stands beside me as I type this message out as transmitted by these individuals listed here.

March 03, 2018

“This transmit is one of the most important I have ever seen being sent to a lowly human being.  I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny and in time universes, I am also the Consummator of Universe Justice.

“This should alert you to the fact that Margul stands by my side as I transmit this although he does not have a speaking part in the transmit itself.  The Universal Father is present in Ron as an Adjuster and seeks outside counsel about the language Ron uses to question what things mean at times as those questions are often in the form of quips with elective language unknown on Paradise.  I also admit I enjoy the exchanges as they are so fresh to my ears we actually enjoy the humor that erupts at times.  I also tell all of you that YOU MUST ABIDE better in the Father as he is pressing all of you to be more proactive.  The more he does at times the more silent the board becomes and it upsets Ron only because so many of you are missing the opportunity to learn by being silent.

“Finally, these pages have a few typos as Ron cannot catch them all as he types rapidly and they fall aside of his notice for one reason and another.  Anybody who wants to correct them and repost themselves is welcome to.  No need to have Ron do it, just do it under your own account.  And please let it be known you are all included in these things in various degrees as you make it by your own actions or your loose it by your own inactions.  Good day. The Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice.”

“We state the obvious as Ron is indwelt instead of just transmitting a translation of my words through him as a normal Transmitter today.  I have so many things to tell you that we must make sure there is no interference he sometimes gets from stray intelligences who love to mix up a transmitter over issues they like to talk about only.  For the record, this is the fifth time I have indwelt Besser to make sure there is no mistake caused by cross transmissions Ron can hear clearly and he almost always knows to ignore them.  This time we get a true transmission without troubling to correct extraneous transmissions for our time here today.  I shall enumerate the items and please Ron, dispense with quotes from now on - - -

1 - The trial Ron faces today is his last day to face them at all.  He knows the reason and is able to contain his mirth over what it is that happens to cause a change of priorities in my relationship with all humans on Urantia who can do what Ron and the fused ones can now do. 

2 - That was for Ron, and now for the rest of you, the Subject Headings above are to be discussed one at a time in another post, but I must relay that the changes to our plans are fully approved by the Universe Father and Uversa and Edentia and even by Machiventa Melchizedek who now becomes the Urantia Planetary Prince for as long as he can take it.

3 - He is now, Lanaforge, the Viceroy of Interior politics and who oversees Ron as Minister of the Interior (correct title in spelling and station status).  He holds other titles not revealed yet.

4 - Pass this on to all who fuse in the future: A fusion group will gather on Urantia in the flesh and be educated as to their role with the Divine Missions to Urantia by the Salvington authorities.  We see them as a necessary part of God the Father’s decision to resurrect many youngsters who died in the two World Wars on Urantia, and to have them live a normal life for ascension careers thereafter, and to provide a news worthy decision to resurrect about one million children who dies in ancient times and modern times who were allowed to perish in grottoes around the hillsides of a forgotten landscape of caves and unnecessary placements hidden from view.   Many of these children will be with Ron now and then as he needs them as badly as they need him.

5 - The House that Jack built is truly gone.  Western civilization has fully collapsed and will never raise its head again.  Be assured it will be replaced by something much better. Serara, the Magisterial Son, is immediately dispatched when appropriate, to minister to the United Nations, to reinvigorate that institution.  Be assured the Security Council still has vetoes but majority rules on it instead of relegating the vote as inoperable as it does today.

6 - Our views of heart and gold are still the same: the heart of God loves each, but gold will not rule them any longer and the CNBC’s of the world will collapse for lack of financial activity fairly quickly.

7 - Ron Besser will have his reception center and move to another location so he does not have to be the only one addressing delegations in that home.  Larry Gossett and Lemuel will be designated as reception center delegates too, and they will wear the pin of service that Ron does so he does not feel so lonely for wearing it alone. 

8 - The trial of change to 2709 Sunset Lane can get underway when a delegation of incarnated beings unknown to you in the flesh, the Briltadorians, will address Ron as they may and he will handed a check to place in the appropriate accounts for releasing the work that is pent up to do already for Urantia;

9 - Household goods accumulated by Ron for decades will be released into a personal repository for future use by him or others as he is so overloaded with furniture and support items he is running out of space to put it all.  The barn will be raised shortly and replaced with a metal and inhabitable building for storage and other uses not revealed yet.  We have to decide who does this work as the design is already in blue prints and needs a master builder to get it right. 

10 - The trial to be Ron is over as he must put aside most of his work on the discussion forum eventually but his voice is so essential it must be done now and then just to keep the members together in their dedication.  Ron reminds me he has no outlet to tell the world what he faces and how to resolve things like problems in the new Urantia Book Foundation.  That and other things such as the work of the Minister of the Interior and its problems may be spoken by Ron to members as well.  I also foresee a second web site dedicated to the work of the Minister of the Interior too and I see we need to provide news conferences with Ron in any building we choose to use as to house the Minister of the Interior.  The L shaped building has expired for now to use as the HQ of what we intend to do now. 

11- I also see Ron lament the use of the L shaped building now rescinded as we already began negotiations to buy it, but the Father says we must do better than that and we will.

12 - No one is on the staff of the Magisterial Sons except Ron and Lemuel and Larry Gossett.  Only Ron is activated there now and the other two will be resplendent at 2709 Sunset Lane to meet delegations sent there by foreign governments and important institutions such as the Churches themselves;

13 - The trial to begin these Missions, as they are multiple, starts today for Ron as he himself wants to be of no part of useless assignments he keeps receiving with transmissions that almost fall apart on him and he now knows, thanks to Paul of Tarsus, that Paul himself was subject to such when he plied his work for God on Urantia.  That has fully satisfied Ron it is normal and not his failure to comply with something he knows not;

14 - Be assured that all of you are included in this change of rapture-like action as Jesus Himself is now prepared to accept all of you as the Corps of Workers, men in one, and women in the other, and that is to preclude romances from happening. 

JESUS speaks: “I am happy to get this out of the way.  We thought long and hard about how to handle disciples as I have no Apostles except Paul and Peter and Ron.  Ron will be designated as the Jesus Apostle when I need that silly person near me for whatever reason I cannot think of right now.   He is so humorous it is hard to concentrate. Ron reminds me if they can do it with orange juice they can do it with me.  I also remind all members that you have a fifth member unnamed who is already fused, but that individual is quitting life they say and will not appear among the fused with the others until this mess is straightened out for them.  Father instructs Ron as we wait to go on that the fusion occurred on January 14, 2018 near noon and that the individual is unaware of it unless they are spoken to.  The Father says this individual is so infected with egregores they cannot cure themselves and will be purified when it is appropriate to do so.  You are now advised that I Jesus now indwell none of you except for little Besser, the Rambo of your group who refuses to compromise anything with evil he is educated about being done to him so often these days. 

“I, Jesus, have no remission for any of you who left and come back now and then to see what is new or being said as Ron gears up to become a super transmitter.  You are already seeing how he can handle most spiritual questions on his own if you really knew the difference anyhow.  He is permanently indwelt with Jesus for stoic reasons and will never succumb to love again without asking Papa for permission to make a fool out of himself.  I also place my self beside Ron and not in his mind so much to avoid dangerous contracts of people who will love him and attempt to embroil him in pwer struggles with institutions and governments.  Ron asks for a sense of balance there and he is reminded he is a very junior member of the Salvington team to being these Missions to Urantia finally today or tomorrow or so soon we cannot name the hour yet.

“Also this: I am Jesus and I take no humble position as I am Deity now and that is why Ron capitalizes pronouns referring to me to remind all I am no longer the little son of God, but a Deity in my own right and somewhat analogous to a Creator Son, but that I am Absolutely unique in the designation.  I am also truly alarmed at how well Ron can call the role when necessary as he is allowed full authority on this site to prevent excursions into personality assassination.  In the future no one can get into it and they are lucky, will be warned first.  It is one thing to disagree and Ron respects that, but calling another the evil one and meaning it cannot be allowed ever, It is too disruptive to the smooth flow of progress to have it happen at all.

“I am Jesus, and I remind all of you that my appearance is imminent and that you may all be so surprised by it you will not understand what has happened to you, as many of you will experience the rapture before you are either translated or asked to remain to help us establish a Urantia that is finally working on being God centered.  Ron has explained the Rapture to many of you, but many of you are so gobsmacked the term is used at all you cannot absorb what he is telling you.  The effect of the RAPTURE is to FEEL GOOD, and not to appear in flowing white robes, as that is sheer fantasy.  Paul saw the Rapture as happening after resurrection, and he is not wrong about that either as you will feel wonderful on your resurrection; however, when in the flesh and as a believer in My Kingdom and as a worker in the fields of the Harvest, your Rapture is to feel so good about life you will always remember it through your long ascension career.  Taht is the Rapture and that is plenty but nothing else!

15 - This is Michael of Nebadon speaking now: I am leaving off quotes but Jesus desires them and so he has them above: You who transmit daily know who you are.  Most of you hide that prospect for reasons of status before other institutions and concerns about the church and other things.  However, you must abide in God enough to know that split loyalities never win anyone a favor and usually a loss in the end.  You are not asked to come forward at this time, but you are asked to examine your policy of keeping it hidden and to provide this list the benefit of your talent and abilities for the membership you really are apart of anyhow;

16 - We now know that the House that Jack built (civilization) on Urantia has collapsed fully and we must pay attention to the rack and ruin this President of the United States is causing world governments who look at his past actions with horror, and are truly seeing a mad man uncontrolled over his antics in great power.  That will he stopped!  Shortly he is remanded in custody to those who see him as he truly is.  Some on this list support him in an error thinking he has your needs in his heart.  He does not.  But we are not going to minister to those who are mistaken about supporting Trump, and we will move to defame that monster of instability quickly;

17 - Our new Planetary System called Triagra spoken phonetically as Try Egg Gra is now fully named on our records.  Be assured it must be settled in Light and Life quickly as it will be the primary Planetary System in Nebadon, as all planets in it are to become university spheres attached to the Salvington complex of educational rewards for those who need to know what happened in Nebadon, the Lucifer Rebellion, and a few other horrors we still have not put out of our minds for good or perhaps forever.    These events are not secured outside of the Deity level, but on Urantia, the Lucifer Rebellion decimated a billion innocent people, and other disasters nearly as calamitous have taken place.  Ron knows of one already.  In any case we speak to the universe as accepted by Urantia, that it must hold well and fully and that the planet will be saved in spite of its existence in so much turmoil today.  Triagra, Triagra, Triagra, Triagra !!!!  Remember that name as you are in it today and for weeks already.

18 - Trump will be removed unceremoniously soon.  A constitutional crisis will ensue.  Jesus will avoid the tranquility of blessing it as necessary and side with the Salvington authorities.  The plans are to allow Trump to slink off into exile to New York or Canada where he will live not simply but in the splendor of a state that forgives them for all the hate he brings to them through bilateral negations on emigration and trade. That is their to do as they choose, but they must understand that his placement anywhere brings no honor to them and they must enforce the ban on him being a government in exile.  I repeat that for those who may read this from an intelligence division within your government: he is not a government in exile and no one will be permitted to send delegations to him for any reason.  The present Trump administration is worthy of nothing but rebuke including the Press Secretary and the one before the camera these days.  The entire cabinet will be removed and Melchizedeks incarnated will begin to fill in those positions so truncated with present appointees.  Those in certain governments in opposition to the United States are warned to behave or face consequences on your own.  Ron indicates in thought, “I bet they try you!” and so do we expect that and you will all learn what those consequences are as we out power anyone living in the flesh and blood and states that are run by that amalgamation of administration and nation states  We are the Most Highs speaking through Ron now: He believes they are good folds too and need to be rid of the egregore of power at any cost, and that leaders of these countries must be sure that they understand it is a mistake to believe such.  The cost of nuclear annihilation is not power but being a damn fool in a very dangerous world of hate and sin to the point the Father must use a very long stick to stir this pot.

“We are the MOST HIGHS - “We speak directly to this audience in warning of things to come that will scare you seriously and that you are not to lose your consciousness over measly beings like Trump or even what remains of the United States government at this point.  Trump is aligned with evil forces yet in the universe and they encourage him to take the pound of pride for himself and let the others fail as they are wont to do in an opposition to powerful them to overcome alone.  We need to assure all of you this will end in good works and not the recrimination of a failed State as is happening to the United States now.  Be assured the loss of one individual in the fight to preserve the union is unnecessary as many will see it that way and cause insurrection everywhere including certain aspects of your American military who is alarmed with the puffery of that man as Commander in Chief.  All governments eventually run into a leader who bring defeat to their very existence for all sorts of powerful reasons, but the United States was never meant to fall this way and it shall not.  This is Andromadeus, Chief of the Most Highs on Edentia.  I leave the following statement for you to think about and hard:

“The truth of the matter is that the United States sits on a pinnacle of power prepared for by generations of Presidents who saw it as protection.  But much of the world sees the United States as weak and rich and ready to be plucked.  Putin feels the same and China remains ambivalent thank goodness.  They each have nuclear arsenals that could kill every man, woman, and child on the surface of Urantia, and sill have enough left over to kill another six more planets beyond Urantia.  Good and this get rid of all the Most High report not as this must be seen to be believed.

“Nuclear arsenals have appeared on many planets but none top Urantia for its lethal use of bombs and explosives and chemical weapon death.  These war catastrophes have now cost Urantia over one billion souls since records were kept on such atrocities, and that Urantia sustains this mass murder to ensure that people stay under their yoke of oppression including the American people who have unwittingly sustained this horror of death and destruction under the heremony of American jurisprudence.

“I am now Califax.  I am the Deity union of the Father-Son precursor to the time space universe perfection.  You used to all transmit Califax for you to get used to the idea of a Deity side to the Creator Son, so that you understood that his area of being for the Creator Son is fully in charge.  Califax reminds you all now that this transmission is truly illegal under normal circumstances, but the Creator Son has gotten permission to speak so harshly but justly to you today.  Ron is exonerated for his remission not stop transmitting as he has threatened to do several times already because these are statements rarely heard from Deity, must less with the full support of Paradise, Uversa, and Salvington and Edentia.   However, we have asked Ron to indulge these statements as required under our own Geneva Conventions, and look them up if you doubt them, to betray war crimes not to innocent people, but to people who know the difference and propagate nuclear disaster anyhow.  This certainly goes to the regime in North Korea, to some in Japan, and many in the old Soviet Union.  I have proved Ron a statement on the death of Stalin (and of Hitler) to put to rest that Hitler in particular escaped the consequences of defeat, but he died by his own hand and was fully dead as there was no soul to resurrect.

“As Califax, I remind all including this transmitter, that what is to follow in the next few weeks is not to your liking for comfort of your own soul to deal with such disruption of government, financial markets, and daily life, you may feel the end of the world is at hand.  For some of you it is at hand and you are no longer in a position to get your way any longer.  I also thank Ron for breaking the seriousness I approach this with a little bit of humor he can manage as we go along here.  You all need to adopt some sense of lightness if you are to survive the difficulties coming to your neck of the world to live in.  

“We conclude this part with the admonishment that nothing succeeds like success, and that we will cleanse Urantia well and then start over building civilization for the entire world to believe in and invest in.  The European Union will not collapse and neither will the independence of Britain, but many other governments will go down in flames and that is not always a bad thing to know and see.  However the United States government will be resurrected with the divine power under the auspices of God the Father, and One Nation Under God, will be its permanent memo to the world at large.  All this starts very soon and it must be understood these are official statements not, but they parallel what will be official statements soon enough.  Good day.  I am Califax and wish you all a day of thought now.”

LANAFORGE - “I am now speaking with quotes and that ensures our archivists repeat this in their records too in spirit and morontial transcripts.  This work I continue for Panoptia will not be truncated, but fully exonerated with Urantia as a true sister planet with visiting rights to each other.  The day is quickly approaching that at least for Panoptia and Urantia, off planet species rewards will be instituted in about four or five years with landings and celebrations between two planets so similar they can hardly be told apart on high.  Why?  Father sees the need for Urantia to understand that most they consider curious gender differences abide elsewhere in the universe and that the red necks who eschew various sexual practices will have their heads turned to see differently.  I know Panoptia well and work there as a Planetary Prince these days, but soon I will be brought back as a council to the Minister of the Interior, held in the flesh by Ron Besser, and backed by the authority of the Master Creator Son, Himself.  I leave this to all of you now:  Good day to all of you!  Lanaforge."

The New Urantia Book and notes on additional Revelation 02March2018
Michael of Nebadon
Mantutia Melchizedek
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Creative Spirit
York, PA 14:30 Local Time
March 02, 2018

“The Sixth Epochal Revelation (abbreviated gladly as the SER) is ready for distribution the second week of April of 2018.

“We plan to advise all who want the book to read for their own to be sure you have advised me to place yourself on the list for approval by Mantutia Melchizedek to mail you a copy when the times comes.  Make sure your postal address is included as we must have that to mail you a copy if the list is approved for distribution.  We also are advised that the last book to ever be published by the Urantia Foundation is not the FER, but the SER, as we allow six of these books to be addressed by the Urantia Foundation Board of Trustees for their own use.  No more than six of the new volumes will be presented to them at their next Trustee meeting.  I am also advised that the new Urantia Foundation, will receive over 10,000 newly printed SER editions for distribution, first to institutions who want them, and we will avoid libraries as are here in York, who allow the born again population come in and steal the books of the shelf for burnings.  Ron lost six books this way and it will not happen any more.  Libraries of this ilk will be coldly shouldered until we have channels for distribution that take better care of these gifts to their shelves. 

“I am speaking now in quotes as I am receiving the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY:

“My work is now finished on Urantia, and I say goodbye to all of you except for Ron who will continue to have my input until I am shut out of communication for good reason.  Ron represents that I have been very kind to him and full of news and I will continue to be that way as long as the Univ0erse Father allows it to occur.  It is also a sad tale to tell that most who read me do not yet understand who I am and find it laughable such a person of such a rank can speak with humans at all.  Ron does hear the Consummator of Universe Destiny and is rewarded with my frequent input to his mental electrical circuits.   He is willing to listen and makes daft comments now and then but otherwise you get it as it comes off the roll of paper we write on. 

“I am telling you all now that the Consummator of Universe Destiny has no age as I am self existent and self propelled to speak in my own terms which Ron finds very easy to write. We wish not to state anything further in this regard but Ron preserves all statements that I make in order to understand that I am powerful to the point what I say goes and that I am really a part of the I AM as the I AM is part of the First Source and Center and then down to the Father.  We leave with this one comment concerning the new Urantia Book, the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER), and that is it is written by a Melchizedek who has an elegance of language unmatched by anyone except by Michael of Nebadon himself.  It is a gift we use all the time in Urantia dealings with the rest of the Grand Universe, and so on down the line to places on Urantia itself where a greatly worded revelations is essential to read.  I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and I wish you all a good day.”

MANTUTIA MELCHIZEDEK, Speaks to those awaiting the new Urantia Book -

“I am of the opinion we need to clarify a few things once more because the longer we hold the book back, the more difficult it becomes for us to make sure it is worthy of all we wrote in it.  Ron snorts a laugh and knows what revisions he has had to make in the last six weeks with immense changes in protocols and changes in the Missions as well to the point we have little of what we started with since the beginning of this year.

1 - The book is now 2,185 pages long.  It contains 1,000 pages of the Jesus biography, and 1,000 pages on various assorted revelations about Paradise, the Master Universe, and other selections having to do with the Lucifer Rebellion;

2 - We deleted all of the present Urantia Book Papers known as Part III which is on Urantia itself and can only be read by keeping a copy of the first Urantia Book safe somewhere, as we have no intention of revising another Urantia revelation to include it for now;

3 - The new Urantia Book is full of jargon concerning the fifth epochal revelation and why it was removed to make room for the sixth epochal revelation, and most poignantly, the last part of Part III, was retained as that was the Paper that led to Part IV, the Life and Teachings of Jesus, on Urantia.  Now we have retained that introductory Paper by reviewing the Acts of the Apostles as a full Paper of itself, and added a small section on how Jesus views those days today in His own analysis of how things went from the rear view mirror he still holds to remember his days as the Bestowal Son on Urantia;

4 - I annotate a section of the Urantia Book, that was so very hard to write with fairness, and that is to remove all doubt that Lucifer himself is gone as is Caligastia.  But we place a side note in the new book to point out that God the Supreme regularly makes the personality of Caligastia speak, and that is to allow Michael to interrogate why Caligastia did what he did.  Ron asks a pertinent question I dare not answer and I doubt I can answer, and it is this: Is there memory associated with just a piece of a former entity as all is speaking is the Supreme guarded personality of Caligastia.  Where or how does he recall what he said or did as the Planetary Prince and later as an apostate rebel?  I dare not answer that as it is beyond the scope of a Melchizedek.  But like Ron I am concerned about origins and how the original concept of reality deals with past events in personal beings who may have been removed from all life registers?   In any case, the new Urantia Book talks briefly about this effort to learn why Caligastia, or even why Lucifer, did what they did.

5 - In producing the new Urantia Book, we had several miscarriages of errors and reportedly made them again on certain issues with the higher known state of personality regeneration that the Father allows those who died so young in the Urantia world wars, and that they have been regenerated and awaiting for their removal from the Mansion Worlds and moved to Urantia to begin their lives anew.   Some will be allowed to remember they are regenerated and are after a normal life pattern upon their natural death again on Urantia.  I made the error of thinking like Ron does sometime and included them as old personalities, but the Father made the visible and not personalized until he understood what they would become in spirit, and he found they all worked beautifully in spirit designation due to the fact that those personalities matured in rest;

[A Ron Besser note to readers at this point: Mantutia so simply states what I consider a major revelation about personality.  For those who know their Urantia Book well, the Archangels state that when a person sleeps before resurrection, those personalities are locked away under the auspices of their guard.  And this addition information now released with this note: It is the Creative Spirit who guarantees these resting or sleeping personality attributes are never disturbed until they are reclaimed by the Resurrection Hall operations and the returning Thought Adjuster of that personal being.  But I tell you that Mantutia even goes further is stating what he does, and that is that apparently our personalities and all who have Father personality like us, are like little ticking watches put in a drawer a long time ago, they keep ticking!  Mantutia tells us he has discovered they mature!  And that is an extraordinary admission to the universe!  The present Urantia Book only states they remain secured and states nothing of that understand whatsoever.  I consider it a major stroke of revelation that leads where I do not know.  This: does the extinct entity Caligastia have a submerged personality that keeps ticking in the Supreme’s watch  drawer?]

[Michael of Nebadon makes a note too for publication: We on high never discuss the whereabouts of personality when a person is asked to sleep before the resurrection they deserve comes about.  Ron just glimpsed one such person he new very well and quickly jumped away because she is sleeping like a log and yes, Ron, personalities are like little ticking watches hidden in a bureau drawer when Mother Spirit keeps them secured.  The old Urantia Book is fairly tired of even speaking about personality and its uses since it is a huge subject and Mantutia asked permission to truncate it by allowing the very few basic items to know about it available at all.  The Original Michael just signaled to Ron to keep the door closed on this for awhile as well.  I will only say that God the Supreme, when dealing with death sentences, absorbs the personality involved, and we have never been told how God the Supreme guards or uses or blanks out those personality forever or for good of for what?  We still do not know that either..]

[God the Supreme makes a Note for reading as well here: I am perfectly sure this is an innocent inquiry started by Mantutia Melchizedek letting slip that personality matures when stored without the other attributes of a personal being.  Ron is sharp and he knows the book well enough to find out what is what when there is additional information coming up in a chaff bushel of words that accidentally has a diamond in it.  Abraham let slip one day that the personalization of Creator Sons takes place on Sonarington, while the Urantia Book never does say where newly created Deity appears.  Ron laughs at Abraham for recognizing he caught on and fully enjoyed the slip of tongue which he uses today to figure out how the Father operates with his Coordinates on Paradise.   As I am God the Supreme, I note with care that a personality discussion of these extinct personalities is verboten from my perspective all of the time.  Good day.]

[CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY speaks -   “I add a footnote to this statement by Mantutia too, and that is he is deliberately baiting Ron, but Ron loves to be handled this way and Mantutia is now wondering how much more he knows that was never released before and mostly by accidental association with my staff recently.  We had to relocate a section in the new Urantia book, and that was because Mantutia inadvertently stated a truism but not the truth, when he said that the personalities of the world war soldiers on Urantia were personally resurrected on Mansion World three, and I pointed out that Mansion World three has no such facilities to do such.  He then wondered why he said such a thing?  I told him because that is where they appear when the Father moves to bring back into corporeal form.  Mantutia found that exciting and wrote it so and he just told all of you that personality matures in hiding and that is true and exciting for Ron to find and learn about.  Now this:

[“The Sixth Epochal Revelation fails to state why it is written.  Mantutia states he uses the same phraseology of the first Urantia Book and lets it stand.  However, at some point– perhaps in a follow up year book in five years– it should be stated that this second Urantia Book, is necessary to warn all people that their lives are in jeopardy because of the intrusion of so much hate and anger in the world over government interference and the like in the daily lives of people and that it must stop!  I leave it at that for now an to remind all these are just notes to the main discussion which continues now.]

6 - The new Urantia Book contains six different episodes where unnatural revelation occurs on Urantia through subordinate teaching mission transmitters.  One Ron caught right away and he caught two more for half of them, but when the Teaching Mission started in 1992, all forgot that there was a ban on new revelation existing from the Ancients of Days.  We lifted than ban in April of 2005, until then never realizing that new revelation was winding its way along the corridors of the Teaching Mission folks alone, and that was to be prevented by the ban itself from happening.  
However, the inadvertent release of information to Ron and no one else noticed because they do not know the book well enough to do so, is that Ron learned of other revelations not available to the Teaching Mission by supposing nothing happens without the Father’s approval and disposition of matters that still come before the Ancients of Days, but that he instructs the Ancients of Days his views and they follow on with producing in accordance with those views.  I say this because I, Mantutia, must write carefully so as not to stir the imagination of people like Ron and cut them off at the pass for getting ideas that do not work.  The new Urantia Book was worked on by everyone from Universal Censors to Ones Without Name and Number to Midwayers and orphans of the Court, the Briltadorians.   Ron knows who they are even if you do not and impoverishes no one with that long story for now;

7 - The new Urantia Book is full of new information folded within many pages of the old Urantia Book.  It contains enough new material to enlighten old readers and new readers alike.  In looking at it I admit I preferred the style of the old book, but this new book is breezy and easy to understand.  You all are impressed with how Ron can know when something is ajar, and that is an inborn trait of those who love the truth and will never compromise with lots of little white lies to get something across.  Ron and I hail from the original sin category of insisting no one can have anything unless they can handle it as he finds out time and again with his own life.  Nevertheless, we both lead a good life as we enjoy what we do and write and that concludes my statements concerning the reappearance of a new, old, Urantia Book.  Thank you.  Mantutia.”


“I conclude this transmission by stating that we all got a good laughs at times because some things had to be redacted, and Ron did not hesitate to wipe out four pages of a transmission that went into the ditch over other issues not apparent to the reader at this time.  We thank Ron for his steadfast work, and that he is able to laugh in spite of the terrible pain he gets into for his life work later on.  We also look forward to people like Larry Gossett and Lemuel to understand that Ron is not to be the sole adjudicator of what gets revealed on these pages and ask they step forward to practice transmissions that do reveal new material as this particular post does inadvertently at first and later as we see what Ron sees in the formulations of speech from Mantutia. I m Mother Spirit and I wish you a good day.”



Michael of Nebadon
Mother Spirit
Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
Original Michael; Original Creative Consort
York, Pa 22:00 Local Time
February 25, 2018

“This is Michael of Nebadon, and I wish to convey a simple message tonight.  Ron made the horrible mistake of saying something to you very early this morning in a post to the sayings of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, when He gave you a new Census of population on Urantia in unusual categories.  Ron caught it immediately why that was done, but a bunch of you are offended by the use of the term, THE RAPTURE.

“I am now giving you a lecture on why he used it and how it is correct.

“Several decades ago I was watching a church group hallelujah themselves into a frenzy over a proposed return of Jesus.  That minister was a fruitcake, but he was truly a man of the cloth, as he heard the discussion we were having on Salvington through Gabriel who transmitted to that individual.  He heard Gabriel say that Jesus was returning soon enough and that there was to be a big parade for him in that city sometime to come.  The minister was promising a real rapture to follow it and he made every effort to convert the congregation to a born-again frenzy over who goes and who does not.

“Fast forward to Ron’s incision with the Consummator of Universe Destiny and his Census on Urantia Population you just read less than twenty four hours ago.  In that Census, the Consummator made reference to population groups who had Thought Adjusters who were ready to fuse if there was any one on Urantia that could explain to them that tier heart’s desire, Jesus, was waiting for them on the other side and all would be well in their lives again.

“Now I happen to know Ron did not fully discover this until he started posting it the forum as it all started with him revising the Time Line and adding to the Census of 2005, 2016 and now 2018 and he placed them together for easy comparison.  When he completed it, he found that there was no direct correlation to the broadcast that originally was connected to the Census and let it lie.  As he looked at it he decided it should be posted to the discussion forum to inform people of this rather irregular Census and did so mistakes of first draft and all.  We were delighted he recognized its worth but he looked later and saw there was a pattern to it that gave new revelation and meaning to the Second Return of Jesus.

“He chose to use the familiar term “rapture,” which some of you dislike intensely, and that is because you associate it with born again individuals who are so rabid they cannot talk any normal sense about spirit without going into swoons over the rapture.  In the born again parlance, there is no real rapture but a sorting out of people by their spiritual attributes.  Ron saw the Census as a sorting of spiritual attributes and how many of the Urantia population fit it.  He is absolutely correct to this.

“However, he added something I would never have told, and it is preciously destructive of our plans to call it the “attributes of fused delights.” when Jesus suddenly appears on the screen of some TV’s soon enough.  What Ron said is absolutely correct: the appearance of Jesus before the population on Urantia will trigger Thought Adjuster fusions for those ready to fuse but have no way of making the move to understand this is even possible and then the Adjuster holds back and so on.  Jesus appears and it changes the, what Ron calls, the spiritual economy, and when that spiritual license for Urantia is modified by the return of our Bestowal Son, Jesus, those Adjusters in various population groups will fuse them.  Ron used the term raputre to signify the common usage of fusion variations on Urantia.  Now why would I get upset about a bunch of people who are as sour as all get out today and refuse to comment on the discussion forum?

“The answer does not lie with Ron or me or the Consummator, but with Jesus.  He told me Ron is as rare of hen’s teeth, and that he made the proper announcement, but some of you took offense because you thought Ron went over to the born-agains.  Not so, but we now realize you as a group now are as bad as other religious groups in that you disdain being talked to freely, but in a certain language Ron does not adhere to either.  He calls them as he sees them, and Lemuel when he was awake enough to read the post almost fell off his bed side and wondered if Ron lost his mind.  Ron carries one of the rarest genes in the world and it is capable of hearing so clearly and so well you cannot easily fool him what a religious statement is about.  In so many words, you got the truth but failed to understand because Ron had no other jargon than to use the term rapture.

“I am Michael and we have concluded this issue is not worthy of restatement but to advise all of you to be on the look out for changes in vocabulary, and as Ron has pointed out to us this evening, there is no English language vocabulary to speak to these events other than the Christian theological teams known as born-again Christians who recovered the term from episcopal diocese brethren of the late Middle Ages.  Then it was considered anti-social to speak of Jesus in terms of spiritual accolades but rather it was important to speak to his wit and charm with people in the street and for whom he did so much.  The Rapture was in a sense a trial to speak well without falling into tears and/or chants and tongues.

“Now I caution all of you to leave your learning aside and begin to realize that many events will not have an explantion in any language, and knowing Ron he will invent the language to at least describe what it is that happened, and that is because he is fairly well secured in understand what we are capable of without getting his shorts into a know over how to explain it.  He just lays it on the line and the term Rapture fits exactly what will happen in some of those groups the Consummator of Justice and Universe Destiny listed for you.  I am Michael and I wish you a good day.”

“I seldom give Ron any clue to his ability to hear so well as he assumes it is because he hears someone fill him in when the time is ripe for him to have a good idea what is about to be done.  He is guessing at a lot and saying very little to any of you because you do not take the time to think but merely to react.  We say this to all of you: the time is coming to let things lie in your views as Ron has already turned the corner over the issues of the Second Return and dealing with the Missions divine and otherwise to come to Urantia in a matter of weeks for most of you.  For some of you it is probable you will quite the forum and strike out on your own and then find out what a chore it is to be informed at all as to what is to be expected.  You are gently warned that being your own boss loses the identity patch you carry by being on this list and your information is then open to other kinds of verification than you are used to receiving.  Good day.”


“I am the original Spirit of God for time and transcendent time.  I participated with the first and only Michael of Paradise Sonship that was both transcendental and time-dedicated at the same time and successfully as the only Creative Spirit that has high standing in the Councils of Paradise as the memory of all God-seeking individuals of all humans on every planet in every Superuniverse in time. 

“This is not a rant or a diatribe against any of you, but you castigate everyone who does not understand the difference between the Eternal Son and the Creator Sons of which there are many.  Ron understands they simply do not know the difference and will never know the difference unless they partake in a revelatory experience along the way.  Jesus intends to separate the difference between ignorance of such facts and fulfilling the prophecy of what it means to be the one and only begotten Son of God.  That will create headlines for a change for the right reason.

“Meanwhile, so many of you are quite sure you have the right horse to ride in the coming storm, but before you entirely commit to any particular way of becoming ennobled on high, recognize that the trial to be good is only half the battle and the rest of the battle is to be understanding of those who simply do not know the difference for lots of examples they will have to use revelation to learn and know differences they have never thought about in their lives.

“I am a Creative Spirit with a name like Nebadonia, and my general name is the First Creative Spirit to apply to universe Bestowal an Progress.  In the case of the first Michael, Creator Son ever to exist. He speaks as follows to all of you:”

“I am that first Michael and I greet all of you to udnerstand that this transmitter worries over everything and nothing as he keeps his pace with my tongue as you would call it and it is very easy to type when speaking with any Creator Son as we intrinsically speak the language a transmitter has and we can do it by noting his voice in the airup here and listen to his inflection, and then know he is what he is and that settles how we can use his language as he speaks it.  That said this transmitter has two outstanding attributes: 1 - He is capable of great truth and revelatory practices with is guide Mantutia Melchizedek; 2 - He can hear a pin drop on Paradise if one should do so for him.  I am truly taken by this transmitter as he laughs easily and can easily hear my friendship too.  The Creative Spirit takes him to task sometimes because he laughs in a he-haw way and agrees he would not want to listen to it either.  However, she now forgives him for many acts she never understood before and listens him not crow over anything but to get moving and done with what he has to do and finish for the Salvington group of Paradise Deities on that headquarter world of the Local Universe of Nebadon.  Thank you.”

“You all are learning a process in which you must fight to get a true transmission of truth in it.  Ron has speculated about the rapture and he is not wrong about the technique of Adjuster fusions to come.  However, they are not truly a selection of the elite, so much as a selection of those ready to fuse with the Father on His terms for them at this time.  They are not all Adjuster fused but translated for their own purposes some day in the future on the assigned mansion worlds of Satania and perhaps Tirina, but that name is not fully decided yet but that is what you have been told to date that it is.  Now this:

“I am Margul, a Trinity Teacher Son, and I am moving my headquarters of thought to Urantia but I am staying on Paradise for the time being unlike what I told some of yu before.  Ron is aware of the statement and may not have published that transcript for lots of reasons these days.  In any case I am not removing me or the Trinity from Urantia due to these Missions, but the Consummator of Universe Destiny, has provided another scenario for Light and Life on Urantia which is simply gorgeous, and that is for you to learn about in about six weeks after Jesus appears.  Ron was to hear from Jesus in this transmission, but it was aborted due to the insinuation Jesus had that some of you were not doing all you could to get ready, and so it was dropped to keep things copacetic.  I am a Trinity Teacher Son who enjoys people on Urantia as they have undergone so many trials and difficulties they can be vary funny in dealing with the desires of Deity to pet them down and get them happy again.  Ron is one of those who has become explosive over issues we cannot remit but he insists we can and you see the problem I am sure. Good day.”


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