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please see category below for call in numbers, and all are invited free no toll calls for this service at all.   Thank you  Ron Besser.Host

Dear List,

Here is the link to listen to LIGHTLINE USA FOR 26 JANUARY 2020  ABOUT 1 HR.

I thought the session was highly informative and helpful and I welcome your comments and feedback as you may  to provide.

Host Ron Besser


General Discussion / NEW TEACHING MISSION ANNOUNCEMENT -Number 2 -
« on: January 25, 2020, 05:16:57 PM »
T/R: Ron Besser

York, PA 330PM Local Time
January 25, 2020

We are announcing jointly that Machiventa Melchizedek is now on URANTIA and is ready to take the new Teaching Mission on.  I have listed the administrative workers with us above and those of you who transmit will get to meet them as Wenebojo did earlier today.  Here is Zokra.  

ZOKRA  -  "We are now using regular size print after the text editor had its own ideas what it was to type as far as size.  This is regular sized typed and is number three on the font size menu above.  Now this:

"We are through trying to make sense of why there are delays in getting all of these Lightlines up, and we wait for Amethyst to finish and for Lemuel to get on board shortly and anyone else who can muster the means to do it as a host transmitter.

"We are truly helpless when Ron cuts through but he is fine right now, and my compatriots are also ready and we let them speak.

BYNTORA - I am next and now relent and use the smaller type.    We are now using the number 3 font size above in that menu and it works a little better to fit more into one line as you see.  We are now using no italics and this is to prove to us Ron is in control of the format.  He now sees that number 5 font size weakens the brain to the point you feel like a baby being fed.  We are sure you all know us by now Ron, as Byntora is a famous name on Paradise.  It was he as One in High Authority,  was remanded into custody over a mistake made in processing this LIGHTLINE  Project.  We are sure there are good reasons but no one informed our master of consultation that we were working on Urantia with Ron Besser.  Once they heard the name they felt sorry for us and let us go now knowing we have things to say for you on URANTIA.   Be assured Ron that is knocked out f or good now.[/size]

"Now as Byntora as wish to state this and I speak of  Shabona, Baskatora, and with Deleron, we are ready to start the Mission and Wenebojo, you are as bad as Ron is flipping letters.  I am Zokra not the way you spelled it please.

"Finally,  we report that we are using Ron not more than necessary to report us.  He is full up to here with other names he must try to remember soon and the one called Shabona is his to get used to as he must get used to the fact this text editor keeps throwing codes at him that changes formatting as he goes.  Shabona in actuality was my brother in the flesh, and we both were Priests in our world of colorama and glory as we were in LIGHT AND LIFE at the time of our deaths.  Be assured Ron it is coming to URANTIA and you might be here to see it.  Yea!  and that is ours to enjoy as you do it in the psychic part of yourselves too.  In any case Shabona was my brother as a sibling and was a fellow Priest too.  We also are related to Shabona as he was our Chief of Magistrate on our planet in a MAGISTERIAL MISSION and worked with the one you now call SERARA and MONJORONSON as our planets are similar in destiny.  He needs to speak now:

"We speak now as One Without Name and Number, as those ho are High in Authority may choose to work as a Mighty Messenger or One Without Name and Number as they may please.  Ron is likely to be High in Authority for the simple reason he works hard to be anything he can be to make connections with all of you and he does well enough he has established a LIGHTLINE  project that fits our purposes extremely well.  Be assured MICHAEL OF NEBADON takes credit for establishing the old Lightline years ago but Ron dusted it off and uses it well for our new work on URANTIA now. K"


"WE ARE ONES HIGH IN AUTHORITY, and must report all those capitals hurt our eyes Ron, now just use standard font size please.

"We wish it to be known that the project called


is now reused for its own purposes and we rename it not, but that it must be assigned a Project Number from PARADISE.    That number is:


1315 is the serial number of GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON.  It is longer but all new projects assigned under the Salvington imprint carry the first four digits that belong to GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON.

297   THAT number belongs to Urantia and its special project numbers over the ages.  The LIGHTLINE imprint is specifically referred to in our reports as belonging to Urantia and the 297th  special project to be made on Urantia since its inception as a settled world with humans on it, and that is now one million, two hundred years ago this month (January).  On January 30th, this world is now 1 million sixteen hundred years old as far as habitation is concerns.

1,000,039  years old January 30, 2020 which is really 2035 due to a pole shift during Biblical times, and is

1,004,315 years old due to the fact it was populated briefly by hominids exploring the universe using Urantia as its base.  Because of this unknown habitation, Egyptian writing called cuneiform was established by semi-humans who could handle an incising stick to write down what they were told to write down.

1,022,614 years old when taking into consideration Urantia used an ancient civilization to muster Andon and Fonta into existence with the help of genetics through the primate line known as Orangutang.  The visiting race stayed over two hundred thousand years to muster genetic changes in the Borneo Orangutang.  In the calendar presently used on Urantia, the Orangutang change occurred in 10,319,426 years ago or roughly in 10,319,,423 BCE.     10,319,423 BCE the Orangutan was born now with a two hemisphere brain. and in a few of them started to grow a small brain stem.  Andon and Fonta were born with small brain stems and learned to make language sounds, and that was what triggered the ARCHANGEL of Record, Ryan, to declare inhabited now  1,  

10,319.420 BCE dual hemispheres with small brain stem appeared

The dual brain hemispheres allowed orangutans to move from the trees all day to walk on the ground and the one you call LUCY**


Lucy's Story | Institute of Human Origins

Lucy was found by Donald Johanson and Tom Gray on November 24, 1974, at the site of Hadar in Ethiopia. ... Hominidae encompasses all species originating after the human/African ape ancestral split, leading to and including all species of Australopithecus and Homo.]

WE ANNOUNCE that because URANTIA  has been used to explore the universe by an unidentified hominid race, and because the famous Lucy is in a museum in Mexico City, we are forbidding the further use of Urantia for further exploration by other hominid races.

STARTING  31 January all races using Urantia for their exploitative surgeries will cease! You have been given vacate notices for some time and are asked to be gone by the first day of FEBRUARY the Urantia calendar year 2020 which is indeed 2035 by your calendars too.  Be assured they will address that problem with the MAGISTERIAL SON when the time/Son comes.  

STARTING 04 FEBRUARY, 2020, ALL OUTAGES REPORTED BY UVERSA ON URANTIA WILL BE RESTORED. This refers to the outages known as the red beet epidemic, the fertilizer failures in the Middle East, the lost of cattle in the western part of the United States. the removal of human remains in Siberia, the removal of endangered species from Urantia including the DODO Bird and others knows specifically to you alone, and to other anomalies faced by humans on URANTIA without finding out why these things happen, are to be fully restored in sixteen hundred years from now.  We must remove Urantia from its proposed destiny now and replace all of it with the full size recovery this TEACHING MISSION is required to restore to all humanity now that we have an agent to legalize and remove all stunted attempts at this point for our Mission controls.  IT IS MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK who has this power of an AGENT to remove all failed attempts and to restore Urantia to its place in the hemisphere of trust it once held in the LUCIFER REBELLION over 252 thousand years ago."

We now carry the rest of this as it should be in normal type.


"We today are furthering our conquest of URANTIA.  For that reason Ron has been sequestered all day to write these reports out as we send them.  He allowed an interview to take place between former employers and gave them his reasons for his serious disagreement with the financial arm of that company.  They are now advised of how it went of a valued employee that cut short in his career there and now know why.  He is remanded no longer into their harness for explanations as they saw it rouse too many people not to understand something very strange was going on in Valhalla, ne York where the corporate offices Ron help run were located.

"Due to an over write error today, we held back the following information for all you you need to think seriously about.

"All of you are advised that Clency hit a mistake not his to cause for his use.  He can work it out later with Ron as he feels Ron cut him by using a knife on the telephone cord.  He feels the entire matter is out of his hands now and that may be we are not sure.  

"For all of you the entire matter of LIGHTLINE  is to be understood tomorrow when Ron opens up the USA LIGHTLINE and please as many attend as you can as we are opening the teach mission wide AND RECORDING IS ESSENTIAL.  Ron you are clever and know the ways around these things so keep it going in spite of possible interference and MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK insists there will be no interference and this:  Start your recording immediately Ron as it is the best idea all day due to interference from above anticipated.

"We are not confused by what happens Ron, so let it ride for now.  Be assured you are hearing a slight ring in the mind again and taht is troubling not due to the Deity Absolute, but by the CONSUMMATOR OF UNIVERSE DESTINY tuning in as you are used to but this time he has a paddle not for you but for the supreme as we prefer to sign him.  He is not behaving and this may be the moment we can be rid of him permanently.

"The trail today is to avoid a confrontation, but you Ron are loaded for bear and insist it be done well and fully and we agree and therefore speak to all of you this way;

"GOD THE SUPREME HAS DECLARED URANTIA AVUNCULAR = that is a fancy word for "amusing," and as such is sending representatives to calm Urantia down enough to subdue it with one last test of fidelity on Urantia.  He is fully advised he could lose his existence if he interferes more and has ignored the warning and this may painful to you Ron, we are using you to stammer him good for the moment.  He is working to diffuse the freedom you briefly experience this afternoon, Ron.  He plans on annihilating you and that is truthfully written.

"We must obey the Consummator of Universe Destiny fully and await a decision . . .

[time elapsed fourteen minutes . . . ]


"That adequately describes what is to be done now.

"The LOCAL UNIVERSES  of Avalon, Sensalon, Henselon, Alvoring, Wolvering, Densalon, Tintantium, and one other, are hereby remained as the FEDERATION OF ENSELON.  Enselon is indded your new name for the Federation.

"THAT ENSELON FEDERATION   is now affiliated with six other LOCAL UNIVERSES  not of this space quadrant.  That new affiliation is hereby rescinded for Reasons of State.

"Further, those LOCAL UNIVERSES composed of Tintantium and Wolvering are no longer directly affiliated with working with MICHAEL OF NEBADON, but are directed to work with MICHAEL OF AVALONG AND AVALON, as Avalon no longer considers Nebadon a practical way to run its systems of checks and balances and leaves for good from the Federation as you know already Michael of Nebadon.

"Further, Ron you so enjoy Avalon and Alvoring in speaking with those Creator Sons you are reminded you are going to be an ambassador for a while to these Courst of Creator Sons mentions.  You honor them always as we do, but Michael of Nebadon considers Avalon wonderful but Alvoring a thief and transponder and that is they took your wonderful kitty kat Whiskers and made him one of theirs.  So does Michael fo Nebadon and we are not kidding.  That cat was hilarious in ways you know well and that cat is yours for keeps if we can ever recoup him as himself.  

"He is ready for adoption for you some day Ron so wait for him when he comes back as a Maine Coon kitten as he was to start with.  

Further announcements as follows:

We are not rescinding your friends there or otherwise as that is part of your regular hope life and we expect someday to be fulfilled with your engineering worker in New York too as they all missed you very much and fell into relating your chasing that girl around the office pretending to be madly in love with her.  She knows you not anymore as is in a home for the mentally insane.  You knew that was coming.

Seriously, now:

Look at ORIGINS as your big contribution to mankind on Urantia.  Be assured we make use of your work here on Uversa and other places, but be sure there is nothing for you with the MELCHIZEDEK promise to train you as you are forbidden to do that until we can figure out why RA, Hmb, and others are so completely remembered by you as they are normal people without much to spell EXCEPT everyone of them is a MASTER SPIRIT Choice for the Trinity embrace and may well serve together with all of you as a group too.   Showmen you can tell who makes that grade from childhood and we wonder what is operating in you to be so sure they are worthy of all of it.  

ORIGINS HAS  the AIDS VACCINE  already to trail, both of them, plus a white pill formula you gave to Gitz to safe keep in his lock box and that remains there until you call for it someday as it was destroyed on your computer.  Be assured Rayson knows it and it is up to him to figure out how to retrieve your kind of mind you can write true chemical formulas without much trouble.  You will be given a quick chance to do if that doctor finally responds off his duff as it is a huge gamble he thinks but sees it as his if he can swing it.

You are seriously ill too and that is to be taken care of in another post later.

We also place all of this on line in one big bunch post and ask all to carefully read what is travailing the Consummator of Universe Justice and Destiny, and that is to fully admire the work has done to move Urantia without fail to the edge of compensation to live again freely and Ron pictures for himself a very tall Gettysburg battle field monument.  It is perfect.  Good day. All of us."


Lemuel and I went through a real test this morning to get the Spanish speaking LIGHTLINE up and running.  We made a tape so we could hear Lemuel conduct a session in Spanish.  This is not a real Lightline although Jack0802AB did speak in Spanish and helped us do the simulation. 

Listen to the tape here:

Now please I ask all who speak Spanish in South America and Central America and Europe or anywhere else in the world, please support this service when we start it up with a service that does not cost you anything.  I have some ideas to do that so you can use it free but it is going to take us a few days to get our ducks in a row as we say in English all the time.

Please join the Hispanic LIGHTLINE when we go next and we will announce that when we know that too. Be assured we are not going to have you spend toll fees if we can help it.  More and more the telephone companies are out for blood  by chargingfor everything, and we might lose these conference calls for a short while if they keep doint that.  We will figure something out too.  I am asking to STREAM them too but that has not appeared for us yet either.

Please support Lemuel by joining his Spanish rendition when it comes on line soon we hope!
MICHAEL OF NEBADON =  "There are 50 (fifty) of you who read this web site daily.  I see you wonder what it would be like to hear the lessons in good language you speak better, even better than Lemuel who speaks Castilian.  He has a slight accent to you but that is to be expected as he was born in Wales, Great Britain, served in the military for years and years, and now must speak Spanish to you in LIGHTLINE,  He truly wishes to serve the Hispanic community but he needs your support as an audience to hear the latest news from heaven and ask questions please!  That helps the LIGHTLINE go really well.  I thank you all for listening to our little tape and it is just a run through so Lemuel learns to speak in an organized way. 

"Felibon, you got hit with a double whammy.  You called a toll number and then let your phone run a few minutes more than necessary while Lemuel tried to figure out how to end the conference.  We are looking for a service where you number is free as Ron provides you all who speak Spanish too.  Ron has no way to speak another language as he no memory cells in his brain to remember vocabulary.  He would love to speak you language fluently too.  That said:

"Lemuel will be back on line within the month of January we are sure.  Amethyst must do better than February for sure but that is nother problem not easily overcome with the service problems we keep hitting too.  Best wishes to all for doing this!  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. "


Here is a remnant from the past called Ligthline too in transcript form

Subject: Lightline Teleconference 2020-01-09
Teacher: Machiventa, Jonathan, Light
T/R: Mark Rogers
Prayer: We come together in fellowship and in worship for our Divine Parents and all the divine emissaries of light that are in their service. At this time I’d like to include myself, this entire group, to be in the service of our Divine Parents and to fall into line with the circuit of gratitude that emanates and ties us to our Divine Parents. Now I would invite Machiventa whose presence I discern, to join us in this fellowship.
Machiventa: Thank you for your invitation my friend. It is nice to be recognized just as you are recognized, all of you, by all of us. Your unique energy signatures are to be recognized throughout time and space, even throughout your eternal career. These are your make up, your parts all reflected together as your energy signature and your tone, your frequency, is unique to you and it is on this level of spirit that we recognize each other. We recognize the different energy signatures, one recognizing the other as distinct and separate. This uniqueness you will take with you always and this unique piece of the puzzle that you are is what you present back when you return to the Supreme so that your piece of the puzzle may be assembled with all the others to complete the picture. That is why it is so significant that all pieces be reunited and returned to the First Source and Center from which they were issued, to be reassembled into this gigantic mosaic of experience.
I recognize that there is a question on the floor to be addressed. In an attempt to restate that, I would address it as: Are things happening behind the scenes as much as things happening out in the real world? Your life experience now is occupied with a shock and awe experience. Your news facilities, your media, have been taken over and corrupted to expose you to the reality of their choosing. Your public airwaves, designed to serve you all and to be used to inform all of you equally are now being used to hypnotize you in a sense, to condition you most certainly and so you feel oppressed, you feel burdened from the load of all that you are being distracted with. You see the many different threads and aspects involved in these assaults on your senses and these things make a great impression upon you because you are sensual beings experiencing through these senses.
So you might wonder if you are seeing all of this before you and having to interpret it and process it. What else might be going on that you do not see? What all is behind the scenes? And the fact that you have ventured out in spirit to be here now to ask that question means that you are aware that there are things going on behind the scenes that you cannot see. You expect that there are unseen dimensions to this equation and you’re curious about their scope. And so, I will tell you in response that as much as you see going on above the surface, there is much more going on below.

Consider the growth of an orchard. The seeds must be planted, the shoots must be tended. Years are required to grow the necessary roots to support the growing of fruit and then when the maturity is ready, the tree will fruit. Likewise, we have planted these spiritual seeds on Urantia. Your Fifth Epochal Revelation has been provided to plant many of these seeds and they have been steadily growing. They have been trimmed and pruned to grow in the direction of spirit and they are preparing to make fruit. But all this you have to take from me as a matter of faith. You have to trust that just as your roots have grown to go deep and be able to support your life and your journey, so there are many others and you are familiar with the phrase: the hundredth monkey syndrome. That is when enough of the individuals mature, then all the individuals will bear fruit.
So continue to exercise your faith. Continue to lean on it that all that happens will be directed towards the good, that all that transpires will be the Father’s will and that throughout, no matter what, you have found your connection to your Divine Parents who have not only given you life, but have provided for your welfare throughout. This same care will be provided you no matter what circumstance you may find yourself in or what stage of growth you may be going through, your Divine Parents will always be embracing you, be nourishing you, be there for you just as they have been since before your first breath. This connection that you feel, that you have, is the goal of this initial mortal life experience, to reestablish this connection, the fragment with the whole, the awareness that you are part of the gigantic plan and enterprise that is underway, that you are a member of a divine family and so you are designed to grow up to be as your Parents. You are designed to become divine in the process.
Once you have this certainty of connection, the details cease to be so significant. It is simply a matter of how to navigate the current of the moment knowing your destiny is assured and your journey will certainly be a success. All that that you witness above is the outworking of the manifestation of the free will of all those involved and as you have all learned in this process, just as others are manifesting their free will, so you are able to do the same. So as you observe others make reality out of thin air, it should be an example to you that such things are what you do, are what you are capable of, are what you are designed to do. So if others can manifest the reality of their choosing and have an impact on the whole, so may you, even if your impact is to simply condition your own reality to be closer to perfection, then so be it. Your immediate environment may be elevated, your conditions of experience may be changed.
One begins to realize that while there is a great desire to go out and help make visible changes in the outer world, that even greater things may be accomplished by making changes in your inner world as who guides your individual experience. For all that goes on out there only impacts you to the degree that you allow it. But what happens inside is your domain to create, to condition and to impact as you so desire. As the Master has said, “fear not, only trust, only exercise your faith." This connection that you have, that you know of, that conditions your whole existence, this connection is enduring and whether it is now or later, here or there, the connection endures and this connection has assured your eternal career as well as your destination, returning your part to the whole.
It is a pleasure to be invited and be welcomed in a group of such serious students of spirit. It has been my pleasure to be with you throughout some growth-ful times. I appreciate your interest and attention and would now allow for another.
Jonathan: Hello friends, I could not resist showing up, I am Jonathan. You are all my friends and still my friends and forever my friends. This connection that we have is on the circuit of love and it binds us together. We have shared this experience and we share this feeling of love, this connection between us.
It is a pleasure once again to hear from Machiventa. He has been steadfast in his commitment to this group since the beginning, an old friend feeling as though he’s the headmaster of the school and we have participated in his curriculum. We have participated in the lesson plan designed for us so that we have a certain familiarity with the process, the lessons, the tone, the values that have been presented. I think we can all say that we can notice the growth since we have been exposed to such teachers. We have been exposed to new truths and values which are more divine and we have embraced this new frequency. We have made ourselves comfortable in this arena because it was our desire to come here in spirit to fellowship with each other, to share our experience and to facilitate growth.
And so it is that I come to enjoy dipping back into this well, this group of dedicated seekers who are brave enough to go where spirit leads them, who have enough faith and who exercise this faith to allow them to venture out in spirit and find new places, find new levels of awareness, find new appreciation for truth, beauty and goodness. And so like you I have greatly enjoyed these episodes of sharing and learning and growth. I could not resist joining you once again to rekindle that feeling of open acceptance, to the sharing of our comrades and our friends.
Divine Parents, above all, we seek an enlarged capacity to accept your love, your grace and your peace. Help us to grow our ability to receive these from you. We come to you in faith. We are invariably rewarded for the actions of our faith and we would ask to be even further aligned with you, to be more in tune with your frequency, more aware of your grace and your presence. We are seekers of these things and we are so grateful that when we come to you at times like this, we are so richly rewarded for our efforts. Thank you all, thank you Divine Parents, thank you for all the children of which I am so grateful to be a part. Good day to you all, farewell.
Light: Thank you so much. I always enjoy the opportunity to join you and fellowship with like-minded seekers, those who are engaged in this process of spiritual growth. Indeed I am very grateful to have any opportunity to contact my people. I wish to extend my very best wishes to my earthly associates, my mortal parents on their journeys to immortality.
We have such a unique experience to share, such a unique journey to take. We have charted courses that mean our journeys will be filled with new awakening, new horizons and these will be part of our experience because we have chosen to follow this path of manifestation, this path of experience and choice. Our unique paths mean that we have unlimited potentials not confined to regular normal parameters. You have chosen to go beyond the restrictions of being mortal. You all have made the choice to endure beyond this experience of mortal time and space. You all have seen the light. You all desire to approach the light and to return the part to the whole, the puzzle piece back to the masterpiece.
And so we are assured of this journey and with that sense of certainty, surely we can navigate the river before us and know that in the end we are provided for, we are cared for. We are loved and cherished by our Divine Parents who have granted us this experience. Knowing that, let us be about this journey with joy, in peace and with the faith to bring us conviction that this journey will lead us towards perfection, that each bend that we make in our journey necessitates uncertainty but without such a journey, such an experience, we would have no opportunity for choice, no opportunity for contrast, no opportunity to manifest. So it is with great joy that I look forward to our future association as you become aware of my energy signature and as I am becoming aware of yours. This is how we will commune throughout our eternal journey. Beginning this relationship while you are even a mortal creature of the realm and extending through spiritual progression to Paradise.
It’s a pleasure to have this channel of communication that we may access. I realize that it’s by your efforts that this circuit has been created and I am grateful for your efforts. I send you all my love as we are just beginning our relationship, we are meeting as spirits and our relationship may endure beyond the time and space realm. I bid you all a joyous journey and look forward to being with you at various times in our journey. Thank you all, farewell.

Discuss This Web Site / Orders To Clear Lightline Boards 20 January 2020
« on: January 20, 2020, 08:13:23 AM »
The PLANETARY PRINCE, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and a Staff of those Without Name an Number, this morning ordered me to take down a certain number of LIGHTLINE CATEGORY NOTICES until the confusion on how to operate them is resolved.

As of now 8am Monday morning, I have complied and the following are taken down until they can reassemble themselves as a working unit in the galaxy of proposed LIGHTLINE projects and outreach.
Brazil Lightline
Netherlands Lighline

Both are welcomed back when they are prepared to field these efforts in accordance with standards set by the PLANETARY PRINCE and Those WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER assisting.

Further, for your information, I am asked to desist in further exploration of more Lightline projects until the NEW TEACHING MISSION IS  better established on Urantia.  I placed  a post on line this morning from MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, Planetary Prince, Tarkas a new ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER, with JACK0802AB. and it should be read for the changes they are bringing to all of us on this web site we euphemistically call a discussion forum.

See reply Number 1.

In that post, reply number one, we make it clear that the use of LIGHTLINE is now under the control of the Planetary Prince.  So I stand down now until we dust in the air over starting these projects settles and we can start them up again well organized enough to  not get upset about how these things are to be done.

Thank you all for your attention.

Click on the Link here to listen to the about one hour tape of our LIGHTLINE USA on 19 January 2020 at 2pm.   Our next LIGHTLINE is scheduled for 26 January 2020 at 2PM one more New York Time.  Thank you    Ron Besser/host


This Lesson is piped in from Paradise itself/
York, PA 8am Local Time
T/R Ron Besser
January 19, 2020

AGAIN, Paradise must send a message to all of you who are asking to be HOSTS of a LIGHTLINE SERVICE.

From now on we are issuing a Bulletin to all of you who are HOSTS.  We are having trouble getting some of you fully signed on.  Clency you are in trouble and you know it.  Do you wish to continue this service as HOST?  If not let us know and disband what you have started.  We find another host when we can as it is useless to pound you when you seem so undedicated to the idea of service in this department.  You are not being criticized at all. 

The past few days have been harsh on Ron for reasons you all know about and on top of it the work to produce LIGHTLINE seems monumental to get started.  Clency you are so half hearted Ron prefers you to relax and let the service go if you just cannot get any enthusiasm for it.  If you do want to continue let us see cooperation in sharing your work there and providing guidance to those who tune in to hear you.  Ron said to Paradise this morning, should I offer Clency help in hosting?  Paradise respond with a resounding "NO."  The reason we said no is because there is no heart in you Clency and frankly it kills the service. 

"Paradise is now suspending plans for a Netherlands broadcast because Amethyst cannot f ind the heart to start over.  Ron says so be it, but Amethyst falters in her dedication from our viewpoint and Ron asks why?  She does not like being charged with a mistake. Wll, Amethyst, is this the first one you made of consequence?  Ron has them all day and he corrects as he goes as you should.  He also knows you have a problem with the computer too and that is a misery he fully understands too.  We want Netherlands to go but you have to do better than you are Amethyst because you just fault everyone but yourself.  Start the service and schedule at once if you wish this service to prevail and there are no costs to you if you use the service Ron does.
"Julio, you are an endless bellyaching version of a host and Ron allows the Zoom to be used once more and then out the door.  We will cut you off if you persist.  He has given you a link to a truly free service.  Please use it for your own peace of mind and cost free operation if you wish.

"Finally, this:  This is Paradise:

"What is the value of LIGHTLINE?   Ron questions your ability to understand it at all.  the value of LIGHTLINE  is that it provides curiosity seekers to taste first hand the sound of the Voice of God.  Second it is a valid input into a new Teaching Mission.  Third it provides everyone the idea we have a coherent way of moving into the 21st century with programs that can actually encourage right thinking and doing to improve the lot of man easily.  Once man signs on to listening he is part of the progress and not part of  the negativity that all everyone else has to deal with in life on Urantia.

"Fully explained, LIGHTLINE is the one program you can all participate in that is actual servoce to God.  Ron sees it as an answer to all of your questions, "What can I do?
  You now have an answer and you now have an opportunity to work for the ideals you espouse, yet now have little interest in doing because you feel left out or somehow punished to have to take this work on your own shoulders.  Ron sees it as a callous attitude  that you have to be pressed so hard to provide the service and know there are problems but they will be worked out as new teachers arrive shortly.

"to you Clency, Ron is sensitive enough to know the drag on you.  Then you need to figure out to have help yet you make no effort whatsoever to seek that help.  there are other transmitters coming up to use in France yet you do not inquire.  Get some to take transmissions and have some idea of an agenda before your ope the LIGHTLINE SERVICE  weekly.  Otherwise you drift and complain and that is not LIGHTLINE, that is something else entirely we rarely need.

"And to you JULIO, your language problems are severe in spite of your concentrated efforts to over come it.  We need it Portuguese only and no need for English translations.  We have provided all the help you need to run it weekly and well with the help of Margarete as well.  She is ready, willing, and able very much yet you sit there wondering what to say next and that is hers not disfavor as much as Ron dislikes your approach to do nothing but sit there wondering what to say next.  Ron is never short of what to say as he is busy seeing to the people who have joined in on Sunday as you should be too. 

"The efficacy of the Voice of God is truly important to the point it needs to be practiced.  Why some of you have such a hard time with it just when success seems to beckon is far beyond the vision of Paradise on any of this.  Keep it going you win.  Drop it we start all voer again and Ron will share this with you:  he is convinced the supreme is causing some of this and if so it will he cleared shortly on our behalf as well.  Thank you."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "I share the view of PARADISE on this broadcast through ron today.  Would you believe that Ron spent over one hour and one half this early morning conversing with the impeachment trial litigants?  They are tied into a communication hub that Ron works with on the subject of the American Government.  They speak well of him and he of them yet they all kow the battle starting next Tuesday, the American government may fall because of it.  When we say "FALL" we mean it could crash around the ears of the House of Representatives and the United States Senate with such a whimper there is no will to pass legislation or enforce the laws of the American Republic.   Ron was infused with the ideals of the Paradise Trinity in those conversations and he stood his course as a Counselor to certain aspects of actions the MOST HIGHS  now consider Ron to be the expert on.  Yet, Ron asked to step back into the background and respond only if questioned and that has been provided to him and them at this point.  It is all quite real including a Senator, the Speaker, and the chief trial lawyer(s).  In this case we must aver  that the chief trial lawyer is not in question per se but his colleague is. 

"This is to inform you that Ron has taken the lead on these things called LIGHTLINE and finds it perturbable that everyone of you so choosing to be a Host has refuted all efforts at cooperation in the name of running your own show without concern on how it melds into the big picture.  In particular we see France holding out for a better venue without LIGHTLINE being involved.  Clency that will not happen, and you better assure yourself t hat if you do not do it others will be found later and the entire matter placed up again on this discussion forum.

"Fully explained by this Melchizedek, we are seeing the same problems erupt we saw in the original teaching mission, and I know Ron will not tolerate it with people who can and know better than to fight turf battles like this.  He is convinced the entire number of members can leave this shop and not return and with good riddance if you cannot work together and get things done easily as they are easy to get done if your follow a weekly schedule and do your transmitting with the help of your MC's Jack0802AB and the other Jacks who are his brothers to help out. 

"I am clo9sing this angst down with Ron today and he has a free hand to get things working or not working.  amethyst you are finding life difficult at best and so is ron, but he moves in spite of it and wants you to do the same.  You are refuting costs and you can refute all costs by taking the free account he provides you if you will just sign up and go.  That is all it takes in all honesty.

"The totality of your efforts so far is a standard test every Sunday to be there with Ron as he runs it smoothly and well in spite of glitches that find him all the time too.  We will provide some extra energy and you are right Ron you need it but let things fly for now as the trial in Washington DC affects you ore than you know as you are on board with Margul and the Paradise Trinity and HE is sure you know your stuff so well you do not falter in its progression of rights and wrongs.  You are aware of the combatants well and prepare to counsel as requested as you may be asked.  You wisely asked for advice to enter the picture as you did and still are unaware of your importance and you are.  Be assured we all watch this with great interest too.

"Finally, we have decided to ditch the idea of PLANETARY PRINCE not, and you are on board for a part of that too Ron, but you must end this failure to comply with the supreme ever and that is not your doing at all I see.  How fascinating you sit astride all of this work and have nothing to do with god the supreme at all.  Michael what does this truly mean?"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "Nothing yet.  Ron is faced with a myriad of fake promises up here we let escape and now must pay for.  I am truly lost on how to proceed with Urantia when the Father says to Ron you are in this trial in Washington DC, and Ron says he is too junior to do that easily and the lead lawyer speaks through soul to be on board or face his wrath too.  That is not the usual procedure but Ron is so unusual he must make amends according to the Paradise Trinity, or face censure and he does not ever do that under me.  So, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, I do not know the answer to your question and maybe the supreme itself has an answer:"

The Supreme = "We answer fully and well.  Ron Besser is not fighting me but God the Ultimate over the Supreme-Ultimate overlay on his soul which he bitterly resents.  His Adjuster can make no amends and Ron has no way out, yet he declared himself off limits last night fully and well and I dare not over step my bounds over this at all.  Therefore, FATHER is removing me and not Ron for some reason Michael, and that is not answerable except by FATHER. K"

GOD THE FATHER - "WE state this well to you MICHAEL OF NEBADON, Ron is not rare, but he is unusual, and he stands well to the Republic in which he was born and has served without faltering one iota.  He is truly outsized by God, but makes no amends to the powers who would refute the Republic and that for which ti stands.  He laments the electorate as stupid cattle without understanding they elect according to their whim as cattle graze grass and is adamant that an electoral college be abolished, and that a fair and equitable voting system be put into place quickly so there is better representation of those who are educated and who take an interest in good government might prevail much better that one man one vote only.  I fully agree with this view and have asked the MAGISTERIAL SONS SERARA AND MONJORONSON to apply the principle if it can be affixed to the voters.  Ron doubts it will go without a fight, but believes it necessary to place on any constitutional changes for the UNITED STATES over the coming years. 

"For this reason I am withdrawing god the supreme entirely from Urantia.  IT is not Ron's fault he got sideways in the work fo the supreme by pressing so many corporations into existence nobody knows where they all st and again.  He is making amends by closing three of them immediately and God willing, they stay closed forever.  He is sure the attorney is a slow draw but not entirely and has accepted a will change he did not intend but shrugged his shoulders and it lie and it is truly for the best.

“We need to conclude this on behalf of LIGHTLINE today ron as you are prepared to take it on with no real plan other than to take it with what your followers wish to speak to and that is also for the best as I now see that you Ron are worried over so many things you do not have a real life of your own at the moment and that will be returned to you in spades shortly We leave that for how.  FATHER.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “Yes, and this: we are fully deciding LIGHTLINE IS PRECIOUS and important and will clear out those who make it dull or drab.  Lemuel is working nothing, Spain is without a voice now; Amethyst is forcing her own issues but without luck; and Clency is up to himself as usual.  I let it ride for now as Ron holds the ridge top in this and maybe all need a break to consider what they are all about in a prayer as all hell with break loose in a couple of days, and I do not mean the trial in Washington DC and we shall see to that when it shows up Ron.  K”


What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / 18 JANUARY UPDATE
« on: January 18, 2020, 10:01:52 PM »

18 JANUARY 2020

I am writing this just before the 18th ends.  I finally got a little quiet time to put his out for you.  Typically done is the Urantia problem of government for spiritual beings to work on Urantia in and for.  last month we lost the fourth Urantia spirit government in a dispute over who controls Urantia in authority at all.  I had to make the observation when the destruction was going on, that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, must feel like a boomerang, because he is thrown out of office on Urantia, flies to Paradise or somewhere, and then returns a week or two later as head of a newly appointed government again.  Let it be said MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, is back on URANTIA today, but is so unsure if he can stay, he has not unpacked any of His Supreme Court robes, as he is the Chief Justice on Urantia if we ever can settle in with a stable government for a change.  It has been this ways since June 21, 2019.

Now I also report to readers, that the entire matter of PLANETARY PRINCE is and has been settled for months now.  We reported before that MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK has been our PLANETARY PRINCE now for sixteen weeks counting today.  That is four months usually, but it has been over six months and sometimes he had to vacate Urantia right in the middle of get ting things ready for the new planetary government then suddenly being destroyed as he worked.  The supreme has not stopped harassing either and we humans are getting it too as those of us who work for LIGHTLINE  are finding out.

Sp be it as they say now, but I do know that our LIGHTLINE is beginning to make some progress as small as its footprint is right now.  We received a really nasty email from one you all know today and that is Antonio who reports he now works for Daniel Raphael, and that that client receiver filled him on how really bad I am and how despicable he found me to be.  I agree with Antonio he needs a complete change of scenery and completely deleted his account forever and for good this morning.

To conclude this brief update:  we report that MICHAEL OF NEBADON now knows who the culprit is that keeps demanding better performances out me and you without signing in to do so himself.  God the supreme is not it nor is it the Ultimate, but a rep from the Deity Absolute who has no credentials whatsoever and has been sent packing back to Uversa to explain himself to the Ancients of Days.  Thus it goes on and on as the rule of law in these outlying universes is seriously truncated and the Deity Absolute swears all is at peace on Urantia as far as HE is concerned but that is hard to tell me when I get nothing but harassing changes to my computer requiring repair to my boot operations and then software operations used to keep LIGHTLINE squared and running smoothly for our part of it. 

I thank you all for taking a quick read and promist more as tomoroww is Sunday and the USA LIGHTLINE COMES ON BROADCASTING  at 2PM local New York time in this part of the woods.  G'day/  Ron

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January 16, 2020, Samara, local time is 07.00. Message from the Thought Adjuster.
“You need to think about the light line in Russia. Unfortunately, in your country there are very few readers of The Urantia Book and those who understand it. The positions of the Orthodox Church are strong here, the views of which are not consistent with the Book. The second reason is ignorance of God .. Brought up in an atheistic country, almost all living generations know nothing about God. If in Catholic countries God's law has always been studied and generations at least know something about God, then this is not the case in Russia. Strengthening the influence of the Orthodox Church puts off the chance of the desire to know and study the Book. Nevertheless, you can’t give up. Try using the site to contact Russian-speaking readers and offer your options for communication. Perhaps someone will respond.
We must knock on the closed door. ”
In this regard, I, Alexander Prozonov, turn to the Russian-speaking readers of the site with two questions:
1. Is there anyone who wants it and the need to draw a light line in Russia.
2. If “YES”, then what type of communication is preferable: a teleconference on mobile communications, zoom, creating groups in Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, “My World” on mail, or something else.
Send your suggestions to e-mail
To the phone +7 937-181-57-73
16 января 2020, Самара, местное время 07.00. Сообщение от Настройщика сознания.
«Тебе надо подумать о световой линии в России. К сожалению, в вашей стране очень мало читателей Книги Урантии и тех¸кто ее понимает. Здесь сильны позиции православной церкви, взгляды которой не согласуются с Книгой. Вторая причина – незнание Бога.. Воспитанные в атеистической стране практически все ныне живущие поколения ничего не знают о Боге. Если в католических странах закон божий изучался всегда и поколения хоть что-то знают о Боге, то в России этого нет. Усиление влияния православной церкви отодвигает шанс желания знать и изучать Книгу. И тем не менее руки опускать нельзя. Попробуй через сайт обратиться к русскоязычным читателям и предложи свои варианты общения. Возможно, кто то откликнется.
Надо стучатся в закрытую дверь».
В связи с этим я, Александр Прозонов, обращаюсь к русскоязычным читателям сайта с двумя вопросами:
1. Есть ли желающие и необходимость проводить световую линию в России.
2. Если «ДА», то какой вид общения предпочтителен: телеконференция по мобильной связи, zoom, создание групп в Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, «Моем Мире» на mаil, или что-то другое.
Направляйте ваши предложения на электронную почту
На телефон +7 937-181-57-73

i feel led to restate something so important, that at the risk of repeating myself too much, I do it anyhow.  I already made a post with the 'WHY WE FIGHT" PHRASE already spoken.  This time let me state it another way for you. 

Finally we have a way to take action.  All these years we asked, besides supporting the idea of a spirit mission to Urantia, how can I roll my sleeves up and do something to help?

LIGHTLINE is your answer now.  Yes, many come to listen, but many of you on this site are well trained enough to take action as hosts of LIGHTLINE.

Finally God has said, will you take a LIGHTLINE FOR US?   So far we have done some of that.

I am waiting for the idea of service to take root in minds to be hosts of Lightline. 

This:  As a host of LIGHTLINE all you are required to do right now is open the conversation and let people know you hold a welcome to speak at a place and time they can make verbal contact with a host who knows some of the answers.  That is all you are asked to do right now.

We need to establish as many SHIELDS as possible around the world we are present in.  We are not proselytizing; we are not evangelicals, but we are opening up a room with refreshments in it to conduct whatever business the Father may have in mind when we do open the room. 

Leaders who are HOSTS have the help of experienced teachers to co host with you.  You need to transmit as a Host but not much else as the experienced teacher will carry the weight for you all the time and with you.  Just do.  It will establish the spot ready to operate when it must.

Hosts have appeared and opened rooms for

We are waiting for responses to open a simple room from:

You need not worry about protocols.  You need not worry about a script.  You need to establish the shield against ignorance about what spirit sees as an emergency near you and what maybe to do about it.

Where is the Philippines?
Where is Formosa?
Is there an Argentina or Chile or?   you name if if you are in it and can HOST/

Send me your ideas and questions and wishes to be a HOST if possible.  You need to transmit and to hold regular sessions once a week at a regular date and time.  WE will support you and open up this web site to help you be heard for  your schedules and your information.  Establish free conference calling accounts and the shield of enough information can be sent to you to save lives and keep people together for emergency uses.

LIGHTLINE IS THE SPIRIT SHIELD OF INFORMATION AND HELP WHEN ALL ELSE MAY FAIL FOR YOU.  IT costs nothing; it is your contribution finally to doing something.  Anyone?

Send me messages concerning Lightline and anything else to

I will respond to you if at all possible.

Ron Besser/Admin

HERE IS THE IN CHARGE SPIRIT FOR LIGHTLINE SPEAKING though a transmission I am typing out as it is spoken to me:

JACK0802AB  "Ron finally recognizes we must organize now or lose the change to organize if we cannot contact all of you now.  It may be you have to operate LIGHTLINE without anyone else to contact on this forum as disasters knock down servers and web sites and power to run them.  Meanwhile you are up and running and using me, your ADJUSTER IF NECESSARY to run LIGHTLINE AS A HOST FOR Y OUR AREA OR COUNTRY, or the  ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER  Jack 0802AB,  MIGHTY MESSENGERS ALL: Jack 0803AC, JacK 00804DA,  Jack 0806BD, and Jack 0807CD, AND Jack 0809BD .

"ALL OF THESE JACKS are trained to MC your work with you,  Please take advantage while there is time and speak with me as often as you wish to get yourself established for humanitarian reasons galore.

:I am JACK 0804DA, and I am a half brother of Jack 0802AB and he is the oldest of our clan, and we wait for all of this to transpire.  Ron sees it clearly.  None of you do.  What in God's name do you want?  It is presented to you here and now and we wait anxiously to take this on and to start your practice sessions at once!  Please adhere to the principle that man waits while God figures.  Stay tuned while we bring a MIGHTY MESSENGER BROADCAST TO YUO NEXT:


"Exclusive Report Follows:"
"We now salute all who join this revision to the Teaching Mission before it even starts.  Ron Besser is applying maximum power to your minds to understand that the Universe Father sees to it that the LIGHTLINE BROADCASTS take precedence on Urantia air time all over Urantia when operating.  That means that we must clear all atmospheric disturbances while the BROADCASTS  are on the air using a telephone conference account to do so.  Ron has a problem with energy in his system and this is now corrected and they will try to figure out where all the extra energy is coming from to run it.  Ron must change services but not right now.

"FURTHERMORE- We now see the purpose Ron goes to to make this work and fully realize he has now joined the MIGHTY MESSENGER, AND ONES WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER and all else concerned with these operations to enforce the use of telephone conference call accounts to run these LIGHTLINES.  We were going to call them LIFELINES but Ron beat us to the name and we are happy to use these old designations for URANTIA fare. 


"We now have established a rapprochement with Ron Besser as he is deciding this has to be done for URANTIA and it will do for URANTIA if all of you finally decide you are willing to serve.  I see some of you feeling snubbed this morning over Ron being quite unhappy with the use of Zoom.  He does not like it because it is far too involved for people who only have a phone and nothing else to use in an emergency.  Why did we go to Zoom in the first place?

"Finally I am truly sorry Ron has to face so many gauntlets to get heard, but he does get heard and this post is ZOWIE as it fully explains what we are up to.  The Netherlands is ready Amethyst.  Please do it!  Establish your test with Elise and others today if you can.  Australia is useless due to the fires right now and it is Dingxin who should establish LIGHTLINE IN NEW ZEALAND if he can get out of his marriage bed and work his new responsibilities for humanity.  right now no one else is making things work at all due to total incalculation over what they want to do well and ready.  Lemuel you are beside yourself over misunderstanding everything again and you need to simply pick up the phone, dial into Ron if he will open up the Lightline net for you today.  Ask him to if you will and clear your mind mud over nothing.

"I am Michael of Nebadon and you all must realize I finally hear Ron shriek at you:  GET OFF YOUR DUFFS  if you really want to serve and open up LIGHTLINE AS A HOST!  we need you now.  K"



Scheduled as per the title above

We are putting up the USA LIGHTLINE TAPE  FOR 12 JANUARY 2020

This is admittedly the second tape made that day because the first tape hit a York crash and we had to start over, and frankly the first tape is of little use.

JACK0802AB here:  "Ron is hitting the fight with the Supreme here this morning and let it fly again.  He is hot happy to report he is facing a judicial action by the Supreme not as Ron declared the supreme without status there.  True, but the supreme does not know that and is biting nails.  Ron you need to clear the air well with MICHAEL next.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - god the supreme and small letters is what i want printed this time, is losing the battle royal easily with Ron and he lets him know it.  No one is going to get around the supreme except maybe Ron who loathes the behavior of that miscreant Deity.  Be assured Ron your hatred of the supreme is mutual here and we make it clear he has nothing to do whatever with anything you must put up to get the work done and out.  You alone are making this TEACHING MISSION a good one right off the bat and you insist all should participate but you will have a very lonely trail of woe to ask for any help from the old teaching mission people.  Gerdean trained them well and there they sit stuck to the old way of turf and surf without any thought for Father.  In any case the supreme is over again on Urantia and fully intended to cut you out today but lost the entire matter once again by you getting busy real early and forcing issues that must be addressed at once.  K"\

Ron -  Enjoy this tape.  I have yet to listen to it myself due to be over run by requirements to keep clear of the supreme which I use the small "s" on until directed to capitalize again.  The reasons are good and even wise to let him die out but that is a far larger issues than I can deal with in my lowly place on Urantia.  

Best wishes to all . . . .


JANUARY 12, 2019  YORK, PA  

Ron her:  I am too flustered and busy to edit this into neat paragraphs and presentation as a true paper.  It needs a lot of work, but here:

The stepping stones how reality got into place:

Do not expect me to explain what I know because I did not full explain how it happens that all reality stems from EXTRA INFINITY.  Extra Infinity is not another side infinity, but a word that means something outside of Infinity started all of this:

This is the list of stepping stones to read and think about.
















END for now

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We are running a deficit on ideas again.  We need to change our posture and our thoughts to change gears again as well.
We are switching the idea of an immediate MAGISTERIAL MISSION to and IMMEDIATE TEACHING MISSION!

We now have to take the old idea of working independently to now having to work in STUDENT GROUPS.  We now are going to have to start supporting the idea that the world is going to become a classroom more than ever.  We pray we learn to do this as we learn what is asked of us in the new Teaching Mission.

Our MEANS OF DISCOVERY AND CONTACT AND DISSEMINATION is through the classroom telephone.  LIGHTLINE will carry this until a more symbolic way is given to us to do Teaching Mission classrooms.  LIGHTLINE IS A CLASSROOM now.

For that reason i ask this:

Will you establish a Lightline for your country?

As a host you have to lead and transmit to hold weekly sessions come hell or high water.  They must become afixture if only to be running on a regular schedule and to familiarize yourselves with your countrymen and women who work or come to you to meet that schedule.  Emergency conditions will persist and these LIGHTLINE segments can save lives.  And in your own language.

If you do not transmit yet, find a comrade to help out.  The important thing is to establish the service and a call to place to you for the sound of help and Teacher availability.  More will be told to you as we gear up for this new Teaching Mission.

I am asking persons who work with this web site who are citizens of your country, to please consider how you might help to do this.  Lightline is not just a place to hear chatter and banter over what is happening, but it can contain warnings to heed for your own area particularly when inundation is possible.  Western Europe from the Balkans down to southern France will see sea levels crest in high tides soon that flow over your harbor constraints easily,

Low Countries and Municipalities
Western Russia (I realize the State is fussy about establishing these things so you must do as you must to stay well done)

Great Britain

We need to especially address Hispanic Lightline but that is very difficult under the circumstances.

Any other suggestions are welcome, and do speak to these things here as we need to vet this whole idea better.  Let me know.

Ron as a Worried ADMIN

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "finally i have a woodchuck chattering away at a group of people who do nothing unless they are forced to.  Do not become moribund in this attempt and give it some thought.  Ron faces endless problems and must be made well but we are now sure he is so valuable we cannot do otherwise but preserve this work in order to be well heard.  He is already training a total stranger how to transmit and that man learned in 24 hours how to transmit a Melchizedek!   Be assured you all can do it with our help!  But do it.

"This: Dr. Mendoza is speaking now:

"We now have a cholera epidemic looming in Kenya over the idea of losing so much blood in skirmishes over elections, that we must report it is going to hit near you Nalikaa.  Others who use the Lightline or the web site must understand that their lives are at risk without understanding how epidemic diseases move so easily in Africa:  your social standards are much more gregarious than in the West, and as such you must be aware there are no more good reasons to kiss or hug so closely anymore you break the skin in some cases.  Be assured cholera is horrible and to stay away from mosquitoes and jiggers and any biting insect right now as cholera is looming dangerously close again in Kenya in particular.

"Second, the call for LIGHTLINE services to be established in Africa has not been made mostly because Ron has no idea what services you have there.  You have these services available if you would go on line with your computers and search for "telephone conference calling :  many of them offer a free cost to sign up.  Fully understood, nature will not wait for you to learn exactly what you want.  You need to establish and start working it.  Ron will make the support for your work visible on the web site so all you have to do is establish your schedule.  Other than that Urantia must hold onto what it can while it can.  You have been and are warned this will not be a pretty picture soon.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON and I wish you a good day. K."

We need your input.  Please respond. 


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