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General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 14, 2019, 01:24:43 AM »
I'm appreciating the thinking here. Rather mind-bending to us, but something that stretches our evolutionary perspectives . Thank you Occerpa and Ron. You get us to think more in terms of "PRE-CAUSE", nicely explained Ron, although it takes a lot for us to adjust to this type of perspective or concept. Yes, I agree with the thought as to what it was that motivated Lucifer to do what he did. That is something to learn although we humans know only half the story that is being told probably. I can tell, that the future will be one that will have most of us studying the Lucifer Rebellion because it certainly had a 'cause and an effect', the repercussions we all were subjected to and deal with in our experiential life in the flesh upon Urantia. For us humans, we are directly exposed to the "Rebellion virus" and how this can be undone is something to learn deeply about in the many years of our ascension careers. And how God can turn this around in greater insight into thought processing(if that is the correct word to say?). Anyhow, thank you for a giant way of looking at an old fossil as Lucifer was.


General Discussion / Re: The mid-january meeting
« on: January 13, 2019, 03:17:51 AM »
QUOTE:"These meetings are designed to see into the future and it is both hopeful that something becomes visible and that something starts, but the other side is that Urantia is out for a spanking as best I can read what is intended before these meetings start.."

I couldn't agree more! I join everyone here who is supportive, waiting, hoping and still some more waiting, praying and hoping for "something becomes visible and that something starts" so that Urantia can have a chance to see better than it does. I am joyful to learn that Jesus will be appearing sooner than was intended and yes as I said before, it is necessary to have a TEAMWORK approach in these coming Missions. My thoughts and prayers be with all who are to be present in the mid-Jan meeting and that this is a real telling time for us all. May the Father's will be done. And may Ron get well for what is coming for he is such a good brother to us all.


General Discussion / Re: Michael and a Written Test For You
« on: January 11, 2019, 12:27:24 AM »
Ron and Father Michael,
Let me dare!

You say a little test is for us and then to say "this is a tad silly" we all know the obvious answers, BUT TO TELL YOU OUTRIGHT NOW, AND I CAPITALISE THIS SO YOU CAN READ THIS!

In answering so much, I am not happy with it as I deem this planet Urantia is a world so filled with critical religious gaze, and for that reason, I deem it so ESSENTIAL FOR A TEAMWORK APPROACH to deal with so much coming that I think as a concerted effort by all of us who can and have placed such good thinking, queries, thought and even measured responses to so many quizzes that may be placed before us. Recall Jesus who reached out and summoned up a group of willing men and women as his followers and disciples that it is they who fill the area of need, preaching and ministry. If it wasn't for the gallant work after Jesus departed, we would not have known of their many expeditions and missionary exploits over the first century AD. So in that vein and in the vein of the MSM, I summon all of us to deliver our best foot forward as our former comrades who made the first giant leaps into the unknown. I see this as Michael's run, just as Jesus paved the way two millennium ago. This ought not to be a one man show, and this has to be a groundswell of mutual and willing support as the disciples demonstrated.

And yes, I agree, JESUS is the answer to all of this as he is recognisable and a powerful tool for Mission status. No one knows the list of names in the multiple choice test answers and to be frank, are you kidding! NO, NO, NO!!! It has to be JESUS, OUR LORD AND MASTER! Sorry to be frank and to the point....but it appears this quiz is a sign of exasperation by our lack of responses. I have to work and pay my bills, like a good law abiding citizen does, and to be given such a quiz seems rather ludicrous. Can I laugh too! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, Laugh Out Loud! LOL, LOL, LOL! Michael, will you have the floor as we are happy to move out of the way and stand ready to defend the cause of Father's way in these missions. Also, aren't we to wait and see the outcome or conclusion from the Council of Equilibrium on the matters pending by those others in the Universe who have made their reports concerning some controversial steps that Michael wishes to make in getting these Missions to go forward?

And, by the way, just as Ron is dealing with body issues, I have a painful right leg that keeps persisting and it is not much fun! Grrrr! So I join Ron in understanding a little of his frustration in body pains, illness and so on. May we all join in prayer in support with the concurrent Missions that I find fascinating! All the very best, and I hope the Council of Equilibrium brings a sensible view for all to consider.

Godbless and God speed for our dear brother Ron in his health and well-being, and to all the TEAM!


Thank you dear brother, Occerpa. Since as a child, it dawned upon me, as my Adjuster nudged me even then, if God is my father, then you and I are brothers and sisters, therein lies my deep respect to understand Jesus' prayer as Lemuel points out in our Lord's Prayer,  "Our Father who art in heaven...", so in view of our understanding of one another as little sons of God, we are of potential in His kingdom and that we are to remember the great commandments to love the Lord our God with all our hearts, mind and soul, and to love our neighbour as ourselves. So in the same sisterly love, I extend my warm affection and kisses too, in understanding the love and concern for our brethren in which we serve, mwa xxx.

So there! Does that make you feel better dear brother?!
Gotta go to work now....
Much love,

Thank you so much Ron for clearing this up. I have purchased the paperback book by Larry Mullins - A History of the Urantia Papers. It is a lengthy book and I intend to educate myself better on all of this as to the history and the circumstances that went to produce the papers. I admit, I'm a young novice and a newer generation of UB readers rather oblivious to this long history behind this remarkable book we have all come to adore. I am very appreciative of your astounding handling of this sensitive issue, thank you once again and I wish you and others who are to work to sort this out the best outcome.


Thank you for this and you have made it abundantly clear as to the concerns of and to addressing those who may be responsible for this "apostate act".

I still have a copy of this publication in my kindle book app and it appears it is a sole publication and has nothing to do with the UF, although it uses the word "Urantia" but is not in any way to do with UF? It does have as on the front cover stating it to be "for Urantia Book readers" and it seems to use that line to grab audience attention and so on, the "anonymous contact personality" who is the author(?) is acting in its own right and has copyrighted the material. How does this book come into the UF jurisdiction, when it is an outside publication? I can understand such a publication is out of line with approved revelation as contained in the FER-The Urantia Book, and that any material that is produced is running the risk that the UF has to protect the integrity of true revelation, and that means this type of publication should have been placed under removal as an anomalous material duly regarded as such. In saying this, should the litigation be placed upon the said author responsible and not the UF? Or is the UF being hit for not doing its job of protecting against false material to be allowed to flourish unabated? Is this is the going concern here?

I just wanted to clear up some confusion as to how this is properly proceeding if it is legally going to be removed and how to do that when it is available online through the amazondotcom site.

I have only read the first few pages ages ago, and lost interest as to the suspicion it raised in the content, the anonymous author and the way it is copyrighted and so on. It appears to have no affiliations to the UF and it is acting alone. How is this now seen as a responsibility of and by the UF?


Thank you Occerpa, that is a very noble thing to be doing. It also comes under the AIDET steps we as staff are to follow every time we enter a patient's private room and while hand sanitising our hands upon entry. I am employed as an Environmental Services Associate (ESA) which are responsible to maintain the cleanliness of rooms, wards, offices, public areas, theatres and rubbish as well as dirty linen disposal, the list can go on, but I also train new staff when it is required. In the AIDET procedure we are to always have a patient-centred care approach, AIDET is outlined briefly below:

A-Acknowledge the patient by his or her name,
I- Introduce myself by my name,
D-Duration of time is to be stated - to tell the patient how long I am to be there,
E-Explain why or the purpose of my entry into the room,
T-Thanking the patient and state that I am finished and ask if he/she is happy with the cleanliness of the room and is there anything I can get for him/her before I leave.

When leaving the room, we are to hand sanitise our hands from the dispenser.

This same principle is applied in every room, there are approximately 32 private rooms in a particular ward, this one is a medical ward, with their own bathrooms, and with two ESAs this number is halved to cope with the workload. Other ESAs elsewhere may come later to assist in discharge cleans when we are overwhelmed and pressed for urgent room cleans for admissions. This can be busy on certain days of the week and as I commence early in the morning, I take charge on how this is to be managed and accomplished by using a teamwork approach. I have worked in this environment for close to three years since the new building opened and was commissioned to operate as a functioning hospital. This is a state of the art university hospital, run by a non-profit organisation. The first year was a trial and as time went, many things were changed, improvements were made and appropriate equipment made the work much better to do. We have lost staff and gained new staff, it is to be expected to see this happen over time as people change and move on. In our first year, we received a heritage badge and now after two to three years, not many staff have these badges as I still wear it everyday on my uniform shirt. When I see a staff member with the badge it represents the longevity of the staff who has stayed on and remained to work in this organisation. It also says a lot about the success we have had as a Team since day one. Nurses are also given these badges too and some are still here working, although I have seen some have moved on. We also get student nurses as well as allied health students who are training in the premises as it is located adjacent to a nearby university. This is a well-run organisation with highly trained professionals and specialists. The patients are getting the due care and service they are paying for and the feedback from them is very helpful and positive.

Given the service and care, I am always being mindful to all those whom I deal with, be it patients, visitors, nurses, doctors, tradespeople, supervisors, managers, ESAs, Orderlies and allied health professionals, they are all there to make a great contribution and is worthy of the respect, dignity and empathy that the organisation strives to exemplify. Although, you have brought out the divine in each Occerpa, there is the personality and the free will of the individual to respect and nurture. The work is to maintain as much dignity in a safe and clean environment for the betterment of health and well being. The design of the building is such that every patient room has a view and this is for an aesthetic purpose to help uplift the patient's spirit when they are trying to get well in themselves. The whole approach to patient-centred care is well thought through and applied in every instance of our daily routine. Our care is for the patient first and everything follows. I love my work and for the Team approach. It is with joy I work and it is often-times at my age, rather wearing, although accomplishing as it helps those little by little each day.

So Occerpa, in some small way the principle of due respect is given and practiced in real ways in various forms, as it occurs that our actions speak louder than words can do. I have on a few occasions been praised for my efforts and is known by my superiors. That helps to know that things are making a difference and that the patient is happy too. That matters to me and it makes me strive more in that way.

I hope this explains more for you Occerpa and for others to see the professional way of dealing with people who turn up for lots of health reasons and are being taken care of in various ways by all the staff who have daily contacts with and in the hope that the service we provide makes a difference to their recovery. From the doctors, to the nurses, to the meal delivery, to the cleanliness of the room, to the orderlies who transport the patient, to the allied health workers who get them to walk, to the maintenance staff who keep things working, to the managers, who organise the rosters and pay, to the office workers who maintain the paperwork and to the nurses in charge who make sure things are working well with nursing staff and that the ward is functioning appropriately, all these work intricately to ensure optimal patient outcomes and recovery.  There is a lot involved in such an organisation, and it comes down to a teamwork approach, where things can be accomplished when we work together as a Team. This has helped tremendously in our first year of opening and has flowed through to the proceeding years in a sensible way. Although, not every day is the same, and not everything runs perfectly, but we all do better when we are aware to work as a Team. To be mindful to think outside the box and see beyond the scope of delivery of service.

In this way, I have shown you a small part of how things operate in my workplace and that is one way to show you how we can make a difference in the way we care for patients and their well-being. It matters to all involved to see the best and be the best we can be.

Anyhow, that is enough. As you can see the commitment is there and with it the energy. Often-times due to the daily exertion, due to the Adjuster within vibrating non-stop, and due to my quickly depleting energy levels, by the middle of the day, I can feel quite lethargic and I know my body has had enough but with only two hours to go, I have to kick into overdrive to make it to the finishing line! Phew! And that is everyday!

Thank you for raising such an important element of love and service and it goes without saying, I do so in my daily chores of working life.



Thanks bro, I'm hanging in there no matter what! You are wonderful Lemuel! "Hold your ground" is so needed and appreciated, I agree. Mwaaa! Xxxx And so say all of us, I hope.

Stay calm and keep the faith, united in hope, love and life.


Thank you Ron and Michael! I didn't know you can be so poetic! Don't worry I'll just hang in there as I always do! Sorry about the wet boots and sprouting a lot of beans!

Many smiles from me! ;D

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Fusion and Ensuring Survival Status
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 07/01/2018 2.30pm(AEDT)

Michael of Nebadon:

“Thank you Sue for your analysis. I had high hopes for the pieces of the puzzle to be settled but for it to be still in limbo, it is not. There is a lot to go through and I am not about to give up on you all yet. I have the highest hopes in all of you who have placed such trust in me to get this going in some way or form for a Mission to be presenting Spirit as it is to be so placed. Your Mother and I have fondness for all of you and we are so proud to be your Creative Parents. This is not an easy exercise by all of us on this side of the veil as it is presented to us to deal with so many contingencies and so on it goes for the rest in this Local Universe and beyond into the SuperUniverse of Orvonton. What I do here has flow on effects down the line and so it affect those who also conduct business as usual in their respective creations as Creator Sons are tasked to do. That is why so many of my siblings are voicing their concerns as to how I go about a certain Mission to a certain world that really needs to be, in their opinion, scrubbed and clean and start over. While that is true, it comes to light that there are certain individuals who are fused on the said planet in question. This is certainly an unusual type of fusion precedence that the Universal Father is enabling of reasons that is too difficult to explain to the mortals of this realm. Suffice it to say, the Universal Father is taking measures to ensure survival status is achievable and that those individuals who have entered and completed their psychic circles and have attained fusion with their Thought Adjuster are to be considered unique creations of the Father. This is to ensure a certain survival mode is attainable in light of a planet that is now considered mostly spiritually dead. To all who are spiritually dead there is no consequence as they will simply be no more. To all those who are inclined with the Father within are of spiritual potential in the universe career of ascensionary purpose. That is truly remarkable from the standpoint of a planet considered totally defaulted.

“My input in gaining some form of spiritual presence is to take on the issuance that the saying, “in Him all things consists” is made clear and prevalent to all who inhabit this wayward planet. To all concerned, it is a mandate to seek Him while He may be found. It is the way of the Father in most evolutionary worlds and how it is that you find such a Spirit presence in your being. The “pilot light” that points you north is to be your experience in time and space as you live it. It is to grope and see in the dark to find that true light that lights your path before you. It is the hope when all else fails you that enables you to see more than your human eyes see. It is when you are lost that you are found in Him whom you hear within you. It is I that bring these elements into your awareness as Jesus did to show you the way, the truth and the light. This is how and when you walk, when you know in yourself there is a way and a truth deep in you that you discern well as wise and true to your being. As your Creator Son, I am very much concerned for all that is in my charge and it is upon me to see to it that you are taken care of in the best way that can be done. However, Urantia poses more problems than one can poke a stick at and that requires a Team of highly specialized and experienced personnel to deal with so many areas of difficulties that such a troubled world presents. One can either be absolved and done with it or one can be so hopeful to deem some good can come out of an old stone. I deem it worthy of such an investment of time, resources and personnel that it will pay back manifold in ways we cannot count. All that can be sure of is that it is worth a go and we are ready for it. The only thing holding such an investment is for those who question such an investment as both risky and out of touch with the mainstream of universe pattern. That is their true and honest assessment and I agree in part, but it is not a usual way to see a rebellion and a farce to have in my backyard happening. I can either let it die or I let it come to terms with the reality of the Spirit of Truth. I arrest my case with the Council of Equilibrium as they need to see how to curb a mounting rabbits hole and let it decide where it wishes it to go.

“I take it as it comes and so does the rest of you as it is to be presented from on High. I have to tow the line with the rest or I just fold this like you would a paper plane and let it fly away into the sunset to burn. To me, I would rather not let that happen without giving it my best shot to save something if it can be saved it at all possible. You see that it is possible and can be possible if only we can get the cooperation it requires from the human contingent as this is concerning all of you as such a Mission so presents itself.

“So, I leave it there as things prevail and let the “bigwigs” as you call it, call the shots on how to proceed with the problems we have before us all. Stay tuned as we wait for a report later on during the upcoming mid-January meeting. Good day.”


Hello All,


I am finally feeling fresher from two weeks of grueling work at the hospital as management culls back staff over the Christmas break and the workload keeps mounting up, making it both mentally and physically draining for the skeletal staff remaining. It made me wonder how long I can last doing this, but this coming week it will get back to normal operations as the holiday period ends and the regular staff and workload commences back to normality. It bothers me greatly to see so many people so sick, aged and frail that turn up for medical attention. Over the course of time, I have seen so many die across different ages and that also becomes a sad picture to witness and yet I have to remain insensitive in order to cope with the growing numbers of death and illness. Anyhow, that is the nature of hospitals and their abilities to deal with so many health concerns and so on and I just have to go along with it, even though I feel it would greatly help if so many of these people had the knowledge of the The Urantia Book in them to see better their life's purpose and meaning and so on. On top of all that, I am rereading the paper on the Assessment given on Jan 4th, and find it is a very sobering paper to reflect on. It also explains why the Missions are so staggered for some time now as it has to be sorted out by all those who are concerned with it’s repercussions. I am still trying to fathom all of it, just as Amethyst is, Ron is, Larry is and I am sure all of us are too. There is also on top of all of this, the problem I am trying to unravel as to the meanings of the dreams I have recently received, perhaps from the Deity Absolute himself.

Both dreams are alarming and frightening. One was given about a week ago and that one I saw I was in this building structure with a window and all of a sudden I saw a wall of blue water come rushing around the structure and I was frozen and yelled to myself (?) “Get Out!” Then I saw the window cracked under the pressure of the water and the picture went blank as I became conscious and awake. My thoughts ran in accordance to what may be. The next dream I got was last night. It has to do with a vision wherein I was standing on the cliff edge overlooking the long stretch of beach below and a large jetliner plane swerving dangerously and then ended up landing on its belly upon the beach, my thoughts went for my daughter who was on that plane and how she would be so freaked out by such a rough and dangerous ride, but fortunately, she will be safely disembarking from the plane onto the beach. The dream ended there as my thoughts and prayers went out to her, yet how strange it is to receive such alarming visions of danger and disaster. With this in the back of mind and reading the Assessment Jan 4 above, I am of the opinion that this whole idea of Missions is fraught with danger and perhaps disaster. Mainly, because of the history of attempts to right Urantia in the past has fallen in failure and it begs me to wonder how any attempts could ever succeed.

It is obvious from the Assessment that some things need to be sorted out. And so we wait for the Council of Equilibrium to assess the reports and come to its conclusions. It surprises me that so many high up in the chain of command are rather frowning upon the plans that our Michaelson wishes to go about to dealing with a rogue apostate world that Urantia represents. I got a gist of the old saying Jesus pictures well, with the Good Shepherd that go out after the Lost Sheep, yet how even Michael is doing just that and is met with some frowns by the bigwigs who are not happy with the way he is going about this. In my mind, we have to remember that Urantia is not a normal planet and for it to be that, it has to be dealt with in a different manner than a usual “normal” world in the Local Universe. Hence, for Urantia to have any so-called “help” or “salvation”, a certain salvage operation has to be customized to its specific problems it genders. Like any salvage operation, certain problems do arise and is met with equal amount of corrections and changes that may be needed for a salvage mission to have its success. Of course, humans are what they are and heaven help us when we are faced with problems we can’t help, but we sure are resilient and hardy to handle the best we can muster in ourselves with as much faith as we have to see things through as best as can be. I understand the concerns and frowns from the higher Deities and authorities and they have reasons to be so grave in their own assessments as to how such an unusual plan can be carried through with humans in the mix. This is indeed unprecedented and so is Urantia by all accounts! I can see, if Michael is ready to go with a Mission, then that is a sure sign of confidence on his part but he is also met with critical eyes everywhere, including the Creator Son of Avalon, and God the Supreme and so on down the chain of command. This is just one set of critical mass that Nebadon faces with when confronted with a rebellion problem.

Given in the Urantia Book, that rebellions have occurred in other Universes with not much detail or info is given of them, that the Lucifer Rebellion is given in greater illumination as to the gravity of it’s scale of damage that it has inflicted. This scourge of ill-will and intent is so pervasive that even Caligastia in his contempt and dislike sided with the view that Lucifer had also generated that has caused so many spirit beings to be so disenchanted. I have tried to figure out for some time the right word to spell as to what engenders so much hurt and disharmony in our lives and makes it so unreal at times to live at all. The one word that sums up it all just came out as I typed here, DISENCHANTMENT, I capitalize it to make it stand out as to the very fabric of our existence on this planet is so pervaded by it. As I check on the daily news on the world wide web, it occurs to me how much unrest, anguish, crime, bloodshed, turmoil and instability there is in our world everywhere. The DISENCHANTMENT is prevalent at every turn and how do we as humans come to terms with it. It is not a picnic, it is a hell and an isolation that is genuinely felt over and over. I am so grateful for the Urantia Book to be in existence for all of us to be in better knowledge than what the Bible has been. We are all better for the insight of the Universe Administration and the huge multi-universe cosmology, teeming with billions of spiritual beings and celestial life. Little did we know until the The Urantia Book came to be. It should have made its presence more widespread in readership than it is and for this, it needs to be better made apparent for all to be educated on. If the population of Urantia had this readership, the planet would be in a better place for a Michael Mission, but since it is not as such, the Magisterial Mission is more likely to be the one to take the bull by the horns, so to speak, to deal with the looming political, financial, economical and social crises that is developing in many Nation-States. Serara’s message to me in my audio practice is clear, there needs to be a certain curtailing of the monetary problems that Urantia faces. That being said, I leave it now as our wonderful and wise counselors of old who know better to sort out a problem and hope for the best that can be from any good seed that is planted, let us hope that the Life Carriers who sought well to plant well that their intentions did not come into vain, that good can come out of the worst atrocities the whole Master Universe has come to see, that such a low specie can rise and be counted among the many who are so superb. May Michael of Nebadon be proud to have found the Lost Sheep and carry upon his shoulders the prize he so fought for and be so happy to claim as his own. May the Universe of Universe be so inspired by the sheer faith he has in his own little mites of Urantia, that out of the “Worst” can come the most precious and largest of the pearls of unparalleled beauty. May we, who are weak and torn and battered, be so polished by the love of the Father who went and called after us and brought us upon his shoulders to the shores of Paradise. May His praise be ever be on our lips and on our hearts. May we not doubt his brilliance, may the angels sing with the Supreme, may the Councils be in awe, may the Eternal Son be proud of His Sons and the Infinite Spirit be ever sought for wonderful counsel as we, who are of low esteem, has sought and found as one in Spirit with us.

There are times many of us have just shrugged and given up and left this fray of never ending catastrophes. Still we hope and pray and keep the vigil of faith, unswerving in all as in all that the FATHER is to us in all the universe of time and space. I can sing on and heap on the faith-filled hope of everlasting joy that is found even through the mud we slug through here on this troubled world. No doubt, I don’t blame you who leave and go live your lives as you must, and do so as it befits you. Just know one thing, He has not given up on all of us yet and He will see it through one way or another and we all will meet our Maker one fine day and have to make our peace with Him who is, who was and is to come. The Eternal One, the Infinite One, the I AM that is truly our life and our light forevermore. Great is the Lord and greatly is He to be praised in His sanctuary!

I am here with you as He is here with us and we are not going to go down without a fight for justice, for mercy, for peace and may our joy be complete!

I am suppose to give a transmission but this is more of my heart to heart with you all as my Adjuster gets me going with the pressings of my thoughts, my heart and my all that gives me sanity and a sense of purpose in what is to be properly sorted out by all that is concerned with how and what and when to get Urantia, the Lost Sheep, back into the fold with the rest of the Universe crew. I wish Father Michael well in his endeavors for his courage is to be commendable given all the knocks he has received from all corners. May the Father’s will be done. And as much as I wish to be in attendance in the coming mid-Jan meeting with Amethyst, Steve, Larry and Ron with Mantutia, I know it is not feasible for me to be there in such short notice, but know that I am there with you all in Spirit and that may good come about as to how best to deal with our beloved Urantia. If it is meant to go down the path to die, then so be it, may we who love the Father be in His grace going forward. If it were to be a Mission, then may it be acceptable and supported by all who have to deal with us to whom it concerns as to our Ascension Careers as it ought to be about our soul survival.

I can go on and on and still be enamored in the faith as this is to be about the Father’s House and all that He is to us. For without Him we are nothing.

May the grace of the Father be with you all,



AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Serara - To Live In A Sustainable Way
« on: December 31, 2018, 07:40:30 PM »
Audio Transmission:
Teacher: Serara
Subject: To Live In A Sustainable Way
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 01/01/2019 10.48am (AEDT)

General Discussion / Re: President of Russia Vladimir Putin
« on: December 31, 2018, 06:01:06 PM »
Thank you Prozonov for sharing this. Little do I know of Russia, only that I know of Siberia because in my primary years at school when once we reach year five, we students go down to the separate block called "Siberia" in the school complex. It was literally further away from the junior students, anyhow the name stuck in my fond memories. Well, I am rather speechless and awestruck as to the inspiring words of this man who leads a great country of people over large swathes of territories, it is certainly heartwarming and generous. What a stark contrast to other leaders everywhere, I wish it were here and everywhere those words are said with such passion, enthusiasm and heart. I just hope it is as genuine as it is said. Let's pray for Russia and her people, it is a land of great potential. And who would have known something good can come out of Siberia of all places on this earth!

God bless Putin and hope he will take this to heart in the New Year. I just got to know a nice side of this guy, wow! Can there be more of this!?! Sorry, I don't mean to get on any political bandwagon, but boy does these words have a powerful effect, that I wish it were from the mouths of all leaders. Thank you dear brother Prozonov.


Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 31, 2018, 04:07:26 PM »
Clency you make a good point about length of time. In my thoughts going with this is that we could condense the list into one to call it simply "News Pending" and then allow time for a "Questions and Answers" . The thing is though, the Questions must be really good and worthwhile to be asking to prompt fruitful and profound Answers. Our quest in this requires genuine interest, concern and understanding with whom it is to be concerned. So we may end up with a basic list at first, but as time goes the list on the Agenda may grow as per the News we receive and the revelations with them. That's my way of looking at it. I appreciate your thoughts Clency, thank you. I leave this for Ron to take what can be done and let's see how this goes, practice makes perfect as the saying goes! :) Cheers and Happy New Year everyone! Sue

Discuss This Web Site / Re: What Is Your View of Idea Suggested Here?
« on: December 31, 2018, 09:13:44 AM »
Hi Larry,

Thank you for that, I have to say that the TM Archives was not even on my mind when I typed this up earlier today. This was a spontaneous urge to press on with allowing what came to mind to put together as it is presented. The only thing that pressed me was to start somewhere and keep going with a list of some sort. I also wish to respect how Ron wishes to begin and then allow time for transmitter work and address a number of points we would like to discuss and so on. Yes, now that you mention the TM Archive, I agree with you there is the similarity and that kind of surprises me. I apologise if I gave the impression of a real thing, but hey,  at least it grabs the attention at first!  Now that is started, what do you think would be included to make this a worthwhile session?


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