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I still think you connected all the dots in that four part essay you gave us yesterday Ron, and the news about the Supreme trinitization seems to make some sense but it remains to be seen how this works when Nebadon requires an experienced Creator Son as Michael is. So many questions can be raised and yet it truly is up to the Paradise Trinity how they wish Urantia is to be handled. It's a tough nut to crack. And like in the the movie Ice Age, the little squirrel tries its best to survive anyhow it can with its beloved nut!


I stand to be corrected. I somehow feel flomoxed or like an idiot! Your description of crossing train lines is a good one Ron and I feel like it crossed hairs with me today with these transmissions! I stand down until these administrative changes get sorted out. I somehow got flubbed with God the Supreme when I made up a response to Clency when pressing the issue about Lanaforge which I came up with a defence for his new position and also see Michael is still Creator Son of Nebadon even though he is trinitized with God the Supreme. This changes so much in administration duties and so on, I wonder if it has ripple effects for Urantia?! What do we do next is the question? Do we stay calm and remain at our desk or just wait this out till Michael has his end sorted out? It is great news for the new addition to the Federation and all that this may imply.


Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject: Be Not Afraid to Speak for Us, Her Encouragement with us and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 12.28pm(AEST)

“Be not afraid to speak for us as we relay these messages to you, dear one. It is time for you to step up to the plate and go with this with the impetus that it represents. I am with you in this work you do, and that is because it is the nature of work I do best in those of you who are attuned in spiritual input. I am Mother Spirit, this is the work of Spirit, and it is with me you receive such input as I do through your divine Adjuster in you, it is because you are fused, you are in line with this reflectivity that is working in you. It is a constant stream of thoughts impressed upon you and you pick it up well, but you need to focus and concentrate fully with what is relayed in a steady way for you. Do not jump ahead of yourself. Keep it at a steady pace will you, and that is a go, for a really good transmission in all that is to be presented to you. 

“As it so happens, you are mindful of my work and my placement with all of you, as that is where I do my best to be present and available with all of you my children and my love for you. There is always Mother with you, and that is that. I do not leave you or let it stand in a awash of changes. It is best to have this going smoothly, so as to enjoy these communications flowing as it should, to enable the flow of connection and information for you to keep abreast with us, as we move forward in dealing with what has to be for Urantia. Your Supreme Michael and I care very much for all of you, but things has to go a certain way to maintain the proper order of the Paradise Trinity to enable the goodness to be felt for your own benefit of life and light in your lives going forward unto eternity. It is with this we have to do a certain pattern to get it working in that pattern. So, there it is, and I work with that, and keep it in a steady way for it to be truly working with all that has to be calibrated in with the plans of the Supreme Michael of Nebadon, and with the Havona Supreme that is our going concern for Urantia, Nebadon and other parts of the Grand Universe to be as One with the Paradise Trinity.

“As a daughter of the Infinite Spirit, I work tirelessly in this avenue with my administering spirits and other beings to assist the work of finality in each of the ascending children of God. So, as ascenders, you are in effect, children of the Infinite Spirit in whom I work with and with you. As Creative Spirit, I am just that, creative and manageable in spiritual attainment. I let this be for now as you are learning more and more, the ways and means of our work with you. This is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, and I am pleased this is getting a hearing as it is with the Planetary Supreme who I work closely with and with you all. Good day and may you ever be in my peace.K.”


[Sue: Thank you Mother Spirit, that is a beautiful encouragement from you on your part in with us. I appreciate the advice given and the wonderful camaraderie shared here in Spirit. Good day to you too Mother Spirit.]

Subject: Problems of Population Growth and Earth Attacks 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 11.52am(AEST)

[Sue: I am flooded now with personnel to speak. I have LANAFORGE now who wishes to speak.]


“There is now no amount to deal with until it matters. Right now you all matter and that counts in our registry up here. The population is looming as too many to keep going on such a small planet. This has to be curtailed somewhat and no amount of our intrusion will do until that is tragically taken out by sudden earth attacks you are now seeing the tell-tale sign of movements in various places. Gitz is dealing with one that has a lot to do with the climatic influx of warmer air that bunches up with cooler air in certain jet-streams that passes through the Atlantic belt. Now there are a number of earthquakes and tremors occurring in various locations and that is monitored up here by us to tell us of the emerging crustal movements that is taking place around Tectonic Plate boundaries. There is a certain amount of crustal movement occurring and this is now creating pressure on those boundaries that have large amounts of population that live upon them or near its vicinity.  We urge you all to be on the watch now as this is showing signs of increasing attacks and movements which will result in plate collapse, sea inundation and climatic fluctuations. I let it be known, some of the reports coming in to me to say we are on the verge of a global catastrophe, the Power Directors have relayed that to me. 

[Sue:So what is to be done now Sir?]

“I am waiting this out as the Power Directors are doing work in the areas of the core to try to stabilize it, it won’t prevent it from the crustal movements, but it will slow down combustion due its overheating properties. So here we have a dilemma that we must wait out how the earth’s core is to behave. I let it be known for now to stand by and await for further updates as this unfolds as we speak, the planet will soon go in to an emergency of proportions we do not know how much of that will be at this stage in development. It is such an unpredictable case, and one to watch which way this goes as the earth tilts and so on as it goes. This is all I can say for now, and thank you Sue for piping in to take this down as we have a lot going on right now. Stay on course and maintain contact with us as we forward these updates as they progress. Be that as it may for now, G’Day. K.”

[Sue: Thank you LANAFORGE for that piece of news and we await further developments. G’Day.]


Speaker: Sue’s Adjuster
Subject: Spiritual Circuitry alignment and the Work of Transmitting is needed.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 11.02am (AEST)

I feel someone pressing me to sit and type again and so I sit now to listen….

“This is your Adjuster Sue. I am assuring the process that some of you who are attuned to spirit to have the spiritual circuit aligned with the new settings that is with your new Creator Son Lanaforge, also, with your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek and with Mother Spirit. The Supreme Michael of Nebadon is now en-circuited with the Paradise Trinity and is on a higher circuitry function making this far too high a frequency for you to intercept. It is with Lanaforge, Mother Spirit and with the Gravity Messenger that you have connected with that you will receive these updates along with my say so to allow it. This is to ensure the veracity of the message is useful to all of you to hear it or not, in the matter of how the Supreme Michael of Nebadon wishes to handle Urantia at this point in time. Many changes are to be made so that it will be a rather different manifesto to have it so well done as Supreme Michael wishes it to be done.

"As your Adjuster fused in with you Sue, I implore you to stop sitting on your duff and get on with this ability I have going in you to do well. You can transmit as good as any other and can do better with the trials you have been through to see better than what it is. See to it you hear me and act on impulse to type on the whiff as it comes to you.. See that and you get more in the soup to enjoy it more. This will increase and will have an impetus as things get going with God the Supreme in your vicinity. God the Supreme is at the beck and call of the Trinity to take action and at once to deal Urantia in ways that has to be cleansed and remodeled to the ideals of Paradise injunction. That said, as your Father fragment, I am beholden to this too to ensure you are in with the capacity to handle these inflows of spiritual news and input that needs to grace your minds better in the way of universe administration and operation. There is no longer a Urantia in isolation now that you have the Supreme now seizing the planet for good. It is to be dealt with a strong hand in all cases coming to it and no stone is left unturned in the matter to have it thoroughly cleansed and done good.

"The SER is a book of revelation we all intend to see it well placed and this time in a manner better than it was dealt with, with the FER so long ago. It has to be distributed and made available for public consumption. Now this. Do your part, and I am pleased with you in this work, and the moment you slack off, you will have a spank to be sorry for and that is because so much is at stake now that your lives depend on the influx of news and updates as this is to be for all of you. We need you all to get on board and stop fussing with the changes, accept it, move on and take up the task of receiving and typing our input as they arrive in your mind to be busy about. Yes , Lanaforge needs more transmitters and fast. So, can you all be so good to trust in your abilities and put yourself to task at once? There is no time to waste now as things are now turning on its heads so to speak and we go about what the Supreme Michael of Nebadon has in mind to accomplish here on Urantia and elsewhere in Nebadon and so on. To enable the process of Light and Life, the rebellion has to be eliminated and done with, placed in its rightful place and be done with. And to ensure the process of renewal on the planet so as to properly function as beings of potential for spiritual ascension and a career full of much learning and growing in all that is for you, if you are so willing with me, your Father. I am Father, and I bid you well and truly good in the days that unfold for you, keep with me, stay the course and allow me to transmit for you. G’day. K.”


There are so many agendas in this post, that I must highlight the main ones that jumped out to me to make mention and have it clarified:

Item number One above: This concept of a Creator Son becoming trinitized as God the Supreme due to the issue of “when a Local Universe is impregnated with rebellion” had me thinking, mainly because, I always wondered what happens to a Creator Son who has experienced rebellion even during his Seventh and Final Bestowal and has been dealing with an apostate planet ever since, and with the rebels such as Lucifer, Caligastia and all of those infected with the rebellion manifesto drafted and espoused by the former Sovereign of Nebadon, Lucifer. It now comes to be such an overarching experience and challenge for such a Michael Son that he has endured this and so many problems associated with what had been so treacherous and dangerous. Now he is trinitized with Supremacy, does that give our Supreme Michael a new role to do things by fiat with the Trinity he represents fully in his new clothing? I am also attuned especially to the new dispensation, namely the Seventh Dispensation to be the final one and the “major changes” that is also mentioned and am wondering if I may ask when does this come in light of the new office created by Supreme Michael and with LANAFORGE as instituted as our new, yet familiar, face as Nebadon Creator Son? Although, sitting almost next to each other on Salvington, does the pair work simultaneously in how to reform Urantia or does the Supreme Michael have a new set of demands for Urantia that LANAFORGE must take up and do? Does anyone have anything to say or add to my mind here in these matters that press me?

I sit quietly now to listen:(I sense Lanaforge near me…)

Lanaforge do you wish to speak?

“Yes Sue, it is I,  LANAFORGE. Please make all capitals for now on as you are all to know I take on a new office and duty to perform as Creator Son of Nebadon. Your Supreme Michael of Nebadon works not only for the Trinity but in conjunction with those Sons who are tasked with the problem of planets tainted with rebellion. Urantia is to be dealt with a severe blow, keep going Sue, this is harsh to hear, but you need to keep typing what I am saying, regardless of what you find difficult and harsh to hear. There is a reckoning coming on Urantia, that will require all to take heed and listen to the Father. That is what Supreme Michael of Nebadon is task to do and accomplish to create that capacity in each of you to listen to the divine indwelling of the Adjuster that abides in you. There is also some removal of those who are not abiding with the Father and with the Supreme Michael of Nebadon. It is my task to ensure the circuits are in place for you and others to receive these messages as is now, Ron will summarily be removed and be reinstated in a new form later on. Meanwhile, you will discover there is no transmitter like Ron to impart to you the news of the day as you get here on the forum as such, it is why you are now here to get going, in all earnest, to impart what I am saying so you are the filler-in so to speak when Ron is absent in Adjuster transit for body adjustments. The SER is slated to be issued and I will ensure the team of Melchizedeks will enable such smooth transition of revelation to be forth-going in the many areas on the planet. As to your positions: Please keep with me in transmissions and that will do for now. The Forum site may go down for a little while and then placed back up later when Ron is in full adorn to go to make sure the SER is up and running and that it has its place for readership soon. 

“Now, as you are thinking above in relation to the new concept and roles that are now explained to you all, this is indeed a new precedence as it has not happened ever in the Grand Universe. We all up here are just as shocked and amazed as you all are and are absorbing this on the go as it happens, we know that it is to go one way or the other in relation to rebellion, and in this case it is with the Supreme Michael of Nebadon who wishes to see to it that “removal”(of the planet)  is not on the agenda but to absorb the experiential component into supremacy in order for all of us to know better how to behave with the Trinity and with the purpose of God in His Infinite plans of universe expansion and so on. There is a lot to be said in that and that is also discussed in the SER as to the divine plan of the Universes being created as it has a lot to do with the Circle of Infinity. I leave it there as it is a lot to explain and that is better described in your new book coming soon enough.

“Now we are rolling nicely, please keep up with me dear one, we are now hearing that Supreme Michael has his new Seventh Dispensation now finalizing a draft and is placing it for Trinity approval at this moment in our Universe time. In your time, you may need to wait a little longer for it to be revealed to you what it is that it matters to you and your life on the planet of Urantia. I am LANAFORGE,  your newly stated Creator Son of Nebadon and that these changes need to be updated in any new revelatory papers we have to issue to any of you as these are of fresh input as we speak now. Keep with us and let us see where we go with what our Supreme Michael of Nebadon has to land with in the matter of resolving rebellion on apostate planets and with Urantia, in particular, as we speak it unto you now.

‘I grant it that you are of a renewed energy to keep at it Sue? Yes Sir, is there any more you would like to add here? Yes that is good to know, and there is more to say but I must get some things in order before I can really state anymore than what is said so far. Let it stand will you and we may resume this on a daily basis when you are of this energetic nature, thank you and have a good day. K.”

End.   (16/07/2019 8.24am)

Sue: Well, thank you Sir LANAFORGE! I wish to congratulate you and Supreme Michael for their new positions and wish it all go well. I feel so small in saying that but am here to be of service in this capacity as God our Father enables each of us to play a part in the transformational work of Urantia. Although, there are so many more agendas in the post above, I am rather delighted that our Supreme Michael of Nebadon is taking on the task to speed up the process of age of Light and Life on all that he touches on. We all here have much to learn from the SER and all that it has to teach us. I look forward to these Papers. My best wishes and prayers be with you all. And to Ron, may you be taken good care of in your Adjuster transit soon and may you go well in what they have for you to go with. You will be missed I am sure and yet we have been drilled so much we know to keep at it with transmission work and stay the course as it is for us to follow. May God’s will be done on Urantia. May our Supreme Michael of Nebadon have good success in what has to be done to rid of rebellion and attain Light and Life in all of Nebadon and elsewhere too. I remain at my desk today in case anymore come to light for me to type. G’Day.


I read this twice through and trying to make sense of it ???. It seems to go around it circles. One minute it(the Missions etc) is all go and then next it is seized. One moment there is a window of opportunity to have human participation in the Missions and then it is viewed unfavorable to have it happening by Michael himself on his views stated above in these deliberations. All I see is, that we are to stand back, resume back to our mortal lives, watch God the Supreme to clear out the troublemakers, see the SER to eventually be issued and to allow a generation to go by before we can see some sense come back from the global population after all the earth changes, population decimation and cleaning up has transpired. Meanwhile, the York work is still on the cards so long as Ron can be renewed in his body somehow, if it can be done, so be it. I am still trying to fathom, the importance of these changes. The biggest being, for God the Supreme to take action. I see this as a huge change from what is normally supposed to be a planetary mission but, in this case of Urantia and her troubles and so on, it must be so bad for God the Supreme to step in for good now. Is this setting new precedence as to dealing with Rebellion as this one has gotten so far into wreaking havoc among the humans on this planet? What does the Supreme do that Michael cannot do? What difference does Deity of this nature do to change the outcome? 

As I see it, the best that can be done is the education that the SER can offer to its readers. I understand Mantutia’s reservations to release it just yet when there is still a messy planet going on and it’s release may be rather premature to go with. That makes sense to me when the planet is to go through some earth changes and some political shifts as well. It has to go through the mill and then after things settle down, then things can be better be introduced to go with. These are my thoughts, off the cuff, at this stage of thinking.

In all, it seems to me, this whole mission thing is rather premature when we are facing some changes that has to unfold before it can be favorable for any good work to go on with. I am happy to STAY BACK AND WAIT as is told by God the Supreme for us to do and to resume our mortal lives and see where this all takes us later on. I hope I am on the ball here, if not, I stand to be corrected in all that has been frankly shared to all of us to understand the difficulties, the challenges and the disputes between all that care about getting Urantia right in one way or another. May I say to God the Supreme: bring it on what you have to do! Our world is in one heck of a mess and it is making our lives so difficult on so many levels. Please be mindful of our mortal frame and our limitations, but by all means, do what you can to clean up the last of the Luciferion troublemakers. It begs me to ask in a rather unpleasant way of thinking: Did I just hear Lucifer laugh and say, “ha! I told you so, this is not going to work!”? Did Lucifer just win the battle? And the difficulties we are all facing is part of what Lucifer intended to play out? Oh Man, is that so incredibly insane of me to think of it that Lucifer is still lurking in the shadows to make this such a hell to get through?!? I apologize if I offend anyone to broach such a horrible thought, but I am sure someone else will most likely dare to think it too. It has to be placed because this is the elephant in the room anyhow on this apostate planet.

In any case, I stand by, wait and hope that God the Supreme and all who love the Father can beat the odds that stack up against us all. I still strongly believe that the work of revelation is the way to go to instill that education and understanding in the minds of our fellow Urantians just as the FER was intended to do, but got handled in a bad way by those entrusted to publish it as it was given to the original First Contact Commission under Dr Sadler. I leave my thoughts at that for now and hope others of you can pipe in on sharing what you are thinking after reading through this lengthy essay of so much going on behind the scenes, thank you(our esteemed Celestial beings)  all very much for the trouble you go through to tell us your pain and heartbreaks of so many setbacks and delays in getting anywhere to right the wrongs that keeps perpetuating on this planet and in Nebadon.

May the Father step in and make it right, with God the Supreme to clear it once and for all for the good it can do for all of us. Thank you Ron for handling a marathon of transmissions, discussion and personal issues you have relayed here for our eyes to read and fathom with you as well. May our prayers be with you in your health and well-being and I sure hope you get a new body(Midwayer one) soon and for the Missions to somehow find its way through York and other locations where it is feasible to accomplish what it is to do in the reclamation of Urantia. Godspeed to you all.

For now I am at a loss with transmissions since it is seized by God the Supreme and I wait this out as long as it has to be. 


I have to go to work shortly, let me say this for now, yes,  Ron and Lemuel and to the Gravity Messenger, you are right to say all of that, I have to say though that this work comes in after my eight hours of hospital work and, regretfully, exhaustion sets in gradually as the evening wears on. I must learn to not transmit in my tired state and to learn to read better of your post Ron as you previously mentioned the entity. Now as for the subject of "fear",  you are mostly understanding my problem of a human trying to overcome the uncertainty of that which I am receiving but coupled with tiredness does not help either. I simply got too drained too quickly. I know I function far better on my days off from work and mostly in the mornings.

Now I am understanding of the entity of the Gravity Messenger as my memory of it in the TUB was rather scant after so long since I read it. Doing a search after the t/ring puts it into better light for me. I am being honest in my t/r note and perhaps I ought to keep these comments to myself in future work. You are right to squint your eye Ron, I get it! Thank you for some points I need to do better and not when I am tired.


Speaker: Gravity Messenger
Subject: The Work of the Gravity Messenger in Excelon and around Urantia
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/07/2019 6.11pm(AEST)

“Is it a lost entity you are lost and left floundering, not so, as I fill in for you in this respect to let you know I speak here with you. It is not anyone you know really by name as that is it for now in this case as I speak here. It sounds cryptic and so it should to you as you can not pick which signature this is. That is because I come from outside the…..whole realm in which you exist are thinking Ultimacy and that is close to it.

[I'm lost here, what is this?]

“I am an entity you know nothing about and of an order you are not aware of.

[Why now, and can you tell me at least more specifically who you are?]

“I am a Gravity Messenger to time and space. In this respect, to do work in the Federation of Nebadon. You have come across my attention in seeking a message. I am attentive to this request of you, mainly due in recognition of your keenness to acquire anything of import now. You are not sure where this leads and that is on purpose because you need only focus on what is of concern in your immediate venture. It is imperative you take notice of your Michael Son of Nebadon on his issuance now as to take care of business on Urantia. This sphere is now in Universe Records as a holding station for incoming personnel for training and preparation for work in the Outer Space Zone regions. It is in this light, I am commissioned to oversee the gravity circuit to do with such incoming influx to prepare the medium through which the fulcrum of receptability can be managed for entrance in the far outer reaches that borders the Federation of Nebadon. Our work as Gravity Messengers is conducive with the work of the Master Architects and also with the Master Spirits to enable the flow of the gravity circuit to circumvent into the regions prepared for God the Ultimate. All this is to do with preparation in all honesty. For now, you are tapping into our region of circuit input you are able to pick up due to my close proximity on and near the planet Urantia. There is a lot of personnel now arriving to undergo such preparations. Your planet is now in a holding pattern for the intention of creating it into an architectural sphere for advance training for both the Finaliters and the Transcendentalers. It is a conglomerate of personnel to be placed for the work of Ultimacy along with God the Supreme.

“You just happened to attract my attention and I grant it to you to receive this input from me. I am one without name and number but am an entity of great training in relation to the work of the gravity circuits….[I sure hope I am getting all of this] No problem, this is, of course, a far reaching area of work beyond your young years, but it gives you some scope as to what to expect in your liaison with some of us in the near future of your time as to what is to transpire on this planet. Much is to unfold and we are busy to contain some areas of how our expertise in the gravitational influence that abounds both, between the Federation of Nebadon, and the first outer space zone region. These two zones impinge upon one another, and in all likelihood, your planet can easily be pulled in to the first area of space in the new outer region that is being formed already. It is a vast area and unknown in its contents or space bodies. Herein, your sphere of Urantia sits gravitating slowly towards Orion and that is foreseeable to be the case in a few short hundred of years of your time.For now, my order sits closely entrenched to ensure the stability of these regions between the zones of space so as to not have too much pulled one way or the other. It must be that Urantia stays stable in its orbit within the space area called Orion. This will ensure a more stable zone for conducive purposes as it stands as the gateway to the new region of outer space with the Ultimate.

“There is a lot more to be said in all of this. Be assured it will take a whole book to explain the space geography far better than just a scant few words on this. Suffice to say, it is truly a vast galactic enterprise on our side and a lot to oversee and manage. It is with the ingenuity of the Creator Sons of the Federation of Excelon that makes our work so much easier to comprehend and achieve. Thanks to the amazing foresight by your Michael Son of Nebadon, that has managed to steer some space bodies to a safer position to make our work that much more engaging in line with the other space bodies with the four other Creator Sons of Excelon. No doubt, at times this work can be a little daunting, but with the cooperative approach from all five Creator Sons, has made this venture an incredible zone in the Superuniverse Of Orvonton. It just so happens to be sitting so far out to the very edge of the outer space ring where it borders beyond the realm of the Seventh SuperUniverse zone.

[I am starting to get tired and I am really getting worn out here….]

“That is well and truly good that you and I have gotten this far into it, and I am happy to pursue this further in another sitting if you could manage it perhaps when you can.

[Yes gladly so, thank you Sir for this most intriguing development you have shared with us]

“It is with great interest that I am granted this much to you dear one as it presents such an interest as you have shown with me, I bid you well and a good day.”


[T/R note: this visit is quite surprising to me, I had to look it up in TUB and, lo and behold, “Gravity Messengers” do exist (see Paper 31:2sec). This whole dialogue was both somewhat vague at first, but touching at the same time as I concentrated on this speaker in my mind. It seems I somehow connected, it started out rather strange and obscure and as I honed in and allow this entity to continue, it soon became apparent, I am familiar with this order for which this entity speaks of. As I read Paper 31:2, it is closely tied with the Mortal Corps of the Finality and it soon comes to my mind it is very much present due to the large numbers of Finaliters now arriving on or near Urantia at this time. For this messenger to appear to me is suggesting to me a growing development is now emerging as the message flows. Although, I am still a little unsure of it all, but it certainly presents a bigger picture of what is developing in and around Urantia and of Excelon. A most fascinating engagement and I look forward to warming up with this new found entity. I hope this all makes sense to all of you who are reading this. Thank you. Sue]

Ron, I hope you are a little better and I wish to thank you for painstakingly getting up to the desk with your cane stick, boy did I get the picture in my head of you! That is such a one I will not forget!  I see so many oldies in the hospital doing just that every day, but in your case your PPE stood firm to the desk to let us see what was now an emerging change for all of us to take notice of. This is huge. I am understanding of it and am saddened to hear of Lanaforge's removal for the reasons given. Thank you Michael for letting us know so much in this post, there is so much in it that it is such a revelation on its own. WOW! is all I could say and I understand, thank you so much. I will now prepare myself for whatever it to is be when I may need to go at a moments notice. It sounds like the earth is in for some trouble soon, but I am amazed that Urantia is to be a station post for the Finaliters training in Ultimacy to enter in the first OSZ. What an amazing time we are in to know of this so early in our ascension career. I can imagine some of us going on with so much of this knowledge and then come  back to Urantia in such a way of appreciation of all that has been for all of us. It certainly paints an interesting career. 

May all things go well in the Missions Father Michael. We all stand ready and wait and keep at our desk to work as Ron has so faithfully done and still is doing. Amazing. Thank you Ron. Now I have to go to work now, drats! Back later. Cheers to you all.


Teacher: Sue’s Adjuster, Pre’Mtor
Subject: Place Yourself at the Wheel and Help it along - There Is More In the Bushes Than On The Land That is Cleared
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7in Ocean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time:10/07/2019 5.52pm

“Yes, no time to waste here. You know that, this is your call with me to place yourself at the wheel and help it along. I am Father, your Adjuster now within you to the point we are of one voice in this together. I have to think you are of the opinion that it is well and so it is. Now this my dear ones, you all know there is more in the bushes than on the land that is cleared. Tell me I am wrong and I can say to you, you know that is not so. The bush holds more and that can have a lot to work with. So it is, with bushy Urantia, at this point in your evolutionary history. It is not a clear field at all. It has thorny bits, as well as, nice foliage to adore. So that is with all that is contained in the makeup of humans that inhabit so many areas on the lands high and low. It is a sweeping panorama in that sense, as you see it in this way.

“Now you get the picture that there is a lot of work to go with, to re-mediate and tame the wildness, the bushy parts present. That is in no means too hard to tell it, but more so, in how to tame it. This is where these regal Sons I send in it to sort out the wheat from the chaff. So the saying goes, as you know it in the old language of lore, in dealing with the hard task of manually separating, literally, the grains of wheat from the stalks that support it, and all the long grass in between. Did you know the little grains on the crest of the long stalk is all there is to be of any use to you? It is when you collect the entire field of it that you have enough to grind it into flour for the bread to make out of it. It is your daily bread. You are that grain in my eyes my dear, the daily becoming of you in all glory as you contain the potential of goodness. The chaff and the long grass is cut down and mowed over, the rich soil to be turned, to make way for new seeds to be planted in its place. This is where you come into it to help the new seed that is planted to foster its growth and maturity. Your work is among the field of so much promise, it is truly up to you to tender it, as best as you can. It is a labour of love on your part, and then, you leave the rest to me to see to its needs. I guide it, just as I do you, and that is the beauty of the field of growth.

“Now as you can see the logic of the picture I present. It is so you can and will, in understanding, be a part of this field work with me. I am Father, just as a loving father on earth would do to his children, to see to it you are nurtured and cared for in the way of life that you are born into. It is a joy and a great experience for all involved in it. There is life abundant in all that grows to fruition, in the purpose of being one of goodness to all and, in all as I am, for and to you all. This is a short little sweet lecture on the goodness of the field when it is truly taken good care of, by all who value what it holds. That is all for now, I wish you all well and a good day. May my peace be with you all.”


[T/R note: Thank you Father, for this wonderful lesson in seeing the call to the wheel to help it along as you present it in this practical way as described. Sue]

Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Planetary Prince and Some Advice
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/07/2019 5.38am(AEST)

“This is to say to you that I assume the role of Planetary Prince. Machiventa has the task as being Chief of the Melchizedek contingent and my task to oversee the management along with Serara and Monjoronson who are to be tasked as Magisterial Sons on Urantia. As you can see this is multifaceted task we take on and for reasons of the problems that Urantia presents in many areas to be dealt with. We have taken a team approach to the Missions and to the operation of our work going forward.

“We wait out how Ron’s book on the Origins of AIDS and Autism go with the publishers and that is proceeding as planned. You Sue took a beating upon yourself to establish your own affair with how to deal with the life you find yourself in. Go with what we asked of you and use your talents with me and others here as that grants you the occupation of time and talent to be busy with. Before long you will be so immersed in this you will find time no longer matters to you. Good, and this, I am pleased to find you are back to the desk and get going on a daily basis as this is. Please keep it up as there is much to impart and so little workers to receive these messages as this is today. 

“I intend to keep this short for now, allow me to say a few snippets.

“Eat well and keep to yourself.

“Maintain your faith with us.

“Stay calm, wait this out and continue in typing these remarks we make as they come to you.

“We are ready and have the go ahead to establish ourselves in a material way in the next few months of your time, although we are all here in Spirit as I speak. The time has come to take action and the Father bids us to do so as Urantia is in a terrible state as it is. It can no longer function on its own, it is already in default both spiritually and financially. We intend to help you walk through all of this in a manner that Serara intends to do it. 

“That will be all for now, more later.  Thank you for listening and may you have a good day.”


I Quote: "F - National emergencies like hurricanes, earthquakes, natural disasters otherwise, Western and Canadian forest fires are to be handled by the nation states alone;" End Quote'

Ron and Serara - does nation states mean the entire country say Canada / or USA or does it mean just the state in a country say as in California? What happens to those areas that are affected across nation state borders?

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / SEPARATIONS
« on: July 09, 2019, 02:35:30 AM »
Yes, I understand, I will stay put, wait and keep transmitting!  Please forgive me, I was so wrong. Thank you so much all of you! I will listen to the advice given and take appropriate action and so on. After posting my previous post above, I got a bad headache and a pain down my neck, I know it did not go down well with my TA and all of you. I am understanding of the need to put the old bag behind me, divorce it and move on with the work God has for me here to do. I remain and stay and keep the flame burning. So help me God. Thank you Ron and all for making it abundantly clear what needs to be done and I will take this well and follow those suggestions. I am learning fast to not put ‘caution to the wind’ as I just did and that will not happen anymore. No more la la de la from me, it is time to get to work and transmit, transmit, and transmit. 

Consider the whole affair behind me and I move on fully committed with the Father and His Missions to Urantia. Thank you Serara, Monjoronson and Michael for having the faith in us to stay the course. So I stay, I wait and transmit and trust in the best of what Father has in store for us all.

God speed to the Team and for the book’s success and may the royalties come Ron as I think it will as that book is hot as it is from looking at the list of contents on it. Best of luck and all the best in the York arrangements.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / SEPARATIONS
« on: July 08, 2019, 10:16:04 PM »
Ron, thank you for that.

I Quote: 
However, let it be known to you Sue, you are not banned because of this mess in your marriage, but are asked to wear it out in Australia, until it matters little to you any more.  You are restless and useless in your present form because you feel you lost so much status that you are to be thrown into a ditch alongside the road you frequently travel to your work at the hospital.   Worse yet, that work is demeaning and hard on you. That is another strike against you as you exhaust your potential for a clean floor for THEM.

I have already determined you are most welcome to take those classes here in York, but you must understand that what you bring to York is the unending distrust that anything you do is almost worthless because you lead a somewhat broken domestic life in Australia.” End Quote.

Ron, can I ask you what do you mean by the term “wear it out in Australia, until it matters little to you any more”? This can be taken in different ways, as I take it from the context in the two paragraphs above, it seems to me to be best for me to see it as living out my mortal days in the flesh with my husband and just enjoy it until perhaps I die or if I survive after my husband dies before me, then I can see that as stated above as “until it matters to you any more” and then I am freed up from marriage to be working in the missions if they will have me!?!  Otherwise, I may die and move on to the morontial life and be on my way in what is for me to be doing in my ascension career. I am alright with going back to mortal/married life and be content with a man who I know, although worldly, can learn a lot and me too in regards to relationships and social life. I enjoy it better with him and it is good anyhow. It is no good for me to be living alone as I do now, it does no good to me and I feel I am best to mend my domestic life and be of earthly good in that way with my loved ones. My husband always says, “it is no use in being all godly and be of no earthly good” , he is right in that saying, and the more I think of it and see how it is for me now, it makes sense to me that he is mostly right in that regard. He is a good man and I respect him for that, even though he is simple in his faith. That is better than no faith at all. At least. I can be of use with him and show him the way in small measure the love of God in his life. He is also a man of many gifts that I admire as he has an Adjuster that certainly speaks the mind very well and oftentimes I am mortified for the truth that he speaks most of the time. It is this I need to bring that to him how amazing his Adjuster is in coming through him. It is just that he does not realize that part and yet I see it well. He makes me laugh a lot and that humor you have Ron too!

These two paragraphs you have placed here Ron is very well stated and tells me that I need to go back to the mortal progression and live it out as it is a healthier way to go for my well being and for a sound domestic life. I am happy to leave the hospital work by the years end, when I have successfully paid back my now very small personal loan and move back with my hubby and find some part-time work and just live it out and enjoy our days of married life with my newfound understanding, and with my yearning to be of good use in the world. You have also stated when we are of some baggage we are better to isolate ourselves from the work of the mission as it is not going to be of any help in it and I totally agree with that. So it is best I isolate myself in that regard even though in my heart I am always with you all in understanding what it is all about. I know my time will come to be of help when it is right and good to do so. I understand that and it makes perfect sense to me. This is a helpful thread I must say as it has been an issue that caused me to be so undecided in which way I was meant to go. As much as I am all for the missions, it is still a difficult one when I have such baggage as well and it is no use having a blubbering woman at your door without a clear head to work with. So in that sense, it makes sense to me to go back to the days of where I was with my husband and learn humility, patience and forbearance with the insight I have with my beloved Adjuster along with the Adjuster of my husband I adore. Isn’t this what this can be if we can reach out in a way that enables the other to know oneself? And then realize that God-centered life can be appreciated more and more between each other.

This sounds like a good-bye to you all, but not so, I am always and forever in your grace and in the understanding of what our Father wishes to achieve in the mission on Urantia. I will do so in my small way with another and then it can grow as we reach out to those around us with our love and understanding with them. Did not Jesus do the same when he walked the earth with his fellows?  We humans are a social bunch and I love being as such with my hubby who is good at doing just that. I have much to learn from him as much as he has from me. We are so compatible in so many ways. I love him and I love you all. I remain following the way here with you all. And when I can, I may share some transmission work as the days progress. It has been a most engaging experience with you all and I am so grateful for it, thank you so much and I look forward to meeting some of you in the classes eventually, be it at York one day, or on the Mansion Worlds, wherever this life leads me. God only knows my future and I must live it fully to the end on this incredible journey on Urantia. I close with this saying I appreciate more and more: “Live and let live, as God is Life Eternal…”

I am free to be still here on the forum until the end of the year where I may move on to live with the man of my life and commit fully in domestic life. Let us see what happens from now until then, as the earth may even do so much change and I do not know how this will all go for all of us in that time. In all, may God”s will be done as He knows what is best for our own good.



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