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Thank you Father Michael and Ron for this superb progress report. I standby along with all here who are in vigil with thoughts and prayers for these corporations and for the Michael Mission to begin in earnest. It's great news to receive, thank you so much, and may you have good success in all that is being organised to begin with.  Much joy and hope be ever with us all.


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Site Performamce Problems FYI
« on: November 13, 2018, 01:42:25 AM »
No worries Ron, I got that, thank you so much for letting us all know and explaining why the site may be offline when it does happen. Thank you for all that you do in this respect and for those technicians who work on this, it is very much understandable given the age of this site and so on. All the best in this new endeavor and hope it all comes back well. My best wishes and support be with you in this transition.


Most online ever is breaking the ceiling! 

General Discussion / Re: Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 06:50:26 PM »
Thankyou Amethyst and Sophia, I will look at these you have shared. As for internet problems, mine is working fine, although the mobile phone does drop out and I just closed it down and restart it and it is working alright now. Sometimes it is a server problem that happens and then it may mean you will need to wait for it to be back on and perhaps close down the webpage and restart it afresh and then hopefully it comes back good. I have been thinking of public speaking mainly for reasons that may occur when the new second Urantia Book does come out and then there is the need to get it known and circulated as widely as could be possible for readership. This will require successful promotion of the book and other works that may be forthcoming as things turn out for it to create the interest this will bring for people to find out for themselves what is occurring and what ways we can better our fuel needs along with other needs as the earth changes creep up on us. It is well worth to put this time of quiet into preparation and practice. I am really hoping Ron's health is ok and that he is getting stronger, although it must be so wearing on him lately. Somehow, it seems, we must be prepared for anything and for Ron to even enter a morontial body if his human body is not able to cope with all the changes that is done on him. My prayers be with him and all of you as you lovingly standby and wait this out as best as you can. I sat in prayer this morning and said my mind and blurted, "I feel like a dried up cactus now!" Its been a long quiet spell and its kind of weird for this to happen, yet I commune with the Adjuster and that brings a lot of vibration, ringing and intense music going on, all I can do is let it run and bear it. It can make one stir crazy, and I just have to take a moment and breathe and just keep the peace in myself. Even at work, I get caught out with a moment of intense ringing and it certainly puts me in disorientation even while I may be speaking to a patient. I have to keep a straight face even though I feel very dislodged by the sheer intensity of the ringing that can happen.  Anyways, I very much appreciate everyone's input here and its great to have some areas to improve on. Thank you all so so so much. Whatever happens, if the internet does get shutdown and so on, please keep calm and pray and stay safe.  I am so looking forward to the day when we can all meet and greet face to face and not on this black and white screen. I love to see your expressions, hear your voice and sense your personality, this does not get here on these pages and it would be nice to have some person to person interaction as it normally does between people. What a day that would be! My best to you all and let us continue in our work of faithfulness, perseverance and joyful communion in Spirit with one another. Peace be with you all, Shalom!


General Discussion / Re: Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 03:05:49 AM »
Ahhh man, why do I get the nudge to say yeah, I knew that was coming, a sort of 'should of done this but didn't', kind of thing.  Then to think, 'goodness, what about personal experiences that really moves people and makes them sit up and listen rather than a staged performance?'  Anyway, I will look at those areas mentioned for homework, thank you dear brother Lemuel and dear sister, Wendy, the toastmasters is one I feel may help and there is so much more to 'speaking' than just for the show of it, isn't there? I recall those moments with those speakers I sat under in my youth, from preachers, teachers, political figures to esteemed ones through to eminent professors at a university, I have to admit there's a lot of preparation involved in speeches as well as placing your composure in such a way to make what has to be said well received. It is said that too often, it is not what was said but what one does that counts and the way it is said even when people have you in such scrutiny and critical persuasion.

To be honest, it is one thing to prepare a speech, it is another to look at a million eyes and speak, that's when deep down you know and can connect with in a manner that moves even yourself to speak spontaneously what the Father enables and empowers oneself to do in that very moment. This is what is meant when it is written to be 'led by the Spirit'  within in those moments of empowerment and conviction. It takes courage to do and I am inspired by Jesus' speeches and also with the Apostles, Peter and Paul.

I also listened to Prince Harry's recent speech in the Invictus Games here in Australia, he gave a moving and touching speech for the veterans and all those participating in supporting the recovery effort that this sporting effort creates. It is inspiring to listen to the younger generation who give it a go and are having such an effect on so many.

There are so many instances to relate to that is good to use and so I learn as I go with all of this. Thank you all so much.


General Discussion / Tips on Public Speaking
« on: November 12, 2018, 12:10:18 AM »
Hi All,
I have a request if I may ask ;D Has anyone got some good tips on public speaking?

Today, I had a staff meeting to attend to and volunteered to share some points or issues that needed to be addressed and bring awareness for the attendees present. It soon became apparent that a microphone would be helpful as well as good listening skills. :o Also, is the need to be able to speak up confidently and speak loud and clear so others can follow the speaker. Now it seems that some of our work in the coming months or years may involve some sort of public speaking and I thought to perhaps get practicing on this area as it may come in very handy. My problem is my hard of hearing issue in which it makes it hard for me to hear my own voice in whether I am speaking loud enough, a microphone would be very helpful in this as I am not good without such amplification. Unless, it is in a situation where that is not available, I’ll need to perk up my voice more and get it out somehow and hope people can hear me. I’m too softly spoken in a crowd. ::)

It is something that happens and I got up to speak it anyway and share my thoughts as it goes from the typed up paper I made for everyone to follow it. It certainly helps to be professional and nicely presentable for others to take it. Today was a lesson for me to brush up on a few areas and I would appreciate if any one of you have some good experiences to share that helped you in this regard to speaking to a group. It helps to be relatable and sensible and that can have a greater reception by all concerned. Anyways, I better chime off and learn from you all if you can share some useful measures that can be adopted. Thank you in advance. :)


GENERAL INTEREST INFORMATION / Vision of "Actuality Infinite"
« on: November 11, 2018, 04:09:39 PM »
Vision of “Actuality Infinite”

Today is Monday 12th November, 2018, the night before on the 10th November, as I fell asleep, I got a deep “insight” and how does one put it into verbatim to do justice? I will try here, but something tells me it will not be adequate to include all that I saw. Perhaps it is “visionary”, or “insightful”, or “a glimpse into a ball” of what I saw as potentials into actuals, hence to me it was what I call “actuality infinite”. Why I say that I do not know; I know it simply IS. Witnessing the intricacies of what appears to be an atomic nature which is primarily unknown in material science and yet I saw something that lies beneath the material veneer. I saw what appears to be in three or four dimensional viewpoint of an occurrence in the midst of dark space. With particles moving in rapid velocities rotating at speeds that dart the course of its actions revolving or surrounding a central core that pulls it and makes it revolve by the sheer force it gravitates upon. All around it are sprinkles of stars that appears like white dust speckles upon a black canvas. Alas, did I chance upon seeing a lone rogue brilliant blue particle that shot about intentionally to its purpose in the whole of what occurs in the mighty atomic structure. Because of the blue particle, I was able to see what was going on with the others in relation to the motion they are all positioned to do in such force velocities they happened to be vitally active in.

Here is a “glimpse”, if I may call it that, into what I think is a force field as it pertains in the pre-particle components of action. Space permeates with it and it is highly active and the universe depends upon it as a source.

What I saw was powerful in the sense it gave me the sense of its motions, its velocities, its gravitational pull and the relation and interactions external to its own activity.

This may sound sciencey but it is not. What is seen is an actual activity in pre-material substance. Perhaps it is minute in what it may be, but its appearance was full-blown as if I was zoomed in to see its intricacies at work. The lone blue particle captured my attention as I love the color it emanated (a brilliant deep and yet bright blue) and it darted about the other neutral colored particles as if it toyed with the idea at all. It was truly adorable, it even seem to wink at me and then it went on its merry way as speedily as it came on its rotation axis as did all the others in turn. It was brilliant, truly exquisite in design and manner. Although explosively active, all the particles were behaving in concordance to what it has to do in relation to its place with the other. It seem to have an attraction element as well as a departing reaction. Perhaps there were some sort of synchrony going on in design or mechanism, I do not know, yet it appears to be in that fashion for some reason. The word “atom” seem to stick with me to explain what I saw and yet it was a giant machination in space.

That will do. Words cannot describe adequately, but the above will come close to it. Suffice it to say, it was a brief encounter and I begged for more time with it, yet as with all visions, it comes in a flash and leaves as quickly as it came. Truly, a beauty all of its own, brilliant in what it has to convey. It begged me to ask questions such as ‘what is it?’ and ‘If an atom, then just how active are those things we do not see with our material eyes?’ and so on it goes. It also begs me to wonder of the potentials that still lie beneath the material veneer, we humans, are yet to discover and realize. It is simply there, we humans, have not yet come to know of it; yet it is “actual” and “ever-present”.

I leave it there for everyone to ponder on it and if any one has anything to add to it, this would be greatly educating to learn. Thank you for reading.


Ron, I will post this so it is easier for everyone to read, hope you don't mind if I do:

Entech company Arq transforms the hydrocarbons from coal into oil products whilst cleaning up environmental liabilities

Breakthrough Technology to Disrupt Global Energy Markets
London, Nov 29, 2017 AEST (ABN Newswire) - Entech company Arq has patented a new process for transforming coal waste into high-value, low cost fuels ready for today's market. The company's product, (Arq Fuels(TM)) contains micro-fine hydrocarbons, predominantly less than 5 microns in size, an industry-first, presenting a unique method for converting coal into oil products.

- Existing technologies for converting coal into liquid fuels have proven economically unviable and environmentally damaging.

- The coal industry has materially underperformed the petroleum industry largely due to cost and pollution, creating over 1 billion tonnes of damaging waste annually.

- Arq Technology(TM) cleans up coal waste by extracting micro-fine hydrocarbons for blending directly with liquid oil products.

- The company has already raised over $175 million.

- Arq is building its first commercial facility in advance of a rapid plan for global expansion.

- Arq partners with the world's largest coal companies to share in the value created from the new technology.

Previous methods for upgrading coal which relied on changing the chemical structure of coal hydrocarbons have proven to be economically unviable and environmentally damaging. The Arq Technology(TM) centres on mechanical processes that turn coal into micro particles and remove over 99% of the impurities.

Arq Fuels(TM) are so pure and small that they can be blended directly into oil products, without the need for expensive liquefaction. As a result, the process is ultra-low cost and able to 'stretch-the-barrel' whilst simultaneously reducing prices for customers.

Arq has been granted its first patent (9777235) for fuel oil compositions and processes. The company has several other patents pending.

Arq Technology(TM) helps the environment. Arq Fuel(TM) can be produced from waste discarded during the coal mining and preparation processes. Arq estimates that over one billion tonnes of coal waste are created each year, equivalent to throwing away over five million barrels of oil per day. Arq is partnering with the world's largest coal companies to clean up these environmental liabilities and capture the lost energy.

Julian McIntyre, Founder and CEO of Arq, said:

"Coal is the world's most abundant, and lowest cost fuel, with more than 10 billion tonnes of waste lying discarded in the US alone. We estimate that the energy trapped in global slurry lakes is equivalent to 70% of Saudi Arabia's oil reserves. That gives our cutting-edge technology an extensive, environmentally-beneficial and low-cost feedstock from which we are making these valuable fuels. With technology, we can open up a bright and alternative future for the coal mining industry".

Arq has already raised over $175 million from industry investors and blue-chip funds. It was founded by entrepreneur and investor Julian McIntyre who created telecoms innovator Gateway Communications, later sold to Vodafone.

Arq's core team is built from industry leaders in technology, science, energy and finance. It includes Chairman, Richard Campbell-Breeden, formerly of Goldman Sachs, Dr Paul Snaith, who was Global Head of R&D Downstream at Shell, Michael Treanor who was CEO of Shell Coal, industry experts RW West and CK Lane who both have over 30 year's experience in mining and heavy construction, and Dr Paul Groves who was a Managing Director of Petrofac.

About Arq

At Arq, we’re making better use of the world’s resources.
Arq is neither a mining nor an oil company; we take nothing out of the earth. We are an entech company, applying innovative thinking to unlock micro-fine, purified hydrocarbon from coal discard.
We’re transforming a huge environmental liability into a low-cost and abundant asset. Arq purified hydrocarbon products are a revolutionary source of energy for industry, power generation and transportation.
Arq. Energy unbound.
Arq is a private technology-led energy firm, based in London.
For more information see


Arq UK
T: +44-207-016-5130

T: +1-859-469-6818

Arq Australia
General Manager, Steve White
M: +61-412-751-051

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Hi Ron,
I tried to get it but Amazon in Australia won't let me buy it again as it comes up in a window that I have already bought it back in August. Is the book here today any different to the August edition? If not then the copy I have is still standing in my kindle app which I have already read. Thank you so much for all of this vital information.


Hi Ron,
Thank you for your incredible work. For some reason, I am prompted to Google the subject and placed in the search bar the words "micron coal fuel" and see what comes up. I found this PDF white paper from a company called Arq Ltd of relevance to the subject and I spent this morning reading it. Could you read it and tell me what you think. It is interesting that Arq is onto it in a real way and is working on getting it within line with crude oil usage. Their study/research is ongoing and I think your paper sent to them may be of some significant help for them to use. The paper is found here if you type in the following site:

Many Regards,

Yes thank you Ron and Margul. The GRID (and I remember this back in July about the voxbox and so on) poses a lot of work and for us who may help guide our fellows who have passed on and who need guidance and reassurance. When we pause to consider too how many more will be entering this area of the GRID in the coming earth changes and amid the population decimation, I see how much more vital this service of reaching out is going to be. This is massive in comparison to what may be left on earth in the coming decades. So does our work can be best to be attentive to those who may be seeking guidance when we hear them.

Thank you Occerpa for raising some points of concern on the matter of health, yet we are now in this phase of quiet, mainly as requested by our Father Michael, to "stand down" so that He and His Team can go about their plans and work without getting it more mixed up. As I look around the news media outlets, and so on, it is just a very politically driven machine out there, and it leaves the average hard working, tax paying citizen a little stand-offish, perhaps cautious and most probably wary for all it presents.

I was thinking too, that mental health will increase as the pole shifts as forecasted to occur later this month and the darkness turns out to be longer in the northern hemisphere and the daylight turns into a very long day with less or next to zero night, in the Southern Hemisphere. This can really throw humans out of their normal day and night pattern. I got thinking that the digital clock will end up being useless, we will have to have the old wind up mechanical clock for counting the hours, so we have some sense of time. It's funny to think of it because, at my work I have to 'finger-on' to an electrical timer for when I clocked on to start and then at the end of the day's work to 'finger-off' to end work on their timing device, so that it is on the electronic payroll system. Anyhow, if, when the poles shift, the modern society we live in today is heavily dependent on electronic devices and computers, this is going to cause mayhem when it is most likely to be out of order for some length of time, and perhaps for weeks and weeks. Just imagine for a moment,  how are we to determine our sleep time and work time?!?!   For as long as we humans can remember, we are functioning the moment the sun rises and sets every day. When that is blurred, all we have is our biological clock, we sleep when we are tired, we eat when we are hungry and we work when we need things of necessity. This is where it will get interesting. People are forced to come together to work out a pattern to function with. Well, you get my drift, the point I make is that things will certainly change and we will not miss it at all!

Well, there is a lot to think about, but for now we have to sit tight and wait and see what, how and when this pans out as earth has to take its move to establish her own sequence of stability. Father knows best and I am sure Michael and Mother Spirit are very busy right now.

Much love and prayers be with you all as we continue to maintain the vigilance in good faith.


Julio I am enjoying reading these post on health and healthy foods etc. I think you touch on a very important subject. I am also curious as to learn from  Adam and Eve on their suggestions on what can be better improved in relation in this subject of what is classified as healthy food for the specie development we have going. However, I can't help wonder how this is all going to go when the earth does its massive changes and how much loss of crops and livestock that may ensue in the process. We may even have to consider organic subsistence farming in smaller scale operations like it is done in hydroponics or aquaponics and so on. It remains to be seen how things pan out, meanwhile the studies in foods and how this affects our health is good to know for the benefit it brings.  I did not know soybeans can be used to produce biofuel, now that is handy! Thank you for your  wonderful input Julio.


General Discussion / Re: Current Stats Are Most Encouraging!
« on: October 31, 2018, 02:40:36 PM »
Larry and Steve, I am getting the same as you and I think only the Admin has access to the guest's details as Ron has on his computer. I checked both my ipad and Windows 10 PC desktop and the same thing comes up as you get Larry as you have shown on your picture of the screen. I wish to welcome the Guests and may you all find this place interesting and befitting your search for divine input. I also welcome all the new Members who are now making their presence and please feel free to share and may we all be of help. 

Many regards,

General Discussion / Re: Time to say good-bye
« on: October 29, 2018, 11:04:19 PM »
Hi Ron,
I wrote down these Pro Signs you listed for future reference in my notebook. This is all new to me as I am of the younger generation not familiar with teletype transmitting and morse code. Does the cricket clicking sound count too, as Amethyst and I seem to get on occasions in our ear? It just clicks a few times and I wonder if that is a morse code?! Now that you are on to codes and so on. Although it has been quiet in t/ring, these clicking sounds do occur infrequently and it does get my attention. Does this mean anything? Thanks for your answers, if any, would be greatly appreciated. I was wondering if our Celestial friends are trying a different approach in communicating, if I am correct to think that way.


General Discussion / Re: Current Stats Are Most Encouraging!
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:48:32 PM »
That's what I was thinking, thanks Steve.

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