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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: GAIA's DAY
« on: April 24, 2018, 01:44:51 PM »
Hi Pliktarious,

Yes, I keep apprised of Machiventa's important guidance on sustainability, etc. through that site.  

My intention was simply to take an opportunity to provide awareness to visitors on this site of the Teaching Mission archive repository of transmissions ["Search Tmarchive trancripts ] link above, so they know they have access to find similar topics of interest.

Thank you for the opportunity to clarify my intentions.  Have a great day.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: GAIA's DAY
« on: April 23, 2018, 12:58:58 PM »
This same transmission is also available here in the TM Archives by clicking on "Search Tmarhives Transcripts" link on at the top of the this site.  

Here is the link for this particular transcript:

You can filter any search by speaker, group, word or phrase.

May we all find creative ways to express our love and appreciation to our wonderful Mother Earth, Gaia, Planetary Supreme.

General Discussion / Obadiah - Let us Pray
« on: April 18, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
Teacher:   Obadiah
Subject:  Let us Pray
18-Apr-18 12:46 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

I received the name "Obadiah" earlier this afternoon and asked my Adjuster if there was a message he wished for me to receive from him.

My Adjuster:  “Yes my ward there is a message here for you from Obadiah a faithful servant and son of God.”

"Obadiah is my name and the spoken word of God is my fame.  

"As you here as transmitters have experienced for yourselves it is not easy speaking the word of God to your earthly brethren.  Receiving the word of the Father can be comparatively easy for some yet “the receiving” of Fathers words by our brethren [through us] is a different story altogether.

"Unfortunately, in this respect, not much has changed on my nascent sphere of Urantia where fears and misconceptions run rampant in the mind of man; with neither resistance given nor correction found.  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many mortals in the days to come who will use their well honed skills of skepticism and malcontent to hurl open threats and accusations at those who dare to come forward as representatives of the living word of God. The population is well schooled in the arts of deception and misleading information and will judge by their own warped standards.  

"Nevertheless, now as always, is the relevant word of the Lord a guiding light required and available for all.  Even the words of the incarnated representatives such as the Melchizedeks and our beloved Jesus himself will be subject to the preconceived ideas and ideals of every man, woman and child who will attend to their words.  The task is still a daunting one and the results subject as always to free-will choice.  So let us pray for our brethren that courage will well up in their hearts should they choose to dare to believe.  Let us pray that the living word of God will find faith in the hearer.  I bid you all a good day."


Threads for New Transmissions / Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Speaker:   Sordon
Subject:  Invitation
16-Apr-18 4:46 PM  EST   19:46 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Sordon, Unrevealed Order of Deity:

“Welcome once again to the voice of God through those who would hear and hearken to its beckoning call.  There are many more of you who can and will indeed heed this call, should you, by your own choosing and willful participation, take the time and make the effort to  connect with the higher spirits available to enlighten your minds and your world to truth, beauty and goodness.

“It is unbecoming to those who could willingly participate in this exchange and relationship opportunity, to merely sit back and depend on the faithfulness of a few to feed the wants of the many.  Here on this Forum the efforts have become stagnant for various reasons and that will not do to get the job done.  

“You and I are not subject to the whims and attitudinal outlook of those who would besmirch what the Father wishes to convey to a needy and hungry people.  When it is the will of the Father to permit and welcome mortal participation of those who have chosen His will and ways why do you sit back and permit the confused ranting of the outcasts to deter your personal relationship?  Is it not the Father’s desire to call you individually unto Himself and is that not of your mutual choosing and benefit?

“I adjure you not to take these opportunities lightly and recognize that what is offered is not a limp handshake.  Make your choices wisely rather than allowing your circumstances to make those choices for you.  Heed my words, or not.  Accept the invitation or not.  The choices are yours to make.

“I am Sordon speaking my words through this one.  Good day.”


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Rayson Science

General Discussion / Re: Air To Share: Moments In Time To Share
« on: April 17, 2018, 11:12:42 AM »
Dear Sue:

You speak of two of my favorite examples of humanity on this planet who embrace grace and charm and balance it with accountability of our existence.  Our beloved Queen such an example of womanhood, motherhood and rule by example was recently in a one on one interview where she watched (apparently for the first time!) personal and public footage of her preparation and the event of her coronation day and snippets of the balance of family life. 

Sir David Attenborough a pioneer and trail blazer in his personal quest to to understand and convey to others the nature of plant and animal life on this planet and our part in its ongoing health and vitality.  He recently televised a comprehensive series on the Great Barrier Reef which was stunning and insightful, with flashbacks to film footage as well that he recorded even in the days before color.  Even in black and he emoted and emitted the necessary combination of appreciation and concern for the welfare of the harmonious existence of man and nature that he has so faithfully and wisely passed on to all who will listen.

Queen Elizabeth an examplary visual of maternal guidance to her people and Sir David Attenborough an equally splendid example of personal and philanthropic giving of self for a panoramic view of responsible life on the greater good.

General Discussion / Re: Personal Realtionship with the Father
« on: April 13, 2018, 01:35:34 PM »
I keep thinking about the many formal and accepted religions, Churches, and almost unlimited Spiritual Organizations  and Groups on Urantia.  Their many tenants, stagnet dogmas, endless rituals etc., etc., etc. and in thinking about them as far as real spirit value, I find that in order for them to be effective and true to their calling, there is one common denominator, one  aspect that they must all have in common and share that they must teach and guide and aspire to, and that is that they must teach, maintain, promote, endorse, and advocate that each person must have and create a "personal relationship" with the Father and all of Spirit.

 It only by and through this personal relationship that transcends mere belief.   For man's personal relationship can not be dependent upon or regulated, controlled or manipulated by any organization.  For only the individual can make that "consecration of choice"  that is written about  here:

Dear Brother Larry in your statements above you cover so many of what I see are crucial issues regarding ‘beliefs’ and ‘choices’ of the individual mortals on this planet.  Perhaps the best way I can explain my thoughts is to suggest that more often than not people want a “rule” book and not a “guide” book.  

You see if I am given a “guide” book on something I am presented with factual information from which I can choose my actions; then it is clear that I am the one who gets to make the choices of what I do and the experiential outcome of those personal choices are on me alone.  Should I happen to believe a “rule” book is the only way to go then my focus is on following the rules and proscription of those rules as applied to my life and the outcome (and blame) is perceived to be beyond my control as I have traded my power of choice for a ‘set of rules’ and that perception places the outcome squarely in the hands of the one whose ‘rules’ are adhered too (meaning the rule maker and not the rule follower should be responsible for the outcome of adherence or non-conformance to those rules).  The point here is avoidance of responsibility for the outcome of choice...freedom to blame the rulemaker when expected outcomes of following the rules aren't met.

I see the draw of religious organizations as a smorgasbord of appealing options to the general public for various personalities who wish to serve their perception of deity through the obedience of rules and dogmas, etc. and I happen to believe that is the case mainly because it is much easier for us to follow a set of rules and regulations than it is to cultivate a personal ongoing relationship.  For example, whatever religion I choose would have a lot to do with the appeal of their rules and regulations and the belief that others of that same religion would, for the most part, be in agreement with those dogmas and that makes mortal relationships easier to cultivate and maintain.  (So is it really about preferred group dynamics and less about the ‘deity’ representation of the chosen religion?  I postulate that it could be a big factor and one reason is because I believe we are naturally drawn to situations in which we can see ourselves being comfortable and that appeal reflects our desire not to be removed from our own comfort zone.)  What I am saying here is that we choose from this smorgasbord of religious options that which is most appealing to us for how we see ourselves as comfortable "serving" our god.

I think we can probably agree that any “relationship” pushes the boundaries of our comfort zone on a regular and on-going basis and, in particular,  I find the sisters Mary and Martha a perfect example and also a wonderful snapshot of how Jesus addressed the difference between “serving” God and learning from God through personal relationship.

162.8.2  For years it had been the custom for these three to drop everything and listen to Jesus' teaching whenever he chanced to visit them. With the loss of their parents, Martha had assumed the responsibilities of the home life, and so on this occasion, while Lazarus and Mary sat at Jesus' feet drinking in his refreshing teaching, Martha made ready to serve the evening meal. It should be explained that Martha was unnecessarily distracted by numerous needless tasks, and that she was cumbered by many trivial cares; that was her disposition.

162.8.3  As Martha busied herself with all these supposed duties, she was perturbed because Mary did nothing to help. Therefore she went to Jesus and said: “Master, do you not care that my sister has left me alone to do all of the serving? Will you not bid her to come and help me?” Jesus answered: “Martha, Martha, why are you always anxious about so many things and troubled by so many trifles? Only one thing is really worth while, and since Mary has chosen this good and needful part, I shall not take it away from her. But when will both of you learn to live as I have taught you: both serving in co-operation and both refreshing your souls in unison? Can you not learn that there is a time for everything - that the lesser matters of life should give way before the greater things of the heavenly kingdom?”

Jesus words to Mary are self-explanatory and a reminder that it is the personal relationship with God that will teach us how to live and also deliver us from ourselves as we focus on him.

Rules and regulations teach us only how to follow rules and regulations, they do not change our attitudes and mind-sets and push us out of our comfort zones . I like to use the example of the little boy who, when he finally acquessed to sit down and be quiet loudly declared, 'I may be sitting on the outside, but I'm standing up on the inside.'  Don't get me wrong, rules and regulations have their place.  However, it is the relationship with our Heavenly Father and the free-will choosing of Fathers will over our own that has the affect of Father-likeness revelation becoming Father-like living.  Various religions have given us nuggets of revealed truth, beauty and goodness and served their interim purpose in many ways, but the "Kingdom of God" is established in the heart of man through his personal relationship with his personal God.

134.4.2 The kingdom of heaven, the divine government, is founded on the fact of divine sovereignty - God is spirit. Since God is spirit, this kingdom is spiritual. The kingdom of heaven is neither material nor merely intellectual; it is a spiritual relationship between God and man.

134.4.6 The kingdom of heaven in the hearts of men will create religious unity (not necessarily uniformity) because any and all religious groups composed of such religious believers will be free from all notions of ecclesiastical authority - religious sovereignty.

134.4.7 God is spirit, and God gives a fragment of his spirit self to dwell in the heart of man. Spiritually, all men are equal. The kingdom of heaven is free from castes, classes, social levels, and economic groups. You are all brethren.

Religious associations can too often fill the need for man to find a sense of belonging in a group setting and/or seeking immediate or extended sense of family (kinship).  Self-acceptance, self-love and true altruism however can only come from the growth of the kingdom of heaven within the heart of each man partnered with the relationship of spirit radiating outward to encompass true altruism during the pursuit of Father-likeness.

111.3.5 The mortal career, the soul's evolution, is not so much a probation as an education. Faith in the survival of supreme values is the core of religion; genuine religious experience consists in the union of supreme values and cosmic meanings as a realization of universal reality.

111.3.6 Mind knows quantity, reality, meanings. But quality - values - is felt. That which feels is the mutual creation of mind, which knows, and the associated spirit, which reality-izes.

111.3.7 In so far as man's evolving morontia soul becomes permeated by truth, beauty, and goodness as the value-realization of God-consciousness, such a resultant being becomes indestructible. If there is no survival of eternal values in the evolving soul of man, then mortal existence is without meaning, and life itself is a tragic illusion. But it is forever true: What you begin in time you will assuredly finish in eternity - if it is worth finishing.


I had noted these comments from Serara in your post yesterday Bulletin: Magisterial Sons Returned and Missions Hope Rises Like A Phoenix

"You glow brightly today with the bright light of the majesty of Michael before you and behind you and on top of you.   The Light of Michael follows you fully now and no one in spirit dare broach it without the encouragement of Michael Himself."

"...he is wearing his mantle of Light well today and we congratulate him on becoming the first human in history to wear the Michael Mantel on his flesh and bones body ever in Neabdon and only once or twice in other Superuniverses. "

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Being a Perennial Student
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:46:17 PM »
Father Michael and Larry,

Just before listening to your message I had read the posts from Ron about all the changes regarding the Temple and its location/relocation for so many reasons regarding the Missions to this planet.  One small example of how flexible and open and ready for change you have had to be Father Michael during the continuing challenge to assist this planet and her people.

I then thought about those in the emergency response services that must constantly be ready and on the alert to carry out their assigned tasks at a moment’s notice.  It is the “interim” that I felt was the important message for me here.  I am sure no firefighter or soldier looks forward to a fire or war but in the “interim” they focus on being fully prepared and take every opportunity to hone and upgrade their special skills, augment their training, remain physically and mentally active and serve during this period in whatever capacity is afforded to them; making the most of their time.

“From the Universal Father who inhabits eternity there has gone forth the supreme mandate, “Be you perfect, even as I am perfect.”  That alone is a full time educational endeavor.  The perfecting process is carried out as we choose to move forward actively engaged in what is put before us in the unending opportunities we are given to learn and grow and serve.  There are times we may not feel up to the task or weary in well-doing but even in those times we have opportunity to augment our perseverance and patience as well as develop empathy for others who will at times feel the same.

Thank you Father Michael for your stellar example in doing the Fathers will and serving others.

We have all the tools, teachers, guides and educational material available for the asking.  Truly the only ones that stand in our way is “me, myself and I”.

May I be found "about my Fathers business".


In light of the barrage of recent negative activity I have decided to present below three different instances where my Beloved Thought Adjuster shared with and later reminded me of the protection from negative energies available to us when we choose to be, and remain, in the higher energies of The Father’s will and ways.

The first message was received mid-April of last year during a time of personal struggle with negative influences and reiterated by my Adjuster last October and again about a week ago.  Considering the obvious barrage of negative influences attempting to influence all of our daily lives recently, I thought this might be of interest to others.
The first message was received almost a year ago now liking Adjuster protection to that of a ‘Faraday Cage’.

11-Apr-17 3:46 PM

[Father, there are no words left to speak within me to express the wonderful ecstasy in experiencing the journey of discovery we are offered by your love and mercy.  I am your child, your son, your daughter, your experiential life wherein you and I together will face the challenges of experiential living and learning and awakening.

 I am a product of the revelation of self through the First Source Center and the opportunity to merge as one being, one consciousness, one desire, one meaning, one value, one story, one personality is our mutual desire and will.  Thank you Our Father that there is no distance between us in thought or in deed (experience). ]
“The evidence of ‘the one’ is the reality of the other, the attitudes of the heart are reflected in the attitude of the other, and the resolve of the two is the purpose of the oneness of the all-inclusive melding into destiny achievement.

“My ward, as you continue to become more conscious, more self-aware your Father awareness also grows with you and as you know in this writing, here and now, we are the collaboration manifest in thought and desire of deity and mortal achievement.  In so doing our consciousness merges in intention and purpose as you continue to surmount the challenges before you to raise you up into the higher realms of spirit propensities.
“The Faraday cage.  Yes my Beloved mortal ward, I spoke these words in your conscious mind a short while ago to bring to your attention the working of the frequencies to which you are being attuned as well.  Regardless of the goings-on in your material world beloved, be assured that your connection with spirit and the Universe circuitry cannot be tampered with.  As you have discovered, our frequencies are higher than the sophistries of humankind in their inaugural attempts to elevate themselves according to their limited and unenlightened understanding.

“We, as Father Fragments, are in control of the airwaves in and around our wards and interference will not be tolerated from negative outside influences.  Your choosing of the Fathers will always keeps you in alignment with the higher realms of spirit influence and cancels out the lower vibrational residual artifacts attempting to influence and control beings of lower attunement.   Raising your intentions will keep you above the reactionary status of weak moral abilities and remove you from the sucking tides that are continuing to entrap and manipulate the many unprepared.

“You will ride the waves of adversity,  as your focus remains on doing the Father’s will, and you will not be smashed upon the rocks thereof  as will the multitudes who have chosen otherwise. “

[Thank you my Beloved, you are my fortress and my safe place in every storm.]

This second message below, from my Adjuster referencing the ‘Faraday Cage’, was received mid-October last year following an intense period of negative situations including one where every aspect of my character was attacked and many false accusations hurled at me from trusted sources.  After reeling from this unexpected situation and a lot of soul searching, as well as checking with the one who was supposed to be the source of the accusations, I chose to believe that the person was innocent and that other factors of negative energy were at play and/or this was a test for me to see my action/reaction.

16-Oct-17 4:32 PM

[The thought came to me yesterday to get into the habit of replacing my negative thoughts and actions by asking “What would you have me do Beloved?”  and I pray I will be faithful to that prompting.

[What would you have me do Beloved?]  “Listen” [of course Beloved.]


“What are the ways of man that constantly entrap the subconscious into ways of thinking and being and doing that sets them on a path of a dog chasing its tail, to no avail?  Habits and commitments.  Habits and commitments? you ask… Yes habits that you believe will serve you well to protect yourself from that which you fear and the circumstances that “could” arise if you fail to exercise those habits faithfully.  Commitments you have made to yourself to never let anyone do that to you again.  Commitments to never forget how you were wronged and the perplexing terror of letting yourself down once again by giving faith or trust to anyone or anything because you truly believe in your heart that you will die of a broken heart should you give anyone or anything such power over you again.  That is no way to live.  It is a self-imposed death sentence and a life of numbness to avoid pain.

“You know you believe that pain has purpose as a teacher of boundaries that must be respected, laws that must be upheld, and yet you have chosen to deny emotional pain its proper role in your life.  Never was pain meant to be the form of torture experienced on Urantia and yet you see it all the time and avoid it with everything you have in you.
“What I’m asking you is to be willing once again to allow emotional pain to draw you to me, to your inner sanctum of love and healing.  There is a universe filled with Fathers love for you at your disposal, yet you reject it.  You disavow anyone from getting close to you emotionally, as in your perception that just makes them mortally dangerous, there can be no good outcome.  So you balk and sabotage, you hit that self-imposed jail cell wall and wonder why you feel “stuck”.  You refuse to be a ‘risk taker’ as you see that as just being stupid and unnecessary and must fully convince yourself of the validity of any move where someone else is involved in your life in even the slightest way.  You reject and sabotage relationships because they are just downright dangerous to enter into as you see their motive could only be to control you in some way for their own personal gain, they couldn’t possibly just like you for you, so you must hide yourself and be cautious and uncaring.  Don’t get involved, don’t desire companionship, don’t let them in and certainly don’t be anything but skeptical and expecting the worst because that is the only safe place to live.

“Did you see that image I just flashed you?  The person with a cage around them who keeps their distance and interacts with others from within her cage of self-defense is you!  You conduct your dealings with everyone, including those who would truly embrace you in love, from within the walls of your cage of fear.
“Yes beloved, this is regarding the ‘Faraday Cage’ I called your attention to some months ago.…go look up the notes you made on it because you will see, I will speak to you as you ponder this what we can do together to correct this and deliver you from your isolation…go.”

[Me -  are you saying Beloved that I need to deconstruct the cage I have placed around myself in my attempt to prevent emotional pain and instead I am to trust you my Beloved, and the higher energies of spirit to build a sort of ‘Faraday Cage’ protective energy field around me ?]

“You have perceived correctly my ward.  Destroy the cage of protection of your own making where you choose to exist but do not truly live life.  In your choosing to trust the higher energies of spirit you will find your true protection and your safe place.”

24-Mar-18 2:34 PM


Forgive me Beloved for having been so focused these many months on becoming fused with you, as I think I perceived that as my only real hope of being useful as a mortal and finding personal justification of my continued existence on this planet.  I am so thankful for your constant loving and guiding presence and correction in my life and thoughts and I confirm that my will is to do the will of The Father and do it His way.  I trust you and love you Beloved that you and my universe family are and will be available to help me do just that and I re-focus my priorities to trust and believe that eternal truth and my reiterate my commitment to walk in peace and love as I am enabled and choose to do so.  I open myself to the higher benevolent energies of the universe for their correction in love and encouragement and pledge and pray that the Father’s will be done in and through every mortal (including myself) and every celestial in on and around this planet Earth/Urantia as it is in Heaven, now and throughout eternity.
I acknowledge my Beloved that I have been adversely affected in my thoughts and perceptions by the consistent negative energies emanating from various persons lately through the Forum and in my personal life that I reacted to by withdrawing into myself in many ways like a turtle seeking the protection of its shell from the battering energies and dangers of its outer environment.  One of the ways I acknowledge I have withdrawn Beloved is by my resistance and fear of receiving transmissions.  Not only did I fear the validity of what I might have thought I received, but I feared the content and personal recriminations they might contain and that I would make wrong choices about what to do with the messages and become confused and guilt-ridden, as I have gone through in the past.

Just now I remembered the teaching you gave me of the “Faraday cage” and that you are my Faraday cage in that you protect me from penetration of negative energies around me.  Is that correct Beloved?  Could you elaborate on that for me?


“My dear ward at long last you confirm this connection where my lesson for you is recalled within the context of the environment for which it is intended.  Certain negative energies will of course always be existent but what you must take note of here is the intent and purpose of our relationship with each other and the connection to your soul growth and the influences of the outside world that work in tandem to bring you to those places of conscious decision of personal action and reaction to them.  Just because you are aware of strong negative energies and forces around you does not mean you are vulnerable to their influence.  Awareness is part of the growth journey and awareness is necessary in consciously enacting your faith-choices, meaning you must first have awareness before you can make a conscious choice of what that awareness implies as to your personal action and reaction.

“Just knowing a Faraday Cage is there does not put you inside the cage nor confirm to you its ability to function.  Your faith and trust in me must be such that your will is predicated on the will of the Father and your trust in whatever circumstances and situations of discomfort for you it might entail.  Trust is action and your trust in Father’s preeminent will is the strength and fortitude you need to face even negative energies head-on, knowing that you are safe within the doing of Father’s will, and the ultimate result is for your good and personal benefit as well as growth.

“As you grope through your memory for the full details of the function of a Faraday Cage you recall that energies of certain frequencies, dependant on the circumstances, can penetrate the cage itself and that is part of the lesson I want to bring to your awareness today.  Don’t let yourself become caught up in trying to sort out what is the strength of influence of these energies, but instead put your faith and trust in my presence in you to protect you from that which I will not allow to pass through (which is whatever is not within the will of the Father) and the fact that any that do penetrate have been allowed for a higher purpose as part of the maturation process of your inner-self and the self-discovery of your personality endowment as well as revelation of The Father Himself.

“This is a faith and trust relationship on your part my dear one and as you allow yourself to be strengthened and stretched through your personal growth processes so will these facets of our relationship grow as well until we become one indistinguishable entity of you in me and I in you.”


The image of Goldilocks and the ‘cellar window’ was easy for me to picture and while contemplating the intriguing information in Ron's latest posts the word “premolition” popped into my mind whereafter I looked it up in the ‘vocabulary’ document I’ve been keeping to place words that are new to me, and thought perhaps others may find its definition interesting.   A few references to premolition can be found in the Forum archives and in this particular excerpt is taken from a post where Ron is responding to Overmind in a discussion about Metatron on September 16, 2015:


"You Overmind surprise me with how well you remember what we together learned from Metatron about the subject of premolition.  Those reading this need only make a mental effort to understand the premolition is the original pre-existant will resident outside of the infinitude in which the I AM had to contact and then use to bring into being the ideal reality of self recognition of Himself and then to promulgate reality as the First Source and Center who begat the Second Source, then Paradise, and then the Third Source and Center as the Conjoint Actor and the Infinite Spirit as one existential person.

We can argue endlessly how will can exist outside of the infinitude, but it is the only conclusion we can work with if we are to explain how the I AM operated inside complete nothingness.  Will is variously described as being the self identification of God on the first existential level, but obviously it is more in the case of the Father, as he operates all over the Grand Universe and is just now extending the presence of His will into the first and second outer space levels.  That he can move will into space areas and even into individual sectors of space areas, is unfathomable, for it appears the will of the Father is something approaching a "thing" that has dimensions that have limitations by its own design.”



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General Discussion / Re: questions about fusion for Ron, Larry, and Lemuel
« on: February 27, 2018, 12:22:24 PM »
Sincerest congratulations Amethyst you are an inspiration to us gals!

Thank you Wendy for reposting her transmission as well, and Ron for the reference to Lemuel's transmission.

Have a wonderful day everyone :)

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / All is Quiet
« on: February 21, 2018, 05:43:07 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: All is Quiet
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 21st Feb  2018   21:09 Local

Good evening everyone this is Lemuel.  The reason why I am talking to you this evening is because My Beloved has, how shall I say, prompted me to say a few words about the present situation as regards the Magisterial Mission.  

I am sure you are all aware that all is very quiet as they used to say, the armies fighting many years ago at the Khyber Pass they used to say “all quiet on the western front”.  Well my dear brothers and sisters it is all very quiet here on the Serara Forum front and maybe you are asking yourselves why.  

I have very little information other than to remind you all that it is still very recent since the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice has decided for his own reasons to become not only interested in the Magisterial Mission with human participation but also to take a direct lead or hand in the situation with Paradise personalities and therefore Michael of Nebadon, our Mother Spirit Nebadonia, Magisterial Sons Serara and Monjoronson and the order of Melchizedeks, Machiventa Melchizedek, they are all waiting for final decisions to be made and to become available when Paradise has decided to release the details of what is now to take place for the Magisterial Mission.  

In other words, as I see it now it is a whole new ballgame and on the one hand just a short while ago it was, well it would have been, unimaginable that such a being as the highest deity throughout the whole of the Super Universes should become involved with the Magisterial Mission.  So on the one hand this is unbelievably wonderful news, on the other hand of course there is now confusion and doubt and worry I suppose for you members here on the Forum not knowing what is going on.  

Well you know what they say ‘no news is good news’ and I only would ask you please be patient.  We have experienced this kind of situation many times before, although this particular time it is in fact very different now that we do have the Consummator of Universe Destiny and Justice on board, so to speak, for the Magisterial Mission.  Therefore, please try to relax, be patient, try to keep the faith and trust, especially in yourselves and your own beloved Thought Adjusters.  Remember, I keep stressing this, remember you are here because of your Thought Adjusters, believe me you are in the right place at the right time.  So it is up to all of you just to hang-on, so please hang-on, stay cool, stay calm, stay relaxed, stay with it so to speak, be patient.  

Very difficult times, I know, I know, but we can resist, we do all have the tenacity and the faith and the trust as I say; and as you all well know you have been there many times before.  And so remain strong and remain steadfast with your desire, now stronger than ever, to dedicate yourselves and your very lives to the Magisterial Mission and to return this beautiful planet of Urantia back into the hands of our beloved Universal Father.

This is Lemuel thank you very much for listening and I bid you all a very good night, good night.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Spiritual Explosion
« on: February 16, 2018, 03:44:25 PM »
Transcript of audio post

Good afternoon everyone, this Lemuel
Friday, 16-Feb-18  17:10 / 16:10 Zulu

I am here this afternoon because I know that Jesus wanted to talk to me, if he had my attention.  Jesus you have my attention.

Jesus:  “Thank you Lemuel, I am Jesus and I have come this afternoon to talk specifically about you three gentlemen, Ron Besser, Larry Gossett and Lemuel, who are fused.  I know Lemuel sometimes when he is thinkin’ about the three of you he likes to refer to you all as the Three Musketeers.   Well, I am here to tell you that you Three Musketeers know virtually nothing about what it is to be a musketeer so allow me to clarify that. 

“You have read earlier today about the spiritual explosion and there was just a few brief words about it because perhaps I will talk about it again later.  But in brief, again, I will mention that my announcement will be in the form of a spiritual explosion which affects the mind of all of you here on the planet.  It acts as a switching on as you would say when you want to switch on the light, my spiritual explosion will switch on the light on a mental level for everyone.  Now this means of course that those minds who already have some light, that light will become more available and those of you who do not have light the switching on process for you would mean nothing.  Those of you who become switched on, so to speak, you will realize that you are different, you now have a different attitude for certain things especially religion and spiritual matters where perhaps you were not inclined before.  And for those of you who do not have any light at all it means that switching you on serves no purpose whatsoever and you will be lost.  

“Now coming back to these Three Musketeers, Ron Besser, Larry Gossett and Lemuel here, my spiritual explosion will affect you in the following way:  it will be the same as it happened to me when John baptized me in the Jordan and I walked away from him out of the river and into the desert places to be alone, but from that moment I was fully aware of my Thought Adjuster and the same thing will happen to you three.  You will be all the time consciously aware of your Beloved indwelling God Fragment.  To have three of you here on earth is more than extraordinary, Paradise thought it impossible but here you are and your work for the Mission in the future will be of paramount importance.  

“Also, I would like to mention the amount of information that you have received recently, specifically about the Consummator of Universe Destiny, now you know that there is such a high deity, or as Lemuel likes to call him “super-deity” being now involved with great interest in the Magisterial Mission.  I, for my part, am also content and very pleased to have such a high deity onboard so to speak. "

Lemuel:  dear Jesus is there something else you would like to say?

Jesus:  “Lemuel there is a tremendous amount I could say, now is not the moment, quite soon, in fact.  And so I thank you for keeping this appointment with me.  I know you picked me up this morning when you were out walking and it was you who decided to make an official appointment so to speak this afternoon and I am here with great pleasure.”

Lemuel:  Jesus I must ask you is this to be posted to the Forum?

Jesus:  “That’s perfectly all right with me Lemuel, yes by all means.  All right so this is Jesus, I thank you very much, I bid you all a very good weekend, and I thank you for listening.  Domtia”

Lemuel:  This is Lemuel, I will post it to the Forum of course and I am so very, very grateful to Jesus for this information.  Domtia Jesus!

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