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« ……you will be able to give him a good handshake »

Antonio, just to put you at ease, here is a link to Sue’s transmission way back in September, dealing with a list of protocols to follow when meeting with a Celestial personality : Protocols

In another post from Ron – I don’t have the reference – I remember it was said that there must not be shaking hands or kisses like most europeans and hugs like in America, but only to bow with dignity in the way of the Indian Namaste, with joined hands. Perhaps, someone else can confirm this last recommendation. Domtia

If we make a tour of the world affairs actually, country by country, it seems that everything is going astray nation wide, whether it is at a cultural, social or political level. This is not new, you may say, but in my view, the situation is worsening from day to day and I feel like there is thunderbolt in the air. People are becoming more aware that there must be a change in the way of governing and trading, not just struggling for everyday life. In France, people are starting to manifest their fed-up ; it all begins with a social media and the other countries around are taking example.

I join my prayers and my thoughts with others for the success of the Meetings and that a Divine Intervention will come soon for the betterment of Urantia. Amen

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Thoughts and Prayers

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our chat this morning is simply entitled : ‘Thoughts and Prayers’. I am calling upon all members, readers and guests alike, here on the forum to please think and pray about what is going on now in the city of York, Pennesylvania.

You all know the reasons for this meeting that has been planned for sometime, just to remind all of you it is a meeting to establish the foundations – a Magisterial Foundation, a Magisterial Mission, Michael Mission – and also other things establishing the board of directors and every possible leader requirement according to United States’law that will give all of our Foundations and the Missions the necessary legal requirement in order to be able to function way into the future.

This is what this meeting is all about this weekend and it is so vitally important. It is the Foundation upon which all the Missions in the future will be built. I repeat, its importance cannot be obfuscated and so I am calling upon all of you to think and to pray as sincere as you possibly can for the successful outcome of these meetings that will take place to-day and again to-morrow.

Three days of meetings that in fact you must look upon as one meeting to establish these Missions. So, that is the beginning of the New World that we have all been looking for so long and it is here now, beginning this very weekend in York. Try to realize and understand what is happening here. This opportunity is so wonderful, we need your prayers and your thoughts for a successful outcome for this tremendously important meeting.

So, this is my message this morning, it is a short one, but probably the most important of all my talks. this one this morning. As I said yesterday : welcome to the new and welcome to the successful outcome of these meetings taking place now in York, Pennesylvania. So, I thank you all, each and everyone of you members here on the forum and all who read and guests, you also must be familiar from what you have read of what is taking place at the moment.

I thank you all for your thoughts and your prayers, THANK YOU. I bid you all a very good day, thank you so much for listening, bye-bye for now. Domtia

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Feeling good
« on: November 16, 2018, 09:06:41 AM »
This song « Feeling Good » with lyrics by Nina Simone was constantly in my mind to-day and I thought to share it with all of you, since it seems to me that the words are of great significance to what is taking place to-day. I like much the jazzy version by Michael Bubble, so here it is : Feeling good


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Welcome the new
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:44:45 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Welcome the new

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Well to-day, dear brothers and sisters, promises to be a day that will go down in history, not only a red letter day, but a day to begin a new era, a new system and so to-day we say : ‘welcome to the new’. Things will not change overnight of course, but nevertheless what is due to take place at the house of Ron Besser to-day in York, Pennesylvania, as you all know, as you have read in recent postings, there will be a most wonderful of meetings to take place. Never before such a meeting taking place between Celestials and human-beings.

The meeting in Ron Besser’s house to-day will be to inaugurate the Magisterial Foundation and when that is taking place Jesus will appear at the head of the table and He will speak about the Magisterial Foundation. I think it will be helpful for all of you to imagine that a tremendous foundation needs to be put into place before one can build a palace on top of it, it only makes sense of course. The foundation is the most important, no matter what is built of top of it, and so what is being laid to-day in Ron Besser’s house during this meeting is to lay the foundation for all activities here on Urantia.

Now, just think about that for a moment, it is not just to inaugurate the Magisterial Foundation, it will also inclued of course the Michael Mission and at the same time now the Magisterial Mission and in time to come the Trinity Mission. All these will be founded to-day and the meeting will take place to bring these foundations into a reality and the attendance, apart from Ron Besser of course will be Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz.

So, I say once again, this is the first never to have happened before throughout the all Superuniverse of Orvonton where human-beings and Celestials come together for a meeting of great importance and the appointments will be made to the board of directors for the Foundation. This is the first and it is so wonderfully important. So, dear brothers and sisters, to-day is a day to end old days, so to speak, we welcome the new and to-day is the first day of a new system, Divine Intervention. We will see now little by little, everyday, we will begin to see evidence of the dawning of this new day.

You are all aware, I am sure, of so many things that need to be addressed and the work of the Magisterial Son, of Monsoloran, a Mighty Messenger, will certainly have plenty of work to do and they will be helped, not only from other Celestials, but we members of this forum and others throughout the world, will be doing our part to make the Missions a success.

We have all been warned many times of the up-coming dark period and the earth changes that must take place and will take place and we will see things that we will prefer not ever to see, but we have been trained and prepared for this for years. When the time comes we will stand-up to the bar and we will do our bit in faith and trusting our own Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments.

To-day, we welcome the new and we do so with open arms and open heart, because this is something that has been needed for so many years, thousands and thousands of years, and to think now that finally to-day, this very day to-day is the beginning of the new and it is so wonderful to think that at last we are on our way to a new life, to a new system where there will be the end of wars and there will be the end of drugs. It is so wonderful, I nearly lose the words for trying to think about it.

So, dear brothers and sisters, go about to-day in your normal activities, but try to remember, to-day is going to be a day like no other throughout history of human kind of this planet. Yes indeed, it is that significant, it is that important. WOW !!! as you say. I thank you all for listening, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day and I am sure we will hear some news as a result of this meeting to-day in York. We will hear something very soon, I am sure and I hope to talk to you again to-morrow.

So, thank you again for listening, have a wonderful weekend and I say bye-bye for now. Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Goodbye to the old
« on: November 16, 2018, 08:43:15 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Goodbye to the old

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Well to-day will be a very special day, so we can’t let it pass without  mention the fact that to-day will go down in history as the very last day of the old system, life as we have known it thoughout all of our lives and those of our ancestors, going back to many centuries, in fact. It is very difficult to imagine or to accept this as a fact the last day of the system that has been put upon us so many years to which we have been slaves.

It is so remarkable, how can one begin to imagine the new which will start to-morrow and we will speak about that to-morrow, but for now we say good-bye to the old and obviously looking past, one can only identify with our own individual lives and our parents and grand-parents and generations before us, they are gone, although we do not know the sort of lives that they had, it was hard, it has been hard throughout each and every generations, each reality of course is different.

It also must be said, me personally being an old sentimental, I feel melancholic and sad, saying good-bye to what has been familiar for so many years, looking back to things I have done, places I had been, people I have met under circumstances good, bad and indifferent, we can all do that. Perhaps to-day is a good day of doing it.

We have talk about this before, looking back over the years and say thank-you to each and everyone that has passed or crossed our paths from time to time and you tell them that you love them and you thank them and you sent them light and love wherever they are now, whether they are alive or gone to the mansion worlds, it does not matter, your sincere wishes will be received by them.

So, is it really difficult, because in fact my early years, during the second world war in Whales, it was difficult for my parents, looking back, my father was away in the war in India, but how my mother survived to bring a soup to me and my sister in a worse conditions and I remember we were so happy, we had practically nothing but we were happy.

All the children on the same street played happily together, we were all dressed in rags, we had nothing else, but we were so happy playing together. It is also true to say that the older you get, the more you refer and go back to your second childhood as they say. I have very fond memories of my early years and my teenage years.

So, would I do it all over again ? Yes, I would because we were so happy. Now having to say good-bye really to all of it and in fact it all was the bad time as well for many, not for me personally, but I am sure for a lot of you there were many bad times. So we say good-bye to the old system or the house that Jack built as they say in America.

Hopefully now, what took place so many years ago with the Lucifer rebellion and the left-overs of Calisgastia which in fact few of you are still experiencing, but we are assured that there is an end to that now. So we are saying good-bye to a kind of slavery that we all suffered throughout more than two hundred twenty thousand years as I recall and that is a tremendous long time.So can one say good-bye and good riddance to the system, yes indeed.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day, I hope to be with you again to-morrow, because although to-day will go down in history and that is very important, to-morrow will be more important, we will speak about that to-morrow and for the time-being I thank you all for listening, it is such a pleasure to talk to you.

I bid you all a very good last day to the old system, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« Those who have already fused have lost nothing……. »

Ron, I have nothing to lose at all if I don’t have fusion, just to paraphrase a famous song. My intention is to serve in the Magisterial Mission and if fusion is needed to be in it and not outside of it, so I voice my desire, high and loud, to be fused. I am just waiting for the time to know my place in it, whatever it is. For now, I am going with the flow, eventhough I am not so successful in my attempt to transmit, but I know that I have nothing.……nothing at all…..if I don’t have fusion.

I am now heading to my second cataract intervention.Domtia

General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 14, 2018, 04:17:51 PM »
Anjara, like you, my first understanding was that Calisgastia has deceived everybody at the court during his trial by mystifying his own death, but in reply to my inquiries it is said that, in fact, Calisgastia is no more and that the troubles that are being created come from evil angels, his followers, who are still wandering around. Just a little adjustment to your post above. Domtia

General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 14, 2018, 01:00:07 PM »
Thank you Father Michael, Mother Spirit Nebadonia and Ron for bringing more clarification to what has been haunting me since. It is true that I have been facing some hard times in my own environment, but I have had the feeling everytime I was pulled down that the situations turned out to be favourable, as if there were a wall of protection surrounding me, perhaps because I take refuge in prayer.

Those on the frontline – I am here referring particularly to the fused ones and others also who have taken the decision to participate in the Missions – must be very careful not to submit to panic if we are used as ‘baited flesh’ to capture those evils in disguise that are still wandering around. It recalls me one of those black movies where there are spies infiltrating a group so as to disrupt a plan of an organization and finally get caught by their own mischiefs.

Let us all pray for our protection, well-being and the success of the Missions ahead. Domtia  

General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 14, 2018, 08:31:06 AM »
« I am not after notoriety, but Calisgastia evaded full and sudden death from my sources and determinations by okaying dead on the Court floor of the Ancients of Days »

I who thought that we are done once and for all with this one, I was wrong, but how is it that he succeeded to fool everyone by playing the dead and what about the other one ? Ron himself, if my memory serves me well, has been privileged, in some ways, to be an eye-witness of his destruction. This is dumbfounded to be. I have a hard time to grasp the situation here, perhaps someone can enlighten me, there is something that escape my understanding and any help to let me see clear is welcome. Thanks and Domtia

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / A voice for Father
« on: November 13, 2018, 04:24:24 AM »
Trabscribed from Lemuel’s transmission

A voice for Father

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. The subject this morning is entitled ‘A voice for Father’. Some of you have expressed your interest in public speaking and the need to learn what to do and what not to do, etc, when you are in front of a crowd or just a few people. In other words how to become proficient when speaking in public.

This can be regarded as an art in itself, because all professional people like actors, politicians and leaders in industry. They have all at some time or other been schooled in public speaking, as speaking in public from time to time is required of them and so they learn and they practice how to speak in public. This is what some of you have expressed your interest very recently.

We want to say this morning that there are some of you guests, readers and members alike, although at the moment you may not be aware of it, but some of you are designed to reach a large audience and for that you will indeed need to be trained. All of you members here on the forum, you already realize that it is your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, your Thought Adjusters that have lead you here to this forum and for a very good reason.

There will be a tremendous work for you to do in the future. The Michael Mission, the Magisterial Mission and eventually to follow the Trinity Mission, we stretch into decades to come and so there are many of you who are now the pioneers, who will be required to be a Voice for Father. This is a tremendous work with a tremendous responsability and you will need help and you will receive help. You will not be let loose in front of the public without you being well prepared to do so.

I am sure you will come to realize and appreciate the fact that to be a Voice for Father, it is a tremendous honor and privilege and also it carries an awesome responsibility. If you are a Voice for Father, you will be required to travel here and there and everywhere. Your presence will be desired, required and looked forward to. You will be treated like a royalty around the world, yes indeed, my dear brothers and sisters, think very carefully about this.

Those of you who in fact are designed to reach a large audience, you will be trained, you will be taught and wherever you go you will wear a badge of office that immediately sends message to people who see it, because it is your state as a Voice of Father, it will be instantly recognized. Normally, when you see people speaking in public they have notes to refer to and you as a Voice for Father will have no such notes.

The moment will come when you will stand in front of a group of people, whether it is two, three or four people or whether it is two, three or four hundred or whether you have to give a radio or a television interview or whatever it is, the moment will come when you open your mouth and you begin to speak and the words come out of your mouth and not your words.

Think about this seriously. That moments come when as a tremendous act of faith, you stand up with no notes and a tremendous air of expectancy, waiting for your words and so you began to speak and you hear the words coming out of your mouth and these words are from Spirit and you are a Voice of Father.

I repeat, there are those of you here on the forum, members, guests and readers who in the future will become a Voice for Father and you will do a lot of travelling, you will be as an ambassador of Father, representing Father, being His Voice. It really is a tremendous work that you will be called upon to do with awesome responsibility, but it is your faith and your trust, not only in your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragment, but also in the teaching that you would have received beforehand from members of our Celestial Family.

So, do not think for one moment that you are being sent to the wolves, so to speak, to stand in front of people without being trained, that will not happen of course, that would be a terrified experience. No, dear brothers and sisters, that will not happen, but nevertheless, I repeat, the moment will come when you stand in front of people and you open your mouth and you begin to speak and then all the training and learning that you have had, and the faith and trust that you have in your own Beloved Thought Adjuster, all these things will kick into action, so to speak, and you will be a Voice for Father.

As far as public speaking is concerned, I suggest that it would be the highest possible manner of public speaking to be a Voice for Father. I will leave you with these words this morning, knowing that some of you have already expressed interest in public speaking which is very understandable, because you are aware already of the possibility that you in fact will be required to do so.

I thank you all for listening, bye-bye for now and I wish you all a very good day. Domtia

A public speech in such an occasion as the celebration of the end of a World War, delivered by an important personality, is always emotional ; it is made intentionally, with chosen words, so as to impress the attendees, politicians are very good at this exercise. That’s right, the word patriotism is derived from the latin word ‘Pater’ which means ‘Father’, but my own feeling about the usage of this word differs in that it is worth its due to fight for what represent the highest moral values for humanity, like liberty or freedom, living in harmony and so on.

Wherever those values are baffled, challenged or defied, the free world has the right to stand up as one by showing patriotism. While nationalism is limited by bounderies, patriotism goes off beyond, even if the concept of non-interference exists nation-wide. Amnesty International, a London-based non governmental organization focused on human rights, often alerts public opinions about various abused around the world.

It is deplorable to notice that the Heads of two great nations, Russia and USA, have declined the calling of the French President to attend the opening of the first forum session of PEACE in Paris, which is in my own opinion a welcome intiative as a first real step to the BROTHERHOOD OF MAN. Domtia

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Wildfire in paradise
« on: November 10, 2018, 10:46:52 AM »
What lessons can one get out of the California wildfire ? The first thing I notice is that those who are concerned by this calamity have a high standard of living and that they feel secure to live in an area  where there are no shootings, robberies, violences and all those plagues of modern life. They have been enjoying a quiet environment compared to other places, giving more attention to material belongings and not being careful enough about what could happen to them in an emergency situation. The disaster happens so suddenly that they are trapped, not knowing where to go and what to do. We have here a foretaste scenario of what we will all have to face, wealthy and poor. Domtia

A french tv documentary about the 1st WW stipulates that 70% of those who died on the battle field – they were from different countries – were between 20 and 30 of age, that makes millions in number and only 10% have been identified up to now by a team of archeologists, scientists and investigators. ‘Les Ardennes’ in France, where the most destructive battle took place, is an open-sky cemetry which is now heavily covered by a wooded forest so as to hide the atrocities perpetrated in that area.

It has been said on this forum that those young people who lost their lives and who have had not enough time to grow their souls – there are those who left behind wife and children, those who were newly married or those who just had a fiançé – that they would be given a second chance by a decree of Our Heavenly Father. I pray it occurs soon. Domtia

Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Armistice / Remembrance Day

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our subject this morning is ‘Armistice and Remembrance Day’. To-morrow being the 11th of November there will be celebrations and services of remembrance in many parts of the world for the ending of the 1st WW in 1918 and of course the 2nd WW.

For many years, a service of remembrance has taken place in White Hall in London where they have a Cenotaph and it has been attended by the Majesty the Queen for many years, but now the service of remembrance will be attended by Prince Charles.

Throughout the whole of UK and many other places around the world that at one time belong to the British Empire, this services of remembrance will take place all at the same time, that is at 11 o’clock precisely in the morning.

People will gather beforehand to take up their places and priests and marches of soldiers will also take place especially in London so that everyone is in position by 11 o’clock and they wait the first chimes of Big Ben and so the clock strikes eleven and this is followed by two minutes of silence.

It is a time obviously when those present will be remembering lost ones, so many the youths of nations being wiped out, so many millions over the years. There will be tears in eyes and there will be lumps in throats. At the end of the two minutes silence a lone bugle will sound the last post.

Although there may be many differences in the order of service of remembrance, at some time the following words will be heard : ‘They shall not grow old as we that are left grow old, age shall not weary them, nor the years condemn, as the going down of the sun and in the morning we will remember them’
Then all those present will repeat those words :’We will remember them’

Obviously, it is a moment, especially those who have a military background, they will remember very well and feel more strongly the loss of their comrades. I can tell you now that it is the soldier that would be the first to tell you that war is an insanity, it is obscene, soldiers know what war is about and they will be the first to tell you.

So, to-morrow, being the 11th of November, at 11 o’clock, I invite you all to spend a moment in reflexion and in remembrance of all those who have lost their lives in wars. I thank you for listening and I bid you all a good day. Domtia

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