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General Discussion / Re: Spirit Communication
« on: April 06, 2018, 04:56:48 PM »
I need to make a comment before I lose my courage.   Yesterday, I was made aware that the painful personal message I received from Jesus, through Ron, was 100% accurate.   I was talking to my Adjuster and trying to figure out how I was going to deal with this.   I  knew I needed to work on my anger and my misunderstanding and begin to act in a more calm and respectful manner.

And then I read today's post from my Adjuster, through Ron, chastising me in a public forum.   I thought my Adjuster and I had such a good relationship.   I spend my day with Him and we talk to each other.   Not as much or as completely as He talked in that post today.   I had no idea I was doing so badly.  I thought I had fixed the problems that I had been told about earlier.   I was wrong.

We had been discussing fusion.   I had told my Adjuster that fusion was not in the front of my mind.   I was more interested in having a closer relationship with Him so we could work better together as a team.   I needed Him to be my Teacher because I had so much yet to learn.   And I really would like to have Chariots of Fire when we leave Urantia!

I find it painful to find out that all the reading and studying and service I have done has meant nothing.   When Michael asked me to work as the Nutritionist for the Magisterial Mission workers, I was so excited and immediately agreed.   I started gathering books and papers and information and started planning.   I contacted a retired college professor who taught Nutrition, for any tips he could give me as I wanted to do this job well.   He was very receptive and gave me all his notes!   Then Michael told us all jobs for the Magisterial Mission were rescinded and the Mission was going through another change.   So I packed up all this information with a lot of regret.   Today, my Adjuster wrote: " You would make an excellent nutritionist for the Mission workers but you turned your nose up at that and let it stand without further investigation.   You left me holding the bag............."   What is going on here?   Doesn't my Adjuster live with me?

I need to decide what to do next.   I am pissed at my Adjuster for not getting in my face and telling me what an ass I've been!   I don't know how much more open I can be, but we will work on that.   I think He and I need to have a pow-wow and come to an understanding.   Father, you know I love you deeply.   And I know you are able to give me correction directly as well as the usual pleasantries.  

By the way, there is no "ex" and there has never been an "ex."     I also read the part about my needing emotional counseling.   Honey, everyone on Urantia including myself could use that!

One more thing.  I knew that Lemuel was still alive no matter what was being said on this Forum.   The brilliant white Light of that beautiful soul was still shining.   I thought I was going to need sunglasses!

Mother Hen has left the building!

General Discussion / Spirit Communication
« on: April 06, 2018, 12:08:09 PM »
I received a lesson which I am allowed to share with you.   The lesson is not complete and will be an ongoing one for me.   I had asked to learn more about communication with spirit and why are there all these inconsistencies and apparent miscommunication from them.

I was told that "messages from spirit to a mortal always have the possibility of being distorted.   When the message comes from spirit to a mortal who sends that message to you, the possibility increases exponentially.   It can be like the children's game where one child whispers a message to another who whispers to another and so on down the line."

(Now Ron, don't flip out.   You are not being targeted!)    " The 'fault' can also be found in the person who ultimately receives the message.   What you actually hear may not be what spirit meant.  Not all spirit understands English, French, Spanish, Russian, etc.   Michael does and so do some others but not all do.   Messages have to be translated from our language to yours.   We come from different worlds.   Many of our words have different meanings than yours.   I did not mean to hurt you or cause you pain...................."

"When you receive one of our messages, listen with your Heart as well as your mind.   Remember who I am and where I reside.   Do not react with such strong emotion!   (I was given a picture of a teenaged girl who had just been told she was grounded and had her phone taken away from her!  Talk about drama!)   "Remember, that I always come to you from a place of Love."       Be in Michael's peace.

I must say, I am enjoying this thread!   Billibong with his serious questions covered in humor.  And my dear MidiChlorian who always has a different perspective that makes me stop and think and not blindly accept what I am reading.

I love, love, love the Midwayers!   At the moment, they can only be seen with spirit eyes and not mortal ones.   They are also able to read your thoughts.   I found that out by receiving an answer I did not expect.

While on assignment, they are serious and focused and may not answer any of your questions.   But while passing through your house on their travels, they are light-hearted and outrageously funny!   They have been able to make me laugh during those times when I thought I had lost my sense of humor forever.   God bless the Midwayers!

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Being a Perennial Student
« on: April 04, 2018, 01:53:20 PM »
Dear Larry,

I hope you realize that the feeling is mutual.   Your words from spirit are always insightful and much appreciated.   Many times it is exactly what I needed to hear.    We are all students and it looks like we will be for eternity.  

I have had my wings clipped and have retreated to the chicken coop!   But my spirit still soars and my beloved Adjuster is with me.   He is all that I need!

Mother Hen  (a.k.a. Allie)

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Thank You
« on: March 26, 2018, 10:34:10 AM »
I wish to send my gratitude and appreciation to all my friends and family in this forum.   Your presence in my life has meant more to me than I can possibly put into words.

I send my Love to each one of you.   A special thanks goes to Bernadette, Antonio and Midichlorian.

You will always be in my Heart.

I bow to the Christ in you!

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Lemuel
« on: March 23, 2018, 05:15:58 PM »
Lemuel,  I just listened to your message.   Has anyone taught you to use a pillow to brace yourself before any straining or movement?   Just hold the pillow snug against your chest at the moment you are going to cough, take a deep breath, or do any kind of movement.   It's called splinting.   I did that after I broke a rib.  It doesn't take the pain away but it makes it a bit more tolerable.    

Also don't wait until the pain is so bad before taking your pain medicine.  Because then you will be playing catch-up to get ahead of the pain.    

I'll keep you in my prayers..............Allie

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: Bless the Children
« on: March 22, 2018, 08:33:48 AM »
To my Dear Brother Clency,

I send a big hug and a kiss to your beautiful daughter, Florinda.   She is blessed to be in your family.  

These special children are our greatest teachers.   Though the road of life is very hard and long, someday you will see what a wonderful gift you have received.  

As the Mother of a child with a different kind of challenge, I send you my support and understanding.  You and your wife do not stand alone.


(Let me add to this message:  "Someday, everyone will see what a wonderful gift you have received."

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Bless the Children
« on: March 21, 2018, 12:27:51 PM »
Today, March 21st, is "World Down Syndrome Day".

"On this day, people with Down Syndrome and those who live and work with them throughout the world, organize and participate in activities and events to raise public awareness and create a single global voice for advocacy for the rights, inclusion and wellbeing of people with Down Syndrome."

On this day, I wish to recognize the courageous Moms and Dads, who are doing such a wonderful job raising these precious children.   They are our true heroes.

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: Meeting a New Friend
« on: March 20, 2018, 09:37:30 AM »
Okay, I accept the pronouncement of Machiventa that I am STILL in my third psychic circle.   But it will not be for long!   How many times does one have to surrender?  That is a rhetorical question and I am not looking for an answer which is probably "how high can you count?"

It is true that I am under the care of Michael of Nebadon.   He has been my Father since long before I was led to the Forum.  I have always adored Him.   The energy I receive from Him and Mother is what has kept me going.   But Walmart is not a good place to receive a shot to the Heart!   God bless those Seraphim!

I am not lost, Ron.   I have just gone fishing (with my Adjuster) in the Jordan!   I'm not going anywhere without Him!


Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: Meeting a New Friend
« on: March 19, 2018, 08:41:51 PM »
No Clency,  I saw Machiventa for a short time in his morontial form.

Amazing Spiritual Stories / Meeting a New Friend
« on: March 19, 2018, 06:48:59 AM »
Prepare yourself to meet the Melchizedeks!  

It will be love at first sight.   That is not my usual reaction upon meeting a stranger!

You will feel you have known them all of your life and will trust them as you would a deeply valued friend.

They project an energy signature that is pure joy.   The warmth of their smile will touch your heart and you will feel such relief that they have finally arrived!

When I asked him for his name, he simply said: "Machiventa!"

JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: Jesus and Spirit Communication
« on: March 17, 2018, 11:36:36 AM »
I am able to share one message that I received.   I cannot tell you the identity of that spirit.   I was told that the day and hour of the return of Jesus will NOT be revealed to anyone.   This is for security reasons.    Personally,  I think that Easter Sunday morning would be perfect!

JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Jesus and Spirit Communication
« on: March 17, 2018, 09:17:35 AM »
I have always been able to hear and see spirit.   In the beginning, it was mostly Angels.    I asked why they didn't have wings like I saw in the pictures in church.   They smiled and said they didn't need wings to travel but could produce them if someone believed in wings.  

In time, Teachers appeared when I was ready to hear them.   I did not know that one of the voices I could hear so clearly was my Adjuster.   I just knew that He was a friend and many times my protector.    The  messages I receive are conversations and are not to be shared with others.   I am told I am a student and working toward a future goal.   I take issue with the statement in that posting that I have been in my third psychic circle for the past ten years.   If you could see all the work I have done and the improvements I have made with the guidance and love of my Adjuster.   It simply is not true.  If by some chance it is, then I am just going to drop everything and go fishing in the Jordan with some friends!

My Dear Lemuel,   I add my voice to the rest of your family in wishing you a speedy recovery.   I always look forward to your posts which contain words of wisdom and give us a fresh insight into our lives.   I send my best to you..................Allie

JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 13, 2018, 09:06:18 AM »
To my Brother Larry,

I am wondering if the following statements, written by you, might hold a clue for you:

"There are other things I wanted to respond to, but I have to be at work in a few minutes."

"Sorry, but I have to rush now to work."

"Finally, I have some real quality alone time to study and take my time and really enjoy these two works that Ron has devoted so much time and effort on for us."

Larry, you have been given the incredible gift of Fusion with the Father and yet your loyalties appear to be divided.   I understand the need to work to pay the bills.   No one is supporting me.   But I am in the process of simplifying my finances so I can be completely free of my employment.   My fusion is still a long way off.   But when that day comes, I hope to be able to focus completely on the Father and His business.


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