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General Discussion / Re: Web Site Updates Daily Earth Changes fyi
« on: January 22, 2019, 01:40:19 PM »
I am extremely surprised by this announcement I read that circuits have been cut for not willing to transmit.

You all know I have been told to not make long transmission, I am practicing Every day.

I Also was instructed to  keep my eyes open all that time for  increased accuracy.

I thank all my Celestial for giving me advises on what to do now that I'm in El Salvador visiting a group of students of the Urantia Book.

I am reading all these new information about Autism, which I find very important from the every perspective we see it.

I want to thank you Ron for all your revelations in this moment when almost not transmissions from nobody else is seen.


These are my two cents for this quiz.
1 - Who should you trust most to relive what Jesus did on Urantia over two thousand years ago?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        Jesus Himself

"Jesús is my Lord I trust him 100%".

Write a small essay on who you would choose and why.

2 - Who should look after the entire matter of an 8thBestowal?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        The Archangel Michael, aka Lord Michael better used than not.

"I will look after Lord Michael with my open Heart".

3 - Who do you think should parade around with Jesus and Melchizedeks attendant to the Bestowal Son?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
□        An Apostle
Right down your choice and let us know which Apostle among the living on earth right now. 

"Ron Besser has shown to be the most qualified.

4 - Who is the best suited to run this web site if you think it should be kept running when Jesus appears? That is really two questions and answer both from your own mind selection.

"The best suited to run this web site is Ron Besser,
Of course, Jesus super if He was to run it".

“I am Michael of Nebadon and these are a tad silly but you need to write your answers just to cement in your mind your thoughts when this comes to fruition very soon now.” 

“I wish you a very good day to all. Michael.”

The refusal to accept that they have acted wrong and pride anf the excesive love for money  have caused them to act in retaliation against everything they defended and on behalf of those they believe to have their approval. Soon I hope that Justice will act and the opponents in the Urantia Foundation will be removed one by one. It can take years to fulfill the will of the Father as it happened with the Luciferic rebellion, until everyone realizes that they have acted malevolently the settling of accounts will come to them.

May the will of the Father be ...


Threads for New Transmissions / " An advance"
« on: December 10, 2018, 08:33:49 PM »
 " An advance"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: An advance.
T / R: René Durán.
December 9 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

René-Father, I just heard "We can not risk".
The Universal Father: "In effect, it is a prompt for the following message that is designed to reach everyone, and is as follows:
 "We in the Higher Worlds are waiting for the appropriate moment to announce that the Creator Son clothed as Jesus the Christ walks again through the Urantia lands, is a term between Human and Divine, but rather is a perfect symbiosis; - God/Man, walking again to deliver the Light to its inhabitants, on this occasion he will teach the pending subjects that were truncated more than two thousand years ago, do not be mistaken in supposing that he will be condescending with the sin, because he will cleanse the evil and the impurity.
 "I am your Universal Father, leaving an advance for the unbelievers and atheists that they will see God.

 "Be confident of these messages reaching your domains.

 "I am the Universal Father, ending this message." k


812) Un adelanto.

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:Un adelanto.
T/R:René Durán.
Diciembre 9 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

René -Padre, acabo de escuchar "No podemos arriesgar".
El Padre Universal: "En efecto, es un prompt para el siguiente mensaje que está diseñado para llegar a todos, y es el siguiente:
 " Nosotros en los Mundos Superiores estamos esperando el momento apropiado para anunciar que el Hijo Creador envestido como como Jesús el Cristo camina de nuevo por las tierras de Urantia, es un término entre Humano y Divino, pero más bien es una simbiosis perfecta; el Dios-Hombre, caminando otra vez para entregar la Luz a sus habitantes. En esta ocasión enseñará las asignaturas pendientes que quedaron truncadas hace más de dos mil años. No os equivoquéis al suponer que será condescendiente con el pecado, pues limpiará de la maldad y la impureza.
 "Yo soy su Padre Universal, dejando un adelanto para los incrédulos y ateístas de que verán a Dios.

 "Sean confidentes de estos mensajes llegando hasta sus dominios.

 "Yo soy el Padre Universal dando por finalizado este mensaje." k


I am saving the picture of you guys in the most historic moment Urantia and the rest of us are witnessing.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: "Registration".
« on: December 01, 2018, 08:18:47 PM »
Dear Antonio I understand your kind response to the words that the Father put in my mouth to write to the forum, in fact, I do not know the practice routine of any of my colleagues in the forum, and first of all when I received the first part of the information that I considered very strong recommendations and I continued deliberating about it I said how am I acting? - Am I lacking my commitment to the Father?, because I practice every day, and every day I receive from the Father, I want to clarify that I transmit especially for the Universal Father, it is a deal we have, an alliance between a human and the Creator.
In my case I do it because if for some reason I did not do it he calls me and says 'call you several times and you do not answer me', therefore I have no excuse to give him.
 Many times I have felt guilty for things of daily life and at the same time you want to go to stillness, it does not work for me to bring feelings of guilt, or negativity of work events, et cetera, etcetera.
 My friend Antonio, little by little we go far, far away, our parents always respond to us and there are also many Celestials wishing that we listen to their messages, and the fact that they observe us and know our weaknesses and wish us to open our hearts. "May we welcome them with an open heart."
Thank you, Antonio.


Threads for New Transmissions / "Registration".
« on: December 01, 2018, 12:44:23 AM »
805) "Registration".

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "Registration".
T / R: René Durán.
November 30 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, clearing the doubts that have arisen after the claim to the transmitters, the issue is that many transmitters are not following daily practices, and that is the core of the matter for which they lose the style of the practice.

  "This is the Universal Father following the practices that each one performs, and it is not persecution, but simply interest in the performance they are performing, it is a simple practice to follow the arrangement.

  "We in the Superior Worlds of the Infinite Spirit automatically reveal the suggested practice, but nevertheless, it is one of disappointments for many who, seeking the Creator, become discouraged by the wayside.

  "I am your Universal Father with a brief summary of your activities, your opinions are valid, however, you must centralize your objectives and maintain the stamina until you achieve it.

Rene-Father I have a question, -what registration means for you? I heard that phrase in the morning and I could not continue because I had to go to work.

The Universal Father- "Registration means keeping in touch with the One Source of Life constantly".

René- Thank you, Father!


The Scribe- There is a previous transmission to this one and that is mentioned above and in which there is a lot of talk about what every transmitter should do and I took it as a lesson for me, that is why I did not publish it, but the Father returns and clarifies what happens in general and we can see it is in regard all of us doing this work of transmitters.


Maestro:El Padre Universal.
T/R:René Durán.
Noviembre 30 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

El Padre Universal-"Yo soy tu Padre Universal despejando las  dudas que han surgido después del reclamo a los transmisores; el asunto es que muchos transmisores no están siguiendo prácticas diarias, y es allí el  meollo del asunto por el cual pierden el estilo de la práctica.

  "Este es el Padre Universal siguiendo las prácticas que cada uno realiza, y no es persecución, sinó simple interés por el rendimiento que están realizando, es una práctica sencilla de seguir el acomodo.

  "Nosotros en los Mundos Superiores del Espíritu Infinito automáticamente revelamos la práctica sugerida, más sin embargo, es una de sinsabores para muchos que buscando al Creador se desaniman a la vera del camino.

  "Yo soy su Padre Universal con una breve síntesis de sus actividades, sus  opiniones son válidas, sin embargo, deben centralizar sus objetivos y mantener la stamina hasta lograrlo.

René-Padre tengo una pregunta, que significa 'registración? Escuche esa frase en la mañana y no pude seguir por ir al trabajo.

El Padre Universal-"Registración equivale a mantenerte en contacto con la Única Fuente de Vida.

René- Gracias Padre!


El Escriba. Hay una transmisión anterior a ésta y que se menciona arriba y en la cual mucho se habla de lo que debe hacer todo transmisor y yo lo tomé como una lección para mí, por eso no la publiqué, pero vuelve el Padre y aclara lo que sucede en general.

Threads for New Transmissions / Updates
« on: November 30, 2018, 10:49:39 AM »
 A short transmission from couple days ago
I know the meetings are already in full process
I had  a call that I should post what I received from Father.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "Updates"
T / R: René Durán.
November 28 2018.
Phoenix AZ.


  "I am your Universal Father comparing other moments in which the Soviet Union and the United States confronted each other in a war of words, today the instances are again close again.

  "I am your Universal Father, disregarding other conjectures that it was certain that the two Koreas were at odds, but nevertheless, North Korea continues to have a raised hand.

  "I am your Universal Father assuming Trump's attempts to remain neutral in the confrontation of the two Koreas.

  "I am your Universal Father establishing a balance quota between the East and the West.

  "This is your Universal Father giving confirmed audiences and protocols for the meetings of tomorrow between Ron, Gitz and Larry Gossett and others of my Creator Sons.
Keep calm because the news is discouraging.

  "I am your Universal Father rejecting other advances that had been made in the Sixth Epochal Revelation .

  "Maintain lucidity in your transmissions"



Threads for New Transmissions / "Small historical review about Urantia"
« on: November 22, 2018, 06:13:18 AM »
800) Small historical review about Urantia.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Theme: "Small historical review"
T / R: René Durán.
November 21 2018.

Tonight's session started like this:

René- Universal Father, I am Rene the prodigal son of Urantia, I beg you to grant me to connect to your supreme conscience and fulfill the purpose of reaching your door every day of my life. It is a disinterest in everyday life that pushes me to look for you and your great love to receive me in your arms.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father listening to your elaborate confession and I hope you are for every day of your existence." We are on the threshold of the most marvelous events ever imagined by any poet.

 '"This is your Universal Father writing with golden letters in the heart of the Scribe for the joy and pleasure of the Urantian readers that there is one in twelve who listen to my voice every day of their lives.

 "This is your Universal Father with a symphony of the highest notes imperceptible to the rest of humanity.

 "I am your Universal Father continuing with this brief historical review, in the Superior Worlds of the Infinite Spirit we do not find established records of any planet like Urantia that having fallen so low it will rise and return like a precious jewel to the Father's bosom. It is essential to recognize the efforts of its inhabitants to reach other stages in the evolutionary scale

 "I am your Universal Father observing belligerence among the newly arrived members, it is without portfolio his  comments in my eyes.

 "Maintain discipline.

 "I am your Universal Father leaving the scene"

René- Thank you, Father.


800) Pequeña reseña histórica.

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"Pequeña reseña histórica"
T/R:René Durán.
Noviembre 21 2018.

La sesión de esta noche se inició así:

René- Padre Universal, yo soy René el hijo pródigo de Urantia, te suplico me concedas conectarme a tu supra conciencia y cumplir el propósito de llegar hasta tu puerta cada día de mi vida. Es un desinterés por la vida cotidiana lo que me empuja a buscarte y tu gran amor al recibirme entre tus brazos.

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal escuchando tu elaborada confesión y espero que seas por cada día de tu existencia. Estamos en el umbral de los acontecimientos más portentosos jamás imaginados por ningún poeta.

 '"Este es tu Padre Universal escribiendo con letras de oro en el corazón del Escriba para gozo y beneplácito de los lectores urantianos que hay uno entre doce que escuchan mi voz todos los días de su vida.

 "Este es tu Padre Universal con una sinfonía de las más altas notas imperceptibles al resto de la humanidad.

 "Yo soy tu Padre Universal continuando con esta pequeña reseña histórica, en los Mundos. Superiores del Espíritu Infinito no encontramos records establecidos de ningún planeta como Urantia que habiendo caído tan bajo se levantara y volviera como una joya preciosa al seno del Padre. Es imprecindible reconocer los esfuerzos de sus habitantes por alcanzar otros estadíos en la escala evolutiva

 "Yo soy tu Padre Universal observando beligerancias entre los miembros recién llegados. Es sin portafolio a mis ojos sus comentarios.

 " Mantengan la disciplina.

 "Yo soy tu Padre Universal dejando la escena"

René- Gracias Padre.


798) Brief review of what happened in the meetings with Ron Besser.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: Review of the meetings for the start of the Missions in York.
T / R: René Durán.
November 17 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

  -I heard my second name.


René- Who speaks to me?

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, giving a brief summary of what happened in the meetings with Ron Besser, firstly, the established corporations are functioning according to plan, and as He also mentioned, six others are seeks to install for a Macro-Consortium, directed and operated by the Divine.

  "It is not my purpose to install dead organizations, but live mechanisms, oriented to the realization of Missions projects.

  - "I am your Universal Father, calling my son by his Kabbalistic second name, which can be named without raising suspicions.

  - "This is your Universal Father, with another more important fact that will be the selection of other members to the corporate offices never installed, and that will face a dangerous situation under the occurrences of the pole shift that is about to take place.

  - "Take into account 'the solidarity' that must be presented to the acting authorities.

  - "It is not my purpose to demoralize those who have not been selected, but each one at the time, will have its actions.

  - "It is not to demoralize the taxpayers with economic funds, because they will be founded immediately and no more contributions will be requested, at the same time, we have well-planned organizations.

  - "I am your Universal Father, closing this transmission".

René- Thank you blessed Father.


798) Breve reseña de lo sucedido en las reuniones con Ron Besser.

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema: Reseña de las reuniones para el inicio de las Misiones en York.
T/R: René Durán.
Noviembre 17 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

  -Escuché mi segundo Nombre.


René- Quién me habla?

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal, dando una breve reseña de lo sucedido en las reuniones con Ron Besser, en primer lugar, las corporaciones ya establecidas están funcionando de acuerdo a lo planeado, y como también Él mencionaba, otras seis se busca instalar para un Macro-Consorcio, dirigido y operado por la Divinidad.

  "No es mi propósito instalar organizaciones muertas, sino, mecanismos vivos, orientados a la realización de los proyectos de las Misiones.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, llamando a mi hijo por su segundo nombre cabalístico, que pueda nombrarse sin levantar sospechas.

  -"Este es tu Padre Universal, con otro dato más importante que será la selección de otros miembros a las oficinas corporativas jamás instaladas, y que van a enfrentar una situación de peligro bajo las ocurrencias del cambio de polos que está por realizarse.

  -"Tengan en cuenta 'la solidaridad' que deben presentar hacia las autoridades actuantes.

  -" No es mi propósito desmoralizar a los que no se han seleccionado, pero cada uno en su momento, tendrá su accionar.

  -"No es de desmoralizar a los contribuyentes con fondos económicos, pues se fundarán inmediatamente y no se solicitarán más contribuciones, al mismo tiempo, tenemos las organizaciones bien planeadas.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, cerrando esta transmisión".

René- Gracias Padre bendito.

Threads for New Transmissions / "Second occasions"
« on: November 06, 2018, 01:05:30 AM »
795) "Second occasions"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "Second occasions".
T / R: René Durán.
November 5 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Greetings to all, I considered appropriate to mention some clarifications that are necessary to understand phrases that are frequently mentioned in my publications, and is that after the long time that I was retired from making transmissions I was given the opportunity to download transmissions that have accumulated and they were waiting to receive them for when I  have time to do so.
At the moment there are many that I must gather and publish, and others that are more personal and also others that go to another sector of the population and that I post on Facebook. But I go to the pace and without overloading my brain, which has had many problems, and that is already known as a fall made a few small cracks in my brain stem. I thank Ron for all the guidance he has given me in all moment.
Here I received the prompt while I started my stillness session this afternoon.

   "Second occasions"

René- My Father, my Thought Adjuster, I ask you with my soul and with my heart a secure connection with the Universal Father and gain access with your permission to the topic 'second chances'.

  The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, giving access
 uninterrupted by me to the Scribe René de Nebadón  and who has access to the topic 'second chances'.

  - "This is your Universal Father, in a synchronized connubium between well-defined primordial particles to which the Scribe has access and full right of admission." Many are the opportunities that are offered to the ascenders with the purpose of chisel their soul with the best experiences ever assessed by any other, this means that the uniqueness of each soul is, without discussion, the best attributes conferred by its Adjuster.

  - "I am your Universal Father, giving second chances to all without distinction of race or clergy. It is not my incumbency to justify or deny any conduct that is reprehensible for the purpose of rewarding, or on the contrary, diminishing opportunities for the ascendant. My desire is to quantify the virtues acquired in their work back to my bosom.

  - "Be interpenetrated in your obligations of service to the Universal Father, which involves, the commitment of your lives to my service.

  - "I am your Universal Father, concluding the notes assigned to today." Have a good night Domtia "



795)"Segundas ocasiones"

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"Segundas ocasiones".
T/R:René Durán.
Noviembre 5 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Saludos a todos, consideró oportuno mencionar algunas aclaraciones que son necesarias para comprender frases que frecuentemente son mencionadas en mis publicaciones es, y es que después del largo tiempo que estuve retirado de hacer transmisiones se me dio la oportunidad de bajar transmisiones que se me han acumulado y se pusieron en espera de recibirlas para cuando tenga tiempo de hacerlo.
Al momento son muchas las que debo juntar y publicar y otras que son más personales y también otras que van a otro sector de la población y que publico en Facebook. Pero voy al paso y sin sobrecargar mi cerebro, el cual ha tenido muchos problemas,  y que ya es de ustedes conocido como que una caída hizo unas pequeñas rajaduras en el brain stem.Agradezco a Ron por toda la guía que me ha dado en todo momento.
Aquí recibí  el prompt mientras iniciaba mi sesión de quietud esta tarde.

   "Segundas ocasiones"

René- Padre mío mi Ajustador de Pensamiento, yo te pido con mi alma y con mi corazón una conexión segura con el Padre Universal y ganar acceso con su permiso al tema 'segundas ocasiones'.

  El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal, dando acceso 
 ininterrumpido por mi parte al Escriba René de Nebadón y que tenga acceso a las 'segundas oportunidades'.

  -"Este es  tu Padre Universal, en un connubio sincronizado entre partículas primordiales bien definidas a los que el Escriba tiene acceso y pleno derecho de admisión. Muchas son las oportunidades que se le brindan a los ascendentes con el propósito de cincelar su alma con las mejores experiencias jamás aquilatadas por ningún otro, esto quiere decir, que la singularidad de cada alma es, sin discusión, de los mejores atributos conferidos por su Ajustador.

  -"Yo soy su Padre Universal, dando segundas oportunidades a todos sin distinción de raza o de clero. No es de mi incumbencia justificar o denegar ninguna conducta que sea reprobable con propósitos de recompensar, o por el contrario, disminuir oportunidades al ascendente. Es mi deseo cuantificar las virtudes adquiridas en su trajinar de regreso a mi seno.

  -"Sean compenetrados en sus obligaciones de servicio al Padre Universal, lo cual involucra, el compromiso de sus vidas a mi servicio.

  -"Yo soy su Padre Universal, dando por concluidas las notas asignadas al día de hoy. Pasen buenas noches. Domtia"


Threads for New Transmissions / 794) "What would I do without the Father"
« on: November 04, 2018, 09:25:50 PM »
794) "What would I do without the Father"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Theme: "What would I do without the Father"
T / R: René Durán.
November 4 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

My father, my God, here is your son looking for the right moment to receive the next transmission online.
The Universal Father- "This is your Universal Father, giving as granted the entrance to the highest circles of the Spirit to the Scribe, this time we will bend the knee before the Father, the maximum force, the Unique Primordial Source.

- "I am your Universal Father, allowing the Scribe to download the transmission 'What would I do without the Father', as an analogy we find that it is like a vehicle that lacks fuel, like the lungs missing the air, like the birds missing them the space to fly, as a banquet without guests, as a star without light, as a river without river bed, as the most horrendous stories can be written without a reason that lacks inspiration.

- "I am your Universal Father, giving brief introductions, do not take for granted the history albums of Urantia, which created the most fabulous legends for the readings in the higher official Circles, it will be a sweet therapy to the Psychology of the most high-minded thinkers who have emerged from the Motherland that by land and by name is known Urantia.

- '' Be my children who are emerging 'welcome' to the select circles of the literature inspired by God.

- "This is your Universal Father, in a constant flow of ideas for each surviving human being and that knocks at the door of wisdom, may your Universal Father be the glory and honor for each ascendant." Have a good night.

That is all for today.

- "Domtia"



794)"Qué haría sin el Padre"

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"Qué haría sin el Padre"
T/R:René Durán.
Noviembre 4 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Padre mío, Dios mío, aquí está tu hijo buscando el momento apropiado para recibir la siguiente transmisión en linea.
El Padre Universal- "Este es tu Padre Universal, dando por concedido el ingreso a los círculos más elevados del Espíritu al Escriba, en esta ocasión doblaremos la rodilla ante el Padre; la máxima fuerza, la Fuente Primordial Única.

-"Yo soy su Padre Universal, permitiendo al Escriba que baje la transmisión 'Qué haría sin el Padre', como una analogía encontramos que es como un vehículo que le falta combustible, como a los pulmones faltándoles el aire, como a las aves faltándoles el espacio para volar, como un banquete sin invitados, como una estrella sin luz, como un río sin cauce, como las más horrendas historias pueden escribirse sin un motivo que les falte inspiración.

-" Yo soy su Padre Universal, dando breves introducciones, no os déis por descontados de los álbumes de historia de Urantia, que crearon las más fabulosas leyendas para las lecturas en los Círculos oficiales superiores. Será una dulce terapia a la Psicología de los más encumbrados pensadores que han surgido de la Madre Patria que por suelo y por nombre es conocida Urantia.

-''Sean mis hijos los que van surgiendo 'bienvenidos' a los círculos selectos de la Literatura inspirada por Dios.

-"Este es tu Padre Universal, en un constante flujo de ideas para cada ser humano sobreviviente y que toca a la puerta de la sabiduría. Sea tu Padre Universal la gloria y la honra para cada ascendente. Pasen buenas noches.

Esto es todo por hoy.



I got my e-book already .
I just started reading it.
Thank you Ron.


Threads for New Transmissions / "The truth, kindness and beauty"
« on: October 30, 2018, 12:20:30 AM »
788) "The truth, kindness and beauty"

Teacher: The Universal Father
Theme: "The truth, kindness and beauty"
T / R: René Durán.
October 28 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

My Father, my Lord, my God here is your son waiting and seeking to receive the third transmission that is waiting to be downloaded. I gladly receive it in the Name of the Christ, by the strength of the Christ and by the Majesty of the Christ.

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, receiving all the applications and giving direct access to what your transmissions are waiting for online.

My father, what is the name of the third transmission?

The Universal Father- "The name of the transmission is a bit discordant with reality, due to the clear and definite fact that there are no new requests among the students, however, we are waiting for you.

  - "I am your Universal Father, welcoming students from other advanced planets in their promotions, which satisfies me, seeing their interests that moves them.
 Keep in mind 'the goodness', 'the truth', and 'beauty', must be your attributes in every moment of your life.

This is your Universal Father, in a moment of extreme happiness, contact with the ascending souls of any planet whatsoever.

It is my purpose to contact every soul that ascends.

René- "My father, do you want to add something else?

The Universal Father- "It is enough for the moment of today".



788)"La verdad, la bondad y la belleza"

Maestro:El Padre Universal
Tema:"La verdad, la bondad y la belleza"
T/R:René Durán.
Octubre 28 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Padre mío, Señor mío, Dios mío aquí esta tu hijo en espera y buscando recibir la tercera transmisión que está en espera de ser bajada. Yo con mucho gusto la recibo en el Nombre del Cristo, por la fuerza del Cristo y por la Majestad del Cristo.

El Padre Universal- " Yo soy tu Padre Universal, recibiendo todas las aplicaciones y dando acceso directo a lo que son tus transmisiones que esperan en línea.

Padre mío,  cuál es el nombre de la tercera transmisión?

El Padre Universal- "El nombre de la transmisión es un poco discordante con la realidad, debido al hecho claro y definitivo de que no hay nuevas solicitudes entre los estudiantes, más sin embargo, nos quedamos esperando.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal,  dando la bienvenida a los estudiantes de otros planetas avanzados en sus promociones, lo cual me satisface, al ver sus intereses que los mueve.
 Tengan presente 'las bondades',  'la verdad', y 'la belleza', deben ser sus atributos en cada instante de su vida.

Este es tu Padre Universal, en un momento de extrema felicidad el contacto con las almas ascendentes de cualquier planeta que sea.

Es mi propósito contactar cada alma que asciende.

René-  "Padre mío, Quieres agregar algo más?

El Padre Universal- "Es suficiente por el momento de hoy".



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787) "Downloading transmissions"

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: "Downloading transmissions"
T / R: René Durán.
October 26 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

My Father, my Lord, my God, here is your son René de Nebadón, I want to download the second transmission that is pending, waiting to be received.

 The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, giving direct access to that jewel of presentation that at this moment comes to you with the purpose of raising awareness and being more productive in the field of science, to which you have devoted yourself lately.

  - "This is your Universal Father, granting requests that have been heard on previous occasions." It is not my purpose to diminish other citizens who have pretensions to know everything, but the scribe, without bragging, attends daily the largest University available at this time.

  - "I am your Universal Father, granting requests as we had previously said, it is not my purpose to diminish followers, but they have lagged behind the border without finding the path to the Father.

  - "I am your Universal Father, transcribing a note of high spiritual value.

  - "This is your Universal Father, with the disclosure of a state secret that is no more." The Scribe continues to break records, in its category, of perseverance.

René- What does that part mean?

 The Universal Father- "Permanence, do not conform to the university degrees ...

René- A writing on the heel of the feet, like microchips of  advanced technology.

The Universal Father- "Do not be surprised at the advances in a few days they will be compensated.

  - "This is your Universal Father, with a share for the enjoyment of your readers.
Have a good night.


787)"Descargando transmisiones"

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema:"Descargando transmisiones"
T/R:René Durán.
Octubre 26 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

Padre mío, Señor mío, Dios mío, aquí esta tu hijo René de Nebadón, deseo bajar la segunda transmisión que está pendiente, en espera de ser recibida.

 El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal, dando acceso directo a esa joya de presentación que en estos momentos llega hasta ti con el propósito de elevar la conciencia y ser más productivo en el campo de la ciencia, a lo cual te has abocado últimamente.

  -"Éste es tu Padre Universal, concediendo peticiones que se han escuchado en ocasiones anteriores. No es mi propósito disminuir otros ciudadanos que tienen pretensiones de saberlo todo, pero el escriba, sin fanfarronear asiste diariamente a la mayor Universidad disponible en este momento.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, concediendo peticiones como te lo habíamos dicho con anterioridad, no es mi propósito disminuir adeptos, pero se han quedado rezagados en la frontera sin encontrar la ruta hacia el Padre. Yo los conmino a superar temores. 

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, transcribiendo una nota de alto valor espiritual.

  -"Éste es tu Padre Universal,  con la divulgación de un secreto de Estado que no es más. El Escriba continúa batiendo récords, en su categoría, de constancia.

René- Qué significa esa parte?

 El Padre Universal- "Permanencia. No os conforméis con los títulos universitarios...

René- Una escritura en el talón de los pies, como microchips de avanzada tecnología. 

El Padre Universal- "No os sorprendáis de los avances en unos pocos días se compensarán.

  -"Este es tu Padre Universal, con una cuota para el disfrute de tus lectores.
Pasen buenas noches.


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