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General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« on: November 13, 2018, 11:27:54 PM »
Ron, so much to thank you for I can hardly begin. And Father Michael how kind and considerate of You to mention my wife on high now. She was born and raised in Vivian, Louisiana and after we married and before our third son was born in Lafayette, ironically we bought a house on a street named Vivian Drive where I still reside today. Her mortal name was Jane Ellen (Groft) Gitz. Has she taken the name Vivian on high?  I think that would be lovely if that can be done.  Dear Michael, the gift You give her of a pictogram of me taking the Oath of Servive with Larry and Ron is such a great gift to me I cannot speak. I'll just say that Vivian (Jane) and I married in our 20's and after almost 30 years married, she died in my arms after a battle with cancer. So You know, I never married again. I never even dated anyone at all. Our lives together was so complete in all ways. So Michael, thank you so very much. And let me sign off by saying that I'm the kid on the block. I made 70 years last July 16 this year. Look forward to everything coming this week. See you all. 

Aloysius, Urantia Chief of Arcangels,  pardon me for posting the above casual conversation that I entered addressed to Weydevu. I had not yet read Your 5th point of interest posted by Ron which referred to keeping our comments meritorious for good reasons You have shared with us today. Indeed, these times call for these measures. Thank you. 

Michael of Nebadon,  some time ago I made my decision to join Ron in York to work in all positions You and I have discussed.  I know now that, if there were vacillations by me in the recent past, there are no more today.  My decision is truly final. I hope to have your confidence in my choice to serve You in your Mission. I sincerely thank you, Michael, for Your loving support. 

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: A dream of love and concern
« on: November 09, 2018, 09:41:33 PM »
Hi Weydevu:

What a pleasure meeting you--a Louisana man!  I had no idea. What brought you to the pelican state?  I'll tell what's ironic. My wife grew up in Vivian, LA and when we bought a house in Lafayette, LA. 36 years ago, the street name turned out to be Vivian Drive. You must know the town called Vivian. It's between Texarcana and Shreveport where you live. 
Nice to hear from you. If you ever get down into Cajun country, look me up. Call me if you're down this way, or anytime (337) 298-2164. This is exciting. I've never met a Urantia book reader from Louisiana. I gave up thinking d find one. And you're in our forum family!  Now that's something.  

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A dream of love and concern
« on: November 08, 2018, 06:53:16 PM »
I woke up from a dream this morning that might explain something about my upcoming travel to York to work as Ron's assistant to help in any way I can with various assignments.  Perhaps it shows my fear, or at least concern, for my family before, during, and even after the dark period, when even more danger may loom in the Gulf coast region where I live.  I worry that I may leave before definite plans are made for my family to bug out at the drop of a hat. As you may recall in the Urantia Book, even Jesus made sure that His family affairs were secure before He began His public ministry.

In the dream there was a large room with small round tables and chairs all about the room.  As I walked into the room I located one table with chars and claimed it a I sat down.  Small talk ensued between me and the other people at their tables nearby.  I had the feeling that I was waiting for others that I knew, in particular, members of my family to join me.  People began to come to my table and join in conversation so often, that we had to slide tables close together to accommodate the additional walk-ups.  More and more people seemed to want to come to my table, some sat at the table, some just observed from nearby.  My spoken words and actions acknowledging all or most of them seemed to attract even more.  Now, children were coming to the large tables slid together, not to converse per se, but just to be near all the action going on, it seemed.  Suddenly, I found myself holding one of the young children.  A four or five year old boy had fallen asleep while I held him vertically in my left arm, using my right arm to continue "speaking with my right hand."  I realized that the boy had fallen asleep in my arm by the weight of his head resting on my left shoulder.  Immediately I thought it was one of my grandchildren, because of the familiarity I have holding the lovely dead weight of a sleeping child in that position, and the inner knowledge I have of the boy's own feeling of security when in my grasp, tucked away with head on shoulder.  And then I looked at him and noticed his beautiful complexion and his short crew-cut hair, and realized that the boy was not my grandchild.  So, I looked around only to discover that there were many other young children apparently eager to be held for comfort and rest as well.  None of the children turned out to be in my family, but that didn't matter.  They could have well been family members because I felt so much love for them all.  I loved the sincere trust and faith they apparently demonstrated coming to me for comfort.

When I woke up, I thought:  Is this the Fatherly love, when at the Last Supper, Jesus asked, no, commanded His apostles to have with on another, in addition to the brotherly love that He had previously taught them to share?  Yes, I believe it is, I concluded.  Should we all be fortunate to experience the pleasure of Fatherly love.  This must be, I thought, the reason Father created us; for Him to experience the glorious, ecstatic relationship of fatherly love--our coming to His table with utter, sublime trust, faith, and love.  How great Thou art to live and love an experiential reality with so many, many children who come to His table!

So I say to you all,  I am not courageous at all about my leaving family without security.  I greatly fear losing any of my children and grandchildren.  For that matter any of the beautiful innocent little ones.  How can I leave to go about doing the Father's business without being certain the family is well take care of.  I must, of course.  I will.  So I pray, Father, please get me to York knowing that my family's safety is secured.  Give me the knowledge to know how to make that happen. 

Thank you, Father.


Larry and Ron:  In regards to the setting up the Ilok Kindle book, there were questionnaires Peter and I were asked to answer, like title, descriptives, whether or not Ron had intellectual rights, full ownership, etc.  Can't remember the exact wording but standard questions.  Peter says that it must be a France thing because we made it available globally or world-wide.  I hope that helps.

Yesterday I bought a copy for myself.  And in order to space out the purchases I decided to make a few gift purchases starting today and continuing next week.  Ron, I told you about my contact with the Dean of the Engineering department at the Univ. of Louisiana at Lafayette, well I sending him a copy.  You may recall our conversation about the current project on energy that he and his students are involve with currently.  We'll see if the Dean responds after reading your book...if he even reads it.  I won't hold my breath because, you know, he knows everything already...right?

Good luck with France, Larry....................Steve.

General Discussion / Re: Current Stats Are Most Encouraging!
« on: October 31, 2018, 09:21:36 AM »
Larry,  I think that my son and I experienced the same limitations as you describe.  When I see him later today I'll ask him if that's so, and let you know. 

General Discussion / Re: Current Stats Are Most Encouraging!
« on: October 30, 2018, 03:38:27 PM »
Sherlock Ron,

Inspector Peter has a theory that "the general public in China does not have access to the full internet.  The Chinese "subjects" are only allowed to see the government's version of the internet.  Chances are there are not 500 new Chinese guests, but maybe a single entity that is creating ghost guests.  From October 23 to the 25th there was a 500 person jump in attendance. It was an awfully large increase.  Potassium." ( Ron, I told him about ending in K and he said "Potassium because the lazy people on social media refuse to type the "O" in "OK" because they think they're saving so much time by abbreviating OK)."

Apparently, Peter's no fun at all.  What a party pooper!  Peter explained to me how viruses work (BTW it took Peter three days to remove the virus that he believes came from our forum) by bouncing data through multiple infected computers to hide the pathway in which the information was sent.

Sherlock Ron, is Inspector Peter getting close to deciphering the clues?  Bum...bum...BUMMMMMMMM!!!!

General Discussion / Re: Current Stats Are Most Encouraging!
« on: October 29, 2018, 10:37:55 PM »
Does the large number of guests come from the largest populous country on  Urantia?   Did we not learn recently that hundreds of Chinese are tuning in to our channel?  I assume Jack (Ding Xin) has something going on with the interest coming from China. I hope so.  Thanks Larry for the heads up. 


Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / A fine time for bananas and ice cream
« on: October 28, 2018, 01:50:19 AM »
Nice to see you back in the saddle, Ron.  There is but one good thing about a recovery period after oral surgery and it's not tomato and pea soup. But it IS all the ice cream shakes you can mush down. If I may suggest, add some sliced bananas to your stirred milk and ice cream, and don't forget to squeeze some Hershey chocolate syrup and a tablespoon of cherry syrup.  But be careful not to substitute cayanne pepper for the cherry syrup, if you happen to be loopy from the hydrocodone. Don't get me wrong, we love hot spicy food down in Cajun country, but not in the ice cream please!  

Seriously, measure your steps carefully, Mr. Loopy. This is when you can trip up. Just a bit of caution from Mama Gitz. Now go eat your ice cream and rest.
Gleefully, Steve. 

General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: October 23, 2018, 01:18:12 PM »
Before I comment on Ron's book revealing the secrets how God and the universe materialize an atom, I want to welcome Sergio and thank him for posing the questions about what he might call inconsistencies between the 5th Epochal Revelation (TUB) and what is revealed to us since the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.  Ron's answers and the follow up discussions by the many distinguished Spirit Personalities are, in my opinion, so well done that I have taken a picture or copied the post for future use when this question arises again.  And I recommend that our members and guests do the same.  Well done, Ron.

Now, about Ron's response to my excitement to what his book is speaking to.  I draw an analogy to what Ron calls "the main thrust of the book" to composing a musical piece.  I site a recent example when last spring when I presented to our membership the Anthem.  Afterwards Ron sent to me lyrics that worked well with the subject musical line, "Hail to the Chief,
                                                                             The Chief of All.
                                                                             God, Our Father
                                                                             In Heaven. "

The lyrics inspired me to spontaneously write another piece with those lyrics that I called "The Grand March."  I imagined a procession one by one whereby each pertinent Spirit incarnation associated with the reclamation of our planet Urantia proceeded across the stage at the upcoming Symposium.  After I put down the musical subject and was very pleased with the power of the piece showing the power and majesty of God, I ran into a dead end.  That is not unusual when I try to keep the subject of the piece, as Bach did so beautifully.  It's like what Ron is indicating when speaking about the main thrust of the book, or piece in my case. I threw out many measures as Ron did 60 pages as he said.  His main thrust is "to show the reader how God and the universe materialize an atom so you can touch it or drink it or pray in does no give you a rash," (love the humor).  I can't help but empathize how difficult it must be to stay on subject with so, so much to say about this.  It must be mind boggling to try to explain the process from God's Will, the ultimaton, to an atom.  I can hardly wait for the secrets to unfold in a reading that compares not to any before this time, our time.

I leave my meager discussion on Ron's upcoming book with his quote from the same post, "this book I (Ron) am working on is quite a marvel but it is a beast to work on as I am trying to get passages complete enough to present and then suddenly something erupts in spirit land and I am thrown out for a day, sometimes two or three days."  All I can say is that I anticipate this book's purpose for humanity is large...very large.

Thank you for listening everyone.   I'll just say Ron's struggles give me impetus to try to stay on subject with "The Grand March."


General Discussion / Re: Announcement About Com Circuit Down
« on: October 22, 2018, 05:03:54 PM »
To Ron and Michael:

Standing by with anticipation of Ron Besser's new book to edit when received in a couple of weeks as estimated in time by You,  Michael of Nebadon.  Also, thank you Michael for the update on the timing of Ron's oral surgery.  My guess is that Ron will be at it and finishing the book after only a day or two downtime.  I had oral surgery done last spring and I was down for just a day or two.  Considering the pain Ron lives with on a daily basis, this should be a piece of cake for him, and speaking of cake, that could be the only edible he will be able to muster for a couple of days after the procedure.  I say this now, because any attempts at humor should be made prior to the procedure.

New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: New member intro
« on: October 20, 2018, 07:34:21 AM »
Welcome, Kibet Brian, and congratulations for having been led to our plain good group of people who consider membership in this discussion forum an honor and a calling to go about the doings of the Father's business, each in our individually specific yet collective way. 

I personally enjoy guessing about a new member regarding age, gender, likes, vocation and advocation, when someone comes aboard.  And not to take that pleasure from other members just yet, but in your own time if you could give us more about yourself, I would enjoy seeing how I did. 
Thanks for the courage exemplified stepping up to the plate. You made a home run decision.

Dear Ron,

My sister-in-law's husband, Dr.Victor Tsang, is from China and speaks 7 or more Mandarin dialects.  He was educated in Hong Kong by the British educators and is a graduate of Notre Dame where he originally met and later married my late wife's sister.  He recently retired from heading up the infectious disease department at the CDC in Atlanta, GA.

I am requesting permission from you to ask Vic for a favor to translate the Mandarin message from Michael.  I know my wife and her sisters and brothers grew up in a Christian environment, a Methodist Church.  But that is about all I really know about Vic and Carol at this time.  Victor is a mental whiz and very kind always.

So, with your permission I will get the message translated, if he is so willing, and I'm sure he will for me.


I've been runin' and gunin' for so many days I've lost count, to put together all of the necessary parts to complete and close on numerous business actions behind me, in order to be ready for my work in York.

Incredible what you've achieved bringing together five addition Creator Sons of their own Local Universes:  The plans for Gallium and the Federation idea.  In my opinion a Nobel-like Prize can rightly be awarded to you by the star students on Wolvering for your work with Rayson, but the accomplishments achieved towards the Federation deserves such high honors the Nobel is minuscule in comparison.

Even though you have conditioned us to understand that "it has not yet been approved by Paradise," I'm very optimistic because of the Big Five's leanings toward acceptance of the plans.

My heart nearly burst with appreciation what was spoken by Serara and Monjoronson jointly:  " Ron I congratulate you for bringing one of the most interesting crowds of Creator Sons we every had at one time without it being the Millennium Celebration.  We are proud of you all Creator Sons, and that calls for a celebration for Ron, as he just said he never saw my interaction with other Creator Sons before, and now I understand the tearing that takes place in him.  Glory be to God!"

You're on fire, Ron.  Don't let anything or any doctors throw water on your flame!


Like Wendy said, I too am thankful to Lemuel and Ron for opening this discussion.  This is how I see it:  TRUTH trumps faith, hope, and expectations.  When Truth be known, hope and expectations are realized without demand.  "Expectation borders on requirement," says Elyon (thanks Wendy).  And what is that requirement?  It is Truth.  Moreover, in a perfect world, or in other words, in a settled world in light and life, neither faith nor hope nor expectation is required.  Truth is expected.  The Truth is all you need.  "Love is all you is all you need," (lyrics by the Beatles).

And yes, as Amethyst points out Lemuel's view, "the only way I (Lemuel) know of to reach this place is through my Thought Adjuster."  Look what TUB teaches us about just that (132:30), " Faith fosters and maintains man's soul in the midst of the confusion of his early orientation in such a vast universe, whereas prayer becomes the great unifier of the various inspirations of the creative imagination and the faith urges of a soul trying to identify itself with the spirit ideals of the indwelling and associated divine presence."  Paul says to pray always.  And we all are familiar with "Know the truth; the truth will set you free."  Can hope do that?

Continuing my assertion that Truth trumps faith, look at 103:9 UB and it says, " Faith most willingly carries reason along as far as reason can go and then goes on with wisdom to the full philosophic limit; and then it dares to launch out upon the limitless and never-ending universe journey in the sole company of TRUTH."

Also in 48:6,  "... seraphim teach the everlasting truth." And, " These angels (seraphim) are all in the chain of recorders extending from the lowest to the highest custodians of the fact of time and the truths of eternity.  Some day they will teach you to seek truth as well as fact, to expand your soul as well as your mind."

In Paper 180:5 Jesus promises to send to believers the Spirit of Truth.  It says, "  This divine endowment is not the letter or law of truth, neither is it to function as the form or expression of truth.  The new teacher is the CONVICTION OF TRUTH (emphasis mine), the consciousness and assurance of true meanings on real spirit levels.  And this new teacher is the spirit of living and growing truth, expanding, unfolding, and adaptative truth."  Can hope, faith, or expectation be considered convictions?

Look at Paper 130:1, " Jesus was the truth giver; he WAS the truth for that generation on Urantia.  When a great truth seeker and a great truth giver meet, the result is a great and liberating enlightenment born of the experience of new truth."  Jesus did not claim to be a hope or expectation giver.  That was not in him to claim that.  He was the truth and he gave himself as the truth.

In ending this assertion that Truth trumps faith, I concede the confusion for some in regards to which came first, the chicken or the egg.  But I support the truth of the matter with this final reference in TUB 132:3, " But truth can never become man's possession without the exercise of faith.  This is true because man's thoughts, wisdom, ethics, and ideals will never rise higher than his faith, his sublime hope. And all such true faith is predicated on profound reflection, sincere self-criticism, and uncompromising moral consciousness.  Faith is the inspiration of the spiritized creative imagination."

Gooo Faith!!   And,
The TRUTH is,  the Truth trumps!!


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