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General Discussion / Pray Always
« on: September 18, 2018, 10:57:22 AM »

Subject:  Pray Always
Speaker:  Thought Adjuster
Date:  September 18, 2018
Time: and Place:  Lafayette, Louisiana - 9:15 AM CDT, 10:15 EDT
Category: New Transmission 

The sun rises this morning in all it's glory.  We expect 106 degrees F  heat index today.  I call on my TA in a practice session this morning to give me a word or phrase to keep in mind throughout the day as a test of my strength of focus.  Have You a message or suggestion my Father fragment within?

"Try this out....Pray Always.  Paul challenged His followers to so the same.  Of course, it is not required to kneel or be still or anything like that.  Rather, keep Me in your every thought.  With practice this exercise can be taken literally.  When driving a car, or giving direction to someone you work with in business, eating lunch, and so on, today you will feel that it is impossible.  But with practice you can, and it is so rewarding.  Remember your first reactions to a car taking you out of your lane?  Tomorrow you will remember it in a different way., and the next day you will thank Me for advising you, when your cursing turns into a smile for receiving the gift of challenge.  When you fail, and you will at least for a while, think of Me, think of Paul.  You should be so lucky to have the challenges that Paul had to overcome during his lifetime on Urantia.  I have had to endure you all these years, and what could be more difficult than that?" (Thanks a lot).

Anything else my dear One? "What... you ask for more?  Handle this request that you pray always and let us see how it goes for today, and we will talk again tomorrow."

Thank you, and I will do my best today.         Steve

Jerry,  I think it was about 1996 or so when I tuned in to his predictions.  In 2015 about six months before I found the forum I drove from Louisiana to Orlando, Florida to attend one of Major Ed Dames' seminars on his Remote Viewing.  It wasn't a smaller "learn how"practice session, it was a large ballroom with about 300 attendees.  I purchased some products he offered including his mapping of the USA along similar lines that Scallion developed.  We broke for lunch and continued afterwards with a question and answer period.  Ed just walked all around the ballroom and stood before the questioners and gave his best answers.  Now comes the interesting part.  He announced at the dinner time hour that if anyone wanted to return after dinner, that there would be an informal evening session.  Naturally, I didn't drive all the way to Orlando to miss that session.  About 50 of us returned and pulled up chairs , some sat on the floor sort of in a half circle around Ed.  More questions and answered ensued.  It was fascinating, and every now and then 4 or 5 people would get up, say goodnight, and exit.  Now the time is around 3:30 am in the morning of the next day and about 20 to 25 of us still remain and Ed, who likes to drink wine at the informal part of the event, is still going strong.  At this point I'm now on the floor next to people when he announces that he wanted to say something he's never said before at any of the conferences.  Everyone's attention was fixed upon him, including mine.  He looked at us, paused, and said, "The Urantia Book."  I just reacted without thinking yelling out about 10 feet from him, "Hallelujah!"  I'm hearing everyone around me asking loudly, "What's the Urantia Book?"  Ed looked at the voiceful exclamatory person--me, as if looking for help.  I answered, "A Book of Revelation." Before you could say"boiled crawfish" I'm up on my feet standing with Ed answering questions about the Revelation till 4 or 5 in the morning.  One thing I remember about that part of the discussion is that Ed was endearing to the Midwayers.  He liked them a lot.  Jerry, that's a story I've wanted to have the opportunity to tell to everyone here on the forum.  Thanks for bringing up the subject of future mapping for the USA. 

Another subject I'd like to talk about.  This morning at daybreak I drove to my building to do some gardening on my building's fountain area.  I've got an appraiser coming next week for a bank appraisal and I wanted to spruce up the area.  It had gotten a bit weedy and I couldn't sleep much last night after reading Ron's post on the 15th.  So I'm weeding with a cup of coffee and having a Lemuelian thought about how I'm actually feeding my soil.  I laughed at myself thinking how selfish I was working for hours and not leaving any weeds for another to feed their soul, weeding out the uglies and creating a beautiful landscape.  Then while thinking of Ron's post from Michael, Margul, and Father,  received a lesson from perhaps my TA or Michael saying, " There have been many starts and stops over the years concerning the Teaching Mission, the Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus and more.  Now you realize why these things must had been delayed.  Father, in his perfect ways, has had to see certain things settled first.  We can now move forward without delay.  All of your trials develop the patience necessary to wait for the right time to act."  There was more but with muddy hands I had no way to record the whole conversation.  Well,  I hereby finish my typing in my office with my somewhat washed hands and say good day to all.  Back to eliminate the botanic miscreants in my Master's garden area!


Dear Newstarfire:

Thank you, Phyllis, for the heads up on Ron's post at the beginning of the Broadcast thread.  I missed it; a most important and revealing post to date in my opinion.  Enjoy the read everyone.  As noted in her post:

Michael of Nebadon; Father; Margul
Setting the Bestowal Record Straight Again of Urantia
York, PA Noon Local Time
September 15, 2018

Date:  September 15, 2018
Time: 12:45
TR: Gitz

Please give a heads up to everyone that just this week Ron's first book on four and three micron coal powder technology and the Engineering Feasibility Study was re-edited and published.  In about two weeks the paperback book will be offered on Amazon according to plans.  Ron is currently writing his second book on this subject with a very interesting title that you will soon read.  The scientific community needs an "attitude adjustment" as Rayson said to Newstarsafire this morning.  These "prominent" ones may have to step down from their "podiums of dominance"( if they even take the time to read the book:Steve)  Oh... they will!  Thank you Rayson and Newstarfier  for your contribution this morning.  Steve called for Rayson, but Newstarfire had His attention, and good for us she did.  Beautifully written,  Newstarfire.
Thank you Rayson

Dear Mantutia and Ron,

Mantutia, I wholeheartedly give you my assurance that I will be ready and able to come to York and offer my assistance in the preparation of securing the necessary City and State requirements and permits for the purpose of operations in the L shaped building that You have chosen to use as office space for Ron, Ding Xin (Jack) and I, and soon others.  Personally, I will attain the proper Certificate of Occupancy (CO) in order to do business in any and all offices we desire to occupy.  We will go through the channels of the City of York Planning and Zoning Departments to familiarize ourselves with all of the requirements necessary to do business.  Proper exit signs, fire extinguishers and alarms must be in place for the Fire Marshal's approval before certification and that includes inside the building as well as the parking lot, getting everything up to Code.  I can do preliminary work by phone even before I arrive in York, familiarizing myself with the department officials.  I find they are always very helpful, making sure everything is according to Code, some of which will be grandfathered in, some not.  They want us to succeed for reasons of growth in the downtown square area in York, PA.

We will need resources (money) for many reasons.  Each department requires a fee for almost everything that is placed before their review.  In the case that we require certain exceptions to Code, there is relief for that through the Variance Committees.  In my experience every time I petitioned for an exception through the Committee it was approved.  If it is a reasonable request for a specific change, it is approved.

We will need additional resources for office equipment, furnishings, telephone and IT services, security assistance , salaried employees, transportation vehicles, and much more too numerous to mention here.

This is a serious step in the right direction in my opinion and Uversa should see the value in getting it started as soon as possible.  Much will be required shortly and we need to get ready.  An office complex will get us moving toward the goals that Michael of Nebadon has with His Mission(s).  From this not so modest beginning we can have a base of operations from which we will branch out.  In my opinion this bold step can insure our success, even during trying times on Urantia.  Mantutia, you know...where there's a Will there's a Way.  I pray that Uversa gives the green light.  Let's get rolling.


Steven Gitz
Member, Serara Discusion Forum 

Thank you, Larry.  This morning I wrote down three and one-half legal sized, lined paper keeping the advise Lemuel gave us and that is not to let the ego control the transmission.  So, when I got to the store, I re-read the message given and decided to do a synopsis of my work from 10 am to noon.   I hoped that it didn't go too far off topic. 


A fruitful day in our partner-ship that sails well under the mast of the Michael Mission.  Much is scheduled for our trip and we have a sure compass to help land at the many ports during these Corrective Times.  Receive our guidance over the turbulent seas, for there will be many times We shall be your life preserver.  The forecast is for turbulence, as has been signaled and flagged.  You all have and will continue to set the course across the waves of truth, beauty and goodness.  And together we will calm the seas and await the rainbow to appear through the mist.

We are glad so many have come to participate in the celebration of this eventful broadcast from Salvington.    Make every day a special day to serve, raising the flag signifying Michael's Mission.  Not a few but many are needed now and always.  Get onboard for the excursion.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Original Thought
« on: September 02, 2018, 01:35:15 PM »
Thanks Clency for posing the question to Lemuel, 'Where do our thoughts come from?"  And thank you, Lemuel, for a beautifully honest and true answer in your audio transmission entitled, "Original Thought."  I do not think you are presumptuous at all.   I had wished the Babylonian and Jewish priests were so true when they were writing Genesis 1.  I think Biblical scholars of the past and today would have had a clearer picture  And now they and we do indeed!

Lemuel, I received your musical prayer entitled, "Our Father."  As Micheal expressed, it is a most beautiful piece that I think compares favorably to any renditions I've ever heard.  I've played with it a little so far, with so much on my plate recently.  One arrangement is fairly straight with the chordal representation of the piece and added string accompaniment for beauty enhancement careful to be not too flowery.  In order to work with the chords I often inverted them so that on the keyboard it worked.   In a second arrangement I utilized arpeggio for the left hand always making the chord changes in the middle of a measure as you require but with arpeggios.  I found that more dramatic for those subtle and beautiful moments in the measure.

I just can't play around with it anymore just now because of projects needing to be finished ASAP,  but I impatiently await the time to do so.  And when I do the finished product will be recorded and posted for all to enjoy.  What an inspiring moment you had writing this so many years ago.  I'm glad you give me the opportunity to bring it to Light.  I hope to do it well, knowing certain that I can't but otherwise because it is so beautiful.  Even my piddling can't change that.


General Discussion / Re: I Sincerely Apologize
« on: August 20, 2018, 09:15:27 AM »
What a ride you must have been on. We all are so happy you're siting on a different horse. But don't kill the horse, rather trade him in for a truly gentler ride as you certainly have. 

Whew!  We're glad that's over. Must have been the most beautiful of sunrises ever shown to you this morning. So happy for you, my friend.


General Discussion / Re: Vision of Patterns on Seafloor
« on: August 19, 2018, 12:14:22 PM »
Sue and Ron,  if I remember some of the facts correctly, the name of the Order of beings that Michael assigned to help mitigate the problems in the deep waters of the Mid Atlantic Ridge are named the Iargens. And that their planet's surface is 100% water and they have evolved with the ability to sustain pressures of the deep that would explode we humans.  Michael gave you additional information about their underwater craft to aid their work in the tremendous pressures at those debts.  I wondered about their ships and sometime down the road would like to hear more about the Iargens' work under our planet's surface.
Off subject and important to you Ron. Michael mentioned your upcoming operation on your legs to relieve the pain and correct the problem. It is my experience that it is extremely important that afamily member who understands your condition is present before, during, and after the operation.  Critical for correct oxygen levels, etc.  if nobody is available I'll be there. Let me know when the operation gets close. 


Ron, I keep thinking about the enourmous worldwide importance of the Book you just completed in such inhumanly short time. What you have achieved will have world saving implications and will be recognized now and for all time.

Ron Besser and Science Officer, Rayson, will lead a Team that will not fail to bring to this world saving technology to all corners of Urantia.  The Germans developed and utilized 4 micron coal technology in wartime to achive world dominance. Today your Team introduces the idea and fact to every leader of every State in the world to date the single most important tool, the most important way to realize the need for war no more, and to achive world peace.  Cogratulations and thank you, Ron  


General Discussion / Re: I Love and pray for Your Success
« on: August 15, 2018, 07:56:14 PM »
Larry,  I'm just going to take the lead here and say:  WE DO NOT ACCEPT YOUR RESIGNATION ...period...end of conversation. 

Look, Larry, I'm not at all selfish. I mean that and I know that.  Hell, I can't even cook a meal without needing to share it.  I think that about you too.  It's a need you have and we know it buddy!  I betcha for sure Mark knows that too.  So, let me think just about my needs for a moment.  Put your left foot in the stirrup, swing your right leg up and over and sit back on the saddle because, Larry, I'm beginning to see that we're all in for quite a ride.

Lemuel,  I've got one for you. Why do touch me so deeply?  Once again you landed a kiss on my heart. Please keep it up.

Lemuel,  I've got one for you. Why do touch me so deeply?  Once again you landed a kiss on my heart. Please keep it up.

I see what you mean, Ron.  Advise taken.  Can she take it?  The obvious reason I'm visiting Catherine is because of her recent soaring high blood pressure that Charles and I have talked about, but I didn't in my post.  She was hospitalized twice this past week but it is lowered now from medication.  The hidden reason is my prescription.  Thanks again..............Steve.

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