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FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
« on: July 17, 2018, 02:05:45 AM »
Dear Lanaforge, thank you for the most wonderful birthday present given on my 70th birthday, July 16th. I told my three sons not to give presents, rather a dinner with my grandchildren at my home on Thursday when my middle son is onshore from his duties on an oil and gas production facility in the inland waters of the Gulf of Mexico.   Well, I thought that would be the best. Your gift of encouragement is the "tops".  Thank uneventful birthday suddenly becomes one to forever remember.  I will heed Your call to service gratefully and wantingly. 

And Ron thanks for keeping FUSION TALK going. I never did thank Amethyst for the last post in this Catagory as I do now. Thanks Amethyst.  And for those guests who may have missed her most wonderful "Prayer for Attunement and Possible Fusion on Urantia" here it is:

"Beloved Father Within, I ask that we fuse as soon as possible, appropriate and. consistent with the Will of God. I love you and look forward to the time we shall be forever one." Amethyst, I say this Prayer multiple times daily thanks to you my friend. 


New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Introduction and Greetings
« on: July 03, 2018, 12:18:40 PM »
Welcome songatsunrise.  A Texan in fact.  You wouldn't per chance reside south of Interstate 10?  In south Louisiana we consider the line of demarcation between Dixieland and Yankeeland that very highway that stretches from Florida to California.  So if you live in our "Dixie" as Larry and I do, then the three of us may have a "quorum on the forum."

Did I understand correctly that your husband is or was a piano tech?  At Gitz Music we work with piano techs weekly.  Could this be a bit more coincidence like the painting of the boy stuck on the fence? 

And then this "coincidence":  Last Fall I was asked to compose an Anthem for an upcoming Symposium (to hear go to Music Compositions and Other Artistic Expressions).   I was told that the Celestials consider the key of C Major the tone of the rising and setting of the sun.  Since you are a musician, and your moniker is songatsunrise,  I couldn't help correlate your name Carole with a C "Major" sunrise song...just having fun.  I've written a song for Nebadonia, Mother Spirit whom I love.  I wrote it in the key of F, with the Bflat the one accidental since there is no key of N, M, or S (at least as far as I know--who knows, huh?  I'll post it soon since I mention it here.

All for now...I'm sure we'll be talking again.

General Discussion / TEAMWORK: A Federation Between Friends
« on: June 21, 2018, 06:15:37 PM »
A week or so ago Ron introduced the work "Federation" into our discussion forum.  Some discussion ensued and decidedly dropped for now but I have not been able to let it go.  You see I have an affinity for the word when thinking of all our galactic friends in the universe and our Celestial Friends throughout all the universes:  A roof underneath we ALL can live and serve.  In fact, it's not so much the word Federation, rather the word Teamwork that I think of within a Federation.  Often I have encouraged persons to be loyal not only to their brothers here on Nystoria but to their Brothers everywhere else.  And together we can build a universe to be settled in light and life someday.  What a goal! 

So I search the TUB for the subject teamwork and lo and behold, coincidentally or not, I find it on page 312, Paper 28: Section 5.3 titled THE SECONDARY SECONAPHIM, the Union of Souls where it says, "These are the angels who foster and promote the teamwork of all Orvonton.  One of the most important lessons to be learned during your mortal career is teamwork.  The spheres of perfection are manned by those who have mastered this art of working with other beings." 

So, soon I hope that we can revisit the concept of a Federation--a team enjoying the "fruit of an intelligent appreciation of universe brotherhood..." UB 39:4.4 ("What is loyalty?").

On another note:  Ron, I believe it was Michael that told me that you had an opportunity to recall certain missing parts of Ilok's specific work regarding carbonless energy.  Because of security reasons I have not shaken the tree for falling gems of your additional knowledge and discoveries either via emails or discussion forum.  My systems are not near secure enough to warrant my own curiosities and satisfactions.  I thought it wise to wait until I'm in York.  But if you think differently let me know.  Thank you and Michael for wondering why I am silent on this subject.  Also thank you Michael for the warning about the importance of keeping the book under lock and key.  I did so today even more.  Ron, I am so anxious to learn more about Ilok's work. Do you think we could talk about it by private email or perhaps letters?  

I pray, Father, that Ron's health is finally improved and ALL the pain gone.  If this new start achieves this outcome, then I'm glad we start over.


General Discussion / Re: Haqppy Birthday/ Gift of Nystoria Book
« on: June 09, 2018, 12:43:38 PM »
Happy 76, Mr. Trombone.  If the Nystoria: Book of Revelation is not gifted to you today your birthday, then I will send to you a T-Bone via UPS and you can sound the Bone every hour until the Book arrives.  That ought to speed it up. 

I pray that your transition is near completed today.            Steve.

"Another case of a disguised mental illness undiagnosed."  That's hilarious!  I am going to use that phrase when pointing to my goofs.  Still laughing.

Ron:  Michael requested I reveal to you the name of the author of the negative email sent to me..  Daniel A.

 How could I forget!  But I did and I kick myself for not recognizing it at all.  Another case of a disguised mental illness undiagnosed.  Thank you Steve.  Ron

Rene, I also received a private email ten days ago not from Andy V but from DA who sent a negative list of accusations as well. I fully intended to mention it not because it was saddening  to receive and it couldn't accomplish anything of real value, so I ignored it, as Overmind wisely suggested.  But for reason this news may have some value to our members I regrettably mention it now.      Steve

Received the email and deleted as well

General Discussion / Re: BOMBSHELL! Big GREAT News!
« on: June 06, 2018, 03:05:15 PM »
Hi Ron:

Before I state the the reason for this post I must say that I've enjoyed hearing the love expressed toward you by so many personalities.  Here are a few that I enjoyed:

When you were close to dying I entered a post titled " Ron's on the Roof " where I said you are a "humorist extraordinaire."
Michael recently labelled you a "supporter extraordinaire."
Serara the other day chimed in that Ron "wins epochally."
Michael voiced another sentiment when He prayed, "I also pray for Ron to shut up!" (Steve:  Oh, how They love you).
Even Gabriel of Salvington got into the Love when He said "Never in the history of Nebadon has there been a Ron Besser and that is good and bad to speak it."

I just Looove how they Love you!!

Now this:   Mantutia says "...issues we made plain are over with until somebody gets the District of Columbia back on board with their best intentions to help us out."  About a year ago I visited the home office of Louisiana's congressional representative, Steve Scalise (R), and met with his assistant for the reason that Rep. Scalise and Speaker Paul Ryan and two other Congressmen passed HR 34 which funds medical research and development in the hope of cures for diseases.  These Congressmen joined together and formed an organization to receive funding for their new organization that they call "21st Century Cures."  It was my hope and pitch that Spirit (Dr. Mendoza) was ready to contribute to their campaign to discover cures.  Sadly, Rep. Scalise was gunned down but a few short weeks later at a Congressional baseball practice.  He was near death and endured months of multiple surgeries.  He is walking with crutches now and active politically once again.  In fact, he is the odds on favorite to become the new Speaker of the House as Speaker Ryan has announced his retirement at the upcoming mid term elections. 

Since they know that I am a member of and spokesman for our discussion forum, could I be used in some way to help guide Congress getting the District of Columbia on board with the best intentions to help out our Guys establish good policies for our planetary survival?  About six months ago I thought that the idea of monetizing the debt would be a short cut to the beginning of world peace, if we could keep it.  I could speak to it sufficiently but really that concept and it's possibilities speak for itself.  I am certainly willing to jump in but perhaps speak not as eloquently and soundly as some of our other members are capable.  But maybe just the fact of a Louisiana resident speaking to La. Rep. Scalise, our next Speaker of the House, could make a personal impact with him to get DC to move forward with Mantutia and company.

Meanwhile Ron I look forward to my assignment to help with the dissemination of the 6th epochal revelation when I am called.  I've been out of pocket with the oral surgery and pain for a while--the sutures having been taken out two days ago.  So I'm on the mend and ready when I am called (well, almost ready with a couple more weeks of this misery the surgeons and dentists call progress...ha).     Steve.

Good to hear from you again, Stanley. It must be the better part of a year since you requested copies of Dr. Mendoza's Papers on certain diseases. I'm curious if you researched the Paper on Ovarian cancer and His procedure injecting Carbon 135, 136 directly.  Dr. Deborah Johnson, an oncologist in my area has shown interest enough to do some research on C 135 and C 136 but I don't know her latest findings if any. I'll have to get in touch with her soon.   I'll let you know what she discovers. 
I join Larry in welcoming you chiming in.   Steve. 

"Ron's on the Roof"

For the past 24 hours I have wanted to post how I felt when the news hit me.   I was initially sorrowfully stunned and at the same time so proud of Ron, immensely thankful for both his pain relief in his new Morontial body and for so much he has taught me/us--I think he is unique in the world, full of love and giving all he has to the doing of the Father's WILL.   Occerpa, you and others in our forum family express your feelings so beautifully with words and I do not.  I'm full of joy that Ron will have these sentiments below to read with clear eyes (both of them) when his shining moments come.  

Ron is a humorist extraordinaire.  So, I thought I would explain my initial reaction to the news by reciting a joke I heard years ago.  This is not Ron Besser or Mark Twain type humor, like " the reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated." And hoping this is not inappropriate, here goes:

Sister is leaving to go on a weekend trip.  She has a cat that she dearly loves like a child and calls her brother to see if he could watch her cat for a few days.  The phone rings and brother answers, "Hello."  "Hi brother this is sister.  I'm going on a weekend trip and I need someone to take care of  my cat, 'Ostrophic.'**
You know the cat is like my child.  I thought of mother but she's too old and can't take care of Ostrophic the way she should.  Brother, could you please watch Ostrophic while I'm gone?  You are the only person in the world I trust with this responsibility."  "Of course", says brother.  "Oh, thank you, brother, you don't know what this means to me," she said.  So, a day later brother's phone rings.  "Brother, how is my darling little cat, Ostrophic, doing?"  Brother replies, "The cat, Ostrophic, is dead."  A long pause...the phone hits the floor and a dial tone ensues.  Ten minutes later brother's phone rings again and before he could say hello sister yells, "You ugly of you...just like that you say the cat's dead?  How could you?  You could have broken the news more gently, like saying, well your cat Ostrophic got out the house and is stuck and crying on the roof, so I called the fire department and they brought the ladder to get her down.  But something happened... they almost had her but she fell and didn't make it."  Brother confessed, " You're right sister, I could have given you the bad news better.  I'm so sorry."  With forgiveness sister continued, "Well, anyway while I've got you on the phone, how's mother?"  Brother quickly informed, "Mother's on the roof!"

**The cat in the joke has no name so I asked my son, Peter, who works with me what name should I give the cat?  So, he is credited with that)

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Overture/Anthem
« on: February 10, 2018, 12:18:27 PM »
Dear Ron:  You ask, "However my mind heard it played after you played it, and that was in its full orchestration and good God man do you know what you wrote?"  Yes and no.  Yes, because as I was writing this piece my heart continually felt like it was going to burst from the realization of the beautiful strains coming in to me.  And no, because I really am not musically educated as one may think.  When in geology school earning my degree, I used almost all my electives and then some in music courses.  I had to go through theory classes to be placed in the masters degree programs for polyphonic music.  I couldn't earn credit but the professor allowed me to take the courses if I took the theory simultaneously.  I hated the theory classes but gained much from the polyphonic study.  My innate gift was not so mental, rather from the heart, and I could feel that.  Ron, here's a little story you'll like.  When I was about 9 years old, my piano teacher, Sister Mary Bartholomew, gave me my first scale--the C Major. So, I practiced it at home until I could run the scale at ease.  And before I knew it I wrote a Waltz in C Major (I still play it today).  During only one summer my parents paid for some composition lessons with Mr. William Gillock in New Orleans, who challenged me every week to write 16 bars in one key, 32 bars in another, and so on.  I tell you I never really knew what I was doing but what I remember is him saying is that he was baffled that I could come up with something for each assignment so readily.  I say this because Mr. Gillock heard the Waltz in C Major and asked if I ever thought of working the piece into the C Minor key and then returning.  I didn't listen but about 20 years later I did just that and completed the Waltz for good.  So, Ron. what I'm trying to say with all this is at a young age I knew I "had" something but never really understood very well what I was doing.

Now Ron:  I am not an orchestrator by any means.  I don't even know the range of the instruments that I hear in my head as my heart writes the music.  Decades ago I bought a musical book to study instrumental ranges but never read it at all.  When I compose with orchestration in mind I just hope it's in the instrumental range.  So, I'm asking you to take charge of all the orchestration and leave me to just write the stuff.  I trust you with that project implicitly.  I'm developing a Grand March that I'm really liking for Serara, Monjoronson, and perhaps Jesus.  I would like to spend my time doing that rather than laboring with the orchestration which I am inept at doing anyway.  Please accept this request and I'm hoping that with all on your plate you will have the time.    Steve.

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Overture/Anthem
« on: February 09, 2018, 05:14:24 PM »
Ron:  Thank you and Everyone for such appreciative remarks.  I'm speechless!  When I recover from being overwhelmed I'll respond to many things said by Many.  For now please let me express my gratitude for such a heartfelt acceptance from the Listeners.          Steve

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Overture/Anthem
« on: February 09, 2018, 02:08:58 PM »
Hi Everyone:

Here is the piece we talked about.  I have been working on an additional majestic sounding "entrance" piece in the the key of C that I may add to this piece, but here's what it is so far.  If any of you beautiful people (Francis Scott Key-type) would like to try to put lyrics to the Anthem, please go for it.  Thanks for listening.

[attachment deleted by admin]

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Taking Up The Slack
« on: February 08, 2018, 02:20:49 PM »
Before I answer your question about which piano I used for the first two pieces I sent to the forum I want to recommend a grand that will tickle your ivories.  My selection for you is the American handcrafted piano by Mason & Hamlin, advertised as the "World's Finest Piano," established in 1854.  The factory is in the Boston area (Haverhill).  The Model "A", 5'9" in ebony satin finish with the adjustable artist bench.  The Model "B", 5'4" is another wise choice--the only baby grand that I would buy. You see, with the full perimeter plate design (every other piano in the world is a 3/4 plate) and the tension resonator (Crown Retention System) any size you have plays and sounds like a much larger piano.  In fact, the 5'4" is the only baby grand I've ever played that sounded like a 6 foot or larger grand.  Sounds like crazy talk, as they say, but it's true. Go to the website and read the specs and learn.  I personally have the M&H Model "BB", a 7' semi-concert grand.  Everyone who hears or plays it says it sounds like a concert grand. Here is the website:  The crown of the solid spruce soundboard will keep its integrity from generation to generation.  I am a Mason & Hamlin dealer since I opened shop in 1991.  I also opened up with KAWAI.  I still today carry both lines.

Lemuel likes the Bosendorfer and who dosen't.  Those Austrians build a very fine piano.  I'll tell a quick story about this doctor who plays quite well and was shopping for a grand.  He loved the M&H Model "BB", 7' 0".  But he always wanted a Bosendorfer 7 footer.  10 years later he calls me and wishes he would have bought the M&H for it's rich long lasting sounds.  I hear it a lot.  People come from all around to just come in and play the M&H just for the enjoyment with hopes to trade their piano in one day.  Lemuel also likes the Bechstein.  Although a fine German piano, many as well as I consider this a one generation piano.

Now to your question, which piano did I use to record and post the first two pieces.  I used the KAWAI digital keyboard, Model ES-8 (  All of KAWAI digital pianos and keyboards feature a grand piano action for excellent dynamic control. The sampled sound (literally--with mics around the soundboard) is sampled from KAWAI's highest level artist full concert grand, the model SK series, the Segura KAWAI (Segura is the grandfaher's name).  KAWAI's digital sampling captures the sympathetic vibration from the surrounding strings and the process is collectively called "harmonic imaging."  You had thought the piano had to be a large grand, and you nailed it.  I'm glad the recording imaged the great sound that the SK Series offers.  I will be using the same keyboard to send the Overture/Anthem for the reason I can add strings with the piano to present an orchestra feel.  I'm mixing the piano/strings sound at a 60/40 split respectively.

I read what you had the techs do to your KAWAI grand.  They "voiced" the piano, a process of pin-pricking the hammer head felts for a softer blow to the strings which results in a more mellow/rich sound.  Voicing and regulating (adjusting the weights on the keys for a different fulcrum point to enable a heavier or lighter touch) are the two main adjustments to be made for a piano.

I was just informed that the audio book recording is completed.  The audio recording engineer is telling me to take pictures with Ron Guidry, our native son and Yankee pitcher Hall of Fame inductee.  I'm hoping to get this new piece to you all by tomorrow if the engineer recovers from the boring book deal. 

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