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Good day, Ron.....My answer to  your question - "how do we handle this" -- I feel it best to not allow quests to post.  If you do so, I suspect that the site would probably be inundated with postings, making it a bit troublesome to separate the wheat from the chaff, plus for the reasons that you mentioned in your post.  Ron I truly hope that this post finds you in one of the rare moments when you are feeling like a viable human.......I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.....Domtia!.....Ray Borden  //  Trinitiuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  30July2019

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / SEPARATIONS
« on: July 05, 2019, 08:58:08 PM »
Good evening Dreamcat101.....Interesting post you made.  Pretty much matches my way of thinking.  I was earlier married to a beautiful lady from Berlin, Germany -- am now married (for 38yrs) to a wonderful Chinese lady born in Takh, Mau, Cambodia.  She's a devout Christian but has not yet accepted the UB.....Don't want to start a chain of such writings, but you sorta remind me of myself...... I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.....Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  Domtia

Heaps of gratitude for your kind words, Amethyst and Ron......Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv

OOOPS!  Sorry for the spate of booboos in my earlier post of this date....Hopefully, I have corrected them all......I guess one cannot even trust the keyboard to guide ones searching fingertips to the proper keys......Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  26Jun2019......A 1,000 pardons.

The best evening to you Lord Lanaforge!  Please be aware that I make myself available for whatever You might find that I can do in support of the mission.  I am limited insofar as mobility is concerned.  Most of of my physical movement is done with the aid of a Hoveround (trade name) electric wheel chair.  I'm a daily reader of the UB and am a hyper-astute worldwatcher, who has spent the greater portion of the past 50-60 years or so in the information acquisition business.....While my body joints are wracked with arthritus pain I can still spend hours at a time sitting at my computer researching or just reading, writing, etc.  I have resided in a high-rise condominium building of 126 units for about 36 years and managed to stir to an interest in the Urantia Book only two persons during all the years, thus far producing near negative results.  I'm generally considered somewhat of a pariah in my building - "that old bible-thumper dude who tries to convince people that Jesus loves them and is most anxious to get to know them - all of them." ......Blessings upon all of you and be in the Father's peace.......NOTE:  I write in bold print for no reason than ancient eyes...... Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  Tuesday  //  25AJune2019

General Discussion / Re: My dads (Antonio) health
« on: May 21, 2019, 10:29:12 PM »
Good evening (my time:  Wash DC Area) Tony Jr.  Your message regarding your father, Antonio, was a truly sad one to receive.  But your words saying he managed to survive were doubly heartwarming to read.  I am, myself a cardiac patient and am well aware of the daily anxiety experienced wondering if this day will be the usual uneventful one, or will there  be, lurking around the corner, some problem with heart functioning.....If you might be kind enough to convey my humblest apologies to your father for my not responding to his recent two emails to me, I would be most grateful.  I have felt so poorly for the past two or three weeks that I have written to almost no one about anything......Be assured that Antonio will remain high on my list for prayers.....Our Father will see that things go along according to His plan..... Mountains of blessing upon you and everyone reading this post.......NOTE:  I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.....Ray Borden  --  TrinitiLuv  --  Washington DC Metro Area  --  21May2019.

General Discussion / Re: CONTACT MISSION MTG ON 25APRIL2019 TAPE 1
« on: April 26, 2019, 12:12:03 PM »
Thank you Clency.....I'm more in tune with written posting than audio.  And, with my impaired hearing I do not do well with audio postings or video presentations.....It would be a blessing to me if all audio postings were translated into written presentations.....I suspect that I'm not the only forumite with such feelings.....Domtia!.....Ray Borden  //  Trinitiluv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  26Apr2019

Clency, I'd like to toss in a few words of interest regarding the gold-backed-dollar.....I've read many times that the new dollar, though called gold-backed, will be backed by precious metals and other assets both in hand and in-the-ground.  So, it would seem that more than sufficient assets are available to back up the dollar.....Hope this, at least to some extent, answers your question of where's the gold......Domtia!.....Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  // Washington DC Metro Area  //  7April22019

Hallelujah and glory in the highest to our Lord Jesus/Joshua ben Joseph!  I've uttered many, many more than I can could ever count, prayers that I would still be alive and viable upon the returning arrival of Lord Jesus.  Insofar as I am aware, I am still the oldest member of the forum, and I may very well have bested Ron with my catalogue of infirmities.  Every day is a bit of a challenge, and since I am a cardiac patient, the news of Jesus' return and the anticipated very soon public announcement of such, my feelings of pure joy did cause my heart to flutter a bit.....Forumites know that I do not write a lot, but I am not one of those intellectual laggards who no longer pay a lot of attention to the Urantia Book.....Every morning, along with my coffee and breakfast, I read the UB for at least an hour and a half, usually about two hours, sometimes longer.....I read most everything published on the forum.  And yes, Ron, I printed and bound into a book the JUS REGULAE URANTIA and read a good part of it, and will surely soon read the remainder.  I believe I am now on the fourth, maybe the fifth reading of the UB.  I've sorta lost track because I underscore with a pencil each line as I read it; this means that I really have read the line two or three times with the hope that I will better remember what I have read.  I'm sure that to some of the more astute UB readers his must sound like a bit of silliness, but, hopefully, it will serve the purpose of my intent. .....As I have aged (now ca five months past 88) it seems more difficult to dredge up from my memory those things that I have read or that I have done.....I suppose to the forum readers it seems that I've spoken a lot of words to say a little bit, but I just wanted to make you, Ron, and Lords Michael, Serara, Lanaforge etal, and for certain, Mother Nebadonia, aware that I am still here - a truly devoted member of the flock, and more dedicated than at any time past to serving the will of our Universal Father.  Domtia!........I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.
Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  6April2019

General Discussion / Re: French Website under construction
« on: March 18, 2019, 04:03:55 PM »
Kudos, Antonio!  A really impressive site you've created.  I feel that even the Universal Father would agree with my assessment.  I will be following your work closely.  Thank you, Antonio....I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.....Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  1600 EDT  //  18 March 2019  

General Discussion / Re: Temporary goodbye !!!
« on: March 14, 2019, 03:21:36 AM »
I'm very happy, Antonio, that someone has recognized that you have the talent and skills necessary to fill a position of significance.  The Father has blessed you, Antonio, and He will again and again. Many hopes for great success.  I've offered a few prayers myself that you would soon find a professional position, and I feel certain other brother and sister forumites have done the same.  God has big ears and I'm sure he listened to prayers offered for you......Blessings upon you,  Antonio.  Domtia!.....Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  //  13 March 2019

Bravo!  Clency you've hit the nail head squarely.....I've read the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion fully two or three times, plus parts of it many times.  A close look the geopolitical and social engineering/other efforts/actions by elite/ruler class over many, many years past shows they are marching in lock-step with doctrines set forth in the Learned Elders document.  If one might hear it said that the Protocols was produced by demons from hell, I would likely tend to agree with the speaker.....Oceans of love to all.....I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.  Domtia!
Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  Sunday, 17February2019

General Discussion / Re: Temporary goodbye !!!
« on: January 31, 2019, 03:21:31 AM »
Bravo! Ocerpa, a child of God with a kindred soul.  I'm much appreciative and sometimes awed by your insightful and enlightening writings.  Thank you......I write in bold print for no reason than ancient eyes.
TrinitiLuv  //  Ray Borden  //  Washjington DC Metro Area  //  31Jan19EDT

General Discussion / Re: Temporary goodbye !!!
« on: January 30, 2019, 10:47:09 PM »
Greetings on this frosty evening, Antonio.....Your message tugs at my heartstrings, I'm thinking maybe I can be of help.  My income is totally Social Security and military retirement pay - both quite small, since I've been retired a bit over 50 yrs now.  Please, if you will, let me know how much it costs you to maintain your internet service and I will see if I can squeeze a few more dollars into my budget.  You may respond to my private email address:  My apologies, Antonio, if my suggestion appears intrusive into your private affairs......Surely hope it's toasty warm where you are at the moment......I write in bold print for no reason other than ancient eyes.
TrinitiLuv  //  Ray Borden  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  //  30Jan2019

Good evening (my time - Eastern Standard-USA) my fellow forumites as I sit here ogling my computer screen in complete awe and reverence, mired in thoughts of our beloved Lord Jesus returning to our planet after more than 2,000 years of our waiting,  I reaffirm my unfaltering love for the Universal Father, Lord Jesus and our Creator Father Michael and Spirit Mother Nebadonia.  It is a majestic honor to be totally committed to serving the will of The Father......Having said that, I want to say a few words about the Morse Code subject.....A very long time ago I was trained in Morse Code receiving and transmitting -- in 1949 for 16 weeks, and then in 1953 another 16 weeks in specialized Morse Code transmitting and receiving.  I was a part of a small group (in 1949) staffing a Ham station on the island of Guam in the Marianas Islands.  For those with a techie interest, we had two transmitters wired in series (BC-610, transmitters used in the old WWII bomber aircraft, the B-17).  Operating within the power output limits, we could transmit a signal around the world from our small island.  It was a lot of fun. Even used to have a ham license RESTRICTED RADIOTELEPHONE OPERATOR Permit number 8-34893, issued 23 January 1953 expiring five years thereafter.  Learned how to use the high-speed key; it was called the Vibraflex - trade name, I suppose.  Put forth the effort to try to qualify for the ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) license - one must have been able to receive and transmit at least 31 words per minute.  That speed is just a blur to most.  I did not actually take the test, but I could receive around 28-30 words per minute.  At that time, there was a requirement that civil trans-oceanic flights must have on board an ICAO qualified radio operator.....Since I just days ago had my 88th birthday, all these words about Morse Code are pretty much academic, I guess.  But, I would feel remiss if I did not make this known since words have been said regarding a need for Ham operators qualified in Morse Code.  I have heard it said that one never forgets how to ride a bicycle; perhaps the same is true for Morse Code operators.  Please be aware, Ron, and perhaps others, if there should be a need felt for my aforementioned skills, I would surely secure some equipment, including a practice oscillator with code key, and commence code practice plus taking necessary test to secure a Ham license....Ocean waves of blessings and my peace upon all.
Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  16December2018  //  Washington DC Metro Area

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