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I agree with you Clency and it is strange that you mention evacuation because I have been thinking about this for quite a while. The other day a thought came to me and it is this. There has been numerous posts on this forum over the last year or so about Urantia being moved to another system with another name. I find this hard to fathom because of  gravity and the such but not something that cant be done by Gods power and means. We live in a delicate balance here on this planet and to move it physically would disrupt life here more than can be imagined. What if when the celestial s talk about moving the planet itself to a new system, they are really inferring to the surviving population instead of the planet itself. I have had this impressing for over 30 years because this planet is so so messed up and dont see how the pieces will be put back together here.  Just a thought brothers and sisters. Would love to hear your thoughts.

With the father Love


General Discussion / Re: Machiventa - Times to Come
« on: February 17, 2018, 06:44:23 PM »
I would like to say that what ever information we can get is welcome in my opinion. So I welcome all input on these coming events...My thanks to you Ron and to you Michel. I believe we need all hands on deck for this...


General Discussion / Re: Understanding and Prayer Request
« on: February 08, 2018, 07:33:25 PM »
SO Larry

You see you have alot of people behind you and pulling for you... Don't let the physical get in way of the spiritual progressing.

Love always my brother


General Discussion / Re: Understanding and Prayer Request
« on: February 08, 2018, 10:22:03 AM »
Hello My Brother Larry
I don't write much but What you have said has touch me as I smoked for many many years. In college I learned that quitting  smoking cigarettes is one of the hardest things to do. They told us that quitting is harder than quitting heroin and that I truly believe. I know this from experience. I wanted to say that one thing that helped me was to use the nicotine lozenges ( or gum ) to get over the nicotine part  of the addiction. It is not easy my friend but between that and sunflower seeds I was able to quit 20 years now. Mind you I still crave but I can sub do that with  what I have mentioned above and I do from time to time as I dont or cant go back to smoking. Larry my thoughts and prayers are with you.
Much Love to You


I have to say these are profound predictions and I do not believe that if we were entrusted to get out the word that these things coming in a few months are about to happen, that no one would believe us save a very few. One of the big problems is that the current administration has so undermined the media these days that a lot of people do not believe anything they hear as the term ( Fake News ) has become a main stay of this administration. It is quite a dis service to get any kind of message out about the impending disasters to befall us. Even the MM mission will have it's struggles against this ( Fake News)  mindset.  I pray for this mission and for the people in harms way. May God be with us all in these trying times.
Much Love to you all

General Discussion / Re: As the World Is Today - Revelatory Text
« on: December 26, 2017, 08:46:36 PM »
I watch and wait as the HATE continues  to boil outside. When will there be intervention I must ask as may many here? Are we to wait till there is no Here,  Here?We are at a point where there is no truth anymore and if  Michael came here  in person he would be crucified again for what he preached. There need to be intervention on a grand scheme......... my opinion

words to live by my friend, I am getting the same feelings.

 I do want to say the Christ Michael came here as creator of this universe and was crucified. Lest we be ignorant of that fact we will all be subject to that outcome.

Thank You Ron, Michael, and Sentenact

I am so glad to hear all the people that are posting on this subject understand what the term ( aint christ ) means and I loved the clarification that Ron has put forward. I have always believed that this term was and is widely misunderstood by the main stream religions on this planet and when I use it I am probably misunderstood as well. I have always believed there may appear on this planet or already has appeared a mortal with great power that has such disdain for Jesus's teaching and the ideals he tried to teach. And in doing so gives rise to an ideal of hate that has no place in The Kingdom of God but many people embrace him because of ignorance. This is where I interchange the idea of anti ( against ) christ ( Jesus ). Many people in this country say they are Christians and love Jesus but exude hate for there fellow mortals. And this is plainly wrong. I am forever on the watch for people    ( and ideals ) like this as they have the power to disrupt the MM and we all need to know who we are dealing with in the upcoming transition.
Much Love to my brothers and sisters for your thoughts.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: New offer, new pledge
« on: June 15, 2017, 10:47:58 AM »
That is a great job Clency of putting this in perspective. The analogy is a fantastic way to see it and I totally agree Domtia.
Peace Brother

I could not agree with you more Sue. You have put a lot of what I feel into words I sometimes can not come up with.
The Father be with us and Guide us in these times of great change.
Much Love my brothers and sisters

I want to thank You Ron, Mantutia, and Michael....and Mother Spirit

I for one and I do not speak for the forum would love more in depth Knowledge that transcends the present UB we have at the moment. There are so many unanswered questions I have and would need a 7 book explanation at the least.  Although this creates conflict as I said before most mortals can not even get over the virgin birth idea or atonement doctrines (in western christian belief systems).

Michael writes.     "   If you, Jerry,  ever have the good luck to be Ron's mentor some day, tell him he can have his cake and eat it too, as he has already received most of what is in the seven-volume Urantia Book in his ABC Summaries now taken out of print for Reasons of State.  His life and yours are intertwined because you two see the difference between the good, or the bad, and certainly the ugly as it now shapes up for the Urantia revelation on this planet.  You are not wrong to complain at what you find as most of you find the same thing when attempting to proselytize this text to the general public who is so ignorant they are never able to ascend without help from a Midwayer who stands by while they die and must learn soul production enough to walk to the light.  This is now reaching epidemic proportions to the like I have never seen on any of my planets and I have asked the Father to allow Midwayers and Adjusters to be more help than they dare now do.  And these are the people you are trying to reach with consummate writing about spirit?

to Michael I say: I will do that if I ever get the opportunity to meet and help Ron and What I will do is pledge allegiance to the Father and his Will.      

Mantutia Melchizedek. writes "This is what you are really complaining about Jerry, and we in spirit fully agree with you that it is a losing battle to interest people who have little left of a once great brain stem to convey high spiritual concepts to them.  nevertheless, we are going to try again and this time it better work as we have reduced sentence length and simplified concepts to the point it sounds like a Dick and Jane primer compared to the original Urantia Book and its eloquent speech. Good day."

I don't know if the idea for a (UB for dummies) book is a grand Idea and I am not saying that is (what is in the works) but the idea makes me cringe a bit. I do know that most people do not have the capacity to comprehend even the UB we have now. Would not a simpler version create more of a separation? A lot of the mortals here do not care about God or the spirit, there main objective to to stay alive and, or get all the material wealth they can.

Your will be done Father in all things.

Thank you " Mother Spirit"   I am in transition now from what I was to what you need. I must say it is hard to get the mind to go where it needs to after 40+ years of programming on this planet but I am up for the task. It may be slow but I will always try and move forward to help with the transition of this planet to the next phase. I am not here for material gain but my main concern is the spiritual up lifting of the planet. I would love to T/R but I am a novice and enjoy atm the insights of my fellow brothers and sisters here that do. I will try and move my way to help with T/R.

Carbon at the size levels you are talking about are highly unstable. When I read the post the other day it struck me as strange to want to go this route. Very explosive material at that size. I am more of a Machinist and deal with building things, components , assemblies and the such. A good Geologist would be of great help with this. I ask why not ( cold fusion )

I agree with LarryG ideas ( some of us are ready for more expanded ideas and ideals while we also need something that will be able to reach the masses.) but I don't know if a simplified version of the UB will help. just opinion here. As I watch the U.S.A. implode, the masses starving around the world. The CORRUPTION with our worlds leader so out of hand. Climate change. Will another book help us? Or do we need intervention before it is to late. I do understand things are changing in June but do we as mortals here on this planet have the brains to accept this? Will we accept this?

Much Love you you all my Brothers and Sisters.


Just my opinion.  As I found the UB to be challenging to say the least. Over the last 40+ years I have come to the conclusion that it is far beyond comprehension of the vast mass of the population of this planet at this time. Whether a new UB is needed I do not know but for those that can understand it (at best) there is tremendous satisfaction in even our simplest understanding of this vast creation. Most people I have come in contact with in my daily life could care less. Is the UB a call to the teachers of the next phase of this planet? I had always hoped so but there are so many people going in the opposite direction I have to wonder. As I pray for the MM to take hold I have to thank you all for your fellowship.
Your Brother

Thank You so much for the beautiful message. It ring of such truth.
With the Fathers Love

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