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General Discussion / Re: What will be, will be
« on: November 24, 2018, 05:53:28 AM »
I am also reflecting a lot about the 28th November and what will happen but I am not so convinced as proznow who also said it will be much earlier and now goes for the 28th again. Imagine Moses went to the Pharao and his predictions wouldn't have come true. The Pharao would just laughed at Moses each time more and rightly so. The same with Ron if he goes wrong specially this time as he several times confirmed at least approximately this date. But I pray he is a real messenger of God who speaks the real truth and is trustworthy. Sorry Ron I appreciate you but your words must proof true as this pole shift is dead serious. If you are right with your prediction this will increase you credibility by a thousand fold and I will ask you pardon immediately for doubting your words. I know this is not Agondonter style but I think better no faith than false faith.
But as Clency says - what will be will be and what will be will show also a lot about this forum. 

Thank you Julio very much for your explanations. You are right that there are indications that a pole shift (magnetic change) might happen soon and seems plausible. However Ron describes there is also to happen an axis shift which is not the same as the pole shift.
Just to advise, Julio, the pole shift is not the tectonic plate rumbles you will hear near you when they happen.  I suspect tectonic plate shift in some place will be triggered by the proposed pole shift and axis change.
Pole shift (magnetic) Axis shift (season impact) and change in the rotation of the earth needs differentiation.
It seems easy to find indicators for catastrophes however the mastery of prediction is to get the time right.
I appreciate Ron as he dares to set times exact even if he risks to fail. Without time indicators its doesn't help. You can predict heavy quakes in any country and you might get right but if you want to predict with an approximate time you are going to fail.
In other words I can imagine all to happen but the big question is when and this is what really helps and I therefor appreciate Ron who dares to sets approximate dates that are quite exact (even if they seem to delay until yet).
There is the story of the kid who cried for help just for fun and all people came but were disappointed that he did cry for help just for fun. Next time it was serious however and as he cried nobody came because everybody thought he is just crying for fun again. With false predictions credibility suffers and so many predictions were and are fake.
That's why I am hesitant but nevertheless I am here and listening what Ron has to tell and what he say is very serious so I try to take it serious too as good as it makes sense for me.

Hi Lemuel,
just listened to your audio and as so many times your words and simple advises make sense. I was reflecting how to tell my adult children about the coming pole shift. But being aware that they wouldn't believe me anyway and how I made myself ridiculous with other goofy ideas that never came true I have my mouth burned enough so to speak. Finally me myself I am partially hesitant. So your advice that we are not responsible for other people gives me a little release. Anyway I guess I could not convince them and they would just laugh at me.
Thank you very much for all your audios. I enjoyed listening to all of them.
Nevertheless I hope your saying farewell is not finally and we can listen to your audios many times more in the near future.
Kind regards

Dear Ron
2 things I cant comprehend.
Looking up the temperatures of earth I found the temperature in the center of the earth to be about 6000 K and at the center of the sun to be 15 Mio K (Kelvin).
So they are so far away how should the temperature of earth be hotter . Or did you mean compared with the temperature of sun surface which is in same range and comparable if I remember correctly also about 6000.
Second question I have - Sue also asked. If the axis tilts what happens then after one month when things should turn back to normal? Tilt back?
Thanks Ron if you could enlight.

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:41:16 AM »
Wow Lemuel I am really glad to hear your transmission about the second coming of Jesus. If I remember right then Rons latest time schedule was in 30 years but now its very soon and this is great news.
I guess it is a great surprise for you also.
Finally I have to say that I landed here on fhis forum restless searching everywhere for the second coming of Jesus.
I am also looking forward to him.
Regards and thank you Lemuel to feed my hope.

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