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Thank you Julio very much for your explanations. You are right that there are indications that a pole shift (magnetic change) might happen soon and seems plausible. However Ron describes there is also to happen an axis shift which is not the same as the pole shift.
Just to advise, Julio, the pole shift is not the tectonic plate rumbles you will hear near you when they happen.  I suspect tectonic plate shift in some place will be triggered by the proposed pole shift and axis change.
Pole shift (magnetic) Axis shift (season impact) and change in the rotation of the earth needs differentiation.
It seems easy to find indicators for catastrophes however the mastery of prediction is to get the time right.
I appreciate Ron as he dares to set times exact even if he risks to fail. Without time indicators its doesn't help. You can predict heavy quakes in any country and you might get right but if you want to predict with an approximate time you are going to fail.
In other words I can imagine all to happen but the big question is when and this is what really helps and I therefor appreciate Ron who dares to sets approximate dates that are quite exact (even if they seem to delay until yet).
There is the story of the kid who cried for help just for fun and all people came but were disappointed that he did cry for help just for fun. Next time it was serious however and as he cried nobody came because everybody thought he is just crying for fun again. With false predictions credibility suffers and so many predictions were and are fake.
That's why I am hesitant but nevertheless I am here and listening what Ron has to tell and what he say is very serious so I try to take it serious too as good as it makes sense for me.

Hi Lemuel,
just listened to your audio and as so many times your words and simple advises make sense. I was reflecting how to tell my adult children about the coming pole shift. But being aware that they wouldn't believe me anyway and how I made myself ridiculous with other goofy ideas that never came true I have my mouth burned enough so to speak. Finally me myself I am partially hesitant. So your advice that we are not responsible for other people gives me a little release. Anyway I guess I could not convince them and they would just laugh at me.
Thank you very much for all your audios. I enjoyed listening to all of them.
Nevertheless I hope your saying farewell is not finally and we can listen to your audios many times more in the near future.
Kind regards

Dear Ron
2 things I cant comprehend.
Looking up the temperatures of earth I found the temperature in the center of the earth to be about 6000 K and at the center of the sun to be 15 Mio K (Kelvin).
So they are so far away how should the temperature of earth be hotter . Or did you mean compared with the temperature of sun surface which is in same range and comparable if I remember correctly also about 6000.
Second question I have - Sue also asked. If the axis tilts what happens then after one month when things should turn back to normal? Tilt back?
Thanks Ron if you could enlight.

Ron thank you very much for your answer. Its great you get these shipments and I wish good luck with transforming them to real energy / money to support the starting missions.

Hi Ron,
as I understand you will get gold materialized via the celestials put in your bank then you/they give it to the Federal Reserve and they should use it to save or stabilize the economy, right?
Further you/Jesus also say: "You will become a Forbes magazine billionaire briefly before you turn it over to your bank and they make out of it what they will." 
Why should they make of it what they will? I guess you want to keep control and set clear conditions. 
Could you shed some more light on this procedures Ron?
Kind Regards

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / MY SECOND COMING
« on: September 19, 2018, 08:41:16 AM »
Wow Lemuel I am really glad to hear your transmission about the second coming of Jesus. If I remember right then Rons latest time schedule was in 30 years but now its very soon and this is great news.
I guess it is a great surprise for you also.
Finally I have to say that I landed here on fhis forum restless searching everywhere for the second coming of Jesus.
I am also looking forward to him.
Regards and thank you Lemuel to feed my hope.

Hi Ron,
thank you for your answer I can understand well. I would also like to listen to the voice of God but as I can't hear anything I rely on somebody else to listen which is currently you. I know there are many things above my mind, reason and understanding and I am grateful God speaks to us at all and if not through me then through somebody else. It's my task to search this voice or to search this human person where Gods voice is speaking to and the person that can hear this voice. As you said you only report and as there is the saying - you are only the messenger. So I am listening to you in the meaning listening to God or simple I am listening your transmissions which you claim are from God. Now the subjects of your transmissions I find very interesting as this are the plans for the future like for example the Michael mission or the magisterial mission. By searching the truth when not being able to transmit or receive myself I rely on somebody else as a spokesman and this one I can choose myself and I better make an intelligent choice here whom I choose. I could choose the bible and be happy or any of the thousands of spokesmen out there but currently I concentrate on you. How many ideas are out there but probably quite wrong. For me to feel on the right track is if I can feel Jesus is well involved. Therefore I have a good feeling with the UB and you Ron. Criticism should start when something is wrong and this I can't really say but all I can say that all this changes seam strange and give the impression that there isn't any solid planning contrary to my imagination where God can plan far ahead.
But anyway I still can't wait what you will tell us for the next near future and you can be sure that I will still be here and listen what you Ron, Sue and Lemuel will tell us. Please continue your great work and I hope not all will be rescinded as it has been in the past.
Thank you Ron - I can see you work very hard for a better future on Urantia. 

Hello dear forum authors and readers,
it makes more than 1 year I follow this forum. I hesitated to introduce myself because since the beginning I was waiting for some proofs that never came. I like the discourses of Ron very much. They touched my heart but as they never materialized I was always disappointed and still I am.
There were many times I said myself it isn't worth the time to continue on this forum but I couldn't leave nevertheless and stayed and read everything that was posted here every day. 
So here I am still following your posts and still waiting for something to materialize like the unbelieving Thomas who needed to touch the wound of Jesus before he could believe.
Now after such a long following I thought its at least time to say Hello and tell something about me.
I am living in Switzerland, my real name is Tony, 59 years, 4 children and 1 stepchild (31,28,17,7,1) from two marriages where my son has 20 month now. The article about children (flashing human eggs) encouraged me to introduce me as I have seen Ron loves children too.
My mother tongue is German but I understand well the language of Lemuel where Ron's style sometimes demands more than I can fetch. I worked as an IT engineer but lost my job in the bank and I am currently unemployed and its very hard in my age to find a new job here. So my career is a mess at the moment and everything seams dark and no future. I want my life and the world would change without this materialistic differences between poor and rich. So I am following the transmissions of Ron with open mind but got always disappointed until yet.
Now again greetings from me and my appreciation for your work and I hope it won't be in vain as it sometimes seams to me. I still hope Ron is right with his declarations and I am looking for Michael's rainbow soon to appear and Ron's health finally to improve.

Kind Regards

Dear Ron,
the fact that the Jesus return is now scheduled before the end of 2017 is so great news. I pray that for this time all goes well and the Magisterial Mission will appear just in time and sure my eyes are wide open for its appearance. I am looking for this great event to happen so soon with great joy and hope that now further delays can stop this.
Thank you Ron

Hi Ron,
this would be amazing but rises a lot of questions like do we kiss goodbye the moon and our sun and the other planets in our solar system as well and how to survive without our sun and .. and ... and ...
Thank You

Thank you Ron very much for this clarification. It helps a lot to prevent unnecessary and unfounded fears.

[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]This is very shocking info and a real stopping of the earth's rotation would have drastic consequences. The solar eclipse is a regular astronomical event and normally doesn't pose any danger.[/font][/color]
[font="Helvetica Neue", Helvetica, Arial, sans-serif]But Ron said in an earlier post.

"Next week, the week ending the 21st of July, is a red letter week in that we must all become aware that Urantia will fail to see much of the sun either all day or all night as the shift in the core polarity may take place this week or next.  The shift will cause a pause in the earth's rotation and there may be some water fall out as the planet suddenly cools a great deal in the dark area an the currents taks the rain causing mischief around the globe un-dissipated.  One the core shjifts we are ready to "land."  Take it as it comes.  thank you. Michael."
For me it seems to be the same event.
I don't want to believe this and as it didn't happen until yet I still hope it never will. [/font]

Hi Daniel,
this is a wonderful message and I can't wait to meet this home visitor that will wipe away my doubts and gives full evidence by being visible in front of my eyes in full flesh.


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