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I have been looking forward to this historic  event a long time, and I sincerely welcome Joshua Ben Joseph
back to Urantia.

Ron, and the Deity Absolute, thanks for this update, especially the last segment of your post, Domtia.

The Satania system of inhabited worlds is far removed from Uversa and that great sun cluster which functions as the physical or astronomic center of the seventh superuniverse. From Jerusem, the headquarters of Satania, it is over two hundred thousand light-years to the physical center of the superuniverse of Orvonton, far, far away in the dense diameter of the Milky Way. Satania is on the periphery of the local universe, and Nebadon is now well out towards the edge of Orvonton. From the outermost system of inhabited worlds to the center of the superuniverse is a trifle less than two hundred and fifty thousand light-years.

 I just want to make it clear that I have no dark agenda ongoing in asking these questions.
Q, Our galaxy (milky way) is about 100,000 light years in diameter,but here it states that from Nebadon to the center of Orvonton is 250,000 light years. Is that 
possible. So two and a half times the diameter of our galaxy is the center of our super universe?.
Q, Hensalon, Wolvering, Avalon, Sensalon and Nebadon, Are they all situated inside our Galaxy, and if not is there any that belong to a neighbor Galaxy,but they are called local universes
so they should not be to far away. I am not sure If I have missed out something, If I have I would be glad if someone pointed it out, Domtia.

Steve, if that is true as you say it would mean that only 1 out of 4 or 25% would survive the death 
experience, and that means over 6 billion people will seize to exist. Domtia.  

DaCandyman: They ask if you would like to set up the site for your self or someone else,Ron wants to be the administrator so what do I write.

General Discussion / Re: Visions, word symbols and a test
« on: March 07, 2019, 03:23:13 PM »
Hi Sue, that happened me too just before I woke up, I was looking at a beautiful book that had these strange symbols in blue hand writing and decorated with gold.
I could only gaze at the book a couple of seconds before I had to move on.The strange thing is the sharp detail and the very strange environment surrounding.

Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / Re: A change is gonna come
« on: March 06, 2019, 01:00:47 PM »
Ron, that was well said, I will give you 5 ***** stars for that reply.

General Discussion / Re: Reading the UB - 2019
« on: March 05, 2019, 06:03:04 AM »
I also prefer reading than listening to the UB, the best time is in the morning when 
You are fresh.In the evening when reading, sometimes my mind starts to wander and 
 I am forced to read the same paragraph over again .

Thank you father Michael and Ron, I am looking forward to receiving this copy.

Hi Ron, would like to know if I could get a copy of the new Urantia book. I put my name on the list about 18 months ago and you have my e-mail 
address.Was wondering if I am still worthy to receive one. I am not sure how I can help out, do you have any suggestions.

Nice to hear from you Lemuel,and it was a pleasure listening to your post.Glad to hear that the only thing your suffering from 
is old age,and we all know that its unavoidable.We all have our crosses to carry,but some crosses are heavier than others and 
yourself and Ron have gone through hard times, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, Domtia.

A couple of nights ago, I had a weird dream, and it was a nightmare.I found myself on a prison planet a very dark and evil place.
I was attacked by a crowd of evil psychopaths, who were attacking me from all directions.I first got really scared but that turned into
 anger and remember picking up a table, and lunging it at my attackers. It was like a mad, berserk, world that I found myself in.When 
I woke up, I was asking myself "what is going on" and wondering if this is what awaits me after I pass on. Domtia.

I enjoyed listening to the tapes but there was a few discrepancys that I thought were a little odd.
You mentioned in the transmission that St Germain  was born in 1485 and he spent time in the court 
of Louis XVII  helping him with revelation.The only problem with the story is, Louis XVII was born
27th March 1785 and died 8th June 1795, 10 years old.His father Louis XVI was guillotined 2 years
 earlier in the midst of the French revolution, and the boy died in prison. Ron, I hope your health issues
 are attended too and you regain your health, Domtia. 

General Discussion / Re: Michael and a Written Test For You
« on: January 11, 2019, 08:00:32 AM »
1 - Who should you trust most to relive what Jesus did on Urantia over two thousand years ago?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
+□        Jesus Himself

Write a small essay on who you would choose and why.
         Because Michael of Nebadon used the body of Jesus to fulfill his seventh bestowal.
  2 - Who should look after the entire matter of an 8th Bestowal?
Right down your choice and let us know which Apostle among the living on earth right now. 
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
+□        The Archangel Michael, aka Lord Michael better used than not.

3 - Who do you think should parade around with Jesus and Melchizedeks attendant to the Bestowal Son?

Multiple Choice:
□        Dale Carnegie
□        Bill Kemper
□        Cyril Richards
+□        An Apostle

4 - Who is the best suited to run this web site if you think it should be kept running when Jesus appears? That is really two questions and answer both from your own mind selection.

“I am Michael of Nebadon and these are a tad silly but you need to write your answers just to cement in your mind your thoughts when this comes to fruition very soon now.” 

“I wish you a very good day to all. Michael.”


A Melchizedek, or Ron Besser.

I realize that the Magisterial mission have issues with the U.F., but I would not call them the enemy,
 and I am sure these issues will be solved in the near future.As far as I know they can T/R, and If so 
Christ Michael can explain what the situation is, and I am sure they will come to their senses.One of 
the main religions on Urantia, namely the Catholic Church need to do a lot of weeding as their is an 
epidemic of pedophiles mostly Priests and Bishops,but even some are from the Vatican, who have
 molested children all over the planet.This has been going on a long time and is coming to a climax.
I was looking at a you- tube video today, which explained everything out in detail,I will put the address
 down below, it is well worth listening too. Domtia.

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