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I restate the actual title of the SER is already impressed into its binding,  On the back binding in Gold leaf is


On  the Front cover is emblazoned in gold leaf:


They tell me that is it.  I like these other ideas too, but Salvington refuses to listen for one more change ever.  We shall see if this is what is photographed when I get it for picture taking.


AFTER SHOCKS / Re: No Rainbows and Unicorns
« on: Today at 03:43:42 PM »
Clency and Sue.  As I write this at the computer it is now 230PM in the afternoon, and I have just now have emerged from my bed  to try some normal awake period.  I truly and suspect what we all have been through is now ending.  My life is not yet out the door, but it is close if they do not follow through with some jolts of divine energy to this poor body which has taken so much, and some of what it took or takes is not quote done yet either.  I am not going to bore you with details now as you have the gist of what has been done and what needs to happen.  I am in great dislike of a sleep schedule I cannot control and I, against all evidence, I dislike being in bed so much to just gather some vitality to be up for what is left of the day.  Now this for all of you and it is astounding news, and yet there is no evidence to you how and what this means to all of you.  It is this:

I went to be fairly eary for me yesterday evening.  However, after getting to sleep fairly quickly they shook me awake and I discussed a few propositions quite well awake for hours.  It is not so much the proposition I discussed but with whom I discussed it:  the Inifnite Spirit.

Now before you get to wild eye radical over that satatement, recongize the Infinite Spirit is existential Deity.  Being exist ential is rare and HE is quite RARE, and  too hot too handle in time.    Direct confrontation with the liter presence of the Infinite Spirit would kill me inst antly.  However, the Infinite Spirit, like the Father can, can fill the entity presence of other Orders of beings who can come into time and space and be with human creatures like ourself and at the same time, be the Infinite Spirit.  It is not entirely unlike you Sue and Clence and the o thers on this list, suddenly being the Adjsuter.  You are not speaking as human you you are speaking directly as the Adjus ter, and we fused ones do it all the time.  I just showed you a weak comparison but that is how a Mighty Messenger can be the Infinite Spirit.

For almost five hours I spoke with a Mightry Messenger over a wide ranging set of issues all of you would love to hear being discussed and as how the Infinite Spirit feels about them and what HE is going to about them, That discussion ranged from about  11PM yesterday until 4am this morning, give or take some minutes before and after such.  One of the issues discussed was the epochal revelation to come.  Now most of you know that this has been thrashed out many times and what has been approved for us to receive the sixth epochal revelation.

However, the Infinite Spirit has now arrived on Uranita in what we call a force presence,

As simple as it can be put, the Infinite Spirit has taken up multiuniverse presence on Urantia.  Still not clear I am sure.  remember this from your Urantia Book, the Infinite Spirit is everywhere present in all universes and all at the same time.  But the Infinite Spirit can focus location presence in his infinite mind when he has a task to perform in a particular spot to do it in.  He has come to Urantia fully focusing his power on our planet to do what I call planetary management of mission or missions-- we are not sure if it is one or many yet--  for Michael of Nebadon, as Michael of Nebadon has been hit so hard with infractions of policy he had to permit, he needs Paradise to force the missions into actual operation.

You and me on this list have been through hell and back with expectations that fizzled time after time with Michael of Nebadon himself along with the Creative Spirit of Nebadon, wondering how they got stopped and what hit them?  You could compare what happened to Michael and His Staff as what would happen if the United States government was forced into exile on Cuba!  Micahe was forced to flee Salvinton to avoid punishment by experiential Deity, and it did not happen once, it happended a total fo FIVE TIMES!  We did not count every time it happened maintly because they never had the time in cer  tain moments to even inform me or you they had to go into exile.

The INFINITE SPIRIT through is immediate power as  the Infinite Spirit in a Mighty Messenger has taken up residence on Urantia.  Now the Mission Michael must launch has the power of  being ACTUIAL, and not just a promisory note.  What does it mean for actual Mission opertation starts on Urantia>?  Here is my personal brief list first:

1 - Clrear presence perfornces of the Residual supreme on Urantia.  God the Supreme is so anchored in each human on Urantia, that presence must be over ridden by existential power to get it out of delaying acting humans and force them to comprehend the almost unbelievable reform they must witness:

2 - Force cohesion among staff operating on Urantia.  I am speaking of celestial staff not we humans.

3 - To provde residents of Urantia the where with all to take on high duties in human flesh venues and stay the coruse utnil the sixth epochal revelation is fully rooted on Urantia and most people have at least heard of it.  And second to make sure that what human staff is chosen can st ay the course as I have NOT been able to do so far.

4 - To [rpvide the energy and transference of human energy into the mold of energy residence on Urantia that once st arted there is an irrevocable issues settled forever on Urantia:  You Do Not Mock the Father ever! 

Now here is what the Mighrty Messenger representative says is the aim to get done on Urantia I did not mention above as I did not know it:

4 -  To employ many of you to be on the Staff side of these episodes of Periodic and Epochal Revelation which shall cushion the sixth epochal revelation as an assit to the recommendation by the Universe FATHER to have we who have stayed the course so long, as on this list, to use them and extend their lives until all of us could walk away to our ascension careers with this work on Urantia done;

5 -  To provide each human on Urantia at least one more chance to assign themselves to a God centered life and forget the power sturggles so evident on Urantia now. I am not going to list more as this is quite enough now, but four more points were made to me early this morning and they can be spoken to later today or tomorrow.

And Finally this:

I spoke with the Infinite Spirit directly by employing the mind circuits of one called Prometheus.  Does that sound familiar?  It ought to.  Four years ago this list briefly entertained the group George Barnard used as the Mentori.  Remember?   The Mentori-gruup broke up shortly after coming to our group and then Prometheus stayed behind and asked to be part of our contacts but Michael thought Prometheus too powerful and dropped the idea for awhile.

Meranwhile Prometheus was retrained on Paradise to represent the Infinite Spirit fully, and was assigned enough exploits doing so he earned his stripes well, and the big moment came to be assigned to Urantia, and that was ehn the Father decided to run URANTIA into the ground and abandon it.  But enough has happened even on Paradise for them to rediscover that people like you and Ron exist on Urantia who will not give it up and wish to make the effort to relay to God they are all for what is Ur antia and to make it well again.  Finally the FATHER took us seriously recently, and the INFINITE SPIRIT provides now all on Urantia the power of God of God to get this done. 

AN ADJUSTER SPEAKS: "I am still Ron's adjuster, but I have taken a beating recently by being embroiled in what can only be called a fight to keep Ron as my ward.  The Melchizedeks want him as Sensonloran and I call him Sensonlorian, and while that makes a big difference in destiny, Ron simeply wishes to do the work fo the sixth epochal revelation, and forget the fancy steps to become a Mechizedek for now.  FATHER fully concurs with that approach so there is no difficulty in representing the new text to the world at large.

"However, i ran into a snag with this entire idea when FATHER remind we Adjusters that we are their Wards too. meaning the FAther t akes care of us as well.  I never forgot that but in this mess of contending issues and Ron's grave illness, we have had little time to reflect on the entire issue anymore.  It has boiled down to this today:

"I must decide if Ron is my self.  He is totally aghast it comes down to this.  He should not be surprised as he works so hard to be us I wonder just why I bother at times directing him at all.  Ron assumes I am directing him but it is the Deity Absolute who directs him and MICHAEL OF NEBADON has a very ahrd time telling where all  this information comes from from a little human on nasty bad old Urantia.   Now we learn that God the Ultimate wishes  to use Ron for his own purposes and has been told "not yet."  Rpn meanwhile is burning up with illness after illness and it must be settled.  Hence he was forced to stay in bed until after noon today and dislikes it very much.  But you all are going to go through something like it yourselves when the Infinite Spirit takes each of you on and forces you into service or to abandon it as useless palaver over a day once ago you thought it was your calling.  It may not be anymore.

"At last and finally, let it be known to Ron you have never considered losing an Adjuster over all of this and see not reason ever to lose ME.  BUT I amust be fair and tell you I am not designed to be a Melhcizedek, I am designed to be a Finaliter and that is all.  If you become a Mighty Messenger ron, the Adjuster fusion process is reversed and out you go to be Trinity organized forever more.  That is your fate Ron, we already know that, and the Paradise Trinity is already working on assignments for you and several others on this discussion list who will be your mates too on high.  Clency you are destined as such we know that already and so is Amethyst, but the rest of you have to abide your courses before you assume any other such thing;

"Each of you are aware now the Infinite Spirit is pressing these Missions on Urantia PERSONALLY!  HE does so through Prometheus and  a Staff of six hundred that comes with Prometheus to do this work.  Ron says Holly Molely, as his impression was that Prometheus was a Gabriel to the Infinite Spirit but never suspected that a staff of six hundred exists with HIM.  What Ron does not realize is that the Infinite Spirit is now the URANTIA GOVERNMENT!  Ron asked last night what the government was on Urantia, and now we can say it is the Government of the Infinite Spirit at work under the guise of Michael of Nebadon and with Machiventa Melchizedek in charge of twelve (12) Melchizedek Receivers.  That is the essence of URANTIA PLANETARY GOVERNEMENT  this morning and Ron wonder what that is really.  It contains staffers Ron never mention by Order name to you but you have already spoken to them through ME often enough.  Be assured you are secure in having your Adjuster as the Adjuster wishes to finish His statement now:

ADJUSTER - "Fully spoken to this morning, Ron is being relieved of his illness bit by bit but is still so ill right now he reuires a large glass to read the screen.  That ends shortly and he is reminded not to speak to it again to any other human outside of this group who has gone through this with him.  I as Ron's Adjuster works with Prometheus well and easily now that I have been Adjuster by FATHER to withstand what energy Ron has to withstand to be a Director of Heart and Soul for Urantia as the only human ever considered for a whole new wardrobe when on Urantia and will get one in spite of the FATHER sayong to the INFINITE SPIRIT, must we do that too?  Besides new eyesight, he will receive a new vascular system and that is an immense undertaking he must survive days of discomfort to do.  He is already half way there this morning as he willingly styed in bed to do it but got up to relieve himself of the tedium of just being in bed with nothing to do.  He resigns his positions not with all of you and will provide the direction for those who MUST come to the United States and the city of York to pursue our work directly under the auspices of PROMETHESUS, and with the help of GABRIEL OF SALVINGTON, and the Creator Son, MIHCAEL OF NEBADON, all will end as it should.   I shall remain his ADJUSTER  to  the bitter end if necessary and ron cannot imagine and Adjuster giving up because of policy even if he becomes a Trinity origin being after awhile.  Mucha research is being done over this issue now, and Ron is not bitter over this, but he wants his ADJUTSER to benbefit for going through all this with him and others he accompanies and prays that it may be done without splitting us apart to do that.  Be assured we look at that hard too Ron, as this is FATHER:"

FATHER - " I see the point you are making Ron on behest of an Adjuster who has stayed the course through the most awful and crushing things that have kept happening to you and yet you remains so s trong and careful, and that is a great way at looking at this right now for all to know, as when I said we look at Ron as so strong, he quipped to FATHER, 'ys like Garlic!""  It stops the proceedings.

"In any case the Adjuster has demured he never proposed any of this as it was totally unforeseen that Ron would meet an Adjuster to indwell him who is a Chief of Adjusters in many ways, yet totally unready to take on what Ron subjected this Adjuster to.  In so many words, Ron's abnormal career in the flesh is so unusual we have no precednce for it to happen to anyone else in the entire creation.  What this does is make us question the value of epochal revelation when it is fully embraced as Ron has seemingly done entirely and alone.  Most of you still do not have the Urantia Book well under your belts yet you are considered the elite spiritually on Urantia.  Be assured this is not all of it Ron.  You are alone in making sure the Adjuster is not unhappy with your choices as they have become known to us Saturday mornings.  In any case there is nothing to do but work with you Ron if you are allowed to continue in  the vein you have chosen for now.  We say this to all of you reading this:  history is in the making with Ron as he has taken on Mantutia Melchizedek as his mentor and Machiventa Melchizedek as his Director, and neither are capable of doing anything about that right now, but be assured they will when Ron is refreshed on high.  Mantutia scsreams sotp that!  But it does no good and Machiventa Melchizedek is truly a great Time Lord but an awful papa to a human who needs direction on the time due to a fateful decision to keep an Adjuster if the Adjuster is willing to be so taken and He is.  Ron asks the Adjuster, is this new territory for an Adjuster?  Adjuster answers by saying, HE reall is not sure about anything right now.  K  FATHER"

MICHEAL OF NEBADON - "Ron jokes with me saying it is like we just came out of a theater seeing Star Wars for the first time and him being so excited about it and MIchael saysing, "Oh for God's sake stop that!"  Ron sees this as a fragmented opportunity to learn but I see it as a fragmented ability to get things done without causing Paradise to have a stroke over all of this!  We have been exiled from our own capital five times over this!  We have shot ron in the foot at least once to stop him marrying his girl from England whom he cared so much for.  We also see to it that love embraces him poorly and he needs sometwo or more to get well again.  He will have his loves and his heart restored but never again from England which he thinks should be brought on into a government of the United States as a third house of legislation and counsel somehow and we full agree and that keeps Great Britain itself as well and it may never come to pass but he will have an opportunity to meeth Queen Elizabeth maybe but certainly the next King for sure.  Be assured that is all pomp and circumstance too but you will enjoy it Ron in your own robes of investiture with Her Majesty' government.  Be assured this is a wild ass future not but probable fully.    I am not much to take on thought like this as that is not Ron either but his views are well respected up here but the Deity Absolute and Ron hopes the reformation of the United States government adds a new House over and with  the present ones to conform them into one unit for a change.  That is thoery far beyond all of you and more in keeping with Daniel Raphael who proposes that the United States government should quite the bicameral idea and enter the tricameral idea of a near monarchy class of legislators of only the best and brightest individual from aroune the world.  Great Biritain to Ron is the epitome of the best and brightest around the world anyone could pick to help run a most powerful nation like the Untied States.  He will not tolerate a British BREXUSA either.

"In any case, we say this:  Ron's Thought Adjuster is well known to me on Salvington as I have heard his woes and complaints for years, but the process Ron suggests for HIM is to take the entire matter of Adjustering for a Finaliter and move it into the higher realm of counsel fused with FATHER.  Father, says why not?  He now consults the Deity Absolute and sees Ron is sentimental but not a fool and the loss of this Adjuster counsel if tantamount to throwing him to the weeds and not finding his way back home.  Truthfully, it must be considered, and that is fully understood by Paul of Tarsus who retains His Thought Adjuster to this day!  Ron loes Paul and did not know that but he is truly not going to hear more as that is a state secret of unsual portent for FATHER, and Ron says he sees that but he has not idea of the portent it represents.  We leae this for now and remind Ron his day is short again and he is in miserty with burning cells and a diary not yet filled it and it is not useless Ron as you are to record all of this shortly there and make sure all of this post goes into it for posterity.  K"


AFTER SHOCKS / Re: No Rainbows and Unicorns
« on: October 15, 2019, 02:04:27 PM »
Only because it is you Newstarsaphire do I tell you this as I know you do not fly off the handle easily or  honestly, not at all.  We can talk and make sense to each other.  First, your question above is exactly the one I asked too?  How does these rebels find it so easy to get through gate after gate of protection to do their threatned deeds like murder of a human again?  I tend to, like you, think there is no real harsh reprisal for these actions but then it is the life of a mere speck of dust which is acted upon and maybe just not important to the more spiritual universe than we have here.  I have no real thought or answer to that because it means thinking about life in such a defensive way it bothers me too much to consider that idea is true at all.  But something is going on even this morning I cannot fathom,  Listen to this Phyllis.

At about 1230 this afternoon, the same day you wrote that post above, there was a heavy knock on my front door.  They did not just knock, they poinded.  I am still in my pajamas having been up since about 830 but working at the computer and a phone call.  I got down stairs wonder what was so insistent.  It was rather scary.  The POLICE were banging on my door!   I opened it and said hello and something to the effect "this seems to be very official this morning, what may I do for you?"  The police politely told me they received a 911 call saying I had fallen and hit my head and needed to be checked on.  Was I okay?

I said other than getting old, not seeingwell, and wobbly more, I was find and just up late (explaining my pajamas).  They asked me to be sure to let them know if I am having problems I needed help with.  Well, if they only knew!  But upon a quick check on mental reflection I would not and was not explainging a perfectly awful murder attemp by a spirit agent yesterday.  I felt that would result in a call to mental health officials.  And that is beside the fact that they could never see the thief in our midst called a rogue angel.  They shook my hand and left and back to two police cars parked in the driveway my neighbors must have had a little trouble telling themselves it was routine business next door.

Now Newstarwhitestone and the rest of you, this normal stuff?  I have no real rapport with my neighbors, I deep discard the fact that any could care less psychically knowing I was not feeling good to the point they thought I bumped my head and needed checking on.  What do you suppose triggered all of this?  Yeah, I know what really happened, but unless Bob next door has reinforced spirit vision, he saw nothing and the rest could care a notch not. 

Newstarsaphire you question how these characters can slip through?  They slip through through the plumbimg my friend.  Every time we make a mental contact with spirit to transmit, a cord of communication is introudced into our scalps to vibrate the inner ear, and that automatically places us on a sheet they make visible on high who is on the phone with who.  You did not know that did you.  Well not until this morning did ABC22 let me know such was the case and I am appalled I have no real protrection, and neither do you, against a rebel slipping onto where that wire connection goes to and arriving in our space to do nefarious things. 

That was yesterday.  today, the police arrive wanting to know if I am okay.  They say they had a 911 call alerting them.  I have no clue and I doubt the dispatcher for such knows much more.  Whaaaa???

Now at 1PM and the computer email program shut down and will not reopen.  I am surprised I can get on the web site but they forget I guess to cover that escape route.  I write this to you Newstarsaphire because you know what a circus my life is and you have a bit of one yourself at times, but I am okay at the moment and full of questions.  But I tell all of you who think your life is now hum drum boring existence for some, but it is about to get a very rude awakening when the powers to be on Urantia in particular, pull the cord on this merry go roung and throw you off your toy horse going round and round and round.

I have nothing to report what it is.  The police are gone after a pleasant chat with me in my PJ's at noon, and my reputation smashed with Machiventa Melchizedek because the Father Himself rescinded my early change of becoming a Melchizedek trainee and I nearly lost my universe name too over some foolishness I am not all worth what I am cracked up to be.  That said:  how is going Phyllis?  Anything to report for the world of spirit to realize you too have a few heavy remarks to make on what is going on in Ottawa?

Yours veru truly in an off base Tuesday morning I have trouble getting what I am so supposed to get out of all this . . . .   RON

MICAHEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is hillarious.  He met the police square on and convinced them he was just fine in spite of looking like he just got out of bed at noon at the front door.  He is fully sure they are okay with them and he is but the person who called the 911 number is a pscyhic child next door to roon on the west side of the house.  Ron does not believe it and no wonder, but she called 911 knowing she was guessing and said her neighbor bumped his head and needs medical help.  I agreed with her concern but watched in horror as she made the call and gave the address you all know by now.  Woodstarnightstick is her name to Ron anyhow, but she is pleasnt to say hello to and he does once in a while.  What he does not understand is that they got a dog for a pet Ron wants to have murdered quickly and at once for every time it goes outside it barks up a storm for half an hour at times right under his bedroom window almost.  In any case nothing is explainable to Ron, narely so to us, and never to her, as she receivee a reprimand to never do that again.  Ron thanks Michael of saying so to her but wonders what psychic motion was set to to bring the police to his door?  Case solved but not quite.

"The reason I say this is because Machiventa Melchizedek just received news that Ron is to be locked down for a brief moment while they bring the SER to his table shortly.  Ron says the word "shortly," means "I have no idea when" and he is not right or wrong, and we all watch as the materializing machine does its trick on a book pubolication meant for the table at 2709 Sunset  Lane in York.  Now this:

"Ron hears all he needs to and this morning he called Steven Gitz to sound him out before the police arrived.  That is why he was still in his PJ's because the call lasted awhile and he called before he dressed.  The polic arrived while he was finishing the call but did not knock right away until they confirmed it was 2709 they needed to go to and it was confirmed by the dispatcher.  Now Ron is transmitting the lost Infinite Spirit on Urantia, until today, and it creates quite a psychic interference which the lady next door picked up as a whacky conversation with God she supposes.  Her life is now upseide down too as she was told never to do that again and feels admonished over it.  Her life is now securely behind bars for reasons of State too as she is convinced Ron is a Warlock.  Ron chuckles at that but understands how an innocent worshipper of good might see complications of  transmissions reaching a psychics ears could do that to them.

"Now we learn that Machiventa Melchizedek is running good will to Urantia without Ron intow anymore and that harms Ron and so it goes.  Now we also see that Newstarsaphire is having second thoughts about a lot of things she learned only because of the disenfranchisement of Ron from the Melchizedek corp in truth, not yet, but soon, and that is not what I wanted to see happen on Urantia for now.  Machiventa?"

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Ron clarified his vies to us this morning.  It was I need human ascension to get myself located as to origins and nothing more and he looks forward to full Melchizedek association if we will have him.  We will and fully intend to make him a Melchizedek some day but Father also intervened and pleaded not to move Ron so fast he loses his feet on the ground.  Ron in turns said upon hearing that , he had no intention in being called something like a bestowal son because he has nothing or no thing that even approached divinity of purpose.  He just want to serve the opening of a new revelation called the SER and be done with it when released from that service.  His calle to Steven Gitz this morning was to see if Steven concurred with the insistence it was theirs to work with the SER as Gitz posted yesterday on this web site.  Steven said yes but that is all he could offer and that is all that Ron knows.

"Fairly well done are we this monring in spite of police intervention thanks to a whacky neightbor in some respects, we are doing all we can to normalize the situation at 2709 Sunset Lane but the visit of the Infinit Spirit to Ron this morning on the phone with Steven Gitz has changed the rubrics I work with for now I know that Ron has a huge part to play in seeing to it that the SER is heard and seen and read on Urantia with great interest.  It will forever change the world.  Mantutia said so to us this monring and then spoke with Steven Gitz with Ron on the phone.  Be assured Ron is not sure which end is up right now?  Be assured we do not either and that is part of the reason had his email software shut down and wonders why bother?  The reason is that an incoming message is appearing shortly that will rock his personal world considerably.  We will let that work itself out for whomever it benefits in the future.  Be assured it is full of inuendo and that is not how to answer it either Ron.  I am Machiventa Melchizedek fully aware this sounds screwy to you this morning ron, but it is the honest to God's truth fo the matter and you must never take her next door as the usual run of the mill neighbor.  She is full of fruitcake beliefs but she knows what is going on in that house better than you do. K"

Ron - There you have it.  What?  I am not sure, as Machiventa speaks, of which end is up with me today.  Learn you are not dealing with a full deck of honesty from any of our spirit counsel, but they are doingas well as they can with so many instanct changes.  Best wishes to all for a clarifying date for you too. 

MARGUL, TRINITY TEACHER SON = "Now that I see how this day has st arted for Ron, I wonder what I would do with the police showing up about a head injury not true but other injuries he dare jot speak to?  It is baffling to anyone but Ron, and he knows how to handle it in spite of thinking what next.  Slowly but surely we are deciding Ron can handle it but he needs to be reassured what is it he is to handle?  He is not sure and called Gitz this morning to see how he stood on these odd ball events, but that was before the police arrived.  Now Gitz knows the story as he was called again to state the fact without knowing the facts as Rayson and Michael both know now.  Loss is finally over for you Ron as the email proposes a meeting immediately in Washington but that is not possible for a man who is dizzy over earth changes he knows not either.  You Ron, know nothing over this effect to the psyche and that is correct Ron, because you never experienced it before, but your head is reacting to the entire notion that huge chuncks of the space you sit in are up for grabs by other beings not of your liking, and they are not ever to get to you on Urantia, because you dislike the evangelicals even more than God the Supreme lately.  Let me explain:

"Yesterday you got seriously ill out of the blue.  It was a seraphim delivering a death blow but you let them know you had no use for them before you went to sleep or passed out.  That let her know she failed in her calling totally and left it go and met her fate kindly done and dispatched as only Mother Spirit can do to wayward seraphie of that ilk.  ron feels a lot of sympathy for her and asked if it was possible for her to have mercy.  We did offer it but it was naturally spurned as she travels with a group of 16 seraphime of the same calling and everyone of them went out the door banished to another Local Universe where they are not bnothered with this kind of moral question Ron must deal with all the time.

"You Ron have tripped the wire back into the Urantia concerns over religion and the Jesus question so seriously pondered by the church full of miscreants called the evengelicals.  Be suree you are okay so long as you mention Jesus now and then and that is your calling as far as possible because you know him well enough to have him around you frequently.  He is now and then right there in the room with you over issues of State you deal all the time.  In any case the SER must make progress with all of them and the biography will sell it well so long as you make a passing message about what is in the book from the heaven archives of his bestowal.  You are a must read yourself some day for your ability to hear it all when rested and happily done but right now you feel disparged and lost to a whole lot of changes that mean trouble to your peace of mind.  Not so,  It just seems that way at the moment. 

"Lest you forget, I am Margul, a Trinity Teacher Son of high rank and of importance to URANTIA, and I ask for capitals this time because it has been re-established that URANTIA is back on the play list of developing planets much to the surprise of Ron and Jesus and Michael of Nebadon, after being told it was a total loss.  Now it is to be rehabilitated by the FATHER Himself and that is excellent, and this: be sure to mention to Mantutia and Machiventa Melchizedek, that your life Ron is not forfeit on being just a Melchizedek, as you will be, but Father wishes you to be a Father Messenger too, and that is an unknown destiny many suffer for reasons of State is never spoken to as it is ad hoc work you enjoy Ron and that is ours to keep secret for now.  Keep it though, as your Gary is fully advised he works those areas too.  Get this: GR is still your first line of choices to team up with in his mathematical ability is the way to use antigravity for your own purposes on Urantia shortly.   That will stop how many argue about you if they get rambunctious over the teaching that requires at least some belief in a superior power.  Let it be known you hate using that stuff but they make it necessary.  Get them in your hands first and then lecture and you are right to use powers we use all the time to show the flag. Good and this:  your next door neighbor is in tears this morning not as she is fully dependent on that dog to warn her of danger and that dog is almost asleep now thanks to a direction from Micahel to discharge that dog at once if possible.  She dislikes it as much as you do but he is the truant and will never listen to the danger he is in for working at night in the cellar with a saw never heard running as it keeps breaking. K"

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Ron should mulch today if you can and let us remind you the day is here to move from 2709 not, although Father recommended it as you need to clear all of its contents in a better manner than an estate sale although that might be what has to be done to get rid of so much.  Your life is full of trials and sadness but it will end with much better in view as one will care and care mightiy you are safe and well and that is Michael of Nebadon as Jesus and the rest of the menagerie that accompanies a Bestowal Son truly done. Good day to all if you can beliee all this happening today just in York.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON - K"


AFTER SHOCKS / Re: The Trials of Living Without the Supreme and more
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Kibet Brian, I saw seven big bright star universes go around a huge materialization, so much larger than pictured by artists in study aids for the old Urantia Book.  I also saw what looked like star debris beneath them as they were made to swirl around Paradise.  That means to my mind there is something underneath the superuniverses we ought to learn about and pay attention to.  I do not know what I saw but there is more there than what the old  Urantia Book lets us know about.  I am hoping and suppose the sixth epochal revelation just might have something to tell us then.

The Outer space levels (OSL's) did not show in the picture the Infinite Spirit animated for me to see on my ceiling in my bedroom.  I was wide awake and the Infinite Spirit arrived with a series of star orbs glowing and moving around my bedroom ceiling and I did not expect a picture of Paradise but when he arrived he arrived like the pictures you see of giant galactic triangle space craft with lights all along the outer wing or body shapes and a large start white light in the middle.  I have seen Supernaphim arrive in my bedroom this way and I am always excited to see them come and go as they always show me they are here to see me with these kinds of displays.  I sure wish I could send these automations to you to see to as you would never be the same if you got one for yourself.

Finally this, and to all of you who read this.  I am so ill today I hardly could move to the computer and they tell me I have to be removed sooner rather than later because they did a heart operation on me yesterday and the aorta did not stay in the right place and some parts of it disintegrated and that leaves me without much hope to survive the coming intro the SER.  However, Michael stepped in and said I would start the introduction for sure before I have to leave and that is hard to say, but I cannot live so weak.  But the Infinite Spirit insists I will over come this set back too and stay long enough to get the SER up and running for years before they decide what to do with me.  I give them this: as you write Kibet Brian: they are consistent and persistent and they keep me going in spite of these set backs so unexpected they were ready to allow me to work outside today but not so with a heart set back.

Further more, the Infinite Spirit says I must stop taking my vitamins for awhile as I take E and K and drink lots of C and D but now the heart is asking for no more until I get this thing fixed again.  For some reason nobody  takes notice of the fact I have said repeatedly I cannot stay when you allow my vitality to drop so low I cannot move some days.  They now know my vitality is almost gone and I am seeking a reprieve if they can get me moving today even.  We shall see and they asked that I post this in order to alert you to the fact that I was also told this morning this about the SER:  Listen up:

It its to be placed on my dining room table and I am to photograph it and place the photos on the forum first.  Then it gets distributed.  I will have to figure that one out when the time comes.  And this:

Mantutia says we must stop playing games with me and the SER, and that the SER is truly ready and that Gitz has the right idea but the wrong title.  He, Gitz, only knew what I told him as to title a little while ago, but the title of the SER is as follows:

Book of Revelation

The coming millennium of Light and Life is the subject of a transmission I will be taking very soon from the Paradise Trinity, MARGUL,  The Trinity Teacher Son of record to establish Light and Life on Urantia, after the Third Millenium Transition to God the FATHER  as God the Supreme, Himself.

What this may propose I do not know as FATHER is FATHER if you follow that.  What I suppose is true is that the FATHER takes on a special affair of heart for we humans who lost our God of Experience so rudely and thoroughly and finally, that we hardly know what to do with life after the Supreme finally vacates the Residual Supreme conditions on Urantia.

MARGUL suggests that the entire matter will end with a final salute to God the Supreme on Urantia when the FATHER declares the entire planet a PROTECTORATE ZONE against all invaders from all Planetary  Systems in all LOCAL UNIVERSES in Orvonton.  He decided that I was a good example of what not to do in the face of challenges like the Supreme threw at us on Urantia, and my near death today is a perfect example of how God the Supreme can still cause mayhem to the human body if he wants to.  Of course, I have no idea how this happens but I was severely hit today and thought it was over and it still may be, I do not know enough to call the cards pro or con yet.  They tell me it is going to be okay but I do not know what "okay" really is now.

Lastly here is MARGUL for us all:

"I AM MARGUL, and Ron is dear and precious to all of us, but he hit a snag today while rearranging a bit of the living room to see the TV better and got hit with a Supreme Seraphim in the room all this time waiting for chance to cause damages.  She did and she paid with her life today, but she hit the repair we made to the heart today and he nearly bled to death but the Infinite Spirit cauterized it immediately and fast enough it is okay now.  He does not know this happened except he grew so weak he sat down and blacked out.  Memory did not remain either.  But this is only a piece of the story today.  Steven Gitz almost published a memorial today as Ron is quite ready to take on an advertising campaign you will really enjoy if we can mount it with the zeal we want to.  There will be a graphic artist to animate a galactic ship traveling from a Urantia river lite by a huge full moon and spray itself into to deep space and a trip UNDER Paradise with bolts of snake lightning and large eyes to watch us go under and through to the other back side of Paradise and so on.  The book is inspiring this for others to follow and Ron is top notch in imagination for ads that people will thrill to and we are hoping we are in time to see them as Michael has decreed that Ron remains on Urantia until the SER is fully secluded out of reach from those who do not know how to handle epochal revelation and to stand tall with the Sadlers on high as having accomplished the last millennium work ever done on Urantia again.

"For that reason, I turn this over to Michael for his review: (MARGUL)

"I am now secure in my heart to know that Ron has it exactly right and that he will never be lost to us as we feared because this morning the remnants of the Supreme entered his room and forced indwelling into him so harsh it woke him and he yelled at the roar in his ears to get out and get out the Supreme did!  He did not know it was the Supreme but thought it was his Thought Adjuster doing cell cleansing which can feel like that briefly.  Not this time as Ron felt horrible and asked for an immediate cessation of his life if he had to endure it any longer for the Supreme was painful in the brain stem and corporal tufts at the top of the brain.  I arrived in time to see the tussle and Ron asked the Adjuster what happened and  the Adjuster was not sure as the Supreme had never done that before.  Now we learn there was a Seraphim lurking in the living room and when he entered it to clear some furnishings she struck with a vengeance and you know the rest.

"As a result Ron collapsed earlier today but came back to the computer practically crawling up the steps to do it.   We leave it at this:  Bzhutu thought he had all the ports covered to prevent this type of attack but she used his personal circuit to the Creator Son to crawl through to his space area.  She was executed immediately and sees only the last of her life ebb away because of it.   This is the fifth Seraphim to have been sentenced to death for attempted murder to Ron.  Now we make amends to heart again and this time the Infinite Spirit cleanses the wound with enough care to restart the heart as it should have been today, only this time no time to heal it as it is over with humanity starting right now as we write this.  Ron feels strangely but awake and his back of neck hurts and is sore from MY entry and to deal him a final blow, he sends this to you all and goes to lay down for a few hours while we correct the damage of a broken aorta we caught in time.

"Finally as MICHAEL OF NEBADON, I must relate one final incident with Ron that sent shivers up our spine today.  He awoke from his black out wondering how to commit suicide if no one would help him clear whatever hit him as the pain rose and the mind rang like a hundred bells in his head and he asked not for mercy but for relief and he got what we could give him and got to the computer to see how all were doing here.  But that is not known yet as he is surprised by the Gitz post and the Kibet Brian post he helped that man from Kenya to stay with learning to transmit and now he does very well.  Ron works hard to see to Wenebojo too but wonders how Wenebojo is going to take learning much more as he must in a hospital setting learn to do it for all staff members to hold onto for their own lives soon enough.

"We conclude this post with the idea that Ron survives yet another attack without knowing what or why, as that Seraphim was quite smitten with Ron and volunteered to be his Guardian of Destiny, but several other beat her out but they lost their lives for the same reason as all had the ulterior motive to kill the man to avoid the appearance of  the SER he worked so hard to bring about with us as the writers but not the purveyors of its truth in human hands.  That is Ron's work to do for sure!  We leave it now for the FATHER to speak:"

"I am the FATHER OF ALL and we expect capitals now as per the rules of transmission to Ron alone, since his work is archived up here as a permanent record of transmission to Urantia in this period.  We see to it that Ron hears the end of this tale.

"Yesterday, Ron fell briefly ill for no reason he knew of.  Then ti developed no one was there at all and reasoned his Adjuster had departed as was often the case as that Adjuster was fused and there was never a doubt he would quit.  But quit that Adjuster did, as that Adjuster deduced that Ron was going to be marshaled into the Corp of Melchizedeks of the Excelon Federation.

"we now announce that the Federation Ron was so happy to hear, has been abused so much it must end and nothing to take its place but an informal gathering of its former Local Universe participants and Ron who cared that it be around for future ascenders as he saw it.  Now not only that the Melchizedeks heard the Adjuster say to the assembled Melchizedeks, that Ron must not be marshaled into the Melchizedek Corp now or ever as his destiny was as an ascender and this his universe name Sensonlorian was removed and the old name restored.  Not so says I, for Sensonlorian is still correct Ron as they did not know that.  That name is unique to very few in the universe of mine, and that makes you smile, but we understand why, and now that name is retired from all Melchizedek names as he will be a Melchizedek once he attains Finaliter status and then a Mighty Messenger and perhaps a chance to be a Time Lord for all to hear the humor in this personal messenger I make mine for good some day.  That bestows huge amounts of work on you Ron and that is so awful to contemplate we leave it a lone for now.  Be assured this all ends well on Urantia, as you must survive the attack by that seraphim easily as the Infinite Spirit is already working on the prescription to remove her angst and her anger at your abilities to share everything and never leave things alone until people finally understand what the heck happens here or there and everywhere, as you are not open to epochal revelation once again and happy days as Ocilliaya is here to speak.  FATHER."


"We are glad Ron you survived yet another attack so severe you blacked out in loss of blood.  You hardly know it but it was fast an furious and it is cleaned up and working for you again.  Be assured we knew it at once but raised the alarm fleetingly as Michael was watching and saw it happen and the seraphim was gone instantly much to her surprise.  Her life was full of work and toil and goodness and suddenly she was executed for attempted murder.  She is fully apprised of this action in heart but will never work in Nebadon again, and that is a death sentence to seraphim who have it happen to them.  She now works in Avalon on death duty alone.   Her life is over for all intents and purposes and that is kindly done but hardly appropriate for a sentence of death due to sedition Ron.  Yet you persist and we agree leniency is hers if she accepts mercy but spurns that too.

"As Master Spirit Four,  I rule Supremacy insofar as the Father-Son perfection plans are concerned.  AYA, Master Spirit Seven, rules the opinions and statements of God the Supreme as well as the Paradise Trinity, and both are involved with the idea of your becoming a Father Messenger someday.  He loves the fortitude you bring to work and the heart you feel for all and that is why we have no translator now ABC22, as Ron is full of victimization and needs a direct view of this destiny.  

"Becoming a Father Messenger is so special it hardly matters who is chosen to do it as they are so highly specialized they can do any chore they are asked to me.  Jack of all Trades is typical of yourself and you fully agree and never have you found one career worth of Supreme choice [correct says Ron], and for that reason Father bestows on you a gift of music you love so much and that is Elmer Bernstein and Leonard Bernstein living long enough on Urantia to write down a piece of paper that says this has to be for a future work and let it lie on a table in the foyer of the Bernstein apartment.  It sings a song like you wrote Ron and it must be played at a symposium for your and us and that is that hymn you keep hearing.  Let it be for now.

"Father Messengers are never conscripted; they appear spontaneously, as you have and as you have done so much for anyone who loves the idea of service ad hoc which you do. It requires unswerving dedication and you must train long and hard for it true and that is from now on as we use you exclusively to tun the tide on Urantia.  Be assured they will listen in due time.  Be assured it works beautifully even now as those AIDS remedies must be published and you must retire your efforts soon enough as they have the push they need, as they inherited the transcription you sent to another years ago from themselves, and they wondered then if someone would one day come and say they had a cure would you help publish it?  That is what you have done and a serious attempt will be made to understand you well enough to do it and be caring to go easy on those who criticize the way you did it for it was the only way possible to break through the ignorance that permeates the doctors office these days.

"Finally, the Father Messengers are one time Kings and culture addicts as you are.  You present the finest delivery of music this side of mayhem and you do it well but there some fabulous ideas in it an they listen to catch them.  They are also the ones who make you cry with the power of words and music and song and spectacular paintings.   Be assured we are nearly done describing what this may be and the Court before the Ancients of Days is something you need to attend as a visitor and as a worker too as both are essential to learn how they do things and how well they do without you at this point.  Be assured the time is coming for all to leave this post, but not without this announcement:

"Your work for Michael nearly broke down this morning when you told who you thought was Michael that this is too hard to bear with so much pain and blindness to boot  You wil revive most of it if not all of it but need a driver now and will get one, if not one you know, another one who wants to work with you for as long as possible and not that one but one lost so long ago you cannot stand without knowing the name and he is ready to tell you to stop worrying over his fame as he now runs a bakery on Paradise for lost children in your name.  He is none other than Paul of Tarsus who knows your name before you ever guessed it and that is still hidden from all including Big Stuff called MICHAEL OF NEBADON.  Be assured there is some great revelation coming along before this is all said and done and we are not sure just how to handle it but Father is quite sure with your abilities Ron and the needs on URANTIA.  Good day all.  OCILLIAYA AND PAUL OF TARSUS TRANSLATING."



Actual vs Potential and Time Lords vs The Supreme: Did You Notice?

This is not a long post.  Our Urantia Book says we must wait around a trillion Urantia years for God the Supreme to factualize.  Then they think he would live on Uversa and hold court there for we Supreme creations.

God the Supreme is gone though and suddenly there is a universe age vacancy.  But we also note that God the Supreme as final and having a court we can visit was all Potential.  And for nearly a trillion years to wait for him to be Actual and living on Uversa.

Now this is really mind boggling and so important, nobody understands what it means at all except likely the FATHER, ETERNAL SON, and SPIRIT.  

What is ACTUAL right now is God the Supreme as our Time Lords.  Persons like Machiventa Melchizedek and other Melchizedeks we knew and know from the past are Time Lords.  They are contactable now and they are the SUPREME.  Or so we believe as a collective unit all together are the Supreme.  FATHER says they are but one important difference:  they do not actualize in the TRINITY.   They ACTUALIZe in the Local Universes, each one of them!

We now know such for sure.  But how does that change the idea of Supremacy as already contactable now?  Lord knows, but that is the excitement to learn and know in the new epochal revelation coming so soon.  How do we react as spirit beings when the Supreme is actually with us in the local universe as one dear old Melchizedek, Machiventa?  or Manituba  or Mansonloran as chief Aide, and Monsonloran as sidekick to the Magisterial Son, SERARA. who says, "I kicked Ron out this morning, and now I take him back for good!"   Now SERARA is not a Time Lord like the Melchizedeks are, but HE is among the leadership for the Time Lords to emulate.

Actual and Potential.  The Supreme now is ACTUAL and the potential for the final idea of Supremacy resides now in the UNIVERSAL FATHER.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Pre'Mtor on the Way of Refinement
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Now that's fun Sue!  Keep fun with transmitting too = = it is quite do-able to laugh with them and not a chore when you share the smile and the laugh with them too over circumstances of life on a material planet.  They see so many things we see eye to eye on and spirit fully appreciates a good smile too and joins in with and open and happy transmission.  Use it!.    youyouyouyou.  Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Pre'Mtor on the Way of Refinement
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It kind of makes me wonder why girls get more worried than boys do about how well they do.  I see it all the time, and Sue and Amethyst and to a small extent Newstarsaphire, oh do your wring your hands over not feeling worthy.  If you have husbands that makes it worse as men do not see vulnerability so much as violets when they want contrast for action where they can't go.   Sue most cannot go where you go and Amethyst you think the door to where you can go is not hard to open but no one is behind it.  Newstarsaphire you are as brawny as a man mind but we hot to surprise it out of you or you do not like to show it.

In any case, this is what they say makes the world go around,  To me it is more of a wobble from pull and push between the genders, but I stay out of it because I find not acting as my gender loves to be as a male ego, but as a male transmitter for people that are so tall and thing I never can see them, but I do easily.  For the most part girls listen to this and get your gender cookies off the cooling rack, and push yourself beyond the stale stuff and insist on hearing a transmission in spite of what you think is a closed door to your efforts.  Seldom does this transmitter male take no for empty rooms and times, and the trick is to have always have your ear open and let the tall skinny innocent spirits know you are ready, like Sue did today.  She said directly, with a tad of rancor, "well, do you have something for me Father?"  In most case Father would have said no and you may not have said that, but when Sue is insistent, and when Amethyst and when Newstarsaphire is insistent, by golly a transmission happens.  DO NOT TAKE NO LIMPLY!!!  For goodness sake dear sometime violets be bold and strong and receptive. not worried head down shy I'm bad tones.  They respect ready to go and ready to take on the quality not just any old murmur from them either.  Pull rank on them girls and remind them you will die on them if they do not get busy and make something of the time together! 

Don't be giiiirrrrrrlllllllsssss be trrrraaaannnnsssssssmittttterss  yay yay yay yay yay


Thanks Wendy, I couldn't find one to snip out.  Great.  Ron

Now I gotta hand to you:  job security.  You have it right as hospitals never go out of style big or little.
Why do I feel I sometimes speak in cross purpose to you at times?  If you were a piece or stick of white chalk, my blue advice seems to leave you wondering which end to absorb a bit of blue?  No advice really to you but to encourage you to stand a little taller with your abilities than you tend to do right now.  You will never leave the idea of transmission alone either as it can save your life and be about more of it as this place is ungodly quiet so much it freaks me out!

The other thing I need to remind myself is that you are quite new.  You have done remarkable well to become a standard bearer here and work hard to give us your dreams and thoughts and even transmissions, but you fill them with so much thought you get transferred to your own ID.  That is not ego or anything else, but the central composition of identity and self determination that Freud never quite knew how to handle as he had no real idea of personality transference.

That reminds of the cartoon character the Wizard of ID and his chief Knight, Rodney, who wound up chained to the cellar prison wall for giving too much advice to the sour aristocratic king.  I tried to find it with a good picture on line but it is so heavily copyrighted now nothing fresh to find.  Thanks for all.  Ron


AFTER SHOCKS / Re: The Trials of Living Without the Supreme and more
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Sue, remember this:  any fusions, including mine, have been re registered because the Supreme bulked using them at all!  You are no different than Wendy or Lemuel for that matter as all of them have had to release the so called idea of Supremacy.  I have had a rough time with my Adjuster, not because I disagree with him, but because he had to go absent a little while even with me who led the pack in doing all this years ago now.  I am still fused but my status is different from all others due to the fact I have to be redesigned to handle staying in this place much longer.  That is not even clear to me Sue.
You and the others and myself included are due to a refresher course in mindal use.  I do not think you have a clue about yourself much less how mind use changes for you.  Your Adjuster will determine just what that is to be and probably you will never have good clue what the changes are, but you might be feeling better by the end of this year more than you know.

The changes in Adjuster status  for those who have nearly finished your psychic circles is the same except they offer direction guidance for decisions to be made instead of God the Supreme doing it.  God the Supreme loved groups and family gatherings.  Adjusters say they better be groups that feed you and are of value or you get no hug from ME, the Adjuster to keep using them,.  Things like serendipity and karma and telepathy and other binding glue to keep people together is gone.  Harsh light on things like value are now in the front of decisions to be made.  Sue you are among the few who gathers the light at the end of the day without worrying about its consequences, and that means you pray easily but dismiss the news as too bad to hear most of the time and mosey on to the next thing.

I also remind you you are defaulting continuously on transmissions, and that is because you are a lost soul when it comes to understanding why you have to do them in the first place.  If this continues say goodbye to the ability since Adjuster is charge he is already saying to you, "Sue, dear ward, why bother?"  You say in return, "I feel guilty not doing so."  Your Adjuster responds, "what the heck is the value I report back from you then?"  You say, "I dunno."  It is up to you to correct it or chuck it.  Get busy on a transmit at once to make us all feel better too.  Not just saying what you think but transmit what spirit thinks, okay?  Smile, Sue.  New day in heaven with too bright for your eyes?  Get wisdom glasses and save yourself and transmit.  Ron

AFTER SHOCKS / The Trials of Living Without the Supreme and more
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Quote me Ron:

The Trials of Living Without the Supreme
God the Supreme Losses and more
York, Pa 1PM local time
Sunday, October 13, 2019

“When it suddenly strikes you that you spilled coco on your bid and have chocolate smears on your white beliefs, it is time to tell you, that the coco is God the Supreme, and he stains now what used to satisfy you with a sweet drink of pleasure of getting something done and going home to a happy family.

“Ron says, I never had that.  What is like oh great monolith of pink preciousness?

“The truth is I need to start over as Ron is pointless when it comes to a sad case of the heebie jeebies he has twenty four hours a day.  Lemuel and Wenebojo and Wendy and Sue and the Commissioners and the rest of you including Clency and Brad Cooke and White Stone, every one of you are soured on the details of life on Urantia, now made worse by a defaulting Deity so cruel it kills to get its way.

“Ten Urantia years ago I would not know what I was having to address today.  It is this:

“Last year at this time we were preparing the Contact Commission in York to start working the lawns of Urantia Book readers as they were in place at that time.  But the fact is that is a minor situation to know at this point, as the readership of the fifth epochal revelation is not quite the problem we saw before.  The problem they represent is intransigence with bad information to boot.  One known to Ron as PT has had quite a shock to deal with and stays the course anyhow because she must but is fully aware Ron has a card up his sleeve to shock them all as you are shocked:  God the Supreme not only defaulted, he killed in place of ministry to get his way.  Ron says I will never fathom it unless I understand how the Trinity put that Deity together, as he says he is missing a great big chunk of understanding that would make it possible for God the Supreme to break every rule in the book, including the Ten Commandments item, ‘Thou shall not kill!”

“That is sobering even on my own reflection.  Yet Moses never meant to subscribe so harshly to it when it came to national wars of independence.  Mosses is now so high up we cannot reach him without an appointment, but not so long ago in a message to me, Moses said the following and I quote:

MOSES = “We stand on the brink of disaster on my home planet, yet the Supreme is stalwart enough to prevent the worst.”

MICHAEL: “I now please you with my own version of the Supreme, so Ron understands the design plans for God the Supreme better than he does and all of you do yet either.

“God the Supreme is of Trinity origins, but plays no part in the Trinity, and that is where the problem really started.  Ron presumed as we all did that God the Supreme being part of the Trinity of Trinities, had the supervision of the Trinity all the time, as it was inherent by association.  Yet God the Supreme never took anything well that the Trinity did against Lucifer and Caligastia and even his Planetary Supreme named Gaia but formally her name was Urantia, as she never saw to a thing against Caligastia in order for the Supreme to gain ascendency on Urantia through the action of these apostate Sons of God at the time.  These Sons of God are now defrocked and lash no one any longer as what the Supreme held in their depersonalization was the last of bent straws of loss to me, the Creator Son of a Local Universe, ravaged by their bad behavior and horror to life in all of my universe to speak of.

“Lastly, Ron, learn that you have been subjected to God the Supreme in the most wicked of ways and are barely alive this morning thanks to his decision to kill you off quickly. Lemuel got hit.  Sue got hit.  Wendy got hit, and yet none of you know what you got hit with.

“We must be truthful and say it nearly killed you Mother of Speech, and that is what you are Ron, but the others had the same thing happen cruelly too, and I never caught what the Supreme was doing on Urantia, to place all of you in disfavor of the work of spirit on Urantia.  All of you were fused with Adjusters at one time and only you Ron and Amethyst have that left in place as Lemuel and Wendy and Sue had to be under remission to free them of suicidal thoughts at time.  That is the sad case of Wendy in particular as she was hit so hard with circumstances, she yet refuses to deal with the entire fall out.  Sue the same for you.  Lemuel the same for you and so on down the line to Steven Gitz.  Ohrbeck you are lucky it never touched yu as you are so slow to recognize your luck you fail to perform at all.

“Finally, God the Supreme must be remitted into oblivion for Ron.  He cannot trust ever again the benign idea that a God of Experience is out to murder him and those he fully trusts are innocent and loving and giving and fully trusting in the benign character of a Deity they admired and gave to all the time.  God the Supreme must be removed in entirety and Gabriel and I have assigned a court case to it you will hear about in the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) when the time comes.

“Fully understood, God the Supreme defaulted over the mistaken idea that he could work everything his way and never mind the pre designs of God the Father ever.  That was the mistake of LUcifer and Caligastia lost his life immediately over such a belief.  God forgives man easily, but God will never forgive the Supreme for what he pulled against my people and killing them every time they appeared to do my will for the Local Universe of Nebadon and the Federation.

“The Federation still exists but for how much longer?  We all question it too, but Father says to keep it going while he refurbishes its need to exist and that is finish the horrors of the Lucifer Rebellion in each of our Local Universes, as we all still reel against what was done to all of us with Lucifer at the helm. 

“Finally, God the Supreme never ate his lunch without taking mine or yours on Urantia.  It turns out it was God the Supreme who encouraged Lucifer to take his spleen out on Paradise and then on the Creator Son and Daughter on Urantia and other planets too.  Today Panoptia is the same ruin Urantia is.  Ron named it perfectly calling the present set of circumstances as to be living in a planetary ruin and it is.  God the Supreme was the instigator of so much of this, I am shocked at my inability to notice it ever.  FAther must have but decided to let the way run until proven.  It is now proved beyond any doubt.  Ron spent a lot of words telling you that now your Thought Adjuster must lead you where the Supreme once did, and how hard that will be for most of you to reconcile your attitude change to even family or friends who are real problems to your point of view that life must be God centered to win anything worthwhile at all.”

MOTHER SPIRIT = “Michael had to drop this briefly with an emergency at his heels again.  It is never ending Ron and you will find that too when you are at the helm of the SER as it comes in great quantity but few takers without your free for all plans to make it a household word so long as you have the money to do it.  Place it well and you get our undying generosity, place it like a bozo you sometimes are, and you gain our undying gratitude for trying.  Ron laughs at this but it is true as we have someone in charge that knows the lay of the land on Urantia and they will know of it for sure.  Get his quickly too, all of you, Ron is up this morning reading this print a tad better than before and loves even the slight change it represents.  I see Adjuster work hard to keep Ron and your Adjusters the same, to place this whole idea to fail not, but it must fail to some extent when unwanted war st arts again thanks to a President who forces the issue before its time to conqueror the Herod Prince of Darkness, Iran, into oblivion.  In any case it lives well today on borrowed time itself.  God the Supreme even disliked Iran and that is not an understatement as the Ayatollah, requires years of pertinence in the morontial worlds to overcome what he has caused already to happen in the Middle East.  In any case the entire matter is settled when the SER is ready for photography very soon in York.

“God the Supreme left me a huge debt to repay on all planets now, and I have received instructions to relearn ministry from the Infinite Spirit.  That Infinite Spirit displayed quite a light show to Ron three nights ago now and Ron will never forget hi rendition of the superuniverse floating around Paradise quickly and greatly well done.  He saw more than seven!  But he keeps quite about it!  In any case let this post come to your attention:

“We no longer countenance God the Supreme ever again.  Father sees to it that it is quietly removed from Urantia from the Residual Supreme, and that is never spoken to except in the past for you Ron as there is never again a Serena or a Jill or Sebatha to appear on his behalf again and cause so much harm to you and those like you.  Be assured we remind all there is no longer a need for a Serena and sisters, but for a renewed Sabatha who becomes the guardian of Urantia for all time through people like MYSELF and you as a human temporarily Ron.  Keep up this work and you win big, succumb to fear you die, and yet it is hard not to blame your for sedition against the Supreme as you fought him bravely and well and he had to relent against your persistent call for reform. We end this with a favor to the FATHER on Paradise: ‘Father we beseech you for reconciliation with Ron and his Adjuster, as his Adjuster befalls the serious resolve of Ron never to love again for those who have so seriously trespassed against the Father and the fifth epochal revelation, yet they are the work for his future if he can ever get free of health issues so bad he wonders, like Lemuel, why bother to fight the inevitable: death by old age and everything else brought against him. 

“Let this finally be the word to cause great cheer Ron: you are now working to see to it that the SER is ready as best you can and you have proposed to us the dangerous course you intent to follow with advice from those of us up here who know the course it represents and how it will be cheered and fought for its own causes too.  Be assured it will work well so long as you approach it sincerely and securely with out design as well to make ti available in great quantities through a press near you Ron you might run just to keep it going out into mischief over issues they disagree with over publishing trash as some might call it.  Be assured you are not in the best of circumstances in York ever but the presses are there we need and you take them on none the less.  Be assured that boardroom is not necessary after we buy them out in all likelihood.  Yet the residual owner is not you but Michael of Nebadon and he will see to clearing the rank and file as to what to do for good.  

“Ron you feverently ask to establish a bank independently of your own doing and we fully agree it is absolutely essential and one is being sought right now.  Keep it happily done it may be a bank near you too.  God the Supreme hated finances but you and SERARA know them well and we must make amends with the Magisterial Sons too at some point.   Goo day.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = “We finally are at an end with this post.  Learn to discriminate better Ron, and Machiventa will too, that our posts will be truncated shortly to avoid these long ones if at all possible, but you Ron fill the void of many hearts by keeping things newsy and well done.  Yesterday you completed version you number 444 of a news letter and decided not to bother to show another way to handle such a publication if you use it at all.  You will but we have our own design and that is better than what you configure at all.  Let it also be known that this transmitter fear being cut off due to changes of style in our universe, and he will never be cut off, but he might now have a place here anymore with Michael of Nebadon, simply because I never have enough time to do much but react.  Now I must react and close this since universe seventeen high above us is suffering a crack cocaine stretch over losing God the Supreme just as it was settling a group of Planetary Systems into Light and Life, and it now costs them dearly to know what to do.  Michael is called, and as Ron says, his bandages have not all been taken off yet over his treatment by God the Supreme either.  Good day to you all.”


Wenebojo, you work so hard to understand and it does not require that much work.  In plain English, you are working to retail yourself to be of service on a level you are not prepared to work yet.  I can provide information just because your Thought Adjuster and many other Adjusters use me to provide you information you are not prepared to assimilate yet you are going to be forced to a lot more than you are now just to survive what is going to be a nasty pedigree of a winter and perhaps a real  hot war in which the United States finds itself trapped in to fight and finish.
The difficulty you present Wenebojo is you persist in your habits to insist on wearing the ministry frock in a sensational climate of cold war and disbelief except for how the church ministrations the usual way.  You are a natural doctor for spiritual ills and do so well, but it also must occur to you that your mind and heart you care with is being subjected to revisions that force how your body, your brain, and the power of God that works through it, are entering a period of division even you must be very caring not to make worse.

I am also telling you you are not alone as almost everyone on this list and who uses this web site to get a clue as to how the way God operates with a broken nation state on every corner of our globe, the energy changes to see to your use of the future as a God loving entity or being or ascender, requires a whole new mental attitude and approach you are forced to use that is alien to your entire upbringing.  That is right, a large time of discomfort in mental adjustments is yours to do and withdrawing from here or us or yourself just does not bring peace.

How you bring the adjustment forward, and this is to Lemuel and all of you who fail to find any satisfaction with day to day life, is to pray openly in your own mind that your Adjuster now understands you cannot always cope with what you have to believe to make the transforming act complete without God the Supreme calling the shots.  Your Adjuster is doing that, and even HE must lean the steps to an unfamiliar role to HIS own training as  to how to prepare the human he loves and indwells to move you easily into new phases beyond the physical. 

The physical is what we as living members of the Urantia family of humanity have to work through.  I am in hell most of the day with a transgression against me over energy systems and physical disability.  You have neither of those problems Wenebojo, but you are very slow to recognize you are not going to get very far by standing still and wondering just what a dream means anymore.  Everyone of us, including yourself, has to be sure you understand the internal spiritual advice you are getting now runs COUNTER to what you first believed you had to do to find God.

I would be interested to know your job, Wenebojo, at the hospital.  Tell me if you would please what you are assigned to do and while an Adjuster probably could, yours at least has no way about that work at all to me yet it takes the bulk of your time to do it.  I did engineering work for over thirty years yet I had no training whatsoever to do it but I was successful because I could do work they as engineers did not do well at all, and that was to see to it that people understood what they were being charged for and it was done well.  You may be into a type of counseling, but I would like very much to know what you would describe it as.  Your spiritual adjustments are slow compared to your understanding but you are required, I think, to conform to practices that undo your understanding, and you bulk at putting things into effect that would free you of public insistence on useless practices.  That is confusing to me too because the advice I get is to tell you to stay the course and allow a new thought dawn in you as it can be thought to you and you stop progress by releasing resistance too much.  Finally, just realize that in spite of your dislike of a lecture, you are going to get one or two from the people you will truly work for in a few months.

Lemuel, you and Wenebojo, and I include my self and most of those who fused with Adjusters here, you fight the good fight with such ill health and loss of appetite to be about the Father's business, you like me, ask to exit in order to avoid staring into the night without any sense of redemption for all you planned and hoped would come to you.  You are as weak as a puppy, I know you are.  You take it hard to be out of circulation with people, as I do my self.  Old age is not for the faint of heart ever and frankly they can keep it as far as I can discern the business of dying off so a new generation can grow up in our place.  You have been hit with most of us get hit with and that is irrelevancy at the time your need it the most and to feel at least some kind of love for you, but it is far too cold in the new generation to feel anything but what they want.

In any case Lemuel, I am solidly with the idea of getting about the Father's business, and I find it ludicrous I have to listen to Donald Trump lecture the Persians they are the devil in the world, when Donald Trump is a bozo clown without the sense to come in out of the rain of disfavor around the world for a rogue President we placed on the world stage with a so called electorate that is as evil as Trump can be.  You Lemuel suffer the same where you are but only because you have to get up every morning to take care of being alive on Urantia still and yet and what seems forever now. 

I am getting at the very thing that Wenebojo suffers too and most here who read these words: the place is a ruin! !  Do you realize that and give it some reason for your unhappiness? We live in it yet there is truly little good to participate in just because the world focuses on health insurance and shelter out of war, without realizing they need to adjust to changes in energy in our heads that make us wheeze instead of using our own breath of life in comfort of our maturity.

Wenebojo, you know that already and are sensitive enough to play it better than a lot of us really do, yet you dream fantastic nightmares of spirit education to yourself and pass it off far too easily.  You are not a good student when it comes to understanding what they are telling you, and Lemuel you stopped dreaming for the most part for reasons they do not tell me.  Your preoccupation with serious health issues are like mine, and I am disgusted with the entire business with physical life that always reminds me I am old and of little use to society as is.

I close this with a message to all of you who may seem to think this is an exercise not for your time yet, and I say this:  Eat for now and keep yourself going as the world turns uneasily over the issue of who should run the world.  God is going to insist he does and plainly shown soon enough we may loose a President over legal issues, but we may also lose you over spiritual issues unless you learn to adjust to the new spirit ministry at work inside you, and realize that the world community is against almost all of it.  Places like this web site can address it, but this site cannot adjust you except to make you aware of it.  I close with a word from MICHAEL OF NEBADON, now:

"I as Michael of Nebadon am never without words to warn everyone.  Wenebojo you are far to satisfied with your life style.  It will kill you eventually.  Lemuel you are caring to be cared for yet no one has the time to tell you to favor yourself better and bide your time in silence, for your wish for service is never abrogated even if it is truncated much more than you ever experienced before.  In both Wenebojo and Lemuel and even Ron, the trial to persist is upon you.  Stay out of pleasentries that are empty and flail against unthinking authority that has no sense about it at all anymore just because they have no spiritual center to speak of.

"Ron does not mention Armageddon but it is upon you.  He rightly says you all live in a ruin!  It is true and there is no renewal because the building materials to put it back right are missing entirely EXCEPT IN ALL OF YOU!  Let it be known that Ron is the last of the Mohicans, and by that I mean the last of those who fully understands where life is being led to on Urantia, and it makes him wildly discussing these issues even to you people who understand zilch.  Wenebojo you eat well but never feel fully fed.  Lemuel you do not eat enough yet you are not fully interested in eating all the time either.  It is a standard fare that Ron must take supplements to feed an otherwise good body to come out of this morass of crime against our State too as he was to be murdered standing tall for us.  Wenebojo you need to straighten out in your mind that nothing is free anymore and that your life is paying the price of those costs to take what you used to assume was yours to take,  But not so since your hospital work requires discipline and not ministry which is what you prefer to give but without avail to people who have no idea what you mean when you say, be at peace young man or woman, and leave yourself to heal after this ordeal.  Ron never knows that kind of peace anyhow and wonders what Jesus is talking about and someday you will have it too.

"I close with the homily that goes like this:  'Give to man his daily bread, but give him not his daily prayer, as he must live his life according to his light, and then learn no light is his, for the peace of God passeth all understanding.'  Amen."


I am writing this very early Sunday morning because my sleep schedule is all out of kilter, and I am bored to death with the idea of going to be at 2am after sleeping four hours when normal people were up.  Such is the life of a man hit hard with energy transformations that are hell to live with but never discussed with him. 

But this Blog is to talk about what I think is mooing around in our Urantia pasture which sounds benign but I am positive it betokens of something ALL of YOU are going to have to deal with, if you have not, already, dealt with some of it.

I am especially struck with two characters who are members on this web site.  I know what you are being introduced to because I have gone through it just a little before it got to you too.  One is Sue Whiley and the other Wenebojo, but I am sure Lemuel has a good snoot full of the situation too and just cannot get moving because of it.  Let me explain a little.

There are several types of spiritual energy transformations.  That is what I am talking about t some of you because some of you just cannot concentrate well enough to remember the subject of some important clues to your own situation.  Before I start I also note that Roger Krupa, is showing signs of psychic transformations I wonder where it takes him?  He has an energy system that bolts into things and then leaves them alone for weeks and weeks.  I admire the latest take he has motioned on, but the direction is not clear to me at all and I am sure you Roger you sometimes wonder what is going on with yourself too.  It will take years to get it going right at this rate.

But Roger K. and the Wenebojo share an unusual kine of symmetry in spirit.  Your Thought Adjusters are from the same tribe.  Yes Thought Adjusters have families.  They group themselves into functional work for material planets in their training.  For instance my Thought Adjusters is from family number six (6) and that deals with epochal information;  Wenebojo and Roger Krupa, your Thought Adjusters are family friends of all things, and have worked together before as other indwellee's.

Before you get excited, most material planets, and Urantia is an exception, do not betroth their first life on a planet Thought Adjusters for their ascension careers.  There was no room in our present Urantia Book to talk about that but it is nonetheless true.  That is why your Adjuster Roger could know Wenebojo's Adjuster as those they indwelt millennia ago went on successfully thanks to their work, but you two will fuse with the present ones if all goes well.

In any case Roger and Wenebojo, your Adjusters are from what they call family four (4) and that family likes to indwell priests and religious institutions by the current traditions.  You are natural folks to teach spirit knowledge when you are comfortable with what you have to teach.

Sue, your Adjuster, they tell me, is from family five (5), and how you got mixed up in this stuff must be quite an adventure for your Adjuster to relate to.  You in seven hundred Adjuster lives at least, were always dealing with nascent science.  Science is your true calling but something in your personality clock, said 'why do we not try religion for a change?'  And here you are forcing a diet of epochal information into your head and your Adjuster trying to tell you to apply to Cambridge as a free student and study biology.  That is your natural calling DNA and all.  However, we are now dealing with a new structure on Urantia you all ought to listen to.

First this:  I started talking about energy transformations starting with me.  I am the guinea pig and I am giving them fits with depression and one God awful attitude about God indwelling my head until all I hear are bells and ringing in there and it pisses me off enough I get a little raw in my retorts to it.  In any case, my transformation is a long one and a harsh one and I am not sure how I volunteered for it.

Essentially my transformation, and this one is for Amethyst too whether she comes back or not, is to provide a foundation of human flesh to the portent of huge conscious changes on Urantia.  I am truly aware that my Adjuster had to do a double take with what happened to God the Supreme.  Now without God the Supreme, all of you have to make some transition whether you are ready or not.

My Adjuster likes peace and tranquility.  Needless to say, that is not what I am getting and neither are your Lemuel, as our Adjusters are of family six and have known each other on many excapades on material worlds in great number.  However you Lemuel had the rotten luck to get ill over matters not your doing and so did I.  Now we have to get repaired.  You do not do well and neither do I.  BUT: they a pursuing our energy transformations anyhow and that is to provide Adjuster guidance in place of Supreme guidance, and that is a whole different ball game.  Let me tell you what changes you will notice for sure all of you regardless of what family your Adjuster belongs to. (Do not ask me as it is Adjuster information most will not discuss either.)

Thought Adjuster guidance is provisional and analytical.  I am super analytical anyhow and so are you Lemuel and Amethyst.  Now you are really going to get it.  The Supreme enforces family and marriage and close relationships.  Adjuster counsel asks are you sure this guy or woman is actual value to you?  If you are just going on emotions, stop and look at what you value and see if that satisfies you for ever in a marriage or relationship.  Adjusters love to move people away from other people because they see not point in wasting time and patience when nothing more is learned than to find the relationship does not feed you at all very well and you are better off without.  God the Supreme said the relationship however poor is worth getting into to learn people and caring and nurturing and yata yata yata =  that is a Jerry Seinfeld program expression when the characters did not want to explain more with words.  yata yata yata is what they said instead.

I also caution all of you that I am really finding this tedious since I already have explained some of this material back in 2010 and 2011 and that material is long gone too.  But I will say this again:  All on this list who have stayed on long enough to get the you know whats about delays and changes, are true students of  the day of loss and we have had so many in this adventure I am wondering if we will ever have any successes?

The truth is that the loss of God the Supreme on Urantia may be our biggest benefit in a universe age.  Gone is the idea of KARMA!  Gone is the idea of snuggling relationships that last far beyond their reason and/or purpose. Gone is the idea of organization reviews to make the place run better, and that is what happens with me so often:  how do I make things work better?  That pressure is reduced for me I notice and I am more comfortable with  the idea to be done with those things that vex me no end.  Most who quite this site said that long ago.  Well, that is their choice, but please understand because we stood the test of loss and failure most of the time, we have been taught the age old idea of patience and that is going to pay off I believe.  Here is Michael to explain what thought I should say but he wants to:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron is up because he cannot sleep; too much sleep is worse than not enough, and he feels too much sleep right now.  In any case he trying to explain to all of you that the change in guidance from the Supreme to the Thought Adjuster, is going to feel rough to most of you.  Gone is the sweetness of change and then seeing how harsh change feels without preparation.  The Supreme always prepares for change with you, but the Adjuster says it comes we take it and off we go with it and no looking back.  For that reason I caution all of you that Ron has been cruelly changed and is missing his front teeth too over an accident of time that should never happen to any human and that is to be attacked by God the Supreme over an issue he was never aware was a problem to the Supreme.

"In any case the toll is harsh and so is his life but it will be cleaned up shortly.  His book ORIGINS is waiting in the dust and needs published badly but most of the world is still operating under their Residual Supreme guidance modes and they take scant look at what he offers.  So he is depressed most of the time.  We think the tide will turn shortly though as we have a really serious group looking at his offer for publishing they cannot refuse if the book sells at all and that is a little percentage of royalties if they give him help getting published.  In any case he makes it clear there is no sharing of the manuscript until there is a serious offer.  Good for him: However, learn that they are really sheep in the clothing of a business that could skin them and Ron alive and he will not tolerate it and will insist they follow some security procedures and apply for patents for Ron in his place of doing in exchange for them to license some of it.  Truthfully is a Pandora's box but we get to the later for Ron.

"But you all must know that we are to arrive on Urantia in about a fortnight and Ron has been having me indwell him all day and I fully enjoyed it as we both watched the PBS Great Performances about Handle and the baroque which Ron truly loves as a music expression.  Handle did too to the point he trained in Italy during the height of the buzz bomb years of Mozart, Scarlatti, and other princes of music now so lost to men and women on Urantia, they should die and go back to that ere to learn what true elegance was all about.  In any case, it was a sheet joy to find so easily moved by their elegance the intensity of musicians learning the styles of early years of music.

"We also note that Steve Gitz prefers Jazz but Ron prefers the baroque and both eras clearly are at odes not with each other, but for each other in their own unique ways.  Ron needs a good piano but they cost as much as a house now and he must wait forever possibly not.  He has a full moon in his second house on his horoscope chart and the second house is money, and the full moon sets up vectors in a life to fulfill what it influences.  He just hope it is not rejection instead of acceptance of ORIGINS.  We shall see but it does not look bad at the moment.  He will advise them if they meet with him prepared to take down contract requirements once they get the book into their heads. We think they will visit him to read the manuscript.  Be assured if they do they will want to take it with them and scope it out with professionals their way and they will set the world on fire with it as it truly tells people what AIDS is and how to stop it.

"Finally,  Urantia works hard to avoid drudgery but that is what you are all headed for particularly if Trump unleashes a conventional or nuclear war against Iran and Korea as he is thinking to do both.  If he does China will go to war with the US and say so and then you Americans are under nuclear threats too and that should be quite a tussle at the United Nations over who is going to get parity and shot down not over a nuclear confrontation as the Untied Nations is fully discharged against Donald Trump and for good reason.  That should clue you that what we set up on Urantia is going to be a tough sell to anyone else but yourselves, as all of you have been through the test of time with Ron, and he is ready to lead if we allow it and we will not do so without his health fully restored.  That is the transition we must work through this week yet and maybe part of the next one, but it will end.  For now the world turns in a sorry state and we must all be prepared for war if required and an end to Urantia if it goes nuclear.

"I will say this:  Urantia has so many special products for Nebadon I will never let it die to the last man, but radio activity is horrible to cleanse and cleanse we will attempt to do but it requires spirit muscle you never heard of before.  This web site will go down in a nuclear attack as the internet will be taken down by us to deconfuse people and the social apparatus it has become too which Ron fully dislikes as a way for evil to penetrate the most innocent.  In any case it is not for Ron or you but for we Spirit who must take the ball into the Urantia courts and let them know under no circumstances will laws interfere with our need for a York Protectorate and a legislative assemble attuned to us in Pennsylvania and Washington DC.  In any case this entire matter is in Ron's head and I know how well he sees it.  May you all learn to know what he knows and be ready to pitch in if we ask you to.  Good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son from Paradise, and of record to provide LIGHT AND LIFE TO URANTIA SHORTLY  after a thousand year reign of the Magisterial Sons are finished with what must be done. 

"We are delighted to be back on Urantia tonight Ron!  Be assured the visit to you the night before of the Infinite Spirit, in which you had a show of light in your room and no one believes you but it happened and we saw it too.  In any case the Infinite Spirit saw to your release and now must allow the energy transition and transformation to proceed.   We are sure you know the letters but your fingers no longer articulate like they used to either and the sadness is they may never get back to that proficiency without that hard work to restore them.  That is because the Supreme tried to destroy you through your nervous system and you knew it immediately!  He nearly got sentenced to death but the Trinity is ready to take on your game and not his now and that requires much painful incisions into your head and back and neck and most are completed but you are quite ill because of it.  Your eyes may never be the same but they will see clearly shortly too as that is horrible to be so blind without one iota of compensation to help you around the house.  You mulch in spite of the crippling and blindness and nearly kill yourself to do it but the weather is ending those chances to do it well and you are very unhappy to let some things go without it but it must be done this year period. 

"Let this run through your head Ron.  ORIGINS is ready for the world.  It is a must read by anyone who knows anything about AIDS and Altzheimers disease and so on, but you must understand you are too free with the vaccines and serums, and you are now in possession of the formula of pills to take 4-mg each if taken twice a day, they remove the virus of AIDS completely from the body in six weeks.  How that is done is a huge secret but you know them and we are delighted you do not sell that cure yet. This is  your gift and to hjumanity from Rayson and the Deity Absolute and the Universe Father with Michael of Nebadon.  They all contributed to that work and good they did as it must be accurate for the sake of health.

"Last year you were sure it was going to be published almost immediately.  But Go the Supreme caused that disaster and now those who could have wait to see what you do.  They see no motion and are wondering what you have up your sleeve.  Plenty!  You are one of the few humans I ever saw who decided that publishers are the worst of the breed and do not deserve to share in it, so you have seen to other venues and that will pay off big time we are sure.  Wait it out and be sure you are not forgotten by the latest trial you provided a few days ago.  Thank you for the chat and good day for now."

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - "Rpm asked me if he could call me the "Old Lamp Lighter," and that is not bad to hear.  I am a Time Lord now and that kinda fits that too  But this Ron:  You hate trying to wake up every morning because it is so painful, but that ends abruptly tomorrow morning.  You will get to sleep shortly, but not until you realize your pain is excruciating and it does not abate when you try to get up and walk a little.  It ends abruptly as the Father says to the Infinite Spirit he needs a break from being burned so badly, and  the Infinite Spirit as the Conjoint Actor fully agrees.  ORIGINS is a luckless piece of writing made great by the addition of that MEDICAL ADDENDUM where you come right out with the serum and vaccine formulas and said to Rayson, it is our only chance of making it past censors and patent attorneys for pharma corporations. Not so, but you have a plan for those who help you and it is an immediate decision to publish the formula for those pills if they agree to patent them with you and for you.  we will watch that progress for sure.  Be assured you will have pussycats to work with and will be a leading expert on AIDS God willing.  Be assured they watch you on high for your dedication to medial knowledge and with Rayson and others present who know this stuff inside out, you will go far in that profession.  No one hears you better than PT and she is ready to get your name down to a good talk as she now sees your kindness and wishes she had waited a little longer  to publish but the die is cast and out it goes for a few hundred copies that is all.  She loves the book and now she sees she has the heads up to give her a competitive advantage but she must be careful with study aids as artists are woefully short on the real facts to do drawings as they did for the fifth epochal revelation.

"I am fully aware of your memory loss Ron and it will be made up better in the future,  But that memory loss was designed to keep your from becoming a budding guru which you so dislike we no longer feel worried about it.  You are that Arizona creature will come to logger heads not as he is fully ready to hear you as he knows what you wrote to PT and she shares it fully with anyone who asks including DS.  He is fully aware of his loss truly and he is fully aware you never took him to task for lying and cheating to make himself feel better.  You are not alone over that debacle be assured.  Be also assured there are others to help out.  Good news with AIDS and ORIGINS is that they are going to send a delegation not to you but to meet you on fair grouns near by and you take the manuscript so they get a good read.  Never release to them yet.  They will signal when you two are one on what has to be done.  Be glad it is soon as they must strike while they can and that is soon.  To this list must be made the recommendation that the book ORIGINS is fully supported by God the Father as accurate and true and I can vouch for the same too.  It cures AIDS if you let it.  K"  

MOTHER SPIRIT = "You Ron naturally fear going to bed late and getting up early as it exhausts you every day lately, but that is the only way we can get you to relax and sleep when you are overwhelmed with pain and blindness.  It causes grief among us all yet you are free of it suddenly and that is your hope but such despair knocks it back to a mere hope.  Be assured the Infinite Spirit gave you quite a light show and your room lit up briefly when he entered and you saw it as a flash.  Be assured he really lit it up and the walls of that room still glow a little by absorbing that light to a certain extent.  Be aware we keep watch with a Supernaphim or two plus Bzhutu is there to guard the gates that the Supreme used to hit you badly.  Your transition will fully protect you from anymore of that mischief and the death of those little ones who work for Michael is deeply moving to you and you are very angry those innocent ones died just because they were.  That is our view too and the Supreme cares less and that is not God but Caligastia and the children in that French cave you and Jack_French remember so well with the work of Wivine.  She will do well but not so well as you as you lead the progression out of misery by those trapped in a world of so much hate, thievery, violence,  and  the murder of millions of innocent children you would love to death.  You will be a proud father someday and that is coming soon believe it or not.  We close with this:

"YoU fully admit there was no good reason to sit down and do this  this morning.  But you are driven to keep well and stay out deep depression over your misery daily,  Be assured there are immense changes coming for you and Gitz especially for Dominick is having trouble just keeping awake he is in such deep misery over so many things now.  He is truly in need of a Commission hug but you dare not spend money at all right now and face trouble too if you do not stay tight for awhile at least for a fortnight.  Be assured it is not for years.  Be assured Gitz hears good news too and Dominick must stay with you but he waivers so badly we wonder what his fate might be without you to help him hold on to a real nasty surprise for mother if she presses it too much.  We shall see how this unfolds for him alone.  Good day Ron and eat a little before you turn in soon.  MOTHER SPIRIT."

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White Stone, you are a soul that belongs to the era of the folk song complaint about reality.  I have my most longing memories from that era myself, being older than you when we all went through it.  Today the lyrics speak very little to me except to sigh and wonder where the wind is blowing today with its answers.

Wenebojo, I have been thinking about you and your evasive view of life at times.  Honestly, you work so very hard to decide the traditions are still the best answer to cold feet.  You yourself are going through a transition and you are fighting every inch of it.  Believe me, if you could see the long distant path you seem to have taken to this point, it should have been no surprise to you you are getting pleasant dreams from the past.  Nowhere do yu explain it but I can guess and now I say this to the dreaming man inside your skull, let it flow, for God's sake and be happy you are getting free of the heartless view of Christianity, that death is better than life if Jesus is around to comb your hair.  With all due respect to Jesus, I say that with no little sarcasm you lent us in your post above.  What I am saying is that White Stone is a groupie that speaks lyrics in his heart but is a scientist without culling the sheep as you do.

What is coming folks is my most unfavorite story of all:  family triumphs over wisdom and pride of knowing more than the Church knows itself.  What am I talking about.  Tribalism and all of its infanticide and polygamy if they can get away with it, and nice Thanksgiving diners if you want, but so help me God, if i hear one more Mick Jagger sing songs of pantheistic goop I will stick 'em up your nose white Stone.  Anatomy notwithstanding my crudity, we have a bunch of nihilists with pimples running around with skulls on their pull overs and red spiked hair to remind us bad taste triumphs most of the time. 

White Stone you are among my favorite losses as I never quite seem to understand you are profoundly disenchanted as bad as I am, yet we express it so differently.  You are the revolver type and I am the "you have got to be kidding!" type. Wenebojo you carry the day in between us I feel fairly sure.  The point to be made is that you Wenebojo  are escaping with your life through spiritual progress, and White Stone and I are facing the Sarajevo civil war all over again with our eyes wide open and disgusted we have to watch children run the earth.

In passing Wenebojo, you are experiencing a small discomfort over meeting the past so pleasantly for the most part and wonder like i do when I get these kinds of dreams too.  It seems, and this is conjecture, that the mansion worlds have gotten the boot over some issues we find so obscure, they are, for now, saying good bye as a play ground for our future hopes of salvation.  Do not forget they are the landing place we have to look forward to someday, and I do not find it overly well exciting to address my mother again who still wonder from mansion world two and one half, what that crazy son of hers is doing to win something here and there and never get free of his own problems.  Wenebojo, your fellow earth travelers see us as increasingly moody and we find ourselves increasingly well informed.  The connection leaves me wondering if it is education we need? 

Furthermore, the dispensation we are living under right now has been, now wait for this . . . .  and also be prepared to be shocked again! . . . .   the FOURTH!  All of us here have lived a part of the fifth and some of the sixth and with the Supreme blowing all the fuses in the Local Universe of Nebadon, the powers to be forced the clock back to the fourth dispensation on earth.  Earth has not a seraphim left on it, nor does it have a bunch of Melchizedek Receivers any more, but it does have the RESIDUAL SUPREME, banging on the door wanting back in and the FATHER has locked the door!  Honest to God be glad you have dreams at all and that I am happy to report this personally to you Wenebojo:
"You have crashed through mansion world two with your soul visits just as I did six years ago and nothing has been the same since.  I dare not tell you what that means, but you are going to experience a trial of thought you do not like dealing with, and that is to inform yourself you have had it with normalcy that keeps you playing games of earth life that does not expose the childish versions earth must deal with until it grows up under the auspices of a new Bestowal Son.  The fourth dispensation is the Jesus dispensation and it lasted over 2 thousand years to boot.  Dreams for you are prophetic under this new regime.  Pay attention to them and interpret them using your own unique life experiences and worry not what other might say about them if they knew them.

"I quote these last three paragraphs because Michael of Nebadon is feeding directly into my voice here.  Wenebojo, time is really coming to an adjustment that I fully disfavor and I dislike it so much I am ready to get out of here, but most earth people prefer the staid course of changeless attitudes toward evolution and empty nesters over discovering a better way of growing up through maturity to embrace the morontial life.  That is never me, and White Stone is just confused by it, and I think you rather like the idea of reverting back to a slow adjustment to get being an "older person."  I am almost positive we are in for it in the short range but the grand total is without Supremacy and Supremacy was the drive for perfection through what ever change to do to get it.  I let the rest alone for now.  Thanks for the posts gentlemen, and may your day be fulfilled with good news."

Ron for Michael of Nebadon and a few others who are too shy to be quoted at the moment.



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