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Amethyst - I love your picture - thanks! 
And Clency - and to both of you.  I spoke briefly with Michael before I had to do another transmission tonight I hope to post late tomorrow.  As I said in my post above he shrugged meaning he was noncommittal to what I saw take place in this video which I really enjoyed watching.  Now he tells me to leave him alone, but let me feed you my impressions anyhow.

First, it is real.  Second reading this way I tried when I was much younger and utterly failed and I never tried it since.  I am going to try to train myself to do it because I could read the books I cannot read now due to loss of vision by accident about three years ago this December.  I heard a voice tell me if I tried it out to allow me (and that is different for everybody really) six to eight hours for the celestial helpers to install a wave sensor in me, and then to attempt it with my present Urantia Book and see what happens.  If I can do it with that wave sensor they have to place in my brain, it will take me about sixteen hours of stead practice to realize the vibrational frequency I have to learn to recognize from my finger tips.

Now if my finger tipes are still agile enough that will work.  But I do have some arthritis and some problems because I type so much, and that can hamper reading since the bone marrow is almost gone from me entirely.  That may mean I cannot do it but that is the way life is.  The point is you have to learn technique, not to lose faith in the ability to read like this.  It works.

"Amethyst, you dear reader you.  I bet you can and this is Michael overriding this idiot who loves you and wants you to take on everything new you can and astound your friends.  Clency you can do this already you just do not know how good you are already.   Both of you must be sure you have full blindfolds and they used an undercover bandage of type and probably two layers of dark cloth as a blind fold securely tied around their eyes so NO light is visible inside.  Ron asked a very serious question and it should be observed, except for the piano player, they had good overhead lights on.  The player sat next to a full glass door or window and had lots of bright indirect light,  I recommend you try this with a bright light on your text to read with your fingers and not try reading with the fingers in the dark.  A;so pray for a wave sensor we are installing in Ron tonight so he can try this over the next few days.  Ron has no dark blindfold at home but he has a hood from his winder coat he can detach with snaps at the base that should be total darkness for him with little effort.  This is Michael.  Good day."

Ron here:  In case you did not notice, the small kid on the right side of your screen is pretty extraordinary.  Notice his friend on the right at one point wrote with a marker on his tablet the number sequence 1 to 10.   The instructor behind him then erased the number 4 out of the sequence and the little boy on your screen right got the impression without looking that his friend erased a number and then correctly wrote on his pad the missing number 4.

He was blindfolded and reading with his fingers.  Somehow that reading child also saw in his minds eye the for sure missing 4 and wrote it down without hesitation.  That is not just finer reading that is a psychic marvel nad it is not explained in the video.  Take a look at it all as you will miss some of this if you do not check it all out.   Ron 

I said to Michael of Nebadon as I watched all of this video.  This is a sense I never knew existed!!  (Michael transmitted me a shrug.  So much for that!) Watch it with patience as it is in Spanish with English sub titles and the kids do it so easily.  They are fully blindfolded, open a book and read with their finger tips on the page and the words are transferred to the imagination!!  What else??

If you know this technique, tell me!  Comments, post here.  Thanks Ron

Discuss This Web Site / xx test
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:22:01 PM »

The Universal Absolute Speaks:
Michael of Nebadon
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mother Spirit

York, PA four PM Local time
July 18, 2108


“I am the Universal Absolute.  Some of you never heard of me and shame on you.  But that aside, Ron questioned me today and stated something I never heard from Urantia before, and it has elements of so much truth I must speak to it.

“In looking at the Deity Absolute, Ron commented on his ability to give Prophecy.  If there were no future no prophecy could be made, You all understand that very well I am sure.  But what you do not understand, is that the Deity Absolute has no intention of ever removing all futures in your careers or future careers of all possible forms of life that ever can be created or eventuated or as Deity itself. 

“Therefore, let it be known that I, the Universal Absolute, I am essentially the fulcrum upon which the future and the past become one at any given time.  Second, that I am sure Ron understands too little too but he asked the question which startles us: ‘Universal Absolute, you strike me more like the Trinity than the Infinite Spirit.  Am I wrong?’

“He is not wrong.  The Urantia Book got cut in this area very hard and the First Revelatory Committee was stuck trying to leave the telling about Absolutes in it yet prevail upon mortal minds we are essentially the origins of the Master Universe and all it contains.  Therefore be assured that I the Universal Absolute am ready to explain more than I ever did to an evolutionary world.  I also report to Ron that I am being translated not by a Master Spirit but by the Deity Absolute, and that makes Ron laugh as the Deity Absolute has to be translated to Ron through a Master Spirit.  That is not to be boithered right now in any case.

“I am the equivalent of the Paradise Trinity in the Absolutes if there were such a thing to express in Infinity.  Ron got it right on so well I had to tell him he saw it correctly, and that was without any prompting from the Chairman of the First Revelatory Committee, Malvantra Melchizedek at the time.    I am also resplendit on the Infinite Spirit, as I must make amends in the universe you know nothing about, and Ron touched on it by wondering if I was translated by the Power Directors.  What a mind!  He has nothing left to do but wait me out that is all!  You are all wondering why I speak now to little mortal Ron?  He is not a little mortal anymore but that is beside the point.  He is fully commissioned in the Local Universe to do my bidding to help Urantia gain inerrant stupidity not, but some idea of their heritage and that is all I can say right now.  I further uncomplicate the business of the new revelatory book, the Sixth Epochal Revelation, and must return to the original idea of revealing my nature.  But the new Urantia Book, properly called the Nystoria Book of Revelation, has now been title URANTIA: THE SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION.  We are also sure Ron got that right for a small change in his own mind which catalogs and uncatalogs like a pro now.   For sure we see this process how he writes this material out for us.  He is a trial with punctuation though and we let all periods cycle out.   I am the Universal Absolute, and let me explain something that was missed in your fifth epochal revelation:

“I am the universe balance between what is and what will be.  Ron already understood that, but was trying to add to that understanding just how I could be like the Trinity, and suddenly hit on the idea that I am a universe unifier of the past with the future.  That is true.  But what one should know is that the unifier of the past with the future is not only Trinity, it is also Creator Son, and God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, blend with the Creator Sons to grasp their intentions to improve the past so the future is replete for God the Absolute when he arranges to appear before the magnificent Master Universe.

“Now God the Absolute through Deity Absolute, when speaking with Ron, saw to it to tell him that the fifth outers pace region is truly the playground for God the Absolute.  He also was instructed that the Master Universe becomes Infinite when the Deity Absolute proposes to wrap the fifth outer space level back over the roof of the all segments of the Master Universe to that point.  How the Deity Absolute does that wrapping is a grand secret never disclose to out side the Circle of Infinity, but as Ron told you earlier, he doesn’t literaly pick up a corner of the fifth outer space region and pull it up over the older segments, but changes space conditions alone from space you live in and know to hyperspace.  I leave others to tell about that although Ron already did in his posts on Infinity in Who Is God/What is God, Category this is posted in.

“I have explained that circumstance, but you ought to understand that the Deity Absolute never complains about the lack of partnership.  I deliver that and well as I act as the Consummator of Universe Destiny through Infinity

“Let me explain that: The Consummator of Universe Destiny, is without precedence, yet he is everywhere, both in the Creator Sons as Michael has spoken, and so has the Universal Father, and both versions of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, are resplendent in me, the Universal Absolute of Time, Space and All of Everything Else.  That is a real surprise to Ron but he immediately saw the logic in it and I adore a mind that can do that.  It is so rare I wonder why lecture except Ron cannot think beyond his imagination as he has fully stated before in the Infinite Papers he authored with all of us.  The strange thing is he is ready to accept it as the limit on the subject but not so as I see it as a wonderful opening to write more papers on Infinity in a real and very short time.  And this:

“I have decided not to use this forum entirely but to instruct Ron on his own how to cover these details in a lecture to Facebook shortly so they know he means business,  I am sure some will listen to him quietly and reverently.  His work is not to be shoddy and never was, but he has experienced so many schedule changes he looks foolish as we do at times in a time derived calendar universe you use on Urantia.

“I heard a timer go off in Ron’s head he heard to and that was the Deity Absolute disusing his prerogatives to interfere directly and to remind with a buzzer I should quite while I am ahead. I speak the truth; I will return shortly today and tomorrow and later to finish this.  Thank you.  The Universal Absolute.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron you are right when you silently signed off with the Universal Absolute and so with the Deity Absolute and the existential Paradise Deities as well, you thanked the Universal Absolute for His condescension to spake with you at all.  It is a brilliant surmise with the Universal Absolute, for his the most respected “Doer Of All,” the universe fields to speak at all.”


General Discussion / Re: AGGRAVATION
« on: July 18, 2018, 02:44:53 PM »
LARRY, If you read this at work, do not break but scramble to finish what you are doing first:

Now you can read it.  Fine.

I am being promised the stars Larry, and Pray I may get the moon as such to get some relief.  However, I am also forced to admit that Michael has defanged the pain I did have yesterday into a dull roar this morning and that is getting as up late too which surprised me when I saw the time on the clock when I awoke.  In any case the Lyrica I was proscribed fell flat.  It made matters worse and I will never touch that sutt again and well out a hundred dollars for a months supply.

This too:  I had a long post this morning from the Deity Absolute and it is placed in the FUSION TALK Category as well.  I am quite sure it explains something no one truly fully understands ever or at least until all of us are under the care of the Deity Absolute some day (hahahaha says the Supreme), and that is how Jesus is retruning as Himself and is of the same natue of the first Bestowal.  I will not get into it here, but it makes sense to me only because I allow that Spirit is inscrutable more often than not.  Clock time is not their time!

Second, you try my remedy for reoding that transcription.  I think you will see that although you lost part of yourself when the electronic nature of your computer eats your work, replacing it is not the chore you thought it to be.

Third, your Crones disease must be attended to, as you work coming depends on you not having it to bother with.  You see you present yet another precedence on Urantia for them to deal with.  The first precedence is me showing up for work they usually do.  You then come right behind me and have a serious disease of the bile ducts.  I had bile duct adenomia and it is horrible, but you have that plus two more related diseases Dr. Mendoza relates to me now:  Your Crones disease is aided and abetter by your spleen which hates your ways with custard and drinks.  You force it to stand on its head by drinking, say, orange juice, then toast, then eggs etc etc etc .   But you fail to finish the whole thing with a little of stomach settling milk of magnesia or some other brew made to settle the stomach with people who have Crones disease if they only would take it!

Dr. Mendoza has a whole host of remedies you need to take down on your own time.  But I am reporting the big news in that your have a second upsetting news disease called Crones disease in remission not and that is worse than hearing you have it.  Somehow you managed to restate the disease into your pancreas as well and now it refuses to admit certain hormones to your digestive track, and you are even more severely affected as you are feeling this past week when your nerves were so on edge with taking care of helpless guests.

Diseases aside, relax more and stop worrying over Mark.  He is fine and all will take place as is the best for both of you.  I am sure this means a great deal to Mark too as I head his Adjuster yesterday evening ago, and the problems were fully stated to me as nerves about being separated from an old shoe like yourself he dare not trial ever for his own good for you to skip off to Pennsylvania to leave him mow the front yard in Florida.  I skirt issues that really are not germane in a public post but I amke it clear to you dear Ostrich who hates crowds as I do and hides from them as I do (hence Ostrich), but we must face the fact that you are not well enough to take on work that requires beating all of us up time wise to get things done on such priorities as Michael demands and Mantutia accepts as the norm,

Finally, I must take time off today to figure out what they are working me with today as I am alternately sleepy and otherwise wide awake to do work in transmission regards.  I feel surprised and let out at the same time and I feel like I am getting fused again which cannot happen again without flames they tell me.  I am also working in my PJ's at nearly 3PM to get this done. and I hate face whiskers and pajamas when the day is as old as it is right now.  So off to trimming and dressing better.


Michael of Nebadon
The Deity Absolute translated by Master Spirit Four, Ocilliaya
Mother Spirit with the help of God the Supreme to cover fusion statements better

The Speeches to Understand Fusion and a Fire Prophecy by the Deity Absolute

ork, PA local time at noon today
July 18, 2018

“I am Michael of Nebadon as advertised in our preamble above and this morning we speak no more of Ron and his tutelage before God the Absolute as he got a rest from the Deity Absolute well done and is happy to be with this us this mroning.

“I am God the Absolute, and I am truly the Deity Absolute, but Ron has taught the Absolute a marvelous discharge to take on today.  He is unhappy as hell and makes no bones about it as he is stuck in low grade material in heart and soul and cries to get loose as a normal feeling healthy individual.  Now this:

“I as the Deity Absolute have decreed that Ron must find a better way of the dilemma than medications– which do not work anyhow– but must be found somehow to end the sorrow he feels over being let down the moment the universe is building up for the real work at hand.  Therefore, we make it clear to the Ancients of Days they must relent on this subject and provide this subject their help as best they can under very trying circumstances to the third Ancine of Days, who is the Trinitarian example of the Infinite Spirit. 

“Your ideals on Urantia are also all being severaly tested as we know.  The Mighty Messenger, Ophelius, so clearly states the truth fo the letter for all of you, as  both Zao and Ron extracted the same post and Ophelius was reported twice on the list under different Categories by Ron and Zao.   What does that tell you?  Natures of heart are similar and love is important to both of them to understand the self entirely.

“We also report that the Deity Absolute is genuinely concerned that Ron will be dropped because he falls through the cracks of Absolute policies that do not ever get amended, and that is the problem, since the the third Ancients of Days faces entirely on his own this morning.  Rescission of yet another circuit was accomplished this morning and Ron feels the let down again.  He has been through eight different circuits to help and each one has been rescinded to keep us following the rules and it is time to relate that Ron gets nothing better than the best soon.  Now this:

“In our estimation we need to pray for all of you:

“We must take to understand that the dim or dark period spoken in audio tape, by Lemuel,  is to be spoken to all of you as a need to pursue when facing an earth pole shift as is coming shortly.  It could even happen to day!

(The Deity Absolute begins without announcement) “ALL HUMANS are ill at one time or another.  It is a must in the training of bold souls as we have in Ron and Lemuel and the other fused people who are genuinely fused to their limited ability to understand even that.  However, we want to note that Wendy Winter must be advised she is slipping a little in her fusion due to her incessant emoting over the fusion process which is complete but not replete.  Please Wendy stop speaking and just sit and find another focal point even if it is dreadful television to do it.  Gitz whom Ron adores is able to do this naturally and is progressing quickly to his fusion status quickly.  When that happens Steve Gitz, let go, stop nicking people for their change for goods you sell, and disappear among your pillows for at least three days.  Three days is equivalent to the sunrise on Uversa and that is not quite right but you get the point.

“I am the Deity Absolute and the following concerns fusion on Urantia and Ron put this in the same Category concerning Fusion Talk.

“As the Deity Absolute, I speak to the trial for Me to be heard is hugely over estimated by most of you who never heard of this part of God.  I am the Future and am the Prophecy Arm of God most of you never heard of before.  All Prophecy emanates from me as I am the future and state so categorically.  That is why Ron and the others listen so carefully when I speak.  I have a Prophecy for you now:

“Very soon, Urantia will be so full of dust and wind when nature will clear forest after forest with a blazing fire that makes the western fires to date look like a small pan of charcoal otherwise to eat from.  ‘I am Father now, and Ron you just glimpsed something I keep under control and never speak to - okay [yes]. ‘

“The Deity Absolute prophesizes that Ron is fully much better in seconds today as I have relieved Michael of the problem as well as the Ancients of Days, who are likewise grateful under these circumstances to have a clear direction to settle for this Ron problem.   You Ron are a terror to type for at times as you catch nuances we never speak to and keep that under deep wraps for now.  Some day Infinity will be better understood because the likes of you constantly nibble at its causes.  The Prophecy continues:

“As the Deity Absolute observes, Urantia is already a dead planet in the future.  However, the Father has decreed that it will be relayed to a better alter future through God the Absolute and not the Deity Absolute because it is too dangerous to forecast a single help issue when the Father views Urantia as a finished sphere and never to be revised again for its present future.  We reported in the past the God the Ultimate had to reverse courses in time to place the replacement of Jesus on Urantia, now as the original Bestowal.  Recently the Father reversed that understanding to Ron one day, and called the coming of Jeuss as an Eighth Bestowal.  We do not rescind that here but be aware the records in Spirit show Jesus making his original Bestowal 2,000 plus years ago, and this Return not as an Eighth Bestowal, but as a genuine return in the Prophecy of the Last Supper meanings.   However, this matter is not concluded, as I as the Deity Absolute see the trial of confusion, not is Ron’s mind so much, but in all of yours.  Because the Urantia Book reveals the Second Return as a relenting by the Father to allow it to occur, then we must accede that the records will show it as a time return or repeat, but God the Ultimate now records it as simultaneous with the original Bestowal.  It is also true it is an eighth bestowal but only as a matter of sequence in time keeping in Urantia history.

“Ron got at it this way and I repeat it for you if it helps.  Spirit deals with time and schedules.  Spirit deals with truth and expression by intention and not clock time.  Jesus was bestowed genuinely over 2000 years ago and it had immense consequences.  It cannot be denied it is an old or past event in time.  However, Ron addressed my Deity nature and said to Me, ‘You Michael and your Deity nature see not a past event but a continuing event by intent to a time factor on Urantia.  Therefore Deity sees the Second Return as a simultaneous fusion of Spirit Intent, and not calendar times as we are forced to down here. “ Michael here: I am forced to view your view on Urantia as the Return of Jesus as an eighth Bestowal, and because I must attend upon Jesus as I did in his First Bestowal, it is a second event and the eighth bestowal.  It is in the inconsequential nature of time that trials your minds on this, and therefore the Father accedes to Ron it is an eighth bestowal without consequence to your time archives but Spirit only sees one event consequences forgiven from the original or first Bestowal.  Christianity will cause this the Second Return and hardly ever wonder what gives as you do Ron.  Thank you.”

(The Deity Absolute speaks suddenly:) “I am the Deity Absolute and those statements caused Ron to look at an average human and wonder how they would ever understand how time can be manipulated so well that the past becomes the future tpday as we look at it before the Second Return is seen that way.  He looked at a way to explain it and then  immediately gave up and said they have no language to ever understand the sense of such a transaction.  Even he sees little sense to ever explain that to anyone including this list, but we must try even here to see to it.

“I am the Deity Absolute, and we must make full trials of this to all of you.  The Father sees Ron as essential in these cases as he is not and will never be divine on earth.  He sees it as a trial to us but only because he is adamant to make it (the collusion of a man of his nature working directly under the supervision of God through Mantutia the Melchizedek) work with our help, and he will, God willing.  As such, we must remember that the future is the Deity Absolute and never anything less.  Contrary to Ron’s view for the most part, I am not the most powerful entity on the loose from Infinity, as it is the Consummator of Universe Destiny who is, and that is a ledge of understanding few ever attempt to understand and Paul of Tarsus trials Infinity like Ron does and in that they are unanimous, the wall to break through is conceptually awkward to breach.   In any case you must understand that I see Urantia burning briskly and her forests decimated and you all must be aware fire will consume millions if not brought under control quickly.  We will not do that.  But we must let you understand that rain will quench the earth far too long and water in the basement for Ron is guaranteed without a sump pump and he has no plans to install one but we would if we could and so on.   Let us pray together that this never happens so severely in Pennsylvania that is loses its forests too as Pennsylvania and New York are the last bastions of standing forests as in the past anywhere.  Good day.”

“As usual Ron elicits drafts of speech not called for in the original plan of this transmission.  He is truly connected well with such high authority he has no problem hearing what is to be except for him personally, and in that he is most trusting that it is well and within reach when it appears to him.  That is so and I am making amends all over the place to get this Mission moving as quickly as it is possible.  The issue of the human fusions now takes over for a moment:


“This so important, Ron writes a title and he should.  He views this as an important as life is to each of you, and so essential to accomplish, it must be spoken to with great humility to those who may receive it.  It is so stated and the following is very important for you to understand:

“The importance of fusion to all of you is understood.  Yet the Father sees it as temporary if Urantians refuse to take it seriously.  Already Ron is accused of botching one example by her husband and he has to lay low to get out of the fire of that one’s wrath.  I also point out that Wendy Winter is such of a nature she thought Ron was joking until she got hit with the effects of fusion and now sees Ron as truly helpful as he watches over her as best he can until she rights herself in a few days.

“Fusions on Urantia are quixotic and unstable as can be.  Steve Gitz in particular must be caring to settle down and let his nerves relax, as those conditions can delay fusion, Steve.  Find something to do or write or sing or play for a few days to forget what is brewing and Ron will inform you quickly if something must be attended to.  He is our contact person for this sacred event and must be out of contact with each of you if it is brewing to happen so as not to stampede you into something that actually prevents the fusion event to occur.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I have authorized fusions to appeal well but few fusions will take place until we have an orderly and true understanding of what they are.

“Fusion requires full acknowledgment that you, the human, are silly putty in the hands of God (that is aimed at me folks, Ron), and as such you are wilted or strengthened as the cause may be at any given time.  Ron is so wilted he fears for his life day to day such is how nasty the circulatory system has become for him in total and in small places too.”

MOTHER SPIRIT - “Ron correctly asked Michael if he wished to finish, and that was so, but he is tied up now and must await a better moment to speak and I wll continue on this subject briefly for Him.

“Fusion is a terror to others who read this list.  Most think it a joke.  Many think Ron is deranged and stay far away.  Ron discovered a photo of him on Facebook and someone had edited to place devil’s horns on it and he actually found a way to delete the photo with a little help from us to do it.  That shows you just how hard people play and think they get the upper hand but not so as this transmitter knows the score and lets it play out to the end as he must.  He is being attended to well now and we see the results in his circulatory system as he writes now.

“Fusion is a contract word that covers a lot of territory, and it must be conceived as a unitary remission by the Universal Father to determine the whole picture on Urantia, as many on Urantia are already in partial fusion since finishing their psychic circles years ago.  What the Father must understand is how each of you make it work without making it so spectacular no one can get in a word edgewise.  Be assured we wait for Michael to finish this as he has been in reception to the Father.  I give you Michael once more . . . “

MICHAEL -”Thank you Mother Spirit; I heard Ron think that Mother Spirit approaches the telling in a better way sometimes and I did not take adverse concern on that for a change as she refreshes Ron’s mind considerable when she speaks.  Ron, you have the trial of an Indwelling from the Deity Absolute above the right ear on the right side of your brain.  He is reestablishing left brain memory and right brain unity which we have removed so we can better work with you, Ron just told the Deity Absolute, ‘it is fascinating wht pops out to memory when you (the Deity Absolute), brush some of my brain cells.’   I fully agree and the Deity Absolute sees the love for others everywhere stored but not allowed to be enjoyed at all.  This ends this transmission on Fusion for now Ron.  Thank you.  Michael.”


FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
« on: July 18, 2018, 12:01:00 PM »
Amethyst has posted more information about the Finaliters assigned to Urantia today.  She rightly places the post under the Reclamation of Urantia category, but it is one of those posts that directly addresses this Category too.  I am calling attention to her post as it speaks to fusion on Urantia and how the Finaliters view it and help it.  Here is the link to her post and her description and understanding of the work the Finaliters do on Urantia with fusion of the living soul on earth:

Thank you Amethyst.
LINK  belowTO post on Finaliter views of fusion on Urantia today:;topicseen


General Discussion / Re: AGGRAVATION
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:34:06 AM »
Larry, I have had this happen frequently, and for posts I really hated to lose, I attempted to reconstruct from memory.  Now note this:  when you redo a post from memory almost everyone who has given you that post steps in and gives you their quotes refreshed and with better constuctions than first used as they too had a chance to thing about what they said then.


You are given an opportunity to try an experiment, and that is to sit down and IGNORE THAT DRAFT, but try to reconstruct what was said as a dictation and see if whoever it was who gave you the message in the first place says, "here Larry, let's do it this way this time."  You will usually have a better post and you already know about how and what was said before. 

I also know you are not well designed to pull that trick for both of you but please try it and see what happens.

Lucky Ron

The Reclamation of Urantia / On Waldlens' Dreadful Pond
« on: July 18, 2018, 11:26:43 AM »
Dear List,
I copy from the 1111 List of our friend indeed George Barnard of the texting by hist contributor, Chris Maurus, for one good and excellent reason: this speech and instruction by Ophelius is too good to pass up to explain the dread we are all feeling as we wait for the illustration of cleanliness on this sinful world.
Ophelius develops an analogy about how we are organisms in a stagnant pond of water (Walden is my addition and he is the man who wrote a beautiful text as he lived as a hermit on a pond in New York.  He became a nurse in the American Civil War and retired to the pond to digest the horrors and love he felt for the men and women he fought with for the Union.  His pond was fresh and clear and full of life wonders then).

OPHELIUS HERE"  $on you make my day when you see so clearly and you are so much fun it is a shame you are so under the weather you feel your life is being snuffed out by circumstances of age and grief over ending before the beginning.  You are not alone in looking at the mess your transition has caused the universe and they will rectify when they can figure  you out not as bad bone but a good bone in their plans.  You are not alone in developing a scenario you say I create here as you are in dread and heartless territory and you must never go back once cleared of the offense of age and debauchery of heart you have experienced so profoundly.  You are well done in spite of the heartache and the dreadful pond you live in with the rest of your fellows.  I am Ophelius and I AM NOT THE CIRCLE OF SEVEN, but Christ Maurus never seems to be able to remember which is which, although you fellows do remember here.  I am Ophelius and I leave you with thisL  Ron notices great literature and shares it with you.  Sue Whiley cannot get on the beam lately without saying her two cents either, and she must learn to tear back her lot and let me speak fully.  Thank you.  I am Ophelius and I have not left your lot but am keeping in touch with Barnard and his groupies.  Good day. Ophelius."

MOTHER SPIRIT - "Ron you clear the boards soon,  You are near the bottom of the pond as a supersized something there and you smile as you have to fight for breath every moment to decide what next to keep out of to stop pain and seek help.  Michael is doing his best in spite of his restrictions to do anything about you today, and yet he knows you sink without retribution into a tank of thought that says I never get the break I need to be refreshed.  You take Ophelius directly as speaking to your problem too by accepting you are under the same pollution as all your fellows, and you desperately need the pond refreshed to live at all.  That is brilliant and you are not alone when you grant Ophelius more space than he ever wanted to you and your groupies too.  Good day. Mother Spirit."

Here then is the transmission I think pictures us as we truly are these days:  Thank you.  Ron


Asheville, NC, US of A, July 8, 2018.
 Teacher Ophelius.
 Subject: “The Edge of a Preface.”

 Message received by Chris Maurus.

 Teacher Ophelius: “My dear Students on the Path, many of you feel as though you are at the edge of a preface — the beginning of something new, yet it appears as an abyss — it is shrouded, hidden, obscured. You sense it, but see it not, and it may even give you a feeling of subtle anxiety. For those of you having deepened your relationship with spirit, these feelings are psychic sensors and are the indicators that you have an expanded awareness. This is true for not only the spiritual sensitive ones but the entire collective consciousness of humanity is feeling a sense of coming change. It is this ‘precognition’ of a collective anticipation that you students are picking up on — recognize it and acknowledge it.

 “There has been change in the quality of the non-material layers and dimensions of your world and many of you have directly contributed to the healing and cleansing of these areas that are so integral to the collective ‘upliftment’ of human consciousness. It may be thought of as a pond of stagnant water that has been polluted intentionally and the levels of toxins have been left unchecked. Now, a steady rain is falling and filling the pond with fresh water allowing it to overflow where the soil may filter the toxins and begin the process of life regeneration.

 “Those organisms that felt comfortable in the stagnant pool of toxins are now feeling the shock of fresh water and they are having difficulty adapting to this cleaner environment. In contrast, those organisms that felt sickened and weak from the toxins are now healing and becoming stronger — vitality is returning to the pond. A natural ecosystem is developing that shall bring balance to the environment.

 “Those leviathans that lay at the bottom of the pond, shrouded in the muck and mire of their own making are losing their camouflage and shall be blinded by the incoming light. For a time, they shall thrash about in desperation to muddy the waters — to remain hidden, but they shall not prevail. The mental tools of control and deception that worked so well in the murkiness of the toxic pond shall be revealed and brought to light. Humanity is awakening and there is no going backward. Only those who adapt to the light shall thrive and so too shall those powers and principalities have to compromise to stay afloat in the changing PH (‘pondus hydrogenii’) of the fresh water filling the pond.

 “Those of you that adapt easily to the fresh water shall be empowered, and I encourage you to take the oars of your life and boldly row toward those things that you felt were not attainable before. Truth, Beauty, and Goodness is like the sunlight penetrating the pond — move up toward it, my friends, and bathe in its glory! Every day the conditions improve and the path of your future becomes clearer — no longer do you need to fear what lay in the murky water — you see it clearly and can move around the dangers. Use your increasing awareness to navigate the new water. Your thoughts, ideas, and actions that are in alignment with the highest good of your life shall find a quickened path. I implore you to put it to the test!

 “Peace to you,
 “The Circle of Seven.”

FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
« on: July 17, 2018, 10:03:38 AM »
Dear Steve,

Please remember this:  No one understands this gift of fusion except those who go through it.

I am allowed to sponsor you only because your wonderful Adjuster does speak with me as the Adjuster indwelling Wendy Winter often does as he did this morning to tell me all was well with Wendy and the surprise of being fused lately.

Enjoy your 70th birthday, as I consider the 70th birthday one of the biggest of any life, for you are passing beyond the human life into the morontial life quickly at that age for most on Urantia when it is reached.  It happened to me in 2012 and we joked about it but so many changes have occurred since then, watch out for 70 is a milestone for anyone to live through.  But you have family and friends around you and may you find that of great comfort too for all time.

I am also pleading innocence this morning to keep out of trouble with the spirit powers to be as I have been advised we have another candidate ready to fuse soon and mostly unknown to you but well known to me althought they have not named them to me yet.

The goal, Steve, is to form Team York.  All of us are fused who join it.  All of us are loved and well accepted for who we are in spite of something true temporarily or permanently.  Team York is to accrue by this time next year fully, but like Capistrano and the return of the swallows to its roosting place, Team York will accrue its full numbers by then and not before.   Your are to be fused shortly and to let it come to you as you do not have to pursue it.  If you get sleep, indulge your loving Adjuster.  If you get exceited let it fly.  Just stay together as yourself and make no sudden moves that confuses the schedule.

My best wishes to you and yours as you deal with the coming mystery of spiritual programs we have no guide book for at all.  Blessings to you Steve.   RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - RON has aonly the highest regard for all of you and wishes to protect you from yourselves as we move to complete the circle of fusion candidates for the York office of the Michael Mission and the coming Magisterial Mission.  Ron was informed by Serara this morning to standby and watch out as he is suddenly returning to Urantia over the ideals of monetary reform.  He is prepared to initiate the Magistierial Foundation at once and Ron will face that Corporation alone as the sole human representative to portray what is to be done for the Magisterial Sons and the need to revise the Federal Reserve for self preservation.  I dare say this is one area Ron needs no help in as he is an avid student of reform in these areas and will use Team York for other things such as for the dissemination of the Sixth Epochal Revelation through the Michael Foundation International.  Good day and best wishes as you await your destiny Steve Gitz.  Michael of Nebadon."

The GITZ THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS:  "I seldom speak as we are, Steve, not as advanced as the others on Team York.  However recognize that Ron has placed you as a priorityu to be fused if at all possible becasue you are among the only one who understands his love of music and the planning of the Symposium.  Ron has also composed a beautiful anthremfor the event and it is breath taking in orcehstra as we have already placed it on the agenda for that time.  In your case you Anthem is a natural part of the coming together of the elect from around the world of Urantia and your composition will be played by symphony orchestras you will hear often.  You are Ron are true composers and he is willing to learn from you all the time so do not take it you are not the lead on much of this work together.  That means you are in the lead to teach and prevail with him when he sees the reason to do so with you.  I am an Adjuster than needs a lot of reform from you, but the essential foundation of spirit in you is ready for my fusion and you shall befused in a few short periods of time.  You have not choice but to learn to speak the Voice of God or as we call it now, T/R.  Speak it well and let us all celebrate that gift when you are sure of your voice and its correctness.  I am your Thought Adjuster and I love you in spite of your improper cursing at the world, just as Ron does when really upset with people and things they do!  Good day. Your Adjuster."


FUSION TALK / Re: What You Should Know About Fusion on Urantia
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To all:
I have EDITED this thread's initial post severely.

Please reread the original post for better information for you who may fuse yet and for those who hope to over the coming years, as the advice is much better now.

Added is directions on experiencing fusion/  Added are physical notes on learnint the effects of learning to hear the Voice of God, too/    RON     Michael wishes to speak here:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Ron looked at the original post and thought to himself, this things is a tad over done with capitals and big letters.  I will take the old planet name and put back the word Urantia in its place too.  It reads as it should have been posted originally, but he experimented and decided it did not really work.

"Now. Ron tricked me into thinking this was for his information and I added a new modification of FUSION work to be done by Father that is slightly different from the method used on the five fused individual in the recent past.  Ron is so solidly fused he cannot be unfused, but Sue Whiley, be careful, as inattention can unfuse you.  Lemuel you are solidly fused just like Ron in all particulars, but your inattention can harm you if you do not give daily attention to your audio duties and so on.  Larry Gossett, your fusion can be undone if your Adjuster finds you too nervous to handle the pressures you will be placed under and another method of fusion attemped with you at a later date.  Father has informed Nebadon that these fusion modifications are to be used in Orvonton in general in the near future and Ron will be honored with his name on them--  all of them.  The funny thing is I thought Ron was the least likely to ever fuse easily in Nebadon over issues he entertains which I now understand so well I am glad he is fused and out of my hair on these things.  We think there will be a dozen modifications and each modification has been experienced by Ron and he does not know that.  His name is firmly attached to the pattern and that is all I can tell you.  I am Michael and this must end this post as it is just a modification and edit of the original but we have added a lot better information on top of what was there and deleted some that has no real purpose any more for Urantia.  Thank you. Michael."

"Now I know why Michael hides from Ron sometimes.  He gets sideswacked with Ron on redoing things when Ron decides he did not do as he should have and considers this thread to be locked at the top now for good reason.  It has medical advice in it now and that is too precicous to allow it to get lost. 

"I also advise against locking it Ron, just sticky note it to the top.  I am sure it will survive more posts, for the simple reason we announce a new fusion:

She requires considerable rest and already is thinking of taking a day or two off. There are no side effects except fatigue at the moment.  DOF 7/16/2018 10am Australian Local time Zone

We advise Steve Gitz he has about one month to be completely fused too.  His candidacy is troubled over his refusal to practice at all.  We may have to revive the DOF therefore, but as of today he has about a month to finish fusion already begun on his cortex.
"You will have a separate post by Ron on these boards when we feel it is time to dp that, Ron, and let all discover posts on their own. "  I am Lanaforge."

"Ron is genuinely very happy for both of you and so much he exclaimed Blessings! and fell into silence.  I caution all of you to remain silent until the fusion work is finished for Wendy.  She needs time to assimilate this event on her own time and thoughts. and Wendy when you find this post and read it, let it lie for the moment as Lanaforge and I both regred speaking to this so early, but we are on a fast track to get at least seven of you together in York as fused individuals around the center of the Michael Foundation International, as your Chief Ron is working on plans to obtain the Temple in perpetuity to your services to being with.  We also see you all becoming good friends as you all constitute the cream of spirit life on Urantia, and Ron just made a bad joke and we have to recover, in any case, we need to see you all there shortly and this ends our long fight to Christianize the work of God on Urantia.   You seven are truly unusual humans and this proves it.  There are three more candidates and we hope to have them in tow soon enough.  Good day. Michael."


Financial Risks & The US Dollar

Margul, Trinity Teacher Son
Serara, Magisterial Son of record on Urantia
Michael of Nebadon, Chief Salvington Government
Father on Paradise
Consummator of Universe Destiny speaks
York, PA 9am Local Time
July 15, and July 16, 2018

Ron Besser: This post concerns the coming financial crisis as ordered not by spirit but by the carelessness of man and the greed of the markets to maximize prophets at the expense of the stability of the moeny system we all use to pay down our debts and secure the life of ease we have grown accustomed to. I am providing several lectures on the financial problems that will come about to our system of money and credit in the Category on the US Dollar and the need to restructure our entire system of moneitization so that our future work can be based on a single currency backed by gold and its uses in industry as well. Here then are the transmission of concerned Deity and divinity about what they see happening and how to remedy the problems caused by a collapsing world empire of money and greed that sets their teeth on edge just to watch it work. Thank you. Ron Besser

(Deity from the Paradise Trinity and its work for future light and lige on Urantia)

“I relate to this subject quite well and present to you the do’s and don’t’s of the crisis your world is about to experience in your systems of money and debt paying to relieve all from the worry of bankruptcy due to circumstances outside of the money system you cannot control. Here are my points of interest to explain:

1 - No man shall have more than necessary soon. The new world order will cherish the man who saves and sees to his debts and his accomplishments to better this world soon, instead of the preoccumpation with 401K’s and the like to retire in lavis or necessary life styles already accepted as the norm;

2 - No man will ever recover all he lost during the coming financial crisis;

3 - You who read these passages easily must realize that God the Father is in charge of Urantia and the planet was gifted to the Father by Michael in 2009, and it remains His to do with as He pleaes. I am truly the Trinity supervisor but not the Trinity and that must be understood by the Trinity as well. Be assured it makes a tremendous difference to the Universe of Universes, that this crisis is to play out as if the Father Himself were directing the Missions for Himself on Urantia;

4 - I am convinced that this Transmitter reflects a new policy. It appears the Deity Absolute has resolved Mission conflicts and sees to the full repetition of our words to all of you through transmissions like this one. That removes a layer of censorship we have had to accommodate up until now and permits full statements for you to evaluate. The coming financial crisis is horrible and total and will wipe out all agreements including the Bretton Woods Agreement as the landmark system for monetary and exchange rate management established in 1944. It was developed at the United Nations Monetary and Financial Conference held in Bretton Woods, New Hampshire, from July 1 to July 22, 1944. It has since been modified several times but is essentially the same as then conceived. Its nature is secure but its working is and will be utterly destroyed by the collapse of the monetary system envisaged to come;

5 - The Bretton Woods Agreement is the basic agreement that makes the world work today and China and the United States are particularly beholding to the agreement through the World Trade Organization (WTO). Trump has unilaterally denied he agrees with the WTO, and is dangerously close to behaving in a way that will trip the wire that creates currency confusions especially in south east Asia. If the countries including Singapore and Malaysia, are forced into a currency revision because of the WTO debacle Trump is fostering, it will create a domino effect as it did under the Clinton administration when the Singapore dollar came under such pressure the entire region began to suffer economically and a run began that threatened the stability of all of Asia. Let this be a warning we must stop Trump from meddling with international agreements so he can get his two cents said and let the monetary arrangements as is prevail until the Michael Mission to Urantia can work its way with these financial systems;

6 - The trial is to be seen soon when the United States and Saudi Arabia take out a gallong of money to refinance the ARAMCO deal, which is what Saudi Arabia wants out from under even thought tht country supplies most of the oil to the world today. Oil plays a huge part in how the mentary system works and we provide the following for your edification:

         A) Saudi Arabia obtains about six billion dollars ($6,000,000,000) for every one million barrels of it purchases from ARAMCO to sell to the world. That is a huge sum, but Russia purchases its oil from its State run refineries and makes about seven billion dolloars for every one million gallons of it purchsed to see to the world markets including the USA. The United States has no real capital reserves with which to purchase oil and relies upon the Federal Reserve to announce what the cost of oil really is to the American tax payer;

         B) The wise man of old said a penny saved is a penny earned, but the United States values oil more than pennies and will make a drastic error if it starts usings its oil reserves. The Strategic Petroleum Reserve is a U.S. Government complex of four sites with deep underground storage caverns created in salt domes along the Texas and Louisiana Gulf Coasts. The caverns have a capacity of 727 million barrels and store emergency supplies of crude oil owned by the U.S. Government. It is both a strategic reserve and a bank upon which the United States owes debts upon in order to finance its industrial output in various countries such as Great Britain and Saudi Arabia, and as such is tied to mounting debt to the tune of one billion dollars per second on the debt meter until the US decouples that reserve from debt backing;

7 - I am Margul and I state the following to all of you. We have instituted a new policy in which we use snippets of the Internet explanations for facts and figures either known to science or statistical government reports and use them above to provide exact figures. They are accurate in our view right down to the decimal point. Further, I have authorized this Transmitter to use them and copy them into this text to expedite time and reporting to all of you. I have asked Ron not use references as all of you can find them accurately by a mere search on the Internet.

“We close this statement from me to remind you that is the Magisterial Sons, Serara and Monjoronson, who are the monetary genuises and they have a report for all of you below. Thank you. Margul a Paradise Trinity Teacher Son.”


Serara - “The following should be of great interest to the Federal Reserve and its environs, and I state the following for your edification too:

Coming Financial Collapse & The Gold Standard

1 - The United States stands on the brink of a huge financial crisis it must not fall victim to ever. It is seen here as worse than the great depression of the 1930's when fully one half of the work force could not find work and nearly starved to death.

Michael has alerted Me and Monjoronson about this and will make it work for the US to pull out of it briefly and then succumb to it later but mildly so. The reason is that the US Dollar is available so many places it becomes the currency of choice. Michael will force the Untied States to go back on the gold standard. We understand the world will never see it as useful until the dollar has a parity rating of $1.03 per unit in today’s dollar’s worth.

Ron you understand seigniorage not very well but well enough to understand that gives the dollar a small profit to the Federal Reserve as it is, and that will save the United States from ever having to use gold as payment but will allow the Federal Reserve to dole out dollars in place of gold bars. That is mostly true but not entirely true and circumstances will have to dictate when one is given over the other.

We have amended out choice for the gold standard to say only that the House that Jack built is full of holes on this issue alone and it becomes essentially moot as to how we strangle unusual currency floats such as Bitcoin. In any case the dollar will be supreme for centuries as the world adjusts to using dollars instead of local currencies and the Federal Reserve witll have to withdraw from many monetary unions to advise everyone how to use the dollar as their own as issued from Washington.

Dollar Parity:

In placing this issue before you today, I ask for another Category dedicated to the Dollar and how to use it wisely and to see to it this discussion is revised in many other forums too and Michael can easily see to that by forcing the Federal Reserve to bend to His demands to plane all currencies, not on a float status, but to one dollar value of $1.03 per dollar used. That places the Federal Reserve in the position of controlling the world currency market and kills off speculators for good and that will do immense good for the currency usages around the world.

“In many places around the work there are too many dollars floating around without a home. In Denmark, for instance, the dollar is pegged at $0.94 and in Greenland it is pegged at $0.387 per Krone (koruuni). This tells us that Greenland has no use for the dollar but that Denmark does (Krone), we therefore say the following to corporations who must deal in these markets, that you will lose your shirt when you attempt to convert dollars to their currency. When the dollar is pegged at $1.03 per dollar, that will force the other currency into oblivion because of that and the dollar value is fully retained and not falsely valued as it is in Greenland. We back the United States with gold reserves well in excess of the need for dollars in the coming crisis.”

Currency Floats and Parity Needed”

“I am Serara and I give this lecture mostly to Ron, but listen well:

“You need to understand you float currencies too Ron: You now place all debt on a card and pay it off with check. But your check bounced lately, not because of lack of funds, but because Synchrony Bank in Chicago uses your check as collateral and the collateral fell apart when fraud intervened and forced Synchrony Bank to cover for the check that got stolen.

“In that case the woman who stole the check almost got away with it except for your notation to your Bank, Citizens our of Rhode Island, heard you tell the bank investigator, the woman used a utility code to slip the check through a facility in the Citizens Bank that opens them too easily to fraud. You are not considered fradulent but almost brilliant for calling that to their attention. Brian (bank officer) saw it immediately and made a second guess on your behalf by stating to the investigator that the Synchrony Bank was probably the inadvertent perpetrator of allow the fraudulent woman to get away with it and she knew what you do Ron, it is a slipshod way of doing business.

“Synchrony Bank now thanks you for your debt relief which you paid in full when you discovered two checks had been purloined and they never showed up to pay your debt, and Walmart is now convinced you knew in advance what was happening and forced it into the light. Now the lesson:

“We have explained the fraud and the effect of it on the banking system and we are not entirely sure you believe we had nothing to do with it to test the bank you deal with and we leave that alone for now, but you have managed to gather a few friends in the Federal Reserve by announcing that the parity rate of the Dollar was to be set at $1.02. That was true then (April 2018), but even this is extraordinary for you to realize as you do understand that gives the Federal Reserve a small profit on every dollar used. We now set it at $1.03, and folks reading this, multiply three cents times one trillion billion and see how money flows back to the Federal Reserve. That proft on printing money is called seigniorage. In any case note the following now:

Federal Reserve Insurance on All Bank Accounts
“The United States will tighten its belt probably by refusing all Federal Reserve Insurance on bank accounts over a certain amount. Ron depends on them to back this and was reimbursed over $5,000 by Citizens for the fraud perpetrated via the method that woman used to steal the checks and cash them as the corporations they were written to. Ron now has petitioned Synchrony Bank for auto deductions from his account via MasterCard to pay debt off immediately to short circuit fraud and he is successful in getting it as they now see he is honest and wishes to avoid further fraud against them and him. In any case the fraud brought to Ron’s attention by the bank calling him to ask why he ordered 600 checks to an Illinois address, which alerted Ron, who lives in Pennsylvania, that the thief was so sure of herself she ordered checks in his name to write on his account anytime she needed spending money. Beware people! Thieves will appear everywhere and they must be stopped in their tracks and prosecuted as this woman now sites in jail without bail and a few accomplices sit with her there too much to Ron’s disgust as one made away with over two grand using the same scheme too and that has not been refunded to Ron over and issue he does not understand.

Bank Fraud and Utility Codes Need Abolished in Those Systems
“As Serara, the Magisterial Son, I am immune to these doings but Ron is forced to institute huge and expensive counter fraud methods not only for his accounts in that bank but in all banks who have bent over backwards to serve utilities who are always cash starved. What these banks need to do is to trend toward pooling utility payments to a common account that is severely policed and prevent persons who attacked Ron through utility check codes to purloin any chech when that code is applied to any checks to steal them. Now this:

“As Serara and the financial guru Ron loves to listen to, we make this available to all of you: The United States financial empire is based in San Francisco and New York City, and we predict they are going to tumble hard an fast.

“That is because the trial between the maker of money (the Federal Reserve), and the payee, sometimes you, is fraudulent in that you have no guarantee of credit or debit when you pay your bills. This is a cause we have long recognized is at work in the Federal Reserve, and that is because the world causes itself many headaches when it delivers payments in gold instead of currencies.

The English Pique Over Trump in Its Reserve

“The US Dollar is ready to collapse in England as their Reserve, the Bank of England, disdains Trump fully and completely and will not cooperate with the Federal Reserve over pique and not policy. That is their right to do, but such an action will cause panic in the least of suspect places and that is in the EU. The EU is in panic mode anyhow for several reasons including the insecurity represented by Brexit. Worse the EU is collateralize in England over issues of fraud in the EU system caused by the Greek bail out and the loss of billions of US dollar equivalencies when Greece demonetized its debt by coming to the US for bank currency agreements with such low interest rates there. The US favored Greece because of its high rate of retrun on its bonds, but now faces with Greece, the problem of payback with higher interest rates secured by a Federal Reserve raising rates faster than expected. As a result we have Greece looking at the United States wondering what it will do to collapse its debt through monetary policies that have no real rate of return, and that is not easily explained, but the Federal Reserve knows the business of money and Janet Yellen was a genius into seeing they got their fair shakes in any deal they had to finance for anyone including Greece.

“England is a reserve currency and to a certain extent so is the EU, but the EU has no real value until they finally bring what cooperating countries may be left into one pool of debt and monetary policy.

“Italy is playing a fools game, and so is England helping them by extending credit they cannot afford to lose when Italy goes belly up for good. This is not unlike the start of World War I, when some incident causes a run on defense confidence and the righteous ambitions of rulers who had no idea of their actions, and their collusion's precipitated a bloody mess that was never resolved until a second war had to be fought against the titan Germany. In any case the entire matter is before the Federal Reserve Board in a matter of a few short months if not weeks. Our words cannot be heard since we are not recognized yet, but we quickly will be when we establish our own Mission Reserve equivalent to the entire Federal Reserve value in gold. We state the following:

The USE OF GOLD by the Divine Missions
“Gold reserves are essential but we will not payout in gold but in US Dollars. Be aside in your views of this since gold is so coveted we will if requested consider it as such, but as long as the US Dollar is available we will not see the need to circulate new gold reserves into the world’s monetary system. Further:

“The Salvington Government is without planning on how to realize the US Dollar at $1.03 per unit without us giving the Federal Reserve a key to our Bank. We cannot do that, but Ron can make cross payments if requested at our disposal and their reception, and that is far above his paygrade but he is excellent at following instructions.

“Our accounting section will play all currencies as best it can when we add gold to the Federal Reserve to the tune of on billion Trillion dollars valuing gold at $1,237.00 per troy ounce. This is slightly below our original estimate of $1,257.00 per troy ounce in April of this year, but we have reevaluated its value since then and have settled on 1237/oz. Now this:

“I am Serara and I will for sure be preparing a statement shortly on this in financial terminology as Ron must put the right category up to get their attention. Lock all topics Ron and be sure comments are received in General or other Category.”

MICHAEL OF NEBADON speaks carefully to readers now:
“I am Michael of Nebadon and we have rested a poor transmission to a cracker jack transmission thanks to Margul and Serara and the Salvington Government of which I am the Chief Council and Ruler.

1 - No man shall ever be present when we bring the gold to Urantia; it is sacred means and we never show them even to little Ron the gold elf, and so on.

2 - Ron will receive the gold in the bank of our choice and literally count the bars and wait for assignment of those bars to the Federal Reserve. It is likely we will deposit our gold in the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, but that rquires more than what we want to do at the present time, but we must make provisions shortly as value must be kept while we can keep it;

3- No man except Ron Besser, is allowed to fully understand our transactions as he has seen to many transactions that re nearly miraculous in and of themselves and knows nothing. He also is useful to do these things as momey is a commodity to him and not a treasure as it is for most people these days;

4 - Our work is tremendously aided and abetted by Ron who has seen to Corporation building to handle our transactions through an “S” Corporation that allows receipt of money from any source and it is to be owned only by Ron although he has signed on officers with him in the Team complex. This advises us he is ready to act as a normal corporation and tell all of their dealings except to report financial operations to the public as it is a private company under the US statutes. He is using 100 shares of stock valued at 0.001 cents per share. It is valueless. We also smile for him and his officers as they will deal with trillions of gold dollars as they send the gold here and there in shipments they will accompany to reserve banks around the world. And this:

5 - Gold shipments will be ceased no more than necessary during volcanic activities due to the ability of our transports to deliver through skies full of soot. Ron loves the idea of riding a divine design transport and will ride many before he loses his place on Urantia to a fully fledged morontial being as himself some day. Good and this:

6- Gold transport is useful only to Reserve Banks in foreign lands and they must be prepared to store the gold received from us in a special vault open to us any time we ask to make an inspection. Your work Ron with Wendy is to inspect banks as they come on line and to be sure they carry nothing unusual in those vaults such as silver ingots which rot when placed with gold. The chemistry of silver is antidotal to the chemistry of gold and must be kept separately from the other in storage;

7- Gold storage, by law, must be in Federal Reserve Banks. We must have the law amended to store gold where we wish it to be stored for our onw usages. It will be a fight to clear that with the Federal Reserve as they insist on it being kept where they can find it all the time for reasons of State Security. We are Melchizedeks taunting these statements Ron so behave, and this: you Ron Besser have no sense of right and wrong when it comes to gold except you know it is very valuable. You are not watched because you do not understand the money involved with all that gold as it is a stack of metal to you. We close with this:

“We are convinced Ron Besser was placed on Urantia to be helpful, and that is that, but we are sure he now understands he will live to see another day pain free, and that is his wish for tomorrow. Tomorrow he must go the bank and procure no loan but about ten thusand dollars to get out of jail with the IRS soon who wishes to assess him a fee for running all over creation to understand his work with corporations. He has surprised them with an S corporation and they are still scratching their heads over what that is about. However, he knows perfectly what that is about as it is the place he can take gold bars and never tell where he got them and then to spend them and nobody will ever ask how he spent them. That is the trick we learned very well from Ron with Michael pursuing it with him. We are sure the IRS will wonder how it works but he is sure it will and that is how he intends to work it although the IRS will surely ask where he gets the gold bars and he simply says from shipments to him from the Federal Reserve. He is truly funny with this but he knows it works and so do we. Now this:

“I am authorizing that these gold shipments are in Ron’s name only but Ron correctly points out that he has officers in the Starbridge Foundation, and any shipement to him as Starbridge Foundation Corporation, requires fiduciary responsibility for the shipments to them as well and that will then be to the Starbridge Foundation in care of Ron Besser that such shipments occur. We all learn as we go I suppose. We close with this:

“Yesterday was Sunday the 15th of July, 2018 and so on to today the 16th. Today ron awoke with the usual painful feet and legs and asked to end it and we do not. The usual. Tomorrow he sees a doctor and prays he gets pain relief hopefully from Lyrica, but we are convinced that does no trick to relieve it and he may wind up with a lot of expensive pills that do no good. The truth is the Father must convert him to more than he is and the blindness and the pain are part of the exercise. I am fully sure it belongs here Ron, but do as you please. The secrets he has are numerous already and he knows more are coming especially when he must handle the basic financing of these monetary policies we will institute one way or another on Urantia. He is in charge of the dissemination fo the sixth epochal revelation and of our banking system with his accountants of choice. He will see to their work and to ours and tothe work fo the sixth epochal revelation as well and probably much more. That makes him so silly he cannot get serious sometimes as it is a dream world of Scrooge McDuck and the Urantia Foundation all mixed up in his picnic world of flattery and court gestures. I for one look at it as the height of truth and justice well spent on the universe this time in spite of his idiocy. He loves baths of thought and gestures but this time he has outdone himself with my help in a moment of peril on Urantia. We wish him and all of you well in the coming months as the Missions to change Urantia have already begun as all is in readiness. Best wishes to all. Michael.”

“I am sure we take leave of this post with good cheer as Ron must learn that Father is in charge and that his pain is truly lacking at times briefly and then taken back on in sleep mostly only to wake him and wonder why the degree of pain again. He is hoping Lyrica will mask it and amy do so to the joy to the world at least, and you are good Ron as you recognize the insistence as mine, Father, and you will have full relief on your own in minutes when we turn on all the circuitry prepared for you to lie well again. That bad tooth must be replaced and the Lyrica trialed but it will all work out well I am sure. You are grateful I know but thank Michael and the Father of Nebadon to be sure you make to safely to the other side these coming days as you are prepared to present the world the first morontial baby in the flesh we ever fielded on a world so depraved it cannot find time to sin any further as all the time has been taken to sin well first. I the Father from Paradise speak now:

(FATHER) - “We are sure this day is coming off well for Ron as he finishes this post with edits badly needed as we see the kind of post he loves to provide full of facts and usages we intend. I now take no umbrage by introducing the Consummator of Universe Destiny as he speaks as Me now:”


“I am Father as the Consummator now, and I speak in low and confidential terms:

“We must put aside all thoughts of trials for the moment Ron as you are the one on Urantia who volunteered first and last to stay the course until we are done with you and you then gladly go where we instruct you to go. That must be understood as the last word almost from us. You are a gadfly to us sometimes Ron and you are now using your best behavior to hear our statement fully and it is this: All of you must stay the course if you are to exit Urantia successfully now. The monetary funds will be made available in great profusion as that is the language Urantia knows best. You all must understand that the earth will tilt and come back into day and night again but not until there is a reckoning above with what must be finished, and that is North Korea, and China, and the United States, and Great Britain, and the EU and Saudi Arabia, and on and on, to stop their bickering over money and power and resolve to live peacefully on a world too small for all the people crowded on it today. There will be a huge toll in lives as the planet tilts and some tectonic plates fail at the same time, and Ron caught that immediately and asked but got no real answer. This tectonic plate failure is soon to appear on the west cost of Africa, the west coast of America, and the east coast of China and the Korean peninsula will be ravaged too as will Japan and many other lands. Be assured we care for all people but not for those who have no soul and have no Thought Adjuster. We make it clear that fully ten percent of the people living on Urantia have no Thought Adjuster and another twelve precent added to that have no soul to use after death. Such is the malignancy of the present moment on Urantia.

“Our work is to provide a new start for Urantia and it must be done with the glory of God in mind and you Ron fully accede to that in spades and you are fully determined to see to it daily and minute by minute and you are truly out sized by my spirit I see as you fumble for spelling now and then. In any case you are all found on my dais with Me to complete the hours of destiny that rings true now, and that is to fully contemplate death and destruction as you rarely will ever see it again. This is no trial but the truth of the reaping of the harvest by God on Urantia forever and anon.”


I do not know the answers to your questions, but I DO KNOW we had a big mix up yesterday with me and I had to do a double take or two and it is still unclear what it (the mix up in information and spirit dialog) was truly over and about.
Light did not know she was going to have two people to be a liaison for when the first post was made announcing her assignment.  She is well and doing her duty today and that is all I dare report.

Primus did make contact with Larry and very well and that is working just, but like Light, when I made the original post on this yesterday, he was surprised to learn he had two people now to serve as liaison.  Further that Order of Liaison Officers is now detrimental not but works so well I hear all l should and it is a wonderful service.  However, God the Supreme had second thoughts--  the best I can put it--  and sent everybody packing over who they should serve.  Was that service restricted to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Machiventa Melchizedek in liaison with Michael of Nebadon,  or was the liaison service tro be sued for all of we five fused beings.   The second post reassigned to the fused five but later in the afternoon, except for Larry Gossett,  all assingments were withdrawn except for mine with Manaforge formerly known to me as WAVE.

Now are you completely confused?   Do not be as it is being worked on and straightened out.  Wendy Winter was never to receive a liaison officer because she is not fused, but it was reported to me she was considered because I will depend on her yet to keep money matters on this operation with her to start with anyhow.  So she got named and then the candidacy was withdrawn because Paradise Deity objected to assigning a liaison officer to a non fused human.  And so it goes.

Worse yet Lemuel, I briefly received my morontial form late afternoon yesterday the 13th and I was truly pain free for an hour.  Without warning the entire thing was withdrawn and I was reverted back to the painful condition.  You dare not try to put the reasons together on such a revsersion, but two things:

One, I had to take the post sections down of my reversion to a better body form because it was suddenly taken away from me and the pain completely returned along with new problems of tinnitus so bad I could hardly hear myself think;  and:

Two, the Local Universe did me well, but Paradise Deity is stinking mad over the attempt and threw me out of the new circuits which were really pleasant to communicate with for me, and back into the dirty air of pain and what now? stuff. I have not recovered but I had to sleep twelve hours to attempt to bring me back to some competence.

Now here is Michael for you along Lemuel:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Lemuel do very well, but for some reason you prefer to emote more than think and you are stuck on a dime that was meant to turn you better to the light.  Dolly is with me today as she faults herself for not getting treatment in time, and Ron is precariously perched on the same diagnosis as we did not allow him to seek medical help when he wanted to, and now he is facing extinction too if we cannot get the Paradise Deities realigned with our needs.  He is truly a vital part of our Mission plans as are the five fused ones.  The Liaison Officers as he calls them are ready to serve and serve well and Ron is totally happy with that service and makes it work because he is joyful about that change alone.  However, Moiraya, MS Three, is livid we attempted to change Ron over to a morontial phase quite normal for us to do as he calls Ron not a true spirit and wants it rescinded and we had to.  Now the truth is Lemuel, you pick your fights and then drop them as fast as you pick them sometimes.  Ron and I love both love your audio work but you decided today to let it ride for a day which is fine, but you are watched by everyone for your daily audio work and you leave them wondering why stop?  You have yet to realize your obligation and we let you sit in your pale ways to figure out you do no good by being Lemuel when you must be a fused human and step up to your obligations as such.  Ron just told Larry Gossett that the five who message this board are not to be fully trusted as some are almost as he called them, sissies for not stepping up to take what life throws them and to report daily for their work schedule.  He means that in the sense you are still too frail to take on the little bit you have been handed to do this work for us.  He told Gossett to ignore the other four fused humans including himself and listen to Prius for command work and post as directed and not worry about what the other four are doing.  I find that refreshing for a change and we must get Ron back to normal if at all possible as he is severely restricted in mental work over such painful conditions.

"Lemuel, you are as stubborn as a mule in most cases, but you relent when it comes to our work because you know it is so very important.  Prius is to be your Liaison Officer as soon as we can straighten out the mess we created yesterday by giving Ron a break, but he is so ill we need to make sure that others do step in and keep things going so we can correct the ills he has fallen deeply into.  Ron is both good and bad in these ills as well as he is convinced they are so serious he cannot over come physical death and we showed what death was yesterday morning and which he never posted due to lots of problems surrounding that post.  You Lemuel are genetically unusual and so is Sue Whiley and so is Gossett and Ron has the facts to post but he refused to post the transmission because it has this morontial transition of his in it and it was withdrawn and you know the rest.  However, he must edit the post to show you something the Father reveals about your life due to the fact you do not have 48 pair of chromosomes, you have sixty (60), and that was divine intervention at your birth to deal with for the work of God on Urantia.  Ron has 49 chromosomes, one more than normal;  Sue has sixty (60) as you do, and only Gossett is fairly normal with fifty nine (59) chromosome pair.  This fully indicates that Father knew what he was doing and that you found yourselves here at least conversing together.  Only Amethyst has the normal number of chromosomes (48) with Ron so close to normal we still do not understand how he does what he does so much better than anyone else.  It is a mystery yet.

"In any case Lemuel,  you do yourself no good without taking on duty as well as you did in military service with us and Ron is exasperated by your lack of follow up so often.  You lay back and wait and that is deadly as Ron keeps telling all of you---  Go out and search for a transmission.   DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME TO YOU.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day."


Well done, Larry!

Primus here:  Ron asked me to state a few things for your Larry,  I am a divine being but you do not capitalize the pronounces referring to me.  Just capitalize my name is all that is necessary.  I hear Mantutia, let him speak Ron:

MANTUTIA - "I am the overall Supervisor of all you five, and Ron omitted Sue Whiley and Amethyst in assignment of the new Order of guides to them.  I make amends to that as there were no names in assignment when Ron named them yesterday.

"Sue Whiley, the new Order entity guide name for your is Primus as well, as you and Larry will share Primus together for the time being.

"Amethyst, you received the new Order entity guide Light, for Light is her name and she fits very well with you Amethyst.  Ron alone has Manaforge the first born of this new Order which still remains unnamed for reasons of State at this time.  Ron also says it does not matter as long as he has a name to put the face of his helper and who has proved to be quite a helper to day for all sorts of reasons. 

PRIMUS HERE - "I now speak with capitals and quotes as that was the order from Mantutia to do so here for you Larry and others who will get us assigned to you later on.  I am with you now as your Guide and as your helper to keep your busier than you are used to Larry Gossett.   I am now using just Larry as I feel I know you well enough, and that is good to know as I had a right to refuse working with you if you disappointed me at all.  Same thing happened to Ron Besser, as Manaforge (WAVE) had a right to refuse him and now you would not pry him loose as he sees Ron as a perfect assignment for all he wishes to learn and do.   You Ron speak to Manaforge on your own time!"



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