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Daniel Alderfer,
In my many years dealing with discussion forums and web sites, I have never met a snake as poisonous as you are.  You are the serpent that leaves no stone  unturned to poison good will and for those fortunate associations as we have on this web site.  Judas you are.

I have read your mail with ease as you are so stupid to forget you have a CC you do not notice and I read them as you send them to many others including members on this list.  I see what you really feel and how you hate and disparage what I support and stand for, and that you cannot wait to be even more destructive.  I also know some of the people you write to and I see the results of your diabolical counsel in counseling emails, even when those you counsel find it too hard to keep displaying it, it is so false and unfair.

As consequence, I have decided to remove the bad apple from the barrel permanently.  You are no friend to anyone I know who counts, and you are no friend to Pronto and others you counsel with your wickedness and hyperbolic destructive nature.  Frankly, you disgust me, and I and this forum say goodbye hoping you drown in your sea of horrors and unhappiness.

As of now,  your account is frozen and your use of this site forbidden for any purpose I am capable of stopping.  Those who take counsel from you and act upon it will join you well away from this site without further notice.

Ron Besser/Admin

"Ron has finally seen the light and the result of your work for him, and frankly, for God who delivers this ultimatum to consider:

"You have been at this for weeks now and you do not know where to stop.  Members should read what you write and say not only about other members but about yourself as an arbiter of justice you have no idea what you are talking about,  You have been inflamed by Andy Vines who is partially mentally ill, and further by people you collude with who are unhappy members or former members of the web site here.  I dare you to speak that way to me when I must adjudge who stays on Urantia and who does not, and frankly you have miscalled everything from bigotry to sexual assaults you do not even remember.  You were warned several times and most kindly by Ron with my help, and you must abide in the spirit that abides in you, or even lose that as you continue down this past of disgusting behavior.  Andy Vines is now history and was treated with the utmost respect, kindness, and treasury, and has only himself to blame for burning all the bridges he had in place when he left by car to visit friends in Maryland and Viriginia.  He is now gone from the east coast entirely and entreats you with phonbe calls daily to keep you going.  He has a lot to answer for and you are advised that you do too at this point.

"Ron is completely aware of the Pronto post quickly withdrawn as well, and Pronto is now in your net and seething over lost hopes as well as lost friends as many saw it and told him to take it back and hope it was not seen.  But it was and the Alderfer message was in it word for word nearly in tandem with the snake as Ron now calls Alderfer.  I call you Alderfer, the Judas along with Andy Vines who knows nothing but pretends to know what the Lord really thinks of the web site and the host.  You Pronto are allowed to continue but your behavior must be without the meanness you passed on briefly this morning.  I, Michael of Nebadon, call the shots with Admin, and that makes us doubly hard to break apart, as we both know that an unhappy merchant life Alderfer is, that they only end without much to live with or give to others ever again.

"We have asked to permanently remove you without any plan to resurrect your unkind ways again among those who do are this finally works out to the benefit of everyone who reads this and the transmission entries we are beginning to train the fused ones to deliver.  Ron has shown what can be done when full effort is applied, and you Alderfer have permanently disfigured yourself before we the Deities in Nebadon, both as useless and strain upon all of us for ever having tried to train a Judas.  You know what I think of that and why.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."

"I am supporting everything said here with Michael of Nebadon and the one we call Ron for now.  He has been blasted and scorned by nearly everyone in the Urantia Foundation, except here he is honored.  We restrain ourselves from harm in your human form, but recall your head is blackened with alcohol and your words are slurred far too often to trust them.  Ron had no ill will for you until these posts kept arriving in his mail box, and they did so because the spirit police saw you copied him on those befarious things your falsely reported.  You are done with spirit today Alderfer, and you just live your life out until it is snuffed out by your own carelessness or accidental crash of a sound wave you may not understand well but leaves your consciousness go blank.  We do not do recrimination but we warn of them, as what you are doing to poison others of good will here must stop and it is in your hands to stop it, not ours.  Good day.  Mother Spirit."

"We in the Paradise Trinity rarely look at what people do on Urantia.  But you Alderfer are called Judas because you joined with the invitation to the Kingdom and once in it decided to ravage those who carry its message.  I am signifying to you Daneil Alderfer you make a fatal error and you will regret it for a long time if they do not intend to end your life on Urantia period.  No one does what you did and lives on Salvington or Edentia or the mansion worlds and not for long on the mansion worlds at all, for that is where your final judgement is applied and applied to you forever.  I am now destroying all my records concerned with you and your advice to others is so suspect we dare not look at it in detail or your judgement will or may be already done and out the door you go.  I close with this reminder:

"Do not ever recall Andy Vines for anything if you value a pleasant end to your life on Urantia in spiritual terms.  The judges decree humans live out their natural life span and then apply retribution if much evil has occurred and, with you, it has to the point we no longer value your association.  Good day.  Margul.

"I see Ron wince at these remarks, and they are truly sincere in thier meaning from us to you; however, as Ron points out in his mind, you need to face justice and then see if you can remind all you have counseled with such anger in their hearts now, to disabuse themselves of what you said and make it clear all you said is untrue, and we assure you, what you are saying is indeed untrue. 


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / Re: Jesus on My Second Advent
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:27:13 PM »
Just wonderful Sue!, and Jesus you speak deeply to my heart this way.  I look forward to great things with you Jesus and I pledge my undying support to your Cause and your art of speaking Father.  Thank you for a beaugirul reception Sue' now get your rest as you are not done speaking for Jesus so often now!
Ron Besser

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Hold on!
« on: March 15, 2018, 02:07:28 PM »
This day is unaccompanied by any good will I feel for the realm of the gooders.  Doing they are not!  Lemuel got a cryptic transmission from Michael.  When I open my email there are all my messages displayed and not a one is readable,  I go to log into the main web site of Comcast, the browser doesn't even display the URL.  I am being blocked in email readability and hence no responding to any private posts this morning.  It places my teeth on edge very well.  I am reporting this without meaning as I have no idea why they block me and they say they do for reasons of State.  Go figure.

Otherwise things just drag on as they have been and Michael was in contact with me earlier today and had nothing much of anything to say.  Mother Spirit had a session with no words but indwelt me that made my brain cells sing with those high pitched ringing sounds I get when Deity indwells and that has been frequently, very frequently, this week.  Here is Michael now:

"Ron you are a racer and smell the slightest shift of venue and you are blocked from communicating except in general to this web site which we left untouched to keep information flowing generally if we want that to happen too.

"Jesus is preparing a speech and He is ready to give it on the authority of Myself and my people/  The trial is set to go the trap is set to catch.  Your life with God is full of mischief right now and you must allow something to provide you some solace and not good dreaming but an actual event to let you off the hook with all you have to put up with.  Larry_G is at work and humbling himself before the boss for being lackadaisical  on the job and you can thank yourself for getting him upset and then rescinding on my orders alone.  Lemuel sent you a personal message and you can respond to it when the tension is removed from the room soon.  All in all the day is set to astound millions if not billions and it will occur when we want it to.  Clency will you stop shilling yourself?  That is meant to be an explanation mark,  Write it again Ron.  Clency will you stop shilling yourself! Reads different that way does it not?  It means speaking mantras to yourself so you do not hear a negative word for something you care and want so much.  AS this is written figures it is about 9PM where you are and he is in bright daylight early afternoon in York.  You have to go by York time (and that is the same for New York time) and wait until early his this evening time to know anything.  Good day.  Michael."

"We have determined that Ron is so gobsmacked by physical impairments he must be let moored at the side of the road as I have been indwelling him this morning, and yes, that alwasy results in brain cells singing with hight pitch audio sounds he is quite used to when Deityh indwells him.  His work is stretched thin now as he has been stopped from working on his Infinity Paper which is gorgeous but too small yet and must be greatly expanded another ten pages more and he is on page 12 or so now.  It is full of a disclosure that will astound you and he is quite sure he does not have it down right yet but we will get it for you in due time.  Be assured that today the 15th of March is full of a few international surprises and a word or two on TV from our spokesman, Jesus, that the world will be at peace soon in spite of Trump and Kim Jung-UN.  I had Ron delete a long sentence that came next and it was to remind Great Britain never to let its guard down as the world with Russia will become dicey but manageable with our help.  This nanna Mother Spirit.  Good day."

"Ron is let off the hook soon and that means all of you will be too.  He is indeed the canary in the mind; if he dies the miners better get out of there quick meaning he is the most sensitive to bad air and the world is full of it today.  Trump is throwing his weight around again at NAFTA and is making it unbearable to listen to as he demands a wall to be paid for by Mexico.  Mexico is outraged and Canada supports Mexico in all of this and now we have a tread embargo being threatened by Trump is he is not listened to.  Ron calls it blackmail.   So do I.  In any case we have something to say later today Ron's time to all of this.  Good day.  Michael."

Ron - Heaves presarve us!  I could say "preserve," but the folksy word is better right now.  For those who do not know English dialect, different parts of the United States speak linguistically different that we East Coast citizens, and even to the use of syllables as in Oakie Land as some call it and that it is country folk deep in Appalachia draw their "r's"over every other sound and you get a real soft spoken language which Ron, me, enjoys.  There you have it.


General Discussion / Re: Condition RED
« on: March 14, 2018, 10:48:39 PM »

"I am Michael.  You are not stuck anymore.  I am not bringing you to the family picnic.  You will continue in the human forum and it will abate your desire for better attention to endless burning and eyesight problems not eventually but fully taken out for you to fee quite normal.  To make you a visible morontial child is too far, too big,  for Nebadon to attempt as I have been informed you are too big and sassy to clear your problems that way. 

"That means you are stuck on earth for another 2 or 3 hundred years without abating your status as human.  You called me out good Besser and that is to tell your friends who wished you goodbye without knowing what they were saying, are not going to lose you soon. You just stayed  away from the computer all day today to catch your breath and figure out just what I am going to do with unremitting burning pain and eyesight worthy of a slug.  I am not listening to you banter with Dora your translator and wish you for to concentrate with my willingness to mortify myself and be of help in your mode of crisis.  I am not taking further calls today after this message as it is the only message for any one today as it is March 14th and I did promise something to break March 15th your New York time zone that York, PA, is in.  Good day.  Michael."
Sue:  So very sorry no funeral yet.  I am supposed to stay quiet too but I really am caught in an information vacuum right now and I was delighted with your post on Infinity.  Build your transmission muscles up now as they only have good things to send you!

Larry - Old chum you are not going to lose Loretta Young as I have a lot more beauty soap  to sell you for centuries now that Michael has bared his chicanery and lets me suffer for a good cause a little more.  I just need rest and some form of relaxation besides Trump falling out of the sandbox with the three Stooges.

Lemuel - The deal is yet that when we wear out, you and I, probably ahead of the rest who are part of our Team, we will be looked at for some sort of morontial transition.  But Michael is choking the turkey and being mum for anybody to know anything until he catches up with what is pushing him to be Himself today,  I have to right myself not because I did too much transmission work but because I have like six oather irons in the fire and I got tired of it for the day.  Bless your leg and look forward to better walkies soon!


General Discussion / Re: Condition RED
« on: March 14, 2018, 11:46:42 AM »
Sue, Lemuel - to all:
I am feeling some what guilty and thought maybe I should just take the post down.  That is because you are trying very hard to see it my way and want to help.  I fully and truly appreciate your vigorous response and willingness to get on to bigger and better things for an effort not for me entirely, but to bring out of you the response to a universe that is ready to provide a lot more and NEW information. 

Sue, in particular do not drive yourself into sleep deprivation as that can be most harmful to the effort asked for too.  I do not really know the conditions you are working in, but summer time and heat and emotional turmoil over lots of things will do you in in spite of your sincere efforts to bring the idea to your place great amounts of new information that compliments my efforts here in York.   I just ask you to find what you can and see if they (the celestials) can accommodate you in an environment from hell as I see it.  We get it here too but I have a/c at least and I can ignore 35 Celsius outside when I have to.  Do not become ill but accommodate when there is easy and reasonable time for you to get to work on your wish to dedicate these talents we all possess as fused individuals to the Father and what he wants known on Urantia now.  I let it go for now as there is nothing I can do much about anything while the forces and powers coalesce over hour heads for the big moment they have planned for so long.  Messaging to you and us is part of the big effort we can continue to replicate for the big effort they make too to force Urantia out of this squalid behavior we all so much hate and repudiate.  It does not help my mood or yours or Lemuel's or anyone at this juncture.  Take it easy and see what your dedication brings gently.

Lemuel - computer illiteracy becomes mine too when things pile up and the tubes in electronics do not cooperate to get your best expressions on paper.  That is for all of us too and to participate through you with new knowledge you are going to replicate to us soon.  I feel it in my bones for what is coming to you and I cannot wait to see what they open to our eyes through you.  I remind you too that you are not to harm yourself by finding a lot of time and nothing inventive coming, but allow the celestials to speed you up a little and then find the words through the Deities what they want known through you.  I am pressing harder than I like, but they too are pressing me to the point I have trouble physically of getting it all done as it should be.  You might find this exercise out of you to be exhilarating, but be careful it does not harm your recuperation and energy levels before you really get used to working with the new style.

Let me now state that please, do not get yourself in an uproar over colors and things.

The most important thing to do is to take your dictation and correct for typos or expressions that are awkward.  When you have your text as you think it should be presented and corrected.  The next thing to do is your contribution in particular.  That is to TITLE new paragraphs that introduce a new concept or new statement that adds to the understanding of what is dictated.  I color them so the eye picks them up like an outline of the dictation.  These titles should make for easy reading and if copied alone, show the reader the gist of what is spoken to.  For some this is not unheard of to do when you have written a paper for school or for work, but for others, just remember to plainly state what is coming above the paragraph it comes in, and you have done your work well. 

It matters not a whole lot to get bullets and colors and things into your presentation of revelation, just remember to space it clearly with space between paragraphs in that dumb editor.  Now here is the big trick to nice looking formats:

Write your dictation in a word processor or transfer from your phone text to a word processor.  When you do save the file with a good key word in the file save that tells you instantly what that file is about.  When the format looks good in your word processor and you consider it done, DO NOT COPY AND PASTE IT until you do this:  Instead, instruct your word processor to convert the entire file to HTM OR HTML.  It will replicate your file name and place the same name with a new extension and instead of saying *.doc or something it will say *.htm(l). Make sure your Internet browser opens when your file is converted to HTM or HTML and look at it.  Inside the browser you can easily color titles and other things to pretty up the presentation.  When you have added the extra format that your browser allows,  go to your browser's Edit button and click on SELECT ALL,  and that selects all text and code and then copy.

Select COPY.   With all this on your computer saved now in the your clipboard, open the site, select the Category your Paper fits in best, open a New Thread, then place your cursor in the new blank text window.  On your keyboard hit two keys together CTRL + V  (that's Windows - I do not know Mac) and your clipboard places the entire text and all your formatting displayed quite nicely.  When you tidy up as you wish, post it.   For Mac users you have to use this process as to how Mac treats these things for preview or publication.  Htm(l) preserves formatting better than our own text window makes you work it.  Experiment with it until you have your own and comfortable why into this process.

"I am quite happy that Ron has taken the time to show you how you do it his way.  However, he has made the point that you do not have to do all that so long as you have clear titles with emphasis above the truly important paragraphs that explains what the post is about.  This is the true teaching method and how you display it is less important than observing titles as he presents his work now.  Lemuel you are a natural title maker.  Larry is a rotten title maker but does well enough when he understands the nature of this information and post.  Sue you sweat the small stuff not, just title and let the rest to Ron to dress you up with the formatting that works so well for him.  Prepare titles yet prepare to have them edited.  Larry you are always at sea until you get the drift of what you know to be the truth of your posts,  title the posts accordingly.

"Now this:  Ron must take a small vacation as he is exhausted over other matters pending before us and he must take calmly our insistence he must leave Urantia if he is ever to feel comfortable again.  That means a decision has to be reached about the form he takes over the next few hundred years or so.  He wants to be in the flesh but hates the idea of moving into the morontial without much preparation as to how to do that and still retain a visible form.  If we decide to do it,  he will just disappear from Urantia and be placed into a modified morontial form up here and transported back to Urantia in the same house he left in several days before. Why this has to be considered is that he is facing excruciating pain again over issues of a fight between higher beings and his insistence to finish his work on Urantia as himself, and they are not allowing that at all.  This has been discussed with Ron for weeks and weeks and he sees little else to do.  We will fill him in quickly and then let things become what they have to be if and when we implement the morontial campaign to have him participate on Urantia that way.  We have discussed this fully and the decision is to leave Urantia in a few days, be converted to the morontial, and return fully morontialized in visible human form.  This entails an emotional goodbye to all of you as fellow humans and precludes Adjuster fusion on Urantia resulting in flames, but will afford Ron a great deal more comfort that he can find at all on Urantia any more in his present form.  This has implications for you Lemuel, and eventually for Larry as well, but it is too soon for Larry to discuss this yet."

"Ron is quite disheartened over what he has to do and finds it impossible to know what he takes on by converting or actually in a conversion to a morontial form he really cannot tell the difference from his human form.  This is disconcerting to the human brain considerably and he knows he gives up his life as a human at age 75.  That is a normal life span on Urantia and fully competent to live well in the morontial areas of life on High.  It gives him little comfort to know there is no grave stone or marked on the family plot he even lived, but that is no sacrifice, but not to acknowledge he lived there with them can be accommodated some day elsewhere.  I am the Eternal Son, and I care that Ron have his day in court before us and swear fealty as before the Magisterial Sons and Jesus and before us all, and then commences the morontial career he should have started five years ago today as a matter of fact.  His biological father died on March 15, 1998, and his mother died on August 21, 2012, and all of them have had a memorable life on Urantia and were happy to go to the morontial worlds of Mansonia quickly.  In his passing from human to morontial life in a few days, he will not remember the passage of time but only comfort in the body he has not had for over six years now.  We are glad he allows this to pass as it must and we congratulate Michael for looking at it one more time before he spits Ron out as a difficult human to work with, not because there is a unruly problem, but because the human form is so difficult to maintain on Urantia very well at all.  Be aware Ron your biological parents now understand you must come over now, and they are sure you led the life you should have as you could under great restrictions of temper and heart, and now will provide Urantia no offspring but we will see to a morontial transference of life to some here who would love to be yours someday too.  Good."

General Discussion / Condition RED
« on: March 13, 2018, 11:52:51 PM »
You must all understand we have reached a breaking point between the universe and ourselves on this list.  Most do not ever think that there is such as thing as reciprocity, and few ever realize they are part of a body politic that has some idea of reciprocity in their requirements.  Tonight is a good example, and I am not blaming what tonight is on Members or their subordinates as Guests.  I have completed what is yet another insightful revelation as Part II about Infinity and many things we just never knew about that situation and condition the Father is fully capable of including us into when our capacities are sufficient to enter into that situation and condition for ourselves.

I am also in formed that I have to lay low and let the board resurrect itself without my punishing some of you with more information than you can hold.  I understand that as beginners do have the vocabulary or the interest in such matters.  However, recognize I am exhausted in many ways that I cannot easily recover by processing hours every day to produce works of new information while no one takes hold and makes it at least understandable there is a reason to do this.  Now I fully admit I learn more than you do about what is revealed in these long hours of composition, but I am tired of seeing empty boards when there is so much food on the table.  There are reasons for this complaint I briefly wish to give you.

1) Lemuel is or was in hospital to save and make work again a badly shattered tissue they found wrapped around his tibia and I rely upon my Adjuster to tell me that.  He also is going regain his bonvivant ways and be a great one to be around again, and I sincerely wish him well in all of this.  But now Lemuel has to step up to the plate and extend himself into the wilds of revelatory production he is not used to or ready to produce he thinks. 

Lemuel:  While I am recuperating from the strain of over production, the Father is asking you to produce a ten pager at least in written format, and use my production standards to the best of your ability please.  While you recuperate a bad leg, learn to transmit for a few hours at a time and stand riveted to the production idea that it has to go to the discussion forum the same day you started it all formatted and titled.  I am asking you for this through your Adjuster who is with me at this moment of writing, and tells all you are a second Ron Besser, and that you need to show your stuff.  I leave it to you and your Adjuster, audio transmission and all, for you decide how and when to do this for us.  Thanks you.

Larry:  I believe I ask the impossible for you to do the same thing I outline above to Lemuel.  Somehow though we have to show much more than we do now and I find the excuse of not having enough instructions from on high a bad call as you will have those instructions from on high when you sit down with the intention of working a few hours to produce a paper formatted as I have done with titles and spaces and all.  Only you will format a new revelation of material not seen before, and they are preparing, as I write here, your subject on their choosing.  All you need to do is edit it and arrange into titles as I have.  Thank you.

2)  I am losing my voice and my ability to do as I must do to keep my body warm and living as I keep getting new revelation to the point I can type eight hours a day and still do not have it ready for production display on this web stie.  I do not mind no body responds because it is too much to talk about, but I do mind that I am the only one doing this, and I am asking that as two fused heroes that stand with me, to find it possible to start a high production of revelation for all else who cannot do this now or possibly never.

Sue Whiley -  You need time to recover, but you are not exempt as I see you a third Ron Besser who can produce good revelatory text they are insisting I produce in length, and I think you need to teach yourself touch typing and begin what we have to show the world, and that is we are fully aware of the revelatory environment we are in, and then strike while the iron is hot.  Yes you need a day where you have a consistent quiet period and do not have to work because these revelatory texts we have to originate take from three to five hours of typing and editing to get done.  You also need to attempt they style of formatting I have shown all of you lately.  People learn quickly from that style and there needs to be some revelation some where that can be consumed without causing people to complain, complain, complain.

Amethyst - You alone know when you have reached your limit of finding no reason to write anything.  You can quit now and nobody would miss it since you contribute very little in written texts.  All I have said to the others above is true for you when you can take the heat and attempt to provide our list a revelatory text of many pages.  That number of pages attempts to bring subjects in depth in revelation, and you are too darn good t o let sit and wile away your time.  When you feel ready you have my sincere delight to help you along if you require my help at that time.

3) To all others I wish to point out that we have been turning the corner on what we once were to what we become soon enough thanks to the appearance of Jesus and his insistence we participate in His cause.  We will hear Him soon enough and we must be better prepared as writers and transmitters of those concepts for Him so when we are read with better understanding we then have contributed our fair share of what information God is willing to part with.  Do not think this message will appear and then fall behind the horizon of time without being repeated now and then,  I am hardly upset but I am so well taken care of in revelatory information, I need help to spread the news and not let it dam up behind me as it is starting to do.  YOU who CAN must PRODUCE!  You have the talent and the means to do it and the Mission needs this to come into practice now and not months from now when we will be in another situation that requires another change of venue I am willing to be the farm on.

I wish you all a good day and I am pinning this message up to the top of the board so it can be read on first notice,  I thank you and please feel free to discuss this message with posts to it as you may feel necessary to do.  Good day.
Ron Besser
MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I goaded Ron into doing this post and all I had to do was point him to it and he layed the law the down as I would have.  It is nice to have a human who feels as I do for my own creation up here on Salvington.  At the temptation to exhort Lemuel and the others named further, I remind you that effort of this magnitude gets high rewards.  R0n has been supplemented in spirit for this work with a freezing of good news to bring him into the presence of God the Supreme who surreptitiously fused him a week ago and now is back to refuse him with Phase 6 of what is a seven phase fusion process starting with seven and working back to one.  One is so difficult the Supreme feels he does not get that until he is ready to be a Finaliter.  Read this right and do not rush reading.  Ron has been fused with Supreme mind using two fusions, and those are called Phase 6 and Phase 7.  Phases 1, 2, 3, 4,  and 5 are to come much later in the ascension career.  This is news that Lemuel and Larry should covet themselves as these are the Supreme phases that allow full memory of the past and full memory of personal needs and happiness.  For now we leave this news item alone.

"Secondly, we are about to start a transition on Urantia that requires the fused ones to become auto transmitters of revelation that does not appear in the Urantia Book because there is no room for it right now.  Ron started all of this with a two part series on Infinity, and Part II is stuck in limbo only because Ron is so exhausted he cannot write until he gets badly needed rest.  You all can see his out put over the past few days and we admit we never had a transmitter ever do this much in such a short amount of time and to present it that many of you notice the new style and how easy it is to learn from it. 

"We leave it at that as well for now.

"And finally we regret to say that people selected for fusion soon will no longer be mentioned on this forum due to the unfortunate reaction in one case which resulted in intense care to avoid further reports of such glad tidings.  We close with the solemn promise Ron must not be exposed  to the hate this has generated and we regret ever using the name well in the first place at this time.  I wish you all a good day.  Michael."


JESUS - The WHOLE SUBJECT / JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
« on: March 12, 2018, 03:53:40 PM »
JESUS Speaks and the Advent of Christ
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Jesus

•          The Jesus Entry to Urantia via the Announcement
•          The Jesus Attitude to Approach
•          Fused Human Assignments for Jesus
•          Establishment of Media Censor on Urantia for the Jesus Return
•          Add Another Mission: The Changing of the Guard
•          Introducing to the Press and People the Power Behind the Throne– the Existence of Michael
•          Serara to Leave Urantia

York, PA 1300 hours local time
March 12, 2018

I am Michael, and I await further developments for all of you on Urantia in order to make it clear we have a Mission to accomplish quickly and efficiently. I list them and comment upon them as follows:

1 - The SECOND ADVENT of Jesus Christ
This particular note is hardly or entirely appropriate to speak to, as we must learn that Jesus Himself is no real Christ, but the Churches on Urantia only call Him that every time they mention his person. Therefor we retain the title Christ only because traditions are so stubborn on Urantia, we cannot avoid their use even if we forbade their use.

Christ has to overwhelming attributes:

He is Subject Entirely to the Father Will in this Second Advent of Return
a - He is Divine and therefore subject to spiritual laws, and not the legalities of the legal system or mores on Urantia. He will do and decide policy to interface with the public, not by a human mind anymore, but using the Infinite mind of his Father God in Heaven. This can casue perplexity among the people; therefore, you who read this be prepared to explain nothing, as the choices of the mind of Jesus are between His Father and Himself;

Urantia Mores Have Changes So Much Since His Human Life in Galilee, He Teaches from New Script to the People of Urantia

•          1 - He is without pedigree on Urantia since so much time has elapsed between the time he left by your calendar on Friday, April 07, 30AD. He was 36 years of age when he died. Today, 12 March 2018, is over 2,036 years that has passed and the mores on Urantia are so poor, the strictures that Jesus lived in His life as a loving mortal are no longer well or ever observed anymore. Jesus Himself concurs that we have little to reference to reinforce in His new teachings to the laity that lives spiritually only by the grace of God anymore.

•           2 - The Magisterial Mission Is on Hold for Two Years More and will become authenticated by what Jesus has been able to repair in order for a genuine spiritual Mission to occur. The Magisterial Mission will accrue in two particular ways:

Light and Life Comes Early to Urantia perhaps -
•          a - There will be no Magisterial Son in charge; instead, Serara and Monjoronson will provide the lessons and the trials of what is to be the Urantia Magisterial Mission, and they will act in concert with Margul, the Trinity Teacher Son, and that is because the Trinity has requested that Urantia settle into Light and Life as soon as possible, and to leave one thousand years of development as the old idea held for the Magisterial Mission work, slip to a mere five hundred (500) years. This has been signed off by the Father and the Supreme as doable if not on a very hectic motion to compress time to get it done on time.

Add a New Mission: The Changing of the Guard Mission for God The Supreme to Enter
•          b - Light and Life polarities are so different from normal evolutionary change, that all who are allied with the Missions on Urantia, and they include the Magisterial Mission; the Advent of Christ, and now we add one more: CHANGING OF THE GUARD MISSION. That is a Mission to invite God the Supreme to enter and dismiss all human activity in the Missions and pervade Urantia with their personnel to prepare for Margul to authorize the beginning of Light and Life sometime around your present calendar year 2533.

The Changing of the Guard Mission is fraught with characteristic changes of Supreme administrative rule. Supreme Administrations never allow humans to enter the picture, and never allow humans to decide anything in Phase I of Seven Phases on an old evolutionary planet. But in this case, those who have fused already on Urantia, will have an option to meet with the Supreme Administrators, and that is in order to tender their resignations and be left out to ascend to the mansion worlds in a display of Light and Life credentials you already have for the most part.

Besser and Lemuel and Gossett are the primary focus of the Supreme Administrators as Ron is the only one to fuse in the actual prevailing Fifth Epochal Dispensation. That gives his age rights to call the shots if it ever comes to him having to do so. Lemuel is considered second in command of those rights, and Larry just enjoys the ride if it comes to having to make fusion decisions on their service to Monjoronson and Serara, the Magisterial Sons of record on Urantia.

The betrayl of Andy Vines and Daniel Alderfer are solidly behind us now, and they no longer play a significant role in any of these Missions on Urantia.

Press Conference Assignments
3 - We have good news and bad news for the human service members. They are all on staff except we must modify that roles which Lemuel and Larry are to play. Lemuel insists on being prey to heartache to the point he bothers no one about these Missions except himself and Larry cares a lot about them but cannot seem to be able to speak to them at all either. Ron is all over the place with news and it is he who will be the spokesman for Jesus and his work on Urantia. That means he will be in the lime light constantly for the press over what Jesus intends to let out as his couriers decide from Paradise, and what he wishes to be known before the press and public. We expect a hearty attendance and it may outflank the daily briefings of the Presidency every day as well. It is a high office and Ron is truly equipped to handle it well.

We, meaning the Michael Staff supporting these Missions, will also appoint Ron as our news outlet which can be handled in the same Jesus network briefings, to establish rapport with the new media and bring the entire matter to a boil by announcing that Lemuel and Larry Gossett will be ron’s co-workers to prepare briefings with and for him to give. This requires perforce the writing of briefings by Ron by what Lemuel and Larry receive in transmissions for public statements. Ron also needs transmissions to him as to the priority of news announcements and conformation of what is brought to him is accurate.

4 - At last we come to this:

White Paper on How to Introduce the Creator Son as Part of The Christ Bestowal
Press Conference briefings aside, we are asking Ron with Jesus to prepare an Agenda for our reach to the public as Michael of Nebadon. The power behind the throne almost, is how Ron refers to me in this assignment. Ron looked at me almost in horror to say how could he possibly be of help to Jesus on such an important matter. Ron is to chat with Jesus informally and Jesus will write the report in true handwriting. It is high time that Urantia respect the way God rules abd they must become familiar with the Creator Son and Creative Spirit role we have to play to obtain a modicum of spiritual cosmology now.

Media Censor like a film censor of the 1930's To Be Established by Spirit

5 - The dial of press reports are issued by Ron, but newspapers frequently grasp little and we shall establish a Censor of Urantia and newspapers who flagrantly abuse information to see papers will be banned from press reviews under Ron and will be regarded as useless unless reorganized under our rules.



“I am Jesus. We are now loading the tape onto the transmission outlet for my announcement this coming March. It is very close to the 15th or a little later, and I do not want a bunch of chickens flying around the room as this date approaches. Yes, Ron, that is the Ides of March, and Caesar still wears a band-aid for getting int politics. Nonetheless, I remind you that Ron played Prophet a month ago now, and told a group that thinks he is a nut case already, and they laughed at the message until they read my words. In the words of our modern day prophet, ‘Christ returns in the month of the Lamb, and woe to those who betray his trust.’ It is true and Ron truly can prophesize if he considers it urgent to know. Now I say this:

My Approach Will Be Gentle
“Before we consider the date important, consider how I feel being forced into a situation that is so dicey I cannot guarantee a decent outcome. Ron has truly rubricated us into thinking we need to be forcefully present because there is no respect for the divine or even for God these days. I take him fully correct on that alone, but I have decided on a gentle approach first, and damn the torpedoes second. You all know the routine and I will not spell it out further to you either, but this time is the last time it will ever be tried or announced or signed to by anyone, as it has happened once too often, and I intend never to set foot on Urantia gain unless it is brought to Paradise and put on my teacher’s desk to work on there.

“We see to it that Ron is relayed into health almost immediately and that is within the day or two of this announcement taking hold. Now we say this to Ron in particular: Stay home and enjoy the silence of the heat of a day that gets warm and spring like against all forecasts as I have asked the powers to be to give all of Urantia a fine day and to let the idea of spring even permeate Australia and the heat wave it refuses to give up to the Pacific-bound Penguins.

The Book of Fealty
“We are close to the Advent of Jesus however it plays out and I have my staff fully assembled and Ron and company will set foot behind me often to show his face to the world. He is also my press Secretary and I will make sure he does gimp upon the stage to present his findings. He is used to quiet and plain fare at home and he will not get that as he is going to be as well known as the President’s Press Secretary not. He is to be used sparingly so he can work on the Urantia Book Foundation as his first priority. His second priority is to find a good partner to help carry the weight of all of this on his shoulders. Nonetheless he carries one huge responsibility on top of all of this: He is to show Monjoronson fealty of Service before the Assembly of God and will bear witness to the divinity of the Magisterial Sons by signing the Book of Fealty which Monjoronson will place in the Father’s Temple.

Serara to Depart
“I must aver to Serara now: He must realize His trip to Urantia is not in vain, as he found a person on Urantia to be overwhelmingly difficutl to assign but wonderful to work with. Ron Besser is blessed with no special insights except he insists on making them and they prove correct/ No one has ever said to a Magisterial Son, ‘I am yours and do with me as you please, and then upset the apple cart to establish a path for these Missions to produce a visible presence corporately on Urantia. Ron has done so and is still paying the price to control and distribute our information for the public, The public just never cares for now but he is ready to shore everything up and present them even better in the next few weeks of work with Me, Jesus, and we will then make sure they are seen and heard around the world. Besetting all of this is the departure of Serara to Paradise to take his seat on the High Council of Magisterial Sons, Ron sincerely regrets this as he sees Monjoronson as was then called as his inspiration to work the prize of a Magisterial Mission during his life time. He is without rancor and Serara regrets this most that he could not yell at him and make him do it right! But we have a compensation for Ron and Serara, and that is when Ron attains Paradise as all of you will, he will be allowed to visit Monjoronson/Serara at that time and see how it all works. He is now losing control and we wish both Ron and Serara a safe and happy return to their mutual posts in a few days.

Conclusion to Ron’s Preparations
“Finally, the day I arrive on Urantia to being My Second Return as Ron likes to call it, I will visit 2709 Sunset Lane and provide a small gathering spirit. That is not compensation but a hello to Ron as he prepares himself to walk right and feel right and be right in all things as he sees them, as this must end ten years of this kind of misery and talk and failures of the spirit to support when he desperately need to keep the bus on course to get all of this done. It is finally all done today of all things and he heaves a sigh of relief to see it end and fall into place as his records of corporations and tests of skill he must constantly use to outwit the uncaring people who charge to serve and never really do. Good day.”

“I now conclude with a whopper of a tale to tell all of you.

“Several months ago we asked Ron to filter out some sorted material of his own and to drop it out of bounds. He has done so and graciously so. Now we inform him that the last of two events for him will preclude worry anymore for these things to return to him:

•          a - He will never fell un-sponsored on high as we have just realized that the Supernaphim that attends Ron now also attends Daniel Raphael for their collusion on important subjects for the entire world. This we say to no further,

•          b - The last of the Mohicans, and that is truly Ron Besser, will meet his match with Jesus, for he has patterned his ways after the personality of Besser in order to make sure there is nothing missing in reading people for their intentions. Ron is brilliant in this capacity and never misses a beat and worries that Lemuel and Larry do not have this developed yet. It will take years of practice to gain it but Ron always uses it to determine his standing before others. His only lapse is overruling it for the sake of Justice. We intended to say that this is not the last of his abilities to see into those before him, but the Supreme avers no such thing is allowed without his participation now and will ask the Father to provide Ron one additional fusion with the Supreme. That will be to understand he mind of the Supreme early on in order to prepare for His Administration in a short while of all his activities before the press. The Midwayers will attend Ron fully as they are interested to see how he actually fares in the public view without losing his temper with a press that needs to attend to their own ways and reform themsleves before the Voice of Jesus, for Ron will pronounce all he has to say in accordance with the wishes of that voice. Good day.”

GOD The SUPREME / The Factors of Mind As Seen Through God the Supreme
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The Factors of Mind As Seen Through God the Supreme

God the Supreme
Michael of Nebadon
York, PA 00:30 hours
March 12, 2018


This Paper examines by Deity transmit to me the encapsulation of Mind by God the Supreme to read them and know them on Urantia.

I spent about three days on this Paper, and then had to edit it down because it became so long due to the fact I had simultaneous revelations on Mind and Infinity running through the text. Originally Infinity fit the Mind discussions but it lead to a Paper that was best separated for itself which I did. This Paper is what is left after separation and it speaks only to mind and the Supreme in all cases. Thank you for your patience while I worked to get this one up for reading. My best to all!

Ron Besser


Why Do We Have Mind?
Do any of you recall that the Supreme demands exhaustion of working ideas to the point those ideas are fully discovered? Unless such ideas are fully used until they are exhausted almost, they are not sent by the Supreme into eternity for use in total universe valuations.

Mind is a divine idea so creatures like us can manipulate the environment– touch itl smell it, drag ourselves from the highest mountains to the lowest sands of Death Valley, and to make contact with each other. Otherwise we all would be little ivory towers of pampered self thoughts, not with understanding of differences, but staring out of eyes at a river of life that would mean nothing whatsoever to us! We would die innocent, virgins, and baby-soft souls loving ourselves to death without any disagreement about that ridiculous self condition.



"The Supreme loves variety and mind is a variety after variety if you look at the entire universe to see how many types there are even in human evolution everywhere. The fact you have five types now operating on Urantia without knowing more, tells you just how thought gets to the point you can talk about it.

Is Experience Action Alone or Action with Meaning or no Meaning?
God the Supreme contributes to the finality of experiential meanings as precept modifications to Infinity itself. Restated: Infinity loves variation too but we presuppose Infinity has all the variations in it that ever could be, but the Supreme would disagree with this view. It turns out that new experiences that come to the Supreme without precedence do happen and they do restart new patterns of contributory time experience inside the Infinite programming we spoke to in the Exposition on Infinity Paper posted elsewhere today.


Finite Experiences when Universalized in Infinity Force Infinity to Display What It Would Normally Hide for Examination

What the Father has discovered in his promulgation of Infinity, is that creature experience modifies the tenure of the field of Infinity to force Infinity to relay tons of information to view that is otherwise hidden in the curtains of Infinity forever. This statement tends to assume two very important aspects that I, your author here, must account for since I am a time being with highly restricted vocabulary to dig this out for you.

God the Supreme connects with finite minds in order to avail changes in creation within the material universes of time and space. The Supreme does this by being everywhere in time and clouds its presence by being so difuse no one who is not fused ever finds the Supreme checking them out to see what is going in your mind very easily.

Purposive Substantiation Grabs Your Thoughts As You Think Them
Thje Supreme is affordable to all minds on Urantia by being totally unimpressive and does not make a peep through something we call Purposive Substantiation. Substantiation is the idea of being able to pick off a thought while that thought moves through the cranium holding the mind of one of us. Purposive Substantiation just means the Supreme is very selective which thought it picks off the brain production of thought.



Superuniverse Number One is All In Light and Life and I rule all Status Spheres and Capitals There Now
I now know why Ron is rewriting this Paper in places. We culled out about 16 pages from this Paper on another revelation that relates to this work of the Supreme, but was too large to hold it in this discussion mind Ron loves to work with. Purposive Sunstantiation is mildy rebuking to the mind to hold as a phrase, but it clearly states that I, God the Supreme in Havona, do look at every mind operating in Nebadon and every mind of human quality in all seven Superuniverses, that is, except for Superuniver Number One which is a finished creation! All of Superuniverse Number One is finsihed with all of their programs of Light and Life, and I rule all of those Local Universes and the capitals of all those status spheres too. This transmitter understands that importance and wonders why we have not mentioned it before. Well, that is because until today (3/11/18)– really!— we were not allowed to speak to it.

Recall Again the Coming Spiritual Explosion
“What you all must realize that the Father is moving Urantia into the path of a spiritual explosion. We talked about this before, but it has lost momentum in your minds already. It is scheduled to hit Urantia about May 25 or so and that it will collide with the thunder of a potential war on the globe as well. We see nothing unusual in this for Urantia, except Ron is now fused with my Spirit and My mind in order to facilitate these revelations much better to you. He has to work especially hard to make sure what we way makes good sense and that it is explained well enough you who read these pages really understand what was said. That SPIRITUAL EXPLOSION is meant to shake your minds up good, and it comes after Jesus appears to all of Urantia on your communication media.

“In reviewing this Paper today, I saw Ron do a flip up in the air when we brushed the new revelation on Infinity work so well we gave him everything we had for now. But it brushed aside this work and confused the original Paper with too much type with mixed subjects and he separated the two revelations out to publish separately. What I must do now is to make sure you have the basics of what was said in the original Paper. Let us continue with that repair then:


The Supreme’s Mind Locator through the Supreme’s Immanence of the Projected Incomplete
“Let me now speak to a subject you find so difficult and that is my Immanence of the Projected Incomplete. That is a fancy term for God the Supreme's ability to get inside your human mind while you are thinking. Purposive Substantiation is me taking your thoughts for examination while you think them, but the Immanence platform is to be strong enough in my presence to see the picture of how your life has been driven toward what you want out life. That is why we call it my picture of you Incomplete. Immanence is my frequency power to encircuit with you. There is one other term you should know too as it tells me how well done you are with your psychic circles and your attunement with your Thought Adjuster. This the eminence of God the Supreme.


Eminence of the Supreme is the Indwelling By The Supreme in You; It Can Lead to Fusion
“Now do not confuse immanence with eminence. Immanence means how strong is his influence to the total idea of the Supreme in space! Eminence is a mind function of the Supreme about how deeply the Supreme can know you by indwelling you. Immanence does not have an indwelling prospect; but the eminence of the Supreme is the indwelling aspect and is hight variable for it requires attunement with the Adjuster first to work at all.

“The eminence of the Supreme in Ron Besser is so strong he fused with my mind as one phase of seven pahses before full fusion is complete. None on this forum have achieved that yet, as it does require that you fuse with the Father first before I can fuse you in any stage of that act I do for mind blending with God the Supreme.

“Mind types approach the eminence of the Supreme, as mind type does not determine what happens for fusion purposes.

“And finally this: God the Supreme brings over us as candidates for Supreme fusion. Supreme fusion in mind on Urantia has the following priorities to deal with:


Fusion Prerequisites by The Supreme Are as Follows:

“To fuse with God the Supreme on Urantia:

“1 - One first must be fused with the Father fragment. Until a few years ago this failure to fuse with the Supreme stopped humans on Urantia. Until the Father helped Ron to stay here for the Missions and fused his mind on Urantia without destroying the body to do so

2 - Once Father fusion has taken place on the planet, there must be no morality issue. That is not sexuality per se, but it is how you treat people and your ways of spiritual generosity to mankind. Murder, rape, and violence will never get me near you to fuse.

3 - The Almighty Supreme is never without the idea of taming the body for fusion candidates with the mind power of God the Supreme. The Almighty Supreme loves working with matter, and your body is nothing but matter! However it is God the Supreme that decides how that part of the Deity of the Supreme approaches a potentially fused candidate on Urantia or other planet. His fsuion does not result in destroying the body but keeping it preserved for future use in Missions on Urantia.

“In the future, mind fusion with the Supreme is likely to occur on Urantia more frequently as we increase the pool of fused individuals on the planet. Right now there are five for sure and the sixth has reacted to the news so badly Father fusion itslef may be withdrawn in order to stablize the mind of that individual who has become extremely paranoid now. That cannot be helped and was totally unpredictable, but God the Supreme must await as He does for all others before considering mind fusion with a Father fused individual.


Father Fusion on Urantia Can Be Reversed up To One Year after Fusion Begins
“Father fusion can be reversed on Urantia by the Besser-type fusion modification up to one year after it is provided. We now receive news that the sixth individual has refused fusion and is too ill to continue in normal life for now.


God the Supreme Has Moved In Havona from Circuit 3 to Circuit 4 - Immensely Important Sign of Supreme Self-Identification Has Now Occurred
“We already know from the URANTIA Book, that God the Supreme exists on Circuit Three of Havona, and that is where most pre-Finaliters fuse with God the Supreme in mind. But the presence of this Deity changed this past week Urantia time and relocated on Circuit Four, and is a direct indication how far done God the Supreme is before actualizing in Orvonton when he personalizes there and receives all who have Adjuster fused so far for remedial mind work with Him, as MY Immanence of the Projected Incomplete will end and I will project the complete unfoldment of the Supreme in time at that moment of residing in Orvonton.


Besser’s Fusion with the Supreme, Part I of Seven Parts; Six to Go
“I fuse Ron with the hopes his life can be saved for posterity, for he must undergo more than he realizes to work with Serara and the Master Spirits Four, Five, Six, and Seven, as that is his calling on Urantia for now. He is fused with these mentioned Master Spirit just before he fused with Me.

“How he might ever fuse with Master Spirit One we doubt is available until the Deity Adventure, and the same goes for Master Spirits Two and Three, but it is a monumental achievement to have Four, Five, Six, and Seven comes to his aid.

“I am GOD THE SUPREME SPEAKING FROM HAVONA and from Circuit Four and that is a masterful change now for all Finaliters to know as the Supreme has graduated one notch in the circuitry of Havona and that is how far you can tell I am complete to be actually contactable.”


URANTIA, THE PLANETARY SUPREME Speaking from Havona, Circuit Three -
“We on Havona celebrate the motion of God the Supreme to move in one more circuit on Havona, This just happened most recently and is not news to the universe just yet except all the Creator Sons know from the Eternal Son it did happen and they can confirm it has happened shortly to their creation. We also realize that when it comes out to Finaliters on Urantia, they wonder where the big Guy is, the Father, in speaking to this news?

“In truth it just happened and we are all sure that God the Supreme meant no harm to disclose it here first. However, Michael is already in receipt of this information. I wish to confirm that the fourth circuit in Havona is dedicated to the preparation of the once-human spirit entities for their Deity Adventure on Paradise, that earns them the right to become Finaliters. I also confirm that the trial to fuse Ron’s mind is fully prepared for more fusion in the future.

“I am never sure what the minds on Urantia are going to be and I am supposed to be the expert on mind types on Urantia. But in recent years, I cannot truly tell what mind Lemuel and Ron have at all, as both of them bring great joy to all but fall back to be quietly done so Spirit may speak as it does today through them.”



“In our work on Urantia, mind types border on animal minds so much we pass over them easily. We finish this information to inform all of you that God the Supreme is never going to land on Uversa, but prefers little out of the way places like Salvington.


Exposition on Infinity - The Nature of Infinity and more
Michael of Nebadon
The Eternal Son
Deity Absolute
Original Michael of Paradise
Consummator of Universe Destiny
Mantutia Melchizedek

Subject: Infinity and Experience and as a System

York, Pa 1815 hours Local Time
March 11, 2018

Is Experience Just an Action; or Is Experience a Mind Reaction to Divine Purpose Only? Can It Be Both?

What the Father has discovered in his promulgation of Infinity, is that creature experience modifies the tenure of the field of Infinity to force Infinity to relay tons of information to view that is otherwise hidden in the curtains of Infinity forever. This statement tends to assume two very important aspects that I (editor) must account for:

1 - I am a time being with highly restricted vocabulary;
2 - Infinity is hidden mostly because its own language to program it takes and infinite mind to do it.

Infinity is a Double Take on Hyperbole; That Is, Infinity Speaks One Way and Does Things Another Way

When I say that creature experience is more of a disrupter (that is, experience makes Infinity pause about how sure it is everything!), it suggests we look at Infinity as a vast flowing stream of total creation without interruption. But the experience of creatures that gets fed back up to the Father in the finite existences of time and space, goes to the Father through God the Supreme. Father examines what has been sent to him to be sure those finite experiences actually have a meaning to Infinity. We cannot fathom how the Father can determine this, but God the Supreme assures us that such occurs thanks to the Father admitting it is He alone who adjusts Infinite reality to administer experiential meanings into what we must call the “Consummation Infinity.


“Infinity cannot change, but it can be resized to include versions of experience so long as those meanings are stated in Infinite terms. This why the behavior of Infinite progressions is incomprehensible to time beings, for the logarithms used do one thing is instructive to Infinity alone. That means there has to be an Infinite programmer to apply the archiving of instructions that Infinity must follow to produce the variety and repletion only it can do. But those codes to program Infinity changes progressions from a simple statement back to the Infinite Mind with variants speaking to many other things we did no ask about in the first place. Put in a blue code to instruct Infinity and it reports back yello codes only. This is typical of systems that cannot reprogram themsleves to estimate how the original code will affect the particular input in eternity,

Infinity Demands Complete Statement Programming As To Laws for Intention Of Use
“A simple statement: ‘She goes to church.’ is without a true subject to Infinity, as there is no real reason to know why she does so. All programming of Infinity must contain the codes why something is to be. Why did she go to church, and if Infinity is not told why, it is not a statement that is a universal as Infinity.

“The statement in Infinity must say, ‘She goes to church without means to stay.’ or some such meaning statement or intention. Infinity demands that going to church has a number or reasons for doing so and that is because the compossibility of such statements must ring true to the Deity Absolute as recognizable as genuine experiential actions and consequences. Infinity speaks to the Deity Absolute when interrogated by the Deity Absolute, and we can rightly say there is a read out when you question Infinity on its terms. Cause and effect to Infinity is the chicken and the egg style, for the egg is the Deity Absolute asking if the chicken laid that particular egg. First causes (the chicken intending to lay an egg) and original effects (what the chicken did to you) is not a false story if the basis of compossible investigations shows it happened before with the same chicken no less.

[Ron: I pause to explain the term compossible. It is a term that recognizes that God takes no action to remedy anything without first checking for precedence. Once what precedence is discovered the healing or correction can be administered.]

Who Can Fathom Infinity As A Cabinet with All Things Ever Done Or To Do in It?
“Infinity is not programmed to just store what happened and where as precedence of following Deity actions to rectify it or award it. Infinity spends it ticking time of operational concerns by refuting what cannot exist (e.g. square circles), and implying that all life has a contribution to make without evil interventions.

“You cannot grow Infinity. We think Infinity can only be attenuated by the precepts of experience, but we are not really sure. It is by definition that it is all that could and can be, and to the time mind, that means it cannot grow, it can only be viewed as totality from the outside as Original Will may do.

“Infinity is a system so it can be contained as suggested above in an Infinite Cabinet, but it must be understood that which holds Infinity is Infinity itself. To do that one has to be a Consummator of Universe Destiny or the Original Will itself.

“I never saw it that way Ron. The safe language is to say that Infinity is repercussable to experiential change. Intention use must follow all Infinity programming. The Father must use experience as an Infinity program to what purpose does experience perform in Infinity? Infinity is repercussable (reacts to) new uses not thought of in the original promulgation of the Infinite. That can happen often for the original Infinity was presupposed to operate within channels that had no experience to pacify it.

The Eternal Son with the Infinite Spirit Suggested to Father to Create small time Beings to enrich experience in Infinity

The ETERNAL SONS speaks:
“I am the Eternal Son, and Ron brings grate cheer to Paradise as he keeps examining causes that are not well known in much of the time-space universe. Few know I produced the first time universes myself, and later we produced the remaining time Universe with the Infinite Spirit and Myself. I now aver to the Father who recommends this Paper be resized and presented on high to the Mercy Spirits to help Father contain his ebullience over Infinity and its striations before the public on high. We honestly see this as a beautiful development of Ron’s thought and it should be published on High with the provision that if the reader does nto recognize this Infinity He or She should ask Father how ti got so involved with a beautiful rearrangement of truth so time coule take a bite out our apple. We expect that this Paper on Infinity could cause howls of laughter until it is recognize that the chicken Ron mentions was a spirit chicken.”

Michael Continues . . . .
But as the Creation expanded out from Havona, the Infinite Spirit and Eternal Son promoted the idea that small and timid creatures have a point of view too, and that it would greatly enrich the idea of Creation to include them. Mind controls Infinity just as spirit controls mind, but Infinity must use Infinite Mind to give it its reason to be. The loss of genuine experience can cause the lost of a billion Urantia years if it is not fcaught and preserved with the Eternal Son as well as the Deity Absolute.

Some Chararacteristics of Infinity Are Approachable to Explain But Most Are Not
When we say Infinity is both character and not character at the same time, it is true. But that is a contradiction to finite mind which you are deeply conscious of because such a contradiction of logic confuses you. As Consummator of Universe Destiny, we hold all truth to be self evident in Infinity, but truth is likely variable due to the perspectives of changing environments in time and space. In infinity there is no space and no time, it just is, but the Father as the I AM hit upon the idea that he can modify Infinity, and do it without changing all that is and still modify the basic tenet of Infinity, and that is because Infinity knows all that is possible and may remain quiescent because of it.

“The Existential reports: I share Infinity not. I share nothing. That is because I can do everything but I am too controversial in time because I speak Infinity and you do not know the language at all. That is why there are contradictions in what I say sometimes and I dare not provide more than that at this time. I see adjutant totality only because I am endowed by the Original Will to do so.

The Consummator of Universe Justice & Destiny Discusses Extra-Infinite Existences as Probable but Inconsequential

“I do not praise you at all for getting Me into the ditch of time, and I like doing it so people in time have some sort of perspective over reality that allows Infinity to be rich and cold and blue and gold and anything else you can throw at it. We now come to describing Infinity as a logical incomprehensibility and we tell you this: Logic is the flow of squences of thought that brings one to a conclusion, but conclusions in the realm of finite mind are without a normal or Infinite proof that the logic used flows properly. Ron asks for an example of a non logic flow in infinity that is accepted as logical in time. We dare not show that. But we can say that Infinity is without a mind precept calle logical deduction or induction and that is a revelation into you. [Yes!] Good. Now this, your headache is the Supreme finding you out of care for discussion but needing a bridge of revelation to have you understand what you are currently missing in understanding how non-sequiturs work in anything. In mathematics there are laws which are irresolvable without making correction to the hard facts of numbers science, and you know one well where Einstein attempt to correct for the interference of time equations by coming up with a formula that counseled the equation for the interference of the Deity Absolute on photon rays.

The Problems with Finite Mind Logical Deductions
“Your logic said that Einstein must have done this to clear up the problem of the interference of the Unqualified Absolute because logic told you that photons are sub-particles of a unique blend of matter and space, and that the Deity Absolute had nothing to do with the speed of space traversal of a photon.

“Here is the best example we could find anywhere in the universe, and it is the logic that says you believe one thing, but the truth is incomprehensible in sub-absolute space by our definition above concerning what Einstein really calculated to define as really the Deity Absolute. The Deity Absolute controls all sub-infinite manifestations of particles, molecular or otherwise, and that is a huge revelation to you? [Yes! ]

Pre-Matter is Akin to Infinity:
The Deity Absolute Controls Materialized Matter- Q & A Follow
“The Unqualified Absolute has two pardons for you Ron: First that entity machine is fully empowered to understand its position as the Unqualified Absolute, but it cannot act in any sub-Absolute fashion. You are recalling the Urantia Book says that it is the Unqualified Absolute that pervades space to produce variety in universe qualities. That is not entirely true and I hope Mantutia sees that now?”

“Mantutia is amazed at this Ron as you are. You are enjoying a little fame right now and smile but it is passing. I am amused too with your mental pictures Ron and that is not our problem at the moment, as the Consummator of Universe Destiny has a partner called the I AM, and the I AM speaks briefly for us now:

I AM Speaks -
“We stand by Mantutia’s proclamation in the Urantia Book only because it is written with due regard to the Unqualified Absolute being the king maker for prematerial existences. But the Unqualified Absolute has nothing to do with materialized energy and that is about as far as I dare go without upsetting the creatures on so many other planets who believe the Unqualified Absolute is truly the only entity of capable of controlling materialized energy. Good day.”

Ron Besser - Does this mean that the Deity Absolute hands off to God the Supreme, as the Almighty Supreme, final control of matter?

“We dare say that is an astute a question I have heard for many a day. Recall the Almighty Supreme is beholden to the Paradise Trinity, and that the Paradise Trinity is never without control of the Unqualified Absolute, but yes, the question is unprecedented because Ron has brokn through into a cycle of Infinity without realizing the God the Supreme as the Almighty Supreme is never without control Itslef from the Deity Absolute. This is new revelation that is bothe profound and without understanding to people like Mantutia Melchizedek who prides himself in seeing to a ward who can grasp some of this heavier material concerning how the Creation works.

“I see now how Ron works, as he sees both sides at the same time and that is not a problem for him as he just asks the questions that need to be explained to some of we Melchizedeks. I now see the cycle so much better thanks to this exquisite review of how the Consummator is/is not an evolveer of trials on Urantia without good reason. I will say this: When we understand the cycle of progression, we can predict progression a little bit, and now I see Ron shake his head a little bit and we are in full agreement I see. How is this possible and the answer is that Ron allows the Deity Absolute to work through him as he does God the Supreme and the Father as his Adjuster. Peolpe on earth can have this happen to them too but so few bother to listen as this one can.

“I must carefully attribute this to the mammal Ron as he calls himself to our delight. We see Infinity somewhat as Ron does: It is a closed system from which we dare not move from. BUT: Infinity has preceptors– that means it can breathe a tad of change if the Inventor knows enough how to do that– and that allows experience to intervene to modify what can be shown out of the possibilities of Infinity very well.

Is Infinity a Closed System or Experientially Open Ended in Some Fashion?
“What Ron has done is ask the Consummator of Universe Destiny to destroy the idea of inviolability about Infinity and to seize a moment of truth that God is so much more than a System that Infinity is. I congratulate Ron on that idea but it is full of very dangerous monikers and Ron sees that easily and is willing to call it a day if he has to. But I as the Deity Absolute know Infinitely more as I share Infinity when Father culls the Circle of Infinity for Counsel. I speak with authority in those Counsels and I have repeatedly spoken to the idea of Infinity as to harsh on minds in sub-absolute area of thinking as that is where Ron comes from in a very poor rendition of what he could be if he were better trained in mind compatibility with the Melchizedek regime on Urantia.

“We deal not with open ended Infinite reality, but we are subject to ending the prepurposeful idea that it is a solid brick that cannot be broken ever and hits anybody hard it comes in contact with. Infinity has two presumptions and one is that it is readily available if breechable by Infinite Mind; and two: it can be opened by experiential challenges that test its elasticity of internal programming where there may be no sufficient statement to say how something happened without stating its purpose in Infinity. This is highly important to the Father who reads books written by humans only to discover their premise is not logical in Infinity and he discards some of the best writers of the ages because they failed to grasp the idea of Infinity at all. In the case of Carl Sagan, he had Paradise all excited over his premise that the creation was not the result of a big bang but that it evolved out of grandiose statements of materialization that came, to quote him, from nowhere. In actual fact no big bang was created but it was so intensely hot not even star makers described in the Urantia Book could have lived through it. That temperature exceeded the Ultimatonic Boiling Point by millions of degrees Centigrade at that eternity moment.

Static Infinity Is Alive and Experientially Contracted to Serve Future Outer Space Levels
“Infinity is so difficult to speak to because it ruins the sense that creatures can take comfort from its affordability on high as a way to explain that all things are already concealed and will be revealed in the fullness of experiential reality now and to come. Infinity behaves as it should always, but it is compressed now in Me and in the Father and his Coordinates. Yet Ron feels I believe that there is scant recognition that Infinity is alive and productive instead of cold and static. It is statice but not in the life sense and that is where EXPERIENCE comes in and that is where EXPERIENCE must be allowed to have its say to that which we still call unmoveable. Infinity is not moveable, but is can be attenuated for its own purposes and I see I must leave it at that for now.

Consummators of Universe Destiny

Ron Besser - After a sidebar conversation with the Original Creator Son (Paradise contact), and Michael of Nebadon, and with powerful Original Consummator of Universe Destiny, I think we have evolved these discussion just far enough for the reader to now understand something he may just may not understand. But we have to assume you do understand and you want to understand how mind is a distant relative to the High Minded Consummator of Universe Justice and Destiny in our time and space creation. I will make my statements in accordance with my understanding and I invite Deity to correct me for our own edification of what truly is, and I say that fully understand I really know nothing much of what really is.

It is vital you understand that I have concluded thanks to all of the perfect talk about Infinity and the agents the control it and use it to obtain the FIRST Destiny of the Master Universe in totality, is not the same as the SECOND Destiny of the Master Universe. I do not intend to explain either destiny in his revelatory Paper, but I do intend to set upon some idea what the FOUNDATIONS are of the ORIGINAL NATURE OF SELF-EXISTENT FREE WILL.

Let me catch you up now: What am I really after that takes so much paper and so many words to talk about at all? Let me list my propositions:

1 - I contend that the Infinitude is a big bag of nothing not even hot air or a glimmer of hope. It is more than empty, it is a ridiculous vacuum that has no reason to exist at all.

2 - Let’s call the I AM, Goldilocks. What in the world inspired Goldlocks to crawl through a cellar window of the Infinitude and sit in nothing and start dreaming about rearranging it to make something of it?

3 - My conjecture is that Goldilocks had to crawl into this thing and she was all enthused to do something to it, but some seriously disagree with me and say Goldilocks was already in it and woke up, saw the time, and got busy recreating the place. But I proceed with my theory as I see it.

4 - Goldilocks proceeds as I AM as our Urantia Book reveals how the I AM constrained what was in the Infinitude and relied on her mind to invent how to use the Infinitude to program the codes for an Infinite existence that would result in a thing called Infinity.

5 - Goldilocks has to have two PRECONCEIVED IDEAS she brought with her: Where do I get the material to form a universe? Two: how do we divide Infinity in half where we have life and no life?

This is where you have to understand my theory better. The Infinitude described in the Urantia Book is loot-less - there is nothing to steal from it or out of it. To me, it is a large gapping bag without use. If the I AM, had to organize anything, it had to be Itself first, and the Urantia Book tells us that is exactly what happened. But where did the precepts come from? In the Infinitude? We are told there is total chaos of nothingness in it. My contention is that I AM brought with itself an idea of Creativity before there was ever a need for creativity.

My answer is that there exists a level of self-will that needs no box or universe or station to build something with or without what we call reality. Original Will is the all powerful existence that defies even Infinity to hold it!

If Infinity cannot contain Original Free-Will, where does it exist?

My answer has nothing to do with the Infinitude any longer, and I see the Infinitude as a way to explain the I AM onward (not I AM’s progenitor if such is) and now what inspired I AM to get into the basement with a so called bag of nothing?

My contention is that the Original Self Will is the Father us of all, but the Father is a real spirit form of existence that is composed of the INTENTIONS OF THE ORIGINAL SELF WILL, and that the Infinity of His Being is a design for the present accomplishments of the Original Will.

All of us can never see that far I am sure and I am just as sure reality we have is the reality we live with for eternity, but WHAT inspired Goldilocks to do all this? I rest my case and wait for comments from Michael of Nebadon on this issue.

“Ron hands me a wonderful conundrum. He is convinced that the Original Will of God exists as a subaltern to the choice of the Father to close all things off through Infinity of Existences. But the Father advers that God the Father or the First Source and Center or the I AM, are true progressions as the Melchizedeks teach on Salvington today. They hold much of Ron writes above, but they are Melchizedeks and what I am about to tell you will astound you no less. I once was a Melchizedek and I sued to hang out at that school to pick up what I could in one of Bestowals as a Melchizedek Son. I learned they see the unvierse much as Ron does but they had the discipline to understand that the Universal Father was no projection or elite guard to see to reality, but the Original Will Itself.

“Ron alludes to this in his statement above but he sees the Father as a projected and evolved figure of Original Will that can still exist outside of Infinity, and it does! As Ron once spoke, Original Will is the original inventor and will always be superior to the constrictions that are invented for whatever reason or however powerful. I turn now to the idea of the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and speak this:

Original Will is Not Disincarnate.

“I am, Michael of Nebadon, and of all Creator Sons in all the universes in all seven Superuniverses, we each are Consummators of Universe Destiny. We can see Infinity from outside of the Infinite Construct. We speak to that further below. But I also must modify what Ron theorizes, by saying that Original Will is Not Dis-incarnate. It belongs to the Universal Father on Paradise, and the ability to see outside of Infinity is more than Infinity, and more than Deity, and that certainly presupposes some questions asked below.

Consummator(s) Of Universe Destiny & Justice is Plural and Are As Many as There Are Creator Sons!
I also see Ron wonder how this can be explained more simply. It cannot be explained simply except to say that Infinity is without a good reason if it is only for the three existential Deities alone. Ron now knows that the Consummator of Universe Destiny is not alone. He tries to see the Consummator as an adjutant of the Universe Father, but that falls short of what he views the Consummator as. Therefore we suggest we end this by saying that the CONSUMMATOR of Universe Destiny is an attribute of each Creator Son born on Sonarington, and to reach that attribute in each Creator Son, that Creator Son must fuse with the individual being spoken to about the Consummator of Universe Destiny,

“How then can Michael of Nebadon be one of about one million Consummators of Universe Destiny, when the Father Himself listens to that Council? The answer lies in the fact that the children of God carry huge responsibilities to the ends of time and space and back again. Ron is fused with Michael of Nebadon, and so is Lemuel, and Larry Gossett, soon to be we think, and this triumvirate is sufficient to supply the world of Urantia high revelation without a Urantia Book if necessary. I rest my case now and return you to Michael. The Consummator of Universe. Justice speaking above.”

Ron Besser - Then Michael of Nebadon, there is a portion of you as of all Creator Sons, that can speak to the totality of Infinity as Creation without being subject to Infinity?


An Analogy Question from Besser

Ron - Can the Ability to Be a Consummator of Universe Destiny in all Creator Sons and How they can do that, be analogous to me (Ron) being Infinity, and then in my mind, look down at a picture of myself and see my own totality?

Also, Michael, does this disclose something more than entries of purpose within your Creator Son Order that is more than Absolute?


Ron - Michael, do you glimpse or repair to extra-Infinite organizers?


Ron - Michael can you site in Counsel with them - the extr-Infinite organizers and consummators?

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - YES I CAN and do all day sometimes with father on Paradise.

There is a Chief Consummator of Universe Destiny

Ron - Is there a Chief Consummator of Destiny or Is That Chief If He Exists more than a Consummator of Master Universe Destiny?

MICHAEL - You ask two questions but I may only answer one of them.

1 - There is a Chief of our Kind on Paradise called the Original Michael and He is Transcendental and far from being Finite. We derive our abilites as Consummators of Uniierse Destiny from that entity of the Deity of Ultimacy he now works for;

2 - There are othe Consummators but they exist in Transcendental modes only and I may not reveal them.

Ron - Michael, are you or all Creator Son fully revealed to as far as the experiential universe ages are concerned, or are you in liaison with the far future episodes of infinite transgressions of time?

The Order of Michael can Be Infinite in a Future Universe Beyond the Experiential
MICHAEL - “Yes, we are but that is so far ahead to the game we must be content to say this much: You have probed my very existence and are glad but many will find this so esoteric as to be afraid to tell what I really am at this point.”

Ron - What repercussions does this have on our Urantia Bestowal Son, or any other Local Universe Bestowal Sons who are Michaels?


FATHER OF THE ALL THE UNIVERSE - “YES, MY SON, and stop it. It has huge repercussions for all humanity. We now broach what is likely the final destiny of humans who become Finaliters. This final Destiny is not yet determined for millions of groups of Finaliters abroad in time and space in our service on Paradise. The Trinity controls their presence, but I their Father control their destinies, and you are correct to be amazed at the differentiation of time and space and Infinity, for Jesus is now Transcendental Teacher, but he will hold high classifications of Ultimacy and Absoluteness as he travels up the scale of universe Destiny reality, Sport classifications work here - one can win Olympic Gold if one is prepared to sacrifice all in the name of the Father, and Jesus did with the full authority of Michael of Nebadon, and the Father Himself. When that is agreed upon in finality, which it shall be, the new universe age of the Deity Absolute becomes the Infinity of Humanity on a scale not revealed yet. Full comprehension is available if the human survives the eternity of Finaliter status and becomes an absonite being of tremendous power and for all future experience, becomes close to Deification for all of his efforts. I speak with full authority in this and even Michael is uneven in his approach to the Destiny of Jesus, but there it is Michael for you to ponder with this little one! I am the Original Michael speaking to all of you on behalf of the Paradise manifestation of God on Salvington shortly!”


MICHAEL HERE - “You have not trapped anyone with this question Ron. First we deterimed that Jesus represents all humanity in Nebadon. Second we learn he has a special destiny in the Master Universe because he was also a Michel-son as a Bestowal Son, and now we learn that all humanity, in a post-finaliter career exceeds space and lands on Paradise in a near Deified existence awaiting to serve the Father/Trinity as probably Absolute Beings with comprehension of most of Infinity. Now Serara has asked if His Bestowal Sons, of which there are twenty-one (21) to date, have dignity status before the Father too?

“All Bestowal Sons of Serara and Monjoronson (there fifteen (15) of them) have nearly the same destiny of Jesus to come in far future kinds of reality universes. Some Magisterial Son Bestowal Sons are not yet Finaliters and no determination can be made as to what their destinies may be at this point.

“We have ascertained that Michael of Nebadon is going to work shortly as a universal-counselor to all Local Universes in all seven Superuniverses. It is a promotion from Father to his status as a Creator Son and whith the Creative Spirit as well, that they shall serve in these unviersal capacities. Jesus will benefit too as he will become the Universal Human and as such will betray nothing of that future post, but includes providing help to all Bestowal Sons, Creator-Son types or Magisterial-Son types, and that all Bestowal Sons of other ilks will be warned to provide full credentials at the gates of Paradise, for only Bestowal Sons of Michaels will have full recognition to enter Paradise.”

Become Existential Themselves In Service
With the Master Spirits

The Supreme Creators See Outside of Infinity Too & They are Possessed of being in Infinity when with all fo the Master Spirits on Peripheral Paradise in Liaison with the Father.

“You now have the revelation of a life time. It is never disclosed to time beings that a Creator Son can and does see the Infinite Creator in reserve for God the Absolute when He manifests at the Consummation of the Master Universe into an Infinite collaboration of the Father and the Supreme Creators!”

“We the Ancients of Days must aver to Michael on this one, as must never assign to time that which we are witness to in Infinity, for the Ancients of Days also see as the Creator Sons do, and we grasp Infinity in parts but not all. We state this fully recognizing this is an amazing revelation to all.”

Ron - Correct me if I am wrong Ancients of Days: This statement of your tells me that when all twenty one Ancients of Days come together with a conclave of Master Spirits, there and then Infinity exists on that spot with all twenty eight (28) of you?

ANCIENTS OR DAYS - “So long as we are in synchrony with each Master Spirit– all twenty-one of us at the same time, and that the Master Spirits are in full synchrony with the Infinite Spirit, there an then we experience the full comprehension of Infinity. We leave it at that for now.”

Consummator of Universe Destiny

“Infinity is totality of a system of reality that has no means to explain itself EXCEPT through sub-infinite discovery! The Father allows man to poke at it, and few come to this point ever, but you Ron see something we thought was so well hidden no one would ever bring it to our attention. Infinity is without principle but has all the principles in it. It is without jurisprudence but has all judgements finalized before there are disruptions to its laws. You see most of that already and see much more that truly bothers Paradise in that you are not totally buying the idea of Infinity is irreproachable, but that Infinity is profoundly consummated by experience in the present and coming universe ages. I see you as a trial to the Father not or even me, but I see you as a trial to revelation in that you see beyond the scope of your life over issues that affect every living being in the universe who has a valid license into Infinity itself.

“For example, you say that the Father does not have the only desk in Infinity. But that is true, he does not, but you have to redefine Infinity as a base plate upon which all present Reality is drawn. With that understanding you are as a person in Orvonton and Urantia are forever stuck in the System of Infinity you see before you. It is not just a system it is also a parallelogram of Infinite destruction to ideas that favor its experiential incisiveness, and it becomes a trial to you to understand how I fit it yet can see it too as an outside observer of being in the round enough to call its beingness into counsel before the Father.

“Sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is without beguiling nuances that your science fiction writers attempt now and then, and they do well sometimes, but you also must understand that Infinity is without the possibility of explaining its tenets except to anyone like the Consummator of Universe Destiny, and to Myself, and to My Coordinates, the Eternal Son and the gracious Infinite Spirit– who is the One who Allows these discussions to take place in the first place. The sub-Infinite comprehension of Infinity is not speakable yet, and may never be speakable unless we can get people like you to stay the course, which you are, and to allow peeks into the trial of what Infinity does to minds like yours and billions of others who hang on our every word to understand the subject better. You have tapped the well spring of creation to understand how we process reality everywhere and you are hardly competent to see it through for eons of work to come, but you have made no egregious error by asking the Consummator of Universe Destiny how He deals with a universe so harsh and cold on Urantia, that you care very little where we put you at this point of inquiry. That said, we place you highly as a student of God and that your prayers always include me and that is greatly appreciated to an old Deity who has nothing to say more on this subject for now.”


Pronto, Get a hold of yourself - mood swings aren't good for you when you buy into conspiracy news-- that is what this is.  It is not true and it is an organization that fans hate for religion and against the goodness of a very old Church that should know better doing what it does sometimes.
Now let us pray you get yourself together enough to recognize that too many people on Urantia have too much money and are bored to death and they do not only sinful things to feel something, but they kill wantonly to do it.  Sacrifices occur routinely in Central America and South America in the old Indian cultures that still believe to bleed is to be free of ghosts and satanic ritualistic communities that abound there.  Child sacrifices have been going on for decades in France I am told and the United States has tried to stamp this out but cannot get ahead of the curve.

Children are sold in sex slavery and many die under the guise of resurrection ceremonies.  This is a fact of life on Urantia and it will be stamped out and the sinners and cultists will disappear.  That is to be but not yet.  That video is fake news!!!  It is a brethren of the Latter Day Saints and they should know better but they do not such is the fear they have of the devil.  You have got to understand this is why the planet not only needs cleansing, it needs to remove a huge population of people who have reverted not only to sexual depravity but to satanic rites over issues of life they cannot comprehend.  I invite Mother Spirit to speak to all of you on this terrible/horrible subject I hope we bury quickly!

MOTHER SPIRIT - "You Pronto are hysterical because you are too young to understand the culture you were born into or do you comprehend why Ron is upset with you doing this kind of posting on the site.  He also understands you are disgusted--  well, so are we!  But you cannot throw yourself into the snake pit every time you find sin and iniquity on your beloved Urantia, because sin and iniquity are everywhere on Urantia.  I look at you Pronto and wonder how you got to the small age you have attained so far at all, and see you do it in bits and drabs and lose nothing in doing it.  But this time you went on a lark and found the dirt and are horrified as you should be, but not to the point you drag everybody else down with you!

"I am Mother Spirit, and I point out to all of you that this video is a cruel hoax just as Ron finds when he looked at briefly.  It is meant to upset you by feeding you the worst of the worst and the Vatican has nothing to do with this alleged business of child sacrifice.  It happens but in jungles and satanic rituals in Europe and even once in a while in America,  We have who  they are and how they too will be sacrificed for believing to kill is their right or savior's right to require blood to cleanse the misfits that abound on Urantia today.  I wish you all a good day.:

Ron - Pronto, I will let this post of yours run for awhile, but you do not do anyone a service by being chicken little and hollering at something that should never be, but these rituals where they do happen are more among natives than in western civilization or native France as it sometimes happens.  You are not warned or chastised for posting, but what you posted will not stand long in our archives.  Thank you.  Ron Besser

Not to unpersuade you Larry to delete your eloquent question mark above, I wish to let all you know I received more on mind types and quit after transmitting from about 830am to 230 pm to complete it.  I intend to do the edit and title it tomorrow as it is quite a lot of new revelation concerning the Supreme's involvement with mind types and mind fusion you know nothing about yet.  However, around 430PM I fell into a lethargic condition which is an effect of fusion with Master Spirit Seven and Phase 7 of God the Supreme fusion of mind and body collision.  As I feel it effects harshly, and this is my reaction and may not be yours if or when it happens to some of you.   Master Spirit Seven's fusion is tentative He tells me it is probationary and the Almighty Supreme probationary fusion of my mind is fairly painful and Adjuster places the mind in a freezer so to speak to keep the headaches even less painful.

I will tell you this: They indicate that Urantia will have a lot of fusion candidates and mind type is not necessarily conditioning who gets mind fused by the Thought Adjuster. 

Larry:  I do not know how you got classified as type five mind?  But let the record show your mind is Type IV (4) which is of a type you share with Clency and many on this site.   Lemuel, Amethyst and I and Wendy are type III;  you and Clency and a few more are Type IV.  I find keeping track of this category hard to do and hope your do it better than I do.

It may be early afternoon before I get the new transmit up but it will be up tomorrow.  Till then see ya.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON SPEAKS - ?I relate the fact that Ron was fused twice last night and woke up this morning with a harsh headache and feet burning him down.  He let the feet thing go but wonder why the Supreme or the Trinity was indwelling him, but it turns out it was God the Supreme, the Almighty Supreme preparing fusion.  It took three hours to prepare and fuse Ron but he chose to go back to bed and sleep over it as it was well advised as in such a young person it is difficult for the Supreme to find enough to fuse, but the Almighty Supreme hit pay dirt this afternoon and transmitted a wonder new revelation to all of you for Ron to edit and put up tomorrow,  Best wishes for a good day to all,  Michael.":

Jose I am most grateful for reposting that mail from 2014.  It is most helpful.  Thank you.
I am notifying that I will not be supplying additional information to individual requests for more data than what I should in my original post above.  It is a time problem and I am not so sure they are willing to share more than has already been given either.  Sorry for the inconvenience.  Ron

•          Michael of Nebadon
•          The Deity Absolute
•          Mother Spirit

•          MIND Types 3 and 4 are to Evolve a Type Once Known on Urantia
•          Mind Experiments Made to Evolve Better Minds on Urantia in addition to types 3 and 4
•          Finaliters Fuse with All Master Spirits for full Spirit Identification before God

T/R: Ron Besser at York Pa 1430 hours local time
March 09, 2018


“I am Michael of Nebadon and we now test how well titles help you to read a difficult transmit for all to read easily.”


“We now have reached a point in our transmission development that we can specialize in what we way and have it reasonably understood because Ron has modified his transmission approach with our permission, and asks that we keep most extraneous subjects out of them for now. We are glad to do so and provide the following post for your edification:

Infinite Spirit Begets Daughters in Time Which Are Called Mother Spirits
“I am Mother Spirit because I am a Daughter of the Infinite Spirit. The Infinite Spirit testifies that We who are created Deity within Him, have the right to be known as the Daughters of Mind and Spirit to the sub-Absolute creation. But that is a title only.


These Daughters Send Mind to Each Fetus with Mind and Type at the Same Time
“I am responsible to see to it that mind is endowed on all planets, Urantia included. As a result mind types on Urantia are varied thanks to my wish to have Urantia grow up well enough to have variations in mind-logic approaches to fulfilling the work of sending solutions to me and my staff to work out how mind best satisfies its customers on Urantia and on High.

Mind Patterns from Uversa by Mother Spirits Do Not Work Well On Urantia
“We on the Salvington complex where I work, have several different versions of mind on Uversa to draw from as to how to endow all of you with mind, and I select the mind type you are to obtain when you are born and become a mind activated being on Urantia. Mendations, which is a big word that means: Mind Thought– and it is well presented here as a way to tell you that mind types vary consistently and well everywhere but on Urantia.


Daugheres Evolving New Mind Types on Urantia and Besser is an Experimental Being to Estbalish Limits of Change to Evolve for Homo Spiritus
“As a result we must invent Urantia improvements on our own and we have hit upon the idea of using Ron as a guinea pig to see how much mind variation we can use before we lose logical sense to live daily. When we find the right pattern from these experiments, we will categorize it on Uversa and then use it on Urantia to produce the new species Homo Spiritus. Type 3 and Type 4 minds are used for this new species and to evolve them more than they are now for future use. Ron is a type 3 ane Clency is a type 4 and we presage the following remarks with the idea these are generalized and not specific to either Ron or Clency.


Type 3 and Type 4 Mind Precepts:

Type 3 Mind Full of Water
“Type 3 minds are full of water and confuse life with fantasy so often. They are generally the minds that discover change long before anyone else sees it coming. Ron is almost a perfect example of a Type 3 mind because he fantasizes to see where solutions lie and plays consciously numbers of solution through for himself to see which one he prefers. This is so rare we wonder if he taught himself this or the Adjuster taught him? [Adjuster: he taught himself this as I discourage this way of doing things but Ron is a master at doing it and I wonder where it comes from. Ron says it is probably from some science fiction story he once read.] In any case, type 3 is a mind set that requires careful rehabilitation once it is on course to decide how to approach a problem and in the case of Ron, he uses his pattern thinking to snip what works and what does not work and quickly discards areas that are just plain broke for progress.


Type 4 Mind is Full of Trash Bins
“Type 4 minds are full of trash bins they fail to clear out well and then get mixed up what they found was right to do and what they discarded and that is because they never threw anything really out or completely. Clency is a marvelous example of a type 4 mind as he must constantly remind himself of what Ron posted and what he believed before that. It ends up that his mind is cluttered and Ron’s is not because of the pattern changes Ron institutes and Clency does not bother to. Type 4 mind is really very useful to recall past events and is often a history professor many times or just likes history. The funny thing is that Ron also loves history and took his BA in history many years ago.


Type 4 + Type 3 to be Combined as to evolve one new mind pattern noted below
“We use type 4 minds to reset that agenda on Urantia and will superimpose a type 3 mind design on a type 4 and evolve the 3 and the 4 together as one new mind type we will simply call type 7 (seven) again. This is the mind we lost with the destruction of so many Jews in the 1930's and 1940's and the Yom Kippur War of recent destroyed a subset of that mind in modern times.


Ron’s Fusion Status Unchanged and Added to for More Mind Experiments to Follow
“Finally, we must adopt a more progressive attitude toward Ron and his type 3 mind patters, as he now is fused with the Father, the Creator Son, and the Creative Spirit, as well as with Ocilliaya and Luminaya (Master Spirits Four and Six). Master Spirit Seven, Aya, will fuse with him when there is a good reason to fuse with him.


Finaliters Fuse with All Seven Master Spirits Which Constitutes Full Spirit Identification Before God
“Finaliters fuse with all seven Master Spirits as this constitutes full spirit identification in one entiry known as a Finaliter, Ron has started his fusion status with two of the seven and will take an epoch of work to fuse with them all.


“We on High accept that Ron has a character flaw without compensation and that he will be billed as ‘grimace as he comes,’ because Urantia claims victim after victim in the race to unify personality on Urantia, and he has a few flaws we must be rid of. [Ron: I suggested muskrat traps but they flounced away and let me sit.] In any case we must wash the fruit before we et it on Paradise.



York, PA
March 08, 2018 at 1330 hours

“This is a discourse than belongs under the Fusion category NOT. I say that because Ron read Sue thoroughly and cannot get why Clency says what he says. Larry is okay but diffuse because he recognizes what Mother Spirit is getting at with Sue but fails as Ron does, to provide himself with a good summary of Sue’s remarks and the off hand remarks that Clency has.

There are Six Mind Types
“Ron has asked me to summarize an old exercise we did here at least three years ago on mind types. We explained then there are at least six mind types on Urantia at present, and these six mind types were being delivered into a major change by the Deity Absolute on Urantia, and that is to preserve mind better on Urantia than it currently has.

One is Becoming Extinct Leaving Five to Evolve
“Of those six mind types one is becoming extinct because you do not have to use it anymore to grow spiritually on Urantia. That leaves five (5) mind types working on Urantia and they are all contiguous to mind fusion with the attending Adjusters inside.


Type III Minds Are of Interest to the Deity Absolute
“The Thought Adjuster evolves with you. He cannot though figure you for evolutionary changes until you make them. AS a result mind types on Urantia tend to bunch up in categories that are not helpful to the lives these mind types appear in. Ron and Sue have a Type III mind. Clency has a Type IV mind; Larry Gossett has a Type V mind; and Lemuel is like Ron with a Type III mind. Dorian has a Type IV and Pronto has a Type II. Type I is becoming extinct. Type III minds like Sue, Lemuel, and Ron have, can be brilliant and are very rare on Urantia, and that is why the Deity Absolute wishes to advise all in Nebadon, that Urantia must be saved to export these Type III mind types to the rest of the universe. Type III minds exist only on Urantia and Panoptia and one other planet to join them in the new Planetary System called Triagra.


Extinct Type VII (7) Minds Thanks to Hitler were the Original Agondonters on Urantia
“As a result of this inquiry by Sue, Ron takes the liberty to review the old sessions about mind types and discovers that we listed a type seven mind and that it was so rare no one could ever discover what happened to it. Hitler purged those who had a Type VII and it is now extinct, as the Type VII mind could hear without seeing and that is what the Type III and Type IV minds can now do. In other words Agondonter status is first achieved on Urantia by Type III and laterally by Type IV minds first and the others learn from these activities by association. Type 7 minds are gone because they originally arrived on Urantia by the Nodite population that rebelled against Urantia and later was disqualified by the Father who disagrees that Hitler saw to the very end of them by killing so many Jews off in his rage against humanity. In any case today Type 3 and Type 4 fill in where Type 7 started the entire idea of montheism and then died out for other reasons than Jewish pogroms.

“Clency writes, ‘As there are different types or kinds of fusion, so it is for the mind circuitry and as much as one can use a mind circuitry at a certain level without fusion, it is as much helpful for the mind to connect to a circuit while in fusion.’


Adjusters Have Circuitry Separate from Mind-Type Circuitry & They Stay Separate
“That is so confusing to Ron and even to me. I suspect Clency knows what he trying to say but he does not say it. Adjuster circuitry has nothing whatever to do with mind types and its own circuitry. Adjusters in fusion impose their better circuitry on mind types but mind types do remainthe same until spirit status is achieved and then spirit mind is superior and takes over and no circuitry is involved. What mind types are is that they are designs that process thought differently from other mind types, and as a result can reach conclusions faster or easier than another mind type can. Mind types have varied considerably on Urantia due to rebellion and the disaster of Adam and Eve and their default before better mind types had a chance to evolve on Urantia.


Exceptions on Urantia is Adjuster Imprints on Sue, Ron, and Lemuel
“Clency you need a small course in English to help with some of this for you. Your really tried to explain the idea that mind types are one thing but circuitry of the Adjusters is another formation, and that just does not come out of your statement as you placed it here. It is true that Adjusters use their own well defined circuitry that connects to all the mind types, but they are seldom able to imprint their type of circuitry onto a mind type brain on Urantia. I am the Deity Absolute and I can tell you that Ron Besser and Sue and Lemuel are Type III (3) minds and each of them are imprinted with their Adjuster’s mind circuitry itself. That is very rare to have happen. This Adjuster imprinting on mind type circuitry in them enhances the value of their mind type but does not embolden Ron or anyone else to say they know anything more than evolution has provided him or Sue or Lemuel. Larry and Amethyst will have these imprints if they develop well in the future.


The Yellow Race and all of Philippines Are Type V (5) Minds
“I am completely agog that Ron finds this so clear all of a sudden and I am delighted to have helped that become clear, as none of you on Urantia understand that different kinds of minds go about the business of living quite differently. The yellow race including all Philippines are Typoe V (5) minds and are related to the Nodite type minds of the past and tend to congregate only to their own types for well being and safety.


Besser-Fusion Modification Has Good Changes for Urantia if Used by Adjusters on Urantia
“I am the Deity Absolute, and I advise Clency that fusion types are not known on Urantia at all until Ron Besser needed help int his area and Father fused him experimentally, and it worked so well it has been extended in precision to other people on Urantia, and we think this may be the answer to help Urantia from falling back to the Middle Ages when only three mind types predominated on Urantia without specification to their types, none of them exists today. The social repercussion of thme dying out was to build a civilization that has no more input to God than they did but has much more of resources than could have even been dreamed about then.


Revelatory Dreaming By Type III & Type IV, Minds is for Ron, Sue, Lemuel as Types 3 & 4 are Developing That Facility for Future Use for Homo Spiritus

“I am now Michael of Nebadon, and Ron has a bright spot on all of this as he sees Sue reaching for how she gathers revelatory information through dreams as an invention of Type III minds to offset the lack of other mind types to program inventions better and thought processing much better than it currently may do. I am one of the few in Neabdon who believes that the mind that Ron has is simply Type III gone amuck and then settles down into a new type of mind we have yet to categorize. I cannot tell without the help of the Infinite Spirit and He has nothing to say on any of it for the time being. The mind of Ron is similar to some of your great thinkers who are calssified now with minds that have gone extinct. Einstein had a Type II mind but never got out of that classification through Adjuster contact like Ron or Sue or Amethyst have.

“I am Michael and I, with the Deity Absolute, have a lot more to say on this subject when there is more proper preparation for it to flower forth. Meanwhile we wish you all a good day. Michael.”


“I add this briefly. Ron is working hard to get these posts to be read easier and better and is adding titles as subjects to help clarify statements in ling form underneat those titles. I full admit they are much easier to read and help anyone understand what is rightfully addressed in the paragraph beneath them. However they can detract in longer statements and I reserve the right ot prevent this title invention if required later on. I detract that only because Ron is fully empowered to write as he pleases and we will not get upset with titles if they are used judiciously as used above for there is a lot of concentrated information in this post and that is usual for this mind to see it to be so required to get the details across on a very difficult subject to understand. We will see how you react to this mode of transmission for understanding and will report back shortly. I am Mother Spirit. Good day.”

Ron here - Just a brief statement too. I am hardly able to keep up with so much information coming forth from the Deities and their Staffs and I am sure I need to keep these posts in some sensible order, but I have long ago given up trying to fathom what order they use as I see none but try to keep order somehow. In any case doing labels is intensive and a lot of extra work as the titels require a summuary of what is to be written below those titles. I contend they are becoming more and more necessary and should be used in a post of more than two pages long. This one is three pages long and would die of disinterest if we did not show the varied points being made about mind and what are really mind types who figure out things by different kinds of logic as there is no such thing as a universe logic to process ideas. Let’s see what spirit decides about my ideas for writing posts with this title method much more than normal. I thank you all for your petience and time to get out of what they say as best you can.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “I this Ron I am delighted for your trail usage and I am curious too if this makes a big difference in readability of long posts. Good day. Mihcael.”

FUSION TALK / Re: Substantial Indication on 6th Candidate Fused
« on: March 08, 2018, 07:35:15 PM »
Pronto, you need to learn what the term compossibility is and how it affects the Deity Absolute.  The Deity Absolute is the repository to ascertain whether such and such event ever happened before.  It it happened before he tells the Father all about and the reaction of God the Father to that event in Infinity.  Circumscribed events do sometimes happen that never happened before, and the Deity Absolute reports to the Father there is no precedence hence no previous reaction.  the investigation to learn that is called compossibility, and in the case of the Besser-style fusion seen in 2014 was investigated through compossibility and there was no record of what the Father did in Infinity at that time.  They always check to see what Father's reaction was in a non-precedence event and repeat his reaction still good in Infinity to be consistent.  Universe laws are consistent and compossibility checks to make sure what to do consistently if it happened before.

Today the Father views my fusion as typical of what should happen on an evolutionary planet now.  That is the new precedent as it allows the human to continue to live on that planet and contribute great things to society and civilization.  Urantia desperately needs lots of fused souls to stay here and help clean up this awful mess.  We do have a sixth fused individual but they are staying behind the curtain for good I hear and that is fine with me and the rest of us too as that is not unusual in some cases at all.  Let us see what happens in the future and how Michael might wish to handle fusion cases that refuse to become part of a sharing group for any reason.  That is all I have on your questions Pronto and I hope I have answered it well enough for you.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  Ron correctly states the case and I am proud of him looking at the bill he presents to us on Salvington to do our work on Urantia as he is well stated without going deeper into the prospects of even more fusions on the planet in the near future,  Ron will be on a clinic we propose of neurosurgeons to help people cope with side effects of the fact of fusion.  Ron had very little of it but the 6th person to do so has reacted with paranoia and must be treated gently and we let it go at that.  Good day.  Michael"

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