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Overmind: You wrote:
“Also, how do you deem teleportation of a human possible if no one, morontial or spiritual, can do that to get around? Even the transport seraphim, who's sole goal is to transport beings around the universe, have to utilize the streams of energy in the universe to move about the environment (and while they're really fast, it's not instantaneous).”

Ron here Overmind: We have in the Urantia Book a good example of teleportation.  In the description of vacating a planet in an emergency, the Melchizedek use a design that scramble our molecular bodies to moves us to a new residence far distant from the emergency on their planet.  These machines are huge and they can carry up to fifty thousand people at one time according to Machiventa Melchizedek and Mantutia Melchizedek in my ear right now.  In an emergency the teleportation of people is routine and not at all science fiction, at least for the Melchizedeks that is.

Paper 51:
51:2.3   “51:2.3 While there is this dematerializing technique for preparing the Adams for transit from Jerusem to the evolutionary worlds, there is no equivalent method for taking them away from such worlds unless the entire planet is to be emptied, in which event emergency installation of the dematerialization technique is made for the entire salvable population. If some physical catastrophe should doom the planetary residence of an evolving race, the Melchizedeks and the Life Carriers would install the technique of dematerialization for all survivors, and by seraphic transport these beings would be carried away to the new world prepared for their continuing existence.”

The Melchizedek machines are what is referenced in the above quote and Machiventa Melchizedek says that only one world was evacuated by such machines and that was nearby Panoptia which is a statement that got cut when the Urantia Book was edited down for publication in 1955.

The point to be made is that teleportation, which can variously be defined as moving the body of a human being (or a material object) from one place to another often quite distant and reassembly of that human or object at the new site.  This is successfully done on earth too and I point to Harry Loose who could move from one place to be seen speaking to people in another place.  Teleportation does not have to have a linear transit, but it appears it can be modified according to the need of the teleporter which is the Melchizedek case is a machine, and in Loose’s case is the personality of Loose.

I just wish to make the point Overmind, that materialism is an assembly of molecular patterns and patterns can be deconstruction both by Deity and by divinity although we in the case of Harry Loose cane dematerialize through a side technique I think is called teleportation without nemesis.  What that means is that Harry did not dislocate his molecular body structure but lost it along the way in a storage facility inside the morontial grid we have so often talked about.  We cannot motivate science well enough to provide a molecular deconstruction machine but the personality of man can teleport itself in the local areas such as on one planet through the process of teleportation witout nemesis.

There is something else we have to be careful not to dismiss, You state Overmind that the natural construction of human reality is always and truly in the present.  That we cannot view the past by stepping back.  I do not argue strongly you are wrong, but the past I remind you is part of the present and so is the future in potential.  I do not think that is hard to figure out.  What is hard to figure out is how man can review the past in memory and reconstruct its present effects as a changed future.  Teleportation though throws that askew somewhat and it is very hard to describe what you cannot see, but teleporation sets spirit vectors free, Do you know what I am talking about?  Let me explain spirit vector(s).

When I say I want to be a doctor at age 20, that is a potential stated in the presence of a now 20 year old as a material being who is locked into present reality at that point.  However, the all-seeing Father knows that I will find the present spirit vector which is a parallelogram of spirit pattern in absolute space, as it is unleashed from the codification of potentials as Absolutes in the circle of Infinity probably through the Deity Absolute,

Picture this vector unleashed by the Father for me as a paper air plane.  It is quite real and it carries the assemble circumstances to reorder one future for another.  For me to use it, I have to be somewhat like Harry Loose and open the door to changed perspective of view to deny certain other vectors that alter my future and select the circumstances that paper air plane passes to me to act upon to become a doctor.

Let me explain this way and now Michael is helping me:

Spirit vectors are sent by Father to certain personalities to order their future early in life.  Ron saw this in high school where certain classmates knew exactly what they were to become and went right to it when they graduated.  For myself, I had no such vectors whatsoever and languished for decades to find womthing to be employed by I really liied to do.  But such a vector never came to me until I was 46.  That year Father unleashed one hell of a vector for me to grasp and take advantage of and I did and I now seek work in a Magisterial Mission.  That means some spirit vectors are useless until time matures the receptor (me) and that is true of the man Dominick is talking about.  That individual Dominick knows can do teleport and can do past regressions with the help of spirit forces on our planet we have never discussed.

Spirit vectors are present today for you Overmind and it depends on how you adapt to them that determines what opportunites you take.  Ambivalence of acceptance of any proposition is countered by a spirit vector that finds its mark and more or less trains the person who receives them to turn off ambiance and brings back enthusiasm for a particular mode of action or adoption of a whole subject to learn about.

The literal and mass presentation of the real past does not exist.  However in personal spiritual experience it can be reentered and plans differently layed to alter present circumstances and all future changes when one knows the vector is position over one’s head to use for opportunistic development.

Finally, I admire Dominick’s way of telling you you do not understand what is truly being talked about.  He is not wrong to point out that teleportation is a genuine spiritual phenomenon, but that individual persons have to adopt it uses by modifying what works for which mind and how that body of the chooser is safely reacting to the mode we call teleportation.

“Ron asked me to speak to this in closing.  Ron has no use for the technique because he sees no point in learning something he is not interested in using.  Harry Loose used it effectively over and over again and he is famous on the mansion worlds to be able to appear on two mansion worlds at the same time and be conversant with all meetings in both places too.  I dare say that you Dominick are quite capable of doing that, and George Banard scared Ron out of a year;s growth by appearing in a chimera in his bed room many years ago to have a small chat on mutual interests.  George Barnard is quite capable of doing all these things yet he tires of them too like Ron does, and if there were an important use for them, both men would take it on.  Ron carries the antecedent gene to all men who can become Melchizedeks but fails to care enough about it to develop it in the past.  His spirit vector had to be held back almost 47 years and then he nearly lost it due to the heat of terrible cirumstances happening at the same time.  He survived as does George Barnard and a few others still on Urantia, but I will close that port down until we have fully established the sixth epochal revelation on Nystoria.  All will find the subject of teleportation useful but not practiced in a few short years.  Good day. Michael.”


Don't forget though, that while there is a chowder of belief that makes sorting necessary, Serara and Monjoronson are convinced there will be one world religion in a hundred or so years.

What then happens to the sixth epochal revelation?

It remains the text book or catalog of the latest philosophy about theology in the one world relgion noew developing obviously, but there is another revelation prepared to follow the sixth epochal revelation that is not a text book, but for fast learners we have as readers of the fifth epochal revelation, abd bot the fifth and the sixth will meld and become the trial of God the Supreme to adopt in its service to God the Father soon enough.

We do not even talk about that eventuality that will become manifest when the sixth epochal revelation starts skipping star stairs to open a door to the Supreme no one on Urantia today has any idea as to what it means to them or their God as Father.  I suspect that the Supreme is ready already to startr sending his Unqualified Agents to Urantia even as we distribute the new text in York in a few short weeks.


Ultimatons and the Soot that Breaks Sight into Double Vision
York, PA 8am Local Time
May 23, 2018

I have looked at the enthusiasm these posts on Dark Matter have prepared on this list and I am, frankly, really surprised, as it motivates responses I did not anticipate of glee that you now know some of the unusual versions of sight are most deceiving because of the soot of black hulls of the seed Ultimatons give off when they land in time space.  I therefore propose the following study for all of you to note what is true phenomena you really do not yet know about but can discover for yourself.

First: Ron is improving today enough to be up early and taking care to post as much as he can until he is forced back to be to wait out the changes we are forcing to occur in his body and his mind.  Most of you could care less, but understand some of you may go through this too at some point if you really want to work for the Magisterial Mission or my Mission as well to start.  Adam and Eve are here and in York doing prospecting all day long to look at schools there and to determine what they want to do in York first before they move on to Harlem or other parts of the country.  You will see Adam speak to this in a post response to Sue on Adam and Eve elsewhere.

Now to the Ultimatons and their need to break open their hull or heat shields once the yare in time and space.  Their travel from Paradise where the Ultimaton takes origin is a hot one when it hits the scuffing and tearing that space brings to an object traveling at the speed of light without showing any light whatsoever as it travels.  Light speed is known to most of you and so we do not record it here but it is slightly over 186,000 miles per second per second.  That means it is a double unit: the Ultimaton is itself and its cover called a hull or shell here.  

When that shell breaks open when the Ultimaton is directed to a cooling place under one of the Superuniverses spoken to earlier, the shell breaks into halves.  One half breaks off as a positive proton shelter and the other half becomes dead and inert.  The inert half becomes gravity prone and responds to the Absolute gravity of Paradise and floats in clouds around the time space regions with the Superuniverses in a counterclockwise direction around Paradise.  Now: the trial we all face is how do we deal with these black hulls?  They form a soot cloud in deep dark space usually as that is where they are placed for future dispersal in another universe age.

When they do this and the cloud is near a planet, man looks out through the soot cloud and sees nothing but clear air as the soot particle is not visible not even under a microscope.  That is because Ultimatons are pre matter and as such are not ever to be seen before matter is to be seen.  However these soot particles from one half of the shell or hull of the Ulatimaton that has left it, creates optical illusions for several reasons:

1 - This soot is radio active just slightly and causes radium to form around the soot particle which really encumbers the particle of soot to become a lot heavier.  Radium disperses in sun light but in deep space and around some planets there is not a lot of sunlight to do the dispersion, so we on Salvington send out soot cleaners which are specailized horse-like animals known as Spironga.  They are described in your current Urantia Book so look them up please.

2 - Spironga keep the place immaculate as they know how to throw out the soot particle safely.  However, we must face other problems with the Spironga, as they tend to die far too young after handling these particles for eons and we must resurect them on their own terms which means they have demands on high to return as they can ascend but slowly and are never Finaliters.  But they do serve the higher spheres with duties that keep these place immaculate.  In any case the soot particle is still dangerous and must be treated with great respects for their properties are acidic when near any moisture and your acid rain is partially the result of Ultimatonic soot getting too close to Urantia and filtering into your rain water.

3 - Soot properties are of a great density, but because they are small and related to the actual particle called an Ultimaton, their energy levels once were sky high, but now they are inert and lie around like so much dust under the bed quite often.  Therefore the property of Ultimaton hulls of this nature go dependent on the solar wind to move from planet to planet is all solar systems and in Monmatia in particular due to its nuclear testing on Nystoria in years past.

4 - Our work on Salvington near gets old because there is always something that needs fixed and we do it efficiently but sometimes slowly.  In years past we cleaned the Urantia skies with a solar soap we invented to clear the soot from your skies, but in the past forty years we let it alone in hopes of clearing all of the old Urantia with a new phase of life that would be rid of the old human and start and new species that could take care of the planet better.  Ron Besser is the new phase and he is magnificently done in mind but not in body and he is fighting all chances to suddenly die because of it and that is why we have to be so careful to give him rest quickly and efficiently as we can.  Today he will be sent packing to bed for a few more hours of sleep and then the day is his to pursue as he can.  In any case his fusion was not planned for nor was his interest in the Magisterial Mission and so on.  As a result we have retained his mitochondria (bone marrow cells) for future implants into others to see if they respond as Ron does to re oxygenation of the mitochondria.  The soot around Urantia causes Ron to sneeze frequently because he is super sensitive to sunlight now and the soot accumulates around York as it does everywhere on Nystoria, and we must remove it for the sanity everyone at this point.  Sneezing for no particular reason is a hazard from Ultimatonic hull dust in your air.

5 - Lastly, Ultimatons are never really sure what they are until they react with others of their kind.  Protons take five hundred Ultimatons to create and then there is the problem of 501 Ultimatons wanting to squeeze together to form a super Proton that the old Urantia had so many of until th 1970's when the Soviet Union blew up a warehouse full of atomic bombs not realizing such was in the warehouse due to an oversight so big they fired the entire crew for life ever working again in Russia.  Many are alive today on the dole and wondering what their punishment was.  However, that explosion of the missile parts tamped down with nuclear material splayed the soot into forces of great evil on Urantia now Nystoria.  Nystoria still has to deal with dry thunder to the point many wild fires start due to lightning strikes followed by no rain whatsoever.  This is in part due to low humidity but the greater part is that it because super Protons are formed and they clear skies quickly when around the area too.  York was loaded with them in the 1960's and 770's and great droughts appeared in that era that no longer can support that kind of presence due to a low pressure forming in the South Atlantic which will cool the American east coast better than anything we can put into place.  We intend to keep that low pressure there so long as Ron is on the planet as he hates humidity and heat with a vengeance. [Ron here: the combination has a body react as though it must go underground to escape the inensity of usn light and wait until early evening to appear again.  As a kid it never bothered me, but ever since this Adjuster thing appeared with me in 1988, I am super sensistive to the radium and rage of a sun far too hot for this planet in my opinion.]  

Ron’s THOUGHT ADJUSTER SPEAKS - This individual whom I indwell and with whom I am in solid fusion with now, is super active in mind and as such cannot take rays of the Monmatia sun due to its high radium content.  Some love it to brown easily, but it is a monster cancer creator and must be avoided until our sun is adjusted down a peg or two.  In the old days of the 1940's and before the Monmatia sun was tiny compared to its neighbors, but its circumference has grown three fold due to an incursion of weightless titanium that was spewed from a passing system that Monmatia got hold of and it helped the sun recreate it superior system of infraction of matter to force additional heat out of its center.  Now the sun is a powerhouse once more and needs curtailed for life on earth.  However the movement of Nystoria to a new Constellation in Aries wil lreduce the heat slightly but not entirely.  Remember the entire solar system your planet is in was moved with Nystoria to the new Planetary System and the sun went with it.  In any case Ron is super sensitive to radium and the heat it creates when it hits skin cells in that particular body.  Good day.”

Ron - Thank you Adjuster, and to Michael and all who helped make this post available today.  I wish you all a good day too.  Ron and for Michael, Adjuster and others who helped here we thank all as well.



“This is Michael and there is one fallacy Ron points out to me over this planetary move to another Planetary System I never thought of: the planet is still to large to fit the aperture of the telescope of inhabited worlds outside of the orbit of Nystoria.  How do I explain that?  

“I do not, and that is because Nystoria is nestled in among two other Planetary Systems that telescopes have to pass through to see Nystoria.  This came up because Ron asked why Panoptia was not placed in the same System with Nystoria.  It cannot be done only because Panoptia is being vacated due to an insurrectionary rebellion lately among its Midwayers and Ron finds that very hard to believe.  The truth about Panoptia is that its life of humanity was lost years ago when it too experienced the planetary disaster of a Planetary Prince rebelling with Caligastia, and Father summarily dismissed that Prince and he committed star suicide by reclaiming his sun as his own and it blew up sky high and seared the planet and its life to death.  You see Larry the Midwayer Ron and you adored him and appreciated his choice to say hello and that will not be lost to you as he is one of our Midwayer corp now.  

“Lastly, Ron met Larry the Midwayer from Panoptia as he traveled to Urantia to ask for mercy and benevolence against the rebelling Midwayer crew on Panoptia and was greante full asylum on then Urantia.  Today he works with Bzutu and Dora and others Ron knows to say hello to when allowed.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon.”


“I am that Larry and Ron did not hit it off with me when I flahsed my physcial presence to him in his living room of that years sometime around 2014-15.  I was young and brash and said hellow in a way that made Ron bristle instead of a greeting.  It was over friendship which I offered then and there but Ron got it up his nose I was being a smart ass and just let it hang without comment.  He is extraordinary in brash recourse and knows his mind inside out, but that day he awoke suddenly from a pinful sleep and was in no mood to deal with anything like I presented to him.

“Today he counts me as a friend and pleads to hear me speak but I must obey Machiventa Melchizedek who is in charge of Midwayers on this planet now that Bzutu is humanizing.  I have a long way to go and attach myself to all humans who have some sense of God and so on so I can learn human ways which are so similar to Midwayers it isn’t possible to always describe the differences in life style.

“Panoptia is all but destroyed now and has little to offer human kind any more as it once was a thriving planet until our Plantary Prince blew our sun up in hostile retribution being stopped by Father by firing him and pushing him off the planet into our planetary jail nearby. He brutalized our daughter who so valiantly tried to stop him, but that Prince was as evil as Caligastia and sought to destroy us as yours did on Urantia at that time.  Finally, Ron I am making an extra effort to hear you now as you are fully connected to the Deity Absolute as Sue is becoming, and you two, as far as I know, are the only ones who can do that.  Lemuel spoke with Him once but failed to really note the difference as you and Sue did and that makes all the difference in the world.  I hears someone say on your circuit Ron about the Supreme and connections to that as will for Urantia through you and Sue.  Lemuel is well connected there too, but your Larry Gossett keeps failing tests that would upwardly revise him to these levels of transmissions.  That is Larry’s doing such he has the capacity but not the will.  Thank you all for letting me speak and I will work my way through your crowd now Ron.  Good day.”



"I am Adam of the Adam and Eve pair that you all read about in the current Urantia Book.  Today I am here to preserve the Urantia Book as it is for the time being, and to remind all of you that Adam and Eve are coming to York, PA soon enough, as we have now received our mandate to belong to the offices of the L shaped building on Continental Square in the center of the city.  By decree, Urantia is no longer named Urantia, and Ron just placed a little jingo on Facebook with words to that effect.  We saw how careful he was to keep the message very short but gracious and willing to talk but no invitation was extended to do so,  People on Facebook are so tired of the usual jargon they just follow along to keep busy and stay out of trouble in their own minds.  Ron has added about five little notes there this past week starting this past Sunday and people are beginning to watch as he carefully sifts some news into their view of the Urantia Book itself and its relationships to various other kinds of organizations around the world.

"The trial we face on Urantia today is boredom with the usual fare handed out by government, churches, and schools.  They have no imagination and rule society as though they deserved the credit to do so, which they do not.  I am satisfied we can upset the apple cart in York, but we have problems in the larger cities on the east coast of the United States in particular, and it will take a serious entourage of Melchizedeks to get them to listen to change that is mandated to us and to this world you now call Nystoria, and to bring them to heel without smacking them around to listen.  Ron is in favor of severe repression of bad practice in certain instances to exit the frame of mind they can do anything they want to.  Michael thinks it is easier to slide into base rather than jump on the third baseman to get him out of the way for a home run to make these changes.  We suspect it will take both views and both hostilities to make changes for the benefit of children who know nothing enough to insist on a better school and teaching methods as well.  Some schools in Harlem are falling down yet the State makes no changes to help them repair them.  The present Governor of New York, the young Cuomo is an excellent Governor but fails to keep all irons in the fire.  As such he fails to get schools in order to teach at all and in Harlem the recidivism is about 2 to 1--  two students fail for every one that graduates.  This is unacceptable and they are mostly black children suffering this kind of apogee of thoughtless versions of governance.  I will see to it that Harlem receives better schools and ask the Magisterial Sons to fuel the rebuilding in order to keep students in school and out of drugs and money laundering as so many do today in that place of life and misery now. 

"Ron declares there are more and bigger emergencies than broken schools in Harlem but also accepts we have to start somewhere, and I Adam, think that is an excellent part to start this reformation. "

SERARA - "Ron took it okay Adam.  He is now ready to talk to me on the phone.  He is so silly I can get a charge out of it immediately.  Now this:  Ron is so inured on Melchizedeks and Magisterial Sons, he bleeds in discomfort when not in some measure speaking to them.  I Serara agree with Ron on tidy bit:  the cost is prohibitive to start, but we are happy to assign you and Eve one or two schools to do up to see what is the best way to go about it.  Ron fully agrees this better than dolling out the entire 50 million for these particular schools and he happens to guess that it probably triple that to do forty bad schools that need this work desperately.  There are similar schools in Florida, Kansas, and mediocre San Juan, California, as I have seen them in passing there too.  Old schools are one thing, but schools with structural weaknesses are formidable hazards to all and I suggest you find yourself a Commission in every State in the union Adam to advise what is to be done and how to go about and become their hero by filling in the budget and advice for them pronto.  Good day.  Serara."

ADAM - "Thank you Serara.  That is the ticket then.  We will do so and ask all who can participate with this idea to write Ron on this list and he will fill a folder with your recommendations and promises of help when you do so.  He has a folder for dissemination of the new epochal revelation once called Urantia Book II, and that list is being honored soon for actual books to go into the mail asap.  June 1 is the old deadline to get started and remains the deadline to get started as of today. 

"I thank you for listening and wish you a good day.  Adam."


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Finaliters
« on: May 23, 2018, 06:20:13 AM »

Hello Lemuel and my thanks to you Clency for the transcription service - most helpful.

I did not know that Finaliters worked closely with we humans, that they were more interested in a future age on the planet and did little to treat the maladies of conscription into life on a material planet without enough resources to feed all of us or even have a place to lay our heads at night for sleep and tranquility.  Septor did us a great service to let us know that and I do pray he reaches our worst citizens with some care, for they receive almost nothing but their immediate family to help them at all, and sometimes even that is completely missing.  I bid you a good day and thank your Lemuel for your service.  Ron

"Ron must be aware of tremendous forces around him as he walks bent over and wincing to walk this morning again and fails to understand why they do not relent with so much against him right now.  Yet he knows without you Lemuel this place would not sparkle again as you have a following now by people who care less what Ron writes or others write, for the voice transmission is a pool of calm from a man who cares mightily that he can do this audio work at all.  Your Lemuel have been so sick it seems perhaps a miracle you can still gather your forces and speak into your recorder and deliver all of this to us each day.  I am Michael and I see how they listen to your low still voice and gather much sustenance from it and you will hear Ron again when he gathers the strength once more to speak out against the tyranny of people who say they care and then ignore the worst case of blight on a planet I have ever seen.  I have seen my Kingdom become lost once in a while due to mistakes of religion or some mistake made in government, but never have I seen a planet like this one is go into blight of heartless version as this one does so badly.  Therefore:

"You Lemuel are not remanded to Spain any longer than it takes for you to get to 145 pounds in body weight.  You must reach that before York is yours to go to and help Ron overcome the fight to be heard for reasons of State for the work of the Magisterial Mission.  We started it already but Ron has been hit hard with the Father's will to stay the course and let things grow naturally, which he does, but he experiments radically now and then and it falls on deaf ears all the time.  He finally made a few incursions to Facebook but they are a hard crew and say nothing while he carries the coals to Newcastle.  You Lemuel must do the same thing while Gossett and Whiley bring up the back guard and must do more to cheer instead of procrastinate over issues they favor over helping the list become renown for its sagacity and not for its revelatory zeal as Ron can do so well that he is the premier Adjuster led human on Urantia to know when to strike iron as they say in Wales.

"Lemuel. you must gain that weight or forget York.  You are too valuable asset to let in Girona and he is not sure that is speeled right, but you know it and change it to the right spelling, but you Lemuel are not well until you have achieved at leaslt 145 pounds on your skinny frame otherwise.  Be assured we will prepare the way now for you to continue this fight to regain conscious debate for yourself as well as for Ron and other we take to York for the work to pursue what must be done so soon and that is to find the best solution to millions of problems we have with Nystoria. 

"Finally, Ron is also very ill but can take the computer by carefully typing what he hears into the real words you can read here.  We are running a fever in him to clear the broken parts of an old body as you have and his body fights harder than yours to be corrected since he has had nothing but his own will for 70 plus years to guide him and that has served him so well he makes decisions left and right that genuinely change the course of history on Urantia, as he is going to make one heck of a leader once we clear these other matters before us.  Close your heart to the pleas of those who want you to go into a home as it will kill you.  I say the same to Ron who finds upkeep so daunting his neighbor came over and weed whacked the weeds growing up at the mail box.  Ron laughed and thought 'its so bad now the neighbors can't stand them!'  In any case he rings his mug of tea every morning and lets the financial world be listened to as he prepares for work on the computer shortly.  Today however, he has one more astounding revelation to hear about and we will start work on that with him shortly.  His day here in York is dull and cloudy and more rain probably on the way.  This winter killed some of his treasures but he is slowly taking them down and replacing them with Subaru love.  He smiles.  Good day.  Michael of Nebadon."



Title: The Soot of Time Prevails over Nystoria & And We See Not the Truth in the Sky
May 22, 2018 York Pa 2200 local time

Ron - I had a huge revelatory experience this morning I have not yet recovered from in my body as it is very and especially worse in the pain of transition as I write this.  I can ignore it to write but little else is possible to do while it rages.

1.    I provided a small description in my previous post in this thread about the probaility of three more Superuniverses of which these three are of a different type than the first seven revealed by out current Urantia Book.  These three additional superuniverses are the primary places of cooling pre-matter from its electronic boiling point.  They are also where the Ultimaton discards its husk or hull that protect it through the space time experience after taking birth in the nether Paradise area, transported to the Trinity which dates and stamps each one for tracking purposes, and then out into time space through a space chute under superuniverse six and seven.  There the Ultimatons take eons to cool and when they do, they crack their space travel hulls which break into two piece.  One half of that hull is positive charged pre-matter for unrevealed use later on, and the other half stays in our time space area as an uncharged relic those in science call Dark Matter.

2.    Dark Matter is explosive just like coal dust is on our planet.  But this dark matter soot forces a phenomenon to occur you should know about and restart your thinking about proofs of a certain sort that do not work because of the lens of dark matter we are forced to view the sky through on Urantia/Nustoria.   Here is the revelation I had this morning about what you see ain’t necessarily true.


MICHAEL OF NEBADON has graciously allowed me a dictation again of what this part of the revelation I received earlier this morning and that dictation suddenly jumped from my word processing screen into oblivion and we must reconstruct it here now.

“I am Michael of Nebadon.  I never allow this to happen except Ron absorbed so much I what revelation he received this morning to then be distracted by considerable pain and refraction of mind objects around him, that I have to do this or he will not write the subtleties of what needs to be known in your neck of the space woods you live in.

“Urantia is two fold in its existence.  Another planet called Urantia will take the old Urantia place in Satania and Satania will move out of Norlatiadek and become a sub System to an already existing Planetary System now located in your constellation of Aries in your night sky Urantia 606 will remain as part of Satania but you who read this are no longer on a planet dying in Satania as was its fate from the beginning.  We instruct this as follows.

“Urantia 606 is experimental, and when it as Nystoria was removed from Satania recently, we retained all the life on it as well as its evolved plants and animals and all else that goes with a living planet.  WE removed the life plasm originally placed by the Life Carriers on 606 and have placed it on Nystoria, which is number 157 of Nystoriam and is only one of three planets of a secret type that System is learning exists but nothing is spoken to it since I, Michael, am tired of explaining these crazy quilt patterns that erupt ot keep the old Urantia alive and well.  So be it.

“Now Nystoriam is a new constellation acquisition from deep space in Nebadon that was in danger of collapsing due to dark matter incursions over its space areas due to an explosion on Master Spirit Four’s extra secret superuniverse beneath superuniverse four used primarily to cool Ultimatons.

“In that explosion is the secret superuniverse ten, a special type of superuniverse not used for life raising and giving, the explosion ripped a hole into the side of superuniverse four which is a primary number in the Father’s legion of space regions so unnaturally formed right now we do not reveal all that we could.

“The explosion was sub-atomic radium.  That means it was radio active but clean and would not cause radio active fever or illness to life in that area.  However, the explosion exposed something we never saw before, and that was a pile of Dark Matter that was not radioactive but inert and solid as granite rock in its place of trillions of Ultimatons still cooling there.

“As a result of finding that construction in the middle of superuniverse ten which is totally uninhabited and is twice the size of superuniverse seven, we conjectured that the Ultimatons involved were just different from other Ultimatons we are used to seeing, and that they had a far different purpose than all other Ultimatons we were used to examining for our own purposes. Now this:

“Our work is proceeding to produce Missions on Nystoria and Ron is painfully aware of my abuse of his condition, but I use his condition to examine life at a molecular point in life giving you may never learn about because it is a Deity function only.  That said, we can tell you that God prefers life like Ron but gets life like Homer Pyle most often and laments he cannot find a way out of what the difference is at all.  All Ultimatons are used in life building and giving, but only the Mother Spirits of the Local Universe can give the breath of life ever.  No other agency has that power and will never have that power for reasons you can imagine.

“In examining Ron today in his deep and sudden seven hour sleep in the middle of nowhere, we learned he has two dipoles in his head that are found nowhere else in all creation that I know of.  Those dipoles are superhuman in nature and are bestowed on any human who can lynch together the fact of existence with the creativity of existence.  That is truly Ocilliaya and Superuniverse Four and the work carried on in that placement of life.  Now Ron gets real crabby with his pain and suffering and blew us apart today by yelling at the incoming Material Daughter Eve who now has a healthy respect for Rons libido as he refuses to discuss it ever more as we have the full data on our archives for reference anyhow and he reminded her he was in no mood to answer questions in that area or any area while he was hurting so badly.  

“The revelation Ron lost this morning was short and powerful, yet it beheld the answer to some of your questions about seeing a night sky that proved you were not moved out of your old space at all.  Wrong!!

“We will get to that shortly, but Ron never dreamed he was being taken to Uversa and left to suffer what is the last day of this awful and painful recursion of nerve pain into his liver, stomach, his arms, his legs and into his cranium today and a feeling of such exhaustion he can hardly move his legs to get on the bed to lie down.  That is all true, but he also has a defense mechanism provided by the Crow who flies right over him all the time and that is our own Mother Spirit who speaks for the Deity Absolute on rare occasions.  On this occasion she let Ron know the work he lost was truly gone and it upset him deeply because he knew it was a major revelation without any pretense he could save it.  He reminds himself he must write dictation not in the editor’s window on this site but in the word processor and even there it is not safe from deletion or extraction by us so he cannot see it when he is done.  Larry Gossett experiences this somewhat and so odes Amethyst on occasion, but Ron gets it so much he goes nuts wondering how to explain hours of dictation that suddenl evaporate.  Now back to the two dipoles in Ron’s brain stem we think the Father put there at his birth for some reason, and opnly the Father knows why.

“When we say the word “dipole” we refer to two small bumps on his brain column called a brain stem.  That stem is usually very smooth on all of you, but in Ron the stem is full of ridges and valleys we have never seen before.  Ron knows enough to theorizes that absorbing the fifth epochal revelation reconstructed his brain stem into a mighty fortress for God notwithstanding his curses over the pain condition.  I saw him through a pillow at Eve so hard she blinked twice and left and that was generous because he was ready to throttle fate for what happened today as a very odd occurrence in his heart as well as his mind: do not fool with me if you want me to work for you!  We take that harshly but understand we have a man fully dedicated to God as no one else can be and we do not fully understand that as the Saints themselves had normal brain stems and worked beautifully for God the Supreme always.

“Upon examination of the brain stem on Uversa, it was determined that Ron has the mind of a very young and foolish Melchizedek.  Truly. Why? No one knows and perhaps the Father has some insight into this phenomenon but it is so strong and in ways superior in rational that we take it as a wonder in our universe that it happened at all.  I am serious Ron as you tend not to believe this kind of examination, but you yourself know you cannot compose anything with being fully assured it is the right thing to do although you shy away from that if too controversial.

“What does this mean to our Mission on Urantia?  It means that we have now two Melchizedeks in place for York.  Mantutia is his natural Supervisor. But the other one is no other than the Father Melchizedek, who watches him like slippery carrots on a hot day to keep him out of mischief he loves to get into at times.  Watch now how this jumps from humanhood to a higher spirit than anyone ever imagined possible in Nebadon.  Yet Ron insists he is merely following the course of Godship laid out in the fifth epochal revelation which he has fully absorbed in spirit and other places.  But let us proceed to today and this astounding revelation he received regarding Dark Matter and Ultimatons and the unusual phenomenon that Ninat2 and Billabong spoke of as proof no changes of the night sky meant no changes in our space System of Norlatiadek or otherwise.  Here it is:


“Ultimatonic soot has one huge drawback:

“It forces white light to linger in an observer’s eye until the photons involved are fully purged from the local space area.  That is the premise as to why you see the same constellations in the night sky even thouse the space area you are in has been revamped and you now view space through a new Planetary System, Nystoriam, that is actually located in Aries.  The old Urantia was in Cancer and saw Sagittarius as its north start.  Now in the new Planetary System, the main star in Aries known to your astronomers as Hamal (Alpha Arietis, second magnitude),  is so vastly larger you will never strain to known your true nothern direction as it appears as a new north star in about six thousand years from now.

“Why you do not observe a new night sky is simple to understand if you allow us to tell you that when Ultimatons form photons as is the case always around Nystoria, they filter all vision to the minds of observers of that night sky that shows only the photons still advancing toward the earth even if the earth should be moved.  Your main star in the north is Polaris, designated Alpha Ursae Minoris, and is your true north and star used by navigators for years as such.  However Polaris is a might eighty (80) million light years away, and its light is now removed because you are now in a new Planetary system where Hamal is your new North Star, and its light is only four (4) million light years where your new planet Nystoria is located.  We do not have the calculations when you will see the new night sky, but I estimate by Deity mind it is in about six thousand years to pass yet before the photons emitted from Polaris pass the old Urantia system by.  What all of you see in the summer night sky as it was about in actuality about sixty (60) million years ago even as Urantia was just becoming a recognizable sphere and saw a much more serene night sky than you do now.

“Ron has asked me to explain “parallax”, and that is the curious lesson you are learning above with a new definition of the term “parallax,” and to explain how the soot fo Ultimatonic hulls or husks causes this, remember that these hulls fall of pre-matter!  They are instructive always to cause blurred vision any planet must see through without ever indicating they exist at all.  Previews of early science have no explanation as to how it takes so long to see a true night sky except to explain the time it takes for life to travel.  Einstein knew this condition existed and invented the theory of relativity to explain time lapses in being able to see the present but almost always seeing the past because of distant light emissions.  However, today Einstein did come up with a formula to expalin Ultimatonic soot debris and how to calculate the true status of the emitting light bulbs in far distant space arriving so late on Urantia/NYSTORIA, that we see the past and not the present at all.

“This explains much to you you have doubts about because the idea of space soot of this type is very nefarious in a brain that says something is real when you can see it, which you cannot see the fine dust of Ultimatonic cooling. In any case we conclude with this statement.  

“Wish well to all of you as you all become brief star students in the Minor Sector of your ascension career.  Ron needs that badly and so do all of you because you believe in seeing.  Not all you see is fleeting, but somethings are because you do not have the mental tools to see beneath the surface.  Ron loves stream fishing yet fails to embrace it anymore because he no longer cleans and eats what he catches, and then considers it harmful to maybe kill a fish by cathcing it without letting it go at once.  What he does not realize is that fish is already caught in the future by itself and it dies a natural death later but if kept by Ron it would perish in the immediate presence.  It means nothing to the fish and never does Ron ever want to harm any life except mosquitoes and rats.  Even they play a part but vermin to Ron is dangerous to higher life forms and is elminated as quickly as they come around him.  Now I propose one other statement and conclude this:

“All of you love to dismantle theories especially as Ron puts them out to you to consider.  Photons are dirty protons and few know that, but a photon carries rubbish from the origins of life on Paradise, and as such they get priority for extension and then death by absorption.  On Urantia/Nystoria the planet teems with photon life due to civilization being so prolifice with light rays to light the cities and millions of other uses.  Tesla thought that silly but could never explain his views that the universe lights itself when necessary and wondered if he could learn to transmit electricity without wires.  Ron gets so vexed with so many wires at his computer and bathroom mirror he prayed for the day of self transmission of power to devices he uses such as his electric shaver or this computer.  I told him it was possible to transmit electricity if he would learn how to operate an ultimatoni furnace in the house and he smiled and agreed but had no idea how to do that.  How you dothat is to start a furnace running that burns natural gas and make it conver the natural gas to carbon monoxide and trap the monoxide into a bad and then force the bag to suirt the monoxide into the heat stream into the house,  While slightly dangerous to inhabitants, that is a way to have electrcity transmit from your electrical system that is picked up the coils in the little electric motors in computers and electric razors and a lot more.  Trouble with this explanation is the fact that carbon monoxide has a half life of 8 seconds and is dilluted immediately but carbon tetra-chloride immediately in the presence of moisture which Ron’s basements gets so full of in damp days like this one was in York today.  We will use Ron’s home to experiment with such a system and watch the chors disappear quickly where they can.  Things like speaker hookup must use cords because there is no electric motor in them at this point and Ron says to me such a motor could be placed in speakers too so long as it runs quietly and does not interfere with frequency output and I agree and that would make the world sound so much better.  Good day. Michael of Nebadon.”  


Thanks Dominick - that is the first time I heard of Project Pegasus.  Although I am familiar with the name of some these sub programs listed by Wiki on Pegasus.  I find fault with the article just a little bit because in its telling of the program it fails to indicate what has happened with it or if still of interest in official (government) circles.


Now I am going to tell you something that should warn you to be exceedingly careful about what you believe.  This morning was taking the usual dictation when Michael of Nebadon suddenly arrived in person and layed on me a great revelation about what you see is not what you should know.  After revealing quite an extensive technical understanding of dark matter and the soot that dark matter presents to the eyes, two pages of that revelation blinked off my screen and forever lost.  I retain portions of that revelation but not the heart and soul of it and deeply lament I did not write it on the word processor but only on the edit window of this site.  The edit window on this site is full of worm holes and they can adjust it anyway they want which is still a surprise to me.  I then all but collapsed on my bed and was out for eight hours without a single memory of how I spent that time.  

This is the gist of the revelation on dark matter and the revelation about superuniverses I still retain, but I am missing some details now as the 8 hour blank seems to have cleared some of the memory:

The thing you should know about what we call dark matter is to look at a grain of wheat or oats or some grain.  We all recognize that when grain is harvested, each seed is covered by a vegetable husk we have to get rid of to get to use the grain for nutritional extraction like flour for break or cakes or pie crusts and a thousand other things.  In medieval times wheat in particular was used to make bread called horse bread that kept the hull in place, but I digress only to state that interesting fact.

You all know from reading the Urantia Book, that all matter is made from a grain called an Ultimaton in all space.  The nutrition for matter is the speck of energy called an Ultimaton that builds sub-particles which then are used pieces of negative or positively charged radium.  I mean the word "radium" here, because in my revelation on this subject, I learned that radium is the initial impulse of energy that a newly arrive Ultimaton deports to space, and with trillions of other Ultimatons, becomes a cloud of radium in deep cold space.  Now where does dark matter come from?

As I learned, every Ultimaton grain seed comes with a husk.  You hear right.  That husk is a cosmic shield that covers each Ultimaton when it enters from its force field out of the Paradise cradle it is processed in.  The Absolute of no time and no space is the Unqualified Absolute, and that force is alive and all powerful located on the underside of Paradise itself called NETHER PARADISE.

The Unqualified Absolute is super sensitive to the requirements of our area of space to reorganize itself with matter itself for new stars and the dark islands of space which are collapsed ingredients of dark matter and other constraints so super secret it would not be discussed with me at all.  Dark matter form the black density of super gravitational dark islands which are not black holes but cold matter condensed until its Ultimatons start to leave it for better usages.  Dark holes are collapse stars for the most part, but we digress to go into that discussion.

When an Ultimaton travels in groups or pods of many trillions and quadrillions of them, they form a bubble, and in that bubble of nascent Ultimatons traveling to escape into time and space, is one or two very rare type of Ultimaton that, frankly for lack of a better word, HERDS THE TRILLIONS of Ultimatons into one group to force them through a chute that surrounds Paradise that empties into time and space levels we live in and use Ultimatons to build atoms and molecules.

When forced through that force field port, the Ultimatons become blistering hot.  They arrive in our space so hot they can only be called the boiling point of materialized matter which is our science calls the atomic or electronic boiling point.  That is a sizzling 35.000,000 degrees Fahrenheit.  Here is the statement in the Urantia Book to collaborate that number:

41.7.12 You might try to visualize 35,000,000 degrees of heat, in association with certain gravity pressures, as the electronic boiling point. Under such pressure and at such temperature all atoms are degraded and broken up into their electronic and other ancestral components; even the electrons and other associations of ultimatons may be broken up, but the suns are not able to degrade the ultimatons.

We now understand that the heat of the Ultimaton is deposited beneath one cooling tower and that one cooling tower is under Superuniverses Seven and Nine.  Whaaaat????  Ron is supposed to know, I write this myself, that there are seven superuniverses period, and that each superuniverse represents the purpose of the unified purposes of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Infinite Spirit.  What is this NINE BUSINESS NOW?

I was allowed a very small glimpse into something nobody is supposed to know and I wonder what, still, this all about?  I saw a countergeiger in my mind and it measured the electronic weight of matter and that weight far exceeded what I was told was the normal weight electronically of the seven superuniverses.  So, okay, there is a lot of preparticls laying around in drifts that is  quite a number unused but in post electronic formation to be measure.  No.  I was sternly corrected by some voice I do not know who or what it was but it was dictating quite a story to hear about our universe and its guilty silence about how it works without our scientific knowledge.

The eight and the ninth Superuniverses are DATA SUPER UNIVERSES.  They are not creative and purposeful superuniverses, and they swing in orbit around Paradise just as the seven purposive universes do only they are tucked beneath Superuniverse Seven and Superuniverse Five.  Under Superuniverse Four is another type of Superuniverse never revealed for security reasons.  That would make for TEN total Superuniverses that fits the theory of a Grand material Decimal Universe once more.

I do not want to digress further from dark matter and that space ship and the dark matter controversy developing among people in our science places.

Dark matter is the hull over an Ultimaton when it breaks through the portal from on space Paradise to space time areas we live in.  When t he Ultimaton arrives boiling it must shed its husk or hull, and it is discarded in dumps you might call them in deep space.  The hull or husk of an Ultimaton's time-space entry is thrown off into Superuniverse Nine and Ten-- the last one being so super secret it is never disclosed unless there is a dire emergency of some sort I will recall for you as best I can later on.

These hulls are as hot as the Ultimaton inside them, and when the Ultimaton sheds them with a superior force acting upon them, they crack into two pieces.  One half of the hull becomes a positive charge,  The other half of the hull has no charge but is attracted by gravity now.  The part we observe we call dark matter in the universe is the half of the shell that now is pulled by gravity into clusters of dark matter and exhibits no real charge unless it is forced into what is an emergency situation for us on Nystoria and Plebium I and Plebium II (our new neighbor planets in our new System), in the new Planetary System which is moved but ground observers cannot see that by empirical evidence.  I will explain that phenomenon revealed to me in a post beneath this one to keep these disclosures separate.

Dark matter is dangerous because it contains the rudiments of the Ultimaton is reverse polarity.  We all know that anitmatter does that, and antimatter is nothin more than one half of the husk of an Ultimaton in progress becoming a Proton.  I hope you can follow that?

Recall, for some self help here, that Ultimatons have strings around those rods of interior plasma.  Blue rod plasma is an Ultimaton that likes to form electrons and neutrons and protons.  If the Ultimaton wants a neutron creation, it seeks out other Ultimatons like itself, opens it normal cover to expose the plasma and throws a long string out to another Ultimaton like itself and asks if it would like to bond to form a neutron?  If the other Ultimaton likes the proposition, it then also throws out a string to wrap around the plasma rod in the suitor's Ultimaton body.  There are seven hundred Ultimatons in a Neurton.  There are one hundred Ultimatons that form an Electron.  There are five hundred Ultimatons in a Proton.  These are important facts to recall as we reason away this revelation received today in dark mystery to me.

When the hulls of particular types of Ultimatons accumulate, that part of the hull or husk it used to get here, that one half portion, gets attracted to Paradise Gravity only.  Paradise Gravity is so slim in its exertion to attract such small specks of energy to it that these hulls represent, that it takes 100 billion half hulls to form the nipple on a pin head.  That can be attracted by Paradise, but there are many free floating hulls in space that do not yet form a cloud, that they form sort of a soot many inhabitants in planets like Urantia has to see  through.   When looking through the soot of dark matter which for us is really one half of an Ultimatons travel shell, we distort time and space.  That is what post to follow this one is all about.

To conclude this post.  My experience with this revelation is scary to me personally.  I was thrown off course in my day shortly after sunrise when I got up in a very serious foul mood over the pain I was suffering very badly.  Eve from Adam and Eve came with some qustions to ask me and I sent her packing and I doubt she will try to speak with me again.  It is my nature to scroll through old questions and to see what has been asked before and these questions were asked before many times and my body wanted nothing to do with them again because of outright painful assignations today.  I close this part of the revelation about dark matter, and remind readers dark matter is soot and not truly useful except like coal dust, it is explosive.  My next post to follow this speaks to this great danger near us now.  

Thank you

MUFON is a non profit that tracks all UFO sightings around the world by country.  They report monthly and I receive them out of curiosity about such activity and how that is or is not a sign of progress.  I am not sure that any of it is but then people are seeing these things in large enough numbers to engage in reporting to these ship counters.

Here is a link to the April 2018 stats for UFO sightingings by each country by MUFON members to them.

Dear List, this post is with regard to the first category on the list here.  I feel it is time to remove the Intelligene Category as it has done its job and it could grate on some nerves out there that is not necessary at this time.  I think those who read it and are interested are satisfied that is all we can do right now but to warn to keep your powder dry and not to get disappointed on the intractable behavior our leaders get into or take us into as unwilling participants of  disaster. 

I also will bring the category back when something new is to be added as I truly trust that both Serara and Monjoronson will explain things about national relationships that matters to say when it is time to say them over the next few years.  For now it comes down to keep it from becoming stale and maybe offensive to some who do read it with a fine toothed comb to boot.

Thank you for reading it and I ask your patience until we have a better understanding how to handles these kinds of posts that are meant to fully inform you but are not meant for the general public to see either.  It is a bit of a quandary to handle but for now we say adios to that particular way of looking at things. 

My best to all,


Niant2 this video was knocking around for days for me and I finally looked at it and the ship type seems to be a new version of an old theme of windows along the side to have some sight seeing probably.  It is a lovely ship and I am jealous they have such a wonderful technology you are working a new place to see and think about.   The funny thing is Michael of Nebdon banned sightt seers months ago so that makes me wonder if this might ba tech crew from one of our allies nearby and taking a relaxing jaunt to see the scenery before the go back to work wherever that might be.   Ron

This March 28, 2018

I seldom fall for photo shopped or other video editing to make us believe the unusual, but I asked Salvington what they might know of this video or sighting.  They said ti was not a fake but was enhanced by the photographer by adding the misty portal when the ship blinked off itself.  The portal with the misty oval was truly there but the video taker addes the white to show a real doorway which our eyes cannot see.   Now whose ship is this?  No one owns up but I keep hearing the Midwayers attempted to run this release elsewhere only YouTube accepted it as worthwhile along with a skillion others most of which are fakes or truly broken films of the old past when these things occurred more often.  Now that we folks have a lot of video cameras chances are these things can be filmed more and more and never with definite answers what we are really seeing as far as the public is concerned.  Those ont his list even know some of the fleets by name but getting good ID on them is hell.  Ship type is listed by MUFON if anyone would like to look it up.   Ron Besser/

to embed in your own html output use the code below:  This site accepts the embed will not save it into the database for playing so please use the above reference to view what you wish of this ship on a merry cruise of some mountain range.

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Lovely transmission Lemuel.  Clear lessons like this make it easy to learn where the listener may stand, and to work on the enthusiasm quotient in the daily life.  Most of us seldom are very clear about what we are best talented to do as that seems to come after you knock around in so-so life circumstances for awhile.  In any case Lemuel, thank you Lemuel for a all that you have accomplished with your audio tape work as most of us find it a comfort to start the day with the wise advice the tapes through you offer all of us.


PS- Clency thank you very much for your service too!

I am so delighted Lemuel you are back and in there trying to get us all back to our favorite audio messenger, Lemuel!

These little messages are little sparkles the public will love too when you are put on the air with your tapes for you daily talk to the world.  I am quite sure we will have a radio station quite soon to do these things with your voice and your transmissions to the group and to the what was once called Urantia and is now called Nystoria.  

You must keep your voice up and your head up Lemuel to  hear you best.  I detect a slight hesitation as you must think again and good for that head of yours to do it as it is fine and I will look forward to hearing strength really return as you must do this every day now for us and for you.  Please see to Lemuel our soldier from Wales.

To all you must understand that Lemuel has so dearly wished to come to York and take up residence and he will.  Michael says when he has gained at least half of his preferred body weight, the invitation will then be discussed with him and given with no doubt.  His preferred weight I think you spoke to me Lemuel was about 140 pounds?  Maybe 155 and I do not know what that is in stones but you who live in the British Isles can translate that for us.  Eat and drink your protein Lemuel and get well daily and we wait for you to be as bright and shiny as a new penny for sure in  the Magisterial Mission capital soon.

Best wishes for your work and recovery Lemuel!

"I am the Creator Son you so adore.  Your Adjuster helped you today,  Tomorrow I will transmit to you.  The day afterward is from Mother Spirit.  The third day next the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, will transmit to you so you will have someone to transmit for a long time to come.  Wait for us when you are ready Lemuel.  If we are busy we take a moment to finish it but wait for us to chime in and we are yours to audio transmit as you please.  Good day. Michael."


General Discussion / General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
« on: May 17, 2018, 02:44:45 PM »
General Brief - News Summary 17May2018 Michael
York, Pa noon local time/Michael of Nebadon/May 17, 2018

This is Michael.

I am sure most of you wonder where the beef is to use an old 70's commercial for Burger King.  I am here and so is everybody else but we are getting down to fine details and Ron has been helping where he can during his last days of transition he hopes.  I am sure he will be fine shortly if I can commute some of these problems for him.

I must lament the fact we have little to say today as this is an in-between day for most of us on high, and that our staff for the Missions is ready and prepared to enter the material plane of existence to work on the problems Nysteria presents for you and for us too.  I am truly tired of the fight to win over people who have no substance or any reason to listen other than to make ends meet.  Otherwise I wonder how we can go with this except Ron has provided some insight into how to approach these problems himself and we follow some of them to see if they work.  I am also unhappy over a transition that is so harmful he gets despondent over it, but money is a balm for even that he says.  In any case I will shortly outline to some of you what is up in that department soon enough.  I am authorizing to spending about sixty million dollars on behalf of the Magisterial Mission shortly.

Now you all must know we have at least seven corporations to fund and I have already told Ron how to distribute those funds.  He laughs at his guile over this but we must fund those corporations we will operate out of for the sake of old Urantia and its new name Nystoria.  Clency had it right as Ron bobbled the original name so it was not printed right the first time but it is all corrected now as he spoke to it in another post to Clency and others.

I am providing $60,000,000 to Ron via a cashiers check from Mantutia once Mantutia is ok'd to do that in the flesh.  He is also to receive his salary from 2010, eight years ago, and it is substantial, and we have set aside sums for those who Ron knows need the checks.  Lemuel receives a salary from 2017 to now and Gossett receives a salary from 2016 to now too.  In other words we have some money for you two.  Sue and Amethyst have no back salary for reasons of State due to only recent fusion status achieved only months ago.  By the way the sixth individual who was fused has quit life and is near death estrangement mentally and must be looked after completely in the home hospice.  Not all fusions regrettably on Nystoria work and this was a prime example.

I conclude this notice with a trial we must face once again with your sister planet Panoptia which will be renamed  too when the dust settles in this part of my Local Universe of Nebadon.  Panoptia has been upset primarily in its Midwayer population over the fact they are not now getting a Magisterial Mission as promised years ago and that is because Serara believes the Midwayers there are too slow to understand that they do not set the tone of the Mission much as Ron has done for us on Nystoria.  Ron recognizes his lack of enthusiasm to control anything but waits to see the corporations to us for nothing but a dollar for all seven, and then to go his merry ways as inside the epochal revelatory Foundation.  He is truly waiting for release from other concerns too and that must be finalized with him and Mantutia shortly.  He is also waiting for his back salary payment to do the house up nicely and well and we are delighted with is plans to make changes already given to us as the way forward for that home.  Good and this.  His work is not recognized on Uversa yet and they must approve it or no money and that is just a technicality and we wait too.

UVERSA SPEAKS:  "WE have approved the work Ron has done and will provide him with a certificate on his spirit record when he leaves Nystoria in the coming months or centuries, whatever must be done.  He is truly ready to serve and is a must for others to copy as a way to come before high authorities and make sure we agree with plans before they are carried out.  He worked under Michael of Nebadon and the Midwayers early in his career as corporation designer but lately has been under the Deity Absolute to be sure he does not render work that is at cross purposes to the Michael Mission or the Magisterial Mission.

(Uversa)"We also allow nothing more to be done corporately until the coming snafu with the IRS is settled due to a special agent getting too excited over a letter Ron sent them asking for charitable status over a corporation that Agent agrees deserves it but was over rulled by the head of the department as too lenient and was thrown back to the Spcial Agent to defer decisions until he was forced to make one by events.  Latterally, the President made one comment: 'give what he wants and drop it now, as I have a summit to attend to.'  

"ON Uversa, Ron is a shadowy figure without much happy styles and we must relate that his work does not suffer but seems improved by the motion to move him into the morontial area of being.  It was a painful excursion but one we think has great promise for the future and we are more sanguine than Michael is over the transition work Ron has done so far.  Good day.

Michael of Nebadon - "I am now quoted for the record:  Ron has completed his transition but the blood stream objects to the motion of unusual cells medical science would call white blood cells.  They defend the immune system but they are the problem to create nerve pain and other concerns Ron is mostly aware of in spades.  You all who have a normal circulatory system have no problem moving legs to walk or run but Ron has no such nerve control at this time and can barely walk across the drive to get mail.  He is truly sorry over this transition lasting so long that he rather just revert and be done with it but we will not allow that to happen at all as he is finished becoming fully morontialized as his mind is quick and sharp in spite of sleepiness so much of the time.  That will end but he needs a course in rectitude to stop hammering Michael with pissing and moaning over the issue of walking and seeing alone.  You keep seeing something Ron you do not understand and you place it as a wish rather than a fact, but you are catching a near future when this all abruptly ends and you walk out free to deposit your monetization of the corporations quite soon.  Good day. Michael."


Clency and all - I do appreciate why things get confused.  As a receiver when a new word comes down the road to me to speak and then spell it, it can be a little hairy to get it right the first time or the next three times too.  Eventually someone in spirit will draw my attention to it and give me a spelling that derives the phonetics first and then I follow that with the standard way English uses to spell such a word.  When Nystoria came to me first I wrote Nistoreia but Michael said no that is not right Ron as he can see my screen and hear my thought processes to write.  We tried again and he asked me to write the phonetics of the new word as I heard it.  So phonetically I wrote "Nis tore ee ah"  Between us we got the right front part by telling me there was no i in the first part but a y.   Ok, so now I knew that at least it was Nys (pronounced nis) and the second part was a store and the IA part was not sha as in Urantsha but ee (long e) and then iaa (long a).  That is how we worked out correct spelling over the course of the transmission.  Now speaking another language as you do Clency, it must be very difficult to get English sounds right when the French is so much softer and rules are different how to pronounce.  I commiserates with all of you who have to struggle with these spellings and words that come and go too.  Just thought you might be interested how it was worked out. 


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