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Prolotheos - Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom - 19-Jun-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Prolotheos
Subject:  Be Mentored in Father’s Wisdom
19-Jun-18 3:25 PM  EST   19:35 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is the dawning of a new era on your world called Urantia/Nystoria and it is with the mindset of doing the Fathers will, in his ways and timing that will see you and your brethren through to the days of Light and Life for which you long and your planet cries out in despair.  I am of the Seraphim order which has longevity on this planet through the ministries of high spirit counselors who draw near to those who draw near to the pure higher energies of spirit in their thoughts will and intentions.  

"It is of a certainty that there will be personal and social upheaval but such are the ways of change on such a planet so torn with strife and expectant of corruption and violence at every turn.  We see and hear and sit back in wonder how a people and planet can be so resilient time and again in their strange evolutionary journey into the concepts of love and brotherhood for all.

“Is there a time so ripe as to pick the fruit in its most perfected state of maturity or will the winds of corruption once again cause the fruit to spoil on the vine or be plucked in anticipation of darker days to come?  Such is the quandary of the farmer with his crops and the situation at hand before us.  

“Can the fruit be preserved if harvested too soon?  Should that which is over-ripe be given over to continue its evolutionary path in its natural environment?  At the behest of Our Father in Heaven we must await the counsel of He who knows all things from the beginning to the end.  

“It is a scenario best viewed from the all-inclusive panoramic view of Paradise wherein dwells the Source of wisdom, the essence of virtue and the foundation of all that can and must exist  to play out in the vicissitudes of life from before their embryonic state on the worlds of time.  The pressures and pain and struggles and gain are ever kept in perfect balance through the heart of the one who pours out His life energies into every form and facet of existence.

“I bid you now, today, to look into the face of Life itself and comprehend the similitude of His gathering and giving, as you await in peace the dawn of each new moment of opportunity you are given to be mentored in wisdom by giving Him your ear to hear and heeding His wisdom freely given to each of his children for the asking.

“I am a way bringing to your conscious mind the Fathers desire to fellowship with each of His children near and far.

My name is Prolotheos and this one questions her worth as she lays this before her brethren in service.”

[Transmitter note:  I note here for the reader that Ron’s post states Prolotheus is a Secondary Seconophim and I stand open to correction]  

[Thank you Prolotheos, I have sensed an overwhelming presence of the Heart of God this day, of His love and acceptance so freely given.  I thank you for so gently coming through me as I sat to receive the voice of Father’s ambassadors in spirit.]

General Discussion / Obadiah - Let us Pray
« on: April 18, 2018, 02:34:41 PM »
Teacher:   Obadiah
Subject:  Let us Pray
18-Apr-18 12:46 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

I received the name "Obadiah" earlier this afternoon and asked my Adjuster if there was a message he wished for me to receive from him.

My Adjuster:  “Yes my ward there is a message here for you from Obadiah a faithful servant and son of God.”

"Obadiah is my name and the spoken word of God is my fame.  

"As you here as transmitters have experienced for yourselves it is not easy speaking the word of God to your earthly brethren.  Receiving the word of the Father can be comparatively easy for some yet “the receiving” of Fathers words by our brethren [through us] is a different story altogether.

"Unfortunately, in this respect, not much has changed on my nascent sphere of Urantia where fears and misconceptions run rampant in the mind of man; with neither resistance given nor correction found.  It will be a hard pill to swallow for many mortals in the days to come who will use their well honed skills of skepticism and malcontent to hurl open threats and accusations at those who dare to come forward as representatives of the living word of God. The population is well schooled in the arts of deception and misleading information and will judge by their own warped standards.  

"Nevertheless, now as always, is the relevant word of the Lord a guiding light required and available for all.  Even the words of the incarnated representatives such as the Melchizedeks and our beloved Jesus himself will be subject to the preconceived ideas and ideals of every man, woman and child who will attend to their words.  The task is still a daunting one and the results subject as always to free-will choice.  So let us pray for our brethren that courage will well up in their hearts should they choose to dare to believe.  Let us pray that the living word of God will find faith in the hearer.  I bid you all a good day."


Threads for New Transmissions / Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18
« on: April 17, 2018, 01:11:01 PM »
Sordon - Invitation - 16-Apr-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Speaker:   Sordon
Subject:  Invitation
16-Apr-18 4:46 PM  EST   19:46 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Sordon, Unrevealed Order of Deity:

“Welcome once again to the voice of God through those who would hear and hearken to its beckoning call.  There are many more of you who can and will indeed heed this call, should you, by your own choosing and willful participation, take the time and make the effort to  connect with the higher spirits available to enlighten your minds and your world to truth, beauty and goodness.

“It is unbecoming to those who could willingly participate in this exchange and relationship opportunity, to merely sit back and depend on the faithfulness of a few to feed the wants of the many.  Here on this Forum the efforts have become stagnant for various reasons and that will not do to get the job done.  

“You and I are not subject to the whims and attitudinal outlook of those who would besmirch what the Father wishes to convey to a needy and hungry people.  When it is the will of the Father to permit and welcome mortal participation of those who have chosen His will and ways why do you sit back and permit the confused ranting of the outcasts to deter your personal relationship?  Is it not the Father’s desire to call you individually unto Himself and is that not of your mutual choosing and benefit?

“I adjure you not to take these opportunities lightly and recognize that what is offered is not a limp handshake.  Make your choices wisely rather than allowing your circumstances to make those choices for you.  Heed my words, or not.  Accept the invitation or not.  The choices are yours to make.

“I am Sordon speaking my words through this one.  Good day.”


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Rayson Science

In light of the barrage of recent negative activity I have decided to present below three different instances where my Beloved Thought Adjuster shared with and later reminded me of the protection from negative energies available to us when we choose to be, and remain, in the higher energies of The Father’s will and ways.

The first message was received mid-April of last year during a time of personal struggle with negative influences and reiterated by my Adjuster last October and again about a week ago.  Considering the obvious barrage of negative influences attempting to influence all of our daily lives recently, I thought this might be of interest to others.
The first message was received almost a year ago now liking Adjuster protection to that of a ‘Faraday Cage’.

11-Apr-17 3:46 PM

[Father, there are no words left to speak within me to express the wonderful ecstasy in experiencing the journey of discovery we are offered by your love and mercy.  I am your child, your son, your daughter, your experiential life wherein you and I together will face the challenges of experiential living and learning and awakening.

 I am a product of the revelation of self through the First Source Center and the opportunity to merge as one being, one consciousness, one desire, one meaning, one value, one story, one personality is our mutual desire and will.  Thank you Our Father that there is no distance between us in thought or in deed (experience). ]
“The evidence of ‘the one’ is the reality of the other, the attitudes of the heart are reflected in the attitude of the other, and the resolve of the two is the purpose of the oneness of the all-inclusive melding into destiny achievement.

“My ward, as you continue to become more conscious, more self-aware your Father awareness also grows with you and as you know in this writing, here and now, we are the collaboration manifest in thought and desire of deity and mortal achievement.  In so doing our consciousness merges in intention and purpose as you continue to surmount the challenges before you to raise you up into the higher realms of spirit propensities.
“The Faraday cage.  Yes my Beloved mortal ward, I spoke these words in your conscious mind a short while ago to bring to your attention the working of the frequencies to which you are being attuned as well.  Regardless of the goings-on in your material world beloved, be assured that your connection with spirit and the Universe circuitry cannot be tampered with.  As you have discovered, our frequencies are higher than the sophistries of humankind in their inaugural attempts to elevate themselves according to their limited and unenlightened understanding.

“We, as Father Fragments, are in control of the airwaves in and around our wards and interference will not be tolerated from negative outside influences.  Your choosing of the Fathers will always keeps you in alignment with the higher realms of spirit influence and cancels out the lower vibrational residual artifacts attempting to influence and control beings of lower attunement.   Raising your intentions will keep you above the reactionary status of weak moral abilities and remove you from the sucking tides that are continuing to entrap and manipulate the many unprepared.

“You will ride the waves of adversity,  as your focus remains on doing the Father’s will, and you will not be smashed upon the rocks thereof  as will the multitudes who have chosen otherwise. “

[Thank you my Beloved, you are my fortress and my safe place in every storm.]

This second message below, from my Adjuster referencing the ‘Faraday Cage’, was received mid-October last year following an intense period of negative situations including one where every aspect of my character was attacked and many false accusations hurled at me from trusted sources.  After reeling from this unexpected situation and a lot of soul searching, as well as checking with the one who was supposed to be the source of the accusations, I chose to believe that the person was innocent and that other factors of negative energy were at play and/or this was a test for me to see my action/reaction.

16-Oct-17 4:32 PM

[The thought came to me yesterday to get into the habit of replacing my negative thoughts and actions by asking “What would you have me do Beloved?”  and I pray I will be faithful to that prompting.

[What would you have me do Beloved?]  “Listen” [of course Beloved.]


“What are the ways of man that constantly entrap the subconscious into ways of thinking and being and doing that sets them on a path of a dog chasing its tail, to no avail?  Habits and commitments.  Habits and commitments? you ask… Yes habits that you believe will serve you well to protect yourself from that which you fear and the circumstances that “could” arise if you fail to exercise those habits faithfully.  Commitments you have made to yourself to never let anyone do that to you again.  Commitments to never forget how you were wronged and the perplexing terror of letting yourself down once again by giving faith or trust to anyone or anything because you truly believe in your heart that you will die of a broken heart should you give anyone or anything such power over you again.  That is no way to live.  It is a self-imposed death sentence and a life of numbness to avoid pain.

“You know you believe that pain has purpose as a teacher of boundaries that must be respected, laws that must be upheld, and yet you have chosen to deny emotional pain its proper role in your life.  Never was pain meant to be the form of torture experienced on Urantia and yet you see it all the time and avoid it with everything you have in you.
“What I’m asking you is to be willing once again to allow emotional pain to draw you to me, to your inner sanctum of love and healing.  There is a universe filled with Fathers love for you at your disposal, yet you reject it.  You disavow anyone from getting close to you emotionally, as in your perception that just makes them mortally dangerous, there can be no good outcome.  So you balk and sabotage, you hit that self-imposed jail cell wall and wonder why you feel “stuck”.  You refuse to be a ‘risk taker’ as you see that as just being stupid and unnecessary and must fully convince yourself of the validity of any move where someone else is involved in your life in even the slightest way.  You reject and sabotage relationships because they are just downright dangerous to enter into as you see their motive could only be to control you in some way for their own personal gain, they couldn’t possibly just like you for you, so you must hide yourself and be cautious and uncaring.  Don’t get involved, don’t desire companionship, don’t let them in and certainly don’t be anything but skeptical and expecting the worst because that is the only safe place to live.

“Did you see that image I just flashed you?  The person with a cage around them who keeps their distance and interacts with others from within her cage of self-defense is you!  You conduct your dealings with everyone, including those who would truly embrace you in love, from within the walls of your cage of fear.
“Yes beloved, this is regarding the ‘Faraday Cage’ I called your attention to some months ago.…go look up the notes you made on it because you will see, I will speak to you as you ponder this what we can do together to correct this and deliver you from your isolation…go.”

[Me -  are you saying Beloved that I need to deconstruct the cage I have placed around myself in my attempt to prevent emotional pain and instead I am to trust you my Beloved, and the higher energies of spirit to build a sort of ‘Faraday Cage’ protective energy field around me ?]

“You have perceived correctly my ward.  Destroy the cage of protection of your own making where you choose to exist but do not truly live life.  In your choosing to trust the higher energies of spirit you will find your true protection and your safe place.”

24-Mar-18 2:34 PM


Forgive me Beloved for having been so focused these many months on becoming fused with you, as I think I perceived that as my only real hope of being useful as a mortal and finding personal justification of my continued existence on this planet.  I am so thankful for your constant loving and guiding presence and correction in my life and thoughts and I confirm that my will is to do the will of The Father and do it His way.  I trust you and love you Beloved that you and my universe family are and will be available to help me do just that and I re-focus my priorities to trust and believe that eternal truth and my reiterate my commitment to walk in peace and love as I am enabled and choose to do so.  I open myself to the higher benevolent energies of the universe for their correction in love and encouragement and pledge and pray that the Father’s will be done in and through every mortal (including myself) and every celestial in on and around this planet Earth/Urantia as it is in Heaven, now and throughout eternity.
I acknowledge my Beloved that I have been adversely affected in my thoughts and perceptions by the consistent negative energies emanating from various persons lately through the Forum and in my personal life that I reacted to by withdrawing into myself in many ways like a turtle seeking the protection of its shell from the battering energies and dangers of its outer environment.  One of the ways I acknowledge I have withdrawn Beloved is by my resistance and fear of receiving transmissions.  Not only did I fear the validity of what I might have thought I received, but I feared the content and personal recriminations they might contain and that I would make wrong choices about what to do with the messages and become confused and guilt-ridden, as I have gone through in the past.

Just now I remembered the teaching you gave me of the “Faraday cage” and that you are my Faraday cage in that you protect me from penetration of negative energies around me.  Is that correct Beloved?  Could you elaborate on that for me?


“My dear ward at long last you confirm this connection where my lesson for you is recalled within the context of the environment for which it is intended.  Certain negative energies will of course always be existent but what you must take note of here is the intent and purpose of our relationship with each other and the connection to your soul growth and the influences of the outside world that work in tandem to bring you to those places of conscious decision of personal action and reaction to them.  Just because you are aware of strong negative energies and forces around you does not mean you are vulnerable to their influence.  Awareness is part of the growth journey and awareness is necessary in consciously enacting your faith-choices, meaning you must first have awareness before you can make a conscious choice of what that awareness implies as to your personal action and reaction.

“Just knowing a Faraday Cage is there does not put you inside the cage nor confirm to you its ability to function.  Your faith and trust in me must be such that your will is predicated on the will of the Father and your trust in whatever circumstances and situations of discomfort for you it might entail.  Trust is action and your trust in Father’s preeminent will is the strength and fortitude you need to face even negative energies head-on, knowing that you are safe within the doing of Father’s will, and the ultimate result is for your good and personal benefit as well as growth.

“As you grope through your memory for the full details of the function of a Faraday Cage you recall that energies of certain frequencies, dependant on the circumstances, can penetrate the cage itself and that is part of the lesson I want to bring to your awareness today.  Don’t let yourself become caught up in trying to sort out what is the strength of influence of these energies, but instead put your faith and trust in my presence in you to protect you from that which I will not allow to pass through (which is whatever is not within the will of the Father) and the fact that any that do penetrate have been allowed for a higher purpose as part of the maturation process of your inner-self and the self-discovery of your personality endowment as well as revelation of The Father Himself.

“This is a faith and trust relationship on your part my dear one and as you allow yourself to be strengthened and stretched through your personal growth processes so will these facets of our relationship grow as well until we become one indistinguishable entity of you in me and I in you.”



There is so much going on around us, not all of us feel spiritual topics very much sometimes.  Admin is opening a vent for all who wish to vent on a topic you feel is justifiable and worth speaking to as you may wish.   Just be normal polite and no swearing or there is soap in your future!  - Admin -


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Threads for New Transmissions / Ocilliaya - Preparation and Attitude
« on: January 04, 2018, 12:08:00 PM »
Ocilliaya - Preparation and Attitude - 4-Jan-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Ocilliaya
Subject:  Preparation and Attitude
 04-Jan-18 11:34 AM  EST   16:38 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

[Transmitter:  Is that you Ocilliaya?  do you have a message for the Forum you wish me to receive?]

“Yes, this is Ocilliaya and I greet all the Forum members here this bright snowy morning in your part of the world.  Indeed this cold snap is once again bearing down in this part of the world and you are grateful for the sources of heat and comfort you are afforded via your electrical systems.  As you are well aware these services can be adversely affected during these extreme weather changes and it is best be prepared for such a possibility.

“Preparation is the topic I would like to address with you today and the inevitabilities of the unexpected that arise within your lifetimes not only here but throughout your experiential careers.  One must take the knowledge and wisdom that has been imparted and use it as a tool of preparation.  Always is their room for improvement and learning through doing, and this attitude will serve you well throughout the challenges you will constantly face.  It is a given that challenges will arise before you as this is, after all, an experiential career you are eternally engaged in and the tasks and adjustments to intellect and circumstance are the tools of growth enhancement that enable each one to reach the goals of self-discovery and Father attainment.  

“The attitude of preparedness is basically one of taking the tools you have acquired and applying them to current circumstances with the knowledge you have gained but, it is also the awareness that there is always more to be discovered in the learning process and room for improvement of any application.  What worked last time might not be the case as each circumstance will be unique, but when you carry with you an attitude of learning and discovering and openness to growth it is by far the most useful of the tools you may have in your box.  A new way of approaching the situation or a slight change of perspective may be all that is needed for your success in this particular endeavor and it is this willingness to learn and break free from the linear dictates of former methods of success that allows you to stretch your imagination and be open to new possibilities.  

“Being open and flexible in your attitudes and perceptions is being open to growth possibilities and discovering an enhanced version of yourself that continues this progressive cycle of learning and achievement.  So it is my goal this day to encourage you all to be open to the changes before you and recognize them as an opportunity to meet your challenges ‘head on’ with an attitude of expectation of the growth opportunities they provide.

“This is Ocilliaya, Master Spirit of Superuniverse 4, inviting you all to be raised up through your circumstances to new heights of discovery.  I wish you a good day.”


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Threads for New Transmissions / A Consortium of Divinity – "Dedication"
« on: January 01, 2018, 12:20:18 PM »
A Consortium of Divinity – "Dedication" - 1-Jan-18 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   A Consortium of Divinity
Subject:  Dedication
 01-Jan-18 11:28 AM  EST   16:28 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is a journey not for the faint of heart.  This is a calling for which complete and total dedication to the will and ways of the Father is required by mortals of time dedicated to this Mission before us all in the coming days.  The mandate of the Father is to “be you perfect even as I am perfect” and the challenges of these coming days will address you like none you have experienced before.

“I am the conductor of universe affairs from the realm of spirit union, and mortal involvement in these Missions, in a direct way, is a challenge to us all.    Bring your authentic self to the table of conference and listen well with the ears given you.  Remain steadfast in your purpose and serve with the knowledge of whom you are and who you have chosen to represent in your loving service to mortal and spirit alike.  We surround you and enfold you, gird you and uphold you, as we jointly bring light and love to the darkest corners of a humanity flailing in the uncertainty of its own existence.

“It will require all the determination you have to stay the course and continually refocus your energies and intentions to knowing and doing the will of the Father as it is revealed to each of you.  Remain strong and steadfast in your choice and all you require will be yours to carry out your loving service in joy and confidence.

“The time is at hand for the sons of God to reveal the will and ways of the Father to a desperate and needy world.

“A Consortium of divinity.”


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Some Thoughts Muses & Meanderings / HE IS our P E A C E.
« on: December 24, 2017, 11:46:06 PM »
Father gives us His love every day via the gifts of himself as our Thought Adjuster, our unique personality, our Creator Parents our Universe and mortal family and all of His gifts of mind, spirit and physical matter.  Father's heart is sharing and giving and love.  I thank The Father for all he gives us to share and for all those he gives us to share it with.  I share with all of you in the love and joy of the Heart of the Father as we take time to consider the special gift of our Jesus and his revelation of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man.   HE IS our P E A C E.

Pentatook - Experiencing the Joy in Doing The Fathers Will - 5-Nov-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Pentatook
Subject:  Experiencing the Joy in Doing The Fathers Will
05-Nov-17 6:31 PM  EST   23:31 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Pentatook –

I am Pentatook a primary Midwayer of Urantia gone on to the Mansion worlds with a short missive through this transmitter today.  As a Primary Midwayer it was my task to be a ‘go-between’ between the material and celestial realms for various tasks and observances.   As you know things did not go exactly according to plan on this sphere of my origin and we find ourselves here today with remediation from the Father and many specialized beings assigned the task of turning a ‘sows ear into a silk purse’ (pardon the pun).  It is of a surety that this will happen as the Father will manifest His will through the many and varied universe servants who love to serve Him in the joy and expectation of His perfect nature.  

“We as evolutionary creation climb the ladder of perfection on the rungs of faith and mercy well placed on the ascending ladder of love to whose origin destiny we are called to reach.  It is by our faith steps and will choices that we ascend in His goodness as our eyes are fixed on the goal and the perfect prize of our ascension efforts.  Ever is it known on the evolutionary worlds and the many training worlds you will encounter that performing whatever tasks are set before you with joy is a catalyst for perfection attainment, for there is no failure when there is intention of serving with the love of the Father in your heart and the manifestation of His will in your mind.  The fine details will be worked out and fall into place along the way and self will be discovered and personality revealed. 

"This is such a supremely ‘personal’ journey that is, at the same time, experienced through joint co-operative effort of other ascending and sometimes ’descending’ beings in your midst.  It is a mystery you will each experience unfold of its own unique flavor as the fine-tuning of Father’s Will is worked out and through all concerned.  It is a glorious experience of which all Urantians are soon to become fully aware and as such we shall have a panoramic view of its magnificent unfolding as it has played out as nowhere else in all of creation.  The casting call has been made and we each of us seek the script of The Father’s Will for our part in it.  What a glorious ‘earth’ adventure and cinematic preview of universe destiny.  This is Pentatook and this one is starting to sense the joy of ‘inclusion’ in the manifestation of Fathers Will.  Good day.”


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OCTAVIA – THE I AM - RAYSON - Flow with the tide of the unfolding of Fathers Will; The Exercise of Faith; Universe Timing - 30-Oct-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA

Subject:  Flow with the tide of the unfolding of Fathers Will; The Exercise of Faith; Universe Timing
30-Oct-17 6:14 PM  EST   22:14 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

OCTAVIA -  Flow with The Tide of the Unfolding of Fathers Will

“Yes, indeed I am here to answer your request to receive a message from spirit and assure you that we are available to all who exercise the faith to call on us.  In these days before you there is much transpiring as has oft been repeated here.  I do not come to repeat the obvious but to bring assurance to your mind that we are your comrades (in arms?) and your brethren in service to the Father.   This is something many of you still struggle with, to the fullness of its understanding.  It is indeed a ‘new thing’ for spirit to work in such a way as this with mortals of such differing education and experience but the Father knows His business and as we come together to perpetuate His will on this orb known as Urantia we will see and experience many a ‘new thing’ as it comes about.  How can we predict the unprecedented?  It is not our mutual place to so predict, it is our place to flow with the tide of the unfolding of Father’s will and ways as He sees fit to guide us through these experiences.  

“Humans have a strong tendency to fear the ‘unknown’, the ‘unusual’, the ‘never before experienced’ and you have all faced this fact repeatedly throughout your mortal struggles.  The difference here is that The Father Himself is control now.  The I AM is the cause and effect of what will be taking place and there are no surprises to Him.”  

THE I AM –  The Exercise of Faith

“Do not be daunted by my introduction to you as I would have you also all not be daunted by the sequencing of upcoming events.  Each unfolding is by no means ‘happenstance’ but carefully planned and predicted for its best and most benevolent outcome.  Reject your fear tendencies and embrace the loving intentions of the First Source and Centre for the transposition of darkness to light and grasp the eternal preparation of evolutional sequencing.   My ways are beyond your current understanding and you will be uplifted within as you walk and remain in the peace of your personal knowledge of creature existence and Creator purposes.

“Metaphorical propensities are useless to your minds when there is nothing to compare them to that would meld with your current levels of comprehension.  How can I, the I AM of existence, translate into your understanding in creature existence, the higher ways of spirit remuneration?  It is therefore incumbent upon you the creature to exercise your faith and trust in our intentions according to your current levels of comprehension and creature experience.  Do not downplay this intangible reality called 'faith' and do not belittle your powers in exercising it within your choice frame.  I AM not functional directly in the reality of your existence and yet I AM aware and capable of perceiving and familiarizing myself with your presence, should I so choose.  Your gift of will choice in the operation of your faith will enable you to breach the walls of uncertainty that prevent ‘sight’ perception of what is to transpire on your world in many ways.  It is your individual ‘faith sight’ that will keep you moving forward and reaching out to the unseen that you ‘know’ is there to assist and guide you and preparations have been made for this to be so.  Know who you are and know who we are as your Universal family and trust in that knowing.”

RAYSON –  Universe Timing

“There are yet many unproven scientific facts to be revealed as time motors on upon this planet and you will be astounded in the coming days at what will be revealed.  I look forward to those with whom I will be working from the world of mortals as it is our great pleasure to impart understanding of the universe realities of which you are a part.  The timing of the proper evolution of God-centeredness is crucial to the unfolding of universe realities and one has only to look back upon the repeated civilization imbalances of Urantia to prove this fact.  Coupling of God-centeredness is integral to the intelligent use of dynamic universe energy function.  I leave it at that for now and wish you all a good day.”


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October 22, 2017 Ocilliaya - Mother Spirit - Help amidst the turmoil

Transcript:  “Help amidst the turmoil”


“This is Ocilliaya, and I have come to you today regarding the situation that most everyone with spirit awareness is finding themselves in at this point in time on Urantia.  There is a great feeling and sensing among the general population of being very unsettled, unsure, questioning of everything in their life, everything they believe and though many fight it they are not really able to shake off this often distracting sensation and perception of self-searching, soul-searching as they might call it.  This is a situation that exists at this time because this is a requirement that all humanity must meet, this is a time to undergo in the mind and in the belief system, as well as the mortal psyche “who am I and what do I want?”; “what is my life about?”; “what do I want my life to be about?”; “where am I going?”; “why am I here now, what’s my purpose?”.  

“These can be life-changing thought processes if people will actually allow them to permeate below the surface and it is effectively to draw each and every conscious mind to go within themselves to search out their purpose, their desires, their wants, discover their own belief system; to face themselves.  For spirit cannot change a person’s mind and will decisions it is the mortals themselves that must come to this place of self-discovery and choosing within the gift of will who they want to be, what they want to be as well as where they want to go.  

“This is a gift from Father, this is life-changing for those who decide to pursue it.  The mercy of the Father is to give what the child needs to come to the place of understanding of willful choice, conscious choice, a place of decision wherein the chooser has full awareness of their options and their possibilities.  Many are pressed on every side, in the physical, in the material in the emotional, with the many goings-on on this planet right now, and the voice that is hopefully emerging through all of these constant bombarding of thought, intention and will, will be the voice of self and the process of self-discovery and the conscious facing of who each and every person is and wants to be.

“The adjutant mind spirits of Mother Spirit and the encircuitment of the Holy Spirit and Spirits of Truth as well as the ministries of many, many spirits brought here for this time and for the purpose of assisting in this process are indeed in full effect.  The choice is open to each and every mortal.  This is a time of outer turmoil on this planet and a time of great inner turmoil for most mortals, if they will only allow themselves to push past the distractions and the constant calling-away to frivolous things they will face themselves and at some point they will make this informed choice, according to their will and according to the revelation which they choose to believe.  

“Expect many things for turmoil can often be a place of great discovery and pressure can be a birthing of transition.  So take heart mortals of Urantia for the spirit is there, it surrounds you, it is always available for you to discover, to choose the benevolent energies of the Universal Father and the Heavenly Father and all that they provide for each and every one for the discovery of self and the discovery of the desire of the Father of all Creation to have sons.
“I leave you this day with these thoughts to ponder and I request you listen to the guidance of your Thought Adjusters as how to pray for and how to interact with those who can be coming across your path and into your life for you can be an instrument in the hands of The Father and speak the words that are given to you for the guidance and assistance that some people require.  Give this prayerful thought this day and I thank you for listening and considering my words.  I bid you a good day.”


“This is Mother Spirit and indeed there is much available through my encircuitment, through all of the Melchizedeks and the Adjusters and all of the special beings Father has sent to us, all of the increased circuitry.  There is so much you need not know every detail but our love is poured out in such a great outpouring as The Father draws all men to himself who are willing to accept His invitation.   Walk in His love and the guidance of your Adjusters and all of my adjutant mind spirits that are available to each of you as you continue in your progress.  Be at peace this day and see your brethren through the eyes of love and wisdom.  I am your Mother Spirit and I love each individually.  Domtia”


Threads for New Transmissions / OCTAVIA - Introduction
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OCTAVIA - Introduction - 18-Oct-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   OCTAVIA – Tertiary Supernaphim
Subject:  Introduction
18-Oct-17 3:44 PM  EST   19:44 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“This is Octavia Phyllis and this is a new day for me to transmit a message to you or anyone else on your planet Urantia.  I am a Tertiary Supernaphim, yes the same order as Jelinar whom you have previously encountered in your transmissions, who works closely with Christ Michael, and has for quite some time.  It is my mandate to come in contact with several transmitters and become known to you as time will see us partnering in several ways during the Missions themselves.  When there is doubt in the human heart it makes it difficult to imagine the many ways we in spirit can and do reach out to our mortal brethren but this is not the case here with most of you and there will be many knocking on your ‘transmitter door’ to come to your conscious mind with our messages.

“I am merely coming today to introduce myself and my personal signature to you and others who would connect with me, as time goes by, and give me the opportunity to get acquainted with you in our joint efforts to bend the ear of the mortals of this planet to the words of spirit overcare and potential guidance in many areas of your world.  There is a plethora of information coming your way and its dissemination at the right time and place will be a job for many of you to take part in.  “Where do we go from here?” is sometimes a ’wait and see’ scenario as things play out as they will and we all make our adjustments to keep in alignment with Fathers Will.  We are a team and all have our functions within this team that contribute to its overall success.  So, I have had my say for this day and greet you all and invite you to listen for me to knock on your ‘transmitter’ door.  All is well. “


Threads for New Transmissions / Jesus - I perceive your struggles
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Jesus - I perceive your struggles - 13-Oct-17 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Jesus
Subject:  I perceive your struggles
13-Oct-17 9:15 PM  EST   1:15 hrs GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“Yes this is Jesus and I am indeed with Christ Michael as I transmit to you as myself at this moment however.  Your wavering attitude has not served your emotions well and as many others on this Forum today you struggle with your core beliefs and wonder at your vacillating attitude to that which you still cannot see and yet so often hear.

“And so it is with the mortal life on this struggling orb known as Urantia, as the mortal and material mind clashes constantly with the theory of the unseen realm.  Yet it was in fact, the same in my days of flesh on this ‘earth’; the knowing from deep within, struggling with the conscious mind and the regaling ‘fact’ of the material realm before me.  On top of all that were the religious requirements and the belief systems of the day and the expectations of parents who had their own limited interpretations of the ‘guidance’ they also had received.  Why won’t someone just give me the answers I need when I need them?  Well, I suppose that would throw free-will pretty much out the window, would it not?

“Knowing all the facts does not preclude one from their own interpretation of those very facts, nor does it guarantee their acceptance into ones mortal life.  There, now don’t go off on me, just keep listening.  Where do you suppose free-will decisions are made?  Why do you suppose the Thought Adjuster gifting comes into play in the influence in mortal life?  Are they to make your decisions for you?  Are they to perceptibly guide your every waking thought and tell you what desires and aspirations to keep or throw out?  Remember it is the encircuitment of Mother Spirits mind spirit ministry and the Spirit of Truth that are your advocates as well, and many other influences.  

"But regardless of all this, is the final showdown within your own mind that affects your will choices and takes you down the path of your mortal choosing.  It is the inner struggle of “self-revelation’ that ultimately decides your success as you experience the vicissitudes of life as a mortal, and much of this issue has been discussed of late.  Your personal struggles are your personal struggles, they are not necessarily unique but they are your own to work through as you venture on your journey of self-discovery and perfection pursuit of the will and ways of the Father.  

"There is no magic potion that will turn you into the you, you want to become it is a struggle experience, a working out, a constant roving experience of mind and will and heart.  The influence of spirit input is up to the individual recipient as they follow their own path to enlightenment, should they so choose to do so.  This is not a revelation but this is a truth for your consideration in these days of interregnum when each heart searches its very depths for the desires it brings forth.  

“I am your Jesus and I perceive your struggles and urge you all to find that place of peace within yourself that will draw you inward and upward in the will and ways of the Father as He takes each step in tandem with you via His gifted Adjuster within.  Just go for a walk with Him as each step will move you onward in your experiential journey together, man with God and God with man.  Good day.”


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Ocilliaya - Some thoughts for you to process
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September 30, 2017  3:40 pm  EST  19:40 GMT/Z   Newstarsaphire, ON, CA  

OCILLIAYA  –Some thoughts for you to process

“Thank you Phyllis, this is Ocilliaya and I note you are doing several things to increase the strength and energy motions of your physical body, and this is a good thing as the quality of your voice transmissions and the quality of your voice itself, along with your breathing is showing some improvement, but let us continue now.  

“I come to you this day for there are many things, many things going on the lives of each and every one of you, things of concern in your own personal lives and many items of concern in the world around you that affect how you think and how you feel and how you process the information that comes to you and how you react in all the different scenarios that your material life form must deal with.  We in the higher realms of spirit do not see things the way you see them here and that has been very clearly established through the words given in the current version of your Urantia Book.  It is of course a challenge, we realize, for each and every one of you to perceive situations from the material viewpoint and process that information in different ways, with various outcomes.  

“So as you can see there is a mediation point where we as spirit endeavor to reach out to you, and always the intention is to lift you up, to connect you to the higher realms, to bring you and draw you to the higher energies which bring enablement in many areas.  There are physical limitations of course that have a bearing on how effective these efforts are within each and every one, and of course the matter of free-will choosing is always a strong element in its success.  Reaching out to receive the love of your Father includes reaching out to receive all of His provision, much of which you are as yet unaware, and that of course is the faith element which must be utilized in making these choices to believe that you may receive.  This is challenging we realize and we understand, however, this challenge is yours for the taking and it is yours for the choosing how you will act, and the faith-action that you will take, for this is ever and always a media for personal growth and the binding of relationship status between yourself and the universe around you.  It is indeed an awakening upon this planet that has been a long time coming, but time is a material substance that has its purpose and has its place and in your memories you will come to understand, as you grow ever more in the will and the ways of the Father, that these limitations were necessary and an essential part of evolutionary growth on any planet.  

“Now of course the focus here is reaching out in your faith, stepping-out in your choosing to believe in all that The Father is and all that The Father has and all that is provided through Him to each and every one of you.  Each day, each opportunity to make a choice to believe is yours and yours alone and is all a part of the growing of self-discovery and the unifying of all things in the universe as the will of The Father and the ways of The Father are enacted through each of His children.

“There is much for you to consider and much for you to think about and discuss with your Thought Adjusters, and recall as well if you will the role of those around you and their benevolent desire to reach out, to enable and to assist in every way that is within the will of The Father, that you may grow, that you may transcend the boundaries and limitations that this life would seem to impose as you are drawn ever inward in the circle of infinity.  So take these challenges as opportunities, take each one as a choice of discovery, an opportunity for learning about yourself and about the cosmos and the universe in which you live, even the Grand Universe itself.  

“We send you the love and the light of The Father, all His gifts are yours to receive and we encourage you to take them into your life, to your understanding, with joy and anticipation of all that is brought to you and all that is your destiny to receive and to become.   I leave you this day with these thoughts for you to process.  May your trust and your faith in your Father, who is the origin of all things, grow and be strengthened in each and all of your lives.  This is Ocilliaya and I wish you a great day!"

Mother Spirit -

"This is Mother Spirit, Phyllis, we thank you for taking into consideration the energy needs of your body and the stabilization that is required for you to better receive.  I leave you with these words of instruction from Ocilliaya, our Master Spirit Number Four, the Voice of the Father and the Son and we thank Him for His assistance to all of you and to all of us in these days of our anticipation in the growth of enlightenment upon this planet and her peoples.  And we, your Father Michael and I, wish you as well a Good day!"


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / OCILLIAYA and company - Ask
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Audio file  OCILLIAYA  and company – 25 SEPT 17

25 SEPT 17 - 3:30 PM  EST, ON, CA

OCILLIAYA  and company –  

It is indicative of the human desire to know and to do the will of the Father to search out the many and variant ways to receive His voice of guidance through the Thought Adjuster and through the circuitry put in place for all to use in universe communication; the relaying of information from the over care of the celestial to the mortals of flesh in the origin of their planet.  

We do encourage each and every one to step out in the faith with which you have been given to pursue the relationship that will be an everlasting one, should you so choose to walk with us through your ascendance to the First Source and Centre, and to share in the experience of cosmic existence and the discovery of The Father himself in all of his diverse realities that we bring to your understanding.  

There are many questions and the answers are there for the finding, it is simply a matter of maturing, a matter of growing, a matter of choosing, a matter of coming forth in the boldness of a young child requesting clarity of the information that is able to be assimilated at this particular time in the ascendant career.  As you would not look down upon a young child with their questions, so we of the higher realms do not look down upon the queries and the curiosity of the mortal nature for this is but an indication of the drawing power of The Father to His children.  The imagination, the mind, the encircuitment of the spirit and the mind spirits as well as the many and varied personalities granted to assist each and every mortal, as they choose to open their minds and their hearts to the discovery of all that is.  We are welcoming and anticipatory of every question and every desire for The Father knows all things and The Father shares with his children what is possible for them to understand in their moment of current existence.    

So let yourselves be encouraged whether the questions seem great or small, whether the curiosity be detailed or deep in thought, or simply a fleeting moment that passes through mind; there is no question too basic for the answer to be searched out and for the question to be asked as a provision for your ongoing education.  And in so doing you realize that is part of the developmental relationship, the drawing together of the celestial and the planetary.  It is a gathering-in and an enfolding with your universe brethren who delight to be a part of your experiential education.  So reach out, reach out in your minds and your thoughts, put a voice to your queries and listen, listen and watch for the many and various ways we can bring to your understanding that which has peaked your interest.  Your Thought Adjusters will always guide you for they are truly your compass in your journey forward.  And so we encourage you this day to continue in your seeking, in your asking that you may receive and that we may give and that both may share in the joy of discovery and the mutual building of relationships.  

I bid you a good day, this is Ocilliaya and I have come with this short message a further encouragement to each and every one that the universe is not a place of separation but a place of inclusion, a place of enfolding and a place of mutual discovery and satisfaction.  Come to us and seek us for we are here for the benefit of all.  Thank you for sharing and we speak and we respond with the love and the intentions of the First Source and Centre and in the affection of our mutual Father.  Good day!


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