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Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / The Inner Beckoning
« on: August 16, 2016, 03:27:16 PM »
The Inner Beckoning

There is a light that shines from the heart of man
There is a hope that leads whenever it can
Call to the hearer and show forth the light
Take all the wrongness and make it all right

There’s a smile that is given from celestial realms
That’s sent to the living within earthly realms
With hope for tomorrow and faith for today
A still small voice beckoning “this is the way”

Come taste of His goodness within worlds of time
His grace is all bearing, His mercy sublime
He sees you and calls you to Home far away
and be right there with you as you make your way

Through fields filled with wonder and pastures so rare
You’ll pause in amazement and take some rest there
But soon you’ll be wondering at what lies beyond
And take up your journey to Father and Son

We’ll all be here waiting as you take each stride
And discover your pathways to where they abide
For there lies the heartland the great Three in One
And there they’ll be waiting to welcome their son.

16 August 2016  

Eyes Only  
Mother Spirit; Christ Michael – Emergency Communications and Changing Speakers and Back During a Transmission – August 15, 2016– Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

Teacher:   Mother Spirit; Christ Michael
Subject:  Emergency Communications and Changing Speakers and Back During a Transmission
Category:  Teaching Mission Skills Including Transmitting
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, CA
Aug. 15, 16   3:57 PM  EST   19:37 GMT/Z

Transmitter Note:  As I finished posting a previous transmission to the Serara Forum I received a strong specific tone in my right ear and asked is there a message for the TML or Serara Forum I might receive and immediately received the following;  While receiving from Mother Spirit I received the same strong tone and asked if there was a message from someone else.

“Yes, this is for “Eyes Only” Category: Missions  Transmissions

“There are many transformative events taking place as I speak these words to my beloved children of Urantia and bring you information that you all need to walk more fully in the provisions that have been made for your upliftment and fortuitous circumstances to unfold.

“It has been decided among the staff of the Missions and many specific references of Father to enable a special encircuitment among His servants that is in line with the “Hub” transmission connections and the many means of communications being opened to each of you in Mission training and service.  Ron Besser has already been instated as the central Hub for emergency communications among T/R personnel of these Mission communications and a further development of receptive abilities has provided an enhancement to previous transmission connections.    Some of you will be in reception of information that is vital as these Missions parade much shocking details of our presence and in the event of a backlash reaction from viewers a further contingency has been devised.  

“As you place yourselves in stillness you are requested to…[interruption by a loud high pitched sound in my right ear so I asked if there was another speaker who wished to be heard, when I verbally acknowledged hearing the tone and asked if there was another speaker to be heard the sound subsided as I received the words of our Father Michael as follows:]

“This is Michael of Nebadon interrupting my beloved consort Mother Spirit in her transmission of this information and advise things are about to take an interesting turn of events for you all very shortly .  Keep your hats and your heads on straight and your ears open for interruptive tones, as this transmitter has just done, as we need to teach you all to change gears during a transmission that need switch between speakers to your ears, and back again.  Carry on.”

“Mother Spirit carrying on in this missive to catch your awareness to tune-in for the switch-up you should all be experiencing now at any point in your transmissions to practice you in keeping your focus  during reception and waiting out  any interruptions that must  often take place.

“I am your Mother Spirit and you have your updated instructions for now.  All is well my children.”

N:  Is there anything else Mother Spirit?

“Challenging times will require challenging preparations.  That is all dear ones.”


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Bri’Tah; Christ Michael; Lord of Glory - Supportive Presence; Practice; I Am Here, Workers Prepare - 9-Aug-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Bri’Tah; Christ Michael; Lord of Glory
Subject: Supportive Presence; Practice; I Am Here, Workers Prepare
09-Aug-16 4:46 PM  EST   20:46 GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“I am here for you once again my dear and I wish you to know Fathers light shines on you and through you as you open yourself as a receptacle of His love and person.  These days ahead will be long and arduous and you need to feed on Father’s presence in and around you for the sustenance required to give of yourself to these missions and do as you have desired.  We do not offer words only but our very supportive presence and energies to draw from as you have need, where you see only your weakness.  Perhaps it is a good thing you have need of this reminder now as it will serve you well in these times to come.  Partake not only of our words but of the very life-giving forces that surround and enable you to not only offer your spiritual light but also your physical being to these missions and all they are about to entail.  Domtia to all”

N:  thank you for that reminder

Is there anything else you wish to say to us this day Bri’Tah?

“Only that our physical appearance is not what you need just your spiritual awareness and your open connection.  Good day”

“Wherefore art thou Romeo?  Yes it is I once again testing your willingness to type what is said and hear what is spoken and as you also repeat my words out loud [and await during this pause…] you are practicing what is needed of your services in the days to come, as we ask this of all TR’s we have addressed so frequently in these recent days.  Many things bear repeating as they are important and vital tools we wish to utilize for the many in these days to come.  Continue to present yourself, despite your current circumstances, and do not worry so much about the details of your personal life.  I am with you and Mother is always connected as well, as we all work through the many details each must contend with from moment to moment, I must go for now, carry on.”

N:  Thank you Father Michael do you wish to add anything to this transmission?  

“No Domtia”

“Where is the light that shines in the darkness pervading the mind and drawing the human soul ever Heavenward as the frantic masses play their games in concert with the tune of the fearful grind of a life that goes nowhere and whose purpose has no meaning?  

"Where is the metal on the anvil of life, transformed by the application of life lessons to be learned in the working out of the will of the Father?  

"Where is the servant of time and space that has offered them self as a tool in the hands of the maker of time and the pervader of space and the provider of destiny desires?  

"What is the calling of the voice not heard by the ears not open and the heart far away?  

"They are my flock says the Lord of Glory as he stands in the threshold of awakenings to his presence among the mortals of time, in the halls of history and the living library of Urantia.  They are my flock and once again I will send forth my voice among them and call them to me and walk among their busyness of life, that they might see the face of brotherhood and know the ways of Fathers love.  I am here and I am now and I am ready, let the workers prepare for the advent of my presence among them, even to the doubting of their minds amid the longing of their hearts.  Doubt it not!”


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Margul - Setting the Cornerstones for Truth, Beauty and Goodness - 03-Aug-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Margul
Subject:  Setting the Cornerstones for Truth, Beauty and Goodness
03-Aug-16 11:23 PM  EST  
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA


“What I would like to say to everyone this evening is that we are embarking on a long term assignment for the complete turn-around of a planet blighted by millennia of controversy and conjecture about relationships, deity, creation and the "hereafter".

“What more basic concepts than these need be addressed to set the cornerstones in place for the eternal edifice of a revelation of truth, beauty and goodness?

“Your Fathers' special missions to Urantia and her peoples will forever portray these attributes of deity as an example throughout all of creation.  My mission is the carrying on of this mandate through the everyday workings of the discovery and development of bringing the fruit of these missions together in the culmination of a planet fully functioning in Light and Life.

“It won't be 'business as usual' for sure here on Urantia, and change and challenge will be the norm as well, as all adapt and assist one another in the preparation of every area of living and working and life-management.  The constant that we must all focus on is the infatigable love and support of a Universe and its sovereign.  The sure outcome for success in every area is the underpinning of the Universal Fathers love, the Eternal Sons mercy and the Infinite Spirits omnipresent ministry of their personification, eternally united for universal service.

“I am Margul and I came this night to test your suggestion to send our name to your mind, rather than trust in your alerting to our request by hearing tones in your ears only.

“This connection is a difficult one for you to maintain but we wanted to give it a go and see how well it went.  I sense you tiring very quickly.  Thank you for your communicating to us your more accurate attuning to our doorbell.  Goodnight.“


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GOD The SUPREME / Planetary Supreme Connection
« on: July 31, 2016, 02:28:47 PM »
Monjoronson; Planetary Supreme Urantia; Jelinar - Planetary Supreme Connection - Awareness - 31-Jul-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Monjoronson; Planetary Supreme Urantia; Jelinar
Subject:  Planetary Supreme Connection - Awareness
31-Jul-16 12:53 PM  EST   16:53 GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“This is Monjoronson with a message to the realm of humanity on this beloved planet of Urantia.  You Planetary Supreme offers you a connection with the evolutionary beings as never before experienced on this world and I extend that invitation to you all to acquire an awareness of the Planetary Supreme in your stillness time and throughout your days ahead.

“The Planetary Supreme requests that you endeavour to be aware of your connection to facilitate your awareness in the days to come that you may be assisted in your tasks of conveying to your brethren pertinent information of certain events.  Some of you have in past times transmitted various messages but a stronger connection on your part is required to receive pertinent timely information.”

“This is your planetary Supreme and together we will get through these times of upheaval,  Good day.”

“Forget not that we have an eternal experiential connection and share our energies as these days progress.”

As your Thought Adjuster Prymotia (PreMsha) I give you notice that this required connection is even now being made for you and all who will read and receive this missive.”

“Jelinar here, and I remind you and others to extend your awareness around you in these important times for all that is taking place behind the scenes that is of relevance to your situations.  Those who are in readiness of awareness will greatly benefit from this practice.  Regards.  Never forget the benevolence and ministry of your universe brethren at hand.”

[Transmitter note:  as I was about to post this transmission I received these words below from Mother Spirit.]

"Many ways have been given for you to successfully connect with spirit and we encourage all of you to avail yourselves of that which has been given.  Domtia my beloved children, your Mother Spirit."


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Threads for New Transmissions / Personal Reaction
« on: July 26, 2016, 09:13:09 PM »
My TA Prymotia - Personal Reaction - 26-Jul-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   My TA Prymotia (Pre'Msha)
Subject:  Personal Reaction
26-Jul-16 6:23 PM  EST   22:23 GMT
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“Good evening I am ready to start

“Herewith are some changes you may alert the Forum members of regarding what will be transpiring for their involvement in the days ahead.  There are tumultuous circumstances expected to enact themselves and your personal placement of thought in these scenarios will prove most valuable.  

“Here are a couple of situations we ask you to consider and what you perceive your involvement to be in response.

“Friends and neighbors or those you come across while grocery shopping will be nonplussed at what they have just seen on the news about political and financial collapses and the repercussions they may soon feel will deeply affect their own lives.  Will inflation skyrocket?  Is it going to mean an end to their way of living and are their jobs in immediate jeopardy?  What do you do or what do you say to them should such a discussion arise?

“Friends and neighbors are worried about the debt collectors coming knocking at their doors as they can barely make ends meet as it is, just trying to stay afloat in their current circumstances.

“Do you spill the beans? Do you pretend you don’t hear their concerns?  Do you join in the panic of the moment?  What is expected of you? You know this is but the beginning of the birth pangs that are going to hit everyone.

“The advice to you has not changed and will not change, as in most circumstances like this you will encounter, is to remain in our peace.  Call on your TA and the love of the Father for yourself and your brethren that you may silently impart to all those around you who have need of this love and peace and pray they will be drawn to make their own connection as they sense and have a taste of that which will truly continue to meet their needs, as they seek and ask for themselves.  

“Be prepared to impart that which you have been given and pray they seek the source of the comfort they sense in you and actively ask directions and help to find their own way to the oasis of life their hungry souls have glimpsed.

“I am not telling you there is nothing you can do for them otherwise, what is being said here is that the law of the universe is to “ask and you shall receive” to “seek and you shall find”.  Think on this.

Keep calm and carry on


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Bri’Tah - Darkness Dispelling Light of The Father - 20-Jul-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Bri’Tah
Subject:  Darkness Dispelling Light of The Father
20-Jul-16 12:30 PM  EST   16:30 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

"This is Bri'Tah, you know my dear that light is a primary ingredient in Fathers love.  Light is one of the many components and characteristics of Fathers being.  Your scientists are only now discovering many facets of light and its various properties and uses that can be directed for the benefit of all.  You see now why rebellion and qualities contrary to the character and personality and very being of the First Source and Center are referred to as “darkness” because of the absence of who He is, as always is He manifest at least in part by “light”.  Darkness is essentially the lack of His light, the choice of “mind matter” to reject the reality character and the will-ways of the First Source Center including all who alternately choose to accept them.  

"Your coming days will evidence the above facts, as acceptance or rejection of who and what you represent will become blatantly apparent to all.  There is no higher calling for any of you than to manifest the presence of the love and light of Our Father, as you serve Him in His Will  for the higher purposes of the missions to Urantia and play your part in her movement into Light and Life.  Know that our support and assistance is readily available to everyone seeking to manifest these higher purposes and that light never fails to dispel darkness."


[Transmitter Note: “Light” Bri’Tah = Brilliance.   One of a pair of angels that works with a planet to overcome the deficit of love and good news about life existence around humans on an evolutionary planet.  They reveal the Supreme's bodies of thought and entities the Supreme uses she created to run the planet.  They are not revealed ever on any planet unless a planet like Urantia has to undergo wrenching changes in its life style and ability to raise children for the Gods on High.]

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Charran, Divine Counselor - Urantia Assignment  - 17-Jul-16 - Newstarsaphire, CA
Teacher:   Charran – Divine Counselor
Subject:   Urantia Assignment
17-Jul-16 11:25 PM  EST   3:15 hrs GMT/Z
T/R:    Newstarsaphire, ON, CA

“I am of the order of Divine Counselors created by our Trinity Union and gifted with insight and experience into the unsearchable riches of the character and divinity of infinite beings challenging to interpret in their workings and their ways in many aspects yet unknown even to us.  My assignment and service to Urantians is an unfolding of mysteries of the timeless existence brought down to the finite realm of reality wherein we attempt to uplift your ability to grasp the infinite loving nature of the Trinity Creators, and their infinite beings, and the watchcare provisions for  time/space creatures.  Many aspects will remain unfathomable to your finite existence, as it stands now, but there are ways and means beyond your current awareness that await implementation and will bring about expansion for those whose sincere offer of service has been accepted on behalf of the will and work of the Father and Mission plans and purposes.  Look to the personal direction of your Father Fragments to guide your steps and broaden your understanding.  I am Charran, a Divine Counselor tasked with the enhancement of revealed personal counsel, in preparation for the greater depth of revelation of the character of divinity to those to be enabled to promulgate this reality to receptive Urantian seekers of truth.  Expect the unexpected.”


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Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / I Observe...
« on: March 27, 2016, 01:46:23 PM »
I Observe…

So much lying, so many dying!
Who can make them stand down?
So much destruction, so much corruption!
Who can make them stand down?
So many fleeing, nobody seeing
the wanton loss of precious life?

Is time here telling, no more indwelling
the heart of God among the mass?
Is someone seeing the help we’re needing
to stop the madness - bring peace to pass?
Like me here waiting, anticipating
are others debating who’s up to this task?

Written early morning of March 25th, 2016, Good Friday with a decision to post today, I ask the reader please do not take this script as a loss of faith or a condemnation of any mortal or celestial it is as it simply states “observance” (perhaps a pick up of the thought of the masses in general).

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Loves Loss
« on: March 09, 2016, 03:48:30 PM »
How thin the veil of sorrow deep
How hot the tears of sorrow creep
from heart to mind and back again.
For love that’s lost there seems no end
of longing rest for hungry eyes
of freedoms’ sigh for binding ties.
There is no salve can sooth the pain
our love as sorrows gain.

“I am offering no offense to anyone who has never seen a love die as I did, but Ron has had it happen and he knows how it affects the entire life thereafter...Michael; Paul of Tarsus - Apostles & The Meaning of 25 March 2016

The above poem written just now after reading the above comment from Jesus in the linked post

Discuss This Web Site / Abraham - TML Transmissions -standards
« on: February 23, 2016, 11:31:56 PM »
Received:   23-Feb-16 3:00 PM  EST
Names:   Abraham re TML transmissions
Transmitter:    Newstarsaphire


It is I Abraham and this is your first time receiving a message from me, but I assure you there is more to come especially as these Missions hit the ground running you will all be very busy transcribing our messages and more as staff work comes into full swing.

I am here today to table a request from Father regarding the work to be put forth through transmitters for the TML.  Much will be covered in the expanded Urantia Book volumes and the TML messages will be working in tandem with this and the Adam and Eve Schools to continue to draw the populace to the wealth of information that is already at their disposal be it through the Urantia Book, up-to-date revelation through the Serara forum,, etc.,  a smorgasbord of sorts, if you will, of information to suit all palates and stages of progressive awareness.

Fathers request of the TML transmitter work is that you ensure your transmissions are clear and properly edited prior to submission, you are after all being asked to transmit that which is specified as “teaching material” and we expect your work to reflect these standards.   As first a student of the transmission yourself, it is imperative you interact with the teacher of each lesson to ensure you have correctly transcribed and presented their information and query any ambiguous wording as would a student requesting clarification.  The objective here is not only receiving the information but to also ensure it is presented to readers/students in a way they will be able to follow the intended subject matter.

Abraham for Father.


[FYI  This transmission from Abraham is also being posted on the TML website.]

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / What is Love?
« on: February 15, 2016, 05:45:57 PM »
What is Love?

What is love?  can you hold it in your hand?
What is love?  between a woman and a man?
Is it simply saying 'I will understand'?
What is love?  What is love?

What is joy?  is it in the things that you have done?
What is joy?  is it in the victories you have won?
Is it in the memories of precious times you've had?
What is joy?  What is joy?

What is peace?  is it gentle waves upon the shore?
What is peace?  does it simply mean there is no war?
Is it in the heart of man or simply in his mind?
What is peace?  What is peace?

What is man?  just a shell of dust that wastes away?
What is man?  born to live and die from day to day?
Is he here by happenstance or some eternal plan?
What is man?  What is man?

God is Love
For He gave His Son for everyone
And our joy is in Jesus Christ, the given Son
And the peace He gives to us we cannot understand.
God is Peace!  God is Joy! God is Love!

I wrote this song back in 1982 and these words still reflect my personal answers as penned in the last verse.

Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Our Father's Heart
« on: February 14, 2016, 09:42:16 PM »
As I ended a time of prayer guided by my beloved TA Prymotia a short while ago I was once and again astounded by the faithful love and benevolence of our Heavenly Father.  One thing I know for sure in this life is that any value, any worth, and possible goodness comes to me from it's very source.  Daily as I struggle with myself it becomes more apparent that anything I have that is worth giving, anything I am that is worth being and anything I can do that is worth doing has its origin in the the Heart of our Father and first comes from Him.  It is "His" faith in me that gives me faith in myself, it is His love for me that gives me worth and His plans that He has provided for me to play out that give me value.  All that I want and hope to be originates and is called back to Him.  I had to find a way to express this glimpse of Our Fathers Heart this day for He is 'My Valentine'.


There is no bound to His love

No limit to His grace

No hiding from His searching

Only countenance on His Face.

No wavering to His “faithful”

No questioning of intent

No doubting of His purpose

No anger there to vent.

No tiring of His virtue

No question of His worth

No changing of His candor

His mercy knows no dearth.

No distance too far reaching

No lengths that He won’t go

No being without value

No gift He won't bestow

To foster life He’s given

His faith in us - a must

To bring us all to ‘Heaven’

Our “will” in Divine Trust

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