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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: LarryG's first voice recording practice
« on: February 03, 2017, 09:01:49 AM »
Dear Larry, while listening to your oral transmission, what comes to my mind is the vision of Barry White, the pop singer, whose melodies are so sweat and beautifull. It is just the way you're, Larry. Congratulations !


Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: A series of trips in the spirit
« on: January 14, 2017, 11:45:39 AM »
One of the national TV broadcasting journalists paid me visit last month and viewed "Touring Edentia", he became crazy and proposed to broodcast the 210 Paradise Files! We're working on it, just wanted to begin during the MSM.

Assalé, I understand you will be giving a first shot to the Ivory Coast TV channel, but in the meantime, while waiting for the kick-off of the MSM, will we, here on the forum, have any chance to have a primacy glance of the " 210 Paradise Files " ?

There is so much mystery around those files that it sharpens my curiosity.  ;)


TRANSLATIONS / Re: Traduction en langue française
« on: January 03, 2017, 11:45:56 AM »
Chers frères niant2, Jack-french, Assalé

Merci pour vos éloges à mon égard, je ne les mérite vraiment pas, mais sachez que cela me fait chaud au coeur et m'encourage à faire de mon mieux pour traduire quand le temps me le permet, car il n'est pas toujours facile entre les contraintes de la vie familiale, l'étude du Livre d'Urantia, participer au forum Serara et se tenir au courant des dernières transmissions.

A propos de ce transmission sur l'Autisme par le Dr Mendoza et les méthodes de prévention qui sont préconisées, j'ai senti comme un besoin, sans doute insufflé par mon Ajusteur de Pensées, de le traduire en français pour atteindre une plus grande audience et comme c'était un petit extrait, je l'ai fait en prenant sur les autres temps. Domtia


TRANSLATIONS / Re: Traduction en langue française
« on: December 31, 2016, 01:39:39 PM »
Ceci est un récapitulatif, sous une forme condensée, d’un message traitant de l’autisme, transmis par le Dr Mendoza  et revisité par Newstarsaphire, pour une meilleure application de la méthode de prévention de cette maladie à la naissance d’un enfant.

Procédures à suivre dans le cadre de prévention de l’autisme d’un nouveau-né
Vous êtres priés de veiller à ce que ce traitement soit appliquer dans les cinq (5 minutes) qui suivent la naissance de l’enfant et qu’il respire normalement.

1)      Vous lui faîtes un bain d’huile d’olive :
. recouvrir entièrement le corps du bébé avec de l’huile d’olive braisée, épaisse et brillante ;
. la formule acide contenue dans l’huile d’olive a pour effet de détruire instantanément les bactéries en créeant une cavité dans l’épiderme où elle réside dans sa forme la plus pure ;
. laissez poser pendant cinq (5) minutes, ensuite

2)      Le bain :
. passez l’enfant dans un bain chaud en utilisant un savon très doux pour bébés
. après avoir abondamment lavé le cuir chevelu et les organes de l’enfant pendant quinze (15) minutes, langez le et

3)      Laissez-le dans une pièce tempérée pendant cinq (5) minutes :
. une exposition à la lumière et à la chaleur font disparaître les bactéries et le virus de l’herpès

. entourez l’enfant avec beaucoup d’amour chaleureux et laissez faire la nature qui prendra soin de lui, libre de toute crainte de l’autisme.

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Persistence and Effort
« on: December 28, 2016, 11:43:47 AM »
Thanks Andy and JSC for the references relating to the psychic circles ; you really fill up the gap of my lack of understanding. So there is no such thing as a retrograde in the process, but a stop in spiritual growth or a giving-up of our survival is always possible in regards to our free will.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Persistence and Effort
« on: December 27, 2016, 09:36:50 AM »
Thanks, Julio, for your prompt reply; it does answer, in part only, to what I try to know, but never mind, I will keep with it.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Persistence and Effort
« on: December 26, 2016, 10:42:36 AM »
I'm just getting started with transmitter and receiver - T / R, but I stayed about a whole month with daily broadcasts in April or May of this year 2016 (Then in June and July of this year 2016 I stopped even accessing the Forum Serara because of overwork).

The quote above makes me ponder about the working of the psychic cycles and the affects they may have on the ability of transmitting/receiving. To be able to T/R, one must at the least reach the minimum psychic cycle and the more one advances in cycles the more he increases in potential. Right ? Correct me if I am wrong.

My question to you, Julio, and others who are already in the process of TRing is as follows :
Why is it hard to come back to TRing after a period of cessation for whatever reasons, is it because of lack of practice or one is down-graded to a lower cycle ?

Thanks for your feedback.


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Responding to Prompts
« on: December 23, 2016, 11:21:37 AM »
Like Prozonov and Mauricio, I also have been experiencing the same phenomenon lately. It occured during my regular meditative session when I closed my eyes, and then I saw, for a few seconds, like a light bulb, golden bright, on the right hand side corner of my brain. It has happened to me two or three times in a week. At first, I didn't pay mush attention to it, but as it was repete it got me curious.

If, as RonB said in his comment, it is a prompt from the TA - a signal to expect a Christmas gift - I am ready to buy it and right now I will be like a child lingering before the Christmas Tree with glowing eyes, waiting for the " Père Noël " ( french for " Santa Claus " ) to cross by with his gift-basket full of toys.

Indeed, the coming Christmas celebration will not be the same, due to the fact, as sister Sue points it in her transmission, with the expected change in the calendar, It will be the last one and as such It will be special so as to leave a print in the global memory for generations to come. I may be wrong, but I don't see it otherwise.

So, you, guys and gals, you should hurry up and sign for a Christmas gift from your TA. Christmas is nearing, time is running short, don't miss the boat. I, for one, has made my choice known for a,no,no !! not the liliputian model  ;D . I am joking. I will just, heartfully and joyfully, go by a mere laptop so as to keep in touch permanently with my Serara forum family, in anyways and anywhere.

Whatever the outcomes, I greet everyone, mortals and celestials alike, a merry Christmas.

Hope I put a smile on your face, despite the bad news flooding our way from the media. Domtia


Ron, you write that the mission is threatened. But the threat you have created yourself. You have limited yourself to English-speaking audience. I already wrote in the post what online translators translate bad. The meaning of the message is often lost. I think that this post is misunderstood. The heavenly teacher should have foreseen this situation and learn how to broadcast your messages in the correct translation into the major languages of civilization.
English is a great language. But in Russian I know better.
Where's the exit?

Dear brother Prozonov, in the quote above, I understand your disenchantment that the MM messages are not reaching to the Russian audience as you like it to be, for reason of lack of translation in other available languages.

Somehow, you must be right, but let me tell you that the MM is in no way in danger of collapsing, just because there are some issues along the road and that it is up to us - you, I and others, multilingual members of this forum - who are of a good standing in translation to get the messages to a large audience, not limited only to english-speaking.

Russia is well known, for its prevailing regime, to be a godless country, but I am sure there are many overthere who are thirsty and hungry of Truth, Beauty and Goodness as you are like and this is where you come in play, you're not excluded.

Just keep in mind that the MM is worldwide, otherwise we would not have been leading here by Spirit from wherever we are and our way of communication. English language is used only for commodity, but not as a rule. Domtia


It's been said Trump is a born again Christian. I believe this.

Really !!  Where do you get this assumption ?


Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: Ce que je dirai aux citoyens du Paradis
« on: November 04, 2016, 01:01:14 PM »
Cher Assalé, on ne peut que se prosterner devant tant de ferveur et de sincérité qui se dégagent de cette allocution. Ce n'est pas une transmission habituelle, mais on sent que les mots proviennent directement du coeur, guidés par l'esprit.

Je pense sincèrement que tu peux jouer un rôle important en mettant tes connaissances aux services des autres et de la " Mission Magistrale ". Domtia



Dear Assalé, with so much zeal and sincerity coming from your address, one can only comply. This is not a formal transmission though, but there is a feeling of words pouring out from your heart with spirit guidance.

Sincerely, as a knowledgeable person, you can be of great help to your fellows and " The Magisterial Mission ". Domtia


Dear Assalé, I am really impressed by your last astral trip, but I am curious to know if those persons, the JW's, have any memory of your discussion with them, be it in a dream or whatever, when you meet them face to face ? Btw, since then, have you crossed their road ? How do they react ?

If the informations you provide about our local cosmology are validated, they must be considered worthy to increase our knowledge. Domtia


Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Re: Song of legend
« on: October 30, 2016, 06:43:27 AM »
There is another one that keeps playing on in my mind these last days : IMAGINE by the other guy of the same famous group in the 70's. This song is an invitation to embrace a new way of living in the world which is very closed to the conditions we know will prevail in a far future era of Light and Life.

Sometimes, when I introduce the teaching of the UB in my surroundings, I receive, plain face, this comment : " You are a dreamer " and like Lennon I reply : " Hope you join me in my dreams "

Enjoy with lyrics : Imagine


Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Song of legend
« on: October 29, 2016, 07:51:36 AM »
In 1970, as a young adult, I listened for the first time a song of George Harrison, My Sweet Lord, that brought me down almost to tears, not so much for the music in itself than for the lyrics, though at that time they were not of a comprehensive significance to me.

Nearly fifty years later, that song still stears up my soul, but with a new perspective.

I offer it to all who are lingering on " The Second Return " of Our Sweet Lord.

My Sweet Lord


Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Be Ever Patient
« on: July 06, 2016, 12:57:26 PM »
"Watchfulness" and "Patience" are indeed the words of the day, as it is said He (Jesus) will come "like a thief in the night", so as a soldier of ancient times, up on a watch tower, scrutinizing the horizon, looking for any suspicious movement, it is of import to always remain watchful and patient and not to loose sight or becoming sleepy, for no one knows when, but it will occur for sure. Domtia

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