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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Timing of Announcement
« Last post by Ron Besser on Today at 03:08:43 PM »
Skip7 and Occerpa,
Thank you for taking on Jus Regulae for Urantia.  I knew not entirely then what I know today, but I knew enough to know how constrained Michael and Mother Spirit were in dealing with a rebellion disaster the size of the Lucifer Rebellion.  Mother Spirit won award from the Ancients of Days as Counsel of the Prosecution of Lucifer and others.  They awarded her the great prize to be called Nebadonia, an award given to only one other Creative Spirit in all of the seven Superunvierses.  That should have been in Jus Regulae for Urantia, as it would have heightened the heroic measures and behaviors of our parental Deities.  In giving this award to Mother spirit, she graduated from the Local Universe of Nebadon, to now be able to speak to all Courts in the seven superuniverses as an expert witness in their tribulations or rebellion cases, and it seems  there are always some to persecute.

The right of a Mother Spirit, now known as Chief Universe Councilor of Time, to be called such has been granted to two Creative Spirit.  One in Superuniverse Six and now Superuniverse Seven in Nebadon, as a Local Universe without parallel in all time space for its lavish mercy and willingness to trial something unusual or different in order to maximize justice and improve the standing of creation in time.  I love our Michael and Mother of Nebadon but I revere the Father for allowing such experimentation as Nebadon and Avalon allow to their space creation areas.

If I am allowed to, I may approach Jus Regulae as an ongoing Paper and add a part II when I am better able to understand just what happened better.  I am also beholden to Michael of Nebadon for taking the paper to Uversa to let other Creator Sons see it and judge it.  I didn't do so good, but was applauded for my chutzpah as Jesus would have said.  Here is Michael on my behalf.

"Ron is sure he failed his sobriety test when I showed the paper to my Uversa colleagues which was a gathering of Creator Sons and Magisterial Sons at our triannual meeting get-together, once every ten million years in time space and about twelve years in Uversa Time.  I showed them the paper explaining you had not fused yet but work on these problems to understand why the Magisterial Mission kept getting set back and it just goes to show you it does not matter in their understanding but in my understanding how a whelp of a human can do this at all especially on Urantia.  Ron still does not understand how time gets brokered by spirit that well at all as to him it just flows and you take your chances when somethis starts or is done.  today the problem is getting Urantia to recognize they are not in full control, but that might take a year or two before they catch on to such things.  Ron notes the weather changes and exacts nothing from weather experts for counting weather we are having as typical weather and letting it go.  We see as they do for now but Ron is very sensitive to change and he notes a perceptive difference in weather data and I lure him to think more there as there is nothing to array yet but there will be shortly.  We are not sure if he is reading the future or the far past when another mini ice age crept up on Urantia during most of the 17th century and early 18th century.

"Jus Regulae for Urantia is a seminal Paper and Ron feels he failed too many times in it to make good strong points.  I helped him with history but little else and today he considers it almost a laughing stock to higher beings but they assure me not so.  I am not kidding Ron you took on quite an assignment and did it some justice but I know you are loaded for bear to add Part II some other day after all this excitement has died down on getting the Magisterial Mission going on Urantia today."

Ron Besser comment added here - "I am proud of you Skip7 and Occerpa to even download the Paper although I offered it just in case, as it is very hard for my compatriots to understand without having further revelation which has been supplied to me without releasing to this forum.  I thank you for your accomplishment and for reviewing for me and look forward to see what else you can provide if you can follow much of it,  Now back to Michael;s remarks:

"I conclude these remarks with some remarkable to offer on the Local Universe of Avalon.  Ron has been allowed to speak with taht Creator Son, as that Creator Son and I are almost twins.  He is Creator Son number 611,114 and I of Nebadon Creation am 611,121 - a mere 7th of one ten thousandths difference from the cradle to personification of us on Sonarington.  Ron enjoyed Abraham's slip twenty years ago when he let the truth out the bag and listens intensively to Abraham when he talks because HE KNOWS! as Abraham is truly a Finaliter without pedigree right now and has the Deity Adventure only to take on before he reminds you all he will COME BACK!  My favorite speech of Abraham was when Ron caught on immediately that he let the cat out of the bag int hose days, and how Abraham was pacing up and down and screaming curses at himself for being so careless, and Ron Besser, the cheek\, caught him at it.  I told him not to worry because Ron can't do anything about since he was on the fritz with most of them anyhow.  Abraham cursed the day Ron Besser was born and let it go and now wonders if there were other bobbles.

"In any case the Creator Son of Avalon has pardoned Ron's slips too as he listens in with my permission when Ron gets going with Big Momma and other crack ups over the disasters Urantia is facing every day.  He now includes his own Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star of Avalon,  and keeps i\him informed that some day Ron may show up at his court as part of the ambassador's program to show young students the art of diplomacy.  In any case we have Avalon to  thank for getting Ron assigned to the Urantia team of ambassadors to world nations when that kicks in sometime in the far future as Urantia is not quite ready to take that program on just yet.

"Finally, I have assigned to Ron in the far future the ability to read people like Sylvia Browne could with her help as Ron would like to try psychic work and will attempt it this year weather permitting/  Good day everyone.  Jus Regulae not withstanding the second part of that Paper will be written with the Deity Absolute to include more prominent probles we still have not figured out to correct just yet. "


Teacher: Father TA
Lesson: Reflection and meditation for self-discovery
Category: Typed transmission
T/R: Don Crownover
Location: Kansas City
Date/Time: 10/22/2017 11:57 AM CST

Father I thank you for the further awakening to myself and the announcements that I do find that have continually been poured out from your individual servants who are truly inspired from the beginnings of their mortal lives. I am starting to understand that every instance of suggested public notice, to wake people up to your spiritual worlds around us actually do occur though not always on such a global scale at first. Thank you Father for providing so many methods for people to find you. I look back in our recorded recent history and find so many persons of spirit leading and I do see that the light of truth is gradually becoming brighter and brighter. …Thank you Father for creating so many spirit and mortal avenues for this light of truth disbursement. I do hope that I can be used for encouragement for anyone to also seek you. Demonstrate, each person from their own gifted personality, the gift that you give to each and everyone of us and to share with our world of brothers and sisters.  Thank you Father. Thank you also to the many spirit orders, those high and low ranking celestial beings, coming to us lovingly, to our service in help finding you.

Father is there a massage this day? For myself or to share with the forum?

“The sweet smell of success is visible to those that look for it son. It is available to all those that look for truth. …Keep searching for inspirations and developing your own unique talents to share, hidden for so long and only visible as through a veil. You always knew there was more and now knowing there is no limit to your development. Have peace and enjoy son.” Yes Father I am.

Is there a message for the forum today Father?

"Today is a good day of reflection, meditation and self discovery. We hope all to have great peace and family love on this day. (...brief pause) There are still so many more good and beautiful spoken truths to unfold and all can have a part, only by the asking and with sincere efforts to share your personality and spirit with one another. Happy day to all.”  

Thank you Father Amen.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Timing of Announcement
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 01:37:10 PM »

Greetings. As you can understand, for someone like me, just entered a portal as huge and complex as this, many discussions on topics are for me not very clear, or rather unacceptable. For example the claim of some members in relation to the changes for the beginning of the MM. There is so much information that can be accessed, for example, that very complete of Jus Regulae Urantia, which Ron now recommends. In fact, we can say that there is nothing foreign to anything, because everything has a perfect reason to exist, but such discussions affect the course that in the present moments, should take this event so monumental for the planet and the entire Humanity . I apologize because I may be wrong

In my view, the House that Jack built has as one of the foundations the war. But these misguided foundations will be broken, with spiritual renewal in the world for peace and the peaceful resolution of conflicts.

However, today, I feel that there is a maturation and lucidity in many people around the world, because no one wants to see, again, the horrors of a nuclear bomb.

Nuclear bomb striking populations directly.

Nuclear bomb reaching, indirectly, all countries.

Reaching all countries as nuclear radiation reaches the atmosphere and goes to all regions of the world, and according to the winds, affecting more or less certain locations, as the displacement of the air masses and subsequent precipitation in the soils and oceans of the world.


Em minha visão, a Casa que Jack construiu tem como um dos fundamentos a guerra. Só que estes fundamentos equivocados irão ser desfeitos, com a renovação espiritual no mundo em favor da paz e da solução pacífica dos conflitos.

No entanto, atualmente, eu sinto que existe um amadurecimento e lucidez maior em muitas pessoas em todo mundo, pois ninguém quer ver, novamente, os horrores de uma bomba nuclear.

Bomba nuclear  atingindo diretamente populações.

Bomba nuclear atingindo, indiretamente, todos os países.

Atingindo todos os países na medida que a radiação nuclear atinge a atmosfera e vai para todas as regiões do mundo, e  conforme os ventos, afetando mais ou menos determinados locais, conforme o deslocamento das massas de ar e a precipitação posterior no solos e oceanos do mundo.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Timing of Announcement
« Last post by skip7 on Today at 12:07:44 PM »
Thank you for your explanation of the events that you chose to experience and grow through in this journey of yours. Your thought's and feeling are helpful to all on this forum and shows great feelings and understanding and thereby allows us the insight to your growth.
I have finished downloading and reading for the first time, there will be others, the copy of “Jus Regulae”. This paper is very helpful in understanding the reasoning, on a gross level, why the MM has experienced multiple starts and stops over the years and just how difficult, yet necessary, it is for all Celestials to get the plan right on the first time.
As some say, way above my pay grade to understand the finer details; however, I do have a better understanding on a gross level the delicate matters at hand and the ramification of moving too soon.
Thank you Ron for your insight and thank you Father and all involved for your centuries of efforts toward correcting Lucifers and this Planets deviation from our Spiritual Plan.
Love Skip
Do not forget Antonio, our Father on Paradise oversees everything. Be assured He possesses great knowledge of all that takes place in the universes, we are a part of the whole and it should all be in accordance to His will and to the benefit and safety for all beings in His creation.
Love to all,
Ones life here on Urantia is simply the mortal beginning of your real spiritual life in eternity if you so choose. It merely begins the process of growing closer to God. Our reactions to the savage life here creates the wisdom required to begin to appreciate the truth, beauty and goodness that God is.
How can you appreciate the sweetness of an orange  before tasting the bitterness of the rind? How can you understand joy before experiencing pain? This is why we are given free will to experience mortality so we can comprehend our eternal future.
My great, dear friend Clency, you wrote: "...the more there is a hope of a divine intervention, it cannot be otherwise...".
I fully agree with you my brother!,..., and you wrote: "... What the Father has decreed, must happen according to His Will...", and again on this point, I completely agree with you!

How many people will have to die for our stupidity, before you make ( Father) a decision to start the "REAL" work, obviously, ..., from the "Magisterial Mission" to correct and finally give you back your planet "Urantia"!!!!

Pronto- I agree with Evan. You can make a difference in your community today by simply spreading the word of the Fatherhood of God to those around you wherever that may be. There is Forumite living and spreading the Word of God today in Africa who has done incredible things! Anyone can if they want to. My peace I send to you.
Dear brother Antonio, you and me, know very well the answer to your “ WHY ?” question. What astounded me more is “WHY” you are so upset by the situations prevailing in the world to-day. I concur that it is not very rejoicing, but at the same time, the more it seems to be of a no possible way-out, the more there is a hope of a divine intervention, it cannot be otherwise. What the Father has decreed, must happen according to His Will. Trust, Faith and Patience are the words of the day. Domtia
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