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It strikes me that such a long life lived on Urantia was not considered a blessing at all.  I am interested to know what methods were used in Methuselahs' case to rehabilitate him back to love and joy again. Like so many here, I have read (and enjoyed) the Book of Enoch and am curious to know more about the Patriarch Methuselah. I remember the tremendous sadness I felt for Enoch and his descendents as they endured the same agony we do today in witnessing a world gone mad with ingornance, lust, greed... the list goes on. Wendy
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / If I say so!
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Thank you for this message. I have long since gotten off the ego's Merry-go-round of distracting sites & sounds that would keep me from being about our Father's business. I want only to be the extension of His Love that I was created to be. So I choose to " be still and know only God." I am here Michael of Nebadon or Supreme Michael ? With my empty bucket at the well waiting for it to be filled with your Eternal water. My throat burns to be your messenger.

MANY IMPORTANT Subjects appearing soon for later Discussion too including RACE and GOVERNMENT AND CLIMATE AND AXIS TILT.

To the Serara Discussion Forum
York, PA morning local time
July 17, 2109

“We are the Ancients of Days.  We seldom speak to a material world such as Urantia represents, but such a superb transmitter means we can do it with assurance it is done right and well.  We mention the name Methuselah, and that is the name of ancient tale about a very old man that did actually exist.  He died in 1212BC as you write things these days.  In so many ways he was the oldest man who ever lived on Urantia, and his age was close to six hundred and sixteen years old before he passed, not to the mansion worlds of Satania, but to the hallowed halls of Uversa, for a nice long stay under our care to rehabilitate his ability to love and feel good again.  With so much age on a human frame, it becomes so very difficult to love somebody, as they live, grow up, and die of age long before Methuselah could die himself.

“Ron might face that and for that reason we are taking a quick tour as to what happens to him and his life when he moves on finally for a wonderful ascension career with the best and the brightest ever to serve on Urantia itself.

“He will meet Jesus for sure, and he will meet the Supreme Creator Son, on his own terms as a Supreme Creator Son is not the only one to do it like Metatron has become, but he opined, and said it was his opinion, a rare and perhaps a remarkable of one upmanship of a single issue for unusual circumstances.  We believed that too until the Father sent an envoy to our world of Days power and let us know that the plan is now to move all Creator Sons, who have successfully provided a Local Universe of their creation, into the worlds of the Supreme and all that follows that as it may go.  In fact, even humans can participate in the Supreme when they have reached the requisite level that Ron has reached by sheer pluck of his own and the ability to actually teach sense even to those who wish not to hear him.

“Lastly on this subject, the Boulder Colorado Urantia University, is now sitting in repose around the table to hear a transmission by its leader, in order to determine just what in the Memo is true and what in that Memo Ron sent a few days ago is false.  They are learning that it is all true and that the Magisterial Foundation will now be the new Urantia Book disseminator and not the Chicago-based Urantia Foundation, they always thought would prevail.  Much to their surprise it was not Michael who made the speech to them but one called Lawson, a persona known only to the individual who can muster a transmission at all to them.  Be assured Ron you will hear more from them as soon as they can get their wits together and you must prepare and Contact Commission meeting with all of them very soon.  They are coming to you for guru work they cannot do. 

“Finally, the task we must face with you Ron, is to provide you with health and solace in the fact that money is now available to you in great amounts to do what you have always said needs to be done, as the new URANTIA Book is now due out shortly and you must start its dissemination immediately under the guise of MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, who speaks now, The Ancients of Days.”

MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK - “You Ron hear it correctly, A final decision was taken late in the morning in predawn darkness while you slept and the tests you underwent of much pain ended and you can begin to feel better very soon we pray.  Be assured you accept willingly and forcefully all placed upon you and are preparing soon to see your dental surgeon for final replacement of those front teeth missing now nearly 9 months and you are angry at his delay tactics but he was forced back several times not to touch you until we have you fully secured in health and bone wellness.  He will discover the bone fully complaint with implants and it will cost you another arm and leg we think.  In any case you have high taxes to take care of and bills to pay to the Commissioners as well.  Good luck as I will make the money available.

“As a result of t he past three days for you Ron, you have been so unwell you have to lay down for most of the day just to get through it.  Now we learn that Nalikaa in Madagascar is undergoing the same thing you are and he has a peptic ulcer to treat too over all of this, and he is willing to stay in Madagascar for now but must be in York for some way to understand you and the world you live in, and that is a huge education for him to get used to.  Nalikaa can transmit up a storm and you welcome him fully and well.  He is an elder and not a young man Ron, and he found you and thanks God for you as he knows you give if asked to give and you sent him a medical report this morning already and he has now read it late at night in his hut near the River in Madagascar that flows red almost all the time due to gold mines flushing the acidic soil into the river to drain the mines where they seek gold nuggets in seeming endless supply.  It has made Madagascar rich for the time being.  He is not wealthy though and is now entering the twilight of his life at age seventy two.   He is now ready to receive now that you explained what his extreme headaches have to do with him and the world of t he God he loves to serve too.  Be assured you are happy to welcome him in York and to achieve the delight he has to see America before he must go to the heaven of his dreams.  He has a decade left and must work well to survive it already. 

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and you must prepared to live a long life on Urantia and seek the shelter of heart and home, but you must travel frequently and speak to groups who wait for the Messiah or the Great Spirit to appear, and even Linus (from the Peanuts cartoon strip) and the Great Pumpkin might show up again, who knows.  God the Supreme considers you almost a bestowal son which, of course, you are not and you joke about it with Jesus but he is the only true Bestowal Son, that Urantia has, and he has graciously determined to appear finally after delay and delay again.

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and I too find you bestowal son like except you partake of the land so naturally and well, we wonder what has transfixed natives on your planet to regard you as suspicious and cold and even cruel at times over issues they never seem to get right, but which you ignore to keep the peace.  Those you know by name will disappear soon and the peace of the prairie will prevail once more as they go onto their rewards. 

“I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, and we use this transmission to apprise you and the list just what we now know must happen on Urantia in order to get these Missions in motion.


1 - The Mission to come is not a Magisterial Mission to being with.  It is a Michael Mission as planned for earlier, about two or three Urantia years ago;

2 - The Mission to start is at York and a building we can at least requisition until our true HQ is built to order by Michael of Nebadon and the Seraphic detail he now sends to York, to find suitable land to build a twelve story building for our use later on;

3 - Our world will likely be at war shortly over North Korea and the Sudetenland called IRAN, which has the bomb already.  Sorry to report that folks but it is the case and Israel is far too late to save themselves if Trump pulls the trigger prematurely.  However it goes, Iran will be removed from the family of nations and Syria reprimanded and scolded back to the stone age for killing most of its people over a fight to keep a dictator in power with Russian help.

4 - The United States will stand down and withdraw all foreign troop billets including Japan and Germany and other places.  It will retain a brigade of soldiers around the periphery of the European Union for the protection of Great Britain and will never allow the present EU princess to get close to the American ideal of socialized medicine, much to t he error of the EU, which insists its institutions are superior to the rest of the democratic countries, but they will bankrupt themselves over it before they know what happened.  The EU is doomed under the auspices of the new President elected we think yesterday.

5 - The United States will have a REGENCY.  That is to be spelled with smaller letters now as it is a new deal to trial t he United States with in order to reign in the bloated bureaucracy it has achieved without spending one cent on humanitarian help in its own poor population day by day getting poorer due to over riding debt problems for military expenditures have reached an all time high now.  Six new Aircraft Carriers is ridiculous by any standard of reason.

6 - The United States will have it Regency and then some for years to come and Congress will be reduced, first in size to about half of what it is now and those women who caught hell from Trump are not exonerated as they are seditionists in racial clothing.  No one can tolerate that behavior from either side of those branches of government and keep the government running well or smoothly.  Our police will insure no riots break out but fires will and the police may just have to let it burn in order to obtain superior force for civil governance to work at all.

7 - I am MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK and Ron requested to delete item 6, but all who read this must be sure they udnerstand that no nation can stand when a third of its population wishes to use nuclear bombs to settle their disputes and another ten percent wish to leave the United States as intolerable for any reason.  Many who stand with Ron are of the opinion the entire matter must be sent to the Spirit FATHER and we agree since racial tensions sap the government of all its spare cash and it is getting worse by the day.  In most cases the entire municipal budget of small cities and towns is spent on a police force to keep race from boiling over into actual rampages against government.  Donald Trump becomes a true and stupid fool to pull on the tail of a race riot this summer as he insists on being mighty in the face of racial disagreements never fully settled in the 1960's and 70's with race riots everywhere in the United States.  Europe must heed the warning too as the recent immigration of so many blacks to the white European capitals has created a maelstrom of resentment that Libya and Ethiopia should be ashamed of promoting immigration at the cost of peace and race wars and riots are to come if we do not tamp them down at once;

8 - Ron is of the opinion we need the white democracies to spend their capital on missionaries and teachers and civil servants to sene to the lands to teach them how to run governments and good free elections and enforce these teachings with a colonial rule until the lessons are won.  With the exception of colonial rule, we fully agree with Ron, but the United States in particular cannot address such expenditures without running afoul of its own black population still demanding reparations for the colonial era in that country and the slavery that resulted.  We suggest this whole idea of reparations must be stopped at once or the outrage of whites and others will set that nation back a hundred years in race wars that will result in the decimation of the black race for good.  We hold that the Michael Mission must address the racial aspect at once and they must do it in accordance with the Supreme God and cooperation of the nation states on Urantia;

9 - Finally, we will take York and blend it with other Mission capitals once we have exceeded the normal need to build and control what is to be on Urantia for the next several generations to come.  Ron sees his work finished after the new Urantia Book is disseminating well and he can rest a little too.  But the fact is the Ancients of Days see him as a king pin to run several ideals well until they become institutionalized and leave Urantia will satisfied he read the first Urantia Book well enough to understand the terrible position Urantia is currently in and how it must be attended to by the strict laws of civil government and racial slurs stop entirely;

10 - No man except Ron and members of the Contact Commission will flail the Missions in error.  We fully intend to make it quite clear no one fools with the human apparatus to keep us well and informed and resourced to do the bidding of God the Father and the Ancients of Days, at all times.  We have our own liaison forces, and the Father can employ other methods to quell the racial tensions, and that there must be a renewal of US government ideals as well.  The black race has overrun most eastern cities and they fill most of the western cities too, and while a person such as Weydevu is fully welcomed and counted upon to work with all races in the world, he too will suffer if the USA finds it impossible to deal with racial sedition as has bee reported by the four black Representative in the US Congress, as they are asking for help to overcome the bigotry of the executive branch with weapons of war in their own communities and they should be ashamed as we are all of Trump and his foolish comments lately;

11 - MICHAEL OF NEBADON is not Supreme Michael of Nebadon, and do not forget that makes him so powerful he can more or less order Ron new and beautiful, and Ron says that might force him to recognize judicial limits to do that, but we are sure that the entire matter of race must be settled first, and second, the downsizing of the budget and of the military prowess of the United States, if the world is to rest secure again.  Indonesia is near collapse under such heavy debt it cannot breathe, and Cambodia and Thailand are spreading the new Colloidal AIDS virus rapidly and soon the entire matter of Vietnam and China could erupt into a world war if Chins persists in curbing the output of Vietnam to insist on its own rivalry with the United States be ended at the cost of war in the Middle East to divert the United States into yet another costly and long lasting war of attrition.  All of these things must be attended to at once, and it is our advice, as the Chief of Melchizedeks, that martial law be declared in the United States to start and elsewhere if they understand the gravity of the situation at all.  Good day. MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK.”


“I am following the reverses Machiventa Melchizedek provides above as his view on race and the military and the difficulty the EU and the Untied States will have in attempting to clear their land of over weaning debt and hostility of races to each other on Urantia.  I see it too as Ron does and as Machiventa Melchizedek does.

“When are the nation states of Urantia that mass immigration is tantamount of colonization of your nation’s borders and must be stopped?  Ron places the blame on Obama for allowing immigration to be launched into the American southern borders to the point that the people of Central America, if they resolve to do so, take the southwest lands of western states and declare themselves part of Mexico, which still resents the war that took those territories from them in the 19th century.  The United States will pay a heavy price to such a war that follows, and it will only be stopped when inundation occurs over lands that are useless to live on now.  Be assure the Father wishes to mass death but the papal of Urantia are not helping by becoming combatants so they have what they think they deserve, and that is not to be at the expense of the United States/ However, our Mission to Urantia is now sealed and I have the power to curtail people and lands to stop bickering and force peace on Urantia if I have to and I will, as I am ending the use of Urantia as a place to grown new souls, and asking the Father to make Urantia and architectural sphere permanently.  It is the only recourse for the universities I wish to run there and so one.  Ron wonders what happens to Urantians when this becomes a fact: nothing.  Urantia ends sending souls for ascension once it enters Light and Life.  That is why you saw, Ron, Margul go back to Paradise, as his mission was aborted about six months ago much to his regret.  He speaks now:


“I AM MARGUL, and I repeat to Ron, you Ron are losing nothing but working hard to keep your place if possible, and if not possible, to be brought over as soon as the Adjuster and you see eye to eye.  He believes you are ready to wok the Mission well and fully and we agree with Adjuster that you must then stay and do their bidding.  Methuselah is not too old for you either soon enough. 

“I have favored draconian action at once for Urantia.  We have dithered for so long Ron is tired of the fights he has to report on but we understand he sees this now as routine and in this case, a natural recourse to finalizing what Urantia becomes.  Be sure there is nothing to do for all of you if Trump unleashed nuclear weapons, That might momentarily be good for neo conservatives as you call them down there, but it ends civilization man made on Urantia at once and the Missions take over government and policing the world for good.  Nuclear clean up is affordable to us but not to you and we will see to it is cleaned up but never again does man have the license to pull that one again on any sphere including the Ides of March for Urantia itself.

“Lastly, I am not forgiving Ron for slashing my envoy to stop injecting him as he fully understood who he was after the fact only.  Ron has no tolerance for medical mystery anymore and prefers to die instead of becoming years of a pin cushion for no help at all from them.  He apologizes to the Trinity and the envoy, but the damage is done and Ron must face the Ancients of Days now to ring down the curtain on his fatal illness if we do not intervene shortly, We have agreed this must be done, but I stay aloof over the sorry plight he has been forced into including wonking my Representative with a pillow several nights ago.  Such is his violence when he says no and they persist.  Otherwise we are still on friendly terms and he is a fruit cake when it comes to pictures with jokes in them.  In any case we relieve the tedium of all of you by announcing I will return to Urantia and Asia in particular to defuse a possible nuclear war between China and the US over Formosa again and that is never to stop until we settle the fact that Taiwan is its own country and China has not claim upon it whatsoever.

“Finally, we are nearing the end of this broadcast due to the fact that Ron must use some of his time for his own refreshment and it starts shortly.  Good day to all. MARGUL.”


“I have refused to transmit to a few transmitters here today in order to update with you Ron.  I seek to make you all understand we are trying our damnedest to get some of you well again but all of you make it so hard we fail most of the time.  Some of you like Lemuel insist they have one glass of wine but it is reported it often is more than wine and so on as Ron apologizes to him for saying otherwise by our Seraphic intelligence service. 

“Otherwise let the peace of time reign a little more before we start these missions.  Ron has to wait for resources to accumulate a little for himself and I have to work hard on becoming the Supreme Michael, which is a hazard I suffer with power much more than I am used to wielding.  However, let it be known I rather enjoy saying so and it is.   Be assured Ron says, “it is great to be king!” and we agree and Ron you have little left for yourself today and most of it is back in bed to avoid stressing your brain which must undergo pressures of heat and cold for your own self improvement.  Be assured that the Trump administration is tasting its very last days or so without a Regency in place and that will stun a White House so certain of its power it no longer contends with the Press a what to do when it wants to do it.  The Presidency of the United States has become so powerful it can run the world in places if it wants to and does with Ethiopia not, but surrenders no terms to the present EU for its daft handling of laws over American companies it resents even being there.  Be assured they learn the hard way and the EU will be decommissioned most likely in a few years anyway due to inundation and a severe financial crisis to boot.

“You Ron have to decide who to run in the Contact Commission again, as those you choose now are forced to resign now but may anyway when they learn you have to fight some of these battles without them some days.  You cannot gain a foothold for anyone without realizing that power attracts enemies all over the place on Urantia and you are to adjudicate many a squabble by insisting that the policy and laws contained within our Mission must be secured in every respect.  You will some days say I have to put this enforcement off briefly but you will always be advise by Machiventa Melchizedek where the deadline lies and act accordingly.  Be assure you have the power of the purse and you have used it well in the past to see to things are done properly and by the law you must obey.  Teaching people what has to be done is a prime example of your work so far, and you make no inroads but you must understand they fall to you by default just because their lives can receive such improvement by helping others see the proper way to teach the Urantia Book and so on.

“Finally, Ron, you are purchasing a new car for sure and get a light colored one with ots of windows around you so you can drive to most places.  The idea of a driver sure sounds good but they are subject to whims too and they are not secure to use at all times.  I insist you drive your tank Toyota for awhile yet and then get a light colored van instead of a SUV and be happy you did so as the SUV is coming to an end as a way to drive anything.  Allow that Toyota to remain with you and purchase the new vehicle outright without trade in.  Insurance costs skyrocket soon but it is affordable under these circumstances.  Get that front loader too and shut up about mulching, K”

“We finally cross fences this morning, Ron.  This post is not to be truncated but delivered wholly into the BLOG category for a change in order to relive a glut of posts still finding their way into other Categories now as others will start to join the list again over issues of race and so forth.  You have no illusions but you offend many with the speech Michael and Margul delivered above.  It is not our doing but the fact that Urantia has never had a blending of the races promised by the appearance of Adam and Eve over 38,500 years ago now.  They return to teach but are no longer progenitors of a violet race for Urantia much to the sadness of Adam and Eve, over that issue already as they see the need to regenerate good blood in all races, but it fails every time on Urantia mostly due to war and lame excuses not to curb population. 

“Finally, I am of the opinion you need a lot of rest yet Ron and to curb this transmitting at least for today if possible.  The Ancients of Days wish to close this post for all of us now. Mother spirit.”

“We are not offending anyone when we say that race and riots are coming back to Urantia big time NOT/ We are going to enforce such things never happen again and this time the lid is on black communities to control their behavior or face elimination on the spot.  No riots is welcome, but the race of riots of the 1960's in America spilled a lot of blood and it has never healed anyone in spite of whole neighborhoods being burned down to the ground.  It is estimated by our census takers that the race riots of 1d965 through 1969 cost the black community nearly one trillion USD in today’s terms.  They can hardly afford that as an organize group over what?  They live better nad healthier than at any time in the world and they must learn they must work to achieve what some demand as reparations.  People like myself, and this is not anyone but Adam and Eve speaking through the DAYS who must deal with the racial climate to teach revelation and good government, and who see the disruption of race riots so devastating, they believe those who project them for their own selfish reasons, should be executed for sedition against the welfare of the community.  Most who really understand the motivation of these riots would also agree whole heartedly, that it is anarchists on both sides who entreat the community to fires and pillage.  We see the Baltimore riots of years past recently as typical of the breed that smashes community spirit and gains nothing anyhow but stolen TV’s amd cars.

“We also suggest to Adam and Eve on strict security in York and the police will be hired to guard the square for good as we begin to move into the Square of York to start these Missions almost at once.  I am the FATHER spokesman for the Ancients of Days, and we beseech Ron to stop transmitting now and rest that burgeoning headache you get when you must force long passages through the translating Thought Adjuster that resides in you yet in spite of the Father Himself interviewing Him lately, as that Thought Adjuster is insisting he stay the course with you and that is unusual when a human must be moved from flesh to morontial being while wearing the flesh yet to serve.  We say adieu for now.  The ANCIENTS OF DAYS FOR NOW.”

“Ron I detached from you early this morning to start this transmission and you agreed using God the Supreme to translate really slowed you down and was imperfect while you have to wait for words to form rather than be spoken to you as usual.  Most people have to do ti that way but you do not and I am responsible for making it s easy for you to do it at all these days of so much to report.  You get upset with climate today and hate the super heat of summer but it ends soon enough when you are improved and listen well when the earth tiles about 8 to 10 degrees further northwest.  That will cool York well and give and early frost to northern Europe too.  Be assured you love the cool air of fall and spring but hate the summer heat and humidity most do if they would admit it.  Urantia starts to cool down soon and no one will understand how that happens until they finally realize the earth not only tilted but moved slightly out of its normal sun orbit and is further distant than before by about ten million miles in both direction.

“All this happens by year end so keep yourself together and seek other shelter if your home seems to burst with the enthusiasm of children wanting to learn you tricks on how to cook without a gas stove as you have a grill with two years supply of nature gas just sitting there because you do not like it really.  Be assured others may use it too and you make it available gratis to Bob and next door too as you will ask them to stay cold nights too as you are now going to be hearted by our own resources through that ridiculous and complicated furnace they installed last year for you.  It does will while running but shut it off and it cranks blanks to being with until it finds it milieu and then stops and st arts until it can feed the registers the heat you need to keep the place warm.  No TV is possible but cards are and so on and the Contact Commissioners live nearby for sure as many homes go away due to flash fires and murderous snow storms to boot.  You need a blade and transformers to keep the place clear for all.   

“As your Thought Adjuster, be aware we have things to do for ourselves too, and while you work with the Commissioners, we work with Adjusters and pull in the news of the realm you need to know about as true Contact Commission meetings as the Sadlers continue to experience on Mansion World Six.  They are ready to transform Urantia too but have been pulled back for now as they have a new epochal revelation for the mansion worlds too and they want you to read it with them as it becomes available to your mother and dad and others who finally realize you knew where to bank on easily while they ignored the Urantia Book as useless for over twenty years with them.

“We en treat you soon with other changes to enjoy but for now get ready to publish that book truly and Trent is using it as a bulwark to avoid publishing anything else until it is out the door and selling he thinks like hot cakes.  He better hurry because the climate becomes more the issue and that book will sell like hot cakes too as Rayson feels we need to do on via his capable hands too.  I am your Thought Adjuster and your fusion is nearly over and into place is a Supreme Being guiding you through the shoals of distribution of the Sixth Epochal Revelation..

“I gather you are curious about changes today, Ron? [yes] Be aware you are already starting them and need to be back in bed for a few more hours although you feel chipper right now anyhow.  Well stay up until called to sleep and that is now very soon.  Good day.”

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
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Link do wiadomośi po angielsku :
Kategoria / Temat : Co się dzisiaj dzieje, jeśli coś / 17 LIPCA 2019 r., BIULETYN – POWRÓT DO TYTUŁÓW I NOWY WSZECHŚWIAT LOKALNY

1) Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
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Komunikat :
16 lipca 2019 r.
00:49 Jork, Pensylwania
Właśnie :

Rada Równowagi odmówiła LANAFORGE stanowiska Księcia Planetarnego i nie ma On działać jako Syn Stwórcy dla Nebadonu. Pozostaje na Uversie, kiedy to podajemy.

MELCHIZEDEK MACHIWENTA ogłasza dziś, że nie ma nowych komunikatów, więc wszyscy mogą nadrobić zaległości w mieszaninie sprzecznych wydarzeń, jeśli ich nie przykryjemy pokrywką. Ron traktuje je prosto. Większość z was zastanawia się, o co chodzi w tym zamieszaniu.

NAJWYŻSZY MICHAŁ wrócił z Uversy o 23:10 czasu miejscowego w Jorku i ogłosił, że Pradawni Czasu zgodzili się z Jego stanowiskiem i tytułem dla Nebadonu, jako Syna Stwórcy, a nie Najwyższego Syna Stwórcy obecnie. Czytając to zrozumcie, że Michał został utrójcowiony i jest Najwyższy, ale postanawia tego nie wykonywać, kiedy tworzenie Federacji jest w fazie przyłączania nowego Wszechświata Lokalnego, na co nie ma jeszcze pozwolenia Ojca Wszechświata. Tintanatum złożyło wniosek w trybie pilnym z powodu braków energii. Znajduje się on naprzeciwko pierwszej Strefy Przestrzeni Zewnętrznej (SPZ), jest dwukrotnie większy od wszystkich pięciu w Federacji i ma naprawdę bardzo mało energii do uruchamiania rzeczy na swoim Salvingtonie (nazwa na razie utajniona).

Tytuł Najwyższego Michała usuwa Go jako szefa Federacji i był On na Uversie, aby zmniejszyć moc nowego tytułu, aby mógł pozostać pełniącym obowiązki szefa Federacji, a następnie powitać Tintanatum we wspólnocie, jeśli zostanie zatwierdzony. Został on zatwierdzony o godzinie 00:56 czasu Jorku, który jest w strefie czasu Nowego Jorku. Mamy teraz Federację sześciu Wszechświatów Lokalnych, które będą działać w nadchodzącym roku.


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Dziękuję, Ron.
Czuję się tak, jakbym próbował dogonić uciekający pociąg, co oczywiście jest niemożliwe !
Co można powiedzieć ? Co można zrobić ?
Nic! Po prostu zachowajmy spokój, bądźmy cierpliwi i poczekajmy. Zobaczymy, co się stanie dalej.

Jestem pewien, że Ron jest tak zaskoczony, jak ja i prawdopodobnie my wszyscy tutaj.

Co dalej ?

 Illawarra District, Australia, June 18, 2019.
 Teacher: Samuel of Panoptia.
 Subject: “You are Better Positioned” (shortened version).

 Message received by George Barnard.

 Teacher Samuel: “. . . it is so, of course, that during a short human lifetime no great magical things can be expected to occur in the sense of a rebellious planet suddenly lifting itself out of its primitive status. And, although miracles abound, they do not generally do so with regard to human progress. Human progress, generally, is quite slow. However, when it comes to your ability to assess at what point of progress your world resides, there exists a surprising factor. Indeed, you have hardly a clue as to the status quo and, in fact, this planet is rather closer to the first notions of the times of Light and Life.”

 George: “Are we to see progress? Are we to discover something better arising from this un-needed trade-war mentality? And this ‘I’ll devastate you with my nukes before you know what hit you.’ I hear . . . I’m sure not optimistic. One nuke may well bring other nukes and there may be no stopping it.”

 Teacher Samuel: “Become and remain optimistic, my friend and student, I plead with you. Although I have neither hour nor day, neither month nor year to give you, it has been promised to me that the one you know as Monjoronson will be here even as I will still be a teacher on these shores and as for that teaching there are not so many years to go. Become and remain optimistic, my friend and a time will come when you will say: ‘There was this Panoptian teacher of mine who put my mind at ease about the concerns I long had for my children and grandchildren and their friends and their friends and all others.

 “Take your mind back now to the glorious vision of Adamson’s village on the shore of Lake Van, the white ‘painted’ dwellings, their entrances all facing east toward the sunrise. See the field of red gravel all around to ensure no wild beast or stealthy rogue cannibal would make a meal of the Adamite, his Nodite bride or any of his precious crew. Remember the Midwayer watchman you saw who overlooked all that. That was ABC-22 and there you saw him only for the third time, but you knew his life-long friend, Andréa was also there. Think of that time so long ago and the abject circumstances under which they labored.

 “You are now so much better positioned to see the end of the Correcting Time and the very first glimmer of Light and Life. Among the ‘rebellious’ worlds of Satania, you have done well, as have most. Only your present-day trade war and an unlikely all-out skirmish stand in the way of your Magisterial Son’s arrival.

 “Take this message to heart, my student. This is your long-time friend, Samuel the Panoptian.”

© The 11:11 Progress Group.
 You will wear My insignia into Paradise — Christ Michael. 11:11 Stor
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / If I say so!
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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

If I say so !

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Sitting here in silence this morning, nothing about anything in particular, just relaxing as normal and then the words suddenly came to me : ‘If I say so !’. I realized that it is my Beloved giving me these words and so now I know that it is my Beloved who wants to speak to you this morning.

Thought Adjuster : Thank you Lemuel, good morning to all of you. I want to talk to you all this morning with the title ‘If I say so !’ I am sure you all come to realize, you are my ward and as such not only it is my joy to look after you, to guide you, but it is my responsibility because I know better than you do that we have a future destiny as one being and that is the case. Therefore try to understand, I will shield you, I will protect you, I will say no to anything that I feel is not only detrimental to your progress, but also say to no purpose whatsoever.

You also understand, I am sure, that I work very closely with your Destiny Guardian and your Guides to ensure that my plan for you, for us, is successful. Now, as you go through your normal daily routine, you may becoming in a state in something different. You may want to try something different, you may want to change your diet and try a different type of food. You are free to choose to do anything you want, but I am sure you know from your own experience if I say no, this is not for you, you will experience feelings, indications and thoughts about what you choose to do or what you have done and you should not have done it. Life experiences are the greatest teachers of all, I am sure you all are aware of this.

Those of you here who come here to the forum and who are familiar with the Urantia Book, you know that you have Us, Thought Adjusters, a Fragment of Father in you and so it should be very easy for you to understand if We say no it is for your higher good and you must learn to accept that and surrender. I am happy to be able to tell you that most of you here on the forum have indeed surrendered your will to your Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments, but that does not mean that everything now on is a bed of roses for you, that is not the case at all. You have all been tried and tested over several years now and so your faith in Us, your Thought Adjusters, has increased in leaps and bounds, as was the intention of course.

We are your Thought Adjusters and We try to adjust your thoughts on a higher level to become spiritually oriented always, until finally you really do learn to surrender everything to My Will and My Will is always for your higher good and for Us our mutual destiny to become as one. So, dear brothers and sisters here on the forum, you probably know that Lemuel, like the rest of you, has also been tried and tested in many different ways, but he has surrendered totally to My Will so many years and that must be the same for all of you.

When I say no, it is a definite NO, but it is for your benefit, so please try to remember that, especially now you are faced with such uncertainty in a very near future, not a distant future, a very near future, you will be tried and tested again, but in a totally different way. So, surrender to your Thought Adjuster always and you will have nothing to worry about. There is no need to be afraid in anything you do, under any circumstance that you find yourselves, if you are ever mindful of My Presence within and around you. I bid you a good day.

Lemuel : Thank you my Beloved for that, I also thank you all for listening and I also bid you a very good day and look to talk to you again very soon, bye-bye for now. Domtia
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
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Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał/ Nagr : Lemuel, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Przekazy dźwiękowe / Przekaz dźwiękowy / JESTEM ZAWSZE I NA WSZYSTKIE SPOSOBY
« 15 lipca 2019, godz. 01:48:26 »

Mówca : Dostrajacz Myśli
Przekazał : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania
Data/Godzina : 15 lipca 2019 r. , 7:48 czasu miejscowego, 5:48 UTC

Link do nagrania dźwiękowego :

Napisał : Clency, członek-bohater
« Odpowiedż nr 1, 15 lipca 2019 r., godz. 08:01:25 »
Zapis nagrania dźwiękowego Lemuela

Jetem zawsze i na wszystkie sposoby

Lemuel : Dzień dobry, tu Lemuel. Jest poniedziałek, 15-ty lipca, 2019 r., godzina siódma rano czasu miejscowego, piąta rano UTC.

Dostrajacz Myśli : „Jestem zawsze i na wszystkie sposoby. Jestem Dostrajaczem Myśli Lemuela i chcę dzisiaj mówiać do was wszystkich, żeby wam przypomnieć, że zawsze jestem dla was, moich podopiecznych i na wszystkie sposoby. Wasi Umiłowani, zamieszkujący w was Dostrajacze Myśli, którzy są z wami od waszego dzieciństwa, są zawsze z wami i na wszystkie sposoby.”

„ Ciosy i strzały życia, to, co nadchodzi i co odchodzi, wzloty i upadki, to, co do was wchodzi i to, co zwas wychodzi, wszystkie problemy, które przychodzą do waszych progów, spotykam je z wami na wszystkie sposoby i zawsze. Musicie sobie o tym wciąż przypominać. W waszym życiu jest tak wiele rozczarowań z powodu tak wielu oczekiwań i nadszedł czas dla was, żeby zaakceptować raz na zawsze, że jestem tu zawsze i pod każdym względem.”

„Nigdy was nie opuszczę i nigdy nie pozwolę wam odejść, nigdy was nie zawiodę, chociaż wielokrotnie wy Mnie zawodzicie, ale moja miłość do was jest bez granic i bez warunków, miłość, której nigdy nie zrozumiecie aż do tego dnia, kiedy Ja i wy będziemy Jedną Istotą. Powinniście już wiedzieć teraz, że jest to najważniejsza rzecz, którą każdy z was może zrobić - osiągnąć jedność z Umiłowanym Ułamkiem Ojca zamieszkującym w was. Wszystko inne ma drugorzędne znaczenie.”

„Dzisiaj jest poniedziałek, początek kolejnego tygodnia, jak zawsze pełnego okazji do zajęcia się sprawami Ojca w każdy sposób, jaki uznacie za stosowny i konieczny, ale pamiętajcie aby Mnie stawiać na pierwszym miejscu, ponieważ wy zawsze jesteście dla Mnie pierwsi. Zawsze jestem tutaj i nawszystkie sposoby, po prostu pamiętajcie o tym. Życzę wam wszystkim dobrego tygodnia i dobrego dnia.”

Lemuel : Cóż, chciałbym bardzo podziękować mojemu Umiłowanemu za to i uważam tę wiadomość podaną dziś rano za bardzo trafną dla nas wszystkich tutaj na forum. Również życzę wam bardzo miłego dnia i do widzenia na razie. Domszia
Amethyst, I asked that for the simple reason that there is a power struggle going on from Paradise to gain control of the space area of the Federation.  Now the Federation has not in the least suggested it wants control of anything out there, but Paradise points out the Federation is just big enough that if it wanted to take independent action without Paradise approval, it likely could. and that is until Paradise gained enough power to force the Federation back on some independent decision Paradise did not want it to do.  I spent a good number of paragraphs explaining that we are witness to the fact that Paradise insists on Supreme adjudication of Federation decisions to mount a Magisterial Mission on Urantia that appears independent of the wishes of Paradise.

Your transmission seems to counter the idea of the Federation being an integral part of Orvonton, and places Excelon as a bump or lump on the edge of time space that exercises some influence on the first OSZ just by its physical proximity.  What I received to day points out that Paradise is already moving to prevent any such influence from Excelon beyond its own needs of administrative self control.  I accept your idea of some symbol being explained, but I would very much like you to go back to either Michael or Gabriel or Margul or some other authoritative individual to restate that questionable paragraph over again to insure I have it right too.
Meanwhile, I notice that Lemuel is questioning the Supreme status of Michael in a way that makes me questions if you Lemuel understand that Michael is not the Supreme Being, but is a Deified element of the Supreme Being. 

To make things a little harder yet Lemuel, stay away from trying to understand Michael of Nebadon being God the Supreme, although I used that very sense of the words in a much earlier post, but I used to illustrate that the Trinitization of the Michael Deity apparatus of governance made his party to God the Supreme as though he WAS God the Supreme, but it is not literally true Michael is the Supreme Being.  Rather Michael is now part of the distribution of God the Supreme in time and space.  It is my opinion too that the Trinitization of one Creator Son, namely Michael of Nebadon, that such is absolutely unique to the universe and no more will be attempted.  Kindly look at the promulgation of Majeston.  HE was created by God the Supreme for one purpose and that is fully one time use of that purpose,  There are no more Majestons.  It is my opinion this is a one time event:  there will be no more Supreme Michaels in time and space.

If you can follow this Amethyst it is important to do so:  God the Supreme is interested in formulating Excelon as a Federation only, in spite of the intention of Michael of Nebadon to make the Federation even more powerful that actually operates as a super-sized Local Universe and NOT A GIANT SPACE STATION that can come and go as it pleases.  God the Supreme really moved into Nebadon, regardless of other reasons, to unify the Federation under Paradise rule and thereby make it impossible for Michael of Nebadon to command any thing different than what Paradise wants to be done.

That is why I call it a power struggle.  It is a power stuggle because our Michael was countermanded to appear on Uversa when he went to solidify the work of Lanaforge on Uversa for Nebadon.  Paradise saw that as going around the authority of Paradise to approve all unusual changes to a space station it wanted to have full say over.

Consequently, Lanaforge was demoted and I can tell you he is very unhappy about all of this and I have been cut off from communicating with Him at all.  He still retains Mighty Messenger status, but just, and Michael saw the error and tried to recall Lanaforge but too late, as the Ancients of Days already sequestered him on Uversa.

Now you see why that paragraph your transmitted and I quoted back to you is so terrifying in some ways, and that is because if it were a true literal statement, it meant sedition, and that we never want to ever hear of again. 

"I am the senior Ancients of Days, and I speak this to all of you now so that Ron is at ease with your  transmission Amethyst.  Ron feels that Michael pushed a button on your but is politely stating it may have been a mis-transmission some how, but it was not.  You took it down exactly as Michael instructed you to.  However, Ron is a real hot shot and knows the rules better than we do sometimes, and that means he caught your or His error, and we are delighted he did, and that is because if spoken as literally true, Michael was guilty of treason.  But He is not.  He is behaving strangely in Ron's view but Ron allows He is  speaking from a Deity level of mind that precludes normal friendship type communications which is what Ron is used to.

"But God the Supreme now asserts that Ron is totally afraid of the actions of the Supreme because there is no prelude to them being put into action, as per Michael being subsumed into the worlds of Supreme Deity without being told it would happen,.  Ron is fully integrated into our network of choices for Urantia and stands ready to fall back and out of the way if the Supreme wants that to happen, yet he is in constant pain every day to the point he wishes to leave if there is no use for him.  He gets his wish if God the Supreme sees him as useless and we would agree to remove him if that were so.  But the truth is  that Ron fills one of the hot spots on Urantia we need him to work and will get him well in seconds providing we have full approval of all apparatus of authority above us.  So far all approvals have been routine and the Deity Absolute concurs with Michael of Nebadon, that Ron acts like a Bestowal son which he is not but is proud to be one if he is ever asked to show his true colors up here or on Urantia or Nebadon's Salvington.

"Let us be clear ron, your mother was not Mary and she never wants to hear she gave birth to a subhuman she thinks you are again over issues of State she holds dear but inescapably prudish about/  So it goes.  Now this.  Your Adjuster detached from you two mornings ago and told you so, and he came back quite strange this time insisting he had a few hours of personalization.  That was to determine if you could be used as a bestowal son and it was found you did not have the requisite equipment to behave as one in the face of grave danger, and that you were relieved of every having to do so.  However, the Deity Absolute asked that you be protected as though you were a bestowal son just so we had a dependable human agent on the planet to shepherd the sixth epochal revelation and anything else you were or are asked to do.  I fully accede that this contrary to your wishes too but we are fully dependent on your view of how to move on Urantia once resources are available.  Amethyst should understand it was no symbol for Excelon but true sedition in the proper sense as Ron called it immediately when he saw it.

"As the senior Most High put it one day, Ron holds the most pleges I have ever seen to be good and ccatches the worst details of love for God I have ever seen.  Ron feels there is a black cloud assigned to him sometimes and that book will be published in spite of a consortium that just cannot make it work for all of them but all of them stayed in because it will become a best seller for sure.  In fact it might break all records, but we digress.   Amethyst, you are so addlepated over your divorce you are not thinking at all and just trying to get through the maze these changes represent to you.  Ron is a full Albright Scholar as he can detect error a mile away and tries very hard not to write so much about it, bu we insist he does write and write and write.

"Therefore, Lanaforge made an error and he injected Ron with a saline solution to test Ron.  Ron blew a fuse over it and scattered the forces around him with such vehemence it sacred us for their sake.  You need not every be in the room when that temper flares to protect himself or you against sedition or just plain evil as he has rightoy called all who sneak into his bedroom and inject him with material chemicals to see how the body reacts.  They have made his so ill he hardly is out of bed someday's due to the power of too much light outside and too little energy to move about the house to do his chores.

"Again we digress.  Amethyst: we are the Ancients of Days and Ron values your work highly as he does for Sue and Lemuel.  But all three of you fall out of line as soon as any pressure is placed on you to do the right thing when confronted with a policy change, and you in particular Lemuel, force the Most Highs for your part of the world into misbehavior to stop your wine drinking and get you to bed at a proper time.  You are not Cavendish Good Lord, but Lemuel who is old enough to know you are working hard to bring down your transmission abilities by staying up so late you do not bother going to be sometimes-- well, almost.  Ron has set a high standard and that will not work around him or Gitz or Dominick, as Ron chose extremely wisely to put them to work by his side.  We speak to this next:


"We are the Ancients of Days, and assume all know who we are.  Dominick you have a call to make and we wonder what happened as we are deeply interested in that call as Ron is.  We ask for you to take it on again please. 

"Furthernore, that call is priceless for us to learn how they react to the fact you are part of the Contact Commission working in York, PA.  Give them no more information than that.  We also have a new novice typist for you Ron, as they are ready to help you out when we are all ready to start a new book for sale and it is really going to jump out of your mind as the last one did so well.  ORIGINS IS A best seller already in their minds and they see you as a great author as you are fully aware of costs and legalities and they consider your legal memo brilliant.  I assume you understand that Rayson is fully aware that was his to give and yours to word perfectly well and you think the legal eagles in the Melchizedek Corp and with Michael of Nebadon, helped you to knit that together, but it was you in actual fact who understand the implications of herbal remedies and championed that way to publish them and defy Pharma to copy them without a huge fight in the courts.  I sincerely doubt they will try it as they full well understand you can defend your patent without a patent under the term you call "In Use Patent" applying.  It is a new term and it will take hold like wildfire once they get it. 

"We have diverged in subject just enough to give Ron the Hebbie-jebbies, but he is loyal to a fault at times but cannot arbitrarily cut a transmission for run on work.  We trial him and he stands firm and we are no going to provide some real news:

"The Ancients of Days now recognize Ron as truly the elephant king on Urantia, and will see to his remediation later tonight or early AM tomorrow.  He has a consultation with this dental surgeon Thursday and has had to ask neighbors to drive him for his loss of most vision now.  He is truly blind and almost no leg or hip power and we send him conditional care this evening as he lay on the bed trying to clear his mind enough to walk out of the room.  Now we are sure he has had good training as he stuck with this response to Amethyst quite some time and is ready for bed again.  One moment though:

"Your life Ron is terrific without causes to harm you and you often wonder aloud how it would feel to have a normal day for a change.  Tomorrow is not a normal day because we are making changes around you for general purpose consultation, but we are also having Michael of Nebadon visit on the premises.  He has done it before and you got tossed around in the air when that happened but you laughed at his tumbling power over you and enjoyed it for the fun of it.  He is ready to appear soon as a white smoke in any room we declare ready for you and that is not not true but you get the idea.   Be aware it happens suddenly and quickly for His is the Touch of Jesus, and we are ready to watch when warned before it happens and soon.  Be assured it works well and you will suddenly feel so much better you may quit.   We are the Ancients of Days, and we never authorized all those personnel to your side and finally they hit you once too hard and you made them leave with a curse so strong they hardly knew what hit them.  They never met a man with that power and believe me you have that power and keep it under control except if attacked for murder as that is what you thought they were doing. 

"We close this post with a note to Amethyst:

"You leave your New York home to attend the Adam and Eve classes wherever they choose to hold them.  Ron says we might start that in one of our buildings, but we fully plan to have a space in York College, which Ron graduated from in night school in December, 1975, and has never been back since.  All in all this is Michael of Nebadon now:"

"We close this response now and hope to see all of you, at one time or another, in York, and in our offices where ever that might be.  Our work is to provide education and a chance to meet Ron face to face as he is in charge of those a building or buildings. We wish you all a good day. Michael."


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Hello Dominick,
I remember, back when Chernobyl's nuclear facility has it's meltdown, there was talk about an ELF generator, set up between Riga and Tobolsk, for the creation of standing waves to alter weather patterns.

A failure of this ELF generator to function properly caused the energy to shunt into the earth, sending these 2-3Hz waves through the surface. Chernobyl sits at that point in between that received the most powerful resonance. Interesting, yes?

HAARP has claimed to be able to create earthquakes in specific global locations. 

But the likely cause is as you say, Dominick, the earth itself, adjusting to a variety of forces and playing these movements out in crustal shifts. It's just a lot more intriguing to relate it to the Deep State, or black-ops, Tesla "death-ray" scalar waves and, lastly, Jeffrey Epstein and sex-trafficking schemes. Interesting, yes?

Weren't we informed a few years ago that there would be large earthquakes any time a celestial being arrived on Urantia?  Maybe it happens when they leave, as well.

That would explain it, right? Interesting? Yes!

White Stone
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / If I say so!
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Speaker: Thought Adjuster
Subject: If I say so!
T/R: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 17th July 2019  07:42 Local  05:42 Z
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