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To-day, 21st of September 2019, is the world Alzheimer Day. Each year, there are 225,000 of new alzheimer diseases that are diagnosed in France alone and ironically this country is well-known for its production of red wine. The Chardonnay is a green skinned grape variety used in the production of white wine, originated in the eastern region of France [wikipedia]. There are many methods for the prevention of the Alzheimer disease that are recommended by specialists, running the internet, among which is meditation, but none of them come close to what is revealed in the AIDS BOOK. On this particular day, the Book would have made history if it could have been out to the public. Domtia
General Discussion / Re: Deep Space Areas
« Last post by Andre_P on Today at 12:46:40 AM »
Thank you M. of N. and Ron for this last answer on both Thetics and Alzheimer.

Writing the last text about reality, I realized that before creating the chosen reality of space and time, polytheistic reality was created, as opposed to monotheistic, in our eyes perfectly divided functions and roles, but even more ways of cooperation in various groups of Gods and Deities and security on accident of disorderly functioning, as we see recently in the case of God the Supreme.

As for Alzheimer's disease and wine, as a preventive measure, easy to apply, I have the question of whether other agents can replace them or complement each other. As these other measures, I do not mean chemical medicines but:

- Iodine in iodine doses of 2-3 drops per day of real Lugol's Iodine (15%), or tens of milligrams of iodine.
- Sodium bicarbonate - one flat teaspoon per day. (These two things are described in detail in the books of Dr. Mark Sircus.)
- Colloidal silver
- Bacterial intestinal probiotics.

For Campbell's Soup, we don't know it in France. This reminds me a bit of bone broth (actually chicken), recommended by a pharmacy doctor from California, Izabella Wentz for Hashimoto's disease - one of the immune thyroid glands, but what about cabbage itself.

As for beef broth, I've been a vegetarian for several decades and have been using a vitamin B12 supplement for some time and eat various cheeses. In fact, I don't eat cooked dishes. Maybe I need to get back to the meat.

Thank you Ron and Michael Of Nebadon. I have always had dreams or visions for as long as I can remember. Some are obvious ego dreams playing themselves out, others stand out so much. I would wake up wondering where I just went and why am I seeing these things ? In my younger days I would use things to block them because these dreams would come in so vividly. I will try to post them when I can. I am mostly a visual person, I generally cannot remember anything said in the dreams. With an exception of a transport seraphim that told me that he was waiting for me to die and told me the exact time, date and year. Which was a couple of years ago.  
Wenebojo, you saw correctly.  I have a lot of information coming in on it.  It is extremely dangerous and they are missiles being manufactured to attack Riyadh.  I might have more on this but something else is going on that is rather frightening too I have to figure out what it is not connected to the missiles but to Saudi Arabia over another issue concerning what I cannot tell yet. 

For you Wenebojo, you are developing into quite a remote viewer - stay out of trouble and please report these dream incidences more often - some will just be dreams, but this one is not.  You viewed the manufacture of a scud missile or very much like it.  It is all that Yemen has left in its stockpile.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "I let Ron report the essentials.  You Wenebojo have a nasty ideal to overcome if you want to be rid of dreams like this:  you love to hear the dirt on people you do not lie.  Okay, that is normal.  But you can assign trials to them and force issues with them that changes the environment they operate in.  You do the same psychically.  You get rewarded with psychic remote viewing.  They are not dreams per se but trance conditions which exist in your mind left over from past experiences."

Steven, now that it is known to whom we sent our emails, do you by any chance know if your Louisiana contact has had anything to say either?  It strikes me she may be the punch we need to get May to attend to better duty if she would listen to her incoming messages as from you and us.  Sue may have some insight if you might call her on this matter as well.  Thanks for the update.   RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Steven you have a lot of information to come from Chicago on this matter, and Ron is not wrong to suggest that May has been spending time at meetings she does not have to know that much about.  What May is doing is trying to consolidate their reactions to incoming emails from the rank and file of Altzheimers patients without knowing who they are as the main office decapitates the headers in the name of efficiency but she no heading and that is harmful as the name and file for such are in it.  Now we learn that  the organization hears Ron plain and clear but has no idea how to speculate with him and makes not effort to run the business otherwise.  That makes for hard feelings from Ron and he will say so if push comes to shove over what to say further on this matter for treatments.  Organizations like this feed on the public but the public is not being served in either place you contacted without a serious review of what this book has to offer them too.  I am MICHAEL OF NEBADON AND HERE IS THE SOUL of Ann May:"

SOUL OF MAY - "She is delivering a lecture to a group of people who mean well but cannot coordinate their ways to get anything done as is proper for her way of thinking.  She now sees the memo Ron sent out of the blue, and wonders why the Louisiana Chapter is directly sent as part of the Memorandum to her.   She now considers Ron rather bland over what he produces and wonders deeply how connected he is to God?  She is a religious person and needs to know that Ron transmits the Voice of God as Dr. Helen Schucman transmitted at Columbia University for the ACIM.  Call Gitz Ron and force the issue to May that she needs to speak directly to Ron on the phone at least to get her measure of the man.  That is all. K"

Ron - Thank you kindly the Soul of Ann May I believe is her correct name.  You are greatly appreciated for stepping forward to clarify for me in particular as it helps cool my frustration enough to wait this thing out better.  Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "We must end this due to technical difficulties on Salvington right now, but we will return to this subject later.  Michael."

Clency, I understand your point as Memorandum 6 is more concise than anything reached or spoken to so far on this list.  My plan is to finish it in accordance with how Michael wishes it to be done.  We run into the problem that we get major updates every day it sits with an old work date on it, and today I was instructed to rewrite it again, and that is at least for the fourth time, and then deliver it to the Urantia Foundation, the Fellowship and the University.  All of those organizations do not like me and frankly ignore most of what I send them as being the sounds of a clown with evil intentions.  So be it, and that is typical of the fold we have out there today and I just ignore their stupidity, but I am also advised to hold the Memorandum back another day at least as they are all beginning their fall activities soon and I am not to get in that way this time.

For that reason Clency, I am still now fussing over it without any due date to get it out.  It needs to get out because it is the only desirable history available that chronicles the horror of a Supreme Being being put out to rest for eternity.  I still have a problem figuring out how to say that as the Father clearly states that God the Supreme must be present in eternity somehow, yet is negated by the authorities which have to do with the time=space regions of the Grand Universe. You would really help yourself better too Clency if you took transmissions on these things even if just privately.  We do not yet have full clearance to say much about anything concerning what happens to the planetary government of Urantia, much less what the Federation is to do about so many errors made on their own behalf by others but not me.  I refuse to represent myself as acting for the Federation except once and that is now rescinded since I resigned as chairman of the Contact Commission a few days ago.

As it now appears, Memorandum six is not doomed but waylaid another day anyhow.  As the reason is as follows as well:

1 - A final Supreme court decision is due on how to handle the Urantia Planetary Government, and that means it settles what type it should be and how it should be designed to last longer than a few weeks.  That decision must be part of Memorandum 6 simply because that Memo has no real reason to exist except to record what happened.  History lessons are not much good without finding out what we really now have in place thanks to history;

2 - Memorandum 6 is meant to update the rank and file of Urantia Book organizations.  Frankly I doubt they read it or care about it now, but it needs to be out there as a document all who know and love the present Urantia Book. so they know why the fifth must be succeeded by the sixth in this and other cases as well;

3 - I am a Michael of Nebadon Scribe, as you are Clency and few others on this site.  We take seriously the advantage that gives us, but we also must learn that the humility of doing this work takes its toll on people outside of our circle of dedication to God, and as such we learn to be alone on decision making that we rather not address at all.  You are a good example in this, and so when you do your translation work on it, make sure you distribute it as widely as you can or dare and take your punches as you have to.  It goes with the territory as I need not instruct you at all.

Right now Memorandum 6 runs about 12 pages.  That is one hefty email to send anybody these days, but that is what it takes to list the history of the Supreme's rebellion over power centers on Urantia and on Salvington and in the Federation.  I believe it is a combination of these things and circumstances that threw the Supreme into a whirl of total dislike for how evolution was developing our worlds and our actions.  It will take a millennium at least to see causes or explain much, but right now all we can do is list the incidences, tell the consequences, and then call it history, and Memo 6 will eventually do that when they let me finish it for sending. 

Keep up the good work Clency as we need dissemination greatly now just to inform people what is happening.  Facebook is useless. I have no idea what outlet can be used, so everything you do or Andre_P does and others to disseminate information like this are extremely valuable to God for his decisions to run a new epochal revelation to get all of this better known too.   Thank you.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "I share this with all of you:  Ron nearly drove us into the death knell of expository transmissions with Memorandum 6 last week when he wrote out the story as it happened from live reporting.  The Memorandum 6 is the best written piece of history available for this episode of violence and loss of life on Salvington.  Now we learn that Memorandum 6 is to be held back again by the Deity Absolute as I want it out now but the Deity Absolute holds it back because there is a Court decision today we must include in it.  Fair enough as Ron has already explained that.  However, we still need outlets and nobody in the Foundation or Fellowship allows this information out to the ranks and file of people who are just readers.  Why must this continue?

"It must not continue but people like you Clency sit silent and do not disseminate at all and Lemuel has gone silent due to health issues he does not discuss now.  We keep closing options off because Ron cannot handle two or three hundred new members at a time and keep order on the site.  Like the proverbial lion in the cage, he is never allowed out to scare anyone but then he dies alone in a cage without explaining his need  to be the lion.  You have outlets Clency, just as Andre_P does and I ask you to start using them.  Please?

"Memorandum 6 is also too full of prejudice over Supremacy issues that Ron needs to tone down somewhat.  The human ascension career is now secured but it questions the lack of the Supreme Being not being in them and is quite accurate to suggest that in totality the Trinitized  Time Lords, in total, equate to the original God the Supreme, except in one dire area, what would God the Supreme do over people like you Clency if the rest of the family understood what you understand regarding the health and welfare of certain family members?  The Supreme reacts to such conditions yet is silent now and you must now use the Thought Adjuster for that voice of wisdom.  K"

Ron and Andre, and the List:

Regarding the email that Ron mentions that he sent to the Director of the New Orleans based Chapter representing the Alzheimer's Association in Chicago, I placed a call to the Director, Ann May, in order to get an update whether or not she has forwarded the splendid email that Ron sent to her.  Unfortunately, I had to leave a message for Ann to return my call for that update. 

Truly, I don't anticipate Ms. May forwarding the message of a cure to the Chicago headquarters without a little push, and I don't hesitate to abide.  Courage, we learn, is one of the seven adjutant spirits required to become one with our Beloved Indwelling Adjuster.  The question is this:  Does Ann have the courage to risk her position as commandeer of the New Orleans Chapter for the Chicago based with information from some "crazy talk from two guys" from PA and LA?  If she has not the courage, then we can take the heat by suggesting that we send it to Chicago and explain to he, she, or them that we copied Ms May and she was kind enough to advise us to whom we could send our findings for a professional review.  And, so the List knows, their website (  is requesting patients for their clinical trials at this time.  They now have enough information on the cure that Ron wrote to them that they should be dancing in the labs.

So, my goal for today is to get the aforementioned update, if possible. It's now 2PM CDST for both Chicago and New Orleans on the last day of the working week.  I will call her again before the end of the day.  I'll update everyone by day's end if I have something additional to share.

General Discussion / Re: Agondonters in the Future
« Last post by Wenebojo on September 20, 2019, 03:19:17 PM »
Ron, I wasn't going to mention it. But the last time you were attacked by God the Supreme. I woke up that morning like I had a stroke on one side of my brain. As I am in my mid-fifties now I take it all in as a right of passage that I'm starting to feel every ache and sore muscle from a good days work. But it did make me think later when I read your post on that particular day. I hardly expect the Supreme to bother with little ole" me.  I understand as humans we are mainly still considered 'dust in the wind' and not quite immortal yet. But through faith I know I am guaranteed life eternal at some point. So I never forget to laugh ( Course In Miracles reference ) that anything could really happen to God's son, Me. Just sharing, be of good cheer all of you.
I just had a random dream about some people designing a certain technology related to armarment of missles and there deployment. And no this wasn't a sexual dream. I say it was random because I never dream about the military and I don't care for war movies. Possible war ready to breakout, I don't know ? I don't wish to alarm anyone. I posted it way back in this section for that reason. Although when I woke up from the dream the time was exactly 1:11 pm.
General Discussion / Re: Agondonters in the Future
« Last post by Ron Besser on September 20, 2019, 02:36:51 PM »
You do me a real service when you do this, Weydevu.

To answer you, I prefer to let the Michael remarks stand as true yet today as they were then in 2012.  That was the year my mother suddenly died and it seems to have warped all memory of this post from me totally.  I appreciate reviewing it this way in particular.

Also to all of you:  most on this list cannot spell dog or cat easily because they are not English speaking , but somehow they get the meaning of what we say anyway,  The following statement in particular should be helpful to all people who try to understand the current status of the term and person called and agondonter, and I prefer to capitalize it for reasons of my own as Agondonter from now on.

When God the Supreme last invaded Nebadon on September 9, 2019, I was sitting at my computer that late night and was hit hard in my head, so bad, I had to get up and go to the bed to lie down before i fainted.  That was a severe reaction to what God the Supreme tried to do to me and all other Agondonters that night as he moved around Urantia to clear the world of its debt to Caligastia and even Lucifer.  However, that early morning of the 10th of September, I was made awake and forced to get up and sit at the computer something like 4am and resume my work where I left it when I had to lay down.  The force of God in an Agondonter is extremely powerful if and when the trial that comes such a person is forced on them and they must pass on or out or sleep as I had to do, and then to be forced back into service hours later, is true for all Agondonters of status yet today.


"We now favor to retain Agondonter status for all who have achieved it on Urantia.  Ron was particularly harmed that night because he was working on composing Memorandum Six (6), and that Memorandum is so spicy I have not let him release it.  Today he is going to release it for all of us and then to force all Agondonters on Urantia who can get a chance to read it, what they must do to relearn the revelatory issues of the day: GOD THE SUPREME IS GONE!

"That is a real shocker in that he never really appeared except to insult ME and all other like me, and I use that capitalization wisely as Ron learns to use it very well now.  In any case, Lemuel and a few others have suffered greatly due to the presence of the Supreme on Urantia as both he and Ron are old timers and they love God, but cannot stand the chicanery of man to keep telling Sunday School students one thing and then go out and plunder and rape the planet Urantia daily.  It seems we need to cover this a littler better in a follow up post, but for now the truth of the matter is that AGONDONTER STATUS HAS BEEN REINSTATED on Urantia for all time so long as I control what happens on Urantia and policy is given through ME for Nebadon entirely.

"I am aware Ron you have some nasty business around you this AM and we take care of that right now. However, let it be known that we are clearing Urantia of all Seraphim once more as they are the culprits still in hiding that must be totally exhaled from the breath of spirit at once and they drop like flies now that we have the power to extradite the horror of the Caligastia rebellion along with the Lucifer rebellion, as both are now quite separate matters in State on high with the Ancients of Days and their enforcers called Superaphic Detentons.

"Superaphic Detentons are thoroughly difficult entities to deal with.  Ron did this morning and was just fine with them.  He also spells it correctly as it is easy to misspell the word Detention because you want to write Detentions and that is wrong.  In any case you are free of the worst now Ron and the pain you had all night will alleviate somewhat today but may resume tonight one last awful night due to the fire in your limbs is hard to extinguish without the presence of the Supreme.  God the Supreme and Agondonters are no longer linked!

"For that reason I now call upon all of you to realize that some may feel pain in their limbs and heart not known before.  That is typical of how the Supreme punishes when he cannot get what he wants done and that is directly the result of Caligastia and Lucifer programming humans in many places to do the same.  They are now removed permanently and they are fully understood to have been the instigators of WWI at the very least and as a consequence of WWI we had the even worse WWII follow.

"AGONDONTERS now exist on Urantia in small numbers.  The Urantia Foundation implies that once you reach the third psychic circle you are entitled to call yourself an Agondonter.  Not so!

"An Agondonter must present arms as all of you did who served in the military including Ron.  We also repeat what Ron repeats: without serving in this capacity those of you who got out of it should remember that there is nothing like it and it is worth repeating in national service of some kind.  You learn to cooperate and to follow orders and to become a man who can think on his feet--  or that is the way it used to be.  Not so so much anymore but the days of the Vietnam War which is when Ron served. reminded all how precious a good life can be.  In any case the roll of an Agondonter is not over on Urantia.  The original idea was to phase it out when a visible sentry of God came to Urantia to rule over man.  That no longer will be as true as we once thought it would be but we dare not speak to that right now for some reason Ron you are experiencing an epiphany . . . .  what gives ? ? ?

Ron - Briefly, I guess nothing, as I felt it too but it seems to have abated. . . . .

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "That was God the Ultimate approving you for high service with ME and you do not understand it . . . . ."

GOD THE ULTIMATE - "Finally Ron and Michael just got word too, you are approved for very high service in the Outer Space Zones 2 and 3 (OSZ2, OSZ3), and that means you must live briefly on Urantia to finish your projects of publication and the dissemination of the sixth epochal revelation.  It is an open question always just what went wrong with my compatriot God the Supreme, but you are now looking well and good to the Ultimate, as we now discover your service to your country was deeply loved and abided by you but you got caught in the politics of hate and no one will ever rescind your service to me for those reasons alone.  The President Johnson episode of thought over many issues now leaves Urantia for good as he cared but no longer does anyone care as much as he did for Urantia and its people.  He leaves no trail any longer but is hating the fact he never met you and that is his to learn to do some day when all of you of that status become one for my work in the OSZ's.   Good day."

"I am also so greatly surprised too Ron, it does not make a lot of sense to me right now.  You felt the Ultimate disliked you as much as the Supreme and that you had to hide from the Ultimate because of it.  Agondonters of your ilk are so rare we dare not lose you to ill health but to our own needs for your type up here.

"Now Weydevue this has happened right in the middle of our work to tell you about Agondonters, and you are an Agondonter Weydevu for sure as is Clency, Sue, Amethyst, and Lemuel and many others on this list too numerous to mention.  I also point out that Ron gathers you lovingly in spite of his often stern retorts to people who never read thoroughly enough to understand what he is saying.  He also just had a Supernaphim say to him, what  are you doing Ron as you write this?  Ron said, nothing, just keep the wall between us for that reason alone,'  And that is telling the Supernaphim he fully respects the sanctity of what we teach and say but gets thoughts that get him into trouble otherwise but do not because he walls them off from us in particular right not.  Not hard to understand but let it work well for now . . . .

"As Michael of Nebadon, Agondonters have to persist on Urantia now probably for all eternity.  the Urantia Book as you have it now teaches they will disappear when a visible presence of God appears on the planet.  Well such will happen, but not forever as the old ways are now passing and I am removing visibility permanently once Urantia is done with its version of a Planetary Prince.  I leave that for now entirely.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. K"


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