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General Discussion / God is above all
« Last post by prozonov on Today at 12:06:45 AM »
November 18, 2018, Samara local time 08.15.
This is Margul.
The meeting in York these days is beginning a new era in the relationship between God and man. For the first time, mortals will personally participate in the work of divine missions and carry out its decisions on life on the planet.
Each of you will play a specific role in the missions. You must obey our instructions unquestioningly, since you have taken an oath of loyalty. Our Heavenly Father will guide you and help you in everything.
You must clearly understand that the time has come when God is above all. Betrayal means final death. Be courageous and stand. There is a very serious test ahead.
- Thanks to the heavenly teacher for the warnings.
18 ноября 2018 года, Самара¸ местное время 08.15.
Это Маргул.
Проходящая в эти дни встреча в Йорке начинает новую эру во взаимоотношениях Бога и человека. Смертные впервые лично будут участвовать в работе божественных миссий и проводить ее решения в жизнь на планете.
Каждый из вас будет выполнять определенную роль в работе миссий. Вы должны беспрекословно выполнять наши указания, коль вы дали клятву верности. Наш Небесный Отец будет вас направлять и во всем помогать.
Вы должны четко понимать, что пришло время, когда Бог превыше всего. Предательство означает окончательную смерть. Будьте мужественны и стойки. Впереди очень серьезные испытания.
- спасибо райский учитель за предупреждения.
I appreciate the Father responding to report some of our work the second day of meetings at 2709 Sunset Lane today and even this evening.

For those who wish to know how we progress, we have established the opening of five corporations now, and they are the lead corporations for the leadership and dissemination of the sixth epochal revelation, as well as the means to transfer real sums of money to those areas the Michael Mission must address to get services to the various populations around the world and the aide from these Missions to them for water and housing and other concerns mostly dealing with the protect of at least some wealth in the financial system which can be in trouble shortly.

I have seen to various callings from the majestic Father on Paradise and his work for Urantia these these visible organizations on the ground which anyone who is living in the flesh can connect to and speak with a represenative of the divine mission and their intentions.

I also must not report details as they are connected to yet another day of meetings all day Sunday to prefer charges against those who still attempt to dismantle Missions that attack the work of Lucifer and Caligastia.  I will make a full report when all of these meetings have concluded and we know where we stand with regard to assignments on behalf of the Magisterial Mission and the Trinity Mission shortly.  Otherwise the Michael Mission is open to discussion shortly with the input I can proved from these meetings which conclude Sunday night tomorrow.

Best wishes to all and I thank all for you interest in what comes out of all this work this weekend.

Ron Besser

MICHAEL OF NEBADON REPORTS TOO= "I proposed two new corporations for the Missions that we have developed to provide incorporation in the STate of Delaware instead of Pennsylvania for good tactical reasons.  Those two new corporations will provide funding initially of One Trillion USD, under my control to Ron to distribute by trance to various subsidiaries as we need the funding to start projects.   He is understanding of what projects they are and what has to be done for the  Urantia Book introduction and so on.  Ron has been so creative you will not believer your eyes at times how the new book hits the public.   I have also instituted the draft work for the puzzle of all, how to get money into the system, hence why two new corporations for incorpoartion this coming month.  Both will be for profit corporations.

Ron also received a very nasty email that got erased by the sender as he now understands that there is no such thing as what he accused Ron of.  You know who you are and be careful before your hot head leads you to say things you will regret later on.

I also must report that Steven Gitz is here and so is Larry Gossett, and it is they who populate that various Boards of Directors for now, but the fused individuals around the world will also fit onto the Boards when we can get thmn into the Untied States without legal complications of emigration.  Trump is on a roll and cannot be stopped for now but we must have Lemuel, Wendy, Sue and Ding Xin in the US before all hell breaks loose with the new epochal revelation and the need for Rayson to construct the water machines in the organized branch of the Rayson Corporation as the York Preparticle Technologies Corporation.  We have started offers to new personnel very soon and salaries are being set.  There is a need of an executing Secretary that pays very well as the pool secretary to oversee other secretary necessary for these various branches.  If you know the Urantia Book and are a good organizer and a secretary let us hear from you.  I am Michael and Ron will make a fuller report on the highlights of the three days of meetings ending tomorrow.  Thank you.  Michael of Nebadon."

798) Brief review of what happened in the meetings with Ron Besser.

Teacher: The Universal Father.
Topic: Review of the meetings for the start of the Missions in York.
T / R: René Durán.
November 17 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

  -I heard my second name.


René- Who speaks to me?

The Universal Father- "I am your Universal Father, giving a brief summary of what happened in the meetings with Ron Besser, firstly, the established corporations are functioning according to plan, and as He also mentioned, six others are seeks to install for a Macro-Consortium, directed and operated by the Divine.

  "It is not my purpose to install dead organizations, but live mechanisms, oriented to the realization of Missions projects.

  - "I am your Universal Father, calling my son by his Kabbalistic second name, which can be named without raising suspicions.

  - "This is your Universal Father, with another more important fact that will be the selection of other members to the corporate offices never installed, and that will face a dangerous situation under the occurrences of the pole shift that is about to take place.

  - "Take into account 'the solidarity' that must be presented to the acting authorities.

  - "It is not my purpose to demoralize those who have not been selected, but each one at the time, will have its actions.

  - "It is not to demoralize the taxpayers with economic funds, because they will be founded immediately and no more contributions will be requested, at the same time, we have well-planned organizations.

  - "I am your Universal Father, closing this transmission".

René- Thank you blessed Father.


798) Breve reseña de lo sucedido en las reuniones con Ron Besser.

Maestro:El Padre Universal.
Tema: Reseña de las reuniones para el inicio de las Misiones en York.
T/R: René Durán.
Noviembre 17 2018.
Phoenix AZ.

  -Escuché mi segundo Nombre.


René- Quién me habla?

El Padre Universal- "Yo soy tu Padre Universal, dando una breve reseña de lo sucedido en las reuniones con Ron Besser, en primer lugar, las corporaciones ya establecidas están funcionando de acuerdo a lo planeado, y como también Él mencionaba, otras seis se busca instalar para un Macro-Consorcio, dirigido y operado por la Divinidad.

  "No es mi propósito instalar organizaciones muertas, sino, mecanismos vivos, orientados a la realización de los proyectos de las Misiones.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, llamando a mi hijo por su segundo nombre cabalístico, que pueda nombrarse sin levantar sospechas.

  -"Este es tu Padre Universal, con otro dato más importante que será la selección de otros miembros a las oficinas corporativas jamás instaladas, y que van a enfrentar una situación de peligro bajo las ocurrencias del cambio de polos que está por realizarse.

  -"Tengan en cuenta 'la solidaridad' que deben presentar hacia las autoridades actuantes.

  -" No es mi propósito desmoralizar a los que no se han seleccionado, pero cada uno en su momento, tendrá su accionar.

  -"No es de desmoralizar a los contribuyentes con fondos económicos, pues se fundarán inmediatamente y no se solicitarán más contribuciones, al mismo tiempo, tenemos las organizaciones bien planeadas.

  -"Yo soy tu Padre Universal, cerrando esta transmisión".

René- Gracias Padre bendito.

General Discussion / Re: To Open the Michael Mission this Friday
« Last post by weydevu on November 17, 2018, 01:41:57 PM »
What a historic event for this world, it's a shame not even a thousand or less people are remotely aware of it. Urantia has set so many precedents I lost count several years ago. Thank you Father for establishing your plan on this world through your Divine Sons Christ Micheal, Jesus and Monsonloran. Thank you Holy Mother Spirit Nebadonia for blowing life into these projects with your divine spirit. And thank you Ron, Larry and Steven for being the human element for bringing this historic situation into reality. You are no longer Faith-Sons of God but true Sons of God. I also like to send greetings to all the Archangels who are here to participate in doing the Father's Will.

The United States of America is so bless to have the Magisterial Foundation within it's shores and to have York,PA as the Spirit Capital of the World. Thank You FATHER Thank You.


Threads for New Transmissions / A visit of a 'Melchizedek' at my door?
« Last post by Antonio on November 17, 2018, 01:09:45 PM »
Speaker : Margul.
Subject : A visit of a 'Melchizedek' at my door?

Category : Threads for New Transmissions
T/R : Antonio, Stanstead(Home) Qc Canada
Date : Saturday, November 17, 2018 @ 12:12 pm

Good afternoon Father, this is Antonio to be at your service and to answer to the 'prompt' that I just received in my left ear.

Is there a message for me at this moment?

( Right now, Margul is in my mind )

Are you there Margul?

( It's a personal message but I thought it was good to share it with you my brothers, sisters and guests !!! )

«  Here Margul, The Trinity Teacher Son, and you wonder how you would react if simply you received the visit of a 'Melchizedek'!!!

«  It's a good thought of you Antonio,..., you receive 'Him' as you would get normally a visit,..., in respect and as always, politeness is required.

«  You remain 'calm' and 'receptive' when the 'Melchizedek' announces himself as such,..., you open your heart and your soul to this 'Divine Being' and of course, you will be able to give him a good handshake.

«  You let him start the conversation and naturally, the dialogue will begin between 'him' and you and will go on as if you will speak to your Thought Adjuster, as to a member of your family, without any stress and this with ease,..., and now, ..., as simple as that.

« The important is to remain respectful, welcoming and always pay attention to his instructions and any guidelines regarding future missions.

« You know what's going on right now at Ron Besser's house in York, be attentive to what will come out of this weekend, ..., of this famous historic meeting between the presence of 'Divine Beings' and some elected humans.

Is it all Margul?

«  This is what I wanted to convey to you today being your questioning by a possible visit of a 'Melchizedek' and what has been worrying your thoughts for a while Antonio and on that, I wish you a nice day, ..., Domtia !!!

Thank you Margul for these clarifications and I pray for the success of the discussions at this time at Ron Besser home and for the success of the future missions,..., Domtia!!!

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Thoughts and Prayers
« Last post by Clency on November 17, 2018, 03:29:34 AM »
If we make a tour of the world affairs actually, country by country, it seems that everything is going astray nation wide, whether it is at a cultural, social or political level. This is not new, you may say, but in my view, the situation is worsening from day to day and I feel like there is thunderbolt in the air. People are becoming more aware that there must be a change in the way of governing and trading, not just struggling for everyday life. In France, people are starting to manifest their fed-up ; it all begins with a social media and the other countries around are taking example.

I join my prayers and my thoughts with others for the success of the Meetings and that a Divine Intervention will come soon for the betterment of Urantia. Amen
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Thoughts and Prayers
« Last post by Clency on November 17, 2018, 03:27:39 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Thoughts and Prayers

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Our chat this morning is simply entitled : ‘Thoughts and Prayers’. I am calling upon all members, readers and guests alike, here on the forum to please think and pray about what is going on now in the city of York, Pennesylvania.

You all know the reasons for this meeting that has been planned for sometime, just to remind all of you it is a meeting to establish the foundations – a Magisterial Foundation, a Magisterial Mission, Michael Mission – and also other things establishing the board of directors and every possible leader requirement according to United States’law that will give all of our Foundations and the Missions the necessary legal requirement in order to be able to function way into the future.

This is what this meeting is all about this weekend and it is so vitally important. It is the Foundation upon which all the Missions in the future will be built. I repeat, its importance cannot be obfuscated and so I am calling upon all of you to think and to pray as sincere as you possibly can for the successful outcome of these meetings that will take place to-day and again to-morrow.

Three days of meetings that in fact you must look upon as one meeting to establish these Missions. So, that is the beginning of the New World that we have all been looking for so long and it is here now, beginning this very weekend in York. Try to realize and understand what is happening here. This opportunity is so wonderful, we need your prayers and your thoughts for a successful outcome for this tremendously important meeting.

So, this is my message this morning, it is a short one, but probably the most important of all my talks. this one this morning. As I said yesterday : welcome to the new and welcome to the successful outcome of these meetings taking place now in York, Pennesylvania. So, I thank you all, each and everyone of you members here on the forum and all who read and guests, you also must be familiar from what you have read of what is taking place at the moment.

I thank you all for your thoughts and your prayers, THANK YOU. I bid you all a very good day, thank you so much for listening, bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Welcome the new
« Last post by wendy.winter on November 17, 2018, 03:22:38 AM »
Thank you deeply loved and valued Lemuel. You speak for us all. Wendy
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Thoughts and Prayers
« Last post by Lemuel on November 17, 2018, 01:49:58 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Thoughts and Prayers
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 17th Nov. 2018  07:49 Local  06:49 Z
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Welcome the new
« Last post by Lemuel on November 16, 2018, 11:31:43 PM »
Ron, thank you so much for taking the trouble to send me this update on yesterday´s proceedings.
I am thrilled to know that all was achieved according to plan.
All our prayers now are for the successful completion of what remains to be done over the next
two days.
On behalf of all of us here on the forum, I offer you our full support and sincere thanks once again.
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