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You are welcome Ron.  I had the tape to help. I listened live Sunday 20 minutes into LifeLine thanks to Larry calling me. I was with a party of 10 in the New Orleans French Quarter. I excused myself and went outside through the French doors and listened on my mobile phone under a narrow awning in a driving rain. I was 4* all the way. 

Thanks for adding some of what I missed. I hope it helped. 
That is great Steven, thank you.  That is some memory too.  We also had a lot to say about the future for Urantia not specifically mentioned as a subject line and that should be enough to remind us all I probably will have to change our phone service when the west coast gets into trouble with quakes and tectonic plates cracking and shifting.  My recollection is that the Pacific where it does inundate will have a floor about 300 fett down from were dry land is now.  Thanks again ofr the great summary Steven.   RON
White Stone, your final analysis of Ron's LightLine that occurred at 2PM yesterday the 26th,  the initial one since the official start of the new Teaching Mission the day before on January 25, 2020, is this:

" If I were to ask you to summarize today's LightLine, I don't think you could find many highlights."

So now, because I heard numerous highlights and because it may serve as a review for you and those who attended or listened to the tape, here are a few very important points of interest and even revelation.  ( Please excuse me when writing from memory and use same or similar words or phrases without quotations.  I memorize easily and do that sometimes.  I reckon composers need to have a good memory to be able to remember what they hear inside their head and heart so that he/she is to able to write the notes down or just play the piece at a later time.  I still can play my first composition, WALTZ IN C MAJOR at the age of 8 ( never wrote that one), but I falter a bit at age 71.5 on those long pieces).

1)  "Why do we want all of you out there to listen to LightLine?  The short answer is for our safety and survival, and the ability to warn and guide others to safety as well.  With help from CharlesL a streaming player will be installed on our website called

2)  LightLine is now being transcribed to another sector of the local universe so that They can hear Ron's voice and how he speaks.  This is important so that comical responses and so on from Ron can be understood and familiar.  This can prevent erroneous actions taken due to misinterpretations.  Will someone tell the supreme that!!  (Not long ago Ron called me and asked what do I think is going on with the supreme?  I jokingly told him that I think the supreme is falling in love with Ron, and that the supreme treats Ron that way because Ron is either not perfect enough or more perfect then the supreme himself).

3)  From JACK0804DA who co-MC'd:  "Those of US who are ONE WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER belong to a special group of TRINITY SONS OF ATTAINMENT as defined in the Urantia Book."  But what the UB does not talk about is that the TSoA have also another category also named THOSE WITH NAME AND WITH NUMBER --now that's REVELATION.  Their job is to see that Urantians have enough to do in a Mission, to take their time who is working toward and with the Missions and have all of us feel better about it, for reason that the Missions have stumbled getting going.  So Their job is to see that humans have a feeling of belonging with a Mission.

4)  We learned from JACK 0807CD CEDRIC that the "C" happens to be a MELCHIZEDEK, and the "D" happens to be not revealed now.  I searched the meaning of the name and got this:  Created Name, Origin.

5)  From JACK0802AB: "We are poised on the edge of multiple disasters."  He said that we need these LightLines working so we can know when these disasters may occur and know to go to an emergency station.

6)  MICHAEL OF NEBADON 611121 of the Creator Son time/space order.  HE said that the LightLine is slightly truncated from the DEITY ABSOLUTE because we must get permission slightly from the DA to allow Ron to host.

7)  MACHIVENTA NELCHIZEDEK, Planetary Prince on Urantia, needs a good Staff for service.  The hosts and other member will be considered to be part of HIS Staff.

8)  We learned about the Planetary Liason Force --Their job is to make people understand that they are doing well with the services that they do.  I confess that I wonder if there is a relationship between the PLF and THOSE WITH NAME AND WITH NUMBER (TWNAWN) due to the similarity in job description.  Ron, maybe you can help me/us with that.

9)  MICHAEL OF NEBADON:  Asked the listeners to bow our head and proceeded to introduce ZOKRA.  MoN said that we, on LightLine, are privileged to be introduced tp ZOKRA.  (Ron, I read the name in two parts--ZOK and RA.  Does RA stand for a class of personality or Order?)

10)  ZOKRA SPEAKS:  "Thank you, the point is how the supreme has messed up, and how you, Ron,Amethyst and others are working. Understand We are ONE HIGH IN AUTHORITY."  Ron and he were joking around and ZOLRA intimated that HE enjoys the current generation of people on the discussion forum.  HE particularly enjoys Ron's clear voice, and that he speaks easily.

11)  BYNTORA enters the discussion:  He says that HIS specialty is that HE is good with voices.  "I am ONE HIGH IN AUTHORITY... I AM A TRINITY SON OF ATTAINMENT... I AM A TRINITY SON HIGH IN AUTHORITY." ( Steven here.  I think I need clarification here...anyone?

12)  MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK is now resident on Urantia.  He has HIS own home, lights, and office.  Ron says, "Welcome back, MACHIVENTA MELCHIZEDEK, welcome back."

13)  BYNTORA:  I am ONE HIGH IN AUTHORITY, A TRINITY SON HIGH IN AUTHORITY.  What is the lay of the land?  1)  The LightLine contact points throughout the world in emergencies where spirit knows what's happening or about to and repport it.  The DEITY ABSOLUTE now considers LightLine as the major program NOW on Urantia.  2)  The SER comes shortly.  We are in the 6th epochal revelation.  The FER is outdated.  And 3) We need to establish that LifeLine is a TEAM project.  We need to do two things:  1) Host LifeLine and report it, and post the tape, and 2) Understand Nebadon is now a Federation joined with five (5) other local universes and Nebadon is the capital acting for all five (5) other local universes as administrator.

BYNTORA:   A PRAYER:       " WE, HIGH IN AUTHORITY now assume full rectification of Urantia with our Brothers, ONES WITHOUT NAME AND NUMBER AND THE MIGHTY MESSENGERS--all SONS OF ATTAINMENT.  You will someday join Ron in a Sector on PARADISE.


Great Lemuel !! ;-)
General Discussion / Re: The corona virus
« Last post by 7inOcean on January 27, 2020, 04:55:16 PM »
Clency, recall the Planetary Management and Sustainability Papers by Monjoronson on the compounding problems that will transpire. I see this happening when the natural disasters ensue along with the human pathogens spreading and causing multiple problems to contend with, hence the compounding effect. That is what your post prompted me to recall and keep in mind as the days unfold. Watch out for the financial fall out that may also ensue even though the stock markets are looking rather over confident and I think it is way over confident, it may back fire terribly as the world debt is creeping up and up. Property prices in Australia is ridiculously expensive and I am hopeless to even have a home at all as this gets too extreme for even to live at all on this planet. I see homelessness is going to be the new norm! It is a sad prognosis and getting worse by the day. So eat well and stay warm as best as you can because we do not know whats gonna hit us next as things can get so screwed one way or another.

Thank you Ron and others who have spoken through Ron to allow us some very interesting insights to our status and of the Life Review from the Book of Life. I knew of it( review etc)  from my previous years of searching and reading material and came across these terminologies and, at the time, I found it quite revealing of the afterlife and how we are given the opportunity to review our lives and see how much it means for us to see how our Adjuster pilots us through some tough times and so on. 

Yes, my late teens was dark and horrible and I hated life then. It was a difficult stage and I managed to get through it by trying my hand at becoming a professional typist and wound up as a typist in a government office. Life had its unexpectant turns and I had to change with it as it went. And so the one thing that helped was my life was brightened with the joy of caring for our children and seeing them grow up and become such amazing young adults. It is such a wonderful experience and still is.

No, I did not know it was the Eternal Son that I transmitted. And I would like to see the transmission that prompted it please Ron. I know there is a powerful Entity but could not put a finger on it as it has a personality I feel akin to but am not recognising its identity. Such is the work of strong presence and I go with what comes in mind to let it flow when it comes, you know the saying “let it fly” while at the same time trying to discern who it is that is speaking until I get a signature to familiarise the speaker in my mind. I usually know in a short while and yet there feels another stronger presence as well to get me going in the matter. I see this as a sort of a motivator to kick us into the task of our willingness to be about the Father’s business as we do here.

Now, about the trial in the Supreme Court of Urantia. I am fascinated as I just had a rather dense dream last night that I cannot remember but it was rather eventual and it mattered how I chose to go about it in those scenes. That is as much as I can recall. Now the trial is a matter of course to deal with what we are contending with and to settle it between the parties involved. That I see well enough and let it be as that as the Ancients of Days have to deliberate on such matters with Machiventa in these proceedings. I am shocked that our dear brother is not off the hook either when he is subjected to unrelenting attacks on his person to see him dead. What a death wish from those who even enter his room! What puzzles me is what is it about Ron they find so repulsive? Why do they wish him gone? There is so much to answer for in the court, I would love to sit in the proceeding to hear this case being carried out.  And woah! The collusion of the Supreme with Lucifer and vice-versa is a bombshell of a conspiracy! Now this is such a telling revelation that changes everything! Now it remains to think, what in the heck were they scheming all along and how does Michael of Nebadon think and see this as a direct attack on Nebadon and other Local Universes as well. Just how far reaching did this go if it was the supreme deity and then some more with the Ultimate? Just how big is this conspiracy and I think the seventy or so pages of the Lucifer Rebellion in the SER is now going to have some more explaining to do. Indeed, you are right to conclude with saying the next few days are going to be quite telling! I agree! Perhaps those Periodicals in addition to the SER is an appropriate addition for our consumption to understand the unfolding that is transpiring now. Thank you for such a revealing post Ron and my deepest empathy goes to you and Michael of Nebadon and Mother Spirit who are on this endless battle that keeps sidetracking all efforts to help Urantia and Urantians. The way I see it, Urantia is going down in history as one of the biggest battles of “sanity” ever seen because Lucifer saw something and ran with it(and with it all the angels who sided with him and why they are so convinced as well)  and then took us all down a path we never saw coming.

I pray we see a fork in the road and take the path the Father has intentioned in His creation from the very beginning. Jesus called it the Way, the Truth and the Life. Note the singularity. Let us not forget who we are in the presence of God our Source and Centre! We really need a straight path now and not a zig zag that has been for far too long under this insidious rebellion that caused so much doubt and apprehension among all who were, have and are affected.

General Discussion / Re: The corona virus
« Last post by amethyst on January 27, 2020, 04:06:50 PM »
Clency,  Jack0802AB has indicated that he may have something for us on this on our Wednesday call if conditions warrant it.  But today is only Monday and a lot can change over the next 48 hours regarding this virus.  I too have been wondering how this will play out.
Dear list,   Please note the following changes for Call-in numbers for Wednesday´s 

Lightline at 20:00 hrs Local Time in Spain.
                       The company is:

                                   91095 6778  (Madrid)
                                   93558 6726  (Barcelona)
                         Pin/Codigo:   154830
Worldwide Number for Info.  +44 208 0128206
General Discussion / The corona virus
« Last post by Clency on January 27, 2020, 12:38:01 PM »
Like the wildfires in Australia, the Chinese virus is spreading very fast and the world is holding its breath, knowing not how to fight away this threat. Many countries outside China are infected by the virus ; it is estimated that there must be more than 100,000 contaminated cases. According to a medical center, the virus is as deadly as the HIV, but the symptoms are different. Are we already on the way to face difficult days ahead, as announced by Celestials ?
Ron, I have a good friend who became a pilot for United Airlines, shortly after we left high school in 1971. He just retired four years ago. He is the one who gave me this information, not conspiracy theories. I asked him about the photos showing the separate emissions coming from the wings (not the engines) and he told me this was not intended for common knowledge since it feeds the rumors, like this one.

I wouldn't make things up like this. I am not one to do that. And, if you read closely, I never said I believe the Nibiru hoax; look again. What I was pointing to was the 35,000 foot flight altitude is too low for it to stay suspended in the atmosphere. Zetatalk is a big waste of time; Zechariah Sitchen misunderstood the Sumerian language and made up one hell of a story. I deliberately said "supposed". Read closer, please.

You mentioned me in your LightLine conference and I don't appreciate being maligned by you, either, Ron. Just be careful what you talk about, you, or your troupe of supposed Celestial arrivals. You don't know me as well as you think. I will be kind if you are as well.  Having your "Michael of Nebadon" speak to me as He never does directly, is just icing on my cake!

Sue, I agree with you about speakers asking questions. I have heard Ron call one "Sylvana" and "Savannah" but I haven't been able to hear her directly, either.

I also want to see that SER show up soon!  It would be something to read, eh?  Not that I ever really expect to see it, Sue. If a new Urantia Book ever shows up, you can bet it will agree, that God the Supreme has not been harmed, or removed in any way! This "flight of fancy" belongs to Ron of York, and those who choose to believe it.

White Stone

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