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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: HIDE AND SEEK ME
« Last post by occerpa on Today at 12:32:01 AM »
It is no small thing that one as a mortal being becomes named and can receive recognition from the Creator Father of our universe. In fact all the merit and honor I give to my Adjuster and my deep devotion to my Universal Father, Bhagavan Sri Sathya Sai Baba. WhiteStone is very right (Ron Besser ??), when he says that I have been well prepared on behalf of Sai Baba since I have really cemented my religious doctrine based on His extraordinary and incomparable teachings that allow me to assimilate many of the knowledge transmitted in the forum, and  develop powerful faith and trust. I could say that through the masterful lessons learned from Sai Baba, I have been able to put into practice in my life experience, what I learned from the Urantia Book. This especially regarding Love: "Do not seek to be the one who knows best, seek to be the one who gives the most, and then the beauty of divine love will transform your heart into a source of wisdom."
So these last transmissions of the Kibet Brian and Wenebojo Adjusters on Hide and Seek Me, I can assimilate with great delight because they are so familiar to me. With much affection to all in the forum, I advise to read the series Sathya Sai Speaks. Thanks


"Ron just read these two posts as they did not get referenced to him for some reason.  Typical he says.  I also note for you that he spent over six hours today rewriting and cleaning up Bulletin VI.  It runs 17 type written pages long and hits about every corner of Urantia as as to land mass.  Be assured he covers it all yet lightly compared to the huge compilation the Melchizedeks have as an emergency measure to look into when things st art happening.

"Ron just felt the Assigned Sentinel hit his memory as we just gave him one and he filled it up well already.  He needs about six of them to operate well, but he has one now and that is more than ever had since he was in grade school when the original glands were destroyed by a shingle case of the mumps and the doctor missed that entirely on him.  However, t he truth is he learned to deal with all memory issues badly by resorting to rote and now must learn everything by rote until t hey settle facts in his personal side of experience.  He loved many and remembers nothing.  I n any case let me tell you this for your own satisfaction:

"Starting in the end of the month of November, the one you are currently in, Ron will be relieved of much of this tedious business tryinng to make ends meet and to feel better at the same time.  He will have a small salary and will be attempting to make things work as a famous kibitzer for his book ORIGINS.  Wait to you see it!  It will create sensation by its organization alone.  As well we will add his Bulletins will be read around the world some day and soon if I can get anyone to pay attention on Urantia.  He will learn the hard way to stop kibitzing with the Infinite Spirit while I dictate to him.   We also had the Assigned Sentinel look at what is going on here, not only with the problems Ron has, but the problems all of you have on the list to expand your views sufficiently to take us on in incarnations shortly.

"Rpn says to himself while he was reading your post Sue, "Why in the world does she never make the effort to corral Michael or Mother Spirit to transmit to her the burning questions she has about survival?  Sue you are so slow to take this stuff on I do worry about you figuring out how to get out of a tough spot.  You are better than you let yourself be and Ron gets upset when you have all this ability and never even lift a finger to do something for yourself except to worry and complain on your own.  Ron says, and Michael says, when you do this kind of thing remember to sit down and take the dictation for answers.  Listen for a change instead of emoting.  We all agree with that but Ron is so ill he does nothing but take dictation to feed all of you, and Bulletin VI is already 17 pages long and it could be more than double that if Machiventa allowed him all the information he should have.

"For instance:  we say Australia is in for one tough inundation, mostly through your central desert areas.  We also say that the climate in Australia will become moist on the east coast and warm enough to grow tropical vegetation in about seventy years.  But we say little about the inundation of salt water up your fresh water river such as the Murray River in the lower south east of Australia.   The below list shows your longest rivers too and 2375 is KM and to the right is the length but the table does not hold in format so you have to interpret a little.  You need to understand that Mother Spirit allows incarnations of Seraphim and Omniphim in the case of Ron to take care of threats he gets into for sure.  But you Sue were told to emigrate to New Zealand to save your life and you patently refuse to consider it for good reasons too.  However what is your priority?  In any case there will be rivers that get infested with sharks and manta rays and alligators galore and they will come out on the dry land to feed in some cases and that spells trouble for a population that is not able to handle larger predators any longer.  

All told you have a dicey situation because you are stubborn to the point it harms your chances.  Spirit will do its best for you but seriously look at New Zealand near DingXin who helps with the web site.  He is in the safest place there.

Amethyst we will deal with your situation later.  for now good day.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON. k"

Longest rivers in Australia by length(September 2008)

[th]Order [/th]
[th]River name [/th]
[th]Length [/th]
[th]Source [/th]



Murray River

Murrumbidgee River

Darling River

Lachlan River

Warrego River

Cooper Creek

Paroo River

What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / Re: Discussions on the Bulletin VI
« Last post by amethyst on November 13, 2019, 07:55:14 PM »
Good points Sue.  I keep a large supply of bagged brown rice and dried peas in a dry space just for emergencies.  They has a very long shelf life.  I also read somewhere that you can store water in food storage bags in your freezer if you have space.  First this will help keep food cold longer when the electricity fails, and second, you can then use the ice in the bags as a water source.  It is only a short term measure, but could end up saving lives if little things like this are done now.  It costs very little for rice, (I also keep bouillon cubes on hand to flavor the rice).  
Canned foods are good, but they can be a problem if you don't have space for much storage.  Also, did you know that dandelion greens are edible?  They taste bad, but are a good source of iron when cooked in boiling water, if not contaminated with volcanic ash.

Not exactly a gourmet dining experience, but its better that starving to death.  These measures are not expensive, and take up little space.  Just a couple of ideas.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: HIDE AND SEEK ME
« Last post by KIBET BRIAN on November 13, 2019, 02:58:11 PM »

Message. ONENESS
you are a part of ME experiencing this short but intense life and I AM the whole. The part and the whole are not the same. The part cannot exist on its own while the whole can. The part does not encompass the whole but the whole contains within itself the part. Also do remember that each part is unique in and of itself.
As  a part cannot exist without the whole so can you not exist without ME your FATHER. There is no separation between us. You are in every sense ME and I am you. AS I your FATHER epitomize the highest ideals of Truth , Beauty and Goodness so can you embody the same through MY guidance.
As you mature spiritually, you shall attune well with ME and you shall realize that  in your thoughts and actions.
Its only you that that you feel separated from ME because you do not  express MY Will to you because in doing so you distance yourself and act as a ship that has been blown by the wind  offshore  without a captain to steer it.
You need only to look within  and by doing MY will you shall realize that we are ONE. And ME being the whole you shall know that you are One with everybody and everything.
Let's leave it at that for today and have a good night MY son.

Thank you FATHER.
What Is Happening on Todays Date if Anything / Discussions on the Bulletin VI
« Last post by 7inOcean on November 13, 2019, 02:12:27 PM »
It's nice that we hold back in anticipation on the Bulletin VI on the update on the earth changes. It just occurred to me to think it, what if we all don't make it and perish in these changes, no matter how hard we may try to escape, the aftermath would be just as difficult when there may be no food, no water and transport? If it is as bad as it gets to knock out a third of the world's population, then it is going to be very difficult for the ones remaining. The world as we know would simply not be functioning with so many personnel gone.  If by chance that any of us do manage to survive the changes, I was thinking where do we begin, given the damage and the loss of much we take for granted now. This is such a game changer, I am trying to figure what to prep for when it is difficult to know what to store, how to protect oneself and where to go. It is almost as if the times of the caveman or even take up some survival skills from Bear Grylls. Man, it's going to be a ride if we can make it, but for the most we might not be so lucky.

I am not sure how fast the changes will occur, if it is a slow one we can improvise, but if it is that quick a motion, we will have no time to run but just let it happen and then go on to the passage of universal reality. In saying that, this is where it gets interesting. The challenges of helping those who find themselves on the other side of the veil to know what is happening to them. The education and training is most certainly kicked into overdrive for us when we are able to help these lost souls.

I think it is important to reassure people all is not lost if we so choose eternal life. Our Father in heaven, knows our situation and will have the appropriate paths for us to take when our time is up on the earth. One thing is for sure our future is going to get bigger and fatter and splendid in the eternal adventure ahead. May all things work out for good Father for those who love you.

Just my thoughts to recollect as we patiently wait for Ron to edit the new Bulletin, I hope we all take it wisely and not panic or fret, but to listen and be guided by our Thought Adjuster in the day's coming as we deal with this coming emergency.

Much love to you all and now I have to go to work.

Threads for New Transmissions / HIDE AND SEEK ME
« Last post by Wenebojo on November 13, 2019, 01:18:54 PM »
Teacher : Father Fragment                  T/R : Wenebojo                 Date : 11/13/2019 We're about to go on a journey you and I. This place was just a hide & seek game between the Creator and His creation, you. Your real home Urantia,Not. The game was to find Me in everyone you meet. Kind of like a,.. Tag Your It or Him game. And how many times did you see Me in him, your Father within His son ? How many times did you forgive Him his trespasses ? How many times did you remember to make Him laugh when He was sad ? How many times did you give Him some spare change when He was poor and destitute living on the streets ? How many times did you tend to His wounds ? Whether they be physical or mental ? You have the bread of Life this world knows not of, did you in deed and of your own volition share it with the multitude ?                                                     The Master said, " You can do all these things and more." What do you think He meant by that ? The answer to this question is the same for you and all your brothers and sisters. For you were all created in loving devotion to The Father and in the likeness of Him and all these treasures lay within you waiting, where the Kingdom  resides omnipresent for the asking. You might very well look into your basket and see only two fishes and four loaves. Only enough for yourself you say ? But the Father of Fathers know the very basket before you is abundant for His children, bottomless is His Love ready to serve and be given away to any amount who asks where does their treasure abide ? If only you too would ask, 'Father, what is this brother asking of me ? How can I serve him ?                                                 Wait you, just long enough for the answer. So you too, like the Master, can give whatever is needed to all for all. Knowing there is plenty to go around. You are God's answer to life itself. Not by doingness, but by being just that. Let us keep seeking and we will find Him because he is everywhere! Gather My sheep, feed My sheep, lead them to the water for the things they truly thirst for. Now you know the rules of this game. Keep playing it and find Me ? I'm waiting in the next person you meet ? This game will never be over until you find all of Me. Its your turn.     K
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on November 13, 2019, 10:53:28 AM »
Te same wiadomości po angielsku :
Kategoria / Temat : Przekazy dźwiękowe / Przekaz dźwiękowy / Zwracajcie się do mnie

1) Przekazał/ Nagr : Lemuel, członek bohater
« 12 listopada 2019, godz. 13:30:10 »

Mówca : Dostrajacz Myśli
Przedmiot : Zwracajcie się do mnie
Przekazał : Lemuel
Miejsce : Girona, Katalonia, Hiszpania
Data/Godzina : 12 listopada 2019 r. , 19:30 czasu miejscowego, 18:30 UTC

Link do nagrania dźwiękowego :

2) Napisał : Clency, członek bohater
« Odpowiedż nr 1, 12 listopada 2019 r., godz. 18:02:55 »

Zapis nagrania dźwiękowego Lemuela

Zwracajcie się do mnie

Dostrajacz Myśli Lemuela : Dobry wieczór. Moje przesłanie do was tego wieczoru jest takie, żebyście zaglądali do Mnie, waszego Umiłowanego, Mnie, który zamieszkałem w was od waszego dzieciństwa, Mnie, który przeprowadziłem was tutaj przez wszystkie wasze próby i udręki, abyście byli ze Mną tu i teraz i żebyście wykonywali waszą część.

Uważaliśmy za stosowne, aby współpracować z moimi bodźcami, doświadczaliście wzlotów i upadków, jak wszyscy ludzie i są to jedynie próby dla sprawdzania waszej siły, waszej determinacji, waszego zdecydowania, a przede wszystkim sprawdzania waszej szczerości.

Przez całe wasze życie możecie być w stanie oszukać innych, oszukać siebie, zasłaniać sobie oczy, jak mówicie, ale tak naprawdę to nie możecie oszukać Mnie. Doszliście do zrozumienia, że tak naprawdę, to nie możecie oszukać siebie, ponieważ w głębi waszych serc wiecie, że wy i ja jesteśmy teraz JEDNO.

Jest to dla mnie taką wielka radością zamieszkiwać w was przez tyle lat i widzieć, jak się rozwijacie i rozkwitacie, jak piękny kwiat, który rozkwita w pełni i wszyscy widzą i doceniają jego piękno, tak jak Ja sam doceniam to piękno, które widzę przed Sobą.

Zwracajcie do Mnie przez cały czas, we wszystkich sytuacjach, ponieważ czas jest nad wami wszystkimi, kiedy musicie tylko pamiętać o Mojej Obecności w was wszystkich. Zwracajcie się do Mnie we wszystkich waszych potrzebach, przychodźcie do Mnie, do Mojego Pokoju i dzielcie się Moją Miłością, Moim ciepłem i pocieszeniem, które otrzymujecie, kiedy przychodzicie i zwracacie się do Mnie.

Pozostaną inne rozproszenia, inne pokusy, jeśli ludzkie ego będzie kiedykolwiek obecne i zawsze będzie gotowe wskoczyć na duchową modę, jak mówicie. Bądźcie mądrzy, rozpoznawajcie, kiedy wasze ego chce grać z wami sztuczki. Odwracajcie się do Mnie, przychodźcie do Mnie i zostawcie swoje ego w spokoju.

Moje przesłanie jest proste i bezpośrednie, tak jak powinno być, żeby każdy mógł je zrozumieć. Pamiętajcie, że my, wasze Umiłowane Dostrajacze Myśli, jesteśmy z wami zawsze, mieszkamy w was, jesteśmy wami. Dlatego nie troszczcie się o jutro, po prostu bądźcie zadowoleni, żę jesteście ze Mną dziś i codziennie, po prostu zwracając się do Mnie. Dziękuję wam.

Lemuel : Chciałbym podziękować mojemu Dostrajaczowi Myśli za to i dziękuję wam wszystkim za wysłuchanie i wszystkim wam życzę bardzo miłego wieczoru. Na razie do widzenia.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on November 13, 2019, 09:19:33 AM »
Link do dłuższej wiadomości po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / URANTIA, SEO, czekając na katastrofy i inne sprawy, 11 lis. 2019
« Odpowiedź nr 6, 12 listopada 2019 r., godz. 11:25:13 »

. . . . MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI : ". . . Sue, dobrze, że napisałaś na temat wiadomości, którą Ron kiedyś podał (Patrz : Odpowiedź nr 250 powyżej, w niniejszych tłumaczeniach na polski.) na temat światów-mieszkań i scenariusza po śmierci, tak jak on to wtedy wiedział. To jest prawda, ale on tam nie podał, że w Satanii jest teraz szesnaście nowych światów-mieszkań i żaden z nich nie jest teraz używany przez zmarłych z Urantii. Powodem jest to, że Urantia ma teraz swój własny układ światów-mieszkań, czasowo poza Nebadonem, mniej używany niż stare, ponieważ te nowe, poza Nebadonem są tylko dla Urantian. Biologiczni rodzice Rona są na jeszcze innym układzie światów-mieszkań w Satanii, ale jest to tymczasowe, dopóki nie będzie można dokonać napraw na światach-mieszkaniach w Satanii opisanych w waszej Księdze Urantii. Zadałaś proste pytanie, ale w tej chwili jeszcze nie ma prostej ani łatwej odpowiedzi na temat procesów zmartwychwstania i wznoszenia.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on November 13, 2019, 08:21:23 AM »
Link do dłuższej wiadomości po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Dyskusje ogólne / URANTIA, SEO, czekając na katastrofy i inne sprawy, 11 lis. 2019
« Odpowiedź nr 12, 12 listopada 2019 r., godz. 23:17:49 »

(Z powodów praktycznych wyjątkowo będę podawał krótkie, ważne lub ciekawe urywki z długich wiadomości.)

MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI : ". . . W każdym razie Ron czuje się zmuszony do powiedzenia tego, o co prosisz Wenebojo, ale wiedz to dobrze i z całą pewnością, że MY stawiamy istotę spraw zdecydowanie wyżej niż planowanie i harmonogramy. Z tego powodu czas nie jest ważnym czynnikiem w działaniach Ducha. W pełni zrozumieć tego się nie da, ale MY nie jesteśmy takimi samymi ludźmi, jak wy, z wyjątkiem może Rona. W każdym razie pozwól mi powiedzieć:

. . . jesteś również normalnym reprezentantem niecierpliwej publiczności. . ."
« Last post by Ron Besser on November 12, 2019, 11:42:27 PM »
Yes, Amethyst.  That is not clear at all and it may never be fully executed either as to keeping family groups separated due to policy changes regarding how to raise ascenders with such different abilities,  The Procounsil of Liberty would suggest we need family but I am also of the opinion that the family or tribe or nation is not the binding that holds sentimental friends together, but whether you as that family group can actually work well together for millennia.  If not it is better save the memory of the a glow of well being in the past and move on to better pastures for service to the Father or Trinity.  I do not divorce my biological parents from me but the have a different, and maybe a better, destiny than I do and we are separated because of that for now anyhow.

We cannot expect to fully know what the realignment of God the Supreme and God the Ultimate, will do to all ascension careers, or just some, or maybe just three or four us, because not all of everything has been seen as to what causes are and therefore not all analysis is done about what to do about these failures of Supreme and Ultimate.

Thanks for the thought provoking posts.  RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "As usual I agree with this view, only I know the policy in depth, and in your case Ron, you will meet with them frequently and learn from your elders.  You will also see how they changed their views on almost everything including why did they not see you floundering badly and offer help?  You fully agree you had not purpose of understanding when you came home from service, but you had to realign yourself with the Untied States again too and that took a long time to get used to after fully enjoying the European culture and view which is much more layed back that America.  In any case this happens to coincide with your mother's last time on high to see you type away at things that interest her too and she reads it fine as you type it and has not forgotten the English language.  We quite this post with this statement:

"Ron, you are asking me not much but appreciated when I follow up behind you even though you are surprised sometimes by ME doing so.   I have to quit that sooner or later but for now it is my policy to make sure people understand you are one of the few I have ever met who feels totally at home on my payroll and that you shall have mostly as we move forward with a Federation you thoroughly and surprisingly enjoy so much you state categorically it is a great benefit to ascenders if the Local Universes choose to use it that way in the future.  Right now it is not used that way, and ye, you just knowing that it exists makes an educational difference.

"Besides I asked you why you thought that idea of a Federation was important and you completely and fully explained a view I never thought of either.  My goodness we are fortunate to have such articulation available at this stage of the game,  We leave it alone for now and wish all a good day, MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

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