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Occerpa, your words are really just fine.  I follow your questions and concerns quite well and very well stated sometimes.

I also detect some confusion over the issues in this subject and so let me makes some very simple declarative sentences for you in hopes of untangling the complex issues about the Adjuster and personality to start with:

Our Thought Adjusters never touch those autobiotic cells.  Rather they know they are there and the work of the Thought Adjuster is to assimilate what they do for the human, that those cells will do for them too if the human makes the grade spiritually to go on.  On Urantia fully half of the people who die every day do not have their autobiotic cells resurrected in the mansion world resurrection halls.  All I am telling you is that Adjusters do not take the cells for their personalities if you survive, but they can store the meaning in their memory of what those cells are and can do for the human, and if the humans survives for resurrection, he places all he has in memory about those cells into Himself on the day of fusion.  I know you did not ask about this, but I must be sure you understand the relationship between the spirit Indwelling and the autobiotic cells on the human brain stem.

Second, Occerpa you write: " I want to ask Ron, about the autobiotic cells. Are they self-sufficient cells that do not require material nutrition? The number of this cells, represent the presence and experience of the Resident Adjuster."

Ron:  As far as I know these cells are just that, cells.  While there is a pattern Father uses to instruct the fetus genes to form these cells, He does not literally make the indentations on the brain stem.  The body does as instructed to grow them as well as legs and feet with their own kinds of differentiated cells.  They therefore must require feeding by the human blood stream, and as in the case of the entire body even through adulthood. spirit maintains constant body contact to instruct it to do its work better than without spirit.

I also ask you to rethink that last statement in what I quoted back to you.  The Resident Adjuster sees them already on the brain stem when he arrives about five and one half or six years of age in the child.  That is why the Adjuster comes to the child in hoping to eternalize (to live forever) the child into resurrection after the earth life.  The personality, and this is very important, does not contain much if ay experience.  NO.

The work of the personality is not to remember experiences but to classify them as important or not important and to teach the mind how to use prioritize experience and which ones to use first.  Do you understand  that?

What does store experience which the personality orders to use the best first?

The answer is your soul.  The soul is a morontial you that lives with you which you half formed with your Adjuster to make it one of your only contributions to the new life on a resurrected world.  The soul does not use your brain and the brain stem, it uses its own gift of premind from Mother Spirit.  Premind is just a word to describe a mind that is not what you are using but where you are putting your life experiences and the meanings your mind made of those experiences.

You have to warehouse to store experiences in.

One is the catalog of experiences on earth and that is in the brain stem and in the cortex of those ridges in the brain.  It is called protoplasmic memory by spirit which has many other ways of providing memory to humans and protoplasmic memory is the predominate one to store experience memory.

But the human life has a second storage area that you might call "spirit warehousing" of memory, as the soul has its own brain far superior to protoplasmic memory.  The mid brain as the Midwayers call the soul brain of a human, is located not in your body, but on mansion world one, where it is originated by the Creative Spirit and then with a human life Thought Adjuster, both work to combine that mind into the soul.  Remember the soul is the vehicle that survives death and it carries the work of  those autobiotic cells to the mansion worlds so the resurrection halls with their seven radial wings, can reissue the life mechanism of a body for the soul to provide the past life history and personality to live again in its new vehicle.

It must be seen you may not use the Thought Adjuster to retain personality to heaven for resurrection.  Rather the soul does that, and the Thought Adjuster eventually fuses with the mind of the soul as we leave the brain and its tissues on earth to return to dust as from which they originally came to be.

There is a lot more to discuss with this simplified view of how the Adjuster is related to self identity on a material planet, and frankly I know little how the personality is resurrected, for the Urantia Book makes it clear, that once the soul departs for the mansion world resurrection hall, the Archangels step in at once, upon human death as a matter of fact, and instruct the soul to provide them with a pattern defense of what those cells actually instructed the soul to organize and take both the meaning of personaity experience and the experiences themselves into safe keeping until you or I and all others go before the judges, and are surgically reproduced with our selves fully intact as ourselves to live a whole new adventure of education and love and spirit success after we die here.

I hope this is of some help to you.  Autism is primarily an evolutionary back problem as I described it from spirit;s revelation and dictation to me,  However, Part III will talk about other causes for Autism which must be understood too or we lost our entire purpose for producing these first two papers at all.

Thank you.
Ron Besser

LUMINAYA - I AM CHIEF OF THE ARCHANGELS WHEN A DEATH OCCURS.  When a person dies on Urantia, I seize the soul structure that grew about that person;s body in the flesh.  The soul in most people is a clear entity that covers the top of the head down to the waist.  It has no need for feet or other locomotion.  When a person breathes their last,  the body shuts down one system at a time and may wait as long as an hour to completely succumb to death.  While we wait for all systems to complete and full death is attributed for that person, we must take the soul and place it in a conveyance, and taht conveyance is usually within the friction shields of a Seraphim.  A Transport Seraphim is only one of specialized types of service that a Seraphim angel is assigned.  Seraphim are also guards but that is a different type of specialized Seraphim trained to be Guardians of Destiny, and frequently the Transport Seraphim and the Guardian of Destiny are the same angel.  However, lately we have been using Cherubim and Sanobim to do this work too, and that is due to all of the violent deaths taking place on Urantia now.  It used to be there were so fewer humans on earth that we could use a small contingent of Seraphim, but not the deaths are in the millions every day on this planet and we must use all transport systems we can to move people to resurrection.

"The Archangels however are not angels at all but of a specialized service called a Universe Aide.   You all know them as Archangels and of course the Evening Star which Ron here loves to talk with, and the Bright and Morning Star.  Gabriel, of which there is only on His kind,  is usually classified as a Universe Aide too.  However, recently Gabriel has been looked at for other work in the first outer space levels far beyond the space this planet is in, and may be the first Bright and Morning Star to ever set foot in the uninhabited space layers lying outside of time."


« Last post by occerpa on January 22, 2019, 09:04:38 AM »
There are many things that I would like to comment on in some cases, ask in others, all as a result of these last posts in the forum. Some really amazing as is the revelations about autism. On this particular I want to ask Ron, about the autobiotic cells. Are they self-sufficient cells that do not require material nutrition? The number of this cells, represent the presence and experience of the Resident Adjuster. I understand that by representing the circuit of the unique personality that only the Father grants, and accompanying the same germination, they have to do with our divine filiation or the seat so that human beings can evolve the soul. I guess that around these cells was where Lucifer had to use all his wisdom to be able to enslave man but that, however, he could not reproduce them to achieve immortality. A very complex issue where we always know that we are not able to know the truth.
Anyway, this revelation about Autism, opens us to a whole world of wonders. Now I hope that in the third part to publish, I can find in other causes of Autism, hope for the case of my grandson.
The case of Lemuel, I have taken it as a time for joke and amusement, necessary in all our affairs, with all my respect I have for that extraordinary individual. 
I apologize if the wording presents many inaccuracies; but I really appreciate the Google service that allows me to take part in this forum.Thanks 
« Last post by LarryG on January 22, 2019, 07:09:17 AM »
As we sat in the final day of our meetings on Friday, it was a very eclectic day of  several topics that seemed to  just arise out of the blue.  The  transmission  from Michael, Dr. Mendoza, Rayson and Others was a complete surprise and especially the transmission from Jane.   It was one of those jaw dropping topics and experiences and transmissions that was so totally unexpected.

  When it was revealed about the 5 to 7 cells in the brain stem and that  there were 2 of them at the bottom of the arrangement that were faulty and  were not totally repairable nor usable,  it explained just what had occurred that was the exact cause and would give Steven some invaluable information that he could pass on, given the opportunity, that would have significant impact and revelation on the entire subject.   We were and still are in amazement over the experience on that final day of transmissions and revelations.

  And of course, as he always does, Ron has been able to receive additional  information to expand this compelling and momentous revelation concerning Autism.   It has such powerful, heartbreaking, and lasting effects on so many families all across the globe.    LarryG  
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / I am still here.
« Last post by Clency on January 22, 2019, 05:04:47 AM »
Dear Lemuel, on my list you are the last one to give way to panic, but as we say : we are just human, not superhuman. Whatever well prepared we can be, there is none among us, human beings, who can say with confidence that there is no such thing as panic when facing a difficult situation. Some days ago, I was watching on Youtube some videos of the recent tsunami in Indonesia and I realized how helpless people can be in such a tragedy. After my chirurgical cataract last year which has been successful – I can now see clearly – the opthalmologist gave me a new sets of exams to go through which in my view are useless, so I give up, only for fear of discovering other issues relating to my eyes. In many situations, there are words that can be of no comfort to an individual and can only add to his anguish, but to you Lemuel I can only say : TAKE IT EASY. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / I am still here.
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Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

I am still here

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. I would like to say all of you this morning : I AM STILL HERE. I expect you notice that I have not posted any transmission for a few days and perhaps you are wondering what has happened to Lemuel, but I want to tell you that I am still here. In fact, I am battling with a few health issues at the moment and to be honest with all of you, I am having some attacks of anxiety and nervousness, bordering on panic, not on predominant conditions, these things they come and they go, but I am very disconcerting and in fact, I am having a brain scan to-morrow morning to be exact and it will take a few days to have the results.

Apart from that, I am feeling perfectly well, but obviously I am concerned about my health issues. I just want you all to know that I am still here and I do miss not to be able to talk to you in the morning like I have, but I hope this is just of a short duration and hope to be able to come back to a normal transmission very soon. In the meantime, I wish you all the best and have a good day, I hope to be talking to you soon, so bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / I am still here.
« Last post by Lemuel on January 22, 2019, 01:15:13 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject. I am still here.
Location. Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 22nd Jan. 2019  07:15 Local  06:15 Z
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« Last post by Ron Besser on January 22, 2019, 12:47:52 AM »
"Yes, Antonio, you are one of the ones we have removed the circuitry from your mind that allowed you to transmit.  You never used it to help yourself but rather to find fault either with yourself or others whom you did not name but we found that I, Michael, was at the subject end of those faults.

"Ron has no control over the decision.  We must find people who can do it well and for long and lengths of time to produce explanations, teaching, and resolves such as the Paper on Autism that Ron does with a blink of the eye when he knows the material is super good.

"You Antonio must learn humility in the face of God when decisions like this are handed down.  Fourteen people had those circuits removed and you know none of them at all.  Fifteen people were on the list and only the one called Antonio was left on but you failed to transmit for days and days and I decided you were not interested.  Let me put it this way:

"You can transmit once more and do so.  Because if you do not try to transmit the circuit will be completely removed for some time.  All circuits will be restored when we start a new teaching mission, but until then, they are selectively removed due to disinterest.  I suggest you send your transmission to be only to Ron and he will tell you if you should post it or not.  I leave it at that for now. K"
Ron here Antonia:  As I tell all, I transmit and leave it alone and only rarely question it with Michael if we really mean to post the message.  In this case I have often told you that you make your life so difficult sometimes you do not know which end is up.  Finding a job these days is hell to work with, and the closer you are to 50 the worst it becomes.  I was shot down for the same reason and had to reinvent my life all over again to continue.  I did not like it any better than you do or did as I understand you found something to help make ends meet too.

In whatever the case may be, I am told in my back channel which is really, I think, God the Absolute with the help of God the Supreme, that Michael will relent if you make good in transmitting at least one page long (about 500 words) for me to look at and then I will advise you of its need.  I am also sure you will make a good transmitter if you would kindly stop finding fault with what are really jealousy fits of who gets what and how much as I get no more than you do in reality.  I just forget worrying about what you get and do my bit with it.  You too could transmit important information for your self and your son and your family if you would learn to be free with your time and let things happen.  You have been placed in a very difficult circumstance and you are not easily sure you have the wherewithal to make all you need to in support of so many things the family has learned to do with you and for you.  I am sure this is a very personal post but this is what happens when you make it public in the first place and ask the kind of questions you do sometimes. 

I am for you and what you need to learn to do.  I feel sure you have the caliber of mind to do the transmission and pass it to me and to continue transmitting if you practice DAILY and stop fidgeting about all you do not get with these services because you must earn trust and learn abilities before you become a front line transmitter.  We have too few of them anyhow and cutting people off right now is not, at least to me, a way to get more transmitters.  However, Michael is giving you a chance to keep your transmitting circuits and I suggest you find a happy way to try it out again and to let me know.  I am the human side of these Missions only because I practice daily and never leave a stone unturned if I find one to turn.  My best wishes for your continuing success and let us see what you can do in the next 24 to 48 hours as that is how long you have to do a new transmission for me.  Ron
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« Last post by Antonio on January 21, 2019, 11:05:44 PM »
 To you, Michael of Nebadon and I quote you:

« ...Finally, we must make amends to those who suffer silence now.  Your powers to slightly transmit is removed, as you never developed as you should have and frankly we felt you did not really want to in the face of the brilliance of Ron  to do it  so well... »

Unfortunately, I am not able to find the 'last post' telling us that the transmissions will be impossible and depending on what will be produced following the meetings in York for 4 days in the week of January 15th.

Tonight, I was about to write a personal message to Ron Besser asking him if the circuits were again available and when I could resume my efforts in my TRing work session ....,!!!!,...., and here is this dreadful news coming down on us!!!,..., it's just unfair of you Father Michael!!!

«...Your powers to slightly transmit is removed, as younever developed as you should have and frankly we felt you did not really want to in the face of the brilliance of Ron  to do it  so well...»,..., we can notice since a few days and even since a few months, even most of 'FUSE ONE' did not transmit any 'messages' from celestial beings,..., so, will this be the same treatment for them?

Father Michael of Nebadon, I am extremely hurt by your words and yet you have witnessed every day my efforts to learn to receive messages from your heavenly family !!!!

Since the 'supposed appearance of Jesus, the lastDecember 16, 2018,..., I noticed that they had practically no 'messages available' and oddly, only by Ron Besser !!!!

Father Michael of Nebadon, I am extremely hurt by your words!!!

It's extremely unfair of you Father Michael !!!
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« Last post by 7inOcean on January 21, 2019, 10:26:48 PM »
Wow, very informative, thank you Sanya and Father Michael. Although harsh words to take and Ron is super good to handle this work which we are all so grateful and fully in admiration, I am agreeing, given the grave circumstances Australia may face, I see why you advise an evacuation may be necessary. Sounds severe and I will have to keep my wits about me. Thank you for the heads up and for the Father to let this go more gentler than what it could do. BTW, I am half way into reading Larry Mullins book titled A History of the Urantia Papers and am so glad to have this book! It sheds light on those early years of development and I am most impressed by the use of the Forum to improve on the papers, what a great method and now I understand how and why the Urantia Papers seems so well relevant answering so many human questions that even I had at the time of my reading TUB. I find it recommended reading for all TUB readers. It also shapes in my mind how the second Contact Commission can work in relation to revelatory work just as the first one did nearly a century ago. Although, it does present to me the loving work of all those involved in keeping to the essence of the revelation. I have more to read in this book and I am truly amazed by the author's meticulous and extensive work in uncovering so much material and info to educate the reader of what happened in those early days of the development of the Urantia Papers, well done! And thank Father!

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« Last post by Ron Besser on January 21, 2019, 09:19:09 PM »
From our precious Power Directors to comment on your prayer to be heard on an update:

"We believe Ron is into friendship and touching again and we are not further out than we can communicate really well and long" 

"The asteroid 64 and one half million years ago that hit near what you in the States call the Yucatan Peninsula, was six and one half miles wide byt six and one half miles tall, and was a remnant of the planet the blew apart that once existed between Mars and Urantia.  Before there was life on Urantia, it showed as a double moon nearly together but one was further, much further, away from your moon which still remains about 285  thousand miles away now and then.  The asteroid that hit earth almost 65 imllion years ago and eventually wiped all the giant lizard evolution out completely, was not supposed to hit Urantia, but when it did, it gouged a hole the size of Nebraska, in the sea floor and uncovered the fringes of the earth's core of molten lava.  If it had penetrated another sixty miles it would have destroyed the planet and we would have had no Urantia and a Bestowal Son to talk about in the part of the Universe.

"We now report that the pole shift is in progress.   Ron has an unnatural way of knowing these things and picks up the material already on the Internet to tell you something about it.  We actually prefer the site Ron found with Steven's site as together they tell you the up to date stuff you need to know for your own information when we are not around to speak to it.

"I am Sanya, and I am Power Director Seven, and we are of the male gender when you use pronouns Ron, as you do not have a problem with that designation.  But those who channel just go with the word "entity," which is okay but you know us personally Ron with all of the work you do for the Magisterial Sons and the Master Spirits whom you adore but have been shunted away from them briefly as they have to get used to dealing with a human who can actually hear them and take their dictation.  As you say you must thank Michael of Nebadon for allowing it and providing the mechanisms that allow it to happen easily for you.

"Steven Gitz, you are among the best geologists we have on Urantia.  You as a Contact Commission must learn to start taking dictation from the Power Directors and you are indeed getting better as Ron noticed at the table a few days ago.  He is truly a great psychic too and hardly knows how to use those powers as he is every bit as good as you know as the Hollywood Psychic and has a regular show on TV you sometimes catch now and then and look at him and worry he is not working for us.  He will be quite good for us someday but not now.  In other news we have this:

"Australia may have to be evacuated some day.  That is because the tectonic plate (and there are two of them under Australia), have no use to be rigid anymore as magma is gather under them in vast pools, and if they start erupting, there is no stopping them.  So far we Power Directors have kept them well underground.  You are all wondering why the tectonic plates have not sprung yet, well it because the Father insists it must not happen all at once, and that is to prevent the planet from cracking into big boulders as Planet K did which a remnant hit Urantia and killed off the dinosaurs.

"Finally, t he last of the Mohicans, Ron Besser, has been designated as one of our watchers as he does well with catching the news properly and well.  He is known for being silly but he is not when it comes to his work as you can tell from his Paper on Autism.  It will have a Part III shortly and Part III will discuss other causes for Autism which can be cured whereas Part II showed a prevalent cause that cannot be cured but has to be grown through the evolutionary channels to do so.  K"

"I can be a Power Director if I want to be, but I find that useless as the seven original Directors are so excellent they do not need a miracle of character change to have another one around, as all Creator Sons can be almost any order they want to be if it is their choice for any reason.

"I want to discuss Urantia and it is fairly straight forward.  Ron hit us so hard with his Autism arrangement of revelation, I am sure it was not intended, but we had to remove a Paper from the Sixth Epochal Revelation (SER) because Ron duplicated it almost to the letter but added graphics we never thought to do.  In our case drawing is not easy for us to reproduce, but he simply went to Google Images and searched for "Brainstem or Brain Stem" as it is spelled both ways.  They had it just right in probably sixty or seventy drawings of that area.  In any case Google is not Ron's favorite corporation due to its liberal views of social organization.  They pander to the worst part of society and I will leave it at that.  In any case, the Power Directors should also mention that Australia, is a lost continent soon again as the water distance from York to Sydney is over 10,000 miles or nearly double that a little less and you have it in kilometers.  Both Sue Whiley and Wendy Winter, live there and will find it treacherous to arrive in the States when these land slides start in the waters near Australia.  They are not the shoals of the Barrier Reef but submerged undersea mountains larger and craggier than the mountains in western United States known to most as the Rockies, but to us a Singular Mount 1,753.   That number tells you the rank of height of mountains throughout Nebadon.

"Further more, Australia is taking a beating in the international trade war with Washington, as Washington is ready to square off with Brisbane to call for a new agreement with the Commonwealth countries of Great Britain, which Australia is part of.  Commonwealth countries are far too scattered now to make a huge difference to Great Britain, but when India was part of them, Great Britain prospered mightily and should regain India should it ever fail to become a Commonwealth country again.  India needs Great Britain every bit as Great Britain needs it.  It will not like the monarchy over it, but the British Monarchy is due for a tremendous revision in another fifty or sixty years bar none.  In fact it may disappear as will the Church of England as it amalgamates with the throne of power of God soon upon earth.

"Finally, we must make amends to those who suffer silence now.  Your powers to slightly transmit is removed, as you never developed as you should have and frankly we felt you did not really want to in the face of the brilliance of Ron  to do it  so well.  He should be your model and he can tell you all about it more than anyone but he is careful to keep it under wraps so there are no copy cats and he loathes fakers and the place is loaded with them if he wold tell much more.  In any case we see the end of this lesson for the day and wish you all well, as this Pole Shift is routing and rather gentle from what we forecast earlier with that Galaxy acting up nearby.  Forty light years is a small distance in this sizable universe.  Michael of Nebadon and good day."

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