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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission/ Sacred Trios
« Last post by Clency on July 15, 2018, 04:22:02 AM »
Transcribe from Lemuel’s transmission

Sacred Trios

Lemuel : Good morning, our talk this morning is called « The Sacred Trios ». My thoughts this morning have been filled with Trios, that is to say three things, three in one, one in three, and they are so very many.

Let us start with the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, so here is your first Three, the Trinity and immediately there is another one : Thought, Word and Deeds. The Universal Father is Thought, the Eternal Son is the Word and the Infinite Spirit is the Deeds, Actions.

Immediately, there is another Three : Truth, Beauty and Goodness. If one reaches the understanding of who we are really, when you can truthly and sincerely say « I AM », I am all these different Three’s. One in three and three in one, I am these things.

My dear brothers and sisters, think seriously for a moment about these things, what we are saying. When you can say ‘I am’ the Universal Father, ’I am’ the Eternal Son and ‘I am’ the Infinite Spirit, because ‘I am’ Thought, Word and Deeds, ‘I am’ Truth, Beauty and Goodness, ‘I am’ the Truth, the Way and the Life, as Jesus himself said.

There is no escape from this reality, from this truth. These indeed are profound thoughts and perhaps there are many of you find it difficult to accept this as a concept, but nevertheless, dear brothers and sisters, you can and you will come to the understanding that in fact it is true.

You cannot help but express what you are and when you realize that you are Thought, Word and Deed in action here on earth, representing the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit, then you will understand the deal is not the higher and noble task for a human being to perform.

‘All for one and one for all’ is the saying you are all familiar with and now you are more familiar with another saying ‘Three in One and One in Three’, the TRINITY : Universal Father, Eternal Son, Infinite Spirit. Thought, Word and Deed, Truth, Beauty and Goodness.

These are the thoughts that have filled my mind this morning and so I share these thoughts with you dear brothers and sisters. We all have the duty and the desire and the joy in being about Father’s business.

I would like to repeat something that I mentioned sometime ago, I can’t remember when, but it is a prayer and it goes like this : ‘Dear Father, I pray that I may forever be so blessed as to be able to receive Your Thoughts, that I may speak Your Words and form Your Deeds in Truth, Beauty and Goodness. Amen’.

These Three’s in your lives are with you throughout your life, whether you are aware of them or not. Now dear brothers and sisters, I hope that you are able, perhaps more seriously now, to think of your responsibility, of your capability when you can say for yourself ‘I am’ these Three, ‘I am’ all these Three’s, therefore you will express these Three’s. In joy to be of Father’s business is a joyful task.

Thank you all so much for listening, it is such an honor and pleasure to talk to you. Have a peaceful Sunday, be happy and be joyful, bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ Sacred Trios
« Last post by Lemuel on July 15, 2018, 01:57:09 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Sacred Trios
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 15th July 2018  07:56 Local 06:56 Z
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / HOME
« Last post by Clency on July 14, 2018, 10:46:38 PM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission


Lemuel : Good evening all, I am sitting here in my little flat, the sun blazing through the windows here and I had to throw the curtains slightly, otherwise the temperature will be too high here. Anyway I have been thinking about ‘home’, yes H-O-M-E, home.

The word just came to me and is not it such a warm and comfortable word : home, I am going home. It’s a word that everyone knows and I can’t help also thinking about the many different ways where people interpret home, they say home is where the heart is. So, are those on the battle field only have one thought in mind and that is to return home, to be with their loved ones.

Home, as they say, is where the heart is and there are many throughout the world who do not have a home. Just think about that for a moment. They only try to exist for another day to find food and water. There are many who have never had home and who never will in this world, a tragedy indeed.

Now I am thinking that there are species that are always at home. Think of a snail that has a shell, so it carries its home around with it wherever it goes. You may think that this is a silly thing, a childish thing to talk about, but in fact it is not. How long does it take for someone to realize that they are already at home.

Well, of course, this means that they are already spiritually advanced, that they know that their home is with them always in the sense that they are always with their Father Indwelling and therefore they are indeed at home always.

I have been a musician most of my life and I know so many songs, where there must be countless songs dealing with home and I think of one in particular now, a very popular song in the 50’s called ‘Three coins in the fountain’. I am sure many of you remember this one and in the 2nd verse it goes something like this : Three hearts in the fountain, each heart longing for a home, there they lie in the fountain, somewhere in the heart of home……..Lovely song.

Those of you here on the forum who are already aware that your heart is the physical organ for the soul, if I can put it that way, so you feel the soul expresses through your heart. You all know and you all have exprienced, I am sure, where you have for one reason or another been away from home, may be for a short time or a long time, but it is your heart that pulls you, draws you back into your feelings like an elastic brand brings you back into your heart and feel such a longing for your home, to return to be with your loved ones.

In fact, this is exactly as it is when one begins to search for spiritual food, although at the time you don’t realize that you are in search of spiritual food, but when your Beloved Indwelling, when your Father Fragment is able to influence you to the extent that you are able to search for a greater meaning to your life, it is through your heart that you feel this and you begin to search and of course it is in fact a search for your home.

Your home is spirit, you come from spirit and you will return to spirit. All through one’s life, although it is understandable that you interpret home in an earthly sense, but nevertheless your home is eternally spirit. Everyone knows of the story of the prodigal son and I remember I did a transmission some time ago about the prodigal son, it is so a lovely story.

Parents are overjoyed at home when they learn that their son or daughter has turned the corner, so to speak, and they are on the way home because they want to return home from their own free will. They long to return home once more, and so it is with us, we long to return home.

We may or we may not enjoy an earthly home, depending on circumstances of course, but mostly those of you who know what it is like to have a lovely home here, you will understand how deeply it is missed when you no longer have a home.

For those of us who are so fortunate to be blessed with spiritual insight and the need to learn and to progress on our spiritual path, we know where home is and we are at home always when we turn inward to be with Our Beloved Father Indwelling. That indeed is home and it is an experience I would like to wish for each and everyone of you, not just here on the forum of course, but everyone, all my dear brothers and sisters.

Yes, you may indeed enjoy your earthly home, but your heavenly home, your spirit home is your real home and you are already there if you can only remember to turn inward, to be with your Beloved Fathe Indwelling who is and always has been at home, waiting patiently for the return of His sons and daughters.

This is all for this evening, I wish you all a good evening and a peaceful and a joyous return home. This is Lemuel, bye-bye for now. Domtia

« Last post by weydevu on July 14, 2018, 03:53:30 PM »
Thank you Father, Christ Micheal/Jesus, Nebandonia, Margul, Machiventa Melchizedek and the rest of the celestial body that the Father has sent here. Thank you Ron for bringing us this most beautiful news. I for one will remember this day for this is the day that Christ Micheal bless my entrance unto this world and Mother"s  Holy Spirit blew life into my being in 1948, I now begin my first leg of the seventies. Thank you Father.


AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / HOME
« Last post by Lemuel on July 14, 2018, 01:46:34 PM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: HOME
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 14th July 2018  19:46 Local  18:46 Z
Ron, Thank you so much for this latest. I´m sure it will all be sorted out in time.
MICHAEL.  Thank You so much.  Comments noted and taken to heart.
And thanks for the amazing information about our Chromosomes. Wow!
I do not know the answers to your questions, but I DO KNOW we had a big mix up yesterday with me and I had to do a double take or two and it is still unclear what it (the mix up in information and spirit dialog) was truly over and about.
Light did not know she was going to have two people to be a liaison for when the first post was made announcing her assignment.  She is well and doing her duty today and that is all I dare report.

Primus did make contact with Larry and very well and that is working just, but like Light, when I made the original post on this yesterday, he was surprised to learn he had two people now to serve as liaison.  Further that Order of Liaison Officers is now detrimental not but works so well I hear all l should and it is a wonderful service.  However, God the Supreme had second thoughts--  the best I can put it--  and sent everybody packing over who they should serve.  Was that service restricted to the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, Machiventa Melchizedek in liaison with Michael of Nebadon,  or was the liaison service tro be sued for all of we five fused beings.   The second post reassigned to the fused five but later in the afternoon, except for Larry Gossett,  all assingments were withdrawn except for mine with Manaforge formerly known to me as WAVE.

Now are you completely confused?   Do not be as it is being worked on and straightened out.  Wendy Winter was never to receive a liaison officer because she is not fused, but it was reported to me she was considered because I will depend on her yet to keep money matters on this operation with her to start with anyhow.  So she got named and then the candidacy was withdrawn because Paradise Deity objected to assigning a liaison officer to a non fused human.  And so it goes.

Worse yet Lemuel, I briefly received my morontial form late afternoon yesterday the 13th and I was truly pain free for an hour.  Without warning the entire thing was withdrawn and I was reverted back to the painful condition.  You dare not try to put the reasons together on such a revsersion, but two things:

One, I had to take the post sections down of my reversion to a better body form because it was suddenly taken away from me and the pain completely returned along with new problems of tinnitus so bad I could hardly hear myself think;  and:

Two, the Local Universe did me well, but Paradise Deity is stinking mad over the attempt and threw me out of the new circuits which were really pleasant to communicate with for me, and back into the dirty air of pain and what now? stuff. I have not recovered but I had to sleep twelve hours to attempt to bring me back to some competence.

Now here is Michael for you along Lemuel:

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "You Lemuel do very well, but for some reason you prefer to emote more than think and you are stuck on a dime that was meant to turn you better to the light.  Dolly is with me today as she faults herself for not getting treatment in time, and Ron is precariously perched on the same diagnosis as we did not allow him to seek medical help when he wanted to, and now he is facing extinction too if we cannot get the Paradise Deities realigned with our needs.  He is truly a vital part of our Mission plans as are the five fused ones.  The Liaison Officers as he calls them are ready to serve and serve well and Ron is totally happy with that service and makes it work because he is joyful about that change alone.  However, Moiraya, MS Three, is livid we attempted to change Ron over to a morontial phase quite normal for us to do as he calls Ron not a true spirit and wants it rescinded and we had to.  Now the truth is Lemuel, you pick your fights and then drop them as fast as you pick them sometimes.  Ron and I love both love your audio work but you decided today to let it ride for a day which is fine, but you are watched by everyone for your daily audio work and you leave them wondering why stop?  You have yet to realize your obligation and we let you sit in your pale ways to figure out you do no good by being Lemuel when you must be a fused human and step up to your obligations as such.  Ron just told Larry Gossett that the five who message this board are not to be fully trusted as some are almost as he called them, sissies for not stepping up to take what life throws them and to report daily for their work schedule.  He means that in the sense you are still too frail to take on the little bit you have been handed to do this work for us.  He told Gossett to ignore the other four fused humans including himself and listen to Prius for command work and post as directed and not worry about what the other four are doing.  I find that refreshing for a change and we must get Ron back to normal if at all possible as he is severely restricted in mental work over such painful conditions.

"Lemuel, you are as stubborn as a mule in most cases, but you relent when it comes to our work because you know it is so very important.  Prius is to be your Liaison Officer as soon as we can straighten out the mess we created yesterday by giving Ron a break, but he is so ill we need to make sure that others do step in and keep things going so we can correct the ills he has fallen deeply into.  Ron is both good and bad in these ills as well as he is convinced they are so serious he cannot over come physical death and we showed what death was yesterday morning and which he never posted due to lots of problems surrounding that post.  You Lemuel are genetically unusual and so is Sue Whiley and so is Gossett and Ron has the facts to post but he refused to post the transmission because it has this morontial transition of his in it and it was withdrawn and you know the rest.  However, he must edit the post to show you something the Father reveals about your life due to the fact you do not have 48 pair of chromosomes, you have sixty (60), and that was divine intervention at your birth to deal with for the work of God on Urantia.  Ron has 49 chromosomes, one more than normal;  Sue has sixty (60) as you do, and only Gossett is fairly normal with fifty nine (59) chromosome pair.  This fully indicates that Father knew what he was doing and that you found yourselves here at least conversing together.  Only Amethyst has the normal number of chromosomes (48) with Ron so close to normal we still do not understand how he does what he does so much better than anyone else.  It is a mystery yet.

"In any case Lemuel,  you do yourself no good without taking on duty as well as you did in military service with us and Ron is exasperated by your lack of follow up so often.  You lay back and wait and that is deadly as Ron keeps telling all of you---  Go out and search for a transmission.   DO NOT WAIT FOR THEM TO COME TO YOU.  I am Michael and wish you all a good day."


TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on July 14, 2018, 08:23:23 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : amethyst, pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : NFORMACJE OGÓLNEGO ZAINTERESOWANIA / Osobowości Wspólnego Aktywizatora jednoczą się do działania
« 12 lipca 2018, godz 00:50:23 »

Osobowości Wspólnego Aktywizatora jednoczą się do działania
Masa energii zbliża się do Monmatii i Urantii oddziałując na słońce i płyty tektoniczne
Zespół Córek Matki Nebadonii mobilizuje się, żeby się skoordynować z Projektem Sordona

Przekazujący : Amethyst
Data: 11 lipca 2018 r

"Odwieczny Ojciec jest czystym Duchem, Wieczny Syn jest Słowem Boga, Nieskończony Duch, Wspólny Aktywizator jest agentem DZIAŁANIA dla Trójcy, Ja, Duch Nadrzędny Trzeci, reprezentuję i mówię za Nieskończonego Ducha i wszyscy powinni zwrócić uwagę na fakt, że AKCJA jest obecnie symbolem Urantii. Zbyt długo trwało planowanie, rozważania, wprowadzanie zmian i cofanie zmian. Ja, MOIRAYA mówię, że działanie Wszechświatowego Ducha jest już blisko i wszyscy Urantianie wkrótce zobaczą to dzieło w działaniu. Wiele osobowości Nieskończonego Ducha zostało zmobilizowanych do tego działania,ode mnie w dół aż do Nebadonii i jej Córek. Wszystkie Duchy Nadrzędne działają poprzez i wraz z Nieskończonym Duchem. Ja w szczególności mam za zadanie wykonanie Jego Planów Działania doglądając, żeby zostały wykonane zgodnie z pragnieniami Świętej Trójcy. Wszystkie Duchy Nadrzędne obserwują rozgrywający się dramat w pełni znając związane z nim zawiłości. Niestety, nie ma idealnego rozwiązania dla odzyskania Urantii i nadszedł czas, aby "zerwać bandaż", jak niektórzy z was mówią i wykonać ostry ruch i działania potrzebne do rozwiązania tego problemu.
"Teraz chce mówić Sordon."

"Jestem Sordon, przedstawiciel Nieskończonego Ducha. Nieskończony Duch jest działaniem, jest ruchem. Z ludzkiej perspektywy ruch ten jest powolny. Z perspektywy Ducha jest on opanowany i niespieszny.

"W tej chwili mamy głęboką falę skoncentrowanej, gęstej energii przemieszczającą się od Wspólnego Aktywizatora do Monmantii, waszego słońca, a następnie do Urantii. Ona nadejdzie po tym, jak płomienie zaczną ustępować, a płyty tektoniczne zaczną się układać w nowych pozycjach. Płyty tektoniczne ulegną poważnym dopasowaniom "ręcznym". Te ruchy będą w tym czasie rozpoznawane jako silne, stabilne ruchy pochodzące z Serca Nieskończonego Ducha w waszą stronę. One przyniosą głęboką, obfitą powłokę uzdrawiającego balsamu, chociaż osoba przekazująca postrzega to bardziej jako masę żwiru i błota. To wynika ze zniekształceń przestrzeni i z miejsca, z którego ona postrzega tę masę. Ona ją widzi w swojej wizji wewnętrznej, jako poruszającą się od górnej lewej strony do dolnej prawej. Tak jest dlatego, że obecnie Urantia nie znajduje się poniżej środka Ducha.

"W drodze do Nebadonu ta masa będzie półprzezroczystym różowo-niebieskim światłem z teksturą świeżego karmelka. Ten balsam ma za zadanie wypełnić pęknięcia i puste przestrzenie po bliznach, zapewniając pokrycie płyt tektonicznych, aby złagodzić dalszy nacisk i pomóc Dyspozytorom Energii lepiej kontrolować przyszłe ruchy, zapewniając w ten sposób stabilność. Konieczne jest, aby niektóre części Urantii pozostały nienaruszone, aby zachować w całości podstawową strukturę waszej planety. Będzie to wzmocnienie pewnych obszarów planety, które decydują o jej sile i wytrzymałości, jako planety zdolnej do przetrwania.

"Tu Sordon. Jestem obeznany z tym, jak używać i umieszczać tę masę razem z Dyspozytorami Energii, aby zapewnić, że praca będzie wykonana zręcznie i z najwyższą starannością. Będzie to na tyle chirurgiczne, na ile jest to możliwe, ale uboczne szkody będą nieprzyjemne. Wiedzcie, że nasza interwencja będzie niezbędna dla uzdrawiania. Dla pozostających ludzi będzie to po prostu wyglądać, jakby matka natura zrobiła swoje; kryjąca się za tym moc ducha nie będzie widoczna.

"Tu wasza Matka Nebadonia. Zespół moich córek został zmobilizowany do sharmonizowania się z ruchem energii i falą Sordona. Ja też jestem córką Nieskończonego Ducha i jako taka będę pracowała z Sordonem i innymi zaangażowanymi. Będziemy działać w sprawach ochrony pewnych planetarnych aspektów i istot (ludzkich, zwierzęcych i innych nieujawnionych) na tej planecie. ale to nie znaczy, że nikt z was nie musi się martwić o swoje bezpieczeństwo, bo wiele pracy tego zespołu będzie dotyczyło innych spraw, ale wy oczywiście macie swoich aniołów stróżów. Po tych zmianach planeta będzie nie do poznania w stosunku do stanu sprzed przeobrażeń. Moje córki będą pochodzić z bardzo doświadczonej grupy. Są one ekspertkami od wydarzeń na skalę całej planety i wszystkie zostały starannie wybrane.

"Moje umiłowane dzieci, jest niemożliwe, abym wam przekazała w pełni, jak bardzo każde z was jest umiłowane. Urantia ma szczególne miejsce w moim sercu i w sercu Ojca Michała".

Ron, I have a question.  I read that Light has been assigned to me as liaison officer and I have 
thanked her and welcomed her, although hoping she hasn´t settled for second best as Wendy Winter
was her first choice.
Now I have read the Light has been assigned to Amethyst.  Does this mean She has refused me or
will she work with both of us?
Interested to see that Larry has already made contact with Primus which is wonderful but I 
understood that we would need to be in York before contact would be established.
I hope that Light can work with the both of us. I welcome her with open arms.

Thank you Primus and Larry
This was a very inspirational post and I have a little tear and some of those goose bumps you were so concerned about just a short time ago Larry. :)
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