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Hi, Sue. You synthesized my whole thought. The union of the local universes represents, in my view, a future preparation for the pilgrims of time and space that will come from the first level of outer space to the "Great Universe." On the other hand, there is also the rebellion of Lucifer and all his ills, and a university will possibly be made in the future on our planet to study the nefarious effects of rebellion on the rise of souls.  Julio.


Oi Sue. Você sintetizou todo o meu pensamento. A união dos universos locais representam, em minha visão, uma preparação futura dos peregrinos do tempo e do espaço que irão vir do primeiro nível do espaço exterior para o "Grande Universo". Por outro lado, também existe a rebelião de Lúcifer e todos os seus malefícios, e uma universidade, possivelmente, será feita no futuro em nosso planeta para estudar os nefastos efeitos da rebelião na ascenção das almas. Julio.
Hi White Stone,
I note too the gross amount of mispelling and typographical errors being made in these posts but I got so used to Ron's habit due to his poor eyesight I must say I kind of got the gist of what it is he is trying to get out for us to read and get in our mind. Although I agree with what you have pointed out as errors and they do need correction badly, but do bear in mind, the work of the writer is double and I am sure that more care should have been placed, but it is obvious, there must be way more work going on and I am grateful for the amount of words that is being given to help us to see into these meetings in general. It is quite a gathering and what is discussed is probably only a fraction of what is on the table. It is quite a lot to absorb in one sitting, I am sure,  for all those four men in one day and hence, it takes a while for it to be understood in their own minds too. For all of us here, it is also quite intelligent and revealing. Thank you White Stone for caring about the spelling and typo errors and so on as that also does not escape me as I also see it too :o. I wish I can be there to help Ron type all his messages up properly but he is such a trooper!  ::)

I am absorbing these news from the happenings in these meetings. I have no comments as I see that it does no justice until it reaches its final day of proceedings. I am simply in a state of quiet calm and joy as things seem to get practiced, new revelations become known and that we are slowly being opened to the activity of the Local Universes that are operating and helping one another, which I am finding as simply marvelous. I chuckled and thought, how about calling the new XYZ as MARVELOUS?! (Well, ha I couldn’t help it, after seeing the new movie out on Captain Marvel).

Anyhow, back to the serious nature of what the new combined XYZ administration unit would present, as this is so unique without borders and to cement the idea of the existing transference of personnel and assistance between these neighboring Local Universes, this is amazing, and to have these LUs join in collaboration with the approval of Paradise is a wonder in that it presents a unified presence of intention in gaining greater force for good in dealing with the problems of rebellion and how it affects so many in the chain of command, so to speak.

In another thought, there is also that the XYZ forms an interesting coherence in this corner of the Superuniverse of Orvonton, I wonder how this may be working to prepare for the possible expansionary work into the First Outer Space Zone which, from previous revelations here on the forum, is very close to Nebadon. Could there be a preparational drive for future space work in the mind of the God the Supreme with God the Ultimate? (I may be jumping ahead a bit but it does not escape my thinking of how things are gearing up for future work and expansion and what is happening here on Urantia with unique fusion candidates who are still present on the planet of their nativity to cooperate in the Magisterial Mission must surely be seen as a game changer in the eyes of administrators everywhere...sorry, I can really let my mind get away from me, but the excitement is tantamount is it not?!) I am sure everyone up there must be thinking to the effect, “ word, how the Father of All, never ceases to surprise us!..”

I see (from the accounts written in TUB) the Lucifer Rebellion has caused such a ripple effect to the point of concern and that much education is necessary to better understand why it happened in the first place. To this effect, many personnel, high and low, can and will need, if they may, to learn as much as they can that arises from such a tragedy. Urantia, is certainly becoming a real eyesore with such a reputation that it surely must be a planet to watch how it can be claimed back. Thoughts do abound in my mind and I let it drift enough to understand there is so much we are yet to know and realize from the LUs viewpoint on all areas of what ensued when Lucifer unleashed his Manifesto and then did what he did.

I am a small pawn in the game of chess here and the Lords of the Court have certainly got their hands full. What can the little pawns do? And can the “round Robin” be extended beyond the four wonderful Commissioners if that is still being called as such? I remain calm and resilient in faith and hope in what Father wishes to unfold in Michael of Nebadon’s wise plans for folding back the rebellion and to, eventually, with the help of Serara and Monjoronson and Team, bring back Urantia into the fold of universal administration and eternal life. No matter how long this may take, may it all go well Father Michael.

Thank you Ron, Steven, Larry and Dominick for staying the course through what must be a challenge and an education through these longs days of meetings.

Many regards and prayers be with you all,


Ron, you posted this yesterday:

"We now breach etiquette and allow you to know that the Creator Son of Hensalon is right now the Universal Father.  We are not broadening the SLU Nebadon-Sensalon into the SLU of Nebadon, Sensalon, Hensalon, and Wolvering combined into a new name of amalgamation not a SuperLocalUniverse type, but a new CONSTELLATION, and that Constellation is to be called [censored].  We will announce that name and number brand new from the Paradise List of Names for us to use.  This is more like a marriage than a local universe amalgamation and much more is forthcoming in the new book the Contact Commission will write for Nebadon users on Urantia only.  Gilum is no longer the name and the Contact Commission is no longer the Contact Commission.

Did you mean to say "not broadening" ? It would make sense if you meant to say "now broadening ."

 Also, Henselon and Sanselon are continually misspelled.

Gilum, to my recollection, was never the name.

My deduction is there is great lack of care whether we are confused or not. Yet, we are questioned about our imbibing before posting.

Are we serious here? SuperLocalUniverse? Explain that one, if you can...

White Stone
We are always in a state of change it seems and sometimes it is hard to keep apace with all of the them.  At the risk of sounding ignorant, I ask why.  What is the purpose behind this kind of organization?  That is a lot of local universes, and if I understand other posts on this, it will even change our constellation.  Is this related to the rebellion?  If this has been covered before I apologize.  I'm just trying to stay as current on all this as much as possible.
Sorry Ron for the mis-spelling, I read it well but I don’t know why when I type the word on the key-board it is SuperUniverse instead of Universe that comes out and adding to that I have not drunk wine, it was not lunchtime. :-[

Thanks to you and Michael of Nebadon for answering my questions. Domtia
Clency, please look again.  These numbers represent LOCAL UNIVERSES and not Superuniverses.  The XYZ box will have five local universes in it with no borders as administrative work from mostly now on.  They still retain their individual government to pursue their purposes for every Local Universe has their own purpose to work out with God the Supreme, but they can share Melchizedeks and Angels and a lot of other kinds of entities we do not know about, with each other.  Now Avalon can share angels with us without having to issue a passport if they share one of their angels with Nebadon to get some work done that has piled up on all of these capitals.

The XYZ name is not revealed yet.  God the Supreme probably has a lot to do with naming the new space entity this borderless design is.  It is the first time several Local Universes, in any Superuniverse, had become borderless to each other's administrations ever and all of the universes will be watching to see how this might work.  We are waiting for a name and I used the letters XYZ to stand for what will come later in this year to know what they call it.

The number of Local Universes in this new entity XYZ for now are Hensalon, Sensalon, Wolvering, Avalon, and Nebadon.

It is designed to last in Nebadon and the others until they enter Light and Life, Clency.  thanks for your question.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Clency did you have some wine?  That is the worst misunderstanding you have every shown.  We ask all to stop drinking if you are going to participate with Q and A on the forum here.  I personally know that a few of you do a lot of it and enjoy chatting while sipping your wine and other kinds of tastes when going through the postings here.  If you are ever going to understand the changes you are going to have to keep your mind clear and wine is the worst habitual habit one can get into as it really dulls the senses totally.  My best to you all this day and beyond.  Michael."

TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on March 17, 2019, 06:35:54 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Codzienne wiadomości Misji Magisterskich / Nagłe zakończenie połączenia Nebadonu
« 17 marca 2019 r., godz. 00:32:24 »

Synowie Magisterscy ogłosili dzisiaj zmianę w organizacji Wszechświatów Lokalnych.

Nebadon otrzymał od Raju zgodę na zakończenie ich połączenia z innymi, otaczającymi go Wszechświatami Lokalnymi, które próbnie dzieliły swoje partnerstwo wymieniając personel w celu pomocy w prowadzeniu swoich wszechświatów z pomocą innych.

Raj ogłosił poprzez Piątego Ducha Nadrzędnego, że odtąd połączone wszechświaty porzucą granice terytorialne między sobą i połączą się w pełni jako jedna jednostka administracyjna. Połączenie nazywało się Gilum. Nowy obiekt kosmiczny bez granic musi teraz zmienić swoją nazwę zgodnie z praktyką Najwyższego nazywania nowych jednostek swoją nazwą. Na razie użyjemy po prostu nazwy XYZ, dopóki nazwa nie zostanie nadana.

Poniższy rysunek powinien wyjaśniać to działanie i co ono znaczy dla was. Dziękuję.
Michał Nebadoński

Link do rysunku jest na początku, powyżej, lub inny, następujący :
Gilium and XYZ announeced 16Mar2019.jpg

Komentarze do rysunku :

1) Cztery wszechświaty połączone w jeden. Cztery wszechświaty, w tym Nebadon, nazywane


2) Połączone wszechświaty zwane Gilium postanowiły zlikwidować granice działań adminisracyjnych między nimi. TERAZ : Gdy w Nebadonie pracowała jedna osoba, teraz będą pracowały cztery osoby duchowe.

To jest nowy pomysł i ten nowy sposób pracy wymaga nowej nazwy.

Na razie nazwiemy to XYZ
There are indeed great things coming in the pipeline. The Round Robin table reminds me of the once Hub transmission that we try to implement without a successful outcome ; the forumers must perhaps still have it in mind, I suppose. It is somehow of the same process - potential transmitters around the world should be in synchronicity with the York local time so as to receive messages in a timely manner. Let us see what comes out of it. Domtia

For how long the borderless line between the four SuperUniverses will last ?

Are the four SuperUniverses are still on their way to the Era of Light and Life ?

Is a SuperUniverse already in the Era of Light and Life ( I mean only among the four) can join forces with others that are still struggling ?

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