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Yes, Jesus used a colloquial cartoon statement frequently used in the USA.

If I say to you,  Jose,  I am going to give you a million dollars-- not!  It is a joke.  It means what ever I said before the word NOT, isn't a true statement. I am not giving you a million dollars when I use not.   Jesus is saying his wording this way too.  I am Jesus and you will not see me that fast.   Adding "not" at the end of a declarative statement is often used to exaggerate how untrue something is as in saying things like, The Wicked Witch is so beautiful. . .  not!   Witches are seldom if ever beautiful and anybody who says it recants the statement by saying "not."  That is what we Americans get for playing with language and confusing everybody with it sometimes.  I promise you that when it is used at the back end of a sentence this way it means what they said is not true or even possible.  Does that help?

                                 When my family moved from Rio Grande do Sul to Brasilia, the federal capital of Brazil, in 1993, on this journey of change, we visited my father-in-law and mother-in-law (Margarete's parents) who were still alive at the time ( still had no deceased).
                                We were going to visit my father-in-law who was a farmer and had a farm in a small town in Goias, which was relatively close (about 100 km from Brasilia), considering the amount of territory in Brazil that is the fifth largest country in the world
                               When we arrived in a small city in the state of Goiás, which is very close to Brasilia, we asked for information about my father-in-law's address.
                             The citizen, humble, replied, Affirmatively:
                                          - Know.
                            (We think, then this citizen will give references to locate the address)
                            But the citizen had not finished the sentence, because the complete sentence was:
                                          - "Know". "No!"
                            That is, a word of denial after a statement.
                           We laughed so much. It was the first time I saw this form of expression that comes to be very comical.
                            Changing the subject, the short-term plans change rapidly, I, for example, said now that I would read the most recent messages. However, I thought and reflected that it was best to read the oldest messages first, after Thursday morning.
                            Whatever God's plans are, I fully trust that at the right time everything will be accomplished.


                                       Quando eu minha família mudamos do Estado do Rio Grande do Sul, para Brasília, capital federal do Brasil, no ano de 1993, nesta viagem de mudança fomos visitar meu sogro e sogra (pais de minha esposa Margarete) que na época ainda eram vivos (ainda não havia falecidos).
                                       Íamos visitar meu sogro que era agricultor e tinha uma chácara em uma pequena cidade de Goias, que ficava relativamente perto  (uns 100 km de Brasília) considerando a quantidade de território do Brasil que é o quinto maior país do mundo
                                      Quando chegamos em uma pequena cidade do Estado de Goiás, que é muito próximo de Brasília, pedimos informação sobre o endereço de meu sogro.
                                        O cidadão, humilde, respondeu, Afirmativamente:
                                                              - Sei.
                                      (Pensamos, então este cidadão vai dar referências para localizar o endereço)
                                      Só que o cidadão não tinha terminado a frase, pois a frase completa, foi
                                                              - "Sei". "Não!"
                                      Ou seja, uma palavra de negação após uma afirmação.
                                       Nós rimos tanto. Foi a primeira vez que eu vi esta forma de expressão que chega ser bem cômica.
                                       Mudando de assunto, os planos a curto prazo mudam rapidamente, eu, por exemplo, disse agora a pouco que iria ler as mensagens mais recentes. No entanto, eu pensei e refleti que o melhor era ler primeiro as mensagens mais antigas, depois de quinta-feira de manhã.
                                         Seja qual for os planos de Deus, confio plenamente que no momento certo tudo será realizado.
General Discussion / Re: Moments of leisure are needed to recharge our energies
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on September 24, 2018, 09:06:14 AM »
                   I returned from three days of rest and leisure with my family in Caldas Novas / GO (Friday, Saturday and Sunday).
                   It is very nice and relaxing hot hot springs, with "hot water cascades", several pools of hot water, sauna, toboggan, hot tub, wave pools, all wonderful of a warm water aktatic park.
                  There were wonderful moments with the family and this was a few days. It makes you want to stay well longer than just three days, but okay.
                   Now slowly I will return to the routine, this Monday, September 24 ..
                   I'm going to start reading the news from the Serara Forum (starting with reading the latest posts), since since Thursday morning I have not read the news.
                     Voltei dos três dias de descanso  e lazer em família em Caldas Novas/GO (sexta-feira, sábado e domingo).
                     É muito bom e relaxante águas quentes termais, com "cascatas de água quente", piscinas diversas de água quente, sauna, tobogã, ofurô, piscinas de ondas, tudo de maravilhoso de um parque áquatico de águas quentes.
                    Foram momentos maravilhosos com a família e isto que foram poucos dias. Dá vontade de ficar bem mais do que apenas três dias, mas tudo bem.
                   Agora aos poucos vou voltar a rotina, nesta segunda-feira, 24 de setembro..
                   Vou começar a ler as notícias do Fórum Serara (começando por ler as mensagens mais recentes), pois desde quinta-feira de manhã eu estou sem ler as notícias.
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on September 24, 2018, 09:00:50 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku (częściowo) i po rosyjsku :
Podał na forum : Prozonov, pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Przygotowania i sesja przekazywania, ….utrzymajcie rozpęd !
« Odpowiedź nr 2, 22 września 2018 r., godz. 13:15:55 »

Godz 20.57.
Dostałem sygnał od Dostrajacza, żeby kontynuować odbieranie wiadomości.

Tak, to ja. Pisz. Wszystko to, co Margul panu powiedział, to nie jest zwyczajnie prawda, lecz instrukcje do działania.


Jezus powiedział, że jeśli chcesz zacząć otrzymywać boskie przesłania, jest to całkiem proste. Trzeba chcieć i odrzucić wszelkie wątpliwości. Sięgnij głębiej i słuchaj siebie i zapisuj wszystko, na papierze, na dyktafonie, na komputerze, na czym lepiej. Takie wiadomości łatwiej poprawiać i publikować na stronie internetowej. Nie bój się popełnić błędu. Kłamstwa i zniekształcenia zostaną usunięte przez naszych cenzorów.
Threads for New Transmissions / Love
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on September 24, 2018, 08:22:16 AM »
Teacher; Mother Spirit
Subject: Love
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Date: 24/09/18

My love for you is like a mother's love, but so many times multiplied. It is hard to explain what kind of love we have for you, for all our children. It is a divine love and you can not compare that love to the love known on your world Urantia where love exists in a certain form, but is not in any way comparable with divine love, as you will easily understand.

Our love holds so much more than attraction, or care or to be close to one another. Our love is so refined and so glorious, occupies all areas and is everlasting and always the same. We can send out our love to all of our creation and that is what we do constantly. To all that is living and exists. It is all created by your Father Michael and Me and we can only sustain such a  vast universe by our sincere, everlasting divine love.
Learn to look at love from another perspective. See love as surrounding everything and everyone, from the smallest atom to the biggest creations of stars and suns and all that comes with it in the universe.

When we send you our love, we send you everything that we are. We send you our being and the holiness of the Father. It is really something you can not fathom. We have to speak to you in simple words and that is good, but as you grow you will be growing to understand more of what love means and what it can accomplish. Love is the greatest gift given by God, the First Source and Centre. He couldn't have given otherwise for GOD IS LOVE.
Be in our love my child. Mother Spirit
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on September 24, 2018, 07:33:52 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Podał na forum : Clency, członek-bohater
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Obwody mózgu
« 23 września 2018 r., godz. 10:53:52 »

Przekazał : Dostrajacz Myśli
Odebrał : Clency
Temat : Obwody mózgu
Miejsce : Paryż, Francja

Dostrajacz Myśli : Teraz, gdy nowa siatka dobrze działa, a stara została usunięta i wymieniona, mówicie sobie, że każdy powinien móc się porozumiewać tak, jak podnosząc słuchawkę telefonu i nawiązując połączenie z bliskim przyjacielem, żeby porozmawiać, ale niech was to nie myli, to nie jest takie łatwe, jak się wydaje.

Zadanie zostało wykonane po niebiańskiej stronie równania. To nie było tak, jakby wypić filiżankę herbaty dla inżynierów, którzy musieli rozwikłać to paskudztwo zostawione przez Calisgastię, ale ich praca została zakończona prawdziwym cudem. Powiedzielibyście, no i co dalej ?  Ludzki mózg to najbardziej wyrafinowaną technika znana kiedykolwiek, a zarazem najbardziej delikatna z powodu swojej fizycznej lub materialnej natury.

Jego prawidłowe funkcjonowanie zależy głównie od trzech narządów : oczu, uszu i ust, więc kiedy karmicie swój mózg, musicie uważać, żeby nie uszkodzić jego obwodów tym, co widzicie, co słyszycie i co mówicie. Istnieją energie tak potężne, że nie będziecie w stanie się z nimi połączyć, jeśli obwody waszego mózgu są uszkodzone, a on jest wciąż jeszcze na etapie oczyszczania umysłu.

Uszkodzoną siatkę w niewidzialnej dziedzinie można było naprawić i tak się stało, ale jeśli chodzi o obwody mózgu, to jesteście jedynymi, którzy macie wpływ na ich działanie, oczywiście z pomocą naszych Niebiańskich przyjaciół, dbając o to, co widzicie, słyszycie i mówicie. Domszia
September 24, 2018
- I feel that the Paradise teacher Margul has come to me.
Yes it's me. Write.
You need to know that mindsetters can for some time leave the mortal man and leave the soul in the care of angels. Angels are constantly beside you and take care of the mortal within their competence. You should not ignore their presence and, if necessary, contact them with a request, advice, help. They can not interfere with the physical processes of a person's life, but in extreme cases they can prevent trouble if they are pointed to it. Know that the angels that surround you are the most reliable of your assistants. They are skilled at manipulating your "casual" meetings. For nothing accidental happens on the earth. Everything is under the vigilant control of the Universal Father.
Some believe that they are the masters of their own destiny, that their will is above all. They are mistaken. Self-will often leads the person to a tragic end. And if in her life she did not manage to commit mortal sins, did not reach the denial of God-she still has a chance to continue her life in the mansion worlds. Man is the master of his own destiny only when he has subordinated his will to the will of God! My will - to fulfill your will - is the hymn of a free person. Self-will is the road of death, the fulfillment of the will of God is the path to immortality.
It's all for now.
"Thank you wise wise man of paradise for trusting me."
24 сентября 2018 г.
Россия, Самара. 14.30 местного времени.
- Я чувствую¸ что ко мне пришел райский учитель Маргул.
Да это я. Пиши.
Вам надо знать, что настройщики сознания могут на какое-то время покидать смертного человека и оставлять душу на попечение ангелов. Ангелы постоянно находятся рядом с вами и опекают смертного в пределах своей компетенции. Вы не должны игнорировать их присутствие и при необходимости обращаться к ним с просьбой, советом, за помощью. Они не могут вмешиваться в физические процессы жизни человека, но в крайних случаях могут предотвратить беду, если им на это укажут. Знайте, что ангелы, которые окружают вас – самые надежные ваши помощники. Они искусны в вопросах манипулирования ваших «случайных» встреч. Ибо ничего случайного на земле не происходит. Все находится под неусыпным контролем Всеобщего Отца.
Некоторые считают, что они сами хозяева своей судьбы, что их воля превыше всего. Они заблуждаются. Своеволие чаще всего приводит личность к трагическому концу. И если в своей жизни она не успела наделать смертных грехов, не дошла до отрицания Бога¸ у ней есть еще шанс продолжить жизнь в обительских мирах. Человек хозяин своей судьбы только тогда, когда свою волю он подчинил воли Бога! Моя воля – чтобы исполнилась твоя воля – вот гимн свободной личности. Своеволие – дорога смерти, исполнение воли Бога – путь к бессмертию.
Это пока все.
- Спасибо мудрый райский учитель на доверия ко мне.
Threads for New Transmissions / Worship
« Last post by David on September 24, 2018, 05:36:30 AM »
Teacher: Ophelius
Subject: Worship
T/R:    David
Location: Kyambogo, Kampala, Uganda.
Date/Time: Mon24/09/18  09:15 am

Hi members of the forum I introduced my self a few months ago and I've been online but with no courage to even make a reply but a few weeks ago I believe I broke through when I read and it was said that I don't have to wait for an audible voice but after a few minutes of stillness just begin writing,so when I did that I got a message from my beloved indweling it was short but I was very happy and have been practicing ever since and getting personnel messages and now I feel like I can begin to post some of the messages I receive as part of my practice as I have noticed you people are encouraging and won't mind if I made mistakes. Just after the recent broadcast I should testify that messages have been coming in easier than before as I don't have to wait for ten minutes before there's someone and then they have been easily flowing. So I also encourage whoever may b waiting for an audible voice to begin writing as soon as you feel like enough of stillness.
Now ill go to the message this morning,

Teacher Ophelius;
I am ophelius here speaking with you this morning, what a great and glorious day today is, when all bow down and worship our heavenly father on paradise,for who he is, his magnificence is just unbelievable and unfathomable, we all bow down and worship him for indeed he is amighty God and there is none like him, for he upholds all things and makes sure that all is in sync,even that which seems out of sync is working for the good of all being in sync.
I am ophelius and I come here to admonish and uplift you and encourage you in the spiritual worship of our father,for there's benefit in worship, benefit that you may not easily experience another way;
What worship is, is an acknowledgement in every detail of life,the supremacy of the great source and centre of all things. So I encourage you to live daily in an atmosphere of worship of our universal father and your creator father for he deserves it and it serves for growth and strength to your soul,for when you acknowledge the father as source and see him as centre of all that is good in your life you grow one step closer  and get a step further in your  your attunement with him.
So my friends and brethren let us live lifestyle of worship of our heavenly father and all is well with you all.   peace to you,      teacher Ophelius.

David: Thank you teacher opheluis for your admonishon and am most grateful for having received you this morning. End

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Ankara on Temperance
« Last post by wendy.winter on September 24, 2018, 01:46:13 AM »
@SueW, Ankara certainly has us dual natured (humanness/divineness) mortals figured out! My compliments to his Teacher.
General Discussion / Re: A Few Words From Michael
« Last post by wendy.winter on September 24, 2018, 01:40:50 AM »
Threads for New Transmissions / Ankara on Temperance
« Last post by 7inOcean on September 24, 2018, 12:23:47 AM »
Teacher: Ankara
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Victoria Australia
Date/Time: 24/09/2018 1.26pm(AEST)


The subject today is Temperance.

Why temperance? This is about your composure, your disposition in relation with others and with yourself. Maintaining not only your focus on the goal of service, but also on how you conduct yourself before others in good manners and thoughtfulness, in consideration for others who place their opinions and thoughts to a point. There is a lot of give and take in the business of service. Most of it is freely given without much fanfare. You know that as you do that daily in giving freely all that you are as an experienced and knowledgeable team player. Although, very few are as experienced as those who are fused with a well experienced Adjuster. It is with pleasure we have so many of you in this endeavour with your Adjuster to so be given in the way of the Father in this work of reclamation and renewal of a planet that was unfortunate to experience rebellion under the auspices of a brilliant Son as Lucifer was. Why I institute the subject of Temperance is to do with moderating your tempers in with the loving guidance of your Adjuster who softens you to the approach needed in all that you undertake as workers in the field of light. Yes Light and Wave have much to do and accomplish and that is still going strong in the many they influence around the world at large. Your role is to do with keeping going with the task at hand in remaining with me in the going work that is to do with messaging, teaching and other ways of import.

Temperance is an area that needs working on in most humans and that is to do with levelling out the brain cortex in toning down the aggressive streak and allowing more serotonin to seep through to soften the unpleasantries that gets sparked in many areas of the cortex. Serotonin is a substance that causes the sedative effect of anger and frustration that gets built up in the nerve centre of the brain. How serotonin works is induced when you are subjected to a certain thought stream that softens or slows down the fast-streak of negativity that tends to wreak havoc in the nerve centre and wants to run and plow and mow and do more harm than good. Self control is a measure that can be applied if you are strong enough to allow that kind of will power to say “NO!” to what is not agreeing with you. That is a conscience mechanism, the right and wrong directive built into your consciousness. When self control takes it stand, the negative input is placed on the back burner and you have placed a certain peace at the fore of your thought processes. This allows an enormous amount of serotonin release to flow through the nerve circuitry where it tones down the aggression streak and lets the calming effect of the river stream flow and course through your heart chakra. Let that be the good temperance that takes place as you place yourself in with Father and in that faithful trust of knowing ‘all is well and shall be well’ even in the midst of so much turmoil that may surround you in your life. If not turmoil, hardship of being the servant of God is another term or experience you are living, that also is your lot in life of an agondonter that walks on the face of Urantia.

“Humans are known to have fluctuations in temperance, be it angry, frustrated, annoyed, hesitant, doubtful in one extreme and then to the other, pleasant, pleasing, happy-go-lucky, calmly trustful and confident are those areas of tempers that paint the person and their personality at any given time and situation. Many times you have outbursts of expletive words and other times you may be the most pleasantly spoken individual with words of praise and adoration. In the animal kingdom, the monkey can do pretty much all these variable emotional outbursts and show affection if it wants to.  You humans do have those traits too and have the ability to control oneself if you are willing to overcome your fears, your anger and your frustrations. The highest kind of deliverance is when you are yourself in the most kindest way possible that can be conveyed with the greatest understanding and kinship with the other who are in need of a little hand. Like helping one to look before it leaps and then know how to overcome the obstacles of all those difficult moments that one faces. Experience in all these areas enables one to procure much wisdom in where and how to function in the face of challenge whenever it arises. Let yourself be as you are and be the one to feel, to seek, to have and to hold all those things that shapes and moulds your character that you are.

“Take the time to let certain things come to pass, like you wait for a wave to crest before you take the dive under it to safely get through its voluminous waters. Not much else you can do but let it pass as it should and then you will see better for it when the passage of time has shown you more than what it was at that certain time. Be of good cheer and know that there is more in the pudding than what is first seen. Get your head out of the book and see the birds sings for the sheer delight of the freedom to fly where it wills. See it for what it is and be at peace at where you are at in with the guiding light that is leading you on in the wonder of God in our midst, just as the bird is in all its glory. Jesus saw the birds in his day and was amazed too how they neither sow nor reap and yet how the Father gives all that they need and how you are valued so much more than the birds. That is a real wisdom in his memory for all of us to treasure as well in many aeons of time that we travail and learn the simple act of faith and the joy of the Father that gives all to those who ask of Him. Being at peace with oneself is the first of many calming effect on your mind’s ability to attuning in with the Spirit of God and then onto the many wonderful circuit input that runs through you as you allow the peace to run and be.

“This is Ankara here and I let this lesson sink in as to its significance as to allowing you to find yourself and let the calm well over in you. Let not the things of the earth trouble you as this will pass, let the peace of God dwell in you and be with you. May the peace of Michael and Mother Spirit be with you all. Shalom.”


[Thank you Ankara for this wonderful lesson of temperance. It is much needed in our lives of so much angst and confusion that we often encounter. The peace that passes all understanding is very much something we all need to keep working on and let it sink in our hearts. Sue
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