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Ron thank you so much for bringing this our attention. If any one needed that prayer it is myself I will practice it daily. Amen

Well done, Larry!

Primus here:  Ron asked me to state a few things for your Larry,  I am a divine being but you do not capitalize the pronounces referring to me.  Just capitalize my name is all that is necessary.  I hear Mantutia, let him speak Ron:

MANTUTIA - "I am the overall Supervisor of all you five, and Ron omitted Sue Whiley and Amethyst in assignment of the new Order of guides to them.  I make amends to that as there were no names in assignment when Ron named them yesterday.

"Sue Whiley, the new Order entity guide name for your is Primus as well, as you and Larry will share Primus together for the time being.

"Amethyst, you received the new Order entity guide Light, for Light is her name and she fits very well with you Amethyst.  Ron alone has Manaforge the first born of this new Order which still remains unnamed for reasons of State at this time.  Ron also says it does not matter as long as he has a name to put the face of his helper and who has proved to be quite a helper to day for all sorts of reasons. 

PRIMUS HERE - "I now speak with capitals and quotes as that was the order from Mantutia to do so here for you Larry and others who will get us assigned to you later on.  I am with you now as your Guide and as your helper to keep your busier than you are used to Larry Gossett.   I am now using just Larry as I feel I know you well enough, and that is good to know as I had a right to refuse working with you if you disappointed me at all.  Same thing happened to Ron Besser, as Manaforge (WAVE) had a right to refuse him and now you would not pry him loose as he sees Ron as a perfect assignment for all he wishes to learn and do.   You Ron speak to Manaforge on your own time!"



General Discussion / Re: RED LETTER DAY INDEED!
« Last post by 7inOcean on July 13, 2018, 04:13:49 PM »
I am just taking it all in. I wish to thank Ron and all for the amazing news and very good manners protocols and some stern things to be done in civil life. Yes Sir, I agree. While I could say a few things, it's better not to, although I was rather sad when the Mentori were considering leaving and now they are well and bide their time with us. I felt I let them down or something, but no, it is the state of how humans are. The last few days was strange. I put it down as the Censors who seem to do a good job of juxtaposing everything and leave me confused. I got the sense of a new name from my Adjuster and I am working on it to make sense of what that is, the name is Metawae, I think. Now I have to go to work.

Larry and Amethyst and others you are not alone in these attempts by the Censors. All I can see is that it may be to quieten us so that others can and must speak as it so appears through Ron in sparkling array. Thank you Father Michael! It is a humbling experience to know our place when Jesus as the 8th bestowal is to be in your plans.

General Discussion / Re: RED LETTER DAY INDEED!
« Last post by amethyst on July 13, 2018, 01:18:48 PM »
Larry--You are not alone with these dry spells.  Sometimes I go for weeks unable to get or correct anything, and all of a sudden they start up again. The UB tells us (I forget exactly where), that our guardian angels are most active when our Adjuster is not; and our Adjuster is most active when our angels are not.  I have often wondered if our cycles of reception activity are related to this synchronicity between the two.  Just wondering.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Dolly
« Last post by Lemuel on July 13, 2018, 10:54:13 AM »
Thank you, Larry.  Deeply appreciated.
Received late Wednesday Evening

Primus – A New Guide, A New Opportunity -  Larry Gossett -   13 July 2018 – Florida –

Teacher: Primus
Subject: A New Guide, A New Opportunity
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida  -   13 July 2018  -  14:00 GMT
T/R: Larry

This is Primus and I am and will be a new and additional Teacher and voice and guide for you and does that meet with your approval?

( Me) Most definitely, Primus.

The very fact that you have come, have opened up, through your invitation for Me, and agree to meet with me , let me say that I am of this new order that Ron and Michael have been discussing with all of you.   There is much work to accomplish and you, in particular, can make good use and have significant need of what my Order has taken on to do in association with  Michael  and the Father.   Ron holds you well enough but knows as well as you do and I do, that you above all need steady and more consistent work so that when the time comes and it comes quite soon, your work for the Missions will be quite varied and you will learn many new and wonderful ways of service to these Missions.   You marvel at all the work that Ron can do, and does, his extraordinary abilities and I tell you that  you five fused ones as you are called and a few others who are  line at the Fathers time and bidding will also fuse shortly as you become so involved this m and are necessary to some of you are so that your service , education,  careers, and experience with Spirit will be well noted  at some future time and I know that you are want to shy away from that kind of limelight but  you must develop the inward confidence that can only be achieved through your persistent work in these days ahead which are so important for you and of course for the Missions that are now come and that will herald in  that new dawn of the 6th  Epoch that Urantia needs so desperately for Her future as an educational sphere which Michael has designed and designated Her to be and these plans  have already been  set into motion.

So as we come together in the next days and weeks  just realize all that is at stake for all of you on such intimate and personal levels.   You can feel and  notice My individual personage and this will become more apparent and comfortable to you increasingly as we work together and  as you do this well, your life will be of significant example and demonstration of  your love and service to the Father and to Michael , to Lanaforge and all who represent these Missions and as Ron has mentioned to several of you, including Lemuel, that you may well be destined, eventually, as a Mighty Messenger, but that is well into your future careers.

Several years ago when you were listening in of the calls with Jerry Lane and Gerdean and braved your first question,  that teacher/guide  told you at that auspicious time, which you have always held in your memory, that quite the adventurous spirit life  was in store for you and so it is and that begins now, just as it does for all who come and have chosen to do this work and service  in their love and worship for the  Father, just as we all do, for  truly that is the way of Spirit.

As we will be working in consort together and with several others, our work together will give you and all who do this work, experience that you can now not even  carefully and specifically laid out before you. For truly they are there to enhance your growth towards your eventual spirit  maturity.

We will speak again and often and as this is just the beginning of a great and last relationship… even a partnership if you will so abide with me and all others who so volunteer to accept  the assignments that are just as important to us as they are for each of you.

Take heed of these opportunities as work together.        Be well, eat well and all will be well….. Good Day… this is Primus.


Reception taken early Thursday  morning -  12 July 2018

Take a few moments to relax, center, breathe and let My energies, thought patterns and Spirit Signature  infuse and  permeate your thoughts and let our thoughts be as one.

These are important days ahead for all of you, especially those who want to  step up to the plate of Spirit as you say on your world, and feast upon  the food and fruits of Spirit that are available now to all of you more than ever before.  This critical and exciting time for each of you will set the growing curve within each one who does this work.   I am Primus and I come again this morning just as I  did last night to connect and establish a connection and circuit with you that will grow and be made stronger each time you come to me or any other Spirit Being associated  with each of you as your guides, teacher and even mentors.   There are many and a wide variety of associations , Celestial Beings and Orders that have been called upon at this time that carry on this work.

As you can tell from reading the  receptions taken by Ron, Amethyst and Lemuel and as  Sue will be posting her work as well, I do want to encourage all of you on this forum to  at least give  this T/R work a chance to be part of your daily  duties for in many ways, dear ones, this is a  not only a sacred  duty but the highest of honors that you are engaged with.  

 We have nothing but the deepest and most sublime love  for each of you and  we look forward to bringing you our messages as this is such a critical times.

The Dim Period that has been talked about in the past few days, which as you  well remember this was discussed a year or so ago and now that time comes quickly. Therefore  prepare yourselves and prepare well and this can only be done by each of you taking on the Mantle of Michael for  your Creator Son, is presenting each of you with unprecedented  access, opportunities and responsibilities that are vital to your development on soul levels and on personal growing levels  in all aspects of your physical and spiritual lives.

 You are at that infamous pivotal point, that place of standing at the precipice of  your new lives dedicated to the service of the Father in your lives and as all of you  must come to realize that what you do here and now sets the pace and lays out your futures for a career  with Spirit that will finally change this world of Urantia and all call her home, in the past present and future.   Please , each of you know that none are excluded, none are left out, or behind for it is by and through your daily decisions, your freewill choices, your consecrated and dedication desire to serve and to be the best you can be as far as  a T/R that will teach you and prepare you, as we together,  and that includes every member of this forum for we move into  these coming trials and specifically the coming of the dim period that will befall  Urantia.  Allow m to teach, encourage and guide you all and yes I know that we all talk and talk about persistence, consistency, and having an unfaltering dedication to serve.

As I was mentioning to you last night, you all look to Ron as  an extraordinary transmitter and one who demonstrates love and dedication to the Father and to Michael  and it is though his long persistence and refusal to  never give less than 100%  towards this kind of work that for him has been a labor of love and devotion.  What Ron has been able to accomplish definitely sets a high bar and example for each of you and you  will have  the opportunities to advance to extraordinary levels and accomplishments as all of this unfolds.  It is an “unfoldment” and  your consistent applications and recognitions of the opportunities that now exist and are presented to you  coalesce your efforts and experience towards the very goals that all of you have set in motion.

There is much that is coming to all of you here and seizing the moment will and can be that very impetus in your awareness  for all of you know, quite well that you can not go back to that state that you do not and cannot know what you know.

In closing this let me restate for all of you that it is to your benefit, always to ask for a message,  and put out the invitation  to Spirit, especially now that there is such an accelerated  and coordinated  effort being laid out for this world.    This is Primus…. I look forward to our next meeting Call on Me……Good Day….

General Discussion / RED LETTER DAY INDEED!
« Last post by LarryG on July 13, 2018, 07:37:17 AM »
 It has been mentioned in a couple of different  posts that today is A RED LETTER DAY!   and indeed it is.  I woke up this morning feeling almost jittery and bouts with my head swimming with anticipation.  In the past couple of days I have taken a couple of receptions but did not have the energy , as was my plan yesterday, to get them corrected from my mistypes and many mispellings.   I had mentioned to Ron in a message that it takes me longer to "fix" my receptions and make them "presentable"  than it does for me to take them.   Yesterday I had to put up 4 pallets of stock at work and was exhausted when I got home and basically just collapsed when I got home yet still "guilting" myself  for not doing the  editing  I wanted to do...then I read Ron's lastest posting and it almost seemed that what I had taken, while being very personal and I really shy away for  posting things  that are mostly to, for, and about me personally.   And to boot, after Ron's latest posting, my receptions seemed  quite  anti-climatic considering the astounding news he presented to us and to Urantia.  However, I am finally off work and will get them posted as I get them corrected., so bear with me.   

I am so filled with joy, excietment and anticipation.   I also am  really wanting to go back and review the last 6  postings of Ron's exceptional work.    LET THE NEW DAY BEGIN..... LarryG
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Dolly
« Last post by Clency on July 13, 2018, 07:20:06 AM »
Hi ! Lemuel, thank you for sharing your love story and I understand that you are still cherishing the sweet memories of 21 years happy married life. Nowadays, with countless divorses or separations,  there are not many couples that can boast to have such a long and lovely relationship together.

Perhaps one day, you would be called upon to teach young people, in the Adam and Eve schools, how to lead a happy life with a chosen partner for years long. I have the feeling that, when you will be done with this life, you will not miss one moment to meet again with your dear Dolly for the long haul together in both your ascension career. Right ?

There is no haste right now Lemuel, there is the Father’s business to attend in the first hand and if you don’t mind, since this is a personal message, I will leave it like that, without a transcription, in agreement with the little voice in my mind, telling me to do so. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Dolly
« Last post by LarryG on July 13, 2018, 07:19:21 AM »
My dear Lemuel, As I first started listening to your recorded message I thought "my you sounded sad" and your voice was very different than usual and natually as I  continued to listen I understood why.   As you began, I agree that we ,as a specie must learn and accept death as a celebration and of course you are quite right that we all miss the physical presence of those we love and honor.   Instantly i remembered from Ron's post yesterday towards the end when Machiventa Melchizedek, as our  new Urantia Supreme Court Justice is enumerating just a few of what He and the Michael Mission will address, he lists:
    "C - I am truly sorry we must abridge the rights of mourners too, but the Urantia funeral must be amended in some manner; to be announced further later..."

Mankind's total misunderstanding and ignorance of not only life as we live it and  death  is, for most,  an illusion and as a specie  it is to  our great advantage to learn the truth and accept and celebrate, as you say,  the life of those we love.    It will be a milestone for all humanity  if, when and as he and we all, can come to realize the real nature and truth that life is an eternal quest and adventure which will deeply and significantly lessen the despair and grief process that is imposed and inflicted upon society.  The whole right of the passage of mankind is very manipulated and is still quite barbaric.   In our  Urantia Book in the lpapers dealing with the Age of Light and Life it is very enlightening to read the section on death and translation.   This is  what Mankind  needs to be taught and a better way to approach death.   Equally when mankind learns more about the Thought Adjusters, Fusion, and the Mansion Worlds finally mankind can rid himself of so much misunderstanding of life and death as the Father and Michael and Mother Spirit  have created.

I so thank you for your recording and I celebrate the life of your beloved Dolly with you.    LarryG

2. Death and Translation
55.2.1 Natural, physical death is not a mortal inevitability. The majority of advanced evolutionary beings, citizens on worlds existing in the final era of light and life, do not die; they are translated directly from the life in the flesh to the morontia existence.
55.2.2 This experience of translation from the material life to the morontia state - fusion of the immortal soul with the indwelling Adjuster - increases in frequency commensurate with the evolutionary progress of the planet. At first only a few mortals in each age attain translation levels of spiritual progress, but with the onset of the successive ages of the Teacher Sons, more and more Adjuster fusions occur before the termination of the lengthening lives of these progressing mortals; and by the time of the terminal mission of the Teacher Sons, approximately one quarter of these superb mortals are exempt from natural death.
55.2.3 Farther along in the era of light and life the midway creatures or their associates sense the approaching status of probable soul-Adjuster union and signify this to the destiny guardians, who in turn communicate these matters to the finaliter group under whose jurisdiction this mortal may be functioning; then there is issued the summons of the Planetary Sovereign for such a mortal to resign all planetary duties, bid farewell to the world of his origin, and repair to the inner temple of the Planetary Sovereign, there to await morontia transit, the translation flash, from the material domain of evolution to the morontia level of prespirit progression.
55.2.4 When the family, friends, and working group of such a fusion candidate have forgathered in the morontia temple, they are distributed around the central stage whereon the fusion candidates are resting, meantime freely conversing with their assembled friends. A circle of intervening celestial personalities is arranged to protect the material mortals from the action of the energies manifest at the instant of the “life flash” which delivers the ascension candidate from the bonds of material flesh, thereby doing for such an evolutionary mortal everything that natural death does for those who are thereby delivered from the flesh.
55.2.5 Many fusion candidates may be assembled in the spacious temple at the same time. And what a beautiful occasion when mortals thus forgather to witness the ascension of their loved ones in spiritual flames, and what a contrast to those earlier ages when mortals must commit their dead to the embrace of the terrestrial elements! The scenes of weeping and wailing characteristic of earlier epochs of human evolution are now replaced by ecstatic joy and the sublimest enthusiasm as these God-knowing mortals bid their loved ones a transient farewell as they are removed from their material associations by the spiritual fires of consuming grandeur and ascending glory. On worlds settled in light and life, “funerals” are occasions of supreme joy, profound satisfaction, and inexpressible hope.
55.2.6 The souls of these progressing mortals are increasingly filled with faith, hope, and assurance. The spirit permeating those gathered around the translation shrine resembles that of the joyful friends and relatives who might assemble at a graduating exercise for one of their group, or who might come together to witness the conferring of some great honor upon one of their number. And it would be decidedly helpful if less advanced mortals could only learn to view natural death with something of this same cheerfulness and lightheartedness.
55.2.7 Mortal observers can see nothing of their translated associates subsequent to the fusion flash. Such translated souls proceed by Adjuster transit direct to the resurrection hall of the appropriate morontia-training world. These transactions concerned with the translation of living human beings to the morontia world are supervised by an archangel who was assigned to such a world on the day when it was first settled in light and life.
55.2.8 By the time a world attains the fourth stage of light and life, more than half the mortals leave the planet by translation from among the living. Such diminishment of death continues on and on, but I know of no system whose inhabited worlds, even though long settled in life, are entirely free from natural death as the technique of escape from the bonds of flesh. And until such a high state of planetary evolution is uniformly attained, the morontia-training worlds of the local universe must continue in service as educational and cultural spheres for the evolving morontia progressors. The elimination of death is theoretically possible, but it has not yet occurred according to my observation. Perhaps such a status may be attained during the faraway stretches of the succeeding epochs of the seventh stage of settled planetary life.
55.2.9 The translated souls of the flowering ages of the settled spheres do not pass through the mansion worlds. Neither do they sojourn, as students, on the morontia worlds of the system or constellation. They do not pass through any of the earlier phases of morontia life. They are the only ascending mortals who so nearly escape the morontia transition from material existence to semispirit status. The initial experience of such Son-seized mortals in the ascension career is in the services of the progression worlds of the universe headquarters. And from these study worlds of Salvington they go back as teachers to the very worlds they passed by, subsequently going on inward to Paradise by the established route of mortal ascension.
55.2.10 Could you but visit a planet in an advanced stage of development, you would quickly grasp the reasons for providing for the differential reception of ascending mortals on the mansion and higher morontia worlds. You would readily understand that beings passing on from such highly evolved spheres are prepared to resume their Paradise ascent far in advance of the average mortal arriving from a disordered and backward world like Urantia.
55.2.11 No matter from what level of planetary attainment human beings may ascend to the morontia worlds, the seven mansion spheres afford them ample opportunity to gain in experience as teacher-students all of everything which they failed to pass through because of the advanced status of their native planets.
55.2.12 The universe is unfailing in the application of these equalizing techniques designed to insure that no ascender shall be deprived of aught which is essential to his ascension experience.
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