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Weydevu, I am not sure why they do not jump out and answer these for you but they leave it to me to ponder this with you:

Orion;s belt is not the original Orion at all.  The belt and sword which I enjoy looking at too as it is truly splendid to see here late at night in York, is only what is left of sixteen hundred stars that once were part of the true Orion Constellation.  The true Orion Constellation blew apart before Urantia even had dinosaurs.  The belt and the sword are left over remains of that once proud Constellation.

Egypt tomb builders ran a small scam with the Pharaohs, by building stone shafts the if you looked up them, would center on prominent stars,  The builder of Cheops was none of the than Cheops himself and he loved the belt like Ron does and chose that as his home planet to go to after death.  It holds no God mystery otherwise. 

Firearm Mischief
I am sorry to say I do not think they will do that in spite of the fact it can be done if spirit really wanted to do that.

MONJORONSON - "We still hold this to be accurate even though we have been criticized it should not be done for safety reasons.  The fact that the United States citizens hold over sixty-five million hand guns, and thirty-two million rifles and the other gruesome rapid fire weapons, is sufficient for me to order them to be untiring the day Jesus appears.  It can be done and it will be done.  That order includes military guns and weapons too but we cannot stop a missile launch without causing huge repercussions on Urantia too.  That is a secret order we do not divulge, Monjoronson."

Sue, you have the definition you gave yourself for the situation with Monjoronson.  You cannot fuse if you are not in synchrony with your Thought Adjuster,  Michael has a lot of problems on the Satania mansion worlds due to the fact that many humans from Urantia arrive with poorly achieved synchrony.  Ron's favorite actress, Betty Davis, had such a problem mainly because she smoked incessantly and got the vacuoles of  her human brain clogged with nicotine, and that drugged her when she died and she had no idea where she was when she was revived in the resurrection chambers shortly as she passed on in the early 1990's.  I also point out Sue, that you smoke a little too, and I doubt that has any problem for your Adjuster, but you do take nicotine tablets to cut down on your smoking I believe, and that is just as bad as smoking to your brain. No one should smoke.  Period .

Now Clency gave you a dictionary meaning synchrony.  That one is the one to use when odd events occur side by side without being related but everyone thinks they should be.  The Kennedy Assassination was followed by the Lincoln Memorial being declared unsafe to visit in 1963.  It was made unsafe due to water leaking underneath the statue and pooling there to rot the marble.  It seems that Kennedy was warning that he and Lincoln shared history of assassination and that retribution would or might follow.  That is an example of synchrony of events that are truly unrelated but in spite of appearances they are not.

Finally, my statement regarding the synchrony of issues dealing with the financial problems is true, but I remind all that does not make them really related as they just appear that way.  China and its gold can trigger US defaults, but China will not trigger the great depression that may follow shortly.

Sue, Ron certainly does mean Dianne Feinstein who was an american woman politician, a member of the Democratic Party. Look out for her background on wikipedia and as for the word ‘synchrony’ I can only refer to what is given as explanation in the dictionary : ‘a simultaneous occurrence of events that appear significantly related but have no discernible causal connection’. Domtia
"Synchrony, Ron, is a double indemnity of heart between Deity and yourself and you have it for MONJORONSON and he for you but Father intervenes so SERARA can take that honor for a long time.  In any case these Magisterial Missions are fully declared valid and are in process already, it is just that none of you can see or hear it yet."

"MONJORONSON speaking; "You Ron have the gift of God that is so essential to our work I do wonder why synchrony is not granted.  Father says you are not the one MONJORONSON to wear Ron out, but SERARA, will do that as Ron is capable of a lot of parlor tricks too when he is fully released before the public to teach and he will not do it in the Senate but once and that is enough to get Diane Finestine ready to be the might shield she can be for America."

Ron, the word "synchrony" seems to stand out to me and I do not know why, could you and Monjoronson elaborate on this word and its meaning in the context that is used above? Is this another form or term to specify of fusion or spirit indwelling? That is how I seem to look at it, yet it would be helpful to clarify this term. Thank you. And also, who may I ask is Diane Finestine?

I have a question I had ask Machiventa Melchizedek, he never got a chance to answered I suppose so I'll ask it again " Now the Great Pyramid had a shaft built into it that align with  Orion's Belt. Can you enlighten us what the people of that time knew and how it relates to the present?" I left other parts of the question alone thinking  'a need to know basis'.
As Sue says just kicking up some dust.

My last question is will the Archangels still prevent all firearms from firing?
Thanks Ron for putting the Contact Commission Tape  under your post instead of at the bottom. These library computers can't get it. I couldn't get the June 6 Tape nor the June 13 Tape, until I found it today but thanks to Sue,  Amethyst, Newstarsaphire, Clency and yourself posting and reveling what was in the tape I know whats going on thank you.

Thanks much Clency, for your temperate wisdom.  And Occerpa, now we see that octavio cervantes pava is the origin of your avatar.  I never suspected where you got the title.  Thanks for the revelation.
Occerpa, there is some very good and holistic reasons to look at the United States and its soil to prepare a visible Magisterial Mission within it.  There are several good reasons, but please note the very thing you complain about is among the most positive of reasons to use the United States as the center piece to begin with.
The Magisterial Son, MONJORONSON - "The United States is the foremost military nation on Urantia.  It can sideswipe anyone into oblivion if it so chose to do that, and Venezuela richly deserves to be sideswiped today, as it has turned a revolution into a dictatorship without precedence in South America.  Venezuela needs cleaned up badly as does Guatemala and Nicaragua and Bolivia, to name a few.  But the military of the United States is not concerned with world domination, as it has world domination without having to use force.  The world loves the United States for the wealth it brings and for the power to push back insurgencies.

"However, the world also needs badly a policeman and the United States does well as a policeman, but the expense is overwhelming, and as such, it carries too much for it to handle now.  Ron points out if case you do not know it, the United States has spent in lush rich money, nearly three trillion dollars for the first six months of this year.  Already, it is over budget by nearly 312 billion dollars, and it will have a budget mismanagement of near 750 billion dollars by the end of 2019.  This is an enormous burden on the United States, and Trump is yelling at the rest of the world, ' WE cannot afford this!'  He has asked the foreign reserve capital, China, to help out and Chine flips the finger at him and his idea to help bring the nation states into better harmony by releasing gold for a changer and stop pressing for gold only from the United States.  That works well if there is cooperation, but he does not know how to get cooperation and the world languishes in debt mounting so fast, it will cease to have functioning nation states in six months after the financial crisis hits the world shortly.

"The US military feeds on high prices and lost equipment beneath the waves of either major ocean.  It has provided nearly sixty trillion dollars in equipment to the rest of the world to fight the evil of Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, and on down the list to Tribalism and Militarism.   Yet it now ranks as under the fifth percentile in education for its people, and the poor are advancing at the rate of 33 million people a year in the country that also feeds a lot of the world, as it has it all in spite of giving it away by the billions of tons of wheat and corn it delivers easily to the rest of the world without any problem to do so.

"To do all that the United States population pays a heavy price.  Taxes are extraordinarily high everywhere.  Ron pays a per capita tax for school maintenance three salaries for three people for a year in Guatemala, and for ten salaries per year for ten people in Bangladesh.  Yet the debt never ceases and we all suffer, including the universe which will depend on the power of its military to provide humanitarian aide for the rest of the world and its jerryrigged system of nation states including most of South America when the time comes.

"Ron does not disagree with Occerpa and his complaints, and stands as an American who feels we owe a debt of gratitude to Great Britain and the EU, for standing up to the hegemony of the United States on lands we keep our military on.  The USA has troops in 132 nation states around the world.  It does not enforce its views but prevents wars and lists itself as ready to negotiate any time to defuse hot spots between other nation states.  It recently GAVE Taiwan sixty million dollars of tanks to defend itself against the aggrandizing nation state of China, to protect itself from the leer of a Chinese President who feels China is entitled to an Empire like the United States maintains for himself.  He is now a Dictator of the most serious variety and the USA has called his bluff and is dangerously close to going to war over the South China Sea,

"I am MONJORONSON, and the United States is the one safe place on Urantia to place a peace loving spirit Mission, but we are seriously concerned the USA will be bombed by North Korea just to prove a point, and then the US retaliates and a full scale nuclear war is on.  For that reason alone, the Magisterial Mission is holding back until we can get the USA and China back together again as trading nations with equitable means to trade with each other.  China indeed has ruled the waves between the two nations, and while it prospers, it charges double to the United States what it charges the rest of the world to ship goods to it.  The USA has called the Chinese bluff rightly but China rather play the victim in this fight and stays out of refunding anything to the USA over trade issues today.

"Let us be fair though:  China is likely to become poor again when the markets in the USA and Canada, and probably Mexico disappear for awhile.  The reason is that Asia has not real potential to grown anymore.  Reasons abound for that but population is a glut on the economy without purchasing power any longer, and as such drains the treasuries of those Asian estates so well, those Asian nation stations have very little left over for development.  Unless Vietnam learns to live within its means, it will fail as a nation state too, and so will Cambodia, and others located there.  No one expects the United States to deal them better than the rest of the world, but once upon a time, the United States looked favorably upon the trade Treaty with Asia, but now sees it as an endless morass of trials with debt and poor or mismanagement of their national economies.  Japan alone carries itself well as does South Korea, and they are nation states that owe the United States grand welcome of troops and care as the Asian continent will become inflamed again with major wars of attrition once the dollar comes under attach and the yuan attempts to take its place by force.  We sincerely doubt China will ever rise about the ashes of despair once it slowly falls under the wave of totalitarianism.  We state this finally:

"the United States is evil at times.  Trump himself is evil at times.  But most people in most countries are evil at times, and the USA has the least of evil Karma to  take care of by all other nation states.  Look at yourself Occerpa for your own grand reward of Karma to your own personal situation and see it multiplied nine billion times as the population on Urantia is nearly 9.4 biilion people who must eat and their waste cleaned up.  Where do you suppose that gets adjudicated for a URANTIA, the Planetary Supreme's name yet, that must administer it for God the Supreme and His benefit?

"The world is to collapse.  China is pushing it there faster than we predicted it would be so pushed to collapse.  Ron alone faces starvation not as he has called all assets in to protect them and so should all of you.

"Let it be a misnomer if it must be that you Occerpa know better than we do that the United States is far from perfect, for that it is, but it still maintains and empire, as you put it, that is the most benevolent since the Roman Empire two millennium ago.  It maintains a military so staggering it costs the universe nearly thirty trillion US dollars to maintain heroic balance on Urantia so it does not collapse into a multilingual nation where South America, wants to break off pieces of the United States for its own empires of destitute populations of their own.  it is a holy hell for the Untied States these days and we will stand there in order to maintain our own subsidies to the rest of the Urantia world on nation states who cannot manage all these people and thoughts of revolutions and insurrections to get what they want immediately.

"The United States harbors nearly sixty trillion dollars of debt owed to it it will never see repaid.  Yet it spends itself silly with aircraft carriers and motorized bombs as missiles to maintain its own order so that it can travel and be itself wherever it gets established for one reason or another.  Japan alone spends nearly eighty billion dollars a year to maintain the appearance of 10,000 US troops on Okinawa, and shows a deficint not in its budget because they do not need to maintain a military that got them into trouble nearly 75 years ago as WWII.

"We conclude that you are very unfair, but also justified in these views Occerpa, for as Ron says, there is plenty of blame to go around, but he also maintains it is a country that yields plenty of profit of other nation states and is bleeding case at the rate of sixty billion dollars every day to the rest of the world to maintain its presence as protecting troops in so many other nation states.  Syria and Russia are huge problems soon, but Russia does have a President that is wise about the extent it can influence other world affairs in the face of presiding United States of America.  We leave it at this for now."

SERARA, THE MAGISTERIAL SON OF RECORD FOR URANTIA - "I am totally at sea as to why you Occerpa are so sour over the American presence even in Guatemala.  If it were not for the presence of a small contingent of American troops in Guatemala. there would be no Guatemala left.  it is benign in extreme and the American presence keeps Guatemala paying its electric light bill as the United States supplies electricity there for nothing.  It also keeps the rest of the country together by seeing to it that food and military protection is provided while the residents of Guatemala flee in the millions to the southern border of the United States.  Ron calls these actions colonization, and that is exactly what it is unless the border with Central America is secured  there will be sixteen million immigrants from Guatemala alone invading the American southwest and that is an improbable consequence to the United States unless it forces many to repatriate to Central America soon.  I doubt the US has the clout with World Trade Association, to bring an end to immigration period by forbidding passports for trucks and buses and ships and planes from these places to American airports and other ports, because if the United States does not stop this flow of immigrants, it will lose the southwestern states to others. 

"In all, consider that the United States has supplied the rest of the world with the ideals of education and higher status as nation states by establishing diplomatic enclaves to these poor nation states and provides emigres pass ports and other means to travel there.  Now the US is glutted with Hispanics to the point some areas of the southwest speak no English!  That is a horror that Trump does not even know and that is dangerous beyond all conception to have that happen in a country that welcome emigrants all the tine until now.  Now Congress cannot see it at all and the American people close their eyes to the endless profussion of languages in its places of business no one can understand without an interpreter.  That is not cosmopolitan nature but dictation nature of over colonization of the American wishes to provide well but is so overwhelmed it cannot do so anymore.

"We as a Magisterial Mission in York, Pa., USA, must do all we can to provide York and its environs protection from the wrath of a poor government commune that runs York City and its environs.  It is too poor to run itself anymore and on top of it, it has a mayor who reasons it is a better city than most any other city and keeps it poor with expenditures on rooves for the poor and house lights for the indolent and computers for their uneducated children.  That will be stopped and it must be stopped soon as Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, recognizes taxes are out of kilter and so are the educators of that area who think they have an endless money tree with the population there.  They ruin household after household and the world will end it soon.  Nonetheless, this is mostly unimportant to most of you who read it, but it should be stated that Ron, as an example of one who lives in the midst of this, has spend the equivalent of fourteen thousand dollars a year just to maintain the school board in that area with what are truly luxury schools and their tax rate balloons every year thanks to a County Commissioner who believes West York is tardy in its education pursuits and produces budget after budget that kills most of its senior citizens by its ridiculous call for yet another new school.  They will learn shortly that is not possible at all thanks to Monjoronson and Serara and the York Protectorate to be placed there immediately.

"Finally, the United States has lost its preeminence in  the world of political clout.  It no longer washes the grass around its embassies as it used to do around the world, as they were told to stop it by Guatemala and Nicaragua and so on.  It cost too much for t hem to maintain the residence of  the US ambassador and water is already rationed in Nicaragua in many places. Guatemala ends its reign of stupidity shortly though as it has to reform or lose its status as a country!  Already Nicaragua looks upon it as another State inside of it! 

"Therefore, we still maintain that the United States is the only and last choice afforded to us to maintain an outpost of the universe for Magisterial Mission purposes.  Yet, it falls upon one small individual in York to see to all of this for now and he is seriously ill all the time without us to maintain his heartbeat.  it is worth the trouble but we fail so often to make it workable to the point he feels he is alive very much and yet he does well by producing work after work to read and understand the nature of what is coming to Urantia very quickly now.  Urantia cannot afford a York at this rate and York will be reformed greatly but it will fight us at times anyhow and then lose to the power of poverty if we do not see to it ourselves.  That is what looms for the rest of the world too if you do not soon realize the world is already bankrupt and it will collapse like so much rotten paper soon enough.  I am SERARA and I wish you all a good day if not a more sober one.

"Clency, you do so well you need to consider becoming a Commissioner if you can figure out a way to live in these United States.  SERARA."

Dear Clency! You are mistaken about the choice of the United States of America.
Why did Michael of Nebadon choose precisely Urantia for his seventh incarnation? Because it was the most explosive planet because of the Lucifer rebellion. The USA is the most disgusting the most aggressive, unpredictable and most dangerous country on earth. She tries to command everyone and put everyone on her knees. To avoid the destruction of civilization, the Lord decided to defeat evil in the bud. This is my first opinion.
Sincerely, Alexander Prozonov, Samara.
Уважаемый Clency! Вы заблуждаетесь по поводу выбора Соединенных Штатов Америки.
Почему Михаил Небадонский выбрал именно Урантию для своего седьмого воплощения? Потому, что это была самая взрывоопасная планета из-за восстания Люцифера. США – самая отвратительная¸ самая агрессивная, непредсказуемая и самая опасная страна на Земле. Она пытается всеми командовать и всех ставить на колени. Чтобы избежать уничтожение цивилизации, Господь и принял решение победить зло в зародыше. Этоь мое литчное мнение.
С уважение, Александр Prozonov, Samara.
Dear Octavio, I understand what you feel when it comes to the domination of one nation over another one using the power of military forces or financial pressures and the suffering that ensues for a whole population. Human history, through many centuries, is full of many testimonies of the same kind and it continues even to-day. If it is not one nation against another, it is one group against another group inside one and same nation that causes civil war and injuries to the inhabitants.

The Lucifer rebellion has long been crushed, but to-day there are still its remnants in every part of Urantia, wherever one is located. Obviously, there must be a cleansing of the planet from top to bottom, it is becoming even more urgent as time goes by, it must start somewhere and this is when the Magisterial Mission comes into play.

The USA has been chosen by Celestials to start the cleansing work for certainly good reasons. You, me or anyone else, is not in a position to challenge this choice, so let it be, but I have the gut feeling that this most powerful country in the world (USA) will be the first on the list before any others to be under fire of the Magisterial Mission, so take it easy and let us see what will be the outcome. Domtia
Thank you very much newstarsaphire for the translation of the teleconference. On that point of the insistence of making the USA appear like a kingdom that wants peace I want to make some annotations that I have wanted to highlight for a long time because I can not see that Empire of evil, how to act as a good and promulgate peace, but the peace of the graves. I had already made the clarification that when talking about the American Empire, it is understood that it refers to that leadership or that elite that manages the reins of the economy through violence, which is deployed around the world with military bases ready to impose "democracy" through BOMBS. So to speak of economic debacle or recession with explanations that do not understand but technicians to a large extent, and leave without considering the investment made by that empire to impose its doctrine of death, I think it is not fair to the causes of that debacle, when it is common knowledge that a sum is invested that is not possible to calculate for the astronomical, to conspire, corrupt, arm paramilitaries and mercenaries, give coups and change governments at will and convenience, that is only done with the money that should be invested for development, peace and not for war. I am not an expert on anything, but it is enough for me to know what is happening in Venezuela in order to understand how that empire acts and how it has acted through its regime of terror, when more than 200 years ago, a visionary like Simón Bolívar made it clear in his famous statement: "The United States of NorthAmerica seems destined by Providence, to plague the America of misery in the name of Liberty".
I can sense that the Mission of Christ Miguel and the Magisterial Mission will be carried out as planned, so I do not worry about when; however, I want to know how it can be carried out from the same current living center of evil, which implemented the Lucifer Rebellion. I ask for patience with my words if they were full of ignorance: There is no better ground fertilized, than the Ignorance (octavio cervantes pava). Thanks
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