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Music Compositions And Other Artistic Expressions / Feeling good
« Last post by Clency on November 16, 2018, 09:06:41 AM »
This song « Feeling Good » with lyrics by Nina Simone was constantly in my mind to-day and I thought to share it with all of you, since it seems to me that the words are of great significance to what is taking place to-day. I like much the jazzy version by Michael Bubble, so here it is : Feeling good

AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Welcome the new
« Last post by Clency on November 16, 2018, 08:44:45 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Welcome the new

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Well to-day, dear brothers and sisters, promises to be a day that will go down in history, not only a red letter day, but a day to begin a new era, a new system and so to-day we say : ‘welcome to the new’. Things will not change overnight of course, but nevertheless what is due to take place at the house of Ron Besser to-day in York, Pennesylvania, as you all know, as you have read in recent postings, there will be a most wonderful of meetings to take place. Never before such a meeting taking place between Celestials and human-beings.

The meeting in Ron Besser’s house to-day will be to inaugurate the Magisterial Foundation and when that is taking place Jesus will appear at the head of the table and He will speak about the Magisterial Foundation. I think it will be helpful for all of you to imagine that a tremendous foundation needs to be put into place before one can build a palace on top of it, it only makes sense of course. The foundation is the most important, no matter what is built of top of it, and so what is being laid to-day in Ron Besser’s house during this meeting is to lay the foundation for all activities here on Urantia.

Now, just think about that for a moment, it is not just to inaugurate the Magisterial Foundation, it will also inclued of course the Michael Mission and at the same time now the Magisterial Mission and in time to come the Trinity Mission. All these will be founded to-day and the meeting will take place to bring these foundations into a reality and the attendance, apart from Ron Besser of course will be Larry Gossett and Steven Gitz.

So, I say once again, this is the first never to have happened before throughout the all Superuniverse of Orvonton where human-beings and Celestials come together for a meeting of great importance and the appointments will be made to the board of directors for the Foundation. This is the first and it is so wonderfully important. So, dear brothers and sisters, to-day is a day to end old days, so to speak, we welcome the new and to-day is the first day of a new system, Divine Intervention. We will see now little by little, everyday, we will begin to see evidence of the dawning of this new day.

You are all aware, I am sure, of so many things that need to be addressed and the work of the Magisterial Son, of Monsoloran, a Mighty Messenger, will certainly have plenty of work to do and they will be helped, not only from other Celestials, but we members of this forum and others throughout the world, will be doing our part to make the Missions a success.

We have all been warned many times of the up-coming dark period and the earth changes that must take place and will take place and we will see things that we will prefer not ever to see, but we have been trained and prepared for this for years. When the time comes we will stand-up to the bar and we will do our bit in faith and trusting our own Beloved Indwelling Father Fragments.

To-day, we welcome the new and we do so with open arms and open heart, because this is something that has been needed for so many years, thousands and thousands of years, and to think now that finally to-day, this very day to-day is the beginning of the new and it is so wonderful to think that at last we are on our way to a new life, to a new system where there will be the end of wars and there will be the end of drugs. It is so wonderful, I nearly lose the words for trying to think about it.

So, dear brothers and sisters, go about to-day in your normal activities, but try to remember, to-day is going to be a day like no other throughout history of human kind of this planet. Yes indeed, it is that significant, it is that important. WOW !!! as you say. I thank you all for listening, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day and I am sure we will hear some news as a result of this meeting to-day in York. We will hear something very soon, I am sure and I hope to talk to you again to-morrow.

So, thank you again for listening, have a wonderful weekend and I say bye-bye for now. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / Goodbye to the old
« Last post by Clency on November 16, 2018, 08:43:15 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s transmission

Goodbye to the old

Lemuel : Good morning everyone. Well to-day will be a very special day, so we can’t let it pass without  mention the fact that to-day will go down in history as the very last day of the old system, life as we have known it thoughout all of our lives and those of our ancestors, going back to many centuries, in fact. It is very difficult to imagine or to accept this as a fact the last day of the system that has been put upon us so many years to which we have been slaves.

It is so remarkable, how can one begin to imagine the new which will start to-morrow and we will speak about that to-morrow, but for now we say good-bye to the old and obviously looking past, one can only identify with our own individual lives and our parents and grand-parents and generations before us, they are gone, although we do not know the sort of lives that they had, it was hard, it has been hard throughout each and every generations, each reality of course is different.

It also must be said, me personally being an old sentimental, I feel melancholic and sad, saying good-bye to what has been familiar for so many years, looking back to things I have done, places I had been, people I have met under circumstances good, bad and indifferent, we can all do that. Perhaps to-day is a good day of doing it.

We have talk about this before, looking back over the years and say thank-you to each and everyone that has passed or crossed our paths from time to time and you tell them that you love them and you thank them and you sent them light and love wherever they are now, whether they are alive or gone to the mansion worlds, it does not matter, your sincere wishes will be received by them.

So, is it really difficult, because in fact my early years, during the second world war in Whales, it was difficult for my parents, looking back, my father was away in the war in India, but how my mother survived to bring a soup to me and my sister in a worse conditions and I remember we were so happy, we had practically nothing but we were happy.

All the children on the same street played happily together, we were all dressed in rags, we had nothing else, but we were so happy playing together. It is also true to say that the older you get, the more you refer and go back to your second childhood as they say. I have very fond memories of my early years and my teenage years.

So, would I do it all over again ? Yes, I would because we were so happy. Now having to say good-bye really to all of it and in fact it all was the bad time as well for many, not for me personally, but I am sure for a lot of you there were many bad times. So we say good-bye to the old system or the house that Jack built as they say in America.

Hopefully now, what took place so many years ago with the Lucifer rebellion and the left-overs of Calisgastia which in fact few of you are still experiencing, but we are assured that there is an end to that now. So we are saying good-bye to a kind of slavery that we all suffered throughout more than two hundred twenty thousand years as I recall and that is a tremendous long time.So can one say good-bye and good riddance to the system, yes indeed.

So, my dear brothers and sisters, this is Lemuel signing off for to-day, I hope to be with you again to-morrow, because although to-day will go down in history and that is very important, to-morrow will be more important, we will speak about that to-morrow and for the time-being I thank you all for listening, it is such a pleasure to talk to you.

I bid you all a very good last day to the old system, bye-bye for now. Domtia
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on November 16, 2018, 08:06:36 AM »
Ta sama wiadomość po angielsku :
Przekazała : SophiaVeronica. pełny członek
Kategoria / Temat : Miejsce na nowe przekazy / Ruch do przodu
« 15 listopada 2018 r., godz. 16:18:08 »

Nauczyciel : Matka Duch
Odebrała : SophiaVeronica
Data : 15 listopada 2018 r., godz. 19:30 czasu miejscowego
Przedmiot : Ruch do przodu

Jestem tutaj, aby mówić do ciebie i nigdy nie musisz długo czekać, bo jesteśmy przy tobie cały czas. Wszyscy jesteśmy bardzo zajęci i oczekujemy wydarzeń, które wkrótce mają nastąpić. Prosimy was wszystkich o cierpliwość i robienie tego, co robiliście i wykonywaliście tak wiernie każdego dnia.

Prosimy was, abyście kontynuowali wasze modlitwy i przychodzili do Ojca w skromnej i szczerej służbie, aby przyczynić się do tego, co możecie zaoferować w nadchodzących czasach. Wielu ze światów Ducha przybyło na waszą planetę, żeby pomagać i prowadzić ludzkość w tych pierwszych fazach zmian i zamieszania. Prosimy abyście pozostali wytrwali, odważni w dziełach, które powierzyliśmy wam i abyście byli świadomi naszej obecności.

Ojciec dał znak, aby iść naprzód. Zebraliśmy nasze siły i rozpoczynamy nasze rozległe programy, które wprowadzą wasz świat w ruch i pozwolą wam wszystkim informować ludzi wokół was, co się wokół dzieje.

Módlcie się, medytujcie i wykonujcie swoją codzienną pracę z miłością i troską. Zwracajcie uwagę na pewne znaki i wrażenia, które mogą wydawać się niezwykłe lub nie po kolei. Zmiany nie rozpoczną się natychmiast na całym świecie, bo to byłoby tylko bardziej mylące i mogłoby być bardzo destrukcyjne lub przerażające dla tych, którzy nie są przygotowani.
Lubimy gdy jesteście spokojni i zdecydowani. Nie działajcie, dopóki nie wiecie co zrobić w konkretnej sytuacji. Proście i módlcie się o więcej informacji. Jesteśmy tutaj, żeby wam pomagać i umieścić was tam, gdzie będziecie najbardziej wartościowi dla otoczenia. Wierzcie w siebie i w to, co wam mówiono i co sprawdziliście w ciągu minionych lat.
Wspieramy was, błogosławimy i stoimy u waszego boku. Matka Duch.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Welcome the new
« Last post by Lemuel on November 16, 2018, 01:57:22 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Welcome the new
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain
Date/Time: 16th Nov. 2018  07:56 Local  06:56 Z
Threads for New Transmissions / Moving ahead
« Last post by SophiaVeronica on November 15, 2018, 04:18:08 PM »
Teacher: Mother Spirit
Receiver: SophiaVeronica
Date: November 15, 2018 Local time: 7:30 pm
Subject: Moving ahead

I am here to talk to you and you never have to wait long for we are around you at all times. We are all very busy and awaiting the events that are about to occur. We ask you all to be patient and to keep doing what you have done and performed so faithfully every day.

We ask you to continue your prayers and to come to the Father in humble and sincere service to contribute what you can offer in the times to come. Many of the worlds of Spirit have come to your planet to assist and to lead humanity in these first phases of change and turmoil. We ask you to remain steadfast, to be courageous in the works we have assigned to you and to become aware of our presence.

The Father has given the sign to move ahead. We have gathered our forces and will start our extensive agendas that will bring your world in motion and make it possible for all of you to inform the people around you what is at hand.

Pray and meditate and do your daily work with love and care. Be attentive to certain signs and sensations that might seem unusual or of a different order. Changes will not immediately start all over the globe for this would only be more confusing and could be very distruptive or frightful to those who are not prepared.
We like you to be calm and determined. Do not act before you know what to do in a specific situation, ask and pray for more information. We are here to help you and to place you where you’ll be of most value for your environment. Belief in yourself and in what you have been told and confronted with during these past years.
We support you, bless you and stand beside you. Mother Spirit.
I'm in the same mode as Clency---Fusion I need and of service I will be to the Missions. I am also just waiting for the time and place to finally be true one with my Beloved TA.
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / Goodbye to the old
« Last post by Lemuel on November 15, 2018, 05:57:27 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Subject: Goodbye to the old
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 15th Nov. 2018  11:56 am Local  10:56 Z
« Those who have already fused have lost nothing……. »

Ron, I have nothing to lose at all if I don’t have fusion, just to paraphrase a famous song. My intention is to serve in the Magisterial Mission and if fusion is needed to be in it and not outside of it, so I voice my desire, high and loud, to be fused. I am just waiting for the time to know my place in it, whatever it is. For now, I am going with the flow, eventhough I am not so successful in my attempt to transmit, but I know that I have nothing.……nothing at all…..if I don’t have fusion.

I am now heading to my second cataract intervention.Domtia
10 Page Revelatory Talk from Grandfonda & Consummator Monjoronson- More
•          Michael of Nebadon
•          Father from Paradise
•          Monsonloran Mighty Messenger
•          Monjoronson, Magisterial Son and the first to appear incarnated on Urantia very soon
•          Grandfonda, First Human to Ever Fuse with an Adjuster Superuniverse 1
•          Consummator of Universe Destiny, Highest level of Father and unattainable by humans
•          Margul, Trinity Teacher Son and of Record to initiate Light and Life on Urantia
•          Mother Spirit, Creative Consort of the Creator Son and for God the Supreme who cannot speak right now.

York, Pa 2330 Local Time
November 14, 2018

This is Michael, please quote me:

“I am Michael of Nebadon. I deal with all sorts of problems so esoteric I cannot always find a language to express them in. Last night Ron went to be exhausted and this morning awoke in the same condition. It was a busy full day this day for him anyhow and he managed to complete all asked of him too. Now we see his exhaustion return for a different reason, he is ready to shed the Homo Sapiens skin and bones and, above all, the Homo Sapiens mind. That is his to recall in the future, For now it is sheer exhaustion to walk and read and think. He must be returned to dust first and then to the morontial ideals of the Homo Spiritus species that will some day take the world over as the primary species living on Urantia.

“I am Jesus, and I am Michael, and I am the Arch Angel Michael when I want to be, and that is not funny Besser as I do not swoon in my place with changes of character, although you take me literally for being of one Order or the other, and that is not bad to report either, as it is the only way how to explain Jesus being the son of man as well as the Son of God. I report this to all of you. Today the furnace, a brand new unit full of the latest gadgets to correct it for many things it does not do right in the first place with a computer screen on its belly about three inches by two inches high, and the old man who corrected it is a computer wizard as it turns out.

“At first Ron irritated him when Ron explained that the thermostats would say one thing but the furnace could never match what the thermostats asked for in spit of the furnace running two hours at a time and sometimes more. The old man looked at Ron who is very pale and slim and thought he looked awful until Ron explained to him he had eight front teeth missing and the surgery made him unwell and he could not get the extra heat to rest with. That clued the old man into thinking he is near death poor fellow, let us see how this computer in the furnace works. He took apart one of four circulators, and found it too dry to operate. He greased the fitting. He next turned the touch screen on and revise the pressure upward nearly double of what it was originally set for. Then he moved the water temperature the furnace heats the baseboard heating system much higher. Voila, the furnace now heats all rooms perfectly. What was the different between the old man and the three other visitors to the cellar to fix a bulky furnace? The answer was compassion,

“I saw him turn from a gruff old codger to an understanding individual and he heard Ron explain how the house was so old it has a whole eastern part of the house out of alignment, and that if you measure a bedroom upstairs, the wall at the top was shorter than if you measured it along the bottom rail. He laughed and so did Ron as he recalled an earthquake under their feet on Easter of 1975 when it actually shook Yorkers in their chairs. That is so rare it was not at first believed. But that old house was so old it settled one more inch into the ground that day and made the east wall bulge out just a tad. Ron told him someday the place has to be torn out from inside completely and rebuilt. The old man told him the outside should also come down too, and they laughed. Now this is a curious story as Ron knew the old man was grouchy and did not care for him immediately. That started when he greeted the old man coming in and told him he was Ron. The old man told Ron his name and Ron lost it immediately. So he went to the furnace with the old man and just stood and watched to see if he could learn anything from the old man, and sure enough the repairman told him a lot he did not know about the furnace. Ron was delighted and it showed in his story telling about the house.

“I make a great deal about things like that, as they tell me how reliable Ron is in learning the ways of man, and he let the old man do all he wanted silently but kept watch as he tinkered with all the computer settings on the furnace. I laughed when I saw the man get under the furnace (as the furnace is bolted to the wall and there is plenty of space under it to look at it) and make adjustments to a plate that carried hot water back to the furnace. It immediately created a sensation in all the water pipes in the cellar and the old man told him that was a giant air bubble that got caught above the pan setting. Now the furnace is running sweet and happily and Ron has the heat he needs to keep everybody coming this weekend to get the Magisterial Foundation going to being the Michael Mission tomorrow. Upon the final vote to open the doors of the Magisterial Foundation, Ron will enjoin the Planetary Prince and welcome all to the Magisterial Foundation as a going concern.

“I have asked Monsonloran to enjoin Ron in a benediction from the Father and ask Ron to transmit it for all of us. The surgeon removed more stitches from the bone graft in his mouth and took surgical caps off the tope of the ridge too and that has Ron a tad sore as they were support for tissues that now lies flat in the mouth. Ron has not problem transmitting but it can get sore without teeth to keep the tongue extending too far, but Ron insists he can do the Benediction and probably the rest too. We hope so as this is too important to let go because of a sore mouth.

“I will attend tomorrow with Ron, a day before the other two humans arrive. He will hear better and see better after today being unable to see to zip his heavy coat to take the junk out for collection tonight. He finally got it after about thirty tries and I am not exaggerating! The zipper tip is so tiny it hardly fits when it gets in the double lock zipper anyhow. But worse his nose started running from Mother Spirit moving adrenalin to his fingers to feel the lock and zipper better and he finally managed almost by accident. He snee4zed hared again and the adrenalin was removed. There you get the idea of what happens when spirit cooperates with a human to help them get done what they need to get done.

“As a Mighty Messenger, I am sure of myself but Ron is sure of himself too and he never looks back when he has to keep trying hard to get anything done. Twice the evil angel short circuited his vanity lamps one upstairs and one down stairs as a plant light. Twice he found the cause and repaired it. Now we seem to question that but it is true they were short circuited on purpose and blew out the bulbs, In any case the trials are many and he takes them on in order to remain sane and force back depression that grows exponentially at times but he knows its dangers and gets out of it as quickly as possible.

“I am Monsonloran, and I work hard to see to his ways as being useful for us too. Tomorrow Gossett and Gitz arrive in York in the midst of a threatening snow storm in York. That is unusually early for York and Ron said so and accused the Winter Wind of being Lucifer for sure!

“I also see Ron laugh as usual even though he is almost hung over by today and all that had to do with anything but the spiritual Missions. We all have such days and that is the way time is– endless confusion over simple things to get done. I am Monsonloran and you Ron are not blinking from fear but worry you offend by things as we go alone but never mind I never get upset with any of this unless someone deliberately misleads me or others into thinking something is true and you never do that. Let me finish this with this statement:

“You are, tomorrow, going to feel a heck of a lot better than you have for months, and that is because I am a Father figure to most on high and I love the work I do as a Mighty Messenger, even for my own kin up there. I see Ron as one of us almost now as he is kind and thoughtful and never takes advantage mostly and that one time was the Adjuster claiming it for you and you won easily. The lady gave you the money you were standing on and explained to herself it fell out of your pocket and you did not see it until she asked you about it.

“I am now about to assign you to another group of humans on Urantia, Ron. I assign you to the liberty loving plutocrats you find no where else but in Russia, as you are to have some wealth and means to afford all you wish to do for others as you are a compassionate man and hate to see miserly and disease eat up a life with nothing left but death to face. You will be granted much to do t he work of the anonymous donor for them to enjoy your beneficial kindness. I also assign you to the spiritual elite of whom there are several million on Urantia who need your help to fuse and you will be busy with them explaining what that is and how it might be accomplished. Your Adjuster work is superb and you treat them as royalty. They are not but they are infallible. I am also working hard to understand how you get silly over nothing until we understand the word romp.

“I am Monsonloran, and we leave this alone only to tell you that Jesus has transpired to remember you have some wine in your cellar fridge and to bring a bottle up you can stand. I am a Mighty Messenger and we are even tempered and kind. However, Ron I make one exception for you, and I will not have my hands tied and be blindfolded to come to 2709 Sunset Lane and sit until I am spoken to.

“As Monsonloran, I ask that all be prepared tomorrow by noon if you will and to have the table ready for the meeting. Your removed the Captain’s Chair from the head of the table to let Jesus stand there at the head if he chooses and that is very kind and public to do. You will have the moment when dematerializes the wine and gives you Glucerna instead, and we will proceed with set up then.

“Finally, the trial to hear Jesus as he stands there means you all need to stand as he delivers his Eulogy that day in blessing the Magisterial Foundation beginnings and he will lead the delegation as head of the Magisterial Foundation for years to come and will use you Mr. Director, to get his message across to the Board which will be expanded to five human members when the time comes.

“I provide one further small insight to you Ron as the First Director of the Magisterial Foundation, and that is to never give up the idea it is very important that you never falter in your duties to that Foundation, You are given life everlasting soon and that is hard to imagine for you as you have to take your years one day at a time and we all do in time service. I can use the Absonite regime if I want to but never in time. I also am considered Deity by t he Father and you are careful to denote that in your mind? [Ron: Yes, but it is a grey area to define, but yes, to me the Trinity embrace signals Deity level work.] Good. I see we have a real student of heart and soul here without doing anyone harm and that is our choice for Ron too, as this is Father speaking directly to him. You Ron cheer me up mightily as I see you work something I never saw work before, and that is to include humanity into Gods work when everyone else thinks that God’s work to a human is to them and never the other way around. I am Father and thank you for taking this message. Father.

“Monsonloran here– I never had that happen before when Father just overrides the circuit as he did above and Ron let it override and typed it as it came in. I also leave you for now as Michael wishes to address the Members of this Site now:

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I call upon all of you to remember that Thursday, the 15th of November, is the last day we hold Urantia sacrosanct and will after that date start clearing the over developed population that shares no particular wish to be spirit or anything else, but to hold status and lord it over others. I am mindful of many of you who first came to this list and wondered who the heck Ron Besser was, well now you know as we learned as well. He is now to be delivered, with Steven Gitz, and Larry Gossett, to life eternal without travailing the Mansion World tests, as the tests of the Mansion Worlds are a lot lighter than what all have endured on Urantia in their short lives already. John Zebedee said hello to Ron just now and Ron makes it plain that in addition to the Urantia book revelation, he was most inspired by the service of John Zebedee, the person who saw to Jesus getting enough intelligence to keep one step ahead of the authorities in Jerusalem and elsewhere. I happen to agree with Ron he is an unsung hero that must be remembered well someday on Urantia too.

“I address all Members, fused or unfused, and Guests for whom you should become embedded with the lust for love and not power someday. We are all remembering how we used to look at Ron as a silly idiot who could not remember what day it was often enough to stop worrying over a thousand and one different things to do or say or pay. He is still that way, but plenty of currency will come his way to run these Corporations well and that is sufficient for me to say that the Magisterial Foundation will be endowed by the Salvington Government for sixty thousand dollars to being with and that is to go into the account in Citizens Bank, Ron. You will also endow Starbridge Group with another one hundred thousand dollars and stop accepting donations at once. Then Starbridge Foundation has its bank account ready as well, and we will endow it with one million dollars in bonds and securities not, but in the form of a Cashiers Check on the Bank of New York. Further, we declare all salaried beginning January 2, 2019 who have fused and are in good standing with our government. Your checks will be made out by Ron who will sign them to your payee name when the time comes. I make no motion now for other information concerning payments but on Friday, the 16th of November, 2018, we will make restitution to Ron for his expenditures and so on. Thank you.

“I am now continuing my address to Members of this forum alone now.

“Clency you make wide eyed pronouncements then go to sleep. You, if you wish can be a fused individual, but your resist giving up anything you have and it hurts your spiritual prospects. Ron freely gave what we wanted at all times as did all the others who are fused. It takes courage and heart and soul and understanding, which you do not do well, because you are frightened to be a Member who is fused and then to be included in a Mission you rather observe from the outside. You will, of course, see it from the outside until you decide how your future is planned already as a fused being and an eventual Finaliter to be brought back to Urantia to serve on this sphere as a Son of God.

“Those who have already fused have lost nothing Clency and you are a prime candidate to be fused shortly if you give of your soul permission to fully accept God as your birthright and your heart as ours to keep safely for you. “

“I am Monjoronson, and I see Ron’s confusions at time and that will clear up shortly I feel sure. In any case, let it be known that I Monjoronson, am not the lead and premier Magisterial Son soon to appear on Urantia as the Deity Keeper of the work of the incarnated Jesus quite soon. Ron expects nothing at 2709 Sunset Lane this Friday, but he will be surprised by what does happen as Jesus has ordained that this date is one of the most important dates in Urantia history. I also ask for you to stop that, and yes it will be recorded, we think, in the first year book we introduce in about six or seven years as an addendum to the second Urantia Book.

“You Ron have a vivid imagination we all use to shoot pictures to you. We are finding you so hilarious at times we keep them flowing slowly and without comment and will provide, someday, a book with your pictures in it, as they are precious and hilarious. I am still not sure how you get under our skin with them but you do. In any case, be assured we have a gallery of your work for view someday. I will be there at 2709 Sunset Lane because Jesus will be there at 2709 Sunset Lane, And yes, that building will be pulled down so it does not become a grotto. We accept it will stand for many years as a home away from home for many celestials as it is well appointed and as such wins remarkable discoveries of good taste forgotten for too long. As Monjoronson, you too Steven Gitz and probably Larry Gossett, will be attended by Supernaphim at the conclusion of your work at 2709 Sunset Lane shortly. I am making sure you are well guarded as Michael correctly points out all you fused ones raise the temper of evil on Urantia and must be aware that there are long knives out for all of you. So beware as these days proceed. I am Monjoronson and wish you all well now this.

“As the first Magisterial Son of record on Urantia, I am usually the first to arrive at a celebration, and there is another one coming when Michael assumes the throne of the Most Highs, vacating Andromadeus, and Andromadeus shall become briefly our Planetary Prince to round out his experience for the work of a Vorondadek Son requires they all have some experience as a Planetary Administrator, to receive the honors of graduation to the higher spheres as Deity of the Most Highs, and that is a new revelation, and a new Deity group for you to be aware of. I further assert that Machiventa of Melchizedek will become Deity of the Most Supreme and Higher, and is fully titled The Most High Supreme and Deity of Realms of the Absonite Reality and is encamped on a new set of Supreme Deity headquarter worlds beyond the realm of Paradise presence.

[Ron here: Please note we now have two new Deity Groups added to our memory of revelation through the means of transmission. The Most Highs become Deity. The Melchizedeks can reach Deity states as Machiventa will in the name group above. Do not let this pass without good notice for your own sense of complete revelation on these matters.]

“I continue as Monjoronson: We gave two different and important notes for all of you as well as fused members of the Urantia Corp of Fused Humans, a brand new Directory of order on Urantia. It was never necessary before to have one of these Directories and the new Planetary Prince, Andromadeus will assign Ron Besser as its head as he is the first and only one to directly address the Father before fusion to please help him achieve synchrony with his Thought Adjuster. That happened at China Pond Ron, and you remember those years as the harshest you ever spent until now with your health problems.

“I also work hard to maintain balance with the worlds I get assigned to. In order to maintain balance with Urantia, I require the Mighty Messenger who attends Ron briefly, to behave for me to assign Jesus to the meeting on November 16th in Ron’s home in York, and to prepare Ron to easily find Jesus when others cannot see him or hear him. This is my gift to Ron for being right up there with Grandfonda, who is the first human in time to have achieved synchrony in the time universes. He is also the first to recognize Ron as an extremely capable human and ordered his Destiny Number destroyed before anyone else ever knew they had one on Urantia. Grandfonda now speaks to all of you on this site:

GRANDFONDA, FIRST HUMAN EVER TO FUSE WITH AN ADJUSTER in Superuniverse Number One in the times of Halfaifa.

“I am Grandfonda and I work hard to remove myself from all worries in time. I am ancient by your standards but still remember my days as a human and my time under the rule fo Halfaifa and I still remember the grandeur of his presentation to the God of All, what I had achieved. It was an enlightened period of history and I fell beneath the yoke of pride and nearly killed myself to remove myself from a cult that had formed around me. Ron Besser steadily refuses any such thing to form around him and belittles people for thinking that way, He therefore can be difficult to work with and curries no favors except a job well done. I praise him lightly but well for other work he has pridefully insisted be done with him and fail not to mention that his care has won him notoriety as well and well being from beings that desperately need him for themselves in all manner of life situations. I am Grandfonda and wish all to remember, that Adjuster fusion is only the beginning, and that Adjuster fusion is not the end of fusion with human minds of the past. Ron proudly bears the work of God the Supreme in mind fusion on two of seven levels already, and bears the mark of the Father above his head perpetually, and the angels do double takes when he walks into stores to simple shopping. He is truly a funny man with lots to share and I agree he is removed from the normal list of numbers I care for, and for that reason I now reveal this to those Members who care about revelation:

“I also grant to Larry Gossett the temporary use of his lineage to be known as Gossett and Company and he will know what I am talking about in due time. I thank you Ron for this moment in the sun/Son and wish all a pleasant good day.”

MONJORONSON - “My pleasure too Ron, as I arranged this just for you. He is a Grand Man and he needs to be heard once people recognize his importance to human kind. You are one of the few I enjoy who does double takes on this material, as you take it personally and fully and well to learn what spirit is and does. As a result I asked the Father to embolden your ability to speak better, and He will grant that when fully healed and working better than you can now. I also asked the Father to entrust you with children to adopt and that is our pleasure too says the Eternal Son. Good day. Monjoronson.”

MICHAEL Of Nebadon as is and will report to all of you how this affair goes this weekend at 2709 Sunset Lane as that placement will become quite famous in a few years as all of this will eventually come out from the work of the Deity assigned to Urantia and other officials so high we have no title for them. Ron recognizes there are many Deity groups humans are not aware of, but he must learn he is to learn only that which he needs, I also smile as he does over a shared confidentiality between us.

“Further, we must conclude this transmission as we are way over our limit and maybe should be broken down into two or three but use your judgement Ron. I see you think as One as it is too easy to avoid reading additional posts together. In any case we say good day for now. Michael.”

MARGUL, Trinity Teacher Son -
“Thank you Ron for asking me. I have only to add that your life will be transformed this weekend with all best wishes from the Paradise Trinity. We must be demure and hold our tongue for now, but the Paradise Trinity has something for all fused ones shortly and please await its announcement before posting to it for now. I am proud of you Ron and the other fused individuals and thank Ron in particular to bring this to be a happy circumstances instead of the run of the mill intervention of Spirit on a desperately poor Urantia. Good day, Margul.”

“I Am glad this was not a planetary emergency Ron, okay? We are proud to announce that the harassment you have suffered over these past months is finally ended and the culprits arrested. You complained utterly about them over a year ago and we thought it was you doing too much and being cut back. I am the Consummator of Universe Destiny in full courage before all of you. Seldom do I speak at all, and when I do I carry a large discharge of work for all concerned. You Ron are fully empowered to do much more than you do only because you are able too but have no opportunity to do so. Now you do have the power and are unblocked from doing it. I love your ideas about the dissemination of the new Urantia Book,, and so on, and be assured we have no objection to a rowdy way of doing it immediately upon receipt. Your idea of a publicist is exceptional and you have done some work on this already amazing to us for its recommendations you wrote down and may pursue. Good and this: I am Father and I am CONSUMMATOR and you do not forget that, but most do and figure you for being sadistic at best, but you have made it clear we are one on different levels. The Father is head of Infinity. The Consummator of Universe Destiny is head of all that is planned for the Deity absolute and beyond. I conclude this discussion with this acronym to you: someday you will lord it over many others, but knowing you, you let things ride to see what they really mean and sometimes they really mean bad things, but mostly it is confusion that prevents most humans to understand they are loved and cared for and you shall learn to be a good father to and with full authority to wup ‘em when they transgress wisdom or love too harshly. Good day. Consummator of Universe Destiny,”

“We conclude a long day for Ron and he is happy to get this off the computer and to all of you who will read it thoroughly for sure. He is quite upset with levels of comprehension, but feels duty bound to provide what we give to all of you easily and well.

“I, in particular, note that our girl friend in Australia is sad she is missing such a grand day in York, but Ron did write how they all were to be here but the need for Visas and travel expense by het to the distant United States far exceeded his ability to pay for all of that. He will have plenty of currency to carry out most things shortly and that is well done to see to your own name for now Ron. Ron has an SUV, new, he cannot see out of well and they did it purposeful to force use of all the gadgets inside of it. But they did not take into account a nearly blind person and how they hem everyone in that vehicle, and so we grant him the license to buy one he can see out of and let the matter rest there.

“We need to explain one or two things to make this revelation in this post workable for all of you, mostly because you do not know the original revelation at all, and so some of it is incomprehensible to some readers. Ron has taken the attitude that this list is not for beginners but for those who know the Fifth Epochal Revelation by heart. Only one other does among this readership and that is Lemuel who is so much like Ron he wonders who he is sometimes. Besides Lemuel the rest of you fail to know the revelation to quote it like Ron can and like Lemuel can even better. Ron read the book at least ten times through and outlines the first two parts to teach it which he did well enough. But no one else takes the time or effort these two have and that is the shame of the entire human race on Urantia. The Sixth Epochal Revelation will fare better as we are going to enforce it coming out to Bible readers and other readers who do take care to read fully and well and not those who were attracted without learning the book to begin with.

“Therefore to you Ron, do as you intend to do with dissemination and let them roll their eyes but we will sell a lot of books t o be sure that way, Be prepared to reprint several times and this time we pay the freight to do that with Maple Press in York as they do text books all the time. Get in touch with them to see how much it will cost when the time comes. Each batch is 10,000 books and we may order three or four batches up front as we have it designed now with a leatherette binding, ridged on the back, and emblazoned with the Seal of the Trinity in gold leaf and a picture of Dr. Sadler on the inside cover completely unashamed of his 1908 pose before the cameras then given to superb photography. I wish all a good day.

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