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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission/ Suffering
« Last post by Lemuel on May 20, 2018, 01:19:14 AM »
Subject: Suffering
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date:Time  20th May 2018  07:18  06:18 Z
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmision/ Missions/ Melchizedeks
« Last post by Clency on May 19, 2018, 02:27:19 AM »
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transcription


Michael of Nebadon : This is Michael of Nebadon, I greet you all on this sunny Saturday morning. I hope you will all have a wonderful weekend. I come this morning first of all to give thanks and welcome back to this one, Lemuel, who has been through so much over the past few months.

As you all know everything is a go for the Magisterial Missions and I know you are all excited and anticipating and I must tell you that we are all exactly the same. All the Celestials, we are eager and ready to go and there is so very much to do.

In fact, to start at the very beginning, as they say, is not always as easy said as is done, because in fact there are so many parts to play, so many things to begin and so many to end. You all realize I am sure that now is the end of the all system and the new system will be put into place over the next few years. You also know that we have a new name for this beautiful planet : Nystoria, and we will have a new system, Nystorium. So everything from now on is going to be different little by little.

I am Michael of Nebadon and I have at my disposal as you know thousands of Melchizedeks already spread around the world, already some incarnated, but still in the wings, so to speak, try to keep a low profile, because they suddenly appear in one full fell swoop around the world will be too much and we don’t think that will work. Little by little, yes, and I can assure you that they are already working.

Also, I must remind all of you whatever the human endeavour is or has been, the Melchizedeks are experts in all possible fields of human endeavour. Just think about that for a moment, there is nothing that the Melchizedeks cannot do or do not know about human experience in all human endeavours. So this, I hope, will calm your nerves a little regarding about what they are able or not able to do. Rest assured, they do have control and expertise in all fields.

Other changes will take place, not so pleasant to watch or to know about or to see, but you are all been prepared for this for a long period of time. You know that certain things must be done, unpleasant as it may seem to you, they must be done. As you say yourself, you cannot make a omelet without cracking a few eggs. It is very necessary as you know. The last remnants of the house that Jack built must and will go. From the very beginning there will be a lighter atmosphere around the world or as, you say, a different vibration.

I will keep my message short this morning, because I know Lemuel is already beginning to feel a little tired, but I say again to him : welcome back Lemuel, and to all of you here, members of the forum, be prepared, remain calm. We know you are all excited and ready to go and beleive me, we will use all of you at the right time wherever you are in the world. At the right time, you will be used for the Missions and I thank you all in advance.

This is Michael of Nebadon, I bid you all a very good day. Domtia
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmision/ Missions/ Melchizedeks
« Last post by Lemuel on May 19, 2018, 01:30:11 AM »
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Missions / Melchizedeks
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/ Time: 19th May 2018  07:29 Local 06:29 Z
Lemuel--Wonderful message, and its so good to have you back in the saddle.  I hope you are doing better and feeling stronger.  Let us all strive to be a person number one! :)
Many, many blessings,
Indeed, Lemuel... it is so good to have you back and doing your wonderful recorded voice receptions.
As it has been mentioned a few times recently that you will have the opportunity  to go "on air" when the Missions are up and running and has it's own access  to an official broadcasting channel.  There are just so many wonderful avenues planned to get the "good news" out to our humanity.  It will truly take All who have the desire to serve to accomplish the Father's Divine Will. Plans, Goals and Purposes through Michael, Mother Spirit, Jesus, Machieventa, Mantutia, Malvantra, Serara, Monjoronson, all of the Melchizedeks and Midwayers and the "Hosts of Heaven" and our Ron and that includes all all over Nystoria that will come to the feast. When our world finally realizes what is happening, who would not want to participate in the greatest and most important events in the history of this world?

I know that our site has lost many, but I truly see the time coming...and quite soon.... that we will have so much traffic on our forum that logging on  will be difficult...Probably so much so that other arrangements will have to be made ot accomodate the traffic.  

Is wonderful to have you back and to have Ron finally getting some semblance of good health, restored sight and he may even be able to walk well again!

Lovely transmission Lemuel.  Clear lessons like this make it easy to learn where the listener may stand, and to work on the enthusiasm quotient in the daily life.  Most of us seldom are very clear about what we are best talented to do as that seems to come after you knock around in so-so life circumstances for awhile.  In any case Lemuel, thank you Lemuel for a all that you have accomplished with your audio tape work as most of us find it a comfort to start the day with the wise advice the tapes through you offer all of us.


PS- Clency thank you very much for your service too!
My friend Lemuel,
One thing I can tell you for sure, you totally practice what you preach.  You are a huge number one in my book Lemuel.  Your passion is so evident in your deliverance of your message.  I only hope someday to be able to emulate you.

I love listening to your messages and it is so good to have your gentle voice back on the air.  God has truly blessed you and given you what so many of us desire.  And that is the determination to bring out the best in others that you can.  And you are great at it.  A natural teacher in the finest mold.

Bless you Lemuel,
Transcribed from Lemuel’s audio transmission

Persons Number One, Two and Three

Beloved/Lemuel : This morning, our topic is « First, Second or Third ». Yes, we want to talk about the difference between the attitudes of some people to their work and the way they perform their normal daily duties. I will start with what I would term a « Number Three Person ». This is the person, man or woman, who has a job that they support but they do not like, perhaps this is the only  job they could get and so they do it, but they do it to a minimum, they do only the minimum that is required of them and they do it with a sour face and total indifference as to what they are doing and how they are doing it.

This is very unfortunate because the majority of people are in such situations where true circumstances in their life they have not been able to discover their true God-given talent and may be they have had a poor education and so they were obliged to accept the job they did not really want but needed in order to pay the bill, etc..

Then we have a number two person. These are they who perform their duties very well, quite satisfactorilly and they do it with a smile, very professionally and they get sit on the mount of job satisfaction from doing that. These are fortunate people, because as I have just mentioned the majority are in jobs that they dislike intensely but they have to do it. The second person is much more fortunate and they do good job satisfactorilly and their employers are very content with the way they perform their duties no matter what they are.

Then there is the number one person. These are those very fortunate people who in fact do not regard their job as work. It is their passion, it is their vocation and there is nothing they would want to do any different in the world. These are very fortunate indeed because from an early age through circumstances they were able to identify and acknowledge their God-given talent and develop it and encourage it to flourish throughout their formation years and so they go through life carry out their duties of their vocation with a smile on their face and the joy that they produce around themselves for everyone that comes into contact with them.

These people are the very same people with those qualities that the up-coming Missions need. The Missions need Number One People. It is a sad affair indeed that the society as it is and the system that are imposed over all of us do not allow or do not permit or is not available to a type of education that children need in order to identify and develop the formation of their God-given talent.

Everyone has a God-given talent and it would be wonderful, as it will be in the future, for that there is no doubt. Would it not be wonderful that every boy and girl from the earliest of ages find their true God-given talent through proper education with teachers who know how to look for and identify the inherent talent of each boy and girl, and that becomes their number one objective in their life to develop this talent, not only it is their vocation, it becomes their passion throughout all of their lives.

As we have just mentioned the Majesterial and other Missions are almost upon us and we need men and women who hopefully are Number One People. Those people who are prepared and eager to go the extra mile or even two extra miles if necessary with still a smile on their face and joy in their heart, knowing that they are being about God’s business and there is nothing else that they would wish to do.

So my dear friends here on the forum think about this for a moment how unfortunate people are when I try to describe to you the difference between a Number Three and Number Two and Number One Person in simple terms. It is a great shame that people are not able to develop their God-given talent so that it becomes a passion in their lives. The difference between them is very noticeable.

People who are living and breathing their passion are joyfull and very positive people and they display their positivity and they are like rays of sunshine wherever they go and people can see this and they admire this and perhaps envy this. We hope in the future, not too distant future, that through circumstances, positive circumstances and changes, because of the Majesterial Mission and the Adam and Eve schools, we will see a tremendous difference in education of children and the way that can be found to develop and identify the God-given talent of each boy and girl. That is something wonderful to look for to, knowing full well that in the future everyone will be doing their God-given talent and what a difference, what a tremendous difference in the world this will make.

So my dear friends, this is all for this morning. This is Lemuel and my Beloved signing off for to-day. I wish you all a very good Friday. Thank you for listening. Domtia

Speaker: Beloved/Lemuel
Subject: Persons Number One, Two and Three
Place: Girona, Catalunya, Spain
Date/Time:  18th May 2018  07:22 Local  06:22 Z
I am so delighted Lemuel you are back and in there trying to get us all back to our favorite audio messenger, Lemuel!

These little messages are little sparkles the public will love too when you are put on the air with your tapes for you daily talk to the world.  I am quite sure we will have a radio station quite soon to do these things with your voice and your transmissions to the group and to the what was once called Urantia and is now called Nystoria.  

You must keep your voice up and your head up Lemuel to  hear you best.  I detect a slight hesitation as you must think again and good for that head of yours to do it as it is fine and I will look forward to hearing strength really return as you must do this every day now for us and for you.  Please see to Lemuel our soldier from Wales.

To all you must understand that Lemuel has so dearly wished to come to York and take up residence and he will.  Michael says when he has gained at least half of his preferred body weight, the invitation will then be discussed with him and given with no doubt.  His preferred weight I think you spoke to me Lemuel was about 140 pounds?  Maybe 155 and I do not know what that is in stones but you who live in the British Isles can translate that for us.  Eat and drink your protein Lemuel and get well daily and we wait for you to be as bright and shiny as a new penny for sure in  the Magisterial Mission capital soon.

Best wishes for your work and recovery Lemuel!

"I am the Creator Son you so adore.  Your Adjuster helped you today,  Tomorrow I will transmit to you.  The day afterward is from Mother Spirit.  The third day next the Trinity Teacher Son, Margul, will transmit to you so you will have someone to transmit for a long time to come.  Wait for us when you are ready Lemuel.  If we are busy we take a moment to finish it but wait for us to chime in and we are yours to audio transmit as you please.  Good day. Michael."

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