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Book Published Soon in Expectation puts AIDS to Exit for now / Re: Happy Birthday
« Last post by LarryG on June 09, 2019, 01:12:49 PM »
I add my birthday wishes with all here  and acknowledge  that you are  in a large part of  the reasons  for  all of us sharing in this adventure together.      A most Happy Birthday dear friend.     Larry G
Happy birthday  Ron , I hope you have .a lot more birthdays on Urantia and if not you will make up for it on the morontial worlds.
As an old french-canadian member of the forum (GERRYSAG), l am pleased to wish you a very happy anniversary. Getting close to my 88th years, l hoppe a  very succesfull magistral session in near futur, l want to see how JESUS is going to put order in the "Jack House"
l am not a very active member, being not very fluent in english, I am finding difficult to participate in open discussion, but as you can see, l am a daily reader on the forum I found very interesting and instructive for us forumites.
Again, I want also to wish you all the health you need to fullfil the tremendous task you have to do.
GERRYSAG     :) :) :)

Happy birthday, Ron.  I pray for the restoration of your health and the successful start to the Missions.
Heaps of happy wishes to you, Ron, on your double-seven birthday as you bask in God's glory.....You're right about being agedly ahead of you -  will be 89 in three or four months.  I tried giving up birthdays - no more of 'em, but it did not help much.  That old wheel of age just keeps on rolling and rolling and rolling along.  Cheer up, Ron, and be ready for many, many more of those double-digit days.....A heaping helping of God's blessings upon you and all of my forumite friends......Ray Borden  //  TrinitiLuv  //  Washington DC Metro Area  //  9 June 2019
Happy Birthday Mr. Ronald Besser and many more!

It does not matter so much whether you are all message connected or not right now, but that YOU KICK UP SOME DUST HERE.

The problem with non participation is that it is catching.  We, remember, are still of the animal nature, and the herd instinct is not to break the trend the heard experiences in routines of their daily lives.  I am not braying like a donkey or are you, but thought should be expressed even if it is with a shrug as to the meaning of what may come.   But this silence of the lambs you are is deafening to the best and good intentions to keep us alive while the cave we are in seems so dark and useless at this time.  Stand together.  Think and speak.  It may be mundane but stomp the ground here to let each other know you are here and not lost from the rest of us.

Ron and everyone.

The last few days I did not access the Serara Forum because of the job service and courses I did and I am doing that took me time during the past week.

My personal view of Ron's messages is that many of them are linked to God, The Ultimate and go beyond the present tense, that is, it involves the totality of time, past, present, and future.

Since 2015, when I visited the Serara Forum I learned a lot from the messages received by Ron.

When I spoke about my request for a Magisterial Mission in Brazil and South America, from what I understood, in short, Ron said that here in Brazil there was a group of forty (40) people. So I decided to get out of inertia and contact groups of readers of the Urantia Book.

My life until then was almost exclusively for family and for work. And then I decided to get back in touch with people and groups.

So many ideas came into my mind and strong dreams as well.

One of the ideas is the creation of an Association of Volunteers, with all religions, in search of loving service. The intent is the joint effort of people who have a common sense, the sonship of God and the brotherhood of men in the pursuit of helping people in various activities.

I am a writer and also came up with the idea of writing a new book to prepare people about what is to come, namely, the Magisterial Mission and the return of Jesus. A book of fiction, with three themes Beauty, Kindness and Truth.

The book will be bilingual, Portuguese-English. The book will have a script with everyday stories of ordinary people, which will have several characters, at least one American character and who taught a Brazilian how to speak English, spoken in the USA, teaching many pharasal verbs.

The place where the characters will act, initially, will be here in Brasilia, Brazil. Possibly, in this book of fiction there will be a programming of the main characters to travel to the USA.

The three themes BEAUTY, KINDNESS and TRUTH will have examples in my fiction book that I am doing the script.

The BEAUTY will have as its theme the Botanical Garden as well as medicinal plants. Then the keywords are BOTANICAL GARDEN.

KINDNESS will have as its theme the Association of Volunteers of people with all religions who will join efforts for help, for loving service. Then the keywords are VOLUNTEERS ASSOCIATION.

The TRUTH will have as its theme the Feast of Nations, where people from all over the world will meet. The Feast of Nations involves the paternity of God and the brotherhood among men in the sense of Thanksgiving to God, which is true worship, by the graces received. I remember that Brasilia, where I live and where the characters will initially act, is the capital of Brazil and there are embassies from all the nations of the world in which Brazil has international relations. The Feast of Nations are organized by the various embassies here in Brasilia. Then the keywords are FEAST OF THE NATIONS.

Other themes the characters will talk about are America united in one country, and this union will be led by the US, from the Arctic to Antarctica, being the only country on our planet that will be in both hemispheres, north and south, and between the two poles with an enormous variety of mineral and plant resources.

Previously, I mentioned here at Serara Forum a dream in which I asked for a time, and was told to me five minutes more. In those days I did not understand the dream, but now I understood. At least I think I get it. That is, I believe that time refers to months, that is, I have five months to do and finish the book. So, I'm doing the Book's script as I've listed above.

The provisional title of the Book is a question: "Is that possible?"

Initially, with this provisional title, with the title sense: Is this possible? is to get people to reflect on the lines of the characters. Thus, the intention is to question, within each reader, if the ideas reported in the book are possible to be realized. I remind everyone that everything is possible with God.

Another strong dream I had recently, came clearly to me a date: October 27. And this date represents practically the five months that I was granted to make this new book of fiction.

And today, again, another strong dream. I talked, in my dream, fluently, and personally, with the American President Trump. I do not remember details of the dream, but our conversation, between myself and the American president Trump, related, in synthesis, something about the US-Brazil's approach to the whole of America. On the other hand, in the dream, I spoke to the president, as if we were friends for a long time. In the dream I said words of respect to all American presidents, regardless of party, republican or democrat (or independent party), about the importance of American presidents to carry out these important projects for America.


Post Scriptum:

The Feast of Nations is called here in Brasilia as the International Fair of the embassies.

Last year (2018) happened in November, on the second Saturday, that is, on November 10, 2018.

Search the topic, including, on the site:


Post Scriptum (2):

Another coincidence (since my new book will have a landscape gardener character and the theme Botanical Garden and the link with the US).

On the theme coincidences. I just say that I do not believe in coincidences, but rather a spiritual connection in which people or matters meet for a greater purpose.

The news of the Brazilian newspapers:

- Brazilian landscape artist Burle Marx is the theme of the biggest exhibition of the Botanical Garden of New York.

On the other hand, the Brazilian landscaper Burle Marx was also in the construction project of Brasilia, capital of Brazil, that happened between 1955 and 1960. See below also also about Burle Marx and Brasilia.



A Ron e a  todos.

Os últimos dias eu não acessei o Fórum Serara por causa do serviço no trabalho e cursos que eu fiz e estou fazendo que me tomaram o tempo durante a semana que passou.

A minha visão pessoal das mensagens de Ron é que muitas delas estão ligadas a Deus, o Último e vão além do tempo presente, ou seja, envolve a totalidadade do tempo, passado, presente e futuro.

Desde 2015, quando eu acessei o Fórum Serara eu aprendi muito com as mensagens recebidas por Ron.

Quando eu falei sobre meu pedido para uma Missão Magisterial no Brasil e na América do Sul,  pelo que eu entendi, em síntese, Ron disse que aqui no Brasil havia um grupo de 40 (quarenta) pessoas. Então, eu resolvi sair da inércia e contactar com grupos de leitores do Livro de Urantia.

Minha vida até então estava quase que exclusivamente para família e para o trabalho. E resolvi então retomar contato com pessoas e grupos.

Assim, muitas ideias vieram em minha mente e fortes sonhos também.

Uma das ideias é a criação de uma Associação de Voluntários, com todas as religiões, em busca do serviço amoroso. A intenção é o esforço conjunto de pessoas que tem um senso comum, a filiação de Deus e a irmandade dos homens em busca de ajudar as pessoas em diversas atividades.

Sou escritor e veio a ideia também de escrever um novo livro para preparar as pessoas sobre o que está para vir, ou seja, a Missão Magisterial e o retorno de Jesus. Um livro de ficção, com três temas Beleza, Bondade e Verdade.

O livro será bilingue, português-inglês. O livro terá um roteiro com histórias do cotidiano de pessoas comuns, aonde terá vários personagens, sendo pelo menos um personagem americano e que ensinara um brasileiro como falar inglês, falado nos EUA, ensinando muitas "pharasal verbs".

O local em que os personagens irão agir, inicialmente, será aqui em Brasília, Brasil. Possivelmente, neste livro de ficção haverá uma programação dos personagens principais  para viagem aos EUA.

Os três temas BELEZA, BONDADE e VERDADE terão exemplos neste meu livro de ficção que eu estou fazendo o roteiro.

A BELEZA terá como tema o Jardim Botânico além de plantas medicinais. Então as palavras-chaves são JARDIM BOTÂNICO.
A BONDADE terá como tema a Associação de Voluntários de pessoas com todas as religiões que irão somar esforços para a ajuda, para o serviço amoroso. Então as palavras-chaves são ASSOCIAÇÃO DE VOLUNTÁRIOS.

A VERDADE terá como tema a Festa das Nações, aonde pessoas do mundo inteiro irão se encontrar. A Festa das Nações envolve a paternidade de Deus e a irmandade entre os homens no sentido de Agradecimento a Deus, que é a verdadeira adoração, pelas graças recebidas.  Lembro que Brasília, lugar aonde moro e aonde inicialmente os personagens irão atuar, é capital do Brasil e existem embaixadas de todas as nações do mundo em que o Brasil tem relações internacionais. A Festa das Nações são organizadas pelas diversas embaixadas aqui em Brasília. Então as palavras-chaves são FESTA DAS NAÇÕES.

Outros temas em que os personagens irão conversar é sobre a América unida em um país, sendo que esta união será liderada pelos EUA, desde o Ártico a Antartida, sendo o único país de nosso planeta que irá estar nos dois hemisférios, norte e sul, e entre os dois pólos com uma variedade enorme de recursos minerais e vegetais.

Anteriormente, eu mencionei aqui no Fórum Serara um sonho em que eu pedi um tempo, e foi dito para mim cinco minutos a mais. Naqueles dias eu não entendi o sonho, mas agora eu entendi. Pelo menos eu acho que eu entendi. Ou seja, eu acredito que o tempo se refere a meses, ou seja, tenho cinco meses para fazer e terminar o livro. Assim, eu estou fazendo o roteiro do Livro como informei acima.

O título provisório do Livro é uma interrogação: - Isso é possível?

Inicialmente, com este título provisório, com o sentido do título: Isso é possível?  é fazer as pessoas refletirem nas falas dos personagens. Assim, a intenção é questionar, no interior de cada leitor, se as ideias relatadas no livro são possíveis de serem realizadas. Lembro a todos que para Deus tudo é possível.

Outro forte sonho que tive recentemente, veio claramente para mim uma data: 27 de outubro. E esta data representa praticamente os cinco meses que me foi concedido para fazer este novo livro de ficção.

E hoje, novamente, um outro forte sonho. Eu conversava, no sonho, fluentemente, e pessoalmente, com o presidente americano Trump. Não me lembro de detalhes do sonho, mas nossa conversa, entre eu e o presidente americano Trump, eu relatava, em síntese, algo sobre aproximação entre o EUA com o Brasil e toda a América. Por outro lado, no sonho, eu falava com o presidente americano, como se fossemos amigos de muito tempo. No sonho eu disse palavras de respeito a todos os presidentes americanos, independentemente de partido, republicano ou democrata (ou de partido independente), sobre a importância dos presidentes americanos para a realização destes projetos importantes para América.


Post Scriptum:

A Festas das Nações é chamada aqui em Brasília como Feira Internacional das embaixadas.

No ano passado (2018) aconteceu em Novembro, no segundo sábado, ou seja, no dia 10 de novembro de 2018.

Pesquise sobre o tema, inclusive, no site:


Post Scriptum (2):

Outra coincidência (já que meu novo livro vai ter um personagem paisagista e o tema Jardim Botânico e a ligação com os EUA).

Sobre o tema coincidências. Apenas digo que eu não acredito em coincidências e sim uma ligação espiritual em que as pessoas ou assuntos se encontram em um próposito maior.

A notícia dos jornais brasileiros:

- Paisagista brasileiro Burle Marx é o tema da maior exposição do Jardim Botânico de Nova York.

Por outro lado, o paisagista brasileiro Burle Marx esteve também no projeto de construção de Brasília, capital do Brasil, que aconteceu entre 1955 a 1960. Veja notícia abaixo também sobre Burle Marx e Brasília.

I greatly appreciate all of your well wishes as I hit the double 7's today and welcome all to make it that far too for yourselves!  Trinitilove has me really beat as I assume several others who watch here too have done so to go beyond what I got done today.  In any case, best wishes to all of you too for helping me through what they call a birthday and best wishes to you and all for a year full of surprises to come.   RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron spent a long and restless night to this morning and is sure it is curtains soon enough.  His brother sent him an hilarious E card with prairie dogs singing happy birthday and that started the day off very well for him and the rest of us who watch these things from the side lines.  In any case, to reach the double seven's as Ron calls it, it has been a fight to the finish and he is ready to trade the old jalopy in for a better model soon enough.  The only problem is we are going to use him for future years on Urantia to get done what we have to get done on Urantia too.  I welcome all to remember that his birthday in the flesh is doing all he can to stay up and alive and well enough to answer emails and posts as this one does for him.  My best wishes too Ron, on the double seven anniversary of entering the mortal life on this day so long ago to you now.  Michael."

RAYSON - "I too wish you what your mortals call a Happy Birthday, and now lay down a new paradigm:  Eat, drink, and be merry, and we have a little surprise in store for you today--  I am leaving Urantia for good not.  I am now entirely stationed on Urantia, and that is to take up my duties as Science Officer and Leader of the new Magisterial Mission on Urantia starting last week. 

"It was not announced and for good reasons:  Ron became so ill last week we had no heart to mention it to him while he felt so awful.  It is his leukemia not, but a congenital heart failure now that is leaving him breathless and tired and that is never pleasant to feel ever.  Heart failure comes and goes with this person, and he has never been diagnosed with it., but it is now familiar to us by now that it will not end his life here, but we will pump it back up so it is operating normally for a change soon enough.  I fall back on the good wishes from Occerpa and the other two who took the time and trouble to write it out Ron:  Happy Birthday for all, and the Magisterial Mission is here in short shots at a time and you just watch as York suddenly looms large in our plans to become visible.  Rayson."

SERARA -  "I am the Magisterial Son of record for Urantia.  I am on Urantia today and all the time now to start what is so slow to become a Magisterial Mission for all of you now and continuing on for centuries now.  I am here permanently near York, PA., and that is permanent for York and the entire matter for this planet until we are done with a Magisterial Mission, that has lasted so long in planning, the planning will take as long as the entire real mission will.  I thank Ron for caring to set so much up, and it will be used, and so will be Ron once that heart of his revives enough to take life on once again.  Be assured he thinks it is leukemia yet, but that has been rushed out the door by Deity Fiat, and we are left with a heart that bleeds a little just to keep the body revived properly in all it has to do for man and himself.

"I am SERARA and MONJORONSON joins with me to wish you the most Happy of returns on this double seven day for you!  SERARA."

Ron - It is quite an honor to receive such good well wishing from the big guy Deities as they have done so from Michael and the Magisterial Sons.  I have  trouble moving at all as I feel much exhaustion that just suddenly hits.  I did not know it was heart failure due to what is really advancing old age.  I hope they can do something about it, but if not, the life led here on Urantia has never been a dull moment for me, and I look forward to whatever they have in mind for me from this point on.  Thank you all for your kindness and well wishing and now let us see what the Deity Absolute may have in mind this morning:

DEITY ABSOLUTE - "I am the Deith Absolute, and Ron it is your heart.  You never dreamed it would become weak and leave you so weak at times you can hardly raise your head to get up.  The truth is it is working okay but is insufficient for all that you carry for us and for yourself.  Dominick has the same trouble already and he will learn to take care of himself better and stop a lot of pick up games of basketball.  Steven Gitz is oblivious of his woes in the works too as both of  them are up and having a good day so far today.  However, you Ron had a long and restless night with a lot of dreaming as you are so concerned that you might even leave the flesh today in an ironic sort of way of leaving on a birthday.  It has happened to plenty of people and you should post that E Card for others to enjoy if they want a laugh at silly animation.

"In any case this:

"The Magisterial Sons are now on earth.  They carry huge power and happy states of mind for all to hear soon enough.

"They also are ready to deal you a better punch in the head and chest too Ron as you are living well past your normal life span of seventy-four, and you are showing such wear and tear that they must act completely and fully without complaint to keep you going fully and truly as yourself again.  That has to happen soon and you will suddenly feel very well again and the surgeon for those implants will come forth and make it all well again soon enough.

"Finally, you write like you care for and give me lots of room so my words stand way out for others to read and think about. 

"URANTIA, is ready to become a national past time for Salvington, the capital of the Federated Nebadon.  You are proud and that is theirs to enjoy as you are among the first humans anywhere to fully understand the momentous occasion this means to five Creator Sons for now.  They will soon make this news entirely available to their constituent creations and you Ron are the happy holder of being the first human in the history of Nebadon to have won an award of good will by four other Creator Son for your work to keep all informed on Nebadon's Urantia, just what the heck is going on with so many changes and worries from the Creator Son of Nebadon, and with his Creative Consort, Nebadonia, all will soon be well for all on Urantia at least.

"I am the Deity Absolute, and Ron gave us a hearty laugh for saying that as he knows full well there are so many problems looming for the Federation, and for each of us as well, and we leave with these best wishes for a birthday in the flesh now, and that is to expect ALL OF YOU to be part of  the Magisterial Mission celebration soon to break out all over Urantia as many things will come to bear for you and URANTIA shortly.  I am the Deity Absolute and wish all a good day."

Happy Birthday Ron Besser. May God ever enlighten your steps, you, your family, your friends. A big brotherly hug from his friend Julio da Luz.


Feliz Aniversário Ron Besser. Que  Deus sempre ilumine seus passos, de você, de seus familiares, de seus amigos. Um grande abraço fraternal, de seu amigo Julio da Luz.
Book Published Soon in Expectation puts AIDS to Exit for now / Re: Happy Birthday
« Last post by occerpa on June 09, 2019, 08:17:40 AM »
Happy Birthday Ron Besser!!celebrate with many happy laughs. Although I do not know for certain whether by now you have changed to a new date of birth as that superhuman being that you are; I think so
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