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General Discussion / Re: Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 10, 2018, 11:22:12 PM »
Larry is being treated very well compared to what happens for others.

Today my word processing software had code deleted in it.  I cannot add page numbers without rehashing the entire code problem with spirit.  Then they deleted my ability to convert between one file extension to any PDF.  It is not that I have a bad menu item on the selection box, the selection box is completely missing!  I reinstalled my processor three times to attempt to override the code deletion but it will not reappear at all. 
A really odd thing led up to this very early this morning.  I stayed up to 5am to complete a thirteen page new FLURRY about what new neighbors we have to learn about on Urantis as Michael and the Supreme advised me of three of the Orders of the Supreme working with us and some of those Order spoke to me to tell me of their characteristics and functions.

That started about 1130am the day before and because it was an intensive transmission and a lot of corrections had to be reapplied, it was not finished until 5am this morning.  At he last minute I decided to convert the word processing file to a PDF and store on box to reduce the size of the document.  When I opened the menu to do so the entire menu was missing where the conversion button used to be.  I thought I was dreaming.  I attempted to fix it but it was nowhere and even an independent software company that does that for the word processor could not operated the conversion and it just sat there as though there was no code to operate at all. 

I slept about five hours and got up around 1030 this morning, and uninstalled the word process three time and each time reinstalled it again and each time the same situation occurred.

Worse yet, they are pushing me so hard to overcome dangerous discoveries in my heart operation that wants to cause irregular beats to almost choke me to death started happening,  It forced me to lie down late afternoon and I slept another five hours.  My transition is a nightmare again and havens help those of us who have fused as to why we are so under the gun with these awful things bearing down on us.  My mind is quite divided.  Either they are doing something really important  OR I stepped into some real awful existence patterns for little reason.  Then the computer does this to me today.  I leave that for now.

MOTHER SPIRIT - Clency has it mostly right and that is we have t o  attack the worst problems first and that means placing the fused individuals on Urantia on the back burner and keep you all out of mischief while we set the means up to appear incarnated on Urantia in York and other places.  Your mess with the word processing the past twenty four hours is typical of Father entities shutting you down to keep anyone knowing what you wrote after we discoverd we let so much new information out we had to hold it back and taht PDF ability in all cases will be workable in a few days and we will let you know.  Also WP12 you tried to use is so corrupt it must never be used as is WP15 and 16 and it has been recoded and to be relelasled in about a year as a brand new WP. 

"I am looking for a few good men to hide these changes in the world for a few moments of time and all of you talk freely if you are confident there is no reason to hide anything.  On high spirit knows intrinsically when to hold their cards next to their chest and now is the time to do so.  Your little foray with Washington DC has set our teeth on edge as it is wonderful in one way and unhappily done in another way.  We must wait the day slowly and surely to keep this all operating together and not force one part to get ahead of the other if possible.  Washington seethes with your letter and no one speaks to other than to wait for t he Commander to open a new front and they will when they are ready to.  Congress is bored to death already with it and that is typical of the American way lately.  I am looking forward to Monday and a rest for you in particular Ron and maybe Larry although Larry is not working well with anything because he fails to understand what you tell him.  In part you wrote this to warn him of what you already told him and you are forcing Father into heaves of discontent over speaking before spoken to and  that is typical of man and so on.  Good and that is how we work now.  Good day. Mother."

"I speak now with lowered voice calm and collected.  You Ron have no real voice in matters again and you could care less and I could care less, but the truth is you are furious with treatment you consider unnecessary harassment and say so emphatically.  You are the first one I ever heard speak the utter truth:  This is not how you treat and ally!  But we have to to keep the entire matter of your place quiet and out of headlines not only in Washington but in the Salvington deep secrets that only and Gabriel and Mother Spirit know about.  You are suspicious of things I cover never are heard in time but you carry your self with dignity when contemplating a wholesale destruction of Urantia over the small issue of changes man refuses to address.  I am never sure why you know so much but you do and you are not mean or over solicitous, but you are a frightening prospect to me when you fully know that the Father is bearing down even on His allies and that is not good for you to know.  He also knows you love him but you can take only so much pain and suffering and you are up to here with it months ago and will not tolerate it kindly.  Now this:

"I have spoken to Lemuel in heart a few days ago and he waits for his transition to finish with yours.  Neither of you expect gratuities or  do you particularly want to proceed under a cloud and prefer more normal approached if you are to survive our entry at all.  But you all have them in spite of t he horror of near death for both of you and the pain of repressingthe entire idea to remain as you asked to in particular Ron.  Now you know that easy life is yours once you pass your tests but you have an explosive temper that we learn stops anything cold if you are sure it is a case of taking advantage of your permissions too much.  I never met that before and hope never to meet it again and that is why you must be pressed back so hard and why you get unhappy with the whole idea.  There is nothing in you that says I will die for the cause but it that is what they want you will, but not up against a gun from your friends.  I must obey my heart when I hear this and you are not wrong it is not confusing but heart wrenching to face this every day. 

"We curtail your t ransition Larry Gossett because you are incapable of good reasoning.  You do not think deeply unless in love and that seems to be out of the question lately too.  Ron is similar in that he cares a great deal how people are feeling and how they are being dealt and loves nothing more than to save the day and find it is not a pretty kettle of fish.  Andy Vines is a good example of picking a flower and being stung to death.  In many cases the heart of God attempts the same thing and finds out where there is no real quality of being except to save them some problems by helping them out more than we should have.  I praise Ron in particular because he allows these difficulties to be aired for lessons to be taken by others to discover the work of God in all of tis complications.  But we must be honest and state that this individual is the hardest I ever had to take on but with great rewards due to each of us for doing so. 

"In about a fortnight I will be there in person on Urantia and then the fur will fly all over the place as I intend to personally see to the Foundation in Chicago with my direct presence incarnated and that is to be found not with any of you but with Jesus who will make his appearance there and let them know how the cards are dealt,  I also see Ron wince a little because he feels we need authority to make ourselves perfectly well understood but the big gun of Jesus could be used easier elsewhere but he makes no final judgment over that now.  I appreciate his views but he has them to himself at the moment and we go on with this:

"I try to keep out of personal affairs and Ron does too and he hates to be found running a contest with anyone over who is to represent the Magisterial Mission in front of the people, but he has quite a timper and he can let loose without intending to and foul things up?  No so!  It is cold and cutting and he knows how to control it but he earns no prospect to use it when I delete him from announcing anything in Washington although he is the one to be invited and he will keep company with incarnated Melchizedeks wherever he goes now since he and you know who can blast holes in concrete when they really get upset.   Ron actually gets to the level of Jesus when he handles stupid and cruel people so well.  I am well apprised as well that we will use Ron on radio and television as we will do so with Lemuel and even Larry if he can be trained to handle nerves.  Ron does so well he considers public apperances a chore and walks like he knows what he is doing mostly.

"I am sure the file we use here is safe, but I produced for Ron last night and this morning a truly major revelation concerning  the Supreme Being and intimated that there are five more FLURRIES coming at least on telling you a major revelation about God the Supreme.  But now we are faced with an intemperate Father who hates revelation before the scolding takes place and he insists I may not leave Ron to release FLURRY NUMBER 1OO.  There will numbers 101. 102, 103, 104, and 105 before we finish the series.  You may look forward to quite a production when it can be begin.  FLURRY 100 is ready to go too.

"I complete this atatement this way:  Ron is is misery all day and all night with a lot of pain and disagreeable acts by spirit when he goes to do something like on the computer these days.  He is not used to being told and the breaking codes in his work so he can do nothing, but Father is truly concerned that stuff gets out too soon and then lets us all down.  Gossett this morning lost his transmission with Mother Spirit because he was panting and that is nerves again Larry,  You spoil so much with a system of nerves you can control but do not know how to.  I also hear Ron ask Father how much longer do I have to be withoout my computer code to do my work and Father replies it is only days.  So he hopes as I see not way out unless there is a distracting apoligy from us all to Ron and Ron does not or never asks for that but just to stop what they do.

"I hold Ron so high he ripples with fear he cannot live up to my expectations, but he always does and exceeds all thought on my part for his valor and heart and he said to one of his guests last night that he wished he could be of some service to her. as her Order started with 10,000 entities and are down to less than 1,000 today because they die off from Urantia air pollution and reasons of state we do not mention it now.  I am sure she felt giddy because he knows there is nothing he can do but weep for those lost so many now.  He also hears her think beautifully and she said that he is one of the few on Urantia that has the gift of God so dearly and nearly in her heart too.   Her life is hell at times as is Ron's but they liked each other instantly andthat is odd between such diferent species.  They are all indwelt too and you will read all about them in FLURRY 100 when it can be released.

"Felicity, the Order of the Secumbalin, is a direct creation of God the Supreme in Havona and they are genderized like man is, and she came to Urantia nearly 345,000 years ago to help man grow spiritually and by 235,000 years ago she nearly gave up due to the Rebellion, which actually did not occur until Caligastia threw his lot in with Lucifer 137,312 years ago from 2018. We must not give our secrets away too much, but she is ready now to help Ron achieve his rightful place on Urantia someday.  We leave it there for now.  Michael of Nebadon.:

"I am one of the few beings on Urantia who cannot speak aloud.  Our heads a very large and we grow to the height of sixteen feet tall, but I am rather small and am only eight feet tall.  I did an exercise with Ron last night and gave him these words I can speak:  wish; run; smell; well; free and walk and a few more.  What do they tell you about what my phyisology may be if those are the only words I can speak aloud?

"As Felicity, I communicate with transference of thought and Ron hears all of my thoughts instantly and that is the sign of a truly and a complete morontial being which surprised him.  Do not let his extgerior fool you and be well Ron.  Good day. Felicity."

Ron - I close now only to say the combat I have to be put through in my mind is ferocious and my temper is reserved for injustice only.  No one gets it without doing a deed that is truly awful or unfair before me.  I have people work under me in business that deliberately ignored me and broke expensive equipment.  They do not have a lot of hearing left as they are perused with a vengeance until they understand what low life they are.  Other than that, picnic anyone?

Thanks for your patience and the ability to listen sitting so long.

General Discussion / Re: Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« Last post by Clency on May 10, 2018, 10:02:50 PM »
It is not usual that a transmission from Mother Spirit cut short in  such a way, so my guess on this is that the Celestials must have their plates full right now and that they are required to have their hands on deck. We can expect to have a change of events soon. Just speculation !  ;) Domtia
General Discussion / Broken Reception From Mother Spirit
« Last post by LarryG on May 10, 2018, 08:45:46 AM »
This morning while attempting a reception from Mother Spirit, right in the middle of it , the connection seemed to just dissipate and I lost it.   I have really been trying to get "get back in the saddle" of receiving so even though I started out strong and excited, I was really disappointed that I lost the connection.... but....I will try again  in a couple of hours and perhaps I will be able to better sustain it.     Our forum really could use some inspiration and encouragement to liven  and enlighten us out of the apparent and disappointing  "whatever this is" is.    Hope to post later......In love, anticipation and service....LarryG
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: A Short Talk From Michael
« Last post by Dorian on May 09, 2018, 11:22:11 AM »
Thank you Larry and Michael for a wonderful lesson this early morning.  Very uplifting and encouraging to say the least.

Michael mentioned Ron's parfait glass and it made me think of something that I read in some of my notes last night.  From paper 48:1.5 (542.2) , there is mentioned that there are 570 total Morontia bodies that are provided for us.  Each one a phase of our progressive transformation.  From the time of leaving the material worlds until we are constituted a first stage spirit on Salvington, we will undergo just 570 seperate and ascending morontia changes.  Eight of these occur in the system, seventy one in the constellation, and 491 during the sojourn on the spheres of Salvington.

Also it says that the Morontia Power Supervisors are able to effect a union of material and of Spiritual energies, thereby organizing a morontia form of materialization which is receptive to superimposition of a controlling spirit.

Wow, Ron's parfait glass is one huge one for sure.  But his analogy is right on.
A very interesting paper, number 48, and deserves a full reading and study.

Your friend always,
Threads for New Transmissions / A Short Talk From Michael
« Last post by LarryG on May 09, 2018, 09:56:37 AM »

Michael of Nebadon - Creator Son  -   A  Short Talk From Michael- Larry Gossett – 9 May 2018 – Florida
Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject:  A Short Talk From Michael
Category: New Written Transmissions
Winter Park, Florida –  9 May 2018 -  09:58 EDT
T/R: Larry Gossett
“Larry and all others who are in attendance here this morning, who long, seek and yearn for knowledge, experience and clarity,   indeed some of you have recently experience a certain difficulty in understanding, but it is through this difficulty that clarity will eventually come and better realizations are the  fruits and results of thinking deeper than some of you are used to.   But dear ones, know that it is through such trials that can bring your experiences to a level of knowing that you all seek.   Nothing of great and lasting value comes from a life of ease and it is through strife, struggle and the vicissitudes that living a life on such an experimental world as Urantia, and one that has been so troubled, that you will gain a strength, a courage, and quality of character that is so often required as you face such a life as lived on Urantia in these extremely troubling times on Urantia.
“You have several times been taught that hailng from Urantia is and will be, in the end, a crowning achievement to your overall experience and this is quite so , my children.   So come to treasure your experience here, for  it will play out to be an advantage to you in many ways… most of which you cannot be consciously aware of now, for your view of it is limited and can only be realized as you move forward into your future careers.  You all stand tall and exceptional and that light that shines forth from you is seen and recognized throughout Nebadon and it is to this  great life with it’s many challenges that you all work through.
“This times, these trials,  tribulations and this  intense testing that confronts each of you are really milestones in your careers and at some point, this  you will recognize and come to appreciate for they are indeed blessings in disguise for each of you.  Some of you are experience some very challenging situations right now but they will abate shortly yet know that you will be the wiser for having successfully gone through them.
 “You have been given some quite interesting stories, some crucial and at the same time, indispensable  yet partial information concerning the Morontial appearances of Jesus, the ongoing similar morontilaization of Ron, which you need to pay particular attention to, since some of you  may also be going through variations of this for yourselves at some future time.   As some of you noticed, Ron, as he so often can do, gave you a colorful and vivid analogy of the “parfait glass” with the varying levels of  morontial  energies and how they are absorbed and used, as a wonderful teaching tool to bring this better to your understanding  and visualization.  I use the word “partial” for  I tell you truly that some levels of information and knowledge are indeed secret and are held always as secret for Reasons of State and yet there will always be  those areas of mystery that are held and kept so and as you progress even unto the levels of the Outer Space Zones,  even unto those levels of Finality that  will  be yours through discovery and an unfolding of these mysteries will always be there  waiting for your personal discovery..   Experience, exploration and discovery  are part and parcel of the lure of eternal learning and progression.
“Accept that these mysteries are ever there to inspire, encourage, stimulate  ,motivate, and even embolden  you throughout your long journey and career and are a rich enticement for you to discover and explore.  Just as you glimpse this and that along the way, it will inevitably and purposefully lead to the next thing to observe, experience and  grasp.  Revelation, can only be given as it can be accepted.    Look at your Urantia Book as an example of a Revelation for a specific time, situation and realize that full acceptance must be kept in keeping with when it is presented in relationship to how well it can be received for it is all relative to man’s time, knowledge, experience and at the most appropriate time in history.   As the New URANTIA Book II will soon be released to this world that is in such dire need for a truer truth that can now be delivered and at a time when mankind can move to a higher estate in his view and realization of the Father Reality, Presence and Purpose and all of Us who come to represent Him, once again,  in this new time and a new age, one that is destined to bring Urantia into that glorious  Age of Light and Life.
“We realize that  these Missions are a challenge to your patience, faith and beliefs, and We know that  We created you, know you, love you, forever guide and instruct you in the ways of the Father and the ways of Spirit.   These may seem to be but your first steps in your experience with Spirit and they are, my children, your most important steps that you will ever take.  There will be continued trials and tests and trepidations and certainly challenges but I assure you that all of you will be the better and the wiser for each step you take, for as you go through them , they will without doubt give you clarity, strength of character and make you even more important  to your brothers and sisters on this world who will come to know you and look to you for guidance.   Your Thought Adjsuters rehearse for you, on superconscious levels, and hold in trust for you, as situations will call for, all that you will require to do this work with Spirit and the coming Michal Missions followed by the Second Return of Jesus and the coming  of the Magisterial Sons and all of the Melchizedeks and other orders you know not of, to establish Urantia as the  Planet, dedicated to th Father.  So I bid you my children to hold fast, stay the course, keep your focus, dedication, your hearts minds, thoughts  and souls centered and focused on all that has been revealed to you.  Revelations and this information are an ongoing process and each and every one of you are loved, needed and called to service to this great endeavor and the door stands open wide and beckoning   This is Michael, your Creator Son, and I share these blessings with all of you.
  Do get back into regular work as these last weeks of trials are now better known to you for what they have been.
 Good day….
Thank you very much ArtBri - And Welcome to our little home of unavailable full explanations!

I hope your membership brings you a lot of what you wish for for yourself and that it lasts as a happy follower of we gypsies of thought.  Heaven forbid if you become one with us!  I will vouch for you well in any case if we all have to travel to Paradise together as that strange breed of persons found on Urantia who actually and fully read the Urantia Book too!

Blessings to you and yours.
Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
« Last post by Ron Besser on May 08, 2018, 12:21:12 PM »
Wendy is very good in helping others find information that is very helpful to know or to be reviewed again. 

Thee is just one teensy weensy problem and it is truly small but you need reminded about this in your conteplation of that transmission by Bob and Alice, Cherubim and Sanobim,  respectively.

It is this:

In 1997 Michael proposed that all Cherubim and Sanobim be reclassified as Seraphim.  The Ancients of Days agreed and sent a post message to the Universe Catalog people, that they are now Seraphim without further classification.  Now Ron gets a hold of the edict and says to me, Michael, so a Sanobim is passive side of the duo, what do you do with a superb Cherubim like Bob is and now is was. (don't laugh at my verbs!)

"I am my lovely sidekick Alice did that 2003 post in the teaching mission drawing quickly to a close at that time.  Ron laughed at it the first time he read it and kept it all to archive.  But the truth is he is pointing to you Clency and Wendy for forgetting that Michael changes the entire death process and how it is done this past year.  The mansion worlds no longer work like I explained with Alice in 2003.  Clency we are surprised at your lack of understanding and we lay that problem at the feet of something you have once in awhile that dulls your mental capacity.  In any case Clency and Wendy, that post we did talks about the past.  You need to look at what Ron wrote to Amethyst to get a truer picture.  We also know Ron left a lot of detail out that would have been tiresome to read but the post is excellent and yes, the GRID, is the spirit green room (if you g et the meaning of that term as Ron explained in that post) and one need only go to the Seraphic terminal outside of its door to go to Mansonia for resurrection.  I am Bob and Ron broke me up and said to Michael, so Alice fits the female version of a Seraphim, but what about virile Bob?  The answer is I do not cross dress as Ron laughs, but I am a Seraphim of the Third Order which will never be revealed on Urantia until Ron leaves.  I say that because he has a full compliment of Third Order.  Your revelation tells of Seraphim as the first order of angels, I believe.  Seraphim really are all seven angelic orders but their work is super secret in this day and age of the Supreme.  I am Bob the former Cherubim, and that is an Order that no longer exists in Nebadon.  I am now of  the Third Order of Seraphim and it is still secret except Ron has a bevy of them next door to him and with him at times as he works his way through an amazing transition even to we Seraphic Third Orderers. 

"We also admit we miss being a Chrubim as it was easier to be than a Seraphim but that is what we are now classified as.  You are ready to hear some astounding news all of you if you can understand it, and that is that Ron has all the rights and privileges of a Seraphim except he cannot fly or weave and defeat evil like they can.  But Ron also has no Order assigned to him yet as he is truly just smoozy human, and that word does not exist for telling who Ron is.  I am a former Cherubim and my Alice is now a full blown Seraphim of the First Order.  Our resurrection and our death process for humans is mostly quite different than the post Wendy resurrected lately.  Good day."

"Ron recognized a situation with Bob which was 'it is okay Bob, be a Seraphim of the Third Order, but I miss Bob the Cherubim with his beloved Alice already.'  The truth is the universe of Nebadon has so many changes inside of it now we wonder if we ever look like the old Nebadon.  One day decades ago Ron wrote a piece mostly for himself where we sold the entire universe to a trucking company and I retired as Sovereign with a ball of cash that would choke a horse.  I laughed so hard when it was presented to me fully and everlastingly decided it ws time to at least change the curtains in this now old universe on the outskirts   Ron says to me now, "How are you going to raise corn on a rock?"  And I quipped back, I already have in Ron on Urantia.  (Ron-  hahaha not).

"The truth is that Bob ius still a Cherubim in heart and style and Ron misses him as style and as a truth teacher with Alice whomalice she still is.  We seek to rectify this situation be erasing all the good we can in such an affectation for Ron as well, and to reduce the tension by having Cherubim Bob resurrect himslef as a Teacher Mission subject someday.  He is ready to teach again and will do so with Adam and Eve when they mysteriously appear in York later this year to force Ron into classes on sexuality he says does no exist for him.  In any case the entire matter from our side is finished and Ron must learn to adjust to it and let former Cherubim Sybil now a humanized creature and a Finaliter. "We speak briefly to say that your life Ron is over as a fully systematized human and is ready to be morontialized, not just in organs and brain, but as a ward of Finaliter status on high over issues you started and now cannot stop.  I am a Finaliter, and I am not going to land on Urantia with red bootie Ron but as one to tell you you keep us in stitches for good with this ridiculous way of communicating for good.   You alre able to hear the Supreme well and speak to Master Spirits as though they were old friends already, but you must master the universe language before you are not considered Urantia poo. 

"You Ron are so funny it breaks the barriers down as all humor can do and we do not consider humans from Urantia as Urantia poo.  I am sybil remember?  In any case you are taken for your worth today and all days and remove nothing from yourself but the laughter we get in these communications when double meanings are alwasy explored by you you little snuff box of thoughtless versions!  Our work on Urantia with Saint Paul at our helm is to portray God as Finaliters too and that must take precedence as a philosophy too.  We see you consider Finaliters in your reverence but as passing through.  That is typical of Urantia Book teaching which has little to do with our true calling which is to systematize the entire planetary life into becoming Adjustered and hearing them and leaving the planet in fusion status of some kind.  I am truly a Finaliter and I feel required to remark that the purpose of this post was to remind your listeners that the work on the mansion worlds you used to do is now being amended to include your work on high which is to find God so well done you do not bother spiritual matters far above you - not!  You are a real horse fly like Socrates was and it has cost no one but a great discomfort to ask some of your questions concerning the Infinity System and not the finality of Infinity as most consider it and for good reason too Ron. 

"As a Finaliter, we conclude you know far too much to be a human yet you do not use it that way but exceed us only in your chutzpah to ask a decent question regarding origins.  We Finaliters know most of what you ask but must be silent as the Father is over issues you concern yourself with even in your considerable views on marriage and the awful contract it hands everybody to use.  I am Sybil and I was a women's libber in the 18th century France and Saint Germain was known to me as "Scotty, beam me up sort,"  and he died naturally three hundred years later and I missed the obit.  We as Finaliters take Paul easily and fully and all, and he is terrible conceited over his place as a guy who fell off his horse on the way to a trade fair in Damascus, and we are very happy to know you Ron.  Good day."

"I heard that Sybil!!!  Now go back to your lair, Sybil.  I have this to say now:

"Wendy is right to bring to our attention what Bob did in braille that night of April, 2003.  He also knew it was to change but persisted.  The truth is that no real description is fully available yet because the dust has not settled, and we see that Michael wishes to finish this . . . . "

"We finish this shortly as it is a real breakthrough with the Finaliters Ron as they know you well enough to speak roughly of situations we laugh with you on her issues too.  Finaliters do not submerge their identities because they are Finaliters, but because they know too much to just let fly as Sybil did with you above and you love it.  Truth is she speaks clearly while Paul munches his Corinthians before he speaks them and we must leave if only for length this has become too long as. I am Michael and this is done in the middle of more important news to follow.  Michael."

Amazing info, Ron. You're a treasure! I only wish to be able to contribute in a meaningful way some day!
Speaker: God the Supreme
Subjects: The Morontial Energies, The Adjuster Transit and Preparing the Fused Mortals for Work in the Coming Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 08/05/2018 6.32am(AEST)

“You make your admission.”

[I was in a funk over what happens in my personal life; over what is occurring with Ron; over so many things; despondency and loss is not my game I wish to meddle in at all, but it happens every so often it grates me. I know my Adjuster is trying to head-butt me out of the funk I am in and your visit gets so fast, I almost fall off the chair...]

“That is because I use energies that ranges in frequencies. The recent one was too high, so I come in a lower one to slow down the pace for you to feel more comfortable in with my presence. Yesterday, you are like an ice cube placed on a heat pad and you melded rapidly as the energy quickly drained you and snuffed out what it is I had to say.

“Energy, such as this are morontial. If it is too low and slow you could lose the connection, if too high, as yesterday, you find it difficult to keep apace. So I notch it in a more medium tone, so as to enable more leeway between us and let it drift here and there. You get dribs and drabs, let it come as it may and take it bits at a time. This may sound disjointed and so it is, mainly so that I don’t get snuffed out too easily and to avoid draining your energy to concentrate. Your Adjuster enables you to connect, but it is your effort of concentration and ability to hold out as much as you can to just grab that inquisitive part in you to take an interest in our discourse here. See.”

[Yes, see.]

“So let me take this slowly with you this time and bear with me as you find this too snail pace for your liking.”

[Alright, let see how this goes.]

“What Ron is alluding to you is the morontial energies that has a part to play with those of you who are fused. You do have the ability to connect with and it is for you to allow your inner sensing muscles to perceive, recognise and connect with what is being presented to you in a sixth sense of your Adjutant Mind Spirit skills you have in working order. Yesterday, you read Amethyst post re about Rosy’s “Ghost” occurrence and immediately you tapped into the memory store your Adjuster nudged you to retrieve about the energy grid that exist and how Caligastia tampered with that and trapped many in this grid.”   [Thanks Ron for explaining the ‘green room’ analogy with what happens to people like Rosy see Amazing Spiritual Stories/Re: A True Story: Mr.Besser and the Ghost ]

“Getting back to the point, you see how mind can connect with the energy of memory, reality recognition and you smile in knowing a familiarity in what can be for those who pass from death to this new sense of living as the soul that is you…”

[Leeway - breathe - connect..]

“Right now you notice some jarring occurring in the head of yours. One almost made you jump last night and the others are more infrequent and yet you note it that something is occurring in the brain, the vibration is abuzz and those jarrings although infrequent are your Adjuster intrusion into your mind space as well as me in the process of getting your attention as I make way into making sure you recognise change is afoot in you. You are sensitive to it and I am pleased you pay attention as you do it well with attuning to the body you have. Although, you have a younger body than Ron’s, Larry’s and Lemuel’s, you are closely attentive to the body’s rhythm and that is a good sign you recognise the changes more acutely….”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“When in the energy grid, you have a heightened sense of awareness of yourself, the soul. This is for those of you who are more understanding in with the Adjuster you are aware of and your purpose with and will to be with and know where to look when that time comes. Knowing full well who you are is half the battle than for those who know very little and seem to grope for answers…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“You are impressed with Ron’s analogy of the Parfait Glass**(see note below) of morontial energy and, in his case, he has a different one and drinks it in to change the organic matter to transform his internal mechanism to function, hopefully, better and normal soon. It takes time to get it to work and meld well with the existing tissues that will catch on and likewise gel well with the new cellular formations that so happens to take a liking to. It compounds and forms and expands, making the material structure stronger and more elastic than it has been. The morontial energy he drinks will solidify and grow in while the material matter has to agree with this new mass of energetic formations that support and add more strength to the bone and marrow that is nearly almost gone brittle with age. Ron has to get used to a creaky body while it is transforming into a gel-like structure to make it more elastic…”

[Pause - leeway - breathe…]

“Being and Doing the will of the Father; this goes in tandem with what your heart’s desire is with the Father’s, in doing this work with your Adjuster, the mission and to the betterment of Urantia as your soul purpose to see an end to this rebellion and a goodness of heart to flourish endlessly from one to the other in your sphere of influence you have.

“Doing, thinking, believing are all part and parcel of what you do in your daily life, having goals and working on achieving them is what you all do and find satisfaction in accomplishing such feats of difficulties. As you further your goals and achieve outcomes, you become more adept at those skills you use to gain the traction of successful outcomes for the purpose for which you set out to do them. It becomes an exercise in faith, trusting your instincts to go with your gut to reach conclusions in a manner that is both workable, sensible for you and for others as you would have it done for yourself.

“That is the whole mechanism of centred care and conduct in operation to do better in relations and in consort with the mind spirits that works so well in the way you connect your will to be doing.  This connection with me, although slow at first, gains traction and you build to a stronger blend in allowing this to take on the rhythm you let it flow. Not fly, but flow, in a steady pace for now. Fly, was too fast for you and you know it that now. It drains you too quickly and I tone it down a notch for you to catch on better and then build on it as it, the energies, we use in your mind construct, can tune to my frequency I use with you.

“At the moment, there is much a pace and you take that momentum as you get the gist of what is happening and you will recognise those changes that so happens to some of you and to many who are sensitive to the energies that is so placed around you. Like you just did then by placing a blanket around you to keep warm on a cold morning, so too, do the Father place a blanket of energy of pure love you will immediately connect with because you recognise goodness and mercy and faithfulness when you see it.

“So I tune out just a bit and let you get refreshed and after breakfast, I would like to speak further, if you could manage to sit again with me. Adieu.”


“Take note of what is happening to you the fused ones. You are dead people walking really. Take note of the fatigue you feel. That is because you are dealing with the influx of the human self giving way to the spiritual soul of you that wishes to flood through the dam gates that hold it back. No longer can the human self can tame this tide any more than when a leak grows into a full-blown gush that fills the entire part of your personality. Your soul self is divinely shining through the cracks of the material veneer that hold you in place.

“You see it and bit at times that it is to become well, you drink well, in pretty much is what occurs with Ron who has to every moment like coffee that keeps you abreast.

“What I have to tell you next will astound you and it is this. The following analysis for you all to think it well and see it.

“There is a tuning method I use now and it is through the Adjuster transit that it is communicated. I as God the Supreme, use this transit to commune with Sue in frequencies sometimes fast and at the moment slower for her to catch on with the Adjuster’s constant prompts, urges and nudges and jarring of brain tissues that continue to get her attention that something is afoot in her makeup.

“That is the morontializing of her as she is also undergoing some internal changes to be readily suitable for the work in the Michael Missions that is forthcoming in days soon enough.  This comes as a surprise for her to know as she did not think that what is happening to Ron could also be conjointly be occurring to the other four who are fused. This is because the five fused candidates, without going into details, are truly done in  their earthly life to this day. Sue agrees that her life is folded with her Adjuster and desires to be about her soul journey yet wishes very much to be better at this work of spiritual input to be of any use in the Missions that is planned for Urantia.

“That is now getting a transformational process as those of the five fused mortals who apply themselves in tandem with the Adjuster to rely upon the energy they require to keep afoot as they are now on a second lease of life in the flesh as fully morontialized with the Adjuster and soon in areas of tissue renewal in the material vessel they reside in. Lemuel is healing slowly, but is surely to be a promise to behold. Larry is in a bell-weather and needs to hear the bell well for it to be a mainstay in his work. Amethyst is agong and requires a moment to reflect and reprise herself better. Ron is fully powering in his new tissues and needs to take care not to over do himself.

“Sue is recognising now how I use the Adjuster transit to get the oil juices going to accompany me in her in the work I have for her to receive more in this that I have as there is too much held back and it is time to get out more good stories to tell than just sticks and stones as that is no longer any use to most of you.

“The Urantia Book 2 will have more for you to read and to train your minds better as the first one did to you and I wish that to be the case working well for most readers and new readers.

“There is more coming, standby, I close this off as it is time for Sue to rest as the energy wanes and that is going to strengthen as time goes Sue when you are fully attuning in what this represents for you to be doing and may you have a good day.”


[T/R Note: **Parfait Glass see General Discussion/Re: From physical to morontial.
Hi Folks,
You know when you get these sessions and, in this case, I was hesitant, doubting whether the one I post here above is too personal and sensitive in areas to put out to the public and I got this response and comply:

“We need those of you who can wear a badge that says what it thinks and that is to say to have the courage to place it and let God deal with the rest. Type up this session Sue and let it sift. It is a session to say that you are warming up, not hot, but warming, to my parrot-type approach to get you going. Thank you.” (Thank you and will do Capt’n Supremo!) ]
Amazing Spiritual Stories / Re: A True Story: Mr. Besser and the Ghost
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Amethyst, you are not alone in the confusion about ghosts, the same question arises in my mind also. As you Amethyst, I know about the grid, but I have never been told that ghosts are the captive souls in the grid. In my life, during my younger ages, I witnessed some strange spirit phenomenons and I always attributed them to Lucifer and Co., since I was taught from childhood by my christian upbringing that there was a rebellion. This is a major point that has passed me by also. Thanks Ron for the clarification and Wendy for the link from TM archives refering to the afterlife. Domtia
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