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AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Re: Audio Transmission / PREJUDICES
« Last post by LarryG on November 08, 2018, 07:57:31 AM »
Lemuel, your subject this morning truly stands out and is poignant and timely considering all that has happened, especially all around the United States for the past 3 years on the political and societal levels and this latest election in the US has been SO disturbing  with regards to   your topic of prejudice.  It has caused me great and deep concern, disappointment and sadness for I have come to realize that the progress  made is not at all as far as I  had thought..   It has pointed out to me, quite clearly and emphatically, that I have been a bit naïve and have overestimated in my thinking that significant progress had been made to rid and neutralize a great deal of prejudice in the US.

It has been quite alarming and has really made me open my eyes to the actual reality and deep rooted prejudice and even abject hatred and violence that is so much more widespread and prevalent than I had thought.  It has been a real shock to  come to terms with  just how deeply it rules so many people, here in the" land of the free" in a "Nation Under God"...NOT! And ,as well, unfortunately yet unmistakably demonstrates to me a more realistic view of the depth, magnitude, and expanse of difficulties  that these Missions and all who come to serve and work with them, us included, will be confronted with, and to transform and ultimately "transmute" these prejudices and hatreds with so many, may take a few decades and/or generations. I am not only shocked but quite honestly there is a part of me that is ashamed of our world, and in particular, these United States, for being so devoid, sometimes, of even a hint of truth, beauty and goodness, common decency, the slightest degree of civility, and "goodwill among men".   I am appalled at  the corruption, utter disingenuous and dishonesty of our Government, Religions,  and  most Governments all around Urantia.   We were told that "the House that Jack Built" would virtually collapse and so it is now, that  we bear witness to this truth right before our eyes.

It is no wonder that there will absolutely require a "Protectorate" established!  I could go on and on about it but I am sure all who are reading and listening get the  point being made here.

Let us all continue to pray for Michael, Jesus, Serara, Monjoronson, Matutia, Malvantra, Lanaforge, and  the host of Melchizedeks,  and especially Ron, for all will be in the direct line of fire so to speak and for the success of these Missions.   Yet we all know that our Universal Administration has done this time and time again and this is not their" first time at bat"...but I would venture to say perhaps not on a world such as Urantia, where such deep seated madness, hatred and ungodliness  exists and is so rampant among  the majority of its humanity.

I thank you Lemuel for your most timely recorded message.     LarryG
I certainly agree, Ron and Wendy, this is a very odd, disturbing, and unclear message...yet, on the other hand, our world, with passing day, just seems to  be approaching   "a collective insanity".

@RonB, as I understand, the attempted suicide melee is symbolic to what we, children of Urantia, are doing to this planet and ourselves. It is a gruesome and most tragic image playing out. The reference to a 'collective insanity' is most fitting in reflection of the horrors being committed. Wendy
AUDIO TAPE Transmissions Here / Audio Transmission / PREJUDICES
« Last post by Lemuel on November 08, 2018, 01:55:48 AM »
Speaker: Lemuel
Location: Girona, Catalunya, Spain.
Date/Time: 8th Nov. 2018  07:55 Local  06:55 Z
I copy over an unusual transmit from George Barnard himself.  George has the gift of observation acutely and meets Ezekiel in his spirit garb festooned with brilliant greens and not a little red.  He mentions it in passing but he also does not mention how upset he was receiving this message in the middle of a melee over someone attempting to commit suicide somewhere around this meeting place.

Also please note the paragraph starts:  At first I thought they were a language indicator, but they are not:  I am convinced George has a word processor that uses a type of computer code we do not use much here in the states and that when George uses a new paragraph start the computer software encodes it with those strange, almost Greek tragedy speech patterns they use in the plays of Aeschylus, sometimes just spelled Esculus.  With that settled, I find the message and its interpretation very odd and wonder just what our friend in Australia is finding to do with the first person to fuse on Urantia ever.  I just say to you  the reader, this is mysterious because it took place at all.  I wonder what the motivation of Sananda was to bring this through?

Shellharbour, Australia, Approximately 10, 10, 2018.
 Teachers: Ezekiel, the Scribe of Damascus and Christ Michael.
 Subject: “The Sins of the Fathers.”

 Message received by George Barnard.

 George: “Both Michael and the Damascus Scribe were standing to the right and they were only interested in hearing what was said. To the fore stood Ezekiel in his distinctive mantel with such a colorful bright green and thin red band all around the front. He seemed no taller than five foot and six inches, but he was a big man, yes, that I knew.

 “In the foreground was a picture of two strong nurses trying to deprive their patient of a plastic spoon he had almost managed to completely swallow. I screamed at Ezekiel, but no sound came from me. Then there was the sound of broken glass falling to the floor and a mention of much blood. Once again I screamed that silent scream at the prophet that I did not want to witness this patient killing himself.

 Ezekiel: “They all are the sins of the fathers, my dear brother, shown you today for you to remember what you are now going to be shown. Except for a man in the processs of killing himself, you would forget all that is to happen to your world --- self murder, no less.

 “A nuclear device is planned to be exploded above Damascus and this conflagration will instantly take the lives of more than a million and a half souls. Millions more will slowly die, some beyond the Euphrates and find their last painful rest stradeled atop a shiny pipeline running from the north-east to south-west and into the land of a new oil merchant on the mediterranean coast.

 “God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
 God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus.
 God forbid . . . You may not bomb Damascus,
for if you do, a collective insanity will come over you and your 300 million plus numbers will be vastly depleted.

 “I Am Ezekiel making this claim in the year 2018 as I did in my earthly life long ago. I now re-make my claim from God and no other in the presence of Christ Michael and the Scribe of Damascus.”

 Receiver’s notes: Long ago it was suggested to have some needed goods on hand during the tough times to come — food for weeks or even months and silver coins as a means of trade. Ezekiel was the only part of this vision to come through in brilliant color.

© The 11:11 Progress Group.

I find it so heartening and joyful to see how we can work together on this forum!  Larry, you are so kind and generous, and others have been very helpful too.  When Ron first made this post and I clicked on the link, I noticed that his book was over 700,000 on the ranking list.  I just checked it again, and it is now up to a ranking of  about 230,000.  That is a significant change.  Let us hope and pray that it gets into the hands of those who can see its value and take steps to begin implementing this technology.  You are all so dear to me and I can't wait for the day when we will be meeting, either on Urantia or the mansion worlds, and be able to continue our service together.
Many, many blessings,
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: May the will of the Father be done!!!
« Last post by prozonov on November 07, 2018, 02:43:21 PM »
November 7, 2018 Samara, local time is 14.30.
This is Margul.
Your upcoming activity is to inform people about the work of divine missions on the planet, as well as to help all who need to save lives. For this you have studied all these years, for this we have taught you in a dream. The more people follow you, the better the results of your work will be, the more people you will bring to God. That is why use the remaining time with benefits. Study the book of Urantia, learn from Jesus the preaching of the kingdom of heaven, his patience and his love. And it will save you and all who follow you.
You doubt that this time there will be a postponement of the terms mentioned earlier. With God, everything is possible. Don't wait for anything. Of course, you have to be ready, and at the same time you have to continue your normal life. Do not strain, do not try to attract someone to your side. Everything has its time. All your time. All in the will of God. Therefore, do not despair if nothing happens at the time indicated earlier. But THAT happens at any time, and always when God wants it.
7 ноября 2018 года¸ Самара, местное время 14.30.
Это Маргул.
Предстоящая ваша деятельность состоит в том, чтобы информировать людей о работе божественных миссий на планете, а также в помощи всем нуждающимся в спасении жизни. Для этого вы учились все эти годы, для этого мы вас учили во сне. Чем больше людей пойдет за вами, тем лучше будут результаты вашей работы, тем больше людей вы приведете к Богу. Вот почему используйте оставшееся время с пользой. Изучайте книгу Урантии, учитесь у Иисуса проповеди царства Небесного, его терпению и его любви. И это спасет вас и всех, кто идет за вами.
Ты сомневаешься, что и в этот раз будет перенос сроков указанных ранее. У Бога все возможно. Не надо ничего ждать. Конечно, надо быть готовым, и в тоже время надо продолжать вашу обычную жизнь. Не напрягаться, не пытаться привлечь кого-то на свою сторону. Всему свое время. Всем свой срок. Все в воле Бога. Поэтому не надо отчаиваться, если в указанное ранее время ничего не случиться. Но ЭТО случиться в любое время, и обязательно тогда, когда этого пожелает Бог.
It was my pleasure, Antonio...As I wrote you in an email... this is a win for you, a win for Ron...a win for the ILOK book, and a definite win for me... as a matter of fact I am the BIG WINNER since it gave me the opportunity to help you and perhaps others and that is a reward in and of itself, and had I not done this I would not have learned all that I did through the process of doing it....  several emails around several places, a phone call last night with  amazon/kindle in the US, and bright and early this morning being in a lengthy chat window with a very helpful customer service rep,    actually two of them, at amazon/kindle in Canada.  I learned  information that I would not have probably acquired in any other way  so that does make me the big winner here... so I thank you for this opportunity as well, Antonio.

And as I also said, who said you can't teach an old  dog (like me) new tricks?    So I say  a hearty BOW WOW and WOOF WOOF!...a smile, a wink and lol....LarryG    
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: May the will of the Father be done!!!
« Last post by NALIKAA on November 07, 2018, 12:08:09 PM »
   Threads for New           Transmissions/ May the Will of   Father be done !!![/left]
  Translations by NALIKAA the Antonio's Transmissions of October 31st, 01:54:00 a.m.
   Mpiteny : MARGUL,
   Lohahevitra: Aoka ny Sitrakin'Ny RAY ho tanteraka !!!
   Mitarika ho amin' ny fanapariahana Vaovao,
    T/R: ANTONIO,  Stanstead (Home), Qc Canada,
    Daty: Talata faha- 30 Oktôbra 2018, 11:11 p.m.
        Miarahaba Anao aho ry RAY. Izaho Antonio zanakao manompo Anao izay vonona hanao ny Fandraisana/ Fampitana amin'izao ora izao ity. Raha misy olona amin'izao alina izao te hampita hafatra amiko Ry RAY ô na dia fotoana tsy mampisy firy ny fampitana aza izao, izaho kosa dia ho enin'-kaja tokoa raha mahavoaray hafatra avy amin'ireo Olona ao amin'ny fianakaviamben'ny Olon-danitra mahatehotia ireo.
       Ry RAY  ô, misy ve ao hafatra tianao hampitaiko amin'ireo Mpiara-miasa amiko eto amin'ny forum na koa ireo mety ho mpitsidika aza ?

       " Ity Aho MARGUL miaraka aminao eto Antonio. Izaho Ilay Zanak' Andriamanitra, ary ity misy hafatra ampitaiko ho anao ary ho zarainao tokoa amin'ireo mpikambana eto amin'ny forum sy ireo mpitsidika ao."
       " Mazava tokoa fa fotoana tsy dia nahitana firodorodoana firy fa kosa.mangingina ny fampitana teto amin'ny forum amin'izao aloha. Izany dia tranga mihatra amin'ny maro aminareo kanefa ao dia ao an-tsainareo tokoa raha ny momba ireo ' trangan-javatra ' izay hiseho hipoitra ary hiteraka izay ho entiny amin'ny fotoana izay tokony hisehoany"

       " Tazako fa nojereko ianao androany ary dia voaraiko ny fihetsehamponao teo ianao nitopy maso teo ambaravarakelinareo nankany ivelany iny, teo am-piandrasana ny fiara mpitatitra mpianatra terý ivelany teo akaiky ny misy anareo izay nisy sekoly fanabeazana fototra, ny andro tolakandro tanteraka ary eo amin'ny firavan' ny ankizy mpianatra ka indreo ny ankizy teo am-pilalaovana sy nifalihavanja nandritra ny fiandrasany teo, fa ianao kosa teo nanontany tena tao anaty lohanao tao hoe ,"
        Andriamanitra ô mba inona tokoa moa no hanjo ireto ankizikely mahafatifaty tsy manantsiny ireto, izay tsy mahafantatra akory ny zavadoza hihatra aminy, fa firy amin'izy ireo no ho jinjain'ny fahafatesan8a sahady amin'izato fahatanorany herotrerony  izato?,..., firy no ho tsara vintana ka mbola ho velon'aina soa aorian' izay fi savoritahana mampivarahontsana hitranga eto?,...,
      "Ireny sy ny maro hafa koa dia izay fanontaniana mitsatoka ao an-tsainao ary fantatro tsara fa izy ireny dia anankiray amin'ireo  endriny maro izay isehoan'ity ' irakasa ' ity dia endri-javatra izay mampalahelo mafy loatra tokoa anao ary dia voaraiko ny fitiavana lalina sady feno ao an-ponao mitepo ho an'ireo ankizy ireo manoloana izany."
       " Indrisy tena zava-doza fa tranga hiseho foana manerana an'izao tontolo izao anefa ny toy itony satria tsy ho ireo ankizy ireo irery ihany manko no hidonan-javatra toy itony fa marobe hafa ihany koa toy ny:- reny mitondra vonoka,- zaza menavava,- zatovovavy sy zatovolahy,- renibe sy dadabe,- rahalahy sy anabavy ary rahavavy,- rahalahin-dray na anabavin-ndray,- anadahin-dreny na rahavavin-dreny,- rafozana,- sy ny sisa,- ...., ireo olon-drehetra voalaza ireo dia samy ho faty mandritra ireo fikorontanambe hitranga eto an-tany izay ho avy tsy ho ela ka ho vitsy no sisa velon'aina, eny fa na dia aminareo  mpikambana eto amin'ny forum aza sy ireo mpitsidika azy ity dia misy tokoa ireo hamoy ny ainy,....,
       "Ity bolantaninareo ity, Antonio, dia eo ampikorisana am- pidinambe mitotongana  tena miridana mankany amin'ny faharavana, dia izany no mahatonga Ny RAY te handrombaka ho Azy ity bolantany kely manga mahafatifaty ity dia i URANTIA,...,


       " Tonga ny fotoana ho anareo olombelona tsirairay hitalahoana famelana, famindram-po noho ireo ratsy vitanareo sy noho ireo fanakorontanana
 vokatry ny nataonareo sy vokatry notenenin'ny vavanareo,...,"
        " Tonga ny fotoana ho an'ny olombelona tsirairay mba hitalahoana ' FAMELANKELOKA " avy amin'Izy RAINAREO ANY AN-DANITRA noho ireo otanareo rehetra,...,"
         " Tonga ny fotoana ho anareo olombelona rehetra hanehoanareo miloa-bava ny  ' FITIAVANAREO ' an'ireo olombelona rehetra izay tianareo malalanareo,...,"
        "  Fotoana izao ry mpikambana sy mpitsidika malalako eto amin'ity forum ity hivavahanareo,...," fa mbola ampy tokoa hanaovanareo izany izao fotoana atrehinareo sy iandrasanareo izay hitranga izao,..., ary dia fantaro fa Ny RAY IZAY ANY AN-DANITRA dia tia anareo rehetra ary tsy hanary anareo tsy akory IZY !"
        " Fa ity toromarika omeko  ity amin'ny maha efa fanao teto azy tato ho ato, andro vitsivitsy izao,..., dia ny hoe ' AOKA HO TAITRA, HIFANTOKA HANARAMASO NY MANODIDINA ANAREO IANAREO ary HIHAINO MANDRAKARIVA ILAY MPANITSY ERITRERITRAREO ianareo,...," mivavaha, eny mivavaha ry malalako mpikambana  sy mpitsidika eto amin'ity forum ity. "
         " Izay sy izay ry Antonio, dia io ilay hafatra nampandikako soratononina ho anao androany alina ity io ary miangavy anao Aho ampitao alefaso ao amin'ny forum izy ity."
           MARGUL ô dia inona moa , Tompoko, no lohateny tianao  homena an'ity hafatra ity,?
           " Antonio ny lohateny homena ity hafatra ity dia tena tsotra, ..., ataovy hoe:" AOKA HATAO ANIE NY SITRAPON'IZY RAY ,...," ary dia misaotra anao aho Antonio nahafoy fotoana nandraisana Ahy sy ny hafatro tamin'ity alina ity; mirary anao ho tsara torimaso aho,...,"
         Domtia .


Hello Larry, ..., thank you so much for this wonderful gift and for your help, ..., it touches me directly to the heart and God, my friend, bless you!

Again, a thousand thanks Larry!
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