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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: There is always a message !
« Last post by Antonio on September 18, 2018, 11:58:59 PM »
 ;)   Thank you Amethyst for your encouragement and for taking the time to read my transmission.

@Prozonov :   Thank you for sharing your very nice reception from Margul and Mother Nebadonia and this is something I really look forward to openly expressing 'The Reality' beyond death, ..., to express the truth about the existence of our Father in Paradise who loves us so much, ... because we are his 'SON' !!!!  8)
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: There is always a message !
« Last post by amethyst on September 18, 2018, 11:25:37 PM »
I am truly DELIGHTED to see you transmitting!  I still have trouble sometimes figuring out exactly who it is I am hearing from, but it gets easier with time.  If I cannot get a name I try to at least get a title or group.  Keep up the good work.
GOD The SUPREME / The Supreme Being: Standard vs. Divergent Evolution
« Last post by amethyst on September 18, 2018, 11:16:27 PM »
Topic:       The  Supreme Being:
                'Standard Evolution’ vs. ‘Divergent Evolution’
Teacher:   Mighty Messenger in Service on Urantia
T/R:           Amethyst
Date:         September 18, 2018
Location: New York, USA

Mighty Messenger:

“You who study the Urantia Book with dedication all know well the Supreme Being is an evolving, and experiential Deity, so I will not discuss that at this time.  There are many factors and directions of motion that move the Supreme Being both inward and upward as well as outward into the outer space levels.  But I at this time want to discuss with you one aspect of the Supreme that has not as yet been recognized by, not only humans, but also not fully understood by many celestial beings.

“We see the Supreme Being stretched in all directions as He grows each day closer to His potential and there is a pattern developing that should be noted.  For time immemorial, our Supreme has been increasing by incorporating the evolutionary trends of behavior and function of what we can refer to as ‘standard evolution’.  That is to say that most planets, systems, constellations, and local universes have a pretty set way of evolving, and while each is unique, they all fill a set pattern of what can be anticipated for them.  All of this is absorbed by the Supreme Being as He continues His journey toward complete manifestation.  

“But there is now a pattern that is emerging that on a minuscule scale is showing early signs of rare sectors in the seven superuniverses that do not fit the mold as you might say.  We have now been given the nomenclature of ‘divergent evolution’.  By this we mean that there are places in creation that are evolving totally outside of the so-called standard way.  They create situations that have not yet been experienced by the Supreme.  Each time the Supreme is presented one of these, He pauses as if trying to see where this particular puzzle piece fits, and then continues His movement.

“Urantia happens to be one of those planets, and by extension that includes the local universe of Nebadon.  This divergent evolution is seen to be unpredictable and presents new options for the pilgrims of time and space to consider.  I could detail a great deal of information about the unique circumstances of your planet, some of it noted in your Urantia Book, and some of it just coming to light now with the fusion of some mortals and the expected increase in their numbers to follow.  Just as a familiar old-growth forest is suddenly taken down by a seemingly  brutal forest fire, it soon gives way to numerous varieties of wildflowers, grasses, and wildlife.  The old predictable reality of the forest has given way to a totally new beginning and an opportunity to grow in a very different direction.  

“All harshness that happens to individuals, planets and beyond, as Urantia has experienced, is compensated by new circumstances that will forever change the status quo for them.  The hardships they have endured are directly proportional to the priceless opportunities and blessing they might receive, and also are provided to the Supreme for His edification as well.  Your are truly living in times and in a place that gives pause to all of creation as they look on in wonderment in what potentially lies before you.  But the ball is now in your hands to see to it that the Supreme does indeed receive the experiences that are so rich and distinctive to you.  

“This ‘divergent evolution’ has existed in the past and in other superuniverses, but Urantia is one of a kind and only she has the unique qualities at this time that can nourish the spiral tendrils that sprout from the direction of Urantia, adding deeper truth, beauty, and goodness to this emerging Deity.  Be ever aware that the unique qualities that are the result of this divergent sojourn of the Supreme, can be realized only with your participation.  Should Urantia fail to realize and actualize her potential, then so too, will all of this be excluded from the final realization of the Supreme.”

Amethyst’s Adjuster:

“I now ask my ward to close this transmission as she is experiencing sharp pains in her head and around her eyes.  She is growing new circuits in her brain that need exercise, but enough for today as she needs a rest.”

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: There is always a message !
« Last post by prozonov on September 18, 2018, 11:08:39 PM »

Transmitter: Margul, Nebadonia
recipient: Prozonov
topic: divine lesson
Location: Russia, Самара
The title of the theme is a divine lesson.
It is necessary to direct your energy and your knowledge from the Urantia book to propagating the knowledge you have received for the surrounding people in order to tell them the divine truth in these last days of a quiet life on Urantia. People must hear and understand the divine truth, that they are children of God and must live by his laws and commandments. Disregard of the divine laws leads to the death of the person and the soul, which entails the deletion of this person from the book of life as if he did not exist.
You must inspire this truth to your loved ones, friends and acquaintances, but not by imposing it on you, but talking about the life of Christ on earth, his attitude towards family and students, as outlined in the book. For people, Christ is not only God, but also an ordinary man, who demonstrated by his example how man should live and behave. Try to bring this truth to the interlocutor so that his heart opens up to God, wanted to know the truth and meaning of life on this planet. We have said many times that without God there is no life for man. The body dies, but the soul remains, if it is. If the tuner left it even during the physical life of a person, he is practically dead, his fate is sealed. But very few people know about this, and most simply do not want to know. Opening their eyes is one of the tasks that cost you, who has managed, or in the near future, will be able to contact us and receive the programs.
 Go on. It is necessary to represent with whom you communicate and what you say to him. The reaction of people can be very different, until you are declared abnormal. This often happens, and you know about it in your experience.
 To avoid unforeseen situations, be patient, self-control and endurance, speak in simple language, without raising your voice and not insulting the interlocutor. Everywhere there should be love. This is especially important in the days of darkness and subsequent trials. Conceal people around you, tell them the truth, persuade them to open their hearts and turn to our Heavenly Father with words of love and a request for help. And this will save many, including you.
 We will lose many, but the seed you plant will surely give good shoots and people will remember your love and kindness. Do not be afraid. God does not forgive only the blasphemy against him and his complete denial, refusal. Who is categorically against God, with such talk and convince is useless. Walk away from them, do not waste precious time.
 "Who is my teacher?" Is this Margul?
 Yes it's me. I have come to reveal the truth and give you several instructions that you give to other
 - It is impossible to believe that a divine teacher from Paradise came to me, a simple and unworthy mortal ..
 And you believe. We are here to teach people to love God and live by his laws of love. Without love, there is no life where love ends, life ends. This should be explained to people, but who does not want to listen, do not worry for them - they are dead. That's why Teacher said that let the dead bury their dead. Living should think of the living, love them and help them in everything. Love is practically a synonym for disinterestedness. And therefore there is no greater feat than giving one's life for another.
 There are many changes in the life of each person on Urantia. It is important that as good as possible people survived. Then all problems will be solved with great success.  That's all for today.- 
 Thank you Paradise teacher! Ready at any time to receive your divine instruction.
 I'm ready to continue to receive messages. Is there anyone around here?

Yes. This is Nebadonia
Print: I came today to tell you and all the beginners to receive our reports, that you are entrusted with a very responsible mission - to give people the divine truth. You should practice silence more often and invite us to contact.
It is necessary to improve the reception, more and more often praying to invite us to a contact. Perhaps not all of what you said is perceived correctly, distortions are possible. That's why, for the first time, send these messages to Ron for verification. He will decide whether to upload it to the site. It's all.
 "Thank you, dear mother of Nebadonia!"
 - Thanks to the tuner, that he allowed my brain to receive such messages.
(He answered me).

 - - - - - - - - - - -

Печатай, соберись с мыслями. Сосредоточься. Будем передавать тебе длинное послание.

 - Я готов.
 Пиши. Название темы – божественный урок.
 Необходимо направить свою энергию и свои знания по книге Урантии на пропаганду полученных знаний для окружающих людей для того, чтобы говорить им божественную истину в эти последние дни спокойной жизни на Урантии. Люди должны услышать и понять божественную истину, что они дети Бога и должны жить по его законам и заповедям. Пренебрежение божественных законов ведет к гибели личности и души, что влечет к вычеркиванию этого человека из книги жизни как будто он и не существовал.
 Ты должен внушить эту истину своим близким, друзьям и знакомым, но не навязывая ее, а рассказывая о жизни Христа на земле, его отношении к семье и ученикам, как это изложено в книге. Для людей Христос не только Бог, но и обыкновенный человек, своим примером показавший, как должен жить и вести себя человек. Постарайся донести эту истину до собеседника, чтобы его сердце открылось Богу, захотело узнать истину и смысл жизни на этой планете. Мы много раз повторяли, что без Бога для человека жизни нет. Тело умирает, а душа остается, если она есть. Если настройщик покинул ее еще при физической жизни человека, он практически мертв, его судьба предрешена. Но об этом знают очень немногие, а большинство просто не хотят знать. Открыть им глаза – это одна из задач, которая стоить и перед вами, кто сумел или в ближайшее время сумеет пойти с нами в контакт и принимать передачи.
 Продолжай. Необходимо представлять с кем ты общаешься и что ему говоришь. Реакция людей может быть самая разная, вплоть до объявления тебя ненормальным. Такое часто случается, и вы знаете об этом на своем опыте.
 Чтобы избежать непредвиденных ситуаций наберитесь терпения, самообладания и выдержки, говорите простым языком, не повышая голос и не оскорбляя собеседника. Везде должна быть любовь. Особенно это важно в дни темноты и последующих испытаниях. Сплотите вокруг себя людей, говорите им правду, убеждайте, чтобы они открыли свои сердца и обратились к Отцу нашему Небесному со словами любви и просьбой о помощи. И это многих спасет, в том числе и вас.
 Мы многих потеряем, но семя, которое вы им заложите, обязательно даст добрые всходы и люди будут помнить вашу любовь и доброту. Ничего не бойтесь. Бог не прощает только хулу на него и полное его отрицание, отказ. Кто категорически против Бога, с такими разговаривать и убеждать бесполезно. Уйдите от них, не тратьте драгоценное время.
 - Кто мой учитель? Это Маргул?
 Да это я. Я пришел, чтобы раскрыть истину и дать тебе несколько наставлений, которые ты передашь другим.
 - Невозможно поверить, что ко мне, простому и недостойному смертному пришел божественный учитель из Рая…
 А ты поверь. Мы здесь для того, чтобы научить людей любить Бога и жить по его законам любви. Без любви нет жизни, где кончается любовь, кончается жизнь. Это надо объяснять людям, а кто не хочет слушать, не беспокойся за них – они мертвы. Вот почему Учитель говорил, что пусть мертвые хоронят своих мертвецов. Живые должны думать о живых, любить их и помогать им во всем. Любовь – это практически синоним бескорыстия. И поэтому нет большего подвига, чем жизнь свою отдать за другого.
 Впереди много изменений в жизни каждого человека на Урантии. Важно, чтобы как можно хороших людей осталось в живых. Тогда и все проблемы будут решать с большим успехом.
 Вот на сегодня и все.
 - Спасибо тебе райский учитель! Готов в любое время принимать твои божественные наставления.

-Я готов продолжать принимать сообщения. Есть кто здесь рядом?
 Да. Это Небадония.
 Печатай: я пришла сегодня, чтобы сказать тебе и всем начинающим принимать наши сообщения, что на вас возложена очень ответственная мисси - передавать людям божественную истину. Вы должны чаще практиковать тишину и приглашать нас к контакту.
 Надо совершенствовать прием, больше и чаще молится приглашать нас к контакту. Возможно не все нами сказанное вы воспримите правильно, возможны искажения. Вот почему на первое время отправляйте эти послания Рону на проверку. Он примет решение, выкладывать ли это на сайт. Это все.
 - Спасибо дорогая мать Небадония!
 - Спасибо настройщику, что он позволил моему мозгу принимать такие послания. (Он ответил пожалуйста).

General Discussion / Re: Moments of leisure are needed to recharge our energies
« Last post by evan on September 18, 2018, 10:38:27 PM »
Hi Julio,

Nice to know you're taking time off with your family for recreation in a beautiful place.  If only we could be in a permanent state of relaxation and recreation I guess that would be paradise.  Now I'm wondering what paradise is really like.....This thing about taking a break is also the topic in another thread here as gitz' post today was about praying and how that helps when we are anxious, fearful, tired, vexed (as Ron often is lol!!!).  So yes, yes, what a wonderful thought - to pray.....always....I think that's what Jesus did too when he would break away from the crowds and retreat to the hills.  Now we can do the same except there are no hills around where I live.  Well, I just listen to music....especially disco.... :D


...'There ain't nothing gonna keep me from you my love....I'll find you...'
Threads for New Transmissions / What does it entail ?
« Last post by Clency on September 18, 2018, 08:02:56 PM »
Transmitter : Thought Adjuster
Receiver : Clency
Subject : What does it entail ?
Location : Paris, France

During this moment of stillness, I stay focus to receive a message from any Celestial who may approach me. Thank you heartfully.

Thought Adjuster : « Since the announcement of the end of the Lucifer rebellion, you have been thinking what effect will that have in your daily life and what will be the consequences in the affairs of the world. As you know well, Lucifer himself is no more and his gang of rebels has been dismantled for ever, but you cannot imagine the all mess those miscreants have left after being knocked down.

Just imagine a mined field after a war, where every step can be fatal to a life and to make it secure for everyone there is a need to clean all the area. This is a very difficult exercise that cannot be done without a good team of experts in this kind of enterprise and it takes a great deal of concentration so as to avoid loosing lives. In his last attempt to counteract Michael’s plan, knowing well that he had lost definitely the battle against Him, Lucifer has used all his genius putting in place a system that will caused big damages.

This is what Michael and His army of angels have been dealing with – the cleansing of the Lucifer rebellion’s remnants. Now that all is over, does that mean, for you humans on Urantia, that you are done with it, that you can enjoy life in its fullness ? The invisible realm is certainly at rest with this and is taking its normal course, but you must keep in mind that, in regards to the visible world, there is still a lot of work to do.

So, you must expect to go through hard times and this is why a plan has been put into place by Michael for the rehabilitation of Urantia and to bring her to Light and Life. This plan has been remodeled many times due to unforeseeable circumstances, but nevertheless it is still on-going and will surely be carried out successfully. Don’t get worried, my dear ward, knowing that I am always by your sides and be in peace. Domtia »

Thank you my Beloved.
FUSION TALK / Re: Hear Me Oh Fused Ones!!!
« Last post by Francis Story on September 18, 2018, 12:13:46 PM »
And people I knew are in the mansion worlds,  but that is not a problem for me. I had the blessing to talk to some of them, and saw part of one of the mansion world #1 I think.
The problem is, these very hard experiences I've been through, the lack of LOVE from people I love with all my heat. I can't force nobody to LOVE me, that I learned. I bless them with love and let them be. 
I was told that I am protected and my home to, I learned that I am never alone, my Heavenly Father and Heavenly Brothers and sisters are always with me. But having terrestrial brothers and sisters with me is a blessing to. I learned that my family are everywhere, like Jesús said, not necessarily my blod family, who abandoned me in so many ways.
This experiences are very hard, exausting. I know is a very good reason for this, a cant have this attachment , because I have to serve free of this attachments. And if they throw my LOVE to the garbage, so be it. But when you miss me, you will have to go to the garbage and pick that LOVE and remember me, because I will not be there. 
General Discussion / Re: Pray Always
« Last post by Ron Besser on September 18, 2018, 11:17:00 AM »
What a pleasant transmission, Steve.  Thank you.  Maybe like you, but maybe not, I get so vexed over things during the day that just go wrong and fixing them the fix goes wrong too, I get to swearing like a trooper to vent.  How nice it is to hear that walking prayers are effective too and maybe I should just try one now and then instead of working to keep my blood pressure  from pointing so fast upward these days.  Great work, Steve.  I thank your Adjuster I believe and his reference to Paul, one of my favorite sufferers too.
General Discussion / Pray Always
« Last post by gitz on September 18, 2018, 10:57:22 AM »

Subject:  Pray Always
Speaker:  Thought Adjuster
Date:  September 18, 2018
Time: and Place:  Lafayette, Louisiana - 9:15 AM CDT, 10:15 EDT
Category: New Transmission 

The sun rises this morning in all it's glory.  We expect 106 degrees F  heat index today.  I call on my TA in a practice session this morning to give me a word or phrase to keep in mind throughout the day as a test of my strength of focus.  Have You a message or suggestion my Father fragment within?

"Try this out....Pray Always.  Paul challenged His followers to so the same.  Of course, it is not required to kneel or be still or anything like that.  Rather, keep Me in your every thought.  With practice this exercise can be taken literally.  When driving a car, or giving direction to someone you work with in business, eating lunch, and so on, today you will feel that it is impossible.  But with practice you can, and it is so rewarding.  Remember your first reactions to a car taking you out of your lane?  Tomorrow you will remember it in a different way., and the next day you will thank Me for advising you, when your cursing turns into a smile for receiving the gift of challenge.  When you fail, and you will at least for a while, think of Me, think of Paul.  You should be so lucky to have the challenges that Paul had to overcome during his lifetime on Urantia.  I have had to endure you all these years, and what could be more difficult than that?" (Thanks a lot).

Anything else my dear One? "What... you ask for more?  Handle this request that you pray always and let us see how it goes for today, and we will talk again tomorrow."

Thank you, and I will do my best today.         Steve
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: There is always a message !
« Last post by Antonio on September 18, 2018, 10:09:21 AM »
( Version francisée )

Orateur: inconnu
 Objet: Il y a toujours un message!
 Catégorie: Nouvelle transmission écrite.
 Date: lundi 17 sept. 2018 @ 23h25, Stanstead, Qc, Ca

T/R: Antonio

Père,…, Y a-t-il un message pour moi?

« Oui, il y a toujours un message pour celui qui est prêt à recevoir un tel message de la part du ‘Monde Spirituel’. Beaucoup d’entre nous sont prêts et impatients de transmettre leurs messages aux  transmetteurs disponibles qui prennent les dispositions nécessaires pour entrer en ‘Stillness’ et prennent le temps nécessaire avec patience pour entendre ‘cette fameuse petite voix‘  à l’intérieur de leurs esprits.

« Nous ne pouvons pas insister suffisamment sur la façon dont ces changements géographiques et autres phénomènes vont complètement perturber et changer complètement le mode et votre style de vie.

« Il y a toujours un message prêt à être transmis et reçu et beaucoup d'entre vous qui sont disposés à prendre les mesures pour être en stillness peuvent recevoir de telle message.

Je suis incapable de lire ou de reconnaître votre signature,…, et votre nom !!!!

« Ce n'est pas important pour le moment,… avec le temps, vous serez capable de reconnaître et de ressentir ma présence,…, mais pour l'instant,…, Ce message est de faire un appel au réveil aux nombreux transmetteurs disponibles et de prendre le temps nécessaire pour avoir une meilleure relation entre les ‘Humains’ et ‘Le Monde Spirituel’,…, c’est un ‘travail d'équipe’,… c'est pour ‘L’équipe de  Michael’,…, c'est pour ‘La Mission de Michael ‘ !!!,…, c'est pour notre PÈRE !!!

Maintenant,…, je suis vraiment surpris et je suis honoré de recevoir une telle transmission comme celle-ci,… merci pour cette leçon mon ‘ami céleste inconnu’ !!!
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