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Threads for New Transmissions / WEE NEED YOU EVERYONE.
« Last post by NALIKAA on March 10, 2019, 07:10:20 PM »
Location Place: Betafo/MADAGASCAR;
Local Time: MONDAY 11th, March, 2019; 0:00:36 a.m.;
Speaker-Teacher : Mother Spirit NABADONIA;
Transmitter : NALIKAA.
   Hello Everyone on the forum.         Divine Mother Spirit NEBADONIA here i am Nalikaa. With all the humans beings who must be proud  and deeply thankfull being beloved creatures of yours and ones of our Father Michael too as Urantians. For many days now and along all the yesterday evening my own  spirit was unceasely turning towards You. Then, I am sitting down now,  in that early morning ready to write any transmission of yours  for me and for all my forum's colleagues. Am I effectively called ?
   " Mother NEBADONIA here. My dear one, we know as the NALIKAA, it have been so long we have waiting to you to do this work. In fact you have been called. The trip towards here was not at all easy one but all the contrary. Here we are just at the starting of these great events : the Divine Missions. Every human are required to offer himself or herself to that Father's business voluntarilly, indeed. There is any discrimination of none sorts. The formations which have been given to you could have prepared you to believe and to trust in God the Father,  in Us your Universe Parents. You are well aware that your Beloved Father has choosen the rigth time and the most rigth Location place for you to live on in order to work mostly efficient for the  Great Plan of the times. Thus, my dear son, do not have any trouble nor any doubt because your proper talents, as well as these of your coforumites' ones are greatly needed. 
   " Now, we all are at the freshold of the beginning for the new age and we must overcome straightforward the progress for our beloved planet and her unfortunate inhabitants. God cannot never weakened nor is never given up as His Love is Eternal for all His Creatures  and for all His Creations, of course. So, my dear ones on the forum strengthen yourself by keeping on the faith, by keeping your good thougths, by keeping your best deeds, by keeping the natural prayers while accepting the sure guidance of your Inner Indwelling Fragment of the Father of all. And do stay the course with Us as Me Myself as your Mother in Spirit  and as your Father the Creator Son of God MICHAEL. Both of Us are always near you , even with you any time as well as anywhere, because We love you all. All help by you is welcomed in order to give hands to heal the planet now." 
   " Here my dear one let Me thank you for inviting Me this morning to teach you and your colleagues of the forum that very short lesson which could hopely bring you to more comprehension and definitive decision to start joyfully to  the works' path. Be in My Peace for ever. 
Mother Spirit NEBADONIA.
Me Nalikaa : what a surprise for me today. And I am completely delighted for such divine teaching by my Universe Divine Mother Spirit Whom I thank very,  very much. And let me give the Glory and the Honor to You the Universal Father of all,  the Source of All things. Amen ! aoi.
Threads for New Transmissions / Re: Our prayers are needed
« Last post by Ron Besser on March 10, 2019, 05:46:17 PM »
Hello Lemuel.  I too thank you for this wonderful gesture to help us along.  And, I agree with you as I have asked the powers to be, how are we going to last a full seven days of meeting everyday as that is hard hard work!  They tole me to have plenty of coffee and tea ready and to allow them to stretch their legs now and then by walking outside if they can do that with our bad weather lately.  Thank you so much.

I also want the list to know I received a grand donation from you Lemuel that helps so much to run the costs down to keep the web site up. healthy and running.  It is with much appreciation that I salute your ability to get in there and bump us forward with a great big push on our back.  MY sincere gratitude for your work. 

Julio. I encourage you to put up that Portuguese language web site and I will make sure you ahve messages to translate from the Magisterial Son and the universe as they come to us.  You will have to translate for your web site and use it like a blog and there are templates from people called Word Press and many others who let you select the design of the site and then find a way to host it for you for not that much a year.  We really need a world wide effort with lots of web sites to tell the world what is going on.  Thank you very much!  Ron
White Stone, in hindsight I should have used the term nitrous oxides, plural, as they are the more dangerous by productions of a gasoline engine.  Certainly carbon monoxide is dangerous too but the monoxide ingredient actually can be dissipated by sun light.  N2O3 is the real devil at work in our atmosphere and it is hardly regarded by the auto industry to be rid of it due to the fact they think is really is N4O5 which is relatively harmless.  What they fail to understand is that N2O3 actually escapes into the atmosphere when you fuel your vehicle and that is the smell, mostly, of gasoline we all rather enjoy in a garage.  I for one would like to see converters change from platinum pebbles to some other heavy metal such as gold or silver.  One can microplate the converters with gold for example and then recover the gold by recycling the converters by forcing manufactures to pay enough back everyone will feel protective of the converter they own.  Gold microplating would cost twice what it now costs to produce them but they would last four times longer!  Gold in the converter would change N2O3 to N4O5 easily and it is not a bad radical to be rid of as it also changes to plain nitrogen gas and water in sun light.  Thanks for your post and I agree with your statement except I was talking about the real poison of emissions and cloudy skies in big cities which is mostly (not all) the fault of N2O3.

RAYSON SPEAKS:  "White Stone you appear to be interested in chemistry.  Are you a student and taking courses in it?  Please let Ron know as he must staff our plants with personnel that know chemical engineering and everything in between.  Please do it quickly as he has a bit important meeting coming up on the subject in a day.  Thank you. Rayson."
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, Introducing myself
« Last post by occerpa on March 10, 2019, 04:26:04 PM »
First of all, to join Julio in his message of welcome for Nilija, and at the same time to take advantage of being a relative of Nalikaa, to express to her my gratitude and congratulations for such an extraordinary transmission to the Magisterial Son Monjoronson. She has started in the forum, comparatively as in baseball when a rookie in his first turn hits the homerom ball.
On the other hand to thank White Stone, for his timely clarification on Nitrous Oxide (N2O) and Carbon Monoxide (CO), although it could be that reference is made to the CO2 that is the most abundant gas that exhaust the cars. Very important the clarification because what comes as a transmission of Ron, the tendency is to give one hundred percent of credit, however absurd, in my case, I may seem. Like the answer I received about vegetarian nutrition contrasted with the omnivore nutrition. I interpret when it is placed: "Eat well", eat healthy and the healthiest is vegetarian food. And for nothing in the sense of eating enough, quite the opposite, Eat little. Some time ago, I read that in the sarcophagus of one of the pharaohs in the Pyramid of Cheops, there was an epitaph that said: "You live on a third of what you eat, of the other two thirds, your doctor lives; eat little and you will be your own doctor". This I consider to be one of the most important medical advice (if not the most), that I can give to my patients, in relation to health and illness.
I do not want to close this publication, (three in one), without mentioning my rejoicing at the beginning of the much-announced Magisterial Mission; Everything seems to me, suddenly, like science fiction. Nothing else can remove the priority to this trascendental event. I will continue raising my prayers to heaven because there is no turning back and we can be witnesses, at least, of the beginning of the end of all the barbarism that still reigns in our beloved planet. Thanks
TRANSLATIONS / Re: Wiadomoci po polsku (Posts in Polish)
« Last post by Andre_P on March 10, 2019, 01:44:32 PM »
Te same wiadomości po angielsku i po francusku :
1) Napisał : rarija, młodszy członek
Kategoria / Temat : Komisja Kontaktowa na temat nadchodzącego Objawienia, a także trwającej wyjątkowej sytuacji planety / Prośba o pomoc Synów Magisterskich
« Odpowiedź nr 13, 7 marca 2019 r., godz. 10:54:38 »

Dzień dobry
Mówię po francusku. Może mógłbym wam pomóc. Jestem przyszłym administratorem sieci we Francji.
Wysłałem Ci e-maila Ron. Jeśli mogę w czymś pomóc, to jestem do Twojej dyspozycji i oferuję Ci mój skromny wkład.
Przepraszam, mój angielski jest bardzo słaby.

2) Napisał : Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
« Odpowiedź nr 14, 7 marca 2019 r., godz. 11:46:47 »

Twój wkład będzie mile widziany, jak sobie życzysz Rarija i byłoby to bardzo pomocne. Skoro mówisz po francusku, to twój wkład, to co byś pisał, mogłoby być czytane przez tych, którzy mówią po francusku. Mógłbyś pisać wszystkie wiadomości, które chciałbyś przekazać na temat Misji Magisterskiej.

O Misji Magisterskiej możesz się dowiedzieć z rozdziału 20 wersji francuskiej Księgi Urantii.
Możesz ją znaleźć i czytać bezpośrednio w internecie. W rozdziale 20 przeczytasz, czym jest Misja Magisterska i może Cię to zainspiruje do zrobienia strony internetowej o Misji Magisterskiej, która jest gotowa, żeby nam się pokazać tutaj w Jorku, w Pennsylwanii, w USA, gdzie ja mieszkam.

Życzę Ci powodzenia i pamiętaj, aby dowiedzieć się wszystkiego, zanim skorzystasz ze strony internetowej, aby wyjaśnić to innym. Bardzo dziękuję za twoją ofertę dla Synów Magisterskich.


3) Napisał / przekazał: Ron Besser, administrator, członek-bohater
« Odpowiedź nr 16, 9 marca 2019 r., godz. 22:06:57 »

Dodam tylko to Brad :
Chciałbym, aby tak wielu z was mogło to zrobić, ile można, to znaczy stworzyć stronę internetową dla Misji Magisterskiej i umieszczać na nich wiadomości. Z przyjemnością widziałbym powstanie dziesięciu takich stron internetowych, do których udostępniłbym zawartość. Więc proszę: Zbuduj jedną !

MICHAŁ NEBADOŃSKI - "Potrzebujemy tyle, ile zdołacie stworzyć indywidualnie ! Ron byłby zadowolony, gdyby zobaczył dziesięć. Ja chciałbym zobaczyć pięćdziesiąt ! Chcecie coś zrobić ? Oto jest sposobność ! Proszę o nich zawiadamiać, żebyśmy mieli ich adresy, to je ogłosimy również na tej stronie internetowej. Dziękuję. Michał Nebadonski."
New Members Forum/Introduce Yourself / Re: Hello, Introducing myself
« Last post by JuliodaLuz on March 10, 2019, 01:25:35 PM »
Thank you Narija for your presentation and for reporting that you are the brother of another member of the Serara Nalikaa Forum and living in France from Madagascar. In this way, be very-be coming.

One of the things that most called me at the Serara Forum is the international participation of people from all over the world, from all continents, with many native languages.

The diversity of opinions allows us to search for a broader view of the world and, in my view, facilitates the search for answers to make the world better, with projects for the well-being of all human beings on all continents .

A big brotherly hug, Julio.


Obrigado Narija, por sua apresentação e por informar que é irmão de outro membro do Fórum Serara Nalikaa e que mora na França, vindo de Madagascar. Desta forma, seja muito-be vindo.

Uma das coisas que mais me chamou no Fórum Serara é a participação internacional de pessoas do mundo inteiro, de todos os continentes, com vários idiomas nativos.

A diversidade de opiniões nos permite uma busca mais ampla de uma visão amplificada do mundo e, ao meu ver, facilita na busca das respostas para que o mundo seja melhor, com projetos para o bem-estar de todos os seres humanos em todos os continentes.

Um grande abraço fraternal, Julio.
Ron, I presume you meant to say "carbon monoxide" and not "nitrous oxide."  Cars don't exhaust  "laughing gas" or we would all be rolling in the streets!  

May your week of meetings prove to be fruitful. Dominick will certainly bring a youthful voice and opinion to York. May you all be aware that Elihu will be there as well.

White Stone
(g) Mother Spirit will order all cars going under Monjoronson’s window home for a day to clean up the deadly nitrous oxide fumes they all generate – that means they stay at home if I am guessing right. The Magisterial Son are unused to an environment with gas poisons in them. I am not sure if we ever will have an incarnated Magisterial Son in offices with moving traffic around them
Greta Thunberg, a 16 yr old young girl from Sweden, a climate activist, is making ripples around the world, by voicing a ‘climatewar’ against political leaders for not taking real climate action and many are joining her global climatestrike on the 15th of march. An immediate security measure will be taken for the comfort of the incarnated Magisterial Son and that’s fine, but do we know exactly, for the long term, what is in the agenda of the Magisterial Mission in regards to climate problem ? Domtia
To all

I would also like to contribute in some way to the Magisterial Mission website if it is possible to be done, also, in the Portuguese language.

In this case, I make myself available, if possible, to help in any way to help in the construction and maintenance of a Portuguese Missionary Magisterial website.

How I would like to be with you all in York, Pennsylvania, USA this week of meetings, which starts tomorrow March 11, 2019.

In all cases I am praying to all who will attend this important meeting.

My principal prayers to God that I live and work in York, Pennsylvania, USA, together with my family, is due to the fact that this place houses the Magisterial Mission, the return of Jesus, as well as the various Missions of God, besides Temple of God that will come from the heavens in due time and that will settle in the USA.

Be that as it may, I completely submit my destiny to the Deity Absolute, according to the destiny I plan for myself.


Post Scripum:

In the first place, I submit totally my destiny to God, the Supreme whose jurisdiction is the Great Universe, consisting of Seven Superuniverses (ranging from imperfection to perfection), of the Central Universe of Havona (with 1 billion perfect worlds), and of Paradise Island.

Secondly, I submit totally my destiny to God, the Ultimate whose jurisdiction is the Outer Space.

Thirdly, I submit totally to my destiny the Absolute Deity, whose jurisdiction is the Universe of Universes which is the sum between the Great Universe and Outer Space.

If in any way I can serve God in any of the Missions of God on our planet Urantia, in our local Universe of Nebadon, in our superuniverse of Orvonton, or anywhere else so called to serve, so will I of love and unconditional trust to God.

Finally, a special thanks to God, Universal Father of all: - Thank you, God, Universal Father, for everything. Thank you for the beginning of the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.


Finally, a special thanks to Michael of Nebadon, the Son Michael of the Paradise (who emanates Spirit of Truth), the creator of our local universe of Nebadon who was on our planet as Joshua Ben Joseph, or simply Jesus as the Minister Divine Nebadonia. 

Likewise, the same special thanks to the Divine Minister Nebadonia, the Mother Spirit (who emanates the Holy Spirit) who together with Michael of Nebadon created our local Universe of Nebadon.

A special thanks also to the Magisterial Sons Serara and Monjoronson, to all the Melchizedeks and to all orders of heavenly beings who are already working in the Magisterial Mission on Urantia.

Our planet Earth, known in the universe of universes as Urantia, needed this moment of spiritual recovery, and my prayers are for the success of the various missions of God.


With much love to all,



A todos

Eu também gostaria de contribuir de alguma forma no site da Missão Magisterial se for possível de ser feito, também, no idioma português.

No caso, eu me coloco a disposição, se for possível eu ajudar, de alguma forma, para ajudar na construção e manutenção de um site da Missão Magisterial no idioma português.

Como eu gostaria de estar com todos vocês, em York, Pensilvânia, EUA nesta semana de reuniões, que começa amanhã 11 de março de 2019.

Em todos os casos eu estou orando para todos que estarão presentes nesta importante reunião.

Minhas principais orações a Deus, para que eu more e trabalhe em York, Pensilvânia, EUA, juntamente com minha família, se deve ao fato deste local sediar a Missão Magisterial, do retorno de Jesus, bem como das diversas Missões de Deus, além do Templo de Deus que virá dos céus no devido momento e que se instalará nos EUA.

Seja como for, eu me submeto totalmente meu destino ao Absoluto da Deidade, conforme o destino que planejar para mim.


Post Scripum:

Em primeiro lugar, eu me submeto totalmente o meu destino a Deus, o Supremo cuja jurisdição é o Grande Universo, formado por Sete Superuniversos (que vão da imperfeição para perfeição), do Universo Central de Havona (com 1 bilhão de mundos perfeitos) e da Ilha do Paraíso.

Em segundo lugar, eu me submeto totalmente o meu destino a Deus, o Último cuja jurisdição é o Expaço Exterior.

Em terceiro lugar, eu me submeto totalmente o meu destino a Deidade Absoluta, cuja jurisdição é o Universo dos Universos que é a soma entre o Grande Universo e o Espaço Exterior.

Se de alguma forma, eu puder servir a Deus em qualquer das Missões de Deus em nosso planeta Urantia, em nosso universo local de Nebadon, em nosso superuniverso de Orvonton, ou em qualquer lugar que assim for chamado para servir, assim eu farei, diante do amor e confiança incondicional a Deus.

Por fim, um agradecimento especial a Deus, Pai Universal de todos: - Obrigado, Deus, Pai Universal, por tudo. Obrigado pelo começo da Missão Magisterial em Urantia.


Por fim, um agradecimento especial a Michael de Nebadon, Filho Michael Criador do Paraíso (que emana o Espírito da Verdade), o criador de nosso universo local de Nebadon que esteve em nosso planeta como Joshua Ben Joseph, ou simplesmente Jesus, bem como a Ministra Divina Nebadonia. 

De igual forma, o mesmo agradecimento especial a Ministra Divina Nebadônia, a Mãe Espírito (que emana o Espírito Santo) que criou, juntamente, com Michael de Nebadon nosso Universo local de Nebadon.

Um agradecimento especial, também, aos Filhos Magisteriais Serara e Monjoronson, a todos os Melquisedeques e a todas ordens de seres celestiais que já estão trabalhando na Missão Magisterial em Urantia.

Nosso planeta Terra, conhecido no universo dos universos como Urantia, precisava deste momento de recuperação espiritual, e minha orações são para o sucesso das diversas missões de Deus.


Com muito amor a todos,


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