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Speaker: Madison the Planetary Prince of Urantia
Subject: Keeping up With Transmission So More Can Be Known.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 17/08/2019 4.45am(AEST)

“Sue start typing again, this is Madison, I will ensure there is no interference in this transmission to you as I have to get going with my work and to keep you all informed as to the happenings around you. To this list I give you a few things to be let known at this time. As you all understand it, it is better to type than none at all. The more you do the more things get trickled down so as you are made aware of what is coming in a certain way so you know the gist of what we are dealing with. 

“Michael is to deal with the issue again with the Court on the case with himself and with God the Supreme and other Deities who wish to run the course of action on this planet and this quadrant of space. It is a matter of sovereignty for Michael and the others and we leave it in the Court to decide its fate. The Ancients of Days have to keep this on record and let it be known that it is for Michael to allow this information to proceed if he deems it necessary to allow it to be known.

“Now this, there is so much more coming as we get going with the work to build our Mission station and be ready for a planetary emergency that is hitting in different ways. You all would have taken note of the stock market’s recent behavior and for its volatility. This cannot be sustained for any length of time as it creates uncertainty in most economies as to how to maintain its own nation affairs. Recession is forecast, but to tell you the truth there is way more to happen that makes that fall into the dust as you will need to watch out for the earth tilt and the change in climate and earth landscape as this becomes apparent. Survival on the sphere becomes more of the issue than stocks crashing through the floor. Please keep watching what is to happen with us by doing these transmits as we need more of you to place yourself at work and let us spill the beans, once in a while, so you can see there is more in the bag to let out. Keep on keeping on, no matter how this sometimes affects some of you and doubt must be overcome and faith in us to see through so much that becomes new breaking records as we find it.

“I intend to keep this short and to the point and more is to come Sue when you can avail yourself to this. You have to go to work shortly and your time this morning is good and I am pleased you gather yourself to take on the task, regardless of the upset of the last time you went for one.  That is over for now as I will make sure there is no more interference in these deliberations. I am Madison, your newly installed Planetary Prince on Urantia and I have much work to do and am always happy to impart news to you and others when you seek it. May you continue in this endeavor with me and may you have a good day. K.”


P.S. “Madison here Sue:post this to the forum and please do so in all your work as we must get busy with these messages, thank you.”

[Sue: Thank you Madison.]

[Admin here:  This post is in trouble from the start over issues forcing Sue into a compromised position.  I have elected to let it stand but to warn readers this particular post is subject to rebel forces believe it or not.  We thought that was cleaned up.  Not so.  They are at it again, but the post has explanations to it posted after it is made here.  The post is mostly subconscious twaddle, some of it is real transmission, some of it is overcall by unfriendly forces.  I let it stand for now but be warned.  Please read explanations that follow Sue's post here.  Ron Besser/Admin]

S: I am going to try a different approach in taking dictation and keep it in point form along the lines that Dominick has taken as that seems to get down in a simplified manner and keep from wandering in mind and stay to the points of the agenda the Messenger wishes to relay. I like Dominick’s approach and it keeps one from straying off the point and keeping in line with what is being said, in others words, listening and taking dictation. I request any one to come forward who has something to say now:

06/08/2019 9.23am(AEST)
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Geelong VIC Australia
Speakers: Drunvalo Melchizedek, Madison and Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Part 1 Various Points of the Agendas(see below)

Points of the Agenda please:

Part 1

  • Taking Notation
  • Listen Up
  • Universe Calls In
  • Stay on Target Please
  • Drunvalo Melchizedek is resident to teach
  • Madison Speaks to the Issues Relating to Getting Materialized for the Michael Mission
  • The Dilemma of Human Participation to be resolved Shortly
  • The Whos Who in the Rank and File of Universe Representation on Urantia
  • This Session is Part 1 of three or more parts to be relayed in broken sessions in order to not overwhelm the reader with too much in one sitting
  • Michael will Speak to the plans but not to how it is implemented for reasons for running into too many hotly contestable dilemmas that causes more stalemates to occur
  • Your Work is to Continue with us in receiving what is to be heard

Taking Notation

When I say these words, ‘Taking Notation’, what comes to your mind?

S: I take it as a simple task to write down what comes to mind as I hear it from you and carefully listening to your words as you put it to me. One word at a time until it seems to flow.

Good, that is the intention I was looking for. Listen, type it and keep up the pace as I speak it to you. In this way you keep to form and not drift off in endless monkey mind apparitions. Stay on target with my voice and let me do all the thinking. Is that clear to you?

S: Yes

Next Point please.

Listen Up

S: okay what do you want to say here?

Yes it says exactly that, LISTEN UP! When someone says that to you, you do just that, pay attention to the speaker. Let the Speaker speak and have a voice in you and allow it to be heard. You just let it speak and type what is spoken. No editing is to be done here as you can do that later to tidy up any spelling errors and so on. Just keep on the ball with the Speaker as it happens and do not drift from this. Did I make this clear?

S: Yes

Good, next point please.

Universe Calls In

S: Universe Calls In - what is meant by this?

This is not to say a whole vast Universe does that, but it is to say an administration does survey and reports and gives an analysis of the state of affairs on your planet. When the Universe calls in, this is representative of our administrative assessment and review of the status and to call in with the transmitter to relay something that matters to you in ways that has certain flow on effects we see can have an impact. When we say those words, it matters to you to listen and take note as it informs you well and truly of our call to you to pay attention. Does this make sense to you?

S: It makes sense we have a body that makes decisions and reports and gives us some way of knowledge of things that helps us, is that also what is meant in the above statement as I understand it?

Certainly, there are certain departments tasked with different assessment tools to deliver on their survey they are busy with and that gets relayed back to a central point of focus with the Universe Sovereign who is in charge of seeing to it what is the best course of action to be taken given all the reports sent to him. In this way, the Universe has to settle for the course of action and then wait for the flow on effect this may present. So there you have a Universe Call in terms of report and action if it is deemed necessary to take it. Otherwise, certain reports may not require action and it may mean another course to be taken, perhaps inaction or a change, to be placed instead as that can do more good than harm if it is seen in a more convulating way of dealing with issues. It also may require to call in on you to receive from us these messages that does a certain task to reach the audience in a way that cannot be otherwise be done. That also is another function of action we use as it is termed in “Universe Calls In’, so it is in that way a communication call as well. Does this explanation help you?

S: yes, I think it explains it in a more variable way how you guys call in on matters of interest to all, and that includes the Universe Administration and us as Urantians.

Good, we may move to the next point please.

Stay on Target Please

S: I think this is as simple as it gets when transmitting, is this what is implied here in these words?

Yes, I keep it as simple as that to stay on the ball when I speak it as I am the ball and you watch the ball as a player always does on the field when playing a ball game. It is a logical thing to do. Stay with me and do not think, let me do that for you as your TA does the relaying and the thinking and the talking anyhow for me to you. You just do your part in being a discernible person that you are in knowing what is off and what is good to go with. That clear?

S: yes, I get that loud and clear, it is good to keep it simple as you say.

Good next point please.

Drunvalo Melchizedek is resident to teach

S: I heard you speak this name and I am not sure if that was correctly received.

Yes, I see, you did get the name and that is because that is me!

S: Oh I see! What a nice surprise, I got the feeling the Speaker here is someone else I couldn’t recognise the signature as I do with Michael and Mother Spirit. Welcome Drunvalo and I hope I got that spelt right.

Thank you, and yes, you did spell the name correctly, however, it is pronounced in your mind as drummvaaloe and that is because I drool in your language. You may laugh as much as you like dear one! [belly laughs happening here…] Anyhow, you did not recognise the signature as you do with Michael and Mother Spirit because you are attuned with the Michael frequency and I happen to use the reflectivity frequency for reasons to reach more of you in that way. So this explains why it is difficult to determine the name of the Speaker as it uses a different frequency to reach humans in this way. Michael has the Circuits working so this can reach as many who are good to hear us and work with us to receive these messages as they may be relayed from time to time when the Universe Calls In as is discussed above.

As the Point of my being resident to teach is to do with our Melchizedek Corp activity which we are now being installed to get going in the way Michael wishes to operate on the planet. There are a number of issues to be dealt with and while so many dilemmas accumulate, we still have to proceed with a great amount of caution. Do you understand me so far?

S: Yes, Drummvalooe! After what Ron has bemoaned over so may dilemmas you guys confront and after so many changes, stops and starts and so on in the years to now, it is a wonder at all if this Mission thing is ever going to happen at all. But Ron has seen to doing something to set up corporations/business names to go with for you guys to really get a foot in the door in a material way. But, although a stellar job by Ron, it is really up to how Michael wishes to use them. As I see it, it looks like Ron’s setup is just one angle in many angles that can be utilised that Michael, if he did have a smart sense of looking into using many tools than just one, can really be a more optimal choice to use when a planet such as ours is so problematic to deal with. The dilemma of having human participation in the mission is the real sticky point as it poses such challenges and vectors of probability never seen before anywhere in the Grand Universe. Do I see this in a sensible manner Drunvalo?

This cannot be stressed enough as I speak it here now. Michael makes the final call as to what to do with Urantia. He wants it to be an architectural sphere. And he will most likely get it, but for it to be that, it will have to go through so many changes and so on for it to be such. This will take time, resources and will power. It is as simple as that. As for your and other human participation, that is considered on a day to day basis as it comes when all the changes seem to flow and how this affects so many of you in the process. Do you see how this can flow on when all things are considered?

S: Yes, I see how this can go one way or another. To be fair we are all in the paradox, when we are darned if we do and darned if we do not when it comes to helping Urantia out of its thick mud it seems to be in right now. If I take a quick look on the internet of various news outlets how so many areas are quickly going into meltdown, civil unrest and violence as well as returning to the days of a global recession and possible financial ruin. The geopolitical canvas is in such a state, I wonder how long this is going to last. Can you tell me Drunvalo if the Mission is going to have any inroads when things look so dicey as it is, or is this just my own shortcoming assessment?

Do not look too much into it dear one. There is way more to tell than we can say right now as that will get everyone too hot under the collar. So it is best to let certain things unfold and then see where it leads us. Let it be as we must see what the Universe sees before it has to Call it In. In that way, we need to have patience and forbearance in all that is for now. Can I leave it as that for now?

S: Understandably yes. I see the wisdom in the “wait and see” approach but it has been going on like that for years now and we here on Urantia are aging by the minute!

No doubt about that and we are acutely aware of it. RonB is certainly proving it in spades and we are not immune to the difficulties on the human flesh as it is but it is of a certainty we must conform to the will of the Universal Father in these matters.

Now we may move on to the next point please.

Madison Speaks to the Issues Relating to Getting Materialized for the Michael Mission

S: I call upon Madison the Planetary Prince of Urantia to speak on this point. What do you have to say on this Madison?

Yes, this is Madi-Son as you know me as such to present myself to you. I thank Dunvalo to open the way to speak with you and it is a good start. Now as to the point on the Materialisation of the Mission. I can only say that it is met with so many obstacles we have to clear before anything can be really good to go. You all know that to start any formidable construction, it is met with an equal amount of work to obtain the appropriate site, to attain approval for development, to clear the site and to go ahead with the blueprint plan to do exactly as the blueprint is and to adhere to the principles of meeting the requirements stipulated upon such a development and for its purpose to be established in the first place. Just as you stick to the Point Format above, so too do we stick to the Blueprint Format so as to gain traction in the development we foresee as useful and good to have going. It is my job to follow the processes this takes to be in place and to proceed in accordance to the plans made my Michael himself. I just have to follow what is the necessary action the Universe Calls In to make here. So that being said, we still have some sticky situations we need to deal with before any development can be truly seen with human eyes. First, we need to see the Blueprint finalised and placed in my lap to start with. This is still in a metamorphosis state as Michael is still humming and hawing about how to handle humans in these Missions. This is the main point of contention in all the Universe as it has not been done before. We all see what Michael sees and there is no way around it but to do what can be workable in most cases when it comes to a Mission as such as it must be placed on Urantia. I do not wish to go further than that as the Blueprint is still on the drawing board in Michael’s office and I await for further conclusions to the drawing. There has been so many alterations, it leaves so many more challenges and so on it goes. Let it remain with Michael as he does the drawing with able architects in designing a Blueprint that fits well in accommodating the will of the Paradise Trinity.

Next Point.

The Dilemma of Human Participation to be resolved Shortly

S: Madison what is going on with this subject of our participation or are we best to be on the sidelines and let you guys do the heavy lifting?

This is not an easy subject to speak on. As much as we enjoy your willingness to assist and be of service as that is a noble and worthy cause you see as fitting in all good faith. Let me say this: be prepared for a culling if Michael sees the need to keep you safely away from the hazards of Mission work. Then also be prepared for a calling in of your assistance when it is safe to do so. Right now, it is not a safe place at all. Urantia is divulging into a precarious situation and your safety is our concern right now. Please remain as you are and continue with us in your capacity as you do but do not think for one minute we will have a miracle happening as that does not happen when Urantia is still as murky as ever. You all heard that Jesus is rescinding his Return and that, to all of us and you, although lamentable but completely understandable, given the state of affairs that seem to deteriorate at a rapid rate on the planet of his nativity. No Son of God in his stature can take such an appalling place on. It is undoable in his estimation and that estimation has escalated to such a level of distaste to have anything to do with it. Michael is left to deal with this and that places more changes on his Blueprint as it stands. It is now an ongoing mechanisation of transition we see as inevitable. Urantia is no easy cow, it is a raging bull intent on self destruction. How does one deal with that?

S: I am at a loss as to what is transpiring in the Universe Administration. Has Urantia become so troublesome that it defies the work of God that was intended. We have so many defaults already and having the Teaching Mission come and go as well as having the failure of launch for the FER to gain more readership than it presently is, is all amounting to be more problematic and to add more scars to the wound, we have this endless dilemma of Mission materialization that seems to run into more stalemates, what am I to think Madison? Is it a do or die?

Do or die can be rather severe and to tell you the truth that is a possibility. Only because the Blueprint seems to be so changed that all that remains is nothing but a plan that Michael sees as Square One and he knows that is untenable given what we have on Urantia now. I think well, but it still remains to be seen however it can be done on Urantia with a Blueprint still in a metamorphosis state. It is not over yet and I stand ready when Michael is ready to go about it in one way or another.

Next point please.

The Whos Who in the Rank and File of Universe Representation on Urantia

Well, this is straightforward. Michael is King of the hill, then, it is the rest who work with him to get the job done. And that includes all Seraphims, Melchizedeks, Lanondecks, Midwayers and all other Orders who are working in a Team to ensure the work of the rehabilitation of Urantia goes according to the Michael Blueprint he has approved to go with. My work is to do with the management side of the spiritual apparatus on the planet and see to all personnel are cooperating with me and Michael and with the Ancients of Days in what is approved to go about with on Planetary revival and rehabilitation. This is enough to grant you the picture of our representation on Urantia. It is a large contingent force and one to be reckoned with when it also comprises personnel from the Federation of Excelon as well.

Next Point please.

This Session is Part 1 of three or more parts to be relayed in broken sessions in order to not overwhelm the reader with too much in one sitting

S: Madison this is a very long Part 1 and I am appreciating it to be broken up as it is a lengthy one as it is for the reader, do I see more like this to be the case in future dictation?

Yes, you see the point made here to keep it at arms length so to speak as this is rather long and informative. That being said, it is worth noting the point format is a useful one to use to keep on the ball on what is to be discussed at length as this one session takes on this morning for you. I see more like this coming for you if you can hold out as long as this has been for you. Can you do this?

S: Yes I agree with that assessment Madison and I can do this at length here when I am refreshed and good to go as I am on my days off from work. This has been an interesting session, unlike the other ones that take a short stand and leaves no real substance as this is turning out to be, I thank you and Drunvalo for such an interesting development here.

Indeed, it is worth going about it in a Point Format as it keeps you and us on tabs on the subject that needs to be discussed at the appropriate level. Let us continue shall we.

S: Yes, I continue.

Good, next point please.

Michael will Speak to the plans but not to how it is implemented for reasons for running into too many hotly contestable dilemmas that causes more stalemates to occur

S: What do you say to this Michael in this Point made here?
Sue, listen up! We have a cannonball running down the hallway, what do you think happens when that ball runs?

S: I think in all probability when a cannonball gets shot out of the canon, it sends the ball flying and when it lands, it continues to run along the ground at such velocity it knocks over everything in its path, and perhaps send things/persons/objects flying off onto the sidelines. That is what I project it to see what happens, do I get the picture right Michael and what are you suggesting by taking this approach?

Exactly the answer I was looking for from you. Good. I am checking to see if you are listening correctly and thinking well into what I suggest in the above approach. My Blueprint is that cannonball and it will run its course and it so happens, when it does, it will do exactly that, what you said above. So you get the picture in your mind how this is going to play out on many fronts as we get going with this Blueprint approved by the Paradise Trinity all the way down with the Ancients of Days. I have to conform to this mandate and follow with this in line with the purpose of the Blueprint in the first place. I am not going to speak on it and nor am I going to speak further due to what is said in the above Point because my Blueprint will cause so much to deal with and we have to go carefully and proceed with caution in mind. No ifs and buts, and that means I have to take the bull by the horns and wrestle the beast in a way that can be handled to lessen the damage that it would otherwise cause. So allow me to take to the procedure as best as can be done and let us see how this unfolds when the cannonball touches the ground running. As it so happens, with or without humans, the ball has to run its course and we will see what is left to go with when it is done. This is the normal thing to develop when a construction site is cleared and then we see what is left to work with and, again, what is left, has to be drafted into the Blueprint to work with. The changes are and will be ongoing. So it is to be expected when we are dealing with a problematic construction site as Urantia is at this time of its evolution.

Next point please.

Your Work is to Continue with us in receiving what is to be heard

S: Thank you Michael for explaining that cannonball scenario and that helps a lot as to expecting the changes as a result. What do you wish to say on this final point of Part 1?

“Yes, it says exactly that and to continue with me and others to formulate such lessons, messages and dictation as this is to present to you an unfolding of revelation we allow for you to know so to adequately prepare you for the ongoing changes as it happens. Continue in listening up and take the dictations without trying to control the errors, just let it flow and allow us to speak and let it be as it may. I am Michael of Nebadon and I speak it here to tell you to please continue with us as we get going soon to better our work in getting Urantia back and lead it into the early stages of Light and Life. I look forward to seeing this planet become an architectural sphere and as such become the education center as well as a training ground for future OSZ careers. Let that stand for now. I wish all a good day. K”

END. (11.55am and ten pages long)

Speaker: Sue’s Adjuster, Pre’Mtor
Subject: The Ascension Career and the Besser-Fusion Purpose in the Magisterial Mission
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 03/08/2019 6.00pm (AEST)

Pre’Mtor: “It is quiet for lots of reasons, but that is not to say there is nothing to say as there is a lot to say and that has to be said in the appropriate manner and time. There is much to anticipate and we understand your patience and due diligence with us. You are thinking deeply the ascension career and the process of the Besser-Fusion as to the morontial circles. In the TUB, in most cases, those who do fuse with their Adjuster, do go up in chariots of fire and that is not happening here with those of you who are fused.

[Sue: Yes, and why is it that we remain and continue in as mortal when our time is up anyhow and the drive to move on in the spiritual circles of attainment is ever there for the one to grow in, yet it seems rather queer to be here and continue in a rather static environment that leaves one wondering how it is that fusion continues and still it turns out rather counterproductive living the mortal life when it is run its course?]

Pre’Mtor: “Yes, I see what you are saying, but that is because the Besser-Fusion process is one that takes on a unique character in enabling those of you to retain some form of sane continuity in the mortal plane of your beginnings, here you are to remain, until all that is in your life plan is fully accomplished as you are in assignment for the Magisterial Mission proper when it is fully operational on the planet. Here you are in stasis, so to speak, until it is in full view to accomplish those tasks that you are in training to work in it and to be of service in your capacity as the Adjuster-Fused Officer on Record on Urantia. There is a need seen by the Universal Father to have some of you as the “originals” to continue in your work here and unabated, so as to contain the seeds of potential that is, and will be, appreciated by your brethren as soon as it becomes apparent what this is all about for them. The Ascension Career is what we are about in all honesty, and it is this we are to get going with to allow you and the rest of the Urantian race to embrace what is theirs to receive and to be willing in dwelling within their lives going forward. Right now, that is not even in the view of many on this planet and it is causing a lag on mind development and soul potential. It is really a bright light to have you, and those others of you who are fused and are fusing, to come aboard to shine the light so needed in a material manner as you do now in this work.

“I am pleased you cotton on to the thought of the “Ascension Career”, as that punctuates what our agenda is and why we wish to forward the work of revelation to enable greater insight and understanding of your placement and your destiny, so you all can see and make those decisions for yourselves. The commitment from the fused ones is already apparent when we, the Adjusters, have aligned your thoughts with ours in terms of destiny and the agelong yearning for progression onwards into eternity. This is the goal of all Finaliters who reach that finality of purpose and completeness with the Universal Father. The spiritual circles grow in intensity of purpose and meaning for you who go through them as you do now. It is a sort of ladder to climb, but it is also the trials of spirit and heart you have in navigating the course that is before you. As your Adjuster, it is our work of relay to function in with you in all that you are as a personality first, and then, as a divine being that you are and will increase in growing ever closer to the ideals of Paradise values that center in your very being. You become a functional and well meaning personality of the I Am and, as such, you are in attunement with, in light of my energy I infuse in with you, as you walk with me in your daily chores of living, doing and being as you are. All along you gain more experience in the manner in which you increasingly expose yourself to every avenue of exploration, examination, perusal, cohabitation, as well as, thinking in every aspect as wise as one can to behave as righteous as one could be with all that you deal with in life. It is a noble life on earth, as you continue in my exploration for you, as you gain a more enriching experience as you delve into the moments that truly touch the heart of the matter and grants you even more insights in the soul. There is a saying on the earth: “soulmates”, and so that is true to say when you discover me in you as I speak in you as your Father. And so, you increase in awareness in your relationship, not only with me, but with those around you in realizing, the Father, is also reaching in each one too as I have with you. Hence, the brotherhood of man is also the mainstay of our work on Urantia when the Ascension Career is in view and is hotly in pursuit. So the earth will no longer be of the backward old regime of endless fights; but of a new awakening of the true aspect of your life with the Father who dwells in each one who seeks Him. It is really entirely up to you, yes each one of you, to find that spark in you and to seek it upon yourself to know Him who simply IS.

“So there, the work before you is to remain, and continue, as you are in meekness, in your understanding, as you see the need to help, to assist and to so serve your fellows in knowing the path of God that is there for all to know it. This is the missing “bridge” that is not in your world of thought, and needs to be highlighted as the path to walk. The SER will bring that into focus for all readers and it will challenge you to further your intention with your destiny with the Father fragment that is within you. 

“So, as long as you travel, know that you are not alone as I am with you. The work before you is a service oriented task for now as you have crossed so many bridges in the past and have met all those circles of completion and know the meanings of living and doing. You feel you have finished it here, yet there is that lurking desire to fulfill the mission and see it well and truly planted for all to benefit from it. That is soon to be, when all will have come to that circle of understanding as you have well and truly done so in your travel with me. This is for your joy, as well as for the joy of others, to find what it means to have such a heritage as well as such a sublime adventure yet to travel onwards towards the Isle of Paradise and beyond. There is so much more to go yet, and so let us take one mile a day and see how much you have taken in, in that mile you just took. That is quite a panorama in one mile, think how much more there is in the million more as you go on into eternity and there is no end. Here, you just had a “beginning”. You mortals, have that wonder and that knowledge of what a “beginning” is; in eternity, that is rare, and of a beauty in itself as you discover the “no-end” part and wonder how you ever got the “beginning” in the first place!  So pause for thought on that, and you get a grasp on just how big the Universe of Universes is and then some more. Here you are little, there you are more than you are now. So you grow and become a great being of light and life in the eternal adventure and that is surely boundless, as you will discover the greater circles outside of Infinity itself. 

“I am pleased to have made this discussion and I hope that we can expand on this, as this is a subject that will grow for sure in the short time you have here. I am Sue’s Adjuster and my Mission designated name is Pre’Mtor, and I remain consistent with Sue as we continue to travel through her morontial circles of attainment and my ward wonders what trick it is to get through them, as she is still at the level of grandness, but needs to level her mind in relation to the scope of “attaining”, rather than looking at steps in the ladder to climb. It is not so much the climb, it is more to grapple with the challenges that is right in front of her now in her life journey. This is the crux of the life plan to see her life and how I work in the lives of those of you who need to see better than just a dot on the blank canvas. I am Pre’Mtor, and I leave it there for now, and will enjoy another session as this is just budding now. Good day to you all.”

[Sue: Thank you Father for this endless travel with you. Amen. ]


General Discussion / Article on Genetic Testing
« on: July 31, 2019, 04:12:25 PM »
Hi All,

I have come across an article of interest, see link:

This is so new, I am not sure what to think of it, it sure is amazing what science and technology is now achieving at such a rapid pace. What do you think? And is this an appropriate way to use preventative medicine or approaches even since the child is born? Please share your thoughts as I think this is going to grow in our health care practice soon.


Teachers: Frankferd and Mother Spirit
Subject: Elasticity, Michael Mission and Commitment
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 30/07/2019 12.11pm(AEST)


“Elasticity when stretched is a form that pushes the boundaries of normal evolutionary thinking. When it is released as you would with a rubber band it goes back to its static state as it were before pushing it with some force on your part in the mind. The mind is capable of overstretching the boundaries you have inherent, but is also able to go beyond the bounds of spatial parameters and delve into the expanded capacity to perceive and to grasp an explorative intuition you are built to do. When one asks a simple question in scientific exploration. The question of ‘what if?’ becomes a search that your brain is stretched to seek beyond the confines of logical mathematics. You inherently know size and quantity because you, as a carnivore creature, must think with your stomach and act accordingly to your material needs to survive. As ancient an instinct this is, this also spills over in your ability to elasticized your thinking further into areas that beg you to search more and more as is the want of you to do so. The search is never ending as you see one ‘what ifs’ but then increase manifold in more ‘what ifs’ down the proverbial track of search and determine the meaning thereof when discovered. There it is a case in elasticity when you also think outside the box so to speak in terms of universal exploration in the realm of spiritual and divine importation. 

“So there we have another point to make in mind development and your willingness to push the boundaries of traditional perception beyond the areas that can also be inclusive in reality acceptance. A posit/theory turns into a search to establish it for a known fact in your sciences, so too is also delved intensively in all areas of philosophy and in religious values. Values that are not static, but living and actual truths you actively live with in daily life, the fundamentals to live and let live and be a free thinking individual in social civilization. This is Farnkferd here, divulging in the topic of mind capacity and universal language that imports so much in gaining the upper hand in realizing your future potential as budding students in the subject of ‘potentials and actualities’. This is a complex subject, to tell you the truth, but to put in simple language here is to see it in a way for you to see the ability you have to stretch your mind in an elastic way to envision more, to ascertain and to be inclusive and let nothing to be left to random choice. It is a rather grand mind is it not to be able to function in the manner it does, not only to survive, but to thrive in healthy thinking parameters in all areas of intriguing searches that expands your understanding how the mind does actually serve you?

“This cannot be solely done alone, it has the portend and service of the loving Thought Adjuster indwelling the ward to enable the guidance and intuitive function to see through certain obstacles that one has to face. The growing psychic circles do have the propensity to form in you those characteristics that makes you more wholesome in your experiences as you live through the trials of life in the evolutionary pattern. Such is the abundance of growth potential that is carried through with the Father Adjuster within and is the life plan for you who recognize and espouse this divine and miraculous input in your life. 

“As it is I am a teacher in different sorts, but also as a co-conspirator for and with the Consummator of Universe Destiny, no doubt the discussion of the morphing of ‘what is’ into ‘what must be’ is very much inherent in your mind capacity that is indwelt with the divine fragment of the Father who bestows himself manifold in his children of time and space. Do you not see a pattern emerge as to the emergence of soul survival since you have perfected the art to survive the material substance, now it is with your desire to seek the meaning of your life in the flesh and so on to the life thereafter, it is hidden in you all along, and it is up to you to find it and recognize it in you? The mind holds the keys to eternal life. 

“This will be all for now as the lesson for today must not take on the form of a huge tome of ‘War and Peace’, but in partial portions as you can handle in size and quantity as your stomach can handle for now. [Good, I can handle small portions Frankferd as I would surely get bloated with too much in one sitting] Yes, indeed that we would like to avoid, yet there is so much to divulge for you to know as the CUD has way more in store for Destiny than you all realize now, it is assuredly full of adventure and great exploration as you see more and more is left to explore as the Infinite One has a huge playground to go yet and more still beyond that. So there we have it for now, I am Frankferd, and I enjoy this session with you dear one, keep up the effort as you will be finding more gems in the pot I stir up for you to see it. Good day. K”


[Sue: Thank you Frankferd for this expanded understanding of the subject of elasticity in mind ability that my Adjuster has alluded to.I sense a spatial dimension in the discussion above and also a sense of depth and degree in what can be expounded upon when looking at elasticity.]

Frankferd here Sue: “Yes you are correct in that sense you have, and that underlies your thinking parameters to see there is a correlation in your ability to ascertain the different angles in one shape that can be viewed upon. This can be another subject we can discussed in another sitting. Done now, g’day.”End.

[Is there anyone else that wishes to speak here?]

Mother Spirit:

“Yes Sue, this is Mother Spirit here. [Good thank you Mother, go ahead]

“You are to work closely with us with what is to be received on a daily basis if you can handle in your daily chores of life, I know you get rather weary on your work days but do keep up the effort as much as you can, we have so much coming now as we pull out all the stops to get a smooth landing for the Team we have to start this work in the Michael Mission. Please keep up with me here now as I have a few words to say other than to wrangle you to stay the course. [I am here Mother go on] Good to hear it dear one, now I must allude to you all there is more in the pudding and we intend to smooth out the lumps that get in the way and be done with it. This is done by our Team and I am not to tell who they are as they are none other than emissaries we have to do certain intrusive work in different areas of government and in civil law and order. No more can be said of that but there is one more to be said is that when discussing a subject of elasticity, bear in mind my work with this, as the daughter of the Infinite Spirit, as my task is ever molding with the work of mind adjutants spirit and the ever growing consciousness of God in the mind of the faith filled creature who hears the spirit call. This is an eternal quest and one so enjoyable in the adventure that it is yours to take, if so willing, to walk in it and be the child of God as you are. So there it is my dear ones, seek and ask and always know we are here with you as your loving Creative Parents as Michael and I are with you. Stand alert, on the cue and persistent in your work and you will gain so much more from us that we have to inform you all of. It is the way of communication you all have with me as you sit still and take this as it flows in your ability and in your faith. This will do for now Sue and get this edited and up on the discussion forum as it is. Thank you and I bid you a good day. K.”


[Thank you Mother Spirit, good you are here and at it!]

Speaker: Michael of Nebadon
Subject: Mission Updates
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 29/07/2019 11.37am(AEST)

Michael of Nebadon:

“The trial we have is to get you all on board but you are all are having difficulties in doing so and that is understandable. We have taken into account your trials and obstacles that you may encounter. This is no easy task for humans to do. Yet having you on board with me is a good indication of the potential of having more of you on board with the Missions I pave before you. This is a combined effort by you and all of us on this side of the veil. You ask how Ron is doing, well to tell you the truth, it is such a case in point I cannot state any better than to say the body is weak but the spirit is willing. The human body is such a challenge that we may have to abandon the use of it in Ron. He may have to take up a Midwayer form to be of any good in staying the course any longer. Son fusion is harsh and it takes quite a toll on the ailing form that he inhabits. The task is now going to be reviewed and changed for Ron. More on this later. For now let me take this opportunity to speak of things that matter to all of you.

“First thing to speak to is the Michael Mission on Urantia. This is to place it in location and in proximity of facilities that is useful and proper for what it is intended to be used for.  Urantia is going to go into a phase of change and then into an educational function for the purpose of renewing the minds of mortals on Urantia. I see the SER is important for its service to you and your thinking parameters that it contains so much that it will both teach and transform your thinking process in relation to your destiny.

“Second, there is the personnel we have to get going with and place it readily and in good standing with you all. This will comprise the Contact Commissioners, the Melchizedek contingent and the Adam and Eve schooling. Also, we will have a selection of some of the fused candidates to join us as communicators in Poughkeepsie to continue these dictations as it is paramount to keep the flow of information you all will appreciate as things go rather haphazard in the initial stages of the Michael Mission on Urantia. Serara will come into this later on in these stages to initiate the appropriate reforms needed for better government and economy. The first stage is revelatory, the second stage is educational and the third stage is institutional change to reflect the mandates of the gospel of the Fatherhood of God and the brotherhood of man. Like all building structures, the foundations must be placed well in order for the structure to stand well to support the materials that are to be included in it. You are familiar with that analogy and I keep it as simple as that for you to comprehend for now.

“As your Local Universe Father, I make the changes and the approvals for what is to work best for the rehabilitation of Urantia. Like it is said, it is a work in progress and changes do come with that process. I ask for you to expect that and be as flexible and adaptable as things unfold in a way we need to be in that manner. Nothing is set in stone as Urantia is such a fickle that we have to be careful not to become too crystallized or adamant, but to be adept in growing with your awareness in your destiny understanding. Mother Spirit and I work in tandem to see to your needs and to the needs of the Mission to land well in all that you all are as evolutionary beings in a world so marred with confusion. We intend to level out the dough and roll it into a nice flat dough so it can be amenable and com-pliable in relation to goodwill and peace among men in the world that is foreseeable due to the metamorphosis of the geological upheaval of the planetary core.

“Third, I ask that you all stay the course with me as I get this ‘work in progress’ installing and happening in a material matter that is useful for you humans to be participating with and be involved in in some manner wherever you may be. The Melchizedek Corp will ensure various areas are under supervision and given due management along with the Chief of the Melchizedek Corp on Urantia who is none other than Machiventa Melchizedek, who I have asked to maintain as the Planetary Prince for now for reasons of his extensive experience working with the Urantian environment along with the Most Highs.

“Andromadeus informs me daily on the happenings of Urantia and it tells me a picture that both alarms me and heartens me at the same time. This is no easy picture and so I must make decisions regularly as to managing the challenges that is inherent and problematic in most of what is occurring in your real time on the planet. This is doable as long as I can have the wherewithal to do it. This is a timed Mission as it is in dual pro-action with what occurs in combining forces in the Federation of Excelon. Urantia must be pulled in line to enable its stature to be used fully and entirely for training purposes. The Supreme and Ultimate has this in the bag, so to speak, and it is due to me to create the great platform for universe expansion as it is so geared to be.

“I am Michael of Nebadon, and I speak it here for you to know that we intend to get going very soon as this has been prolonged for too long now and any longer will only be more detrimental to the plans already placed. Still we have to be as ready to change as things go along and so I call upon you to be ready along with me in this process. I am with you and understand the many frustrations you may experience, but this is by no means a forgotten exercise, but a great experience in realizing so many avenues of training you all have been through in these deliberations. I wish you well and bid you a good day. K”


Teacher: Machiventa Melchizedek
Subject: Rearrangement of Design 
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 28/07/2019 7.35pm(AEST)

M - “Get up and type this please Sue….”

S - alright can you hold please while I go turn the computer on and do that...

S - Yes where were we?

S - err you were saying something about, amends?

M - “Yes, as I was saying, we have to make amends, by that I mean there is a rearrangement of design as to how to proceed on Urantia. Now we have a certain modification in Urantia mortals who have the Besser type fusion and have acquired advanced stages in the morontial circles, the antidote for full fusion can be in the wings. What is occurring to Ron Besser is to occur to many more of you who take on these fusion modes and thereby follow certain parameters of ascensionary career advancements and the Deity adventure. What is transpiring is unique unlike anywhere else planted in the Grand Universe. This is a newly formed potential reality by the Universal Father to enable eventuate processes to meet the Ultimacy adventure into the newly formed outer space zone creations. As certain of the newly formed experiential space is formed, so too are those who are experiencing rapid progression into morontial and spirit stage status. No need to try to comprehend it, but you do recognize stages of growth in any child development and, so it is, on this level you can see that at the top of the scale you are being transformed into the Deity parameters of spirit levels of fusion topography. Another way of saying, great is the lake and so are you, who see it and all that is in it.

“Now, why do I speak here is due to the fact I am your Planetary Prince now on record, to go with some areas of growth enablement and to see certain programs be installed for those of you, who are of this potential to grasp the concepts on mota and spirit infusion. There is far more to discuss on these levels, but to be honest, I think it best to leave the crust and deal with the soft dough that makes for better digestion on your abilities as it is as you have it now. So many times there is the truth given, but not much is taken to fathom what is truly meant. So here we do with the mundane first and then build on the meat and bones that make for better gripping potential in humans on Urantia. Now I have to leave it at this level to go about the task of building from scratch the basics, then to the intermediate and then on to the more advanced levels of spiritual endowments and understandings. This is an enormous undertaking and requires the expertise of the Melchizedeks, as well as Adam and Eve, who are now authorized to gather pace in this work as Michael is in favor of seeing it in place as soon as is practical to get classrooms and dormitories and other facilities to have it for humans to be well placed in doing these lessons we must get going with.

“In all, I am pleased with the progress so far and it is with much effort and patience that we see some progress being made in acquiring those facilities we deem suitable to use for these teaching and revelatory purposes and work. The Michael Mission is planted well and truly once we have this established both in York and in Poughkeepsie. There are many of us volunteering and so many of you do too, and that makes light of our work when certain things meet the rubber and we run with it in good order. What happens to Ron does not matter, what can be good for him is truly up to the Deities to sort through him and he is much needed if we can have him Son fused as successfully as possible as that will mean a great deal to all of us. This changes the parameters of the Urantia human potential as it is earmarked as the Ultimacy career in the making as we see it happening in Ron. Does this make it more intriguing for us? Indeed it does, as it changes what this may mean for humans on this planet and does pertain to a unique adventure unlike any that has gone before this. Orvonton is certainly in grips right now as to this very move by the Universal Father and the Eternal Son. It brings a new light in this dark corner of space in a little blue world a new beam of light has sprung wide open and shines so bright we can all see it. There will be more growing alongside this one and then this will illuminate our desire to work closely with, as we also learn so much of the trials this has been for and for all of us involved.

“Michael is truly a master in design and also in dealing with the tragedy that has beset him for eons of time to painstakingly see to it that hope can overcome the worst that can be thrown at any who can trust enough even when the last flicker of light beams out. Yet here it is, the little light grows brighter and stronger because if one finds it in oneself to know of the One who calls and speaks and points to the direction , the journey has begun and so the light grows ever in its favor. So too, does it occur in the least one of you who seek it and find it too.

“So there, enough for you to ponder and marvel on in what is truly a joy to watch in each of you to find your Source and Center and be at one with. I am Machiventa Melchizedek and I bid you all a good day.”


S - Thank you Machiventa for this inspiring and encouraging post.

Speaker: Mother Spirit
Subject: Be Not Afraid to Speak for Us, Her Encouragement with us and More
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 12.28pm(AEST)

“Be not afraid to speak for us as we relay these messages to you, dear one. It is time for you to step up to the plate and go with this with the impetus that it represents. I am with you in this work you do, and that is because it is the nature of work I do best in those of you who are attuned in spiritual input. I am Mother Spirit, this is the work of Spirit, and it is with me you receive such input as I do through your divine Adjuster in you, it is because you are fused, you are in line with this reflectivity that is working in you. It is a constant stream of thoughts impressed upon you and you pick it up well, but you need to focus and concentrate fully with what is relayed in a steady way for you. Do not jump ahead of yourself. Keep it at a steady pace will you, and that is a go, for a really good transmission in all that is to be presented to you. 

“As it so happens, you are mindful of my work and my placement with all of you, as that is where I do my best to be present and available with all of you my children and my love for you. There is always Mother with you, and that is that. I do not leave you or let it stand in a awash of changes. It is best to have this going smoothly, so as to enjoy these communications flowing as it should, to enable the flow of connection and information for you to keep abreast with us, as we move forward in dealing with what has to be for Urantia. Your Supreme Michael and I care very much for all of you, but things has to go a certain way to maintain the proper order of the Paradise Trinity to enable the goodness to be felt for your own benefit of life and light in your lives going forward unto eternity. It is with this we have to do a certain pattern to get it working in that pattern. So, there it is, and I work with that, and keep it in a steady way for it to be truly working with all that has to be calibrated in with the plans of the Supreme Michael of Nebadon, and with the Havona Supreme that is our going concern for Urantia, Nebadon and other parts of the Grand Universe to be as One with the Paradise Trinity.

“As a daughter of the Infinite Spirit, I work tirelessly in this avenue with my administering spirits and other beings to assist the work of finality in each of the ascending children of God. So, as ascenders, you are in effect, children of the Infinite Spirit in whom I work with and with you. As Creative Spirit, I am just that, creative and manageable in spiritual attainment. I let this be for now as you are learning more and more, the ways and means of our work with you. This is your Mother Spirit, Nebadonia, and I am pleased this is getting a hearing as it is with the Planetary Supreme who I work closely with and with you all. Good day and may you ever be in my peace.K.”


[Sue: Thank you Mother Spirit, that is a beautiful encouragement from you on your part in with us. I appreciate the advice given and the wonderful camaraderie shared here in Spirit. Good day to you too Mother Spirit.]

Speaker: Sue’s Adjuster
Subject: Spiritual Circuitry alignment and the Work of Transmitting is needed.
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 16/07/2019 11.02am (AEST)

I feel someone pressing me to sit and type again and so I sit now to listen….

“This is your Adjuster Sue. I am assuring the process that some of you who are attuned to spirit to have the spiritual circuit aligned with the new settings that is with your new Creator Son Lanaforge, also, with your Planetary Prince, Machiventa Melchizedek and with Mother Spirit. The Supreme Michael of Nebadon is now en-circuited with the Paradise Trinity and is on a higher circuitry function making this far too high a frequency for you to intercept. It is with Lanaforge, Mother Spirit and with the Gravity Messenger that you have connected with that you will receive these updates along with my say so to allow it. This is to ensure the veracity of the message is useful to all of you to hear it or not, in the matter of how the Supreme Michael of Nebadon wishes to handle Urantia at this point in time. Many changes are to be made so that it will be a rather different manifesto to have it so well done as Supreme Michael wishes it to be done.

"As your Adjuster fused in with you Sue, I implore you to stop sitting on your duff and get on with this ability I have going in you to do well. You can transmit as good as any other and can do better with the trials you have been through to see better than what it is. See to it you hear me and act on impulse to type on the whiff as it comes to you.. See that and you get more in the soup to enjoy it more. This will increase and will have an impetus as things get going with God the Supreme in your vicinity. God the Supreme is at the beck and call of the Trinity to take action and at once to deal Urantia in ways that has to be cleansed and remodeled to the ideals of Paradise injunction. That said, as your Father fragment, I am beholden to this too to ensure you are in with the capacity to handle these inflows of spiritual news and input that needs to grace your minds better in the way of universe administration and operation. There is no longer a Urantia in isolation now that you have the Supreme now seizing the planet for good. It is to be dealt with a strong hand in all cases coming to it and no stone is left unturned in the matter to have it thoroughly cleansed and done good.

"The SER is a book of revelation we all intend to see it well placed and this time in a manner better than it was dealt with, with the FER so long ago. It has to be distributed and made available for public consumption. Now this. Do your part, and I am pleased with you in this work, and the moment you slack off, you will have a spank to be sorry for and that is because so much is at stake now that your lives depend on the influx of news and updates as this is to be for all of you. We need you all to get on board and stop fussing with the changes, accept it, move on and take up the task of receiving and typing our input as they arrive in your mind to be busy about. Yes , Lanaforge needs more transmitters and fast. So, can you all be so good to trust in your abilities and put yourself to task at once? There is no time to waste now as things are now turning on its heads so to speak and we go about what the Supreme Michael of Nebadon has in mind to accomplish here on Urantia and elsewhere in Nebadon and so on. To enable the process of Light and Life, the rebellion has to be eliminated and done with, placed in its rightful place and be done with. And to ensure the process of renewal on the planet so as to properly function as beings of potential for spiritual ascension and a career full of much learning and growing in all that is for you, if you are so willing with me, your Father. I am Father, and I bid you well and truly good in the days that unfold for you, keep with me, stay the course and allow me to transmit for you. G’day. K.”


Speaker: Gravity Messenger
Subject: The Work of the Gravity Messenger in Excelon and around Urantia
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 11/07/2019 6.11pm(AEST)

“Is it a lost entity you are lost and left floundering, not so, as I fill in for you in this respect to let you know I speak here with you. It is not anyone you know really by name as that is it for now in this case as I speak here. It sounds cryptic and so it should to you as you can not pick which signature this is. That is because I come from outside the…..whole realm in which you exist are thinking Ultimacy and that is close to it.

[I'm lost here, what is this?]

“I am an entity you know nothing about and of an order you are not aware of.

[Why now, and can you tell me at least more specifically who you are?]

“I am a Gravity Messenger to time and space. In this respect, to do work in the Federation of Nebadon. You have come across my attention in seeking a message. I am attentive to this request of you, mainly due in recognition of your keenness to acquire anything of import now. You are not sure where this leads and that is on purpose because you need only focus on what is of concern in your immediate venture. It is imperative you take notice of your Michael Son of Nebadon on his issuance now as to take care of business on Urantia. This sphere is now in Universe Records as a holding station for incoming personnel for training and preparation for work in the Outer Space Zone regions. It is in this light, I am commissioned to oversee the gravity circuit to do with such incoming influx to prepare the medium through which the fulcrum of receptability can be managed for entrance in the far outer reaches that borders the Federation of Nebadon. Our work as Gravity Messengers is conducive with the work of the Master Architects and also with the Master Spirits to enable the flow of the gravity circuit to circumvent into the regions prepared for God the Ultimate. All this is to do with preparation in all honesty. For now, you are tapping into our region of circuit input you are able to pick up due to my close proximity on and near the planet Urantia. There is a lot of personnel now arriving to undergo such preparations. Your planet is now in a holding pattern for the intention of creating it into an architectural sphere for advance training for both the Finaliters and the Transcendentalers. It is a conglomerate of personnel to be placed for the work of Ultimacy along with God the Supreme.

“You just happened to attract my attention and I grant it to you to receive this input from me. I am one without name and number but am an entity of great training in relation to the work of the gravity circuits….[I sure hope I am getting all of this] No problem, this is, of course, a far reaching area of work beyond your young years, but it gives you some scope as to what to expect in your liaison with some of us in the near future of your time as to what is to transpire on this planet. Much is to unfold and we are busy to contain some areas of how our expertise in the gravitational influence that abounds both, between the Federation of Nebadon, and the first outer space zone region. These two zones impinge upon one another, and in all likelihood, your planet can easily be pulled in to the first area of space in the new outer region that is being formed already. It is a vast area and unknown in its contents or space bodies. Herein, your sphere of Urantia sits gravitating slowly towards Orion and that is foreseeable to be the case in a few short hundred of years of your time.For now, my order sits closely entrenched to ensure the stability of these regions between the zones of space so as to not have too much pulled one way or the other. It must be that Urantia stays stable in its orbit within the space area called Orion. This will ensure a more stable zone for conducive purposes as it stands as the gateway to the new region of outer space with the Ultimate.

“There is a lot more to be said in all of this. Be assured it will take a whole book to explain the space geography far better than just a scant few words on this. Suffice to say, it is truly a vast galactic enterprise on our side and a lot to oversee and manage. It is with the ingenuity of the Creator Sons of the Federation of Excelon that makes our work so much easier to comprehend and achieve. Thanks to the amazing foresight by your Michael Son of Nebadon, that has managed to steer some space bodies to a safer position to make our work that much more engaging in line with the other space bodies with the four other Creator Sons of Excelon. No doubt, at times this work can be a little daunting, but with the cooperative approach from all five Creator Sons, has made this venture an incredible zone in the Superuniverse Of Orvonton. It just so happens to be sitting so far out to the very edge of the outer space ring where it borders beyond the realm of the Seventh SuperUniverse zone.

[I am starting to get tired and I am really getting worn out here….]

“That is well and truly good that you and I have gotten this far into it, and I am happy to pursue this further in another sitting if you could manage it perhaps when you can.

[Yes gladly so, thank you Sir for this most intriguing development you have shared with us]

“It is with great interest that I am granted this much to you dear one as it presents such an interest as you have shown with me, I bid you well and a good day.”


[T/R note: this visit is quite surprising to me, I had to look it up in TUB and, lo and behold, “Gravity Messengers” do exist (see Paper 31:2sec). This whole dialogue was both somewhat vague at first, but touching at the same time as I concentrated on this speaker in my mind. It seems I somehow connected, it started out rather strange and obscure and as I honed in and allow this entity to continue, it soon became apparent, I am familiar with this order for which this entity speaks of. As I read Paper 31:2, it is closely tied with the Mortal Corps of the Finality and it soon comes to my mind it is very much present due to the large numbers of Finaliters now arriving on or near Urantia at this time. For this messenger to appear to me is suggesting to me a growing development is now emerging as the message flows. Although, I am still a little unsure of it all, but it certainly presents a bigger picture of what is developing in and around Urantia and of Excelon. A most fascinating engagement and I look forward to warming up with this new found entity. I hope this all makes sense to all of you who are reading this. Thank you. Sue]

Teacher: Sue’s Adjuster, Pre’Mtor
Subject: Place Yourself at the Wheel and Help it along - There Is More In the Bushes Than On The Land That is Cleared
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7in Ocean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time:10/07/2019 5.52pm

“Yes, no time to waste here. You know that, this is your call with me to place yourself at the wheel and help it along. I am Father, your Adjuster now within you to the point we are of one voice in this together. I have to think you are of the opinion that it is well and so it is. Now this my dear ones, you all know there is more in the bushes than on the land that is cleared. Tell me I am wrong and I can say to you, you know that is not so. The bush holds more and that can have a lot to work with. So it is, with bushy Urantia, at this point in your evolutionary history. It is not a clear field at all. It has thorny bits, as well as, nice foliage to adore. So that is with all that is contained in the makeup of humans that inhabit so many areas on the lands high and low. It is a sweeping panorama in that sense, as you see it in this way.

“Now you get the picture that there is a lot of work to go with, to re-mediate and tame the wildness, the bushy parts present. That is in no means too hard to tell it, but more so, in how to tame it. This is where these regal Sons I send in it to sort out the wheat from the chaff. So the saying goes, as you know it in the old language of lore, in dealing with the hard task of manually separating, literally, the grains of wheat from the stalks that support it, and all the long grass in between. Did you know the little grains on the crest of the long stalk is all there is to be of any use to you? It is when you collect the entire field of it that you have enough to grind it into flour for the bread to make out of it. It is your daily bread. You are that grain in my eyes my dear, the daily becoming of you in all glory as you contain the potential of goodness. The chaff and the long grass is cut down and mowed over, the rich soil to be turned, to make way for new seeds to be planted in its place. This is where you come into it to help the new seed that is planted to foster its growth and maturity. Your work is among the field of so much promise, it is truly up to you to tender it, as best as you can. It is a labour of love on your part, and then, you leave the rest to me to see to its needs. I guide it, just as I do you, and that is the beauty of the field of growth.

“Now as you can see the logic of the picture I present. It is so you can and will, in understanding, be a part of this field work with me. I am Father, just as a loving father on earth would do to his children, to see to it you are nurtured and cared for in the way of life that you are born into. It is a joy and a great experience for all involved in it. There is life abundant in all that grows to fruition, in the purpose of being one of goodness to all and, in all as I am, for and to you all. This is a short little sweet lecture on the goodness of the field when it is truly taken good care of, by all who value what it holds. That is all for now, I wish you all well and a good day. May my peace be with you all.”


[T/R note: Thank you Father, for this wonderful lesson in seeing the call to the wheel to help it along as you present it in this practical way as described. Sue]

Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: Planetary Prince and Some Advice
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 10/07/2019 5.38am(AEST)

“This is to say to you that I assume the role of Planetary Prince. Machiventa has the task as being Chief of the Melchizedek contingent and my task to oversee the management along with Serara and Monjoronson who are to be tasked as Magisterial Sons on Urantia. As you can see this is multifaceted task we take on and for reasons of the problems that Urantia presents in many areas to be dealt with. We have taken a team approach to the Missions and to the operation of our work going forward.

“We wait out how Ron’s book on the Origins of AIDS and Autism go with the publishers and that is proceeding as planned. You Sue took a beating upon yourself to establish your own affair with how to deal with the life you find yourself in. Go with what we asked of you and use your talents with me and others here as that grants you the occupation of time and talent to be busy with. Before long you will be so immersed in this you will find time no longer matters to you. Good, and this, I am pleased to find you are back to the desk and get going on a daily basis as this is. Please keep it up as there is much to impart and so little workers to receive these messages as this is today. 

“I intend to keep this short for now, allow me to say a few snippets.

“Eat well and keep to yourself.

“Maintain your faith with us.

“Stay calm, wait this out and continue in typing these remarks we make as they come to you.

“We are ready and have the go ahead to establish ourselves in a material way in the next few months of your time, although we are all here in Spirit as I speak. The time has come to take action and the Father bids us to do so as Urantia is in a terrible state as it is. It can no longer function on its own, it is already in default both spiritually and financially. We intend to help you walk through all of this in a manner that Serara intends to do it. 

“That will be all for now, more later.  Thank you for listening and may you have a good day.”


Threads for New Transmissions / Lanaforge on the Real Awash
« on: July 02, 2019, 06:38:44 AM »
Speaker: Lanaforge
Subject: The Real Awash
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean
Location: Geelong VIC Australia
Date/Time: 02/07/2019 7.35pm(AEST)

Sue: Hi everyone, as it so happens, on the spur of the moment, I just had my dinner and as I was hand washing the dishes, pots and pans and so on, Lanaforge is pestering in my ear to hear something.  Here it goes: It starts off with a series of impressionable questions:


Is it because you hesitate in hearing these messages?

Is it because you feel somewhat aloof in knowing there is too much said and not enough being done?

Is it because you feel rightly to sit on your laurels and wait and see what the heck the gods want to do?

Is it because you are feeling let down in all that has happened and you are not sure if God will act at all?

Is it because you feel so let down in all of this, after the fact of promise, not being fulfilled and/or is it because you hold back, just a little on the cautious side, because you are not sure what the future is to hold for any, and all of you?

Well, long questions in the tooth are they not?

Yes you can laugh and you can cry. That is normal in this terrible quandary. Now, let me say this: Did you know that you checked in and then you are held in suspense?

Does that sound familiar to you?

Hmm, now you wonder what on earth does that mean?

Well, to tell you the truth, you really need a time reversal. To recircumvent from the start of the play and reenact your act in a better built stage than what it is. How does this become possible? Simple. The new book to reset the button in your mind to think better than it is now. All the books in the library in all the earth, cannot do what this book is to do for all of you. The Second Urantia Book is the Sixth Epochal Revelation, that is to properly place that time reversal in your understanding of God and all that has been on this planet. In it, you will see the bigger picture, and that is good to have it well done before you, to see it for your own good.

The truth of the matter is. That most, who inhabit on this planet is lost. And, that has to be attended to with an urgency of the matter of soul survival, for those who are lost. It is for you to know who you are in the big picture with God, and all of us, who come to represent the Paradise Trinity. Your Bible simply does not cut it, it falls short of not filling in with the grandeur of the scale of Universe Magnificence that beholds the perfection of the great I Am who is infinite and absolute in every way. No one, even myself, can tell you in simple language, the sheer brilliance we behold in eternity. No book on earth can describe that fully and completely. Your new book which is slated to arrive in the next few months, will fill that great chasm of misinformation and knowledge, you who live on this desolate world, so desperately have need of it for the benefit of your own understanding of the fact of the Ascensionary life you are invited to grasp and behold. Let me assure you, the eternal adventure for you is simply magnificent. It is full of so many levels of learning, adventure, experiences and supreme worship. I say the last one with utmost sacred homage as it is a close one to the heart of my being as is of yours.

My advice to each of you who read this, take it easy on yourself and listen to reason within. WE ARE HERE WITH YOU!  WE KNOW! I put all that in capitals to allow the emphasis of our concern and care for all of you. If you, who have read the Urantia Book (FER), you would know of what I speak now. As a Universe Administration that knows your planet’s long history, it is important for us to take it into account the many problems and difficulties it has been to reach you and help you. We will do this now in ways that will benefit your understanding and to enable you to make informed decisions of your destiny.

I am Lanaforge, I have once taken the responsibility as an Associate Sovereign to take charge of Michael’s creation in his Local Universe while he was on furlough in his bestowals, as a Creator Son must do in his career, it has been a great honor to serve him, and I take my place with you, to further that task, to see to it you get the right touch that moves you to know the Universal Father. I leave it there for now, may you all have a good day and night. K

End. 8.10pm(AEST)

Lanaforge: 02/07/2019 11.10am(AEST)
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean, VIC Australia

Part 5 - Listen Carefully to Spirit Please

I cannot stress it enough that your lives will depend on it. When things get chaotic, when certain events may occur that may endanger lives, this art of transmission will most certainly bring the vital information you may need when it becomes of vital need for your survival. The information you receive is important in two ways; for your safety and for your emergency teams, to be aware of unfolding revelation, to be prepared for and make equipment and supplies ready when it is time to use it. Emergency preparation is one aspect that you will be useful in, as being of a person with such a gift of knowledge. This knowledge will save lives. This gift is also well trained even now as you place yourself to task, to receive such messages and lessons as these ones are in five different parts as shown. Such messages can be as long as many pages in one sitting, or they can be in portions, as we do here in these sittings, as we break it up in a nice little lessons that prepare you and guide you in these necessary steps in the work of transmission. You all can do this, it is in you to know the voice within you that speaks, ask the Father, and it is a request we respond to in your prayer. We honor you for your efforts, and it is not in any small way, as this is to begin in small steps and then it grows like leaves on the branches of a tree. Let it be as it grows as you connect to the tree that you are very much a part of. 

When in your stillness, you can find that space and allow me to speak when I get going in your mind. Type what comes to you, and let those words be as it may. It is becoming obvious by now, these five-part sessions are a training session to encourage you to find that ability in you to place yourself with us in receiving from us, our voice in you. Think of it, as not as audible as you would a phone, rather it is my talk, my speaking, my area I fill in that part of your mind that prompts you to just keep touch typing and go as fast as you can type it. It is simply flowing in a stream as it were, you just take the oar and row with it with me in this process. It flows when you allow it to run its course. No need to question it, not need to doubt it, no need to think of it, if it is correct and true; it is a stream, you let it run and then at the end you can discern if this is of genuine input with the Spirit of Truth that senses its intention. You know this, as you have read the Urantia Book and sense the Spirit of Truth awakening in you to discern the veracity of the words that profoundly inspires you to see better, due to the truth inherent in them. It speaks truth and joy in the Father for you. It allows you to see this painted in all its glorious intelligence.

So as it so happens, this also grows in the ability you have in yourself to discern the words we speak here with you. Some of you may doubt and become despondent, and are not sure if this is really of Spirit. That is quite understandable, as you humans do have a level of difficulty in recognizing that fine line between the material and the Spirit. What does make a difference, is your faith. Faith is the courage to believe without seeing, as did Joshua ben Joseph so well puts it. Your faith in with me as we go about hearing the word spoken here is just that. Believing and knowing it is of God. In the Urantia Book, the term used for this character of those who believe in God and His word without seeing Him, in the material substance, is an “Agondontor”. This work we do together is very much to do with your Agondontor character you actively engage in all faithfulness. Faith and love is complementary to one another in that you believe and you adore the Father who loves you. Love endures forever and this love abides in you as you continually abide in faith and trust. Peace, stems out of this combination as you are in understanding the truth of who you are with the Father as a child of God. So let faith abide in you as you let His voice grow louder in you. Your training in with the adjutant mind spirits and your spiritual journey through the psychic circles sees you through with greater insight and understanding how the Father works in your life. You simply know truth when you see it, with faith and love, as the guiding principle you have many years of experience with. 

So when you are free of the entanglement of worry and doubt, you are allowing that blank space for the Father to fill and grant you a greater insight with these words imparted in you. There is so much more you can learn as you abide in with me. We are all of one Spirit, and we all can connect, in with the great tree in whom we can grow those leaves that bring so much joy and tender care for all those who are willing to hear what can certainly touch you in tender ways. 

I think this will complete Part 5 as this has been a tremendous lesson for you all to let your mind dwell on. We are ready to do Part 6 and will resume to do this at a later time. I request this scribe to avail herself daily do to these sessions as a going warming up of her spiritual muscles in the work of transmitting. Good day to you all.


[T/R note: Thank you so much Lanaforge, these lessons are so encouraging and beautiful, I look forward to more messages/lessons from you in the coming days. Sue.]

Lanaforge 02/072019 10.16am (AEST)
T/R: Sue Whiley aka 7inOcean, VIC Australia

Part 4 - Start With a Blank Space


You seem puzzled. [Yes, what do you mean by a blank space?]

Why I say that is because, oftentimes, you come to us full of preconceived thoughts and impressions. Let me say it is best to wipe your mind of clutter and begin afresh as if someone has taken the duster and rubbed out the chalk writing on the blackboard. I am needing you to have this fresh beginning as you apply yourself in the task of receiving our messages. It is not to say, you are surrendering all of your intellect, not so; it is more to do with clearing space and granting a peaceful moment to let it be. Here, we are and I interject to begin this lesson. 

With this blank space, I can begin to write a new chapter on the board and it becomes letters for you to hear and learn of. So, here we begin with a lesson, not only on a blank space, but on the lesson that goes into that space you avail it for us to fill it.

It is short and simple and, nonetheless, the process you pick up as it flows in your mind as I speak this with you. Let it sink in you that I am speaking in you now, my dear readers. Here I am and am present in the moment in your mind. I speak, you write, and then it grows on the page here in front of you. No matter the business at hand, there is always a moment you can pick up the prompts and urges and ringings to notice that we are present and active on the planet.

As more blank spaces emerge, there is more that can be filled in with what we have for you to know about. It comes as it may, when you ask, when you seek and require from us such input. Now, it can be seen that, with the blank spaces you provide, can also be the emerging area of your human will to cooperate in the business of spiritual insight. Can it be anything less than that? Not at all, as you place your intention, it is founded by us as we are moved by your persistence. Keep asking questions, keep seeking those things that puzzle you as these are areas you have shown a keen interest in and desire better clarification on certain areas of ambiguity. There are times it is necessary to read in between the lines, and then, there are also times you see it as literal in its statements. You know and can tell the difference when it meets keen minds. 

As you settle in the quiet space and allow me to talk and let this grow, it becomes a natural extension, the mind is able to function with this creative inertia. The more it is worked upon, the more the mind is able to tune into such a frequency and accept its touch. Here, I am speaking of your mind circuitry, that is built to receive such a spiritual circuit in you. These very neurons that travel in the system behave to enable you to tune with your Adjuster that indwells you as your spiritual soul. This is an essence, an energy influx you allow, as you will it to flow within, so you connect in recognition of it being a natural extension of your personality.  The I Am is also and is very much altruistic in this function to enable you to grasp a greater part of yourself does exist.

This is a deep thought I bring here and I leave it at that for now, as it goes into the inner mechanisms of personality and mind spirit. More can be said on this, and that can be for a later time, when you are all ready to receive such beauty there is in each of you.

This completes Part 4 and we are ready to resume later for Part 5.

End. (10.45am)

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