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Hi Ron,

It's good to hear from Serara again and relieving to know that They are on top of things in Urantia.  

It is really of great concern as China has their finger in just about every country.  Philippine President Duterte is now considering a joint exploration with China in the South China Sea (Read more at  

They have already built major structures that look like military bases in these contested regions which they claim are rightly theirs.

Acc. to Dr Zhuang Guotu, the head of Xiamen University's Southeast Asian Studies Centre 'China has the right to build whatever it needs within its territory....China's military deployments in the South China Sea were to defend its security and interests, rather than military expansion.' (

The One Belt One Road or OBOR plan of China is explained in a Jan 2018 article  ( Currency manipulation may well be part of this plan.


Thank you Power Directors and Ron,
Here's a report about weather here in the Philippines: the ever-present sun seems to be hiding for a couple of days now (w/c is really unusual and could be aptly described as a 'long twilight') and inspite of intermittent rains the weather remains relatively warm during the day and gets a lot warmer at night (w/c is also unusual) - talk of temperature swings!  Certainly, many changes are occurring in weather systems all over the planet.  Take extra care, people, especially in those regions that are projected to have worsening weather! 

Date: Sept. 23, 2018, 2:30 a.m.(?)
Teacher: XSamuel
T/R: Evan Mariano

Merci beaucoup.  This is XSamuel. I have some other news to relay.  Many more forum members will be fused in the coming days.  Ever since the circuits were opened there will be faster transfers of thought and therefore humans will be able to hear in clear terms what their Seraphim and Angels, their Spirit of Truth and Thought Adjuster will be whispering in their ears.  You notice don’t you that the past few weeks are not quite the same.  You find yourself more voluble to the world.  You speak on a more authoritative manner and do you have plenty to say! This is going to be common and the standard way we send thoughts to you: mind over matter, hearing/listening condition you will experience.  The circuits have been cleansed(re-done like brand new)  and now you have the capability to get signals so obvious you don’t have to stretch your inner ear as it is your inner ear that will be on the receiving end.  

Good news is it not? You must try it ladies and gentlemen of the Serara Forum.  Please start listening and take it all down as this one is doing with her iphone.  It will be almost like the red phone that White House residents or should I say occupants use when they need to make some urgent calls. We got your numbers. All you have to do is allow us to call.  Au revoir.

Note from T/R: I couldn't get back to sleep late last night.  I felt I needed to write/take down something coming from my mind.  Since my pc was off and I only had my phone, I just used the iphone 'notes' to type.  It was XSamuel (spelling clarified also by XSamuel).  Blessings!

Asheville, NC, US of A, September 3, 2018.
Teacher: Xsamuel.
Subject: “Announcement of Monumental Significance!”

Message received by Chris Maurus.

Teacher Xsamuel: “Greetings people of Urantia! I AM Xsamuel, of the Absonite order of consciousness engineers. I AM here to announce some exciting news. Many of you know that there is a great contingent of personalities (both celestial and human) at work in the system of Satania — working to free all 37 former apostate worlds from the deliberate corruption of the consciousness circuits by the Luciferian rebels. It has been a most difficult and laborious effort to cleanse the circuits, and in some cases, replace them completely while moving the various levels of consciousness to the new circuitry.

“The most difficult and important of all these circuits to dismantle were the circuits used by the rebel planetary princes — to dampen and control — to directly interfere with the consciousness circuits between human mind and the Indwelling Spirit of the Universal Father — the Thought Adjusters. It was Lucifer’s intention to sever the divine connection between mankind and Creator and prevent the natural and divine plan of ascension for His experiential children to aspire to perfection and god-likeness.

“I AM here to announce that officially, the corrupted consciousness circuits of the apostate prince have been completely and permanently shut down on Urantia, Friday, August 31, in the year 2018!

“What does this mean to the people of Urantia? It is the beginning of a new era of correction — one free from the direct interference of darkness to influence, infect and control the path of evolution and the ascension path of its people. With any virus, there is an auto-immune response and a recovery period. So too will human mind need to adjust and recover from the infection of a rebellious disease. Like addiction, the human mind has become dependent on the systems that have been born out of this corrupt control circuit. As a way to heal your world and bring it back to its natural path of evolution, Christ Michael has requested that new circuits of higher consciousness be introduced and available to those human minds that aspire to reach for greater attunement with their Indwelling Father Fragments.

“Soon, the Distribution Centers will begin functioning and the greatest way for you to take advantage of this higher stream of consciousness coming in through the Trinity Teacher Nexus, is to first, heal and repair your physical and energetic systems for greater reception. How do you do this? You are to restore and cleanse your biological and energetic systems through healthy living. Healthy living is decision based and all of you can make decisions to optimize your physical, mental, and energetic health. When you ‘decide’ to change the way you think and live, you are exercising your free-will to move into this higher stream of Adjuster attunement. We (the celestial administration) can only provide the mechanisms and structures for the attainment of Light and Life. It is you that must use your will and co-creative expression to go there. Now, there is no direct interference in your ascension path — you are free to move into it if you so choose!

“As you choose and move into ‘system optimization’ you will naturally want to tap into these higher circuits of consciousness, and to do that you must begin healing your relationships both on the human side and on the Spirit side. It is required that you use your minds to ‘listen’ with the heart and think deeply about the values of life and your relationship with all of creation. With each decision you make — a step forward on your path — you shall be guided to the next step. In faith, you step out and take hold of the reality you want to see in your personal life to then expand it into what you want to see for your communities and the world at large.

“Evolution, my dear ones, does not always crawl at a snails’ pace — it can have sudden leaps and change can happen very quickly — and it can happen with you. Ask for what you need, we are listening.

“I AM Xsamuel — please take a moment and consider the monumental significance of what has happened on your world — and do celebrate with us!”

Receiver’s note: An important thing to note here is that taking control of your personal health is the one thing that you can actively do to rid yourself of the last intrinsic control devices of the rebellion. Choosing to responsibly act in what comes into the mouth, the ears, and the eyes can ultimately change the landscape of the entire planet.

« on: September 20, 2018, 12:50:52 AM »
Here's a song (Hard Core Poetry by Tavares) Jesus is dedicating to all of us which he specifically wanted posted in this thread from Lemuel. I've heard this song before but never really got to bother focusing on the lyrics.  Jesus says it is something He wants us to understand.  The lyrics and the link are here for you.  Let's sing-along with Jesus!  And by the way, He's 'feeling so good' just like the music of Chuck Mangione (video link below). Thank you Lemuel, and thank you Jesus....Evan :D

Hard Core Poetry

It depends on who is looking at the tenement walls
Whether he's coming home or passing through
You can walk the streets and find so much to criticize
But that would be the easy thing to do

'Coz there's beauty in the concrete
If you see it with your heart
The sidewalks only hurt you
If you hate them from the start

This is a song not necessarily sweet
I'll pass it on to folks that I never will meet
And if my words don't make history
Just call it hardcore poetry

You can blame the world if troubles come and knock at your door
Let your weakness cut you down to size
If you find some fault with everything surrounding you
Maybe it's your narrow-minded eyes

'Coz there's music in the city
If your ear is to the ground
Only nonbelievers
Never hear a single sound

This is a song not necessarily sweet
I'll pass it on to folks that I never will meet
And if my words don't make history
Just call it hardcore poetry

Feelin' Good:

Hi Julio,

Nice to know you're taking time off with your family for recreation in a beautiful place.  If only we could be in a permanent state of relaxation and recreation I guess that would be paradise.  Now I'm wondering what paradise is really like.....This thing about taking a break is also the topic in another thread here as gitz' post today was about praying and how that helps when we are anxious, fearful, tired, vexed (as Ron often is lol!!!).  So yes, yes, what a wonderful thought - to pray.....always....I think that's what Jesus did too when he would break away from the crowds and retreat to the hills.  Now we can do the same except there are no hills around where I live.  Well, I just listen to music....especially disco.... :D


...'There ain't nothing gonna keep me from you my love....I'll find you...'


Hello and good evening, Evan.  This is Lanaforge your Planetary Prince.  I know you still don’t have a good feel of my presence – that is perfectly fine. I will be with you and many transmitters in the near future.  My duty is to allow people who have come to know of the Michael Mission become more adept and aware of my signature presence much as Monjoronson did some time ago.  Many of you have become quite familiar with his speech nuances and you know without too much doubt that yes, that is Monjoronson alright.  I now would like to have my presence also become a familiar one with a lot of you.  My message for tonight is simply this: allow me to express my gratitude and love to those who come to participate and be one with the Michael Mission for the renewal of hearts in Urantia.   We do know of your heart’s desire and commitment and as we have come to know of your desires, we are aware too of your anxieties.   It is not so much the events that will occur in your planet that will be truly amazing as to cause many nations to proclaim that these are ominous events, events that can only be explained by those who know of the outcome of the decay your planet has fostered and enculturated. Since the Lucifer Rebellion there has hardly been a quiet space and time for Urantia.  There is a saying, it will get worse before it becomes better….so expect the worst and come what may,  let the Light of the Father penetrate the dark and dreary troubled planet this has become.  Hope springs eternal and eternity starts now.

This is Light.  I come also to bring the good news that fresh air and sunshine will return to the Philippines soon.   Your country has just seen and felt a most threatening weather disturbance, a typhoon that covered a vast area of space in Asia.  These disturbances are occasional weather disruptions that are not yet seen as overly life-threatening much less planet-threatening.  If you will be observant, they are slowly increasing in severity and may just become the norm of your weather in the future.  But as of now, they can still be quite destructive to physical property and so it will do most people well to take necessary precautions at all times.   Take the time to relish and enjoy the blessings that comes with nature’s goodness - when the weather is good.  And as well, take the time to be diligent students of how you can assist this important mission of Michael.  You are needed to be good and studious learners of the unnatural as the unnatural will become the natural very soon.   Be there for your brothers and sisters who need to see the Light – this Light is not yet visible to their eyes because they have accustomed theirs sights to the ordinary expectations of the material world….so what else is new they will say.  Be there for them and help them open their eyes.  

The super typhoon 'Mangkhut' is now thrashing the Philippines and unless electric power will be cut off, I'll be ready to take down transmissions later tonight. The Carolinas also is getting badly hit by Florence now.Stay safe everybody.

Hello Ankara and Bro.Dominick,
I've gotten those right back-side tickles which I now sense as a confirmation from the TA when He wants me to know the 'matter' I was pouring about or thinking over is correct. Other times I feel it on the left side which probably means something else (I'm not quite sure what yet) and other times in the back-center. I would describe those tickles as very small and light electric currents or soft or subtle vibration - as if someone placed a small acupuncture needle through your  head.

Let us begin.  Have you ever wondered where all the stars above came from? If you see the sky at night, look up closer and on a clear night just follow how close these stars are, all arrayed there literally in the heavens with their tiny bright lights seemingly outshining each other.  Millions and millions of them,  even billions of them ready to display their wondrous luminous essence, their shining moment so to speak.  They are countless. There are so many stars you will not be able to guess their number.  They light up the world of Urantia and even the greater universe is lighted up by these incandescent orbs of light.  

What I am trying to get at is this: just as there are a billion trillion stars out there, not a single one of them, or should I say every single one is accounted for, not one is unidentifiable and unknown.  Every single star and being is known by name by the Creator of All as each is a part of His universe.  You who are here in Urantia may  be feeling too small to be of any significance;  yet you are so notable because of the distinction of your being.  Each one of you is unique, with no other being like you even as you see all those innumerable stars shining in the sky.

And this is such as yourselves, so small, so insignificant, so utterly alone and sometimes lonely.  Yet you are not alone.  You are in the company of your Maker, and He placed beside you all your brothers and sisters, those you see and those you do not see.  Each of you are inter-connected and tied to each other’s umbilical cords, so to speak.  It is a cord you do not see, but it exists.  Each one of you belongs to the realm of Oneness and Unity.  

This cord identifies you as a child of the Living God, characteristically Urantian, yet individually different in substance, essence and value.  
I leave you with this thought: you are all children.  

You are little children who feel only you have grown up - because as adults you feel so grown up and ‘old’.  But you know, deep inside of you, no matter what age, lies a little child, born of earthly parents, striving to be good, true and beautiful.  And even then, you know you are also born out of love for the Supreme Being, each one a parcel of the First Source and Center.  So think of yourself in this manner and you will no longer feel like you do not belong or you are alone.  It is a sure sign of your heritage as a child of the Universal Father, a being created with all the peculiarities of material nature and soon will be growing in stature as you are led by the Indwelling Spirit of God your Father. Marvel at your beauty and your true sonship.  You belong to the Father  – the Creator of All Time now and forever…….

Hello everybody,

I'd like to share what was in my head as I woke up this morning. It started with just some lyrics of an old song. I couldn't remember the title so I googled it and it turned out to be 'On the Street where you live'.  I listened to the video from the broadway show that is still presently running in New York.  The melody continued to haunt me all through the morning and as I got back to listening, I was saying to myself that it may well be a song one can relate to as 'a person in a planet (street) that was part of the universe of God's love'.  It gave me a really good 'feeling'. But as the day went on, it seemed to take a whole new dimension especially when it occurred to me that the street/planet is Urantia and Michael of Nebadon (as the unseen singer behind the song) was expressing His own thoughts and feelings! And the message is: He is just enamored by all of us, his children, and how delighted He is to be here.  Another underlying message was presented to me: how 'thrilled' He is when He sees His errant children go back to His sheepfold....(see lyrics below).  

It didn't end there.  Then I listened to 'Stardust' by Nat King Cole.  I don't know how or why I figured it must be Father this time singing this song to all his children all over the universe.  Aww, ok it may be my imagination....but who knows?

Now the most amazing part is Mother Spirit enters the scene and finally confirms her role in all of this (and tells me not to worry).  I am moved to copy/paste a particular part from Paper 34:

34:2.1 (375.4) Having undergone marked personality metamorphosis at the time of life creation, the Divine Minister thereafter functions as a person and co-operates in a very personal manner with the Creator Son in the planning and management of the extensive affairs of their local creation. To many universe types of being, even this representation of the Infinite Spirit may not appear to be wholly personal during the ages preceding the final Michael bestowal; but subsequent to the elevation of the Creator Son to the sovereign authority of a Master Son, the Creative Mother Spirit becomes so augmented in personal qualities as to be personally recognized by all contacting individuals.

Father Michael and His beloved Divine Consort, Mother Spirit, together, do an awful lot of loving work to convert this little blue planet.  And they do love to tease their children.  I have a funny feeling that even as this message is evolving it is really with the help of Mother Spirit because as I re-read it and She helps me with minor corrections.  So here is Mother Spirit with Michael performing a duet entitled 'In a crowd of thousands' from the musical 'Anastacia' (link and lyrics below).  


Lyrics - On the Street Where you live
I have often walked down this street before
But the pavement always stayed beneath my feet before
All at once am I several stories high
Knowing I'm on the street where you live
Are there lilac trees in the heart of town?
Can you hear a lark in any other part of town?
Does enchantment pour out of every door?
No, it's just on the street where you live
And oh, the towering feeling just to know somehow you are near
The overpowering feeling that any second you may suddenly appear

People stop and stare, they don't bother me
For there's nowhere else on earth that I would rather be
Let the time go by, I won't care if I
Can be here on the street where you live

Lyrics - Stardust

Sometimes I wonder
Why I spend the lonely nights
Dreaming of a song
The melody
Haunts my reverie
And I am once again with you
When our love was new
And each kiss an inspiration
Oh, but that was long ago
Now my consolation is in the stardust of a song

Beside a garden wall, when stars are bright
You are in my arms
The nightingale
Tells his fairytale
Of paradise, where roses grew
Though I dream in vain

In my heart, it will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of love's refrain

Though I dream in vain
In my heart, it will remain
My stardust melody
The memory of love's refrain

Lyrics - In a Crowd of Thousands

It was June
I was ten
I still think of that day now and then
A parade
And a girl
And a crowd of thousands
She sat straight
As a queen
Only eight
But so proud and serene
How they cheered
How I stared
In that crowd of thousands
Then I started to run
And to call out her name
As the crowd on the road went wild
I reached out with my hand
And looked up
And then she smiled
The parade
Traveled on
With the sun in my eyes
She was gone
But if I were still ten
In that crowd of thousands
I'd find her again

You're making me feel I was there too
Maybe you were
Make it part of your story

A parade
A parade
Passing by
Passing by
It was hot
Not a cloud in the sky
Then a boy
Caught my eye

In a crowd of thousands
He was thin
Not too clean
There were guards
But he dodged in between
Yes he made himself seen
In that crowd of thousands
Then he called out my name
And he started to run
Through the sun and the heat
And crowd
I tried not to smile
But I smiled
And then he bowed
I didn't tell you that
You didn't have to
I remember!
The parade
Traveled on
With the sun in my eyes
You were gone
But I knew
Even then
In a crowd of thousands
I'd find you again
Your highness

Hi Ron & everyone,
Yes I will be at my post for sure. Sue please check your day as Sept. 10 is a Monday and that means you should be ready on Monday late evening (almost like Manila time) and not Tuesday as you stated above.
This is going to be exciting!

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: How Far Are You Willing To Go?
« on: September 07, 2018, 10:22:33 PM »
Thank you Larry, Antonio, Ron and Clency.  Our Father Michael and Mother Spirit Nebadonia are really amazing super Parents.  They've requested that this song be posted here & now.  I hope you like it.

The message is simple:

People all over the world

People from country to country
One and the same in the world
And one song we sing
Life should be harmony
In this world of self- destruction
Nations lift your voices and sing

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