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Weydevu, I am not sure why they do not jump out and answer these for you but they leave it to me to ponder this with you:

Orion;s belt is not the original Orion at all.  The belt and sword which I enjoy looking at too as it is truly splendid to see here late at night in York, is only what is left of sixteen hundred stars that once were part of the true Orion Constellation.  The true Orion Constellation blew apart before Urantia even had dinosaurs.  The belt and the sword are left over remains of that once proud Constellation.

Egypt tomb builders ran a small scam with the Pharaohs, by building stone shafts the if you looked up them, would center on prominent stars,  The builder of Cheops was none of the than Cheops himself and he loved the belt like Ron does and chose that as his home planet to go to after death.  It holds no God mystery otherwise. 

Firearm Mischief
I am sorry to say I do not think they will do that in spite of the fact it can be done if spirit really wanted to do that.

MONJORONSON - "We still hold this to be accurate even though we have been criticized it should not be done for safety reasons.  The fact that the United States citizens hold over sixty-five million hand guns, and thirty-two million rifles and the other gruesome rapid fire weapons, is sufficient for me to order them to be untiring the day Jesus appears.  It can be done and it will be done.  That order includes military guns and weapons too but we cannot stop a missile launch without causing huge repercussions on Urantia too.  That is a secret order we do not divulge, Monjoronson."

Sue, you have the definition you gave yourself for the situation with Monjoronson.  You cannot fuse if you are not in synchrony with your Thought Adjuster,  Michael has a lot of problems on the Satania mansion worlds due to the fact that many humans from Urantia arrive with poorly achieved synchrony.  Ron's favorite actress, Betty Davis, had such a problem mainly because she smoked incessantly and got the vacuoles of  her human brain clogged with nicotine, and that drugged her when she died and she had no idea where she was when she was revived in the resurrection chambers shortly as she passed on in the early 1990's.  I also point out Sue, that you smoke a little too, and I doubt that has any problem for your Adjuster, but you do take nicotine tablets to cut down on your smoking I believe, and that is just as bad as smoking to your brain. No one should smoke.  Period .

Now Clency gave you a dictionary meaning synchrony.  That one is the one to use when odd events occur side by side without being related but everyone thinks they should be.  The Kennedy Assassination was followed by the Lincoln Memorial being declared unsafe to visit in 1963.  It was made unsafe due to water leaking underneath the statue and pooling there to rot the marble.  It seems that Kennedy was warning that he and Lincoln shared history of assassination and that retribution would or might follow.  That is an example of synchrony of events that are truly unrelated but in spite of appearances they are not.

Finally, my statement regarding the synchrony of issues dealing with the financial problems is true, but I remind all that does not make them really related as they just appear that way.  China and its gold can trigger US defaults, but China will not trigger the great depression that may follow shortly.


Thanks much Clency, for your temperate wisdom.  And Occerpa, now we see that octavio cervantes pava is the origin of your avatar.  I never suspected where you got the title.  Thanks for the revelation.
Occerpa, there is some very good and holistic reasons to look at the United States and its soil to prepare a visible Magisterial Mission within it.  There are several good reasons, but please note the very thing you complain about is among the most positive of reasons to use the United States as the center piece to begin with.
The Magisterial Son, MONJORONSON - "The United States is the foremost military nation on Urantia.  It can sideswipe anyone into oblivion if it so chose to do that, and Venezuela richly deserves to be sideswiped today, as it has turned a revolution into a dictatorship without precedence in South America.  Venezuela needs cleaned up badly as does Guatemala and Nicaragua and Bolivia, to name a few.  But the military of the United States is not concerned with world domination, as it has world domination without having to use force.  The world loves the United States for the wealth it brings and for the power to push back insurgencies.

"However, the world also needs badly a policeman and the United States does well as a policeman, but the expense is overwhelming, and as such, it carries too much for it to handle now.  Ron points out if case you do not know it, the United States has spent in lush rich money, nearly three trillion dollars for the first six months of this year.  Already, it is over budget by nearly 312 billion dollars, and it will have a budget mismanagement of near 750 billion dollars by the end of 2019.  This is an enormous burden on the United States, and Trump is yelling at the rest of the world, ' WE cannot afford this!'  He has asked the foreign reserve capital, China, to help out and Chine flips the finger at him and his idea to help bring the nation states into better harmony by releasing gold for a changer and stop pressing for gold only from the United States.  That works well if there is cooperation, but he does not know how to get cooperation and the world languishes in debt mounting so fast, it will cease to have functioning nation states in six months after the financial crisis hits the world shortly.

"The US military feeds on high prices and lost equipment beneath the waves of either major ocean.  It has provided nearly sixty trillion dollars in equipment to the rest of the world to fight the evil of Communism, Libertarianism, Socialism, Totalitarianism, and on down the list to Tribalism and Militarism.   Yet it now ranks as under the fifth percentile in education for its people, and the poor are advancing at the rate of 33 million people a year in the country that also feeds a lot of the world, as it has it all in spite of giving it away by the billions of tons of wheat and corn it delivers easily to the rest of the world without any problem to do so.

"To do all that the United States population pays a heavy price.  Taxes are extraordinarily high everywhere.  Ron pays a per capita tax for school maintenance three salaries for three people for a year in Guatemala, and for ten salaries per year for ten people in Bangladesh.  Yet the debt never ceases and we all suffer, including the universe which will depend on the power of its military to provide humanitarian aide for the rest of the world and its jerryrigged system of nation states including most of South America when the time comes.

"Ron does not disagree with Occerpa and his complaints, and stands as an American who feels we owe a debt of gratitude to Great Britain and the EU, for standing up to the hegemony of the United States on lands we keep our military on.  The USA has troops in 132 nation states around the world.  It does not enforce its views but prevents wars and lists itself as ready to negotiate any time to defuse hot spots between other nation states.  It recently GAVE Taiwan sixty million dollars of tanks to defend itself against the aggrandizing nation state of China, to protect itself from the leer of a Chinese President who feels China is entitled to an Empire like the United States maintains for himself.  He is now a Dictator of the most serious variety and the USA has called his bluff and is dangerously close to going to war over the South China Sea,

"I am MONJORONSON, and the United States is the one safe place on Urantia to place a peace loving spirit Mission, but we are seriously concerned the USA will be bombed by North Korea just to prove a point, and then the US retaliates and a full scale nuclear war is on.  For that reason alone, the Magisterial Mission is holding back until we can get the USA and China back together again as trading nations with equitable means to trade with each other.  China indeed has ruled the waves between the two nations, and while it prospers, it charges double to the United States what it charges the rest of the world to ship goods to it.  The USA has called the Chinese bluff rightly but China rather play the victim in this fight and stays out of refunding anything to the USA over trade issues today.

"Let us be fair though:  China is likely to become poor again when the markets in the USA and Canada, and probably Mexico disappear for awhile.  The reason is that Asia has not real potential to grown anymore.  Reasons abound for that but population is a glut on the economy without purchasing power any longer, and as such drains the treasuries of those Asian estates so well, those Asian nation stations have very little left over for development.  Unless Vietnam learns to live within its means, it will fail as a nation state too, and so will Cambodia, and others located there.  No one expects the United States to deal them better than the rest of the world, but once upon a time, the United States looked favorably upon the trade Treaty with Asia, but now sees it as an endless morass of trials with debt and poor or mismanagement of their national economies.  Japan alone carries itself well as does South Korea, and they are nation states that owe the United States grand welcome of troops and care as the Asian continent will become inflamed again with major wars of attrition once the dollar comes under attach and the yuan attempts to take its place by force.  We sincerely doubt China will ever rise about the ashes of despair once it slowly falls under the wave of totalitarianism.  We state this finally:

"the United States is evil at times.  Trump himself is evil at times.  But most people in most countries are evil at times, and the USA has the least of evil Karma to  take care of by all other nation states.  Look at yourself Occerpa for your own grand reward of Karma to your own personal situation and see it multiplied nine billion times as the population on Urantia is nearly 9.4 biilion people who must eat and their waste cleaned up.  Where do you suppose that gets adjudicated for a URANTIA, the Planetary Supreme's name yet, that must administer it for God the Supreme and His benefit?

"The world is to collapse.  China is pushing it there faster than we predicted it would be so pushed to collapse.  Ron alone faces starvation not as he has called all assets in to protect them and so should all of you.

"Let it be a misnomer if it must be that you Occerpa know better than we do that the United States is far from perfect, for that it is, but it still maintains and empire, as you put it, that is the most benevolent since the Roman Empire two millennium ago.  It maintains a military so staggering it costs the universe nearly thirty trillion US dollars to maintain heroic balance on Urantia so it does not collapse into a multilingual nation where South America, wants to break off pieces of the United States for its own empires of destitute populations of their own.  it is a holy hell for the Untied States these days and we will stand there in order to maintain our own subsidies to the rest of the Urantia world on nation states who cannot manage all these people and thoughts of revolutions and insurrections to get what they want immediately.

"The United States harbors nearly sixty trillion dollars of debt owed to it it will never see repaid.  Yet it spends itself silly with aircraft carriers and motorized bombs as missiles to maintain its own order so that it can travel and be itself wherever it gets established for one reason or another.  Japan alone spends nearly eighty billion dollars a year to maintain the appearance of 10,000 US troops on Okinawa, and shows a deficint not in its budget because they do not need to maintain a military that got them into trouble nearly 75 years ago as WWII.

"We conclude that you are very unfair, but also justified in these views Occerpa, for as Ron says, there is plenty of blame to go around, but he also maintains it is a country that yields plenty of profit of other nation states and is bleeding case at the rate of sixty billion dollars every day to the rest of the world to maintain its presence as protecting troops in so many other nation states.  Syria and Russia are huge problems soon, but Russia does have a President that is wise about the extent it can influence other world affairs in the face of presiding United States of America.  We leave it at this for now."

SERARA, THE MAGISTERIAL SON OF RECORD FOR URANTIA - "I am totally at sea as to why you Occerpa are so sour over the American presence even in Guatemala.  If it were not for the presence of a small contingent of American troops in Guatemala. there would be no Guatemala left.  it is benign in extreme and the American presence keeps Guatemala paying its electric light bill as the United States supplies electricity there for nothing.  It also keeps the rest of the country together by seeing to it that food and military protection is provided while the residents of Guatemala flee in the millions to the southern border of the United States.  Ron calls these actions colonization, and that is exactly what it is unless the border with Central America is secured  there will be sixteen million immigrants from Guatemala alone invading the American southwest and that is an improbable consequence to the United States unless it forces many to repatriate to Central America soon.  I doubt the US has the clout with World Trade Association, to bring an end to immigration period by forbidding passports for trucks and buses and ships and planes from these places to American airports and other ports, because if the United States does not stop this flow of immigrants, it will lose the southwestern states to others. 

"In all, consider that the United States has supplied the rest of the world with the ideals of education and higher status as nation states by establishing diplomatic enclaves to these poor nation states and provides emigres pass ports and other means to travel there.  Now the US is glutted with Hispanics to the point some areas of the southwest speak no English!  That is a horror that Trump does not even know and that is dangerous beyond all conception to have that happen in a country that welcome emigrants all the tine until now.  Now Congress cannot see it at all and the American people close their eyes to the endless profussion of languages in its places of business no one can understand without an interpreter.  That is not cosmopolitan nature but dictation nature of over colonization of the American wishes to provide well but is so overwhelmed it cannot do so anymore.

"We as a Magisterial Mission in York, Pa., USA, must do all we can to provide York and its environs protection from the wrath of a poor government commune that runs York City and its environs.  It is too poor to run itself anymore and on top of it, it has a mayor who reasons it is a better city than most any other city and keeps it poor with expenditures on rooves for the poor and house lights for the indolent and computers for their uneducated children.  That will be stopped and it must be stopped soon as Harrisburg, the capital of Pennsylvania, recognizes taxes are out of kilter and so are the educators of that area who think they have an endless money tree with the population there.  They ruin household after household and the world will end it soon.  Nonetheless, this is mostly unimportant to most of you who read it, but it should be stated that Ron, as an example of one who lives in the midst of this, has spend the equivalent of fourteen thousand dollars a year just to maintain the school board in that area with what are truly luxury schools and their tax rate balloons every year thanks to a County Commissioner who believes West York is tardy in its education pursuits and produces budget after budget that kills most of its senior citizens by its ridiculous call for yet another new school.  They will learn shortly that is not possible at all thanks to Monjoronson and Serara and the York Protectorate to be placed there immediately.

"Finally, the United States has lost its preeminence in  the world of political clout.  It no longer washes the grass around its embassies as it used to do around the world, as they were told to stop it by Guatemala and Nicaragua and so on.  It cost too much for t hem to maintain the residence of  the US ambassador and water is already rationed in Nicaragua in many places. Guatemala ends its reign of stupidity shortly though as it has to reform or lose its status as a country!  Already Nicaragua looks upon it as another State inside of it! 

"Therefore, we still maintain that the United States is the only and last choice afforded to us to maintain an outpost of the universe for Magisterial Mission purposes.  Yet, it falls upon one small individual in York to see to all of this for now and he is seriously ill all the time without us to maintain his heartbeat.  it is worth the trouble but we fail so often to make it workable to the point he feels he is alive very much and yet he does well by producing work after work to read and understand the nature of what is coming to Urantia very quickly now.  Urantia cannot afford a York at this rate and York will be reformed greatly but it will fight us at times anyhow and then lose to the power of poverty if we do not see to it ourselves.  That is what looms for the rest of the world too if you do not soon realize the world is already bankrupt and it will collapse like so much rotten paper soon enough.  I am SERARA and I wish you all a good day if not a more sober one.

"Clency, you do so well you need to consider becoming a Commissioner if you can figure out a way to live in these United States.  SERARA."

Sue and all who have responded so far here.  Let me review once again that ev4ery day there is new revelation, and Michael cut our meeting tape off last night in order to vice even more new revelation I asked not to be the one to explain because it is very difficult to imagine in the abstract and say nothing more here.

First, everyone, regardless that we as ascenders may be chosen to train in Orion after leaving the flesh on Urantia, Orion has to be built out with classrooms and domiciles.  It has not been started yet in the department.

Second, the new Orion build out straddles all of the Local Universes in our Federation.  Nebadon is surrounded by eight Local Universes.  Four of the are contiguous with our longest property line or sides to form the Federation.  The Father would not approve the other four to come into the Excelon (federated) construction.  Nebadon happens to sit in the middle of these four other Local Universes and as such Salvington is the capital of Excelon.

Third, Orion has its capital in Avalon.   Avalon sits about sixteen thousand light years away from Salvington, and believer it or not, that is a short distance in space mileage to account for.  But the capital of the constellation Orion is in Avalon and parts of the star stream do touch the all other LU's. 

Fourth, Michael has given me a population number of the number who are available on Urantia itself.  Repeat this number for Urantia only to be trainee in Orion for work with absonity.  That number TODAY if 43,500,000 persons out of 9.6 billion living human beings on Urantia now.  43.500,000 is so small it is not even one percent of an earth population designed to be a stepping off planet to serve God the Ultimate.  And it is 9.6 billion people on the planet right now from our census takers to assure you your population counters on many web sites are now so far off they must be taken down and the logorhythms recalculated as to the base rate of population growth on earth is not a multiplier of 0.4325 but a multiplier of 0.5131.  Use this number and you have it updated properly.

43,500,000 humans on Urantia today will be reserved for teaching on Orion when they die and the Constellation is ready with finished classroom and the rest.  Until it is ready, people lie Sue and Ron and some of you others here, will go to Satania and join with others from the Satania worlds who have humans who are ready to understand the basics about Absonity.

HOWEVER: while you train as an Ascender in Absonity you must first become a Finaliter.  That requires after Orion for most of you, that you graduate as a first time spirit in the Minor Sector to learn universe construction.  We are amused that Ron has the basics already and you need to pick his brains about it as he has no opportunity to speak to it all by himself,  It is in the Minor Sector of Splandon that the neighboring Local Universes send their start students to as well.  That name is in your Urantia Book.

Then each of you must do all TEN of the MAJOR SECTORS, before bing admitted to Uversa, and UVERSA is your finishing school before you enter Havona for individualized training.

Sue, Ron, Clency, Lemuel, Gitz, but not Wendy or Amethyst, will be trained in Havona by the group you know as Those Without Name and Number.  It is this group from Urantia, which contain the seeds of evolution toward the higher spheres of Paradise beyond the reach of present revelation on Urantia or, for that matter, in most of Nebadon.  Wendy and Amethyst will enter training in Havona, we believe, under the guidance of those High in Authority.  They are the ones who set the tone of revelation on material worlds like Urantia.  Ron works with several of them when he is doing Periodic Revelation such as his book on ORIGINS has become.  This:

Clency, you need to fuse on Urantia and you can do it but your puddle your worries so greatly you put it off.  Ron is also aware of Dominick Ohrbeck being very close to fusion, but he too fills himself up with constant worry and that keeps pushing him off the beam an Adjuster needs to ascertain the fusability of his mind at this point.  He has a great mind and Ron sees it but he fails to be really interested and so it goes.  Dominick and Clency, if you break through and fuse as Ron has, your destiny is over before you can choose it yourself, as the Father has decreed that those who do it on Urantia, in spite of living with such difficulties on that planet, you are destined for glory in unrevealed ways and you look all forward to such a destiny, as those destines are out of the space-time continuum and into the Absonite spheres of glory elsewhere. 

Dominick, you have many outstanding qualities, but you are failing to pick up the pieces of the things to get busy with, and one of those is to provide your sister some hope of curing her Lupus.  You were given instructions months ago and are afraid of reprisals from her doctor to talk about it  with him.  He needs convinced but he is not against trialing it.  ORIGINS book has a better description in it than you have so wait for the book for her to read or you to read on how to approach Lupus for that adventure of curing.

Also, Dominick, you are not failing anything.  Know that.  But you are slowing down due to a move you are making and your fear that Ron is looking askance at you over S.  He is not but he still warns you S. is not to be approached.  There is a menace in it you do not know about and we stand with Ron over the issue with S.  You also are sure that individual is correctly done with you, but not so.  Be aware there are dangers involved and the need to stand strong in dismissal is essential. 

Clency, you hold dear several around you that dismiss you.  You are close to fusion, and you need peace and quiet. Let them not bother you and find places to be at peace without dealing with their natter all the time.  You are highly regarded by Ron who thinks you should be a Commissioner, but you are insisting in staying in your own country and he is aware of that too.  Nonetheless you carry the genes and the strength of character to fuse and work with Ron over important matters too. 

Wendy, stay close to your base now.  You are fused, but it might be rescinded if you fail to become better attuned to this work.  Your mind is all fuzzy and your heart broken over issues too close to you to say much to anyone else.  Let it be known it matters not anymore and all is peaceful in the other camp.  Let it also be known that your partner in life is still attempting to figure it out.  Let it lie.  Ron says to me, Abraham, "she is going to say to me, 'what are you  talking about?' and I have to explain it was a dictation without knowing what it is about."  You Wendy are frightful at discussions and need to listen better as you dismiss far too easily things you really need to learn.  Be silent on all matters for now as you are quickly approaching a decision point that has vast repercussions for you too.  Let it lie for now.   "Abraham."

This is Michael, and let us finish a final statement from spirit on Orion.

ORION is a new Constellation that belongs to the FEDERATION, Excelon.  It must be so regarded and not belonging only to Nebadon.  It belongs with Nebadon the Local Universes of Hensalon, Sensalon, Alvoring, and Avalon.  Its capital lies under the jurisdiction of Avalon.  Its headquarter world will be called EXCELON too/  The Most Highs of Excelon are Andromadeus, and the senior two Most High Associates, currently running Norlatiadek.  Norlatiadek is also the headquarters for Satania and two other vast planetary systems not ever revealed to Urantia because they are identical to how Urantia looks and the people on Urantia are designed.  Originally, URANTIA was to be placed in one of two other Planeatry Systems, but Father insisted Urantia be placed in Satania, without knowing a rebellion would sear it so badly, we had to consider getting  rid of it and starting over elsewhere with a similar planetary destiny for whatever took its place.  A person like Ron would have never appeared and he would have appeared on a Midsoniter planet we think, as he would have appeared as he is.  Crazy!

"Finally, Ron is leader without question in all of this as he has worked the hardest to understand what is what and now has been gifted with many things to come for his evaluation later on.  Clency, Dominick, you both are on the cusp of these things too, but you must make the effort by transmitting regularly and without fail  You try so hard Clency.  You do try hard too Dominick, but that is part of your problem and with Ron you have no problem either of you.  Go figure.  No one understands it either. 

"We also understand that Ron cannot reach synchrony with MONJORONSON  at all and that is tremendously important for all of you to know.  It means Monjoronson desires it and so does Ron, but the hold up is Father, as Father wishes Ron to  take on the new Urantia Book shortly and must aver to SERARA on that issue alone, and Monjoronson is to second it with his Deity ramifications with the Second Referendum of Jesus on Urantia.  Until this understanding is fully understood, Ron's pain and eye problems cannot be solved any further.  Be assured this will be worked out, but these problems with Ron are brand new to us on Salvington, and MONJORONSON is depraved ennough to learn He is not happy with this turn of affairs.  Synchrony, Ron, is a double indemnity of heart between Deity and yourself and you have it for MONJORONSON and he for you but Father intervenes so SERARA can take that honor for a long time.  In any case these Magisterial Missions are fully declared valid and are in process already, it is just that none of you can see or hear it yet.

"Losses financially will soon accrue to stock holders everywhere when a panic hits shortly.  Clency it is a favorite area you like to work with, but you have not been served well by some of your friends whom Ron considers saturated with conspiracy theories just not  true.  You believe them but they are totally insecure in their knowledge and must be let down gently they have any insight at all.  Be aware that MONJORONSON is quite the financial expert too, and that He is ready to speak clearly to all of you either through Ron, or by incarnation, whichever he is advised to do best.  He is truly looking at incarnation too Ron and you decided that and how?  [Monjoronson, this is Ron, as best I can tell you, I look inside at a back channel in my brain that sometimes indicate how something will go.  I have no way of knowing how, but I trust completely in it as a fore bearer of near future truth.  It is not always there but often enough  dare reference it.]
MONJORONSON speaking; "You Ron have the gift of God that is so essential to our work I do wonder why synchrony is not granted.  Father says you are not the one MONJORONSON to wear Ron out, but SERARA, will do that as Ron is capable of a lot of parlor tricks too when he is fully released before the public to teach and he will not do it in the Senate but once and that is enough to get Diane Finestine ready to be the might shield she can be for America.

"In any case, this is FATHER, and we cure all of you of sitting around speculating over what is to happen for Urantia, and that it is found on special orders of Mine that insists he be preserved at all costs if only to show how redemption works if you ask for redemption.  Ron constantly asks for redemption and so do I of Michael of Nebadon.  He is ready to serve Michael and you must stop flunking everything he does.  How he got ORIGINS out in spite of your pandering elsewhere I do not know, but he did and it is splendid work as is and Trent might ask but Ron has my voice well enough to know the full answer is NO.  We stand united sith Ron that it must go as written. 

"I am FATHER, and as such, I insist on being held to the account of the seriousness of all that is to happen on Urantia.  It is about to be hit so hard with disaster of a financial kind, that no one will can control the repercussions to the US Dollar. or the British Sterling currencies and both will take it hard and the Pound might collapse momentarily and the US must rescue it but I doubt this current administration knows how to do that.  Treasury Secretary Steven Terner Mnuchin is not capable of action but mostly only thought.  He will likely be the one asked to turn on the gold backing mechanism we insist upon as we will not stand by and let the cancer of severe doubt of the value of the US Dollar collapse.  We bring this to your attention now so many of you can preserve your investments, for otherwise, you lose big time as there is no redemption down the road for large corporations like DuPont, or United Technologies or Google or Microsoft, to be able to withstand a run on ALL currencies starting with the British Pound Sterling, in all probability and ending with a severe attack on Yuan and the US Dollar as well.  is severe depression will hit momentarily.  It is gathering strength in Asia in South Korea and even in North Korea over issues they fail to recognize as precipitating a severe financial close out of  their fderalist system of tax upon tax upon tax.

"Furthermore, [and this is SERARA speaking now] "we feel that the United States will buffer the worst by throwing its gold reserves into the pot with the United Kingdom as Mnuchin is fully anglicized to a T.  He is ready to send GB a full stamp of approval to leave the EU without fear as he insists GB stand tall with the United States and is moving shore the Pound up even as we speak this morning.

"Iran is trouble again and this time it might get a shot to the head they take seriously as the United States will not tolerate Russia or any other country moving in to shore up the defenses of Iran without repercussions.  Putin trusts his intuition and stays out of it and so does China and so does Taiwan.  Taiwan and China could be near war shortly when the US moves in to strengthen Taiwan's military preparedness and that is yours to know and theirs to fight over later.  Right now the problem is a looming financial crisis and you Clency caught it right for when we speak to the Commissioners about these things they are looming up quickly to overwhelm the United States and the rest of the world to destroy capitalism as you know it today. That is how serious the crisis will be until control is reestablished in markets as well.  Speculators will be ruined and the idea of a currency speculator will end when we monetize Urantia on a gold system for the US Dollar, the most potent currency Urantia has ever seen to use and use well.

"I am SERARA, and you ron are already in synchrony with me and I will have to take my shot with your immune system to build it so strong nothing affects your ability to work with AIDS and Cholera and Dengue and so on.  I am MONJORONSON, and I add my strength to these words for all of you to read:

"The coming financial crisis is truly a purging of banks and reserves and of printing presses everywhere.  They are useless in the coming era and you Ron will be operational shortly pain or not to provide a secure bank in that area , because Citizens made light of your letter but now looks at it wisely as a warning that things are going to change quickly if forced to do so.  You made it clear to its President that change is inevitable and he takes you seriously but does not know how to place you in the world of wisdom at all.  You made it clear and left without a trace and his is most curious about your position is society.  He sees it as raw class data but is unsure how you know what you know.  he is also a good banker and withdraws nothing from you if it appears that he learns to know you as the fine fellow. Citizens Bank will persevere we think but most of the others, including the local DROVERS will likely not and there goes B an B down  the drain as you know your remaining family members.  They catch you well soon and likewise but she will never believe you until ORIGINS hits the newsstands.  Then it is fawn fawn fawn. [Ron laughing]

"I am SERENA, and I am Chief of Staff for MONJORONSON AND SERENA and they are working hard not to spill the beans to all of you.  The truth of the matter is that Ron is about to work with all of us in true harmony as he is easily done with these matters so well we wonder how it happened too.  Ron is a natural spirit being and loves the work we do as well as how to materialize the results on Urantia.  He has fought every bear in the book.  He has brought everyone to a full stop with their mischief and now is ready to proclaim a new office for all of this shortly if he can get Machiventa Melchizedek to move the money into the accounts he has provided to do this work.  Be assured Ron you have it all taken care of except for your problems and they will be solved soon when MONJORONSON swears off easy work for the hard work of synchronizing with you too, and that will be achieved with Father's help and no other as this was not supposed to be a love fest.  Be assured that the trial this has taken has been well worthwhile, for it has taught all of us there is room for human services if we can move with them.  So far, only Ron has shown the verve to do that but he attempts others to do it and the Commissioners are so close to being able to do it soon, we have no problem with either of them aither.

"We are SERARA and MONJORONSON together saying good day and that a new dawn comes on Urantia if not for the financial crisis alone bringing us out visibly to save Urantia from destitution. We depart briefly.  Thank you Ron! [[Ron: Thank you back MONJORONSON AND SERARA AND SERENA AND ALL].


The Contact Commission meeting tape excerpt continues as a concern over the financial statements made by Serara to the Commission this evening.  The excerpt takes 17 minutes to run and just click on the title of the tape at the end of this text window below to open your audio software to listen.  Thank you,
Ron Besser

Thank you TrinitiLov - Dr. Gallo I am told attempted to patent the entire concept of HIV.  The virus was an after thought in his day, and that was prior to 1985, perhaps 1983.

We, however, attract no such confusion he had because we have nailed the culprit and named it precisely.    Chapters Six, Seven, and Eight provide the etymology from where the actual virus springs from, to the description of at least three virus varieties.  Here is a brief description I do not mind sharing with you of the three major varieties of HIV virus types:

1  SMOOTH SKIN HIV VIRUS - If we would qualitate all the AIDS viruses this one is the least often found and is represented by a 6.  The most common AIDS virus gets a 10 and the lurking epidemic is an unseen virus which will be represented as a 12.  What is coming is so dangerous we are unsure just how it will break out but when it does we have another epidemic.  Smooth skin HIV virus under the electron microscope appears to be flawless in its covering and is a slight grey pink if the eye could see it.

2  ROUGH SKIN VIRUS which earns the number 10 in commonality is covered with what looks like harbor mines that when a ship hits them it sinks them.  Those are vacuoles that sting the tissue cells to inject them with amino acids.  That kills the normal tissue cell and new virus cells erupt around the dying cell to feed.

3  COLLOIDAL AIDS HIV -  This earns a 12 number because it will become the predominant killer.  It is called colloidal as it is a mix of the smooth skin virus and the rough skin virus, and it is covered with stinger vacuoles to kill as noted in number two.  It hides in the rectum and is totally quiet for up to six years after being contracted.  What will trigger its numbers is the false claim that HIV uses the brain stem to gain predominance in the body.  No HIV virus ever does that.  Chapter Seven of the book explains where it does hide and what it does while hiding to prepare to a total assault into a person and once evident can kill in 37 to 52 hours.

These three descriptions are from the Voice of God, and great detail in the AIDS chapters within the book give full details just how this works.

Let me add this:  If someone contracts the smooth skin virus, without some type of immunology intercession, they die with sixty hours to two years depending on where the smooth skin virus takes lodging.

If a person contracts the rough skin HIV virus death is quick and heartless without six months of contracting it.  It operates a little differently than the smooth skin and all are lethal.

Colloidal AIDS is another mutation and watch out!  It can kill within 24 hours without intervention.

I hope that helps you to visualize how much further we have come in this book as to the sophistication of knowledge and killer vaccines produced in the book to stop them all.

Thanks for your post Trinitilove.


RAYSON: "The Ebola vaccine is fully effective, Sue.  The tribes that contract Ebola are into drugs in the grass in the Congo and as such they get the dust of the Ebola bacterium all over their arms harvesting the drug out of the damp earth.  Ebola is no problem until it becomes and epidemic, which this is becoming, and as such the world health organization is making far too much of it and should shut up.  The epidemic will fade away and the epidemic would be quelled easily with present treatment.  For that reason the DR. Congo, is on the watch list on Salvington to betray no further elucidation of its ways and means to export elephant hide, tusks, and other errata from the elephants in order to curb the Ebola outbreak elsewhere.  These are despicable people and must learn that to trade in animal tissues and bones they need to dehydrate them before they send them out of the country to Chad and the Congo and even Kenya.  RAYSON."

Clency, I greatly appreciate your post and advice from your experienced publishing friend.  That is sage advice and I take it and thank you for posting it.

Occerpa, I am greatly advised by you as you say in your post, to just publish the book.  However, the book is as ground breaking as Rachel Carlson's "SILENT SPRING,"  and I therefore must be extremely careful just what is done with the dynamite this book can be.  It can do harm if we do not carefully handle its introduction.  The Internet is limited, believe it or not, for the very people who need to see it either do not have a computer, or the place they work in is so busy they never get a chance to find it because they do not look for any such thing.

Furthermore, the book is ground breaking in so many ways, people are going to marvel at how it was accomplished.  That will detract from what we tell people about AIDS and Autism and thereby fail in its original purpose to inform and let well enough alone when the medical profession finally grasps what they are dealing with when it comes to a Streptococcus so virulent, just washing your hands will not prevent it turning into an AIDS virus into your body. 

Third, I must make hay while I can for the Magisterial Foundation.  Proceeds from this book will not be a check made out to me as royalties, but will be deposited in the charity to produce vaccines for Africa and the other places where these epidemics of viral pneumonia and AIDS take origin first.  I feel obligated to seed the Magisterial Foundation first, and then second, to allow the Magisterial Son to determine in what manner throse proceeds in the bank will allow them to operate a limited construction of a pharmaceutical corporation to be the licensee for what we can do to stop AIDS and other concerns along the way.

You are not wrong to suggest what you have, but you are limiting me to make some contributions to world wide discussions on just how to contain AIDS and other endemic diseases along the way.  I am not a medical doctor, but I do have access to the very profession licensing means to make these vaccines immediately available through a divine institution which does not take profits into consideration first, but sees the priority to do the good it can do by selling the book to the world so it can take what it says on its own terms.

This is just my response to your suggestion above and it is not meant to be a rebuttal entirely but to educate all who may feel as you do to just publish it on line and walk away from it.  We need to do more than that and if I cam successful, we will indeed do more than just publish it on the Internet.  I do thank your for a reasonable suggestion you do make as well.

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - "The book we simply call ORIGINS is worthy of a small army to read and release the good news it brings to humanity on earth.  There is a publishing house interested in doing this book now and that is not yet evident to Ron or anyone at the moment; however, Ron awoke quite sober again and is worried we are redoing the entire matter again.  No so. 

"But we are now advised by the Deity Absolute, that the book is so powerful it must be curtailed in some manner in order to prevent a wholesale use of misstatements that will be generated by the press, and that is it is the Hand of God that did this through a man who is not a doctor and who can only take down the views of a cosmic surgeon.  I see it clearly and Ron is aware it can happen but he has to gamble that it does good too.  However, we now understand that the Deity Absolute sees it as a grammar poor and exclusive swat at the medical profession for being too slow and too ancient in concept to deliver the cure as it must be delivered to eradicate AIDS, just to name one thing it does for mankind.

"Consequently, Ron was moved this morning to stay in bed to gather his own wits and understand that there is nothing he can do anymore to eradicate the book entirely and start looking for an entirely different way of doing this on Urantia.  That is the opinion of the Deity Absolute, but Ron feels that anything we do otherwise is like the turtle who refuses to come out its shell to get something done for itself and its environment.  I agree with Ron that SILENT SPRING  was a ground breaking volume, but this one is even greater and must be handled with a fine tooth comb.  He is surly this morning for no reason other than he feels thrown back again with unintended consequences on other issues looming very large in his mind right now too.

"We are establishing a Trust Fund for the book.  The Magisterial Foundation is to benefit from it and will take on many projects as we can to see to it that the epidemics originating in Africa are stamped out and that AIDS itself is to flee it superior means to kill and place it in the dust bin of experience for good and out of our way on Urantia permanently.  K"

Ron - Occerpa, you are a man of good will and not inconsiderable thought, and your reaction is already one of suspicion over how money is generated to do things through the charitable Magisterial Foundation.  I agree but the vaccines in this book are worth tens of billions of dollars to the Foundation and to the world if we can muster our way into maximizing the positive side of what publishing this book can do.  I counter the recommendation of the Deity Absolute with a primary result that the book does no good sitting in a vault and waiting for a propitious moment, but I am also horrified with the result the Deity Absolute sees as miscreant press reporting to ruin the chance for this publication do any good whatsoever.  I leave it to Michael of Nebadon to guide us past the shoals we have to avoid to handle this gift to man and do the best we can under the heave authorization process the publisher may place on us to do it under heavy restrictions of press releases and what not.  I am unsure how to proceed at the moment must wait for someone to tell me just where the book, myself, and the proposed publisher may stand at this singular moment of  "lets do this carefully" review I am getting myself this morning.

Thanks Larry.  Nice report.  It is a sea of choices and one small boat.  Ron

We are now starting our work to find a publisher for the AIDS and Autism self help book in curing AIDS and looking at Autism as a brain damage that can be grown out of.  It is both difficult and time consuming and I just want to point it out to those of you who would love to do a book on a subject you love to talk about and have something important to say about it too.

We stated that this afternoon and found out that if we are acceptable to be interviewed at all, that the top twenty publishers in the United States take almost two (2) years to publish once they accept you for a book to be read by the public under their impress.  If you go with a smaller publishers that can take up to eight months and then you might wind up with some of the expenses yourself.  It is not a pretty picture and we are fighting to be heard at all as few of the big guys ever open the door to unpublished authors to begin with.

That said we had an interview today and they agreed to read it and critique it as a paying proposition to them and perhaps to us.  We have agreed to wait 30 days for an evaluation and a report on the advisability as worthiness of putting it into print. 

Why that is so important to any publisher is because when they sign a contract with an author to publish the book, they have to prepare a contract with a book printing factory.  A normal first run I am told is 1,000 copies.  If the book is a hard back and say 100 pages long, the cost of doing such a book off t he presses is about $6.00  per hard back.   Then they must pay for a jacket, and that is done separately and collated at the factory onto the book and that often runs another sixty cents to one dollar each.  The books are then taken to the loading dock for distribution, and the publisher pays a company that specializes delivering books to book stores and the big box stores like Amazon and Barnes and Noble and Books A Million, and many more.  Cost to move the new titles to book stores for sale is about one dollar per book in the entire effort.  Once in the book stores they are sold under the understanding if they take 100 of your new book, they have the right to return all unsold books back to you for another cost to the distributor.  By the time that cycle is finished, it will cost the publisher for this 100 page book you wrote over three years ago, about $15,000 to handle you.  But he has also been paying your royalties on the books that did sell and he routinely pays twenty cents on the dollars to himself and the rest to you once he recoups the cost of publication.  We already tabulated that above.  Most authors who are first time authors, seldom recoup the cost of getting it bound at Staples to send the book to a publisher in the first place.  SO:

The scale of costs and trouble to get your new book into the bookstore is enormous compared to any benefit you may reap.  Yes, there are things some publishers provide that make it easier if you share some of the these expenses with him, but for us that is not a reasonable way of doing business.

The ORIGINS OF AIDS AND AUTISM is our book title and it consists of about 200 printed pages, maybe a tad less.  As a hard bound book it will run, we think it will run a tad less than three hundred pages in its current form.  Our costs so far run to about $1,000 plus and we have only started.  Our expectation is that it would be a best seller if we have a publishers who seriously promotes the book at even more expense that what is outline above by large page adverts in newspapers and television ads.  This book is worth that kind of work, but we hardly would demand such service.  We are happy to be published bare bones as it may be by anyone who takes us on.

We will not allow self publishings because those contracts do not guarantee, for the most part, more printings to replenish a book that has sold out.  We forecast this book will take a run of 10,000 copies to begin with, and we believe it could be a best seller if we hit the whimsical side of public interest that must have the book or die.  We cannot forecast that and hence we must wait for an evaluation of a publishers we spoke with today for his feedback, he says, in thirty days.

I have now outlined to you what we have started and the commercial problems that come with it all the way to the bank or bust.

Furthermore, I am asking that any royalty payments made on the book be made out to the payee, the Magisterial Foundation, to fund it as it may be, and to insure that the charitable corporation can keep the bulk of its funds from sales of the book to distribute AIDS vaccines and Autism help, and treatments for Altzheimers is reasonable and can be afforded by the unfortunate that contract either a killer or a very unhappy childhood with Autism in place.

The Magisterial Foundation will fund Starbridge Group and Starbridge Foundation to enable them to write more books as dictated by the instruments of the Deity Absolute, Michael of Nebadon, Rayson, and many others who were so helpful with our ORIGINS  book to date.  None of it goes to luxury living but Michael will make some more available to do other work that needs to make the home I live it a place of offices and move me out of the way at some point.  This all I have to say at this point, but at least you now have an idea what work we have just entered into to get this book out to the public.

Thank you all for listening and hopefully you who would like to publish know a little bit more about it now.

Ron Besser

RAYSON - "You sue need not test, bu your son should only if to confirm it was not passed to him as congenital and serious blood disorder.  I  call it WG just to keep it simple for now, but you correctly rename it Sue as GPA, although we do not see the shorthand title in the article.  You are clear and have no such problem and your husband is in permanent remission, but it can hide in the liver especially in children exposed to it in pubescence.  We let it go at that for now.  Thank you.  Rayson."


Newstarsaphire, I want you to take on Sue's questions and do the best you can without quoting the book at all,  Your synthesis of the book is excellent and you can answer her, in some cases in general, and in the case of Wegener's granulomatosis (WG) disease not al all as you do not have Rayson in your ear as I have.

To Sue:  WG is now classified as
Granulomatosis with polyangiitis

The Wikipedia article explains it well and simply at:

I summarize from Rayson its medical track as follows:

"It is not an autoimmune disease, but a disease of the bile duct inside of the liver.  It requires not medical treatment but to insure that the patient has no contact whatsoever with sexual contamination due to hemoglobin mutation of sex cells in the patient him or herself.  It affects the blood system first and then transfers mutant red blood cells to the brain, and the brain derives a certain bacteria intrusion to kill off the misshaped red blood cells.

"Why the hospital lab did not detect unusually shaped red blood cells in their biopsy is strange and rather poorly understood here on high.  The red blood cells caused by this disease are irregular in shape, and misshappened to the point they appear to be flat rather than spheroidal.  How they could have missed that is not clear to me Rayson, or to our immunologist Dr. Mendoza.  It may be that Sue did not report this as she did not know about it and it was not fully spoken to her about the red blood cells.  That they are so badly shaped is a prime way to identify this disease.  It is first a liver disease, and then a lung disease, and fatal if it goes to the brain and starts creating so many filaments the brain cannot destroy them fast enough. 

"We use the simple designation WG to remind you Sue that he is easily fooled into giving of himself when he should never look away from you.  This disease is communicable not, but it can spread through touching and you should be examined to check for red blood cells that are badly misshaped, and that biopsy must be taken from blood in your liver.  If you have badly shaped red blood cells you need a transfusion to remove them and start life over again without severe headaches as this is one of the characteristics of the WG disease.

"I am Rayson and wish you a good day."


Hello and greetings Susan:
It is very difficult to follow posts on this form sometimes because we use the language of high revelation from its text called the Urantia Book as you are reading or will read aside from your experience with it on line.

We use the idea of space headquarters for the Chiefs of Spirit in time to live on and direct us on earth.  Salvington is that time space HQ for spirit to earth.

Salvington as a headquarters over us has a high capital sphere over them called Uversa.  Uversa commands all local universes of which we belong to one called Nebadon.

But the chief boss of all even above Uversa, is a huge materialization called Paradise directs everything in space, and time, and out of  time.

The Paradise Deities on Paradise know everything and because they do we call them "existential."  But all other Deity or God as Deity is God, is subordinate to the idea of existential.

It takes years to learn all the vocabulary and most of us already know a lot of it and it can sound like Greek at times as we do not define names when we use them as most of us already know who is what:

Michael of Nebadon is the Creator Son who created Nebadon, the name of His Local Universe, and He is a Time-Space Deity;

Mother Spirit is the Spirit Deity and represents the Infinite Spirit and more in Nebadon, and She is the partner with the Creator Son to do all  the creation in Nebadon, including you and I;

MARGUL - He is a duplicate of the need of the Paradise Trinity to make contact with man as the Trinity on Urantia;

RAYSON  - He is Deity too from Paradise but is not existential.  He is the all powerful science project officer to come to Urantia to teach us better science;  He happens to be a Magisterial Son with high duties for all of us on Urantia to learn from very soon;

LANAFORGE - He is a powerful Local Universe Son, not existential, but so powerful now, he can name what work he is charge of on earth, called Urantia. and he often speaks to me to tell me what I should or should not do.  He is very valuable as a director for we humans in the coming divine missions to earth.

Gabriel of Salvington = He is the Chief Administrator for the Local Universe of Nebadon.  His work is to make sure all of us know who is boss and the work they have to get done quickly and well on earth.  I hear Him when his boss, Michael of Nebadon, cannot speak to me directly on matters of importance;

MIDWAYERS = "Beings that look like us and had mortal parents but remained invisible at birth.  they are so valuable the Deities imported 10,000 more of them to work here with us on earth.  I work with them sometimes in full verbal exchanges to get done what they want me to work on;

That should cover the main characters we work with on this forum.  There are many others but I do not mean to rewrite the Urantia Book for you.  Best wishes for your enjoyment and stay on a very busy web site.

Ron Besser

Oh, how I thank all of you for cheering me up today in the name the hell of the big seven seven.

Here is a link to my E card from my brother today.  It is funny maybe just to me but it is a wonderful and furry rendition of happy birthday too.  Give a listen if you like:
Thank you all dear friends and to the alliterative Gitz, good go-happy Gitzy poo, thank you for your silly sounding shimmering soliloquy . . . .

Thank you much all.   RON

Link -silly e Card - if it works as it is a bit hairy to copy it -



I greatly appreciate all of your well wishes as I hit the double 7's today and welcome all to make it that far too for yourselves!  Trinitilove has me really beat as I assume several others who watch here too have done so to go beyond what I got done today.  In any case, best wishes to all of you too for helping me through what they call a birthday and best wishes to you and all for a year full of surprises to come.   RON

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Ron spent a long and restless night to this morning and is sure it is curtains soon enough.  His brother sent him an hilarious E card with prairie dogs singing happy birthday and that started the day off very well for him and the rest of us who watch these things from the side lines.  In any case, to reach the double seven's as Ron calls it, it has been a fight to the finish and he is ready to trade the old jalopy in for a better model soon enough.  The only problem is we are going to use him for future years on Urantia to get done what we have to get done on Urantia too.  I welcome all to remember that his birthday in the flesh is doing all he can to stay up and alive and well enough to answer emails and posts as this one does for him.  My best wishes too Ron, on the double seven anniversary of entering the mortal life on this day so long ago to you now.  Michael."

RAYSON - "I too wish you what your mortals call a Happy Birthday, and now lay down a new paradigm:  Eat, drink, and be merry, and we have a little surprise in store for you today--  I am leaving Urantia for good not.  I am now entirely stationed on Urantia, and that is to take up my duties as Science Officer and Leader of the new Magisterial Mission on Urantia starting last week. 

"It was not announced and for good reasons:  Ron became so ill last week we had no heart to mention it to him while he felt so awful.  It is his leukemia not, but a congenital heart failure now that is leaving him breathless and tired and that is never pleasant to feel ever.  Heart failure comes and goes with this person, and he has never been diagnosed with it., but it is now familiar to us by now that it will not end his life here, but we will pump it back up so it is operating normally for a change soon enough.  I fall back on the good wishes from Occerpa and the other two who took the time and trouble to write it out Ron:  Happy Birthday for all, and the Magisterial Mission is here in short shots at a time and you just watch as York suddenly looms large in our plans to become visible.  Rayson."

SERARA -  "I am the Magisterial Son of record for Urantia.  I am on Urantia today and all the time now to start what is so slow to become a Magisterial Mission for all of you now and continuing on for centuries now.  I am here permanently near York, PA., and that is permanent for York and the entire matter for this planet until we are done with a Magisterial Mission, that has lasted so long in planning, the planning will take as long as the entire real mission will.  I thank Ron for caring to set so much up, and it will be used, and so will be Ron once that heart of his revives enough to take life on once again.  Be assured he thinks it is leukemia yet, but that has been rushed out the door by Deity Fiat, and we are left with a heart that bleeds a little just to keep the body revived properly in all it has to do for man and himself.

"I am SERARA and MONJORONSON joins with me to wish you the most Happy of returns on this double seven day for you!  SERARA."

Ron - It is quite an honor to receive such good well wishing from the big guy Deities as they have done so from Michael and the Magisterial Sons.  I have  trouble moving at all as I feel much exhaustion that just suddenly hits.  I did not know it was heart failure due to what is really advancing old age.  I hope they can do something about it, but if not, the life led here on Urantia has never been a dull moment for me, and I look forward to whatever they have in mind for me from this point on.  Thank you all for your kindness and well wishing and now let us see what the Deity Absolute may have in mind this morning:

DEITY ABSOLUTE - "I am the Deith Absolute, and Ron it is your heart.  You never dreamed it would become weak and leave you so weak at times you can hardly raise your head to get up.  The truth is it is working okay but is insufficient for all that you carry for us and for yourself.  Dominick has the same trouble already and he will learn to take care of himself better and stop a lot of pick up games of basketball.  Steven Gitz is oblivious of his woes in the works too as both of  them are up and having a good day so far today.  However, you Ron had a long and restless night with a lot of dreaming as you are so concerned that you might even leave the flesh today in an ironic sort of way of leaving on a birthday.  It has happened to plenty of people and you should post that E Card for others to enjoy if they want a laugh at silly animation.

"In any case this:

"The Magisterial Sons are now on earth.  They carry huge power and happy states of mind for all to hear soon enough.

"They also are ready to deal you a better punch in the head and chest too Ron as you are living well past your normal life span of seventy-four, and you are showing such wear and tear that they must act completely and fully without complaint to keep you going fully and truly as yourself again.  That has to happen soon and you will suddenly feel very well again and the surgeon for those implants will come forth and make it all well again soon enough.

"Finally, you write like you care for and give me lots of room so my words stand way out for others to read and think about. 

"URANTIA, is ready to become a national past time for Salvington, the capital of the Federated Nebadon.  You are proud and that is theirs to enjoy as you are among the first humans anywhere to fully understand the momentous occasion this means to five Creator Sons for now.  They will soon make this news entirely available to their constituent creations and you Ron are the happy holder of being the first human in the history of Nebadon to have won an award of good will by four other Creator Son for your work to keep all informed on Nebadon's Urantia, just what the heck is going on with so many changes and worries from the Creator Son of Nebadon, and with his Creative Consort, Nebadonia, all will soon be well for all on Urantia at least.

"I am the Deity Absolute, and Ron gave us a hearty laugh for saying that as he knows full well there are so many problems looming for the Federation, and for each of us as well, and we leave with these best wishes for a birthday in the flesh now, and that is to expect ALL OF YOU to be part of  the Magisterial Mission celebration soon to break out all over Urantia as many things will come to bear for you and URANTIA shortly.  I am the Deity Absolute and wish all a good day."


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