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Threads for New Transmissions / Re: 12 NEW TAILORS
« on: Today at 12:50:02 AM »
I follow you Occerpa, and thank you very much.  Let us hope that someday we find a culture to live in that does not dislike itself and marriage foibles as this one does to all of us.  Ron

Threads for New Transmissions / Re: 12 NEW TAILORS
« on: August 19, 2019, 09:20:05 PM »
In all good humor Occerpa, would you care to restate what you are talking about in your post above.  please?  Ron

Clency, we must nip this one in the bud before it goes any further.

No one goes through what I went through.  I leave the causes aside.

All candidates will, if accepted, have to have a life extension.  The Madison 12 will not be trained and allowed to die next year.  They need a small diaphragm attacked to the right lung usually, and that gadget from spirit regulates DAN flow from the brain stem to the heart and the hear then makes a change in the time frame it reads from the cellular DNA ordered life span completion.  Mine was monitored from 72 years of age to much more, and the Madison 12 will have a reset of about 50 more years and that is temporary probably if you work out.  Your discomfort is likely to last a wekk to ten days.

Then everything back to normal.  That is a small price to pay for endless service to God and your love of Urantia.  Best wishes.  Ron

Weydevu, you have worked hard and I truly appreciate your efforts as they are sincere and activated by your mind to state things as you quote and conclude yourself above.
Rather than get into a point by point response to your post above, let me tell you what I see is the crux of the matter for you and the others to try to understand.  That presumes we can understand most of it, but I remind everyone and yourself Weydevu, these changes are not millennia, they are epochal.

When I say epochal, these changes affect the meaning of an entire universe age.  We are living through the largest changes ever brought forth by the Universal Father.  As you rightly put it Weydevu, one must first start with the power and the glory of God the Father in all of this, and fathom the effects of His wise choices for the continuation of the time-space age we live in now.

Universe ages have and indeterminate length of time to play out.  How long is the time space age of experience to last?

The original idea, or at least as we have stated in major revelation to us, is that such a determination is precisely defined in the end of God the Supreme being an unfinished experiential God.  That is our yard stick to give us the dimensional idea of duration.  How much time, it tells us, do we wait for God the Supreme to emerge as a contactable personality outside of Havona?
If that answer is two trillion years.  then we are less than half way through  the time it takes for God the Supreme to emerge as a full-sized controller of what time hath wrought.

However, somehow the entire matter of this universe age and the maturation of time bound experiences has been roughly stripped of power, and the yard stick no longer the valid way to measure what and how we proceed to the next universe age without losing all the time experiences to get there as a new universe age.  I know you really know all that, but I have to go through this review so you also understand, the Universe Father has acted infinitely to restore that true meaning of the maturation of the totalizing effects of a Deity removed that could do that and let us slide down the chute to the OSZ 1 as fully usable by that next era.

You correctly point out by questioning what do we do now?  Suddenly as you say there is no way to calculate the end to time.  Our means to calculate is no longer to greet God the Supreme as a finished dynasty of love and universe meanings summarized of an age.  We have to now rely on the Father replacing that yardstick with another, and that other yardstick must do the same thing as the old one did, but without the idea of the new age to come being Deitized through Supreme personality.

What the Father seems to have done, and I use the word "seems," as I am not sure at all that what we see right now is fully what we are to get at all.  Weydevu, please remember that the actions of the Father are through an infinite mechanism, and like the proverbial ice bert, time shows the top of such but material eyes cannot see the changes that remain underwater as of yet or maybe always.  Only the Father could or can do this.  That is why we emphasize the Father's role in all of this as CONTROLLER.  The fail safe issues to preserve the idea of using God the Supreme as the individual to teach us what we gave to the universe means in the entire idea of meaning for why and what we lived for even during our lifetimes in time.

Father now says through these changes, we still need some idea how to make time meanings universal enough that God the Absolute and God the Ultimate can use them to make their age a natural part of what is to be an infinite universe some day.  Father by HIS actions so far seems to indicate that we need controllers and redeemers in place to actualize universal meanings out of, and from all this time muddle we go through.

Suddenly as the Supreme is retired from further development to control the results of  time meanings, we have not one all powerful Almighty Supreme and God the Supreme, but twelve new personalities endowed by the Trinity embrace, to do the same thing God the Supreme used to do, and to do it on an individual, and case by case, individual persons of rank and file in the spirit hierarchy to use in portion size they can eat easily. 

To put what happened that retired God the Supreme from further establishing what the time ages mean now in awful language is to say that the original God the Supreme force fed the local universe of Nebadon and its federated designs to the point it broke our jaw and all we needed to chew over what use we can make of time experience.

You properly speak to this above and ask what now?  Father tells you what now:  To let the jaw heal and take away the brute that broke it.

Then Father says to us, the idea of the Supreme is still good, but let us break that power figure down into 12 other figures who already are fairly mature time creatures and who have lived in time as a real arbiter of life as universe justice, of universe time revelations, and of life sustainment for others in time.  You now have Machiventa Melchizedek embraced by the Paradise Trinity to be one of the 12 Time Lords, as we call these individual Supremes now, who now helps the Father and His Coordinates portray the values of time experience to God the Ultimate and God the Absolute.  Machiventa Melchizedek is Time Lord number Six.

Machiventa Melchizedek is not taken off stream, and by that I mean, removed from the river of time up to his chest in it to figure out what to do for Urantia, for example. and placed so far ahead of the rest of we time beings, he can now arbitrate the peculiar way we have to love on our Urantia and how the planets in Satania and all of the world planets in the Local Universes of Suoeruniverse Six, shall complete thei time experiences of individual lives in individual Superuniverses.  Machiventa Melchizedek now is one of twelve 12 people who come together when the Father says so, and render unto God the Father, all that Father needs to know about time, and to end time as the means to live a perfected life this Age.

I cannot tell you the twelve names as they are unrevealed today.  We know that Cadensus is Time Lord number four 4. and that a one time Archangel Michael, we know as RYAN is Time Lord five 5.  We may never know who is Time Lords 1, 2, 3, and 7.  We know by revelation yesterday who are Time Lords, 4, 5, and 6.  That is where we have to leave this today.

"Ron has beautifully summarized why we stand, today, on the brink, of yet another disaster for Nebadon.

"Our Father on Paradise has declared Urantia null and void no more.  But I Michael have had removed from his retinue all the most important personnel from our work shop that I needed to make Urantia well again.

"Ron saw it too and wondered how much time he has left in his life too.  He is left with the idea there is nothing left to speak to as he loved Machiventa Melchizedek and Ryan and all those who supported them to make Urantia whole again.  Now they are embraced by the Trinity to become the unvalued and unvaunted Time Lords of  this universe age.

"I am left with the almost devilish idea that Nebadon now has fueled God the Father's Paradise with the people to run the Age of Supremacy from Paradise rather than from the individual Local Universes who supply the Age of Supremacy its Chiefs using my incompetency to see this coming.  Father never divulges his deep thoughts about HOW do we get over a total failure of one concept to keep the universe going when something as disastrous as God the Supreme breaking Local Universe jaws to get His way.  Now I am faced with being totally dependent on the Paradise Deity of Magisterial Sons to help me oversee how to reclaim Urantia period.  It is my Bestowal Planet and I be damned if I let strangers tell me how Jesus might come back again without my sense of what Jesus must do to appear again on Urantia.

"That is my quandary today.  It is not solved yet.  In fact there are so many pieces left over I cannot fully answer all your questions above Weydevu.  We close with this:

"The trial to change Urantia is now even bigger.  The trial to you Weydevu is to keep you ready to help without assigning you a place maybe at all but to keep the faith we are ending the worst chapter in Nebadon history I have ever lived through.  Ron is a cripple and blind today for it.  Machiventa Melchizedek was seized by the Paradise Trinity and forced to report on high for service he had no idea what it was for.  Ron calls these beings Time Lords, and I am not confused by that title at all, but the Father will call them Trinity Origin Beings and let it go at that for now.  Vaguely speaking these Time Lords are working as the Supreme, but 12 instead of 1.  Let it go at that for now.  MICHAEL OF NEBADON."

AFTER SHOCKS / New Superuniverses Possible?
« on: August 19, 2019, 03:23:41 AM »
This is raw revelation folks.  We reveal three more Time Lords by name now.  That will indicate some names you already know and maybe just add to the mystery without explanation.  There are facts missing here but you now have it as I have it.

Just one note further before I transmit:  When it was stated to me that God the Father may contemplate adding more superuniverses because he just placed TWELVE Time Lords out here, but there are only SEVEN Superunvierses, where do we place the Time Lords if each is to serve on a Superuniverse when fully disseminated into the Grand Universe.  I do as I usually do and look into my mind near my Thought Adjuster's presence.  Often if I am quick enough I see future pictures.  This time, read at the bottom of this post what I so briefly saw.

Now the raw revelatory post:  You are on your own.

This is Cadensis and now we know something.  You were attacked erroneously by RYAN for no good reason other than you transmitted what he at first thought was a message error but you confirmed it easily for him and that is all that was necessary and we apologize no more than we have to.  We also know your senses are blinded an that is not our choice but we cannot do a thing like the Supreme could but that is not your worry as the Father has vouchsafed for you and lets it hang for now.  Be assured it ends quickly peacefully and fully and that is something you will have to believe when it happens.  Good day.  Time Lord four.  This I am Time Lord 5 and my name is RYAN, and I was an Archangel Michael, and thank you and now you know why I pushed you as I wanted you to know me first, but 4 beat me to you and Michael did not know this was to take place at all.  Good for you Guys this is Michael and now I know where Time Lord Seven is on Uversa and Time Lords 1, 2, 3. 6, and t are on their respectrive Superuniverses.  Why we have two Time Lords in nebadon is known to me but is a State Secret.  K.  Be assured this means more to me than to all of you.  K” Meichael of Nebadon.  K”

This is Ryan Time Lord 5/ I am on Salvington Ron.  Time Lord 4 is on Uversa now which is his proper place and I number 5 will return to Superuniverse 5 shortly and that is that.  We all wonder how you are going to be handled when revived as the Father pays close attention to you and your extraordinary gift of seeing the future so well when the Deity Absolute makes contact.  You and He are in synchrony more than we have ever seen that happen before.  It is an extraordinary gift and worthy of Edgar Cayce in most cases and in fact equals him in medical superiority.  Be sure your P’s and Q’s when speaking to AIDS now as there will be a reference to you in the new Urantia Book as it refers to the dial up business you can achieve when important medical information is to be passed to Urantia.  Rayson is now scheduled to return to Urantia about September 5th a date you knew but no longer remember for its importance.  Nothing now but then it was an upset date for a Contact Commission meeting.  Be assure it mattered at the time but you have bigger fish to fry by that date and you know them not.  K.  I am RYAN, Time Lord Five.

Time Lord Six- I am known to you as well, as I am Machiventa Melchizedek and you are sorry to hear that in a way as you feel Urantia needs me more right now.  I agree and I will be stationed on Urantia and not Superuniverse Number Six and will contact you daily for your daily briefing now.  Michael is not too good to do that any more.  You feel I narrowly missed the call by being too good too but thank goodness they recognized I faile and was held back as a Time Lord.  You Ron are the usual scare crow that calls them out when it is time and you will find tow people ready to serve you did not expect.  None of those but people on the West Coast already vetted and not the Hollywood Madam. 

MICHAEL OF NEBADON - “we conclude tonight;s work as follows: You Ron are not a Time Lord but yu will work with RYAN as Time Lord Five and not Four Cadensis, as Four is sounded on Superuniverse Four for which yu have such affinity and we dare not pair you two just because of your affinity ron.  I have never had a little son with so much potential and so little understanding of why that is true as you are yourself a Time Lord possibly as there are 12 but only four shown to yu at this time.  The total of 12 is predicated on more Superuniverse revelations and we are entirely unsure what you saw

[Ron: I view a stadium of stars so many so brilliant they nearly blind you and to the right in peripheral vision is a smooth black monolith wall like feature I see barely there suggesting the depth of infinity.  I have no idea what I view or what it is but that is what I told Michael.]

“I am Michael and I see it to and it has no sense to me either. Well, well, well, we see now the Father dive for cover as HE must not be questioned but the stars Ron saw were huge and clustered so tightly together we know of such an organization anywhere.  We let it ride for now.  Michael of Nebadon. 


19Aug19 Tape 6 Planetary Prince Madison & Madison 12 and Father and Time Lords

I am pleased to produce this first tape for you and to prescribe a careful listen tot he information on this tape so you easily understand yet another big revelatory change to your lives in Nebadon.

Folks, we suddenly have Time Lords!  They did not exist 10 days ago, and suddenly we have twelve 12 of them and one stationed very nearby us.  I have produced a transcription earlier today to find which introduces Cadensis, (Ka Den Sus) Time Lord Four 4.  Take these things to know when they happen and to listen to the reasons they come to happen or come into being.  The tape is below.  Double click the title to listen to it.  Thank you.

I ask a favor of you Phyllis.  That information is priceless.  The post is perfect.

Would you also start a brand new threat in GENERAL posting the new one as you posted here so there is a separate thread history for it too?  Thank you!  Ron

As is usual for you lately Wenebojo, you post with erudition but never come to the point, is there some help to ask for from Ron on these life support areas you took your majors in?
I have often enough worked with Helen Schucman because she is a great lady I really enjoy talking to, and she was working on a major publication on mansion world four concerning the ACIM.  We had a long talk yesterday about the effect of the Course on Urantia, and why, I said, it was an exercise, not in futility, but for a future teacher or priest to establish his greatest area of sinful guilt at best, purge it with the ACIM< and then be able to teach it to other doctors, priests, and laymen by their own choice.

I have read it at least twice as I have the original three volume set.  I never connect with it as it is the wrong psychology to use on me and it will not work for me or others who are not designed to take it.  Unfortunately the Foundation that perpetuates the ACIM is determined to make it a scripture and they must be stopped before they manage to convince investors it is that good.  In my humble opinion it is not that good because Wenebojo, you cannot make a silk purse out of a sow's ear by keenly disagreeing that fault finding in the ego is ever going to end the sense of loneliness, but loneliness is more caused by material circumstances that have no remedy.  God to many Wenebojo represents the Deux et Machina of Redemption in Greek tragedy, and I have called upon it all my life too. The ACIM attempts to be the huckster to bring one of the contraptions into a life beset with overwhelming grief over the issue of sexuality and pandering by the press of unattainable women who look good but are fakes underneath most of that finery as they lead a life of beauty at great personal expense to their tastes as they may be.

Helen Shucman and I share the same kind of brain stem that fully determines that the ACIM was entirely worthy to have it,  but evolution will take it off the best sellers list because man will bypass it premise that separation is mostly the cause of feeling one's life is cut adrift in a mouth full of teeth that crushes your fondest hopes.  By that figure of speech, man dribbles out of God's mouth to be transfigured at last and loneliness is the result of smelling bad, not a preternatural condition of separation any longer.

The ACIM took a shot at the teachings of Jesus too unless you are not paying attention Wenebojo.  The Course teaches that man never fell from grace and that original sin is a fable.  However the Course also teaches that these feelings of sin man often feels about his poor performance before the ideals of God, is a disappearing factor.  The Gospels celebrate the Jeffersonian teachings that original sin never existed in the first place, but original sin was fully dependent on the idea of rebelling against the cultural mores.

Jesus taught that God loves every man in spite of his brown spits of potential sin.  Rather Jesus teaches not to worry about that because as Mark seems to state: "The Father of All is blameless in the Son, and shall Redeem thee for all time sake."

"I see that as fully exonerating man to live life as best as his own light assigns him to it and it frees all man to be about the will of God as a good business to be in.  Fully explained look at Buck-minster Fuller.  when building his geodesic dome in the nineteen forties, exclaimed that not only is man free of sin from now on, he has a building to keep him well while he self congratulates himself on being so good.   I rather like the fellow for examining original sin not being a good profit  center for his architectural tastes,

Fully understood Wenebojo, is the fact that ACIM is a distasteful memory left over from the Lucifer Rebellion by Schuman's  Thought Adjuster.  That Thought Adjuster dictated a translation of the universe language text of the ACIM, but the Adjuster refused to address the Moses addendum to it when he was still available in the local Universe of Nebadon from which all this hails.  That Adjuster worked with Helen S/ long enough to determine she had the brain capacity to do this, but doubted she could hand the truth fo the matter she was dictation due to the fact she belonged to a strictly traditional Jewish family that bordered on Rabbinic.  Since we are looking at this in hindsight, Schucman was the right person at the right time.

But in 1992, the entire matter was decreed old fashioned enough to be bypassed into a transmission process for the masses and the famous but now lost Teaching Mission bloomed for fifteen years and ceased as fast as it appeared in 2016.  I am an original founder of that movement yet and I insist it is far better than what we have to do now. but in fact:  Helen Schucman was a founder of the process you are trying to learn Wenebojo and making it so hard to work I worry about you.
In any case the Gospel according to John the Revelator, fully states that God is ambidextrous so long as you allow Him to start the conversation and stop nattering him over details he has no use to take care of.  I myself got into that kind of fight never really knowing what it was but now learn to sit still and let God order the ways and means to get things done His way.  The ACIM uselessly determines that if you sit things out long enough, you get okay again without perjuring yourself before the administrative powers of the Judges.

I close this with the idea that the ACIM has really run its course.  Most who took it linger over it but most move on after deciding they did good and it was not bad.  However, the sixth epochal revelation as it is written today speaks of the ACIM as something less than it should have been, and far more than Schucman ever intended to state or be.  For that reason it is remembered as a classic way to not say much, but the only Course of its kind ever offered to a planet of living material beings.  It is the decision of the Judges to relieve it of its fame soon enough but not to take it out of print. 

Thanks for your attention in all of this too. 

"What most of you do not know is that Ron and I belong to a group of Adjusters known as a family.  You all do.  But the family we belong to are famous for knowing everything and never being able to put it into print.

"Mantutia Melchizedek whom Ron knows well, swears Ron hails from the I AM and not the First Source and Center, and for good reason, both Ron and I are hell bent on discovering what lies in place of Infinity in a place we assume that issues the proclamations so Infinity may exist.

"For that reason Ron and I and about fourteen colleagues of mine, started a treatise on Infinity as a psychological barrier to knowing God fully.  Ron comes along and says to all of you, Infinity is not so much a place as a power System of checks and balances without end.  I agree with this fully, but then Ron starts to prove what he means by celebrating the appearance of the Consummator of Universe Destiny to all of you!

"We who love on the Mansion Worlds have the leisure to work on projects we think are really important, and my work was on Parapsychology and how that psychology broke the imagination of man to imagine more than just a definition of Infinity.  Perforce, we read Ron with reasonable good humor until the Deity Absolute got involved and allowed one of the Commissioners to the Consummator arrive in a speech of breath taking brilliance Ron just ate up too.

"In that Commissioner's statement, he pleads for Ron to go easy on this concept but fully admitted that Infinity was indeed a system par excellence but that it had no limit but it did purge the idea that the person who created it being the I AM as such, as an agent.  Now that is far from out discourse over what we thought should be a reasonable discourse on the subject of Infinity as a subject and not as a system.

"Lastly, it turns out Ron has the bully by the horns before we could get to it and now makes the claim there are fifteen Commissioners and seven Consummators.  Where do the come from and how do they decide what happens through the Infinite Plane?  We now have a shatterd work on the table and worse yet, Ron sees the ACIM as pointless to him because he is not of that psychological barrier ever.  I happen to agree with Ron he is not but I damned if I understand my family of Adjusters that well anymore, as that Adjuster that indwells Ron, is determined to break the back of old saws who insist it, Infinity, is limited to itself. But that Infinity is manipulated not just by ages of experiential ways,  but by the intents of purposes of Control never glimpsed before and fully misunderstood at this point.

Helen Schucman, Praise the Lord!

"I AM AS I SAY I AM, and Ron loves his capitals to make reading easier as I do.  Let us say this to the serious on this subject.  You Ron know how to spill the beans as Dr. Sadler liked to say in his office discussing the Contact Commission.

"As a result of Schumann's inquiries and Ron's fishing around on a statement that Mantutia made in the fifth epochal revelation, Ron seized on to part a curtain just a little bit, the Universal Father has powers that exceed the Infinite Plane as Schucman speaks to it.  For that reason Ron asked the Father how He might explain the fact that the proposed I am did not select everything in the INFINITUDE.  The Infinitude is an invention by the original corp of Melchizedeks openly declared to in Nebadon as hard to follow, but they are easily followable, if  one is able to use their definitions exclusively to their teachings.

"The truth of the matter is that the original Melchizedek Corp is best represented in Mantutia Melchizedek and his mentore Machiventa Melchizedek and for Reasons of State, two other no longer resident in the Local Universe now, Mantutia's partner Malvantra whom Ron knows and enjoys, but also one known as now the Magisterial Son, RAYSON. Both of them are on their assignments now as too radical not for Ron to enjoin and use as a whipping post to Urantia's readers of the fifth epochal revelation, and which Ron fully available and adequate except for some major changes that cotrols how that revelation should now be taught.

"It is for that reason that Ron carries badges of honor no one else will ever wear on their frocks an he is happy to remove them before his Father of All in relief not to take full honors for it is the original Melchizedek Corp that honors Ron and vice versa, because Ron lets them know how important they and SERARA and MONJORONSON are to him.  Now that being said understand this:

"Ron never blushes over his hopes and dreams and recognizes he loves and lives as he must and not as the mores insist he does as they fully do not apply to his soul mater Caladensia, and that is a Melchizedek and not a devil folks. CALADENSIA speaks:

CALADENSIA - "I am not brought out of retirement from such a boisterous life they hid me until I calmed down.  I too discovered that the vaunted Infinite Plane was manipulated by self existent Doers who knew us but we never knew them.  However Ron says to the Universal Father, 'Father why do we learn these things if nothing may be spoken of to them?'  Father says because you misunderstand so badly you get your concept so out of shape you may never get it right again and so I forbid you to pursue your inquiries into the System of Infinity you discovered.

"That said, the Father says to me, where do we put Ron when he gets like Caladensia, who made such a racket over the ideals of Infinity, we had to shut him up to keep us all from explaining nothing really.  So today Caladensia speaks with one voice and one Consummator of Universe Destiny later to release HIM:

"I AM NOW A TIME LORD.  No one is supposed to know they exist but Ron loves Dr. Who of the 1970's when it was a real entertaining program, and Tom Baker (  What Tom Baker discovered in making Dr. Who one day in 1974, Ron's vaortie era, was that I existed and visited him on the BBC set.  It set the set on fire and Baker;s eyes glowed in respite now learning there are indeed twelve 12 of us and that 12 was never to be mentioned but we fully enjoyed the program as Ron did then and who felt the script writers had it right whatever we called ourselves.  Because that program existed briefly in our style, when Tom Baker who played the fourth Dr. Who, was realized as an honary time Lord with us for however long he wanted to be so known.  today he insists that Ron should join him as such and that we mention him honorably as well.

"But Ron you are a cake at a wedding and that is to say you disappear so quickly from thought at times you are forced to redo everything now and then but this time not so.  Your vivid portrayl of Jesus on high was something to view and your soul is quite capale of seeing to His name anytime he wishes to be known again on Urantia; however, he sees you as a truant of thought at times and fully admonises us for allowing your choices to exist, but now we learn that you choices are never disallowed in heart and that they must be understood and not removed as so much abnegation of the mores as they are practiced on Urantia.  Be assured that entire matter is no longer pressing anyone and you are free to investigate what else flows from it someday.  No one figures you or it yet.  Nonetheless, learn this:

"You are fully exonerated not over certain issues of State dealing with high crimes and misdemeanors of several guardians encouraging you at 3 years of age to learn your entire matter consciously and nearly blew you into years of oblivion to handle it.  Yet they never harmed you and never did you blame them and this is over too now as well as you are honored Ron for understanding what Schucman and William Thetford  and n 1972 Thetford and Schucman were introduced to Kenneth Wapnick through their mutual friend Father Groeshel. Wapnick learned later on the mansion worlds, and on them, those who can maintain a high existence on earth live high existence on the Mansion Worlds and GR is one of you and so is RA and you all belong together with CG and JS when it is time to count the chickens who come home to roost very well together.

[Ron's note -- all initials are truly classmates in high shcool and no others as such have showed up in my life as such.]

As Caladensia, I must report my time is short now, but you have amended as needed ron, and we must allow the fact that there are 12 time Lords and you Ron felt that seven was short but  that you have not sufficient knowledge to questions the arrangement.  It is God the Supreme who insisted that we have seven superuniverses but the Father and the Master Architects suggested twelve 12 Superuniverses at least, as the number 12 associates with material life and the Master Architect Number Four 4 wishes that arrangement to prevail.  Now we have seven discombobulate Superuniverses and as Rayson points out frequently, what are you going to do when someone like Ron arrives and never finds a home? 

"Father says to Rayson, shussh!  You know now what you speak, but suddenly he is operating on Urantia of all places and worse yet with a cabal under one known as DR and RA who see nothing but their own feathers most of the time and so it goes with the changes in revleatory power in Mantutitia, Ron gets the change to disseminate that and leave the others out cold.  That is until a cabal saw to his death far sooner than required and now the universe scrambles toclear the poisons from his body in order to smooth out the succession of the Sadler epochal work to safely transfer into the means of work for Ron.

"I am Caladensia.  I am 1 of 12 time Lords.  I am 1 of 12 Time Lords whose names may never grace Urantia license, but Ron SERARA and you and maybe MONJORONSON may one day explore this nether world of Time Lords as you and Tom Baker now know they exist for real,.  I wish you a great good day and this is the only time yu may refer to me as Caaladesnia and am also known as  C A D E N S U S/  uSE THAT FROM NOW ON.

CADENSUS = "Now I am home cofy and like this much better.  To you I am Cadensus but to Mother Spirit I am no Supernaphim but the Light Keeper on Mansion World eight 8 now and remove all further restrictions to you and others as I have now the permission to allow your inquiries on the Supreme and the Ultimate and the Absolute not to pass by into oblivision but to me to answer personally, as you are the one who sees to this knowledge alone and I am not forbidden to say that Helen Schucman may join me in that and that should really speed up your inquires Helen!

"As Cadensus, I remind you Ron you have no loss of light even though yu have been bashed so hard by the Urantia cabal which has been cleared out for good and you seek no retribution. [no - only self protection modes for now]  Those known to you who try to undo you will learn that the House that Jack built is theirs to worry over and not you. K:

MANTUTIA - "We;; Ron, you did it once again did/t you,  I sit here smoldering over losses I can hardly sustain and up pops up Cadensus and an 8th mansion world nobody really knows about on Urantia, and that no one cares until we place the pressure on with a new revelation, so revised, I wonder how to word parts of it.  I also hear the dinner bell for you Ron and best wishes for a resltess night as you are to be called shortly, i assure you from Time Lord Cadensus to be relieved of some part of your brain that make you sad to lose your friends on high again, the Universe Aides Ominiphim and two Supernaphim and one Tertiaphim, all worried no longer over your standing with God the Father, for Cadensus could not move to your side without Him being advised by the Father and the Consummator of Universe Destiny, that you are solidly behind the work of all who seek the truth through revelation and to discourage the use of BB's in your pop gun and let the good times rool soon enough.  I am FATHER now:

FATHER - "You are blessed once more with a major revelation and Infinity is not fighting you or Shucman, but be assured he gets it fine when his memory tubes are reinstalled shortly and he can blabber up a storm on Infinity as some of it is available soon Ron.  You look like I do, quickly aside to ascertain your tracking and you never thought of it that way, but sub absolute Deity thinks you are thinking nefariously.  Your estrangement ends soon Ron as the entire matter is to be placed before the Council of Equanimity and that is good now   Be assured the worst of those interviews are done and force them not finished as you are usually good but you felt awful last night and heard repetition that was depressing and we made her all better to let her know she had not failed us but that time was nigh to end their intersts in you this way.  Good day.  FATHER."

MICHAEL OF NEBADON -  "Well!  Even I did not know such existed onEight.  What a revlelation CADENSUS.  May we ask were are the other  Time Lords?

[Cadensus - you are lucky you have this much Michael of Nebadon, but on every Bestowal World there exists the imprint of the Time Lord and your Urantia has several and not the least for Machiventat Melhcizedek, for Mantutia, and for Ron of all things as he has eens to your Soverignty too Michael nad Time Lords never forget how people stand on high for you and with you.  Amen]

The regatta may know me but to all I close this extrordinary session and leave it to the future just how it may be judged.  Michael of Nebadon."



Dear White Stone, understanding what you believe to be true of God the Supreme, I can see why you are upset.  Let the Urantia Book set the record straight for you, but I summarize it for you over those points you have redress to understand the truth of the matter Re: God the Supreme.

1 - God the Supreme resides in Havona.  Not Paradise.  He has time and he has space.  He is supposed to be the final arbiter of the meaning as to why the Deities use time and/or space, to develop the Master Universe, and not at all the Grand Universe:

2 -  The idea of omnipresence is Ultimacy and Absonity.  Omnipresence is not Supreme.  Immanence is Supreme but never used by Ultimacy or Absonity.  Just words to the layman, but to the philosopher, it means that God the Supreme has to depend on a mind openness to be developed, and not omnipresence to have the mind obey instead of fuse with.  Let me put it in stark terms:  God the Supreme is a mind changer when ready, but the Supreme is a doppy kid until the Supreme learns not to force collusion with spirit purpose and human ascension.  It takes a long study in heart and soul to finally realize that God the Supreme, does not yet understand he is limited only to time, and not the Absonite or Absolute values to come at all.  I am sorry it takes this kind of heady language to speak to it at all, but in the most simple of terms, God the Supreme isn't even Supreme in what he tried to force the Nebadon government to do.

3 - The three God heads are existential.  They are not Supreme in final action, but in adjustment action, they rule through the Fifteen or so Triunities.  God the Father authorizes the Supreme to rule through the two revealed Triodities.  To all who may read this, if you ever should understand that those Bodies of Council are, learn it now. 

The Triunity called Three, states it is the Council to learn just how God the Supreme should exercist the power of the Almighty Supreme.  It is the Almighty Supreme that makes sure the universe of law fits the universe of stable energy patterns to make it possible to have a universe to operate materially where the laws can be applied in the lives of created beings.

I never sought to explain Triunities except you of those who want to be budding teachers and philosophers, have to go to the Triunities to understand how God the Supreme has misunderstood the application of His power with regard to the power of omnipresent forces of the existential Deities themselves.

Further more, a question:

How many of you know that God rules the Grand Universe, not by the Paradise Trinity alone?  Besides the Supreme Creators importantly, the promulgation of time reality is fully planted in the TRIODITY OF ACTUALITY!

The Triodity of Actuality is balanced by God the Supreme with the Triodity of Potentials, but they are time potentials, now infinite or absolute potentials at all.  The Supreme bases his claim to power as a unit of the Lucifer manifesto he learned with the time Lucifer, as that is the only circumstance Lucifer ever lived in.  Further elucidation of this view is not mine White Stone, it happens to be the promulgation of statements made by the Deity Absolute and I quote him here:

"WE ON THE CIRCLE OF INFINITY, fully suggest that the Lucifer Rebellion fully and finally decried that all things consist in the alter ego.  Lucifer fully decided that the entire matter of power was an exercise in the futile belief that nothing exists but the self, and all other selves, were, or should be, slaves to the most power self to be found.  Lucifer considered himself the most powerful identification of self available in the Grand Universe and so proclaimed himself as such and expected full worship to be accorded to him alone.

"Caligastia made the grievous error of being sure that he, Caligastia, was superior to Lucifer, and Lucifer declared him apostate too, and separated Urantia from Jerusem but the decree never released to any population until now, which reads in part:

"'I LUCIFER, decree that the planet known as 606 of Satania, once a loyal planet to me, is not banned from entering the world of Lucifer control and that it shall remain banned until the Prince known as Caligastia remains interred or destroyed by my own liaison forces to regain the loyalty of Urantia once more. . . . . '

"That Promulgation resides only in the letter box I hold in infinity, since Lucier was deposed by Jesus the day it was supposed to be announced on Jerusem with Lanaforge fully deciding Lucifer was now mad and declared that Promulgation assigned to the dead letter bin.

"What you all fail to know through no fault of your own, is that Caligastia refused to listen to Lucifer over various matters of State, and then became ensnarled in the Ancients of Days decrees banning Lucifer, Caligastia, and fifteen others, from ever entering the Orvonton worlds of Uversa in particular.  That said, Caligastia insisted that Lucifer should step down and accrue the order that he, Caligastia, was chief of the rebels especially as Urantia saw it with the apostate administration of Daligastia.

"I am the Deity absolute, and to you White Stone, you have your facts confused somewhat with Ultimacy but totally unrcognized as fact with God the Supreme.  The Supreme is time!  The Supreme is only in time and as such utterly refutes his role in time because he understood that Lucifer could get away with power centers such as Salvington represents as an administrative headquarters of a genuine Federation put into place to work out the horrid details of a Lanonandek rebellion, still reverberating on Salvington and with the Corp of Lanonandek Sons stationed there.  I am the Deity Absolute. and Ron without you I think we have stubbed our toes in ever letting people try to second guess what you seem to grasp so easily.  I hope you remain to let people know they have to have their facts straight first before they horrify us with complaints that are so far removed from the truth they become babble.  I remain sequestered today, and you White Stone, stating that Ron is anthropomorphized the situation into lunacy need to understand you have to restudy the value of the Supreme and then dictate that which you do not agree with in Ron;s reporting of this situation.  K:  GOD THE ABSOLUTE.

Ron here:  I do not pretend this is graspable by many humans at all.  I really think there are not enough humans to learn that the Kingdom of God can be taken into their hearts, but I do not feel they can fully grasp what they select as their new lives.  Until people are ready to put aside their own personality shield that derives its source explanation from what the Almighty Supreme tried to force down Michael of Nebadon;s throat, each human will sit on the edge of their bed, and pray for their views, but never fully understand that their own wit insists on their choice first.  How strange that is fully what happens with complaints from you White Stone.  I see you as a good man and a very kind man, but inoffensively incapable of seeing the forest of the trees of egotistical determination that all things may consist in God, but with your permission to believe as you insist on believing. 

Thank you for your post and for getting my Adrenalin coursing again.
Ron Besser for the Deity Absolute who says Ron you need more than Adrenalin, but that comes shortly and God speed to all of you trying to address what is a college level course on the mansion worlds too.  Good day. The Deity Absolute."


Wade through this one and you will learn that A COURSE IN MIRACLES is worthy yet of analysis but that Helen Schumann conclude it is no longer relevant to cure what ails you.  I place this post on a lazy Sunday morning, and while long it is full of the entire process you who care about these things need to take note of.  Please read in it that:

1 - The Contact Commission is alive and well;

2 - The Magisterial Mission for Urantia is on as originally conceived, I think as told to us about 2005-6;

3 - Schucman and I finally figured out how best to use the A COURSE IN MIRACLES and that it truly is useful only to about 16 percent of the world population;

4 - The Madison 12 are fully in charge in a month or so;

5 - The Magisterial Sons of Record, plus Rayson fully intend to be visible and let the show roll soon enough.

Now read the details as follows:


“I am Michael of Nebadon.  This is a statement you must all fully understand if you are to be remembered at all for your grand effort to fully employ our request to serve God as you can.  Remember this list is a spare decision maker, as you are the final decision maker, and leave us now to tell you this:

“Your friend Ron spoke last night with the author of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, Helen Schucman.  They had a delightful combination until Helen asked Ron what he thought the meaning of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, meant.  He told her forthrightly and fully it was a treatise to be used by budding teachers for the regret of mankind over their imprecise nature and loss of the sense they needed a way to end their own guilt of being so small.  She got incenses over that and then looked at it for what it was.  He was right!  She now places aside the entire treatise she was working on, and told Ron a hearty goodbye this morning.  I laughed so hard last night over the entire moment when she realized he was not calling it a failure, but useless to those who already entered the Kingdom, and had no remorse but to find the work to perfection all that more important to engage in.  Finally, she says, we have a real thinker on Urantia who cares more about me than Michael did helping me put on paper a terrible tract of thought to this day I wish would stop being published.  But, no, they are automatons down there and fail to understand anything including how to quite it.

“I allow Ron access to these mansion worlds because he is on their level easily and can eradicate himself to them with the material view yet, and the material view of A COURSE IN MIRACLES, is to over classify it as the epitome of the channel game and never fully understand it was a trap layed by God to force future spirit concerns that guilt soon can be layed aside.  Teachers, as Cohn Schucman says, have to learn that first and then maybe teach. Until Ron told Helen that, she believed her own hype and now must face the truth: A COURSE IN MIRACLES will eventually disappear as a useful way to get at the idea of separation as being vital to the development of mankind.  Ron never speaks to that level of concern or concept because he does not ever believe in separation, but just in loneliness.

“The loss of Helen Schuchman, to the world of investigative psychology up here is not final but close, as she and Ron both fully understand that the work of psychology on Urantia is, at best, in its infancy, and the profession needs to be without the over education of men in particular who do not know what to do wit hthe subject once they are doctorates.  Dr. Sadler whom Ron reveres once said to Helen Schucman, ‘can you ever get over the idea that A COURSE IN MIRACLES is useless to ten percent of the population on Urantia?’  Helen sniffed that it was better than that but she had to admit that people like Ron found it useless and frankly unhelpful.  She left it go and went back to work on its importance.  We all gatherer today in memorium to Helen Schucman. Per the idea that A COURSE IN MIRACLES is worth much more time she needs to spend on it, and we all applaud her decision to final say goodbye forever to Ron Besser, and now decides he is too precious to let just wonder around the universe looking for a dock.  Besser says that old man Doc Sadler would do.  Thank you Helen Schucman.

“Helen Schucman - Wikipedia is fully employed in clean up now and sees as Ron sees it, as a fully practical romp into the guilt of a potential teacher to learn where the guilt should be worn better.  Self-help, as Ron calls A COURSE IN MIRACLES, is fine and useful and they are making a real fetish out of it yet, but Ron allows the New Age to be as good as the Psychology Doctors because AGERS know how to heal themselves in ten minutes, and then out the door for a romp at the Fair.

“Helen Schucman - Wikipedia reminds Ron that the song “How Are Things in Glockamora (sp)” is hers too, Ron nearly cried and said it was so sweet to hear it, he plays it often in his mind.  That tells you that these two are not Polish in their musical tastes at least.   Likewise, Helen is done with A COURSE IN MIRACLES on the mansion worlds for good and feels free to quit her determination to exculpate no further and pray that those who follow it religiously get a new religion.  That ends this fun we had with each other on mansion world four as it turns out and that is where Ron will land we think when he arrives after his so so death on Urantia shortly.

“Now this: we will make a tape soon over the final distribution of what still counts as A COURSE IN MIRACLES of a MISSION to open on Urantia now.  The walls are in place and the Deities have assembled and we are ready to unleash a Magisterial Mission, Ron says is so tattered he wonder is you just take it as a weather sign to shipping.  SERARA here:

SERARA - “We laugh with Ron on all of this too.  This morning he got up so poorly he wondered why bother getting up at all.  That idea he carries of being wiped off the face of the earth and just leaving pain and blindness alone is his to enjoin with Michael and the Magisterial Sons for good most certainly by a short time from now.  Last night Ron in his stealth when he falls deeply into a coma sleep, told the avenging angel from Uversa, if you so much as touch my head with these inanities once more I am going to die and let you suffer remorse!

“In any case the entire idea of a reunion of Uversa with Ron to celar his headaches and legs and heartless blindness was removed without further action, and he went to be wondering how the next day can be met at all.  Today is that next day, and yet we find the matter so ungrateful he still thinks he thrown to the wolves in the snow again.  Let us move to this:

“I am authorized to speak briefly to the fact that the MADISON 12 is to become operative later this month with Ron to lead that contingency once we have applied the entire matter to Machiventa Melchizedek, who speaks now:”

“WE are of the presence to ignore this buffoon who cannot spell Melchizedek at all and must refer to spell check to get my name right and asks me, why isn't SMITH better to adopt?  But that is my birth name and I still with it like a glue spot.  However be aware this post has a serious side in spite of Helen Schucman - Wikipedia taking over up here in great glee as she is over her morose, and yes Ron, that is what the float you see is all about in a parade of the 4th mansion world finally being done with A COURSE IN MIRACLES and Helen Schucman - Wikipedia off the table as the full course on how to be rid of a subject finally.  Her life is a harp glissando and Ron and she “m I g h t”  meet one day.

“But let us turn now to the MADISON 12, and that is something He and Ron put together before this whole Supreme debacle came up and it is highly valid yet.  Yesterday Ron did some bush trimming and cut through his electrical cord and disgustedly threw the entire 120 feet of cording away never wanting to make the simple repair it takes to use it again.  However, his Adjuster said to him, let the cord lie and get another one and just be done with it.  So we have to go to Walmart to get another one but he is so blind daylight sunshine cancels out most viewing altogether.  That is when Uversa sent Ron the Infinite Spirit to work with and the Infinite Spirit loves Ron but fails to make inroads with the representation that is on Uversa that is the Infinite Spirit to man.  Now we are faced with a Ron who dislikes that ilk so much he warned them he had nothing against them ever but found the questioning so useless he was refusing to comply with any further answer.  That sent that rep back to Uversa late last night and this morning Ron awoke with a complete blank again as the entire bundle of Uversa circuits were cut off again.

“We then decided to go to the computer and start the day and that is where we are right now.

“We leave this alone not, but add to the fact that Ron is totally unhappy with the entire matter and the mess of roof caving in on him with these matters to the point he is ready to get a dumpster and send his estate out to the burn room.  Not so, however.  It is safe in the hands of God and he must clear some of it up today and he knows what has to be done, but he has no idea he is useful anymore and we must make no amends there and tell him he is.  This is MADISON SPEAKING.

I AM MADISON, the Planetary Prince for good on Urantia now.

“I am determined not to stake a lot of bandwidth from you all right now, but that we end this post with the following demarcation:

1 - All of you who think this over because of God the Supreme acting up are wrong.  The Supreme is remanded into Deity Custody.  Other wise we continue life as originally proposed to Ron over ten years ago which started all of the corporation building and getting ready to serve in an extended life capacity.  That still happens but worse or better yet, the SIXTH EPOCHAL REVELATION had to be rescinded to rewrite it without God the Supreme being included in your ascension careers in finality.  It is such a huge change no one yet knows what that means.

“Sue Whiley accidentally triggered a story from Ron that finally makes sense to all of you how the Supreme is being censored for the moment, and thank goodness for little girls. Hermione. Read the post, you will see why that remark is entirely appropriate.

“As a consequence of that post last night, Sue fully gets the picture big time and Ron is relaxed enough with it to remind all of you of the film that Hermione Gingold stared in and who sang with Maurice Chevalier, ‘thank goodness for little girls.”  Ron is totally silly on stuff like that.  In any case recognize that I MICHAEL OF NEBADON cut in with MADISON again merely to say that we end this post with one quip too many: “Ron you are a bloody mess not but a good man to know.”

“Urantia has regained its number designation in Satania this morning after having it chopped off by the Father last night to the point Ron got a State Form to send his corporations into oblivion.  He might do that for some but in all honesty he must hold back and let us use them as intended.  His work for a brand new epochal revelation is now in THE MICHAEL FOUNDATION INTERNATIONAL, a most appropriate corporation title and that YORK PRE PARTICLE  TECHNOLOGIES  CORPORATIONS is not to be rescinded, as RAYSON and Old Buick is now in charge to see it come to a good end not.  We lament that the corporation called Starbridge Group must be ended and gladly processed out of existence Ron by you.  

“As SERARA, ron let yourself be well done as I come to you hat in hand in the 41t time to speak the truth anew.  “Be good and let the good times role if possible.”  SERARA.  Monjoronson here next:

“WE are of the opinion all that can be done be done now and to give Ron some rest and relaxation he deserves after all of this.  The “daughter” post is so good we use it up here to explain the deception we got into over the Supreme and the consequences that hit us because of that deception.  Ron is not really recovering from it until he is at work in some office somewhere under the corporate name of the Madison Square Garden concept of the Magisterial Foundation truly, and the the Michael Foundation International remain a secret that it was once called THE WELMEK INSTITUTE.  Welmek remembers it well and wanted desperately to lead it a the premier teacher to humans hired by the Magisterial Foundation to train them with divine service in mind.  That was the original idea given to Ron to place in the corporate ladder but Welmek got promoted out of material existence and we had to change the corporate name then.  

“Finally, I MONJORONSON was originally selected to lead the Jesus contingency out of Uversa to Urantia, but Jesus has no stomach left to deal with a Urantia that no longer cares about Him in spite of churches everywhere celebrating the cross of all things.  That must be changed and Ron fully guarantees a spectacular way of doing that but not with Jesus this time, but as Michael is to incarnate as a Might Messenger and bring the house down with what Ron has suggested as a screaming birth sign of Jesus one more apparent on Urantia somehow.  We let it stand at that for now and laugh not Ron anymore for you are greatly moved by the idea of the CROSS BECOMING A WHITE DOVE AND THE JOY OF THOUSANDS OF DOVES COMING down on the assembled classes watching the announcement of God on Urantia once more. K”

“Once more we leave Ron in tears as he knows pretty much how that will flow somehow, and Father is fully enriched in Ron again if only to see to his welfare for another day of loss of senses but to be reapplied when appropriate.  The Contact Commission is reconstituted but differently than it is now, and that Dominick and Steven and Amethyst are part of it now together but not until we tie Trump into knots over nuclear war and leave him grunting he did not mean to bring the United States into oblivion because Trump wanted North Korea to beg for mercy.  It will beg for Mercy, but not from the US but a world court infused by the divine to end nation states pulling this crap over and over and over again. “


Wendy, but is it sedition??  One does not accuse a child acting so because he does not know what sedition is or does he premeditate it but we have to take it as preliminary to sedition at best.   That is so confusing so let me use a pretend example to you to explain it:

Your daughter at age 10 comes to you crying because  a lady down the street said if she one more time what she did she would call the police.  The lady down the street is Nebadon, but your daughter is far too young to intentionally force that woman to call the police on her.  You are forced to forbid your daughter to ever down there again to protect her, the old woman down the street and preserve the peace until your daughter is old enough to understand what she did.

God the Supreme is your daughter and you have acted just as the Father has acted to protect and preserve the peace.  It is most unfortunate the Supreme Being picked up actions as child of ten would and force someone to think to call the police on her, and in the case of Nebadon, the police were called.  Now the child is removed from the neighborhood until adult reasoning may take place.

Unfortunately, the nature of those childish actions around the Nebadon yard we so dangerous we may never again allow your daughter out there again.  The police in the case of the Supreme said it will not happen again and the ban is on and maybe permanently.  Sedition?  No. But we know it better as unfettered free will and all children must learn that temper tantrums are never allowed even around the family table much less down the street with neighbors.  This may also be an example, and that is undecided yet, where you are asked to move daughter and all over what she did.  We still wait to see how this is finally ended.


A couple of things:
The tapes are made through the telephone company because they offer the option to record teleconferences.  The tapes are fine for me when I play them back on my computer or I have to edit one of them as they play when under editing conditions as well and I mention that because the editing software is a different play back program made so you can hear while you edit.  However none of these tapes were edited as I saw no reason to.  But there may be a telephone recording device that is not quite capable with some of your playback devices.  I simply do not know.

Second, Sue, you wrote, this:

"I would have thought old Urantia is such a bad apple who would even bother, but there seems to be so much fuss made over it and around Nebadon, it leaves me wondering why here of all places in the Grand Universe is such events unfolding?"

I explained to you before why these happen here now and readingjust not seem to pick up facts or comprehension sometimes. IT is this:

First I fully hold there are more reasons than I am aware of why this happens in Nebadon and now.
The Supreme in particular just spent twenty millennium (over 200,000 Urantia years) listening to Lucifer on Jerusem teach the rebel population that if you are going to control your own destiny, then you must seize the day and the elements you work through and force them into obeyance.

It seems, against all odds, the ten year old child the Supreme may have been then, he bought it as a natural condition to exercise when he had to have something placed him king of the hill as Lucifer was on Jerusem.

Along comes Nebadon in 2019 on Urantia and it sits as the headquarters of five other Local Universes who have agreed to band together to share their personnel to clear centuries old paperwork related to the final adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion.  God the Supreme sees that Federation as a brand new power center, and since the Almighty Supreme ALWAYS enters power centers to tame them and control, invaded the Federation first and its capital Nebadon second to make sure it worked for God the Supreme and not the Creator Son Michael of Nebadon.  Hence the invasion Sue.

Then God the Ultimate sees what God the Supreme is doing, and it is natraul for the experiential Deity to follow up on God the Supreme )the Supreme Ultimate idea) and comes right behind God the Supreme with the door it forced opened into the Federation and the headquarters of Nebadon/Salvington. 

The problem is huge.  God the Supreme is now exercising the operational command evident in the Lucifer Rebellion.  That is where he learned it and saw how effective Lucifer was and copied it.  The Ultimate simply follows success.  However, the Supreme made the error by addressing new power centers as finished power centers.  He has no way to finish them and as a result the Supreme became a bull in the china shop.  He could not repair or fix anything beyond what was already developed, as God the Supreme is not a rectified  but a summarizing Deity and could not summarize what was not perfected.  Michael of Nebadon had to flee to Uversa to warn the Ancients of Days that God the Supreme was using a Lucifer Rebellion tactic and asked the Father to stop the Supreme before he was the new Lucifer Rebel.

Now that is it in the short.  In the long, Michael explains that God the Supreme saw the sixth epochal revelation as detrimental to the old fifth epochal revelation and destroyed the sixthy when he invaded Nebadon.  ron Besser got attacked because he was the chief of the Contact Commission, and because Machiventa Melchizedek has evacuated the planetary government on Urantia, Ron was the only official left on Urantia who officially made it clear that Michael of Nebadon only had authority to order the Contact Commission around, that God the Supreme could not perfect his work or the planet's wprk because He, God the Supreme, did not know how as he was far too young to have learned than and would never learn it if he life depended on it.

That Sue is mostly why this has happened now.  There are other reasons but I need not go into them now.


Larry, in keeping with a morning that just is not going well for most of us so far, the tape plays fine on my machine.  Could it be your machine is malfunctioning?  I cannot find anything wrong with it other than it is not a great quality of tape anyhow.  

Further, every indication is that communication from anyone on Urantia is NOT favored either by Michael or the Universe Father either although I have had one communication from the Father I was lucky to hear from Him at all and that no more talks were going to be received from Urantia for some time if ever.  Michael is just as strong from his end too and barely says anything.

Read the tea leaves:  Be glad we were not shot.  K


We have a new Michael transmission through me this morning where Michael outlines the preset state we are in, not only in Nebadon, but on Urantia. 

The tape boils things down pretty hard and cancels the Contact Commission once more out of creation and exists no more.  We shall continue to use the 1111 Contact designation however unit or unless changes are made again.   We can thank the fluid situation over who is called what and or what we do as a result of nearly killing ourselves over resisting the invasion of an Order call the Avril and the experiential Deities which have caused havoc and rebuilding is necessary.  I am also told to get some health help by the universe and to cancel my plans for a Commission meeting next week.

Check the tape out if your wish by clicking on its title added below.  

Sue, see my post under Lemuel and his questions similar to yours.  I dictated a direct response of Father about how the absence of the Supreme in ascension is handled.  Thank you.  Ron

MICHAEL OF NEBADON = "Sue you are like a liquid powder!  You flow but you catch useless things on the way to your conclusions.  Ron just told you above he had a direct transmission from Father on the ascension speculation under the Lemuel post of questions.  It answers it fully and well, yet you do not take into account anything but a memory of your decision to count the Father as superfluous due to a back energy that left you on edge for days and days.  Ron has such leg peg the same and yet he says Father if it is your will, will you help heal me?  That is far different than stating Father does not get your difficulty and stands back too long to quit it.  I find the entire matter you deal with so difficult for you I wonder just how you will handle the coming earth changes at all as they are not Father caused or Father fixable, but that is likely how you will assign them and be angry most of the time.

"I also see you labor a lot of thought without the patience to look at it yourself and then tear off on tangents that have nothing to do with it.  Look at how Ron handles an inquiry:  Then answer your self through a transmission as he uses them for the benefit of it, and that will help you tremendously if you will just observe and do.  Michael of Nebadon.  K:


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